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Im a regular drinker and usually afected by tonsils but cant stay off the bottle?
Once when i was a little stupid 10 year old, i 'got more oxygen' by pointing the hair dryer in my mouth.
What the best remedy for the flu?
SHINGLES!!! How do I keep from catching them!?!?!?
Is there any treatment for ankylosing Spondilitus?
Exactly how much raw unrefrigerated ground chicken do you need to eat in order to get ill?
What happens if someone has shingles and it goes untreated for a long time?
Why cant you get AIDS from a mosquito?
How to cure a hemorroid?
Help! Possible heart attack? Advice needed asap.?
Way to lower cholesterol in 3 days?
What do you think this sounds like? heart attack symptoms? disease?
I got a physical and i was stressed out.My blood pressure was high 128/86.Does my stress have 2 do with it
I am a 29 female. I have been told I have cardiac arrythmia. Should I be concerned?
My husband has really high cholesterol!?
What are symptoms of a blockage of an artery?
What is mean by hyperkalemia?
I need to find a gross pic of a HUMAN HEART AND LUNGS of a smoker?
I am a healthy male age 36 yrs, have nerve tingling rt forearm inner side for last 20 days. heart related?
Can having the flu cause weight loss?
My cat have a flu can i cure him with ordinary flu medicine?
My kid is 3.6 years old he has fever since 3days he is taking unasyn antibiotic but no response?
What is AIDS? how can prevent it?
Hepatitis C, how bad is it??
If AIDS is really an epidemic, how fast is it sweeping thru your neighborhood?
I have the flu and my nose is red and raw .I need ways to sooth it.Any ideas?
"how to cure an enlarged liver?"?
Can HIV live outside of the body?
What are some example of epidemic diseases?
24 hour ECG question?
Funny feeling!!?
This is mom's blood pressure 182/60, what does it mean?
My heart is acting funny?
Remedy for Heart attck?
During a cardiac catherization, will I be asleep or awake?
My heart hurts, physically?
Could a healthy teen get a blood clot?
What medicine do they inject into your heart to slow it down when you have SVT?
I cant hear out of my left ear?
Will I get salmonella if I bit into undercooked chicken?
Does the cleaner in your office, pub or workplace disinfect the telephones when they clean?
Whats the best way to get rid of the flu.?
Hospital visiting..can you catch a superbug: m.r.s.a. or c-dif?
I dont want the stomach flu!!!?
Fever is jumping from 101 with children's motrin to 103 three hours after the motrin.. heartbeat is around 125
How do you get rid of ear infections due to a new piercing?
So is gallbladder or gallstones a serious illness?
Does the use of Warfarin cause the ankles to swell ?
Does anybody know, if someone had a heart attack once, is it a bigger risk of having the second heart attack?
Strokes run in my family, at 29 what can I do to lessen the risk?
My husband have nose bleed.Hes taking warfarin is this one of the effect of the med hes taking?
Can heart from a dead man be transfered?
What makes your heart beat fast?
Does heart disease make you age more quickly?
I have been taking beta blockers for a number of years, does this qualify as a disability?
Can you inherit cholesterol?
I'm an 18 year old diabetic and i want a tattoo.?
Diabeteas help?
Is there any diabetics out there that would like to make email buddies?
I am a newly diabetic & overweight! Should I work out 1 or 2 hours Every Single day????
Blood drawn??
With regard to type 2 Diabetes , once the pancreas stops producing Insulin, why is it irreversible?
Good morning every one, What is a good natural sweetner, that is not sugar, more healthier?
Am I At Risk For Diabetes?
My baby keeps projectile vomiting,and is constipated?
How do people who are amputated from above the waist use the bathroom?
Can you get sick from...?
If you don't have an infection for something, but you take antibiotics for it.. Could the antibiotics give it?
DO i have pink eye??
Is it true the older you are getting your tonsils removed?
Hi, I'm HIV Positive and have been taking Lamivir - S40 and Efiverenz 600mg and Septrin since May 2005.?
What is Cystic Fibrosis?
Diarrhoea have you had it?
Kinda worried i might have tapeworm?
Do u class dying as being a disabilty its a simply yes or no answer?
I have a swelling on the anus what can i do?
Urine smells is it anything to worry about?
Acne doesn't to go away. What can I do?
Has anyone had or know anyone that has had congestive heart failure??
Whats the name of the medication to thin blood?
What part of the Nervous System does a "Stroke" effect?
Anybody diagnosed with PVC (premature ventrical contractions)?
Is coconut oil good for cholesterol?
I have heart palpitations while I'm sleeping that wake me up, what should I do?
Irregular heart beats being felt?
Will my friends grandma live longer?
What can I do to lower my cholesterol without making huge changes to my lifestyle?
How long it will take to be a heart surgeon?
Did my girlfriend give me mono?
I dropped food then served it - worried!?
I heard AIDS is really bad?
Does mustubation leads to threat of aids?
If HIV/Aids came from Monkeys in Africa, then why?
What is a nigative times a positive?
What can literally kill brain cells?
Should I get a shot?
How can I get rid of Tonsillitis?
My parents blood type is both B... and mines A positive. Is that strange?
Heart Attack?
What is a nursing intervention?
How do you help your loved one with a heart disease?
I had my cholesterol tested is it considered high?
Is my heart rate and blood pressure within normal range?
Help, I have bad dry skin on my feet?
I have high cholesterol and triglycerides
I have this really weird lumpy thing on my lip!! What is it?
DR FRANK and Nurses please? I have a question?
Do you think my acne is serious? Pics included?
If i am 6"3 187 is that overweight??
I am on pills for my heart?
My dad had a heart attack will he be okay?
Wat should my dad do?
Name some things to help me get rid of this sore throat please?
Can rotten milk make you sick?
Health freak almost x-mas big emerg...help help help?
What is Amoxycillin?
How does a person get a staff infection?
Do you have to have antibiotics to get rid of pink eye?
Can you treat scabies before you get a breakout?
What side is your liver on and how can you tell if it is inflamed?
Blood and HIV?
Does everybody have a tapeworm?? i heard that we do?
Diabetes in young?
I don't want to have diabetes?
Cause of Diabetic Nephropathy?
My boy friend has diabetes type 11 he was diagnoised in 83 is there some kinda of shot he can take once a day?
Has anyone come up with a cure for dieabetes.?
