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Who has AIDS?
Could anyone please tell me a best slogan for AIDS awareness??
Obesity caused due to what reason?
My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed with an ANEURYSM! please help? read more?
Which cold medications are not recommended for people who are on high blood pressure medication?
Does anyone know the life expectancy of someone who was diagnosed with tachycardia?
What sort of virus could have been the cause of my viral cardiomyopathy?
Why am I hypertensive wherein I am not fat, nor I dont smoke.?
What are the symptomns of a brain tumour?
My blood pressure reading was 155 over110 pulse was 91 I am only 25 years old what should I do ???
I have PVC's. How do you deal with them?
Is pipe smoking safer than other forms of smoking?
Sore throat?
Pleazzzzz answer!?
Is there any easy way to stop smoking?
Hi, had a chesty cough for 2wks, coughing up nasty green on a morning, should I go to docs? thanks?
I last took a few puffs of marijuana on sat the 12th april.prior to that there was a week without.will i pas?
I have had sleep problems for over a year now, Help!?
Why am i cold???
Hiccup Problem?
What are possible ways smoking is right?
Can a virus such as Flu mutate into...?
I get pink eye ALL THE TIME...but is it pink eye??
What should you do if someone you live with might have herpes?
Flu or something else?
Why is a tetanus vaccine unusal?
How do i get rid of the vomiting bug?
Should scabies be reported to parents in a daycare?
What is the maximum number of coronary artery bypass grafts you can have.?
Have you seen my heart?
How do i ask a guy that has smoked for 40 years to quit? wat about if he doesnt listen to me?
Is it true that people can delay heartattack with loud and hard coughung?
What does it mean when your heart beats too fast/feels weird?
Does heart attack occur due to gas trouble?
I've had a couple of fainting episodes, another of feeling dizzy like inner ear that lasted only a minute or 2
Heart problem?
Does anybody know if you have a triple heart bypass surgery?
Could an ear plugged up with ear wax cause blood pressure to rise to 200/114?
Can u catch hiv from sharing a bottle of drink?
Is it true that someone is going around putting syringes filled with HIV into the handles of gas pumps?
Paranoid about HIV/aids?
What is std?
What are the best girl twin names?
Can you please do this for Breast Cancer?
I need an advice..it's about cancer?
How do I quit smoking weed?
Can instant noodles cause cancer?
What can I buy my cancer nurse?
Is it normal for a cancer patient who has had one session of chemotherapy and four weeks of radiotherapy?
Do you think that sunsreens help cause skin cancer?
Is it possible to get lung cancer at the age of 16??
Question about smoking in the work place?
Ex Smokers? What worked for you?
Have you ever had a panic attack?
Ok, am I dying?
How do I look after my boyfriend following a severe asthma attack?
What is frist hand smoking and secong hand?
Does a human's feces smell worse if it has been a few days since your last one?
How to stop nosebleeds?
If smoking is dangerous to our health, why do they still produce it?
I have a sore throat?
Warning signs of a heartattack?
My mom has high blood pressure,what are the symptoms that show up when you are close to getting a heart atack?
I get slight chest pains alot. I am a 21 year old overweight female.?
How can you lower really really high blood pressure (when you have congestive heart failure)?
Left side of chest is bigger than the right, does this mean a heart enlargement?
Had to go to cardiac unit for a short stay, was told my blood flow was compromised? what does this mean?
Why does my heart sometimes hurt when I breathe in ?
How to find one person is having Heart Attack?
How can i take the blood pressure of a obese people?
My Heart is racing?
Yeast infections?
I have just been treated for Chlamydia, and the only person I have been with for the past year is clear, how?
Sister may have STD...contagious?
What is herpes?
What does come mean?
Women, I need help!!?
What cause malaria?
In your areas?????
What can i do with a manky foot?
Why do doctors have difficulty diagnosing meningitis?
Quick remedies for common cold?
I am going to eat feces. me heard it dangerous/.?
Ways to prevent INFECTIONS? HELP HURRY.=]!!!?
What germs are found in human waste?
I want to know why maggots are allowed to breathe?
How low would a person's heart rate have to be to need to be hospitalized?
When your heart beats extremly fast is this a sigh of a heart attack?
How does heart palpitations feel like?
Doctor's appointments?
High Blood Pressure 177/112?
I woke up and my heart was beating rapidly and i was sweating after i was awake it slowed back down what could
Ia am am 28 , my BP reads 160/100.now started medicine and its now 125/85.how long i can live???
Hearts specialist??
Misdiagnosis...should I talk to a lawyer?
Does anybody know of people who have suffered congestive heart failure for many years?
Does anybody know what I can take to stop coughing?
Does anybody know what RSV virus is?? Emergency please answer ASAP!!!?
What is worse, the flu or pnemonia?
Help i have a sore throat?
Can someone with bronchitis smoke marijuana?
If u have emphysema dose that mean u will die?
I woke up this morning with a common cold, any quick cures?
Can breathing thru a tissue guard me against second-hand smoke?
Is smoking of mariona is good or bad?
Can smoking cause real threat to vocalists' voice or is smoking bad for vocalists?
What colour is *** supposed to be? I mean both for men and women.?
Women only please?
Have you ever gotten an STD?
Chances i got hiv??i was with a 20 yr old english backpacker only 1 month in on her trip! ?
Can you be allergic to generic brand medication and not namebrand?
Is this a dog?
I'm allergic to antihistamines!! But need help with allergies!!?
Puffy eyes from alergies or no?
Fight or flight reaction what does it mean?
Can you treat sinus with prednisolone steroid?
Is there an easy way to find out if I have a gluten intolerance? Can it be confused with lactose intolerance?
Allergy shot reaction?
Flea problems?
If a friend has aids or HIV and plays with your dog will your dog get it if the dog bit the person ?
Can hiv be transmitted by french kiss?
How can you get STD'S?
HELP,ive got a rash on my private parts,and dont know how to tell my girlfriend?
