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Do you require your new boyfriend/girlfriend to get an HIV test?
Postive affects of tv?
How can i prevent from chicken pox?
Does anyone know the Ascaris worm in human....????
I was recently poked by the tip of a pen in the emergency room. Is it possible that I have contracted HIV?
The real cure for aids?
Whats bipolar???
If you had to cancel one hour of the day, every day, which hour would it be?
I have psorias on my scalp..does anyone know ?........?
Please help! I have tried everything? ACNE?
What's the difference between being allergic to milk and being lactose intollerant?
My throat is messed up help!!?
Solutions for horrible allergies?
Constant nose bleeds, is it serious what do i do? coming out of mouth now!?
My Dog just ate Roach Poison will he be ok??
How can you open a completely closed sinus passage?
Does anyone know any way i can get rid of poison ivy?
Why are some people only allergic to peanuts and not cashews?
What causes most allergies?
Can I be allergic to french fries?
Did my doctor just blow me off and if so what should I do?
What is the meaning of blood pressure?
How to clear up your carotid arteries?
Is a resting heart rate of 91 dangerous?
Does anyone know what can cause rabid heartbeat after eating large meals?
How to lower blood pressure?
Heart attack! is it hereditary ? what to do to avoid it.at what age u should be careful.?
How do i naturally slow a rapid heartbeat?
In tennessee prison, someone with a heart conditon do they get the right to medical attention?
Constant heart burn?
My 14 month old is running a fever of 103.0 but he is still a happy baby..what do I do?
Does alcohol help you when you are sick?
Can HIV be transmitted through a pool?
Getting Someone's Blood in Your Hair?
What is the best medicine that almost works immediately for a cold/flu?
Do you think that people with HIV should live in a special hospital or something?
Can a person have herpes say on there arm?
Yeah my child is 15months and he is always getting sick of the cold, ear infection etc..?
Is it bad that i've never had chicken pox?
Is strep throat contagious?
Why dont doctors and hospital workers get sick?
Respectfully. Has anyone close to you ever died of AIDS?
How do you fake being sick when you want to miss school?
How long can you live with Liver failure?
Visiting the toilets! many times a day! whats the reason! could it be like bood sugar or somthin!?
Which is worse diabetes type 1 or type 2 ??
How long can someone survive with Diabetes??
My potassium is high how can I on my own lower it?????????
I checked my blood glucose and it was at 78.i havent been told i got diabetes, was just curious.Is 78 ok?
I am type 2 diabetic, can I join the military?
How can we prevent diabetes type 2? What would be the best diet to prevent?
Losing Control of Hba1c?
Is it legal for a doctor to refuse to refill meds because i refused a blood test, not related to meds i take?
Question about diabetes and the sugar in fruit?
What is a chron disease?
If hand sanitizers kill 99.99% germs, what is the .01% that it doesn't kill?
My 2 year old grandson drank after his uncle with Hep C what are the chances that he will contact C?
Can an adult get mono from someone that has mono?
I am 22 weeks pregnant and my husband has shingles, but I had the chickenpox 17 years ago. Can I catch it?
What part of the body gets rid of germs?
Wasn’t malaria eradicated years ago?
Is it bad to eat cold food when you're sick? For example, eating ice cream when you have a sore throat?
Embarrassing, but my stool is bright green and i feel neaseous after i eat. Havent had any greens either. Help
My son has ECEZMAS he is 3yrs old and he itches alot i need help?
Wheat Allergy ?
Is a terrible sore throat a seasonal allergy symptom?
My right nostril has been clogged up for two days. What can I do to make it better without spending money?
Is there a natural "cure" for sinus headaches?
Does any one know a natural/home remedy cure or help for seasonal allergies?
Has anyone had an anaphylactic reaction caused by a rabbit?
Within 3hrs at my fiancees house I get headaches and watery eyes.?
What can I take for my allergies symptoms are pressure on my head, nasal congestion and cough?
Cures/Treatments for Celiac Disease?
Why am I nauseous?
Is it possible to get the Cold and Flu at the same time?
Ringworm problem!!?
How can you get rid of strep throat at home with no medicine?
Any1 heard of the deadly Superbug disease called MRSA or Staph?
Where do viruses live when no one is infected by them??
Is there any kinda diesease i can purposely get?
What should I do when I am in High fever?
Is it possible?
How do you get ride of the Stomach Flu?? 5 points to how ever answers with answer I like?
What kind of diet should i eat if i have high blood pressure?
24 years old and blood pressure was 130/100?
Short Breath??
Low blood pressure , what can you take for it?
What’s at the heart of the YMCA?
Would not sleeping do anything to the heart?
What does it mean when my heart stops beating?
Can it be dangerous for a patient with a heart difibulator?
Could I be diabetic?
Guess my blood sugar part 3?
Do I have dibetes?
Which food items improve himoglobin level in our blood?
High blood pressure and high blood glucose?
Is it possible to be blood type A when your parents are both blood type O?
Does it really matter how you lose weight?
Can a diabetic type 1 get married and have children without complications?
HIV spread by sharing drinks and food 2 Help !?
Can you get HIV from exchanging saliva from an HIV infected person?IE french kissing.?
Whats a persons average temperature supposed to be?
Can you get HIV from touching blood and a few minutes later using that same finger to put gum in your mouth?
What are the intended purposes of antibotics?
Smoking pot? How does it effect?
My son is recovering from an ear infection. I now have ear ache. Can you just catch ear infections?
If another dude give you eye contact?
I feel so horrible right now i keep on getting on and off fevers and nausea what is this?
What is wrong with me ?
I stubbed my toe, and now the nail is barely attached. I don't wanna lose it. Do you think......?
What is this?? pics included?
Tingling sensation what is it?
Drug test, pee test??
What r these red dots?!?
Ex heart by-pass patient, swelling legs?
Is it normal to have a low blood pressure but high pulse rate??
Can you take your blood pressure too often and develop problems from cutting off blood flow in your arm?
I'm 40 years male , what is the normal blood pressure at this age?
I have just had a heart echo scan and the nurse scanned my stomach and called in the doctor?
After a heart attack?
