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Does anyone knows a miracle remedy for breast cancer selfcure?
Is it true when u get bit my a mosquito it lays an egg in u,when it itches it wiggles,u scratch u give it air?
Can you give information about cancer?
Can you get lung cancer form smoking...?
OMG i might die im allergic?
Does cancer have a smell?
Quit smoking ?
If an animal rolls in poison ivy, and you hold the animal afterwards, can you get the poison ivy?
Is this cancer or anything?
SMOKERS ONLY: Would you stop smoking if you saw someone die of smoking-related cancer?
Is this an allergic reaction?
Can you get STD's from tongue kissing? My friend ask me that and I don't know?
My room mate is hiv positive.can i live with him in a single room,or does this has any problem?
What is uti?
Hiv patient uses a syringe for blooddraw & nurse uses syringe on a non-hiv will the result come back positive?
How long does it take for AIDS symptoms to appear?
All that green crap you start coughing up towards the end of a cold?
Bad Asthma....?
Meeting women... I'm a great writer, where might I find women who dig writers/artists?
I smoke so what does that do 2 you?
A smoker for 20+ years recently started complaining of a "tickle" in their throat that makes them cough...?
Why do people continue to smoke, or start smoking?
I have a serious sinus problem. what should i do ?
My neighbor has been burning asbestos siding in a burn barrel 50 feet from my window am i at risk??
What are the best ways to avoid cancer risk besides eating properly?
How did you find out you had breast cancer?
Do brain tumor patients die?
Can chemo cause memory loss?
Since we're all going to get cancer?
Anyone here undergoing, or have undergone treatment for cancer?
3 centimeters?
Is this cancer?
Do Ramon noodles cause cancer?
My niece is going to have radical chemo for 5 days & I was wondering, will she be too sick for visitors??
Does Marijuna really reveal u to your trueself?
A friend in denial with breast cancer ?
About colon cancer ...please Help !!!!!!?
Mom diagnosed with breast cancer?
Pancreatic cancer stage 4 how long will i live?
Can a hospital or doctor deny treatment for nonpayment?
Cancer fighting foods: are there foods that can help fight cancer once you have it, instead of preventing it?
Do you think there is really a cure for cancer but the government wont let us know?
Curry, termeric and curcumin spices?
Is a resting pulse of 90/BPM too high?
What is cardiac arrest?
Name the major artery that leaves the heart to take blood around the body? Name the vessels that return it?
Where are the arteries located?
What causes nosebleeds??
After have more than three orgasm in a day don't you notice that your heart beats are faster??
Are kidney stones related to congestive heart failure?
It is extremely rare to have an alcohol allergy?
Im 16 years old i have recently gotten pain in the heart?
Sometimes I have difficulty breathing and feel a slight pain at my heart, which specialist I should consult?
My daughter has poink eye?
How to avoid feeling sleepy even after sleeping for 8 hrs?
Help! My new job entails a week of nights...?
I need sleep?
Home remedy to clear out sinus?
90% of US has some type of herpes virus....why do people make a huge deal about it???
Is bathing bad for your health?
I wear contact lenses and my eyes itch? what can i do? ?
If a fetus never exchanges blood with its mother, how can it contract AIDS from her?
Has anyone else failed after reading Allen Carr's book "The Easy Way"?
Should I get rid of my horses if I am allergic to them, or take allergy shots?
Coughing and wheezing?
Can virgins still have stds?
Is there any thing you can take for the cure of herpes?
How to stop smoking after45 years, is it too late?.?
I am allergic to a medicine drug known as Penicillin...?
I just found out my son has allergies to peanut, wheat and soy, i am at a loss. what do i feed him?
Do you mind if people smoke around you?
Whats good for Anal Itching?
Shouldnt chlamydia be detected when a person go for the blood work and urine sample before surgery?
Explain what Sepsis is and how serious a condition is it.?
What is azithromycin?
How Do I Get Rid Of Pink Eye Quick At Home?
My 4 year old is always sick!!??
Can you get into nursing school with Hep c?
Why must Shambo die?
What happens to a vesicle in exocytosis?
What are recurring cold sores?
Why after chickquenquniya fever a legs and hands joints are paining and swollening?
I don't have a thermometer, do I have a fever?
I have cancer, cancer doesn't have me...?
Can you really die peacefully?
Smokers- Do you ever regret smoking ?
Please help with cancer questions?
Does Roll-on Deodorant cause Breast Cancer?
Could this mole become melanoma?
What doctor should I see for a colonoscopy?
Do you think Grapefruit Seed Extract could help 'cure' cancer?
Is it cancerous or not ???? please help me
Repeat Prescriptions? In an emergency where can these be obtained in England or France?
Heart paplpatations and anxiety disorders?
Blood pressure....................
Is high-blood pressure a symptom of having heart problems?
I am a type 2 diabetic. I am taking lantus 2x a day and humalog 3x a day. Is it normal to gain weight?
Is it possible for a non diabetic to have a blood sugar of 400?
Are there any risks associated with using artificial sweetner consisting of Aspartame?
Type 1 question???
Fasting glucose very high?
What part of the body makes insulin?
If i am diabetic and do not eat for 3 days will my blood sugar still be elevated
Diabetes questions?!?
I am Type 2 diabetic but have no motivation to get better. I don't exercise or eat right. Why don't I care?
How long does my father have left?
Need second profesional opinion from doctor or nurse?
-is this anxiety/panic attacks?
Do I have a slow heart rate?
Something my heart does when I breath. It gets stuck?
What would be considered high blood pressure?
My mother has congestive heart failure. and for the past week her left foot has been so swollen. Why?
My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer the dr told him it was a 3 and 6 what does that mean.?
Can being hit on the head with a small hammer cause brain cancer in a 5 yo boy?
What are the signs of prostate disorder.?
My brother has lung cancer 6-12 months to live, where can i get help for him? Hes Homeless and no money?
My father has lung cancer....any advice how to approach this?
What foods and beverages are best to give with cancer/chemo related nausea and vomiting?
My bf cheated on me with a chic who has chlamydia and I gave him a BJ can I possibly get it by doing that?
