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Why are doctors so arrogant?
In 5 minutes all hell is going to break out?
Sick!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!!?
I have never heard a girl fart?!?
How do I make my poo harder?
Which substance makes your dumber; alcohol or marijuana?
Is there and end or do I have to make it happen?
Is spending alot of time here at Answers good or bad for your mental health?
Underweight or normal?
What is wrong with me? can someone please just help?
I hav low self esteem. how can i boost it?
Four of my wisdom teeth are impacted and needed to be removed next month. I feel like passing out already?
What caused me to go blind yesturday?
If you eat 5 pounds of food, will you gain 5 pounds?
Answer please???
Successful suicide?
Do you think Victoria Beckham is too thin?
I have started my strict calorie controlled diet today, I have only ate 1950 calories today. I am starving?
Why is my wife so tired?
Can you die from prostate cancer?
When you give up hamburgers and soda for 2 months will you loose weight?
Need to take a poo!!!!?
Am I at a normal weight?
Whats wrong with me?
I am having problems getting to sleep, should i....?
Why do I feel so old today?
How can you make yourself faint?
What's it like to be on level two?
Do you snore ?
Is that a lot of weight for a girl?
Whats the best diet pill to use if i wanna loose weight fast?
Whats a natural thing that will help me relax?
Am I allergic to water?
Changing for gym ?
I'm having chest pains, what should I do?
What is a healthy alternanitive to eating chips?
The perfect weight?
Am I fat????????
Should i go to tha doctor?
I know something but I can't tell anyone?
Imagine you have been given 2 weeks to live?
Is there a vitimin or something i can use to reduce the circles under my eyes?
My uncle always stares at me in a desired way im scared what should i do?
What are natural ways to treat depression?
The guy i left him he suicide and now he is in hospital!!!!!?
If i am only living for my parents whats the point?
Do air purifiers really work?
I am 4'8 and i weigh 87 lbs am i fat?????????????
Do you smoke?
So earlier today, my teacher actually pulled me aside and said that i smell?
Eating ice make you fat???
Am i fat??????????????????????...
Should I go to sleep? I am tired but completely addicted to Yahoo answers!?
How do you quit drinking permanently?
What is your pet peeve?
Which drug will do the most harm to a 1st time user?
Do u think it should be illegal to smoke in public?
Do Dental X-rays hurt?? Im scared of what they are going to stuff into my mouth?? Is there any discomfort?
Is it safe to snort coffee powder?
Im kinda fat but i cant loose weight no matter how much fruit and veg i eat, help?
Will i lose weight if i become vegetarian??
What are your thoughts about cigarrettes?
What happens after you die?
What is your biggest Fear?
How do i stop cutting my wrist????
What is wrong with me? Please help!?
Do you think Im Fat?
I need help with a project!!! I guarantee it will take NO LONGER than 30 seconds?
Does Urine get rid of acne?
Whta can you do to make your teeth whiter?
Do you think a girl that is 15 yrs old and 5ft 3in and weighs 180 is fat?
PLEASE HELP!!! What Can I Do To Reduce Her Fever???
Do you think being overweight is a sickness like being an alcoholic or a crack addict is?
Am i fat or under wieght/?
Am i going to die?
Do I have a eating disorder?
Why is America so fat? ITS INSANE!!?
How does eating less help you lose weight?
Organ Donation?
What can keep me awake other than coffee?
At this moment in time are you happy or sad?
Is there a way I can get my 8 year old son to eat healthier?
My little sister bit a glow stick and got the glow part in her mouth and I want to know if she will be ok?
OMG my neck help me please?
What good for sore throat?
Will anyone please pray for me?
DEPRESSION, how do you cope when the world you know is falling apart?
My friend wants to kill herself !!!!?
My dads 5'10" & my mom is about 5'6", how tall will i be?? HELP!! im scared! im 16 and im 5'4"i havent grown!
Do i weigh to little?????
How can you get rid of acne without buying anything?
Help me please?
Why are there fat people?
Why do teenagers start to smoke?
Is there ever a situation when smoking crack can be good for someone's medical health?
How can you stop cutting?
Do you think size 0 is toooo skinny?!?
Whould u donate your organs? why or why not?
Is 135 fat for a 12 year old?
Is this going to kill me?
How skinny is too skinny for a 13 year old?
I hate being fat? Do you think I am fat?
I havn't smoked in 5 days!!?
Why always when someone yawns another one nearby also yawns, is it infectious, anybody can tell me.?
What are the health benefits of smoking?
Too skinny?
Is walking a good exercise for weight lose?
Do I sound fat?
Toothpaste. do u squeeze the end or the middle of the tube?
What is love?
What is the best and strongest, lasting denture adhesive ?
What helps you go to the bathroom ?
Without starving oneself completely, are there any ways to lose weight drastically?
Will i have super hearing powers if i wear two hearing aids and turn them up on blast?
Is it true that if you sneeze six times in a row you have an orgasm?
Am i fat??
What's the longest you've ever been asleep for?
I can't drink at least 8 glasses of water a day?
I wanna be super skinny?
Hey I wanna know if I anm fat, or not?
Does anyone realize that it hurts to be called names?
Is it normal to weigh 120 at 5'4?
I am 15 and i weight over 230 pounds!?
SMOKING What would you say to make me give up?
I Wanna Be SKINNY!?
Am i fat if so how much weight should i lose ?!?!?
Contemplating suicide, is there a way out?
My 8 year old is skinny how do i get him to gain weight?
What do you think is wrong with me....?
