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Tell me the best way to prevent fever?
IhaveHiv/Aids,I need an apt,here in NYC,not to high I am now staying in an room which costs me 600 dollars, I?
Can a woman carring the hiv virus transmet it to a man even if she says it lays dorment ?
I took my son to the doctor and was told he has a slight Flu Murmur. What is that?
HIV question?
What does it mean when someone has an elevated white cells count?
What causes ear infections in children?
Do i have any diseases?
Stopping smoking?
I have a medical question,what is the different between heart attack,angina , cardiac arest and cardiac asthma
Do you know the cure for irregular heartbeat(Atrial fibrillation)?
Cost of Heart Surgery Bypass?
150/90 blood pressure---what does the 90 mean?
Are these symptoms serious?
How do I figure out my heart age?
-HELP-Is my grandpa having a stroke?-HELP-?
Hi, i'm Dave from the uk, 29 and very very fit. I have a BP of 95 over 51 resting HR of 37? is Bp too low??
Can an ex-convict receive a heart transplant?
Just a Question? Could cat's get blood poisoning?
When is it ok to stop taking tylenol for a fever?
My son white blood cell count is 3. 8 and he gets colds and stuff very easy what can I do to increase it?
Does HIV have symptoms?
Is it possible to get herpes under your eyelid?
My little sister wanna know if germs bite she don't belive me so answer her pleaseeee?
Pressure in the lower belly caused by intestinal parasites?
How do you tell a so called friend they have ringworms??
Does cold water harm the face??
Hand sanitizer says it kills 99.99% of germs...? Why not just make, it 100%???
Why am I'm always spitting to extract the phlegm that is in my system?
My dr prescribed tussinex cough syrup does it have codeine in it? if it does i dont want to pick it up from t,
Anyone know a cure for zits?
Is my boyfriend allergic to my cats?
Screaming at a concert, lost my voice...?
What is the best way to get rid of "cracked heels" without spending so much money on foot spa?
If i'm allergic to aspirin can i take lisinopril?
Does rectal bleeding always require medical attention?
Any answers?? I have a lipstick allergy-but still want to use lipstick!?
I have saved my toenail clippings for the last nine years. is this odd?
Poison ivy?
Can u be allergic to apples?
If you are allergic to strawberries,are you allergic to Cherries too?
Do you need a physician note to buy a glucose meter at a drug store?
Low blod sugar, can i control it?
How long until I have "complications"?
Eating at Work?
What is "BM"?
Blood tests?
Hi I am hypoglycemic and i don't think my doctor knows...[rest of question click here]
I drank 4 cans of pop today?
How do people get diabetes?
I wake up and my sugar is always around 272, I don't eat late at night. I have been on several different
If my doctor said my heart is fine should i believe him?
Rapid heartbeat?
What would happen if I ingested 25 grams of pure cholesterol?
Why some die immediately when they have an heart attack while some survive, have a bypass and live on?
What is the function of the cardiovascular system.?
I can not take a statin and niaspan for my high cholestrol,is there any other meds i could try?
Association of cholesterol to stroke?
Is cardiac failure the same as cardiac arrest?
What can cause a fast heart beat right after i eat?
What are the signs of a heartattack?
Can you answer a question about gas and diarrhea?
Is their a database of names of people with a.i.d.s.?
Which one can lead to faster death - HIV\AIDS or Cancer?
Can boys could possibly have urinary tract infection?
How to treat ...?
I think I have strep throat - I have had it before and cannot see me DR. for 2 days.?
Everyone says different about tetnus. Cut from rusty metal had shot 5 1/2 yrs ago. need booster?
I think i have a ear infection what are the signs of it?
What are the final symptomies for Hepatisis C?
Can my 2 children fly on holiday in 1 week time with chicken pox? they have had spots for 4 days?
Am I having a heart attack?
How can an african american, 18y/o, female deal with high blood pressure?
Who is a cardiologist and what do they do?
Can you die from a heart murmor?
Blood Pressure?
If the heart muscle has such superior qualities why aren't all muscles like heart muscle?
My grandfather was taking heart medicine, but he said it kept him up all night.?
Did elvis really die from a overdose or from a heart attack?
Do v feel sleepy if v r suffering from high blood pressure ???
What is the best way to lower high blood pressure?
You have a bacterial infection in your stomach , will drinking bleach make it better?
When you kiss someone...?
Antibiotics and strep throat?
Sore throat!! please help!!?
How do you WORSEN a sore throat?
Infections in Urine?? help fast..10 points?
Do i need a prescription for antibiotics?
Is it true that AIDS was man created?
Have your kids had Scarlet Fever?
My daughter has a 100.3 fever,she has had it now for 5hrs,we have given her ibuprofen and Tylenol?
What kind of disease do you have?
Is AIDS manmade?
My 2 year old has had nits 6 times in 3 months?
Does anyone know if it is safe to take more than 10 mg of claritin a day?
I have itching in my inner throat, and when i start itching, huge sneezes appear. HELP?
I can't stop sneezing. No bacteria. Clear liquid when I blow my nose. Been happening since Christmas.?
Is there such a thing as sugar allergies?
Itchy ears,dry skin on face allergy?
What reason would there be for my mouth to have swollen up?
What's a good non-prescription allergy medicine for stuffy nose?
Stuffy nose?
Killin fleas in room?
Does anyone know anything about the use of the food additive MSG (monosodium glutamate) in the UK?
What is the worst thing about being diabetic?
Symptoms of type 2 diabetes?
I have type one diabetes.i was wondering?
Understanding tests?
What is the disorder for Diabetes?
Does fatality occur after a specific, universal low blood glucose level?
I have Type 2 diabetes and take metformin, exercise and eat right. My morning blood sugar is always high! ????
Has anyone else heard about cinnamon being good for Type 2 diabetes?
My sugar blood level is 64!.....do i have diabetes??
Role of insulin??
My eye duct is swollen what could it be
I have an ear infection and my ears feel clogged?
Is it vaccines or genetics ?
Cures for a sore throat?
How can I get rid of chicken pox...fast!?
Is it a myth that headlice prefer clean hair?
Can you catch herpes by drinking after someone who has it?
What over the counter meds would you give a 3 year old with a fever?
