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Can you clear hep c virus?
What is tke cure for hepetitis B?
Recurrent abdominal abscess from hernia repair?
Need help?
Help with ms i saw diagnosed last august?
What is best thing to get rid of sore throat?
Im not sure if i have allergies or not?
What's the best way to air out/clean an apartment after its sprayed with pesticides?
What adverse reaction may hapen when taking antibiotics and asprin?
How does allergie meds react to whiskey and rum?
How do know for sure if you've outgrown an allergy?
Allergic reaction and face swelled up?
If you smoked poison Ivy would you get it in your throat and lungs? Also, would this kill or hospitalize you?
Mr Johnson at Ashstead Hospital?
I've been experiencing palpitations and sudden quick shortness of breath...what could it be?
Can't take cholesterol meds/chol is 280/ any ideas?
Why does my heart beat faster when I hear or see my boyfriend?
Do Statins have a harmful effect on other parts of the body?
Does any one know what blood pressure should be ??
When performing basic lifesupport?
Can you drink on beta blocker's?
Can a doctor tell you that you have a year and a half to LIVE.?
My weiner hurts, do i have an STD?
What is the actual statistic of people living with HIV. Is it really every 1 in 4 people?
Chlamydia? Is it true that boys can't have any children when their older if it's left for to long?
What if i drink from a cup of water from a HIV person with bleeding gum?
Eyes really swollen and puffy from allergy attack. how to reduce this?!?!?
Cough and Sneezing?
Can people with nut allergies eat coconuts?
What am i allergic to?
Is it possible for me to have recently become allergic or intolerant to certain foods?
Do allergy skin tests hurt?
Why am i getting puffy eyelids?
Why am I sneezing so much?!!?
Is it possible for someone to be allergic to tattoo ink?
Swelling of the top eyelid?
Are You Aware That Canola Oil Is TERRIBLE For You?
If you have small lines on your ear lobes, is that a that a pre-cursor to future heart disease?
How can a person lower there cholesterol without meds? rite now I'm around 200 and meds make me feel?like crap
Do you know or think you know the answer to this question?
What if your blood pressure reading were 112/72?
How do you distinguish between a heart attack and indigestion/ heartburn?
Heart attack symptoms?
What is tia in reference to stroke?
Hello. whats the right age to have a cholestrol test? thanks?
Will smoking a litlle bit of weed be bad for my asthma even if i dont inhale it my asthma isnt acting up?
How long does it take to repair the damage of smoking after quiting?
My girlfriend got sick from smoking?
Is there anything that i can do about my nose clogging up when i lay down ? it happens to the lower nostril?
What is COPD?
Breathing problem?
Why do us smokers continue to do this?
Can people die from Bronchitis?
Once diagnosed how long can a person live with the lung desease emphisema?
Where can u find carbon monoxide?
How do you get allergies?
Can I get an std from a girl if im eating her out??
Allergic To Purex Detergent?!?
Agirl told me that she had HPV and every month she gets warts down there and its because of it, that it true?
How do ypu know if you have gonorrhea?
Can you get allergic reactions to bamboo?
Do You That The Government Has A Cure For HIV/AIDS But..?
Ways go get rid of dust alergy?
Why won't my ears pop?
Can i get a disease when i take a dump and the water jumps back onto my anus?
My friend has crabs and itches all day. When I am with her it gets so annoying! Any one have suggestions?
There's yellow stuff coming out from my nose?
Can you give an honest answer without judging?
How Do you get Diabetes?
Blood glucose levels for type 2 diabetic?
Diabetes question?
Used insulin syringes?
How is a good way 2 lose waight?
My partner has been told he is producing too much insulin, what can he do to combat this?
The way this world works, will diabetes ever be cured?
Can loss of feeling be diabetes?
Ive been drinking water all day and my mouth is still dry.do i have diabetes?
I have the flu I think how long should I let the diarrhea go before I get concerned?
Am i going to have side effects from antibiotics?
What happens if someone was given the wrong blood from a transfusion?
Why don't penicillin and other antibiotics stop viruses?
How do you actually catch a cold: being outside in cold or virus?
I'm 16 in the uk and have noticed pin worms due to night itching and seeing them in stool... what can I do...
Cold weather does not lead to a cold... (looking for facts)?
Can you find out if someone has Hep. C thru the public health department?
Sick as a dog, do I leave work?
Unstable angina?
What type of foods do you eat after a heart attack ???
What is the best medicine to increase Laval of HDL cholesterol?
My 4 week old son has a heart murmur!should i be panicked?
Blood pressure?!?!?
Really bad heart/chest pains?
What is angina?
Homework help; right answer = 10 pts !?
Is low a 1.80 person?
Squeezing-Chest pain ?
Is it ok to eat an omelette while having a fever?
What should I do with my dog who developed severe hives after giving him a cookie?
Could This Indicate A Food Allergy??
What is the best feel good now losenge for a soar thoat?
Can I have a cat even though I have allergies?
If you have allergies and the allergen is a constant everyday dilemma will you body eventually adapt?
Rionitus? (sos bout spelling) Allergy disorder?
Very !!!very !urgent pls give me a right suggestion.............?
Allergy medication with both Pseudoephedrine and Diphenhydramine in them?
Adults eating the there boogers out of there nose. Normal for some kids, but what about adults?
Is it true that when you step on a crack, you break your mothers back?
I smoke about 4 to 5 cigarettes a day shoud i quit and what is my risks of getting lung cancer.?
Why did i feel the magnetic field during an mri?
Does donating a bone narrow for a leukemia patient dangerous for both persons?
Has anyones mom died of breast cancer?
I think...or im scared that..i have brain cancer?
I am 75 yo with anal cancer. i also have a bad heart. i'm starting treatment in 2 days . i would like some inf
Is three years a long time to live with Stage 4 breast cancer?
Is there ever gonna be a cure 4 HIV/AIDS?
Can you still get a std from your partner when none of you had it, and you both lost your virginity together?
Can i get infectet by sharing the same toiletseat with an HPV INFECTED PERSON?
My friend needs help..... She think she got herpes in her eye what can she do for it?
