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A question on rabies...?
Is 99.8 a temperature?
Who has type 1 diabetes?
Pre-diabetic problem views please?
Is it impossible to lose weight with diabetes type 1?
Does this sound like diabetes?
A question for diabetics here.?
Sugar cravings?
Early stages of diabetes? can i reverse it?
Are diabetics allowed to eat sugar?
Another am i diabetic question..sorry?
Always thirsty.?
Why is it that animals have way less diseases than humans?
Is small pox still around?
Can adults get the measles?
When they say HIV can be transimtted via body fluids, does that include sweat?
I need remedies for the flu!?
How many of you are suffering from this cold that LASTS days, and days, and days?
Am i over reacting or is this serious? please look?
Does blood work/cholestoral test/cbc test check for HIV, Cancers and other diseases Specifically?
A women recently discovered thick, yellow discharge in her underwear. please help!!?
Red and white spots?
Can poison ivy spread from person to person?
How to cure athlete foot?
I'm a recovering heroin addict and I feel like I lost everything, what should I do?
What would cause the palms of my hands to crack open?
Why dose my 2 year old nephew has these fits when his angry?
Has anyone had any allergic reaction from using a soft toilet seat?
Question about cat??
Allergic reaction?
Which doctor gives an allergy test?
Will continued allergy medicine dry me up, you know, everywhere?
What makes you allergic to animals, plants, etc.?
Toilet Paper?
Does anyone know any non-antihistamine allergy relief products?
I need help for my daughters severe ezcema?
Lactose Intolerance?
How do you get rid of the flu?
How does alcohol affect antibiotics (especially oxytetracycline)?
Can I get sick from touching a bird that had a wound on its back and maggots were crawling out of it?
What are ALL of the symptoms of kissing and making out?
How do I keep mosquitoes off of my child?
Is it common to feel nauseous with the flu?
How can I build the immune system?
What question do you think i should ask?
Why is my blood pressure going up?
Ah my heart feels like its beating really slow whats going on?
Using more than 5 different prescribed medications?
I have heard something that if you snore you could have something wrong with your heart! Is that true?
What are the common side effects of blood pressure medication?
WOMEN ONLY (or doctors of women!) - Is it possible for a woman to have a heart attack and not even know it??
Can salt cause heart disease?
I have pain in my heart and can't sit up straight?
I had an ecg.my heart beat rate is 84 beats per minute do i have a heart problem?
Is there a natural way to bring down high blood pressure?
When a disease like hepatitis has a letter on it eg hep b what does the letter mean?
Does drinking beer lower your immune system?
How do you get rid of the common cold in only a day?
I have MRSA and want you to know how ignorant the public is about it.?
What's the term for an organism that lives on or in another ?
I have the flu...how am I doing in aiding my recovery?
My cat has been sneezing for two days and watery eyes, do you think its a cold? Do they get colds?
How can a doctor mis-diagnose Shingles as Impetigo?
If two people never kissed before, can they get mono after kissing each other?
Should you stop drinking if you got cancer & why?
I need help...really really bad...?
Do i have breast cancer, help me, im scared?
Is cancer linked to drinking alcohol?
Is It Right To Operate On A Cancer Patient, Then Close Them Back Up Not Getting Rid Of The Cancer Itself..?
Companies profiting from cancer is a social problem that is making it harder for people to stay/get healthy.?
Why are people so afraid of the word cancer????
I am now losing blood clots from my bum?
How diabetes can be treated by diet?
Do i have diabetes ?
Heyyyy! Ok my friend is over and we want to get hyper whar can we do besides eating sugar and candy etc.?
Memory loss?
Aspertame and diabetes?
Diabetes symptoms?
What food should I avoid as a diabetic, in order to keep my blood sugars down?
Are honey and dates harmful for diabetes?
Can the shingles cause sterillity in men?
Are there any cool new ways to kill MRSA (before you get infected)?
Sore Throat/ Strep Throat?
Sometimes when I have smoked I get a reacurring mucus in the throat for about 3 weeks?
Confusedd about mono?
Will a puppy with hook worms cause problems with my pregnancy?
Will I need a shot?
Is SARS still a threat?
I am a mother of 19month old daughter.?
Bacteria in my urine?
Hives and gluten????
Have you ever heard of anyone that is allergic to caffeine?
Am suffering from a skin disorder, falling beard hair in round patches. what is the name of this disorder?
Can people be allergic to certain types of dogs even though they do not have allergies to dogs?
My Nose Is Stuffy But The Snot Is So Thick It Wont Come Out?
What does everyone think about Mcdonalds lieing about wheat in their fries?
If I'm allergic to codeine, should I be allergic to vicodin (read more)?
Why do allergy pills that are NOT suppose to make me tired exhaust me to the point of vegetable?
Can seasonal allergies give you a fever??
Can i claim money for my fathers funeral?
Is it possible to get cancer in any part of your body?
Father in law has cancer and to die any minute?
What is the likelyhood of a male under 17 years old getting breast cancer?
How do you cope with family member under going chemotherapy?
Does eating meat really cause cancer, heart disease & strokes?
How can i help my boyfriend cope when his grandpa dies?
What could it be?
What is the metastatic canser?
I WAS just diagnosed with stomach cancer, has anyone else on here went through that and how hard was it?
If I have herpes, does that mean everyone I hook up with will get it too?
In the future,do you think doctors will make a medicine to fight AIDS?
Can you catch pnuemonia, having a cold?
Symptims for urinary infection?
Blood/slimy in stool ? is that related to any std ?
Scenario for possible HIV Patient??
How do you get rid of lice?
Is it normal to have a backache when you have a cold/flu?
Is 'flu' still about?
How do you tell if you have a urine infection?
What malady did ancient Arabs treat by slipping a garlic clove under the skin at the temple, until pus formed?
Will I pass my drug test?
What kind of sickness is this?
What is hyperventilate?
What should I do if my diabetic boyfriend were to pass out?
Can two full sisters have the same blood groups?
Can diabities is curable if no surgical cause exhist?
Diabetic or Not??
Why do people think diabes can be prevented?
Which fruit is suitable for diabetics?
When will they find a cure for diabeties?
I have just done my blood on a glucose moniter?
