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Why does personality change after open heart surgery?
Going grey?
How do you get rid of excessive itching after shaving your legs?
I feel my heart skip a beat sometimes should I be worried?
Is it just me or is England turning in to poland?
Can everyone pray for my mom?
My wife is in hospital with severe angina and is stressing herself out .she thinks she is going to die?
Anyone else here have skipped heartbeats (PVC's)?
I'm Scared!!?
16 year old girl finds lump in left breast.?
Cervical Cancer?
Should I use a product with the warning label "contains chemicals known to cause cancer in state of California
With the facts on the table why are young people smoking cigarettes?
Girls/nurses/doctors only, What are the signs of breast cancer?
If you KISS....?
How do i know if i have Lukemia?
Just10 minutes of chattingon mobilephones maycause cancer inthe brain, warned butthe people wil stop chating?
I have to fatten my husband up for chemo and radiation. What is the fastest, easiest way?
Can a human die from LYME DISEASE? If so how?
What should I take for stuff nose, sore throat and headache?
How do you get a pill that is stuck in your throat to digest?
Can a human survive a gunshot wound to the head.?
Underarm smell?
Is it true that people with hepatitis have to be buried in a lead lined coffin.?
Where/how can i get tested for hep c?
What is the known life span of someone suffering from HIV.How many years can a person live for?
Can chicken pox occur again to somebody who has already suffered from it in past?
Lump in my breast?
A friend of mine found out she has bowl cancer, now it is in her liver and blood .?
How many Chemeotherapy's do you have to go through before Remission?
HELP!!plz i recently found a lump on my left breast!!!?
Has anyone done a colon cleansing and which one should i use?
My father in law is in hospital having had his operation to clear bowel cancer?
My Grandmother who i am very close to has Leukemia, is there a way of helping her through this? What can i do?
Enlarged lymph node, lft side my neck. Dr took ct scan, its 1.4 cm says can't needle biopsy, I read you can.?
My boyfriend's son just diagnosed with luekemia?
I have had swollen lymph nodes in the neck for several months. Does anyone know why this could be? Anyone?
Of what use is it to keep an HIV infected baby alive from birth to adulthood?
How to kill bacteria vaginitis in your underwear?
Can cold turkey kill you?
Families of patients.?
UTI or Kidney Infection?
Should I get a tetanus shot?
Is it true, that if you can't properly dispose of your waste, it comes out your mouth?
Why don't some people get chicken pox?
Can you get chickpox twice or get shingles from CP?
Hiv positive! should i tell him?
My husband just got stung by a bee of somesort!!?
Can I take allergy pills everyday, all year long, for the rest of my life?
Severe Allergies????
Chronic hives?
What does it mean to be allergic to something?
I`m allergic to dust mites, do you know a treatment for this?
I have always been very ALLERGIC to CATS. Since meds haven't been working, do you think an allergist can help?
I've smoked 20 a day for ten years. I'm 29. When/will I get cancer?
I am 24 year old. i am worried if i hav breast cancer as i find some hard mass in my breast.?
Can a CANCERUOS tumor be destroyed by pressing it? Med Pplz please?
Where can I find info for high white blood cell counts? My husband was told to go in for a "talk" with the hem?
Ladies- if you found out you had the breast cancer gene...?
Any experience with breast cancer?
Is there any moms out there who have a surving child who had (all) leukemia?
If radon gas is used in cancer radiotherapy and causes lung cancer, this means the cure is the cause?
Any ex-smokers out there?
Question about going to a oncologist about breast cancer?
How do I know if I have cancer?
Why does society show less respect towards mental patients as compared to cancer patients?
What is gullet cancer?
I am 18 yrs old and worried that i might have breast cancer.?
My best friends son has leukemia. She is a single mom and I wanted to do a fundraiser to help her. Advice?
Does drinking organic milk reduce the risk of breast cancer?
Your dear friend?
Whats going to happen when/if they find a cure for cancer?
Cancer for drinking iced water in plastic bottles?
Am I HIV+?
How long does this winter bug last, which is going around at the moment?
Any cure or vaccine is develop for HIV/AIDS?????
I need an educated answer here.....?
My 17 year old has chicken pox. There is one one her eye lid, should I be concerned?
What is a...?????????????????????...
How often should I get tested for HIV before I can be truly labeled negative?
What do you mean by hiv?
Staying Flu Free?
Can fleas be spread from dogs to humans?
What would be a good pet for a single guy after a heart attack?
My mother has been diagnosed with a heart echo. What is a heart echo please?
Does anyone have any alternatives to clearing blocked arteries other than angioplasty,stents or lazerplasty?
How I can I control my blood pressure?
Is it true that regular intake of aspirin cuts down the risk of heart attack?
I have a mild heart condition, do you think i can go on roller coasters?
If all blood tests for heart came back normal is that a good sign?
Have a friend with a blood sugar of almost 450! How really close is this to getting admitted to the hospital?
Blood pressure 121/81?
Hiv question?
Having chest pain, and I'm only 24 years old!?
Any home remedies for someone sick with the flu?
Who knows about a bacteria infection called MRSA? I have it and it hurts! Any treatment tips?
Strong urine?
How do YOU get over a cold / flu symptoms?
What are the most common infectious diseases occuring in developing countries of the world?
What happens if you crush amoxicillin and take it?
What is the best way of sneezing ?
Where did AIDS originate?
What is the best way to alleviate allergy symptoms (watery eyes, runny nose, clogged ears, sneezing)?
Allergy medicine for my 2 year old, I AM WORRIED! Prescribed Zyrtec, nervous about side effects, HELP!?
Allergies....pls this is urgent?
Help Allergies!!!!!!!!!?
My 3yr old has eye allergies and.........?
Ferrets? Do they cause rashs?
I have a a giant nostril enflaring problem and i have a peanut stuck in my nose!?
Can i use Vick's vapor rub on a 1 year that has a runny nose.?
I am 18 years old and the last time I checked I was severly allergic to eggs?
Bloody nose?
Can hormone therapy itself cause cancer?
Do i have cancer?
What do you think of the report about cancer?
