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Does stress cause acne?
Would a nose job help?
Should i trust my doc ? tired of this....?
When you have an allergy to pencillin, what do you use?
My eyes burn, can you help me???!?!?!?!?
Dogs without allergens: Do you know of any?
Does anyone get spots,acne when they eat chocolate?
Have you ever have problems with milk?
Is it possible to be allergic to TAP water?
Ear snot problem!!?
Could a soar throat and a ear ache be connected!?
Is there another cure for cancer besides Chemo?
Is it possible to controll cancer(lymphomas) by infecting with HIV,as it can destruct lymphocytes.?
Anyone have any knowledge on breast cancer?
Whats the best way to cure very severe fungal nail infection?
Can you get AIDS by a cut from a broken toilet if they lived in it a year ago?
Is oral cancer curable?
Whats the best medicine for flu?
Are there any signs and symptoms of skin cancer?
Is kissing just a way of avoiding eye contact?
Just because i have bleeding gums and back pain doesnt mean i have leukemia ??
Quit smoking?...any tips or ways to do so?
If you have been vaccinated for Hepatitis A, B, and C...can you still get it?
I haven't been attending some of my uni lectures due to my illness, do I have to inform them about it?
What is VD?
Anyone have any information on lymphoma cervical cancer?
Inside of my voulva is itching and splashing since last week?
Is there a cure for bacterial vaginois?
What is the difference between a canker soar and a cold soar?
Chances of having Cancer? I'm 18, male and eat very unhealthy.?
Can anyone tell me what polycemia vera is? Thank you.?
Do cell phones really cause brain cancer?
Once prostate cancer has spread to the bones and lymph nodes how long is life expectancy?
Whats worse a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection?
Will u marry someone had brain tumour?
Flu like symptoms body aches sore throat really bad headache what can I do to make myself feel better.?
My mom was just diagnosed with lung cancer and??
What kind of diseases can u get from needles?
Could animals get cancer?
Are you able to use oliveoil to get rid of lice and can they fall out of your hair?
Could you die from HIV/AIDS??
My mom was said to have pancreatic cancer, she started having pain back in Dec 2007...No byopsy has been done?
At what age did you get chicken pox ?
What does a tumor with teeth & hair mean and is located on the hip section of the body?
Possibility of hiv like this?
How to get rid of cold and sore throat?
My uncle has hypertension, what should eat less of or more of?
Will the carotid arteries clear themsleves?
I get chest pains?
What is a heart valve? And what can be done if it leaks?
Would you offer your heart?
Chest pain 4" under center of neck,then pain rise to lower jaw area.is this something to worry about?
What medicines should a person take when he has blood clot & when his heart beat fast?
My husband had heart pain few months back.Is it related to heart prob.He is 31, slim and brisk?
Will i fail a this drug test? I smoked about 2 weeks ago?
Patient has possible heart attack symptoms - what tests are done in the ER & how long do they take for result?
Couldi get sick from kissing someone that was sick?
How can I fight the flu without medication?
Are you or someone you know on the "down low"?
Why are vaccines touted as being 100% effective, when they are not?
My medical question is are bed sores contagious?
My daughter 11 year has acute tonsilitis.She is thin , breath from mouth.Advise surgery is only solution.?
Help me to stop snorring?
Why does my son have a fever, if he got the flu shot?
Please hurry 103.2 fever?
How high should I let my temperature get before i go to the hospital?
Bulimic?? Help?
Would radiation to the abdomen for cancer cause a loss of appetite?
What alternative treatment for liver cancer stadium 2? How long do they normally live?
Is finally finding a cure for CANCER really a good thing??
How can my lady Pat live through her new diagnosis of Lung Cancer?
What's wrong with my lungs?
Help do i have Cancer?
My son has been sunburned a handful or more times. Does this mean he is going to get cancer? He is 10 now.?
My mom has stomach cancer and im only 13?
If you or someone you know has a lump on their breast does that mean you have cancer?
Does any type of cancer spread?
Can boys get breast cancer???? lol?
How do you stop the itch from an allergic reation?
What would taking 200mg of Ibuprofen do to me?
Am I allegic to marijuana?
What are your weird food allergies?
Is this strep throat?
Do you ever blow your nose loudly in public?
I have really bad allergies i tried everything but it doesn't work?
Can a person be allergic to a food but then later in life not be allergic to it?
I heard there is a permanent cure for hayfever please could someone tell me if anyone's heard that too?
My nose is stuffed up and Its killing me HELP!?
What do you think of Hiv positive people having children?
What's wrong with me?
Pink eye...how do you get it?
Chickenpox...how easy to catch?
I've got shingles?
Why vaccine is not yet developed against HIV virus?
I am sick, here are my symptoms. What is it? Should I go to the doctor?
If cancer is so rare, why is it the 2nd leading cause of death in the us?
Could it be breast cancer? im only 17 years old?
Possibly a cure for cancer?
Diagnosed with Cancer???
Genetics and cancer?
Has anyone else seen I am Legend?
My dad has cancer...what should I tell him or what should i say to him?
Why do people post such insensitive questions in the cancer section?
Can kids get lung cancer?
I had the flu three weeks ago. My boyfriend just got in town, and has the flu, caught elsewhere. am I at risk
Is it normal....?
I need to know everything about mono!!!!?
Can you get AIDS from blood to blood contact through a person that is not infected with the AIDS HIV virus?
How do you get rid of the flu?
How To Get Rid Of Hemmoroids??
Suffering from acute sinusitis,What is the best thing to take for horrible headaches???
How do i heal my throat?
Is there a diesease that?
Does anybody know if malaria is an infectious desiese ?
How do you know when a verruca has gone?
How do you get rid of a fever?
My throat hurts?
I found out I have pink eye and strep throat last Tuesday. I'm a teacher. When am I safe to be around kids?
Daughter constantly coughing & being sick could this be reflux? also milk intolerant?
Can i drink alcohol with strep throat?
How much cocaine is deadly?
Do you know that sting lose control at the ppp last night?
How to get rid of a tapeworm?
