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I have a terrible anxiety regarding my heart?
My blood pressure is very low!!!?
Does every irregular heartbeat need meds?
If you are in the hospital for cardiac arythmia and you are hooked up 2 heart monitors do u have 2 have an IV?
If ya have a pace maker 4 ur heart.....how do they change the battiers?
Everytime i eat kiwi ??
Allergy question?
What is the best way to get rid of a sinus infection?
Why am I allergic to Avocados and Bananas? But only sometimes?
Can you lose weight by watching calories and eating high fiber foods?
Fish Intolerance, Is There A Cure?
Is it safe to mix prednisone with zyrtec and benadryl?
I need help with allergies! Please does anyone know anything?
A big massive lumpy lump!!! HELP!?
My son is 22 months and has been throwing up ( sick bug) for 10 hours now?
Could it be staph infection?
Help help!!!?
Fever question?
What is the final stage of Cirrhosis of the Liver?
I am a janitor and would like to know where i can get info on cleaning a room contaminated with scabies?
Jock itch?
Hepatitis c?
Why can't mosquitoes spead AIDS?
Why do girls spend so much time on their skin ?
HIV from dried boogers on a box?
What if a mans ejaculates and it is greenish/yellow and looks like snot?
What's so bad about herpes and HPV and stuff??
What are the different between insulin's?
If you pee all the time...?
List of types of diabetes?
Is it possible to develop diabetes all of a sudden?
How to control diabetes?
Does anyone know more about testing your blood sugars at home using needle free methods?
Blood sugar @ 40 and i'm home alone!!!?
What are the symptoms of being diabetic?
What's the difference between hyperglycemia and diabetes?
TB shot, where is it given on you?
Should the smoking age be highered to 21 years?
I always forget to breathe?
Anyone know if drinking milk is bad for asthma sufferers?
What cause bad breathe ?
Do I have bronchitis, and if I do, should I see a doctor?
Is there anything I can take for Bronchitis?
Can asthma be cured?
Why do people keep smoking even though they know its harmfull??!!?
I have a cough with pleghm, I don't know what to do?
If alchoholism runs in your family, then are you more prone to it?
How can i get rid of head lice?
What does blood in your urine indicate?
I have an obese child who needs help- insurance will not cover lap band-?
Can you catch a cold right after the flu?
Are UTI's contageous?
How to know if one is HIV positive?
Should a teacher who is being treated (IV 2x/day) for MRSA staph infection be working closely with children?
If i test negative for hiv does that mean that i dont have aids?
What do you think of the latest report from W.H.O That the Worlds battle against A.I.D'S is being lost..
My kids are being bitten by invisible bugs? Does anyone know what it could be?
Why Do people say if you don't go out witha coat on you'll get the Flu?
A question of blood- please help!!!?
Pre-Hypertension, should I be concerned about it?
MY heart pulse gets up to 250 after bending over just the right way , whats wrong with me?
What does it mean when your blood pressure is higher in one arm than the other?
Hearing things?
Whats wrong with my heartbeat?
What does it mean when your GOOD cholesterol is bad? LOL?
Lower cholesterol?
Cause of chest pain? angina?
Tightness in chest, heartbeat, somewhat difficult breathing... at 25!?
Fasting before a hypertension blood test?
In diabetes when you take insulin and dont eat what happens?
What is the normal blood sugar?
Are there other foods (other than Cheerios) that can help me TO lower my cholestrol? read more below pleaz?
Smoking? can it cause asthma?
My boyfriend ate a sandwhich he said it tasted funny he ate it anyway. he woke up vomiting with diarreha.?
I have in last month had 2 mini strokes hospital said 3 months ban on driving, do I tell dvla and my insure?
Smoke a little?
How do I keep my 2 year old from coughing all night?
Why cant you die from holding your breath?
My Dad is still smoking?
Can anyone give me a small research on ill affects of tobbaco and second hand smoking?
Lung Cancer question ?
Stage 4 lung cancer?
If you discovered a cure for cancer, how much money will you have?
Where can a person who has cancer get help with medical bills and medicine? Tried Medicaid dose not qualify?
I ahve been smoking for two years now and want to know how my lungs are?
How can best support and employee who is going through chemo for lymphoma (she is 35 and a singel mom)?
Does everyone who develops cancer for the first time always have a recurrence?
Information on breast cancer?
Can doing drugs (ex. cocaine, meth, crack etc) be harmful to someone while also on chemo therapy?
Help!! am i ganna get sick from this??
Is it possile to get rid of freckles?
Is pulling your own hair out a form of self injury?
Sunburn PLEASE HELP!!!!(10 points 4 best answer)
What can make somebody to urinate three times in the night between 10.PM TO 5AM?
We have to put our 10 month old puppy to sleep tommorw he has complete kidney failure..?
How to overcome peanut allergy? seafood allergy?
Home remedy for fleas?
Hi I have hayfever and I took one piriton (antihistamine) tablet 5 hours ago but 4 hours later my eyes were?
Has anyone got a food intolerances?
Alternatives to deodarent?
Beer Allergy?
Is there such a thing as an "allergy to light"?I ask this question because I was just...?
What is the worst thing that could happen to me?
What kind of eye infection (or allergy??) does this sound like?
I have got a blocked nose and a cold can you help me what shall i do to get better?
Blood pressure 230/115 how dangerous is it?
If most disinfectants kill 99.9% of household germs. What is the other .1% and how can you kill them?
How do you catch hepatitis?
Is it possible to have gotten an eye infection after being in a hottub?
Please send me some info on TUBERCULOSIS!!!?
Can hepatitis c" just go away"?
Is it impossible to get rid of Scabies?
How to get over a cold, what to do for it?
Doctor asked me to take Liver Function Test...?
I have a fever right now and ive been wondering...?
Tips for making a cold go away fast?
Does everyone cough when they smoke weed?
How do I tell my parents that I smoke??
My wife has been coughing constantly for two weeks- its driving me mad! What can I do?
What is your opinion on second hand smoking?
Difficulty breathing, what to do?
Can you drink alcohol with Prednisolone 2/4mg tablets?
How do I ease a tickly cough?
I quit smoking and NOW I can't breathe! What is going on?
I have a teenage daughter who keeps collapsing. Dr's are unable to explain and keeps saying its migraine. How?