Just need a shoulder to cry on.My companion had a heart attack this Christmas Eve day. Please pray for Bob.?
My gramother is 91 i just took her bood preasure it was 190 over80 how is that?
Women, do you know the symtoms of a heart attack?
Does eating pork causes high blood pressure?
Is this normal?
Itchy, red, watery eyes?
What is the best over the counter allergy medicine for coughing?
What are symptoms of MSG allergy?
I have black itchy patch and surrounding it are itchy dots in my inner thigh. what is it and what should i do?
What am I reacting to when I consume certain alcoholic beverages?
How to cure sinusitis, whats the best medicine?
I've been experiencing some problems of mold in my house. How do I get rid of it?
Just got a shot and now I'm sick?
Why did some parents chose not to vaccinate their children?
What is one type of bacteria that causes food poisoning?
How would you like to die natural,shot,sickness,dro... ECT?
What happens if you take antibiotics when its not needed?
Is it normal to have diarrhea with the flu?
What do you think of these diarrhea symptoms?
Please help,I am really worried,doctors if any answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My mother in law has MRSA in her blood. I am pregnant. Am I safe to be around her with a gown on and gloves?
What is VD?
Can you have chicken pox more than once?
What is causing cancer? How to avoid it?
Throat Cancer - Life Expectancy?
Help Please???????
Is it dangerous for an unborn child if the mother is frequently around a man undergoing chemotherapy? ?
I have a abnormal high white blood count my dr says inflamation somewhere in my body or lukemia help?
How many brain cells die with one drink of alcohol?
For women only: Question on breast cancer?
What is the worst way of dying ??????
What do you call the lump within the breast that's around the niple region?
Chemotherapy and hair loss?
I think theres something wrong with my heart?
Chest pain after complete cardiac work up and everything came back normal.?
How do i no i have got angina?
Is dementia a normal part of the ageing process.?
How do you mend a Broken Heart ?
How does stress affect our life expectancy?
Who do you think would live longer?: A 170lb smoker or a 300lb. nonsmoker.?
What are the symptoms of high cholesterol?
My brother is 17, could this be a stroke, help !!!!?
Can any one suggest treatment for Mitral Valve incompetence?
Is there anyon here who thinks that vaccines are good and healthy?
Can you catch any disease from a public washing machine?
Can you catch shingles from a child that has chicken pox?
What is it called when a disease is spread?
Are there any viruses that are beneficial to humans?
Is oral thrush contagious??
What could cause a humans feces to be black?
Which type of hepatitis?
Can diabetes kill you?
Why is diabetes so hard to control?
What treatment would a cat with diabetes have?
What fruits are you allowed to eat with diabetes?
Do dairy products have any adverse effects on diabetes?
What's the cause of me having thick, dry, rough, dead skin on the sides of my feet JUST in front of the heels?
What are good foods for high diabetics?
Ineed to talk to ? i am deperst?
Breathing retention(holding) will cause diabetes?
I found a lump on my breast?
This is a crazy question?
I'm really scared. Could this be cancer? Any advice?
Can i get HIV by drinking from somebody's drink if that person has it?
Please help....?
Cancer & Massage = Risk?
Why can cancer be considered a disease of the cell cycle?
How many people blame the doctors for loosing there moms to breast cancer?
Can meningitis be picked up in a full blood count test?
Is it rare for a 25 year old to get breast cancer?
Ok i'm driven to a point i need ask this. What DOESNT cause cancer?
How serious is anaemia?
My mum has to have a angiogram is it dangerous (brain)?
If you have had cancer, do you blame it on one specific act or a specific exposure to the environment?
“Most bacteria are neither helpful or harmful”.?
Real quick poll about Cancer?
Do they test for deseases when selling to the Different Hospitals Cadaver's Bones to be used as bone replaceme
What is the name of this disease?
How do you know when someone has womb cancer?
Is it true that once you get a staph infection, you have it always, never truly getting rid of it, like mrsa?
Does using a C-pap machine causes allergies?
Weird Allergy?
How would I know whether or not I have a lactose intolerance?
Whenever I cry, my tears burn my skin and I get rashes on my face. What do I do about it?
Is the medication for hypo and hyper thyroidism is same ????
Could I be allergic to alcohol, especially vodka?
Allergic to fruit?
How do YOU relax?
Allergies and severe fatigue, anyone else have this reaction?
How many times should i give my 5 yr old his nebulizor?
Does anyone else notice a bad smell to amoxocillin capsulses?
Can you really become ill from getting wet or cold in the rain?
How do you get rid of the stomach flu?
Chicken pox soy sauce?
Are these HIV symptoms? white dots on tongue, twitches, joints pain, soar throat...?
What are the chances of getting a tapeworm from a few bites of a "very rare"/almost raw burger?
Do you still think doctors are correct in saying that a blood transfusion will save your life...?
My boyfriend has a fever of 103.5?
I am really desperate?
Feed a cold starve a fever?
Everytime I walk up the stairs, my legs feel like they aren't getting enough oxygen.?
Cure for Insomnia?
Whats wrong...?
I have a Breat Cancer What I can do?
Bone Marrow testing?
Tobbaco or cigarettes?
Do water bongs take out impurities?
Is Endometriosis a cancer?
My friend was diagnosed with mild pre cancerous changes to her cervix...?
Once leukemia has spread to the brain does that make it terminal?
I need help, death and dying?
Wishes for sick adults?
What is the risk of HIV infection with HIV positive man when a condon is used?
Does anyone know if you can take probiotics at the same time as taking antibiotics.?
Low White blood cell count?
Chicken pox?
Is there a medicin to AIDS ?
Can you only get pink eye once!?
Taking a tb skin test?
Have you ever had tonsil stones coming out of your mouth and how many times?
Taking humalog in public/at work?
What brand of insulin can you reccomend for type 2 that must be injected?
I have type II diabetes and sometimes my glucose levels exceed 600.?
Does anyone know if there is medication for non diabetic hypoglycemia?
Do you think i could be borderline or diabetic?
Meaning of cinnamon?
Is there a type R blood?
What should I do to increase my energy level?
Does drinking alcohol lowers blood sugar?
Blood Sugar Level higher in the morning..?