AIDS,does it truly exist?
Why women are not active like men?
What are the signs for herpies?
HIV question!!!!!?
Chronic post nasal drip?
Does this sound like an allergic reaction???
My eyes are pink but they don't itch.?
Sudden allergic to dairy products?
My 3 year old son has severe nut allergy including coconut.?
Does the high blood pressure medicine Lisinopril is a good treatment for high blood pressure?
Wheat/soy intolerant. Help. I need a good diet.?
What kind of foods and drinks should you NOT eat if you get sinus infection often?
Sometimes I have trouble breathing?
How long will my toddler's seasonal allergies last?
What is going on??
Can someone help me so I won't starve? I am allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, soybean and peanuts.?
How do i know if im allergic to cats?
I had a blood test the other day to check my cholesterol levels.?
Allergy problem?
I have flea bites on my fore ams and stomach almost every morning but i don't see fleas anywhere in my house.
If your blood presser is high is your cholesterol high too?
Can Naproxen prescribed to me cause stomach bleeding?
How do you know if you have a heart defect?
Would echocardiography show an old hart (or an old silent hart ) attack when it use for testing the hart?
How can we stop lung cancer?
High calcium in cancer patients?
Starlet hu eva u are! hope ur prous of yourself mad eme feel wicked about ym grandad!?
My dads chemotherapy stopped working for him, is there any hope left in other treatments?
How does cancer kill people?
I have a question about breasts/breast CANCER...?
Are there any new medical advancements for treatment of cancer?
How do i get rid of Hirsutism?
Did you have radiation burn you?
My wife suffers from hot sweats?
Is it possible to have more than 1 type of asthma?
Is the HPV vaccine only for women who do not have HPV?
Can u get HIV from a tattoo?
18 month child having high fever and breathing problem?
Asthmatic question?
Should hpv vaccines be manditory and why?
Why is asthma worse at night?
Question about asthema?
Scared to take medicine...I have always been scared of side effects today i was prescribed zithromax?
Do you beleive aids will be cured one day?
How many people are really afraid of getting HIV/AIDS?
How many times have i told you not to clean the toilet?
HELP! Severe Allergies?
How do I stop a cold in it's tracks?
What caues head akes?
My husband is allergic to our daughters dog's dander. what can we do to help it go away?
I'm 16, is it ok to pick my nose and eat my boogers?
I have a rash on my skin. It has been a year, and not on face or feet. It gets worse with heat and warm water.
Where can i buy an allergie bracelet or necklace that won't cost the earth?
Should you drink lotsa water before or after a massage?
Can a blood clot turn into a tumor?
Will smoking prolong the life of a dying person?
What factors could have contributed to the increased percentage of deaths due to cancer?
Can a physical attack cause breast cancer?
What kind of treatment is used to treat cancer nowadays?
Is this oral cancer?
Looking for cancer survivors?
I got a tumor on my kidney/adrenal gland is it Cancer ?I se the spec....on the 28?
Is cancer and diseases a scare to you? In this day and age?
Is Percocet used for either angina pain or for muscle pain? If not, would it be effective for those uses?
Gingivitis and heart?
Can high levels of stress over a long period of time damage the brain?
If I have clogged arteries will I be able to undo it in the future?
Is this true?
Define health and disease?
Stroke; what is it?
Is it possible for someone to have a blood pressure this high?
What is it called when doctors stick something in the leg and guide it to the heart to look in it or at it?
I think i have i high number of heart beats per minute?
I cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
Ouchhiee i ran into a door?
What is the worst injury you had?
What is wrong with my leg??
Medical name for kneecap?
I keep getting headaches when i wake up without going to the doctors does anybody have any ideas?
HELP! My bf been bite by a brown LOCUS SPIDER!!?
Had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?
I feel like I`v been ran over by a bus!!!?
How can you tell if your nose is broken?
What is the common name for Hansen`s Disease?
Can you get sick from moving to another climate?
Think I might have some virus?
Can a pregnant mother with HIV do ways to prevent it from passing on to her child.?
How long are you contagious for with shingles?
Approximatly how many people have died from MRSA?
My 15 month old daughter has been throwing-up and has had diarrhrea for the last 4 days - Please help!?
What is foot and mouth disease and why is not called hoof and mouth if its cows and sheep that get it?
Water infection?
What are the signs of breast cancer?
Lump in breast?
Is there still a chance I wouldn't get colon cancer?
Do you think sunbeds are bad?
Do colposcopys(not sure if thats spelled right) and biopsies hurt???
What we call that place in the brain where produce the ideas??
Stage 3 colon cancer...starting chemo in 3 weeks.. any success stories out there..after chemo?
Question about fertility and chemo?
Thyroid Cancer?
Why are some people so insensitive to people with lung cancer?
I have had a heart attack can i still get travel insurrance?
Chest pains... Am I sick??
My husband has a heart problem,?
What is the difference between angiogram and angioplasty?Any sites that might give a clear understanding?
What are my chances of a heart attack?
Why am I having chest pains? What's causing them? (Continued)?
How can anal warts be treated ? and once they are treated will you always have them ???
What is a stroke?
In open heart surgery, How is the person keep alive during it?
I have high Blood Pressure, and i am really congested, any OTC suggestions?
What is an Echo heart scan and can you tell me the procedure?
I get dizzines and faint through overheating, why does this happen?
What causes your lips to swell?
How long does it take to get an allergic reaction to a certain food?
Doesn NyQuil really make you sleep better AND get rid of the allergies for the night?
What is the best way to cure a sore throat?
Nickel Allergy in Navel Piercing! HELP NEEDED FAST!!!?
Mother & Cancer plz read ................?
My daughter has been invited to a b-day party, but is allergic to cats (they have a few). What can she take?
How long does it take for your hair to grow back after chemo?
Cancer treatment???
My hamster is not walking or drinking and breathing hard whats wrong with her what can i do to help her?
What is the symptom of bone cancer?
If my period stopped at the age of 29, will I get ovarian cancer by the age of 42?
Help! My nose burns inside!?