WHAT is this "STD" ??
Tel me something??
What is wrong with me?
Sore throat, chest and stomach?
Please please help me!!!!?
Can't breath at night?
I get Cold very often. I have been diagnosed as Allergic to Dust. Any Means to get rid with this?
My Father has a nasty habbit of caughing up flem. This time there is blood mixture. What is happening to him?
Is a 103.2 rectal temparture for several days too high for and 8 month old?
Can you get HIV from this? See details?
Where are the exchange of gases take place? clue:nose,mouth,air sacs,windpipe,ribs,lungs or diaphragm?
Why there is high Malaria death rate in Africa?
Pandemic: is it real?
What did the doctor mean by this?
I have strep throat, how do i get rid of it?
Iv got a cold and im stuck at home! Tried everything - honey and lemon, vit c....?
Can one get sick from being out in cold weather?
Can you get HIV or AIDS by taking a bite of pizza from some who is infected or by drinking alcohol after an in
Can you die from a cold?
Im in my mid-twenties and have never had the Chicken Pox. I was just exposed 1 week ago.....?
Six year old with headache and fever of 102?
Does it take a long time to go back to normal resting pulse rate?
What are the chances of surviving a heart bypass surgery?
Is a blood pressure of 116/44 something to be worried about?
Atrial Fibrillation?
My heart beats faster, I get tired easily, sweat and wee a lot..?
Can a blood type other than a patients be administered during a blood transfusion?
Why can't you just stop beta blockers?
High blood pressure- when to worry?
Where is the heart located, truly? Chest pain?
~weird chest pains~..what could this be~?
Please honest answers please?
HPV vaccine?
Am I more susceptible to getting HIV/AIDS or STDS if my husband and I become swingers?
Well yesterday i found out my friend have aids , should i stiop being her friend?
HELP ASAP... how do you get diabetes type 2?
My husbands A1C level was 6.5 is this bad?
How do you tell if your blood sugar has dropped?
Do you ever get so angry at having diabetes that you don't really know what to do?
Which foods are good carb-free fibre sources?
Herbal diabetes cure?
Doctors or nurses please help!!! =[?
Diabetes - I have scheduled an appt to be checked, but......?
Symtome's of a mini strock?
My dad found out his heart is severely enlarged. is that fatal?
I have a blood pressure of 111/69. Does it fall in normal range?
What should I do when my diabetes readings are to heigh?
My mom thinks i may have diabetes
Does low blood pressure make you feel weak?
Anxious About Heart Palpitations - Need To Talk?
How is babby formed?
About 5% of ischemic stroke occurs after a warning.true/false?
I have a sore heart well i think its my heart?
I need advice my dad is very ill in hospital from a bad stroke.He never was close with anyone in the family.So
When is "no smoking day"?
Can infants or toddlers under 4 years of age get strep throat?
COPD. Is this a death sentence for my husband?
I have Bronchitis and......?
Air trapped in lung/lots of pain/what to do?
Burning in the chest along with lots of pressure?
What the hell is this!?!?
What is the remedy for whizzing due to continious dry cough?
How can i stop smoking?
Asthma medication?
Mrsa its a disease, but what bout it??
Cani have herpes?
Whats the best treatment for ear infection ? She 4 years old?
If u kiss a guy w/aids do u get it too?
Thinking about getting myself checked for STDs, does anyone know if it hurts having the test done ?
What is the clap?
I never had thrush until I slept with my long term partner after a break I know I didnt sleep around did he?
My dog symptoms are rapid weight loss, swollen, enlarge, and drainage gentials what is causing it?
Can i make an appointment with my Gyno to test for STIs?
What are the symptoms of meningitis?
Strep throat?
Why is there so much publicity about breast cancer when prostate cancer kills more men than b. c. kills women?
What do you say to the widow whose husband just passed away due to cancer?
How Can I help My Dad to Try to be more Positive about...?
Do people with leukemia always die???
Father With cancer and my Wedding "i have no idea how to act"?
Do people with really bad anemia eventually get cancer ?
My friends in hospital and she has real bad cansa thats spreading and she might die is there anything i can do
If a person is suffering from advanced terminal cancer and only has weeks to live?
What are the symptoms of prostate cancer in the initial and terminal phases?
What's the best way to handle a sister going into surgery for cancer?
Has anybody had an angiogram?
Oh i hate docs!!!!!!!?
Do banana lowers blood pressure?
Blood pressure pills?
Should I be worried about my heart palpitations?
What is heart-burn?
Chest Pain , 20 yrs old ... doctors cant find anything. HELP!?
Are doctors or physicians better to have work on your heart?
Causes of high blood pressure?
STD TESTING HELP? READ...read 10 pts.?
Do I Have an STD?
If you have AIDS can you die from a common cold?
What is the main problem for not finding a cure for AIDS?
How can I have love and allergies?
What causes crackling sounds in the lungs?
I need some TLC, I am getting a cold. Did the tea thing, any other subjection.?
Why some people consider vaccination harmful?specially for children?
Are all asthma attacks fatal?
What is the simple home remedy for cough and blocked nose?
Has anyone had success with quiting smoking? How about the nicotine gum etc?Any work for you?
My husband snores really loud and the noise keeps me from sleeping. What can he do to stop snoring?
12 hour nosebleed??
What cause low blood presure?
Why did my wife have a second heart attack?
Please help me..!!?
What supplement is good for high triglycerides?
How can I get off high blood pressure medicine safely?
I have a iregualar heart beat and i have been advised to take warfarin,?
Heart Problems?
How long does it take for a heart to stop breaking?
My HDL is 5 what can i do to increase the number?
Open Heart Surgery...?
10+ pts to first description of fatal infection?
A pigeon flew into me. help?
How to get rid of a strep throat?
What does it mean to have Hepatitis C Antibodies found in your blood?
Can you get AIDS from kissing someone?
Can you catch chicken pox again if you have had it as a child?
Do I have a fever?