My husband died of pneumonia he had no symptems went to bed and was dead in a 2 hours why?
I smoked 10 cigarettes in 20 minutes... effects?
I have been having sore throat with fever for several months now. I've been prescribed antibiotic,?
What helped you get through the tough times when giving up smoking. 3 days now but getting a bit tough now.?
I quit smoking over a month ago, those who quit, can you answer this problem?
What could caughing up blood mean?
What would happen if I forgot to breathe?
Is pneumonia contagious?
Can you get a tattoo if you have asthma?
Is second hand smoke from pot (weed) harmful?
Should I stop taking Atenolol?
What are those random chest pains you get and they make you feel like freezing up becuase it hurts to breath??
How many times a person can get heart attach in his/her lifetime?
Just out of curiosity, if I don't take penicillin before my dentist appointments, what are the chances of...?
Blood pressure of 195/100 and im only 22! I need help, can anyone tell me?
How do I lower my blood pressure as it is extremely high?
Am I experiencing Angina ?
If a person has a heart attack at 38, will he die of heart disease at a young age?
Can anyone recommend any over the counter drug-?
What would a dangerous blood pressure reading be in women?
About AIDS.?
Does anyone know what sickle cell is?
If a person is on interferon treatments for Hep c, is that considered chemo therapy?
What can cause a 105 F Temp in a adult ?
What do you mean by urine infection?
I got bit by my cat yesterday, and today I feel light-headed and just strange. What should I do?
Come on help!!!!!!!!! yeast infection?
What can be done to stop MRSA?
Does aids have a cure yet?
Have you ever got a cold in?
Can a person have an allergic reaction to tons of mosquito bites?
Who all here is lactose intolerant?
Problem with getting rid of fleas?
Am i lactose intolerant?
Why when i eat bananas or honey, i get an itch feeling from the inside on my throat and ears?
I think I have eczema...very itchy, raisied rashy looking thing on leg..now other leg is starting to get?
Have you ever sneezed in your sleep?
What is the most effective way to get rid of poison ivy?
Cat allergies i am allergic to cats and am going to stay in a house with cats what can i take to help me ?
Allergic Reaction- Anaphylaxis?
Why is cancer difficult to treat and cure?
What is the treatment for cancer?
Do cell phones cause tumors in the ear?
What exactly is hospice care?
My best friend has cancer, what can I do?
Anyone got any tips to on how to improve chemo induced exhaustion...?
End Stage Pancreatic Cancer?
Whats more important?outer space or a cure for cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Breast cancer mastasticized to bone-any advice?
Brain Haemorrage?
My friend kissed a new guy and few days after, she developed sores all over her lips and inside her mouth. So?
I have tonsillitis what should i take, and how many times a day?
Immune system?
Does hand sanitizer really kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria on hands?
Can a kidney or bladder infection kill you?
Is hepatitis curable? which? how?
Cold and flu?
Does anyone have 1st hand experience of someone having meningitis?
Can Hepatitis B be transmitted by a mosquito or insect bite?
What happens if I have a fever and get a flu shot?
I have very dry skin+i use mousturizer everyday what could i use that works really good?????????????????????...
Black racoon eyes? AHH?
What is atlethe's foot?
I have a lump behind my ear and near my jaw its the size of a gurter and its hard. what might this lump be?
Questions on Diabetes?
What kind of snack items from a vending machine can be safely eaten by a person with diabetes?
Does a pereson with type 2 diabetes ever become a type 1 diabetic ?
Could I possibly have diabetes?
Is moving your bowels every other day okay?
What makes diabetic's ankles swell?
What are the symptoms of diabetes??
What should I expect with Metformin?
Is it diabetes occurs due to eating of sugar or sweet?
Serious answers only?
Is a staph infection contagious??? I have heard both ways my coworker has a infection on?
How long does Mono last?
Does anyone personally know somebody who has been cured of hiv by the power of prayer or any chronic illnes?
Why has my eye been twitching for the past two days?
What's the best way to suppress/ treat cold sores (herpes)?
Can you get tonsillitis from kissing someone who has never had it?
How can i get a fever and fast?
Does a urinary tract infection affect you when you go #2? Does it hurt also? Thank you?
I have my belly button real infected and do not know why?
What are the main reasons why people get cancer?
Could this be cancer =[...???
I'm terrified of cancer.?
What are some symptoms of cancer?
How can research help improve the chances of "executioner cells" to kill cancer cells?
What are the signs of having breast cancer?
Has anyone else noticed how much of our society is being consumed by Cancer?
Why is there no cure for cancer with all of the medical technology we have ?
1. Why green tea is more preferred than black?
How can I reduce my risk of cancer?
After getting a flu shot how long is one contiguous to others who did not get the flu shot?
Can hand job cause disease?
Can we get any infectious disease from a toilet seat ?
Am I going to die of bird flu? I live in London and am 30 years old.?
What to do when you purchase contaminated food and get food poisoning.?
What is this viral infection going round , or is it just a cold?
HIV & Band-Aids?
Treatment of "fungus under nail of the thumb"?
Is hemmorhoid deadly?
What damage is caused to your heart if it beats at 240 bpm over 24 hrs?
Can allergies cause a sore throat and coughing?
I am about to have open heart surgery what should i expect?
What are you allergic to? What happens to you personally?
Please help! I cant stop coughing!?
What is a normal diet for an edema patient?
Is it possible to become allergic to something?
Coke/Meth usage help...?
I went to the doctor but they all say i am normal what should i do this been happening for a while now?
What do you like better Claritin or Zyrtec?
Which arm is in pain during a heart attack, left or right?
Does benecol work for high cholestrol?
Is it an allergic reaction?
How to havd a Heart Attack ?
Swollen Eyelid?
Does having a heart murmur qualify as having a "heart problem"?
I lost my heart in san fransisco!?
Does caffeine raise a person blood pressure?
How can I get phlegm out of my throat?
I've never had a blood nose in my life.. is that normal?
I am sooooo sick read all my symptoms?
I am in my sixties, female,and my hair is coming out at a terrible rate. I am not on any medication.HELP?
Sinus infections contagious?
Thrush or what ???!!!?
Do you natural medicines for urine infection ?