My friend's mother was just diagnosed w/ breast cancer. Any good ways or facts to console her?
Why cant we cure cancer?
Does the Red Cross accept blood donations from cancer survivers who have gone through chemo and radiation?
Cancer growth!!!!!!!!?
I've had swollen lymph nodes for the past maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Does anyone know when it's cancerous?
My mom was just diagnosed with leukemia (CML).......?
I have cancer and only one year to live I'm praying to god so much my family is crying too much?
High blood pressure and cholestrol?
Medical question?
Is a blood pressure of 80 over 60 too low?
Does anyone know a legitimate list of foods that clog arteries and cause heart attacks?
Hi due to some stress, my blood pressre is up to 157/92.?
Heart Beating Harder than normal?
BP 92/80 normal?
Which fruit, drink and what type of meal is good for Heart Patients?
Heart pain when inhaling?
I am concerned about my husband. He has high blood pressure and is on medication.?
Can drinking to much sugar-free drinks make you sick? And is it bad for you?
Can someone give me some advice what to do?
What foods must a Diabetic Avoid ! and what can they eat alot of?
What is best medicine for Diabetes and what side effects of that medicine?
Lots of diabetes questions?!!?
Why cant insulin be administered via mouth?
I have been diagnosed with diabetes but it's not really bad do you think it's a good idea to get my tongue did
What exactly is stress-induced hyperglycemia?
Ok, i have now been diagnosed as type 1 diabetic...?
Can anyone explain my sore throat / coughing?
Why is it that people's smoking?
How can somebody die from pneumonia these days
Is it right to stop smoking and drinking for a guy you have only loved for two weeks?
I quit smoking a month ago but i started again today...
How do I know if my Albuterol inhaler is empty? A link to a website on this will also be useful. Thanks.?
What can this be? Sore throat?
Does smoke on your clothing and hands affect baby's health or cause infections.?
What is the definition of a lump in breast cancer?
Am I addicted?
Can teenagers get anal cancer? I'm scared.?
Will cigarette smell cause lung cancer?
What are two ways the risk of some types of cancer can be reduced?
Symptoms of cancer?
Is inhaling the mystic tan spray bad for you?
Can you get cancer off of shaving your arms?
I have a nodule on my thyorid its benign.but wot are the chances of me geting cancer?
If I ejaculated in my girlfriends mouth, will anything bad happen?
Dear All, My mother suffering from lung cancer..?
Can a handjob cause HIV/AIDS?
Could hanging out in this section give me herpes?
Should I have gone to emergency?
If you woke up in bed, and your head was over on the shelf, what would you do?
PLEASE HELP ME...I have a major madical question???
What is the worst injury you've ever had?
I gave my sister a black eye need answer fast?
Am i injured?
Should I go to the hospital?
Why do I keep falling over?
How stupid are you.?
I took a whole bunch of ibuprofin and threw up shortly after, could i have got all of it out of my system?
Heart medication - ASPIRIN?
My neck vein is distended almost all the time and I feel lightheaded when i bend down. whats up with that??
Can anyone tell me what healing happens when you have a vein removed from your leg for bypass operation?
Do I have a clot?
I having small chest pain on right hand side sometime. Is it serious.?
Can a person with a heart in the hole which has been operated marry and lead a happy life?
Is it too late to report a heatattack/stroke?
Can you die from an extra "wire" to your heart? thus having more palptations than normal?
Is my blood pressure normal? systolic pressure is twice as high as diastolic?
How do you find out about your blood-pressure how can-you tell if hi or low?
What are the 5-year survival rates for imflammatory breast cancer?
Do U think that ganja gives U cancer like cigarettes do?
For The Smokers:?
Can colon cleanser be harmful to you?
What do you do if you think you have skin cancer, but no medical insurance?
There are how many types of cancer? What are the symptoms? What are their treatment?
How do i quit smoking?
They found some lump on my neck. do you have any idea what is it?
What is the lest common kind of cancer?
Allergic to Penicillin?
Is there a cure for Allergies?
My mum is alergic to penicillin does this mean i am to ?
Mosquito bites...?
Can allergies cause a person to feel like the glands next to the throat are always swollen?
My allergies are killing me. Any suggestions?
Tell me how do you get out allergies out of your face...?
What Is Dust?
What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance?
Relating to my last question: if we are both virgins can he still pass on aids to me?
Can a man ejaculate blood?
Why is AIDS a bigger problem in Afica then anywhere else?
Aids from a nearly dry drop of blood?
Please can you tell me two infections caused in a salon?
How do you avoid getting sick if you are coming down with a cold?
I live in Barbardos,mosquitos bite me alot. if one bites a person with aids, why cant they transfer the virus?
Does anyone else think this national outbreak of MRSA staph infections might be terrorism?
My mom has a fever of 101.8 what should she do to get it down.?
Once HIV is diagnosed, how soon do most people start meds?
Should I be worried about this?
What do you do when you have a fever of 100.0 for example?
How long does a person with leukemia live with treatment?
My blood pressure is 160/85!?
Lumps on chest cant breathe!!!?
Can a doctor tell if i have cancer by just looking at me?
What is a hospital Code Blue?
What are the?
What is this procedure/condition called?
Can you have High Blood Pressure aged 17?
How can a mother with girl with cancer suport them self .no family?
Sniffing cocaine immediate dangers?
How sick does chemo make you?
Why don't they have a cure for cancer?
What is the causes high blood pressure?
How long does a person with leukemia survive? This person's age is 68 yrs. old and has just been diagnosed?
What to do for a six year old whos dad has cancer?
Any Dr's in the house?
Can dogs detect cancer as stated on QI?
Is it easy to interpret an MRI? I got a cd of mine today. Would I be able to look at it on my pc?
I'm in my late 20's and been smoking since I was 13, is it possible to have smoking related problems now?
My 24-year-old son has brain cancer. He needs new friends. Checking 4 support groups/church. Any suggestions?
Once you have tar in your lungs from smoking can it ever go away?
A neighbor claims to be suffering from black lung?
Very recently i have been suffering from asthma.please tell me what to do what not to do?
Track & Asthma?