My daughter who is only 11mths is being tested for e-coli how could she have this?
Children with a wheat allergy/intolerance?
Hand swollen after scratch from cat.?
Will everyone get a payout like Leslie Ash for catching MRSA in hospital?
Hi!Does anyone have a cure for recurring sinusitis? I am constantly on anti biotics. Please help thanks?
Bird Flu....Anybody know what happened to the dreaded Bird-Flu NH 11 that was going to decimate the planet....
Does anyone else think the way Mr. Speaker is being treated is wrong? (TB patient in the news)?
Some people are allergic to water, is that true?
Why is there a bubble on my lip?
When I was in the shower, I accidentally touched some mold. If I washed my hands right after should I be ok?
What are the colors of ribbons major charites use and why isn't there one for male breast cancer?
Ohio new smoking law?
Is theare treatment?
NEVER had NAUSEA so bad!Everyones sick in my house w/tummy flu affected everyone diff DON'T HAVE INSURANCE
How can i prove that i have been vacinated for MMR?
If a 5 year old child was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, would the hospital just give?
Hiv through kissing?
My dog past away @ 2:45 of some disease, can you help?
I'm 14 and have weird stretchmarks! How do I get rid of them?
Can HIV be trandsmitted to someone by kising them?
Is it ok to smoke still after throwing up because of smoking?
What is the rarest disease on the planet?
Can HIV be cured absolutely through spiritual -prayers to God?
Is there a cure for rheumatoid arthritis?
Can you get rid of urinary tract infections with out medication?
What do you do to lessen the dark circle below you eyes?
What is the best way to go with quitting smoking cigarettes?
I've been having dull, squeezing, mid-chest pain... please read more, I'm scared!?
Why does my heart keep skipping beats?
Can anyone tell me what exactly a heart murmour is??
How can people Cut down Cholesterol Levels?
My husband is 34 6ft 400lb and just been diagnosed with congestive heart failer what is the life expectancy?
Daughters coughing and clearing throat alot?
What does it mean to have heart?
Last week my doctor prescribed Plavix because I have clogged arteries, especially in my legs and can't walk
Is It normal for my heart to be beating 150bpm after smoking weed?
Is it possible to run in flip flops and retain your dignity?
Stage 3A None Small Cell Cancer>>.....How long does my father have to live??
What are the causes for lung cancer?
What do you think is the worst type of cancer?
How does a person feel when their body begins to be affected by cancer?
Would you shake hands with a leper?
I did test of hiv 4 times and it was negative am i not infected?
Should we teach our kids to kiss or make contact with their saliva to a cat or dog's saliva? That it is safe
Is milk bad for a strep throat and why??
Do you think that bugs that feed on human blood have an antidote for AIDS.?
What are the chances of catching hep c when sharing needles with a carrier? what if the needle was cleaned?
What if the guy that gave me herpes say he didnt cause he always get test and blames it all on me what should?
If I have Shingles does my kid have a chance of getting chicken pox even if he is vaccinated?
Once a person has a staph infection, mrsa, be treated for it, can it reappear?
What are the symptoms of strep throat?
What causes an allergic reaction to gold?
What can I use to stop my insect bite itching?
I'm allergic to Benadryl!?
Can I drink shake that contain a litilt bit of wheat ingredient? when i have wheat allergy?
Could I be allergic to thistle honey?
Why do we get blood in our nose?
Should i stop eat nuts?
Is Food Allergy Test Accurate??
Why is it believed that so many people anymore has food allergies?
Is she lieing about having cancer?
Sore throat and swelling on right side of neck?
Should people who began smoking after the surgeon general issued cancer warnings be able to sue Big Tobacco?
Can you catch cancer?
Are any smokers out there ,giving up for new year?And if you gave up last new year,are you still a non-smoker?
If someone invented a cure for cancer or aids could they win the nobel peace prize?
My dad has colon cancer..?
Is there a cure for skin cancer and lung cancer?
Does coloring your hair cause tumors or cancer?
Can i get hiv this way?
Should I go into work if I'm suffering the symptoms of a flu jab?
Can I Kiss Someone with the Cold I Gave them?
Which U.S. president became a paraplegic after contracting polio at age 39?
WHAT DO I DO!?? Important?
I have a soar throat?
What Should I Eat Instead of Turkey?
Im going crazy!?
Im confused my doctor prescribed antibiotics ``penicillin v`` for my very sore throat...however....?
Am I allowed to.....?
Best Hospital for Cancer treatment in California?
Is radiation coming from appliances really affect the pregnancy?
Does anyone Know what Hemophilia is?
Friend's father is dying, and friend doesn't know...?
I gave up...?
Cervical Cancer?
My cough goes: uuuuurrggghKwukKwukKwuk-o... yours
One side of my face has gone?
What is the FASTEST way to get rid of a cold soar? PLEZZZZ!!!! 10 pts.?
I drink redbull every day, even when i dont feel tired or sleepy. Is that bad?
How do u prevent getting a cold?
My friend recently got a staph infection in his arm. Could he have got this from shooting up?
How do i clean my computer of worms,and viruses and other infections?
Sore Throat?
How do you know if you have kideny disease?
How long does it take for chicken pox to clear and am 23 years old my man want even touch me?
Why do i always have a cold and get throat infections?
My son has Bacterial Meningitis. `?
Why humans have to suffer with problems?
ALOT of blood in my stool?
Does anyone know a good song for my cancer research awareness presentation?
Mom has stage 4 lung cancer...question...?
What if you get breast cancer from doctors?
My grandma has cancer and is not going to live much longer. I want to buy her a really good gift. Any ideas?
What to say to a girl with cancer..?
Is there a stage 5 in breast cancer?
I have heard cancer is highly contagious,?
Apporaximatly how big is 1.7 x 1.6 cm?
COULD i have colon or stomach cancer? (15)?
If you had to be alergic to somthing what would it be?
Is it possible to be allergic to fish oil although I'm not aware of having a fish allergy?
Im allergic to outdoor elements, can i install central air and get a tax break or have insurance pay for part?