If a person has herpes and is pregnant do they have to have a c section?
Does anyone have any good cold/ flu home remedies?
Im 14 ok so i smoke cigs . help?
I need help quiting smoking. I have smoked for 48 years and I have just smoked my last cigarette. Help!?
Could this be serious?
Can an asthma killed?
What cigarettes have white filters?
Is this Asthma or what?
Is hookah smoking addictive?
OK Brits you think you're all high city flyer's and smart to boot....cough chuueerr flem.CACK!!!?
Heart skips a beat?
Is there something wrong with me or is it all in my head..?
Does coffee hurts our organism?
Should you work out if you have a heart murmur and vertigo?
My friend - eric Bulgyeyes - is worried about a heart attack. What are the symptoms?
About how long does your blood pressure have to be 179/140 before you have a stroke?
Is it possible to have an heart attack at 15? or go into cardiac arrest?
Does licorice contribute to high blood pressure?
How long can you live with the 4 valves in your heart leaking????
Help...my cholesterol is 425...my dr. said i need to be on a no cholesterol no/low fat diet, what CAN I eat?
Can I drink if I take OTC Claritin?
Does milk cause gas?
Why do people have allergies???
What allergy medicine do you prefer?
The roof of my mouth...(serious question)?
How do i help my allergies at home?
Allergic to pants buttons?
My son started throwing up at 10 months when we switched him to whole milk.?
I think im allergic to liquor, i wake up with little bumps on my arms n hands, any help?
I have a strange "allergic reaction", and I'm kind of freaked out...?
If you have Chlamydia, and you were left untreated..?
How can u tell if u have herpes?
What causes AIDS?
Both my boyfriend and i got cheked out for std's. got the all clear. now he's sayin he might have chlymidia
Can u get aids if sumone that haves it touches certain food and u eat it?
Serious HIV question!!!?
If theres bumps on your gentials; What can they Be?
Does this sound like diabetes??
Herbal ways to lower blood sugar?
Info on Carbohydrates as to Diabetes?
My step-dad has chronic pancreas and is not eating he looks very ill has he got long to live?
I have shoulder joint pain. (Right side) I could not lift or turn back my right hand . I am diabetic remedy?
Is a BS reading of 106 high?
I am considering obtaining a diabetic pump.?
Is diabetes genetic? if it doesnt run in ur family can u still get it? how old do u have to be to get symptoms
You can find how much blood sugar in your blood in last three months?
My 4 month old daughter has had her first open heart surgery this morning. How should I take care.?
H. has a low pulse geneticall. Cardiologist gave atenolol, 12.5 but H is fatigued/out o breath all time?
How do I overcome this severe anxiety problem?
Is it true that.....?
How low does blood pressure need to go before it becomes a problem?
What is a vegetative state?
What are some of the symptons of high blood pressure?
Why is it that many men have heart attacks and die when mowing the yard.?
Is heart enlargement a deadly illness?
My little brothers got a heart infection?
I have a big nose?
Best medicine?
Why does sneezing feel so good?
Help, I have bumpy skin on the back of my arms! I exfoliate and moisturise, nothing helps. Is it an allergy?
What is that pink little ball like part in your eye closeset to ypur nose?
When I eat raw coriander, I experience a reaction that I can only describe as "The Fear". Why is this?
Do i have a right to be mad at people with NO allergies?
Me and my dad have broken out in rashes. And I don't know why?
Does anybody know why this is happening to me?
I'm sick what do I have?
My head hurts! Do you think it's from all the different categories I'm being exposed to?
How do I relieve throat pain?
Why is getting the "flu shot" bad?
Food Poisoning?
Im HIV+ since May 93 My Tcells were 44 Had full blown aids?
If a child has HIV infection does the school have the right to know?
Emergency room HIV testing?
How to find a mosquito?
Herpes help!?
Will scissor cuts last longer than razor blade cuts?
STD from this?
I have a boyfriend who suppose to have herpes but he's not taking medication what should I do?
I am quite sick with no chance of going to the doctor --- need home remedy?
I quite smoking weed three months ago and i faild a piss test?
Problems with my breathing? Help!?
Clove cigarretes vs regular cigarretes?
Pneumonia or Pnemonia..not sure how to spell it?
I couldnt breath a moment ago?
How do I tell my sister-in-law with children about second hand smoke?
Is pneumonia life threatening?
Anyone know a good medication for Asthma?
Is asthma steroids harmfull for childen , what are the side affects?
Can high blood pressure make your eye red?
Pressure on chest and trouble breathing?
My 77 year old dad thinks he accidently took 2 of his blood pressure pills. Feeling dizzy... what can he do?
Does abulterol increase the size of your heart?
My 16 year old daughter is complaining of a cold sensation in her heart followed by a rapid heart rate??
Why does my heart pound all the time?
How does the doctor determine if you have congestive heart failure?
What is a heart murmur?
High blood pressure???
Hey, my Mom has been experiencing really high blood pressure today, like 176/116. Is this dangerous? Should?
Child sized medical alert bracelets?
How to relieve a dry throat escluding the use of water?
Is it okay to take 2tsps of liquid Benedryl every night?
If you are allergic to Shell fish does that mean you are alergic to iodine?
Weird mucuous out of nose.?
Eating Goldfish crackers makes it hard to breathe...?
What are the effects of pseudoephedrine & alcohol?
What eye drop product is best for itchy irritated eyes from summer grass allergies?
Any Zyrtec experience?
Can you get syphilis from licking someone's underwear who might have syphilis?
Can i drink chlorine to get rid of herpes?
Can sour cream help cure yeast infections??
Whats the difference between a cold sore and herpes on the mouth?
I don't know how to tell my gf that I may have herpes but I didn't cheat it just showed up on me.?
Can you get hives from weed?
How can you get rid of a persistent cough?
Are these symptoms of a cold?
Who can get promethazine with codeine ?
My cats weird behavier?
Sore throat?
What is the difference between being lactose intolerant & being allergic to dairy?
Non carbohydrate wrap? I have diabetes and have to avoid bread?
Ok i have all diabetes symptoms but...?
What should i avoid if i have type one dibetes?
