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Somethings seriously wrong with me!!?
So I ran into an old girlfriend, who's married with kids but she wants to hookup. Should I do it?
Is suicide EVER a good option?
Are you afraid of being alone ? nobody to talk to?
Is abortion right or wrong?
Is this diet healthy?
What do you think is causing the comeback of bedbugs in the United States?
Is having your 15 yr old daughter checked by a doctor, if she´s still a virgin wrong?
I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?
Is urine an antiseptic?
How Did You Quit?
Why is it so painful ?
I am 14 and i am a chain smoker any advice on how to cut down?
I like Chubby Girls...?
Weight Loss help!!!?
My aunt is in a coma i need some reassurances plz help?
Does counselling really work?
Do you like summer spring winter or fall?
What can I do about my chapped lips?!?
Can smoking cigarettes lead to marijuana usage?
Can you relate to me?
Do you think someone could actually die from a broken heart?
Can anyone give me an idea on how to cure an offensive body odour?
Do i weigh too much?!?!?!? 10 pts to best answer!!!!!!?
Why is it that shampoo does not taste what it smells like?
Which is Better? Shaving or Waxing?
What are some tips to grow taller?
How can I have nice breath after eating?
How do I lose 80 pounds in 4 weeks?
How many times a day you shower?
Do you believe Marijuana should be legalized in the United States for personal and/or medicinal use?
Should marijauna be legalized?
I'm 12 and a half, 5'3-5'4, and about 95-98 pounds-is this healthy?
Why don't fat obese people do something about themselves?
Is my friend fat?
Have you ever broken a part of your body?
How can i get skinny?
What is a quick and easy way to stop smoking,?
Im so scared of death..what should i do?
I am 15 years old and i feel really fat....?
I keep waking up in the night with cramp in my calf muscle.?
Why does my 11 year old brother act wierd at night??
Do you blink while you sleep?
How big are your ....?
Guys what do u think about girls weight?
Do I need braces?
How can I increase my height and stop my breasts from growing?
I know that I am really fat and I have to lose weight!?
Not eating?
Am I fat?Yes or No?
Is this ok?????
How old are you?
How do you prevent a hangover?
Ive only been eating 400 calories a day, not enough weight loss is there a legal drug to lose weight faster?
Is it safe to get an ear peircing if I am diabetic?
I just want to die, please help me someone?
How to gain weight?
My friend is in hospital?
Is it OK to eat an apple and drink water after a workout?
I had a horrible experience smoking weed!?
PLEAse ReAd? VeRy UrGeNt??!?
Have you ever donated blood?
Does there have too be a reason why u are depressed? x?
How do you heal a broken heart?
HELP!!! I found a tick on my husband. How do you remove them from the body safely?
How much water should we drink a day?
Why does my nose look big?
What should I do? I'm scared I'm going mad?
· If you smoke, how old were you when you started smoking?
Do you think my urine test will be clean?
I really want to loose weight what do i do?
How to cure depression withot doctor/counsellor etc?
My sister just started eating ice...isn't that a sign of anemia?
Do u believe sugar is the devil?
Do braces hurt?
What comes after anorexia?
Does anyone know a quick way for a skinny guy to gain weight?
My friend Alexis is going to die?
My ribs stick out and it's really gross! What should I do?
Does toothpaste help clear acne?
Did i under eat today?
Please only serious answers.?
Empty feeling?
I have a really bad cold. When I run out of tissues, what should I use to wipe my nose?
What can i do?
Can anyone suggest the best natural relief from toothache? Ouch!?
I need to eat little and often is this OK?
How much sleep does a 21 year old woman need?
I walk home frm my work late at night I am a waitress, and I am always scared I will be attacked.?
Whats the best way to sooth a soar throat?
How much do you weigh, and how tall are you?
What should I do to reach a "DEEP SLEEP"?
Are anti-depressants good for u and why do they make me feel worse?
Does Lying awake with your eyes closed count as sleeping at all?
How do i get rid of head lice from my daughter's hair?
Girls only!!!?
I am a 14 year old male, and I am 6ft tall. I wear mens 15 shoes, and weigh 140 lbs. Is that normal?
Sunburn ahhh!?
What is wrong with me?
What makes you sleep good?
Does diet pepsi cause brain cancer?
What is wrong with me?
Need Help!!!!!!!!!?
I love to eat chips while watching TV. Do you have any suggestions as what I can eat to replace them? ...?
Can i lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks?
Should i go to the doctor for my knee?
What do you think of smoking in public places, like bars...?
I get bit by mosquitoes alot what can I do to not attract them?
WEED OR ALCOHOL that is the question?
Whats the best cure for a cold?
Nits, nits , nits...?
Why do they use sterilised needles for death by lethal injection?
I know this is sick but?
Anyone know any natural cures for depression that acutally work?
What is the best way to fall asleep without drugs or herbal remedies?
Do you think Marijuana is more healthy than crack, cigarettes and any other substance people use ?
Good cure for hangover?
What's the best cure for a hangover????
Where can I purchase apple cider vinigar to rid my pms?
Natural remedies for hang overs?
Is morphine mixed with alcohol bad?
Dont like taking tablets does anyone no a natural sleep aid?
Can anyone tell me about their experience with sleep aides?
What are you under the influence of tonight?????
Guys I think I'm sick can you help me?
Can you refuse a pelvic exam when you go to the doctor?
What's the best way to boost my energy naturally?
How do you clear a stuffy nose - without medication?
What are your hangover cures?
Should he smoke cigarettes or weed?
What's the best cure for insomnia, except from prescribed drugs? Seriously need some sleep!?
What helps you sleep without drugs?
Any good remedies... for?
Is Marijuana good for insomnia?
Are you addicted?
Found a pill in daughters room, what is it???
Hangover cure?
What is the best hangover cure - I'm dying need help A.S.A.P?