Can you get cancer for eating baby powder?
Why do cigarette manufacturers still sells their product even though doctors had proven smoking causes cancers
My friend has cancer ,what is the way to get rid of it without chemo.?
What are my chances if I have liver cancer?
Can woman who've had cervical cancer still have children?
Can Radiation all lot of harm??
Can you get cancer eating burnt toast? or is that a wives tale?
Can I get AIDS from a mosquito bite?
Main ways infection can get in your body?
What would be your reaction to receiving health care from a worker with HIV/AIDS?
What would you do if you had HepC? No sarcasm please.?
Im 7 months and i have a cold, sore throat, stuffy nose, bad body aches etc?
Americans are immunized against many diseases...?
I'm pretty sure I have alcohol poisoning from last night...should I go to the ER?
Can HPV infection be cured???
Can you get HIV from sharing a coke straw with someone who is HIV positive?
What is the difference between jaundice and hepatitis B?
My second piercings in my ear is infected and has white fluid??
What is a pervert?
Malaria belongs to what-zoology or physiology?
How do u spell contagious?????
I used my aunt's razor and she has aids can i get aids?
I think I swallowed a bug?
When you bought a bikini do you wash it b4 wearing it?
Stomach ulcers?
Is it necessary to go to the doctor for strep throat?
What are the symptoms for mouth cancer?
How to prevent one from getting cancer?
A friend with cancer?
Is a cure for all cancer humanely possible?
How is a racical kidney nephrectomy done?
Cancer, whats really going on?
Could this be skin cancer?
Is there anything we can do for my uncle?
How much drinking / drugs would cause liver cancer for someone who has a family history?
I am 13 years old i have chest pains help me quick!!!?
What is more importent in life?
What's the best way to treat canker sores?
I have very bad breath caused by a plaque buildup on my tonsils that I can't get loose, how can I correct this
Stuffy nose?
Can perfume allergies be diagnosed?
Can you suddenly become allergic to something out of the blue?
I think I may be allergic to some kind of nut?
Why cant people with asthma run as much as others?
Allergic to fruit?
When does acne start to Retain * im 16 what age does it slow down?
Have you ever taken Allegra ?
How would i go about clearing up a sti on my eye?
Why don't people get leprosy anymore?
I have (UTI) what should i take ?
What are symptoms of getting the flu?
My child is running a high fever.It is 103.4 and she is only 8 years old.What should I do?Please give me tips.
I think my ear peicing is infected???
What is the full form of ELISA?
I've had a yeast infection that won't clear up with diflucan it's been 2 mos. can I get sick or die from this?
PLEASE help me! Could this be scabies??? Gross!?
I am getting a pacemaker in the morning because of atrial fibrillation and couldf use some positive statements
Why does my heart beat so fast when im nervous about something?
Are there Benefits of (High) Cholesterol?
What causes high cholesterol?
Is chest pain accompanied with ALL heart diseases?
My girlfriend is experiencing tightening of chest, its hard for her to take a deep breath, and she lightheaded
Could my dad be having a stroke?
Is my moms blood pressure normal?
I am 24 and my blood pressure is 154/88, how bad is this?
How do I find out if my mother has high blood pressure or low blood pressure?
100% honest, does antiperspirant cause cancer?
When will I die?
Dose anybody know about the new skin disease?
16 year old with lung cancer?
Does using antiperspirants cause cancer for ‘men’?
What is the cause of HIV/AIDS in africa?
How many people have lived through breast cancer?
My mother is 83. Her entire right breast is hard. How far along has cancer progressed?
Question about enlarged lymph node. (Have seen doctor but unsatisfied with answers)?
I want the "real" truth about quitting smoking?
I don't get why AIDS is still such a problem.?
I know someobyd who has bowel cancer. Why does she bleed dark read blood from her bowel, and why is her glands
Medical personnel : please help with questions?
Is there any side affects taking flucloxacillin?
Is there any evidence that proves laptops can cause illnesses?
Can i stay with my friend while he is getting chemo?
Doctor or no doctor?
I think I have mono?
What can I take for a sinus infection if I'm pregnant?
Why do we tend to get colds and flu in the winter?
Is AIDS a disease?
Hepatitis B patient is not allow to work in food manufacturing?!?
What do you eat when you ahve the flu?
Can an Hiv positive person pass hiv to a healthy person if he/she has the habit of digging nose.?
What is cat scratch fever?
Can u get aids from drinking a persons blood even if they dont have aids?
I have the flu. What should I do?
Milkkk allergies.?
Is mould making my son?
What is the remedy for Eczema in scalp and chest? Homeopathy/Ayurveda?
Why is Celiacs concidered a disease and not a food allergy?
I LOVE cats but my allergies stop me having one. Help!!!!?
What do almonds, broccoli, cantaloupe and avocado have in common?
Why does smoking one light cigarette make me nauseous?
Allergies - I moved from Los Angeles to Michigan is it possible...?
Anyone ever use a neti pot?
Does somone experienenced with allergy problems have an answer for me?.?
Could I be picking up illnesses from work???
Im scared of catching a staph infection because this kid i take care of at day care her mother has it?
Why do some people get over colds faster than others?
Could I have food sickness?
Ive been sick for three days now should I still be smoking?
Has anyone been sick for 22 days?
My friend slept with a guy that is HIV POSITIVE:?
9 moth old with fever of 101.5 is this fever ok?
Is anyone freaking out about that bird flu pandemic that their warning us about?
What will happen if there was no mosquitoes?
Why must the young children die when they have done nothing wrong?
If you could name a brand new cancer center, what would you name it?
What is producing the cancer?Is it virus?
Common life span with stage 4 cancer?
How can i tell if im starting to get cancer from chewing?
How do doctors give people chemotherapy?
Im to have a mastectomy sept tenth..need info....?
What is cancer?
What is small cell canser? How can you tell if you have it?
Any solutions to get rid of mosquitos?
How do I stop itching?
I have MS and need help with daily question I get asked?
Is there any chance to die by appendics?
Chicken Pox Twice?
Sore Throat?
Does mayonaise really get rid of headlice?