Is it necessary to test a child's blood sugar all night long if he has juvenile diabetes and takes insulin?
Is it good to have a blood sugar level of 80mg/dL?
Diabetic Help Needed?
Coca-cola ???
My urine is sweet. Do i have diabetes?
I'm fasting for a "fasting glucose blood test" in the morning- should I watch what I eat for dinner?
NEED DOCTORS: 15 yr olds blood pressure?
My blood count is 13 MY DR SAY I AM VERY SICKAM I?
How can i improve me low blood pressure?
Is there somthing wrong with my heart?
Is aspirin really good for heart?
My father, 75 after eating spicy food at 3.00 PM felt uneasy as if heart attack, breathing problem loose neck ?
Is it safe to exercise with a heart murmur?
When a 50 year old female with diabetis have a numbing 3 fingers all the time, should she be alarrmed?
What is traetment of hicup?
Smokers: What does nicotine withdrawal feel like?
What is TB? And how can I get some?
136 over 120 blood pressure?
What is athma?
Please STOP snoring!?
What's wrong with my heart?
Is there any sleep apnea beds that I can order? Like a pediatric bed or something?
Have you had bronchitis?
Stripped throat to the point of barely able to talk?
Who would want to put 421 chemicals into their body?marijuana has 421 chemicals in it.So why smoke it??
My son is coughing up yellow/ green mucus should he go to school?
How serious is trichamonus?
Can a person get an STD from foreplay?
Are you circumcised or not?
STd's by sharing underwear?
What are the different causes of Hives?
Allergy help please!?
Can i take alavert after i already took claritin?
Common allergens in perfumes/lotions/shampoos...
Bread allergy?
Is there medicine you can give a dog to make the dog non-allergic to people with dog allergies?
Can i mix these two together or no???
People have peanut allergies, but does anyone have allergies to pecans, walnuts, etc.??
If you are allergic to Aspirin, What inflammation drugs can you take that are not in the Aspirin family?
Best way to get rid of a sore throat?
Can the human brain repair ?
Should I be much more concerned about getting cancer since my mom and granddad died from it?
Colostomy... Anyone out there with advice????
My girlfriend's dad is getting ready to pass. The Doc is recommending Hospice Care. Any type of checklist??
Did you know, chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes will prevent any cancer from spreading?
What would cause a woman's stomach to swell and for her to lose weight and eventually her life?
Where can I find a childrens' wig maker?
How can I take my mum who has cancer to Austria???
Why do some people say everything causes cancer? When it does not?
Can brain cancer be healed?
Question regarding steroid nasal spray?
Is goat milk good for you?? I've heard it helps allergies.?
Gluten Free Corn Flour Tortillas?
My dog itches alot and he might be allergic to the shmpoo i gave him?
I have a terrible stuffy nose what can i do i am using humidfier with menthol and cold sinus pills nothing is?
I need help ASAP! please tell me what is going on! i'm bleeding like crazy. help?
I have a big problem I am allergic to..........?
Allergies??? Or something else? Read this and tell me if my doctors right!?
Will prednisone help to reduce the swelling of a nose?
Does anybody know if you can have an allergic reaction such as an itch when you touch the shell of a crab?
Ive been diagnosed with left side heart valve malfunction. The valve is apparently leaking.?
Which soda gives you the highest blood pressure?
Please tell me how I can lower high blood pressure besides using medication. What habits are most important?
What is conjunktivitus?
The person taking my blood doesn't use alcohol wipe before she did it...help..?
After HIV/Aids, What is the 2nd worst STD you could get?
Yeast infection help?!
Hiv test ?
What is a hole in your heart?
Do papsmears test for all stds?
HIV can spread via spit into eyes?
LONG lasting heart palpitations?
BP meds Norvasc?
I keep getting like a burning sensation when i pee ?
What is the first aid of choking
How does the heart beat, theres two chambers right so does each chamber beat at the same time?
What kills viruses?
What should I do for low HDL (28) ?
There's something wrong with my heart...?
How do i avoid catching the flu when somebody in my house has it?
Hepatitis C - Question.?
How can i tell if my boyfriend have yeast infection orally?
Where can I go on the internet to find good recipes for sugarless pies for diabetics?
Drop in blood sugar level?
How can u get diabetes?
Are your fingers calloused from testing so much?
My husband has a carbuncle on his stomach that when squeezed is full of pus and smells like ammonia.What to do
I have diabetes (type 2) and i can't stop eating....?
Marijuana helps your diabetes?
Can cannabis cause neurological damage?
What will be the cause of dry mouth?
What is the normal blood sugar level for a 32 year old female?
I am 17 and have started smoking.......?
How to relieve a cold?
Difficulty in breathing after you stop smoking???
Does anyone know someone who had a lung transplant?
What could be the cause of blood clots in the lungs ? Medics please?
In light of the new No Smoking Law in the UK, how many cigarettes might I have passively smoked?
Frequent Asthma Attacks?
Can you die from an excess of panic attacks?
What is the best snoring remedy/device available on the market?
What is metphorin and what is it used for?
How do you unblock clogged arteries?
High blood pressure?
Blood pressure?
What is it when you get a shocky feeling in your heart?
How will I know if the artery begins to close again?
High Blood Pressure...prevention.?
Systolic/Dystolic Blood Pressure?
What happens when a person's blood pressure reaches over 230?
My heart hurts once in awhile...Is that normal?
Help with HIV question !! No stupid or rude answers please!!?
My best friend just found out she has herpes can I get them from drinking from her?
Little Debbie Brownies with the candies on them???
My sister has lyme disease. Can I get it by going in her hot tub?
Meningitis...should I go to school?
Is it true about Colds that?
I'have an infection(staphlococus)wh... resisted all the antibiotics rcommended by a doctor .Please I need help
Had a sore throat for a long time. what could it be?
Should I go to work if I have pinkeye?
My 4yo had a 106.0 fever?
How do you get pink eye?
I have a cold and I don't want others at my home get it?
I have always had an faint odor .. i have been checked for std's ..?
Can you get aids...?
Can you get any type of an STD by going to massage parlors and getting handjobs only?