Is there a disease for if you don't have enough sugar?
Why is my diabetic dad losing so much weight?
I have had a cold for nine days, should I see the doctor?
How do i know if i have mono?
MRSA & Nursing Homes?
How do adults get luckemia?
Is the Shingles contagious?
What is a good cure for the stomach flu?
Do people who work in restaurant kitchens have to be checked for aids?
In work with a cold :( what can i do to get rid of it!?
I am the one with the virus and I don't know how to tell the man who I love that he might be infected to .
I am taking 2-3 prescription medicines for sinues/allergies, would smoking marijuana do any harm? Please help!
Hubby allergic to dogs?
An bhuil cead agaim dul go dhi an leatharais ma shea do hulla?
My son has hives that come & go but he had no change in diet. Could this be something else causing this?
Can you be allergic to rabbit fur if it is on a coat?
Do allergy medicine make your mouth dry?
Allergic reaction to pineapple?
I seem to have had an allergic reaction to Oil of Olay night cream. What should I do expect the obvious?
Traveling to Italy and I don't speak italian I have a nut allergy when eating how can i avoid having a problem
How to keep your mom know you smoke?
Cancer support?
Have tanning beds been proven to cause cancer?
Why don't we use people on Death Row to test new drugs? How much faster would we cure aids or cancer?
My brother got CLL at 45 and now his health poor. His last hope is a bone marrow transplant. Is it safe?
How long before your hair falls out after starting chemotherapy?
WELL the cancer that my mom had isCERVICAL CANCER and the one that my aunt has isNON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA?
Does bulimia cause stomach cancer?
How do we get cancer? What are its symptoms? What is its cure?
What are the consequences of a stroke?
Best healthy cooking oil?
Can anyone spare a kind word............? - I'm just a bit 'on edge' about hospital in the morning.?
My Grandfather had a massive heart attack and is in coma-like state at 78...family wants to pull the plug?
I have a heart burn question?
Am I at risk of getting heart Disease?
Do Chest Pain Always Means Heart Attack? Please Help Me Out!?
Im having gallbladder surgery,how long is the surgery and is there a hospital stay?
I have a heart murmur, is there a chance my heart could just stop?
I have been testing negative all the time but i dout the results?
Is it food and mouth disease or foot and mouth disease?
How can we overcome the AIDS Epidemic?
What is a flesh eating disease?
What does it mean when the doctor say you have a positive PPD?
Strep Throat?
What are the symtoms of a flu shot?
Is it safe to travel to China with the threat of avian flu?
My son is 4yrs old and has a fever of 102 i gave him medicine, should i take him into the er?? or just monitor
If I had diabetes, would it show up in a normal physical or would I have to have a special test?
Can i use splenda in place of sugar in my cakes?
Hey guys what do you think about diabetes in youger people?
A diabetic buddy of mine wonders whether is it good to eat banana's? Some say can eat and some not. Confused!!
Is this a normal blood sugar for an 11yr old that is constantly going to the bathroom and drinking alot?
Why does my blood glucose go up after a three mile walk?
Are there underground cures for diabetes?
Could I have diabetes?
What is the level in which your blood glucose is normal and when its to low or too high?
My aunt said that craving bread can be a sign of diabetes has anyone ever heard a such thing? We are at war?
17 year old with Chicken Pox, Should I worry?
How do I get rid of a cold/flu including a painful sore throat?
Is there a natural antibiotic I can use to cure a UTI, such as oil of wild oregano?
My other half's brother has been diagnosed with chicken pox for the 3rd time in his life(he's 24)?
Can you take alka seltzer for urinary tract relief?
Are their diferant types of lyme disease?
Can some people b exposed to HIV & never contract the disease because of stronger immune systems than others?
In these times i think everyone should carry a handkerchief.?
Anyone know why someone would be allergic to bananas, milk and cheese?
Is quinoa gluten and wheat free?
Is it true about allerges?
If you have your tonsils removed will that help allergies?
Swollen Tongue?
Could I be allergic to alcohol?
How can I cure a persistent runny nose from my right nostril, its worse when active.?
How can I cure a cold???
This kid had SCABIES!!!?
I have a viral infection,in my throat. I've had it for like 5 days now. is there a cure or something?
Can you get lyme disease if you accidently eat a tick?
Mosquitos can infect HIV?
I used to kiss my cat on his for head and always came down with a bad cold or severe headache why is that?
I would like to know if anyone on here knows if you have gallstones in the gallbladder and in the common bile?
My ten year old has glandular fever , can anyone give me some helpful advice on the subject please?
At what temperature will hot water kill germs or bacteria?
Which is the best fruits for the diabetic patients?
Sugar free food/snacks suggestions for a diabetic?
Recently Diagnosed W/ Type 1 Diabetes - Some Questions?
Some one thinks i cut and paste there answers?
Could ne1 tell me some symptoms of diabetes?
Diabetes and lantus?
Is eating one meal a day healthy?
Question about Diabetes!?
Why does my medication?
What serious conditions can be passed on by blood contact through open sores or wounds?
What is ur own opinion concerning HIV.?
Who has stepped on a rusty nail?
What does it mean when your toenail falls off?
Whats good for asthma?
Mothers have you told your Daughters?
Why and who is supressing the positive effects of UV exposure/tanning?
My aunt has stage IV breast cancer with metastases?
Can this be breast cancer?
Are electricity lines harmful and should they be banned?
Do you think our bodies have cancer cells?
Swollen lymphnodes...could it be cancer?
What's a good gift to receive if you just had a baby and are starting chemotherapy?
Stage IV cancer, always = years of struggle + death?
Breast Cancer awareness month: can men carry a pink thingy on their t-shirt?
How to avoid a coldsore before it opens?
I have viral conjunctivitis, should I stay home instead of going to the office?
My child has been diagnosed (by a blood test) with mumps. He's been vaccinated . How did he get mumps?
Should I get a flu shot or not?
How many liters of blood do you have to get in your system to get the hiv virus, if someone has it.?
Do you think eating raw veggies is better than eating them cooked?
Is a bird flu a fatal disease?
What kind of diease can you catch from kissing?
What can I do to convince the doctor that I have the Black Plague?
Do you have allergies?
