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My 3 year old was diagnoised with Leukemia?
WTFF does a fever blister on my lip mean i have herpes??!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!...
Can you get HIV if you and your partner both don't have it?
Why is it illegal to tell the public that an individual has an STD?
Can a person get gentital herpies from someone with a cold sore?
What are the chances of a person getting infected by HIV through smouching or kissing?
My OB/GYN said HPV can disappear after years and effectively you no longer have it or can transmit it? True?
My dad is coughing up blood. He spent 8 days in the hospital and they (so far) found nothing wrong. Any ideas?
How do i increase my oxygen levels?
What's the best way to stop snoring?
How many of you are aware of what Cystic Fibrosis is?
Why smoking is harmful?
How long does it take for somebody to die from carbon monoxide?
My daughter has been taking asthma medication for years. She is quite small for her age.?
What is the home remedy for a real bad cough?
What do you think about Micheal Vicks conviction?
Can a 27 year old man still get Asthma?
How do i prevent a heart attack?
Removal of heart during Bypass surgery?
Why is it unlikely to have a heart attack at 22?
Resting heart rate of 98?
What valve is between the left ventricle and the left atrium?
Can something be wrong with my Heart?
Doctor sayzzzz?
Which is a good ayurveda medicine for controlling cholesterol & is good for the heart?
How do you cure costant heart burn.?
I'm diabetic and i see double.?
Inhertied blood groups?
Trying to lower down my blood sugar?
My father's is a diabetes patient, he is using insulin but still his glucose level is high !?
Whether "Asanas" really curing the Diabetes?
Living A Diabetic Life?
Have hypoglycemia and can't keep it stable...? Please?
Teenage son diabetes?
Fat or skinny?
Dont know where to start. plz help diabetics or friends/family of diabetics?
Testicular cancer?
What is this lump in my breast !?
Is there a chemotherapy treatment with no hair loss side effects.?
25 years old: lumps in arm and back are hard? lipoma?
My mom died of a tumor and I was wondering what type of cancer it was.?
Would it hurt him if i visited my friend with cancer while i have a cold?
Should we stop contributing to cancer research charities?
Who'll join me tonight?
Isnt it embarassing to be labeled the top contributor of the STD section?
How do you think AIDS & herpes started, when in the 60s & 70s these diseases didn't exists?
If you have a yeast infection and you dont get it checked would it just go away or get worse?
Can you get an std if the toilet has the litttle parts of the flushed paper still in it?
What is home treatment for the bacterial vaginosis?
Bacterial Infection?
What is the best medicine for a ring worm?
What is the name of a special doctor who works with you when yeast is found in the blood?
Can mono be treated if found early?
The daughter of a co worker who sits in a cube that adjoins mine, has chicken pox. Could I get the disease?
What would you do if there was an outbreak of Ebola in the United States?
Why are people worried about mutation of bird flu but not West Nile virus?
Will cold water make my sore throat worse?
How curable is bacterial minengitis of the spinal cord?
My most recent Question was about my 19 year old Son?
What is mean by fatty leaver?
What is an average blood pressure?
Does a calcified abdominal aorta aneurism have to be a certain size before dr, will do surgery?
Is there a drug or a mix of drugs/ herbs when ingested will give heart pain or even heart attack in 24 hours?
Heart problem? Please read!?
Gastric bypass?
I was around someone that smokes, and now my heart hurts?
Say, I'm a cannibal. If I ate someone with cancer, would I get Cancer?
I know that cancer is uncontrolled cell growth but how does that eventually kill you?
Does too much masterba...tion increase someone's chances of getting cancer?
Lung cancer?
If some one has breast cancer and they ignore it, how long willl they live?
What happens when cancer gets into one of your lymph nodes?
Can you get cancer from your computer?
How to identitify throat cancer self ?
Am getting lymph nodes in neck often, what to do?
Did chemo 2 years ago and doing it again?
What's Your Anti-Drug?
Does anyone know how long a person can live if diagnosed with brain cancer?
What questions should you ask the docs when u have been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer?
What are the signs of lung cancer does anyone know if you will cough of black stuff?
What is the diffrerent between tumour and cancer?
How do you tell if a growth is cancerous?
. Is there treatment for cancer?
Where can i get monetary help for family of daughter with brain cancer?
Do you think there is a cure for Cancer this very moment?
Will they ever find a cured for cancer??
Nervous about sleeping with an insulin pump on?
Can you drink alcohol while
My son has had type 1 diabetes for 4 years, he is 16, he is very overweight?
Don't you hate it when people rant about "Jonas Brother Haters"? "Don't hate them! Nick has diabetes!" etc...?
I didn't eat any breakfast and then drank a zero carb/sugar energy drink. why do i feel light headed?
Does gatorade gives you diabetes?
No insulin on hand?
Any possibility that i contracted Type 2 diabetes because i am an extremely sweet guy????
Is equal and/or splenda safe for diabetics?
Is anyone else here a hypochondriac? Any small ailment has me rushing to web-md.?
Why do so many people get Cancer?
For Mole removal, what leaves less of a scar freezing off or cutting out?
Can children be around chemo patients?
Tumor and Cancer detection, why do Doctors always seem to miss most until they are really advanced ?
Can simple xray detect lung cancer?
Does having bloodwork always show if there are cancerous cells??
Please Help a Beautifull Young Soul!?
Can I get cancer if my dad's side of the family has cancer?
Do you think sunbeds cause cancer?
Why would people rather say they have Cancer than Aids?
Should you give your asthma action plan to supervisor?
What is a panic attack??!!?
Tell me more about Pneumonia!?
My throat is really annoying me?
If a 18 year old goes to buy tobbacco, and they refuse to sell?
What is good remedy for constipation in 1 year old?
I am 72 years and i have COPD( Chronic obstructed pulmonary disease, what are the most valid drugs in my case?
Has anyone quit smoking for a new years resolution and how long has it been?
How do I quit smoking?
How does the body get rid of carbon dioxide?
I have had pain in my left arm and leg for most of today. My dad doesn't think its a heart attack...?
Whats the difference between chest pain, heart burn, indigestion, angina attack, heart attack or heartbroken?
My son has been to the doctors today....?
