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Sick after a flu shot?
I had my 12 week old puppy lick me inside my mouth and now I have a sore throat, are the 2 related?
My wife has had a cold for a week now and it is'nt getting better. loads of snot and lost her voice.?
Who is the best HIV doctor in the entire world?
Hospital Superbug super lies?
Taking both Erythromycim & Amoxicillin?
If you are sick from e coli can you spread it to another by kissing?
Soar throat and swelling!!?
My son had his kindergarten shots he also had a flu shot. his arm and his leg swelled up he ran a temp 103.8
Serious illness..?
Are there some people who are immune to HIV ? if why ?
HIV Infection & Blood?
Who is disgusted that lesley ash gets awarded £5 million from the NHS for contracting the superbug?
Have you had this virus!!?
Can A Drop Of Blood On The Finger Give You Hiv?
How was the first person to discover bird flu?
How long can people survive without food?
I have Ulcerative colitis and diaheria and allergic from wheat What food would be right for me to eat.?
Do you blow your nose loud too?
My right eye will not stop twiching what is up?
How to treat pink eye and its symptoms?
Please Help Me ? my child 2 year old son suffering from fever from past 3 / 4 days & vommitting since 5 days?
Should Bush and Cheney be elected Grand Wizards of Bullcrapistan?
What are shingles?
Fever of 105 degrees?
Question about Staph- Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus?
How do you know if you have food poisoning or the flu?
What's the best way to get rid of lice?
Throat infections?
18 month old stomach pain,loss of appetite, slight fever what could be wrong?
Heart pain? Angina?
My mom died of a massive heart attack last month and im still having a hard time dealing with it please help?
What can I do to lower my blood pressure?
How can I cause a heart attack?
How do you stop ur pulse?
Heart problems and anxiety ???
Do you take statins to lower cholesterol and keep a strict low?
I feel so stupid-after a stress test?
Does smoking cigarettes increase cholesterol levels.?
Heart pains when i'm 13?
Why is everyone so paranoid over the HIV Virus it seems that people out here are just not getting?
How do u get rid of the flu?
In the bible the disease leprosy was common. What happened to that disease and is there a modern name for it?
Can a human give another human rabies?
Bad Sore Throat..Please Help Me!?
HHHMMMM. I think I have constipation. And I dont have money to go to doctor. What is the treatment for it?
Am i hiv infected? details below?
How to reduce a fever?
Can a child pass on the chicken pox virus if they have had it already, but have been exposed to it recently.?
Can kissing cause HIV infection ?
Feeling shaky?
How do i know if i am getting enough circulation in my feet?
Im suspected to have diabetes. if the tests come back positive what will i need to change to my life style....
What organs are involved in the feedback mechanism that maintains blood sugar?
How long do you need to fast for before you have a blood test?
Is it posible to get high by eating pot?
Type 1 Diabetic, diagnosed 3 months ago, should I be eating a high carb diet or low?
My triglyceride content in the blood is high. How to lower it and if it stay high what will happen?
Help! My allergies are driving me crazy!?
How do you get thrush?
How long will someone with down's syndrome live?
I have a runny nose and lots of sneezing and headaches and congested face?
Please help, my 6 years old daughter is having skin allergy, don't know what's the causes of it..?
What does it mean if you are vomiting up blood?
How do you get rid of blackheads? Its driving me crazy?
Did i just have a really bad allergic reaction?
What should you for the repeated urine infections specially after marriage ?
What do I need to bring when I get a flu shot?
Are allergies really bad today?
Is it possible for a person to be allergic to alcohol?
Itchy throat............?
What are the causes of herpes.plz help?
How did aids first form?
Is there any that can do to keep from getting strep throught after drinking after my friend who has it??
Acne.....what should I do?
I slept with my boss at work, on the clock and he gave me a STD, can I file workers comp?
I have strepp throat, what should I do? (Details)?
Why hasnt there been some kind of quarantine for people with HIV? too inhumane? So is spreading the disease?
Flucloxacillin capsules can you drink alcohol with them???
What should i say to my friend , whose younger wife is dying of cancer?
How do you get breast cancer?
Could I have Breast Cancer?
How long will a person live with terminal prostate cancer after going on disability?
What is the treatment for brain tumor?
What kind of cancer can you get in your hand?
O my god help!?
What is the main cause of breast cancer?
Holes in lungs?
Is Leukemia hereditary?
What is the difference between a epidemic and a pandemic?
What soaps should you use when you have uti? Health project help?!?!?
What are the symtops of liver problem?
What happens to HIV virus that is exposed to air for 1 minute?
A doctor if possible...?
Best things to have on hand for the stomach flu?
Chicken Pox?
A cure for worms in humans?
Is there any other way to cure mono that can be done at home/ DIY?
What are some major pandemic diseases affecting the world today?
Just took my BP -198 / 116 feeling flushed and slightly dizzy, should I be alarmed?
What is classified as high blood pressure?
What are the risks of cholesterol?
My heart has been beating strange lately, and i was wondering why?? like its skips a beat?
I have really bad anxiety.?
What is cardiac monitoring?
Had heart attack 9 months ago and can't seem to be able to regain any energy. I don't do anything around house
What does it mean if you have splinters in your fingernails?
What is normal for a boy of 16 months?
Does anyone know anything about this?
I need serious medications and I cannot afford them, help? Read details? I used to live in NY b4 I came here?
Blood sugar question??
Where can I find the best information what to eat if you have diabetes?
What is the affect on my blood-sugar as a diabetic being an alcholic and drinking on a regular basis?
How will you know if you have diabetes if you do not get checked up?
Is it possible to have diabetes and have low blood pressure?
What are those toenails that Diabetics often get?
Is a glass of honey every morn OK 4 diabetic t 2?
Can natural sugar...........?
What are early symptoms of diabetes?
I hate being sick?
My husband may have MSRA.what can I do to prevent the spreading of this infection to others.?
Who hates coldsores!?
My mother has been ill, lately she has had these hot spells that leave her hair wet,followed by chills?
I am sick what should i eat?
Can you get AIDS from a vampire?
How much is a eye test in uk?
Can you drink alcohol while on amoxicillin?
3 weeks into shingles and burning is getting worse?
Gallbladder problems?
How can my daughter be allergic to applejuice but not apples?