Craving junk food - what to do?
How to cure a hangover ?
Is my sister overweight she is 11 and weighs 102 pounds ,5 feet tall .?
Am i overweight?
How do I gain more weight? I am 5 ft. 1 inches, 18 yrs old and weight only 80 lbs. I look very thin.?
How tall where you at age 15 and how tall are you now?
I need help i'm so scared right now!!?
I need to lose weight?
Do flu shots hurt?
If you were being raped and you had Aids/HIV would you tell the person before?
What's the best method to empty your brain after a hard day?
How do I cope with my phobia!!??
I am 14 Years old and weigh 70 pounds.?
How do you feel at this moment??'?
If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?
Don't eat after 6???
Why is marijuanan illegal if it kills less people than cigarettes and alcohol combined?
Whats better - skinny or curvy?
Did you ever slip and fall on ice?
Which would be your ideal way of DYING?
Do you rinse with water after cleaning your teeth with paste?
How much should i weight?
Anyone know a home remedy to falling asleep??
I'm 5ft 3, are any of you taller than me?
Made me smile inside?
I have 3 personalities does this make me a freak?
My daughter is trying to loose wait she is 11 and doesn't like to go to the gym or running in public?
Q: Why does a woman cry with joy when she walks down the marriage aisle?
What annoys you more than anything else?
Shaky hands at 21? tell me its not...?
Ok this is a question for ONLY people who smokes?
Is this too skinny or is everyone like this?
What makes you happy?
I got a braces problem?
Fat girl needs help!?
OCD? Please HELP!!!!!?
Why do people insist that diabetes is always as a result of consuming too much sugar and being overweight?
How can I cure my craving for sweets?
Why do people pick there nose?
Im 14 and i got these diet pills....?
I've found a lump in my breast...?
Do you always brush your teeth before going to bed?
How come every time I get close to startin my period, why does my face break out?
What is true happiness?
How often do you have a bath/shower?
Are you for or agaisnt organ donation?
Is Marihuana REALLY bad?
How much do u weigh?
I want to become stronger. I'm 12 (dont report please) and I want to become tough.?
Husband smoke in the house,i have a bad chest now,should i insist that he gose out side?
I'm having a difficult time staying motivated enough to exercise everyday? What should I do?
Please ive got a really really realy big ISSUE??
How to treat dry lips? Chapsticks are not working?
Please help me!?!?
Can we cry???
My boyfriend has not been to the dentist for over 20 years. How bad is this?
Can anyone help cheer me up? i have been down and blue for a few days and i dont know why!!!!?
Please help me? I don't know what to do?
If smoking seems not to have any benefits for the body then, why do people smoke?
Help me i think i'm dying.?
Am i too tall?
How much water can i drink before it kills me ?{in one setting}?
What r some excuses girls make so they don't have to eat?
I have a very serious problem, this problem started gradually over a period of 10 yrs, its getting worse?
They say you should drink at least 8 cups of water everyday. Can you substitute orange juice?
I havent smoked weed in 4 months am i clean?
How do you pull a tooth out yourself?
Braces teeth pain?
How can i get taller?
Have you ever had an HIV test?
Could someone please help with this Q please....thanks?
I'm extremely overweight. Please help.?
Is it possible to have a stroke and not know it??
Who am I? I can't remember?
In your opinion, why are Americans so dang fat?
What can I do about my snoring husband?
Am I fat? I'm 5'2 and a size 6-7?
Brother and sister have kids a boy and a girl and they have kids together what will their children be like????
Am too fat !/!?!?!?!!??!?!?
Good Morning, How are you today?
What is a good way of cooling yourself down when your mad?
What is the best way to gain weight?
Who was born first? The egg or the chicken?
How do you lose 15lbs a week?
I haven't slept for 10 days?
Whats a quick home remedy to stop bleeding?
Help! i went crazy and took too many sleeping pills...i ate about 10...i feel dizzy and weak now..what do i do
COCAINE? What the hell is f****** wrong with me?
Hey guys, I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced this sunday, and I was wondering if it hurts?
Why don't these "depressed" people who think they have it sooo bad grow the hell up?
How do i know if I have Depression?
What death would be worse?
My brother has cancer only 2 months left im finding it hard to cope?
How can I lose 1 pound in 1 day?
Looose 50 pounds in 1 month?
Am I chubby, chunky, overweight, obese???
If I Do 100 pushups,crunches and calf raises everyday will i see results?
What is the most physical pain you have ever been in?
Do you think you are childlike sometimes?
I am dying of of cancer, but i can't tell my fiance or family. I don't want them to fuss over me. I am scared
I am 5'1and weight.........?
Are frosted mini-wheats good to eat while dieting?
I'm 98 pounds but I have chubby cheeks! Help!?
How to sleep when i am not feeling sleepy?
What illness have I got?
If my temp is 96.3?
How to convince mother to let me stay home from school tomorrow?
How much water does a person need to drink a day?
Is it ok to smoke at age 14?
Who in here smokes?
Why is my Boyfriends puke black??
Anyone every have their wisdom teeth pulled??
I'm always tired, even with 8 hours of sleep, why?
Why am I affraid of death ?
I went to the gym yesterday and my muscles are so sore. How can I relieve the pain?
How often do you replace your toothbrush?
Is alcoholism an illness?
What is the ideal weight for a 26 year old 5'9 woman?
Is it all fast food restaurants...?
I am 310lbs. How many calories should I take in per day?
Do you think contacts for a 13 year old is a good idea?
