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About my nose, Serious answers only please...?
What's Wrong With My Eye?
Need help...my father may be allergic to an ingredient.?
My nose gets dry very often?
How do you know if you're allergic to wheat?
Can you just suddenly become allergic to something?
Why am I allergic to just one of my cats?
Can I get an STD (HIV) from messing around with a virgin partner?
What would you do if your partner refused to get tested?
More then once i have notice my new girlfreind scratching her privates. Does this mean she could have STD?
Lactose Intolerant?
PLEASE HELP !!! What do i do?
My 8 y o son suffers from allergies 24X7 - What can we do?
I have serius running nose problem?
Strange AlLergic Reaction...?
Stuffy nose for long time. Possible allergy?
Any1 lost a significant other,and want so bad to be with them,u think about suicide?help please?going crazy?
Is it ok to take a decongestant tablet with a nasal spray?
Please someone help me, to help my husband?
If i just randomly cough up something, and its tannish with a rubbery substance and it smells horrible.?
What is common to the following foods? Cashews, dark chocolate, fried chicken?
A few questions regarding Metformin?
Do you crave food that you are allergic to?
Can you get diabetes from this?
Can weight lead to diabetes?
I have gestational diabetes.... they gave me a carb count.... But Can i have sugar free stuff and no effect my
Both of my big toes are numb, whats wrong with them?
Is BREAST CANCER @ STAGE 3, be controlled or cured?
Is 14 to young to get Breast cancer?
My dad has cancer and i need someone to talk to?
I accidentally shave my mole in my lips.. is it dangerous? they said it is cancerous..?
With all the Pink products out there for Breast Cancer Month, how much actually goes to the cause?
What classification of lung cancer leads to brain tumor?
Chewing tobacco vs. cigarettes?
How do you get rid of hemorrhoid's , can it turn into cancer?
What to do follow up?
Has anyone had a "QUIN" heart by pass, this involves 5 arteries being replaced. PLEASE SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY.
Should i get off adderall?
What is malnutrition?
What is cardiac arrest/?
For Medical Pros or Advanced Med Students ONLY - Preferable CARDIAC Specialist(s)?
Can somebody please tell me about heart palpitations?
How do I deal w/ this?
Will he live long ( 2 major heart attacks, 1 minor)?
How can you increase low blood pressure?
What are the symptons of high blood pressure?
Theres a dead mouse in the ceiling above my desk at work and it STINKS! Could breathing it in hurt me?
The law regarding sickness from work...advice please?
I drank an x-large monster energy and a regular sized can of monster yesterday, now i feel like this...?
Do you smoke?
What is a good way to sooth a cough?
How do I get rid of a cold without drugs?
I cant sleep!?
Can i die from smoking for 4 years?
I know your not GP's, but here is a question about smoking?
If a female age 30 with perfect health suddenly get Hepatitis C positive then what should she do now?
Does anyone know how to cure or treat hepatitis B?
Is there a cure for mad cow disease?
Would you blow your nose in someone else's kleenex?
My mom dosent remember if i got chiken pox so do you think it is safe for me to get a vaccination at 14 years?
Bowel Obstruction?
I have Chronic Hepatitus C. I have known for 12 years.Is it going to kill me and when?
My Son Was Biten.?
What are Scabies?
Whats the best way to ask the one u r sleeping with if or not he's had STD before?or been tested?
What is the " STD " please?
Does hpv stay with you for life?
Im so scared Why is my pee red?!?!?!HELP!?
Can you get AIDS from someones spit.?
I would like to know if you could have herpes for quite awhile before your first outbreak of blisters?
Is it possible for both man andwoman to catch somehting from a hot tub?
Does anyone know where to find info on heart cancer?
Blood pressure? is 121/80 good or bad? and why and how can you tell?
Can you have a normal ECG but an abnormal chest Xray?
Rapid heart rate, breathing rate. Causes of this increase?
Bob Dyland just got rushed to hospital?
Management of renal calculi?
Anything Wrong With Slightly Elevated Pulse After Being Active?
What are the symptoms of an abdominal aneurysm?
What can a person with edema eat?
Why? I'm still young?
Can you get herpes if someone with a cold sore goes down on you?
How can having a lot of partners, make you at a higher risk at getting infected with aids?
How do i know if i have herpies?
Have you ever discovered a medicine for an AIDS patient?
I get relatively severe headaches after eating anything.?
Blood Type?
What are the main dangers of diabetes ?
What should a diabetic do when her sugar is 488 when testing?
I am a diabetic and my glucose runs 140 to 240 usually..why do I feel hypoglycemic at anything below 120?
Am I At Risk For Diabetes?
How did the myth formulate around diabetes by it being caused through consuming to much sugar?
I,ve been told that i have borderline glaucoma how do i prolong this or stop it from happening?
What type of Specialist should a Diabetic man see?
Have you herd of morgellons?
How do you dodge the flu?
How is syphilis spreaded?
My husband is really sick. help?
How long do you remain contagious after beginning antibiotics for a cold?
What bacteria can cause diare?
Can u get bacterial tonsillitus if you have no tonsills ?
Are there any flu types going around that were not in the vaccine?
How long does the symptoms of mono (weak&fatique;) stay in your system for...years?
Sore throat?
How to give up smoking ?
Does lung tissue repair itself ?
What's the remedy for a bad cough due to something that's kind of tickling my throat.?
Second hand smoke problem , any method to "fix" my body?
List things that are harmful to the lungs?
Severe asthma relief.....?
Best cough medecine?
Does this sound like heartburn ???
I have asthma. When I go to lay down I have a coughing fit and can not breathe. What should I do?
Is this a Heart attack or.....?
The Dr is still not happy with my cholesterol and triglycerides?
If u had a serious accident and had severe bloodloss, how does the loss of blood reduce the blood pressure?
What would cause numbness in left hand and part of arm?
What are the causes of squeezing chest and left arm pain with normally low blood pressure?
I had a heart murmur when I was a baby, what are the chances it will come back again?
Did You Know If You Are Healthy , You MUST SPRINT TOO And Not Just Walk For A Stronger Heart?
Could i have a heart arrhythmia?
Bypass Heart Surgery?
I am general physcian wanna start hospital?