What is the Chance Of A Male having a heart attack IF...?
Heart palpitations due to excess Marijuana?
Should my dad get counseling?
47 year old woman, known to take vicadon, and xanax dies in sleep, say it was heart attack?
Simptoms for mitral valve prolapse?
Medicines for Angiana pain?
Does anyone donate to the American Heart Association?
I've been having heart palputaions?
Why can't someone on blood thinner medication eat grapefruit?
What is hypertrophy?
Does anyone know what costochondritis is?, I've just been diagnosed.?
Question for smokers??
I started smoking 1 week ago ... is it normal to have nausea ?
Can I die from bronchitis?
How many of us suffer with asthma??
Does cold drinks worsten cough???
My brother is having cough at night can u tell me why and what should be given to him.?
Who thinks that changing the NHS back to a time when a Matron ran a hospital.?
Is this normal I'm 28wks have mucus plug with blood and a lot of pressurse?
HELP!! 4 yr old asthma! URGEMT!?
Old insulin?
What does it mean when your blood sugar is elavated,and as soon as you eat it drops ive been feeling ill?
Can low white blood cell count be linked to diabetes?
Does sticking your finger hurt? What about insulin shots?
Does cinnamon 'really'? lower blood sugar?
What is the difference between type 1 and 2 diabetes?
Any diabetic woman here who successfully give birth for a healthy baby?
What is the life expectancy of a person in complete renal failure?
How do diabetes affect your feet?
Find help with getting heart medicine if you can't afford the prescriptions?
Please Doctors answer my question !!!?
'Istin' medication for blood pressure?
Heart attack and no response for twelve minutes?
Please.Im scared I might have symptoms of heart failure?
Question about blood pressure?
Has anyone here had a Heart Attack?
My blood pressure is 152 over 89 how bad is that?
Why does the heart beat faster after a heavy meal ???
What causes the feet to swell and breathing difficulties for....?
What can we do to reduce the risk of the HIV infection rate in Africa?
Why would???
If ur urine smells awful does that mean you have a STD?
I get a burning sensation after I pee. My doctor said all my tests came out negative. What could it be?
Will i get HiV?
Hospital Workers.......funny things that happen!?
How deep has to be the skin wounds to be infected with aids?
My 5 years old son has a high fever for 2 days and now its 103 degrees?
What are the causes of low sparm counting? Why causes unfruitfulness? Does it has cure?
What is the best medicament against malaria?
Picking a suspect out of a police lineup is an example of .........?
How long does a common cold last?
Can men give women urinary tract infections?
Think i have a cold / flu?
Chest pains and numb tingling hands?
Curious me?
If You Hear Your Hearbeat In Your Head Like You Are Wearing A Stethocope And You Hear Something ?
Cardiac question....?
Blood pressure 138/100. Is that too high?
Help , how can i lower my blood pressure with foods i eat>?
What is the best natural cure once you have an onset clogging in your heart arteries?
My doctor has told me I have had a TIA. Just what is it anyways?
Is it recommended for people with tachycardia to take Oxycontin?
How serious is Chronic heart failure, with high blood preasure.?
What is the best reflux medication available?
How do i learn to inhale smoke from a cig?
Can any one suggest preventive methods for breathing problems?
Anyone have asthma?
I recently started coughing on and off, but only while laying down?
Upon falling asleep at night I abruptly wake gasping for breath?
I have severe sleep apnea. i stop breathing 94 times an hour. is this bad?
Trouble breathing?
My Toddler is ill, please help?
Cold sore ...?
Bad results -Thyroid Cancer - Ultra sound?
Lump in armpit girl back from surgeon?
Can cancer be contagious if you...?
An interesting fact about smoking...?
Is gaining weight a sign of cancer returning?
If there is a lump on a person's breast do they still go for a mammogram?
My wife has threatened divorce after getting Cancer. Do not want to lose her HELP?
Cancer gene???
Mom might have breast cancer?
My boss have cancer? What should I say and do?
If your a borderline diabetic, should you cut back on your sugar?
If your blood sugar skyrockets, does it make you feel funny in your head?
Does anyone know where I can go and get a list of food thats healthy for diabetics.?
Ways to instantly lower sugar when it is extremely high? please help asap!!?
If I had my legs amputated, would I have to change my height and weight on my driver's license?
Type 2 diabetes?
If i can handle being pooked with needles in a hospital can i handle a tattoo?
Is there any correlation of any sort between eating sweets and type 1 diabetes?
When to use GLUCAGON!?
Sugar addiction 9 yr old ?
How do you come to terms with being diagnosed with liver cirrosis and hep c without going off yer rocker?
What does it mean if u bottom gum is extrmely soar and there appears to be white bumps appearin on it.?
Are yawns contagious?
What is a virtigo?. Is it a disease?
What is hepatitis?
Will Listerine help get rid of an abscess since it has antiseptic in it?
Is it possible to receive an infection from a professional manicure?
Is it true that when you fight off a cold you become immune to that strain?
Bird Flu Hits Uk !?
Can tuberculosis affect liitle children? if so what are its symptoms?
My mum has aids....?
I need help deciding if this might be an STD or not?
What are the signs of an std?
How long should I keep prescription meds in the cabinet?
What std's cause you to burn after you pee?
Paranoid!!! =(?
Why would my boyfriend not tell me he had herpes?
Vampires: AIDS?
Friend coughing up blood :( ?
Aside from cancer, what can cause a spot on a person's lung?
7 year old who vomits after a bout of coughing?
How can i cure my sore throat?
How long does it take for your lungs to heal after you quit smoking?
Is this asthma?
What causes people to snore? Is there a way to stop someone from snoring?
Do you know exercise or anyways how to stop snooring without a cost?
I'm having trouble breathing..?
Nurses and doctors only please.. coughing up blood?
Is it possible to have a heart attack without feeling pain in your heart?
Help! What have you done to lower cholesterol?
What are most common symptoms of a heart attack?
Am i having a heart attack? I am 14 years old?
Medical professionals..can u tell me what the results of this stress test means?
Nitroglycerin sublingual?
After family leave then what?