Can a cows milk intolerence cause sneezing fits, blocked nose and itcthy nose?
Does anyone know anything about allergies to air conditioning?
Why do I see moving specks of light after I sneeze?
I am allergic to latex. is silicone safe?
Am I allergic to dairy or something else?
Why am I suddenly suffering from severe hayfever later in life?
What will happen if you put eye drops in someones drink?
My boss has got shingles - am i at risk?
Dizzy, sore throat, sores in mouth, cold, shakey?
Do nurses have the right to know the condition of her patient especially when her patient is HIV positive?
Is it possible for someone infected with HIV 21 years ago to still not have AIDS???
What is that lung decease called when person carries an oxagon tank,and they have tubes to their nose?
I currently have a tempature of 101.5. Is there anything I should do beside drink liquids?
Impetigo. any good cures as the fucidin cream doesnt seem to work?
Can you get over the counter medicine for body crabs?
Is hipnotism a possibility ?
How can you tell if you have a infection after getting your ears pierce?
Can heart attack strike teens
I have been diagnaused blood preassure 150/110 i have no other problem some pain in lower back ?
How can you up your blood pressure if it is to low?
My Dad is 61 is in great shape but his heart rate is 54. He exercises regulary and his BP is normal.?
Hi there , my doughter is 9 year &my; son is 7 both after visit the doctor adviced to wear aglass , my question
Not really a question but.......?
Could I be having a heart attack?
Quadruple bypass surgery???
Statins for cholesterol?
Breast cancer?pleassseee!help?
Is getting dizzy after you suddenly stand up or do any sudden movemonts good?
My friend has breast cancer and she has a question?
So I wont have cancer, can any one say with experience?
How often does lung cancer spread to the brain?
Is cirrhosis is a dangerous disease? is it curable?is it a liver cancer?
What is my dad's disease/condition?
Does Splenda cause canser?
Why is my neck painful?
Can you pass on cancer when giving blood?
Who had brain cancer in the band REM?
Have you ever heard of Kevin Tudrow?
How long does someone have to live if they have prostate cancer?
Anti cancer tips?
Do you think cancer will have a cure in the next 50 years?
Does vibration cause cancer?
Doc has told me that i have cervix cancer just by looking inside .?
We need money my husband has lung cancer?
Dont think im an idiot and dont diss me but...?
Help with constipation?
When i go to the bathroom i have these little tiny white worm looking things that come out. What is this?
Am i dying?
I am a 22yrs old.I have problem?
My wife has ....er...rash.....down-un...
Metformin question?
Question about Diabetes... ???
Diabetics, how many of you have high triglycerides and what do you do about it?
Conquering a sugar addiction?
What are the symtoms of dieibeties?
Danger i'm pretty scared : DIABETES?
Why is diabetes hereditary and how can people control themselves to avoid getting this common disease?
Can diabetics get viagra free?
What will cause your glucose level to stay elevated if you are taking your meds and following your diet?
What fruits should I avoid as a pre-diabetic?
What is the most effective Way to get rid of a cold soar?
How can you make your fever go away? Help!?
Female medical condition?
What is a antibiotic?
Chicken pox... contagious to the whole family?
What is that thing that hangs in the middle of your throat?
Kissing someone?
Ringworm it wont go away some sores are getting better but I keep getting new ones .?
I'm 37 and have Chicken poxs?
Girlfriend has been sick for an enitire month?
Cant afford benadryl, tears may come later?
Can anyone tell me the best place for food intolerance tests?
Pinkeye,sinus or allergys?
My nose is blocked, ican't breathe, i feel i have something in my throat...?
Are dust Mutes harmful for us ?
I have supper bad allergies....help me someone?
Develop allergies?
How would you live your life if you were diagnosed with potentialy fatal cancer?
Should a guys hands be cold all the time?
I still have my hair?
When someone is given the all clear with cancer?
5 Polyps Removed From Bush's Colon. What do you think?
Mom has breast cancer...what does that mean for me?
How can we make curing cancer a global priority?
Skin cancer on a dark headed 2 yr old and how can i get custody of my nephew?
Can cancer be the cause of unexplained itching?
Very worried does this sound like gastric or stomach cancer please honest people only?
What can u do for sore throats to be better in 2 days?
Does anyone have any good home remedies for relief of flu symptoms?
Hi. I'm 21 years old, weigh 310 pounds, and am 6'1". I just found out that I have clogged arteries.....
Is wine good for hypertension?
How long are you in the hospital when you get your tonsils removed?
Is 87/50 considered low blood pressure?
Is there a test now that shows exactly how much plaque has accumulated in arteries?
What cayses a bladder infection?
I have serious Question about the heart rate?
My heart suddenly starts to beat faster but then it goes back to normal with no more symptoms?
What does it mean when you have conjuntivitis and your eye?
I am a blood pressure & cholestrol & Obesity patient ? please tell me best remedies ?
Can I get treatment for Typhoid over the counter in th uk?
My dad died from a massive heart attack...?
Is this normal - irregular heartbeat and palpitations?
I had a UTI and they traced e coli in my urine and gave me a powerful anti bacterial. Why was there e coli?
Is there any reason WHY my blood pressure fluctuates SO MUCH?
Why is my blood presure high?
Cancer medication....?
How do you know you have leukemia?
Cancer patients funeral?
Does any one agree that Cancer could be related to a nutrtion defecency? I sure do?
How can I get the oncologist to own up to possible long term damage done during my 2nd round of chemo?
What are the sympthoms of cervical cancer?
I Need to quit Smoking,,, what do i do?
Shouldn't cancer be treated for free in every country?
Could you have breast cancer at age of 11?
What causes cancer?
Is aids a virus or a bacterial infection?
I have herpes, am I going to die from them?
I would love to c the results of as many people on here as possible, about an HIV question i have?
Reassure me (about STD's)?
I shared a water bottle with a friend who I think may have oral herpes, but I'm not sure, could I get it too?
Sprayed with sewage last week and now really sick?
My ex is ill in hospital?
How do you know if you have a sickness virus or if you have food poisoning?
Can stress cause body weakness?