Ladies only! is there different shapes of the vulva?
How long does a person diagnosed with HIV typically have to live?
Do gay get aids?
Blood Pressure - 155/ 94?
High blood pressure....is this normal?
If someone died suddenly, how can I tell if it's a heart attack or stroke?
Can i make love to my girlfriend who have weak heart condition?
Chest pain while walking? Please help!?
If you have aortic valve stenosis can you ride the roller coasters?
I recently was prescribed a low dosage of Atenolol for slightly high blood pressure...?
How to cope from a broken heart?
Do men give hpv to women or women to men? or it doesnt matter?
Is there a cure for HIV/AIDS?
Does AIDS really stand for Anally Injected Death Sentence?
Symptoms as follows: Thirsty all the time, can stop peeing, headache for almost a week straight....?
Is it okay for a diabetic to eat a diet high in calories, while watching out for carbohydrates and sugars?
PLEASE ANSWER urgent medical stuff?
Is INSULIN a supplement or a drug for a diabetic?
Diabetic with an infected tattoo?
Help on Diabeties levels please.?
Why is it that when I eat a meal I still continue to have hunger pains?
Question about my blood sugar??
Is 200 mg/dL for blood glucose normal after a meal as long as it eventually goes down?
I need a pharmacist to help me out--very severe!!?
I have a cold so can i smoke?
I mean for real,it,s it true cigarette's and tobaccos kills?
I need help finding whats wrong?? Bronchitis Or Upper respiratory infections have giving me prob all my life ?
Tightness in chest, chest pain and shortness of breath. What could this be? I went to look a house yesterday?
Compared to the air we breathe in, does the air we breathe out have more or less oxygen, carbo diox n nitrogen
I have a chest infection and its bad i called my doctor for an appointment they said they are fully booked?
Quit smoking?
What else can I do with my child's asthma?
Irregular Heartbeat?
I have a fuzzt feeling in my chest followed by dizziness, belching, indigestion what could it be?
My 14 year old son died 2 yrs ago of a coronary artery anomaly that was not detected even though he had tests?
What if someones heart beats 180 times per min?
My blood pressure was 112/56 and my pusle was 109 is this ok?
55-60 heart beats per minute. Is this normal?
Is Everyone Aware Of This Little Known Fact?
What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?
Waiting on lab results....ewwwww..i'm nervous?
Is lymphoma curable?
My boyfriend and his smoking ARGH?
HELP..I have a lump in my left breast.....?
Blood tests and showing signs of cancer?
Brain tumor?!? i'm scared.?
My mom might have cancer?
Is there going to be any possible cure for cancer some time soon?
My grandmother is losing her hair from chemotherapy. Is there anywhere I can donate my hair for a wig for her?
Can deep kissing and saliva exchange with hiv positive person can infect a person with hiv virus ?
I had the flu yesterday, but now i feel absolutely fine except i still have the runs, am i still contageous?
Sore throat?
What wrong with being bored?
How can I protect myself from the remaining .01% of germs?
How is Staphylococcus Aureus infection treated?
How do deal with a herpes outbreak?
HIV question, will you help?
If I have an illness that causes nausea....?
How the heck do you get a yeast infection???
How do you get a bladder infection?
Well this happen to me?
Should I call the health department or something?
How can I prevent calcium and plaque buildup in veins & arteries?
What are the consequences of low blood pressure?
I I'm 30 weeks pregnant and keep having heart pains then so I go to sleep then when I wake up my nose be bleed
Heart murmer causing causing me to become out of breath quickly?
I just started taking lisinopril ..can i drink alcohol with it ??
Would a fit cyclist (age 50) have high blood pressure simply his heart is that much stronger than normal ?
Chest pain in 18 year old?
My arms fall asleep everynight and when I lay them by my side, below my chest the sensation of my arms return?
Does your heart ever skip a beat is it normal?
Is there a natural cure for herpes?
Would you date someone with an STD?
Should people who DO NOT have HIV be allowed to counsel people with HIV?
Why should we treat AIDS?
Why isnt magic johnson dead after having AIDs for 15 years?
High cholestrol?
If 1/2 half of all Americans are dying from cholesterol clogged arteries and ?
If I am 43, with mild ED, does that mean I will have a heart attack soon?
Blood Pressure....?
I am 21 and have mitral valve prolapse, my med. doesnt seem to be working, and my symptoms are worsening. help
Can drinking too many energy drinks give you a heart attack?
How much money does it cost to see a ♥ Doctor?
High blood pressure?why?
Heart problems in family?
Have you ever urinated blood? Is it my kidneys?
I don't understand?
Does Cinnamon help control blood sugar?
Can a seizure cause high blood sugar?
My granny's mscles hve lst strngth, n she has severe balancing problem,she hs diabetes wch is nw undr ctrl ?
Is Diabetes a genetic disorder?
I am diabetic patient (male) taking insulin. What is the natural remedy for ED (Erctile disfunction)?
Smoking sugar....very curios..?
Diabetes and bdsm?
My dad is diabetic?
I am quitting smoking, and I want to start running, but I can't breathe. How long til I get my lungs back?
Starve a fever--feed a cold, but what if you have both?
I quit smoking after 5 years. Is there anything that I can actively do to aid my lung repair?
How about second hand Smoke it kills?
Was asbestos commonly used in plaster walls and ceilings years ago?
Can fish suffer from Asthma?
Why is every thing blamed on smoking?
Is it okay to eat 'Mixed Nuts' while you have the cold?
Could I have Pneumonia?
Can you recommend a good over-the-counter cough suppressant that WORKS?
Mouth sores.. what could this be?
Is it possible to get aids if you share a bottle of sunscreen?
Are we ever going to find the cure for AIDS?
Ever had mono?
Why does the flu keep coming back every year?
Do I have strep throat?
Am feeling cold?
Is it ok to drink alcohol 3.5 weeks after mono (mononucleosis)? It's my rush week at a big drinking college?
I have had the flu 3 times in 2 weeks any suggestions?
Just as Thrush lives in the Colon, where does Herpes ................?
Why hasn't our Government warned about the dangers of spreading Tuberculosis through spitting?
A doubt in sickle cell anaemia..... anyone can clarify it soon.....?
What foods can my husband eat to lower cholesterol?