Should i try marijuana?
I'm 5'5 and 138Lbs...?
Should cell phones be banned from classrooms?
How much should I weigh?
How do I clean a toothbrush that was mistakenly used?
How much do you weigh???? :D?
I'm getting braces what colors should i get?
Why is this world so obsessed with weight....?
Is it bad to drink 2 litres a day?
Can anyone tellme how tocontrol stress i have tried everything from buddism to yoga but i still seem snappy es
What do you do when you can't sleep?
I am always so tired whats the problem?
How do you fight depression?
How can i prevent a hangover?
Are you going to be an organ donor?
Does God cause sickess and diseases?
My daughter wants to lose 10 pounds and she weighs 105 wat is the best way to lose that fat?
My finger got stuck in a car door...?
I am 13 and i am 5-6 and i weigh 132 pounds am i over weight?
Why do they call it a toothbrush ... if we have many teeth ????
Please help me Urgent!!!?
Is it true you can only get chicken pox once in your life?
I think I'm a loser? Will I always think this low of myself?
I want to smoke meth today ive been clean 4 months but tonight its overwelming me?
What to eat after vomiting?
How to be really skinny?
How to lose bad breath?
I have to loose 30 pounds by Wednesday, Janurary 31, 2007. How??
Does anyone know how i can tone my stomach in like 6 weeks at the most?
Suicide thoughts?
My son had his tonsils out, taking paracetamol and codeine tablets and wants to go to a party, can he drink?
Which is better: Listerine or Crest Mouth Wash?
Does any body else think jamie oliver is a tosser?
What colour is your toothbrush?
Am I wrong????M?
Can anyone give me a reason to keep living?
Do you people think i'm fat?
I have fat everywhere?
Does having a tooth pulled out hurt?
What is the pleasure in smoking cigarette's?
I think im in love with my sister.what can i do?
How can i get rid of realy bad athletes foot without using pharmacuticals?
Do you think we will ever be able to FIND A CURE TO CANCER?
Have you noticed that a few hours prior to death, the patient will suddenly experience an improvement?
How can I stay warm at night?
My boyfriend has just had beans on toast for his tea- he stinks!! how do i protect myself from the smell?
I am on the verge of commiting suicide and idont know what to do.?
Why is my Pee yellow?
I can't take a crap?
Is suicide painful and if so how long does it last?
Would u lift a fat person from the floor.if it meant you hurting your back.?
Is it wrong to ask your wife to smoke outside and not inside the house?
Am I .... fat?? please answer?
How to get rid of my bellllyyyyyyyyy fat!
Suicide Thoughts...help?
Ladder fell on my toe, its bleeding and the nail is turning blue.?
Am i considered overweight ?
My Dad has cancer? I have problems?
Why do fat people hate skinny people and give them mean looks?
Why cant women sleep on their belly?
Ive hit day 15 as a non-smoker?
Need to lose 90 lbs. in 10 months...?
Was this appropraite?
Females only, when i got to the toilet i have bright red blood on the toilet paper!!!!?
How can I make my feet not smell?
My doctor told me to lose some weight..?
Is a 130 pound 5'2" 30year old average woman skini or fat? what you think!?
YAWN!! How much sleep do we need?
Do you wash your hair and then your body or vice versa?
I am the happiest person in this earth.. Do you believe me!?
5'8 and 170lbs fat?
How would you deal with a rape when you are a man ?
How come anorexics can stick to their diet plans, but i cant!?
What does this look like? (pictures included)
I am thinking of trying lsd. any tips?
Is there a problem with being crazy?
Those who had depression how long did you have it for?
Does a drug addict ever go back to living a normal life?
Why do boys and girls fart?
How do you get sharpie off your skin?!?!?
How do you get taller?
Can i lose weight if i dont eat for four days?
What's wrong with this guy?
My girlfriend gave me AIDS!?
Is it possible to remember a memory that happened at the age of 2?
Are you afraid of dying?
Is thought of killing your self wrong ?
Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?
I always feel so tired and lazy during the day even with enough sleep?
How do I GAIN WEIGHT?!!?
Why do u never see a fat chinese person?
How to gain weight as a vegetarian?
What kind of foods would make you feel full but not add to weight gain
HELP I don't know what's wrong with me.?
What color will i choose for my brace?
Any cure for depression?
What do you think is the leading cause of obesity among children in today's world?
Can i get a clean urine test in 14 days if i smoke marijuana?
How many hours of sleep should a 17 year old get every night?
Does anyone no of a good hangover cure?
I'm 24 yrs old, 5'4, 113 ibs... Is that too thin, normal, or fat??? Thanks and Hugs?
I know this sounds dumb...?
Daughter conplaining of tummy pains for 2 days but now crying in pain?
Im not fitting in my jeans anymore and im 13?
Drinking too much water?
I'm 27 is it too late to get an education or should i stay in my dead end job of stacking shelves?
On diet and hungry all the time?
What are some ways I can get to sleep fast?
How do I quit drinking Pepsi?
Loosing my virginity...?
How painful is root canal? Whats the best way to feel no pain? Is there any pill to kill pain b4 visiting Dr?
Is 5'5 tall or short?
I do around 50 sit ups each night yet I'm not getting abs?
Why are people getting much fatter these days?
Should i go on weight loss pills if im 13?
Bad Habbit!! Help Please!!?
How do people 'become' anorexic?
Im trying to loose wait how do i??
I cant sleep?
I'm afraid to eat in front of people?
I have to pass a alcohol blood test to get my driving license back.can anyone suggest anything?