Blood comes out of my boyfriends mouth at night is that dangerous?
Is it sensible to deliberatley introduce chicken pox to your children? (ages 3 and 2)?
Could we survive without the bacteria that live on and in us?
What is The disease called when you get married?
Can you get diseases from a public restroom's toilet seat?
According to my last question about relation between beer drinking and diabetes, i would like to say, that i?
As a treatment of type 1 diabetes, why can't insulin be given orally?
Can a person with Diabetes donate blood?
Is 132 an ok blood sugar level?
How do you get diabetes?
Low blood sugar or diabetes?
I maybe diabetic, what am i in for and how long will it take me to get use to it?
Why are diabetics supposed to avoid exposure to sunlight?
Alcoholics. Blame the disease or the person?
Help me with my itchy skin please!?
Can i be allergic to sweat?
Is it diabetes?
Can you pass cold sores with a kiss?!?
What is the Difference Between Pancreatitis &Pancreatic; cancer?
MONO question...?
How long does it take before i can pass a mouth swab test for marijuana.?
What is Babesiosis ?
What can I give to my 2 months old baby to help relieve the itchiness cause by chicken pox?
I get every cold that comes through. Anybody NOT get colds? Any hints you can share?
How can I get over a cold faster?
If a clinic said your tb skin test was positive & you later found out you were negative could you sue them?
What does cholera means?
Is cold or warm liquid better for sore throats?
How do we convince insurance company to approve treatment they denied?
Hi, I wanted to share this video with you... it seems the guy is silly to do a thing like this... but?
Encouraging someone to go for breast cancer screening?
I need to put weight back on after cancer.?
Husband is 20 and has Cancer?
Helpp!!!!!!! Cancer question?
What's the longest you've known anyone with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia to live?
I have all the symptoms of leukemia does that mean i have it?
Small cell carcinoma. What is it?
Cure cancer?
Is drinking cold water in the morning can cause heart attack?
I feel chest pain every night , is it mind over matter that i am stressed or?
How do i know if i have a heart condition?
Kindly Pray for my father, as he expired due to Acute cardiac arrest.?
How can i quit smoking cigarrette?
What is a heartattack like and is it possible for a 29 year old to experience one????
Can i excersise while taking beta blockers?
If you're in good shape and eat a freakish amount of cholesterol could you still drop dead from a heart attack
Could i have heart attacks at a young age of 18?
Im having chest pains,my head hurts,i feel weak and im only 15 could that mean i have heart problems?
How long does it take for penicillin to work? (tonsillitis)?
I have the stomach flu and have been throwing up all night. What food can I eat just to get some ibprofin in m
Is HIV contagious?
Do you know how to get rid of Pink Eye?
Last year I stumbled into my sister's documents and found out that is HIV+. She has not told anyone this.
Can an abcessed tooth work its way out onto ur jawline to form a boil???
I feel very sick...help me, please?
Can you get sick (cold, flu) if a person preparing your food is sick?
I like to rub jelly on my body, is this wierd?
Does Otalaryngology (ENT) doctors deal with eyes also?
My cats sneezing?
Where can I order Advair inhalers? Its costing me over $340 a month for 2 of them at Rite Aide...?
Would an allergy to grass cause a rash?
Does Sudafed make anyone else's heart race?
Inside of nose dry and...?
How do i get rid of allergies?
I have a one year old baby who has eczema. I'm wondering if I can give him whole milk. worried if allergic.
If i drink with diabetes is it okay as long as i check my blood sugars?
Type 1 Diabetic?
Help with My High Blood sugar!!?
With out having to go to the doctor my mom is a diabetic here count was 330 what can i do or give her to bring
Winter flu vomiting virus??
Is it true that you should not eat carbs if you are border diabetes?
My friend has diabetes, please help!!?
Halle Berry weaned herself off insulin?
Do you test before driving?
What is MOST important to monitor if you suspect a friend or roommate has alcohol poisoning?
RE: High sugar variation?
What is the responsability of doctors taking care of patients in nursing homes?
Any Doctors on line? If I really look after myself and take care, and use medication.?
I have the flu?
Why Are African Americans Affected By AIDS/HIV So Much?
Is there any curable treatment for HIV/AIDS ?
How do you deal with the chickenpox?
On dog poo bins it warns that dog poo can blind children?
How can I reduce the inflamation of my esphogus? I'M IN NEED OF ANSWERS!!!!!!?
I have little white rice looking worms coming out off my butt.?
I think my boyfriend is albino... help?
Is the cigarette bad for skin?
What kind of treatments are there for lung metastasis?
If a person has liver & stomach cancer, can a living person donate those parts to them & help them recover?
What are some things ppl can do today for breast cancer?what do we have today that they didnt have back then??
Most common know symptoms of prostrate cancer?
If you get treated 4 cancer do u allways lose ur hair?
What is it call to take out female organ? Bcause of bleeding?
Can having seizures be related to having cancer?
Does this sound like cancer (please be serious)?
If I quit giving my mom her TPN IV bag, will she starve to death?
Why is all the focus for cancer on Breast cancer? Why not ovarian cancer?
Blood pressure question,help please?
Very serious Question??
I have a jittery nervous feeling in my heart..?
Fast heartbeat?
Travel insurance for senior citzens. I am just recovering from a heart attack.?
What do a person mean when he says that he has an enlarged heart.?
How can i make my Pupils big? (apart from taking drugs)?
How do I lower my cholesterol naturally?
I had 6 bypass failed cannot have sents or anything done what next?
What controls the beating of the heart?
Can a person heal faster from a cold by transferring the cold to another person?
Question relating lymph nodes?
Can you get crohn's diease from people?
Why doesn't hand sanitizers work for stomach flu?
I moved a long sticky tape intended to catch flies from over my boyfriends kitchen counter. What do you think?
Why is there no cure for the common cold virus?
Is HIV and AIDS natural OR strategically made to reduce the world's population and to open a source of income
If you have chicken pox when you are small, can you catch shingles?
Any chances of being infected from HIV by kissing (french) someone who is already infected with HIV?
Sore throat?
I have had a cold, more like a sinus infection for about 5 days.I can not smell or taste anything.help.?