Monkey's meat and blood is used as a medicine for asthma is it true?
Stomach flu?
I have drank Enviga (coca-cola) for the last month.....my heart keeps racing!! Help!!!!!!!!!?
Should i tell someone?
Urgent heart rate question?
Can a person develop a hole in the heart in later life or are they born with it?
Can anyone translate these medical terms? Pericardium Haemorrhage from Myocardium Rupture from infarct Myocard
I am a 38 year old male, how long do you think I have left to live?
My resting heart rate is 110 I'm fifty six years of age; any suggestions?
I need help on obesity symtoms?
If you drinking to much energy drinks will it give you a heart attack???.!?
Describe the stages of a heart attack?
Mom has 6 months dying lung cancer. had 1/2 lung taken nochemo or rad.what are symptoms to look for?
What do you think could be wrong?
Hair loss during radiation?
Liver Cancer - Survivors?
My 4 year old son has leukemia and we have just lost his nanny to breast cancer how can i tell him ?
The percentage of people with cancer?
Why is their such high breast cancer rates on Long Island?
Testical cancer?
I have had conventional treatment for early breast cancer,which was sucessful, I now wish to take laetrile.?
How can I improve my immune system?
Big white spot on the top and towards the back of my wife mouth?
Since the outbreak of the recent measles an mumps is it far to say blame the illegals for it?
Can Strep throat be cured with gargling alittle salt water and drinking alittle of it?!?
Is it possible to get diseases from pierced earrings?
My fiance is developing a cold and has a temp of 96.5 degrees is this normal or could something else be wrong?
I am a teacher -- no strep in my class. Throat hurts, feels coated. No temp; what could this be?
Biology homewrk question. PLEASEhelp! Its about Bacteria/disease?
Apart from Testing how can one tell they are HIV positive?
Any solutions for snoring ?
My mother of 65 has just found out she has a tumer on1 lung shold i fear the worst?
Why does my dog ocassionally make noises like shes having an asthma attack?
Why am i having chest pains?
What is a home remedy for indigestion?
Asthma attacks,my boyfriend is going through it and cant get an inhaler till Wed.What ways?
What are the kind of cigarettes that are thin and long called?
I wont to start smoking but have asthma what sort of tabaco is best to use?
Who is the person that named chicken pox its name?
Selmonila Poisoning????
How long does it take for a person with tuberculosis to die?
Repeating Stomach Flu?
How can Urinitry Tract Infection be caused?
How to get rid of a soar throat?
To what doctor should i go when i have STD?
Untreatable Staph infections and the bacteria behind them?
I live in long beach, calif and I have type 1 diabetes how do I go about getting on disability?
Is kidney infections a sign of being diabetic?
Frequent urination could mean diabetes?
I need to make t-shirts for diabetes walk, does anyone have any clever ideas of what I can put on them?
Diagnosing Diabetes?
Is it true that cinnamon controls bloodsugar levels???
Can someone have diabetes and not even know it?
Cats hair up nose?
What is a good breakfast cereal for diabetics?
How do you find out if you have diabetes or not?
What is fibromyalgia and does it ever go away?
Why do so many children have life threatening peanut and food allergies now?
Celiac symptoms?
Any suggestions on how I can breathe better at night?
When blow my nose its yellow, what does this mean???
After tappering off prednisone how long should it take for the body to correct itself?
Is it true that even if you're allergic to a sting, the 1st time is OK?
Help i have allergies!!?
How reasonable is Xanax dosed at LESS than .25 mg for severe sleep deprivation?
Is feeling your heart?
Why is my average pulse rate about 55 per minute even during daytime?
Recently i have been getting numb all over, and sometimes dizzy?
Chest tightness...?
What is arrhythmia - is it dangerous. Really need some guidance on this one as keep reading conflicting news.?
Coumadin - would you take it?
Is my Blood Pressure High?
I'm 13 and i need to lose weight for my heath HELP???
Which dr specialist should my mom visit? cardiolog? internist? other specialist?
Is there any way to prevent ear infections?
What is the name of the {bug]{virus} whitch exacerbates an gastric ulcer?
Is Lyme disease a virus or bacteria?
How long does the Flu last??
What antibiotic would be used for IV users infection at drug injection site?
What is the "super virus"??
I recently ate an earthworm, and ever since then I've been paranoid that I have parasites. Should I worry?
I'm sick.... and when i throw up it's like yellow and liquidy?!?! eww gross i know... but what does it mean???
How Deadly is E Coli?
I think I might have something.. I don't know what to do.?
Help with my acne pls!!??
HELP!!!!!!My hairs falling out?
Getting over flu?
I can feel a cold coming and I need to get rid of it FAST?
How can my friend get rid of the yellow stain from smoking roll ups?
I go bitten by a spider last night,but i dont know how it looked like because I was sleeping.?
How do you cure serious Body Odour (don't tell me deodarant or soap, I've tried those)?
Miami Is NOT Tropical?
Heart health?
What is congenative or congestive heart failure, exactly???
High Blood Pressure despite meds, fatigue, nausea, and 4 small sore lumps under skin, also migraines.?
How do you tell the difference between chest pain from a heart attack or congestive heart failure and....?
How likely is a person to die of FIRST heart attack?
Hart Attack ?? is it true?
For the last year or so I have had a strange thing happening with my heart, it skips beats and beats too hard?
How do I lower my heart rate without physicians assistance?
What is a cardiac CT?
Does rabies have the same effects on a human?
Do you think the H5N1 virus(bird flu) will become a pandemic?
Is dumbness contagious?
Why would a white spot in back of throat turn into a hole?
Can you get Lyme Disease from eating an infected deer?
2 year old running fever of 104.9 and not talking...?
Treatments for pink eye?
Cold or flu?
Why do I keep getting strep throat?
Selling organs.?
How long before u start to lose hair from kimo?
HELP! I am so terrified?
What does chemo taste like?
How do you know if you have cancer?
How to cure women have cervical cancer?
Can anyone helpt? Constant fear, Scared of possibly having diseases.?
Could My Female Cousin , Have Cancer , Heres Her Symptoms?
Can we live with partial part of the liver?
Has anyone that you know survived?
Curing mucus?
Allergies to smoke?