What can you use in your house for yeast infection?
How can you tell that someone is sick?
If my ex-girlfriend knowingly had the Hep C virus. By law, should she be reqired to inform me of this?
What to eat during stomach flu?
How hepatitis B viruses transmited?
Is olive oil ok?
Is a blood pressure of 120 over 54 good?
Can you have a heart attack without high blood pressure?
Is it a heart attack?
Why am I always so tired. my dr said i'm ok just a little anemic. I get so tired so easy and my pulse is 110.
At times i feel i am having chest pain, is it cardiac?
I am starting an asprin regimen and was wondering if 325mg was to much?
Should I get checked by a doctor?
I have anxiety. i will watch tv for two hours and still have a rappid heart beat. how do i make it stop?
What do i do if someone's having a heart-attack?
Someone told me this weird true fact?
What does intrmuscularly mean when refering to a injection?
Can 'cold sores' be cured ?
Can u contract AIDS from kissing?
What are the first symptoms of altsimas?
How safe are flu shots?
What places are you most likely to catch Athlete's foot and how can you prevent getting it?
Does smoking Cigarettes still while you have strep throat make it worse??
Can a Flu shot make you sick or terminally ill?
Allergies: suffering running nose in spring, how to prevent?
Is anyone else out there allergic to carrots?
Why can't I eat most fruits????
What helps drain fluid between the middle and inner ear?
Who agrees with me that the health section of yahoo answers...?
Prostate cancer question?
I was recently told that drinking alcohol can help prevent skin cancer, Is this true?
My friend has bouts of unexplained diarrhea. She has had several colonoscopy that show her colon is clean.?
When we could be paying for a cure for CANCER?
How can I convince my mom to get cancer treatment?
Does coffee, drinking alcohol, having a miscarriage cause breast cancer?
If you have, or had cancer did you know that something was wrong before your diagnosis? Like a 6th sense?
Is it okay to inhale cigar smoke?
If you drink and smoke regularly at 17, at what age can you expect to get cancer?
How to get rid of zits?
Can maggots get in a humans skin while they're still living?
Sleepers hello! my husband snores loud. What should be done to stop him from snoring?o?
What is it? Around my lips: Chapped skin. Red. Dry Flakey. Cracked corners of mouth.?
My little girl has a sore throat,please send get well greatings.lol?
Does alcohol or hydrogen peroxide better for cleaning cuts?
Can the bug that lives in hospitals and on people be cured?think its called mmrsa?
Is 104 degrees high???
Is it strange that a man with a rare form of TB has a father-in-law that specialize in TB research?
If one contracts "Hepatitis C", does one necessarily die from it?
How can i check if my dog has rabies?
Can someone get infected of HIV by kissing somenone on the mouth.?
How do you get staff virus?
What are these symptoms of???
Does hiv have a cure or a similar cure?
What happens if i was to poo in someones mouth?
HIV information please..thank you?
I have been sick for a little over 2 weeks?
I need to catch chicken pox?
Is kissing (getting thier saliva) a person with Mononucleosis the only way to get the disease ?
Should you avoid caffeine if you have a cold?
Ring worm infection?
What is the fear of turkeys called?
Is it possible i have breast cancer at 16?
What type of CANCER has any of your FAMILY or FRIENDS had ?
I smoke occasionally...but wen i do smoke like 5-6 cigarettes.wat r chances of getin cancer? 10 points?
How would a cancer victim eventually die if he/she never knew they had cancer?
How does/did cancer affect patient or family?
If u had cervical cancer what would u do?
Cancer sadness?
Can talking on the phone really give you cancer?
Lung cancer?
How Many people have allergies?
I have a 2 month old who has eczema. Does that for sure mean she has food allergies?
4cc equal to 0.4ml?
My asthma got worse but!!!?
Whats the best way to treat blocked/runny nose?
Do allergy shots really work?
I have a fever of 104 F?
How do you know if you have HIV?
I've just discovered a verruca on my big toe how long do they take to go?
Why is it that a chicken pox vaccination usually does not cause a person to become ill with chicken pox?
Is it true that if someone dies of a disease such as Hepatitis C or HIV-AIDS....?
If a 40 year old healthy man hasn't taken a flu shot in over ten years, should he start now?
Getting sick from staying up late?
Are stomache virus contagious through the air??
When i go to the doctor, my otherwise normal blood pressure spikes high. what can i do to lower it at the doc?
Left side chest pain HELP IT HURTS!!!?
Is left arm pain and swelling a sign of a heart attack?
My wife had plastic surgery under general anesthesia!?
How can i control my mom's high Blood Pressure?
If you have heart surgery without insurance, who pays the bill?
Is my high blood pressure meds. causing me to gain weight?
What are the signs of a heart attack? Are you suppose to feel something in your arm or just or your chest?
What is the difference between a stroke and a heartattack?
My husband's blood pressure dropped to 105/55. Dangerous?
Does living in the same house with that of a chicken pox patient necessarily lead to contacting that disease?
What should I do if I become constipated?
Can cranberry juice get RID of UTI?
Sniffling and coughing nurse at doc's office?
Cure for Eye Stye?
Why don't we use anti-virals for the common cold?
What do you do when you cant control a childs fever by meds?
How much does an HIV test cost?
Can you get the common cold from the cold weather?
There is a red liquid leaking from my head and arms?
What causes blackheads?
How do you know if one of your lungs has collapsed?
Does it hurt when you get stiches removed?
My mother recently died, she had cancer. How do I cope?
How do men catch prostate cancer?
Do you know of any terminally ill cancer patient who has been cured? If yes, how were they cured?
Please help me think of a slogan!!?
Why do people get cancer??
Leukemia?????? please help asap?
Can a 15 year old male have breast cancer?
My dad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.?
My mom has Type 4 Breast Cancer, and its spread to the spine and her liver. what does this mean?! please help
Does chemotherapy make you lose your appetite?
I am wondering if are cashews a peanut?
Is it possible to be allergic to your own ***?
Are you supposed to drink cool water with a cough and sore throat?
I daily get swelling in my foots due to sitting job? is there any effective home made remedy?
