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Could it be a sign of cancer?
Should kids who smoke be able to have a smoking loundge?
Does anyone experience dread after a cigarette?
I keep getting crushing pains in my chest?
How many years until a cure for cancer will be created?
Im 47 year old guy can???
What is best cigaratte in the world?
Coughing up blood, is that bad?
Chest pains on my right side?
How do i stop leg cramps?
How do I get my child to eat healthily?
I just nibbled on a jalopeneo what do i do to stop the burning!?
What drugs make you drowsy?
If you had to choose 1 way to die what would it be?
Can you loose weight by WALKING on the treadmill one hour a day?
I have a REALLY bad pain in the right side of my body, just under the ribcage. any ideas on what it is??
I cut my hand open..?
If you have a blood test to check if you have sufffered a heart attack how can they tell by your blood ?
My BF is going in for a IV Stress test?
Does the bike kill the heart?
Why do ambulance workers wait until they get to the hospital to use blood thinners on heart attack patients?
Irregular heart beat?
I have two heart conditions, plus a stroke in my medical history,with the result i'm not allowed to have a kid
Does cow`s milk contains cholesterol?
Can Palpitations be due to ?
What are the bad things about cholestrol and blood pressure meds?
Can a diabetic patient consume beer once in a week? Is there any side effects if beer is consumed?
What would happen if there was no insulin in the world? And a patient just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
Is 100/52 blood presure good or bad??
In Dr Who , who or what is davros?
Is the obesity epidemic actually...?
Does having type 2 diabetes make your feet itch please? Seriously, its not funny!
What am I supposed to do with diabetes?
Diabetes checking system Help!!!!!!?
Help please..diabetes food?? thanks!!?
Diabetes Tests?
If a child is allergic to a dog, what kinds of symptoms would they have?
What are some common and not so common allergies?
I'm allergic to gluten...can I eat yeast?
I am in a Hotel having the worst allergy problems what should I do?
Will my allergies keep me out of the military?
If you are lactose intolerant ?
Who gets over colds & allergies faster? Children?or adults?
Why do I get rashes after drinking some wine?
If I am allergic to honey even just a little will i be allergic to honey bee stings?
How do you stop nosebleeds in children?
Terminal Cancer?
How can u cure brain cancer?
What causes cancer?
Lump on neck?!?
Can Someone Give Me An Answer?
What does radiation do for cancer patients?
How cancerous cells are developed?
Affordable treatment for cancer?
Can you get Std's from a toilet seat?
I found out yesterday i have chlamydia?
What did you catch?
Does this look like an std to you(pic)?
Im scared ive got chlamidia and warts?
How do i get rid of bad luck?
What do u do when u cant sleep and u cant fall asleep but are tired ?
Stop Smoking . Which aids to help actually work . Patches , Gum etc?
If you hold in a fart,will it come out as a snelly burp?
What is a sphincter?
What is better for you , Weed or cigerettes?
What cures are there 4 sunburn?
Last Sunday I gave my friend a bj. Fast forward to today, Ive had a really bad sore throat ever since.?
Whats wrong with me?
How did AIDS start?
The viral disease called Encephalitis affects which part of the body?
Can appendicitis be contagious?
If hiv is really harmless, shouldn't people with this "virus" be allowed to donate blood?
Does any else have these symptoms
Should i wait until age 40 to get a mammogram?
I Just Know It's Something Bad...Breast Cancer?
Do you think there will ever be a definitive cure for cancer?
Please I need help... Anyone?
My daughter age 2 diagnosed stage IV Hepatoblastoma & hv been on chemo ~ 1.5 yrs. No more drug. What can I do?
A friend is having a full body ct bone scan, to check for any cancer anywhere?
Mass on kidney...?
Does it hurt???????
I have lumps on my armpits and groin but they are very small and not painful, is this a symptom of Hodgkin's?
When someone dies from "anger", it is the emotion or was it caused by a heartattack or stroke ?
Panic/anxiety from pot?
What should I do about my g/f with asthma?
Ways to ease bronchitis cough in a 3 year old?
How long can you live with COPD?
What's wrong with my lung?
How do you clear up your congested nose if you don't have any nasal decongestants?
How does the negative TB skin test looks like?
Can you please tell me what is the home made remedy for common cold and cough?
What suggestions do you have for a extremely loud snorer?
What is the best medicine for coughing ( for an adult ) ? I prefer liquid medicine.?
Can yu catch an std?
How can i brea kmy ankle without doing something extremely tupid like jumping off a bridge??
Best ankle support for sprained ankle?
My son pinched his finger and it looks like his nail is going to fall off,what should i do?
What's the best way to get rid of crabs?
I think i broke my toe?
What can you put on swollen muscles?
If you just found out you have aids, how can you look on the bright side?
How do I know if I broke my finger?
How do you avoid getting electrocuted in the shower?
What's the best way to cut your wrists?
I burned my forehead with my hair straightener. what do i do?
How Do I Break My Hand, Arm, Or Finger?
Have you ever been knocked out before?
Can young people get heartburn?
Has anyone got any tips on quiting smoking?
What does it mean when someone has... (PLEASE HELP ITS URGENT 10 PTS)?
If I eat an apple pip, will an apple tree grow in my stomach?
Why do we say 'bless you' after someone sneezes?
What percentage of people wash their hands when leaving public restrooms?
I accidently just swallowed a quarter?
I can hardly breath though my nose......?
What should you do about a really itchy ar$e?
Am 35yrs and hypertensive.what are the best medicines to take .dont tell me to go and see a docter?
Symptoms... Can you help??
Which food should be taken by hapetitis B patient?
Can borderline elevation of heart rate or slight elavated blood pressure indicate heart attack risk?Any RN?MD?
Wife had heart attack last may no insurance?
Tell me about hart attka?
I've been hearing a lot about Virgin Coconut Oil, how true is it that when taken it goes right to the liver?
Is there a cure for stupidity and ingnorance ?
I have the occasional skipped heart beat is this usually normal?
Relief for chronic itching?
What are the tiny blister-like bumps that are appearing on my eyelid edges and irritating my eyes?
Can you get a headache from a unknown allergy?
Why do people all over the world get athsma?