Whats the best home remedy for heartburn intergestion?
Does anyone know of a natural remedy for urinary track infections.?
Should you dye or cut your hair first?
Is there something you can take to keep mosquitos away? A vitamin or something?
I suffer from excruciating migraines, any ideas on how to stop them without resorting to pills?
Can someone give me the best advice to giving up smoking?
My cousin told me if I drink two gallons of my own urin and it will clear up my acne is true?
If I feel I drank way toooo much, what should I do to make my self feel better?
If a doctor asks me if i smoke...?
MARIJUANA - should it be legalized?
Whats the best invention in the world?
I want to flush out all the alcohol and junk in my digestive system, what's the best way? don't say water!!
I need to pass a drug test where can i find pills that will do that in 2 days the drug is pot?
Do you do drugs?
Is there a cannabis drought on at the moment?
Cure for really sore throat??
Do you think i should smoke weed???? I really need help to decide or not its a really hard question.?
Whats the cure for a nagging wife?
How do yu feel about people who smoke weed....??
What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?
What is the best cure for a cold?
What is best way to quit smoking?
What illness do you think i have?
I do not have medical insurance and have a bad sinus infection . What would be the cure without a doctor ?
I always have really bad headaches. I'm tired of taking pain killers any suggestions for something else?
Can you make me smile today?
Why is my husband so addicted to cannabis???
What type of foods are good to help with constipation?
Are there specific foods that help w/ migraines?
Does marijuana help prevent cancer?
Is smoking marijuana bad?
Does garggling salt and water really help a sore throat?
Whats a natural way to get high without using drugs?
What is the best way to relieve really bad sunburn?
What is the average cost of a massage in your area?
Why do people still take illegal drugs?
Best Cure For A Hangover?
Can anyone suggest an effective home remedy for insomnia?
Does anyone know of any natural remedies for depression?
What's the best anti-depressant?
What are some ways to relieve menstural cramps?
How do I make myself cry?
Should I let this Chinese guy poke me...............?
Is there any good home remedies for a hangover ?
How many?????????
How u pass a drug test?
Anybody know how to get rid of cold or throat infection?
If you dilute something does it get stronger or weaker?
What is the best way to treat chronic constipation naturally?
Natural Anti-Depressants?
What do i do if i have not started my period in like almost 6 months?
Best hangover cure??
Whats the most natural cure for depression?
Natural cures for diarrhea?
My husband is a chiropractor and is looking for something clever to put on his personalized license plates.?
Natural way to beat insomnia?
Does peanut butter,rubbing alcohol,or diesel fuel work for head lice? what is the best remedy?
I got my belly pierced about 7 weeks ago and now it hurts more than before.. ( infection) how can cure it?
What helps you go to sleep?
Best natural way to cure a cold?
It takes ages for me to get to sleep. Any tequinques to get me to sleep faster?
I feel so sick,PLEASE HELP?
Howl long do u sleep with sleeping pills?
I gave my brother 2 tbs instead of tsp of mortin will he be ok?
What herb is good for a headache? does anyone know? thanks.?
What can I do for my sore throat?
Is there anything that can help you sleep (not pills)???
What exactly do vegetarians eat?
What is a good natural sleep aid? i cant sleep and dont want to take any meds because of sideaffects.?
Whats the best way to get high besides weed?
What are some natural ways to get rid of a horrible toothache?
What is milk good for ?
What is the best way to conceal soiling your self?
Are there any medical benefits from bathing in urine?
How do you cure a really bad hangover?
Do you think nicotine patches work or is it better going cold turkey?
Whats the best medicine for a hangover?
Took the day off work due to a hangover?
First time smoking weed?
Should doctors be punished for prescribing marijuana in states where it is legal?
What happens when someone drinks too much Prune Juice?
How do I cure hiccups?
How would i pass drug test 4 meth tommory morning?
Does anybody have a homoeopathic remedy for anxiety?
Good hangover remedies?
Does anybody know a natural remedy for a headache?
What kind of drugs can I get for $20?
Herbal remedies good or bad?
What's the fastest way to get rid of the flu...once you already have it?
Doctors recently opened up my brain and found nothing but pomodoro sauce and a cod, do you believe me?
Ladies only please....?
Is it that bad to smoke marijuana?
What is your opinion about drinking our own urine?
What's the best remedy for a bad hang over!?
What are you grateful for?
Can you really heal yourself with food?
Is there anything you can do to help improve your eyesight?
Whats the best way to pass a drug test with 2 days notice with THC in your system ?
Why are soo MANY ,,,,,,,,,, people afraid to "SING" OUT "LOUD"??????
How do you cure Dandruff?
My 4 year old wants her ears peirced, which is better? hollow needle, or the gun?
How to cure a sore throat?
What's the safest and healthiest type of water to drink??
What is the best remedy for curing the common cold without using any of the modern tablets?
Any one ever heard of taking a zinc supplement for the common cold?
Should I switch from coffee to tea?
Anyone know of home remedies for ear infection/ear ache?
Remedies for a sore throat!?
What helps a Urinary Tract Infection?
If there is no aspirin ect. around and no way to get any how can i get rid of a headache?
What do you recomend to stay awake?
Any1 got any good cures for a sore throat?
Drinking other people's wee...?
How to deal with my constipation?
I don't mind dying as long as I am there. True or False?
Is it normal......?
Do you believe in crystal therapy?
What is your hangover remedy?
Can some one tell me if cranberry apple juice is also good for urine tract infections?
Help!!!!! i need a cure for period pain?
Can some one tell me a way to take a headache away ? no medicine?
Tips in cooling down ant bites?
Iam having chest pains and my husband is at work and i can't call him and i don't know what to do sign help as
How do you get rid of a sore throat!?! its like an emergency!?
Does Alcohol weaken your immune system?
My mum is a cancer patient, doctor says it is terminal. I felt so helplesss. What can I do?