Why do most people in the us/canada have so many strange allergies ex.. peanuts,etc.?
My nose is itchy a lot, thought it might be hayfever but I get this during the winter also?
Is it bad for a 15 years old boy have a tattoo ???
If ur allergic to something can u get cured?
What allergy medication works for you? (over the counter)?
Can I take Allegra?
Is it unhealthy to take a bath when you have a fever? Will taking a bath make the fever worse?
The kissing disease?
Throat (10 points)?
How do i know if i have strep throat?
What can be used for a mouth ulcer in a 11 month old child?
Will a simple blood test show if i have HIV? If not, what blood test should i get done?
What are the first symptoms of Hepatitis C?
Is this herpes?
Do u know how long it takes before somone dies ...i think my uncel has jaundice?
Question about the bird flu?
My boyfriend just found out that he has lymphoma. he wants me to be supportive, but im not sure what to do.?
Does Writing on your hands cause skin cancer?
Does intake of spicy food protect us from cancer?
Could it be breast cancer?
Early symptoms of prostrate cancer?
Please help...HIV question...?
What are the symptons of testicular cancer?
I tend to drink about four nights out of the week. i am 22 and just graduated college....am i an alcoholic?
How to cured herpes?
Has anyone cut thier hair for Locks of Love?
What was Helen Keller's favorite color?
Were can i buy an ipod less than $00.1?
How this therapies can treat cancer ! herbal medicines for cancer, yoga for cancer ,acupunture for cancer?
Does Peeing on a jellyfish sting make it feel better?
Does any1 smoke tweeed ?
How do i control my blood preesure wthout taking medicine?
I am going to Majorca for 10 days and dont know if I need to get a vaccine for hepatitis A or not?
My daughter has a fever and a rash?
What kingdom does malaria belong to?
Pink eye? Anyone ever had it?
What is pneumonia?is it a kind of fever?
Ok so ive been sick for a week now....????
Would you donate your organs? if not why?
How can I cure tonsillitis?
Our 4 year old granddaughter has a persistent night cough.?
Which metal is more hypoallergenic--platinum or yellow gold?
How can I find out if I'm gluten intolerant?
What does it mean when your eyes itch bad??
What kind of medications should I avoid if i have even the slightest bit of lactose intolerance? Tylenol ok?
Is it possible for a toddler to get skin infection due to the use of certain baby products.?
Has anyone used Zyrtec? I've never taken allergy meds but it's so bad this yr I thought i'd try it. Thanks
I bin getting alot oh Hives lately around my body and sometimes my lip gets swollen what can i do?'?
Medical question please?
What does this mean?
What causes a person to get dizzy spells during exercise?
What is your cholesterol?
How 2 check ur pulse?
My 19 Year Old Son?
What can we do to prevent the heart diseases that r inherited from family like blockage?
Tonite I simply wish to ask your prayers for my incurable severe edema & congestive heart failure?
Since I had recent chest pain, will I actually end up having a heart attack?
If you were dying and no one could save your life but you heart was heathy and a person who was dying needed a
What's the best way to lower one's blood pressure without taking any maintenance?
What is emo?
A person is suffering from hepatitis B and D and also chronic hepatitis c now is he or she is prone to?
I stuck my finger with a rusty metal brush and am 8 mos. pregnant. should i go to the dr.?
My partner is keeps on telling me ihave infections i have a smell what can i do to stop that?
Can chapped hands transmit HIV?
Give me two examples of communicable diseases.?
True or False? Everyone exposed to the flu virus will get sick?
Can you get strep throt when you DON'T thave your tonsles?
Serious health issue with my 9 year old son?
Adult with Chicken pox?
What kind of diseases can you catch by smoking?
Will my acne ever get better?
Is proactive good for acne!!!?
I am 19 years old. Still there are many less hairs on my body..no moustache.what could be the reason.?
My ear won't stop ringing.?
If you feel bloated and have trapped wind and are a bit constipated is it better to just have fluids or eat!?
How long does a cold (i know they are not all the same) take to show symptons after you are infected?
What disease makes yawns contagious?
How likely is it that I'm going to get a cold....?
WHAT IS THE FLAP IN THROAT behind your tounge that you can feel if you stick your finger in your throat?
Is it dangerous to take too many antibiotics?
Worried I have meningitis?
Is there a way you can tell if you have aids? Just curious to know?
Which has more germs in the restroom?
What are some dieases anyone can get?
Where can a man go to get a breast exam for breast cancer?
Can drinking if you're an older person cause cancer? A 59 year old woman. If she has four drinks a day?
At what age would you tell your 3 children that you had?
Can a cancer patient be an organ donor?
What is ostomy?
Does sleeping chest down cause breast cancer?
Lump on my back?
Question about Chemo?
I have cancer my naturopath told me not to eat bread or pasta and dairy iv done it for 2 months please help !!
What do you say to someone who has just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer ?
Should I have a bad memory??
Freakin Allergies AHHHHHHHH?
Why does snot hurt your nose when you have a cold?
How can I humidify my bedroom if I dont have a humidifier/vaporizer?
Sever stomach ache for an hour after eating eggs or any item containg eggs.?
Please answer?
How safe is it for my 3 1/2 year old to use a nasal spray.?
What are allergies and why do some people have them?
Seasonal allergies? PLEASE HELP ME!?
My blood pressure is not reducing despite all efforts?
Has anyone had a near death experience?
What do you do when your blood pressure is high?
My heart and lungs are hurting?
Will my cholesterol level result go down if i eat little for 1 week before the test?
What are the common symptoms of high blood pressure?
Can the effects of artherosclerosis be reversed?
What is the likelihood that a 26yr female could have a heart attack?
Heart pains and only 20?
How many orgasms would it take to bring on a heart attack?
Can my child go out when she has Tonsillitis?
What is jaundice mean?
How long does the flu last for?
Health & sanitation question?
Are you going to get the flu shot? If not, why not?
What can I do to build my immunity? I have been sick a lot lately.?
Delaying the MMR vaccination?
Can you get an std if both partners are virgins?