Am I underweight?
Are you addicted?
How can people with mental health problems explain to others that their illness is not a choice?
Quick survey for the ladies present...........?
Why does blood stop running when you die?
Is gatorade really better for you than water?
Why do girls get dilated pupils?
What do you think about people who are smoking?
I have a small (2cm ish) lump in my arm pit?
How can you remove skin tags?
Is it bad to fart blood?
When you feel sad,what did u do?
What do you do when not sleepy but have to get up early in the morning?
Boxers or briefs?
Would 110 pounds make me look too skinny?
Just wondering how i can take my braces off my teeth myself?
Do you catch a cold from someone else or is it from being out in the cold?
Wot is the best way of losing weight without staving yourself?
What do you do if you get burnt?
I walked into a table. What do I do?
Does anybody know if eating beets can cause you to pee red??
How can I lose more weight? 10 points for best answer!?
Does throwing up after u eat help loss weight?
Have you ever play hide and seek with yourself?
Shall i get up for work in the morning.Yes or no answers only.Final count at 12.30gmt.?
I am a born pedophile.. what can i do?
Would you rather?
Is stopping smoking dangerous.?
Do you hear voices inside your head?
Did I overreact here?
Shower or bath?
Please give me some advice im in pain?
Is a short nap in the afternoon harmful?
This might be a stupid question...but...?
Im 15 please tell me am i overweight?
What are you allergic to?
Is it safe to brush my teeth with bathwater??
AM I FAT?? ****im sure this link works***?
I am 12 and 123 pounds and '5"0 in height and I want to know how I can lose exactly 30 pounds in one month
What is the best way to end your life but without pain?
Is it just hormones?
Why is it that people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair?
When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
I know this is a very gross question, but i need some serious answers!?
Can anyone give me a really original but simple dieting tip, please.?
What should i do when i feel like vomiting?
I'm so skinny... I want to gain weight!?
I have had a lot of people tell me that I need to loose weight. I am 5ft. 4in. tall and I weigh 130 lbs.?
Did I "overdose" on Pepsi?
How Can i whiten my teeth with out buying any thing?
What cereal is the most filling?
How tall were you when you were 12, and how tall are you now?
Do we need sunlight?
Do any of you blame your parents a lot for what you have become?
Do you return to places where you used to be happy?
I hate being around sweating and smelling humanity on public transport. Do all people bath everyday in summer?
Why do people cut their selves when they're depressed?
How do you gain weight? Like fast!!!!?
How do i make my eyesight bad?
Is it possible to get and STD from licking and kissing a v*gina?
Will I get sick?
Am i skinny?
I'm 14 and i want to work my six pack more.I'm doing a lot of push ups,does this help? or should i do sit ups?
Can candy make you fat when it is fat free?
Um.... Cutting Myself?
Why can't I eat anything with braces?
How many calories should I eat a day?
Wasps - Run or stand still.?
This is going to sound immensely weird but are you afraid of dieing?
Thinking of Suicide...?
How to calm yourself down when your mad?
How to lose 10 pounds quick?
Anyone share my phobia?
I'm a cutter. Should I tell somebody?
Whats wrong with biting our fingernails ?
Do you mind if i smoke?
Is it bad to eat salt?
What is the best way to clean your system out?
Can a medical person please answer: do you poo when you die?
What food or drink is good for constipation?
What is a fast way for a 13 year old to loose weight??
Did you have a good night last night?
Scared....mental illness from weed?
My dad brok his arm skating is that dumb?
How can a person go from 400 to 200 lbs?
Ok i really need help really bad pleeeeeeeeez read?
Is it normal to have imaginary boyfriends???
What would happen if I blew my nose and used the same tissue to wipe my rear end?
I weigh 344 can I weigh 319 by September 2nd?
Is there something wrong with me?
My pet rat bit me, and i dont know if it has rabies, Should i get immediate medical attention?
HELP!!! Bulimia.?
Why am i being like this???....I asked this question before...?
How do I get any thinner without loosing weight?
If i want to get thing do i starve myself?
Can carrots turn you orange?
I steped in blood?
By huging or by kissing can she become pragnent?
How can i get rid of my AIDS?
What is the most deadliest substance to drink?
Do you think this is serious?
Would it bother you if a counselor occasionally called you at home or sent mail just to be friendly?
How do you make a sunburn stop hurting without using aloe vera because i tried that and it doesnt work?
What should i do if i'm suicidal?
Can i just walk into a hospital and get ask for an x ray?
What should I do if I'm constantly dizzy?
Do you think you can die from lack of sleep?
If I want to starve myself, what is the best way where I am not hungry all the time?
Should I stop smoking?
ยท Which is better- brushing your teeth before or after your eat breakfast?
16 years old: How do I deal with my frustration/anger?
HELP PLEASE, what are blackheads?
Hypothyroidism? Anyone have it?
My dentist did beatiful job on my teeth should i write him "thank you" note?
I like this girl so much and she doesn't like me and it's driving me literally insane. what should I do?!
Am I too skinny??
Breakfast suggestion?
My boyfriend "I'm not a Cocaine addict as I only take it on weekends" Is this true?
What does it feel like when you faint ?
Will the dentist shout at me?
Have you ever dreamt a dream -THAT came true? What was it?
My best friend just died?
Smoking question?
Is it possible for me to lose 10 pounds in a month and a half?
The Cure for a hangover...?
Do you think that disabled people should be put down at birth?
What can we do to avoid crying when pealing onions?