What does it mean if a patient gets moved from ICU to CCU in a hospital?
Whats chronic pain?
What should I do about my inhaler making me shake?
What are the harmful chemicals or toxins that can be inhaled from cigarettes?
What can an overdose of albuterol do to you?
Breast cancer??
Any suggestions on how i get someone to stop smoking?
Does radiation cause cancer?
How too avoid cancer?
Does a doctor usually call you in the office to discuss CAT/PET Scans if the news is good or bad or just bad?
I'm 16. What can I do to support a mother with cancer?
With so many little children in this country chronically ill, why are doctors not listening to those who do kn
The key to curing cancer lies in stopping the metastasis of the cancer cell.?
I need to convince my dad to be my doctor?
Is Wine (Red or White) good for people with Diabetes?
Right type of sugar for diabetics?
Diarrhea 4 months and counting?
My boyfriend has diabetes.can he have kids?what are the risks?
I have had a strange tingling in my arm for the last week, on and off. I am 51. Should I worry?
What are the preventative measures for coronary heart disease?
My heart beats really hard sometimes.?
Do I Have Diabetes?
I am diabetic-2 patient and figures are ~140 for both fasting and post meal. which tablet will be better?
What are the signs of diabetes?
Chest Pains?
Could this be a sign of a heart attack?
Has anybody got gall bladder stones?
How do you beat smoking?
After a cup of coffee, my heart pounds hard and causes pain..is this okay?
Blood pressure?
My husband had heart attack last year and has two stets in is he able to take devil's claw also can he go in
Anxiety Heart Pains
How do I prevent me from passing away from heart failure like the rest of my family has?
Cat Allergies?
Am I allergic to wasps?
Milk and Egg allergies... ASAP ASAP!?
What could be causing my ear, neck, sinus and back pain? i am dizzy and weak also. the Dr said allergies. ????
I got sick how can i get cure asap?
Is albuterol an adequate treatment for asthma?
Can you get a STD from kissing?
Do i have a serious allergy??
Could this be a food allergy?
Breaking out in hives?
Ahhhh I'm super itchy! Why am I so itchy?
Fingering question?
What are your thoughts about the proposed mandatory HPV vaccine?
Are shingles an HIV related disease?
This guy kissed me around my neck,I could feel his saliva,will i get HIV/hepatitis if he was infected?
How did you get HIV?
WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU BROKE YOUR TOE and it looks crooked?
What is the worst injury ?
Cut my finger yesterday with a knife how can i keep the cut clean?
Do I need to go to the ER?
Whats the best thing to do to TREAT A SPRANGED ANKLE?
What kind of doctor do I need to go see?
Is it better to put ice or heat on a muscle strain?
My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
What is wrong when you constantly vomit in your sleep?
How can u break ur own wrist?
Terminal lung cancer, treatment stopped, how long to live?
I was diagnosed with Cancer of the Esophegus yesterday?
Cancer strikes the innocent?
My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, anyone out there who knows who has been in my shoes?
Help=(i have a small reddish/brown dot on my breast...=( I'm scared!!!=(?
Is liver cancer the worst cancer to have?
Breast Cancer!?!?
Young people little encouragement , don't smoke, you know why?
Everytime I get a pain I freak out and think I have cancer or I'm dying how can I get over this?
Survival rate and life expectancy of Stage 4 colon cancer?
I am pregnant and my baby was just diagnosed with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, where is best place?
Should you ask a surgeon questions?
Heart Condition of some sort?
Anyone who knows why is the walls of the ventricles are thicker than those of the atria?
What is a heartmumor?
What is endocorditis?
Am i safe from sphyering gasoline fumes?
What are the alternatives to taking Statins!?
What tissue divides the two sides of the human heart?
Is low blood pressure anything to be concerned about?
Herpes question?
If i'm supposed to take doxycycline twice a day, can i take two at a time once a day instead?
Can you get Chlamydia by your girl friend?
What is herpies?
A question for Cancer survivors...
Vitamin B17 .How do I find out how much viaimin b 17 there is in 1 apricot kernel?
Could i have breast cancer?
Can microwaving styrofoam cause cancer?
Swollen gland behind ear? cancer?!?
Can a doctor tell if someone has cancer by a blood or urine test?
Do you have any strange cravings after chemotherapy?
What exactly is a CT scan is it a whole body scan or just used on a specific area? ?
How many cigarettes does it take to get lung cancer?
Questions on Leukemia?
I had some sort of allergie. My face started to inflate.?
What is the best non drowsy over the counter allergy med??
I f I was diagnosed as allergic to penicllin as a child will I always be to it?
Why does aspartame cause severe headaches? I can't use Equal. They are close to a migraine type headache.?
What could nose bleeds be on a 17 year old boy?
Is there any permanent cure for skin alleries?
Allergic Reaction To Veet!!! HELP?!?!?
Why do I have hives, and what gets rid of them?
Is it true that honey can help allergies?
How can we se chefs prevent peanut allergies from happening in the restaurant?
I am quiting smoking.?
Does under arm lumps is a symptom of tuberculosis?
Coughing up blood?
If the doctor tell you to drink your medicine twice a da , what time should i drink it?
Smoking question?
Many symptoms similar to heart attack; however, doctors can't find anything wrong with me.?
Asthma in children?
I have a cough but no other symtoms.?
Cough not going away and flem & mucus coming up with tinges of blood why??
Should a doctor be able to tell if some one has Pneumonia?
Immediate Help - sister is sick!?
How can I get over a cold quickly?
Does boils turn into shingles and is there a health cure for this condition?
Why is Sickle Cell Anemia more common in African Americans?
An urgent question about sink water?
Has anyone heard of neurovirus? My 2 year old has it, but I cannot find any info on the web.?
Are there any home remedies for urinary track infections?
MMR Injections seperately?
Detected hepatitis B some 3 years back , shows hepatitis antibody also , now planning for marrige?
How to minimize LDL (cholesterol)?
What does it mean when you feel like your heart skiped a beat?
Heart attack?
Fast heart beat (100/min)?
I have bad diabeties, high blood pressure, and lower back fusion do u think i will get my disability im 53?