Can a child get measles even if they've had MMR injection?
So if u have a cold is it still ok to drink alcohol?
Has anyone decided not to vaccinate their child? Any variations from the recommended shot schedule?
Is it possible to be born without tonsils?
Whats the longest time a cold can last?
What is staffacocolus?
Does a cervical biopsy tell if u have cancer or not or will it just show abdnormal cells?
My mom has breast cancer... will she be ok?
I fell a small lump on my throat?
Which one is worse? Hookah or cigs?
I have been referred by my doctor to see a psychiatrist at my local psychiatric unit?
How do I explain to my three year old that his grandmother has breast cancer?
After you quit smoking, does your risk of getting lung cancer decrease?
Is there a link between increased risk of breast cancer and wearing a bra all day even to bed?
Is it true that radiation from the microwave can cause cancer?
Whats going on?
Left ear pain and Left face pain????
I have been suffering from chronic allergies for a long time now and am trying a more natural approach?
What 's left for me to do to get help with my allergic symptoms?
Could someone please tell me, if hard time breathing possibly an allergy symptom as well?
My sister seems to be allergic to everything?
I have mucus stuck in my throat for long time. never disappear. I ve seen many GP. Doesn.t work at all.?
Can you develop lactose intolerance later in life?
I have to nose pick several times a day. Why?
How do i know if i have a slight cold or allergies?
Does anyone have a remedy for night time dry cough, and dry throat ?
Would you volunteer to develop a HIV vaccine.?
How Can I get Diarrea? I Wanna Clean Out My System.?
Why is rubella also known as 'GERMAN' measles?
Why do so many servers in coffeeshops and restaurants grab your coffee mug around the rim.?
Criticism regarding health professionals giving medical advice? Your views?
How do you tell if you have a fever?
Can the flu jab cause throat problems?
Is chewing gum good for sore throat?
Does it mean when you have swollen lymph nodes, ulcers and fever you have aids?
Eye Infection? Pink Eye?
How long does someone with Stage 4 Breast Cancer have to live?
Ihave been told I have cervical cancer ?
Please suggest the diet of a cancer patient?
How do people survive such severe accidents ?
I am 13, do I have stomach cancer?
Do I get cancer if I touch the would on my leg?
Ramen causes Cancer?
If cancer is cureable, why do some people get it terminally?
Is there a cure for cancer?
Family, cancer help my grandfather has cancer and im supposed to go visit him and i dont know how to deal.?
What's a cheap home remedy for CHICKEN POX?
Should I get a flu shot?
Serious question?
Is the common cold a disease?
How should you handle a situation like this? Tonight, we went to a dinner party, and another couple brought__
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
Discharge from ear?
Can someone help me get an idea of what I have?
How the hell is Magic Johnson still alive?
What can I do for a sore throat?
What's a good book to give to someone battling cancer?
Why does smoking increase the risk of bladder cancer?
What type of organism produces disease?
My Ex came up with something called HPV.?
What is a lumpectomy?
Pancreas cancer. What do you know?
Does he have cancer ???
My dog has a pea-sized lump growing on his shoulder, is this cancer?
My 3 yr old just diagnosed with cancer....?
How did the black plague spread from person to person?
I have seen more than 10 birds fall from a tree in my front yard - should I be concerned?
My mother is throwing up her bowels?
How to get rid of hair lice?
Can you get AIDS from sipping off of someone?
Sickness virus?
How often should a person get a tetnus vaccine?
How to get rid of fleas on my dog when all else has failed?
Colon cancer?
Bowel cancer?
Where does a guy go to get checked out for testicular cancer?
Blood test: Can it detect cancer without further testing?
My mom was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I've tried to research it but the websites aren't clear.?
Why is cancer so common in U.S?I 've been in U.S for three months now,I 've always heard people die of cancer
My mum 's Breat cancer has evolved into IV stage. What Treatment Should We Opt for now If any?
Can a cancer patient get jaundice?
I smoke and im just wondering how high my risks of cancer are.?
How much will i expect to pay if I get chantix???
Do gallstones run in family?
Should people with AIDS be able to work in the Food Service industry?
Anybody with the flu?
My daughter has white blood cells in her urine, What does this mean???
Winter vomiting bug (UK)?
My husband is in jail and he got the "staff" infection and it's getting worse on a daily basis, what do i do?
Haven't eaten for 3 days due to sickness......?
Is anyone else annoyed.....................
If both your parents have had cancer in their 50's what are the chances of you getting it?
Removing a mole with NHS?
Will i get any kind of disease, if i smoke marijuana?
Any advise caring for stage 4 cancer at home?
Does anybody have a thyroid problem?
I have had radiation treatments last year,or over a year ago. cancer has came back. can i take radiation again
My ex wife has HPV(cervical cancer)we were married for 4 yrs. am i at risk of cancer? can women pass it to men
What is to come next with a brain cancer diagnosis?
What does this mean - Lymphoma?
I have a medical question. Where should I go?
Sinus problems?
What is heart burn?
Is it possible to get used to allergy medicine so it doesn't work?
Question for any doctors out there?
Did I have a Heart Attack????
If a person has a peanut allergy to peanut butter and peanuts, can they still eat Soya Nuts?
I have a strange metal taste in my mouth and the same smell in my nose. Any ideas?
Do you have a "heart murmur" and what were the major complications?
Have you used Zyrtec?
If you are allergic to whey, does that mean you can't have dairy products?
Can an ultra sound show any signs of alchol abuse?
I think I have a slug in my ear.?
Anyone knows how to cure food allergy?
How to solve high cholistrol and triglaycrydes.?
Husband taking Wellbutrin, developed itching, any naturally solutions?
My grandfather is allergic to penicillin, is it ok for him to take amoxicilin for his tooth infection?
What type of wine is good for your heart?
Which would you rather sneeze marbles or cough up pebbles?
How does sugar give you heart disease?
My gf, has been feeling a lost of appetite for the past 5 days, what could be wrong?
I have hepatic b and my wife she don't have and she have don the injection doctor set is save bat i don't no
How can I help break my daughter's fever?