What is the benefit to the US to provide meds to HIV/AIDS patients in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Do you cover the Toilet Seat?
How to tell him about the s.t.d??
Were do i find pictures of general herpes?
Can drinking ice water help lower blood pressure?
Yesterday I was ill, weak, seeing stars and tingly tongue. Was this a TIA?
Can high blood pressure affect the kidneys?
I need to know about heart attack.?
I am 22 yrs old female had blood pressure read @ 153 over 103 anyone know what could cause this so young??
How can you get rid of chest pains?
Does working out increase your blood pressure?
Heart attack at 59?
If you still have your period and ovulate.. does it prevent you from having a heart attack?
Best way to stop smoking?
Last night my brother collapsed after a party- what do you think his sypmtoms suggest?
Should I Smoke With A Cold???
My boyfriend has pretty bad sleep apnea. Short of going to a sleep doctor, what options does he have?
Im having trouble breathing?
Starting Smoking, advice please?
Why would a Physician want to remove tonsils in an adult?
How do i make a home-made medicine for coughing?
Why is there a tightness in my right lung?
If you were a smoker and fell into a coma, when you wake up would you still have a craving for cigarettes?
Chest pain question?
Can people in the Medical profession answer only please?
What does the liver do exactly?
Do I have some kind of heart disease???
Help me somebody?
I need to lower my blood pressure to 139 from 147 with in two weeks is there a quick remedy?
What are the symptoms for a stroke?? please help?
Question here- why do people when they are getting severe chest pains and life threatning symptoms?
My daughter is haveing heart surgery in birmingham alabama in july. does anyone know much about alabama?
What are the side effects of daily exposure to an air conditioned room?
Why the bird flu is not passable among humans, not only bird to man?
Stomach flu??
About Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)?
About how long can a person live after getting hep c?
I have mono. Should I be at work if I have a doctor's note telling me to rest?
I have a really bad throat should I have cold milk or warm?
Are you for or aginst the MMR vaccine?
Please give me full detail upon this question?
Panic attack?
I have this terrible cough thats lasted about 2 weeks or a week and a half!?
Could people stop smoking if cigs weren't manufactured anymore?
Once you have asthma,will you always have it?I have to use the advair inhaler twice a day,and have 4 a few yrs
Sinus Infection? Home remedies to get rid of the infection?
What could take? as i feel tired all the time and start to eel sick all the time i always got no energy?
Is smoking............ ....?
I feel a little discomfort in my left side of my chest ... is it heart problems?
What can be possible side-effect of Anty-biotic like Amoxycilin500 on us when we take them to cure a decease??
How can you treat an infected site caused by a diabetes insulin pump?
What is adema and how can i get ride of it?
How can treat the diabete tip1?
Is this diabetes?
Vegan diet... bad for diabetics?
What are early signs of diabetes?
How can I help lower my A1c ??
HELP-scared about my blood sugar?
What is the best glucose meter?
Plese which of these two contain more carbohydrate, poptatoes (Irish) or yams?
When you get a pap smear done do they check for stds and hiv?
Can we get Aids through mouth to mouth kissing?
How can I get checked for STDs cheaply and descreatly?
Any info on herpes?
Can Aids be cured?
What does amnesia means?
I heard when someone in the family has cancer, other members of that family are in risk of developing it also.
Should doctors be allowed to cancel appointments with cancer patients?
Have you ever prayed for a relative to die who was in pain?
What cured your depression?
Where does all the money go for cancer research? Because there is clearly a cure.?
Why whey u tell someone u had cancer...THEY RUN..i mean men run?
Could this be CANCER!?
Does benign mean a tumour but safe??????
How to deal with hospice? Any positive experience or inspirational stories to share?
How to get ride of axitey attacks?
Does a smoker heart beat faster than a person who doesn`t smoke heart?
How can I tell if my blood pressure is OK?
My blood pressure dropped from 110/56 to 90/56?
Should we go to ER if 13 year old boy accadently takes 2 allergy pills and a heart blood pressure pill?
Am I at increased risk for coronary heart disease if I used to be overweight but no longer am?
Why black people have high blood pressure?
Question for Doctors- what is this...?
Can you tell me what vasotec is?
How far does an ECG go towards diagnosing Heart failure, does a normal ECG mean it is not present?
Anyone know much about scarlet fever?
Rabies...I know few people might take this as funny question but I am serious about my question.?
Has anyone over the age of 30 had to have their tonsils out?
Is the bird flu going to wipe out the human race?
Do the risks out weigh the benifits of immunizations?
Can someone please diagnose me?
If my blood work says Hep B surf ag is negative what does this mean?
I have herpes, but is it true that I can't pass it onto any other body part now?
Is a coldsore a type of herpies??
My chest yesterday was pulled tight inside of me,what is the problem?
How do i cope with panic attacks?
Do you know natural remedies for sinus?
Pneumonia can it reocur?
Do you snore?
I can't sleep because I can't stop coughing and I am very poor.does anyone know any home remedy's?
My friend is a Little worried can you help?
Smoking Methods?
Cancer of the blood, bone marrow, right?
Is coughing up blood consistant with a chest infection?
Heart Problems?
What causes heart murmur's?
Do you know of a child who has a hole in their heart?
What a person do if he is having heart enlargement problem?
Can kids have strokes?
My heart normal heart rate is 55, when i work out it goes to 98, is that normal?
How does someone have a heart attack and die almost 2 weeks later from something else at the hospital?
Could this be a heart attack?
If I have nausea, weakness, low blood pressure, could I have heart problems?
Death by heart attck, how long does it take?
Can you catch anything of toilet seats?
I used his towel!?!?
Can HIV or AIDS be transmitted through sharing of the drinking glass of a carrier or sharing his utensils?
Yeast Infetion Question?
I Have A Really Bad Cold...........?
What is urinary tract infection?
Can someone help me out?
What remedy is good to stop coughing?
Im starting to have an asthma attack im miles away from a anywhere and my inhalers empty what can i do?