I've had asthma all my life, but in the past 5 years its gotten chronic,?
Is it ok if silver stuff comes out of my eyes?
Serisous dirrohea question ! ?
What are vessels that carry blood to the heart called?
Elderly man cardiac arrested, and other issues any info appreciated?
I am 19yrs I have the worst chills in my life, my heart bpm is soaring above150 and I cannnot keep food down?
Do heart attacks ans strokes hurt?
MVP and symptoms?
Experiencing Chest/Back pain -Can this be a heart attack warning sign at age 21?
I'm 20 is my heart problem life threatening?
If you have tomato alergies how would you know?!?
Is eating fish and dairy products(like milk) together lethal?
I was diagnosed as being allergic to peanuts and treenuts as a child but?
What causes eye dryness?
Am I experiencing an allergic reaction to latex?
What kind of food are you not allowed to eat if you have worms??
Chocolate alllergies....i was wondering if anyone else here was allergic to chocolate....?
One of my nostrils can breathe the other one cannot what is wrong?
My tea cup chihuahua developed a hard bump just below his eye within a day? Should I be worried?
Am i diabetic?
Can eating chocolate just before a blood test affect the result for my blood sugar levels?
Glucose 357mgs, A1C 13.5, Fructosamine 2.8 mgs, cholesterol 320, triglycerides >1000?
Can a diabetic life be normal. can we eat as what others is eating.?
Can i eat diabetic sweets if i am not diabetic ?
If my blood sugar is at 118 is it normal, high, or low?
Info on insulin pump please?
Are there any diet pills that people with blood pressure and diabetes can take?
Do fishermen live longer?
If a person has young age hypertension,palpitation does it mean the person will die faster than ordinary ppl?
How can I know that i am sick?
Should I worry about being 26 with high blood pressure?
Impotence-Libido loss?
Heart murmurs? Anyone have a child with one?
What is the youngest anyone has heard of someone having a heart attack?
What is considered low blood pressure?
What other disease can you get on your heart?
If a girl blows a guy and he has herpes and then she blows you right after can she transfer his herpes to you?
Unexplained rapid weightloss and bruises?
What can I do to elimintate acne????
What is the different between anemia and leukimia?
Teen arthritis? HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!?
I am nursing a 11mth old i believe i have a bladder infection what do i do?
Could HIV kill the person?
Is there a cure to hepa b?
How long will dysentery (with lots of blood) last? My 5-yr old has had it for 8 days with no anti-biotics.?
Enlarged spleen and not willing to even care?
Can you have scabies up your noes !!!?
Have you ever heard of 'staff infection'?
Can someone tell me about black magic . how we detect that anyone is suffering from it, and how to avoid it .?
How long is a baby contagious with chicken pox?
Ear infection and hydrogen peroxide thrapy?
Question about inhaler?
My nana is Smoking and i hate it how can i tell her to stop?
Desperately Need HELP! Pneumonia with my 10 month old son!?
What are some Snoring solutions?
My co-worker coughs constantly, and has been doing so for the past few years. Ideas to the cause?
My 9 mth old daughter hasn't attempted to take any weight on her legs yet, is this a problem?
Where can i buy a nebulizer?
How to quit smoking?
Smokeing..Need help!?
Whats the best way to quit my job?
Will she live? she had a stroke AND a heartattack!!?
My husband had anxiety attacks. mostly when we fight! Medication?
What would happen to your heart?
I had a sudden sharp squeezing pain in my heart in the middle of the night. is that a heart attack?
Blood pressure??? 200/140?
Is there anyway to drop diastolic pressure with in a couple weeks without meds?
I want to hear from anyone who had or knows about open heart bypass surgery -?
What is this diagnosis?
If you have a pace maker that shocks your heart at 63 bpm and you die what happens to the pace maker?
What's a 24 hour ticker (?) test?
Boarderline blood results for Diabetis, any advise to prevent it getting worse please?
Do i have diabetes??
What does high blood sugar level mean? is it when your eating to much sugar?
Diabetes: How is it when I test my blood in the morning, it's higher than the night before?
Do u have to be fasting for a A1C blood test?
I only ever hear diabetic horror stories...does anyone have any good ones?
Is hair loss normal after being diagnosed & treated for type 1 diabetes?
Brown urine?
Anyone have or know of diabetes insipidus? my 14 month old may have???
What are some good things to eat that lowers blood sugar?
Do you think that the utensils that we eat with can cause cancer?
Brain Cancer- what are the chances?
Do you believe in signs? I do! Maybe I'm just crazy...?
How many years does it take?
Longterm effects of marijuana use?
Dignonsed with breast cancer with low white blood cell level. Need HELP!!?
Can cervical cancer be cured ?
What are the first symptoms of cancer?
What are they called?
Does cancer have a smell to it??
When to get help?
Should I see a doctor?
Suicide over waiting for hep c?
How do i make sure a wound is not infected or prevent it? lol.........?
Bladder infection? am i doing all i can with out going to the doc?
Can being heartbroken severely damage your health?
Best way to cure a soar throat with proof?
How do you stop diarreah?
I have an ear infection?
Can putting lemon essence in your shampoo help ward of mosquitos as part of malaria prevention?
Is it ok if i take allergy medicine once a day ?
Is there a bread that is not made with wheat flour or wheat starch?
I have terrible allergies I always have a stuffed nose, what are some good allergy meds?
Why, when you have a cold, sore throat, does it get worse at night?
I have noticed that I am getting sinus headaches more and more during rainy wheather why is that?
The corners of my eyes are itching and its making me nuts!!!?
I smoke about 2 cigarettes a week.....?
Is this normal??? I ate an entire bag of cough drops and I dont have a cough.?
Continuous sneezing problem?
What should I eat/avoid while I have Diarrhea?
Does anyone else here have asthma?
I've had allergy shots for 12 years. Not retested since. When do the shots peak and no longer work?
Can anyone give some advice on how to put the spark in my relationship?
What can cause coughing up blood?
Have had a cold for a week with no signs of letting up, also having breathing trouble, what is it?
Anyone share my problem?
Is it true? if you rub Vicks vapo rub on the soles of your feet you will stop coughing???
Allergic to deodorant and some shampoos, what ingredient is it likely to be please?
I'm 52; Could I suddenly be allergic to strawberries at my age?