Heart Problem?
How does the brain tells people to do drugs?
Can hear my heart beating while i was lying down?
Is drinking alchol bad for me if i've suffered a heart atack in the past?
What causes cancer and how many stages of it are there?
Do i really hane hiv
Why is the media now saying that milk causes cancer?
How can i use more percent of my brain?
My friend has to have a 'Port' put in and 'Chemo'?
Does it hurt when you get braces???????????
I think I have broken at least 1 rib, but apparently doctors cant really help. Is it worth me going to see?
What should I do if there is pain in my head for the past few days..?
Help! My girlfriend went numb for 3 hours after she woke up and couldn`t move! Please tell me what it could be
I got bitten by my sister's horse 45 years ago. Isn't that interesting?
Canker sores!! help!?
I scratch alot and I have scars all over my legs what shold I do?
I ate 22 vicoden es yesterday and my side is really hurting?
What have i done to my arm?
I went out clubbing, and just now?
How can I control my Blood Sugar?
Lantus insulin?
How do you get dehydrated?
Is grapefruit good to eat for a diabetic person?
Do I have diabetes?
One way to reduce my diabetes #....how?
Is it possible to treat high cholesterol with acupuncture?
Newly diagnosed diabetic taking metformin - how much water is enough?
They say, "Don't mix Lantus or Levemer with other insulins." Have you?
I need a glucose meter...I have very little money and no insurance. Any ideas?
Why????? =[?
Question about kissing?
Can you get aids from having an open cut in a pool?
What country has the lowest cancer rates in the world?
Breast cancer?
My underarm is sore ...?
? about cancer?
Can you get cancer if you aim a remote at your eye and press a button with batteries in it?
Is it adviceable to shave your head before your hair completely falls off after chemo ?
Could my biopsy results be wrong?
Whats prostate cancer?
How do pathologists tell where a cancer is migrating from in the body?
What is tumour cell?
Why does nitroglycerin cause such crazy headaches?
What is a dillfibralator it has to do with the heart?
I have heart and fatigue issues. Any thoughts? Or email me!?
Anyone out there (Dr's mostly) know if there is a link with anxiety disorders and heart disease?
Okay, I've got a silly question: Can you have a heart attack without your arteries being clogged?
What is pcp?
Are minor side effects from blood pressure pills actually doing you any harm?
My brother had a mild heart attack and angio revealed that he has two blocks in coronary artery.?
My husband, 41, has PVD, the surgeon says he will lose his feet and legs probably within 3 years.?
Seriously, what is up with my heart?
Are all black molds grow on the wall harmful for health?
Very bad headaches! Could it be allergies?
Allergy maybe?
Am I allergic to beer?
Is it the hotel soap??
Allergic Reaction or Pink Eye?
How can I get rid of my cough?? QUICK?!!!!!?
What are side effects of the flu shot?
Allergy relief?
Can radiation cure some forms of cancer?
I have recently finished radiotherapy for hogkins lymphoma cancer but carn't stop itching?
Lump near naval for 3 years?
Cervical Cancer shot! Im soo scared!?
Do you know where to locate the total number of deaths from all cancer(s) for the most current year possible?
What is something good to take a person who is in the hospital and just found out they have cancer?
Why do people think there is a big conspiracy in cancer research ?
Prostate Cancer?
How do I relieve the pain?
Bile duct blockage?
Can Oprah get crabs?
Can they test for aids with saliva or do they need to take blood?
I smoked weed today will it show up?
Everybody in my school makes fun of me because I have leuciama and asthma,WHAT SHOULD I DO?
I have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary decease and asthma I needs some idea to stop smoking?
How can you tell someone that their cigarette smoking is causing EVERYTHING about them to have tremendous odor
Is Smoking Cigarettes a Sin.?
What does it mean if you cough out blood phlegm?
Ex-smokers: How did you quit?
Is it really just the common cold or could it be something else?
What's wrong with me? Read more...?
Is it sleep apnea?
Is stomach cancer rare of someone in their early thirties?
What should we do for cancer?
Have been taking tamoxifen the last couple of years.?
Do Dairy Farmers realize that the milk they take from the mother cows was put there by Nature for their baby?
Can anybody know a remedy for loss of hair, as a result of a treatment for thyroid ?
How many people here have or have heard of paraganglioma?
Where can I find pictures of the human liver?
21 years old...having first mammogram...?
What is tree cancer?
Have had Rectal pain Since age 20 now am 26, too late to do anything?
Catherter ablation for treatment of SVT?
Chest Pain for a week?
I am worried, please help?
Can you have a baby when you have Tachycardia?
Would you ever need to use Atropine instead of Epinephrine to speed up the heart?
Preventing heart disease?
What happens during a heart catherization.?
What happens if a person drinks daily with wkly binges and is on heart medications?
Would they have been able to detect angina?
What is dysfribrigonanemia?
Anyone with experience drinking lactose free milk?
My eyes have swollen up, what can I do?
Is it possible for a allergy to get worse?
Can food be damaging?
Does anybody know why my whole body began to itch?
I need to know what to do with "cloudy" ears I have had a cold?
An apartment currently has 2 cats. If it is professionally cleaned will it be ok for me (allergic) to move in
Puffy Eyelids!!!???
Mosquito bites?
Why when I spray perfumre asthma is attacking me or sometimes after a bath is attacking me also?
How do u know is u have skin cancer?!?!?!?
What kind of herbs can you take to prevent cancer?
Discoloration on breasts...serious question?
When will the pain start to subside ?
What happens in Breast Cancer?
Is it possiblr for a 14 year old girl to have a breast cancer?
Should I tell potential dates that I am a cancer survivor?
Cancer runs in my family, what can I do to protect myself?
How does quitting smoking reduce the risk of lung cancer?
Does everyone have HPV?? I heard that everyone has it.?
Can HIV -AIDS be transferred thru saliva and other body fluids?
Can herpes sinplex virus be cured?
High Cholesterol and normal trigclycerides levels?
Is it possible for a teen to have a heart attack?
Question about the heart?