Can you tell me what are the symptoms of gluten sensitivity please?
Energy-lack of due to allergies?
Can one develop new allergies?
Why does my son's nose always start to leak during his soccer game but he's fine before the game.?
My children have been fighting with sinus infections, coughing, runny nose since birth no-one No's the cause?
Name of medication that you can buy over the counter without any codeine?
Sinus Problems?
Allergy or other??
What is the best cure for tonsils ,also what is the right food to be eaten when you have dry cough.?
Can you catch the crabs by siting on a toilet that somebody else done seated on and had the crabs?
Testing for std's?
How do you make yourself have a fever?
Is any one aware of the next world wide pandemic with bird flu on its way???
Why don't mosquitoes carry AIDS virus?
Person spreading the flu on purpose-Why?
I have a cold (or maybe the flu), I can't stop coughing... are there any remedies for this?
I have blood type A positive is this a rare blood type or not?
Why is it advised not to share toth brush with an Hiv positive person?
What do oncologist do?
Should I have a genetic test for cancer?
I want to open a cancer hospital in which people can get treatment at free of cost or at very less price?
Do i have cancer?
Is it possible for a 14 year old male to get breast cancer?
Nicotine patches?
What is the cure for breast cancer?
Doctors won't do anymore Chemo.....?
Do catscans hurt?
What happens if you don't treat cancer?
I am searching for an alternative toothpaste for my husband after chemo as it makes him ill?
How can i get rid of wax in my ear?
How can i stop biting my nails and the skin around them?
My whitehead started bleeding?
Is it dangerous for a child to be left alone with a non medicated bipolar disorder patient who is suicidal?
Tetanus :| i have it?
Why am I so sick all the time?
Do Meningitis shots Hurt?
I have a bad soar throat and its so bad i cant swallow or talk i have had it for three days now ?
I read somewhere that HIV?
Is jaundice infectitious?
I am getting mysterious bruises on my body??? Could this be HIV?
How do i get pneumonia?
If youu be gotten a soarthroat'n what should you be doin to help it?
What advice would you give to a person new to type 2 diabetes
Is it safe for kids to drink diet soda?
I think i have soem of the symptoms of diabetes, not sure though.?
What effects does predisolone have on diabetes ?
My glucose level is 4.2 is this ok?
Diabetes and Alcohol?
Im scared Im going to get diabetes-who is more prone to getting it,what kind of person>>>>>>>>>
How does recovery from diabetes 2 takes place or how long will it take you to recover from diabetes 2?
How Do They Test To See If You Have Diabetes?
Can you give a full discription about heart attack?
I have gross cholesterol: 5.8 mmol/l what dose this mean?
In pharmacy blood pressure 170/95. in doctors 2 hours later, 130/72. Should I check every 2 weeks? At risk?
Can a life be saved? Or is it really a prolonging of the inevitable?
I've been getting dizzy spells? Anyone know what this could be? My blood pressure is fine.?
Is it possible that in symptoms like angina all cardiac test are normal??...plzz reply as soon as posssible..?
My blood pressure is 112 over 75 and my pulse is 98. I'm 18, is this ok?
What is Cardiac Arrest ?
Should you trust your gut instincts over your physicians diagnosis?
I'm sick... *Sniffle, Cough* ... Please help!?
Is anyone else allergic to hair dye?
Does anyone know where I can buy an allergy mask?
For the past 3 days I have had this horrible dry cough... How do I get rid of it??
Do you know any Antibiotics that work against bacterial infections?
How responsible am I for someone elses allergies?
Is taking too hot of showers bad for your skin?
Rusty nail into knee? urgent?
Oral allergy?
My eye is reddish and is stuck shut in the mornings but i show no other signs of pinkeye\?
What kinds of things can you catch on a public toilet seat?
Is there any medicine in Homeopathy to cure allergic rhinitis with allergic asthma?how to use them?
Baby and peanut butter?
I always have ulcers in my mouth, is something wrong with me??
How does allergies for my mom go away she had it for years?
Can you get aids from kissing someone with it?
Alcohol poisoning, how serious?
Did u hear about the deadly peanut butter???
My body aches all over and I don't know whats wrong, can anyone help?
I have very dry skin that iches all the time, regular lotions does not help, what do i use??
How is depression cured?
My toenail is yellow with black spots. Has anyone had that? What is it?
It hurts to breathe?
Hand sanitizer?
Is it dangerous if...?
How can i avoided catching nits of my two year old nice?
My nanna has been in hospital for 2 weeks and contracted c diff what should we do?
Help me out with this one please!?
Can I get HIV this way?
Plz help my grandpa....would u answer this question?
What kind of disease causes aids?
Am I too young to have a heart attack for the past 3 days Ive had a bad?
Is it true that an anxiety attack can resemble a heart attack?
Anyone know of any home remmedy for heart burn?
Red wine .. is it a fact that its good for your heart?
My fathers sudden death?
Is smoking while having a heart condition dnagerous?
How many time can u undergo anaesthesia in life time?
I have been dizzy for three weeks straight, does anyone know what may be causing it?
Has anyone ever experienced this or know what is causing this?
Will you pray for her?
Do fruit give you diabetes?
My mom has diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux and high cholesertol, what CAN she eat?
What are the main sign indicator of diabete? I am concerned because I have to urinate every 45 minutes?
What are insulin-dependant diabetics?
What are early symptoms of diabetes?
Diabetes... would you ever have to go to the hospital for having like, an extream low?
Do i have diabetes?
My son started having seizures recently...how do we know if it is epilepsy or not?
Does diabetes cause death?
HELP?! Is this diabetes?
How often a child of 3 to 5 years can be given ANTIBIOTICS medecines. What are side effects if given too often
Has anyone else got?
How many colds annually is acceptable?
How contagious are chest infections?
Terrible coldsores-what should I do?
What does it mean to have a red throat with a white pus sack thingy?
How do u treat a tapeworm? plz help!!!?
Isn't all soap anti-bacterial really?!?
How much cranberry juice should you drink to help avoid urinary tract infections?
Strep Throat?
What to do if your partner is hiv positif..stay or walk away?
How do i loose my sunburn?
WHAT METHOD of protection could you use to prevent yourself from contracting HIV?