Can Tide detergent cause one to turn red and feel as if there throat is closing? If so, how is it fixed?
Could this rash be an allergy to antibiotics?
Can people be allergic to Opal?
What is going on with allergies? My kids can't bring food to school now?
Could my cat have reignited my asthma?
Can people with celiac disese have spelt?
I have read that Chromium supplements can reduce Diabetic Blood Sugar, does anyone have any experience of this
Is it important to count your calories when you have diabetes?
Can diabetics eat watermelon?
Do I have diabetes?
For a person without diabetes, is it safe to consume 400 calories throughout one hour?
How to cheat on blood sugar test?
Im a type 2 diabetic before im using oral medicine but my doctor ask me to use insulin instead is that right?
Life expectancy of states in the U.S.A
My blood sugar is 116 is that good or bad?
What are some alternative ways of controlling type 2 diabetes?
What is wrong with me?? Moms would be great lol.?
Help! I need my typhoid (etc) inoculations before Sunday but my gp's too busy! How else can i have them?
Can someone get Aids by fingering?
What is one word that comes to mind when thinking about the AIDS virus?
Is there anyyy cure for herpes? anything at all?
I have a question about AIDs...
Is HIV and AIDS dying out
Can i raise £1000 for Cancer Research UK?
Breast cancer!?
What is the prognosis for someone with a rather aggressive form of non hodgkin's lymphoma.?
How long can you live without treatment?
Chemo or Radiotherapy?
Has anyone used hair colour while having chemo?
What are the signs of yourself having cancer?
Does eating pickles cause cancer?
What is the biochemistry of cancer and how do antioxidants prevent it?
The best way to give something back?
Throat Infection?
Asthma..Help. Lately my lungs have starting hurting a lot and I get sharp pains in my ribs. related to asthma?
How old were you when you started to smoke.?
Have quit smoking but how to deal with cravings?
What can i do for a Urinary tract infection?
Macular degeneration?
Respratory question.?
Is second hand smoke acquired only if your standing next to somebody smoking?
I have exercise endused asthma. is there any medicine i can take for it?
Are asthma inhalers really just inhaled speed?
Can you lose an allergy?
Can any one please tell me the possible medication for sneezing? like drugs for it and others....?
Why is that when I get run-down from a lack of sleep and stress that my allergies are worse? I sneeze A LOT.?
Can a five year old have a peak flow test the test used to diagnose ashma?
Throat gets scratchy after eating melon what's wrong?
Problem with breathing?
Could I be lactose intolerant?
Whether it's colds or allergies,why are people more congested in the morning,and why do they sneeze more?
Cancer and depression?
Is it normal to have just one lymph node swell up?
What are nutritious food and diet for a cancer patient.?
Cancer is cureable in advance stage?
Is there a cure for childhood Lukemia? Are there types that are terminal?
Whats the best remedy for a headache?
What does skin cancer really look like?
Who or what wakes you up mornings?
When i play hess < my opponent has leaft my table. what i can do?
Can you really get cancer faster if you smoke while on the patch?
What's the worst pain you've ever had?
Chemotherapy for breast cancer?
If i had klamidiya for 1 year will it stop me from having babıes?
Why is my blood red?
Radiation burn, any tips?
I am in pain!!!?
Can't sleep?
What's all the controversy about Antibiotics? Are they bad for you?
I have HPV is my life over? Do I have to stay with the man who gave it to me? How do I date again?
What can be the reason to be too much sleepy?
How can i get stds....preferably aids....?
Whitaile deer?
How can I GET INSURANCE FOR NOTHING?I am a stay at home mom,who has high blood pressure,ashma,lower back pain.
Lately...In the past few years there have been several young guys (20ish) I know just suddenly dieing.?
What causes heart palpitations and how can this condition be rectified?
How dangerous is it if all the valves in your heart leak?
Is it anxiety?
Hello everybody... My heart have been broken... What can i do?
What is the best way to give heparin?
How do doctors replace your pacemaker battery when it has run out?
I care for my elderly mother and she has chronic heart disease. I would like to know what to expect?
I was hit by some guys, and there is some blood in my eyes. I dont want to see the doctor,so how can reduce it
I slammed my finger in the door. How do I get it to stop hurting?
Please Help Me!!?
Have you got any scars on your face in the course of your life?
Could anyone advise me how to fix a broken shoulder bone?
What are some home remedies for ear infections?
If you get hurt without insurance and need surgery, can you get insurance and be covered for the surgery?
What is the most painful household injury you can think of?
I closed my finger in a door and i know i have to put a hole in my nail, how is the best way to do it?
I think I broke my toe! Help!?
Type 2 Diabetes question???
How long can you live to diabetes?
How much does a bottle of insulin usually cost?
I have heard that the human body, if never tasting sugar, does not crave it. but once it tastes sugar the?
I checked my blood sugar level and the reading was 75, how bad is that reading??
I need help with a sugar problem?
Pre-diabetic - foods to stay away from/avoid?
Could this be diabetes?
Who comes first ,, diabetis or hypertinsion?
I think I have diabetes?
Can anyone tell me ANYTHING in regards to HPV and Cervical Cancer and if I could've caused it at all?
Is it inevitable if you smoke to get cancer?
How do i find qualitive and quantitive reasearch papers over 5000 words about prostate cancer?
Is rectal fresh bleeding sign of colon cancer?
Does coffee give you cancer?
Did anyone suspect they had cancer!?
Please Help?
Small Lump On Neck ...?
Do you think it's even possible to cure cancer genetically?
Is cancer painful to the touch? if you have skin cancer, does it hurt it you touch it?
High blood pressure?
How to reduce pottassium in blood serum?
What type of food will increase the amount of good cholesterol in our body?
My heart??
Is high blood pressure that bad.? what if its around 142 .? any way of helping it.?
What can help with hypertension treatment?
Can anyone explain to me about blood pressure?
What is cozzar used for?
Feel kind of shorth of breath... seem stuffyness in chest consistent for around 2 weeks.?
What happens when the valves in your heart are leaking and cause enlarged heart.?
What is aids?
How to lower a fever in a 3 year old?
Looking for a Advice?
Aids will spread through mosquitoes or not,why?