Is it possible to have a cholesterol level of 5000? What are the limits cholesterol can be?
Are there any side effects for STATIN drugs please?
Low blood pressure?! I'm 18!?
Irregular heart beat every once in a while??
What is causeing all of these symptoms.. high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, chest pain and facial numbness
Heat problem warning,To have a fatal heart problem must you black out once or twice first?I have an arrythmia.
HEART problems, any CURE, remedy, Relief ?
Hebal cure for diabetes?
Can anyone give advice on diabetes?
Sugar is bad for you! Sugar is bad for you! when I ask them why-?
I have diabetic neuropathy, my feet are numb, have pressure, and burn. any relief (besides oral meds)?
What is Glucose?
If you take a regular urine test will cannabis show up?
My doctor didn't call me to inform me of my blood results which indicated I have PRE-diabetes. Isnt that wrong
Can tingling in my feet be part of my diabeties?
Diabetes, do you have memory loss as a type 1 diabetic?
What is the least painful lancing device with lancet for diabetic kids????
What should i do if my father has lung cancer?
Is there a charity that can help a friend who has a brain tumor and has a wish to go on the orient express?
MRI/CT scan a option?
Can a person have Lymphoma and it not show up for over a year or better?
Does cannabis cause cancer? what other major health effects can it cause?
It's about cancer medication, I can't think of the name but it was on TV?
Does it matter to you if a person you like is a smoker?
How effective is radiation therapy?
If breast cancer recurs after having had masectomy, is the new growth usually harmless?
What are common late stage symptoms of cancer? How do you know it's the end?
My allergies have caused my left ear to be plugged, what do I do to unplug it?
Is there any doctor here i think i going crazy everytime i gi out side i start panicink?
Does dairy stimulate your appetite like it does me?
How do I unplug my ears?
Local honey in the eye?
Would a hot curry help with my cold?
Could there be a connection between the rise in allergies and the rise in scented products since 1970?
How long doesd pink eye heals?
What is the meaning of cryo in medical tearm?
Mono? or just flu?
Can I still become a RN if I am currently or have been in the past infected with mrsa?
Is scarlet fever dangerous to children with leukaemia?
How long after catching AIDS does it take for you to know?
Is there any website devoted exclusively to informing us of what illnesses/diseases are going around?
What should I do when I feel a cold coming on??
If two people who have "mono" and know they have it, kiss, what is the worst that could happen?
What is the best thing to do/take for a cold?
Coughing up blood?
What is the best way to help my 5 year old daughter who is now close to 80 pounds lose some weight?
The Longest You've Been Awake?
How often do you take shower per week?
How do i control anger?
I had 2 lines of cocaine today and found out that i have a drugs test on monday?
Why am i always tired?
What will happen if I stay awake for 4 days?
Do you think a person should shower everyday?
I am a 35 yr old female with fear of heart problems?
61 yr old female w diabetes intense pain around bra line up neck concentrating in lower jaw Heart prob?
Is my mom at risk of a heartattack?
High blood pressure that won't come down. Any ideas?
My Dr wants me to schedule an appointment for an echocardiogram?
Please let me know the best hospitals in india for heart laser surgery.what will be the cost?
Can my baby live with only 3 chambers of her heart?
20 facts about the heart?
My husband has a resting pulse rate of 94. I know this is high but was wondering what happens with a high rate
Should we be worried?
Whta is the treatment and living chances in brain tumor patients?
Aflac saying that mother had pre-existing condition when insurance was obtained BEFORE actual diagnosis.?
What kind of fatigue and mouth sores did you get from your IV chemotherapy treatments?
Why Tomato is usefull to heal cancer?
Is there curable treatment for sciatica pain?
How safe is microwaving. Does the radiation cause cancer?
What r the signs and symptoms of cervical cancers?
How long can I expect my sister to live, she has Stage IV colon, lung, liver, adrenal gland cancer & small int
What are the chances of survival for cancer if......?
A question for smokers?
Am i being dumb for not quiting smoking while i can?
Can obesity cause back problems?
Smoking weed?
I snore and I need a quick fix.?
Chest Congetsion Trouble Breathing?
Which muscle separates the thorax and abdomen and aids in breathing?
What is the purpose of breathing in/out of a paper sack when hyperventilating?
Swollen Tonsil for Eight Months.... PLEASE help!?
Can anyone suggest medication / home remedies for a nagging cough. my four year old has had a cough for 3 week
How do we breathe? Is it done just by muscles?
If 40mg lipitor doesn't reduce cholesterol any more than 20mg - should I go back to 20mg?
How do you type a heart on the computer?
What alturnative medicines heal an unhealthy heart?
Can anxiety disorder or panic attacks increase a person's normal blood pressure?
Why is diastolic blood pressure reading considered more important than diastolic?
Is it possible to have a blood pressure of 90/120?
Can emotional stress cause high blood-pressure?
The benefits of red wine are good. Will drinking a glass a day cause risk of alcoholism?
What is the normal heart rate per minute?
Am I going to have a heart attack?
Even if I sleep approximately 7-8 hours a night, I'm still tired in the morning? What is wrong with me?
How do you get rid of the hick ups?
20 years old and experiencing definite hair loss... please help?
I know a girl who?
How can I stop my legs going numb after Ive been on the throne (toilet) !?
What is your opinion of the United States health care system?
What are the signs that cancer is terminal?
Can you help a Breast Cancer Charity?
Abdominal ultrasound.. bladder problem?
Breast Cancer for men?
Do I get breast Cancer when someone...?
Tips on where ladies go?
When your kidneys fail how long do you have to live?
Tomato tablets?
Are tanning beds more dangerous or smoking?
My mum has a lump on her wrist could it be cancer :( ?
Can Germans get herpes or are they immune?
My son is 18 years old and has a girlfriend. now he has these?
Why isnt my pee yellow?
Std's help plz xxxx?
On neck i have thress looking bump when i bursted on ouot a white stuff came out is this any kind of std?
Syphilis question...?
Heart Attack? Help!?
I have a doctors appointment on Aug. 16 - my BP was 198/110, when I checked it. Will he send me to ER?