What is the oldest antihistamine?
My friend isn't allergic to her own cats, but is allergic to other peoples' cats. Why is this?
What am I allergic to? I start sneezing and eyes and throat starts itching when I go to other people´s houses.
What could be causing allergy symptoms of itchy whelps and swelling of lips?
Hives!! help???
What will be the side effect of eating canned food and noddles daily ?
How do I treat my three years nose allergies running and blocking and Nevin .... etc?
Chronic Sinus Infections and breakouts?
Diabetes ?????
Diabetic neuropathy, can be reversed with medicine?
Am I in danger of diabetes type 2?
What are the symptoms of diabetes ?
Are they any good diabetic diets for people on a fixxed income?
Do I have low blood sugar?
What is lisinopril and what is it used for?
I was diagnosed with diabetes a week ago. I can't afford the medicine. Any ideas where to get cheap medicine?
Is Diabetes an smoking related at all?
Diabetes Test?
How do you get rid of peeling skin?
I usually have clear skin. why suddenly has a large pus-filled + painful spot appeared on the side of my nose?
Is it safe to shower with open cuts?
I have BAD acne, and i need help.
Does chocolate give you lots of spots.?
Do you have a Disability ? if so what ?
Do "Shingles" need any treatment or will they heal alone?
In hospitals with blood test do they just test for antibody or the actual hiv i'm very curious?
Names of famous doctors who kill?
Could someone get mono even if they haven't kissed or took a drink from somebody else?
Can you get HIV/AIDS after smoking and drinking after someone who has it?
HELP!!! My father tested HIV Positive and WESTLOB Negative!!! WHat does that mean?
What can i do, to cure head ache's?
Does the meningococcal meningitis shot hurt?
After one quits smoking……..?
What's involved in a stress test?
Heart problem pietent, can go for morning jog, walking, gym?
What exactly is blood pressure and what are the risks if you have high blood pressure? Im curious?
What good does 20mg potassium a day do for me?
Blood clots?
Is LDL cholesterol of 288 dangerous for a 65 year old woman??
How much salt(sodium) do you have to consume to get high blood pressure in your 40's?
Best way to lower cholesterol naturally?
Sore throat?
Can you take a bath with the chicken pox if they still might be coming out?
Can Diarrhea be contagious?
How do we get tapeworms??
When should you not give patients the flu vaccine even though they are eligible to receive it?
How can aids spread from women to men ?
Is it true that monkeys that have HIV virus don't die?
Question about MRSA infections?
Cold/flu question?
Is it true that boils in your armpits are staph infections?
High blood pressure?
Does anyone elses blood pressure meds screw up their love life, or is it just me?
Is there a doctor in us or canada,that could get me xanaxes 4 my anxiety attacks?
Last nite when i was laying down i heard my heart beatin really fast..... wat may cause that to happen?
Heart condition...yes or no??
Does stress make your chest hurt....no heart racing, just hurt?
Can my boss legally fire me for taking lisinopril - a blood pressure medication?
How may days or years does take heart to heal for a broken heart???
Does anyone have any suggestion how to lowere cholesterol?
Whats a good solution to dry skin?
Will Baby Powder help Chaped Lips?
Can you ever fully recover from an eating disorder?
I cant pop my spots or blackheads??
Ive desided to donate to two charities monthly, one is cancer research I need another?
I have been exposed to a person with tuberculosis meningitis,how will i avoid contacting the disease?
Should someone be worried about HIV when making out?
What happended to Bird Flu?
We just found out in our town that we have high amounts of e-coli in our water. I am pregnant so should i be?
Bright yellow stool urinary track infection???help?
Why do u think that curing hiv is important?
Is flatulence contagious ?
I took a four year old Antibiotic [Zithromax]. Harmful?
HOw long does it take for an adult to get over MONO???
The amount of blood pumped by the heart in a single beat is called the _________ volume.?
Chest pains=heart disease??
Somethings wrong with my boyfriend?
Blood Pressure?
Could I have a serious heart problem?
Is it possible for a 34 year old lady to have a heart problem?
Help...my husband's blood pressure is 176-94. takes blood pressure med. I think that is high. he is 72?
How Do I Avoid SADS?
Is there a bright future for children with heart deffects?
Might a doctor recommend a termination if woman had a heart murmur?
What will happen if you keep using something you're allergic to?
I have a really stuffy nose but it wont go!!!!and it is spring break.HELP!!!!!!!?
Anybody else feeling this way:?
Has anyone stopped their medication of amoxicillin for their strep throat because they developed an allergy?
Anyone else a really loud noseblower?
How can I find out what I am allergic to??
I've been having indegestion for almost two months and i have taken three medicine nothings worked?
What is wrong with me?
Is it okay for diabetics to eat sugar free cookies, candy, etc?
What is a normal blood sugar reading for an 8 year old boy...?
Diabetes - Irritability?
How do get more blood?
Does anyone know what diabetes medication has been recently linked to heart disease?
What kind of DR. would treat diabetes?
Did prednisone cause your diabetes?
How can i reduce my sugars i am at 364 fasting am please any advice i just started and weigh 302?
Is it true that diabetics get skin tags?
I have intense pain in my lefts side on my back when I sneeze or cough.?
My mom has cancer...?
How would you react if one of your testcle will be remove to save the other from testicular cancer?
No follow up treatments after mastectomy. Is this okay? Can someone reassure me?
9 year old girl with little bump on her left breast. Could it be breast cancer?
Preventing and curing cancer?
Do I have cancer at age 17?
What are some benefits of sunbathing?
Hpv/cervical cancer jab?
Breast lump?
My daughter has just had chickenpox,?
Please answer for the Aussies. What are "coodies"?
Do I have Mono?
Does viral hepatitis c kill ?? need help?
Hep C positive, heavy drinker? 10 points..?
Can a hiv positive men have healthy kids?
I have had fatigue for nearly 2 years, and joint pain for about 3 months.?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
When did u start smoking cigarettes?
Can you pass out but still be breathing?
Why do i feel dizzy and lightheaded when i smoke?
This is serious guys u have to help me.?
Is it bad to eat a lot of cough drops? I LOVE THEM!?
If u only smoke....?
It looks like smokers hate us non-smokers?