Smoking ban in place now!! Happy now? -?
I have a twitching nerve in my left eye lid. I also get occasional headaches on the left side of my head.?
How to get paler skin?
To all those that have allergies!!!?
I am allergic to cats!! a cure?!?! help!?
What does "sour throat" mean?
Is this a typical allergic reaction or is it herpes?
Do you hate bread?
Are rottweilers good dogs for those who have asthma/severe allergies?
Possible to overcome allergies naturally?
How to adopt compromising way to reduce irritation of our beloved people?
Hard to sawllow after drinking alcohol?
I had my tongue pierced 2 weeks ago but it's still swollen.could it be infected?
How do I get rid of my sore throat?
My dog died of leishmania infantum. What are my chances of having it? I feel I have a lot of the same symptoms
What is staff disease?
Do i have eye infection?
What disease do men only recieve in there reproductive system that women cant catch?
What are the treatments for a uti?
Wat medicine shall i take to instant relief my flu.. i m at work and its killing me..?
Are you for or against immunization?
What is the treatment of Anal Fistula.?
My mom was diagnised with Brest cancer and was treated, what is the possibilty of me getting cancer as well?
Does anyone know what cancer is? (just kidding)?
Can steroids be detected with a drug test on hair?
Will I die from asbestos?
How to combat no taste n lack of appetite during chemo?
Can breast cancer at the 3rd stage be cured?
What to write in a letter to someone with leukemia??
How do I deal- someone in the family has breast cancer?
Should I tell my employer I have cancer?
Would you be able to drive yourself home after radiation therapy or chemo therapy for breast cancer?
What is the first aid for heart attack, in terms of medicine and other things.?
If blood is blocked from reaching heart muscle resulting in chest pain ________.?
I'm 16 years old and think I have a serious heart problem!?
Does Stress cause symptoms of a heart attack?
My mum is having fainting episodes, she went to see the doctor and he heard her heart missing a bet.?
What's heart infection? Is it serious?
Best way to get rid of a cold/flu quickly?
Does an underactive thyroid cause palpitations?
Help my dog might have lyme disease?
Has anyone here taken BETA BLOCKERS for heart palpitations before?
Can you get mono from sharing drinks?
Pvc's and heart flops!?
My sister has pinworms. She's 11 and doesn't want to tell my parents because she is embarrassed.?
How do you know if you have tapeworms?
How dangerous is bypass heart, open heart, surgery?
I left my tampon in over 24 hours. if i do not have a rash or fever, when is the?
Strep Throat???
Do you think charges should be pressed agianst the TB carrier ?
What is a constant strange smell a sign of?
Natual Sugar VS. Artificial Sweetener......?
Do animals also suffer from blood pressure and diabetes?
I am a full blown diabetic and I am wondering, Would it be safe to get a tattoo ??
What will I do If my family has diabetes? Will I catch it also?
What sweeteners can diabetics use besides artificial sweeteners?
How Do I Bring Blood Sugar Down Quickly?
Does anyone know what the stage right before diabetes is called?
Can long term use of insulin make you mentally ill?
My husband is often thirsty! Is he a diabetic?
Hayfever - Concentration?
Conjunctivitis ( Pinkeye)?
How long after ingesting a poisonous substance do symptoms occur?
Is it true that if you eat eggs everyday you become allergic?
What doctor do i see for my itchey eyes? a regular doctor or a eye doctor?
Bites on legs?
Does anyone have any home remedies for Gerd aka Acid Reflux?
How are children tested for allergies these days?
Im allergic to Shrimp. I assume I am allergic to shellfish. Does that mean Icant eat calamari?
Is it possible to show external symptoms with a food allergy?
How close is the scientific world is to cure for HIV/AIDS?
What can/Cant i eat witha cold sore?
What is a medical word for cleaning out a wound?
What foods/liquids should I drink if I am just at the beginning stages of a sore throat? What do ya guys think
Why would my son have high white blood cell counts but unknown infection?
What are symptoms of the flu?
I am only 12 could I have mono? Could it have been from amoxicillin?
Can I smoke and take flucloxacillin ?
What is the pathogen that cause chicken pox?
Which Cancer is the most painful journey that ends a human life?
My Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer but he has no health insurance.?
This question is for doctor's - and anyone else that would like to answer. What ever happened to warmth?
I have a lump on my neck!!!!?
Does Red Bull cause cancer?
How can i prevent all types of cancer?
Is it very common for a primary care doc. to order Colonscopy for their patient?
I've been suffering from a very sore throat for 7 days now. Should I see a GP or would I be a time waster?
What kind of medicenes or food ect can i take to kill a virus?
Domestos bleach that kills 99.9% of germs?
When you start to get flem and gunk in your throwt, is that usually the begining sign of a cold?
What is a good home remedy for pain from strep throat?
Can guys get meningitis?
Whats Penicilin?
Why does my boyfriend have diarrhea?
Can I get hep c if i borrow a pair of earrings from an infected person?
What can I use to get rid of really bad acne?
How do you prevent acne?
Would this be safe to put on my lips?
I have really dry cracked feet Help?
How long do sunburns last?
What kind of rash is this PLEASE ANSWER FOR MY GRANDMA (pics)?
Am I overreacting or is my husband putting himself at risk for illnesses?
Help...Should i go to the Doctor!!!?
Do people with type 2 diabetes have tot est thier blood glucose daily?
Does this put me at risk for diabetes?
How can a 13 year old who is 145 lbs lose 25 pounds?
Can Anyone please tell me about Sugar Diabetes?
Normal A1c level?
What types of food diabetics cannot eat?
A question about diabetes?
What is the rx lisinopril used for?
I need a medical professional's opinion. I believe I have strep throat, but what about these other symptoms?
I am 19 and i bleed while pooing. It's actually external bleeding but it doesn't hurt except a lttle rashhelp!
I have inhaled mould from a wheelie bin, i disturbed it and it puffed up to my mouth will it cause any probs?
How do you prevent infection when piercing your ears?
I can't help myself kissing on my pet dog's mouth, is it healthy for me or did i contact a disease on it?
Chicken pox?
Hospital Infections?
Yeast infection problems!?
Please help me. i need to know about human virus called gullyanbarrin. thx?
CAn people get rabies?
Can I be allergic to cats?