Home cure for a stuffy nose?
Why is that eyelids are swollen when you wake up?
Has a Doctor given you a prescription you never filled?
Son's irritation?
Once you have food allergies, do they ever go away?
If it's not a fruit allergy, what is it?
Should she stop taking her Rx?
Allergic to Milk?
Why cats cann't respond to sweet?
What do you say when someone coughs?
Will alcohol effectively kill staph on household items?
Suspected hiv positve refuses testing refuses to come home how to manage a doctor daughter single ,37 ,?
My throat is very soar and my parents looked at it and they said it has LARGE RED SPOTS on it.?
Is it possible to create a vaccine that mutates?
How much is belly perceing?
Is there a difference between?
Is anyone else freaking out about MRSA?
What would you do about the AIDS epidemic in africa, money aside?
UMMm eww? help?
Why is it when i scratch my head i always have residue under my fingernails?
How do i tell him?
WHAT is it? HOW do I treat it?
Can people get tape worms?
If my daughter has an ear infection, is it absolutely necessary for her to be on antibiotics?
Ok, so my grandmother(who basically raised me) has breast cancer. She "got rid of it" last year. it has come..
Any ideas for fundraising for a hospice charity www.fayshospice.org.uk ?
I have a golf ball size knot on my back, it doesn't hurt. Could that be cancer?
Is cancer just a way to get rid of people?
How do i quit smoking marijuna?
My dad was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in oct he had radiation and chemo which shrunk the tumor?
My best friend might have a..?
If a father has leukemia can his kids get it to is this somthing that is passed down???
Does the chemotherapy make u lose control of your bowels?
Is pnemonia deadly????? is their even a chance to SURVIVE IT???
What is the best type of ice cream for type 2 diabetics?
I'm 19 years old and have Type 1 diabetes...?
I have just learned that I am a diabetic at my age of over 40.?
Blood sugar number of 63?
Is it bad to eat after midnight?
Diabetes Mayby?
Today my mom was picking me up at school.... and her sugars were low. ( she is a diabetic.)?
Can my wife drink coffee with sugar before her colonoscopy She needs her caffine?
Isn't a diabetic supposed to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, I know someone with it who smokes and drinks?
Is having to much soft drink bad for diabetics ?
How do you treat an ulcer on dogs eye?
Why a person who is a chronic drinker needs to progressively drink more to get the same high feeling.?
What Exactly Is Chicken Poks?
In my throat it feels hot and i have a sore throat what could it be?
How many of you have gotten the flu shot this year?
MMR Vaccine?
Does anyone know a lot about Salmonella Disease?
Why is drinking plenty of water good for a cold or flu?
What is the best way to deal with hayfever?
Coughing for over 8 months, Please Help!?
Allergies.....is choking, feeling of being strangled a symptom?
Consistent eye irritation red swelling ,what to do ?
Can people who are allergic to penicillin consume magic mushrooms?
I have really bad allergies... how can i unstop my nose really quick?
I really want to stop taking my allergy pills what can happen to me?
Survivors of severe allergies only?
I think i just got a wasp sting, about 10 mins ago---how long can i see if i have an allergic reaction?
What can happen to your eyes if they were urinated on?
Help!what is the cause and cure of urinary tract infection?i always get it and my back hurts so very,very much
Effectiveness of latex gloves?
How is the avian bird flu virus passed to humans?
What is the medicine when child is suffering from chickenpox.?
Wood tick bite?
My husband cant reach organism what can i do?
My daughter is 15 m old and has a lump in her leg???
Why are Ephedrine bad for you?
Ear Infection! HELP! HELP!?
What would you rather have ebola or aids?
I have a sore throat(i lost my voice), and i have to sing tonight. HELP?
What's the difference between a cold and the flu?
What's the best way to get rid of excess mucus and chest congestion?
Was this a panic attack?
How can sell my lung and for how much?
Is my mom ok? She is chain-smoker smoking two cigs at once and now switched to cigars and inhaling them a lot?
How long can someone have cancer before is diagnosed?
What can be expected from advanced liver, lung and stomach cancer?
Has anyone gone through this?
They say cellular phones cause cancer. What are your thoughts on this?
What's recovery like after a surgical breast biopsy?
Do you die of testicular cancer? at 24? can it be cured, or is it just a matter of time?
How to stop smoking?
Is it True that if one of your eyes is white and one is red in a picture you have a tumor?
I have a 5 year old with 102-103 temperature (fever).How can I bring it down?
Flu jab? are there any side effects?
Was AIDS genetically engineered or is it just an anomaly of nature?
Got a really nasty cold?
I sneezed twice in class today - what does it mean?
What are the symptoms of mono?
My son has contracted worms?
How do tomatoes get the Salmonella they are infected with?
Reports say "that wrapping up in the cold does not protect you from catching a cold "?
What is bm stand for in diabetics/?
How were you diagnosed with diabetes?
What are the recipes for a person who has diabetics?
I came from a family of diabetic, im 21 and still i havent check if i have one, but am i candidate for it?
Diabetic help plz!!!!?
Doctors are not happy ....?
I have just found out that i have diabetes. what is the best diet to keep my sugar level low and maintain it?
Has anyone ever heard of dogs trained to smell blood sugar changes in a diabetic?
Why is the pancreas is important?
What is diabetes?
When someone is digonsie with herpes how long do they have to live??
What do I have on my mouth??????
Help Please!!!?
How long is cocaine in your system for?
My skin is dry?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
Can Tonsillitis be cured without tonsils being removed?
Why are my hands always so cold? Im always cold!?
How do people get aids?
Is malaria treatable in the uk or can you get the antimalarial drugs over here?
How can you improve your immune system?
How long are antibiotics good for? I have an antibiotic from about a year ago, though was just prescribed...?
MRSA Question?
How dangerous is a staph infection?
When it stinks then why we spits ?
What allergy medication work for 3 year old?
Is it possible to not have allergys?
Why am I allergic to Proactiv after about 6 months using it?
Is This Possible???
Can u help me with allergic rhinitis? PLEASE?
Swollen top lip after eating fruit?
Problem with my nose?
Bite remedies?
Wanted to know if chemo has any side effects?
Do you know any serious study about what should a person who has CANCER should eat?