What kind of a life shoul I lead after angioplasty?
Panic attacs?
Is drinking wine bad for the heart?
Lately I have had a strange feeling in the left side of my chest...?
Anyone have chest pain and EKG and blood come back ok and still have problems?
My son has a heart defect called atrial septum is there anything i can do to help him?
Does anybody have an idea of how long open heart surgery takes and what its like?
I have a small soar throat and i need it healed by tomorrow. possible????
UTI's how to get over 'em?
Does anyone suffer from a scratchy throat that goes on for months and months?
What do I have?????
When will I get the flu?
How is urinary tract infections contracted?
Strep throat ,,,boy or alcohol?
What is the best medicine for Cold?
How do you now if you have the mrsa bug?
Is it possible to get belly-button fungus?
Herpes is there a cure. are there any vaccine that will cure the virus?
Can a woman with HPV pass it to her lovers?
What is the funniest std?
If I had oral with an HIV+ man, how soon should I get tested, and how soon would it show up if contracted?
Can AIDS be cured?
If Cholesterol Meds was the be all and end all, why isn't it perscribed to "all" in order to avoid heart probs
Female post menopause problems?
CardioMyopathy, does anyone have information on this heart disease?
Ecg results?
Who Is Respinsible For Cardilogists POORLY INFORMED And Disgraceful Attitude On Vitally Imporant Cholesterol
Any information given on raynaulds circulation problem in the hands and feet?
What is trigeminy?
Bacteria around the heart...does anybody know anything about this?
What can i do to help my 17yr.olddeal with the fact that he has an enlarged heart?
My mother, 86, has congestive heart failure. She's taking diuretics. Leg pores pouring water. Normal?
Today I was put on Atenolol for my rapid pulse, I do not have High Blood pressure or any heart problems,?
What are some ways to lower a person's sodium intake and what foods are low in sodium?
What could infection around the heart be?
Blood pressure medicine question ?
Operation or not for my sister who has a hole in her heart?
Heart skippng beats?
If you rule out clogged arteries and he's thin and nonsmoker and nondrinker, what is probably happening?
Can you mix these two medications: coreg and indonethacin?
What does a physiotherapist do for a person who has had a heart attack (MI)?
Where can I get an indepth explanation of coronary artery bypass surgery?
I have a question about HIV. My neighbor says she found out she has it.?
I ask my Dr 3 weeks ago if i need to get a Aids test done she said i don't think you have Aids?
How do you tell your husband you just found out you have herpes?
I did a little cocaine sat and sunday, several bumps, not many. I had a urine test thursday morning. willIbeok
If a vampire bites someone with aids does he die or jst get really sick?
My girlfriend has cramps. any remedies?
Is diabetes a chronic diseases?
Type 2 diabetes: Can someone give me some tips about how to control blood sugar with diet?
Is 208 high for glucose blood?
Would a diabetes support group be effective in assisting diabetic patients to be in better control .?
Best way to travel with Lantus without a fridge? (over 7 days from vienna to london)?
Would you higher the chances of getting diabetes if you were to sleep on a full stomache?
Want to know best Homeopath medicine for Diabetics?
Diabetics sugar dropped after eating, should they still take their insulin after eating?
Anybody with type 2 Diabetes, what were your symptoms before being diagnosed? Thank you.?
Does the medicine for asthma called "Flovent" With steroids in cause infertility in men?
What is the black lung disease about in virginia?
Can you please describe the sound of a stone snoring?
Describe the function of the respiratory system?
I am 9 and ihave been coughing for 1 month what do i do?
I just inhaled these, what do you think will happen to me? Is it bad?
What tests do i take to find out if i have that lung diease called copd?
Coughing up black, green flem from smoking.?
My partner is disabled and smokes weed 2 cure the pain. can i get sacked from work for passive smoking?
I've just been told I've got pleurisy?
What's staff infection and how do you get it?
Tips to avoid heat stroke?
Glandular fever?
Could this be mono?
What is a viral infection?
Is there a good cure for candida yeast infection?
My daughter came home from high school & said a friend in school has an active case of MRSA. Should I worry?
Is herpes cureable or does it go away?
What age should i have my first smear test?
Is this an std? ten points best answer!?
What is the normal time for people to go to bed?
My wife is due to give birth in 2 weeks. are there any ways to speed labour along?
Whats worse, smoking tobacco in a 'roll up' or smoking cigarettes?
SMOKING.......I would love to give up smoking. I know many of you out there will say just quit then......?
Why do able bodied people have problems with disabled people having getting benefits?
Do you sometimes SLEEP in the afternoons and feel quilty for being lazy?
Is it bad to sleep with a bra on?
I have not smoked a cigarette for 5 hours and?
What's the best way to stop the blood if you cut yourself while shaving?
Power of prayer?
Do you know that there is a cure for cancer?
Bump on Breast?
Decision on prostate cancer treatment?
Does sunscreen cause cancer? Should we use it yes or no?
How many are living with a cancer patinet?
Does a PLASTIC bottle of water cause cancer?
My sister has stage4 rectum cancer and spread to liver.... had operation to re move rectum?
Heart attack...?
Heart attack and heart enzymes?
Will 1000mg of Naproxyn daily protect my heart like aspirin?
What does too much potassium in the body mean?
Can you have a stroke on the right side of your body?
Is it necessary?
How serious can a heart murmur be?
What are the arteries called that supply the heart muscle with its own blood supply?
Is it possible if we learn to channel our emotions correctly that we can learn to control our blood pressure?
Can over masterbation really cause problems with your eye sight?
I love smoking and don't give 2 hoots about all the tosspots on here who despise it..anyone agree?
I Cant Turn My Head To The Right, What Should I Do?
I'm going to be fifteen in May and am worried. I hate getting older. How can I stop worrying?
Why Wouldnt This Kill Someone?
Does anyone know how to smoke a cigarette??
In a lot of pain after being beat up?!?
How do i know if my finger is Broken?
Can you overdose on Water?
What is the four main parts of the heart?
The Human Heart?
My heart beat is normally around 45 to 55 beats per minute! Is this bad? I kind of get anxity attacks because?
What is hypotensive,how can one control and cure it?
What can happen to me if i dont treat my edema?