How can I determine if I am a diabetic by using the glucose monitor?
Lose weight if you have hypothroidism?
Is the diet for hypoglycemia the same as the one for diabetes? Isn't the idea just to stabilize blood sugar?
Diabetes...a few questions?
Is fruits a high sugar food for diabetics. Such as watermelon?
Hepatitis C question.?
What does drained mean?
Sore Throat + Cold Drinks? Drinking Cold Liquids...good or bad for your throat?
Is avian flu different from bird flu?
Is it true that once herppies is contracted it can not be cured and if so how do you limit when it resurfaces?
Is my Chicken spoiled?
What happens when I only take 2 of the three hepatitis B shots?
My friend has a cold. How do I prevent myself from catching it?
What should I do to lower high blood pressure?
Heart Murmurs and Roller Coasters?
Mother in hospital broken hip heart renal prob now legs leaking fluid what causes this?
BP too low??
Heart Operations?
What is that thing called, the medicine give to a person who has heartproblems so they can use it when?
Heart Attack v. indigestion?
Is my blood pressure ok?
My blood pressure is at 111/63, it rose from 108/60 10 min ago.?
Gerry Mcann - cardiologist without a heart?
Why do people here answer medical questions when they aren't remotely qualified to be answering those question
Why do teenagers get acne, and how can you cure it?
When you donate blood do they check for HIV and AIDS?
Hands are always cold?
How do you feel about getting a flu shot?
Is wearing contact lenses too much eats out the cornia??
Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking Erythromycin Stearate?
I have strep throat if i go to the doctors tonight at 6:45 i will i miss school tomorrow? (Eastern Time)?
Am I freaking out for nothing?
My hair bcome broken in several pieces,i never use color and new hair are vary thin and weak any vitamine dont
Is mrsa infections deadly?
When is it safe to be able to kiss someone who has glandular fever?
How do u no if you have a blockage due to a heart condition?
I have multipal illnesses and need to loose 170 lbs. HELP me please I have tried everything and nothing helps.
How expensive is an EKG?
I have a weird leg cramp that's worse tonight - - should I worry? It's keeping me up :-(!?
What is the easiest way to lower high blood pressure?
My son has a leaky aortic valve, and MAY need a replacement sometime in the next few years?
How do you determine where the IV is inserted arm, neck, or groin during cardiac catherization?
Has anyone ever had an orgsam during a reiki attunement?
Anyone ever heard of dieing of heart diesase and didnt know you even had it?
Stress ECG Test?
Question about diabetes?
Is it true that eating potatoe peels can give you an appendix?
Is sugar and corn syrup bad for you?
How can I encourage myself to test my blood for sugar more frequently?
What is more sweater Home or House?
What type of foods should I avoid if I've just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes?
What does this blood sugar level mean... ?
I often get real tired and feel like i want to passout i believe that i am pre diabetic i work hard?
Is popcorn a good snack if you have diabetes?????
My friend is diabetic, but i notice he eat anything like junkies and things that are sugar..is ok?
How do i know?
How can i cure food poisoning?
Can a yeast infection be spread from family member to another?
Why is HIV still so stigmatized?
Antibiotics and alcohol - can i drink when taking phenoxymethylpenicillin for tonsillitis?
Are needles reused in a hospital?
If a piece of meat is rotten, but you fully cook to say, a few hundred degrees, can you still get sick from it
Does anyone own a parvo survivor? I could use the encouragement :(?
What teas are good for you if your sick with a viral infection?
Can the person who went through coronary artery bypass surgery live a long and healthy life?
Does anyone here heart skips a beat like palpitation. you can feel it everytime it does that is it serious?
I hav a gas problem since last 3 months.....before one months i had my angioplasty in apollo hospital...?
Where is the best place to get coronary artery bypass surgery in U.S.?
Whenever i stand on my toes, i get a cramp on the side where the foot bends in, what is this?
What is the normal blood pressure?
Chest pain? help?
Please can you help me to save life of my sister?
How can a poor family get the money for there mom to have a heart&lung; transtplant ? she is 34 years young.?
I am a 20 yearl old girl, and sometomes i have these heart plapitations.?
My friend has Sore's?
Im scared, advice please?
Drug-free ideas to help with insomnia?
Did you know you can drink TOO much water.?
Head lice are a nightmare.nothing works.any tips on what does work?
I have been diag with a Stomach Ulcer?
Are urinary tract infections painful for women?
My wife has just told me some disturbing news about her co worker and Tuberculosis?
How long does eggs last after the experation date?
How do you cure a 104 degree fever?????
Blood Testing For Symptoms?
How long does it usually take to get over the flu?
Any home remedies for my Throat problem?
Gross, help!!!?
Why don't people want to immunized against measles and Rubella?
Why is it so hard to find doctors that treat lyme disease?
MRSA, I think a family member has MRSA how do you get tested for this????
Your thoughts on MRSA?
ER in hospitals...?
Why is getting sick good for us?
What are some best things you can do to prevent your body from catching a cold when you feel it coming?
Please help me understand?
What can I take to improve my blood circulation in my legs and private part?
Is there anyone out there with diabetes who is scared of hypo's ? am i the only one ? panic attacks ? :-(?
After 30 years of drinking alcohol,need to stop how do i fill my time?
MEDICATION QUESTION....................
Ive bee n diagnosed type 2 diabetic 2 months ago since then i have two and half stone is this normal?
Can a person with hypoglycemia get diabetes?
Are you diabetic? What foods or combination foods raise your blood sugar levels???
Does this sound like too much medicine & insulin?
What foods should i stop eating in order to lessen my acne?
Abdominal pain, PLEASE help fast!
OMG! I can't have a bowel movement?!?
Acne help???
When are the worst times to be out in the sun?
Aspirin a day question: at the supermarket, i bought generic 325 mg. tablets to take daily. i have borderline?
Im throwing this huge party and im getting over the flu?
Can anyone PLEASE give me some advice about my blood pressure. It's off the clock and I'm a teen athlete!
If someone is having a heart attack, what is there to do in that emergency situation after the EMT is called?
Does green tea prevent heart attack?
My friend has strep throat...?
I had dizziness since last week. It seems like lightheadedness, not really going to faint but i feel weak.?
What are some common signs of an oncomming stroke/or heart attack?
Another cold sore/ kissing question?
If you have the stomach flu, what are the first symptoms to appear?