Big indent in my chest.?
What happens if you do CPR on someone who has a pulse?
What is cardiovascular disease?
How serious is it if you have plaque arteries in your heart?
With toilet paper soaring to $10.35 for 12 rolls?
Why does my Heart hurt when i breath?
Should I do it or not?
What is abdominal aorta aneurysm?
We have sent money to africa for years to stop disease, killing and starvation - why has it not stopped?
My friend has just got Scabies! I don't really nkow what it is. Can anyone help as my friend won't tell me?!!
In how many way does HIV can get?
Diabetic diet?
Are you following a specific type of diet?
What is the normal blood sugar level?
Just to be sure. If a prescription says take ONCE DAILY is that 12 hours or 24???
Any specialist diabetes professionals out there?
How to Control Diabetes?
If my friend is taking 2 pills a day for diabetes?
Why do I shake 2/3 hours after eating breakfast?
Best glucose monitor?
I keep waking myself up snoring,heeeeeeeelp?
Why do u like the soaps so much?
I want to start jogging but I have asthma should I?
Deviated Septum?
Is hepatitis desease a genetic factor? factor?
My dad is 59 years old and a smoker. Lately he has been complaining of having a hard time breathing.?
Hi I am 37yrs married I have a problem of snoring and that effects my wife during sleep.pl help me out.?
What is the best nasal spray or tablets for a bunged up nose?
If i do have a chest infection or throat infection, that hasn't cleared in two weeks, should i see a doctor
What are some symptoms of ovarian cancer?
Please help ,Pancreatic Cancer?
Heart cancer?
Help Cancer Question!!!!!!?
What are the names the major types of cancer in men, women and children?
Is cancer hereditary? i am so d**n worried... please sooth me..?
Breast cancer or harmless lump?
I have heard that there is no link between smoking and cancer...?
Does brain cancer make?
I need a shoulder to lean on please? Pancreatic Cancer?
How long is tonsillitis contagious?
What is the best food for crones?
How do you get a Staph Infection?
Dizzy...i need help...please..?!?!?
What are the symptons of flu?
Does anyone know of any home remedies for strep throat?
What will happen if you take a liquid atibiotic past the discard date?The antibiotic is Erythromycin?
Sunburn type rash and flu symptoms????
What is psorasis ? is it infectious? Is there any permanent cure for it?
I am sick i have a fever and i have some blisters on my body sore throat and i have some swallowing @my ear?
Can you get an STI from trying on a swimsuit?
How often do you get yeast infections?
Can STDs cause infertility?
Can you get aids from spit.?
Would the red cross contact you if you gave blood and something was wrong?
Is there any chance to get HIV aids by just sharing a cigerette.?
I was raped and now i have an std. Is my life over?
If a mosquito bit a person who was H.I.V Positive and then bit you would you contract the virus?
Have you ever caught a STD?
One hell of a dry cough! HELP!?
Help me!(You need to know about asthma to answer this question)?
Does Vicks Vapor rub help with cracking of the feet ?
My boyfriend suddenly came down with something. He has been having the hardest time breathing.
Im so worried?
Is anyone else giving up smoking?
Should i see a doctor?
Do i have hypothyroid?
What do you all think of this no smoking these days?
Sore throat?
I'm a diabetic and i was wondering if there is any other diabetics on here that have noticed how much a small
Should my dad go to the ER?
Is ok for somone with diabetes to drink Naked Juice?
How can you tell if you are Hypoglycemic?
Parents of or people with Type 1 Diabetes...How do you....?
Explain the process of acquiring type II diabetes mellitus.?
I am having diabetic type 2 i want to ask some times in night i am passing urine more than two times.?
How often do you change your lancettes??
How did you feel when your doctor told you that you had Diabetes?
I have high blood sugar how do I go about lowering it I feel tired all the time?
Can you really be scared that your heart stops?
Im 31 and suffering from high cholesterol ..infact my whole family is suffering from this disease?
DOCTORS/HEALTH PROFESSIONALS/ANYBODY: pls help me with this situation regarding heart/ cardiovascular problem?
Why exersice is important?
Congestive Heart Failure?
What is a normal blood pressure for a 19 yr old?
CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) is a open heart surgery or closed heart surgery?
Is there anything I can do today -- right now -- to reduce my risk of heart attack?
Is my blood pressure high/low/normal?
Does drinking coffee cause heart disease?
Is it ok to kiss some one with really bad herpes?
I gave my boyfriend a STD, was I wrong?
Can I get a STD if I stimulate a girl's Grafenberg spot and she ejaculates in my face?
What different between AIDS and HIV?
How do u find out if a person is hiv postive? can u get list of people in your area?
Is there something you can put in water to disinfect it?
Would this bother you?
Is ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) a hereditary condition?
Son has bacterial infection in cheeks?
What is heart attack?
My son has worms?
Cholesterol level pls help?
What is cardiac arrest?
What is Hepatitis C?
Has anyone had treatment for left bundle branch block of the heart?
If a patient is been tested H.I.V?
Used the same lipstick (Could I have AIDS or something)?
What are some symptoms after a stroke?
Dead mouse on me?
1 time needle sharing?
What brand of fish oil is best and of highest quality?
Can you catch aids from spit or kissing?
What's normal value of LDL and VLDL? How to control it?
How much does an open heart surgeon earn?
I was bit by a spider do I have to go to the hospital??
Do you think there will be a cure for aids?
Can a guy get a yeast infection?
Type 1 Diabetes?
Do you think I have diabeties?
Can diabetics pass out from insulin shocks?
Does anyone know if an airline would employ as cabin crew an insulin diabetic? ie 12 months controlled diabeti
My husband has diabetic episodes periodically. How can I trust him with our newborn child when I'm not around?
Does anyone know of a good sugar free protein bar ?
Is sugar free Ice Cream really O.K to eat if you have to watch your sugar level's?
How can u get diabetes other than inheritance?
Are there any foods or drink that will help bring high sugar levels down?
Having a heart attck?
Can someone live after their heart stopped beaTING for 15 minutes?
Will most health insurances require that an aortic aneurysm > 4.5 cm before paying for surgery?
How do i get my blood pressure to lower?
How can you lower your blood pressure?
Can you tell acurately if a child has high blood pressure?