Heart are pain, at my age?
I am noticing consecutive and multiple irregular heartbeats. Am worried.?
Dr. said my father in law had a heart attack- extreme damage to front of heart. What can we expect. recovery?
Can u get STDs from french kissing??
What are common side effects to the flu shot.?
How do U cure struth throat?
Possible cause of E.Coli?
Is it bad to not have had chicken pox?
Does anyone know what i can use for cold sores or how to slow down the pain?
Has anyone had the injections hep A and tetnius does it hurt?
Size 0, Healthy? Like obesity should the associated health problems be treated on the NHS?
A patient that is a female that is 25 and is Hep C positive. Do you think its possible there could?
Why must i finish my course of antibiotics?
Can u die of tetanus? if so, how soon after the cut?
My eye has yellowish discharge. how can i stop this?
Symptoms of diabetes??
My blood sugar is 3.8 should i be concerned?
What are natural ways to lower the blood sugar if you are a diabetic?
Answer this?
Don't you think that the Poison lead singer Bret Michaels is a bad role model for diabetics? He has type 1
I have a pain in the instep of my left foot i would like to know the cause i am a diabetic age 64 yrs?
Where can I get a free glucometer?
How does the doc check for diabetes? Or hypoglycemia?
What percentage of people diagnosed with diabetes had frequent?
How was it when you fainted.?
What are the syptoms of stress please list in order thanks?
Are eggs bad for your heart??
What is the instrument use to detect heart ailments?
Can you have a heart attack if your pulse is low?
My heart keeps beating at a faster pace and it's not like i'm doing exercise or anything?
Heart attack symptoms?
What is the implication of having hypertension?
Can you die from a hear murmur?
How do people get strokes?
Pot Smoking room mate?
Is it weird to smell things that aren't there?
I have two children with asthma. Can they run and play hard like normal children?
I feel cold, what is the easy way to get worm?
Children, rapid heartbeat, fever?
Your girlfriend finds out she has the HPV virus, how do you respond to this as a boyfriend?
I have an irregula heartbeat and I dont sleep for long at night is this normal?
Are you easily excitable or does it take some work to get you going?
I'm Trying to quit smoking cold turkyed it 1 day ago no meds how long will the moodyness and bad-?
I feel lethargic most of the time and I have a warm body all the time?
Does this doctor seem like he knows what he's talking about?
What to do if I know someone who has AIDS and sleeping unprotected with different people and not telling them?
If you were with someone that you love and you got a disease would you tell them or not?
Just curious....std question?
What causes you to have an orgie?
Food Poisoning or Something Else? Please Advise! :( Vomiting, Diarrehia, etc?
Do you think that this years flu epidemic could be linked to bioterrorism?
It's sick that somone would do that?
Is it ok to get a flu shot right after you've just had he flu?
Is is safe to take a hot bath with a fever?
How do you treat pinkeye?
What are the consequences of being mutant?
My dog was just attached by an unknown animal should we worry about rabies?
Can even the tiniest dose of a disease infect you?
Cant hep c eventualy kill a person?My brother has had it for about 5 years now and he lives a partying life st
Another question?!?
I just got my belly button pierced today...?
Does ginger ale really help when you feel nauseous?
Can a mosquito bite cause AIDS ?
Is it really hard for me to find find match due to my herpes disease?
Wats the best way to protect yourself from STDS?
Can vinegar help to unclog arteries?
I have been told this past week that i have blocked arteries in my legs,do you know anyone in same situation?
Is DLA hard to get iv got myahstina gravis iv been told its hard to get it?
What vitamin helps blood clot normally?
Seafood is also prime source of iodine true or false?
When you go to your cardiologist for an echocardiogram.....?
Hypo is also known as _______.?
Pulse Rate-resting for 52 year old female
Blood Pressure?
Do you know what and aortic aneurysm is?
How to controll diabeties?
How to tackle diabetes?
Can damage caused by diabetes be reversed?
How many Type II diabetics follow a low carb diet?
Can people with diabetes do anything?
I am a diabetic looking for life insurance please?
What is Diabeties? How is it caused?
What side effects has anyone experienced with Metformin?
Alcohol advice?
How can I raise my ph level up for a drug test?
Question about the flu shot??
Why are there so many diseases in third-world countries? ie. dengue, yellowfever, sleeping sickness?
If yew have a trait of sickle cell will your child have it?
Do you know any home remedies for cold symptoms or ways to avoid catching a cold?
Is aids being transferred throuhg mouth to mought kissing?
How contaigous is Strep throat really?
How can urinary infection lead to respiratory infection?
I suffer from a desease known as....................?
Can you die from pulmonary disease?
What causes bad breadth?
How do you cure hiccups???
Ive got a hiatus hernia.what doi do?
Can't breathe through right nostril?
Whats good for colds?
Please help me to solve my persistence sinus problem?
I smoke daily 10 ciggrettes will it effect my health?
Any succes stories on quitting the smoking habit?
Is this bronchitus?
What is the best climate to live in for people with asthma?
What is the possibility of beating stage 4 liver cancer?
Do water bottles give you cancer?
I live in Indiana, and a friend of mine was just diagnosed with pancreatic and colon cancer.?
Uterine Cancer????
When a person has cancer, how much time to they have until death?
How do they cure testical cancer?
I smoke about 4 cigarettes a week....am I at a high risk for cancer?
Can I use nicotine patches and the gum together?
Okay so i have a question about cancer?
What do cancer mean and is there a treatment for it?
Why do we breath more faster when we exercise?
Empty of heart?
Blood Pressure Machines?
Do U.S. soldiers get tested for STDs before going oversees?
I recently have been noticing a Low diastolic blood pressure, I am 32?
Two Questions About Saturated Fat And LDL?
My mother died due to arteriosclerosis she was only 48yrs old, she went to the doc the day b4 she died.???
Ow long an people live without fluids after a stroke?
What are some things to help out a high blood pressure?
Ok, i liked all your aswers,but i am not on any meds...so now what?
Artery stents prognosis?
What could possiblyyy be the cause of chest tightness or heaviness just all over?