What do you do when life has become completely pointless?
If my Friend was to tell her therapist that she had a suicide note and plans what the therapist do?
How can I lose weight without working out, taking pills, or eating less?
Logic behind parent and child parking spaces?
If i quit smoking, what will i expect to happen?
My Mom Died this Week...I feel like I am going crazy..Help?
How do i stop chapped lips without using chap stick???
Can stress really make you ill?
I STEPPED ON 3 RUSTY NAILS? What should I do?
Was their ever a case where a baby was born through the anus, is it even possible? If so what is the disorder?
Can I be sucessful?
How To Get A Six Pack ?
Thoughts of suicide?
Im 13, but have started to get yellow stains on my teeth!!?
Am i weird for this?
What's wrong ? with me?
How do I cure a UTI at home? With no meds?
Yesterday i was 225 pounds, today i am 221 is this possible??
OK so i m really mad ...?
Whats the best cure for constipation?
Constipation, what is the best natural food to eat if you want to go immediately.?
How can i lose wieght with out paying?
Am I a complete idiot?
Does a Blood Test hurt. Having one & nervous?
Is 3pm too early for dinner?
A few people have told me that if you drink water with pizza it ....?
Smoking Weed?
Why am i so miserable?
Better off dead?
My blood sugar level is 8.6 ? what is the normal level?
Is smoking weed better or worse than smoking ciggeretts?
After smoking marijuna,How long does the drug stay in the system, before you can take a drug test?
Chest ache?
Killing myself?
Ready To Die..?
Does untreated depression progress?
What good ways to kill yourself(research purpose)?
How can I help my girlfriend cure her fear of heights?
What is the best time of day to exercise? First thing in the morning? Just before bed?
How to make yourself sick without making noise, attracting attention and how to get rid of the smell?!!?
Why do Depressed people hate Sunny days?
I have an overbite?
Is it okay to drink tea instead of water?
Does watermelon make you fat? or does it make you skinner, and lose a lot of weight?
What is your excuse for being poor?
My mate Luke, 24, has recently contracted piles, anyone else find this funny?
Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
How can i lose 10 pounds??
Who's happy and who's depressed today?
Anyone have any good home remedies for headaches?
If a person hates living but is too afraid to kill him / herself, what does he / she do?
What do you prefer?
Should I try to convince my 14 year old daughter not to pierce her belly button?
Can you get sick drinking to much malta goya?
What are some quick easy ways to get in shape for school?
I have a werid, lightning-shaped scar on my forehead?
Why is my belly big?
What is the best diet for weight loss?
My son is 16 and only 5'2". He is the shortest boy in his class and it bugs him. Will he ever grow taller?
Is it wrong to want to die for someone to be happy?
What do you do when you feel very frustrated?
How do you get rid of acne?
How Can I Get A Flat Stomach Fast?
What song (S) describes your current mood?????
Ok ive been a very very bad girl today about food :S?
Hi im 13 and i weigh 86... i want to atleast lose 5 pounds..... what should i do?
Bored! Serious answers only please.?
Can we drink water overnight if you are having fasting bloods taken the following morning??
If you feel like you're getting sick, what are some good medicines to take to prevent it from getting worse
I broke my big toe last night PLEASE HELP?
I'm 5'1" and 106lbs, am I fat? Please be honest ...?
How do you get rid of headlice as soon as possible??!?
Im trying to give up smoking, what can i nibble on that wont pile on the pounds?
What was the most disturbing dream you ever had?
Is there a way i can become white i hate being black ?
Why people are so against size 0 girls?
14 years old, 5'4, and weigh 150, is this bad?
My co-worker has brain cancer how do I insure that I won't catch it???
If I took one toke of marijuana (one puff), will I get addicted to it all?
I'm 103 pounds, and 12 yars. am i fat?
Why is it so bad to cut yourself. if it makes you feel better isn' that good?
Go ahead. tell me anything that pisses you off right now?
I havn't brushed my teeth in over 2 months!?
Do you support a person's right to commit suicide?
Am i "depressed"??
Do u think that a person who takes 5 cigarettes per day is somker or not ?
How can i just dissappear off the face of the earth? best answer gets 10?
Diet for a 14 year old girl
Is she overweight????
Only intelligent people suffer from depression?
Omg i failed all my classes what should i do should i kill myself?
What Time Do You Go To Bed?
How do YOU deal with a hangover?
What is the worst accident that has happened to you?
How do i fake sick?
Should i quit?
Is 5'7 tall for a 13 year old ? tell me what foods and vitamins will make me taller?
How do I deal with being ugly?
Other than seeing a doctor, what is the best way to cure a sore throat?
Does anyone think this is possible?
Have You Stapled Yourself Just To See How Much It Hurts !!!?
Im 13 and im a size 12/14 i have a wobbly belly bt i eat healthy .. please help me?
How do u feel?
Am I overweight?
Is smoking in any way beneficial to the body?
Does being left-handed make a person die sooner?
What do i do?i am thinking about comiting suicide..i need help?
Can you lick your own elbow?
Can we live forever?
Am i too short???
Does this mean I am fat?
Should we give oppurtunity to drug addicts?
How did people clean there teeth before toothbrushes and toothpaste was invented?
Does anybody here have diabetes??
My husband keeps getting bad chest pain that goes down his left arm is anyone familar with this?
How can i get a really flat tummy?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
Please Help Me (Serious Answers)?
Does Weed cause cancer?
Can a woman give an man a STD?
Whats a natural way to get rid of constipation?