What caused 20 million deaths in 1918 ?
Bad flu????????
Will strep throat go away if left untreated?
Should I go back to the doctor or wait it out?
I have a 4yr old black male cat who is seriously ill he won't eat or drink?
Symptoms of Mono??? I might have it?
Can u get cancer from drinking?
Are cysts in the brain dangerous?
I was recently diagnoised with a rare form of Leukemia i need advice on how to tell my familly that im dying?
My wife is slipping into depression due to breast cancer. Any successful results out there?
What should I do for my sister-in-law and her mother? Just found out she has breast cancer.?
What if you Found Out Makeup and Facial Products Contributed to Skin Cancer, Would you Discontinue?
Breast cancer. im really scared.?
Off Chemo since Aug. 2003 and still too tired to work.?
Is there a natural cure for cancer?
If some one donates blood do they check what type of hiv test do they do?
How much time AIDS virus live in the atmosphere?
Some1 told me girls cant *** is that true?
I just found out...?
Frequent urine question please help?
Help quick! treated uti worsens!
Is it true that there is no cure for the common cold?
Weird feeling in my throat. Making out with my bf?
The definition of appendicitis???
What kind of illness do i have and what should i do?
What is the real name for "flu"?
Is there a human that is resistant to HIV?
Can a dr find out if you have aids by looking in the mouth?
There is some discharge of cottonlike substance from navel. what is this disease?
Why do you think that we have more cancer victims in American than in any other country?
Who has cancer? What type? What stage?
When someone is dying?
Should the government force teens to take chemotherapy?
What can I do to prevent cancer?
Can you catch leukemia from a cat?
If you are in a coma does your family have the right to go aganist your wishes?
What is cancer?
Black spot in the stool,is it cancer?please help?
Does eating healthy really prevent ALL Cancers?
My boy friend has severe gum bleeding, could it be a sign of aids?
Can people that have genetal herpes be killed by the disease?
What does ulcers mean??
What can i do now that am H I V POSITIVE?
What are your thoughts on hand dryers in public restrooms?
What are ways that can cure the common cold ?
Why does illness cause foul odors?
What would cause bugs to crawl in a into a person skin and lay eggs and how can you get ride of them?
Mouth Ulcer!!!!!!!!!?
HIV and pregnancy?
What is the best acne body wash to use?
Gall stones is it bad?
My neighbor's cat scratched me! Possible HIV seroconversion?!?
Have you had or got a ganglion ?
Does Aspartame really increase your risk of cancer?
Why do cancer patients act strangely a few hours before their death?
How does smoking marijuana help people who have cancer?
If you give up smoking is it true that your bowels trouble you as they crave nicotine?
How many years of smoking will it take to get lung cancer?
How do people get cancer?
I did feel an xray pass through me! or did i?
When will we find the cure for cancer?
Breast cancer? age 14?
Staph Infection or MRSA. PLEASE HELP ME.?
What's the best remedy for diarrhea?
Someones blood caught my finger..i did not have any cuts on my finger though ..i checked..can hiv absorbed thr
What is the name of the mosquito that spreads Dengue Fever ?
Question about yeast infection?
Can you contract and spread chickenpox if you've already had it before???
Can gallstones kill you?
How can one get rid of Hepatytis B?
How do you deal with strep throat if your mom won't take you to the doctor?
What things apart from medicine can you give to kids when they have tonsilitis?
Can 12 Year Olds Get Cancer?
I'm 21 and my doctor found a lump in my right breast yesterday...?
If you have breast cancer would your breasts be sore and hurt? because i have lumps in my breasts...?
Cancer Questions?
Cancer Theory?
How do you get over a friend's death?
My cancer has come back from remission.?
Does sleeping in a room with a TV, computer and phone increase your risk of cancer?
Do i have lukemia or am i fine?
If I don't get the treatment is it wrong?
I made out with my girlfriend who has geographical tounge and now i have a sore throat whats going on?!?!?!?
How do I get rid of the flu??
I have the flu, what can i eat without it messing up my stomach?
Today is awareness latex day,can you name the ways we use latex????
How do you fight off a bad cold and sore throat..?
What are herpies?
Can you get pregeant from precum?
Can smoking cause pain in the lower right side of the stomach?
Why am I fainting?
Have u ever lost your memory?
Am I sick or is this from cigarettes?
Hown this thing called that inside the head you know when you feel sick in car how it called?
Are we dieing as soon as we are born?
I need some medical help please!?
How do i avoid my face touching the pillow?
What's better for curing sunburn: Crisco or Kittly Litter?!?
Can i change my nose form with out plastic operetion?
If I drink the Benadryl first then eat my mango bread will I still get a reaction?
Food allergy question?
Has anyone else ever broken out in hives?
What is the best over the counter medication for psoriasis?
I'm allergic to garlic is there anything I can do?
How do i get rid of this allergy?
What's wrong with me?
I have nasty allergies, i sneeze lots its so embarrasing and i cant stop them HELP HELP?
Last year i didnt have allergies, why do i have allergies this year?
Wet Hair, Dried Blood and HIV...?
Both parents are hiv negative can there children carry the virus?
I have my third yeast infection, do anyone know why that could be happening??
Can someone tell me how serious a staph infection in the heart is.?Or what the outcome will be?
What high white blood cells means???
Does antibiotics cause drowsiness?
Is tonsillitis contagious?
I have been exposed to the mumps. I have been vaccinated. Can i carry the virus to others?
What should I do about an urinary track infection?
Do you know anyone who has beaten cancer?
Does alluminum in anti-perspirants cause breast cancer?
Anyone ever have a colonoscopy test done yet??
My mother was recently diagnosed with sarcoma?
OMG help!! IS IT CANCER?0.O?
Doesnt breast implants cause breast cancer?
Should smokers be treated for lung cancer?
Does anybodyknow about cirrhosis of the liver is it differant than liver cancer?
My urologist tells me not to go to the internet for information about the bladder cancer I have had for?
Whats yur opinion on testing on animals?
Spit or swallow your saliva?
Sore Throat?