Is there a way to get free money for cancer treatment.?
What can I do for my friend's mom with breast cancer?
I think my mom has breast cancer but im not sure?
Is there a cure for cancer out there yet?
Can an 18 year old get throat cancer?
How many time does he have to die?? cancer question!!?
Are there official websites where you can talk to Cancer Survivors?
How would you explain posative and negative?
How are you preparing for the Bird Flu?
Antibiotics and Penicilin....which is for what?
My baby cousin has contracted MRSA. What are his chances of dying!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????? !!!!!!! ???????? !!!!!
What do you do if u feel like your getting sick?? please help?
My eye has been twitching on and off for the last couple of days...How do I get it to stop?
I think i might have strep throat, should i go to the hospital?
Is a mild flu with fever 38.3 dangerous?
How much does hepa b vaccine cost?
My husband is having recurring colds. Could this be a sign of HIV infection?
If Smoking is so bad for you...why are cigarettes not banned?
If my sister is smoking and her friend only has one hand can she get second hand smoke?
For the past few days I have been coughing badly, and with each cough I feel slight pain in my throat.?
How do you know if you have Pneumoina?
Im an asthmatic currently suffering the flu. why does my breathing get worse at night?any tips to clear throat
Im having sharp pains EVERYTIME i breath on the right side of my upper chest......?
Smokers.... Why do you smoke?
A little advise???
Cutting back on smoking cigarettes?
Can a diabetic person eat banana everyday without affecting his/her sugar level?
Low blood sugar?
Will My Life Change Now?
Does vaseline help?
Relationships and type 1 diabetes?
Blood sugar is high 399 what to do?
Can I walk into my doctor's office and say, "Hey, can you test me for diabetes?"?
Is Stevia a good alternative to sugar?
I have a fungus on my foot that I have been treating for two years.any suggestions?
Could pineapple extract be used to help reduced blodd-sugar level?
I have to get a needle on my birthday! I'm so scared! help!!???
What does bile in urine indicate?
Can women get mumps twice?
What is an easy way to prevent a cold?
What to do for colds?
Fever How long do you let a fever of 101 go without seeing a doc? I am a 51 year old female.?
Not heard about the PEANUT BUTTER Salmonella outbreak yet?
Low white cell blood count?
If a close friends girlfriend was exposed to Hiv do you tell.?
Do allergy shots really work?
Is there a cure for allergic rhinitis?
What is the best allergy medicine?
Sore throat?
If something lists "chocolate" as an ingredient?
If a peanut is technically not a nut....?
Is this allergy related?
Is it possible to develop an allergy to alcohol?
Sneezing at night, is it allegies?
Hello' my wife and I luv pets. But she gets severe eye irritation when around them. Any resolve on home tips?
Help, My sister has a Metastatic Melanoma?
May anti-perspirant deodorant be a main cause for breast cancer?
Please answer: gr8 aunt has cancer...?
Are we cancer to our planet?
I have a lump on my nose between ny nostrels?
Is it illegal to put someone to sleep in hospital?
Who would you pick??
What are the symptoms of stomach/bowel/intestine cancer. I have had stomach pains for the last 10 years.?
This question is for all non smokers , when you think of a smoker, what image do you get in your head?
What are the chances of having breast cancer again?
Whats the best way to sleep when you have a cold or flu?
What is Influenza?
My Bladder infection is killing me!?
Cure for Chikungunia?
Can someone get sick from using a toothbrush that has been used to clean a toilet?
I need help fast!?
Recurring strep throat?
There are so many smart people in the world why can't they all come together and find a cure for aids or cance
Whats the best natural remedy for sun burn?
How do i tell my friends?
I have been having a fishy smell for about two days no itching but discharge what is this?
Does showering too often dry out your skin?
Would you donate one of you kidneys to someone?
Acne problem plz help?
My face is so dry you can see the flakes! I need a product to majorly moisturize my face.?
Does anyone know how I can get rid of my urinary tract infection without antibiotics?
106 F Fever!!?
Is it painful if someone is sleeping and they get a blood clot in the lung and die?
Help! Chest Pains?
My husband has almost run out of his asthma inhalers?
My 11month old daughter has ear infection, doctor gave antibiotic, is it necessary?
Sore Throat?
Quitting smoking...and can't stop crying???
Do u smoke?
Can lack of oxygen cause you to pass out?
What's the difference between a cold and the flu?
My friend just called me and said that a friend of hers went to the dr and she has TB?should she get tested?
Why is it taking too long to get a cure for HIV AIDS?
What is the medical term for that thing that hangs in the back of your mouth?
Is scabies a fungi?
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could it be rabies??????????PLEASE HELP!!!?
Is there such a thing as a liver infection?
Should I get a flu shot for my 8 month old baby?
Who believes in god and why???
How CAN you take ONE tablet twice daily?
Are there herbs that will help my diabetes?
My fasting Glucose is between 110-130, A1c is 6.7. Is this considered too high, should i go on meds, my GP?
How would you know if you are beginning to have kidney failure?
I just found out i am diabetic?
If you're a diabetic and your sugar is high, is it good to drink a lot or no? Will it damage your kidneys?
Do you have to be overweight to have type 2 diabetes?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
I believe i have the makings of a urinary tract infection, i have the constant urge to urinate?
Do you think going to the emergency room for strep throat is necessary?
OMG my dad has a staph infection! what can i do to prevent getting it?
Why do most if not all cleaning product says it will kill 99.9 of the germs?
Strange Symptoms?
Every 10 seconds, someone in the world dies from AIDS.Every min, 1 new infections occour how can WE stop this?
I just drank urine from a glass...?
Sore Throat?
My dog constantly scratches at his skin. I'm suspecting allergies. what do I do to help him?
How do you stop the itch of a mosquito bite?
Gluten Free help!!!!!!!!?
I have a rash all over my face and neck, does anyone know what it might be? Itch,itch,itch?
Lamictal Rash?
Should i buy a netti pot or stick with nasonex (spray) the doc issued me?
My husband is allergic to cats and my parents just gave us their old couches, but they had a cat.?
Do allergies make anyone else's nose swell?
My son has an appointment to see an Allergy Specialist. What can we expect at his first visit?