Daughter (12) has a very stiff neck and a cold. Dr said its from her cold but she is on antibiotics and?
What is diverticulitis?
Even when treated can HIV still progress to AIDS?
How do i stop my cough?
Killing germs on jeans?
Can you get a home test for Thrush?
Under her diaper she is really irritated!?!?!?!?
Are people who like American idol considered mentally immature?
Effect of contact with people who eat food i'm allergic to?
Is there a natural way to make hives go away?
My girlfreind?
Does taking Zyrtec make you angry? How about your kids?
Can you suddenly have a allergy you have never had problems with?
Acne and rubbing alcohol?
Why do people close thier eyes when they sneeze?
Hi? What is autism?
Cool Mist Humidifiers?
What allergy medicine is best for these symptoms!?
Is it harmful to your health to eat a dog or cat?
Why does my nose run?
Why do dairy products cause allergies to act up more?
My mothers fasting blood sugar is 136,she is 40.her blood pressure is 140/98,how is it?
My mom is diabetic and she wants to know what fruits she should eat without raising sugar level?
What are the signs of having diabetes??
Inhaled insulin for diabeties is now available - do you think that it will be very popular?
Is eating only fruits good for people with Diabetes?
Routine doctor visit?
Chances of hereditary diabetes?
How do i treat leg sores, i am a diabetic, they won't heal?
Onions/Garlic... Good or Bad?
What about sugar/?
What is A stroke? And how does it happen!?
I had an EKG today and my doctor said I had a mild heart attack. Wouldn't I have known this?
Where can i get a job doing typing at home? something in the medical field would be interesting.?
What are some alternative ways to lower blood pressure?
Do anyone know if the condition ADHD is reversible?
My 68 yr old dad's blood pressure is 95 0ver 62. Is this too low?
How to reduce Colestral and LDL level?
When on couimidin (warfarin) what can one do when they cut themselves by accident?
I have a tingling feeling in my left arm.What is it???
Palpitations after alcohol?
Can Lymphoma be cured or is it just sent into remission?
Can cancer in some forms be genetic?
How do i tell my fieance i have cancer?
Can you get skin cancer in an area that wasnt exposed to the sun?
How do I receive answers from doctors and nurses about my husband??
I heard that chewing on the inside of your cheek can cause cancer?
I think i might have cancer?!?
What are the symptoms of a brain tumour?
I have Neurofibromatosis dose any one have it?
What is a neoplasia?
I need to know the causes and symptoms of Typhoid fever.?
Can you get AIDs by eating a girl out?
Why do some viruses like the flu have a cure while others like herpes dont?
My three year old has been sick for a week now. I took her to the doc?
Help, please!?
Can staff infection kill you?
HELP.! --yeast infection ://?
What would you do in case of a zombie outbreak?
What are the causes of freaquent urination & back pain ?
People living in the uk?
Could an I Am Legend ( 2007 Movie ) be Possible ??
If a tick or mosquito bit someone that had aid/HIV and went and bit someone else after,can the diease be passe
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Touching dirty germ-ridden objects, then touching mouth face nose. Can I get sick?
What are the sypmtoms of mono? can it be caught by breathing? PLEASE ANSWER FAST!?
What is mammography?
What are the reasons for cancer.?
My uncle is critical..should we put him ventilator? need info urgently..Help!?
What is a cure for sinusitis?
When you get an allergy(runny nose, sneezing etc) is it contagious?
Why cant I stop smoking??
Do lymph nodes mean cancer?
Strange - allergic reaction to a person?????????
I need help my grandmother has cancer and i about to die!?
How can you fight cancer?!!!! ANSWER PLEASE?
I've got hives, i took benadryl, claritin but won't work, what should i do?
Family cancer?
Where does the stuff from my runny nose come from?
Spelt: Wheat allergy substitute?
Do I have cancer?
Is there any remedy for hi blood pressure without any medicine?
Whenever you have allergies and sneeze is there still germs in it?
Mesothelioma,what is that ?
How can i raise my heart rate in a wheelchair?
What does adequate mean?
I need advice for my three year old son!?
Are Yorkie pups good for people with allergies?
Am i having a heart attack?
Question about heart attacks.?
Can this relationship work out?
What does people per doctor mean?
Do you get diabites from eating banana?
My 8 month old baby was just diagnosed with type1 diabetes...?
I think i might have diabetes :(?
Is it possible to have low blood sugar moments if u dont have diabetes?
Are there any over the counter ways to test for diabetes type II?
Is it possible to tell if someone is diabetic just by looking at them?
I am looking for a diabetes monitor I only work part time and have no insurance Basically I can't affor 1 HELP
Do you have diabetes?
My mother has diabeties and as a result of this a yeast infection that does not go away. Will it ever go away?
Was strep fatal a hundred years ago?
What is Staff Infection? Is it deadly? How can I prevent my self from getting it?
What effect does hepatitis have on the organs & does it have any cure,how do one contact it?
Swollen throat,no fever,hard time swollowing?
Staph infection?
My husbands sick with the flu should I?
I have a question about a Staph infection...?
Salmonella. If tomatoes are boiled in a soup or sauce will it kill the bacteria?
How long does it take for your appendix to rupture when you get appendicitis?
Is it possible to have a really stiff neck with the flu? My five year old cannot move his neck and is having?
Urinary tract infection relief?
Can I get HIV if I killed a mosquito that bit an infected person on an open wound?
Can you believe after all the hype about dirty hospitals that a hospital in kent is?
What is the different between toilet and latrine...???
Any good home remedies for ear infections?
105.0 fever 4 year old?
Lets talk about HIV and Aids, when was the last time you checked yourself? I did three days ago?
MRSA and babies?
If someone has HIV & has infected a minor, what can I do to alert the community & health dept.?
Can AIDS spread by eating charmuri?
A person who has hiv how long can live?
Can germs or bacteria live on the surface of soap?
I just steped on a rusty nail?
Blood Coloring?
Was it wrong to take my 1 year old daughter out to eat tonight even though she has pinkeye?
How can u prevent Alzheimer's disease?
Can you really get herpes from sitting on a toilet seat?
My son had a fever of 101?