Hmm... HYPOglycemia??
What is A1C?
What are some signs of diabetes?
Can someone with diabetes get on disability?
My friend is diabetic and wants to quite smoking she smokes 30 a day and she wants to try zyban ?
Is it true that Splenda can give you cancer?
What should I do MY mom has type 2 suger stuff and I just took it and all it would say is high?
What to do if your blood suger is to low or high?
What is systolic blood pressure and what does the reading indicate?
Wots a safe level for blood sugars during the night?
What is an ECG?
Can blood thinners cause a subdural hematoma?
What is atenolol?
My blood pressure was 244/146 with a 152 heart rate. Should I be dead?
Why do people think about past and future but not present?
Can u get hiv from a sink that has wet blood on it and u touching without knowing?
Do animals get STI's??
How do you stpo aids?
Can you get AIDS HIV from misquitos? If no why not?
I'm Asthmatic and need to excercise and get my stammer up?
My husband has just been diagnosed with an anurism in his Aorta. What causes this?
What could cause a decrease Hemoglobin count?
Why when I'm awake my soar throat is not that bad but when I go to sleep, I start coughing?
How does inhaling sand effect your lungs?
Too Often Antibiotics Harmful - Homeopathic Medication Instead?
Not feeling any better after 3 days of resting?
Asthma remedies?
Will high altitide affect my asthma?
What does smokin weed do phsyically? is it harmful?
My mom has a clogged artery. What will happen?
Is there a difference between Coronary heart disease and ischemic heart disease?
What does the "ST" in ST segment elevation stand for?
Can i ever be completely cured of angina ? I am 42 years old?
What are some good ways to take care of your heart?
Heart palpitation, chest pain, difficulty breathing?
How many people belive in the atkins diet and why?
Chest pain and tightness after exercise?
My blood pressure is 126 over 60. a month ago it was 146 over 90 when i had a stent implanted in my artery.?
How does one reduce heart attacks and strokes?
What medicine can I take for flu,cold I have high blood and I am taking medicine?
How do you make yourself have a fever?
Travelling abroad with chicken pox/ shingles??
Is there any medication for HIV/aids?
How can i get sick when i want to?;)?
Why do doctors no longer recommend reducing low-grade fever?
What are the symptoms of lyme disease?
Urgent!! I need help because a bully said if I don't break my ankle by tomorrow he will kill me!!?
What should I do if I ingest a little bleach by accident?
How can i get out of this stupid sleep cycle?
I just had a nose bleed and now I am spitting up blood, is this normal?
Gas in the human body, what is it.?
Any tips on recovering from a hangover?
Bitten my tongue!!?
If i have a headache and i have no medicine with me what can i do?
What are the leading causes of death in America?
I have green stuff oozing from a hole in my leg, will vodka do as a disinfectant?
Gential Warts?
If AIDS is incurrable how come Magic Johnson hasn't died yet?
Can you become pregant when you have herps?
My cholesterol is over 550, Im 25 years old, what does this mean in terms of having a heart attack???
What is this stabbing chest pain? HELP (im 16)?
Are there foods that can clean plaque for arteries??
What is the term "cardiogenic" mean?
I have had since 8:00 a heaviness in my chest, almost like something is stuck there, and it won't go away.
I was just wondering....?
Is blood pressure 90/50 bad ....?
Can a clogged artery be unclogged by not eating cholesterhol?
Does the deficiency of iron cause palpitations in heart?
Is there a test now to see exactly where a stent implant of 3 years ago is ?
What is the average lifespan of someone who suffers severe lung disease (not cancer)?
I've had a cold for the last 3 days?
Please help , viral infection now chest infection?
I've got a terrible cough! i guess i got the flu!!?
Sick and I don't know what it is?
My chest hurts?
What's the best way to help someone when they're having an anxiety attack?
Is pneumonia contagious?
I have difficulty Breathing when I walk up the stairs or exercise?
My nose gets blocked and i hav to breathe from mouth because of the cold. what is best remedy for it.plz help.
What are these symptoms? Diabetes?
If someone with diabetes drinks alcohal, would there be any negitive affects?
I heard just eating raw vegetables for a month cures diabetes?
Hi this mite sound silly but if you have diabetes does it reatrict any beauty treatments you can have?
I use accuchek aviva glucometer. with correct strips it gives error message.need advice?
What do police test for in blood and urine tests?
I'm not even sure I have diabetes. What are the tests?
Does the sugar SLPENDA actually make u......?
Could I have diabetes?
What is diabetic?
If a woman has yeast infection,can she pass it on to a male?
What would you do if you found out your 17 year old teenager has an STD?
Embarrassed To Get An HIV Test?
Can you get thrown out of the Military if you have an STD?
I visited a blind date at a shopping mall, she was an albino . should i get jiggy? HELP...!!!!!?
Is it actually safer to use 2 con.doms instead of 1?
I think I have chlymidia and was wondering can I order that powder stuff you take to get rid of it online?
Who can i ask for charties for my son with cancer?
My friend has cancer and she's much worse than I thought, what can I do?
Whats better.. an xray or ultrasound?
Strange lump? Breast Cancer?
Alternatives to having a mammogram???
DO YOU THINk it would be a good idea if....?
Things to put in a Kemotherapy "gift" bag?
Where can I find stories of cancer survivors telling their story?
Should I be concerned?
My grandfather? Valve replacement??
Stomach virus?!? :(?
How can i get my father to stop smoking?
Is drinking one Red Bull a day the same as drinking 2 or 3 cups of coffee?
Is 84/60 very low blood pressure while being pregnant and if so should my md be contacted?
Piss tests?
Is it possible to have clogged arteries if your cholesterol levels are withing normal limits?
Will You Take Dr. Ravnskov's Anthony Colpo's and THINCS Refernces and Confront Your Doctor On Phony Cholestero
My boyfriend has a fever and is sick, what are somethings I can do to make him feel better? i feel so bad...?
Can somoeone help me with this blood pressure reading? can you tell me whether it is too high or too low?
Blood pressure 83 over 60. Heart rate 85 bpm. 24 year old femal. Why is my heart rate so high???
What causes Sars?
Chest pressure, please read and give input!?