Toxic sofa?
What can I use for a sore throat?
My 10 month old son has a chest infection but also has green stuff oozing from eyes, can it be mucas?
What is the best way to stop hicups?
Walgrees wouldnt sell me sudafed, said it would exceed the maximum allowable. what does this mean?
I've never liked myself and always mess things up. Should I start smoking to help my attitude?
Why does smoking make you lightheaded?
Does asthma feel like you are suffocating when you are trying to breath?
How do my cat and allergic girl friend co-exist?
Does the use of comparatively harmless drugs like hashish lead to the use of dangerous drugs like heroin?
My 39 year old daughter was given 5 days of steroids at emergency room last night. Why?
Can anyone tell me some home remedy for eye infection.?
I am starting to have a cold! can i stop it?
Is mono curable???
I need suggestions!?
Has anybody had mumps before?
Bedbugs what is the best way to rid yourself of these criters?
Thinl I have tonsillitis, best way to cure?
Baby with high fever and tylenol is not working
Has Ashley Tisdale really contracted the HIV virus?
I have a small chest. what do i do?
Hello. how can i make life more bearable for someone who is bedridden?
What can you when you are Hypoglycemic?
Do i have gestational diabetes n can i control just by diet?
Glucose level?
Is it true....?
Can you lose diabetes?
What causes your face muscles to twitch involuntarily?
How can i identify diabetics?
Should a diabetic get sunlight?
Can diabetics drink milk?
Irritated throat and coughing. Any advice?
Do you agree this was rude?
I have a friend in the hospital with a slight asthma condition. what flowers are best to bring?
I've had a cold for over two weeks, what's up?
How bad can a chest infection actually get ?
Ex-smokers - do you ever still get the urge now and then? I stopped smoking 4 years ago after 10 years and?
How hard is it to stop smoking? I just started and want to quit in 2 years?
Is your nose snotty today?
Do you think you can get used to somebody's snoring over time?
Asthma Question! Please Help?
Should I go to school tomorrow?
What do people know about hepatitis c?
SHould i go to a doctor or not?
Iv really not well and have Flu - Virus . What is the best way to get better ?
What does a low temperature indicate?
Can I still get chicken pox?
Can you get hepatitis c from drinking alcohol?
How to get rid of cold?
Question about Azithromycin?
How do U know if U have an URINARY TRACK infection?
I have soreness in left upper cheekbone area. Can this be allergy-related?
How do you stop alergy hives?
Can some humans be allergic to chocolate like animals?
Food allergies?
Im allergic to pre natal vitamins. . now what do I do?
Eyeliner allergy?
My son is 11 months and I believe that he has allergies.?
I have asthma and i keep hurting in my chest area.I have just started spiting cold but my chest still hurt.sho
I've got the munchies...man.?
My ears are clogged. how to clean them out with a home remedy since everything is closed.?
Swollen lymph nodes both sides of neck for 2 months. Tested + for mono, should I worry it's more serious?
Is it possible i have rabies?
Is oral herpes a std or what?
Is diabetes curable? Can you die from it?
Just been to Docs for flue injection,I was asked stupid question,have you been asked silly question ?
I got the flu shot but then got the flu real bad does that mean it didnt work?
Do water kill 99% germs?
Can women get scabies on the inner thighs?
Do u think cigarettes will be a thing of the past in 20 years?
To all smokers question?
I want to start smoking but how??
Does anybody know any good breathing techniques for panic attacks?
I have taken up smoking again.........?
How long will it take to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of my car?
What is the best cure for FLU?
Best answer won?
Irritating problem?
How can i meet westlife? iv had a mastectomy & my mam died 5 year ago.its my 1 & only dream 2meet them. help.?
Re-called after mammogram test????
Can leukemic patients donate blood??
I was recently diagnosed with Stage II Non-hodgkins lymphoma. Do I mention it in my Xmas letter?
What are the odds of survival for bone cancer?Pls reply.?
Is it okay to get a massage if you have advanced cancer?
I have a probem i dont know what to do?
Why people do not suffer from heart cancer?
Is it true that excessive cell phone usage can cause brain tumors?
Does drinking enough water everyday reduce the risk of cancer?
What is infintigo ?
I've had a stye in my eye for 5 days. it is killing me. anything else i can try? please help!?
The girl directly next to me in class sneezes and coughs multiples times, a few times into the air! Help...?
How do you treat food poisoning?
Which is the best medicine for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)? In Women.?
How many people will be pulling false sickies with the Norovirus?
If you havn't come in contact with a HIV person, does that mean that you don't have the virus?
Does it get worse if not treated?
Do you think that people affected with the HIV virus or AIDS should have their pictures posted on the Internet
My husband is getting a insulin pump but if he does not stick to his diet what will happen?
Why do diabetics crave sugar?
Does anyone have any tips on how to heal boils??
What kind of fruit can i eat being a new diebetic?
Im a teenager with Type 1 Diabetes...?
What can you take to beat an blood test?
Can someone suggest me how to manage diabetes?
Does anyone know why a person would have elevated potasium levels?
What do i do when my gluclose mete reads HI?
What does your A1C run?
My daughter who is 4 has had a fever for 3 days now ans all sh does is sleep,wake up ask 4 water?
My friend has a nasty dry cough and we are looking for remedies...we can't get meds until tomorrow.?
My daughter is 3years and lately the doctor diagonised asthma after a cough. would this be longlasting?
Chest pain for 2-3 hrs severely....15 year old....not able to breathe..what does it mean..?
How to get rid of hiccups?
Why does my daughter nose bleed even without touching her nose and even it is not hot?
My beautiful mother who is a non smoker was diaognised with lung cancer last year...?
Do your lungs heal if you quit smoking?
Are young people between the age of 10-15 aware of the dangers of smoking?
Is smoking bad for you?
What happens if you eat mold?
Would allergy shots eliminate my allergic reactions to cats?
What will kill the burn in your mouth after you eat something spicy?
Am I allergic to apples?
Question for those who are Lactose Intolerant...?
Is green mold on bread bad for you?
Allergic reaction...?
Egg white help, new to all this.?
If you're allergic to honey.....?
I have sneezing and a runny nose which usually lasts approximately 24 hours. Is it a cold or allergies?