Weak heart?
What are the treatments for heart disease?
Malignant Hypertension like myself?
What is the best best to have a Cardiac arrest?
What is the cause of Nose Bleeding (no cuts nor injury on the nose), and the best remedy to stop it.?
I have the Flu, and my right nostril is severly cloged. What are some ways to unclog it so i can sleep 2night?
I have been having chest pain for a few days now, off and on...any suggestions?
By inhaling paint can i get lead poison ? is one of the symptom nausea?
I have missed so much school due to a cold and have so much to copy up but am still so ill... Help, please?
My son has asthma, he coughs his head off everynight, nothing seems to help. Does anyone know what could help
What are the health effects of smoking, apart from death?
Is there any proper medication for high blood pressure?
Lung function test?
Please please help-Nausea!?
Can u get herpes by getting in the tub with someone?
Can antibiotics clear up herpes ?
Moral relationship issue dealing with disease?
Where do i find online pictures of herpes i am scared Thai i have it either type 1 or2?
I dont know why im so scared to find the truth of my sickness?
Can a dr hold back and not give original test results to patient?
Swelling in the heart what may be the reason and what will be theconsequences?
Is red meat bad for the heart?
What factors contribuates to heart attack? and how to prevent any future problems?
Fast beating heart promblems!!
My mom died in the hospital three weeks ago.Doing CPR the staff only used electric shock on her once.?
Blood pressure normal?
Help me urgently?
My dad has congestive heart failure and takes water pills to keep the fluid down,should he?
Symptoms of strep?
Ive had Strep for 2 months. Am i missing something?
I got the flu shot for the last three years, should I get one this year? I really don't want to.?
Is bar soap self cleaning? Or does it carry germs, viruses, bacteria, or fungi spores from the previous user?
How long does a tetnus shot last and booster?
Chicken Pox...?
What are the benefits of the flu vaccine?
In Dec 06 my Dr told me I had a virus and that it would run its course and go.?
What can this be?
I have yeast infection .. i think! is there any home remedy? is it curable? any side effects if delayed?
Can you get HIV from sharing a toothbrush??
Can you get gornorreah by kissing?
Does diabetes make you moody?
A diabetes question?
What is considered the opposite hormone of insulin?
Metformin and Glipizide?
How do I handle feelings when a teenager is diagnosed with diabetes?
Question about diabetes..and foods!?
Why are people so ignorant about type one diabetes?
How some people with diabetes lose limbs?
Why can't a diabetic survive as a carnivore?
You know anyone over 500 pounds?
What are the symptoms for pneumonia?
Have sleep apena, I have the full face mask, and my face breaks out. Is there anything I can do for this?
Can anyone recommend how to stop smoking (cigarettes)? What worked for you?
Will it work? - Quitting smoking?
What to do when told your x-rays of lungs are black?
What are some of the things a person should NOT to if they have emphysema?
Why do I have allergy if I did not have it during the winter time?
Why do people cough in my presence?
What is that condition where the person has breathing difficulties breathing when sleeping?
Why are gay men more likely to contract an STD/HIV than others?
Why cant the HIV virus be killed ?
How long do you have to live after having aids??
About Herpes?
Is it possible to contract an STD,STI, or HIV/AIDS by swallowing?
Does your partner have to have an STD for you to get one?
Tongue Kissing?
I had a ECG a couple of weeks ago that showed my heart was fine, beating a little fast , but i have a big fear
What are the symptoms of Angiana?
Low Blood Pressure Upon Standing?
Sudden accelerated heart beats? i'm not scared or under stress.. why?
How long does it take for a blood clot to clear.?
Why do we use salt and sugar?
83 year old father had heart attack recentiy?
Is there any homeopathic medicine to reduce cholestrol?
My mum suffers with high cholesterol but takes cod liver oil for her joints,is the oil doing any harm.?
What are those ppl called?
Prayers Plz!!!!?
If someone passes gas, and you smell it, does any of the stank get into your bloodstream?
Cna you get hiv from french kissing?
Is it common for toddlers to get a fever after they get the flu shot for the first time?
Question about MRSA?
I have a really sore throat and a high temperature! What should i do to....?
What do you call that diarrheal disease when you have watery white stool?
Help i dont wanna get sick?!?!?
Can you catch a cold from being cold, or going outside in the rain with no shoes?
Has any female out there ever steped on something and crushed it?
My boyfriend has Hepatitis C, where can I take him for treatment?
What do you think of my low blood sugar video?
Is it safe for a person that is diabetic to take diet pills?
Sugar Check?
Are people with diabetes thirsty all day long?
Is it safe for a diabetic to use a hot tub?
Question is about honey...?
Is it a bad idea to use expired test strips?
Side effects of diabetic medications?
I have diabeties and i was wondering if the first time you get a pump does it hurt?
I am a kid but real fat about 145 pounds?
What are my realistic chances for staying alive for ten or more years now?
I have a pain in my Heart for some days, and mostly i think when i am tired. It is really bad?
Low blood pressure?
If your heart is broken what is remedy?
Ok here it goes. I was drinking coke zero and like 3 sec later i got like a pin like pain like on my heart but
Is a cholestrol level of 5.8 high and what is a good level?
Anyone else??!!! High blood pressure at 23???
Heart attack?
Am I a hypochondriac?
Can a person get heart attack with absolutely normal blood pressure.?
Can you catch HIV even if he did not ejaculate in me?
Is pneumonia an acute or chronic infection?
What kind of Doctor should you see for lung disorders?
What is the meaning of sinus arrythmia?
Are there any possible ways to get HIV by holding someone hand and putting it in your mouth.?
Always taking my inhaler...nothing seems to help my asthma...any1 had sucess kicking chronic bronchitis/asthma
Can you drink alcohol with prednisolone (a type of steriod)?
Does having reaccuring boils have anything to do with stds?
Does insurance cover the cost of a CPAP machine?
Help health problems and don't want spend money on a doctor.?
Does HPV Clear Up By Itself?
How can i quit smoking?
If you are a none smoker but are around with ppl thats smoke does that make you a 2 hand smoke?
Will i pass my drug test?
Should I go to the doctor or wait and see?
My son was a 100.9 is he has a fever?