Does anyone know what the symptoms someone would have if there was mold in their apartment?
How can my allergic to cats boyfriend share the house?
My arms go to sleep evertime I lay down.. What should I do???
What can i do for really bad cat allergies ?
My 4 year old has food allergies?
What's the difference between being allergic to medication/food and not being able to tolerate it?
What is the procedure for being allergy tested?
Are there any home remedies for pink eye? ?
What are you allergic to?
"cancerous lump 3"?
How to reply to someone who has cancer?
Why do a biopsy instead of just going in and removing the tumor?
Cancerous lump part 2?
Should i be worried about cancer?
Where or how can I donate my hair for Cancer kids Locks of Love?
Prostate Cancer???
Do Women have their ovaries removed (cancer related) in an OUT-Patient procedure?
How can we make curing cancer a global priority?
Do I have [Strep Throat?]?
How contagious is shingles?
What are the best things to eat when you have a cold and a sore throat?
Could my daughter have MRSA?
How does a body fight infections?
Taking a bath with a fever?
How do you know,if you have lice in your hair?
Is it possible to get mono twice?
I think i have a drinking problem. how do i tell my family and get help?
Why is the body shop called so if it doesnt sell replacement body parts or bodies!!?
I havenot gone #2 in 3 days, I am constipated? What can I do? Please help me!?
Where can i fine information on Diabetes?
Have orangery urine, could that be from medication for treating kidney stones?
Is this a uti infection??
My husbans'd best friend has hepatitis...Should I have my family tested?
I dont have the money to go to the vet. I am flat broke. Can I treat parvo at home?? Please help!!?
What sickness did i get?
What do i do with dead bird in my yard?
What precautions should i take if i am living with an hiv positive person?
Tell me good vitamins or supplements to control my diebetes.?
My blood sugar level tested high today. How do I bring it down quickly? I haven't even eaten today yet.?
Diabetic and have high sugar levels, had for 22 years, need help and support from other diabetics?
Is diet coke bad for you? i've been hearing lately from people that there's all kinds of bad chemicals in it.
What hormone is released in the pancreas if blood glucose is too low?
Recently found out that I have low blood sugar, and I'm CRAVING sweets!?
What steps should be taken when the sugar level shoots up?
About diabetes?
Dating And Diabetes?
What is the best hospital in Chicago for Cancer treatment?
Where can my mother get help paying her light bill?
I got a head ache and do you think its cancer?
Can Vitamin C cause cancer if taken as a supplement?
What would u do?
I had an abnormal CT scan any idea what this means?
I have bone cancer and can not work anymore. Is there any help out there?
Name the different types of cancer caused due to smoking ?
Why good people get sick of cancer? and bad is still fk ing all of us?
Why does all the attention go to breast cancer ?
How do I file a lawsuit against a drug maker?
Can a person have more than one stroke or an TIA after a stroke?
How to lower cholesterol?
Do i need a doctor's note to check into a hospital?
Can you always definitely diagnose a stroke?
What happens if I cannot pay hospital bill?
What kind of gifts can i bring to a 3 years old girl who has just had a successful heart surgery ???
My blood pressure seems to run 180-190/90-99. I am very tired all the time? Is this connected.?
What to do when you suspect someone is getting a heart attack?
How can one tell that they're having a heart attack?
Is E.Coli deadly?
What is the most common communicable disease worldwide?
I have a sore thoat. What should I do?
Chicken pox, what I can do and what I shouldn't do for my 6yr. old child?
HIV Question-How long from exposure until you convert to HIV+?
When I drink any kind of milk I have explosive gas followed by the runs!?
Have you ever had STD? and what did u do for cure?
Water in ears due to allergies...?
Can this be a sinus infection?
Is it ok to consume boiled eggs during bird flu?
Why does drinking tea makes me feel ill sometimes?
If i continually lick the street how long will it be before i have to go to hospital with an illness?
Do you have food allergies?
What are some effective non-prescription remedies for sinus pressure and pain...HELP?
Can AIDS and HEPATITIS-B spread through mosquito bite?
Is any one else allergic to perfume/cologne/candles/l... deturgent/soap???
What is the immediate cure for headache due to allergic rhinitis?
How to get RDA for calcium when allergic to milk/milk products?
I don't know if I have Sinus infection or thrush?
I have asthma, most of the time after i eat i wheeze. does this happen to anyone else? what can i do 2 stop it
Do you know what it means when your buttcrack itches?
What is emphysema and what are its causes?
How do u clean ur belly button im serious?
Do you guys know a god ointment for zits.??!?
Why does my body reject water in liquid form?
Can I get hepatitis from shooting up some of my own blood if its been exposed to air or even dried?
My neice has had dihrrea and vomiting for 10 days the er would not see her what do i do?
Should i go to school tommorrow?
What is the first aid for vomiting?Or what is the best thing to do when you vomit?
Can one have chicken pox more than once in a lifetime?
How long is this sickness going to last!?
Where did AIDS REALLYoriginate?
Can my daughter have a malaria jab free on the nhs?
How can I stop my sore throat before it gets worse?
I need info on paying for breast cancer treatment?
What can you "NOT: get cancer from nowadays?
What r the signs of colon cancer?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of chemotherapy?
Does anyone know how long it takes a small melanoma(mole) on the face to spread?
If my mother had breast cancer and cancer of (either the uterus or ovaries) does that mean i am likely to?
My grandfather has a low blood count...Could he have Cancer?
Is it safe to touch an embalmed body? Visitors at funeral do this?
Can you have radiation therapy more than once in life if cancer returns years later?
5 year old girl, just found out she has a large tumor that is attached to her back.?
Does any one know about diabetes?
What fruits and vegetables to avoid for diabetes?
What causes diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes diagnosis today - any advice?
Could i have diabetes?i cant tell my parents they wont take me seriously?
Diabetics need your help?
I checked my blood sugar this morning with my husband one touch and my reading was 107 is that high?
I have low vitamin d levels, what is that?
Is Oatmeals good for diabetics?
How can i prevent my child from frequent cough and cold?
A question about type 2 diabetes?
Anyone had this cold/flu thing that's going around?
Can I die from my tooth infection?
Why do nurses leave the hospital in their scrubs? Aren't there potentially dangerous bacteria on their scrubs?