If i have a sore throat... can someone have given it to me by kissing? or is it something you develop on your?
If disease is the result of sin, why are children the primary victims?
Bad breath from throat?
What is the sign of having HIV positive?
My son has had a low grade fever for 5 days, he sweats now when he sleeps, is that normal or fever free?
Do you take it out when you pee?
Can a couple get an STD from each other?
Can you catch STDs from oral on a woman?
Does Herpes Go Away Eventually?
Should i tell or not tell my bosses the doctor put me on steriods?
Just given up smoking and now I've developed an annoying cough, anyone know why?
Did you make a New Year resolution and what was it?
Anyone else had this nasty viral infection thats going around?
Can you die with a panick attack?
Sore throat? What do I do?
Are antibiotics useless for bronchitis?
How come when i have panic attacks i'm not even panicking?
Should I go...??
Have trouble breathing?
Can i donate bone marrow if i have a herniated disc in my back?
How likely is it that I have Melanoma?
Soymilk and Cancer - Is there a connection?
Is it true that if you smoke while your pregnant, the child will grow and begin to moke too??
Does breast cancer have pain when you nitice a lump in the beginning?
Cancer patient tired of fighting?
Smoking and the effects?
Tissue and cancer?
When do i put my cat to sleep he has skin cancer?
Does a person exposed to radiation has no chance of survival?
My husband had an affair. His mistress has told me she has HPV. What exactly is it?
Is it possible to get an std when your partner doesnt have one?
Why eating salty foods would increase the risk of heart attack to people who suffer from high blood pressure?
How do I get my blood pressure down 20 points NOW!. uhg?
What causes minor heart palpitations?
My hands and fingers go blue, why?
Does drinking alcohol contribute to high blood pressure?
What's the average beat the heart should beat in one minute?
A diet for lower cholesterol?
Commercials for aspirin one chowed a person having a heart attack that reached for their bottle of aspirin....
Do i need to go to a doctor???
Morning High Blood Pressure… How can I tell I have it? What can I do about it? Causes Stroke??
Contact lenses and sinuses?
Face swells when I take Diphenhydramine HCI (Benadryl/Tylenol Allergy). Allergy to an antihistamine possible?
What could be the cause of my skin rashes?
How to get relief from itching?
Why would someone not around kids and without allergies get pinkeye all the time?Can this be poor hygiene?
I am attack my asthma 1 year i used inhaler i wnat to remove for asthma?
Am i allergic to my hair?
How do you politely deal with social eating when you're allergic to everything on the menu?
What medicenes do you give to a toddler when he has food allergies?
Allergic reaction?
Is leukemia curable?
I'm 16 and i have a lump in my right breast. What can it be besides cancer?
I think I have oral cancer?
Can a 13yr old boy get breast cancer?
Best Place For Treatment Of Brain Tumors?
How many times can you get surnburnt before you get cancer?
No smokoing/quit smoking?
IS CANCER IN TEENS USUAL OR NO? especially ones that have no family history of it.?
What makes cancer incurable & only managable?
Im 34 weeks pregnant,and my mother inlaw wants to stop with us?
How to get rid of drainage that goes down my throat all the time?
Can't kick fever - return to dr??
My daughter had the stomach flu this week. How long am I contagious?
HPV question?
When we are suffering from fever,why &how; does the body temperature rises?
Can you help; I am freaking?
I feel really cold today...do you?
How can I tell if I have a fever without a thermometer?
I hate taking medicine?
How bad is it to take prednisone for 5 days, 40mg daily, for slight bronchial inflammation and a bad cough?
Can walking around in snow for a few minutes hurt a child with asthma?
Are there any side affects to quitting smoking cold turkey?
Had an endoscopy yesterday and in lots of pain today in my chest is this normal?
What are the Benefits of smoking cigarettes?
Is it normal to have blood in your mucus when you have a chest infection?
PLEASE i beg of you people to answer my question!!!!!?
Panic attacks?
My 5 month old son is coughing and he is gagging on phlegm stuck in his throat or lungs? What can I do?
What is the cause and symptoms of diabetes?What isthe best way to prevent and treat it?
Diabeties question???? read the rest?
A diabetic friend thinks his gangrenous toe came from a chance bacteria. How do I explain circulation issues?
Need help with a diabetes question?
Inhaled insulin???
If I was incorrectly diagnosed can I have it removed from my medical records?
Smoking and Diabetes?
Were is diabetes located the most in the world?
What are some signs of diebetes?
Can a diabetic take tylenol pm?
Herpes from a rest room?
Can u catch herpes if someone gives u oral s*x and they have a cold sore?
Will a cure for AIDS/HIV surface if an important world figure has it?
Is herpes type 1 permanent?
I eat a lot of low cal package foods because I am trying to lose weight. Will they cause cancer?
You think tanning beds are causing skin cancer?
What are considered heroic measures?
Can chemotherapy cause learning disabilities?
I have been diagnosed with lung cancer but not given any prognosis! why?
Even though i know cancer is never good, whats the best kind of cancer compared to others?
Sometimes my breasts hurt, and I'm worried it is something serious...?
If you have had cancer how long from the day you got the news until it was removed ?
Is it too late to sue for the cause of cancer to a baby?
One of your students has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. How would you handle this situation?
Is cancer genetic?
My husband has AML. He is under the impression that leukemia affects body organs. Is this true?
Can i get insurance if i have cancer?
What are some good motivational and insporational songs for someone with breast cancer?
Breast cancer?
What do you do for someone with terminal cancer?
Who do I donate my hair to?
How does a person maintain weight during chemotherapy?
How sad is this?
Does anyone know what this disease could be?
My friend is wonderin if you can catch an STD from givin oral??
I was told i had a UTI, so i took the 3 day perscription, and i'm still burning when i pee, what should i do?
What is a natural cure of UTI?
I just found out that i am hiv positive.how do i take care of myself?
Hair falling out?
New to alergies, is that possible?
Itchy eyes...?
Any remedy is there for allergy cough?
Wahts the best allergy medicine ???
My nose is ALWAYS stuffy. I blow my nose and everything but it DOESN'T STOP AT ALL!?
Allergy from aluminium?