Does Yahoo have congestive heart failure
Antibiotic cure for MRSA?
Does it take a long time to go back to normal pulse rate?
What are the diseases caused by mosquito bites, and how to prevent those? what are the preventive measures to?
Can elephants get elephantitis ?
I have hundereds of moles all over my body... I am worried about cancer, what should i look out for?
Can you get internal bleeding in your brain by smoking marijuana???
How come every single person you know almost has cancer?
Cancer and Bottled water?
Can anyone tell me what breast cancer feels like? I have a lump,under my arm,?
Anyone have any quit smoking tips. patch makes me sick and fast heart rate, drugs, no way. help?
How would the cure for cancer affect your life?
What part of your body is more cancerous and why?
Plz suggest me a good slogan on HIV AIDS........................
Why was AIDS so prominent among the Gay community in the beginning if..?
What could be causing my cough?
Help - I have tried a few times to give up smoking. Has anyone tried Zyban?
Can you help me?
What is primary pulmonary hypertension?
What specialty doctor should I go to for bronchitis?
Can I donate a lung to my mother?
Is swallowing phlegm bad for you?
Are roll ups worse for you than ciggerettes?
What does smoking cigarettes mean to you?
Do you think I have any kind of Cancer?
Is it dangerous!!????????????
I think i know the cure cancer?
Chemotheraphy vs. Radiation?
What country have the best breast cancer treatment?
Lymphoma is it rare or common?
Question about tanning?
How long does it take for a body to decompose after dying ?
Why do so many nonsmokers get lung cancer?
What is a good Thank You gift for a team of Oncology nurses and doctor who treated my Cancer ??
Would a reading above 120/80 will indicate high blood pressure,if man ran immediately and had blood pressure?
Health. Diffeculties Breathing?
My triclericide level is at 395.Am I prone to heart attack.I also have high BP?
What are the symptoms of CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM?
Is my blood pressure too low 91/53 at resting laying down?
Holiday insurance for person with cardiomyopathy?
Chest pain?
If I have a blood pressure of 135/56, what does that mean?
What's this burning feeling in my chest?
Why do I have high blood presssure when I'm only 21 and fit?
How do you spell the type of doctor for a patient with diabetes that sounds like en-uh-crin-ologist?
Where can i get a Free glucose meter and not join one of these diabetic clubs that you have to have medicare?
What happens when youre diabetic and you have sugar?
Fruit Sugar!?
Is it true that Diabetes can be caused from eating too much candy?
Blurry vision?
Is it possible to get diabetes if i eat like 4 puddings and 4 jello's a day, when theya re 22 g or sugar each?
Help my daughter is hypoglycemic?
Insulan pump decision (diabetics only)?
For diabetics who count CARBS?
Are you for or against stem cell research for a cure for cancer and why?
Does a chlorinated swimming pool kill the staff infection Mersa?
It's my engagement party soon and I was wondering if it's inappropriate to sell Breast Cancer awareness stuff?
There is a cure for West Nile Virus, right?
How can I heal my cancer soar?
Do you need to have a needle to go to Turkey?
What can you eat when you have diarrhoea?
Mom in law has stage 4 cancer?
Does this cause cancer?
How to detect gonorrhea?
Lately it feels like i have to pee but i just dont have to. Its somewhat of discomfort what can it be?
I can feel a lump...is it cancer? please help please????
Which of the following cause infectious disease?
Last night i had mild nausea and today i woke up with a soar throat what should i do what could this be??
Who has AIDS the most?
A very worried son that needs advice?
Why do more people have cancer nowdays than used to?
What are symptoms of parasites in humans
I've recently been experiening a strange discharge and my bf says he has one too. Could we have got an STD?
Is it safe to give a 4 year old............?
Fever will not go down..what do i do?
What is this lump on the back of my left leg?
I have bad breath how do i get ride of it?
I am 38 year male, my bp is regularly 110/70, i keep walking 6 km daily, my pulse rate is varying betwn 80-100
Blood pressure?
My Cholesterol is over 400 and I am 5'7 and 160 lbs. I am about to go on Satin drugs and worried about effects
Is there anything you can take at home for high blood pressure?
EKG test preparation?
My thyroid blood tsts show in at 2.69 is that high or low??
What are the benefits of fasting in Ramadan if any?
What could've triggered off a heart attack to a 15 year old boy? :(?
Heart testing and help needed understanding?
Is it true that researchers in Alberta, Canada have found a cure for cancer?
Having a light yellow color in the white part of your eyes is that something to see the doctor about?
Does Cancer Have a smell.?
Can a person live without colon?
Is there a cure or successful treatment for cancer?
Is there a typical size of a Cancerous Breast Lump?
19 year old bleeding from rectum off and on for 2 years..can it be colon cancer?
Where is cancer from?
What is survival rate for lung cancer that's spread to diaphragm & lymph nodes in neck & chest wall, stage IV?
What are best steps to lower high blood pressure?
At what age should you start taking an aspirin per day?
Is it anxiety or is there really something wrong?
Blood pressure reading?
What is the useful of viagra?
Help me please?
Blood Pressure?
How many asprin are you supposed to give a person having a heart attack?
12 year old girl has a heart attack in her sleep and dies?
Aspirin Therapy?
One of my oldest and dear friend has just diagnosed with lung cancer?
I have a bump on my head and some swollen glands on my neck none of them move and are very painful.?
My dad has bladder cancer, how can I be there for him in his time of need????
How many months or days will you know if your already infected with aids/HIV?
How do people die of cancer?
What is the effective drug for cure of herpes?
What should I do?
Does ultra sound show up cancers?
Would you go out with someone who had an incurable STD such as herpes, hepatitis or HIV?
I have just finnished my first chemo 2 weeks ago and my hair fell off. I was so devastated ?
How long can pot be detected on a drug test?
Lump in breast?
What does the word STD mean?
If you have a cold NOW, how long have you had it for?
What are symptoms of food poisoning?
My mom is taking interferon treatments for liver failure due to hepatitis C how will she feel?
Do you believe humans are viruses?
Do you think Kissing is Nasty?
Are cold sores contagious?
Can mesquitoes carry aids?
Scabies what causes it?