Is it safe to drink 7 cans of coca cola a day?
Help me please!!!?
I am a adolescent going through depression. I need any help available. Suggestions?
Is it possible to get drunk off of water?
Is there anything you can say or do to help my friend who is quitting smoking?
Am i fat tell me the truth?
My daughter breath smells like marijuana.?
I'm thinking of doing drugs?
How long are you going to live?
OMG am I fat?
Help, whats the best way to treat a wasp or bee sting????
What are some things I can do or eat to help me sleep better?
Im kinda scared of myself right now?
Seriously, what is wrong with me? (read details, please)?
Shall I give up smoking today or next week?
Can you breathe out of your nose and mouth at the same time?
I am so lonely I want to die?
If you have a friend that is suicidal what would you do ? also they have tried counsellors?
How can i persuade my parents to buy a treadmill?
Does it sound like I have something psychologically wrong with me?
Can i get aids from someone bleeding on me?
What is the best short term cure for toothache?ive gotta wait 2 weeks for a dentist appointment!please help?
How long does a marijuana high last?
How do I fatten up my boyfriend?
What is wrong with me?
People say I'm really skinny...?
Can diet coke make you fat?
My 13 y/o has terrible menstrual cramps - she cannot take Motrin or any other NSAIDS, any ideas on relief?
Am i overweight?
How do i get my legs bigger?
Im 5'5 and average between 108-115 is that okay?
MOSQUITO BITES. Does anyone know of a natural remedy to prevent mosquitos from biting.?
What should i do if my ex cheats on me?
How long would it take a person to starve to death...?
I have a question?
I have nothing at 27 and im going to have to die?
What do i do??? help!?
Can diabetes cause blindness?
I can't sleep. :( Any suggestions?
I am only eating 400-500 calories a day and doing exercise too, how much will i lose in a month??
What motivates you to exercise?
Please answer...?
I have decided to kill myself...is there life after death.?
I drink 4-6 cans (330ml) of soft drinks (pepsi and cola ) every day what the effect on me is it bad?
Will I die?
What is the yellow burning stuff that you throw up when there is nothing in your stomach?
Am i fat im 16 im 5'3 and i weigh 120 pounds???
Why do old people smell so bad?!?
I feel like killing myself?
Are braces worth it?
What can I do to get rid of dandruff?
Best thing to put on sun burn?
Is running 5 miles a day to lose weight enough?
My son and meth?
What are some good really low calorie snacks?
Is their an alternative to laxatives for constipation?
If a man beat u unconcious would you take him back and if so why?
How long approximately do you think will take if you was to walk 4 miles?
My mum died 2 weeks ago! Im empty?
When i scratch my head, i get white stuff under my nails, what could it be?
What is wrong with my boyfriend?what do his sypmtoms match up with?
Is it natural to think about suicide?
How do you give yourself nightmares?
Name #3 things that can tigger allergies?
OMG!!! I have a zit in the middle of my forehead. What sould i do? Methods please!!Not medications & Cleansers
Ive got a pea sized lump behind my right ear?
Do you ever...?
Needs advice on quiting smoking?
What's the best thing to put on mosquito bites to stop the itch and swelling?
I am 15 years old and i am a vereterian for 1 year is it good for my health?
Am i over weight?????????????
Okay im 14 and i whant a bf but im fat i weigh 12o what do i do?
Whats wrong with me???
Should I take Acid?
Do fat people have a right to criticise the eating habits of others?
What is an easy way to loose weight w/ out having to diet?
Best way to get rid of hiccups. No stupid "hold breath", "upsidedown", "milk" carry-on please, this is serious
Appendicitis??? Answer please.?
Do you think I look fat?
What do you think of the idea of everyone being made organ donors?
How can i stop smoking in bed?
Which toothpaste do you use? Be specific.?
Should i use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to brush my teeth?
Is it healthy to go one week eating nothing but fruits and vegetables.?
Am i weird or abnormal?
What in your opinion is the worst type of drug?
If I just diet, will I lose weight?
How do you cure Indigestion?
Whats wrong with me?
I've been using alcohol, coke, ritalin, clonazepam and xanax in multiple comb-s for years. Am I in trouble
Who believes life begins at fourty?
How many hours sleep do you get?
How can i tell my girlfriend that i have a STD.and we should go for treatment together.?
Can you loose 5 pounds in a week???
If I'm sick, (throwing up) what can I do to feel better?
I am sick what can i do ???????????????/?
What is the difference between marijuana (getting high) and getting stoned??
How can I reslove my depression without taking medications?
Do i need to lose weight? Right now I am 5'5", 18 yrs old, and 142 lbs.?
Can someone die from having a fever?
What does kg mean???
I am 5'2'' and i weigh about 140..is that normal for a 14 year old?
Can anyone sugest an exercise program for beginners to help with weight loss?
Are people with lighter eyes (blue or green) more sensitive to sun light?
When i wann go 2 sleep, i cant so i keep on staying up until im tired what so hould i do?
How long do people with lung cancer live?
Ladies, please help me...?
I'm 5'7" is 122 pounds overweight?
In the past hour ive taken over 30 tylenol extra strengths whats going to happen?
If you call a suicide hotline, is there anyway they can track your phone number?
My head is itching as a Hell, it is full of lice and i can't get rid of them?
I am about 150 pounds overweight?
What happens if you leave a piece of glass inside your foot?
Help me i m dieing..with pain?
Best Things For A Sunburn?
I want to loose weight quick!?
Can i die of cancer if i don't smoke?