Can i take legal action??
Disease of alcoholism?
What is a cause of acne!?
Im suffering from constipation, any suggestions to get over it?
My knees hurt me constantly! What can I do?
Does weed help with pain?
Best hangover food?
Does any one know a cannabis dealer in durham, England???
Friends......tell me some ideas to stop smoking.....?
Best remedies for stomach gas?
“Can carrots help improve your vision?
What home remedies do you know of that can cure a cold?
How to put to sleep your ressless mind!?
I had to show my license...why?
Best remidies to get rid of the hiccups?
What do you think is worser cigarets or weed?
Whats another way to get high besides smoking weed?
Do teens who smoke weed more likly or less likely to stay out of trouble?
Is green tea really what it claims to be?
Is it legal to take marijuana on a airplane?
Anti Antiabiotics!! HELP?
Whats the best home remedy for a headache?
Im trying to find out what a "doobie" is?
The best way to treat a cold sore from home?
What's a good way to get my adrenaline up?
Cures For A Hangover?
What is a home remedy for constipation?
How to cure stomach flu and vomiting ?
Is cocaine bad for you?
Whats the best alternative medicine for stress and anxiety?
Magic Mushrooms?
Do you take any Vitamins, Supplements etc ?
Mouth ulcers!!!!does anyone know what i can buy for them from my local health shop?
How would you ask your doctor for a prescription for weed?
Is there a cure for stress?
Should marijuana be legalized?
Home remedies for ear ache/ infection?
Is beer the best cure for a hangover?
Need a Chap stick alternative (home remedy)
What would qualify as a decent hangover cure? And don't say a greasy fry-up please.?
Is there any way to cleanse marijuana out of your system??
If i have a Urinary Tract Infection how many times in a day should i take anibiotics?
I cant sleep, any advice?
Any natural cures for lowering Blood Pressure? My B/P is 140/80. I'm taking Felodipine 5mg daily.?
Honey and sore throats?
What's the best trick to battle a sore throat & runny nose?
I have a ton of misquito bites, how do i get rid of the itching?
Is the best cure for a hangover another drink?
Best way to cure a migraine????
Whats the efffects of smoking?
Please will you PRAY, to see if the power of prayer will help?????
Is there anything I can eat to keep mosquitoes from biting me?
If you are tired but cant sleep?
Can you prevent grey hairs?
Y people fall in love???
What is the best natural way to clear a stuffy nose?
Are there any non prescription medicines with morphine in it?
This is a hard one to ask? How do you know or think you might have cancer?
Can anyone advise me on how to boost my immune system keep taking infections one after another?
What happens if you overdose on sleeping pills?
CAnnabis should i smoke it?
Is there anybody else here who thinks Dr Frank needs to get over his fear of Alternative Medicine/ Therapies?
What is the best thing to eat/drink when you have a cold?
How can you lower your blood pressure without using medicaation?
Whats the best hangover cure?
What is the best natural remedy to calm a child at night?
What is the best remedy for hangover?
Would you like a Thai foot massage?
How can i get rid of a headache without medicine?
How do you feel about having Marijuana put back up to a class B drug?
What can I take to make me really relax?
Does amphetamine (speed) cure a hangover?
What is the best non prescription medicine for migraines?
Wots the best medication for migranes?
Smoking a bowl?
Hangover Question Please Help??
Putting vapor rub on your feet helps chest congestion?
What are some home remidies for getting rid of head lice?
Why is my mouth full of ulcers ?
Natural laxitive?
What is you favorite drug and why?
How long will marijuanna stay in my system if i take a oral swab test?
Whats the best thing 4 a cold?
How many days does it takes for marihuana to clear up off my urine?
Any tips for heartburn?
What is your favorite scent?
I think I’ve drank too much caffeine…what can I take to calm down?
How can I reduce stress in my life?
What's the best way to stop smoking?
If you can't swallow those big multivitamin pills (one pill daily), then how do you get your vitamin intake?
Why is alternative medication becoming so popular?
What is the best way to cure hangover?
Is there a remedy to take the swelling out of a bee sting.?
Why do people turn to alternative medicine?
How can I lower my high blood pressure without drugs/medications?
Is there a medicine to melt the kidney stone ?
What are some cancer fighting foods?
I drank Red Bull and I am still sleepy?
What's the best cure for a hangover?
Taking a drug test for employment, are they able to test the amount of marijuana smoked or only neg/pos result
My uncle found a little white round pill in his daughters backpack....?
What kind of foods will help strengthen the immune system?
What's the best way to stay awake?
I need a good hangover cure, shaking sweating no appetite?
Can anyone please tell me what is the best thing to take in order to cure a bad sore throat?
Why do people hate on me for using heroin?
My seven year old wouldn't wake up! Were his meds too strong?
What do I do if I ate expired food?
I have high blood pressure, what are some natural remedies I can take vs. prescription meds??
Remedies for constipation?
Diet pills!!!?
What is the best natural cure for constipation....something that can be used daily or on a regular basis?
Whats the best laxative to use for constipation?
Is there a natural alternative to help with sleep at night? My poor friend hasn't slept for days and apart
Is tobacco good for you since its natural?
Is there a cure for cancer?
My boyfriend has IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) but wont take the Buscopan tablets his doctor has given him.?
I found a pill that's labeled Diphenhydramine in my daughters pants pocket?
Best hangover cures?
*****What is the healthiest thing to smoke?*****?
Marijuana for pleasure or for medicine??
Can anyone tell me whats the best cure for a hangover?
Are there any herbal remedies for anxiety?
What can you put on a burn to make it feel better?
What remedies cure a sore throat FAST!!?
What herbs do you take to reduce stress/worry?
Does anybody know any good medication to get rid of headachs?
If you were to have a holistic/alternative therapy, which one would you be inclined to try & why?
When on Cocaine?
Natural sore throat remedies?