A Question to all you smokers out there.?
How do I stop coughing up this crap?
Is what my doctor said about my sore throat true?
How can i get rid of the common cold fast????
Why does walking in a cold rain make you sick?
Health effects pf dogs and people in the same swimming pool?
What is the difference bet?ween the flu and the primary stage of herpes?
How do you soothe or eliminate the pyshical symptoms of cocaine use?
My dog just ate ink. will he die or get sick or anything like that?
How do you get rid of Cold Sores once and for all?
Sore Throat?
How serious is shingles vs.chicken pox if you are twenty four years old?
Can a lot of stress cause a stroke?
How does a person really stop their heart from beating?
I just found out my cholesteral is 301 should I go back?
What are the vital signs of a person with congestive heart failure?
Eating more seafood reduces risk of chronic diseases such as stroke diabetes and bowel cancer true or false?
I suffer from chest pains on a daily basis....is that normal??
Anyone have supraventricular tachycardia?
I was sitting in class today, and my heart stopped, and i stopped breathing? READ?
I am having problems with my heart...Any Advice??
High blood pressure (Hydrochlorothiazide)?
What diseases would someone carry who had worked in an orphanage or sanitarium in 1925?
If you have cirrohsis or the liver, how long do you have to live?
I have hepatitis c type 1-A and I started taking milk thistle, what else can I take to help this?
My throat hurts very bad... looking for therapies?
I have enlarged nodes in my groin (i think they were allways there (but not sure) , does that means i am Hiv+?
Whats Good to use For Ulzers ?
Did anyone hear about that staph infection on the news?
I think i may have diabetes, but dont know how to tell my parents?
My mom, the stubborn diabetic. Am I right? Or is she?
If you have type 2 diabetes, is it possible to then later get type 1?
My mother is a diabetic patient .can she eat grapes?
8 yr old with type 1 diabetes?
If you were Dx w/diabetes(490) & now you have it down to 118, is that good?
Leg aches when I drive from m y hip to my foot only on my right side it gets so bad that at times I want?
Does anyone know anything about the knew way to cure juvenile diabetes?
Diabetes help?
What is the weirdest allergy you have ever heard of?
What are histamines, or what do anti histamines do ?
I thinkm i'm allergic to red wine, whenever i drink it i wake up the next day with an itchy rash on my neck
Is there any pill I can take thats like zyrtec that is over the counter?
PLEASE HELP!I I need my voice back by tomorrow!!?
Can sleep apnea in a child...?
Why is my nose stuffy and my eyes are watery?
How can I make dusting less painful ?
Are long-hair cats worse for allergies than short-hair? How about males vs females?
Something wrong with my nostrils??
Should I take my daughter to the doctors?
Are these bed bugs? [pictures included]?
Do i have ring worm???
Stupid question i know, but does anyone actually like headaches sometimes?
Heart attack?
Is there any thing that I can take for my high blood pressure instead of prescription drugs.?
I am 15 and am having chest pains!?
Do i have a heart condition?
Treatment for hands numbness?
Please Help!!!?
High blood pressure 160/110?
What are propernol and atenolol?Are they good in lowering tension?
What symthoms would you get if you were having a heart attack?
Natural cure for yeast infection?
Boils why do people get them? and what is a staff infection?
Is bronchitis contagious when coughing on someones face?
"Nitrofurantoin, Ciprofloxacin, Bacitracin, Erythromycin, Vancomycin (spectrum of bacteria and side effects)
What do i do if my partner kicked me out and i have MRSAflesheatingdisease?
What happens when you throw up on the toilet,then the water splashes on your nose,do I get hepatitis?
Does Airborne work for the flu too?
Once you've gotten the flu, can you get it again that year?
What is a good way to heal an ear infection?
I think I have a bladder infection (and it's Sunday evening)... what should I do?
What causes bladder infections and what are the symptoms?
Any medics out there? I want to invite a Christmas guest who has had impetigo, treated in the last week ...?
What is Devil's claw tablets good for?
Who beleives misquitos can carry more diseases than we relise?
What can we do to end the aids epidemic?
How long will he be sick and what can I do for him?
Mono?!?! Please help!?
My girlfriend has a urinary track infection?
How many miligrams to make up a gram?
High cholesterol?
Is it normal for your heart to stop for like 30 sec then beat agian?
What can cause sudden intermittent weakness of the legs?
Is it possible to completly recover from lever damage because of Alcohol Abuse?
Clogged arteries?
What would happen if a pacemaker were to disappear from the body?
Could liposuction on my waist reduce my risk of heart disease?
Heart skipping a beat?
How long can you really live when a pancreas quits working?
I am type 2 diabetes. does anyone have interesting receipes to share with me. i have run out of ideas?
Can someone explain to me why it is wrong to eat diabetic food quite freely?
To my fellow diabetics has anyone had their flu shot and come down with the flu anyway?
Why are insurance companies allowed to not cover pre-existing diseases?
What is the best treatment option(insulin pump,etc) for a type 1 diabetic who requires a lot of assistance?
Do any other diabetics suffer from swollen ankles?
Is this diabetes signs?
Could I be pre-diabetic?
Is there any cure of diabetes in homeopathy?
I dont know if i have allergies or if its different please help.?
What is the best allergy medicine?
What do u take for ur allergies??????????
I just finished eating fish, and im itchy all over, is this an allergy ,what can i do 2 make it stop?
My sinuses?
Anyone know what happens to dust after its dusted away?
What to do about my nasal spray's side effects?
How do i get rid of the black colour on my neck?
What do people do if they are allergic to water?
Common signs of an allergic reaction?
How can i prevent my self from eye conjectivity?
How do you know when you have an std without contacting a doctor?
How do u get a bacertia infection?
Is Cholera a virus or a bacteria??
Calling the ER? questionss!!?
Does the following helps to stop iche?
Sore Throat?
Why hepatitisD is mostly associated with hepatitisB?????
Which areas of the UK, has the Norovirus (Winter Bug) spread to?
Giving head?
Figure this one out! I'm 26 yrs old?
My mom just got her thyroid test results back; any idea what this means?
Is it possible for a person 30 younger in reasonably good physical condition to have a heart attack or stroke?
I have ask the nurse about her blood pressure?