Waking up with a sore throat?
Why does my chest hurt? I don't smoke..?
Is it normal to have harder breathing at 1st after quitting smoking?
Chest infection?
When you have a cold is it normal to cough up blood?
How to get rid of permanent cough and cold with native medicine and yoga practice?
Coughing help?
What is the meaning of 'angina pectoris'?
Why are blood thinners so important ?
"right vain of heart blocked by 90%, ingeoplastic is nessecary or not".?
What does it mean if I am 60 and my heart rate is 180 most of the time?
Question about beer.?
People born with hole in heart.....guys help please..?
To Quit Smooking?
What does a heart do?
Can anybody survive a second heartattack?
Help! Insulin pump vs injections?
Sugar or protein: what's better nourishment when your sick with the flu?
Peanut Allergie?
I have diabetes help!!?
What are the major symptoms of Diabetes(any type)?
What area of the face do sinus problems affect? I am experiencing pain in the left eye socket?
Why do diabetics love sweets so much?
Can i mix lantus insulin with novalog insulin together?
Why do i have to clear my throat every 10 seconds? could i have an infection?
Do i have diabetes?
Im 12 I HAVE THE COLD OMG? help mee plz help mee?
I have a cold. My nose is raw from blowing it with tissues. Any ways to make ut better?
Can you live with a kidney function at 10 percent?
How do you get rid of back acne?
Cat allergies...?
Are there any foods that lowers blood sugar, and if so, what is it?
Why aren't my pumpkins growing?
My husband sometimes starts coughing so much he get all red and hot and starts throwing up. Any ideas?
Does anyone else have this problem.?
Allergy medication stopped working?
My girlfriend lied about and STD!?
If you pour lemon juice on your private parts, if no pain-does it meant that you are infection or virus free?
HIv from food? Please help!!!?
Help me std?
How often do you find your date has herpes ?
What is the different between HIV and AIDS ?
Whould you have a relationship with someone with HIV?
I think I have asthma what is some ways to help when I have trouble breathing untill I can get an Inhaler?
Am I asthmatic?
Which are the causes of the bronchitis>?
I may be pregnant, and I'm sick. What should I do about the medication I was prescribed?
COPD question?
I'm Scared!!! I'm scared!!! Please help...????
I want to quit smoking?
What i have to do to stop smoking?
How to increase my lung capacity?
What can you do for a sinus infection?
How to get over flu quickly?
Whats the best way of perking yourself up when you are getting over flu/cold virus? Or do you just rest?
I feel sick..?
Can dogs get HIV?
Would you get better care from a doctor if they had full access to all your medical treatment records?
How do you visually detect if a tick bite has caused lyme disease infection?
What would you do?
I'm sick.. Can anyone tell what's wrong?
What is Jaundice?
Fever Blisters?
I like a girl who told me she has herpies , what should i do?
What would you do if you found out you had AIDs?
I just tested negative for HIV, can the doctor say I dont have HIV initially to calm my nerves?
How many people live with HIV / AIDS?
Girls pls answer??????std?
Is there any way you can tell if a woman has any std's just by looking at their reproductive organs?
Should Doctors with HIV be able to practice medicine?
I am a normal human being . But i always doubt whether i will get disease like AIDS just by touching .?
Allegic to Codeine?
Quick ways to relieve blocked sinus!???
How do I find out if Im allergic to bee stings?
IBS troubles? What foods so you stay away from?
I itch all the time - no rash... help?
Can I be allergic to medicine?
Allergy question?
Hi, my wife is allergic to magnesium and has real trouble taking tablets for migrains can anyone help please?
Can people still be allergic or have allergic reactions to something that's hypoallergenic?
Is there any medicine for fruit allergies?
My last days on earth.?
Does any one have any info on leperceed? thats if i speld it right?
Has anyone got or had gallbladder polyps?
What do you think about colon cleansing?
Choice of death?
What are the symptoms of a brain tumor?
What do you eat for your in-between meal snacks?
My mother is suffering from diabities and as directed by the doctor she is taking medicin?
Talk to doctor about blood sugar?
I have type II diabetes and on two medications for control. What are the safe sugar substitutes healthwise?
Diabetic Tragedy...?
My saliva smells like vinegar. Is it what they called ketoacidosis for diabetic persons?
Whom do u believe . Endocrinologist or ADA. If i follow the endo guideline for diabetes, then im a diabetic,?
For type two diabetics: what was the hardest thing for you to give up?
Name the chemicals responsible for obesity?
Endocrinologist or stay with my physician.?
Full form of SARS?
I think i got staph from my boyfriend?
Shingles, can it be recurring?
What was the cause of the Black Plague?
Would you forgive him?
Flu shot???
They say at chirstmas dont wash your bird. so when she starts to smell what should i do. she smells bad always
What are the best ways to get rid of a hiccup?
Do i go to the dr. today because i'm coughing&swelling; of my throat on the rightside.?
My son was up all night with a croupy cough, he also has asthma. Is it asthma or something else?
If I spit blood..?
I have a respratory question for someone who has knowledge in the field Please.?
Any advice on how best to deal with a sore throat and chesty cough?
Quit smoking for four days now....? Will it get a lot easier?
Effective stop smoking aid?
My daughter has pneumonia, what should her daily activities be, i.e., lay around, walk alot, sit up?
What system do the lungs belong to?
Can sharing a razor with your stepsister give you AIDS?
I have Herpes From Getting with some Gurl. What Should I do???
Is Bacterial Vaginosis a STD or is it just a woman thing?
Can you get HIV/AIDS from a used lancelet?
Doing everything right,but still high blood pressure?
What is "thickening of the walls in your heart" mean?
Could it be high blood pressure? or stress?
Can men with Heart Diease take VigRX Pills?
Is there any cure for an opening in a heart?
What is eiskimia?
Panic Attack?
What foods can help in recovery from open heart surgery?
How can I tell if I'm having a heart attack? Some precise symtoms please?