How do I prevent mouth ulcers?
I am suffering from severe acne infection for last 18 years. Can anyone suggest any holistic approach?
If sum1 has sticky blood is it possible that that person cood die?
Food poisoning questions?
Hepatitis question?
Is it possible to get AIDS by kissing?
Ow it itches!?
How many of you know someone or are someone who is allergic to fire ant bites?
When i blow my nose air pours out of my ears is this normal, or should i see a doctor?
Can anyone recommend a good allergy spray for the nose.?
What are the chances of death in a food allergy?
Can you tell me what this rash could be on my left arm?
I have an eye infection from my contact lens. How can I get rid of it without going to the doctor?
Symptoms of lactose intolereance?
How long should I wait for benadryl to kick in?
If teens know that AIDS is out there, then why do they take more risk each and every day?
Is having convulsions in high fever normal?
Bowel Help!?
Are ear or eye infections contagious?
Where does malaria occur?
How can you avoid getting HIV positive?
What is the fastest way to get rid of the flu?
What is the best thing that you could eat when you have a sore throat?
I have 11 month old that has had a cold for about 4 days. Runny nose, watery eyes, etc. No fever. I called the
Can humans have rabies?
My grandma is in a coma can some one tell me how i could help her come out of a coma?
What have you found to help get rid of and prevent acne breakouts?
What makes a fart smell so bad?
Why does the heart sometimes speed up for a few seconds?
Abnormal Chest X-Ray - Please help and explain !?
Do I have heart problems? my heart rate at night is 64 and right now it's 78!!?
Breathing through mouth is not advisable why?
Does my friend need to go to the emergency room? please help...?
I just had my BP taken it's 180/115. Do I need to pray ?
68 beats per second, Is that OK????
Is it normal for your heart to skip a beat?
Is a puncture wound with a sharpie pen necessary for a tetanus shot?
Can diseases be transmitted through saliva/spit?
Plss can any one tell me all the syntomps or signs that shows one has HIV or AIDS?
I am so sick....?
Is it possible for a full grown man to get chicken pox if hes already had it.?
Hepatitis can i get if he doesn't get off in me?
What is stat infection?
How do I make a great Hot Toddy like my Dad used to make? It was wonderful for a bad cold or the flu. Thanks
I have a red mark on my neck that is pussing green. how can i diagnose my red mark?
What should I have put on a medical alert bracelet?
What can i do to lower my blood suger.?
Hi i have bee told i have diabetis 2 my blood sugar is up and down but i dont know what it to when its high?
I have high blood sugar does that automatically mean i am diabetic?
Type 1 Diabetes: When did you "wake up" and take care of yourself?
What can cause you to become dizzy?
At what point should you take a diabetic with a fever to the hospital?
I wish to convert 12ml to units.?
Am I diabetic?
Diabetic and need help?
Hiv can pass through food if the blood is mixed with the food, does any one was efected this way?
Could a person be allergic to one breed but not another?
How to lose fever in one day?
1year old girl she as been unwell for a while took her to the docters and gave her antie bitoctics and she is
Urgent Question I might die serious if you don't answer so pls answer?
Help! Very sick? Should I see a doctor or just wait it out?
Is it possible to suddenly develop allergic reaction??
What is the treatment for hemangiosarcoma?
Can a child get worms from a dog?
Why do people get sick?
Are you allergic to shellfish?
I really need advice. im so scared?
What can people with celiac disease eat?
Do i have an allergy?
Do you have any remedies for sickness and Diarrhea?
Can humans catch dog fleas?
Anyone ever experienced pulsating in the abdomen? Like in time with your heartbeat?
What is the best skin treatment solution for my oily skin?
Is smoking bad?
Solution for high blood pressure?
What are these weird blister type things on my foot?
Where in the Us can you donate hair for locks of love?
Worried about testicular cancer?
Throwing Up ???
My wife has cancer and lost her hair. I saved some and would like to make a doll or gift. any ideas or sites?
How do you make your blood chemistry more alkaline?
Is there a cure for cancer?
Cancer and sugar?
Defining moments. Is it a good thing to be shaped or defined by an event outside of our control???
Have cancer and need chemo but don't have insurance and don't qualify for Medicaid..What to do?
Does anyone know the latest most successful treatment for hep c?
Chicken Pox?
Pink Eye... need some info?
I accidentally drank a cup of salt water, what will happen to me?
Please tell me what kind of sickness i might have?
2 and a half year old with diarrhoea for 6 days and now has sore throat, what shall i do?
Is this a high fever? what should i do.?
How much blood sugar is too much for diabetic people?
Is there a natrual way of fighting type 2 diabeties?
New to type II diabetes, are carbs a good thing or bad. Need to gain weight, not lose it.?
Can diabetics drink natural honey?
Did anyone else feel like there life was over when they were told they were diabetic pls help depressed,scared
God Bless all that can help...?
Your are supposed to test 2 hours after you eat, am I supposed to give my self Insulin w/high numbers?
How to find out if you have high blood sugar?
Symptoms of intoxification?
Possible causes of blood in urine for women?
Food poisioning or flu?
Is this lyme?
Help. can any one tell me two useful insects and state how they are useful?
Can you have a yest infection in your mouth? Cause my friends mother told her she has it.?
Why is it that my poor wife seems to catch evry bug and illness that is going around but i never do?
I have had a cold/flu for weeks now and I cant shift it. Any Good ideas suggestions. Thank you kindly?
What kind of illnesses can cause sore throat, vomiting and fever or 104 in children?
Why we are having a fever?
Can you get a disease from a toilet seat?
Multiple staph infections?
What is the worst form of Cancer a person can have?
Lump on my wife's breast...I am so afraid. What can I do to help her?
How does genetics play a role in lung cancer?
How bad is it to have cancer? do still many people die from it?
How come people only get lung cancer when they are old?
I have a small bead-like lump under my skin on my arm. can it be cancer? Im 24 yrs old.?
My mom was just told she has stage 4 liver cancer, they did not say how long she has. any answers?
My father has prostate cancer and must be operated we live in Iran and i don't have enough money for this
What illnesses is aloe Vera good for?
What are the symptoms of childhood leukemia?