Does anybody know of a good way to "cure " cancer through alternative medicines?
What herbal tablet works best for sleeping?
How do u get your pulse to speed up?
I have a sore throat and want to get rid of it as soon as possible :( know any good natural remedies?
Best Cure for Hangover?
What is a natural cure for bad breath?
How do you stop incense from smoking?
Any one got a good solution for Migraine Headaches???
Good hangover cure?
Where can you buy apple cider vinegar without having to purchase it by phone or over the internet?
What is aloe vera good for??
Help!!! Is there a natural way to soften your stool or a good home remedy?
What is a natural alternative to lexatives?
Is there anything you can do to relieve a migraine at home when pharmacy is closed?
Whats the quickest natural way to get rid of a sore or strep throat?
Does crushing ibuprofen make it work faster?
Does burning sage clean the room from negative energies?
Hangover Remedies?
My friend took 2 ecstasy pills and is still enduring its affects over two days later.?
How can you tell your spouse of 5years he's got mouth odour?
I have issues swallowing pills of any kind, are there ways to get through this?
Please cure my hubby's bad breath!!?
Best remedy for a back pain?
Have you every tried being hypnotised, did it work and how much did it cost?
How do i clean my urine of weed as fast as possible?
I'm taking a medication that says: "avoid eating spices" but could i still eat some jalapenos?
How to get rid of a cold?Any home-made treatments?
Is it okay to drink my own urine?
Any NATURAL remedies for a cold?
How to remove or get rid of back pain?
I have a stuffed, not runny nose. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
What is the strongest hallucinogenic?? LSD, Shrooms, what?
Can you get stoned by kissing someone that has been smoking dope?
I'm 16 and need to be on birth control how can i get it? for free?
Can you die from anesthesia?
Do you think their should be a age limit on marrige?
How to get high?
Has anyone heard of duct tape being used to remove warts?
Natural sleep aid?
Do you have a good natural/home remedy for cold/flu congestion?
How safe are stool softeners?
Has any1 tried accuputure or reflexology what do u think bout them?
Does anyone kno how pass a drug test in 10days other than vinegar?
Do you take sleeping pills?
My daughter keeps being sick..i am thinking that she has got food poisening..apart from taking her to hospice?
Would you do it?
Is weed addictive?
What can be use to stop diarrhea in 2year old kids?
Which drug is drug obtained from opium?
I am peeing blood, it hurts too.. i just wondering if i drink cranberry juice if it well clear the infection.?
What is is good way to clean your colon?
Why isn't marijuana legal when the majority of the nation smokes it?
Do you know any herbal medicine that could cure UTI??
What went wrong with my husbands UA?
Does anyone have a cure for nausea?
Can I still grow taller if im 26 years old?
I am on 25mg of zoloft is it alright to drink alcohol?
Can you swallow pills?
I have not smoked marijuana in 1 year and a urine test showed a trace of thc, why?
Are there any home remedies to help with insomnia, staying away from medication?
Is laughter really the best medicine?
What is the quickest and best way to get weed out of your system for a drug test?
What size shoe do you wear? specify male or female?
What can I do for Heartburn? my tablets not working so well?
Constant headache and I've tried everthing HELP PLEASE?
Were can I find a sage leaf?
Sleep disorder, any natural remedies?
What do you guys think of chiropractors?
What are the best cures for sore throats? Mine is aching so bad...............?
What are some good sleeping aids, but I don't want to take ANY pills. I want something natural.?
Is it normal for 14 year olds to eat/drink children medicine?
Does any1 know a natural athleats foot cure.?
I need a good way to stop smoking marijuana. I smoke around an ounce a day. I am not sure if I should quite.?
14 Yr old with A D D what are some proven natural alternatives?
What helps a sore throat?
Hangover remedies?
Can I inject intravenous drugs into my wee wee?
Cures for a sore knee?
Is there a natural / herbal remedy which produces deep relaxation, not sleep, in a safe, non-addictive way?
What is the best way to reduce cholesterol apart from taking medicine ?
How often do you all eat meat?
What is aromatherapy?
What is a good way to get rid of hiccups?
You're given One hour left to live! What would you do in the last hour you have on this earth?
My friend sells weed and???
Good exersizes for shaping your legs and butt?
What is a good herbal remedy for an upset stomach?
OMG! I went to get a jar of Vick's Vapo Rub from the medicine cabinet...?
Is cherry a berry?
Can you snort hydrocodone/ lortab/ vicodon?
Is masturabting bad for acne or is it good???
Why is Homeopathy so looked down upon?
Homeopathy, quackery or truth?
Me & my friend r thinkin of takin sum ecstasy @ skool. its gona be a triple. ive taken it before. good idea?
What is the best natural preventative against misquito bites?
Ive got a bad phobia of SPIDERS i hate the word.?
What is the best natural remedy for BAD BREATH ??
What is the full form of SOS ?
Is there anything better than 20-20 vision?
What would you rather be? a doctor? or a nurse?
How to pass a drug test???HELP!!!?
Whats natures natural healer for arthritis?
My son burned his foot on the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle. Any suggestions on how to help with healing?
What would cause my leg to cramp, twitch & spasm?
What is the best way to relieve ailing back pain?
Can anyone think of three benefits to the decriminalization of Cannabis?
Have u ever had an MRI? and how did it go 4 ya?
I cant sleep....what should I do?
How to quit smoking ?
My throat is soooo dry and i lost my voice...what can I do?
I recentely used methanphetamine and lost feeling of my thumb?
Is there something that you can give your teenager that will make him sick (throw up) if he smokes pot?
Is it true that no one has ever overdosed on weed?
What's the best cure for headaches excluding medicine?
Who believes in the healing power of chocolate!?
Whats the best way too get rid of migraines?
How can we reduce sugar level in our blood naturally? Which herbs, minerals etc. help?
Will vinegar really clean out your system in 24 hours?