Why does my boyfriend burn when he passes water and when hes just moving about? it's only started a few weeks
I had a band aid over my wound for a week. now the wound really smells. is that normal?
Cancer question?
How is cancer treated?
How do I tell a friend that I know she has cancer ?
A question about cancer?
Why don't cancer doctors prescribe Bexxar and Zevalin?
Is Smoking worth all the damage it does to your body? Isn't it a very slow painful form of suicide?
Question about prostate cancer?
I have a project that I am doing for my Health2 class, and we have to ask 20 people if they know the 7 warning
What is a good fundraiser to raise money for a 9 year old girl diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer?
I had a chemo appt. this morning and the Dr said my platelets are low. How can I raise them before next week?
I just found out a co-worker has Hep C. Is she allowed to be preparing food for the public?
How do people contract disease easily???
Hello! What happens now that I accidentally ate a bowl of unwashed lettuce???
What is the best over the counter medicine for an upset stomach?
Is a temperature of 99.1 a fever?
I stepped on a nail at my friends house and didnt really go in that far.?
What are home remedies for urinary tract infections?
Im so scared. can someone tell me wutt tetanus looks like??[read below]?
When a mosqito found buzzing around me at midnight,get up to kill it or tolerate it?
Can you be immunised against chickenpox?
Does Augmentin cause rashes and if so how long will they last after stopping the antibiotic?
IBS and food allergies?
Could I all of a sudden start getting allergies in the period of two weeks?
I'm allergic to cats and... ?
Allergic to peanuts?
Is this sinus?
If I have green mucus does that mean I have a cold or infection?
Does anyone have any suggestions for severe itching due to medication?
I am a 16 year olf going to Italy, and I have coeliac disease? Should I still go???
Does anyone have a cure for a stuffy nose? Please!?
Is coffee good or bad for high blood pressure?
Question about blood pressure: Is this possible? Arrythmia feature?
I have had chest pains/pressure for the past 6 days. I went to a clinic that took my blood pressure?
Why did my dad pass away of a heart attack?
Is my heart rate to high??? Im NOT excercising?
Do i have heart problems ?
Do any one knows if acid reflux causes your heart to hurt?
Heart attack?
When blood pressure is high what do you do to bring it down?
Is this a normal blood pressure?
Chicken soup and colds/flu?
What is a stomach ulcer?
What is the best way to not be scared of shots?
Help me answer this please?
Why does some people evn exposed to the hiv/aids virus do not get infected?
How possible is it, to be infected with HIV if one kisses person who is HIV positive. A kiss like a french kis
I have UTI( urinary tract infection, I was wondering can that be healed without using any antibiotica?
Urinary tract infection?
A man with half a brain can survive?
I read that a symptom of colon cancer is bloody stools....Just how bloody do these stools look to cause alarm?
Prostate Cancer?
Whats the life expectency, for a person with lung cancer?
Could I have cancer? Please read.?
Is it true that if a tumor hurts it is benign?
How long does a person live is stomach cancer is left untreated?
Is palliative care free?
Does anyone know of a good online pharmacy to order Vicodin without a doctors prescription ?
Why did it happen to my friend? He was so young!?
I have chronic diarreha. Is there anything I can take to stop it? Inmodium isn't working.?
Could he have an std?
Does anybody know the syptoms of kidney stones?
Home remedies for chigger bites!! ahh!?
I have big (open) pores on my face. I know u cant shrink them but is there a makeup to make em LOOK smaller?
Sudden unexplained numbness???????????
Is this bad? help!!?
How can I get rid of stretch marks?
What is aids?
If u got an meningitis shot could u still get meningitis?
What is the effect of mouth to mouth kissing?
Is crohn's disease contagious?
Flu jabs ?
Aids needle?
Why is animal testing allowed?
How do you know if you have AIDS?
Which of the following is true??
Child with bad allergies?
Can you devlope a food allergy to something you weren't previously allergic to?
Does anyone have any natural remedies for dealing with seasonal allergies?
Anyone here suffering more then usual with allergies???
Trouble breathing. can you help ?
Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis and interstitial lung disease.?
My 6 year old son has eczema and has since birth. I recently took him to the doctor for coughing and runny?
When should I start using Nasonex for allergy prevention?
The thought of dust mites living on me literally makes my skin crawl.. what's the best way to get rid of them?
I'm diabetic?
Sleepy after eating sweets?
How long do i have to live? micro albumin is starting to come out of my kidneys?
The lifespend of the diabetic?
Are people with type 1 diabetes allowed to be vegan?
Can anyone help me?
Symptoms of Hypoglycemia?
Sugar diabetes.........confused...
I am diabetic but get really bad hypos.?
Is a blood sugar level at 88 after eating candy low?
Losing A Patient Because I Wasn't Good Enough?
Does ocean water heal cuts or will it infect it?
Is amoxicillin strong enough for a 50yr old women w/staph?
What cause the mouth ulcer and how to treat?
HELP!!!..this resturant needs to be closed due to the staph infection....?
Why the girls s0 sensitive?
Help, need as much info (valid) as possible! Re: Herpes?
What is the safest way to carry mobile phones with us which can avoid any damage to our health?
Is lyme disease deadly?
Where do E.coli live in our bodies?
If you re diabetic can You Fly on A plane?
I am diebetic and i am alergic to insulin and pills.my body doesn't use sinthetic any thing. what do i do?
What is the life expectancy for End Stage Renal Failure w/no dialysis?
What type of drugs are best suit for type2 DIABETES?
Is my blood sugar normal?? PLEASE READ?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
Is there a site where doctors will answer your questions?
Dry mouth?
Are sugar free chewing gums safe for diabetics?
Will a blood test pick up weed?? :s:s?
I need a unique viral or bactrial disease...?
I am 23 yrs and I have hemorrhoids problem help me to cure this and tel me the do's and donts?
How to cure oral thrush?
Does getting cold sores / herpes on my mouth have anything to do with having my appendix out?
I steped on a really rusty nail?
How do you get Mucus out of your throat?
Does ringworm go away withou medication?
Can you have pain in your urethra when you're not peeing if you have a infection?