I have a rash?
I have a sorethroat and have been coughing all day, does this mean i am developing a cold?
Im so sceard am i dying?
Im sick what should I do?
Can u still get pregnant with herpes?
I had angioplasty 6 wks ago but still get pain when walking can anyone give me advice on what i should do?
Have anyone heard of the comsumption of garlic and coconut juice as a possible cure for hypertension?
What is ecg?
Potassium levels?
What foods should not be eaten while on the blood anti-coagulant, Coumadin?
What to eat to lower total Cholesterol?
Does anyone know which is the good cholesterol the LDL or the HDL?
Does Cheerios really help lower your cholesterol?
How do you take an aspirin when you are having a heart attack?
How to I lower my high cholesterol using natural foods?
Blood pressure goes up and down...up and down?
Are there any aspirin-free medicine to control hypertension?
My blood pressure is 103/68 and at times can be 98/58 I am 35 and 5ft 1 and am very over weight is this normal
The probability on recieving a heart attack under my conditions.?
What is nitroglycerin caps 2.5mg taking for?
Is alchohol good for body?
I have high blood pressure, I feel it may be a little dangerous to do high intensity cardio. Is these safe?
What happens if i have low blood pressure?
What are some home remedies for hypertension?
Could someone with a bad temper or someone who harbours evil thoughts about people get physical heart damage?.
What will make a nonproductive cough, productive!?
How can I raise my immune system. please help. I keep being ill?
How long does it usually take to recover from pneumonia?
Why does my nose always feel clogged?
My grandmother died of emphezema and i'm scared my dad will too?
My father has copd is it safe for him to stay with me i have a new kitten?
Should people who go to hospitals be turned awy for health care due to the fact that they have no insurance?
I started smoking 20 a day at 10 years old now I'm 15 when am I going to die?
Does it hurt more for a girl or guy to pass a kidney stone?
I was scratched by my month old cat. can i get rabies from there?
I don't feel good?
If I drink half a bottle of..........?
What is the best practices to reduce the chances of getting the common cold or flu?
Can any1 tel me about influenza?
Whats the best way of removing a tick from a dog?
Can diabetes be prevented if yuo think it just started?
What is best food for diabetics to keep stable blood sugar?
Can prediabetes be prevented?
I have high blood sugar levels i understand which foods to avoid but what are good foods to eat?
Is this normal??? maybe low blood sugar i don't know?
What can I do to quickly lower my blood sugar when its high?
Diabetes simptoms?
Do you think i have diabetes?
How can a diabetic overcome anger?
My father has Cardiomyopathy,how serious is it?
It is so hard to let go,Any suggestion?
How can you imagine getting over your 60+ BF having a stroke-coma-dying in a week?
How can one lower blood pressure without the use of drugs?
Is it essential to continue the medicine if a high blood pressure patient has recovered from the the problem .
If blood pressure is 130/70 you can ignor cholesterol. Right?
Am I at risk of heart disease?
WHY Do Persons THINK Canola And Soybean Oil Are Good For You?
How can I lower my blood pressure w/o drugs?
Y does everyone think herion addicts are bad?
How do I know if it's bed bugs or fleas?
Can humans catch STDs from goats?
How should i leave smoking?
Does this sound like pneumonia?
Breathing Difficulties?
Why does smoking affect the chest?
Does anyone have a cure for dry, coughing spasms? and what can I do to build up resistance for the future?
I'm sick :( How can i prevent mucus from building up in my throat while sleeping?
Hello everyone. I have had severe pain in my right lung when I breathe, cough, laugh, etc.?
I had a chest x-ray today, and they told me to wait 10 days before i get the results?
What do you have to do after throwing up? What do i have to eat?
My oldest son is 10, he has ADHD on the weekends I dont give him his meds, is this safe?
This is kind of gross but..?
Home cure for pink eye?
What sickeness/illness has severe weight loss as one of its symptoms?
Change in EKG?
Can doctors repair carotid arteries blocked 100%?
Is fat-free food better than low-fat food after an angioplasty procedure?
What is wrong with me?
How long will it take it lower my cholesterol?
When, I get stressed out I physically feel a sharp pain where my heart is?
My wife who as heart disease is always tired and always wants to sleep is this normal?
High Blood Pressure / Low Blood Pressure?
How many bottles of beer can you drink if you have high blood pressure?
My mom had a heart attack...now what?
Questions About Diabetes ...?
What is type 2 diabeties?
New to injecting insulin for diabetes. Help please!?
Indians are Diabetic! how to counteract this?is Insulin the only culprit ?
Can someonehave diabetes if they have pain in the bottom of their feet all the time?
What is diabetes type 1?
Can being overweight be good at all?
What are the most obvious symptoms of diabetes?
What happens to Lantus insulin if it's not refrigerated.?
Why is there so much mucus in my mouth?
I got white long things coming out of my nose when i squeeze my nose?
My husband have very bad allergy , he think it our dog rotti. He (husband) been coughing, throwing up?
What is the best OTC non-drowsy allergy medicine ?
My girlfriend has an itchy rash below her knee that comes and goes now she has a perminant red mark there and?
What is the root cause of all of these allergies that we never had before?
Do you have allergies?
What allergy medicine works best for you?
Asthma Sufferers - I need your input, please.?
What does mean cronic as we say cronic pain/ cronic disease/ cronic cough?
Gave up smoking a few days ago, feel better but my lungs hurt?
Which way do the two prongs face that you place in your nose for oxygen?
Chest Pain..What do you think?
Im 14 and smoke but how does it feel when you want to stop smoking and cant, how do you feel?
What kind of sickness is this?
Is MSRA contagious?
Can someone explain sleep apnia???
What causes shortness of breath?
What is your zombie contingency plan?
Is Paris Hiltons herpes outbreak a danger to those other poor sweet girls in jail.?
I stepped on a rusted nail but it didn't went through my skin, can I still get Tetanus?
Why do I always get sick in cold weather?
Is aids/hiv curable by indian medicine,IMMUN- QR / NATUROPATHY?
If someone sensitive to penicillin what should he takes antibiotics instead??
What is tonsillitis?
What is the difference between Infectious diseases and Chronic diseases?
Breast cancer awareness?
Whats the prcentage of teens dating smokers?
Do you think that the cancer treatment business is largely a fraud?
Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer?
Does anyone know for sure whether all metal from your body must be removed prior to cremation?
Studies show hormones cause breast cancer. Then should hormones be eliminated from cattle feed?
Should I have this cyst removed?
In what way i should avoid to smoke a ciggaratte?
I am so sad Pavarotti has died!!!!!!:(((?
How many breast cancer survivors are there? Including my own family, which is about 4 women in my family.?
What is herpes?
Can you die your hair when you have scalp ringworm?
I have been taking Claritin and its not helping. I am changing to Zyrtec,?
I have really bad acne. what can i do to help fix it?
Which is better for food allergies and eczema? Benadryl or Claritin?
Gluten-free foods?
Can people grow horns?
What all flowers are not allergic to kids?
What's the best way to help bad allergies?
What is this is this a sinus infection, ear infection, ear congestion, or an allergy?
I am allergic to sulfa drugs...found in many antbiotics?
Claritin makes me drowsy - what can I do?
Professionals, please - two questions about allergies!?
Normal blood pressure?
Is chest pains caused by anxiety anything to worry about?
Father passed away last Tuesday, some questions?
My father had a heart attack 10 days ago and he is still on a ventilator. Can anyone offer insight/advice?
My husband is 38 years old and his total cholesterol is 274,can he control that only by diet?
What is High BP and Low BP?
If you have extreme swelling in the lower body and shortness of breath after light activity, what's wrong ?
Is there a diff beteween a defibrillator and a pacemaker?
Cardiac Arrest?
My husband has already had a heart attack, but he won't eat anything except steak and potatoes. What can I do
I was smoking incorrectly for years. What health risks do I face?
I want find a tratment for very bad breath?
Does anyone know how to get rid of that dark stuff under your arm pits?
Is it okay to work out with a cold?
How u get rid of asthma?
Individually, do you think smoking good ar bad?
Sore Throat!?
Would you date someone that had Asthma?
I keep waking at night as if I've stopped breathing - followed by a coughing fit and wondered what it was?
How long does it take to recover from the flu and is it normal to feel sluggish and have a sore head everyday?
My son stuck some raw chicken in his mouth, then I took it out. but i'm worried he will get sick. will he?
Help! Worried?
I just found a baby bird!?
My daughter has shingles for the 2nd time in 3 yrs. The doctor wants her to have a blood test why?
If you have curry can it turn ur urine bright yellow or dark? Plus I have flu/cold?
I **** a girl and her hiv was negetive but im a fraid if the hiv doesnt appear in her blood yet?
I had a TB test done today but have to wait a week for the results and go back for another one why 2 test?
What something you can eat when you have the stomach flu?
I have a very bad coughing problem please help?
What is OCD?
I have a lump on my anus but no itch or pain and it only comes out when i use the bathroom what is it??
Does anyone have an eating disorder?
Is this herpes?
Sinus infection?HELP ME PLEASE?
What is rheumatoid arthritis?
What are hickups?
Why I wake up when I snore?
My nose is going to explode.?
Are you a smoker and how many do you smoke a day?
Asthma Question?
What else can i use to help me stop smoking i've used the patches which haven't helped?
Chantix to Stop Smoking???
Does anyone know where I can find out if Tylenol cold meds are safe during pregnancy?
I am EXTREMELY scared?! blood pressure 138-121?
A question about a low batterie on a pacemaker?
My friend's dad has an enlarged heart. What does this mean? How bad is it?
I am feeling very low how to get out of the feeling?
Have you broken anyones heart before and did anyone fix it?
Typically I eat only apples and honey. Today I noticed something peculiar.?
How to take your own blood pressure?
I have a problem with my heart beat?
Is there something wrong with my heart ?
Is my blood pressure healthy?
What is the safe/required sugar level in fasting and 2 hr after food.?
Sugar high 345 diabetes novice what to do to lower?
Is drinking honey & lemon making me get diabetes or is it gonna emulsify the fats in my tummy?
Is having to much diet soft drink bad for people with diabetes type 1?
Is almonds good for people with diabetes?
Why does my bloodsugar seem higher when i am first starting my period?
Are this diabetic symptoms?
Smoking pot?
If you recieved the +hepatitus b shots when you a child do you need the shot again when your an adult?
Is it possible to drink away sickness?
How can i prevent my dog from getting rabis?
My sister has the flu, but i dont. How can I protect myself from getting it? We live in the same house!?
I just found out I have mrsa! What do I do???
Does a high White Blood Cells Show there is no HIV ?
Hello can i drink alcohol i am taking steroids called prednisolone or should i avoid it?
Sore throat, hard to swallow so something is swollen, little red bumps on the back of tongue?
Another chicken pox question.?
Im quiting smoking tomorrow. I bought the patch. Any advice out there form me??
Can i take claritin and robitussin together?
What is a respiratory disease caused by cigarette smoking?
Do you smoke?
What is the best place to live when a person has asthma?
REALLY bad cough?
Why is snot yellow?
I need help quitting smoking?
What are the symptoms of asthma?
Is smoking hookah (non tabacco) as harmful as smoking ordinary cigarretes?
If you smoke - why?
I stopped smoking cigarettes..?
What are the symtoms of an autautistic child?
I have coughed so much my ribs hurt, what would cause that? I feel like it's between my ribs.?
How many young people smoke now?
For asthmatics: When you have a small attack, are you normally calm? How do others react around you?
Pain in chest?
Any cur for snoring?
How to get rid of a two week nagging cough?
Just discovered husband has blood clots on lungs (july). can he still fly long haul to South Africa in dec?
Heart attack???
I have a low blood pressure. Any advice?
What is considered High Blood Pressure?
Does sea salt contain lower sodium than other salts?
What is best and most inexpensive dark chocolate to eat daily?
My pulse rate is 36 BPM...?
Can you have a mild heart attack in your sleep?
Need heart related answers... very scared please help!!!?
My husband had a heart attack need some advise ?
Foods to avoid when diagnosed with high blood sugar?
What can be the harmful effects of low blood sugar?
I am 19,my dad has diabetes,will i have it too? if yes how to prevent it?
What do you call the blood test done to determine blood sugar level?
Question to members with diabetes. How many insulin pump users are there in your country?
Does anyone know why my doctor is refusing to prescribe me glucophage sr by saying that the clinical tests had
Do I have diabetes??!?