What were YOUR symtoms of appendicitis?
Do taking anti-biotics ruin your immune system? What can you take to make your immune system stong again?
If the avian flu starts a pandemic, without a vaccine to stop it, are families prepared to isolate themselves?
What are the symptoms of mrsa.?
Swollen throat?
Does anyone know of a good soap i can buy to use frequently as i am so scared of catching the Norovirus?
I have hep c.Will it kill me?How long can I live with it?
Natural cures for hay fever?
I've found a lump on the right hand side of my neck, should i be worried?
I have exczema and my skin dries up and becomes all white and some times when ive been at work all day....?
I Know I'm an Alcoholic but when do you think I'll die?
Does anyone think smoking looks cool?
Got a bad throat and lost my voice completely!?
Why don't flies get hit by raindrops?
If you smoke cigarettes in a closed in room?
Should I go see a Doctor?
I stopped smoking last tuesday, how long does it take for the cravings to stop ?
Are cigarettes really.....?
Why can't my son breathe?
What causes nose bleeds?
Fatal? Possible emergency?
I need help telling my mom i have an infection?
I have what I call cold sensitivity. How can I stop it?
Strep throat still going strong?
The MMR Jab?
Thegirl named mary has aids and hep c does any one this girl becuase she is contagious?
I'm a boy who got chicken pox when i was 12-ish, is that a problem ?
How to know when you get hiv virus?
My boyfriend is sick. Just a cold.....?
Bird Flu: Hype or Concern?
Would i already have gotten sick if i was going to?
If you have Cancer, What service or type of help would you find the most usefull?
How do feel about people ahving cancer?
Can someone in tell medical field tell me the protocol for treating terminal cancer?
On a recent chest ex-ray a black spot was found prompting a MRI what could be wrong???? Cancer????
Does anyone know about lung cancer??
What are the symptoms for lung cancer ?
If you heard a cancer patient who has recovered say this?
I suffer really bad with health anixety?
Do I have colon cancer?
I love my food and drink but I ve just had a blood test which shows raised levels of sugar does this mean Diab
What are best foods for diebetics and what are worst foods for diebetics?
Okay, I've had the blood tests, I am now diabetic, I have a medication to take, Now what do I do?
Anerexia? is this a form of suicide?
What are the risks of low blood sugar(hypoglycemia)?
How do you control food when your a diabetic? what do I look for when grocery shopping?
Herbal medication for diabetes.?
How bad is a sugar level of 30?
What is the best way to wuit smoking?
Why do I get a headache after smoking a cigarette?
How can I help relieve my son's asthma?
Help...I want a cigg!
I am going to try asking this question one more time. Does anyone know the cause of a.m. headaches?
What's so wrong about picking your nose?
Did you know that health benefits of smoking have been suppressed, particularly as a treatment or asthma?
Do you have a cold at the moment?
I've been coughing nonstop for about a week now...Just started drinking robotussin but it's not helping;
How many diseases are so far known in the world?
Are doctors/nurses able to give hiv test results over the phone?
Has salsa been recalled due to the salmonella outbreak?
Is it possible for a man to have HIV infection from 1992 and the mother and children age 3 & 4 be tested -?
ILLNESS: what could it be?
Scared about giving vaccines. Randy is almost 2 months?
What do you think should happen to the guy sending Anthrax?
My friend has a weird infectious disease?
How contagious is MRSA?
Why do all doctors have a balded hair?
Can anyone reply me?
How to remove scar caused by surgery?
Should I be suspicious about my wife mysteriously getting oral herpes?
What is good for Allergies?
Question about earring allergies?
How can I get some relief from my constant itching?
My brother is gluten intolerant. Where can a buy packed fods for him? Help Immediatly.?
Sinus or Allergy Problems? I'm not sure which one it is
Do i have allergies?
How to make a ring so I am not allergic to it ?
Why does Benadryl Sinus make you really tired?
How do you get rid of a stuffy nose very quickly?
What is gout?
Who do you prefer: Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?
Are there any hospitals or clinics that can test your pee to see if you have a STI without any of your info?
I have herpes,is it true that its easy for me to get HIV?
Is there any food that i should avoid when I have urinary tract infection (UTI)?
Has anyone herd of the germ called Clostridium Para Putreficans?
What is the name of the disease caused by rodent feces?
What pet is a major cause of salmonella poisoning if handled by humans?
How to enhance one's immune system? how to prevent the body from being sick?
Leslie Ash?
Could this be asthma?
Why do permanent markers smell so good?
Quit smoking?
SMOKERS/EXSMOKERS have you ever tried to quit?
Im 23 yr old and have been smoking for 12years,currently on 40 a day have tried quitting but cant.i need help?
What's the cure for asthma?
I can't breathe and I can't afford to go to the emergency room.?
If my dad has SKITSOFRENIA?
My aunt died 9/13/06 after fight cancer for 20 years,do you know a survivor story?
Can breast cancer lumps show up in the armpit?
Can Smoking 3 cigarettes in your entire life harm you??
I have this email that was forwarded to me that is very touching. every time it is forwarded the amican cance.
33 year old son-in-law went in to hospital for back surgury and was found to have cancer (masses). 2 wks to li
What kind of cancer can you get from too much drinking alcohol?
Can a broken CD cause cancer if we touch its contents?
Is it 100% ok to miss your period continuously on the pill?
Is there any treatment 100% curable for liver cancer apart from chemotherapy treatment?
Is it possible to get HIV from an unaffected person?
Does n e 1 know anything about phlebotomy?
What can it be?
If a person has had Meningitis as a baby, what are the chances of them catching it again?
Medicine for a sore throat???!!!?
What can you catch but cannot through?
Explain why anti biotics are not effective against viruses.?
I tested positive for alcohol, and I had'nt been drinking how does that happen?
What is the best food for diabetes?
I am a diabetic how can i have a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby without taking insulin?
Could my daughter have diabetes?
How to differentiate if type1 or type2?
I can't believe that is all she said!?
What do you eat for breakfast?
Why am i weeing a lot?
Is 127 reading on a glucose meter test strip a good reading for a non diebetic 1 hr after eating?
Does anyone get diarrhea from eating food with sugar in it. Like a cookie for example?