Is salt still bad for me even though I have normal blood pressure?
Can you get an infection when you are on an antibiotic?
MRSA...My son and fiancee both suffer from it. Any suggestions on how to treat the sores?
What does a 'stress test' consist of?
What kinds of germs or diseases can you get from drinking off of someone?
My eye wont stop twitching !!?
I was told I have low blood pressure. It was 99.?
Imagine that someone was injected with AIDS viruses.what would happen to him/her after some hours?
When was Pennicillin discovered?
Please help! Never ending Diaherra!!?
Does the meningitis shot hurt im scared does the vaccine itself hurt when they inject it i really HATE shots!!
Could ne1 give me details on euthanasia as a treatment for HIV?
Do Flu Shots actually prevent flu?
UTI question! please help if you can?
Is anyone familiar with diease called MERSA?
What is the common name of tuberculosis?
VIRUS transfer back and forth?
If I've never had chicken pox, but have had the vaccination. Can I (as pre-teen) get shingles?
If a person's heart is working at only 35 percent what does that mean?
How do you control cholesterol?
Is it risky to bear a child when a woman has heart disease?
60 yo man, fast pulse, heart palpatations, 30lbs over weight?
What's up with my heart?
Iam 57 male my blod pressure is 140/100 i dont smoke or chew tobacco idrink couple of times in a week?
My father has a heart attack, is there any chance that i, as his son, might get a heart attack?
I need a diesase of the heart? is heart attack one?
If you have high blood pressure is it okay to use sea salt instead of table salt?
Had high triglysrides , sugar on borderline ,age 45 ,active in sports.any diet comments pls?
Should I tell my doctor about my stepfather's illnesses when he asks me about my family's health history?
What have others out there done to lower their blood pressure?
Massive heart attack is it true you can have a massive heart attack and be gone instantly??
Blood Pressure?
Can someone advise me of a good type of technique to flush weed out of my system please, have to pass test!?
I am 33 and have blood pressure of 120/43 what could be wrong?
My pulse rate is 102?
Whats the main damage to the heart from over drinking?
My Grandma Has Congestive Heart Failure?
Whats the best and natural way to lower high blood pressure?
How Accurate Are Those Blood Pressure Machines At Your Local Pharmacy?
This might be silly, but.....?
Do i have diabetes?
Using Lantus, what's the best injection site... belly or thigh?
Can either of these medications help with or prevent diabetes?
Im i diabetic?
Are people with untreated diabetes 2 subject to irrational mood swings?
Is there a new pill for diabetes instead of an insulin shot?
What does a doctor do to check and see if you have diabeties?
My blood sugar levels (fast/post-lunch) indicate diabetes, but I had never any symptoms. What does this mean?
I have added Crystal light packets to bottled water.Is that good for diabetics? Or is plain water better?
What can i do to get rid of my coldsore?
My 4 year old son has warts on both hands been trying duck tape, potato peelings, freezing. any other ideas?
How to treat very dry hands?
Would it be better to be blind or deaf ?
Hi all my son is 12 years old and has meny disablitys he is in nappys and he has been conterpated latley how?
What are some homeopathic remendy for high cholesterol? any websites you can suggest for more information?
What is Hypertension, it is possible to completely cure it, or once struck, its a lifetime issue?
If you could could go back in time a have a heart to heart with the younger you what would say?
Is type a pos blood rare?
What is the meaning of coronary? like in coronary disease?
I'm able to feel my heart beat at times. But there is no pain. I went to a Doc and BP & pulse were normal ?
How many times is a person generally shocked or defibrillated before the doctors determine it isn't working?
What does aspirin do for cardiac patients?
My boyfrind passes out and were still not sure Y.?
Should I encourage my husband to have operation that is high risk but would improve quality of life?
How do guinea pigs have heart problems?
Today my heart started racing very fast!!!?
Does anyone know what sinus bradycardia is, and what can cause it?
What happens if someone has a heart attack or stroke while on a cruise ship that's supposed to be 5 days out
What causes high blood pressure?
Please *ANYONE* help immediately. Heart Pounding, don't know what to do.?
Could I have a serious heart problem?
What is hypertension? and what are the symptoms of its? thanks?
Wht does TMT means.im asking it related to medical test done for heart patients.. plz reply.?
I need help PLZ READ?
Can eating relieve symptoms of hyperglycemia?
Could this be diabetes?
Borderline diabetic, why does my legs hurt real bad at night only. just when i try to sleep?
If I am O+ and my son is B+ = what blood type would the father be ??
Will i get rabies?
Is schezophrenia curable? If so,then how?
Should diabetics avoid rice?
What would give a few false high blood sugar readings?
I'm diabetic and my sugar was 60 i just ate a piece of candy is it going to go to high now?
High glucose test results?
Is it possible that..?
Can you develop Parkinson's disease at any age?
Do i have diabetes if my blood sugar levels are elevated but i don' t have any of the usual symptoms?
My BF is sick can someone help??
I got some purell in my eyes at work, help!
I have these red bumps on my tongue that tingle and hurt, what could this be?
I'm 19 and have chicken pox. Wtf?
I've had strip throat 6 times in the past 2 yrs should i get my tonsils removed or what?
Ways to soothe a cough?
Do you smoke?
How old do u got to be to drank and smoke in canada?
I'm 14 and i smoke?
Breathing difficulties?
Has anyone ever fancied there Doctor ?
How to get relief from asthama?
What was the first antibiotic discovered?
How do you smoke a cigarette?
Coughing mostly at night!?
I was out drinking last night and today my skin is yellow?
Does one get aids if one consumes food prepard by an aids person?
Should I let out my secret or not?
Question I have swollen ankles and breathlessness. What could be the cause please.?
I am having big big problems and i dont know where to turn or who to turn to?
I need a diet low in potassium. can u help me please?
My heart rate is 156 help?
What medican do you take whene your heart stops?
What things can raise blood pressure?...Like raise it A LOT!?
Is it necessary to remove a woman's bra to perform cpr or aed? Are there rules for discouraging gawkers?
Is dyslexia classed as a learning difficulty?
How safe is heart bypass surgery? what are the chances of dying during surgery?
Is it possible for a young man to have a heart attack?
My doctor suggested that I donote blood because he said I had too much . Is that possible ?
What is the heart attack reasions?
Sore throat?
How to get rid of a sore throat fast?