Is hypoglycemia the same as diabetes?
What is the most convenient glucose monitor for diabetes?
I am 42. the dr found out that my blood sugar is 102.4. i am worried about it.?
How Does Someone With Hiv Cope with most people backing away at its mention?
Could I have strep throat?
Is it cold in here?
How is a UTI caused?
Why AIDS cannot b spread by mosquitoes?
Will one contact HIV by using a razor that is being infected 20 minutes ago?
I have had positive test for Lyme, then negative two months later, then positive again. Can Lyme come back?
Hi I have just discovered that my boyfriend of 5 months is positive for hepatitis C.?
Can you get the mumps if you have been vaccinated?
I am wearing a halter heart monitor, when my heart is racing or i am having palpitations does it tell the.?
It literally feels like my heart is skipping a beat. Is this normal or should I be worried?
PVC's And heart flops?
What does it mean when your heart is beating 130bpm just because you smoked a cigarette?
CommonFoods/Fruits to raise HDL cholestrol. Particularly Indian varieties?
Patent ductus arteriosus?
Is a blood pressure of 154/98 normal for a 19 year old?
Heart pain?
How much of a chance does my mom have of living?
HELP PLEASE!!!! does anyone know where i can get free plavix?
Trouble breathing. What could be the cause?
My 6 year old used albuterol inhaler and 3 days later his heartbeat was 150+ . Any similar reactions?
I have had a strange constant ringing in my ears help!?
Cause of death(serious answers please)?
Smoking giving up !?
What else helps you relax if you have asthma, if your inhaler has run out?
I have been coughing for two weeks straight, what can I do?
Is it possible to be a smoker and still be healthy......?
Can we consider cigarettes as much harmful as alcohol? or even as drugs?
What's the best over-the-counter meds to take for allergies?
How do you know you have lukimia?
What are the early signs and symptoms of cervical cancer?
My brother has a bump under his chin..is it cancer?
OKay I was dianosed with pre-cancer of the cervix . How amany stages are there before it becomes cancer?
My brother has throat cancer,he will have 6 weeks of it what should i expect?
Should illegal drugs be made available to terminal cancer patients?
Stomach pain?
I want to go to the tanning beds but my mom wont let me??!!!?
How come second hand smokers are more likely to have cancer then smokers?
How do you get past the anger of losing someone to Cancer?
Blood pressure question?
Blood Pressure 120/70?
What happens when you have a leaky valve?
What are the most important differences between arteries and veins?
Heartbeat problem?
I checked my heart beat and it said 30 pulse per mins. Am I going to die?
How long does it take to lower your blood pressure with lifestyle changes?
If I take big breasts (sorry,I mean breaths) Will my heart beat faster?
I know someone whose heart pumping speed is lower then the desired rate,any suggestions what to do to improve?
Rapid pulse rate?
Diabeties and obesity?
Co worker with diabetes?
When you check your blood sugar, do you have scabs on your fingers?
Can stress be a reason for an elevated glucose blood level?
I have been detected of having a blood sugar level of 198mg/dl. Can I be called diabetic?
Work out and eat right..23 and Diabities?
If you pee, does sugar appear in the toilet?
Spanish for diabetic and insullin.?
Any body who knows the remedy for diabetic, please let me know?
Could my cousin have diabetes?
Can korean red ginseng essential cure the disease hepatitis-b?
Is this a hoax?? I came across this e-mail: "drinking from cans dangerous"?
Winter sick bug help?
Is there any treatments for chicken pox?
Can HIV survive in outside environment such as door bells ?
Expert people in flu, cold, etc.. advice please?
Can a staff infection be fatal if untreated?
Blepharitis - eye condition?
I heard it is not possible to get shingles if you have never had the chicken pox...is this true?
Is Leukeminaia contagious?
I had my blood pressure taken and it was 131/80. is that good and what should it be?
Whats wrong with my heart???
Having the worst heart pains?
My heart just felt like it stopped beating........?
I quit smoking about six weeks ago, now i am experiencing wheezing and shortness of breath. i am 51 female,?
Could i be having a heart attack ?
Cholostherol very high. 8.6, what can i do. smoker?
How can u tell if you have a enlarged heart without xray?
What harm does lack of sleep do?
How do i get disability when i have heart problems?
How upset would you be, if your boyfriend told you he just had an AIDS test?
Can cigarette smoking be good for you?
How do hiccups happen?
Constantly have a runny nose, dry lips... especially at school. What is it?
I have had this problem for 4 years?
What could be the acute effects of doing masterbation daily?
What are good sports that asthmatics can play without having a huge effect??
Can stress cause chest pain?
My tonsils are swollen and inflamed, how can I make them better?
I have problems?
Why do I smell worse and my breath stinks everytime I get up from bed despite taking a shower before bedtime?
Should I be worried?
How can I make sure that white coating on my tongue is not HIV ?
How sure can I be.......?
Scared stds????????????
Please tell me where I can find a heart specialist?
Can this be heart pain in upper left part and shoulder and arm.?
Why do lots of people die of heart problems and cancer????
Does too much intake o medicine can cause fatty liver?
Angioplasty has been done. Still have shortness of breath and pain down left arm...?
My chest hurts.....?
Does fish oil lower tryglicerides?
My Cholesterol is 201, is that good or bad?
Help wanted if a 23 yr old gal has a Blood pressure as low as 68/96?
EKG check up?
If a hypo means the sugar level drops too low?
Help i think i have diabetes urgent!!!!!!!!?
Do any of you type 1's?
Can Splenda spike sugar in peoples with diabites?
I have type 2 diabetes can and is it safe to get a tattoo?
Do you think i have diabetes?
Is diabetic patient curable permanently in la8er stage???
Do i have diabetes?
Diabetes glucose question?
Im scared and worried?
Do you think people living with HIV can live normal, long lives?
Can you get herpes by kissing someone who has a cold sore?
Can I get an STD by squeezing someone's back fat together and making love to it?
Can you catch STD's if you are swimming in a pool with an person who has an STD and has bruises on his body?
What happens to a persons liver to make them turn yellow?
Uncurtious smokers?
Can I get asthma at the age of 54?
Do you ever know when you're about to have a panic attack?
Has anyone heard of the choking game?