GP told me I have cong. heart failure due to swelling of legs. Gave me lasix, ordered chest X-ray, I'm scared
Whats the difference between a heart attack and a stroke?
The tums I took didn't help my heartburn, Am I having a heart attack?
Is it harmful to keep Mobile phone near heart?
Unbreak my heart ?
Does anyone know of any heart problems that would cause a person to be very short of breath?
Can high blood pressure make it harder to lose weight?
Can a person with heart condition, specifically a hole in his heart travel abroad and ride a plane??
Does anybody know if stopping Omega-3 will bring on heart palpatations?
What are these sharp pains in my heart?
I keep coughing... nothing is helping. help!!!?
Whenever I eat bananas, my mouth and ears itch? This didn't happen when I was a child?
I was badly bitten by fire ants. Allergic reaction. I was prescribed 21 pills of methlyi?????sodone? Effects?
How can i combat an allergy against dust mites?
I had a tetnus shot 2 days ago and now the spot is sore and hot to the touch with a knot in it is that normal?
What treatment for eczema in babies?
Can someone please help??
Can anti-histamines make you feel depressed?
Can anyone tell me the percent of people allergic to peanut...?
What is the key to not getting allergies in the spring time and summer?
Is Hepatitis B curable?
Why are my finger nails turning colors?
How do you know if you have hepatitis?
I was with my partnert and he gave me a desist is herpes how can do it he dont want to help me for not reason?
How do you get rid of a cold?
Can I get Hepatite C from develovipng a picture froma a paitient's tooth?
Which is worse- Hepatitis A, B, or C?
Does AIDS spread through food & drink sharing?
How do you get chicken pox??
How does scabies get passed on from person to person,partner works in care home,could this be a carier?
Does HIV (AIDS) spreads from fench kiss with an HIV patient?
How many people here feel adamant about getting a flu shot?
Can u get hiv/aids from saliva?
What is the name of the flesh eating bacteria?
How many of you think that Bird Flu will be a serious problem and kill millions?
Flu jab for 6 yr old (UK)?
Toxoplasmosis and HIV?
Can you get get Toxoplasmosis from a swimming pool if someone has thrown cat poo in it?
Does laser give cancer?
Are bloody noses a side effect from chemotherapy?
Can mouth cancer be cured?
Fianlly! A cure to Cancer??
What foods can you eat ro drinks you can drink to prevent cancers?
Why can we not use a cancer vaccine?
How to give up smoking?
If i think i might have cancer what are some possibly signs i should look for?
For the people who had/have cancer...?
Do you think i would get better treatment by going Private or NHS.?
Hungry all the time?
What are side affects to not taking the diabeties meds?
Some people say eating too much sugar won't cause diabetes, but is it possible 2 use up all ur body's insulin?
Does anyone know about Lantus insulin?
I would like to know what the normal blood sugar reading is?
What is diabetes? Can you die from it?
How can you tell a type I Diabetic to quit eating a bunch of sweets on a regular basis?
What are the symptoms for diabietes?
My dad who is 57 years old has a sugar count of 259, how dengerous is that?
How do you get rid of a fever blister?
My 2 yr old was just diagnosed with the flu, has had a fever for over 24hr up to 104.9, fever don't seem to go
Small pox is there a chance of it returning?
My throat hurts!?
What's my % risk of getting malaria from a 2 week holiday in the dominican republic if i take no precautions?
I have a really sore throat, and I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to quickly get rid of it??
Vaseline present?
Is this dose of antibiotics too much?
Swollen Throat?
How can you politely ask a co-worker to stop snorting snot up further into their stuffed nasal cavity?
I am on practically every med for allergies out there...still no relief?
Do air purifiers help with allergies?
Could Valium stop an allergic reaction or prevent one from happening?
How come whenever I eat fruit my throat and ears itch and I feel like vomiting?
Arsenic poisoning?
Are any nuts if any as in , salted , almond , walnut etc .good for your heart?
Can I give my dog childrens cough syrup?
Everytime i get headache my nose bleeds?
In an open mouth kiss if neither of the people are uninfected and if one of them has a partial bleeding?
What is Chicken Gunya?
Have you ever had the 'flu jab'?
I have strep throat. How long before I am no longer contagious?
Me and some friends are having a Chinese dinner later...?
Stomach flu?
How to get over a cold FAST?
Im Scared to Open It.......Help!?
Hello, what are the chances of me getting chicken pox a second time?
Does the smoking ban include work vans?
Does chocolate really give you spots?
What is it?
Afetr quitting cannabis, my brain cant think straight and i have anxiety.. What is going on?
I have very dry skin but tired using every thing i could think of nothing works. can anyone help me out?
How can you treat vomiting?
Breast Cancer?
What can i do to help my mom with her cancer?
Do you suffer from CLL? I would like to hear your experiences.?
We need health supplements in order to have a happy long and painless life, do you agree ?
Is it possible for a person to have two or three different types of cancer all at the same time?
Why are you so reluctant to undergo colorectal screening?
Everyones sueing the tabbaco companys for them getting cancer?
Can Arm Cancer Kill?
What kind of cancer can you get from smoking with gum in your mouth?
What do you think about breast cancer that has returned after 5 yrs and is 1/2 centimeter, what would you do?
I have been told i have to have a blood test for either diabetes or anemia. Any one know signs? thanks?
Diabetes question?
How do I care for a wife with diabetes insipidus who has also suffered acute kidney failure?
I hate injections?
Could I have diabeties?
How to avoid craving or desire for sweets for diabetics?
With which type of diabetes do you have to inject?
Type2 diabetic how do you keep you sugar below 200 help?
What do you use to substitute for all the sweets you once ate...?
I recently came down with a fever of 104, fatigue, swollen glans and no appetite. Do I have mono?
I surgery in gullbladder disease 6 years ago,but I still having pain in my abdominal part whenever I uninate.?
PLeAsE AnSwEr!????
How do I get rid of bladder infection? I hate cranberry juice?
Is helicobacter pylori a death sentence?
What is the best way to give yourself salmonella?
What would be the main cause of an abscess? (if it keeps reocurring every month in different spots?
I did test of hiv 4 times and it was negative am still scared about aids?
Can anyone name a famous person with aids?
Do people who r Type o blood group,have no chance of getting Hiv?
How do prices of cigarettes effect children?