Why is everyone getting sick!!?!?
Is it o.k to pop the chicken pox?
Why did god make AIDS?
What do cold sores look like?
I have a sore throat help please?
SHINGLES back, is it possible ?
How do u get aids and HIV?
Is Shingles contagious?
Can you fail a drug test from touching cocaine?
What is yellow fever?
Help i keep getting hives .....what is the cause of hives?
How do you know whether you have strep throat or sore throat?
I have the Stomach Flu!!!?
Does HIV/AIDS transform via french kiss with tounge included?
I have chicken pox &I; have had a vaccine and it's a very mild case, how long should i stay out of school??
How come mosquitoes don't bite me ?!?!?
Wat is STD?
Recently I have been experiencing shortness of breath, and I am only 28 and I dont smoke...?
I know someone with toe nail fungus is there something they can purchase from Wal-mart or somewhere similar?
How do I get rid of the cheesey smell so women will sleep with me?
Get rid of a hickey?????
HIV question?
Any doctors or nurses out here. that would give me advise?
My Dad just had a Quad Bypass done in November and has started back smoking what do I do?
TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART Is this a medical term or a song?
Im scared my heart hurt and im ony 15 yrs old please help me?
There is something seriously wrong with my heart?
I gentically have high blood pressure, how can I lower it without medication?
Another CPR question?
Is my blood pressure too high?
How to cure high blood pressure?
What is a normal heart rate for an adult?
What is your personal perspective of the hiv/aids epidemic?
What if your mother have hiv what would you do?
Has my antibiotics caused thrush?
Can you get something for a Urinary Tract Infection over the counter without a prescription?
What would you choose??
Does my dog have cancer?
Is it direct, indirect, or is there no connection whatsoever between stress and cancer?
Not able to have babies??
Some causes of....?
Prayers please?
Canser treatment???
Can we remove cyst in the forehead?
Multiple Myeloma recent bone marrow biopsy, 75% plasma, to treat or not to treat?
Do i have lung cancer?
Why are antibiotics not effective on disesases caused by viruses?
What is chicken gunya, how long it persist & remedies for it?
In the human body, does every bacterial infection start from a virus?
Is there anything I can give a toddler for diarrhoea?
My mom has the flu, how can i make sure i wont get it?
Why do we need vaccines?
What's AIDS/HIV?
Antibiotics and a chest infection ( I think )?
Can You Die From Sickle-Cell Anemia?
If I work/volunteer at a AIDS patients facility and talk to them in the same room, what is the %being infected
Is lung cancer curable?
Breast cancer?
Can an employer legally stop you from a doctors appointment envolving cancer?Legal options please.?
How should I expect to feel during treatment?
Is it possible?
Has cancer always been around, or is it a modern disease?
If you are being treated for cancerand know- which causes you to lose your hair? Radiation or Chemotherapy?
Is there really a link between antiperspirant and breast cancer?
What is worse for your health? smoking cigarettes or chewing dip?
How does MRSA get into the body?
Does smooch cause aids?
Has anyone else noticed that we haven't all died from bird flu yet?
Is crabs only for men?? && can it lead to death??
Could someone fight off a chest infection without using antibiotics?
We had lice 4 months ago -.tonight I discovered them again. Did I not get rid of them or did we recatch them?
My son has ringworm, but he's only 9 months old. What could I use that would be safe to treat it?
Can I go to school with pinworms?
Preparing for the end ,the last few Min's,hours, &days;?
Baby coughing especially in cold temp.?
How contagious of pneamonia?
This years smoking ban in public?
Allergic to BandAid adhesive?
I wanna get rid of cat allergy, experts only please help!!?
Do dairy products make allergies worse?
My nose is blocked for over 3 months..can't smell anything..need a quick tip?
Am i overdosing myself with Panadol Cold Relief?
How do u stop a nose bleed??????????????
Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?
Ankle Swelling - red/blue/purple/stiff/itc...
Has anyone donated their hair to Locks of Love?
Doctor wants to give me a CT of Neck but already have cancer, afraid of radiation risk?
Stopping smoking ?- do not answer after Feb 1.?
How long a person can live with cancer in his liver or pancres?
If your wife had body transplant?
Where are the best cancer center for metasis cancer which mean it has spread from its orignal place to another
Will your cancer be gone forever if it doesnt come back for 5 years?
What does it mean to have high red blood cell count??
My aunt is dying of cancer.The last report a few minutes ago said that her breathing had become labored.?
How long do people with stomach cancer live???
Fever and Need to Get Rid of It?
What is the best medicine for cold?
My 3 year old stepped on rusty nail last night...?
Is it possible to demand your illness to leave your body?
Any Suggestions what can I do?
HIV and relationships?
Strep Throat Question!?
HIV from kissing and biting?
Give 2 opportunistic infections normally found in HIV positive people?
I have bruises all over me but am sure i haven't caused them.?
What do acne scars look like? Do I have them?
How to get high without drugs?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
What is the point SMOKING?!?
What is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack ? Which is more serious ?
What should I do if my inhaler is not working?
Why does my stomach hurt?
Sudden rapid heart beat?
Really Scared, Please Help! Im 13 and i think i might have diabetes, I almost passed out this morning i think.
Is there a generally available test I can take to prevent a future heart attack?
What is a normal resting heart rate? Is 121 high? blood pressure is 129 over 89?
Why do you not get cancer of the heart.......?
Chest Pain/ Difficulty Helpp ?
Had an amazing out of body experience.can anyone explain them?
What is the safe level for Colsterol?
Can i still work in catering with impetigo?
Is anemia, is deadly???
What would be the best cure for our MRSA and C Diff infested hospitals?
How many of you people have had this nasty sickness bug?
Can abstinence cure AIDS?
If you found out you had Ebola..would you kill yourself or suffer through it till you died?
True or False? Antibiotics are bad for you, so it's best to stop taking them as soon as you feel better?
Home or over the counter remedies for oral thrush in adults?
Why can't we find a cure for Aids.?
Why do i have a fever but no other symptoms?
(As a woman) how do you wear your insulin pump?