Did you knew that each cigarettes that people smoke takes 12 minutes off their lives?
I have just given up smoking and want to know how long it takes for your lungs to return to normal?
A question about smoking?
What do I have?
Is this normal for a TB test?
About HIV ?when dose the Aids appear in a blood test ?
Worm in my throw-up? Should i call the doctor or go to the ER?
Do you know anyone that died from aids?
Can hepatitis B transferred thru laundry?
What was the first antiboitic?
My bro. have hepatitis b is there any risk that i will be inffected also by using his things like soap,spoon?
Hat body temp is dangerous? My wife has a temp of 103 F or 49.3 C?
How does HIV/AIDS weaken the immune system?
Viral load is for Hep C has gone up over 9 million in a year, is this the time to start therapy...?
I have tonsillitis, can i....?
Can HIV infected perents make healthy child?
I met a woman I'm considering dating. She told me she has hepatitis C. Am I at risk of catching it from her?
What is called STD?
I got herpes from a fever blister on my fiance' lip...now i have to live with it forever...what to do?
Why are Chemo & radiation the only treatments for Cancer approved by FDA in the last 30-40 years?
Is this a sign of cancer??
Do I have a tumor or something??
My dad has cancer?
My friend has cancer and she needs to get on disability.Does anyone know how to get it started?
Got some worrying symptons?
My mom most likely has cancer. She needs treatment, but cant afford it. What can we do?
What to expect after chemo?
My wife feels a painful lump on bottom right breast?
Sore throat cant talk well?
Smoking Question?
Why would someone wake up with a "smoker type cough" if they DON'T SMOKE?
Smoker's right to smoke?
Do ear plugs actually work?
I have been given tablets and inhalers and steriods and still having problems breathing what do i do now?
Can i fly with minor pneumonia?
SMOKING at young age?
A five-year-old child threatens to hold his breath until he dies if his mother does not buy him an ice cream..
Can you get sick this way? Pleae help!?
Would you date someone with gential herpes?
I have AIDS...should i tell my boyfriend??
How could these statistics be true?
I know some of the girls in my school have STI's. can they be caught from the toilet seat ?
If a person has aids?
Diet and exercise for diabetes?
Hi I am 30 Year old female. My P.P Blood sugar(True Glucose) level shows 149 mgs/dl.?
Diabetes Please Help!?
Can any sort of tablets(long term use)cause diabetes?
Does anyone out there have children with diabetes?
Is there a cure for diabetes type 3?
What foods can a person with diabetes eat?
Which of the following structures separates the heart into right and left sides?
Is 99/78 considered low blood pressure? If so is it bad to have it that low?
Possible mild heart attack?
My heart hurts?
What is the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack?
Is it normal to feel your heartbeat beating fast?
Is there a link between extreme stress and heart palpitations ????
Has anyone heard of the tablet i got from the hospital?
Medical help PLEASE!?
My heart keeps skipping?
Flu Shot??
Which kills viruses??help plz?
What is epinepherine used for??
What does it mean when someone blinks one eye at a time?
I have a stye and it wont go away!!! please help.?
What is meningitis?
Can i french kiss when I'm having tounge ulcer?
My father of 90 looked yellow yesterday. what is it?
Fever for 3 days and bad cough?? help!?
Anyone ever had the flu jab? Did it make you ill?
I have gorrnorhea caught from my partner but he as no symptons is this possible?
How do you get rid of AIDS?
Can i pass a urinalysis with vinegar and how much and how long will it be clean?
Fake cigarettes?
Is smoking a human right?
Whats the best thing to get to stop smoking?
How can you get asthma.?
Chest x-ray!?
Which vitamins should a smoker take to reduce the chances of lung or heart problems?
Can inhaling mold cause bad breath?
Asthma and Exercise?
Indicate why people infected with HIV most often die of another infection, such as pneumonia.?
Is it bad if you start to cough up blood?
If you get fingered, do you have to get checked by your doctor to see if you have any diseases?
Would I get Aids/HIV by putting my hand in the waters of a public toilet?
Do u really know about HIV and AIDS??
How do you cure a guys yeast infection?
How can any one get HIV? How do you come in contact w/ it? is it contagious???
Do I have HIV? P.s. may sound like a stupid reason to have the virus but i just want to make sure...?
Can anyone think OF A SLOGAN FOR AIDS/HIV?
Can gays get aids?
What do u think about the new shot to prevent HPV given to every girl 9 and up in order to attend school?
Can u still catch a std or other stuff if u and ur partner are totally clean?
What are the most common ways that HIV is passed from one person to another?
What's good for a nose that gets dry at night with the air conditioner on?
Does anyone know of any exercises for increasing lung capacity and strengthening lungs?
I have short of breath @ nite & some times in morning. i a take pump but it doesnt work.?
Please help, i need advice, my b/f has a tickly cough that is making him vomit.?
Iv just given up smoking is this normal???
Is thr any harm cause by daily 2 masterbetation??
When inhaling steam from a bowl, anyone know the correct procedure?
What causes night sweats?
How come people smoke?
Do people have more friends if they smoke?
I have no insurance, where can I get tested for diabetes?
I'm a type 2 diabetic, what can I take to lower my blood sugar if I don't have my medicine around temporarily.
My 3 year old has type 1 diabetes and i cant get her to eat much she keeps going low every day?
Is it safe for a diabetic to do a fast?
Is using an insulin pump easier than injecting shots?
Will peadiatric diabetes lesd to death?
How does drinking alcohol affect a person with diabetes?
Why i am thirsty all the time?
What is diet of a diabetic person?
Is diabetes an autoimmune disease ?
Is aids a myth?
A guy came up to me he has AIDS & said if I don't give $1.00 he would bite me!?
Personal question ....so only serious answers...thx?
What happens if I touched a document with blood stains and that person is HIV+?
I just ate some tomatoes. How long does it take for the salmonella to kick in?
I caught and froze a brown recluse in the freezer. i'm curious to what if i swallowed it. any ill effects?
My gf has pink eye is it safe to kiss her?
Inside my mouth the uvula oppsite sides are red and slightly swollen what could it be?
How do I know I have tetanus?
I have Hep.C I was told that I was not a canidate because of my other helth problems.?
If a 15 year old has a fever of 103.3 for more than an hour is it cause for concern?
Should I let my mother into the house?