Can a guy get a yeast infection? If so, how?
Can you buy insulin over the counter??
What's the importance of HbA1c test. what information will it give.?
How can i tell if i have diabetes?
Am I the only 1...?
All of a sudden my blood sugar has soared to as high as 370 in a few hours from being normally around 150.?
Why would someone faint after cutting their finger with just a relatively small loss of blood?
What are some causes of feet and legs swelling.?
Can hypoglycaemia lead to diabetes?
Is a blood pressure reading of 145/76 high?
Type 1 diabetics only?
To fellow diabetics: what is you preferred method to treat hypoglycemia?
If I'm hypoglycemic will I need one of those blood sugar testing things?
Generally, how dangerous is open heart surgery?
Sharp, sudden heart pain and Metallic taste?
How long after chemotherapy will my hair grow back?
Something is wrong with my heart!! Please Help!?
Breast cancer question?
What do you give a teenage girl undergoing chemo?
Ok. I have an irregular heartbeat and its caused by severe stress. So any suggestions?
When you have cancer can you get rid of it?
Please Help Me?
Do you think smoking one cigar a month is going to kill you?
What are the symptoms leading up to a heart attack?
Heart Palpitations- are they serious?
Did you know that canadian scientists have proven that using cell phones can cause cancer?
Whats a fast way of dieing?
Are people dying younger these days of cancer?
Do you think a 15 year old can get colon cancer, if he rarely eats junk food but alot of meat?
15 year old son, has always been healthy, just had surgery to remove lymph node.......?
Can you overdose on insulin i take 46 units and im worried incase i need more and accidently overdose myself?
Out of Control Diabetes?
Type two diabetes?
How to lower blood sugar levels in diabetes?
I'm thirsty i drink water and I'm even more thirsty?
Symptoms of Diabetes?
Is turkey bad for diabetics?
How long does diabetic neuropathy last?
Do you have to have diabetes and other diseases to be a candidate for gastric bypass surgery/?
Is obesity an early symptom of type II diabetes?
Sinus headache over right eye with these symptoms....?
I work in a small office where people have allergies to perfume and I like to wear perfume. What can I do?
Are there any adverse reaction or side effect when ingesting multiple vitamins and mineral pills?
Is it true that allergies have increased in recent years?
What are the symptoms of a peanut butter allergy???
Everytime I wake up, I seem to have a runny nose.Is there something wrong with me?
I think my son is allergic to his formula cuz he has a bad rash on his neck?
I think i might have a slight allergy to milk is that possible?
Any way to fight an allergy to caffeine?
Why is sneezing contagious????
Can u catch Hep.C by drinking after someone who has it?
What happens if you eat pus?
Feed or starve a summer cold?
Can I get hepatitis B if I used the same razor blade as the other person about 2 or more hours apart?
What is the most harmful disease known to man?
How do you know if a person is suffering from bird flu?
If you could find/ or had a cure for just 1 disease, which would you cure first. And why?
My 10 year old son has pharyngitis does anyone know what this is?
Does eating marmite help to prevent mosquito bites?
Diabetes and weed- THE TRUTH?
How do u get diabeates? can u only get it by family historiy??
Type Two turning into Type One?
What is the sugar level of a person suffering from dibaties?
I am a diabetic.Is watermelon a good fruit to take in this status?
How do i check for diabetes?
Anyone have a child with diabetes?
Diabetes in animals?
What is a good snack that is filling and satisfying?
How can i get sick?
Eating's for a Sore Throat?
I have a bladder infection, can I use Ampicillin to clear it up?
What is " Pink eye "???
I am a 29 year old female who just was diagnosed with shingles. Does this mean I have HIV/AIDS?
Are there any side effects to a flu shot?
Your opinion: Viral or bacterial infection?
Who's the guy that discovered Antibiotics?
Boyfriend unwell?
How can i get ride of a bladder infection or a uninary tract infection?
Need help with lifestyle changes.. just found out i have diabeties?
I am Type 2 diabetic can i drink milk?if yes whats the name of it and where i can find it?
What kind of snack can I offer to someone with diabetes?
Does anyone know how long after the expiration date on medicine that it is still good for?
Diabetics! What is your fav artificial sweetener?
Man im going to be killed at my next doctors aptment what to do?
What is type 2 diabetic is there many type of diabeic?
How to lower the blood sugar in kids (not taking insulin)?
What is the easiest way to find out if you have diabetes if you cant afford to go to the doctor?
Best way to get a fever down?
I am suffering from fever. What should I do.?
Do i have an ear infection?
Do measles still exist?
Is it dangerous ?
Can you get hiv from useing someones touth brush?
What is craines disease? (not sure if spelt correctly)?
How do i get rid of negative Thinking that other people have put in my head and replace them with positive?
Have you had a hospital acquired infection?
I need to know if cancer is contagious?
My dad smoked all his life.....?
My father has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Well advanced the Dr. said.?
What things help stay away from cancer?
My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer yesterday ....?
Whats the name of the medicine for leukemia?
If you puke after you have an IV injection of a cancer chemotherapy drug, do you taste the drug in your mouth?
What are Colon Cleansers used for and what are the side effects?
Could I have cancer?
Can you get cancer from using the microwave too much?
How can I reduce my blood sugar level?
My boyfriend and diabetes...?
How many carbs per meal is good for a diabetic to eat?
My husband's a newly diagnosed diabetic and I was wondering what could be used as a chocolate substitute?
Sugar levels?
How do you pronounce diabetes?
Is it true that cinnamon lower bloodsugar?
Tell me everything you know about diabetics. What do you do when they feel "Shaky or Unstable"? Please help!
Can it really be diabetes??
Do diabetic comas happen when you sugars are high? or low? or both?serious answers please!?
Shellfish Intolerance??
Is there any way to stop allergies?
I've been stung by a wasp.info please!!!!!!!!!!!
What happens if your allergic to milk but you keep drinking it?
How can I convince my parents to get a pet when I have allergies?
Why are some people allergic to cats but not dogs?
Red haired people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Would this doctor bother you?