What are the pros and cons of triple bypass surgery? My husband is?
How would an EKG would look if the bundle of his is severed?
Tell me latest treatments for Punmonary arterial hypertension + ASD for my daughter age 26?
How do you raise your heart rate?
Mayo clinic?
Heart problem and symptoms?
Child with heart murmur?
Symptoms of high cholesterol?
What is the fastest way to gain confidence?
What is the dirtiest part of your body?
Is it ok to share your chapstick with others?
I Can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!
Its 5.30am and i can't sleep, any ideas?
How long does it take for you to get to sleep?
What are some good ways to reduce the pain of a sunburn that is blistering?
Can you ever really get rid of head lice???
Do Indian doctors have expertise to cure breast cancer without sacrificing the breast?
Greiving from death of my father?
What is lekemia, I know it is about cancer. please explain it more to me.?
If you were young and you had lung cancer, caught it fast and eliminated it, could it come back?
What if my partner has cancer???
If someone has a persistent cough, can lung cancer be detected by listening to the chest?
Health Hazard due to Radiation..........?
Can you help my uncle who is diagonised with brain cancer?
Okay, so breast cancer runs in my family. Is there anything I can do to stop it?
Question about death in breast cancer...?
As tests show, cholesterol is not the reason for heart disease; what is the reason?
In open heart surgery where do they open the chest, midline or to the left of midline?
What is the minimum heart beats a minute and the maximum?
What kinds of heart conditions cause angina pain?
Does any one knows the trade name of warfarin?
How can I help my mom lower her extremely high blood pressure, I need a good diet for her.?
Why can I feel my heartbeat in my ears?
Can cardiomyopathy and hypertension be related?
Is it normal for my bp to be 84/61 with a pulse of 78?
How often is a stress test recommended?
Is it bad to have high blood sugar repeatedly over 200 for a week?
Do I have an eating Disorder?
Diabetic symptoms?
Can diabetic people drink a lot of coffee, like three or more cups of coffee a day?
My co-worker has blood in her urine and wont go to the Doctor!?
What is the difference between type one and type two diabetes?
I am dieabetic and worried about upcoming drug test could fail because of small amount of pot smoking?
Is anybody here Diabetic?
Does having diabetes cause your periods to be heavy?
Has anyone had this virus very recently?
Someone help me?
Should I go to the hospital?
My food has been tasting strange for the last few weeks. now it tastes of nothing. i had an ear infection??
Do you think smoking causes brain damage, or was that condition already there when they started smoking?
What type of doctor should I see for asthma/respiratory issues?
Im 14 and a female and im gonna get my tonsils out in a few weeks and i wanted to no ALL about it?
Help! What could these symptoms be?
Why am I having shortness of breath?
Sinus pressure????????????
Is ice cream good for a sore throat?
What are the health risk involved if one falls in a tank with human waste?
Can A Person Be Forced To Have A Spinal Tap/ Lumbar Puncture Against Their Will If Meningitis Is Suspected???
What is Staphylococcus aureus?
How do i get rid of a bad flu and sore throat?
Both my girls have white spots on their throats without a fever- should i take them to a doctor?
Symptoms of...?
Pandemic flu, is your local authority ready?
How contagious is stomach virus?
What are some other breast cancer symptoms?
Can you get an std if someone gives you head?
Anyyone help me pls! IM SUPER WORRIED!!!?
Can u get aids from french kissing?
How can I prevent cancer?
Stage 4 stomach cancer?
Skin Cancer?
Does Scanning your face with a computer scanner cause Cancer?
Could a mole Ive had for years turn cancerous?
What is the permanent cure for Herpes caused by Herpes Simplex Virus?
What is Dichloroacetate?
Does smoking effect your looks?
Got about an hour's work left to do before I go to bed...?
What do we all die of naturally?
Can I have a tissue?
Do pantyhose keep ticks from biting?
Does Getting A Blood Test At A Physical Hurt?
A tiny rock fell down my ear and it hurt a little what should i do?
Ive eaten glass what do i do?
Has anyone found an allergy medicine that's very effective at treating allergies to cats?
Constantly getting ear infections.?
9ct Yellow Gold, Wedding ring reaction?
How do I get rid of dry, flakey skin on my body?
How can i get sick over night?
What can i use instead of benadryl?
I sneeze 10-12 times in a row, many times a day, specially when temperature changes. What's the remedy?
What is the best medicine for seasonal allergies?
Zyrtec and 13 month old?
I have have catarrh its driving me mad?
Why has america gone from 1 in 33 getting cancer to 1 in 3 getting cancer in their lifetime?
Can He Beat This Cancer?
How to deal with the "Silent treatment"
Whats the signs of melanoma? I have many moles, what do i look out for?
Cell Phones: Dangerous or safe to use???
Is this right? things to avoid during chemotherapy?
I breathed a cigarette (like using, putting in mouth) around 3 times in my life. It was 1 cigarette. Help?
I had a 1mm sessile polyp removed from my rectum is this polyp dangerous?
Herbal Cancer Cure ?? Could it be true ?? Please help, your suggestion matters to me now !?
Is herpes dangerous?
Is AIDS man made ?
Would you make out w/ one of your best frends?
What type of STD is genial herpes?
How many hrs sleep?
Can you drink Rain water?
Do I need to loose weight? Any suggestions would be fine...and NO sarcasm, please.?
Are you afraid to Die?
I smoked weed twice about a month ago. will i pass a hair test at the end of december?
How can i get rid of a constant pressure headache i have every day?? without paracetamol/aspirin?
Got stopped in town today whilst smoking a cigarette, they said 'are you aware its national no smoking day'?
Why am I so tired?
Really bad sore throat....?
Bad habit... :/?
What is the best way to lower cholesterol?
My cat is 19 and I wondered what to look for when his time is near?
My father has water in his lungs after double bypass a month ago, why would this happen?
" Who Takes Statins "?
Is 114/84 high for a child's bllod pressure. She is eight.?
Is a resting heart rate of 96 high?
How do you manage malignant hypertension?
Faulty heart valve. A relative has been diagnosed with a faulty?