Down syndrome?
Problems with blood pressure???
Should i b able to c my heart beating thru my chest?
Hi friends ! I am 17 and suffering from High blood pressure. Suggest me to maintain it.?
Has anyone had a stroke?
On my dad's death certificate it says that he died from a myocardial infarct (heart attack).?
Why does my face turn deep red and my head fill with pressure when I'm upside-down for more than 5 seconds?
Does angina mean I'm having a heart attack?
I am an 82 year old multi millionaire and i have just come out of hospital after my 7th heart attack and my 17
Allergy season is upon us. What have you found to be the OTC antihistamine with the fewest side effects?
Because i have been putting plasters over my ears so the teachers in my school cant see,them well ...?
Can allergies cause sinus to drain into your throat and ears?
Allegric to Dairy?
Will my house plants make my allergies worse?
Why is it that my eyes get watery?
Can I take tylenol 3/w codeine if I am allergic to vicoden?
If i close my eyes while i smoke will it reduce the redness in my eyes?
How do you get rid of a cold?
I need answers fast pls?
How can the hospital not be responsible for this when she has had it since we left.?
How long do u have to wait to find out if ur HIV + or - after sleeping with someone without protection ?
Hello all it is can you catch mange from a cat?
Impetigo Help!!?
Why does Britain have so many cases of?
Would you show a doctor your axe wound if it was bleeding?
Can hapatitis b positive can become hapatitis b negative?
How can I protect myself against AIDS diseas ??
My daughter has black circles under her eyes..any reasons for that?
Can we get any disease if we smoke marijuana 2 or 3 times a day?
What is a respiration?
Can you recommend a really good (cheap) hand cream in UK?
Does cold weather really give you a cold/flu?
What is good to drink when you have strep throat?
Can an employer sack you if you have been warned once of being on the sick; even though you were genuine?
How do I lower a 104 fever?
Are herpes always contagous?
Has anybody ever got a skin infection from a tanning bed?
Are SHINGLES sickness contagious?
I have strep throat, when can smoke again?
Please don't let my question go ignored i'm begging for your help?
If you are diabetic and take insulin shots??
I what can i eat to keep my sugar levels down i have diabetis 2 i dont eat meat?
Diabetics: What do you do when you have to eat but have no appetite?
What is blood sugar?
Are u allowed to drink while u have Diabetes?
I have just found out im diabetic what can i eat safely?
I have no idea what is going on! Please Read!?
Is type 1 diabetes curable?
Is a fasting blood sugar of 109 considered too high?
Is diet soda really worse for a diabetic than regular soda?
Is high blood pressure caused by thickening of the blood?
My body temp. is 97.1 is that bad?
Why Does My Heart Skip A Beat?
I have been taking lisinopril for high blood pressure for 6 months and 3 months I have been coughing?
Attention all Doctors!! Question for YOU!!?
My son is healthy except his blood pressure is 195 over 95. He is 20 years old. How serious is this?
How to say heart attack in urdu?
Is it ok to have two doctor to treat your health ? I have high blood pressure?
If a person have his blood pressure 85 over 50 what this means?
What is an external defibrillator used for?
Is white tongue related to heartburn or to any Digestive Diseases?
Is a cold sore a sigh of herpes?
Is it true that India has better hospitals than the United States?
I think i might have appendicitis?
Curing yeast infections with rubbing alcohol...?
Appendicitis symptoms are easing?
A question about measles?
How do you know when you have a fever?
Can you die from appendicitis?
I have my MMR jab today, and im terified of needles, any help??
Did you guys hear about the staph virus superbug thing ?
Im 4 months pregnant. I have contacted scabies a few months ago. It just comes back..?
If you had a choice of having all your limbs cut off to live , or not and die what would you do?
With Chickenpocks how long from spots appearing to going back to school?
Why can't i bend my pinky finger without having my ring finger move at the same time?
I have flu for past 9 days. Already seen a doctor. Had taken 2 types of flu tablets. No effect. Any help ?
Im sick with a really bad cold- how do i get better??
Whats the home remedy for throat infection?
My son keeps getting ear infections what causes this?
I have bloody stools SOMETIMES and they go all squidgy and ploppy and bad abdominal pain... What do I do?
Does anyone have a cure for tinitis (ringing in the ears)?
I have to do a term paper on any disease of my choice, what are some suggestions of some interesting diseases?
How does a person stop vomiting ?
My 8yr old Daughter has just been diagnosed with (atopic) eczema, any advice on treatment and care please.?
How can i remove my tan naturally and get a milky color skin ?
Should I nail a railroad spike through my foot?
Why did i receive documents about making a will,after being diagnosed with cancer,how do these companies get t
Does it cost anything to go to the doctor to check something?
Ideas for ill grandfather?
Do I have breast cancer???
Do you think abortion is a causative factor in Breast cancer?
Im just wondering when youre a smoker.?
How do you choose between fighting for life, or living with what you have????
When will idie ? Iam a cancer patient in great pain.When will idie and get peace?
Do you think the Smoking will kill you at last?
I have a lymp node on my left neck and armpit,they are small but hard.Are this what ?Can i have your opinion..
Why do diabetes always get yeast infection?
What happens if you pee blood?
What states have the least amount of mold and pollen in the air?
Penicillin Allergy!! Please help!!!?
Has anyone ever died from a sinus infection?
Why does my nose bleed?
Where does snot come from and how is it made?
What's a yellow flower that people can be allergic to?
I have constant post nasal drip the doctor said some people just have to live with this nothing he can do?
Am i lactose intolerent?
Allergy blisters on hands could I be allergic to rubber gloves?
I wake up feeling off balance.....like I might fall over when I walk...?
If u **** some body , when can u make a test for hiv?
Diseases from Tattoo- HELP!?
Are you worried about T B (tuberculosis)?
What kind of over the counter medicine can you take for a bladder infection?
Who has ever had lice?
I have hepatitius B?
Can you get the stomach flu more than once?
Is it true that a healthy young person should not get flue vaccines?
How many ways are there to get urinary track infection?
What is the most effective insect repellant on the market?
My strep throat is getting worse...?
Is Lyme disease a communicable disease?
I have all these red dots over my body and about 2 day some of them have pus in them..anyone know what I have?