Cure for my cough please??
Does anyone know of any natural or herbal remedies for nausea and a headache?
What does really work for a sore throat?any remedies?
Anyone know the best way to treat depression without pill popping ?
When is cigrette smoking least injurious to health?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold.help?
How old am I ?
What can i use so that my body is more relaxed and at ease and not have nervous tendencies?
What is the best at home remedy for a stuffy nose?
Need homeade laxitive?
What do u think bout morning after pill?
I need some natural medicine against the cholesterol and bad triglycerides?
How can i increase my height i m a famale of23 i m very depressed pls help?
ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER PLEASE-things that will make you throw up?
Does snyone know a cure for migranes without taking pills?
Have you ever used ear candels to remove ear wax, would you recommend it?
Is this true?
Is there anything to help me sleep, which isn't addictive or doesn't have side effects. I'm fed up tosssing
Anyone know of a cheap way of getting ride of tension headaches?
5 month old baby has diareha & vomiting for 2 wks Dr. says its a virus what should I give to to make it stop?
Foods to eat for dinner wen sick?
Is there soon going to be a cure for stupidity?
What is the best hangover cure?
Whats a good herbal medicine for IBS?
Home remedies for cold and sinus?
Are there any herbal remedies for sleeplessness? If so, what are they and do they work?
What's the best hangover cure???
What are some herbs that can be used as medicine?
I have insomnia. i'm not allowed to take pills. what can i do to sleep?
Any natural tips to help with constipation?
Is there a natural way to get rid of headaches?
Which works better; prescription drugs or alternative medicine?
How do i cure the hic ups?
What is the best alternative medicine for depression and stress?
Does anyone know of a good herbal sleeping tablet?
What do you think about Chiropractors?
Cant sleep at night and don't want to take pills anybody know anything natural ? help ; /?
What is the natural substitute for antibiotics so that kids can take it as a daily supplement to fight infecti
What is the best way to make yourself throw up?
Help!!!i am high!?
Omega 3 Fish Oil?
How much do you think?
My blood pressure is high, but I can't afford to go to a doctor.?
A question about eating meat?
My boyfriend had gasoline drop in his ear....?
Whats the best time of day to take vitamins?
What natural remedy can I take for hot flushes?
What is the easiest way to committ suicide?
I've just been diagnosed with high cholesterol (257). I want to lower it w/o meds. Suggestions?
What does DNA stand for. What is D then N then A.?
What is the best cold medicine on the market?
I don't believe in modern medicine, how do I shock the parasites right out of my intestinal tract?
Is too many vitamins bad for you?
Has anybody or any product , ever had 100% success , in STOPPING PEOPLE SMOKING?
Pink pill I found on floor?
In chineese medicine accupunture is used to treat depression, anxiety and other problems is this possible?
This is serious please help?
Can you still....?
What kind of foods can I eat to improve my health if I am sick?
What can I do to help my sore throat? I've already tried:?
I do NOT smoke weed but, I was around someone who dose; will it be in my system?
Is there a total cure for asthma?
What is the most suitable natural product to combat high cholesterol?
How to cure a sore throat?
What are some good techniques to fall asleep quickly besides taking sleeping pills..?
Best way to handle panic attacks?
Can I drink alcohol during the day and still take a herbal sleeping aid?
Can someone tell me what it means when one have recurring dream of Tsunamis?
What are the secrets of staying young and active?
Hi there does anyone know how to trat kidney-stones without operation (or is there any medication for that)?
Who believes that Chiropractic care is real?
Do you see a problem in taking drugs?
What is your tried and true method for heartburn?
Cure for Migrane?
How to hide being high?
Cannabis Good or Bad?
Where to get omega3 fatty acids from? I don't eat any fish or seafood so I thinking about taking supplements
What are the benefits of marijuana?No negative answers please.?
Why do people tell you to look into the light when you sneeze?
Feeling sick....remedies?
If a vitamin says to take daily then how often should i take it?
Is it safe to smoke sage?
Natural remedy for unblocking stuffy nose, my nose is always blocking up please help as I am using nasal spray
Whats the best cigarettes? (Non Smokers don't open)?
What are some natural ways to reduce really high blood pressure of 150 over 100 or does that require meds?
A doctor that practices chiropractic is called what?
Does smoking Marijuana make your Brain re-grow brain cells?
True or False? A copper bracelet will help with arthritis and rheumatics.?
What colors would be recommended for warding off nightmares?
My doctor gave me valium to calm down, but i'm scared to take it...?
I went to the doctor today, and had to stip to my bra and panties, and I wasnt given a gown. It was embarra..?
For sore throat do i heat the lemon juice and honey, or drink as is?
What do you think is the first step toward better health?
Can you over-dose with tums or pepto?
How to overcome the insomnia with out sleeping pills?
What's the best cure for tummy ache/sickness?
Has anyone found a natural treatment for depression that really works?
Should marijuana be legal for medical purposes?
Help I need a home remedy, I think I'm going to die.!!?
What are some natural alternatives(food or drink to help relieve) for an upset stomach?
My daughter won't stop crying. My sister said I can put some whiskey in her milk. Is this OK?
Do growth(height) pills work for teenagers?...?
Has anyone taken St John's Wort?
Am going for a drug test soon, HELP!?
Sore throat cures???
Why do Doctors seem so hesistant when someone speaks of Alternative/Natural Medicine?
Is there any herbal remedy or remedy in general good for urinary tract infection?
What is the best cure for a hangover? Other then sleep.?
How much water should we drink per day?
Natural ways for getting rid of heartburn. I tried drinking milk and that didn't help.?
What incense or smell helps you with sleep ? its for my bedtime smell?
Someone answer this?
Is Marijuana addicting and if so why?
Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?
I think i have a kidney infection, is there a herbal medicine i can take?
What is the best hangover cure you have tried?
Is massage really as great as some say so?