Can I kiss a lady safely who is polio victim by childhood?
How long does it take to get over Glandular Fever?
Does getting old scare you?
How common is it for an adult to get chicken pox if they already had it??
Are chest infections contagious?
What causes green poo in children?
Does my husband have sleep apnea?
Can smoking pot casue one to cough up blood and have tightness in your chest?
COPD help please?
Snizzing coughing, why do we say god bless you?
Can i run through the halls of your high school and scream to the top of my lungs?
I hate to snore!Help!!!!!!!?
I'm sick...HELP!!?
My dad has this persistent cough that he has had since giving up smoking 7 years ago it has got so bad that he
How many times did you stop smoking??
Smoking ==== Worth 10 points?
I have LOTS of little red dry patches on my skin... I'm using the "fungus cream" but its still spreading!
Why does my daughter have a clear bubble on the bottom of her foot?
If females were affected by haemophillia, would they bleed to death on their first period?
I have white blotch dots in my fingernails, Every single one, What is causing this?????
How do I manage diabetes?
How do you know how to read a label and how much sugar or carb can you have? how do you know what to eat dia2.
Whats the best way for a diabetic to lose weight?
How can keep motivated to lose weight & enjoy exercising too?
Questions about Diabetes?
Can eating too much sugar give you diabetes?
What is deference between love and affection?
Question about diabetes?
If you have diabetes is cranapple juice healthy?
Are there any symptoms of extemely high blood pressure?
What is heartburn symptoms?
Sugar level of 75?
My husband had a 9 months ago last night his heart was beating hard and fast should i worry he sweats alot?
Chest pain..?
Pulse Rate...This Can't Be Dangerous..Im Thinking Its Pretty Normal?
My mom can't sleep properly on her left side coz she says she'll start feeling a pain in her heart.?
I have been under alot of stress this past month,and now I have noticed my heart skipping a beat it this norma
I had a bypass heart surgury operation performed on my heart . can I take viagra or any drugs like that ?
Has anyone had luck reducing their high blood pressure?
What is this?
Why are jabs taken on the rear? if so which are?
What does this mean? "The Middle East is the last part of the world where HIV is not spreading rapidly."
I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C about 4-5 years ago...?
Is this bird flu REALLY that dangerous? or just a fad?
Besides hypothermia and frostbite, what other sicknesses can you get from being out in the cold?
Im afraid that i have problems with appendix,but im not sure about symptoms?
Heart attack question?
Is it medical malpractice?
My doctor prescribed Lipitor 40mg/day, can I take 80mg every other day and safely get the same effect?
My husband has congestive heart failure. He was put on lasics 20mg 2x daily and it does not work?
Does anybody know anything about blood clots?
MEDICAL ALERT BRACELETS. How alert are medical personal when it comes to checking for one?
[Urgent] I am seventeen, my heart is throbbing and hurts relentlessly, what should I do?
Sometimes i can fell my heart with weired different pump rythums, its been happening for 3 years, and im 15?
Weird heart beat?
Why does my pulse skip a beat?
Itchy eyes!?
Pollen causes me to be congested every morning. How do you get rid of that?
Why is my puppy not eating and vomiting?
Band-Aid adhesive allergy...?
What's Wrong With Me?
What is the cure for sinusitis?
Are beans considered nuts?
Medic Alert ID bracelet for child with peanut allergy?
Family member is allergic to dog?
I think i had an allergic reaction to lip gloss any ideas how to get rid of the tiny bumps on my lips?
Whats good for runny noses????? or better what will clear up my cold a sap!!?
Please help me I am sick!!!?
Can the nicotine in my saliva affect my girlfriends asthma? Or is it just the smoke in the air of my apt.?
What is cranberry extract is it cranberry juice and if so does it really help a urinary tract infection?
Whyh do i pee when i cough?
Can having gas cause this?
Today when i was smoking i felt a severe burning in my chest then had a bad stomach ache.. any explanation?
Why is marijuan not legal?
The smoking ban UK!?
Horrible cough for 4 weeks?
Diabetes question?
I'm afraid to get tested for Diabetes. Are there signs?
Is high blood sugars always a sign of diabetes?
Can you get diabetes from eating bread, rice, etc regularly?
Can i apply for social security disablity because i am diabetic?
How can i cope with overworking?
Is there someone that could answer some questions about diabetes?
Can a diabetic person continue to consume sweet food stuffs, oily food? What about fresh fruit juice?
Can i drink alcohol after pancreatitis?
Is cinnamon good for diabetics?
Why do people smoke?
Does Fake Sugar Cause Cancer?
Euthanasia should be Human Right?
Does a suspicious mass found on breast by ultrasound and swollen lymphnodes definitely mean cancer?
Can cancer be inherited maternally?
Last moments with cancer?
What would cause cancer deposits on your liver and what exactly are cancer deposits.Also is it true that we?
Is this lymphoma?
What do I say to my sister with 4th stage ovarian cancer?
What is the temperature to be consider a fever?
Staph infection in USA?
Is it safe yet?
My sister has herpes in a place I won’t mention. My mom has herpes on the edge of her mouth. Should I stop
HIV: What is the arguement that is doesn't cause AIDS?
Sickness bug - please help?
Whatcha gonna do if the bird flu comes for you?
Does soaking a sponge in bleech kill the bacteria?
Fever Blister on Lip!?
I have asthma - When i drink MILK i get asthma and i can't really breath properly is this a bad thing?
I've been coughing constantly and spitting up black particles..I don't know what it could be..?
Chest pain that is only through my work week
I just drank some kerosene?
What does pucking up blood mean?
I yawn 50 to 60 times a day even when I am not tired.Why?
Can doctors tell if you smoke?
My son has had a fever for 3 days of 102 with no symptoms of being sick.?
Smokers only? Has anyone who smokes got the answer to this?
Painful side effects with atorvastatin drug treatment for lowering cholesterol?
I took myself off high blood pressure meds because of so many side effects...have you?
What would cause heart attack symptoms, but not be a heart attack?
Does this sound like Heart Problems?
Heart attack? at 19?
Advice please!! i smoke marijuana and recently am over paranoid?
I have to get a heart cath. I'm uneasy about how everything is done. How do they numb you?You can't move any?
I had bye pass (4CABG) 14 months back. All medicines are on. Is regular alcohol consumption (60ml) good or bad
Systolic blood pressure?
Ive just found out my friend has died........?