Can some one please explain to me what scabies is?
Black plague?
What is bird flu?
Antibiotics will allow you to not be sick anymore?
Which deseases are still around?
How can you keep your immune system high?
What percentage of smokers get lung cancer?
Whats the average amount of time it takes to start chemo after a cancer diagnosis?
Tomorrow will either be a great day...or perhaps the worse day for my mom and I..just need to vent..?
Anyone else lose a parent to lung cancer?
How do I know if I have prostate cancer?
Colon cancer?
Swollen Glands in Neck?
Does anyone know how long a CAT SCAN takes?
Should cancer research be a global priority or are there more important global issues to pay attention to?
Brain tumor?
I recently found out today that i have crabs! what should i do??
A smoking question XD [ Please read details ]?
I need help with my skin?
Have you ever been to the doctors and found out that they did not know what illness you had?
My boyfriend has a large bump behind his ear. Its hard but he never says it hurts or anything.?
Has anyone ever had to use a holter monitor?
Has anyone had a stress test done? and what exactly do they make you do with that test?
Do you know anyone at such a young, old, or any age that has heart disease?
What are the symptoms of heart attack?
My uncle had a massive heart attack and now has no brain activity.
What number comes after 56?
Is low blood pressure caused by narrow blood vessel diameter and lack of exercise?
Do you feel cold when your blood pressure is high?
Is cigarette smoking is good for heart patient?
I have a heart murmur, and lately have had constant trouble breathing. should I worry?
Liver protection what can you do?
How can i prevent myself from getting a cold? What can i take for a cold?
What is a strap infection?
What is wrong with the body if white blood cell count is high? What medicine to take to bring it to normal?
Can a child with hiv infect another child that has an open cut?
After the 1 year treatment hep c .is he cured. or still contages?
What are the odds of getting an infection via ear piercing?
Can medicated soap kill some body flura(harmless micro organisms) in the virgina?, i.e when used to wash it.?
How do you get dehydrated and what are the symptoms?
I have a very sore throat - what to do?
Is it true that exercising helps lower your blood sugar & helps prevent diabetes?
Is there a permanent cure for diabetes? If not how to tackle this?
Does anyone ever think that diabetics will be able to produce insulin in the future? instead of injection?
Has everyone gone nuts, including me??
I need someone's help with this problem and I can't go to anyone in my family. Any suggestions would be great.
I am taking glucophage (250) mg. what can i eat to lessen the diarrhea i get from this med?
Why am i allways hungry late at night ?
Glucose in my urine???
What is cured ham cured of?
How safe do you think Blood Transfusion is?
Mysterious illness?
If we kiss the mouth of hiv patient,,,is any chances to get aids?
What is HIV??
My full time maid servant's brother is having T.B.?
Treating thread worm?
Will a flu shot make you sick?
What can you get from french-kissing a girl?
Can you help?
What do you do.....you have a terrible cold & you are running low on toilet tissue?
I think I might have SAD..... how do I find out if I actually do?!?
If you found out that you have herpes, would you tell your partner?
What is it that causes cancer?
Does anyone know anything about pancreatic cancer?
I have no idea but help me?
I heard that drinking water that has sat in a car and got hot can give women breast cancer... is that true?
How can i boost/improve my immune system? are there any special foods/exercises/diet changes u can reccomend?
What are doctors that treat leukemia called??
If your a cig smoker how long before you get cancer?
What is more risky for getting skin cancer Tanning bed or tanning outdoors?
Is there a cure for cancer already?
Lost someone?
When you have a cold or the flu, is it better to wear alot of clothes and try to stay warm, or to wear little?
What is your view about mercykilling ?
I have recurrent wound on tip of my lip, what I should do ?it is becoming painful.?
Is exposure to cold directly related to catching cold and cough?
Can I get Mono if I had my tonsils removed?
What is Alzheimer's??
How long does the cold or flu virus live on objects?
Infection of hiv?
How low can blood sugar get before you pass out?
Could I get Diabetes?
How did people with DM control their glucose before meters were invented?
Help I am so tired am I Diabetic?
How can I get my mom to eat better?
Signs of Diabetes?
A few toes on each of my feet are really purple colored. Could this have anything to do with diabetes?
Am I diabetic?
Can a cold cause high blood sugar?
Help my husband says his vision is gettin blurry?
What are the side effects of a staff infection?
My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive.He is in her stomach.She told me not to worry.Isn't it dangerous?
Hiv Ignorance ???
Can you talk after getting your tonsils taken out?
Sore throat for 6 days?
About CHICKENPOX during childhood...?
Can a child pass mmr onto an adult?
Can vegetarions catch the bird flu?
Help...I have really bad allergies!?
I have an allergy to penicillin and my husband is on it and i am itching from head to food is it secondary?
My son's back of his hand gets almost a deep purple sometimes. What could this be?
Can allergies/ear infection cause fluid buildup along jawline?
Is it possible to be allergic to pistachios but not to all other kinds of nuts?
I think my heater is making me sneeze?
I'm allergic to my dog what should i do?
Plz help me to stop my bleeding from nose? read detail?
Does anybody know of a good place where i can get my questions answered about my sons asthma..?
Throat swelling..?
Why do we have hair on the hidden places on our body?
Every time I try to go on a diet, I will get very hungry, feel shakey & sweaty. Why & what do I do about it?
Please Answer!! Sick?
Why am I alwyas tired and hungry?
I've never had chicken-pox, can i still get shingles? i'm 33 am i too old for chicken-pox as well?
Do you know how HIV/AIDS is transmitted?
Any cold sore advice?
What is this?
Discuss the anatomy and physiology relating to the coronary arteries and atherosclerosis?
Feels like my heart stops?
Is eating grapes good for your heart?????
If you're 45 years of age and your heart stops for ten minutes. chances?
Can you get a heart attack at a very young age - around 20 or 30?
What is heart palpitations?
How do you mend a broken heart?
Is blood presure...136 over 67....pulse 76 good or bad or normal.?
Anyone know if 254 is a high cholesterol level for a 20-something woman weighing 100 lbs?
What is HIV?
How long does a urinary tract infection usually last?
My man & I want to get married & have a child eventually but he has Hep C. What are chaces I would get it?
My daughter has Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)- please help?
Will humans ever be disease free?