Got antibiotics for an std off the health adviser its one dose and she said avoid alcohol for 24 hours but ?
Can you pee on someone?
Freddie Mercury?
Why have i got low Blood pressure at 44 when i have been healthy?
Is it possible for a 13 year old to have a heart attack?
What are the long erm effects of aids/hiv if left untreated?
I have High Blood Pressure, .it was 143 over 85?
How do I get my g/f to undergo an STD test?
I went to the doctor yesterday?
Cardiac issues or anxiety?
What is the name of the object, used when a person in the hospitals heart stopped and they yell clear?
HIV infection through Kiss?
If I have 2 stds, did I get them from the same person?
NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!what does it mean when you start trowing up blood? when you actually trow-up and instead of?
I have low blood pressure. how can i increase it what food to eat. are tere any herbal medicine?
How do we disinfect our restroom after some thin woman puked blood in it?
Fevers, Can it go from 103 to normal in 24 hours?
How long does a cold usually last?
My thermometer says my fever is 103.8?
Ive had Diarrhoea for three days yesterday i was also bleeding should i be concerned?
What is hepititis C? is this curable?
What does this mean if u have the following? for the past weeks?
Does cold air cause a person to get the flu?
I need help breaking down my hospital bill?
Is sugar can make us diabetes?
What blood glucose level should a type 2 diabetic strive for?
What causes dehydration all the time despite drinking tons of water?
My friend's sister eats fast food everyday, doesn't exerise, 24yrs old, 5'1ft, and weights 218, how much...
My daughters just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, diet advice and support group help?
How can I be sure if I have diabetes or not?
What are good things to do if you are having kidney problems?
Blood glucose reading of 4 before breakfast is this normal?
Can eye twitching be related to diabetes?
Asthma sufferers or people who know about asthma??
Searching for help on relieving congestion/post nasal drip?
Sore throat?
Danger of smoking tea leaves?
Is this considered normal?
Asthma attack. work Yes or No?
How Do I Clear My Congested Chest?
Have had cough for 2 weeks. Prescribed meds aren't helping.?
Has anyone noticed that stop smoking products are on t.v. every 5 min?
Is having a nose job wrong????
How can i lower my blood pressure in 12 hours? even a little will help?
Am I resposnbile for er bill, taken in cuffs just for not wanted to be treated for intoxication?
Can having high blood pressure?
What types of things are performed when you see a cardiologist?
Does stress make you age faster?
I am 38 and feel chest pain and my lapid profile also show clastrol lavel is very high whow i control it?
Whats the best way to cure a broken heart?
Meds or surgery?
Atkins Diet Yes or No ?
I lost my period this month ,am I pregnant?
What STD has the symptoms of....?
Pap smear??????????????
What is the leading cause of hiv and aids?
Can HIV/AIDS be cured?
Another persons dried blood on my hands. should i be concerned?
I just found out I have HIV how much longer can I expect to live?
Can you swim if you are currently on antibiotics for a bladder infection?
Question for vampires?
How long does it take for sinus infections to go away?
What are some interesting facts on malaria?
I m suffring with fever till last week it may be dengu.?
What do i do?
If you have gull stones or a gull bladder infection is mostly commonly caused by poor diet?
Want to go partying?
Vaccine shots?
What happens when youre only 17 and you have a std?
Can someone with hiv be a donor?
Is it true you can get AIDS from a Mosquito?
How do you tell someone you have just started seeing that your ex gave you an std?
Do you think there are cures for AIDS and Cancer?
What are the symptoms of being a diabetic?
How do i keep my blood sugar down if i love to eat sweets?
Will alcohol cause you blood sugar to rise???
Is there any relation between diabetes and liver functions?
What are the preparations before you have AIDS (blood) test? I'm planning to have one for personal checkup.
What is diabetes?
What will happen to white blood cell if there is infection?
Are ther diabetec machines that dont require the test strips?
Does anyone here use lantus? is it any good?
Does digesting a steak increase your blood pressure?
Which drug is most commonly used to overcome angina???
I have high blood pressure/hypertension keepin 150/90 with drugs at 45 what are my chances of reducing this?
Heart Skipping a beat?
How can u heal a heart?
Are You Aware Of The Massive Financial Gain Made Over The UNfounded Anti Cholesterol CRAP Spewed To Us?
My relation has a tear in aorta - is it possible for this to heal itself and how?
Have you ever performed CPR on a real person? What was the outcome?
What is the Natural cure for hypertension or high blood pressure without using drugs?
Is it possible to recover 100% from smoking at age 35, if I quit now?
When I jog, I can't get my ashtma to stop, what do I do?
MY asthma is really bad i am at work and dont have my inhaler.?
Anyone else just given up smoking?
Feel a proper cold coming on - what's the best preventative medicine to take?
Pleae help...I need an honest opinion regarding something that just happened to me!?
I wake up every morning with a bloody nose...what does this mean?
The best product on the market for stopping smoking?I am a very heavy smoker and I want to stop.?
Has anyone heard of champax which stops you smokeing and also if it actually works?
What could this be?
How long does it take to get over a virus?
Chicken pox help please???
If you work at a hospital do you have to get a flu shot every year?
Out of these 4 diseases, which disease is the most dangerous?
How to get rid of Cold fast ?
I'm 20 and am suffering from chicken pox, is it normal...?
What is this illness?
White coating on my throat red spots sore throat headache,fatigue?
Does "taking it slow" mean no kissing?
Is it possible for bugs or worms to burrow into my childrens feet if they walk barefoot outside?
Hwhy o why did i even bother!?
What are the real ingredience in cigarettes?
Is taking aspirin an effective treatment for high blood pressure????
How long do people with concested heart failure last?
Can you work while on disability?
How can I best lower my blood pressure?
Can anyone tell me about wafarin?
Is is common to have Atrial Fibrillation after vomiting?
Im male 40 years old and all my levels were in good numbers but my good cholesterol was on 32 ,is that risky?
Does anyone takeFish oil for there heart? is it good?
Have you had a heart attack and survived?
Low pulse rate of 48-Is this dangerous?
Once an artery is clogged, can it become unclogged without surgery?