How to relieve hives...?
Im 12 and my chest hurts bad like where the bone is and i need to know what it is?
I am a salt addict can anyone help me to stop this i suffer with high bloody pressure but i cant stop salt?
How do you get rid of tonsilitus???
Do you have side effects when stop smoking?
Landlord problem.?
Weird cough?
Is smoking weed better than smoking ciggarettes? and does weed have nicotine?
I Quit smoking 3 weeks ago today but for the last week or so something strange has been happening?
Just found out i have lung deseas?
I quit smoking 3 days ago, now i have the worst smokers hack ever! what's going on?
Hiccup remedies?
Who else is it the process of quiting smoking?
How long I should do fasting before I get the blood tested to check my Cholesterol level?
What can I do to help my dry and cracked feet?
What is a good gift to get my Daddy he is blind due to diabetes?
I'm vegetarian and diabetic and have cholestrol. any good recipes to reduce them?
Do you feel like all the fun is out of cooking and baking now that you can't eat the stuff?
I need to know what drugs can be effective for a diabetic patient.?
What sweets are good for a diabetic to eat?
My 10 yr old son was recently diagnosed with lupus and diabetes type II...?
Do girls like diabetics or are they afraid to be with a diabetic. 20PTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Long Time Insulin Dependent Diabetics Question?
Quadruple heart bypass and smoking?
What's the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?
Mc gil my husband was allowed to walk down a flight of stairs he had a history of heart desease a pacemaker?
Is 106 over 61 pretty good for a blood pressure/cystolic reading?
(sigh) If you can help, please do...?
What does it mean when all your inside burns? like heart burn/ a.reflux only 10 times worse?
How can you unclog clogged arteries?
Why am I short of breath when I first lie down in bed every night? Does it suggest heart problems?
What does the medical term EKG MEANS?
What are the symptoms before having a heart attack?
Collapsed lung?
How long does smoke stay in ur blood
Any Ex Heavy Smokers out there???
Can't breathe! whats wrong with me?
Pneumonia, I've been to the doctors, taken full antibiotic treatment, and I still don't feel better. Help?
Why cant we cure the common cold?
What do the letters COPD stand for?
Can smoking cause tuberculosis?
What is worse for you, smoking cigarettes or marijuana?
Hurts when I swallow... what is it?
Does anything NOT cause cancer?
Breast Cancer at 38?
Which is correct: 1 in 27 women DIES of breast cancer... or 1 in 27 women DIE of breast cancer?
Do you belive that Nature holds a key to a cure for every disease known to men?
Need To know. PLEASE!!?
My house ceiling is fitted with asbestors sheet.I come to understand it can cause cancer! Is it true?
HPV Cancer?
After so many years of research and funds donated, why isn't cancer or AIDS curable?
My boyfriend has mono?
What causes kidney and baltter infetions?
My sister just found out she has latent tb and she is now worried she never be able to work as a microbiolist?
What exactly is a yeast infection?
How big are viruses?
What are the earliest symptoms of hepatitis?
Help! I have a UTI is bleeding and stomach common?
If i gave someone strep throat can they give it back to me?
Can a job fire you for having MRSA?
Can strees cause high blood pressure? or is not strees ?
My 7 1/2 week old daughter just had a heart transplant on the 19th..... read on good question!!!?
Chest pain?
Is there a generic for Plavix?
Whats good for high blood pressure?
Should I go back to the doctor?
Heart attack with out chest pain?
How can high cholesterol taken care of through home remedies??
How can you raise your blood pressure?
I was just told that I have type 2 diabetes, I was told not to check my blood sugar yet,?
I was in the hospital for over 700 days in a 3 yr period,?
>> What kind of test is done to check for diabetes?
Is diabetes curable in a persons's lifetime?
Are you a diabetic?
Do you have or know some one who has Diebetes?
Can diabetes be effected by emotions?
My blood sugar is 32 in morning how do i increase count?
Why do Diabetics use finger blood?
I am having bowl problems... I try taking a crap but am not able 2 do so..I bought Metamucil but still nothing
Why is when I breathe in.....??????
I have a tickle in my throat, cant sleep with this, its 1:21 am anyone have a quick remedy?
I have asthma are there any pets you reccomend?
What age did you start smoking?
Do you think it is oke if we sleep 4 hours everyday?
Please help me i want to get rid of smoking !?
Is it normal in UK that GP will not examine you for cold ?
I have very low blood pressure, any suggestions?
Has anyone ever lost a parent?
How do you get rid of sunburn?
Who invented cigarettes?
Freckles? What to do?
Cocaine..what does it do?
What will happen if i get chicken pox?
If I have thrush, how likely is it is have HIV?
HELP HELP HURRY PLZ plz plz !!!!!!!!!!!?
Do bedbugs give any health problems?
I am 10 weeks pregnant and my nephew has gone done with chicken pox, I had chicken pox when i was a kid?
Am i sick Calling all doctors?
HIV and Blood?
Was there a recent outbreak of some kind of virus or disease?
Do you know if they are dangerous?
Argue against lowering the drinking age in California?
Will my mum have a heart attack..?
What is the difference between high blood pressure and stress?
Doctors, Nurses, etc. I have an irregular heart beat. Is this life and death?
Blood pressure is 90/140 .Is there simple way to reduce this level for aged person of 62 years?
What's up with my heart?
Im almost 18...with a heart problem?
Taking medicine for high blood press is this sometimes more dangerous than the high blood pressure?
I have a bad cough...I cant stop coughing...any ideas on how to stop the coughing?
What are people's opininons on the smoking ban?
Do they have a pnueumonia vaccine?
Water gun vs cigarette?
Should i start smoking?
My room mate has bad body odour. I cant breath at night, I wake up choking b/c of the stench. What can I do?
My daughter has bad breath and have tried many treatments, is there a permanent and sound treatment i can try?
How can i stop smoking for ever.?
I had pneumoni 7 months ago and now I smoke. Is this going to be a problem??? Will I get pneumonia again?
My ear is clogged and I cannot hear well! How can I unclog?
My neighbor went in for a biopsy today?
Sched.for MRI/brain because they saw "something' on CT and want to compare.Should I worry what besides Cancer
Breast cancer?
Can anyone give me some advice my best friend died of cancer a few weeks ago?
I think my friend has cancer. how can i be sure?