What is the average pulse rate for an adult?
How do I get rid of blackheads on my nose????
Bird flu? a load of rubbish!?
Immune to antibiotics?
How do you know if you have chicken pox or bug bites?
Can you get rabies if you touch a raccoon, or its saliva?
What destroys a cold as fast as possible?
Mad Cow disease?
How often do you need to get a flu shot?
Parents and the stomach flu?
Chest pains at 17?
What will happen, i have an infection in my eye duct?
What is the best why to get rid of the hic-up's?
Chest pain from coughing?
Is smoking a hookah just as bad as smoking a cigarette?
How long do you live after your told you have emphysema?
What is the difference between breathe and breath?
Is there any point quitting smoking?
How do I clean my lungs?
Pneunomia (na-moan-ya)?
I have a burning pain sensation in my chest all day every day, does anyone else?
Anyone who would answer this ty very much!!!?
My Husband just told me he has a STD?
My discharge has an odor since I slept with a guy and no protection!!!?
What do I say to My friend that is HIV Positive?
Can i sue because of a false lab report? A report of a STD that was false?
Is this a diabetic issue?
For all you type 1 diabetics out there...?
For diabetics...which is more effective...medicine or insulin...how n why..?
Diabetes? Please help.?
What are the signs or symptoms for Diabetes?
Type 1 diabetes question?
How to lose weight with Type 1 diabetes?
Are Muslims allowed to use insulin?
Is it true that people have found the cure to diabetes? But dont want to show?
Blood pressure reading?
Blood Pressure?
What does a sudden increase of heart rate mean if you're 15?
Son given way better results!! Great news but a little confusing. How can 2 doctors get different results?
Remedies for anxiety?
What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fat
Which country is the best for heart disease treatment?
Is it just me or does your heart have a sharp pain going through it, every so often. Sometimes i cant breath!?
Can mitral valve prolapse cause dizziness?
Cardiac arrest?
My Friend and my bf hate eachother.?
I was giving oral to another man tonight but now im home I have a sore throat.... is it hiv?
What STD has a white discharge?
Olive oil and cooking?
The Very Best Way To Quit Smoking?
Im haveing sinus pain, congestion and a headache what should i take for it?
I have just got a death certificate from 1876 and cant fully read cause of death. can anyone help?
How can I stop coughing?
What would make someone have trouble breathing in their home?
Has anyone experienced sleep paralysis?
My daughter was diagnosed with walking pneneumonia on Monday?
My husband got up this morning and started throwing up blood. Is this serious.?
Does your bed partner's snoring keep you awake ?
"Has this every happened to you"?
What exactly is a staff infection ? What are some ways you contract it ?
What is Malaria ??? for teens to understand?
Can you get AIDS from kissing?
When you have a flu and you french kiss ur bf, is he affected ?
I have mono.?
How would I keep bacteria from pus alive outside the human body?
From what I've read and heard there is no cure for MSRA. How do you know if you have it?
Washing hands? How to deal with taps, doors, towels?
Are shingles contagious?
Why does your hair fall out with chemo?
What are some items I could put in a care basket for somone undergoing radiation treatment?
I have just been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, what should I be expecting when it comes to treatment?
My gf is recently got infected by hepatites B,we were to marry,what should i do?
I found out my dad is gay what should i do???
If you get gonorrhea or chlamydia, does it mean you have HIV as well?
How do you know if you have aids or hiv?
How can i ask my boyfriend to get test on HIV?
Anyone know a way to to help quit smoking for good?
Snoring Cures Please before I go mad!?
What do people find in smoking and drinking ?
Does Tuberculosis spread?
Why smoking is good or bad ?
Does smoking really make you cough this much?
I have had a cough, etc. I went to the Dr. and am taking antibiotics. should i exercise, go running.?
Smokers: What's your brand?
Cigarette questions; please answer thanks (:?
Hard time breathing?
How can you stop horrible nightmares?
How long can a person take anti cholestrol drug atrovostatin?
I am 14 did i have a heart attack.?
Needing to know about plavix medication for my heart.The Doctor found a blockage?
Can you survive a strike or a pierce through the heart?
Does anybody know how long you have to go to med school to become a pediatric cardiologist?
How to reduce blood cholesterol?
When u get an echocardiogram and the tech doesn't say anything is that a good sign.?
Hi im 18 and i have been having these chest pains on my left side and i have been checked for heart problems?
What is a cure for enlarge heart?
Is it a scratch or something else????
A police guy told us that oregano a spice used 4 kooking is a drug it make you hallucinate but he didnt told?
Can butter be used as a lubricant?
I have a question URGENT!!!?
Hiv and aids?
Please help me feel better from a staph infection! I don't seem to be getting better.?
What is the best treatment for curing HIV.?
Has bird flu been man made?
HIV & Blood...Please Help?
What causes conjuctivities (soar eyes)?
Does taking antibotics for allmost 2 years damage the heart in any way?
Do I really need a second flu shot?
I have hep c. i have been told not to drink alcohol while I am having treatment.Why?
Do i have diabetes?
What is the normal range for a person's blood sugar?
Question about Diabetes?
Might be a silly question, can a woman have a child if she has diabetes?
Has anyone had sugar spill into their urine?
What is first sign of diabetes & is it true "Drinking Cold water increases blood pressue" my homeopath doc say
Can i get an infection by......?
Diabetic, low blood pressure, anemic, what is it?
Is a person with type I diabetes, heart disease and bipolar II disable?
How to deal with Blood Pressure?
My blood pressure has been a little high all week sould i be worried,its been 146/103 give or take a few num
What is the name of that instrument?
I am 18, nearly 19, but I think I have heart problems or something in my chest.....?
Is my irregular heart rate dangerous?
I recently changed insurance carriers because I got married. Will my heart defect be considered pre-existing?
What is the difference between a Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke) & a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)?
What can cause a heart attack?
Help on Heart Disease!?
Where does blood pressure come from?
Laughing gass?