Do you know when your heart will stop beating the time and date?
Broken heart.?
Help! I heard that Alex Trebek died!! Is this true?? He had a heart att. but was getting better I thought!?
What is congestive heart?
Can we know whether there is any blocakage in artery in heart at home without ECG ?
With heart decease what is L.A.D.?
Can you use nicotine replacement therapy in the acute phase of a myocardial infarction?
When I try to breathe in deeply, my chest feels tight and I can't, why?
My nose is sooo stuffy? How do I clear it up?
Wish me luck?
My 3 year old son has been in hospital with asthma...?
What can these symptoms mean? I am a 22 yr. old female.?
How many smokers have stayed in this lunch for not been able to smoke in the pub.?
Has anyone else in the UK had a really bad cold / chest infection for the last few weeks?
What is this pain in my chest?
Can Some one tell me a GOOD reason to SMOKE!?
Shortness of breath sometimes, Scared for it to be a blood clot in the lungs?
What is something i can do for my Mom- who i just found out she has breast cancer?
My wife died of no-small cell lung cancer at age 22. Is that normal?
My Dad has Lung Cancer and is going to die soon, What do I say? How do I cope?
I have already been diagnosed with hpv 16 and 18 Cancer cells if i took the shot now could i be cured?
I want to know how do you get breast cancer?
What happens in chemotherapy and why does it make people tired?
Do i have colon cancer!?
What are the effects on human health of high power lines?
Have you heard of the cancer risk from putting plastic bottles in the freezer???
How does cancer spread?
Gall bladder operation?
Type 1 diabetes and pregnancy.... very concerned?
Does anyone know the best way to lower blood sugar naturally?
Will eating 100 grams of microwave oven cooked monkey nuts daily will lower cholesterol or not?
My blood sugar count was 160 after about two hours after my meals ..am I diabetic?
Question for all diabetics about body temperature?
Teen diabetes?
What is diabetes type2?
We just found out my 4 year old has type 1 diabetes. Should I be worried about my 8 month old having it too?
What do I do about my Type 1 Diabetes & Swollen Ankles?
STD.. Please dont judge, Serious Replys Only!?
HIV test and I'm scared?
How long after infection will a lab test reveal a positive HIV result?
İf you had last 3 days to live , what would you do?
Ok here the worst case of strep throat i need help asap?
Who believes that the man who had TB?
Can humans catch upset tummys from a dog. Our dog has been ill with upset tum?
How can I improve my immune system, I have allergies and always get colds?
Is it possible for the common cold to kill you?
Is it possible i have AIDS?
Can i catch STD from eating from food the person had too?
What can i do to go negitivee on a piss test right before?
Little help here guys?
If a person among team is hiv infected ,and we share tea cups ,does hiv spread through sharing of tea cups?
Lets say I was a carnibal ,and happens that I drink an infected blood(HIV) ,will I be infected ?
Would a sting with an infected hiv needle gets a person infected ?
Heart palpitations?
I have hypertension and i was wondering what may be the symptoms that may lead to a heart attack or stroke.?
How can I lower my blood pressure without prescription medicine?
How do nitrates reduce angina?
Question about my heartrate?
How is dental hygiene and heart conditions related?
Just diagnosed with a Heart murmur today.?
I would like to lose 15 lbs by july 1st, I have congestive heart failure., any suggestions?
Anxiety Attack?
Can cough or colds bring headaches?
How to block out loud snoring?
Any suggestions on how to get rid of a sore throat QUICKLY?
How do you spell amonia? not the cleaning product.. the illness.?
I've had a cough for a month and a half. What's going on?
I am 13 and lately I have been having to go to the bathroom every 15 Minuit's. is there some thing wrong with
I work in a small supermarket and have a ciggie break just outside around the corner?
Intensive care update My Uncle!?
Why is my inhaler not working?????????????
My three year old son is always catching cold?
If u are diabetes do u experience numness in your lip?
I'm thinking about getting a pump. So is using the pump better than giving yourself shots everyday?
My mon and dad have diabetes, but my brother and I don't. Is it possible for diabetes to skip a generation?
Uppon finding an unconcious diabetic, is it dangerous to...?
Should I have had a V8?
I am pregnant and was just diagnosed with diabetes what should i eat?And is insulin harmful to the baby?
Does popcorn raise your sugar level if you have type two diabetes?
Am i becoming diabetic?
I believe that i am A+ blood tye and my husband is A+ for sure i am wondering what my childs blood type is.?
Is 7.3 normal for blood sugar levels?
Why or why wouldn't you date someone with herpes?
Suppose i had herpes?
Recently discovered I have herpes, how will I ever have a new relationship?
Why does cold and sore throat go worse when your at work?
Tetanus shot queston PLEASE HELP?
Is hemophila transmittable?
Is this symptons of the Norwalk Virus?
What is the hospital bug cdif?
What are some tips for getting over and avoiding a cold?
Do you know what the African sleeping disease is caused from?
How is meningitis contracted?
Kissing disease...?
Which foods lowers cholesterol?
Can I sue The hospital??
I get a fast heart rate when I smoke weed. Am I okay?
Severe chest pain?!!?
Does your heart really stop when you sneeze??
What is atherosclerotic heart disease?
How to decrease my blood pressure?
What is the best way to raise money for Jump Rope For Heart?
Sharp chest pain scared am goin have heart attack?
Im waiting for a new heart valve, i need to know about the surgery and what they have to do?
Not asking just answering Marijuana FACTS *****?
(More) Metastatic cancer or just a coincidence?
Is it cancer?
HELP ... freaking out?
Stage IV Breast Cancer Question?
Has any body had pain in back and arm after breast cancer surgery with reconstruction from back?
My cousin said that pot can be perscribed by a doctor for medical perpouses like if you have cancer?
How come when you have cancer your hair falls out?
How do you get lymphoma cancer?
My husband is dying of cancer. Hospice has taken over. I need a poem for him.?
Can chlymidia affect your ovaries?
Can you get aids through the internet?
Please help!!! std question???
My boyfriend is findin it hard to wee?
Can I get herpes from a guy who slept with a girl who didnt have an outbreak?