She is HIV positive she take some medicine everyday doctor said virus are low can she get cured for some years
My daughter who is now 24 had Glandular Fever as a child.?
Family guy?
Worms in the stomach?!?
Does the NHS give free medical care to foreignors??
Can a body work with 1 kidney,still having the one not working,in your body?
How high does you temperature have to be for it to be considered a fever?
Is there any disease or infection that you CAN catch from a toilet seat?
I am positive the man I had a close relationship gave me HPV, should I tell him?
Can I contract HIV from a girl spilling her period juices on my leg?
Is herpes contagious?
I found out this monday that I have high blood pressure. what is the best way to lower it?
I can't seem to get my diastolic BP lower than 96-100.?
Loved One with Infected heart valve, needs Pace maker, has Diabetes, had 2 strokes?
Mild heart pain that comes and goes.?
What is ECG?
Wich tests should be done to encounter a heart murmur?
Feels like a heart attack?
Im a having heart problems?
Heart attack or anxiety?
Wat is aortic aneurism?
Diabetic thirstiness. Immediate relief for intense thirstiness?
Ok im getting different answers, tell me is banana good with treating constipation or does it make it worse??
Diabetes Question and Concern--Please Advise
What is the best and easy diet to follow?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
Stopping diabetes before its to late?
Is your life expectancy shorter if you have type 1 diabetes
My sugar was 590 how can i bring it down now?
I'm 16 and my blood sugar was 42 an hour after eating. How bad is this?
Would one year of smoking a pack a week damage my lungs or any other part of my body seriously?
Someone please help!!!!!!!!?
How to get husband to smoke outside?
How do you cure cough?
How do you cough up mucus?
Your suggestions for sinus troubles.?
What is it with SOME white guys (of all ages) and noisy nasal breathing and/or whistling noses?
I keep getting hiccups?
Does anybody know any home remidies for asthma i cant afford inhalers?
How to stop the series of attacks?
How did Aids start off?
Can you catch stds by wearing the same underwear as someone who has one... even if they have been washed??
How do you cure a yeast infection? please help!!!!?
Is it true that a guy can be a carrier for the HPV virus and have no symptoms?
When you donate blood through the red cross, do they test is for h.i.v?
Why doesn't someone invent something to take into hospital to check the cleanness of your bed and surroundings
Is 102.3 a high fever?
Staph disease MRSA?
What can I eat while having Strep Throat?
I had the mumps twice this year Last year I had them a few times I get them every year what should i do. im 12
I have ababy his age is six monthes he has a mucous and E.coli in his stool culture how can i treating???
First aiders: what's the correct way to deal nosebleeding?
How can I help my cold?
Does allergy's make you have fluid in your ear?
Is there a over the counter remedy for allergies to dogs and cats?
How do i stop nose bleeds from reoccuring?
Can mold in the house cause pink eye?
Why do I get a stuffy nose & red, watery eyes nearly every night and ONLY at night?
Allergies causing a 4 week ear infection in adults?
How to stop sneezing in the morning?
Allergies or sinus problems?
Help with allergies?
Thallium? is it untraceable?
I am on metoprolol. And dizzy. Can I stop the meds cold turkey?
Is it true,consumption of alcohol is cause of increasing HDL cholesterol? if yes how much daily after CABG?
Low blood presure what causes it?
Is there any medician for low blood pressure. this is from last 3years my age is 34.?
What is inferior wall ischemia?
My boyfriends heart problem?
How would i know if i have cholesterol???
Artificial stint (heart surgery)?
Is it possible to become pregnant by an HIV positive male and not get infected?
Is it illegal to give someone an STD on purpose..even if you hate them?
Coldsores after kissing?
IS it possible to get an STD from an un infected person?
Can you help me?
Last night i found it hard to breath, i have hayfever & ezcema, could i also have asthma?
What's the best way to beat a sinus infection?
Is this true asthma??
Is drinking worse than smoking?
I just smoked 3 cigarretes at once?
Is there any remedy to control snoring?
Name one anti-inflammatory used in asthma treatment?
Coughing, yellow phlegm, what's wrong with me?
What are the benefits of stoping smoking?
Weird groaning sound when I breathe - what could it be? Should I be worried?
Diebetes Meds?
Eating Nuts,healthy for a person having Diabetes?
What could i eat....?
Is an A1C test result of 6 good?
What are the most common ways to diagnose diabetes?
I,m a diabetic on metformin and suffering with muscle cramps what might be causing this?
Does injecting insulin work better in the arm, leg or stomach- or are the results the same?
I have diabetes, when i exercise, my blood sugar numbers go really high, why??
What does the pancreas do?
Is true that apple can really help reduce the bodys sugar content, thereby reduce the risk of diabetes.?
Anyone lactose intolerant??
Wat is the best alergy medicine?
How do I spew up my food?
Can you spontaneously go from being mildly allergic to something to very allergic?
Could I be allergic to tampons? What caused this allergic reaction?
I am allergic to latex?
What is a Yeast Infectio?n?
Am i allergic to chocolate ?? HELP.
If you are allergic to latex would you break out just from touching it with your hands?
Has anyone had ablation for arrythmia?
Info on Pacemakers?
I have visible left sided chest and shoulder veins accompanied by chest pains.what could this be?
Has anyone ever watched a family member, die?
What is Tetra of Fallet?
Stress Test? I'm 44 with an exceptional blood test outcome. Why the automatic push?
IS MY HEART nomal ???? please help?
190 blood pressure, what to do?
I feel like i have pain shooting through my heart.Any advice?
Can a normal routine blood test checkup pick up hiv? without having an actually hiv test?
Is Itchiness is a symptom of a STD? I have itchiness in my legs during nightitmes ....?
HIV from urine on a toilet seat?
If you had an STD and/or STI, what would it be?
Stupid ? but, does it cost around 800$ for a doctor to check for STD's??
Stomach sickness children?
Should i workout if i have shingles...?
What is a Phlebotomy?
Diarrhea, low grade temp. lasting for 3 months, or longer, what could it be?
I have food poisoning! How long will it last? And how do i make it go away faster? Please sincerely help me!?
I have sore muscles all over but didn't work out. Now my hubby does too. Could we have some sort of a virus?
I have flue at the moment, have missed some days from work, but want to go back, what should I do?