What is the best medicine for dust allergies ?
Home remedy for hives?
Why my eyes get all red and itchy everytime the weather changes? How can I heal it and prevent it?
Does this mean my mom has hepatitis C?
How risky is laser eye surgery? Is it painful?
I had mono at age 13. Can you have relapses of mono as an adult? Mine last about 2 days with same symptoms.?
Do you know some other traditional first aid measures for dog bite but non medical?
Has anyone else had these symptoms?
How can i get diarrhea?
Never been sick like this before..?
Are public hot tubs safe?
Is it ok to let my co-workers know that a cook in the restaurant where i work is HIV positive?
Can a UTI be flushed out naturally or are Antibiotics "Neccessary"?
Echocardiogram vs EKG...?
What can be done if you have calcification's in a blocked heart?
Do you find this frightning?
What causes someones arteries to harden?
I have heart disease and kidney problems but i'm wondering if it would be safe to take glucosamine, chondroiti
Anybody help? my man's got high blood pressure how can i help?
My son .....?
I take atenolol 25mg and I've been experiencing body tingling...I'm on it for high blood pressure.?
Can a person receive both a pacemaker and a defibrillator?
A question about congestive heart failure & its edema?
What is the survival rate of metastasis carcinoma after removal of breast?
Has anybody been on the cancer drug herceptin?
Does this sound good?
Does anyone know of anyone who has had a case of bladder cancer?
Anemia = leukemia?
Serious question here. If a female has ovarian cancer and has cramps in her stomach and lower back pain along?
Breast Cancer and Breast Implant?
Bone cancer oesteosarcoma?
Can playing with beast cause breast cancer?
What are the symptoms of Gonorrhea? How long can a man fight this disease?
For god sake somebody tell me how can I get ride of Lice...?
Could a cold sore transfer into genetal herpes?
Can you get tested for herpes virus through if you have never had any signs?
Is there a cure for warts on the body?
Is a smooch harmless?
Is this true or not?
Losing my hair........?
Why does increasing age increase the risk for Breast Cancer?
How many people are killed annually from smoking marijuana?
Is gerd/ gastro reflux/ acid reflux fatal. does acidity controlling pills cures it or simply?
My sister is a diabetic and now has to go on a no iodine diet for thyroid cancer , please help?
Does hypnothesis help to STOP SMOKING?
Advice anyone Please!!!!?
Give an example of a case of Euthanasia.?
If you smoke heavily for about a year and a half but then go cold turkey can you get lung cancer?
How do you call it when your lung is filled with water?
How to stop snoring?
We are moving and my asthma is bothering me..no insurance and inhaler exp. in 2004...any advice???
Is the antibiotic cefalexin the correct treatment for a chest infection?
Does anyone know what to do about laryngitis?
Albuteral helppppppppp???
Anyone have a tip to help me breath better? Inhalers just don't cut it.?
My husband wakes up choking and can hardly breathe. What could be causing this?
My husband has had a low grade fever for 48 hours.?
My eyeball just popped out of the socket--what should I do quick!!!!!?
Have I cut a nerve?
Help! i wana hide my scars..?
Have you got a big nose?
OUCH! i think my toe is broken...how do i know for sure?
I broke my leg yesterday?
Complications from swallowing an office staple?
Is Michael Jackson White or Black ?
What is the easiest bone to break?
Emergency...please read right away.?
If someone has ear infections often, can you also get them by sharing earrings with them?
Why do people pick there nose!!!!!!!!!!!?
Woke up this morning with 1 eye swollen..what could cause this?
How can I get a worse cold? HELP!?
Think i have wheat intolerance?
Asthma and allergy question ? 10 points help please !
Does anybody think i could DIE!! ANSWER ASAP!!!?
HIV and Fresh Blood?
Should i go to school tomorow if...?
How much cough syrup to get high?
Why do I keep getting reoccuring ear infections?
Will ingesting milk while lactose intolerant cause harm?
Scary doctor visit?
How can I get rid of a terrible cold in less than 2 days??
Pets that are good for allergy sufferers?
Can a person donate blood after having West Nile?
What is a prion?
Stuffy and Runny Nose?
Can someone who has had cancer and chemo then donate blood?
I have some health problem, maybe someone knows ....?
Why is cbc bloodwork done?
When a tumour breaks down in the body, where does it go?
What is the best diet for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy?
I have a large lump on my side, its been there for a couple years and is getting bigger.. any ideas?
What is breast cancer?
What do we call the stage after teenager?
Anyone know if vitamins/supplements/anti... interfere with radiation therapy?
What do I say to the person who gave me herpes?
Am i at risk of having hiv?
Can hiv be detected when blood is taken for other reasons?
Is it normal to get realy wet from kissing?
How do men get infected by HIV during se x?nothing goes inside the man's bod.How the hell?
I was recently diagnosed with herpes....they said that i have had it probably for yrs..can this b true?
Type 2, Hyperglycemia........?
What is non-insulin dependent diabetes?
Glucose is low (60) what could be wrong?
What is universal blood type?.?
Diabetes Question?
Do you replace your glucagon pen when it expires every year?
My sugar was 254 what can cause this?
Is it against the law for someone to throw away your diabetic medication?
Can you have high blood sugar {like 200} and not have diabetes?
Should i be worried about my daughter's heart murmur?
Is it safe to go in a hot tub with an implanted pacemaker? Also the temperature is102. Should it be lower?
How can you tell if a cut is bleeding from a vein or artery?
Is something wrong?
How does nitroglycerin work?
Is a desire to burp a sign of heart problems or an ulcer?
How do you reduce tryglycerides?
Cholesterol On Trial?
What causes the heart to enlarge?
Who is this Anthony Colpo, is he a scammer?
Breast cancer chanches of reoccuring in older women?
How can the doctor know when a cancer patient will not respond to treatment or is nearing death?
Should I avoid the sun?
Can breast implant, augmentation, enhancement cause breast cancer?
Cancer how do you help?
Am I too young to have bowel cancer???
Have you heard of ALL cancer?
What welcoming words does a diseased person need to hear that can possibly lead to healing?
Why are Cancer drugs so expensive. The manufacturing process must be similar to other drugs.?