Who is the world most re-known nurse?
Why does red wine help prevent cancer?
I'm looking for a great fundraiser. I don't want it to be any kind of food. This is for Relay for Life
Wow, Cindy Crawford's post has gotten 2155 replies....?
When should I get a colonoscopy?
Are poeple aware that there is cure for terminal cancers?
Mother has liver cancer?
How do I stop smok?
What does cancer feel like?
Can you get cancer from using the microwave?
What could be wrong with me??
Anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of excessive phelgm in the throat?
Hi, I've tried everything to stop smoking, but I'm still smoking?
What SHOULDNT you do if your sick?
Spitting up blood in the morning!?!?
If somebody sometimes has trouble breathing and they don't have asthma, what's the problem?
I have copd and no insurance.?
I got a cold :(?
Is splenda sweetener not good for dibetic persons? Information published that it increases sugar level.?
Is it Okay for a non-Diabetic to eat diabetic foods?
Type One Diabetes !!?
What does it mean when a diabetic looks "poofy"?
How can one with diabetes take care of him/herself to avoid complications?
How serious is diabetes anyway? i want input from those who actually have it...?
Where can I find a web page about natural remedies for diabetes?
Is this okay?
My daughter is a diabetic age 40 and has no insurance. she lives in oc, ca.?
Diabetes Help?
My ex boyfriend (now)gave me herpes and recently i went out of town and i found out he slept with someone els?
Does anyone feel bad that they or someone else has diabetes?
Omg HELP ME!!!?
Did praying to God ever get rid of your STD?
How to cure tumour?
Don't you hate it when you take a shower, and then you take a dump?
How can you get breast cancer?
Payment help for meds for cancer?
Brain Tumor...if anyone can translate this for me, I am impatient waiting for appt with a neurologist...?
What to get my sister after her mastectomy?
Help?? Plz read this? personal Q?
I am concerned do i have cancer?!?
Is there such a thing as a full body scan to detect skin cancers?
Are breast cancer lumps supposed to hurt?
Community give me some home remedies for lowering your blood pressure.?
Is sinus arrythmea normal?? PLEASE HELP ME :'[?
What is hypertension?
What are some foods that can lower your cholesterol??
How likely is another blood clot whilst taking warfarin?
Can a person with high blood pressure play tennis?
Has any one else had gallstones and a hiatus hernia?
How did you lower your overall cholesterol?
What was the age of the youngest person to have a heart attack?
Does heart failure means death??
Breast Cancer Symptoms?
How long will a patient live if he/she is diagnosed with lung cancer at stage 4?
Is it possible for a 15 y/o girl who's been smoking for a year to get cancer?
My gf's mother has cancer and..........?
Please help me with ideas of items that I can place in care baskets for hospice patients..school project?
Why do people with cancer lose their hair going completely bald?
Do you think I should have kids if I have a disease that leads to colon cancer?
What is a cancer. How & why it grows? what are the solutions?.?
Polyps in colon?
What is the best way to tell your partner you have herpes?
How can STD's be prevented?
Have i got an STD?help!?
Can herpes be cured?
HIV negative parents - risk of me having it?
Who gave me herpes?
Is it still the drug companies fault that AIDS is widespread in Africa?
Are there any early signs of melanoma?
Is pre-cancer still considered cancer?
So how do you actually die with cancer?
Which stage of lung cancer is the worst?
Can eating burnt toast give you cancer?
My cousin and I are doing a walkathon for cancer and we need a short, catchy name. Any ideas?
Does aspartame really cause cancer?
Brain tumor questions....?
A cat scan shows I have a tumor on my left kidney. The doctor says it is about 90% chance it will be cancer.?
My sister daughter had breast cancer in left side and its in stage3. Left breast removed thru operation.?
I had a stress test?
Heart problems???
Which vitamins or minerals are good for heart palpitations?
Angina, what is it like, how frequent can you have attacks?
Ekg test????
Does anyone have a child with Kawasaki Disease?
I know some kids at my school,they come on here and pretend to be Nurses and Dr's.?
What supplements help with borderline high blood pressure?
Aortic valve replacement surgery?
Tuberculosis: Have you ever had this?
Is it normal to be depressed if you find out you have lupus?
Is snoring a disease if so what is the treatment?
Is it over for me?
Tb and immigrants?
How do you know if you have pneumonia?
What Do Your Lungs Feel Like?
Correct daily dose of Amoxycillin 500mg capsules for a chest infection? Any help?
Any home remedies for a cough?
Is it true that it's illegal for clinics to treat cancer in ways that will cure it in the united states?
Can you still get second hand smoke / cancer from pot smoke?
How to deal with my bffs little bro having cancer??
Can a liver with mets from colon cancer be trans planted?
Just had my testicals checked by the doctor?
What are some side affects to radiation treatment?
My sister has pancreatic cancer. She is in hospice. Diagnosed Dec. 2005. What are symtoms or signs of last day
After kemo will she be the same?
Can you get a disease from smoking weed?
What would you do if your best friend had cancer?
I want to know how to protect myself from catching herpes from another female living in the house with herpes?
How do you make yourself throw-up? i stick whole toothbrushes down my throat, but it just doesn't come up.
Does anyone know how long it's possible to have chlamydia without having symptoms in men and women?
Want to get tested for stds - how do i go about it and what do they do?
AIDS help?
As anyone had close encounters with dangerous animals?
What causes h pylori bacteria? How to treat it, prevent it and never get it again??? any ideas??
My neice is 1 years old she was running a fever?
Lately i notice that my eyes is quiet yellow.is it true that i hv liver problem?
Can i buy tetracyclin, erythromycin or azithromycin without a prescription if so where?
What happens if all todays antibiotics become useless?
How to prevent from madras eye?
Really, can alcohol kill?
A sad story, but the infection keeps coming back to me......?
Can i catch hiv or hepatitis from cleaning a bathroom ?
Does eating sausage (hot dog) and yogurt in the same day cause cancer?
What exactly is Cancer?
What is the best way to prevent cancer?
Lil' Sister came up, says she heard of a cancer cure with radio waves. Sounds far fetched to me. Know anything
True or False : Black people never get cancer .?
When did cancer start becoming more common?