What is meant by low blood pressure? is the reading of 107/66 consider low?
Why Are SSRI's A SCAM?
Having pain, possibly heart related?
Chest pain....need advice please?
21 and hypertension?
What is the best test to find coronary artery disease?
Hepatitis B question?
What are the first symptoms of pink eye?
Is washing your blankets, sheets, and clothes everday show a sign of some king of neurological problem?
How can I cure my cold in two days?
I think i may have influenza, but how do i see a doctor?
What is the best treatment for coldsores?
Fighting INFECTIONS? Long process of pain & discomfort?
Anyone know how to cure a cold and sore throat by tommorrow?
How do you prevent catching colds?
BIRD FLU ( 10 points )?
Wat is cholera? apperently its a diesease...?
What is the better and easiest way to get rid of nausea,regurgitating sickness especially during pregnanacy?
Getting sick every 3 months?
Do I have a fever if my temperature is 99.7?
Terrible flu, what can i do?
My 1 year old constantly gets sick of a flu/cold? Any alternative recipes?
Staph infection?
Do i have diabetes?
Pre-diabetic how can anyone diagnosis that? A 1 time high sugar test,isn't that being slightly pregnantEither?
IS 179 normal blood sugar for a teen???
Natural remedy to control diabetis please..?
My dad is diabetic and his blood sugar levels have been rising and declining back and forth-what is wrong?
How to prevent Diabetes?
Instead of taking sugar can a diabetic take honey instead ?
What could be wrong? the doctor said that the result of the chest xray reveals liquid and enlarged heart?
Diabetic assistance needed?
What is wrong with my 6 year old daughter?
Is there any pill or medicine that reduces the impact of alcohol in your liver?...?
Why does my real gold necklace turn my neck green?
What ever happened to Don McLean?
Scalp Smell---- please, if you can help?
What ilness causes fatigue,sore throat,mouth sores,headaches,off and on fevers,swollen gums,& no appetite?
Rash from dairy?
Itchy after eating an apple?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of running nose?pls is killing me here?
Why is my nose always stuffed?
Could this be allergies?
How does snot come down your nose?
How can i get hid of a runny nose quick (cold)?
I'm allergic to the cold, does anyone have any ideas on how to beat this thing, other than moving to Florida?
Can a heat wave increase a person's normal blood pressure?
My chest has felt tight for several days now, what's wrong?
A patient was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack & also hypertension, both of which required monitor
Coronary heart disease?
Why is my blood pressure high?
Can people who smoke marijuana,have more of a chance for having a heart attack than others??
When your hand is on your heart?
Is my blood pressure normal?
What exactly is a heart attack?
I have highbloodpresure how do i control,dr suggest me to take medicine,any othere way to control bp without t
Do you think our disease specialist will evr find a cure for HIV/AIDS?
Am I dying!?
Ive just had my tonsils out what would smoking do to my throat ?
My firend took 10 500mg of Tylenol 2 days ago and he feels like he has the flu now will he die from this?
I feel like I have a permanent flu?
Hi guys, I am a 47 year old female and i have chicken pox. can someone please tell me how long will this last?
Do i have an ear infection?
Where can I get life insurance if I am HIV+?
I have this bumps on my face ....both side of my cheeks what could it be ?
Rabies? I got bitten on my finger by a dog but its just a light bite.?
Can i have alcohol while taking CIPROFLOXACINA?
I already had chickenpox. I want to know about shingles....once you get it, can you ever get it a second time
Help - a serious disease?
I'm dating a girl with oral herpes, can i kiss her when she doesn't have an outbreak?
Can you name me the most common deceases (illnesses)?
In my anal part, there is a skin that goes out whenever i discharge feces. it is painful and it has blood.?
How do you get Pink Eye if you don't have a cold or sinus infection?
My 6 month old keeps getting high fevers of 103, 104 it’s even gotten to 105.2.?
What causes people to be mean?
What is chd?
I need advice on my ill grandmother?
Can heart attack or stroke symptoms last more than 2 months (constantly coming and going away)?
Arrhythmias at age 14 whats wrong with meee?
I keep hearing a noise in my head, my husband thinks its my blood pressure?
Whch is better for lowering cholesterol? Lipitor or Zocor?
I am very worried about my dad, Is a pacemaker operation risky?
Chest pain with arm tingle?
Blood Pressure reading of 65/90.?
What causes heart attacks!?
Ok I want to ask this question about smoking: What do you think about smoking? You think it's bad?
How can athma be cured?
Does anyone have any really good scary facts about smoking??
Help, my boyfriend has a swollen throat?
Is it ok to smoke up to 5 cigarettes a day when suffering of asthma ?
My asthma is getting worse.?
If passive smoking is so bad , why have non smokers never became addicted from passive smoke?
How can I stop from snoring?
Stop snoring?
What should I do about family members who don't understand my diabetes plan and give me a bad time about it?
Really scared....34 weeks pregnant and pre-diabetic?
To Carb or not to Carb? That is the diabetic question.?
I have a question on Diabeties?
Diabetes symptoms?
Does drinking lots of water after eating sweet Stuff prevent Diabetes???
What entertainment or sport for child diabetic?
Is taking 2 spoons of honey a day harmful to a diabetic?
What are the symptoms of diabeties?
Is it possible to have a blood group..?
I was sick from 14 days ago and the doctor gave me amoxicillin?
What is alcohol poisoning- and how do you knw if you have it?
How can i get strength witout vitamin tablets?
Can you get diseases or parasites from working with chickens?
Vomiting, weakness, loss of color in face, diarrhea. Diagnosis? Treatment?
What would give a kitten anemia?
Describe the damage that would occur from rheumatic fever.?
Who is most likely to have sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait?
Making a baby while the mother has a leukemia?
I gett really bad allergic reactions to sunscreen but i want to protect myself from the sun?
I just found out I have an allergy to tomatoes. Is there any kind of ketchup that doesn't have tomatoes?
I hate my big nose!!!!?
Am i allergic to fruit?
I got inchy rashes after doing my gardening which do not happen before?
Since I am not allergic to poison ivy can I eat poison ivy salads?
Can you have a food allergy if you haven't previously suffered?
How do you get your ears to pop when you have head congestion?