Has anyone every tried a colon cleanser?
Allergic to my new puppy?
Could this be allergies?
Can new seasonal allergies impede ability to wear contacts?
What does it mean if you cough and blood comes out?
What can I use to help get phlem from my lungs, i have rceently quit smoking.?
Does anybody know a way to cure a sore/strep throat quickly?
How can i tell the difference between having bronchitis and having a bad flu?
I live in an apartment full of mold?
I'm 32 weeks pregnant and have been bitten by a green ant.?
Am I the only one like me or is there anyone else?
I want a home remedy for constant dry cough.HELP!!!?
What are the symptoms of allergies?
If your home air conditioner has a freon leak, can the gases leak into the house causing illness?
What does puffer fish poisoning do to you?
Please help. Throat problem unanswered for a week now!!!?
Can ignoring asthma symptoms cause permanent damage?
Is it possible not to be allergic to something before, but all of a sudden allergic to it?
Problem swallowing food?
Stroke symptoms??
Help with hiccups?
My bf had eaten me out,he had cold sores in the past but were not there while he ate me out.do i have herpes?
Can you get STDs from a toilet seat? Not sitting is not an option for me?
Can anyone tell me what HPV is, and how bad is it?
Could someone receive HIV/AIDS if....?
STD testing questions.. very important.?
Do you know anybody who has herpes? Since the numbers are really high, I would like to know.?
Triglycerides are off the charts?
Blood Pressure Readings Throughout the day?
What are the cholesterol high and low percentages ie; less than 5% etc??
My normal heart bit is around 130 bpm. is it normal?
Has any one been diagnosed with Ventricular Tachycardia? If so what treatment did you follow with if any?
How long can an obese 21 year old that weighs over 300 with heart disease expect to live?
Can leech therapy be used to treat miocardial infrction&?
What is the highest your blood pressure has ever been?
I take norvasc and I get low diastolic readings of 50 through 65is that too low?
What color is on most hospital walls?
What is your pinion on embryonic stem cell research?Do you REALLY believe you'll find cures?
Is it possible for those who are 13 yrs. old can have a breast cancer?
Does the juice from the leaves of the PAW PAW tree really cure cancer?
What do i have to look forward to?
Does anyone know how a person can get cancer treatment if thier insurance has denied their claim?
Skin cancer!?
What is B17?
Question on Colon cancer?
Brest Cancer??
I need some help coming up with a good team name for a cancer walk I am organizing. Any ideas welcome.?
Dog bite and rabies plz answer?
Strep throat contagious question...?
Chicken Pox?
What is the cause of HIV.disease?
What are the measures to control high celesterol?
Can hepatitis C be contacted by eating or drinking after someone who has the disease?
How can i get more sick?
Chicken pox ???
I have red sores on the tip of my tounge.?
How often do u get checked?
Can a untreated, prolonged, Bacterial Vagnois or yeast infection cause Chamalydia?
Can someone get shot in the head and survive?
Ovarian Cycts?
Help I think I may have cancer?
Can someone with cancer get a tattoo?
My dad doesnt believe me, doesnt smoking make you loose brain cells?
If you have a mole or more than one ( since birth ) do you get cancer if it is removed?
Why can people find a cure for cancer?
I have a painful, swollen neck and lymph nodes lump in throat, ear ache. Scared of cancer. What could this be?
Plzzz,help,i have 2 write an essay about"why do cancer increased than befor?
Are Brain Hemorrhages genetic?
Should a Diabetic try the Weight Watchers Program?
What causes mouth become dry and taste bitter after night sleep?
What can cause extreme fatigue in type 1 diabetes?
I just started taking Metformin today. What are the side effects and is it dangerous to take in any way?
I want to know if peanut butter lowers high sugar?
I have diebetes and take two different insulin and take with a needle what do i do took the wrong med ?
Why does a cut swell up?
What do you call if your sugar goes above 1000mcg?
Blood sugar readings?
Do you have any suggestions for Diabetes and Mood?
Alcohol allergy?
I have bad dust allergies.?
Is there any type of paying job a 13 year old could get?
Everytime I'm around second hand cigarette smoke I develop allergy/cold like symptoms. Watery eyes, sneezing,
After blowing nose saw stars...feel weird now...why?
Can anyone give me info on a gluten-free, wheat free diet?
Any ideas for a name?
About Lung cancer?
Is it wrong to ask my gf to get tested for std's if I am concerned about my health?
Should my dog have to go through BIG op when it could be unnecessary?
WhAt can my sister take for severe dehydration due to chemotherapy?
How do I deal with my aunt's sudden death from cancer?
If a man shows symptoms of chlamydia, it would happen shortly after , not over a year later,right?
Fingering and a wart?
Does Warfarin effect a persons BAC?
Chemotherapy for a 70 year old colon cancer patient?
Why do doctors prescribe amphetamines?
What causes a heart murmur? Is there something wrong with the heart?
Does a mri scan show if a person has a cyst or cancer?
Can you get STD by mouth to mouth kissing?
Do a lot of people in there 20s have herpes and how do you get into a relationship with someone after you have
Can you get cancer in the part of your aorta that is closest to your heart?
Does Bottled Water left in Automobile really cause Breast Cancer?????
Does chewing tobaccoo cause strokes?
Poll/// what makes your heart pitapat????
If you have any type of STD would you be willing to tell anyone, who you want to have a serious relationship?
Need to find a way to save money on Lipitor? My insurance doesnt cover it and its costing me $117 a month?
Congestive Heart failure?
I had an angina at rest a few days ago. What am I supposed to do now?
Is their finical help for people with congestive heart failure?
Which do you think is scarier?
Non Smoker: Is it me or does it seem like when you're around smokers,...?
Prednisone (steroid) question....PLEASE HELP!?
How can I get rid of sleep?
Has your chest infection lasted 2 weeks or more?
My two year old son suffers from frequent nose bleeding.is there a permanant cure for the bleeding?Any remedy?
What can u do to break mucus up in the lungs after being sick or stoped smoking without meds?
Do you smoke?
What can i do to my lungs when smokin crack?
Medical Question, Please, Only serious answers......?
Is it possible for an untreated chest infection to turn into asthma?