My friend had a toy car got stuck up his bum, it's been there for 3 days. should he go to to the doctors?
Does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?
I keep having seizures, what should i do?
Whats The Best Way To Calm Down ?
Whats the best stress release?
What do you think about women who breast feed in public?
Why aren't fat chicks found attractive?
Bit embarrassing to ask but...any cures for constipation apart from laxatives?
If you had a week to live, what would you do?
If you throw up black stuff what does that mean?
Is it wise to take an unmarked pill i found at a party?
I need a hug have had a megga bad day?
If you had 10min left to live, what would you do?
Do You Have A Middle Name?
Whats a snack you can have everyday when on a diet that you can eat all day or when you have a craveing?
Ex-Smokers....do you miss smoking?
Fear of death?
Why do girls worry about their weight, while boys don't care?
Do i need to get ny wisdom teeth removed?
Does anyone think becoming a vegetarian might be good for our health?
What have u done today?
Strep Throat?
I need help?![suicide]What should i do?
My 14 year old sun has a crush on me and im his MOM!?
Good ways?????????????????????...
How often should one brush their teeth?
I brush my teeth after every meal or twice a day for more than a year. why are my teeth still yellowish.?
I'm 5'1 , and i weigh 90lbs..is that overweight?
If you go from eating 3+ meals a day, to just one meal a day, how much weight could you lose?
Should i burn it?
Is suicide a bad thought?
My girlfriend started smoking cigarettes. what is the best way to get her to stop?
Please be nice?
If I eat 500 calories a day and burn off 1000 at the gym...will i lose weight fast...?
What are you eating RIGHT NOW?
Please help me out!!?
Do you like your body?
How can I get sleep!?!?
I feel very low at the moment, I also feel very angry like I have rage in my stomach-Help?
Does a dentist's needle hurt?
Is there a such thing as a "worrying" disorder?
If an obese person becomes diabetic, will ridding themselves of obesity cure the diabetes?
Use pee for face wash?
How can you make yourself get a fever?
Is it true that quitting smoking causes weight increase?
Am I Fatt ?
Crazy and sick question?
Why am i so fat!!!!!?
What are some good ways to fall asleep faster?
I am getting married on Saturday and a have a huge zit popping up on my chin, what should I do?
Im really scared.....?
Who buys your toothbrush for you?
How long after u go to bed do u actually fall asleep?
What is the ideal cure for a Mid Life Crisis?
I got stung with a bee or wasp last night any ideas whats the best treatment?
Is there a way to get rid of freckles?
Swimming good or bad for exercise?
How do i get rid of my cold?
What's the best cure for mouth ulcers?
Should children 10 years of age be able to have Monster energy drinks?
I am 5'5" i want to be skinny like Paris but i weigh 115...how much should i weigh/loose to look like her?
I Think There's Something Wrong With Me!!?
Of course its depression! Most of your answers are so samey, try harder, stop saying see a doctor?
How do i cope with wanting to die???
Whats a healthy breakfast?
Is my eating disorder something to worry about?
I just Wanna Die How should i get rid of this feeling?
Explantion of broken L3 & L5 with compressed L4 and type of surgery and success rate?
Kind of gross?
I was cleaning my ears with a q-tip and the tip came off and i cant get it out!! I NEED HELP!?
What type of food make you fat, and how?
Since flue have been in our planet for million's of years how come our great scientist have not a cure for it
How do you know if you have brain damage?
Cancer reliable CURE, remedy, relief ?
What is it called when you dont interact with anyone?
Do braces effect the way you talk?
How can I stop eating?
How do I get my dad mad again?
Keep getting bad cramp in legs how can i stop it?
Is these symptoms from tiredness?
How often do you exercise?
This is Urgent!!!!?
Im all alone!?
Should i give in and eat the cookie?
Walking barefoot at home..?
Would you call me fat?
How can I get over being a dull person to talk to?
Is there something wrong with me?
Do braces hurt?
Can my guidance Counselor?
How do I quit chocolate?
Is there something wrong w/ my heart?
Mind if I ask a gross question?
Ca we spread some love please??
My mothers doctors have told us that she has 4-6 weeks to live due to brain cancer, should we tell her or not?
Im sad...what should i do?
How do you cure a hangover quickly??!?
I find that my dentures hurt when I eat rock - any tips?
How many times should I wash my face?
How do I tell my parents that I have OCD?
A friend of ours has cancer given 1yr to 18months to live boy what do i say to him ?
What do you eat , after drinking alcohol , to sober up?
My urine is clear no yellow at all. Is this normal???
How many hours of sleep do you think an average person requires? Are you oversleeping?
I am 142 lbs., 5' 3". Am I overweight?
I havent been eatting lunch or breakfast lately will it make me fat?
Why is it always brown?
Is drinking too much milk bad for you?
Am i fat ? cuz i feel like it!?
I need to lose weight?
Do you ever feel like you have no control over weight?
I need a doctors help its an emergency!?
What is Obesity?
Is it true we eat spiders in our sleep?
Is 5'3" too short?
Is it possible to lose 39 pounds in 5 months?
Is my situation hopeless?
Is it okay to touch your eye with your fingers?
Should I be sectioned for falling deeply in love with my.......?
Why do i get a headache after quitting cola?
Am i too skinny?
Went swimming today, forgot to put on sunblock...now I am SUNBURNT!! It hurts so bad!?
Does having your ears pierced hurt hurt?
In your general opinion, do you think women who are plus size are lazy and eat alot?
If you could get rid of one thing in this world what would it be?