What kills a fever or atleast makes it better??
My daughter has whooping cough? or so says the Dr.? She does cough a lot but can whopping cough mimic the flu?
Blood pressure220/90 what to do?
Am I having anxiety right now?
Are heart murmurs dangerous?
My son is 11 and has a consant problem with mucus. nose,chest, ears and sometimes the eyes.?
Skin allergy tests.?
What would be the cause of an active 19 yr. old to have a heart attack?
Once your blood vessels got dirty(which i mean blocked.) there's no way to clean it out. is it true?
My wife has been asking about adema?
Anyone had heart valve replacement surgery before?
Hello!! my 2 1/2 year old boy is allergic to the WHEAT!!!?
Does anyone have children that often get hives?
How do I stop snoring?
26 yr old Female with LDL (Cholestrol) of 137. Help!?
My blood pressure is 128/73 and my pulse/min is 95, is that okay?
Why does My nose run everytime i eat?
What is Pleurisy?
Why is my eye bloodshot?
Why are people smoking?
Is there any thing else I can take to relieve this sinusitus ? (besised the meds this is terrible????
Benedryl allergy pills?
What's the best way to treat a dry cough?
Whats the best way to clean your nose out after vomiting all night?
Is there a way to eat Shellfish even though I am allergic?
How much will my health have improved after two weeks without smoking?
Cure for BRONCHITIS? Is there anyone, who knows how to stop that awful cough?
Is it possible to wake up with a black eye, and a hole in your chest, and a bruised face?
If you have HIV and you choose not to tell past partners or your present partner, is that illegal?
Can you get STDs from oral man to woman?
Would a guy date a girl with HPV?
Do i have hiv?
My Dad / AIDS Please Help!?
STDs- Is it more fear than reality?
Can herpes be spread through kissing?
Am I abnormally small?
How can you tell the relatives of a sick person,not to bring food to him/her that is not good for the patient?
Low blood sugar question?
Blood sugur at 126 could that mean diabetes?
I have nausea most mornings,frequent urination,and fatigue my father has diabetes, could this be symptoms?
Does it mean you are diabetic if you feel shaky before eating dinner? My blood sugar?
I have sugar everyday, is that bad?
Sugar Intake? Diabetes Question?
A very personal question. Anyone can answer, but diabetic Mias or Anas please answer!!!!?
My wife just started taking metforman for high blood sugar. she thinks all she has to do is take the pill?
Should i tell him i got herpers?
I had an HIV test over 3 weeks ago and the results are still not in. Help!?
Would you date a girl with HPV?
Kissed girl on her neck and behind ear ........?
Stupid boyfriend and pregnancy/std i don't know?
If u got aids by someone u trust?
What do i have to eat if i keep having a running stomach?
Why are my allergies worse at night?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Anyone knows what the medicine for pink eye.?
What does calamine lotion do?
What happens if you swallow a little bit of dishwashing detergent?
Every morning I wake up and start sneezing?
I picked up a puppy at the flea market.It has dry skin and has begun to loose fur.Anyone know whats wrong?
I had Hepatitis A when I was younger. Can I donate blood?
Can allergies cause fevers?
Which one itches, Lice or Dandriff?
Parasites & worms in humans???
Is a stomach virus contageous?
Treatment for pink eye?
What is the meaning of blood vomiting?
What should i eat in stomach flu?
Fibro Myalgia?
At what point are you considered septic? Is it based on WBC alone?
Is smoking pot worse than smoking cigarets?
For how long is Pneumonia usually contagious???
Council problems?
Can you get a cold during the summer?
What should kids with a cold or cough be given?
How can i stay up all night in order to do a massive lab report?
When can I start smoking again? ?
I just had a Panic attack at work and i am very scared and very confused
What should the pulse rate be at rest?
What does it mean if you're coughing up blood?
My Blood Pressure is 90/60. Is it so bad? Why?
First_aid for heart attack..what the basic thing do i at home for treatement????? plz. help?
Last night i had an attack and couldn't breath and my heart was raising what kind of attack could it have been
My pop-in law ,age 63,is suffering from high BP 240/110 and this goes on fluctuating, what problems can he fa?
What does a weak heart basically consist of?
Does anyone know how low a heart-rate can go before it's considered dangerously low?
What should i do about my blood presure?
How can obesity be treated?
My heart beats unregular when I lie down, is that bad?
What caues the urine to smell so strong?
Which type of toilet seat is more hygienic than the other?
Should parents in India talk to thier childrens about spreading of AIDS or how it is spread?
Can hiv be cured at early stage?
I have hives, and it's my first time getting this, I'm kinda freaking out here lol, when does this go away?
Allergic to ice cream?
Whats the best product available in the shops to ease a blocked nose?
What are the best eye drops to use for itchy eyes caused by allergies?
Can allergies to pollen make you feel drowsy and lethargic ?
Ear congestion from sinus infection?
Is there anything to help severe allergic reaction to hair removal cream?
Allergies At This Time of Year?
Did you know that most blacks, latinos and almost half of all whites are lactose intolerant?
What causes type two diabetes?
Can coffee affect a diabetic blood sugar,i heard it was bad for us ,i like my coffee- i use splenda in my cup?
Am i diabetic?
I have recently been diagnosed with neuropathy?
How does a doctor test for diabetes?
Apart from finger s where can I obtain blood for measurimg blood sugar by gluco tester?
Anyone have Jam and or Chutney recipes suitable for a diabetic?
Does glucophage help with weight loss?
What foods should I avoid and what foods should I eat if I am hypoglycemic?
What do I do with my old glucometers?
I just had a stomach flu a couple days ago and gave it to my boyfriend is it possible for me to get it again?
To which body we inform the inefficiency of a surgeon who is still running a hospital despite patients death?
Alcohol Poisoning?
My dad's had a sore throat for three weeks...other than that, he's not unwell at all...what could be the cause
Do I neccassarly have to go to the doctor for.....?
Nose bleed from cocaine?
Pink-eye or infection?
Can mosquito repellents kill mosquitoes?
What is appendicitis?
Do i need to tell him?
Can someone get oral herpes (herpes simplex) from a monogamous partner who doesn't have it??
Did aids come from shagging monkeys?