How to make yourself look sick?
Blisters: to pop or not to pop?
Alot of mucus in my throat?
Is Quorn wheat free?
What can you use to replace dairy cream with?
Can the mucos membrane inside the nose repair it's self without cream?
If you weren't allergic to latex gloves in the beginning is it possible to be allergic to them trough time
Have a lot of people always been allergic to peanuts or is this a relatively new thing?
My friend is a diabetic and won't take care of herself???
Kidney failure and love question
Should I get my daughter tested for diabetes?
What should i eat when my blood sugar gets to low and i want to spike it back up really quick?
My dad has diabetes and he always has to take a bunch of pills?....?
Is it possible to go from type 2 diabetes to type 1 diabetes if you ignore your diabetes and not take ur meds.
My cat is scratching neck raw, sneezing, eyes weeping...?
OK i am diabetic and i have memory loss is this because of the diabetes or?
As a Diabetic, which exercise for cholesterol control- cycling or walking?
If my mom had diabetes, what is the chance, (%), that I could get it too?
Signs of Diabetes??? If you have knowledge in this category please read.?
What do you recommend that I do about me having sinus problems & sores in my nose that block my breathing?
Are you afriad to stare into a microwave?
I heard that when you have breast cancer ...?
Ciggarates that don't leave much trace behind?
My Aunt Has 3 Types Of Termanal Cancer. The Doctor said she old has a few weeks to live. How do I get throguh?
Does anyone know?
Do you have caner?
Has anybody been cured of cancer by using herbal and natural remedies?
Is Leukaemia is curable? What is the survival chances.?
I need ideas for a "pretty" basket for a 15 yr. old with leukemia??
Heart attack?
Is it possible for a female to recieve a male's heart in a heart transplant?
Heart beats too fast?
Has the drug "Lipitor"given you any side effects?
Can somebody help me pls?
Smoking can lead to high blood-pressure?
Having Angina?
My mother is taking blood pressure pills. Sometimes she misses a day. Is this dangerous? What should I do?
Can one get aids from a moscquito?
Will a child keep the same yellowish-orange color after Jaundice?
I have Urinary Tract Infection! Can some give some advice on how to stop the burning?
Is possible that I have shingles on my cooze, and chicken pox on my anus?
Are mouth sores a symptom of lupus?
I always get a cold! Why?
Can you get HIV from an electric nail file that cuts you in a nail shop and hasn't been cleaned?
Are smiles actually contagious?
Had mono last november,doctor said I was fine, girlfriend diagnosed today,hasn't kissed anyone but me... how??
How do I get over a cold? (HELP)?
How is malaria transmitted?
Is kissing a common way to get AIDS?
What is the fastest way og getting rid of a throat that hurts?
Is it safe to eat earth worms?
How does strep throat feel like?
Why AIDS does not occurs ,if mosquitoes transmits blood from one human body to another?
What disease can be transmitted through saliva?
Can you catch more than one cold at the same time? Would you feel twice as bad?
I have the Flu, any one know any good remedies as i feel really rough?
Scar Help!!!!!Anyone!!!!!!?
I have had exzema for years.?
I have a Cold what should i do?
I moved to California last july...?
Hives!... help?
Puffy eye?
What can cause itchy blotches on a childs skin?
I have a peanut allergy do i have it for life?
What would be the best thing i shud do with my runny nose?
Can food allergies be hereditary?
Is anyone sure that nothing rymes whith orange?
I get allergic reactions whenever I have diarrhea. (seroiusly) i've always wondered why.?
Which finger gives the lowest blood sugar readings?
What should I do.......?
How to control sugar levels?
Hyperglycemia vs. Diabetes?
Has a cure for neuropathy been discovered?
Diabetic with sickness and loose bowels can they go on boiled water for 24 hrs?
I have dibetes and take meds fo it but syill having trouble with b.s.l's need fresh ideas?
Please help anyone pleaseee its a diabetes question pleaseee?
Is this bad for my body at all?
My husband has chicken pox which I already had. Can I infect others with chicken pox?
Viral conjunctivitis (pinkeye) question.?
Can chicken pox in adults affect their memory?
How is Sean going to sleep with Violet-she's HIV positive!?
What are the symtoms of ulcer?
Daughter Still sick?
Fresh Blood and HIV...Please Help!?
How do u get ring worm and is it contagious?
People infected with hiv is their blood darker ? just curious?
:( help. how can i heal a urninary tract infection it hurts so badd?
Brain Tumor?
HELP do i have cancer?
How do i keep my mind off of not knowing the outcome of my father inlaws pancreatic cancer surgery?
My mum has just been diagnosed with endometrial cancer?
Hemmorhoids or cancer?
My husband has stage four non-small cell lung cancer do you know any alternative treatments?
Hi, my wife has cancer and ask me to find a cremation urns discount , which one do you recommend ?
I am a working mother and a breast cancer survivor. I want to learn tai chi , where can i enrol?
Throat cancer?
Rectal Cancer?
What is a good way to lower your blood pressure?
Do women have a greater risk of heart attack than men do?
Am I too young for heart diseases?
Husband having pains under right breast sever pain, thinks he's having heart attack?
When a person fails a stress test (heart) and is only 39 years old...What does that ususlly mean?
Have I had some sort of heart attack?
I am 24, have high blood pressure, family history of heart disease. Should I worry about my heart flutter?
Why do some groups of people tend to be under-diagnosed for heart disease until it is too late?
Ectopic heart beats?
What can an Echocardiogram tell me that an EKG or Halter Monitor cant?
Winter vomiting bug?
Is There any food restriction for Crohn's disease patient ?
When do you find unfertilized parasite eggs in human feces?
What do you do for shingles?
How do you get hiv?
How do i know if my cut is infected?
E. Coli good or bad?
Is Arthritis contagious?
Strep throat question? please help?
Why is alcoholism considered a disease?
What causes a person in their early 40's to get shakes and or small tremors for no apparent reason?
How long does the AIDS virus remain alive whilst airbourne?
Hello i luv u all, anyway how do you get rid of constipation?
Please, does anyone know a home made remedy for a 5 years old child that can't eat?
How can one contract hepatitis?