Kimya dawson and the moldy peaches are seriously annoying?
My husbannd has invalundray head movement (nodding) does any one know the cause?
What is the best way to relieve a persistent cough?
Will someone please make my sunburn go away!!!???
What do webbed toes mean in a man?
Does salt cause Hypertension?
Is a pregnant woman with diabetes more likely to give birth to a child with high or low birth weight?
Hiv & want kids?
My best friend is diabetic and i need help!?
Will putting baking soda in water and drinking it help get rid of a UTI? I also read taking alka-seltzer will?
What is AIDS caused by?
Does flucloxacillin contain peniciln?
I have a miserable cold, need to go to work tomorrow. Any help?
If you have crabs do you HAVE to notify your partner?
Who wants to play Dr. House?
I just found out i have worms?
Average body temperature?
Does exctasy make your pupils big?
Blood pressure vs weight connection ?
Please help me ASAP!!! im in a serious dilema!!!!!!!!!????????
Please help...?
6 risks factors of heart disease???????????
If you have low blood pressure and have been dizzy for three weeks, will high salt intake really make u better
Is a hole in the heart genetic?
How do you wake up in the morning without having coffee & abstaining from all caffiene?
Has anyone in your family had heart surgery?
How is angina brought on?
What are the chances of getting HIV from a tattoo?
I am 26 years old working in IT firm, i m having discomfort in my anus, i consulted the doctor,?
I think I have HIV. I have been very tired lately, bad diarrhea, swollen glands, and recurring yeast infectio
I have but one question.......?
HIV amd Band-Aids....?
Is it common to get an ear infection from headphones?
Can you get a disease from kissing?
PLEASE HELP/READ!! emergency concerning my 5 year old neighbor whos in the ER?
My mom is having serve complications from breast cancer is now in ER two full due to medial privacy I cannot?
What does skin cancer look like when it starts?
Was apologizing the right thing to do? What IS the right thing to do?
Im a 15 year old male and ive been smoking cigs for 4 years now and i think i have lung cancer?
What is in cigarettes?
Breast Cancer... please help!!!
Breast CANCER in 12 YR old?
How can i outsmart someone who has bone cancer?
What's the best way to treat the flu?
Please explain this too me :]?
I just swallowed the phone?
I have had flu all over Christmas and feel like i am very hot then very cold , headache?
What is wrong with me??
How many Disease are out there?
How did the HIV/AIDS virus really start?
Ear infection...?
Can You get this at all?
I have a scratchy throat?
Can you have yogurt if you are allergic to milk?
Why is my baby still throwin up her lactose free formula?
My nose is like a faucet, its been occuring all night, help?
Is This The WORSE Allergy Season Ever......????
I'm kinda freaking out right now..?
What is the best medication to use for chronic sinuses?
When i eat a banna, melon, and kiwi my mouth or lips always itch like a lot. what does it mean?
How to prevent allergy from air conditioner?
Sickness after a meningitis vaccine?
What are the syptoms of thrush and how do you get it?
Could i have mono?
I have a sore throat and a earache can this be MRSA??
I think my brother might have tapeworm?
What is wrong with society when there are activists fighting mosquito spraying and yet people are being bit?
What is the best way to get marijauna out of your system in two days?
What actions would a nurse take if she had a patient with a considerably high temperature?
Can hepatitis c be cured?
Hiv and punishment?
How do i make myself have a fever??
Can I get serious infectious diseases from a cab?
Is it dangerous to let a yeast infection go untreated for a couple of days?
I won't let the doctor do a throat culture with a swab, is there another way?
What is the correct procedure in cleaning your hands as taught in the Hospitals?
I cut my finger on my friend's insulin pen and she's been diagnosed with salmonella poisoning?
Ok girls i have been told that apparently that we can catch thrush from someone else?
There was a water fountain, and a person dropped his blood there, is there a chance for a drinker to be infect
If u get involved into a lip-lock with an HIV+ve patient who has a bleeding gum,are you at risk?
Pain when i turn my neck advice needed?
Brain tumor...?
What if this were your last Christmas, what would you want?
Why is that a person that has had breast cancer should not have their blood pressure taken from that side?
How Do u know?!?
Can you get a lip cancer from smoking cigarettes?
Has there been a cure for Cancer, HIV and AID all along ?
Lumps inside of my mouth?
Can you give me the cure for cancer?
Please help man health?
Can you still have a heart attack if your cholesterol is low?
Am I at risk for having stroke? I ask this cause...?
I am terrified of the doctor?
Congested heart disease?
Would he have felt any pain?
Would you recommend high intensive aerobic activity for someone who is suspected of having a cardiac infarca?
Why does my child have heart pain ?
Everyone once in a while, i have this mild pain in my chest. what could it be?
How dangerous is occasional smoking?
A friend is climbing astairs he felt shortining of breath &pain; in chest&left; arm .He took rest &?
What should i do? i get wetness under my arrms even in winters.?
Help, my 12 yr old has a piece of shell nut stuck in the back of his throat, bread won't push it down?
How do you get rid off blisters?
My head itches!?!?!?help?
How can i get rid of blackheads in my nose?
If you have fair skin and your neck is kind of brown, what does that mean?
Why are some people bitten by mosquitos and others not?
Need some help with eyes?
Allergy shots?
I'm allergic to the nickel in the buttons on my jeans. Isn't this weird? Do they sell jeans with nickel free
What is the difference between a food allergy vs a food intolerance?
I have seasonal allergies. Now that it is Dec. - cold, why are my allergies really bad again NOW?
Does crabmeat contain penicillin or something similar?
How to get rid of a cold by tomorrow?
How can I find out myself what kind of food I am allergic to??
Catchy opening paragraph about food allergies?
Antibiotics & Alcohol?
Since its summer, is it possible for flies to get in your ear ?
OMG do vaccines make you GAY???
What are symptoms of bladder infection?
Bladder infections that keep coming back?
What can you eat if you have a fever?
Cold sores?
My little girl suffers from urinary tract infections...?
How can I ward off this sickness?
One fact about H.I.V aids?
Can any one give me information on HIV - Aids ?