What could be wrong with my 14 month old daughters eye?
Swollen chest?
House guest allergic to my cat I have vacuumed over and over doesnt seem to help,What else can I do?
How bad is my baby's peanut allergy?
Cat allergies?
Allergies???!! help pleaaase?
What cause finger, lips and tongue swelling?
Time frame for an allergic reaction to a bee sting?
Does anyone else feel drowsy even when they take hayfever tablets that are non-drowsy?
Heart condition???... WIll i survive??
Why do people who are in perfect health drop dead of massive heart attacks?
My blood pressure is 105 over 66. Is that ok?
Whats e better caree Echocardiogram tech or a Registered Nurse?
Sudden increase in heart rate cause for concern?
My blood pressure is 157/89 and getting out of breath to quick is this anything to worry about?
How reliable is ECG in detecting heart problems?
Heart murmur in 2yr.old daughter, anyone else...?
Is there a definite way you can know if you have a blood clot?
What does an internal electric diffribulator do?
Do people think that Shambo the T.B infected bull should be destroyed or not? icolation?
What could be wrong with my son?
Which cough drops work best?
Terrible Coughing Fits?
What is the best cure for tonsillitis?
Does smoking effect your eyesight?
Hi people need support quiting smoking...?
Sore Throat?
Why do some doctors advise you to take baby asprin for chest pains?What's in it?
How could i stop smoking?
Is skin cancer the fastest growing cancer?
What do you call that stage where the cancer comes back after a remission?
Anyone know some of the final signs of life?
How can brain tumours be treated if you have been told that surgery is not an option.?
If lung cancer has travelled to the lymphnodes is their any hope?
My mother has stage 4 colon cancer what am i to expect now?
Has anyone ever been cured of advanced stage cancer?
How can we best detect breast cancer?
What does cancer feel like, physically. Is the lump painful to the touch?
Why are men not treated for thrush? The woman is treated but not the man next time isn't she is reinfected?
I have a white bumps in the bottom of the head of my "best friend"?
Guys please help im desperate this hiv results?
What is...?
Could there really be strain on my heart?
I suddenly feel headache I measured my BP. It was 150/110 I cheched it again but it is 130/90 why ?
Nursing Home part 2?
Which kind of docotor do i make appt with?
I want to know how is Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in delhi (any experiences)?
When will you be classified as having heart attack?
Is it normal for ur heart to speed up a little and have the feeling of rising to the throat area?
Can ibuprofen prevent heart attack like aspirin?
I want to know how to Measure BP using a BP apparatus?
I had blood work done for surgar results was cholesterol was 176 LDL 29 Triglyceride 742 what does this mean?
What kind of diet is best to prevent colon cancer?
Is it possible for me to get cancer?
What brand of cigaratte is popular in the world??
Gifts for 3 year old with leukemia?
Any doctors or anyone in the know? I just want to ask why does a female in the latter stages of ovarian?
Chronic lymphacitic leukemia......hope?
How does one go about enquiring to see if a dying parents body can be left to medical science in Edinburgh?
Can you get cancer or skin cancer up your nose?
Do you think patients should be told their prognosis?
Explain why there is a No Smoking sign on a patient's door when oxygen is in use.?
My boyfriend wont let me get a dog because he is allergic.?
Is chocolate constipating?
YIKES! Is it true my mattress will double in weight after ten years because of DUST MITES?
Spring Allergies...help!?
How do ya stop a nose bleed?
Benadryl Allergy Relief One A Day does it work what if i took 2?
What is the strongest allergy medicine?
Best allergy medicine.?
Any help with chronic allergic sinusitis please?
I have eating a lot of bananas lately and then my lips would always itch?
What do you know about diabetes?
Is the test they do for diabetes the same test you would get if they were testing for hypoglycemia?
What's the best diet for diabet?
What are some of your favorite snack foods for diabetics ?
Diabetic problems?
I am on medication to lower my blood sugar.?
Does taking antihistamine everyday cause diabetes?
Is 53.9kg ok for a 11 years old?
Is it fair to make 11and 12 year old take the hpv vaccine?
Could I get HIV?
How serious is it if I'm coughing up blood?
Cold sores and my boyfriend?
If wou have a cold sore or somthing and you touch your "private" will you get some kinda of disease???
Sinus problems help needed
Can someone please tell me why they make the people in herpes medicine commercials sooo happy?
How can i build up my immune system?
WHERE CAN I BUY AN HIV 1 AND 2 HOME TEST KIT?// 10 points!!! read?
Question on what to look forward to in my body, since i stopped smoking?
Can you still join the army if you have chlamydia?
Should you take a shower when you have pneumonia?
I hate second hand smoke. What precautions should I take when I'm around smokers? Is it better to breathe...
Why do I feel worse after quitting smoking cigarettes?
How can I use the inhaler correctly?
If you were in ICU on ventilator for many weeks and had the choice between having the pipe trough your?
Neck Lump Help Please!!!?
My husband has renal cell carcinoma that has after many surgeries spread to his bones. NEED HELP!?
Abnormal Mammogram. Cancer?
Can a person have heart cancer?
Dr. found cancer in the abdomen, left lung, throat and neck of my g-father..he's 75. What are his chances?
Need help to understand cancer?
Do you think there is a consiracy in the government and they have the cure for cancer already...?
Could this be skin Cancer?
I'd like a range of how much it would cost for chemotherapy?
If someone have had cancer....can he take multivitamin?
Did You Know That 66 % Of Persons With Lung Cancer Are NON Smokers?
I have had a high pulse rate, but a low blood pressure, is it something to be concerned about?
Ref. Cardiology. Can anyone explain in detail whats involved in a "Tilt" test?
What is the danger zone for high cholesterol?
I am taking Amlodepin tablets for my high blood pressure. What are chances of getting rid of the medicine?
Help Me Please?
Why should blood pressure not be taken as soon as you rise out of bed?
*bulimia help.. i've read that it can lead to irregular heartbeats..?
Why is my daughter having chest pains without exertion?
Whats the normal value of blood pressure??
I have the stomach flu?
How come some people are immune to HIV?
What would cause a 6 month old high grade fever (104)?
Yes,can you get sick just by being cold or wet?
Can you get mono twice?
What is good to help a sore throat?