I'm scared, my blood pressure is way high ?
I cant find the heart plzzzzzz help meee?
Will a 136/96 blood pressure kill me?
How to open blockage of blood vessels?
Why bother? whats the point?
How can i bring my high blood pressure down ?
How should I say on my business card that I know CPR?
Cheap foods for someone with high Cholesterol?
Why does my heart hurt sometimes? please help!!!?
Baby born without a brain?
How often should i check my blood?
Have I just had low blood sugar levels and how do you treat it?
Insulin and my Insurance ???
Healing process for diabetics
I'm scared I might have diabetes.?
Can diabetics use peppermint lotion on their feet?
Can a infected in grown toe nail that is not treated travel from the toe to the leg if not treated early?
Diabetic help?
Wat are diabetes?
If diabates what tablet is best for control level?
What is pleurisy?
Anxiety and panic attacks?
Are asthmatics more prone to chest infections in the winter time or can anyone get them?
I struggle to breath through my right nostril and its really affecting my life,do u know what the problem is?
What happens if air is injected into the body?
Can you get into the army if you have asthma?
Pulse 100 per minute?
Are nosebleeds a sign of anything serious?
My daughter has been suffering from cough and colds all year round. we've been to different clinics and?
What are the chances of a 4 year old?
Any suggestions on how to cure pinkeye?
What are the chances of heart disease given these factors?
I'm 14 and already scared I will have a heart attack?
Ever since I had my angiogram last week I feel like I have something sticking in my throat?
Does vulnerability to HIV infection lead to one being susceptible to it or is it vice versa?
Are premature ventrical contractions or PVC's dangerous?
Should I worry about having heart palpitations?
How dangerous is open heart surgery?
If you have a heart transplant will you have a change of emotions?
Hep c question?
Does vinager really lower your blood pressure?
Does anyone know about the disease, Impetigo?
How can I get better??
Heart or not?
How can i have a strong immune systems?
I have High Blood Pressure, so NOW WHAT???
Is anemia curable?
Has anyone died from the FLU in your state?
Until a vaccine and cure is found for HIV what should people concentrate on more?
If africa is so badly affected by aids and over 1000 die each day of it how long will it take to kill them all
I'm scared here. Help me out?
PLEASE ANSWER! which part of the body is least likely...?
Do you think celebreties have STD just like the rest of the general population?
Why don't people with crabs just shave off their pubes?Like if they had nits?!?
With snogging can you receive aids or desises?
Ugly, itchy rash. Help? Public event coming up!?
Is this allergies?
Would a couple of teaspoons of warm water with a pinch of salt wash irritants out of the nose?
What causes nose bleeds?
Why are my hay fever symptoms worse early in the morning?
Shell fish alergy?
Are allergy shots effective? Anyone have any experience with them?
Which is the Best between Claritin and Allegra?
What can you do when you get an allergic reaction/irritation from a product?
Help Needed?
What are the symptoms of having a heart problem/disease?
I was very recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and was put on a very low sodium diet.?
My heart is beating fast and I have shortness of breath.?
What is the difference between LDL and VLDL?
Congestive heart failure reason for intermittent shortness of breath?
My doctor said i have mitral valve prolapse with regurgatation trivial, is this dangerous?
Its this normal pulse for 24 years old?
Are there any natural remedies to alleviate the itch from poison ivy?
My nose is stuffed up, am I sick or is it my allergies?
I keep waking up during the night hot ,cant open window its abit windy around here .any idears?
I've had nut allergies for about five years now. How do I know if I'm still allergic?
Heart Failure and Abscessed tooth?
What does coelic mean?
Seafood problem?
Allergic to antibiotics...?
Is it possible to outgrow an allergy (or intolerance) to shellfish?
I went to the doctor a few weeks back and she discovered a heart murmur?
What can I do, I lost my daughter due to kidney and heart failure . It's been 7 weeks and I can' go on
Why won't my sinus infection go away? It's been 5 weeks.?
At what blood pressure should I begin to worry?
How does aids spread. by eating someones (false) food.or by a kiss.what r the chances.does saliva contain it.?
Should i tell my bf?
WHO or WHAT? brought AIDS to america?
What happen if the condon is broke?
If you smook maruana how long it stay in your blood after you quit?
I have a horrible sounding spasmodic cough, and I need to work tonight- at an upscale restaurant. Help!?
5 year old sick over a week W/ fever?
When a child stops breathin in their sleep, what is the cause of it?
If my temp is 37 C do i have a fever?
I have asthma, and I've heard that my employer must allow for my doctors appt. Where can I find proof?
What is the best medicine for acid reflux.?
I am looking for the best cures for snoring?
What happens if you get food in your lungs?
Sulfa and Sulfur?
Help! I'm miserable!?
I think I am allergic to cigarette smoke, but I am a smoker?
Random hives?
Why are so many kids allergic to peanut butter and nuts?
Am I allergic to smoke?
How can i clear my clogged nose?
My head is sneezing and wezzing what do i do?
Help!! Dizzy in new aparment.?
I had a TB skin test done yesterday. Today it is a little red, but there is no bump, what does this mean?
What the beautiful place have you been?
Avoiding the Flu?
I have the common cold please help! me!?
Can u get hiv by french kissing?
If malaria can transmitted by mosquito biting why HIV not transmitted by mosquito bitting ?
If you had 48 hours left to live how would you react?
How do you treat a fever sores that are on your tongue?
What is meningitis and what is my risk of getting it while I'm at college?
Can a person have a stroke and not realize she had one untill later?
How can I slow down my heart rate?
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting your triglycerides to come down?
My mother is very dizzy and feels bad, we checked her blood pressure and it came out a little low.?
A doctor on Regis&Kelly; last week, stated that it takes 2 -81mg aspirns a day, not 1 to work successfully..?
Why does caffeine lower peoples blood pressure??
Is it true that nicotine helps in low blood pressure cases?
Are my experiencing skipped heart beats normal?
I'm a smoker and uses birth control pills but i got hypertension so stopped it.?
Is it possible to be allergic to a pill youve already used?
I have pink eye. How do you cure it ?
I am worried?