Did you or do you have cancer?
What is the chance of surviving blood cancer?
Is is possilble to get cancer by peeling off your skin after a sunburn?
How does HPV cause cervical cancer?
Should sunbeds be banned?
Bottled water in your car.....very dangerous??? Is this true???
Good rock n roll fight cancer slogan?
Do i have cancer?
I think I may have lyme's disease.?
Is there a way tht u can make ur self get a sore throut or a cold or sum kind of sickness?
Became sick after plane flight from germany.?
I helped in vaccintaion and spreading awareness about diseases as a volunterr.how should i put it in my resume
Did i get food poisoning????
Can someone with no tonsils get strep throat?
High fever?
Can strep throat lead to tonsillitus?
How do i tell my mom that i have 2 kids and i work the corner every saturday and i think i have herpes?
My boyfriend gave me chalmydia, we both got the meds and we are clear of it, is it possible that we can get?
My neice got herpes from a guy who knew he had it she is only 26 can he be charged?
If I had a coldsore, can I give myself gential herpes?
AIDS, must you die from it?
Does hiv spreads if i share cigereete/smoking/cigeree... filter of/with hiv person?
Is it possible to develop lactose intolerance?
Pet dander and allergies?
Accidentally drank spoiled milk and am lactose intolerant...any quick home remedies?
Food Allergies?
If i wear sunscreen, is there any chance of me getting skin cancer?
Howmany bone in the human body?????
Is there any evidence of dogs being able to smell some illnesses like cancer?
My child has had low iron levels for more than 1 year and a pale face. Does this mean that she has leukemia?
If your Doctor told you that you had six month's to live,how would like to spend them ?
I am a 26 yowf and my mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer!?
Do i have cancer? i want to avoid going to a doctor...?
Kevin Trudeau states in one of his books that there is a cure for cancer?
Does cancer run in your family? and what kind?
My mother has cancer....?
If i'm overweight does that mean i won't get osteoporosis ?
Heart attack waiting to happen
Heart scan (echo)- do you have to completely undress?
What was this? Chest pain in the heart area?
If the thrombus is dislodged from the lower extremity, where would the embolus lodge?
Which heart would you choose?
Can you never participate in hard sports if your on coumadin?
The doctor thinks my grandmother has congestive heart failure.?
Does an EKG test if your arteries are open?
What is the difference between Angina Pectoris and Myocardial Infarction?
Are there any cures for athsma?
A cough or chest infection?
Help! I feel so ill does anyone know whats wrong with me?
What do you call a nose that you cant breath through so you have to breath through your mouth?
Why do I keep getting persistent coughs all year?
Can smoking in my bedroom affect my lungs more than if i didn't smoke in my bedroom
When having a drink why does it sometime go down your windpipe?
Advice for serious asthma?
Can taking a shower in the morning and then going out into the cold be bad for my cough/cold?
Slight Pain in chest when eating?
Need an answer?
Can someone with HIV/AIDS be cured over time?
Is that normal?
Can chipped mugs cause heart disease?
Resting heart rate is 43?
What steps should you take if somebody is having a heart attack?
High Blood Pressure, when to see a Dr.?
My husband had a heart attack while in the US, they saved his life putting in 8 Stents.?
My Husbands having really bad pain in his heart, is there anything other than medicine, he can do 2 help.?
I think I have a problem with my blood pressure, 140/95?
I have scoliosis and having an operation in 2 months any advice?
How likely is it to die from a stroke? how long does it take to recover if you get one and survive?
Could these symptoms be anythin cos i really don't know..?
If you have bladder cancer, your bladder has to be removed. What do they replace it with?
Breast Cancer Wristband?
Is there any chance who has cancer and its already metastasis can survive?
I need a list of all types of cancer.?
How should I discourage my wife from wasting money?
Is doxycyline in the penicillin family, If I am allergic to pencillin is it alright to take doxycycline?
I know every cancer has a color attached to it, what are the colors?
Can you get skin cancer from 1 day of rele bad sun exposure?!?!?
Swollen nodules on lymph glands-neck-firm and sore-is it cancer?
I'm doing a research project for health. I'm supposed to make a research proj. on a disease. What would be int
Can you still get herpes by mastertbating?
How long does a pandemic last?
How long does it usually take to get over mono?
Can we really protect our self from bird flu?
What are the symptoms of the recent Staph infection that affecting people?
Can sinusitus make you feel really, really poorly?
Can staying up past 3 am cause your immune system to weaken?
How can i get rid of a soar throat in a day????
Can Tylenol #3 cause Anaphylaxis? I think I have Anaphylaxis but I don't know what caused it.?
Is it possible, that a cat two year ago bitten me, after 20 year i shall be facing rebies problmes explane?
Is it possible to allergic to Advil and Tylenol!?
Have an air purifier on 24/7?
What medicine to take if you have allergic reaction from cosmetics?
Allergic to aloe vera?eye swelling?
Does anyone own a cat thats allergic and taking medications for it?
Will allergic conjunctivitis damage my eyesight?
My 3 year old son has bloody noses daily? Should I be concerned?
Is STD curable or treatable?
Wat would u do if u had to pee really bad!!!!?
Cure for herpes?
Is pregnancy the worst std?
Why do guys become offended if ask them to take HIV test before I do BJ?
Whats the normal sugar level in our body?
I Type 1 diabetic diagnosed in July 07'.?
Is diabetes treatable?
Blood sugar reading?
Any oral insulin available?
Can diabetes skip a generation?
When you got diagnosed with diabetes did you get addicted to Diet Coke or Pepsi max or something?
Is laser eye treatment suitable for diabetes sufferers?
What if you are way older than 13-14 and you become a type 1 diabetic is that possible?
Can pickles increase pressure or cholestrol?
Does leaving bottled waters in the car cause breast cancer?
Are The Pituitary Gland And The Thyroid Gland The Same?
Can I get cancer from standing in front of a microwave as it heats food?
How can i take a breast cancer test with out having health insurance?
At the Relay for Life, what do you bring to do?
Did you read that CT scans put ADULTS & CHILDREN AT RISK I read that on a UPRIGHT_MRI search?
How long could someone have cancer and not even know it?