Does anyone know somebody who has liver cancer and if they do what was done about it and did they find a cure?
Where is the shot for cervical cancer vaccination?
Kids With Cancer... Donations..?
Why isn't the rate of breast cancer the same all across the world?
My mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time on tuesday...Should she eat healthier??
If someone overdoesed with insulin on monday and not found till today...does she have any chance of living?
How to explain to a patient 20 yrs. old female with diabetes on how to inject insulin?
How Do They Diagnosing Diabetes in Babies?
Should you be a diabetic to be a diabetes educator or diabetes doctor?
Has anyone ever had their type 2 diabetes diagnosed wrong?
How do you get tested for Mono?
I am a diabetic on insulin, where can I legally dispose of the syringes?
Testing one two three?
How many times a day to you check your blood sugar?
Anyone ever heard of beating diabetes with cinnamon pills?
Hi i have a under active thyroid?
Acne just appeared! HELP!?
Need a medical answer please/my friend died awaiting an operation which was cancelled 4 times.?
Bayer Aspirin is good for heart health. Will any aspirin containg 325 mg. of aspirin work as well?
I heard about a case of racism among black people that nurses purposely inject hiv unto black people?
I have been told that Lice and "crabs" are the same thing.?
When i drink alchohol my heart speeds up very rapidly,?
How Gay is AIDS?
Is there symptons for heart disease?
Blood pressure?
Has anyone had a Nuclear Medicine Test of their heart, their puting mibi through IV tommorow to check for any?
Should I go to the ER or wait for an appointment?
I have Heartburn.Will Doing treadmill exercise trigger Heartburn?
How can I lower my blood pressure?
When I eat most fruits and vegetables, my throat starts burning really bad, is this an allergy?
Could a milk allergy cause body aches, trouble breathing, sinus probs?
What if you're lactose intolerant and win the Indianapolis 500?
Why do I get a RASH every time I have fever? Am I the only case in the world?
I need a food allergy know it all.?
Earring Metal allergies?
Is it possible to be allergic to tobacco? When i smoke the "Hookah" my head hurts for hours!!!!?
Do you know any good things for allergies??
2nd opinion on food allergies.?
Allergies to mold, and it's been raining...so should I start taking histamines now or wait till I'm suffering
How is hepatitus C spread?
Can you really catch any nasty diseases from sitting on a toilet seat?
Stop Taking Antibiotiques When feeling better?
Can anyone get the mono (kissing) disease?
What do I use for a sore throat?
My doctor prescribe antibotics when ever i go for a cough or fever for my kid. Whether its harmfull ?
Does any one know how the disease 'SuperBug' came to exist?
Tattoo ink poisoning?
Is it very likely to catch a stomach virus from an infant that has it?
Is it possible that the HIV virus could have been manufactured?
Why we have colds in the winter and not in the summer?
Coughing up blood?
Cold symptoms: dried up nose, how do you treat this?
What are some signs of being lactose intolerant?
Is it normal to feel light-headed when smoking?
I have had no sense of smell for about 1 and a half years. what could this be?
What foods trigger your urge to smoke?
I have lost quite alot of blood! could this be why i am always cold? PLEASE HELP!?
If I have phlegm in my lungs (from a virus), would someone slapping me on the back help to loosen it?
What the hell is happening to my brain?
My daughter is 3 yrs old. She gets red very small boils all over her body. It started with neck now stomach?
HIV results?
Does herpes ever go away?
Would You??
I get a lot of red marks after i shave especially my neck. what can i do to get rid of these red spots?
Anyone else suffer from adult acne?
Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
What can happen if you use tobacco?
Would using a inhaler help open a stuffy nose?
What are the health effects of Smoking?
Sooner or later, doesn't EVERYONE stop smoking?
How can I get rid of an ear infection?
What can I do to get rid of hic-ups plz? I've tried the usual of holding my breath, having a drink and geting
Its horrible!!! how do i stop snoring?
Caughing blood?
Chest Tightness/Pain.?
How to get rid of Asthma....?
The right food to eat?
Does Splenda kill rats???
My blood test shows haemoglobin is 19.3?what should i do?
What is diabetis and how is it caused and treated?
What kind of food that people who suffer from diabetes have to eat? and why?
I am taking Meformin, sugar resist to go down, from 365.?
About insulin?
Is this an emergency or not?
Chicken Pox v Shingles
Science Assignment on Diseases!!!?
Does this kill people??
Is there a natural treatment for Herpes outbreaks?
How do you bring down a high fever quickly?
Why do I always get the cold?
Strep Throat...No Insurance..No Money????
How do people know they have HIV?
Should I go to school today? Please answer immediately?
Is it only fair for me to seek a second opinion even though I don't have health insurance?
My boyfriend just got his paperwork back from the Dr.?
What can I do for chest pains that I've had since yesterday?
Heart attack?
My mother in law had a stroke 2 weeks ago. She is still pretty out of it. Does this sound normal?
What causes blue or purple colored lips?
What some ways a 19 year old female can have a heart attack?
I am 26 and need a ICD?
Why is my heart beating so fast?
Help!! stroke emergency?
How should I end SMOKING?
Chesty Cough?
My sister has just died and the coroner has said there was no explaination for her death only sats sim somthin
How can I stop a cold from comin on?
Is there a reason why a person would pull out their hair, one stand at a time? Until they were bald?I know a?
Worry girlfriend just called problem breathing?
Symptoms of mono?
As smoking can lead to early an Death. What is better die early or end up with Alzheimer's.?
I've been coughing up this plaque like little pieces, I can feel it in my throat for days before it comes up??
How i can stop smoking?
Will you pray for this little fella??
Hi guys, I need help. I have just got over bowel cancer went down to 6stn 5lb, now nine need to stay there?
My aunt has been diagnosed with?
What would u do if u thought u had cancer and no insurance?
Is the throat cancer curable in final stage....?
Why is the cervical cancer jab only going to be given to those in year 8?
Is it true they found a cure for cancer?
Cervical cancer? why me?
What is some cures for cancer and where is most common to get cancer?
Does light chemotherapy leave you feeling weak?
Which cream shall i buy for for dry skin?
Who uses proactiv,or that Sul-Ray soap?
Should children with Autism get the flu shot?
How do you get rid of mouth ulcers?
How do you get rid of black circles around your eyes?
What tests would u undergo before general anaesthesia ?