Should I see a doctor????
What does Chicken-Pox look like in Adults? How long will it last?
Can mosquitoes transmit AIDS like they transmit MALARIA ?
Best home treatment for stomach flu?
Can you really catch a communicable disease through sitting on an infected toilet seat?
I have the cold. What do you have?
Is an hiv test 40 days after exposure accurate ?
3yr old has temp of 103.5 when should i take to ER or when is necessary?
Chickenpox & Shingles ?
What is a good temp. to kill germs in a small office space of about 35 people?
Cough from allergies?
Are food intolerance/ allergy tests available on the NHS?
What's the best medicine for skin allergy?
Answer Now!!!!(eazy points) :)?
Can allergies vary based on part of the body?
If a doctor gives you medicine that contains something that your allergic to can you sue that doctor?
I think my baby is allergic to banana or honey cereals?
4 month old intolerance to soy or milk protein??
Anyone have chronic allergies?
Does anybody use an insulin pump? Is it expensive?
...Does this mean I'm Diabetic?
My blood sugar is at 4.7 is this bad?
How to give up on alcohol drink ?
What is meant by tingling numbness?
Do i have diabetes? how can you tell if i have it?
Why do companies discriminate against people who have diabetes?
When i go on bike rides will it help loose sugar?
Type- 1 diabetes is curable/?
Does the news of a new "superbug" worry you?
AIDS vs Bird Flu?
What woman, known for the headway she made in the field of nursing and the sanitation conditions in hospitals,
About rabies?
My heart feels like its skipping a beat,,,i had one of those recorders on and it didnt do it then,?
Chicken pox or bug bites?
Chicken pox.My grandson has had them for the third time.He is 6 and each time went to the doctor.?
Urinary tract infection?
Can you get cold sores from trying on other people's lipstick?
Prayers please.?
What does a bladder infection and UTI feel like?
If you've already had the flu?
When someone has bypass surgery, what does that mean?
How long can your body last without drinking any fluids?
Why do I always get a cold sore after I am recovering from a cold?
Is this a normal blood pressure?
I have recently been told that I may have a serious illness. Can you please pray for me that I get well?
How do you die from heart failure?
I've always been in great shape, but know have high blood pressure, what r best foods to bring it down?
Blood Pressure?
Is refusing to get a flu shot unethical?
What did you do to get rid of scabies successfully?
How can one know that he or she is suffuring from such disease without seeing a doctor?
Flu help?! I have the flu and I'm leaving to another country in 3 days!?
Does alcoholism treatment work?
I have come out in lots of spots and lumps all over my body what can they be?
What is innoculations?
I bit my neighbor. Do I have rabies?
Anyone had this "stomach flu"?
I have high BP,180/110 mornings, almost normal evenings. How to lower without pills? My weight is normal.?
Which kind of chest pain should not be ignored and has garstric disorders anyting to do with chest pains?
Heart Pains?
Is it medically safe for a 75 yo woman to go thru treadmill stress test, even if it is directed by a doctor?
I was operated for open heart surgery. A titanium plate was fixed on my sternum caused problem. can I sue?
What can happen if you have high blood pressure?
Does anyone know anything about Cholesterol?
If ur having a normal heart rate is a possible for ur heart just to stop???? and ur age is 18?
What to do about a normal EKG and still having chest pains?
Should I be concerned I am very young??
I need HELP!!!!!?
I have a stone in my gallbaldder, what should i take to remove it.?
Info on Bladder cancer?
What do I do...?
Throat cancer? or just plain sissy? :|?
How long could you live for with secondary bone and liver cancer?
Why does my sister feel her eyes cant focus and feels dizzy while suffering bone cancer?
Has anyone had or heard of a genetic test you can have to see if you will get breast cancer ?
Alcohol,smoking drugs?
Please could you help me In plain words what is lactose . thanks?
I am alergic to my gym floor?
Any new treatments for chronic sinus problems?
Why is my nose constantly running?
Can exercising worsen the itching when you have skin allergies caused by perfume?
Can someone who's allergic to bees still eat honey and watch reruns of Roseanne?
Does this prednisone dosage sound right?
Is it possible to develop animal allergies later in life?
I just ate shrimp and my lips got swollen?? what does that mean?? what can i do?? HELP!!!?
How much would i get if i sell one of my kidneys in canada?
Does anybody know if a diabetic gets the flu or a cold will their sugar go up ?
I am diabetic?
I'm a diabetic?
Is obesity caused by piabetes?
Wow my blood sugar is low why wont it go up?
What are the signs and symptoms of diabetes?What tests are used to diagnose diabetes?
How do you lower your blood sugar when it is too high?
How many people in the USA have Diabetes?
I need help from any doctors or any educated people out there?
What's best for sore throats...hot stuff or cold...???
If my coworker has head lice, what are the chances I will catch them too?
I am sick alot, any suggestions?
How does one get yellow fever? any cures for it?
Can I beak time-release antibiotics into smaller pieces?
I have a sore throat please help me?
Just returned from mexico and am not feeling well at all?
Help i have ''shy bladder'' and cant pee please help!!!!!!!!!1?
Can I get rid of a lisp?
Can you get hiv from a pillow?
I have nasal / sinus congestion year-round. What do I do?
Is it possable to like, not swallow your spit for 10 mins? or will you like die or something?
Home remedies for nausea please?
I am 7 weeks pregnant is it dangerous for me to be around someone recovering from shingles. I already had it.?
Two diseases kept in the vault in Russia and USA. Name the disease?
I had blood on my hands but with no cuts, i dont know if the blood was infected could i get aids?
As a Baby Boomer is there a way to prevent Alzheimer's as I get older?
My 6 month old has Chicken Pox...is this dangerous?
What is the main disease occuring in pakistan?
My cousin has a blockage in her intestine...no isurance...what are her options? Alabama?
Why are heart palpitations considered 'normal'?
Blood Pressure...?
I had bypass surgery on the heart i have a cold can i take over the copunter cough medicine like vick 44?
Did You Know STRESS CAUSES CHD - And Cholesterol Is NEEDED To Produce Stress Hormones?
Is it too old to study I want to go for p g in medicine and I m 39?