Can lung cancer develop in trying weed once or twice just knowing im getting into highschool?
My grandad is in hospital having treatment because he has lung cancer?
Leukemia?!!!plx read?
My hubbie has high blood pressure (only 33 years old)?
When a person who has had a stroke do their nerves ever regenerate?
Heart attack?
I had my bypass in sept 2007 I am getting out of breath quite easy also my chest feels very heavy?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
What is this pain????????????
Why I can feel my heart stopping/pause?
Im doing a freakin report on atrial fibrillation will someone please give me sum facts or sumthin?
I just found that my heart valves have problem . i wont be able to get pregnant?
When is it ok to come off of hypertension medication?
Ok last week I went down on my boyfriend now my ex boyfriend he said he had been tested and was clean So?
What is HPV???
Hiv question?
My Girl friend is a regular weed smoker, while I'm not.Should I be worried about my health?
Cancer, where does the word come from?
Do black and milds harm your lungs like cigarettes do?
My doctor felt a lump on my breast, Mammogram and US are normal-now what?
Re: Patrick Swayze. If you had pancreatic cancer would you follow the western medicine recomendations ..?
Cancer question??
How do i help my friend raise money for her mom that has breast cancer?
I have cancer but they aren’t going to treat it yet. Does this make sense?
I had cancer 6 mo's ago now it's back and need another operation i am scared?
How do I waterproof an area of my skin?
Which part of the human body would produce the least disabling effects when shot by a single bullet from a gun
I can't touch my toes?
Do u have a broken bone now?
Is it normal to go number two and then have a drop or two of blood...?
Whats the most painful thing anyone has done to themselves?
Health experts only?
Can diabetics eat products with the sweetener, Splenda even though it is actually made from real sugar?
Why does mother...?
Which countries have the most diabetic people - just curious to understand the nature.?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of an insulin pump?
High Glucose?
My mother has Diabeties...?
Food that turn into starch (sugar) IM a diabetic?
What is normal sugar level for a woman in her early 30`s?
Diabetes Help?
How can i stop sleeping in office during working hours?
Smoking Withdraw?
Really bad cough, help i cant sleep?
If "everyone" smokes in europe how come everyone is not dying of cancer?
Does someone that was dignosed with leukemia survive?
Liver Cancer??
How To Get Cancer???
Teenagers....why do you smoke when you know how bad it is for you?
Breast cancer question.?
IS cancer a new disease in the society ?
After Chemo has anyone ever had a bald spot?
Why are people ignoring the fact that automobiles put out the same cancer causing chemicals as cigs but more?
Can you get HIV/AIDS through the mouth if you DO NOT have a cut in your mouth?
My boyfriend said he is a carrier for aids.?
Do i need to test for hiv..if i stick someones finger..using a finger stick.i did not use any gloves...?
This cant be good blood pressure....?
Is it true that when a blood test is done that doctors can detect if persons were exposed to HIV/AIDS?
Can you take asprin with plavix?
Can I quit taking hydrochlorothiazide suddenly if blood pressure is now normal?
Can someone help me with this question?
What causes a cycle of pounding heartbeats?
What does a Triple Heart By-Pass operation involve?
Can I use Viagra? I am taking Plendil 10mg,Enalapril 10mg,Lovastatin 20mg for Hypertention.?
Ok health pros, here's one for you. I take medication for HTN, .....?
Is it normal to have a follow up appointment after an echocardiogram?
Which of the following represents average blood pressure? - 120/80, 100/60?
Can doctors predict when your going to die? (if you have cancer?)?
What is the survival rate once diagnosed with lung cancer?
I have cancer of the breast...there is no tumor and never will be...I discovered a dimple and it is milignant.
Which is worse, hodgkins or non-hodgkins lymphoma?
My mom has cancer of the uterus. I'm having a hard time dealing with her situation. Our family and friends
Dose any body know a good charity that could help a little 3 year old with cancer?
A bit of advice for My grandfather who has stage 3 melenoma?
Does chemotherapy affect your brain?
Advice for coping with hospital boredom?
What does it mean when??
People that cut themselves with knives have to get tetanus shots?
Survival of HIV?
Can i get the help to the medecines to getride of the anger?
What is the Correct Way to Cough?
Can you get HIV from using a ear piercing gun?
Is it normal for your body temperature to drop while taking Prednisone?
What are the most common viruses that humans get?
What does♥♥♥?
Help with MRSA?
Can you combine tylenol and antibiotics?
Should I go get X-rays just to be safe??
How many times have you been shot?
I have to go to hospital. Alone or take a friend?
Is there a way to tell if you broke your ankle or just twisted/sprained it?
I Have been bleeding from my arm, for an hour.. Is that normal.?
Why does our funny bone feel so odd when we hit it?
Has any1 had a broken bone?
Which is worse.. a fracture or a break?
Stuck up bum. It really hurts, urgent help required?
I stepped on my curling iron! :[?
Do I have lung cancer?
If my grandmother had breast cancer, is it possible that i have it too?
This is probably a dumb question,but can sleeping in a bra cause breast cancer?
Can you die from eyelid cancer?
Do men also do breast examination?
Is chemotherapy really painful or just tiring?
This is a serious question. I have bowel cancer, and yesterday when I went for a 40 minutes run?
If you are a health care provider or a doctor, and you have a patient who attempt to die because of cancer.?
Apparently Kylie Minogue was initially misdiagnosed as being free and clear of breast cancer??
Possibly Colon or Stomach Cancer?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! i need serious help!?
Should all people with Hiv/Aids be buried alive?
Question about HIV?
Is a cold sore the same thing as herpes simplex 1?
Why did this guy with high blood pressure die?
Irregular heartbeat and discomfort in evening and nighttime....?
What would you do?
I am 26 years old and my blood pressure is 99/69. Is that normal? What does it mean?
How many chambers does a heart have??
After walking up a flight of stairs, my blood pressure reaches stage 1 of hypertension. Is this normal?
Heart rates?
My blood pressure ranges from 130/80 to 160/100. Is that normal?
When is blood pressure the highest ?
Who can i e-mail if i am having a heart-attack or other emergency and my phone isn't working (have broadband)?
Will my eyelashes grow back after chemo?