I need to know what to eat i have just been diagnosed with pancreatitis?
I had chylamedia 2 years ago and think i have it again cos....!?
Blood in stool...?
Am plagued with hand eczema any one got any cures please .?
I asked my boyfriend if he has herpes he said he doesnt think so because in jail they tested him for HIV?
Why does my skin burn when i put cream on it.?
I gave up smoking a week ago, my chest hurts????
If you run out of your "rescue" inhaler what should you do if you...?
Is there any way to get rid of a stuffed up nose...fast?
Sore nose :(?
Home remedies for dry cough?
Can you get a headache from eating too much sugar?
Which is the worst mold...Black ...Green....Brown?????
I can barely talk this morning any ideas to help my voice come back a little bit?
Are there any safe, natural remedies for sinus infections and congestion? Lots of mucous in my throat.?
When does the smoking ban start in the uk?
How do you shut up a non smoker?
Benadryl One a Day Releif - Side Effects?
Anyone know how to get rid of hic ups?
What is dust, and why doesn't the world run out of it?
My work place has an asbestos roof, Is asbestos only dangerous when it's broken up?
Allergy Question?
If you are around second hand weed smoke but you don't smoke will you still drop a dirty?
What is the solution of Asthma in daily life?
I have mono and i really want to go to soccer practice. Do you think i can go?
If you knew what countries the flu vaccine came from would you still trust them?
What Deseses Can Humans get from rats,goats,pigs, and cows?
I am scared of getting staph infection. I know it's kinda stupid worriying but I'm only 12.....read on
Is Hepatitis C inherited?
I'm sick.. anyone know what i could be.. sore throat??
Is jaundice transferable? urgent..?
What do i have? flu?
Emergency! Calling Vitamin Experts!!!?
My girlfriend was just given a hepatitis shot, can I catch it from her??
Am I experiencing a heart attack or something serious?
The part of the brain responsible for automatic functions such as a breathing & heart rate is the ?
If somebody has a stroke how long before they get back normal and does it make them a retard?
If u have a EKG can it tell if you have a heart problem rite away?
Can high blood pressure be caused from being really nervous in the doctors office?
Is high cholesterol really dangerous for 25 year old?
How low does your blood pressure have to be to be too low?
My husband is on high blood pressure tabs and statins.weve been to the doctors because hes been experiencing?
What does acute alcohol ingestion mean?
Hi, i have an audition soon but i have all flem in my throat, is there any quick remedies to get rid of it?
What happens if everyone pass gas at same time?
How did you quit smoking??
Jeremy Beadle, don't you think he was young to get pneumonia?
How do i no if i have bronchitis or pneumonia?
Bleeding Nose?
How am i suppsoed to use my inhaler?
Is this bad for my child?
Smoking, Drinking & Obesity?
Does a Rheumatoid arthritis patient end up at loss of mobility ?
Doctors or nurses..what are the chances of this?
If blood hits air is it still contagious?
I have a throat infection and my saliva has gone really thick .?
Is there a connection between chicken eggs and bird flu?
What's wrong with my tongue?
Can garlic treat urinary tracts infection.?
I have a jar of the recalled "2111" Peter Pan Peanut Butter. How can I have it tested for Salmonella?
Blood and HIV...?
I have to take a Sugar test called HGB A1C. Is it a simple blood test, or is it a long 4 hour long test?
Why are us men soooo in love with butts more than breast?
What is the fastest way for a diabetic to ingest sugar due to a low reading? Candy? Juice? reg cokes? Other?
Can someone tell me what the difference between carpel tunnel and neuropathy of the hands is?
What is the medecine (metformin 500mg) what is this medecine for please help me thank you?
If a person is diabetic, then all they need to stay away from is sugar right?
Can diabetic persons take honey? Is it good.?
What is the specialist called for diabetes?
How can i determine that i hv diabete???
Questions for diabetics?
When taking antibiotics, is it true that thrush occurs?
My boyfriend is HIV +. I sat on his diarrhea left on the toilet seat. Can I contract the virus from this?
Guess my illness!?
Why weren't there more Black Deaths?
Can you catch a cold from not wearing socks?
Have I got the flu?
If mosquito's can carry the malaria virus, then why should we NOT think they can carry the HIV or AIDS virus?
Can you get shingles as an adult?
Stomach flu?
Can you get lyme disease from infected people?
How do doctors test for cancer?
My Dog..cancer?
Ever had an ultrasound?
What help is available for cancer patient without insurance?
Can a blood and urine test determine whether or not a person has breast cancer?
Can a person go home on a Respirator /ventalator for lung cancer with a house full of mold?
Is it breast cancer?
My mom has a mass on L-5 of her spine can this be anyting besides a tumor?
First symptoms of leukemia?
Cancer Disease is a great illness so ,what is best medicine Herbal Or alopathy?
Does it mean something is wrong with my eyes when only one of them water, swells, and gets irritated?
Is there any type of test to detect food allergies?
Does this sound like a food allergy?
How do the symptoms for lactose intolerance progress?
Random swelling of the lips?? I think i may be allergic to something?? Anybody experience this also???
How long does Benadryl Allergy last in the body? I took two pills, and I am 15 and 135 pounds. :]?
Bloody nose?
How serious is an itching reaction when taking coedine?
Which states are best for allergy sufferers?
Why s it that everytime after i drink orange, pineapple juice or the likes i got sore throat then colds, cough
What can you do to lower your cholesterol?
What the worst heart problem known?
Anxiety and a heart rate over 100 beats per min all day ?
How long are you in hospital for after a pacemaker is fitted?
Can shoveling snow cause heart attacks?
Enlarged heart?
Heart related diseases?
124 over 46...........?
After open heart surgery,what is the least amount of days expected to spend in a hospital?
Can coke make your blood pressure rise?
How to get my husband to stop snoring?
How to get rid of my sore throat?
I stopped smoking 5 weeks ago i used zyban however i still want a cig how long will this last?????
Im so fed up of my asthma its getting me down?
Is it okay to workout if your sick?
Dose anyone know of a good cough medicine that is good for a sore chesty cough?
My son has been sick for 26 days with Flu like symptoms can someone tell me what it is????
Freezing cold and under four blankets.....help.?