How can humans be allergic to dogs? having an alergy to an animal how?
Why do people smoke cigarettes? i doesn't taste very good.. and it makes u cough. its hurts ur throat..?
I need anti-smoking slogans!?
Why did santa not come to my house?? Did he forget where i live???
If he came in my mouth and he has an std, can i get it also?
I have a urinary tract infection, I don't have medical to pay for the medication.?
Will I get Mono?!?!?
Why HIV can't spread through mosquito?
Can you have the flu shot when you're taken chemotherapy?
How do i get rid of my cold sore?
Can you get an irritated sore throat from vomiting?
Can you get lime disease from a dog that has lime disease????
Is Meningitis Contagious?
How much water is enough to avoid a uti?
If a person has full blown aids do they pass on aids or h.i.v.?
What happens if you let a bladder infection that don't even hurt stay and not go to the doctor?
Blood poisoning?
Mono and swollen lymph nodes?
When taking tests for hiv ,how long does it take to get results?
Bladder problems!!!!IT IS NOT A Urinary track infection!!!!!!!?
Can I drink diet sodas if I have diabetes?
Coping with diabetes?
Why when i smoke weed i feel like im having a heart attack?
How could i know i m suffering from high blood pressure?
My right foot started hurting and swellin for no reason now the same in my left foot I can hardly walk now?
What does Glucoma look like?
If im not fat and dont have family history of it, can i still get heart disease?
I have angina, but every now and again my pulse rate goes really weird missing beats and then double beat?
I am always itchy! From head to toe and it drives me crazy!?
Does anyone know what the side effects can be from having a coumadin (INH)?level of 7.8 instead of 1 to 2?
Ever so often my heart will skip?
Penicillin Allergy Query?
Blood Pressure concern?
Could i have a heart problem at 15 years?
24 yr old girl with a phlegm problem that won't go away!?
Yoga for heart desises?
Poision ivy?
Coughing up yellow phlegm, on antibiotics? Help..?
What is the best air purifier for home use?
Perfume allergy symptom?
My little sister has..?
What is Hepititis B & C?
Where did aids/hiv originate?
Stomach cancer....?
Strep Throat...no insurance ?
What happens if you take an overdose of iron tablets?
MMR vaccine?
Have you had Chicken Pox? How old were you when you got it? Where did you get it?
HIV mixed status relationships? What are your thoughts?
Can you get hepatitis by smoking a cigarette with them.?
Can you contract AIDS from getting a Tattoo?
Has anybody got a mole removed?
Transmission of STI's?
What is the best way to discover breast cancer at home?
Mom's boyfriends relative has cancer. Help!!?
Scared of colon cancer or something bad?
What is the prognosis of non hodgkin lymphoma?
What's the youngest age someone could get cancer?
INFORMATION..on cancer?
My mother was told she had a small tumor in the bowel she had it operated on .?
Can you get cancer by smoking weed?
Is liver metastases from colon cancer an automatic death sentence?
When a guy give you the last bite of his food what does that means?
Do flu shots work very well?
How many eggs do head lice lay a day?
Is impetigo contagious?
Yeast infection?
Do I have a UTI?
Types of Flu shot reactions?
Once you have chicken pox, how to get rid of the scars?
Is it possible to catch a cold when you already have one?
Is it me or do people not die from old age, just cancer and heart attacks?
Do you think water causes cancer?
Should a terminal patient be told that they are dying?
Whats going on with this lymph node?
Can a hair test tell if someone is a smoker?
There's a guy i want to marry, he says he has a sort of tumour in his neck. Can it be cured?
Breast cancer and treatments?
What are the chances for survival of a 16 year old (female) with breast cancer?
Cancer Slogans...?
Whats causing my chest pain?
My husbands Blood Pressure is 129/51?
Is it normal if a person heart skips a beat???
Will low potassium cause symptoms of a heart attack+?
Blood pressure 134/86, pulse 106?
Need advise about Heart attack.....?
Whats wrong with me?
Whats Signs Of a Heart attack, ( BE REAL ) NO SMARTIE PANTS.?
Blood preassure?
My father 55 years old,has 3 blocks in his heart doctors are suggesting him for bipass surgery?
My Mother wants me to go to the doctors because of a cough but this is the problem...?
Could someone with a medical background or experience please answer this question?
Can you get high off of paper when smoking it??
POLL FOR SMOKERS! : How long have you been smoking for?
I have pleurisy - should I be at work?
What medications do you take for your asthma?
My Aunt of 91 is dying and the hospital have said she is on the Liverpool System. Anyone know what this is?
Any solution for snoring problem?
I have cancer been off work since Jan. not much money is there some where i can go to get help ?
Went do u known death is near ?
Why do people smoke and then get suprised when they get cancer?
On what specific week should i wear a red ribbon for aids and a pink one for breast cancer?
Why do children with cancer where a kind of mask over their face?
I have 2 small and 4 really small nodules on my thyroid with some calcification. Do you think I have cancer?
Can you go to any hair salon to donate my hair to Locks of Love?
Lymph nodes on the left side of my neck....?
Im having a mammogram done do i need to remove my earings for this.?
Feeling flushed, lightheaded and a little dizzy/achy in head.?
For the last 4 months i am getting irregular pulse all the time i am a type2 diabetic on insulin and metformin
Can you get diabetes if your mom has it? Is this health problem passed down from generation to generation?
When Making Coffee, Do You Put the Sugar into the Pot or Do People Just Put it in Their Individual Drink?
What is the job of the arteries?
Is (hep-c) is cureable in early stage?
I'm diabetic. I perform self-monitoring of blood glucose daily. Can my fingerprints be distorted?
Am I becoming paranoid?
Can insulin be used after frozen?
Any Diabetics taking Omega 3 Oil?
What is the definition of a contagious disease?
Chicken Pox??
My in-laws have shingles. How long should I keep them away from my children (who are 5, 3 and 1 year old)?
Could this be a staph infection?
What types of Diseases can you catch by using a public bathroom??
Hepatitis C help?
How can I tell if an illness is viral or bacterial?
Just back from England it never stopped raining people dying of cold and influenza?
If such as thing as Organic Cigarettes existed would you smoke them?