Is this a staph infection?
My mom has a very bad itch on her hands , any ideas or cures?
Depressed white blood cell count?
How Big Is a Germ?
What works best for a sore throat?
The Truth Exposed: "Did you know that you may be drinking bug extract?!"?
Is this flu? what can I do?
How could i prevent this not to spread to my love ones or any were else help me please.....?
What has happened to the carbolic smell of hospitals?
How do you know if your having a heart attack?
Can y'all pray for my aunt?
Mild heart pain and shortness of breath?
Why am i having upper left abdominal pain that radiates into my left shoulder and left mid back?
Is fat acceptable after undergoing open-heart surgery (for 13 yes old)?
What are common symptomps of stroke?
Am I going to be OK???
How can i slow down my resting heart rate? Its 140 beats per/min?
My heart isnt beating right...?
What is it when your heart beats fast in your chest?
3 Days With Acid Reflux???
Badly Constipated!?
Please help info on herpes !!!?
If you had only 2 weeks left with your ill mother, besides taking care of her, how would you spend the time?
I have boils and something like milk in private part what is it?
Can pneumonia be detected using a stethoscope?
What's the fastest way to get over a cold?
My son has some blister looking bumps on his chest and back only. He is not running a fever nor do the spots?
What do you do for the pain of strep throat?
How long does it take for d HIV virus to be detected in a test?Detail answers needed pls.?
My daughter has chicken pox and a sore eye help?
What causes impetigo?
Why do i keep getting sick?
Just diagnosed with Thyroid cancer?
Need more information about chemotherapy?
Is Shizophrenia hereditary?if a girl`s sister has it,does the sister,whose normal,when gets married,?
What could a hard pea size lump on my scalp be it only hurts with hard pressure?
Whoever thinks there is a cure for cancer....?
What causes breast cancer and what are the signs of breast cancer?
Which is worse AIDS or Cancer?
Is there a cure for cancer ?
Can chinese people get cancer?
What is throat cancer's survival rate?
How Do You No If Your Allergic To Something...........?????
Brass smell?
Deja vu problemm?
Blonde Jokes!!!!?
What's wrong with me?
What is the best medication for a summertime cold?
What causes allergies? What are the most common allergens?
Should I Give My 15 month old daughter A Over The Counter Allergy Medicine?
How to prevent misscarriages?
My throat is killing!!!?
What Can Happen If Somenone Wear An Underwear for a year without washing it?
Whats the worst desease in the world?
What the treatment of piles?
What is the difference between susceptibility and vulnerability,can they be used interchangeably?
Do i need a tetanus? Im sure ive had it since i left school, my kitten just bit my finger?
Can u get a cold from a person u gave it to?
Why do mosquitoes attack me but won't touch my husband?
What is the scientific name of Mononucleosis?
Could you get aids if a mosquito bites you?
Should someone with a staph infection on antibiotics for less than 24hrs be at work???????????
Does oranges have high content of vitamin a?
Sever headache when having a bowel movement?
What Would Happen If I Ate Eggs Everyday?
I am 31 year old man, my cholesterol is 5.3 should i worry?
When arteries get clogged, can they be unclogged?
How to get rid of Heart Burn?
How do you flush out cholesterol from your arteries by Ayurvedic or any medicine.?
What are the symptoms of a future heart attack?
Can someone please help me. my dad has high blood pressure and he takes to blood pressure pills?
Does too much tea cause high BP?
Swollen Eye Lid-cure ideas???
What to give a 4year old with a runny nose?
I have constant itchy and watery eyes, any suggestions on how to get relief?
If you are allergic to dogs or cats. Can you develop an immunity to these allergies given prolonged exposure?
Why do we have allergies?
Why am I getting bloody noses when I blow my nose?
Why are there so many chlidren developing peanut allergies now?
Is this normal...?
How can I raise the temperature on a thermometer to make it seem like i have a flu?
What happened to the people in the plague .. like i get that they died ... but why ? and how?
I have just sneezed on my p/c dose that mean it has a virus now?
What does it mean when u have swallen tonsils and a fever but doesnt have strep and already went to the dr?
Pink eye??
Can u catch syphallis thru kissing?
Where exactly is your liver located and also?
My forehead is hot, im sneezing and i have a fever i know its a cold any remedies? to help it?
Girlfriend has Hepititus "B" what to do?
Diseases from blood?
How to prevent a cold from getting worse?
HIV/AIDS Man created!!!?
What are the most disgusting diseases on earth?
Why is it a bad idea to prescribe someone antibiotics when they have a cold or other viral infection?
OMG... how do u get rid of a urinary tract infection (UTI) QUICKLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Epstein Barr ?????????????????????????...
Help with kidney stones!!!?
My son is 11 years old, on 27 december 2006, he struck rope in his neck, he rope was tied between two pillars?
How do I get rid of freckles?
If your urine sample was deemed clean by a doctor, what are the chances you have an std?
I have problems having a bowel movement where are the doctors?
What can I do for sore lips?
Why do i get heart burn when iv been bent over?
What does it mean when a dr says that your red blood cells r high ?
What is Hepatitis ?
Is a pulse reading of 59 too low? What is an ideal reading.?
Can stress or anxiety cause your heart to stop beating for a second or two?
The amount of blood pumped by the left ventricle of the heart during one heartbeat is called?
What does an irregular heart beat sound like?
Heart attack?
I've been having an irregular heartbeat for some time now.?
Giving up smoking?
I have a rash?
What medicine can I take for really bad seasonal allergies that won't make me drowsy?
After over-the-counter antihistamines, whats the next step in treating chronic allergies?
I have bug bites particularly on my feet. What keeps biting me and how do I stop it?
Persitant cough had for 5months now.dry,sometimes all day some times few during day alot at night?
Too many bananas???
If i spray everywhere with viniger and water in spray bottle will that help with allergies?
Explain how/why air conditioning helps those with allergies?
What is the best over-the-counter allergy medication?
What can i use if i have a breakout on my face due to allergies. it happens every summer?
Wet Blood and HIV...PLEASE HELP!?
Will my Urinary tract infection go away?