Can drinking Blood make you deathly sick?would drinking a large amount of blood be like bleeding internally?
How do you rid your body of any impacted feces before a colonoscopy precedure?
Stopping Smoking,has anyone ever read Allen Carr's Book?
Alright i've been kissing this girl all week, come to find out she has strep throat, does that mean I will
What's the difference between Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C?
How do i get rid of a on-off fever n bad flu n sore throat asap?
If we're vaccinated against a disease does it mean its not surviving in our society?
Can you get a yeast infection of the throat?
Every month i get a sore throat at LEAST once for over a year now. May i need my tonsils removed?
Can high fever kill a child?
Is drinking cold water after eating really bad and may cause heart attacks or cancer?
Can someone who has a stent fitted have an mri scan?
Coffee dust?
Whats the best food to prevent heart disease?
Do you often forget little things like if you took a pill or not ?
What would happen if i eat too much salty foods?
What are good ways to lower my blood pressure? Other than salt what else should I avoid? *2 Part answers plz?
What are the effects of too much Coumadin and Aspirin ?
PLEASE HELP! I am scared, My breathing is getting worse?
Can somone tell me what an "AKG" is? (For your heart or something)?
How quickly can high blood pressure be lowered?
I have chest pain.What should i do?Please help me ...(T_T)?
Is my dad having a heart attack or is he gonna?
Worried sick about heart?
R u medically qualified, High blood Pressure?
How does a heart attack feel (seriously)?
What can you do when a person is going into cardiac arrest?
Am I about to have a heart attack?
Heart valve defect..how bad can it get?
My brother-in-law diagnosed with conjestive heart failure on 6-29- at ER, they gave him?
My 8 month old daughter has been sick with the flu for the past 9 days?
What can u do if u have yeast infection?
Can Mrsa be caught after haveing s**?
HELP!!!!!!!!!! I think I just caught the flu?
Why does it burns when my 7 year old son pees?
What r ur odds of getting AIDS if u shared a needle 1 time with someone who had Aids??
HELP i am sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I had mononucleosis about 2 years ago, and i think i have it again. how can i be sure. and what can i do?
What can i take for cold and flu symptoms if i have high blood pressure.?
Why do mosquito bites itch?
What could an excessive thirst be a symptom of?
Belly Button odor?
What causes hick ups?
Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
What is the difference between an Air humidifier and an Air purifier?
How can I stop smoking please help?
How can I stop my spouse from smoking?
How can we stop his snoring?
HELP! My sister is having a BREATHING PROBLEM! HELP! wat do i do?
Is weed smoke just as harmful to the lungs as cigarette smoke?
Is this true? i saw a commercial on tv that said passing gas is dangerous to people around you.?
My children have 2 cats so i cant rid of them, so dont suggest it ok?
Dangers of radiology?
Is the good old English fry up going to give you cancer?
Would surgeons ever be able to transplant a whole human head from a donor to a recipient with terminal cancer?
Lymph node in my armpit?
My dad has cancer how can i help around the house?
Wat are the symptoms of lung cancer?
I'm only 18! Could these be signs of breast cancer?
Our Company knowingly and willingly exposed its employees to asbestos? Is this ground for a lawsuit?
Cancer from noodles?
What is the best way for a diabetic to get rid of ketones?
Can anyone tell me what veggies/fruit are good for diabetics?
If you have diabetes is there anything you are allowed to eat at McDonalds?
My dad has Diabetes, and i was wondering on tips on how to cure it!?
What is the alcohol sugar?does it have effect on diabetes?
Is there a cure for diabeties?
Is diabetes type I a leading cause of disibility?
Is fructose(alternative for sugar that is commonly used in cereals and soda)bad for you and if so why?
How do i get rid of the itchy stuff in my throat thats making me cough none stop???
Me and my friend need help!?
What could be the cause of mouth itching/burning after having soy milk or certain fresh fruits?
Nosebleed prevention?
Treatment of eyes illergy?
Why am i getting sick all the time lately?
What is a topical medicine?
Is it true that you can be allergic to chocklate candy bars such as a Hershey ?
What can i use to get rid of an allergic reaction to silver?
What happend if you swollow soap?
Do you think that Bill and Melinda Gates are sincere ?
My 5 year old son has had a fever for 3 days now?
Will Lice shampoo get rid of scabies?! It has the same active ingredient?
Is 96.6 an ok temperature? is it not a low grade fever is it?
CAN MONO KILL YOU or can you get it from a dog?
Adult chickenpox - how long until it goes??!!!!?
Is aids less common or do we just not hear about it much?
Please help me find an answer to this.?
Blood Pressure??
Is 112/66 a healthy blood pressure?
Are blue fingers a sign of heart problems?
Why am I having mild chest pains sometimes...?
My hubby turned 30 and his blood pressure is now very high. Is it common to have High BP at 30?
If you are dehydrated and was given fluid through intravenous line that is more than normal, what will happen?
Can you reduce your own blood pressure using your mind?!?
What is normal pulse rate? I am 73yr. & have ICD. My pulse rate was 83 with BP of 103/64.?
What is the difference between TIA and CVA?
Blood Pressure.?
If you drink lots of water every day does it help your liver from toxins?
Does stree makes you sick ?
Why do I have a swollen lymph node under my arm after getting a flu shot?
If I had lead poisining as a child will it effect any children I have?
What should parents do to help their childs avoid pregnancy or HIV infection ?
I Have a Fever...?
I am a 37 y. old male, never had measles or chickenpox or mumps. now grandchild has measles. can i get them?
I stepped on a nail yesterday, i have had a tetnus shot 3 years ago , what else should i do other than clen it
What can I take if I have mononucleosis?
Can measles cause birth defects with pregnant women?
Can anyone suggest the proper diet for diabetics.?
What can you do for the Shingles???
Can blood group of a person change often ??
Is the flu worse when u have diabetes?
What type of blood am I?
Lowering my blood sugar?
Is 70 considered low blood sugar?
Blood sugar level measured at 175 with a two hour glucose tolerance test, should I be worried?
Diabeties how to prevent it?
Does anyone know how to quickly lower blood sugar levels?
I have a question... pink eye?
Bathing products for toddler with chicken pox?