How can i stop smoking weed?
Spontaneous combustion?
Enjoying .................?
What do low oxygen levels mean?
How many of you non-smoking people have been into hospital paid for by the tax accumilated by smokers?
Is there an over the counter antibiotic instead of gettting a prescription?
My child was diagnosed with asthma, but i don't believe she has asthma. can someone give an advice?
Why do I cough?
Problems down below?
I'm 17.. i have HIV. my parents don't know. what do i do?
Is this possible?
Can you get hooked on heroin if someone maliciously injected you with it?
If I don't want kids, would catching chlamydia be a good way to self-sterilize?
Can you get STD's if both of you are virgins?
My uncle is 53 years old.He is unable to move his right hand after awakening today.Is that serious?
I am a 19yr old girl with continuing worsening chest pain over the course of about 4 months?
What is a stent? My Pop had one put in after he had a heart attack.?
How to stamp out high blood pressure?
Heart attacks and what are the main causes?
Why does my heart start racing suddenly?
Please help me! Heart problem!?
Every time I breath I feel pain in the heart. Why is that?
Are heart palpitations dangerous?
I found out today from a chest xray that my 5mth old son has pnemonia should i take him to the ER?
Ok i have a question about smoking?
Is this excessive mucus and difficulty breathing related to my quitting smoking?
Passive smoking?
I need help, any suggestions of how to get rid of the hiccups, other than breath holdling or having someone?
Can you really cough up a lung?
Has anyone used ZYRTEC does it make you drowsy?
How can you trick someone to stop smoking?
What Happens to Your body if you stop smoking Right now?
Serious question. Please help if you can.?
Got told i have cancer?
What is your blood type?
How long would it take to get lung cancer by smoking a 1/2 pack a day.?
Important please give some advice?
What is chemotherapy?
My son's 4 yr. old daughter has Leukemia....is she to be isolated from others?
Cancer...spreading?.. surgery complete.. now just waiting..?
Brain tumor help!!?
We just found out my cousin has cancer again, how can I be supportive to her?
Good cancer charity or fundraiser for me to donate to?
Is it compulsory to be tested for STD's when pregnant?
I have a white tongue and I don't know what can it be...can it be hiv or aids?
Can u still get pregnant with a std?
Ladies I have a question?
Question on stds?
Would you adopt a baby or a child that is HIV+?
Do i have hiv?
What is STD test?
Would chicken nuggets from wendys be approprite for a diabetic?
Is it good for health to use sugar subtitute (low sugar or pills) instead of sugar, thx?
Why do diabetes patients have to take off their shoes when getting a medical checkup?
Is there a difference between the terms sugar free and no sugar added?
Do i have diabities??
How can i find out if i have diabeties?
Diabetes question?
Why do some diabetics take insulin and others take oral medications?
I constantly get boils,or cyst,or carbuncles, what ever you want to call them. WHY???
How can I tell if my child is getting dehydrated?
Have you had "Shingles"?
What is Perforated Appendicitis?
Can I marry a girl with hepatitis B virus?
How contagious is Staff?
I need to know what a positive TB TEST looks like?
If a mosquito bites someone with AIDS, and then bites you, are you at risk for the disease?
The common cold?
The love pain?
Wierd heart rythm today. felt like a motor inside of me, head dizzy, pressure on chest, out of breath.?
Is 120 over 59 a low blood pressure?
Are french fries a weapon of mass damage, that is to your heart and arteries?
I've been having heart palpitations on and off for the last few months - what should I do? (25yo fem/stressed)
The general name for any substance that causes the heart to beat faster is?
High blood pressure?
Heart disease, bypass not an option?
Is a blood pressure of 90/80 okay?
16 years old: need pacemaker? nervous with q's...?
Is it possible to be HIV pos for 3 years and not no it, would'nt you have some kind of symtom, like, what?
Is it unhygienic to share soap with others?
I just found out that i have VAGINOSIS BACTERIAL INFECTION?
Can my boyfriend go to jail if he gave someone herpes and didn't know he had it
Is smoking harmful to a soon to be mother.?
What else can I try for this cold?
Any good remedies for a 2 year old with a bad cough?
Does sleep apnea effect ability to exercise?
I am planning on quitting smoking first thing tommorro!?
Should I go back to the doctor?
Is spitting out a little blood normal?
Help! She's not breathing?
My 7 year old son has been coughing & wheezing with a low grade fever for 11 days now.?
Am I right for Speaking to an Attorney instead of our family Doctor?
Have you ever had lice!~?
How did aids originate ?
Can you get herpes from kissen?
Can a 5-year old be a Type 2 diabetic?
I have diabetes and take metformin my mouth stay dry and i swallow a lot?
How do you get Pink eye?
Is this a normal blood sugar level for a non-diabetic?
Can you get aids from saliva?
What causes a diabetics unine to be yellow?
Is this a sign of diabetes?
White spots in my throat?
Is diabetes millitus(insulin resistance)curable?
Do you live with a binge drinker?
If a sick person coughs on my shopping trolley, how long does the virus stay contagious on it for?
How can I lose 100 lbs in an hour?
How can you figure out your blood type?
Chicken Pox, can you get it twice in your lifetime?
High bloodsugars in the morning from 240-400?
What is the best way to lowe blood presseure quickly?
Is it dangerous???
I have just lost a toe-nail, how long before it grows again.?
Query on Glucose level in blood and hemoglobin?
Drinking un skimmed milk will cause diabetes?
Whats the recommended distance to walk for a recovered cardiac patient trying to exercise.?
If u answer this right ill give you 10 points!!!!?
My age is 35 and i strongly feel that i have heart ailment!?
What's the name of the machine that shows your life line that corresponds to your heart beat?
Can anyone tell me what could be wrong?
Heart racing what is it?????
Aortic aneurysm?
I have been since two days experiencing very sudden n sever pain in left upper hand . What could it be?
Doctors please help!!!!! please read!!!! my dad has high tryglycerides and he is diabetic?