What's up with my lymph nodes? Have you ever heard of this?
About breast cancer?
Why are patients given steroids during chemotherapy?
Has anyone had bone deteriation, and it is not cancer, what could it be? Can osteoarthritus cause this?
Do you think that the parasites causes cancers?
Which disease is known as a SILENT KILLER ?
Where can i go to look something about donating hair?? my daughter wants to cut her hair and donate it help!!?
SEVERELY chapped lips, please give advice?
A question about Testicular Cancer?
Help! Please, I need answers., My little brother's face is purple, and swollen!?
Is there something known as heart cancer? does brain cancer exist?
Anxiety question?
What's causes oral thrust? and How do you get rid of it?
Can someone give me a good hand cream?I'll give u 10 points?
Can drinking coffee cause abdomina discomfort and loose stools?
My 4yr old suffers with allergies..can someone help me please!?
My brother has cat allergies is ther anything i can do? He has aready tried allergy syrup but it isnt working.
Can a 22 year old suddenly develop allergies to pets?
Wierd Food Alergy. What is it?
Does inhaling steam help allergy symptons?
Has anyone ever had sinus congestion come out their eyes while blowing their nose?!?
Does this sound like celiacs?
Can my son take zyrtec and over the counter medicines too?
My friends think that watermelon and drinking milk will cause an allergic reaction. Even if you arent allergic
Has anyone heard of taking honey to prevent seasonal allergies?
How long does it take a tick infected with lyme disease to transmit the disease?
What is the best treatment for arthritis?
Sore throat, cough, and fever......?
What would you do if AIDS where air-borne?
Do you know how e. coli gets into ground beef?
Where does resistance to antimicrobial compounds come from?
Are you worry of the spread of Birds Flu ?
Esophageal Candidiasis, anyone?
Why do my mouth or bucal cavity feels like as in High fever.?
My father is dying of cancer and has suffered for a year?
Are you having chemo and losing your hair? A friend sent me this:-?
My mother has cancer in the throat area that one doctor has said already metastasize in both lymp nodes?
I have stage 4 cancer and can no longer work. I am 59 years old.?
I have a lump, size of a plum, above the collar bone, left side, appeared suddenly no pain no symptoms?
Has anyone ever had a lump on their thyroid?
What are my Mom's chances. She is 73 but had cancer 7 years ago. It came back.?
Is this breast cancer?
Cancer Query?
Brain Tumor?
My uncle-farmer-85-from village-no pollution-veggie-nonsmoke... lungcancer-5dayago. What is the cause?
Smoking and Cancer?
If I can work through my chemo, do I need a doctor's cert?
Does talking on the cellphone cause brain cancer?
What are the causes and symptoms of prostate cancer?
My mum has white patches in her mouth and has been referred to a specialist! She is 75yrs old!?
How many lymph nodes in human body?
Do tanning beds really give people skin cancer?
I have a ulcer in my mouth is it cancer?
Late term side effect from chemo????
Is my son immune to chicken pox?
Life and death is at stake ... please help if you know anything?
Is there a doctor in the house?
Best way kissing for better feeling,lips or anybody part?
Sinus Rinse, Bromelain-Sinus Ease, and Oil of Oregano....good combination to fight an ongoing sinus infection?
Can you get bell's palsy again?
Question about HIV/Aids?
Can i have the natural immunity against hepatitis b?
Theres this person who smells at school.?
Help! stomach flu or bacterial infection?
Cancer drug or anti Cigarette drug?
Life Espectancy after Lung cancer diagnosis?
I had a two pap tests come back with something wrong but have no signs for cervical cancer what could be wrong
Anybody know anything about cooking for the terminally ill in a hospice?
Can anybody tell me what is BONE TB(disease)?? what kind of treatment should be taken. PLs Help me..?
I believe that cancer has natural cures that the medical community won't look into.?
Whilst fighting cancer, what is the most unsupportive or insensitive thing a loved one has said to you?
Discriminated against because i have cancer why?
Can a woman undergo circumcsion?
Can you get diabeties as a teenager?
Peeing Alot? Do i have diabetes?
Do you think I should get checked out for diabetes?
As a 33 diabetic, is it less likely that I can father children?
Insulin Pumps? Insulin pumpers only please?
Is this a symptom of diabetes or am i in the clear?
Crazy doctor???!!! do I or dont I?
Type 1 Diabetics?
If diabetics have to much sugar..?
Does having diabetes shorten your life span?
Toothpaste on acne does it really work?
I really need to know this because i think i have it, can you get a wart in your ear??
What is wrong with my eyes?
Is this an Std?
Is there a link between bad breath and how many times you s(h)it?
Can you still take heroin when your getting methadone treatment?
Can first stage cancer be treated in homeopathic ?
Is the treatment for cancer...worse than the cancer?
What is the cure of cancer? and aids =|?
How does the cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol cause of osteoporosis?
Can it be cancer?
Cervical cancer vacine?
My sons chew tobacco and they don't want to quit how can i help? they don't think anything will happen to them
What would happen if i get cancer?
Which of the following is true of lung cancer?
My son is 22 and has a fever of 102.2, and can't keep a fever reducer down, or fluids. Is it time for the ER?
How to prevent /cureUrinary tract infection?
Best over the counter drug for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ??
How to fend off a cold before it's fully started?
"can a baby can be formed by just kissing or touching d breast of a girl ah?"?
I have the wrost headache ever and any one give me advice on how to get rid of it it is making me nash
A hangover & being sick?
I have very cold hands in air-con froom...Can this be change?
Allergic to dryer sheets...?
What is responsible for itchy throat and ear, watery nose and eyes and how can it be treated and/or avoided.?
Am i having a allergic reaction?
Why cant i ever breath through both nostrils?
The inside of my nose is soooo dry since the weather has changed. What will relieve dry nasal passages?
Can you grow out of being allergic to food subtances???
What causes milky white mucus in eyes?
I am allergic to dogs, is there a home or over the counter remedy that really works.?
Allergy injection?
Symptoms of blood cancer? How will we find out blood cancer? Tell me broadly?
Did you have pain before you found out you had breast cancer?
I need some impartial advice about a thyroid nodule. Should I have a biopsy done on this lump or leave it be?