Can you get cancer on any part of your body.. like your thumb?
Breast lump?
Does this sound like a rough week for person fighting cancer and about to start chemo?
Sore throat help please?
What really killed my mum?
Is it true that occasional smoking can ease asthma symptoms?
Asthma reliever,nebulizer?
Do you have to have a prescription and or license to purchase oxygen?
Is smoking a sin?
How you can stop smoking?
Smoking & Children?
Reducing blood pressure (healthy person).?
Heart flutters !!!??
Is my blood pressure peculiar?
What were the first signs you had that something was wrong with your heart?
I am having heart palpitations?
Why do we need platelets? i mean it clots the blood...but itsnt a blood clot bad for us?
Can blood work show if you had a heart attack?
Aortic Aneurysm or Normal?
Why does my heart feels like iam having mini heart attacks im only 17?
Should i call a doctor?
White halo around my mole - is it dangerous? Any medical people out there?
What percentage of men develop breast cancer?
I have 2 swollen/enlarge lymph nodes above the groin area.Should i be alarmed?
What are the actual reason for breast cancer?
Which is worse for your body: dip or cigarettes?
Chewing tobacco?
Do we move back to our home state since my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 termimal cancer?
To much use of mobile phone is the cause of Brain Cancer?
Is it possible that our bodies would be immune to cancer in several decades from now?
Psychics - Will my husband get lung cancer again?
How hard is it to get "HPV" from a woman?
Can you get an STD just by touching parts together?
Can u get AIDS if u are scratched by a person by nails..??
What is STD stands for?
Ok i played football..?
What is your position with respect to enacting a law that requires HPV vaccination of school girls?
What would you rather ?
How long can you live with AIDS for?
Is it bad to get a second case of Chicken poxs?
Is rat urine fatal to human if they accidentally consume it?
What are some good ways to get rid of the flu?
When will I get better? Has anyone else had this...?
My friend has chronic post lyme syndrome, which vitamines and such can I give him to help with the symtoms?
Shingles (chicken pox virus): can i swim in my pool?
How do u do this?!!?
Has anyone heard of an infection called cranulitis?
Is Staph Infecttions or worse MRSA contagious?
What does the yellow & purple?
What are the chances of getting lung cancer after 30 years of being smoke free?
My grandma has breast cancer and has spread faster.?
Is Renal Cell Carcinoma ever cured, or does it come back?
Has anyone on here been faced with making the decision of donating organs of a family member?
What are the common rates of survival of breast cancer and bone cancer in a 50 year old woman with 4 kids?
Glioblastoma Multiforme, any new treatment?
I need Help NOW!!!!!!!?
How can you get over you friend dying?
Why is the oparation area difficult to heal for cancer patient?
When having blood pressure taken what do the numbers indicate?
How much would a doctor charge me for a liver function test? irreversible damage at age 26?
What does one do when the heart surgeon fails to listen to his conscious patient during stent op?
Arrythima help to stop a fast-beating heart?
I read that if you have high blood pressure you should never take potassium supplements. Is this true? Why?
What are the reprocussions when you have a heartattack?
Keeping mobile 24 hours near our heart is hazardous or not?
Do i have a bad heart?
Don't Beilieve The US Government Is Capable Of Proposing Terrorism To Blame Others Google Operation Northwods
High blood pressure, is it really that dangerous?
Is my index finger broken?
Do you wash your hands after using the restroom?
I have this bump on my right wrist, its been there for like 5 years?
What should I do if I'm allergic to my room?
Is this infected (pic)?
My eye power is increasin day by day can there b any solutions to stop its increment PLZ HELP ME .?
I need advice on how to reduce swelling from my lips.?
I know how im gonna die?
Allergic to the metal in the watch I got for Christmas--is there something I can coat it with or do to it?
How can i tell if i have allergies???
What degree burn is this?
Need non drowsy allergy medicine?
This is not a question, but please read on.......?
Can you break your foot and still be able to walk on it?
Why do people have 'allergies'.What causes it?
I zipped my peter in my zipper and i think i have internal bleeding b/c of it...should i use peroxide?
What is the quickest way off getting rid of bruises to your face and neck?
When were nut allergies discovered and what happened to people before this association was known?
Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to you, and the best?
Hi,i'm goin under chemo now,wat kind of supplyment can help my body to recover? thanks?
Anyone know how the worse stge of melenoma looks, or knows signs that maybe has spread?
If a person has cancer in the lymph nodes how long can they live?
Has anyone encountered swollen lymph nodes under arm?
Examination of the bladder - cystoscopy?
Quit smoking at 37?
What is the meaning of above normal white blood cells?
Chemotherepy side effects?
Should i tell my friends that im goin to die ?
Okay. Sugar in the urine means Diabetes. Does lack of sugar mean lack of Diabetes?
I am diabetic. On a few days each month I have painful feet. How can I treat?
What kind of sugar can I use instead of regular sugar for recipes ?
Is it hard to runaway with diabetes?
Is it ok to use someone else's diabetes blood sugar mechanism thing to check if I have that diabetes?
Please answer!!!!!!!?
Insulin Needles?
What is the meaning of STD? Its curable or not?
Toe amputation?
Two questions help!?
Anyone else know that hiv is a government disease & the drug they use to treat it is wut kills the infected?
For diabetics out there....?
Some kid put his hand down his pants and said he peed on it then wiped it on my face then he said he had hiv?
I have CHF and my kidney function is low. Need to improve KF. Heart hates fluid & Kidneys love fluid. Ideas?
Help my husband has been in agonizing pain...heart or gas problem?
I had open heart surgery in 1997 and hve been taking this drug since then, wonder why?
I take Nitroquik, can it be taken for a couple of days and then skip a few days?
I wanna know if chf is dangerous?
How can I decrease my pulse rate. It is always above 100, while my blood pressure is normal. More rest ?
Whats a catheter?
Does statin drugs reduce carotid artery blockage?
Is it safe to take oral contraceptives while on taking medication for high blood pressure?
Okay I how do i know im inhaling a cig?"?
Can cancer spread while getting Chemotherapy?
Is there any treatment for liver cancer which is in final stage?
What is Lukemia and Lymponia ?