Cancer Update-Important-Please Read!!?
Cancer question for lawyers/doctors please help?!?!?
How do u cope knowing your mom has lung cancer?
Can you get cancer from snuff?
How harmless is Basal Cell Carcinoma ( a form of skin cancer)?
OK i am 16 and i can c ne lumps but i can feel them underneath the skin . is it breast cancer or normal?
What is the chances for survival of a person who has non Hodgkin's lymphoma and it is on a stage 2?
I think I have Skin Cancer!?
I am having a bone marrow biopsy and i want to know if anyone has had one and if it is painful?
I have a question Valtrex will help get rid of HPV?
Now that I found religion, will my virginity grow back?
Can you get pregnant or STD or HIV if?
What does it meen when someone says close ur legs it smells like tuna?
Bit of an embarrasing question, but need some advice!?
Dont open.........?
Last question?
Gardasil vaccine?
What disease can you get from sitting on a public toilet? ?
How Can I tell if my ear's infected?
Is Tylenol an anti-inflammatory drug?
My mother in law smokes a pack a day, and her cough sounds like she's struggling for her last breath?
Why, 3 years after quiting smoking am I still coughing up phlem?
Im Miserable someone PLEASE help!!?
Weird...laced weed?? help a broski?
What is the cure for Bronchitis?
Just getting over a cold. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the cough?
I'm quitting smoking on Monday.?
What diseases were in the late 1800's?
I quit smoking and now I feel worse!!! Please help?
Can u live with one lung?
I heard there was a cure for AIDS???
Blood test - high sugar levels?
What is glycemia?
What can I do to get hyderated?
My blood sugar is 102. Should I be feeling symptoms?
Are there any diabetics who can tell me if there is a reason we should not eat lamb?
I have a family member who drinks excessively.?
I have a diabetes question...?
Please, please, please help me! -- do you think i have diabetes?
I am diabetic answer?
How dangerous is Type 1 diabete? What is the best method to take care?
How bad is smoking 10 cigarettes a day for a 23-year old man?
Can cholesterol be controlable?
I want to know what the normal heart rate is?
How long does it take to reverse the bad you've done?
Low blood pressure 80/55... should she go to the hospital?
Medically, can people live without a HEART? examples?
Stroke at 20 years old?
Very little sleep and heart palpitations - any advice on eliminating the palpitations?
Will a Doctor write a perscription for high blood pressure w/o blood work?
How much sodium intake should a healthy adult have daily?
Questions about goneria?
Is it true that now HIV/AIDS HAVE a cure some were in Nigeria or is just mere propaganda?
What is mentapause?
Reasons why people administer heroin to themselves?
I have heard that you can get SHINGLES even if you have not had chickenpox, but have had the VACCINE?
MMR Vaccine, what are your thoughts.?
What causes the symptoms of a common cold?
I have pus coming out my big toe on the side. what kind of infection could that be?
What could be the cause of a chronic cough? It sounds like I'm wheezing when I'm coughing.?
How do I stop my spose's snoring?
I get frequent cold. My nose gets blocked and cant sleep. Is there a way to prevent frequent cold?
How can i stop smoking?
If am vomiting have stomach pains and cough worms what do i have ?
I had a misscarige 6 years ago i dident go to the doctors would i know if got a infection?
I need help really fast?
I got in trouble for smoking weed by my mom?
Tips for giving up smoking?
STD? Cooking salt on the top shelf found in the bathroom?
Why do people want AIDs?
So you cant get any STD from tongue kissing if you dont have an open sore?
Can you get HIV from being stabbed with the same stapler as a person with HIV?
Has anyone found love after herpes?
Condon got stuck inside. Risk of pregnancy/STDs?
Is there a cure for aids?
What is the highest blood sugar level anyone has seen?
Dibetic type1 surger dropping real low?
How do you get diabetes?...?
Whether too much sleep or too little sleep may cause diabetes?
Syringe help!?
Is there anything that can bring your blood sugar down when it gets high?
What are they symptoms of diabetes?
Can u see if you have diabetes if you use one of those handheld blood sugar testers, plz read details??
Do you have any information about nick jonas with diabetes? i am so scared he is going to die?
Why is exercise and diet not enough to treat my diabetes; I dot like taking medications but looks like no choc
Can this happen?
Why can the cancer come back even after apparently successful treatment?
If you fell in love at first with a a guy and later he found out he have oral cancer and get surgery?
Breast cancer??
How many mental stages you go through with Cancer?
Do people with cancer die because of the chemotherapy weakening their immune system?
Stupid Question?
My sister has low blood pressure 120/60 and.....?
Six year old with racing heart and frequent vomiting. Please help. What could this be?
Does a heart attack warrant a visit to the ER?
Can coughing stop a heart attack?
Can people have heart attacks in their sleep?
Important question, help please?
What is the main organ of blood vesselin the circulatory system?
Is walking bad for blood pressure?
I am 20 years old and overweight, I've had high blood pressure for 4 yrs and can't lose weight what can I do?
Who made a Heart Beat?
Does your doctor look at their watch when you ask a question? Do seigh or roll their eyes to heaven?
How to lower my blood pressure?
How long can a person live with only 40% of their heart working?
How Can You Gets STD?
My 16 year old son has high blood pressure!!?
What is the result of high blood pressure...is it dangerous...same thing with low blood pressure?
My boyfriend heart been poundin fast his throat hurts and his body is been shakin & jumpy alot?
I've always had a fast heartbeat, I think. But now I've been noticing that I do have a fast heartbeat.
After a mild stroke, does it occur again for the second time?
Can a person catch herpes from a person who has the herpes virus in there blood but does not have an outbreak.
Is my heart normal? If i get a shock it slows right down like its about to stop?
Abnormal EKG at age 30 now doing a stress test...?
I am HIV positive.... my girlfriend caught it, and our baby might have it.?
What are the diffrent types of doctors?
I work at a hospital with someone that has MRSA, how can i make sure i dont get it?