I am scared to get tonsils removed?
Why do kids get more runny noses than adults?
What is a good allergy medication or treatment for allergies to mold spores?
Allergy with sunlight....help...?
What can you take if you're allergic to dogs?
Squamous small cell lung cancer, how bad???
Treatment for extreme hayfever?
How come there is no heart cancer?
How old do you have to be to see an allergist?
Does using deoderant increase your chances of developing breast cancer.?
To those allergic to WALNUTS, are you also allergic to PECANS?
If i was allergic to huggies when i was a baby, will my baby be allergic to them also?
When i told my son i had cancer he said OMFGROFLBBQ, What does this mean?
My eye is swollen cause of a stye, any suggestions?
Girlfriend & Cancer...?
Will a child who is allergic to cow's milk also be allergic to yoghurt?
If tomorrow never comes for my mom who was recently diagnosed with uncurable cancer how will I go on?
Is it true that you can get breast cancer if you go to sleep with your wired bra on?
2 Hard Lymph nodes in neck?
HIV/AIDS from a bloody lip?
If I have chlamydia, is it possible that my partner may have it?
What causes an injection wound to get infected?
One lady says that chlamedia is the same thing as an yeast infection?
My brother was recently diagnosed with full blown aids, how could he not have known he was hiv positive?
Should I go see a doctor or wait it out?
Help, no insurance,work full time, mother of 2, lump in breast refused by 18 doctors today because no insuranc
Does the risk of breast cancer decline as a woman ages?
I have a cancer theory?
I have symptoms of breast cancer. Thing is, I'm only sixteen.?
If u use the computer too long, or stare at something too long, will it kill ur brain cells causing leukemia??
Can you die from kidney cancer?
What do long-term cancer patients wear when they are staying at the hospital?
Has anyone ever had or know someone with pancreatic cancer?
My average blood sugar for three months was 139. is that diabetic range?
When u smoke pot wat happen to ur boby?
Can illegal drug use cause diabetes?
My sugar level is 104 in fasting test. is it ok?
Supermarket that sells diabetic food?
What does HbA1c mean?
15 yr old with type 1 diabetes?
Why would my sugar be so high?
My friend is a type 2 diabetic and he takes "Splenda". Is it ok for him to do so?
Stopped smoking but?
How does Salbutamol work on the bronchial system to relieve the symptoms of asthma?
Tight chest making me feel sick?
My son just got surgery and had tonsils taken out what can he eat for the first day?
Snoring problem?
Asthma and Pets?
BAD Cough,dots on my throat, help please?!?
My guinie pig has been coughing and sneezing, and he breaths slowly. What should i do?
I had a severe anxiety attack today, chest tightened, dont like to take meds unless needed, I took 1blue zanax
Allergy Testing?
My doctors tell me that my irregular heartbeat is not being caused by my heart or its electrical system?
When it comes to blood pressure?
I want homeopathy treatment for my squint problem in my eyes?
Ekg high blood pressure?
What does milk do to people who are lactose intolerant?
Is my Cholesterol to high?
Is it unusual for allergies to worsen during rain or snow?
Any one have cure for dust and pollen allergy?
HELP! my blood pressure was 134/95 and the dentist sent me straight to the clinic.How bad is thi?
Allergic reaction to weed?
Sorry i got it wrong! whats a 127/78 blood pressure reading?
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and??
Soar throat???
Does this sound like palpitations?
Blood pressure?
What if you only have a couple of the symptoms of chlamydia do you think you should still get checked?
Is there a home remedy to cure crabs because the clinic is not opened on Sundays?
I'm 16 and have AIDS.?
The doctor tested me for an UTI and it is positive, but can i have an STD also?
I gave oral to someone a long time ago. My throat is sore. And swolen. Possible Std? if so which one?
Any truth to this message? Or is this scaremongering? (see details)?
Is there a cure for HPV? This guy I used to date just told me that there is a cure for it. Is this true?
I need a doctor's answer!!?
Why do black people have higher risk of diseases than other races?
What is the best treatment for prostate cancer?
Is there an alternative to drinking the IV contrast for a CT scan?
Can x-ray cause cancer if it's done two days in a row?
Tumor on Spleen?
Do you know anything about IBC breast cancer?
Is there any hope?
Pain could be breast cancer?
My puppy is 7 months old and he has had all of his required shots but he has had diaherra and been vomiting.?
Will the chicken flu hit the USA and if so will we have enough meds for everyone.?
In a blood test can they detect cannabis?if they can wat can i do not to get caught?
My 8 year old has shingles?
How can you tell if you are begining to get strep throat?
What is VRE? My mom has it....?
Whats ebola?
Can front desk workers at clinics have access to my personal medical info?
Will a raw piece of chicken in a swimming pool leave bacteria?
Chicken pox signs asap?
My mom refuses to go to the doctor to get blood pressure pills?
Is it possible to bring on a heart attack?
I habe been having a kinda burning behind my left breastbone and somethimes in the middle of my chest for?
Y do we sleep?
I need to raise my good cholesteral, but i do not want to take any prescriptions. Any Suggestions ??
Heart attack question?
If 50000 volts is admistered to a 65 old man's chest for 5 secs by a Taser gun, will he have a heart attack?
Im doing a project on heart disease and i was wondering what foods may lead up to heart disease?...thank you!!
Should i be concerned about tightening in my chest? happens about one to 3 times a day fot the last month.?
Am I allergic to Alcohol?
Whats the best way to prevent a sinus infection that starts as allergies? (without taking antibiotics)?
What can I do about my allergies??
Can you be allergic to alcohol?
How can i get rid of mucus?
Is eggplant good to lower cholesterol?
Is it ok that I can taste Flonase after I spray it in my nose?
Coffee gives me strong headaches.. why?
What is the best natural remedy for seasonal allergies ?
What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction to aspirin?
I just found out....?
Is it possible to have multiple types of cancer?
Hi everyone. I have again been busy with hospitals and doctors for my cancer?
Are 500 cigarettes likely to cause cancer in a 15 year old. I quit smoking I just want to know please.?
How long does it take a human to develop any disease (ie. cancer) from smoking? ?
Postrate cancer count of 24 how bad is this?
FakeTan Or Sunbeds????????