What are some good natural antidepressants/?
Is there any medicine which can cure cancer completely in the last stage?
“Can you cope with Pain?
Is there a home remedy for constipation?
Whats the best treatment for piles, or hemorroids?
What can you use for a horrible toothache??
Are there any homeopathic remedies to control my gayness? Can't they change a person's "constitution"??
Is there anything that is found to improve eyesight?
How do you naturally relieve constipation?
What's the most you've ever paid for a bottle of water?
Does drinking your own urine positively affects your health?
Is there a way I can get over-the-counter sleeping pills?
I have depression and anxiety help please!?
Olive oil is made from olives,corn oil is made from corn.what is baby oil made from?
Can TV make you impotent?
Nasal decongestant?
I have had terrible hangovers and have stopped drinking is their a safe way to drink abeer?
What method did you use to.....quit smoking?
My body holds water and I am consuming no salt, how can I lose water faster?
Calming nerves?
What's the best cure for constipation ?
Been to a tropical country and think i might have a problem..?
I hate hot weather ...so where in California is it cool in the summer?
Natural remedy for cholestrol please?
Is marijuana adictive?
Is it safe to drive with a hangover?
Best marijuana alternative?
What's the best kind of cigarette?
Cure for hiccups?
Give me your opinion of smoking marijuana???
Is alcohol essential in life?
I cant sleep?
What can i take to knock me out, im sore, my back hurts and im sleepy, i dont want to even be able to wake up?
Is everyone here stupid?
What are some natural remedies for coughing and a sore throat?
Hangover Help :(..........?
What is the best natural supplement remedy for tiredness?
Everyday headaches?
What can i do to pass a drug test...i haven't smoked weed for like a week, what can i take to clense myself?
How do you get a faster pulse?
What foods have alot of antioxidents in them???
I get 10-15 "colds" a year. I'm very health conscious, but I'm worried that I'm doing something wrong.
What are anyone views on Reiki healing?
Is there a site you can go to that will show pictures of pills?
I have a drug problem what do i do to stop?
Can I Take Vick's NyQuil while pregnant?
What is the best way to stop the feeling to vomit?
Is homeopathy a cult?
Any suggestions for dealing with ADHD without use of medications for an 11 Year old?
How many joints a night are acceptable?
If the only doctor in town gets sick, who can cure the doctor?
I have tried everything to drain my sinuses but nothing worked, are there any herbal remedies?
Can vitamin supplements actually be dangerous for your health?
Has anyone read "Natural Cures" By Kevin Trudeau in its entirety? What is your ultimate view on it?
Smoking weed the first time?
What are some ways to help when feeling nauseated?
Is there anything out there that could give me the same buzz as ecstasy, but is legal?
How many calories in a ecstasy tablet?
Are there any home remedies for a sore throat?
Whats the best treatment for a hangover?
Is there any other natural supplement that you can take other than St. Johns Wort for depression?
My 4 year old daughter suffers urine infections all the time and was going to take her to a naturopath........
What do you think of healing crystals?
Should homeopathy be criminalised?
I am a recovering heroin addict?
3 reason to abolish marijuana?
Chronic constipation, how to avoid naturally...?
Are there any natural anti-inflammatory medicines? If so can you name some?
Does vitamins and supplements really works?
What is the best medicine to get rid of the common cold?
I found a pill in a old box of my friends stuff and we have no idea wat it is..?
What's the best natural way to stop diarrhea?
Does anyone have any REAL migraine relieving tips?
How to cure a Urinary Tract Infection, Home Remedies?
I'm 15 and done it all?
Other then Medicines, What are some ways to cure a headache?
Im 13, and i dont see the harms in smoking weed. ive never tried it, but i dont see the bad in it-its an herb?
What are some natural remedies for reflux and heartburn?
Does anyone have a Homeopathic remedy for constipation?
What is the best unprescribed sleep medicine ?
Ive eaten a bag of ready salted french fries,and ive now got a ulcer on the end of my tongue?
What are some natural remedies to help someone fall alseep?
What can be done to lower the sugar level?
Help my hangover!!!!!????
If I smoked Marijuana every day for a year and a half how long would it take to get out of my system?
Is there a cure fore really bad varicous veins?
My husband is having heartburn, he doesn't want to take medecines.is there any home remedies that really help
What are some uses for Epsom salts?
What's the best cure for a hang-over?
What is the best way to get marijuana out of your system naturally?
Does anyone know a cure for nausea?
My little brother just got bitten by a spider....?
Can i take exctacy pills if im sick plzz dont give me lectures?
Sleep HELP!!!!!?
Whats the best thing to ease a sore throat,?
What is the best sleeping pill?
I have had sinus pain for a week now, can you please give me an OTC medication or a home remedy?
Why do doctors distrust natural medicine?
Is it true that Homoeopathic medicine are more effective than other medicines?
Do you know some home remedies against "Acid Reflux" (or "Heart-Burn")?
"Lughter is the best medicine"-for which complaint?
What's your drug of choice?
Does anybody know a remedy for constipation?
Whats the best option to get rid of your Boss?
Drug test.. which drugs?
Kidney stones?
What are some natural ways to cure my symptoms: Headaches, Back/neck pain, low energy, weakness, aches, etc...
Which food substances when consumed promote sleep?
Cures for the common cold?
Quick!! give me remedies for hiccups i can do at work!?
I have a body odor what can i do to stop it?
Does medicine get old?
What is your opinion of marijuana??
Anyone know how to get rid of a headache without meds?
Any natural way/food/recipe to end splitting headaches?
I need a natural solution to help me get more energy. i dont seem to have enough energy?
I am constipated and nothing is helping me?
In all seriousness.....How do I get clean for a drug test ?
Is marijuana really that bad ?
Home remedy for sore throat ? Quick !?
Should marijuana be legalized for medical use? Why?
Are drugs good for you?
Can a vitamin cure cancer?