Wot is 42 kg converted into stones?
What is the best natural medicine for diabetic?
Should I worry about my husband?
How to know if u have diabetes?
Sugar free (RED) Koolaid?
Diabetes........ help?
Does managing your diabetes get easier?
How does your nose run?
Is it possible to get an allergic reaction /some side effects from consumming soy sauce on daily basis????
A baby with eczma how do you know which foods the baby is alergic to?
My girlfriend has large, patches of warm hive-like rashes all over her body. What to do?
Is this a cold, or an allergy?
Could red (Spaghetti) sauce be giving me migraines?
Any doctors in the house?
I'm itching....?
Can a person be immune to poison oak and allergic to poison ivy?
What 's the best allergy medicine?
WHY? Why do we take up habits that harm us or destroy our bodies?
Does it mean that you have a mass or cancer, if a doctor orders a bronchoscopy?
Are cellphones a danger to our health?
Please help me i think i mite have leukemia!!!!?!?!?!?!?
Does anyone know what it means to have a Acute case in medicial terms?,has to do with cancer.Thank you.?
Please can everyone pray for my wife to be healed, cancer free, please?
Could this lump on the back of my boyfriends neck be cancer?
A little girl at a school has cancer ok! Her parants don't put a hat on her head?
How would i know that i have a breast cancer?
My mom has cancer?
Can you catch anything from dry blood ?
Are you allowed to take a bath if you have chicken pox?
Can someone be a carrier of cold sores without getting cold sores themself?
What is good to eat when you have the flu??
Is there a known 100% cure for Hep. C?
What is small pox ..??
Chicken pox twice ? and over 40...?
My son ate an earthworm on a dare. Could this hurt him or cause any sickness'??
Will nail polish kill scabies?
I might have a Urinary tract infection.?
If my partner gave me hiv ,can i press charges?
Can someone help me out?
I have a nagging cough from bronchitis and sinus infection but nothing the doctor has given me works?
Please help I think their is something wrong with me but i cant go to a doctor!?
Help my child has chicken pox!!!?
I wanna get something straight?
My dad has lost his appetite due to his chemo + radiation. When/Will he get it back?
Does smoking cigarettes....... ?
Can Cancer Be Genetics?
Is sunbathing good for you?
Could i get leukemia?
Is it possible to cure blood cancer?
What are the symptoms of lymphoma?
How to get my friend to worry about skin cancer?
Im NEW to cancer and i need desperate advice?
A blood test recently showed that I had anemia. Could leukemia have been overlooked?
Is it normal if you never had chicken pox and you are 18 years old???
What causes an enlarged liver in a mid thirties non-drinking, faithful, married, non-drug user?
What causes boils and wat is the remedy?
What could this be?
Can I get AIDS this way?
I got hepatitis C from a nurse who bled on me and I cant find an attorney to represent me? Can anyone help?
2 Inheritated diseases by parents?
What are some ways that can prevent me from getting sick, once I already feel the cold coming on?
Does any one know if itchy breast is a sign of breat cancer?
My grampa recently passed away i was wondering when will the hurt end?
Is there a scan you can have that checks for the existence of cancer?
Lymph nodes? help???
My little sis has cancer and I want to tell her but I can't......HELP????
How to get breast cancer ?
Symptoms of colon cancer?
Does Sushi Lead To Cancer?
What is rarest blood type?
What are some reasons to having lung cancer?
Can you die of overdose?
Catchting the Clap! Help!?
Proactive question?
Sore throat but not a fever that much.. help?
How do I sterilize laundry of a family memeber with skin staph to prevent spreading to other family members?
Does anyone know a home medicine for mouth ulcer?
How does one get green stool? ?
What is the percentage for complete overcome and get free from Hepatitis C for a girl 15 years old ?
What happens when you keep drinking with cirrhosis?
Is there a doctor in the house? need help with some pains i have been getting, causing a bit of grief?
How can AIDS be cured ?
Blood Tests?
What are the odds of me having HIV?
Is a coconut a fruit or a nut?
What are the symptoms of seafood and shellfish allergies?
For Doctors, med students, or anyone with frequent sinus infections?
What the best over the counter allergy medicine?
What can you eat to prevent mosquitoes attacks and bites?
Sick and need to be 100% better by sunday april 6th for my daugthers baptism?
Seasonal allergies - Do shots really help you to get over them?
What is the best way to relive sinus head aches.?
My husband has had a cold or allergy. he blew his nose & a marble size bump popped out inside his nostril?
Is very hig levels of IgE in children curable?
I'm really scared..?
My cancer has come back after surgery & 9 months of chemo (breast cancer) What other?
What are some ways I can get through my nausea after a chemo treatment?
How should i advertise this website for helping with staying positive with Cancer?
What do Breast cancer bumps look like??
Can your diet cause cancer? What is the possible reason?
If your grandma had leukemia and your mom had leukemia, is it possible that you can have leukemia?
Lump on my neck?
What do I do if my Mum has breast cancer?
Women Only: Be rid of yeast infection quickley?
I have low white blood cells count and i went for HIV test last two years and found negative?
The peditrician said blood work showed no chicken pox but my son has the symptons and the spots.?
What is good for a fever for a 4 year old?
My son is 18 months old1 (seroius answers only)?
What are the names of the different super bugs in hospitals?
Should cats be allowed in hospital wards?
How serious can an infected cut get?
Is standing too close to a microwave going to give you cancer?
Does having TOO much barbecued food cause cancer?
Thyroid Cancer - okay to wait?
Should I be worried about my lumpy breast?
Can deodorant cause cancer?
When Cancer is Terminal?
How to care for my mother with cancer?
Dipping tobacco question?
How do i get rid of strept throat without getting a perscription or going to the doctor?
What are the signs of having strep throat?
Salt in your belly button curing a UTI?!?!?!?
Is anyone a little freaked out by bird-flu?
What are you more afraid of bird flu or vCJD?
Define immunity?
Does everyone HAVE to get chicken pox cuz I'm 17 and I haven't got them!?
Did I have food poisoning?
How a patient with hepatitis C and no legal status could get treatment or help in USA?