I am conducting a survey on AIDS. The results will be used in a reasearch I am doing.?
Is it medically aproved the french kiss mouth to mouth tonge to tonge can couse aids or hiv infection????
I have yeast infection for a year now what is this?
Can you get aids from toilet seats and out in public by touching things?
Can females pass STD's to males?
HELP! I'm sick! I need help, there's something imortant coming!?
My fish cant breath above water.
What are the symptoms due to the exposure of carbon monoxide?
I'm having a birthday party today and I have a really sore throat?
Cigars and parents???
Did I damage my lungs yet?
Is it 100% guarenteed that your health will suffer if you start smoking at a very young age?
Best remedies to stop snoring?
Been diagnosised with bronchitis. i am bringing up phlem but it contains small spots of blood.is this normal?
I work at an airport. My lunch cooler is x-rayed daily by security.Is the radiated food harmful to my health?
Is "sweet 'N low" sweeteeners (granulated sugar substitute)safe for someone with high blood sugar? thanks :)
Can you bring your Potassium by eating food with lots of Potassium?
What should your diet consist of to prevent diabetes?
Why will drs. prescribe meds. for all the side effects from obesity but will not prescribe meds. for obesity?
Do the bottom of your feet hurt especially first thing in the morning if you have diabetes?
How to pass the gestational diabetes test?
If your dibetic?
Should he switch doctors?
Can I still take medication that is past the expiration date?
How did YOU ask??
I'm hiv positive and my partner doesn't kno how can i break it to him?
Should i retake my medication after vomiting?
Can HIV/AIDS be carried in food?
PLEASE HELP!! I have a blister-like sore on my tonge that hurts very bad and a sore throat, also my eyes hurt?
Where AIDS came from?
What is the chance that i got herpes?
Can you get STD's from trying of the underwear at Walmart?
Smoking and girls?
Chest infection?
What is infuzema?
Is this asthma?
How do you know that your son is smoking?
I smoked weed yesterday.and got blood taken out of me today.will they tell my parents if they find it?
Why do people get more colds in winter?
Very dry mouth and throat?
Best way to get rid of hiccups??
I've got the flu...OK to go to work tomorrow?
Abnormal stress test --new doctor wants angiogram right away. Should we do non-invasive tests first?
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. Is this a serious condition?
Will you for sure die of heart disease?
Hereditary heart problems, whats my chances?
I have been extremely tired for the past 3 weeks, 48yrs of age, female.?
Unusual Heart Condition?
Why Do I Get Startled So Easily? Please Help!?
Any post op gastric bypass patients with complications?
Tightness in hest or heart area?
My heart seems to hurt?
HELP!!! 3 sores in my mouth?
I found a probe like devise in my faeces,is this weird?
Can you beat a lie detecter?
Someone suggested I eat Activa since I have been on antibiotics for five months. Is this a good idea?
Has anybody been to turkey and NOT had the injections?
Can you get hepatitis C from living with someone?
How do i NOT catch my brothers cold?!?!?
When chicken pox start to form how long should the child be quarantined?
How can you treat Helicobacter Pylori? Are there any foodstuffs which can ease the effects of these bacterium?
A girl, in a year higher than me died his morning, shes in third year,10th grade in america i didn no her but?
What can decrease the risk of getting cancer?
Male breast cancer? help!?
What is formaldehyde ?
I am about to start my first cycle of chemo, what can I expect? Pain? How much weight will I lose? Ect?
I need some help?
Can Lupus cause death?
Cancer question...?
Fear of dying?
What can we do .gassy drinks are cancer proplem now?
Is possible to get HIV/AIDS from saliva?
Is it OK to name your hemroids?
People with STD's?
My boyfriend said ..?
Diabetes?! please help!!!?
What is the best way to get rid of diabetes?
What kind of snacks should a pre-diabetic have?
What are the home remedies/herbal to bring down blood sugur down?
How can iget diabetes medications without insurance?
I have type 1 diabetes and I am struggling with my blood sugars, what is something i can d help control them?
Diabetes blood sugar question....confused.?
Why can astronauts go to the moon? Why can scientist perform heart transplant, but no can cure diabetes?
Diabetes test result is 15 is this good or bad?
Can diabetes be diagnosed by a.....?
HELP! My bro overdosed his multivitamin!!!?
How do I cure cough that's been haunting me for nearly 2 weeks?
How can i cure a sore throat??
How can i cope better with severe asthma?
Having trouble breathing for about a week. could this be anxiety? trouble speaking without taking a breath.?
I accidentally sprayed my albuterol on my tongue. When I was inhaling my in my inhaler. Will I be ok?
I have a Sore throat, what can I do to make it better?
Regular sore throat or something More?
Can asthma be cured?
Would someone please explain to me what a "collapsed lung" entails?
Where can i get alot of information about the heart????? :( I NEED IT REALLY BAD!!?
Does having a normal heart rate indicate that blood pressure is normal as well?
How do we get heart disease?
How do you fell when your having a heart attack?
Has anyone ever heard of someone surviving deep-vein thrombosis and/or pulmonary embolism?
How much schooling do you need to be a heart surgeon???
Why, when suffering the onset of a heart attack, do people complain of pain in their arms?
I have chest pain that comes and goes abruptly, and hurts when I inhale or exhale deeply...?
Sudden Increase in Cholestorol?
Effects of taking 15 vicodines?
The only 100% protection from an STD/HIV is...???
If I found out I was a gay, could the Docter treat me and make me better?
Can you get an STD from using families soap?
Can you catch something by your gentals touching and/or rubbing on a females private area?
Can one get the AIDS Virus or other STD's from a drinking fountain?
What's that green stuff down by my privates?
Chicken Pox Vaccination = No Chicken Pox Ever Again?
Have you got the flu?
What steps can I take in order to prevent the common cold?
Cold remedies?
Is it good to have tubes put in children's ears if they get lots of ear infections?
I was diagnosed with strep throat nearly three days ago (the Dr. didn't do a throat culture).?
My dog, Nipper, has just won a seat in the U.S. Senate. Will he have to be vaccinated??
How can somebody die from diarrhea?
Can drinking soda cause diseases?
Is this pinkeye?
Im 14 and i smoke because of peer pressure. Can it harm me if i smoke like 2 a day sometimes non a day?