Drugs are they that bad?
If u kno sum1 is suicidal what do u do?
Is there a cure for Asthma?
Im having bad cold..can anboby ..tell me whats the best way to get rid of.. of it...?
If I am going to smoke marijuina for the first time, what should I expect?
Is a bath good for people with fevers?
Please answer! is it necessary to take extra vitamins even though you get some in food?
Has anyone got a home remedy for cracked/dry lips? No disgusting suggestions please, heard them all ;-}?
What's the best cure for a sore throat?
Does smoking kills you instantaneously?
What can you do for pink eye?
What does it mean when the whites of your eyes are yellow?
I've been eating prunes every day but they are having the opposite effect to what they are famed for?
Hangover cure!!!?
What is an effective treatment for pink eye?
What is the safest way to remove marijuana in your sytem?
Marijuana as medicine?
Any advice for a sore throat?
Sunburn >>>>>>>>>>>?
Does anyone know if there is a alternative medicine for depression?
Does any type of alternative medicine actually work?
Home remedies for constipation?
Best Non subscription Sleeping tablet?
Does anyone know how to bring down a fever quickly?
Where can i find over the counter birth control pills?
How are ways to get Money? Instead of Drugs?
Whats' a sure-cure remedy for mosquito bites? NOT chamomile lotion or toothpaste. I have 12 bites! HELP!?
Will smoking Cannabis cause you to gain weight?
Is there any natural medicine to reduce anxiety which has no side effects?
What to do when your throat hurts and feels chalky?
What is "Cold Turkey" exactly when trying to quit smoking?
How do you help a hangover?
Do You Believe Magnets Work For Your Pain?
What is the best thing to take when I have a sore throat.?
I drink my own urine. Is drinking urine of a female good for my health?
Hi I have a real bad cold and i need to find a way to get rid of it fast! i have school all day tomarrow.?
How can i get rid of back pain without going to the dr?
Hi im 29 3 kids later im getting plastic surgery on 8/27 full tummy tuck,breast lft,implants one problem im a?
Can anyone suggest a natural product to reduce the symptomsof ADHDfor achild of 9years?
Are their any natural treaments, herb or otherwise, to treat hyper activity in kids?
What is the best sleeping pills?
Are there any health benefits of smoking pot?
I m having wisdom toothaech any quick releive medicine?
INSOMNIA problem. I have no trouble falling asleep, but then I wake in the middle of the night and can't fall
What's your natural high?
What is the harmful side of marijuana (cannabis)? and can it do you well in depression?
What should i do if my back hurts?
How do i get rid of a urinary tract infection without the use of antibiotics?
Is it true that smoking weed makes u smarter?
Is Salvia bad for your health?
Yuck.... arent colds horrible? anyone have any good remedies?
How can you get rid of knots and tension in your shoulders by yourself?
How do you stop nausea caused by drinking green tea?
What is a good natural anti-anxiety medicine?- a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals?
Anyone tried Hopi Ear Candles?
Are their natural forms of pain killers?
Are there any natural remedies like herbs or alternative medicine for depression?
Medical advice needed: how do I overcome the effects of a lobotomy?
What are good remedies of the hiccups ?ive gotten them 2wice today!?
I need to know what is the best home remidie for passing a drug test? i it has to work?
Does anyone believe in alternative medicine?
What is the best kind of alternative medicine in your opinion.?
I have a blocked ear is there any natural remedies i can use to clear it?
I have a soar throat, any home remedies?
What's the most addictive & dangerous drug?
I work on the 6th floor what are the chances of me defenstrating myself?
What is the best to eat or do to regulate the bowels when one is having a loose stomach?
Do you share my love of having someone comb and fuss over your hair?
Is there a way to cure naturally any form of herpes?
I quit smoking today and I'm feeling dizzy and sad. Help :( how do I minimize dizziness ?
How to avoid mosquito bites?
Home remedies - cold?
What is a good, natural sleep aid?
How to pass a Drug Test?
Why does laughing make you live longer?
What's a good alternate remedy for a hangover?
Why is it that when i child is havng problems in school the teacher automatically prescribes medication?
Should cannabis be reclassified?
Cough Cough...help. I had bronchitis and now I am left with a cough-the feeling is that there is still phlegm?
What's the best home remedy for colds and sore throats?
Would yo be willing to drink your pee if it had extreme health benefits?
I want to become fat . pls advise any tablets for this. because i am very weak?
What is the best non-prescription sleep aid?
Is there a product that i can use to numb my sons really bad chickenpox?
What can I do to be happier?
Is it legal to sell unopened prescription drugs on the web?
How do you soothe a sun burn if you dont have any cooling gel at the time? like a home remedy?
At what point does one gain the title "stoner"?
My friend has a very bad temper, would it help him to have distemper shots?
Whats the best way to cure hiccups! help?
Fastest way to get rid of a cold?
How Exactly Do Antidepressants Work?
What can I take for the start of a cold that is all natural?
I live in a house with very bad karma (it was used for intorrogation/torture)?
I got a splitting headache, anybody know anything other then painkillers that would help?
Anti-depressants versus herbal supplements?
How do i get rid of synus??
How can i prevent from looking high?
When Christianity eventually dies out will society's dumb people just turn to homeopathy & alt-med instead?
Will I pass a drug test TONIGHT?!?
Is it normal to have prolonged diarrhea? It's been 6 days!?
Nausea, what reliefs are available other than a visit to the doctors office.?
What do you suggest for birth control?
I have a dandruff problem, how should i get rid off ?
Whats the best cure for asthma?
How do I reduce scar formation from cuts?
Does anyone know what herbal supplements remove parasites from the body?
Should I study acupuncture?
I smoke a bunch of spices/herbs, is it safe?
Would annyone like to take a hit with me, light it up, inhale, exhale, how doya feel?
Whats with weed?
What is the best natural remedy for calming your nerves?