A bird flew into me and started vomiting. Should I be worried?
Can you get cancer if you touch someone with cancer.?
How can one define Cancer?
Are breast cancer lumps visible?
How can i stop my nose from bleeding to much?
Do breast cancer lumps feel hard or soft?
I have an itch, at the back of my eye,can i put a knitting needle up my nose to scratch it?
If u smoke for a year will you get lung cancer?
What causes chronic headaches to go away while pregnant, but come back after having baby?
I found out yesterday I have lung cancer,how do they treat that?
Who does lung cancer affect the most?
What drink is good for the throat?
How do you prevent leukemia?
Is it possible that we will find a cure for cancer?
Could one night of cocaine use cause a nose polyp and require surgary? or could ur nose be messed from 1 nite
What is the life span of a cancer patient after treatment ??
Think I have bladder cancer.. please help?
How can I keep my throat from itching from allergies?
What are pros and cons of chemotherapy?
Help for uninsured with cancer?
What causes your nose to become runny and how do you prevent it?
I am down with flu and extremlyyyyy bored, what shall i do??
Chicken pox and travelling?
Had flu recently, got it again, thought that couldn't happen?
Sickness help?
I've never had the flu...why?
My daughter had roto virus 2.5 months ago and then Cambolo Bactor about 1 month ago and now...?
Please help i got chickenpox chickenpox...?
What is shingles is it catching what are the symptoms?
Can penicillin give dierrhea?
Can stage 3 cancer patient can be cured?
I have been extensively tested and retested. Results are consistent and show no live bone marrow in my legs?
Kinda of a weird question but how long does it take to get mouth cancer from chewing tobacco?
How do I explain to the kids why I am crying?
How often should be taken a mammography scan?
My friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer that has spread to his bones. How long does he have to live?
Is it my thyroid or is it lymphoma?
Serious question. Hope Dr. sees this. I have prostate cancer?
Is anaemia a deficiency or a desease?
Is fever a good thing or bad?
How can you prevent getting aids?
What is throat strep?
What is the worst illness you have ever had?
Can I find any medicine for a bacterial infection over the counter in a store?
What are the outcome of an open untreated wound?
Dose mayo kill lice?
How to stop the spread of pink-eye/conjunctivitis?
When you die where do you go what the truth? you go to heaven rebirth?
What is the function of heart?
My mom is 75 yr old she has 4 clogged arteries to 99% cannot survive bypass. has 1/2 heart not working?
I heard whoever with cancer and get treatment with Chaemotheraphy but almost never survive. Why?
I have had this all my life. my heart beats fast and i get dizzy.i feel like i am going to faint. what is it?
Is it possible to have LUKEMIA if u feel totally fine???
Could someone explain how cancer works?
It's 1:30am I am having very rapid heart palpitations and have a fever of 103.7 I am 19 yrs old?
My 51 year old mom just found out she has to have a bone marrow transplant?
Colonscopy to check polyps,is it painful & its side effect?
Can This Cause A Heart Attack?
Cancer of the heart? Why is that one of the few organs of the human body?
Fertility after chemo?
Blood Pressure?
Can cancerous cells be found using X-rays?
Why do doctors advise a patient to try balloon angioplasty in preference to sugery?
What is Tachycardia?
Does someone have an inspiration poem for a cancer patient I could forward to them?
Has anyone here ever had a panic attack while they were asleep and thought it was a heart attack?
What do rectum bleeding and constipation signify?
Can alcohol affect the kidneys? If so, how does that work?
Can i go down on my mrs if she has thrush?
I sometimes "catch" myself not breathing... i'd even wake up when im asleep... whats up with that?
How are mobile phones dangerous to your health?
Plzzzzzz help. is this cancer?
Is it cancer ?
Any positive facts about breast cancer?
My son died from septic shock,while being treated for leukemia.should i look for an atty.?
What is the medicine for HIV?
What is AIDS?
Is tuberculosis contagious?
How can I treat Mono?
High temp? stay home?
Can you get HIV if a man with it coughs in your face?
Does the HIV virus spread if the affected blood enters through the mouth?
Can HIV virus spread in community swimming pool ?
Please help put my mind at ease!?
If aids kills your immune system why cant those infec. live inthose bubbles which keep your environ. germ free
What are my chances of possibly having breast cancer?
How long can a person with Pancreatic Cancer be expected to live ?
If ever i drink coffee, red bull or tea or eat certain foods i get a lump in my throat?
Ahhh i have allergies?
Should terminal cancer patients get free prescriptions?
Cam i be allergic to be stings?
My grandma has cancer?
Alleric to baby wipes?
What kind of things can people be allergic to which make noses swell?
Which is better for a sore throat?
How can I get rid of this sinus drip to the back of my throat it is making me feel nasuated and sick?
What do..?
Allergic to gluten?
Why am I getting hives?
If rash on baby's face is as a result of food allergy, what could be used to cure it?
What is the earliest symptom of breast cancer??
About time the goverment started to concentrate on cancer?
Are some cancers contagious?
They found a lump on my right breast, could it be cancer?
What would you do if you found out that you have cancer and have only a 50% chance of surviving 5 years?
Is it dangerouse for teens to use my space?
Should smoking be banned in public places?Why?
What makes liver cancer different from other types of cancer.?
Are you a smoker or non- smoker? When did you first started smoking?
How can i get vaseline out of my hair? i used it as a treatment for lice?
What is staff infection?
Are we weakening our immune systems due to over prescribed medicines and antibiotics?
Sore throats?
Does any one know what the symptons are to a gall bladder attack thank you?
Flu shots????
How should I treat an undergrown toenail?
Bird flu. do we get rid of all BM products in our freezer?
Flu aaggghhhh?
How can u get rid of pink eye in a hurry?
How old do i have to be to start sahving my legs and armpits???
Why can I feel my heart pound through my entire body and sometimes hear it in my ears?
Can high blood pressure just be stress?
Please help me. I have congestive heart failure and I would like to know painless ways to commit suicide.?
My heart keeps skipping beats. Please help?