I want to start smoking should I?
Whats wrong with me??? I feel terrible.?
How do you convice somebody to stop smoking?
What are symtoms of enlarged thyroid?
Right side of nose always blocked up ?
How to cure a cough?
Can a person below 30 years old have lung cancer or tumors?
If You Did Smoke?
What is the best medicen for a cold?
What do you do to remedy hiccup?
Can you get a S.T.D from sharing a pair of jeans with someone infected with that disease.?
Why do i have red dots on my toung and is that bad?
If you have gonorrhea and you are on medication does it mean you have aids?
I had some phone fun last night and now have an ear infection...is that considered an STD?
Can I get Diabetes from too much Mountain Dew?
Diabetes symptoms?
Cannot afford insulin am in indiana without money?
Diabetes, her levels are 336 was 407?
Can some one have diabeties when they only weigh 123 pounds?
Do all diabetics need to use needles these days or is there a new way?
Can I choose to take insulin instead of pills?
What to eat or not to eat when you got diabetes?
My 4 year old has diabetes and finds the injections very painful is there any numbing cream that would help..
What is the prescription atenol used for?
Is there a devise that will monitor your heart rate and send a signal to help if your heart rate slows or stop
Can you reverse the effects of plaque buildup in the arterial walls?
Heart problems?
What can you do to help your weak heart improve?
What should your LDL cholesterol be less than? mG/DL?
Can Anyone Please Help Me It's About My Heart?
How long can he live with heart failure? pls read?
With mitro valve prolapse do I need to take antibiotics before getting a tatoo?
Does high intake of protein cut down on high blood pressure?
Yellow crust on underwear????
I am a male with a burning / itching in my you know wheres what can I do or what can it be.?
Is there anywhere i can go and get a free std test?
Will you be fired if you get HIV?
What if you donated blood?
Is it possible to have the "flu" for more than two weeks?
It's A Virus?
I Have Strep Throat.... suggestions??
Can you get bacteria infections from a messy house? Like dirty plates and glasses being left out for days?
Why is AIDS having such a devastating impact throughout Africa?
What all can you catch from French kissing someone?
How long do colds last?
What's the virus that causes terburclorsis?
How do you develop fever during an infection?
Have you had the flu this season?
CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(... have trouble breathing)?
How can I have my blood taken without freaking out?
Blood when i cough?
How to boost your immune system?
Do i have something else?
How can I get rid of it?
My son have severe asthma?
How to prevent oneself from cough and cold?
I have been prescribed a 5 day course of antibiotics for a throat infection called Amoxicillin 500mg.?
Why do colds come on at night?
Why does my heart race sometimes?
What is a good thing to send your boss after he's had heart surgery?
What makes the Human heart beat and continue to beat for years and years ?
Why is the pulmonary artery carrying deoxygenated blood?
Can anyone recommend an alternative to high blood pressure medicine? Amlodipine 5mg?
Am I getting a heart attack?
Will having a drug coated stent placed in an artery to your heart reduce your life span?
What supplements can I take to reduce high blood pressure?
My Paw Paw has congestive heart failure.....?
Sometimes I have sharp pains in my chest not sure if it's my heart. Is it something I should be worried about?
Has anyone had an std before?
Okay really awkward messed up question - please help?
Can hiv /aids be spreaded through saliva?
Is 5 months a long time for a person to have a malignant tumor in their breast?
I have a pea size painless lump under my right arm...is this cancer?
Chemotherapy death risk factor?
If your 13 how do you ask your mom for a cigarette?
Do you think my daughter is allergic to wasps?
How to avoid dust allergies?and how to control it?
Am i allergic!?!?!?!?
Poison Oak! HELP! please answer?
Anyone else sneeze when eating chocolate?
Allergy medicine...?
How come my friend reacts to cow's milk here but not in Costa Rica?
What is a really good o-t-c decongestant for allergies?
It smells when i sneeze?
I have 800 allergies what foods can I eat?
How Can You Deal With Panic Attacks?
Is there a medication that can increase the oxygen flow to my legs?
Can anyone tell me what the procedure is when a stroke victim is admitted to hospital and what tests are done?
Is it normal for blood pressure to be higher in the morning than in the evening?
Weird symptoms....what illness/condition could i have?
Other terms for heart failure?
Can you die from a heart attack or stroke on extreme roller coasters? I have high blood pressure on them?
I have high cholesterol and diabetes. I've stopped eating hard cheese in an attempt to control it. Do I have
Im an occasional smoker, my blood pressure rises and i get dizzy and paranoid when i cant smoke.Is this normal
Low blood pressure?
Any advice for diabetic who needs to lose a little weight?
Are there any new medicines for type 2 diabetes?
Do u need pills for diabetes if u watch what u eat?
Question on Diabetes?
Question on diabetes?(sorry if miss spelled)?
If your diabetic what should u eat?
Need some medical advice?
If someone does not tolerate the taste of sugar can she possibly have diabeties?
My husband has an irregular heartbeat, takes warfarin and drinks 2L bot of scotch a week for 4 years. Help?
What is chlamydia??
We think we have crabs...?
A guy I have been dating and have fallen in love with told me he has HPV.?
What are the symptoms?
I have two canker sore like bumps on my gums, could it be an STD?
Do u think STD tests should be compulsory?
Bronchitis or pneumonia - should i see a private doctor for a second opinion instead of NHS doc?
A lady we know has TB but says she isn't infectious but as she is coughing I am worried?
Question about bronchitis?
Is smoking light cigarettes better for you than smoking darks?
What was your greatest motivation to quit smoking?
Is asthma psychosomatic?
Im scared.....?
Breathing trouble... is it asthma?
***URGENT*** My dad was face down on the bed heaving real bad and we think his heart stopped twice...?
I'm having chest pain, what's causing it?
How lethal is a staph infection?
How long would I have to go to college to become a Diagnostician(doctor specializing in infectious diseases)?
What are periodontal diseases ??