What is wrong with my heart?
My blood pressure is 178 over 96. what can i do to lower my blood pressure and do i need to see a doctor?
I am only 13 and i have high blood pressure will it..!!?
What is the top end of normal blood pressure these days.Please let me know asap. thanks?
Can a urinary tract infection resolve on its own or do I have to take antibiotics?
What is the best way to prevent getting a common cold?
Stepped on a rusty nail?
Is it west nile virus?
Does salmonella kill you.?
I am freaking out, will someone please help me?
Can you catch diseases from a toilet seat?
Will Bird Flu Mutate To Humans?
Wat is SARS is that a mouth disease?
Crackling Popping ears!?
Is it possible for one's allergies to go away?
Is it possible to be allergic to vodca?
What is the best over the counter allergy relief med?
Here I go again, If I have allergy to wheat what puds can I go for?
Eyes swollen... Could it be allergies or something?
Question about sinus drainage...?
What is it called when someone cannot come in any kind of contact with water because they are allergic?
Is this allergy season? My throat burns everytime i'm home but not anywhere else. I also have 2 dogs.. help
Is sudafed (sinus dec. )also pain reliever against headache?
Depression and diabetes?
Blood type?
Help! Hypoglycemic Attacks?
I am a 59 yr old female diabetic.. been so for 35 yrs.. I am experiencing sensation in my feet and legs.?
What would be some reasons why your stomach hurts all the time?
Once you're diabetic, do you stay diabetic forever?
Diabetic and tatoos?
Something really strange happened to me this morning...?
What organs are affected by DIABETIS??
How to cope with diabetes?
What's the best way to get rid of a verruca?
Someone died of drinking to much water in a contest how can drinking to much water kill you and how does it?
HIV/AIDS question!!!?
What is the virus that children get and is deadly to adults?
RED DOTS ON NECK, what could this be?
What causes skin to go wrinkly?
Am I bulimic?
Should I pop a blood blister?
I have got chickenpox. it's really pain and itching. what can i do?
My daughter's stomach really hurts. Someone tell me if it's appendix or not?
What are the different reasons for the occurance of cancer?
Can you get neuropathy from cancer?
The greater size of the human brain is largely attributable to the increased size of the?
Why do smoking damage you brain?
Which are the best health centres in India for curing breast cancer ?
Skin Cancer?
Why Cancer is so dangerous disease?
Does jonas brother nick have cancer?
I am a single mother of three and have multiple myeloma cancer. What are my chances of remission after chemo?
How do they perform ECG's? or a.k.a EKG's?
32yo male diagnosed with high cholesterol of 8. how can it be reduced without medication?
Is it possible to 'clear' build up of fats from the arteries ie maybe from a specific diet or something else?
Taking plavix, lipitor, toprol and lisinopril. I think one of these is making me feel terrible, could it be?
My aunt had a stroke yesterday adn the dr's said that the cerebal part of her brain is dead is this really
Do i have heart problems?
What is defrance beetwin a male heart and a woman heart ?
What is considered too high for your blood pressure? Is 144over99 too high?
As a follow up,so its better to take aspirin as a prevention drug for heart attack?
Need help w/ diagnosis: for 2 months, 55 yr WM has fever, extreme fatigue, enlarged spleen, dr says no cancer?
My mother contracted Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion a few months ago. Can she sue?
Once you have diverticulitis, do you always have it?
Will you stand in line for the flu vaccination this year?
Can you die of hep c ?
Does the cold weather really kill germs? or is that a load of rubbish.?
Anyone on Augmentin (875 mg) or has taken it before?
I have the flu and when i cough it hurts really bad so bad that i coughed up some blood what should i do????
Apart from sharing needles how does HIV/AIDS start?
A question for ex smokers?
Vic's vapour rub or Obas oil as an inhalant? Which do you find more?
Is it true that cats transmits Asthma to babies or kids if they keep on hugging and touching them?
What are the benefits of smoking ciggaretts?
I thought I was dying!?
Where can i find useful information on sleep apnea?
Smoking when on pc?
How can i quit smoking?
Do cigars or cigarillos have nicotine?
How old were you when your first tried smoking cigarettes?
Blood Pressure?
What is antacids?
If I ate a something with mold, would I get sick?
Death from high cholesterol?
Hyelp! Allergic reaction to lotion? How can i get rid of it?
What causes nose blees in adults?
Heart questions?
What should I do for my voice and my throat?
How do you get rid of poison ivy quickly?
What is a Normal Pulse Rate?
Addicted to chapstick?
What breeds of dog are least likely to cause allergic reactions?
How do people get cure from Heart Attack ?
My nose is soooooooooooo runny, please tell me how i can make it stopppp!!????
Can you take a Claritin and a Zyrtec at the same time?
What is Cardiovascular disease?
How can i cure my sinusitis? please help me.?
I have bundle branch block...what does it mean?
Why does my throat burn after eating ice cream???
When you're using saline spray for your nose, do you blow your nose right away or are you supposed to wait?
If the bird flu becomes a pandemic, what are we supposed to do?
Please help...?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
I've got diabetes melitus II, what can I eat?
Why should a person not use alcohol when taking insulin?
What are symptons of dehydration?
What is the most interesting fact about ebola?
My friend wont eat....?
Diabetes in a 2yr old.....?
What effect does continued high blood sugar levels have?
Is there any type of oral medicine instead of insulin to control diabetes? i am altering my diet?
Does borderline diabetic need medication?
Worst case scenario??
Help With Cold Sores?
Should I go to the Doctor?
What are some safety tips and procedures to follow when living in the same household as someone who has AIDS?
Scabies Question?
Do think the guy in mcdonalds with the big brown mole is funny!?
Why do friends seem to shy away when one is ill?
My husband was diagnosed with non-hodghin lymphoma (B cell type) today?
Does "microwaved" food lead to cancer? Is there any research done on this?
How to Care for Yourself During Radiation for Breast Cancer?
How do you deal?
Is it true that radiation can cause canser?
What is chemotherapy like? outpatient?
Lump on underpit? Breast cancer?
Is it true cancer spreads when cut into?
Does a breast cancer patient can survive if she's on stage 3 already?