Masectomy or Lupectomy? my friends tumor was shrunk down to 9mm though chemo but dr. still wants the masectomy
Are these signs of a Brain Tumour?
Can anyone give advice on breast reconstruction?
If i inhale weed from a bong will it be as bad as smoking weed?
I'm afraid that i have breast cancer, somebody help plz? Im 13 by the way...?
The time is over...........?
Where did cancer come from?
How many cigarettes in a box of marlboro?
My mother has got seriously sick. Local doctors say it is Lymphoma.How can I help her to cure ?
Do i have bronchitis or pneumonia?
Is this a common pratice?
Why is tobacco (cigarettes) legal?
Can a pulmonologist tell if you have asthma by just listening to your lungs?
How should I treat persistent cough?
Do you have difficulty breathing when you drink cold water?
Guys - Im a Light Smoker (2 Cigrattes Per DAy, On AvERAGE). How Harmful is that..?
I dont have health care or a lot of money what would happen if I had a heart attack?
Why do I sometimes get heart flutters when my echo and ekg came back normal?
Does sleeping with mouth opened increases the chances of heart attack?
Moms Cholesterol is 219..Should I worry?
Riddle me this?
Panic anxiety attack will cause heart attack?
Stop Smoking?
Could I be at risk?
What can cause your triglycerides to get to 575? And it is not being caused by what i am eating.?
What would you do if a large hospital mistakenly put the wrong defib/pacemaker into the chest cavity of somone
How rare is it to be completely healed of cervical cancer without any treatment?
Does anyone know how I can get help to pay my rent and other bills while undergoing chemo?
Lukemia is it hereditary?
What are the chances this is Cancer?
Can male took depo provera?
?? important please answer?
Do you have to prove that cancer is a disability?
My grandfather and my father died from cancer am i likely to geti it too?
How do tumors become cancerous?
My cousin just had a car accident she fractured 3 bones in her skull and has air in her brain will she make it
HELP please? Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?
"Treating Diabetes with Exercise". What do you think about this article?
My coworker injured me while on the job. What should I do?
Type 2 diabetes?
Dr. says my A1c is good 5.4...?
Which is worst a broken bone or a fracture?
Pre Diabetis?
What's the worst injury you've suffered on vacation?
What Bones have you broken?
How long does a bruise last?
If you are not diagnosed with diabetes will you die?
My boyfriend is diabetic his doctor recently told him not to eat protein ?
Cant stop bleeding?
Why would we expect to find glucouse in urine of a diabetic?
How do i test for Ketones in my urine?
Bruised during blood test?
Question about Fasting Numbers?
I had the aids test and std test and all came negative. can i rest my head now?
How can you tell if a cut is infected?
Is there a risk of getting an STD if you stick your finger in a girl?
Not a STD but still. please read?
Can the AIDS virus be contacted through saliva.?
How can u know you preganant?
What is the best and fast treatment for sinusitis, please suggest , Thanks in advance?
How bad is the treatment for hepatitis c?
So a guy who has a deadly disease decides to travel all over the world after being told not to travel?
I got bit by a mouse, i'm not dead, details below?
Pancreatic cancer...?
How do you treat streep throat?
Why are hospitals so dirty? Hot dog manufacturers have to pass cleanliness by the BOH. Why not hospitals.?
Breast cancer?
If raw meat so often contains salmonella, e.coli, etc. that can make you sick...?
Have you heard of the 100 day flu?
What is a strep throat? Thank you for all your answers.?
Can you still get breast cancer if you've had a breast reduction?
Can you swim in a swimming pool which is in the area where an E. Coli bacteria warning has come up?Cary, NC?
Can a person with lupus catch mrsa?
Could i have cancer?
Women only please . i think i might have cancer, and i've researched it.?
Lump On Neck?
Why does quitting smoking reduce cancer risk?
Do i need to pre medicate for the dentist after a heart attack?
How common are heart arrytmias in women?
Is shortness of breath common after having 6 stints put in your heart?
Why does your heart stop beeping for just a second?
How does high cholesterol affect the heart?
Where is your heart.???!!!!!!?
How can you lower cholesterol numbers when a low fat, low cholesterol diet and aerobic exercise don't work?
How long should I fast before getting my cholesterol tested? My dr. appointment is at 9 am?
Do I need to go to the doctor (HeartRate)?
How risky is having an artery stent procedure?
I have just found small lump in my armpit?
Do all types of cancer causes you to lose your hair
Will a child of AIDS parents always contract the disease?
Would blood work be normal with cancer?
What is Smegma?
Lump in in my neck don't know what it sis but its worrying me?
What are the signs and symptoms of the HIV AIDS?
When a person who has cancer.........?
Can a laptop cause skin cancer?
If you wet a mole, does it increase the chance of your mole becoming cancerous?
Does anyone know what the life expectancy is for someone just diagnosed with lung cancer?
Lung cancer?
What is cancer y it comes to all good habit human also?
Would they tell me if i had a std or aids or hiv when they took my cholestoral?
Could it be cancer?
What is the cure to cancer?
Did HIV exist before the 1800s?
A quick cure for the flu?
Sore throat?help me now!! desperate?
Can asthma get worse when it snows?
Can smoking cause bronchitis?
What does it mean if your throat is REALLY sore with white stuff in one tonsil?
Why am I constantly coughing?
Hacking cough, fluid and sometimes blood?
Is there really a cure for Asthma? Please explain to me or advise me!?
Do I need a inhaler?
How can i keep my wife from snoring so i can also get some sleep?
Whats wrong with me????
What would you do, how would you spend your time if you learned that you had only six months to live?
Omg! i hit my hand on my pillloow really hard!?
Can you move your pinky finger only?
Can broken bones heal themselves?
What is the most painful accident that you have ever had?
I ate 30 thumb tacks, and now my stomach really hurts.?
HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?
I injured my Knee and it feels like its swollen when i bend it, do i need to go to the doctor?
My brother cut me on my nose and it looks really bad+ i got school tommrow?
Can eating food from the microwave cause you cancer??
What is the best medicine for cancer pain?
My friend just found out she has cancer?
I have a swollen lymph node on the back of my neck...?
Foods that would taste good during chemo?