161 reading is high or low?
Low blood pressure???
My voice is choppy, and I have a sore throat. why?
Can anyone tell me if i can get free prescriptions?
Every time after i run i start coughing what does this mean or why does this happen?
Help! having trouble breathing, extreme chest pain?
Why is oxygen a prescibed treatment?
Is it normal to have trouble talking when your having anxiety and or a panic attack?
Whats the difference between chronic bronchitis and emphysema?
Could someone please tell me about sleep disorder [apnoea] ? sorry not sure of the spelling.?
Funky cough?
Is tuberculosis curable?
My best friend died of cancer less than two months ago,and i can't seem to get over it?
Is it illegal in America to treat someone who has cancer?
Cancer is a trillion dollar business,if it were cured over night,hundreds of thousands maybe millions would be
Yellow dye # 5 ? --in Mountain Dew. Does Yellow #5 cause cancer?
I had a thyroidectomy last december and they found it malignant is it okey to follow doctors advise?
Could i get cancer?
I have a physical today for highschool and i dont know if it can detect tobacco in a test so if you know help?
Small lump in breast?
My grandfather died of lung cancer because of smoking, what is the probability of get me one cancer?
Im a diabetic sugars stay in the 4- 6 hundreds please tell me what i can do yo get the numbers down need help!
What(if anything) do you do differently......?
What happens when a diabetic no longer responds to insulin?
Just ate and did a blood glucose reading and it's 119?
How does the insulin pump work and how to plant it? is it the best med. device for balancing blood sugar?
Do diabetics usually have a strong odor about them?
What are symptoms for diabetes????????
My blood sugar went up almost seventy points while I slept last night. Obviously I didn't eat or drink anythin
What groups have the highest risk of factors in diabetes ?
Is there a natural way to lower glucose level in the blood?
Donate money to diabetes?
I've been having chest pain for the past few weeks. What could this be?
What do u do when u have low blood pressure?
What does it mean when your heart has quick, small spasms?
My heart is beating faster than normal, i feel so scared !! I couldn't sleep well, dont know what happen to me
How long CABG?
If everyone in a person's family died from heart disease, does that put the person at increased risk?
I don't want to sleep, but I want to learn. So what are the ways to avoid sleeping and learn effectively?
Do You Think That Two Doctors Listening To Your Heart Could Miss A Heart Condition?
Is it possilbe to have a heart attack without even knowing that you had one?
Washing hands after urination?
What can I do to get up on time in the morning?
Is she going to die?
My **** is green?
How many times do we have to change our underwear?
How many hours a night do you sleep?
I have a habit of biting my nails profusely. Does anyone have a cure or something that can make me stop ?!?
Ok IM DEAD SCARED OF NEEDLES!!!!!! And i have to get a freakin tetnus shot next week. What can i use numb my ?
I get monster migraines from computer or TV screens, what can I do?
I get a lot of white discharge in the morning usually after i have a wee any ideas?
Do I need to get tested again?
What`s herpes?
Nose bleeding?
Natural remedies for child's allergies?
What is a Natural Remedy for Sinusitis?Allergies?
My son said to eat honey made in your city for allergies?
What causes sweet, floral nasal odor-ruled out sinus, teeth-can IBS be a cause?
What to give herbal medicines for 4 months baby?
What is good for allergies from pollen ?
How do you stop a cough in a sleeping toddler?
Symptoms of asthma in children?
Are dogs allergic to chicken? thanks.?
Whats mono mean?
Can something serious happen
What was the black plague?
How does it feel like to have chicken pox?
How to get sick?
Can you cut oxycotin in half?
After tolsil removal will it be possible to have sorethroat again? and why? thank you very much in advance?
What is the medical term for when it feels like your heart just did a flip flop or cartwheel?
What meats is good for your cholesteral?
What are the symptoms of a heart attack for women? How do you know?
Best way to decrease LDL and increase HDL?
Can you make a heart?
Heart attack?
Heart best nearly 100 times a minute is this normal??
Echo stress test?
High cholesterol?
Chest pain in middle of chest?
Any cancer?
My throat has hurt for 3 days.i dont want to go to the doctor.What should i do, take a pill or something?
Whats worse?
What side of the street do you ride a bike on?
Who is more likely to be overweight?
Why do we laugh when we hit it?
Head injury !!?? HELP?
How i can lose 15lb in 15 days?
Cant convince my doctor my back is bad what can i do?
What is it called when you pinch somebody in the neck and they go unconcious?
True or False. Why?
Have you ever been knocked out before?
How do I hide cuts?
I quit smoking pot 3 weeks ago.What is the best way to clean out my system for a new job.I have quit for good.
What can you do to stop self injury?
Worst Physical Pain You Ever Felt?
Okay, I know this is nasty, but I really need help...?
I was in a situation, I had a stroke. Girlfriend did not call 911, allowed me just lie there.?
Pain in wrist and thumb area?
What is wrong with my heart?
My best friend daughter just died of a diagnosed "hole in the aorta vein"?
Heart problem?
Which country has the highest rate of heart attach and why?
My resting heart rate is 60. I workout a lot and it goes way over 200. Is this bad?
Can I fly after open heart surgery?
What causes weight gain while on Lexapro ?
My heart beats weird sometimes??
What Do You Do If Your 10 and peer pressured into smoking?
What can you find out with a chest x-ray?
For people that have done it?
Is it true they use a mini umbrella thing when they check a guy for STDs?
Can hiv be transmitted through spit?
If you have a virus, can you get it again in the same week.?
For how much longer can we expect to have a cure for AIDS?
Whether the colour blindness be curable or not please help me?
My step mother?
Can you get cancer from hickies?
Why are cancer drug prices so high?
I get cough during early morning jog. How to get rid of it ,I have crossed 40 yrs.?
Is this true about COLON CANCER?
Hi. What is the best way to quit smoking?
Having an mild athsma attack...how do i get back to normal breathing without medical attention, or inhaler?
I am a Smoker and I Have Chest,back pain and appetite loss For almost 3years.May I have lung cancer?
Asthma or just out of shape?
What is smoking like?