My heart is beating extremely hard and hurts. It has been this way for a few hours now? what should i do?
What is foods shouldnt i eat if i have bad cholesterol?
Quadruple bypass surgery?
Irregular heartbeat?
Can you help me understand this in plain English?
How to remain calm when someone is having heart attack?
What causes your heart to beat fast when scared?
Pains in chest?
Hypertension and nose bleeds?
Milk and diabetes?
Do i have diabeties?
Who thinks there should be a cure for diabetes?
I need a great help in this danger disease?
I am a type 2 diabetic, is stress a viable factor in raising my blood sugars?
Diabetes runs in my family, how can i prevent myself from getting it ?
My cousins blood/sugar level went up to 1200....Immediate response please!!!!?
At what blood glucose level should one go to the emergency room for?
I'm kind of worried?
Sometimes I feel really weak like I need sugar?
A friend diclosed that she is HIV pos. Im lost for words. What do I say?
How contagious is chickenpox?
What is mono?
Does kissing someone on the lips transmit the HIV virus?
How can I get rid of nausea?
Can having an untreated yeast infection harm your body in the long run?
Could I Have Toxic Shock Syndrome?!! PLEASE HELP!?
What do I do if I have a high fever?
Is there a vaccination to protect you against dutch elm disease?
Why do you think people smoke? what's your opinion on smoking?
Terrifying Cough?!?!?!?!?
My 4yr. old son has asthma and a chest cold, since he can't have cough syrup, any ideas?
Tight chest?
Help Im sick!?
How do you know if you have Asthma?
ArE StErOiDs AdDiCtIvE???
What made you start smoking?
How long this last?
I went to the hospital for a colonoscopy when I woke up the nurses told me I had sleep apnea how did they tel?
How do i know if i have poor blood circulation?
Heart problem? or just adreniline?
When And How Did You First Discover This Whole Cholesterol Thing Is A Farce?
How can educating yourself help prevent heart disease?
If an oral abscess was lanced, and left untreated, could the resultant infection cause endocarditis?
My heart rate will increase dramaticly for a few seconds at random times, please help?
Conerns about my mums heart murmur and her job?
Is my blood pressure healthy?
What is ECG test? How they test this?
Can you have a stroke and heart attack at the same time?
I'm in the medical field but I can't figure this one out. Maybe because it me and not a patient.?
It seems the older I get, the more asthma issues I am having.?
How can i stop smoking cigarette?
Marijuana question? help?
Why do i sometimes find it hard to breath??
I've very sick, Idk what I have?
Nightsweating,chill,bodya... cough up mucas yellowish
Nasty cough how do i relive my self?
Does anyone know about panic attacks?
Ex smokers?
I'm looking for some help with this horrible stale breath that I have?
I belched and a black pegasus flew out of my mouth and out the window, what could have caused that?
Hi,there where did HIV AIDS come from?and why much in africa?
We have a pigeon problem in our balcony.Is it our responsibility to clean the mess up or is it management?
My daughter has just come out of hospital after having glandular Fever 2 weeks ago?
Does the hepititus virus have a DNA,if not,how does it reproduce?
Can a dog get AIDS?
Have you caught a cold yet?I haven't?
Tell me everyhing you know about Type 2 Diabetes?
If my throat get very dry at night could that mean I have diabetes?
Anyone know how to prevent kidney stones?
Steroids.... So if i told u if u inject yourself with this stuff..?
Does Salt contain sugar?
Diabetes Question...?
Will I be able to control my type 2 diabetes with a low carb diet such as Atkins?
Which type of doctor for a visit?
At what number are you considered diabetic?
What does 'prediabetic' mean?
Sickness, I'm a bit scared.?
I have problem with my speaking?
If you stop smoking?
Can animals suffer from passive smoking?
Is smoking marijuana worth asthma relief?
I am 15 weeks pregnant and cant breath out of my nose i think i have sinus infection ive been like this for?
Peak flow?
Gave up smoking 11 weeks ago, have been ill ever since???
Help bad cold! I can't breathe?
ANY one knows about KIDNEY STONES?
Does popping zits make them heal quicker?
How do i get rid of serious nausea?
If I go to A.A but had a 2 day slip at 1o monthes should I still keep in my heart that I got 1 year?
Can guys get ovarian cancer?
According to any statistics what state of health normaly people are diagnosed with cancer?
What is the best way that you have found to offer comfort 4 family members of a terminally ill cancer patient?
Dying from lukiemia, and friends are acting different. advice?
I"M finding it hard to deal with ..Lung cancer ..I just found out I have it .I feel like I failed?
My cousin peeled her wart does she have skin cancer?
Sleeping with the lights on=cancer?
My mom has breast cancer :(?
Rate my poem 1-10. (I am13 years of age)?
Do i have cancer /High white blood cells?
Glucose level question?
Type 1 Diabetes?
3 1/8= (?)%x 6 6/8, 8 1/2% of (?)=60, 24 3/4% of (?)= 297?
Best health insurance?
What will happen if i stop taking my insulin?
Could someone please help my boyfriend cope with his diabetes?
Diabetes? need answer fast?
Could Type 1 Diabetes be a result of the mother/father doing all the right things?
Do older people with diabetes suffer with regular urine infections.?
Why is drying your feet so important for a diabetc?
Why am I coughing up blood and getting bloody noses out of no where.?
What is the best way to get rid of a horrible sorethroat in just only a few hours.?
Does anyone know if it's ok to swallow Vick's vapor rub? My aunt told me to do this to help break up phlem
(Emergency) I have shortness of breath and chest pains. My chest also feels discomfort. what should i do?
Has anyone got asthma induced by exercise? or just asthma?
Is asthma caused by air pollution?
What should i do if i'm coughing a little, have a mega runny nose, and half of my voice is gone??
Why do people snore?
For a year,ive been getting some tightening from within my chest?
Sometimes i jus get short of breath and my heart starts beating realy fast for no reason at all nebody kno why
Is heart valve replacement surgery painfull? What are the chances of living after the surgery?
Is rock salt better then normal salt we consume for patients suffering from high blood pressure?
How do you know if you have heart failure>?
What do you have to stay away from when having a pacemaker?
When im not doing anything my heart still beat fast what does it mean?
Im 18 yrs old...164 pounds of solid muscle...is my blood pressure high?
How do you check your pulse?
My father aged 65 just had a massive heart attack last week,was in icu and will be discharged this week .?