Can changing your bodys ph level from acidic to alkaline really prevent cancer?
I am really short and and people make fun of me and i don't like it how do i get them to stop?!?
How do males catch aids from females>?.... it sounds like a one way st.?
Can you get the HPV virus and syptoms from the shot?
Did you guys know that 1 in every 5 people have Herpes?
Whats the safest position to avoid STDs?
Std ( signs)?
How do i go about getting chylamydia?
Despite being on coumadin therapy, my dad's blood keeps getting "thicker"?
I have recently stopped taking atenolol and lost 3kgs in weight. Is this normal?
High blood pressure?
Heart operation???
Does unhealth tooth / gum cause heart attack?
Can I get a second opinion from you?
What is the heart procedure called oblation?
Increased heart rate...?
Why is my heart skipping beats during exercise?
Wht causes heart beat irregularity??
My mother has lung cancer stage 3-can she make it?
Can i get an HIV test at my own GP surgery?
Does anyone know what CIN II of the cervix is? What is LEEP?
Being diebetic?
How to boil your toothbruth after mono?
Lump on neck, white in mouth?
Can sweets put a dibetic in a coma?
I know you have to take special care of your feet when you are diabetic. What do I need to know?
Why is it that the UK seems to be suffering from cow diseases disproportionately to the rest of the world?
Any one on here have a family member like bro.sis that died or parents ???
How is abone marrow transplant done?
Is there a 'clumsy' gene, and is it inherited?
My friend has infectious tuberculosis?
Infecting my self again?
Would you take Chemotherapy if...??
Wat to eat to prevent diabetes?
Too much sugar!!?
What is a perforated bowel???
My mom has been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer, how long can she survive?
Recommended food for cancer patient?
What is the best and quickest medicine for athlete's foot?
How can u tell if u have mumps! im 27 yrs old?
How many people die from tubercolosicouus?
Ok here it goes?
I accidentally ate a mosquito am I gonna get malaria?
Travel with insulin.?
My daughter was stopped at the checkpoint at the airport. She kept getting beeped. She went through several ti
Ive just read about an insulin pump Can someone please expalin more?
Hickeys And Cancer?
For people with chronic illnesses, what do you think is the worst part of your illness?
Results of my Echocardiogram? Can someone tell me what this means?
What do you do if you have a cancer sore in your mouth?
Do you agree with Kevin Trudeau, supporter of natural remedies in curing diseases?
Anyone ever have nerve damage?
Can stomach cancer develop without a previous gastric/peptic Ulcer(H.pylori infection)?
Life Insurance when you have cancer?
High cholesteral?
How can I help my mom?
My chest feels tight. My heart pounds. Is it anxiety?
Anyone dealt with pancreatic cancer?
What is the genuine survival chance of someone who has had breast cancer twice?
Are PVC's considered to be an Arrhythmia?
Big lumps on bikini line?
Just found out mother in law has stage 4 cancer. Can someone explain stage 4?
Why do I have panic attacks?
Chewing gum causes Tongue Cancer? Is that true?
Foods to avoid when you have cancer?
Heart attack????????
Do you get a runny nose with pneumonia?
I tried to hang myself a week ago, and now I'm having really bad, burning throat pains, what should i do?
Coughing up blood?
My 2 year old has had a cold for a week should I call the doctor?
How do i pierce my bellybutton myself?
For 3 months ive felt like ive got something stuck in my throat & a tight feeling accros my chest.?
HELP! What happens if i sniff glitter?
Omg im having a athsma atack right now i cant find my inhalor! what should i do?
How to mask smell of cigeretts?
My 3 year old hit head on concrete from 2 feet in the air. has big swollen bruise. Go to Hospital or not?
My first drag of a cigarette..?
I was having bad chest pains mainly when I took deep breaths in?
Keep finger from hurting tomorrow morning?
I am really scared, How can i stop my cough?
How to stop nose bleeding?
Help I was just in a car accident 30min ago can anyone help me with something?
Is it possible to donate just one of your lungs?
What has my mom done??? -_-?
Is my Boyfriend ok?????
Bob Marley and his Marijuana?
Your opinion: Is cancer a disability?
Is hodgkins lymphoma curable ? if its curable is that Expensive ?
Has anyone registered for becoming a bone marrow donor?
PLEASE HELP! How can i raise money for Beast Cancer Awareness??
Would you choose to enjoy your life even if the way you were living was killing you?
Can prostate removal cause pain below the shoulder on outer arm?
Does a streak of red blood on the surface of stool indicate some sort of irritation?
What are the chances of getting breast cancer again?
Canthere be of different sized breasts?
How can i get Harpies?
Blood Test vs. Swab Test?
Are herpes and gental warts the samething?
Herpes Question?
If your a parent with HIV/Aids. Would and when would you tell your child he/she has the Virus?
I Have A Friend With Cancer?
Ok so I have been told by my doctor that I have cervical cancer stage 1, should I go ahead and get pregnant?
My dad was just diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, he is 65, I need answers please?
My dad had lung cancer 7 mos ago now scans reveal "multiple lung nodules"?
Can prostate cancer causes death?
What is a cure for cancer worth?
Anyone know about cancer?
Throat Cancer??
How do you deal with cancer?
Is this a healthy blood pressure?
If a person were to take Nitroquick and not have pains in their chest, what could happen?
My blood pressure was 140 over 80. Is this high?
Can people who are thin still get diabetes?
What's the deffernt between diabetes [email protected] 2?
Can you control Type 2 diabetes with just excercise and diet?
Is there something wrong with my girlfriends glucose meter ?? please help!!!?
A ice tea is good for diabetes?
What's being done in regards to finding a cure for type 2?
How long can you have diabetes (type 1 or 2) without knowing ?
I'm so worried...My mother has diabetes?
Can stress make my blood sugar level go up? I am a diabetic under enourmous stress.
Bought a blood sugar monitor today?
What ia a hematologist?
I have an urgent question.?
How to go about a gluten free diet for ADDw/inattentiveness????
Breast cancer?
When the Goverment knows there is a cure for cancer! why hide it for profit of cancer drugs and reserch?
Why can't I eat dairy products or gluten?
How can you stop breast cancer?