Breast cancer and cancer of the liver?
What would you do if you found out that you can get better by being sick?
Do I have skin cancer?
Do i have leukemia???
Do you know anyone who had cancer?
What are the main causes of aids Transmision?Kissing is a Causes?
My grandmother is depressed over the death of my mother ( 9 years ago), on top of that her husband is now sick
Can you get Salmonella Poisining from a raw egg?
If someone were to have Cancer, would it automatically effect their kidneys?
How is it that we can fly in orbit yet not have a cure for the common cold?
Where i can find a cancer hospital which is free or cheap?
Cancer problems!!!?
I lost my mother from cancer. how can i get over it? or at least get past it?
What are my odds of getting cancer?
What cleaning products do I buy to kill staph?
My boyfriend's dad just found out he has less than a year to live?
I have cancer of the uterus and want to know why you get white sticky mucus coming?
When should i get a flu shot?
Does anybody know about getting financial help for cancer meds?
If you had AIDS would you admit to it?
I stepped on a rusty nail HELP!!!?
What does 'heads up' mean?
Black vomit?
Why is AIDS more common in black people than white?
What 2 books should every cancer patient read?
Worried I have kidney or bladder cancer?
What are some cancer treatments?
Is cancer bacterial or a viral disease?
Can you apply household bleach on your skin to kill fungal infection?
Radiation tattoos?
What is the best cream to treat eczema?
Breast cancer??/?
HELP my boyfriend gave me crabs, what should i feed them?
Licking armpits?
Can colds cause lymph nodes, and are lymph nodes from colds serious?
ACNE PROBLEM please help i have bad skin?
Husband died the autopsy found blood around his heart, ino one can tell me why, can any tell my?
Is there a test to check for possible heart disease?
Did You Know That Cholesterol Is ESSENTIAL To Your WELL BEING And Lowering It DOES NOT EXTEND LIVES?
Can a hart break after it stops beating?
After having a heart attack, are you more suseptable to having another? I'm asking in regards to my father.
Went to the ER last night...am I cleared for heart problems?
What is a good way to lower blood pressure?
My stomach moves with each heart beat?
Should I be worried?
Does anyone know the long term implications of hyponatremia?
Chicken Pox!!!?
Healing an infection?
Cleaning the liver?
What is the best cure for gingivitis???
Is a zombie outbreak possible?
I ate chicken that wasnt cooked all the way. what are my chances of getting sick?
What is one major health concern during the Renaissance in(1485-1600)?
Can hepatitis be dormant in your body and present itself years later?
I see a baby with chicken pox today, is it effective for me to get the chicken pox vaccine now to prevent it?
Does consumption of coffee lead to diabetes?
Is Metformin not working for you?
Can you live without a pancreas?
Does Anyone Like Cranberry Juice?
What would you do if your boss said"If i would have known you were a Diabetic i would not of hired you ."
About normal blood sugar levels?
What do you know about Type I diabetes?
Can I get Diabetes from too much sugar?
Just curious, is there a certain food you have found to raise low blood sugar the most? (and the fastest)?
Could i have Diabetes?(pls answerr)?
How do I get rid of lyme disease?
I am suffering from Typhiod Fever(Do & Dont's During It)?
My son has a sore throat and a cough but no fever. What should I do?
People who don't wash their hands after using the restroom...?
How to avoid getting a shot...?
Has anyone had this bug?
What are cause of high fever?
Is HIV/AIDS popular in the 80s and 90s than now?
What is the most effective drugs for staph aureus?
How to avoid tonsilitis?
Why am i breaking out or could it be an allergic reaction?
What can be used on my dog sever allergy from grass?
My son has severe asthma and allergy problems.?
Today my husband awoke with his uvula blocking his troat and stuck on top of his tongue. Saw dr. Causes?
Are allergies there at birth or do they develop?
Alergic to fruits and vegetables.?
Any one with tree nut or peanut allergies? Adult or child? How do you deal with it?
Hi, Im a few months til 14 yrs old. I've had allergies all my life [annoying watery eyes, runny nose, etc] but
I am having trouble breathing?
What i mean is my eyes are runny and crusty and i dont have insurance to go to the dr or i would bafoon!?
Blood Pressure Question?
Is an angiogram painful as ive just discovered where they stick the needle?
Missed heart beats?
Can't take pepcid AC for more than 14 days?
I get dizzy spells !!?
Need Advice!!!! Been having chest pain, nitro helps, doc says nothing is wrong. second opinion needed or not?
Blood pressure?
What is the thing called to take your blood pressure?
How many beats does the Human Heart beat per minute?
I have a mole on my areola with an irregular border that ive had ever since i can remember should i be worried
Is Rheumatoid Arthritis deadly?
Why do some people pick their nose then eat the green slime on their finger!!!! this cannot be good for them?
How often do hotels change the bedspreads?
If you have AIDS/HIV, How did you contract this disease?
I am so sick I dont know what to do?
What can you do for food poisoning beside going to the doctor?
Why is man flu worse??!!?
Can a man get a UTI and What are the symptoms?
Are antibiotics always necessary for pink eye?
Drinking Blood?
What is the side effect of having a flu shot?
Could people under 40 effected by Herpes Zoster?
Will i get rabies?
Heart murmur...?
I need to know about heart murmurs?
At what point is a BP reading considered low blood pressure?
Having an enlarged heart I would like to know if it okay for me to exercise?
What to do about chest pain after bypass heart surgery?
The "earlobe" crease?
Is it really possible to die from a broken heart?
Heart palpitations?
Is it possible for a teenager having a heart attack? cause i think i might be having one...?
What is your blood pressure right now?
How can a nut case get d.l.a but a diabetic cant?
If you have a failed or damaged kidney is it possible for it to just get better if you change your diet?
How does somebody get Diabetes?
Any one know an easy way for diabetics to lose weight?
Symptoms and effects of diabetes on health.how to reduce sugar level naturally.?
If both of my grandmothers and my mother are diabetic what is the likelyhood that I will get it?
Is it true watermelon is really bad for diabetics?
Are diabetics more prone to clinical depression?
Can someone with diabetes donate blood?
Diabetic query?
I got doctors appointment for probably a bladder infection. Whats gonna happen when I get there?