After reaching home from office, I am getting itching all over the skin?
How long does HIV survive?
If a nurse has HIV, is she or should she be required to tell her patients?
Can anyone tell why some of the deadliest infectious diseases originate in africa?
What causes the pages of a book to become yellow? Is this contagious (meaning other nearby books can get it)?
How does one get rid of tapeworm?does one have to poo it out?
What are the sighns for meningigtise?
What is the immune system?
How long can the hepatitis C virus last outside the body?
Bad sinus infection please help!!!!?
I feel dizzy. i am coughing. i feel like vomitting. i have a rash on inside of armpits.i have a fever.?
My daughter has had a cough for 3 weeks now, and the medicine she was on didn't help. What could I give her?
Im sick & i was crying alot right now...?
I don't like smokers, and refuse to be friends with any.?
This one applies to non smokers dating a smoker?
I stop smoking cold turkey. How long does it take for the craving to stop?
I don't understand why anyone would smoke?
How can I prevent from snoring?
Cures for nasal congestion?
My mom's lefthand has swollen like a Mikey Mouse hand and her left side is tingling....her face, arm, and leg
Heart disease?
Could heartrate of 220 be normal?
What can I expect from this condition?
What is the likely hood that you will have a stroke if.............?
Why do doctors think thy can ply god my hubby has been told not to go bck to hospital as he is going to often?
Why are the mexicans who are allowed in this country taken care of medicaly, and our own citizens are forced t
Can you safely scuba dive with a blocked right common femoral artery?
Im taking my plavix for about two and a half month already when should i stop taking it?
What is the name for the medical condition , when a persons heart stops, then jolts itsself to start again?
Please help, I'm getting worried. Has anyone had retinopathy from diabetes?
Paranoid about diabetes...help me please?
Cant seem to figure out my insuin/sugars help please?
Hubby has be diagnose with type2 diabetes I was wondering how long it takes to drop the sugar levels on diet?
I think I'm diabetic...are these enough symptoms to go to the doctor???
My husband is 50 years old and a diabetic with high cholesterol I am looking for recipes?
Anyone Diabetic - Insulin Dependant? ?
It my blood sugars are running 107 to 167 should i be worried?
What insulin pump do you use?
Diabetes - does it affect your memory?
Do you think my idea to help an alcoholic will work?
I have just been diagnosed with IBS, does anyone know if it is with me for life or can it disappear?
This is a medical question about going to the toilet .................?
I found 3 black bugs in my hair! Is this a sign of lice?
Neutrogena vs Clean and Clear. Which is superior?
Stopped smoking?
Pneumonia how long can it last?
Sometimes when i am sleeping i stop breathing what is up with that?
I'm trying to give up smoking....any advice..tips...goodwill messages...im struggling xx?
A SMOKER.Can you tell just by looking and listening to someone,whether they smoke or not?
I can't breathe through my nose?
Question about smoking??
I'm coughing up blood, but I don't know if it's serious...?
Help i am having a panic attack i can't breath wt do i do?
Can any profesional doctor can diagnosis wheter there is any blocakage in artery or not without using any ECG?
Heart palpitations?
What does systolic and diastolic mean when reading it on the blood pressure monitor?
Hole in the Heart Prevent Piercing?
Do u have an icebox where ur heart used to be?
If u have stent replacement in your heart that stent is for life?
Why did my blood clot so quickly?
Is 130/100 a high blood pressure for an 18 yr old?
Do twins have the same blood type, heart etc?
If I vomit blood, suddenly lose consciousness, find difficulty inhaling and have a weak heart, what do I have?
What part of your wedding was a waste of money?
What is tuberculosis?
Can you take amoxcillin if you have flu like sympthoms?
Do i have the flu?
What does it mean when u have a reoccuring yeast infectoin. For ex. you get every month a week b4 your period?
Why is vaccine for AIDS is not possible?
Childhood immunisations - too many and too dangerous?
EWW! Yuck! Please help!!?
In Urine seen blood one or two drop it is dangerous?
What are the chances of survival?
How long can you live with Prostate cancer?
Do you have a brain tumor?
Does aspartame cause cancer?
Tommy Burns has got cancer again its a shame eh? Why is god so cruel?
Can you help me?
Does any one know of any body.. or have you gottin Cervical Cancer in your early 20s??
Cancer Hospitals In INDIA?
What happens when a child is a victim of cancer ex. leukima?
I've heard bad things about Advair, should I be concerned?
Is an ear ache a symptom of a sinus infection?
Ash in your lungs?
My dad has a very bad cough and he coughs up white flem but he wont go to the doctor----whats wrong with him?
Has anyone ever died of using steriods?
Can smoking cause Sinusitis?
What is the best treatment for a cough?
How harmful is direct exposure to Carbon Monoxide to humans?
What do you do when you get common cold what is the remedy?
How can I boost my immune system?
Low Blood Sugar?
Is the amount of insulin I'm taking more than normal?
Is there any painless drug delivery device for administration of insulin?
My Nephew's sugar level drops suddenly and he start getting fits???
I suspect that my 7 year old daughter is diabetic. Her blood sugar was 134 after fasting. Is she a diabetic?
Diabetes! HELP PLEASE!!!!?
Does anybody have an insulin pump? Am really looking into getting one!?
I was taking metformin for about 2weeks and my hair as almost halved it used to be so thick?
I would just like to know if the lemonade diet is safe to take by a diabetic?
Is it normal for your heart to skip beats a few times everyday?
I need to report a doctor for incompentence--how do I do that?
Does heart rate change when you excersice.?
Do you have faith in the medical profession?
I have fainted twice and when I exercise I get chest pains, someone know what this is?
How can I lower my blood pressure from 164/90 to normal within a week?
I have been experiencing a fluttery feeling in my chest.?
Racing Heart/Palpitations - Doctors can't find a cause.?
For 35 years my blood pressure has been around 90/60. I checked it yesterday and it was 125/92. Should I worry
Heart skipping beats?
Swelling in feet & spreading? Should i go to the hopsital?
How to deal with Ringworm that only seems to be getting worse??
What does heartburn feel like?
Dandruff - Best way to hide it?
What's the name of that medecine, pink and in a bottle for stomach pains?
Blood Pressure?
Strange chest pains?
If your blood pressure is 101 over sixty is it dangerous?
Symptoms of high blood pressure?