Smoking question.?
Can i still get a pneumonia even after i had one?
Whats does smoking does to your inside and how does it effect you?
Who or what invented AIDS?
What could be wrong if you have chest / rib pain while coughing?
-**-please answer-**-?
Is it possible to sue a tattoo parlor if i get infected with hiv?
Would you consider joining the organ donation register?
I was told that we all have certain amount of aids in us. how true is this?
Is hookah bad??
Can you get AIDS by living with someone who has AIDS.?
Can you get Herpes just by kissing an infected person?
Can you cure a sinus infection without antibiotics?
If you were offered a million dollars to inject yourself with the aids virus and were guaranteed............?
Im I going to be okay? (Im really scared)?
I'm diabetic with neuropathy I want to file for Social security does anyone know how bad you have to be or any
My boyfriend says i shouldnt get a tatoo because me nd my son have the same blood type is it safe for me to???
Insulin pumpers in USA?
Can honey from bee's can make one diabetic?
Does drinking Chinese green tea help to control T2 diabetes?
How do u get diabetes?
High cloestrol?
Do any of you have other afflications that you have to deal with in addition to you diabetes?
My daughter is on an 8 week training course in the royal navy?
51 year old diabetic here with a couple of questions.?
Can suggest some herbs or food articles to keep my Blood Pressure in control.My bp is 90/140.I'm 56 years.
Teen 15: arrythmia heart goes 210 beats per min. sometimes for half an hour?
My mom is 62 yrs old and has 80% blockage on one side of her neck and 70% on the other,?
Why am I still afraid of having a heart attack, even though I've been to several doctors?
How to reduce heart rate fast!!!?
Whatcauses muscle pain and weakness.?
Is Atrial fibrillation classed as Fatal'?
How high can your blood pressure get before it kills you?
Chest Pain?
When you have high blood pressure.......?
I am hiv negative my friends thing i am positve give me some words to tell them?
A girl friend of mine told me that she has HIV, she told me that I have it too, and the signs and symptoms?
How did i get chlamydia after being married to the same man for 15 yrs..........no, he was my first and only..
Should cigarettes come off the shelve or just another black smoke from Westminster conclave?
I have had a continuous cough for 1 1/2 yrs daily. Tested neg for asthma, acid reflux HELP?
My husband snores a lot and I end up having lack of sleep. Any home remedy?
How long does it take for your lungs to heal from giving up smoking?
Are smokers really that bothered by the ban?
Should the U.S. ban smoking?
What is the safest cigarette? Which one will do the least damage to your lungs?
How long do people live with Emphysema?
I'm scared of driving, i can drive but I'm just scared! any ideas? i think its a panic?
My daughters "BFF" died last night from pnemonia... Can some one explain to me what this condition is?
How to avoid becoming sick?
Could i have chicken poxs?
Need Nurse/Doctors advice?
Any Good Cures For A Sore Throat?
I have a fever and am very achy, but have no other symptoms. What is wrong?
Should you avoid sunbathing if you have a sore throat or the flu?
What are the signs of the flu?
19 month old "may" have chicken pox!!!?
Can dogs get pink eye?
Can you get HIV/AIDs from your own blood?
Can loosing apetite only be a sign of aids?
How can i get rid of a yeast infection?
"does the womens health clinic call you and leave a messege saying that you just test HIV possitive?
If you use a needle that a person with hiv used is it a 100% chance you are going to get hiv?
Cramp in my lungs?
Is marijuana good for people with asthma?
What can cause COPD to worsen?
Hi. I REALLY need to quit smoking, is there any magical way?
Does putting vicks vaporub on kids feet work to clear up congestion?
Anyone know N Easy way to stop smoking?
How do you get pneumonia?
Hi everyone, what is the best way to stop smoking?
Im sick........?
How would you describe the smell of smoke?
What is a good pulse reading?
Brother had heart surgery?
High blood pressure?
Anybody know any natural cures for angina?
My dad is having heart surgery...?
Are Heart Problems Genetic?
I am taking Lisinopril for high blood pressure. Can I take Centrum too?
Is there a way to control heart palpitations?
Have you ever had a heart catherazation?
How much drinking is permissble for heart patient?
I was playing basketball against this guy I think was gay can I get AIDS if he touches me?
Can you die from AIDS??????????
What is the best way to get rid of gonorrhoea?
My fecal analysis shows that I have moderate strain of Yeast,What does it indicates?
I have the flu with fever and took aspirin. I'm 20 years old.?
What can be the cause of bloodclots and nosebleeding?
How to make someone with the flu feel better?
How many cold virus's are there?
How do i get rid of chicken pox its been 3 days now?
Can u have flu without a cold?
Can one develop high blood pressure from eating too much salty foods?
How high would your blood pressure need to be in order to get a heart attack?
What does it mean when your sitting and you lose breath and you think your heart stops?
My blood pressure is 162 over 101. what to do?
Irregular Heartbeats...?
High Cholesterol?
Causes of high blood pressure?
What should your blood pressure be if your a 40 year old women?
Am I allowed to stay with my husband after his heart surgury at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines,Iowa?
What does it mean when they do a blood test and no blood comes out of either arm?
Does anyone know the name of that medicine they advertise that is supposed to get rid of colds more quickly?
Ray x factor?
Which cigarette is much better for smoking. ?
What does this sound like medical people?
Snoring problems. Need a solution.?
How can i clear up my sinuses?
Is it OK to smoke marajuana whilst ona a cource of Prednisolone steroids?
Do you think taking cigs and not advertising will stop kids smoking?
Why do we hiccough?
What is the feeling called when you stop using tobacco?
If you have Herpes can you be put in Jail?
Can a person get aids from another person biting him . that person was bleeding in the mounth when he bit?
I have a friend with HIV. I shook his hand. Around thirty minutes later I scratched myself on a bleeding cut
My girlfriend recently found out she has type 1 diabetes, Any advice on how i could help her.?
Could I have Juvenile diabetes?
Why two people with type II diabetes can have such different BSL levels?
If you are type II diabetic, what medication(s) are you taking?
How to aviod pain when injecting insulin?
Am I doomed?
When are they gonna have a flippin cure for diabetes available to the public in the US?????
Question about diabetes?
Diabetics: Which food most dramatically impacts your blood glucose?
I think i have diabetes?