My brother is out of control. What do I do?
Can't eat in the morning..?
Please Please Help Me!!!?
Why won't anyone hear me? i am not okay i need help?
I think i got spiked last night?
Is it normal to have a headache everyday?
My 4 yr old has her ears pierced....?
My girlfriend can barely move all of a sudden, says she feels numb and is in pain. What's going on?
Im close to suicide,very close,but not that close,im from london,all i need its friend,im lonly,help me please
What motivates you to work out?
I hate white milk but I want strong bones. I do love chocolate milk though. What should I do?
Can anyone tell me a good way to lose 10lbs?
Please read - Bipolar: aged 16?
Does diet coke really work?
How can i tell if im going a bit deaf?
I am 21 and i am 80 pounds. i dont eat much. i only drink water.?
What is your worst fear ?
I'm stressed - Can you help?
I'm 13 and weigh about 90-something lbs. I'm 4'11 so is that normal or should I lose some weight?
Is this enough exercise?
Do braces hurt because im getting them?
Can you "undo" Type 2 diabetes?
Does anyone know of anything I can take for panic attacks?
How tall are you?
Is anyone else tired?
Do i have a mental problem?
Why do people see people who over weight as lazy?
Good Morning?
How can i lose 15lbs n 5 weeks?
Will dancing help you lose weight?
I have had six hours of sleep in two days. If this continues, will there be a crashing point or will I?
Smoking ban!?
My *** hurts when I sit. what should I do?
I'm really fat...please help?!?!?!?
Does life begin at 40 yrs?
Why do your periods stop when you become a nun ?
Is this really cutting?
Should you forgive and take back a person who cheated on you?
Help Me Everyone Please?
Should i tell...?
How do I stay a non-smoker?
Is it cruel to send a childhood obesity DVD to someone who has an obese kid?
Be afraid. Be very afraid..........?
When I shine a light in one of my ears, I see the light come out of my other ear. Is this normal?
To eat or not to eat...?? help?
Is it ok Health wise to smoke only one cigarette a day?
How do i get rid of my sore throat?
Fast! Sore throat cant eat or drink fasting!?
How do i get rid of my headaches?
I fell asleep on the beach; and now I'm wicked burned. :(?
I get my wisdom teeth pulled out July 22nd. What should I expect.?
I'm 13 and i'm trying to lose 20 ponds in around 3 weeks..what is a quick way to lose weight...?
Do you know anyone who committed suicide
Can I lose 30 pounds in two weeks, if I starve myself?
I've been praying to God so much lately, but still no results, what else can I do?
I took 3 painkillers within 10 minutes. is that bad what are results of taking too many? i might take a 4th?
Am i fat?be honest?
What color r ur eyes?
What will I die of?
Should I invest in a new toothbrush?
Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
Im 5'3 and 90 lbs now , but i want to be 80lb?
Would you do this?
How do i know that i am beautiful or not?
I cant stop coughing. i think i have a cold. how do i help it?
Chest pain; need some answers?
Sore throat question?
What does marijuana smell like?
What do you think of junk food for every meal?
Why can't I gain weight?
How long is a human being meant to live?
Any one have any ideas on how to quit smoking?
Can anyone give me some words of encouragement?
One word that describes u best?
Can you swim in contact lenses?
I REALLY want to be TALLER---------BUT how??
Plz answer truthfully...am i fat?
How do you get taller?
I need help! am i fat??????
AM I OVER WEIGHT PLEASE HELP!!! i nnnnneeeedddd help!?
I weigh 85 lbs. and i am 14. i feel like im anorexic but im not? tell me all the ways i can gain weight! FAST!
Is this depression?
Very personal question..?
Horribly sick, after overdosing on advil.?
Is my girlfriend pregnant? (were 13/14)?
Am i fat???????? (seriously)?
Am I Over Weight?!?!?!?!?
Will i get fat by doing this 10 points?
Dealing with my anger,is my depression causing it?
Sometimes i talk or sing to myself. is that normal?
My friend was just describing some problems she has. I'm scared for her...?
Please help me?
What's a good cure for a hangover?
I want to DIE?
Is getting sun tanned healthy or unhealthy?
Is it easier to tell the truth and deal with the aftermath,or to lie and deal with the lie after lie,arguments
My friend sa\ys that if you hold on to somones earlobe for 3min or longer it's considered rape. Is this true?
Why am I so out of breath when I walk up stairs?
Lets have a total ban on smoking?
Brown dots on my legs?
How to lower my BIG eating appetite? especially at night?
Does anyone have a really strange phobia?
Whats the most effective diet for weight loss?
How long does cannabis stay in your system?
How do you stop someone from smoking?
What's the weirdest addiction you or someone you know has ever had?
Why are women lead to think it's wrong to fart?
How much should a 13 year old girl weigh if she is 5'3 or 5'4?
Am i too thin?
What time do you wake up in the morning?
When do doctors become patients?
Smoking really harmful (a serious problem)? what do u think?
What is the best anti-depresant medicine out there?
Am I too Skinny???
I am scared of the dark?
How did you stop smoking?
Will a flu shot definitely stop me getting flu?
When you wake up do you like to turn your pillow over so the cold side touches your face?
Asked previously, but here I go again?
????am i over weight?????
Im frequently getting dissy when i stand up.....?
I think I'm addicted to sugar. Please help. Serious?
I don't know what to do for my 14 year old who thinks she is fat.?
People say the best things in life are free.?
Everyone just says the same thing . . . it's not that easy?