My dad has kidney cancer that has spread into his lymph nodes and bones. How long will he live?
Breast biopsy results?
What could cause 3 lumps in the neck of a 65 y.o. female not in good health?
How close do you think we are from finding a cure for cancer?
Have prostate cancer,i got to have a ct scan,wot is involved please?
Anyone had chemotherapy?
Throat feels like its closing, tingling. Asthma or Allergic reaction? Help!?
Dry cough, please help?
Want to STOP smoking.?
Whenever i smoke tobacco, i get there really intense headrushes and i get dizzy. I was wondering why.?
Have a weird feeling in my throat and chest !?
Why is smokeing grass not legal??????
Does household gas still kill, was told the formula had changed to prevent fumes and poisoning?
Anyonw know a decent natural remedy for a persistent cough?
18 year old female diagnoss with headache stroke.?
How can I lower my blood pressure without medication?
Allergy to Gluten, what to give my son?
Is a person working as an intern in a hospital considerd a DR?
Is it bad to take antihistamine tablets every single day for 6 months or more?
My cat(4yrs) has been sneezing and coughing, is this a typical cold or does she need immediate help?
Can too much fast food in one day cause chest pain?
Can you blow your nose after using Nasonex?
Where can i find a list of foods i can eat with a dairy allergy?
How many times can one heart break?
My dad told me to get a chihuahua for my daughter that might have asthma?
Heart attack???
Anyone ever had an allergy to poultry?
Why does one sometimes wake up and lose feeling and movement of the right hand completely. Is it a stroke.?
How come I never had chest pain, only pain in my left shoulder when I went to bed, for many years?
Do allergies cause dizziness?
Heart racing please help???
My system does not agree with milk&milk; products.It leaves me constipated.Does it mean i am lactose intolerant
ALERGIES!!!!! please HELP!!!?
How do I get rid of CRABS??
Can you get herpies from making out?
Is the AIDS virus the only STD that has no cure currently?
Aids conspiracy theory?
What is a home remedy for gential warts removal?
How accurate are breast needle biopsies?
What can you bring foodwise or giftwise to a friend with lung cancer?
There is something wrong with my adrenal glands and I'm scared incase it is cancer?
Breast cancer?
Not to sure kinda worred?
Are green boogers ALWAYS a sign of infection in children?
Using marijuana for pain killer?
What are the side effects of chemotherapy?
Could you be ill if someone spat in your hair or on your hands?
What is the success rate of radiation of the brain?
Blood when passing gas...?
Whats a good way get rid of soar throat?
What does an oncologist do?
Were you AWARE...?
Why cant you get AIDS from a mosquito bite?
Is it possible that a person can acquire cervical cancer WITHOUT HPV?
Question About Cancer?
How long does it take to make a nose booger??
Has anyone ever had their appendix rupture? or known any one who has?
What is a yeast infection? and how do you get it?
Has anyone else ever done the same stupid thing?
Have you ever broken a bone?
I choped off my finger with a grinder at work?
What is the cruching noise in my knees?
What's the most physically painful thing that's ever happened to you?
Can you lick your elbow?
What is the best cure for a sprained ankle?
Does it hurt?
HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
Tips for someone about to have general anaesthesia ?
Heart attack V Angina?
I understand that an elderly patient suffering from CHF would need to receive blood at a slow rate to prevent?
I am 21 years old and am have a throbbing pain in my left arm all the way to my hand! What is it?
What's wrong with my heart?
Should one keep on running if one has high blood pressure?
My total cholesterol is 249, triglycerides is 104 mg/dl, HDL 90, LDL 134, VLDL21. Do I need to be concerned?
My cholesterol LDL was 200 4 months ago and is now 61, my HDL is higher (63) than my LDL, is that strange?
What produces the systolic pressure during the heart beat?
Iwant to find someone that has tetralogy of fallot(which i have iam22)i feel like no one understands how i fee
Do ipod headphones really cause cancer?
Complications lung cancer?
How can u cure lymphoma?
Chemo question....dangers in End of Life?
What Cause anemia ? also what are the after effects when you have been receiving chemo therapy?
Idea for dad's bday, has stage 3b lung cancer?
Which is more dibilitating dialysis or chemo therapy?
What happens and how is it done when you become a bone marrow doner?
My dad is sick with cancer in the US. We live in the middle east. I have 3 kids? What should I do? He's 80yo.
Can you get Hepatitis C from sharing a drink with an infected person with a cold sore?
Gardisil HPV Shots for girls?
How long do you have to be in contact with herpes to catch it?
Why do I sneeze more when the air conditioner is on? At home, work, in the car, I sneeze over & over.?
Anitibiotic time?
Am I allergic to the product?
Frequent Nosebleeds. Is this a serious problem?
Hot chocolate makes me throw up?
Can I drink alcohol tonight?
Best Mattress?
I have allergies and im on presctpion meds but their not working wat can i do about this?
Is it an allergic reaction from mosquitoe bites that the bites turn in to big swollen welts?
I want to ask about flu and influenza?
Is there anything in this world that does not cause cancer--support your answer?
What cigarettes have the least amount of tar and nicotine?
2 cousins, 2 types of cancer.?
Is this cancer?!?
Prostate Cancer?
About 5 yrs ago I had skin cancer how can i prevent it from coming back please help?
Skin cancer question?
Help, ex-smokers! How did you quit smoking?
Breast Cancer Options...?
How do i know if my moles are cancerous?
Help lowering blood pressure?
My lipitor bottle says not to take with grapefrit juice?
Those who take COUMADIN, what kind of Diet should have?
I'm 25 and my Blood Pressure avrages between 133 / 81 and up too 153 / 92 is this too high?
Can you get a blood pressure measurement from your feet ?
When performing a heart surgery to repair ASD on a 4 year old female, is it more risky to.....?
What does heart-related chest pain feel like?
Explain why heart rate increases with an increase in work?
Can ambien cause a rise in blood pressure?
I had got herpes from my x husband and now i want to date how do i tell guys that i have this?
I meet a girl recently and shes is everything i could ask for except she has an std. Should i not talk to her?
Are you afraid of getting an STD?
Why does it feel like burning when I pee, and why does the water turn red?