What's the best medicine for Depresion?
Any remedies for sore throat? any?
Can I refreeze meat, that I bought frozen?
What is the best mood lifting aromatherapy oil?
Can I take sleeping tablets like stilnocts while i'm pregnant?
What supplement can i take for low energy?
What is the best remedy for a headache apart from paracetamol?
What is the best way to relief stress other than taking pills?
I am getting a cold and tickly sore throat, I need a remedy to clear it for friday...?
Someone tell me a good way to naturally get rid of acid reflux. I take nexium but it doesn't seem to work.
Saint John's Wart?
What is a best way to relieve stess?
What's the best recipe for constipation? My best friend's constipated for 4 days!?
I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat and now it hurts to talk.?
Did you ever get head lice ???
Have you ever used Hopi ear candles?
What is your opinion on these health drink things. probiotics and good bacteria things,Do they help you?
For those who quit smoking: How long after...?
Why are people asking how to "get high" in this section?
Is there something herbal I can take for anxiety that you've found really effective(UK?
Does anyone have experience with natural remedies for anxiety
What is a good everyday cure for sore throat???
How to release from constipation?
Does red wine kill germs?
Can cranberry juice cure a urinary tract infection for a woman?
Anyone know of any natural help for my extremely sore muscles?
Do your think having regular massage can increase your health condition?
Does anyone know from first hand experience how to cure a bladder infection with out using drugs?
Home remedies 4 a sore throat?
Is there any medicine that helps in quitting weed?
Is there no side effects of taking baking soda constantly as a remedy for heartburn?
What do you think about homoeopathy?
Can orange juice shorten the duration of my cold?
If things exist and therefore are real, are breast implants still fake?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a hangover?
What is the best way to rid the body of toxins.... don't say drink a lot of water/?
What can you use to stop getting bit from musquitos without using repellent?
I have a drug problem, what should I do?
What cure can I find for Hot Flushes !?
Are you for or against madical marijuana?
Whats stronger codeine or morphine?
What are some natural remedies for acid reflux?
Is smoking a bit of weed every now and then really a bad habbit??
Do Wicca medicine work?
Nausea remedies?
What foods are known to cause (or contribute to the severity of) migraines?
Tips or suggestions for lowering blood sugar level for non diabetic?
Anyone know a good hangover cure?
Headache ?
How can i avoid sea sickness?
How long does it take for mary jane to leave your system?
What're some ways to get rid of headaches besides Tylenol?
Is putting live oil in my ear safe?
What can make a mosquito bite less itchy?
Help!!! I need help please!! Serious people only?
What are these pills.....? They are blue and say m361?
What can I do in preparation for deafness?
I can't sleep at night. What do i do without taking RX medicine?
What are the best cold remedies?
How long does it take to get cocaine out of your system for a drug screening test?
NAME YOUR POISON??? pills, alcohol, if so what kind, food, if so what in particular????
What happen with us when we die, where we go? does any one really knows?
Whats the best remedy to get rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes, apart from a gud nights sleep. xx?
You realise homeopathy etc. doesn't work? Right?
What city do you live in?
What are some all-natural ways to help cure a cold.???
How do I stop the consistent ringing in my ears?
Is there any herbal teas out there that give a stronger, longer lasting energy boost other than coffee?
My wife (30 y) has migraine since last 4 or 5 years.?
Doctor is it true?
Does anyone know any good natural remedies to help me to sleep and also for sore muscles?
Has anyone ever broke any part of ur body?Wat was it how did u ,and wat did it feel like?
How to soothe a sore throat?
Kidney stones?
10 Points...real question inside.?
How do you get rid of a jellyfish sting?
What product is a fast-acting healer for cuts?
I can't sleep!?
Have you ever tried those natural pills for stress called 'Kalms'.... did they work for you?
Chiropractic... quackism or valid therapy?
What is the best releif for constipation?
Owww!!! Best Cure for a Hangover? ?
Is pot really bad?
Any good natural remedies for anxiety attacks?
What happends if our blood changes to green?
What should one do if there is baby who accidently swallowed a very very small amount of meth and cries?
I am looking ofr some medicine alternate of viagra but not too strong?
Serious question, what would happen if i take a viagra pill, like one sample? Would anything serious happen ?
How do you know when a woman is having a REAL orgasam?
I just swallowed a whole bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills...should I call 911?
How long does it take for marijuna to be out of your system?
I suffer from IBS, can anyone suggest a herbal/ alternative medicine that might help?
How do you get rid of a wart effectively? not including through liquid nitrogen + other forms of prescription?
Why isn't Marijuana Legal?
Hi frnds, please tell me the strongest and resulting sleeping pill?
Is massage therapy good for ur health?
What is the simple best way to cure sore throat?
Are there any health benefits to drinking your own urine?
Green tea - does anyone know if drinking too much of it is bad for you? And how much is 'too much'?
Any suggestions for constipation?
What's your sure fire hangover cure? I am feeling absolutely stinking.?
Is smoking marijuana better for you than smoking cigarettes?
Is it safe to eat field rats?
Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
16yrs old- Immediate constipation relief?
Help! I'M 25YRS & I still have acne!?
What are some natural laxatives?
How do I make a homemade laxitive?
Is there any natural (holistic) supplements I can use to help lower my blood pressure?
Do u think pot or marijuana should be legalized?
I used to do heroin, but now i dont, and now i want to again. should i?
What is the best natural reamady t help ua sleep?
How do i make myself vomit other then...?
Best cure for hangover at work?
What's good to put on a brown recluse bite?
Back Pain !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How many carrots must you eat to improve your eyesight?
Whats the best way to change my thought energy to positive?
Sore throat how to heal it fast?
Drinking alcohol and taking medicine
What home remedies can get rid of coughing?
Whats the best medicine for back pain?
What's the best cure for hangover?
A boy at school did a bad thing?