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What are symtoms for aids?
My Girlfriend has tonsil litus and apears to be getting worse can you help??
My 2yr old has 21 spots under his arm, i think there chickenpox. How do i be sure? I have a 11mth old to.?
By doing aerobics 20 min. a day, am I wasting my time?
How can I lose weight without cutting down on food or exercising?
Does anybody know of any crash diet that works fast?
Is tea good for you if it has no sugar.?
Is losing your viriginty at 16 bad?
I'm 5'2 and only 102 lbs, but when I sit down it looks like I have three stomachs?
Am i fat???? tell the truth?
How much do you weight?
What is the Worst Possible Way to Die?
If one stopped eating, Where would the body get its energy from?
I'm 13 and i hv real dry skin.what shall i do.?
How do you get rid of a wart?
My fingers go completely white and numb when it's cold and are very painful.?
Does the Sun really damage our skin?
How do you get rid of acne?
Smelly Nose?
Can a doctor do an allergy test for shrimp?
What household products can i use to get rid of poison ivy. No matter what I do it just keeps spreading!!?
Am I alone? I am on round two of severe hives in 10-12 years and I'm frustrated!?
Allergic to cigarette smoke?
Sinus Medicine?
What is a widows peak?
What breed of dogs is good to have for allergy sufferers?
Are you supposed to take allergy perscriptions everyday or just when I feel bad?
How fast will starving yourself make you lose weight?
I think i may have diabetes?
What is obesity and how to cure it?
Why do humans get more prone to diseases as compared to animals? why are the animals free from diabetes?
Doctors or people with diabetes only please?
Why can't I dispose my insulin syringes in the trash? What is wrong about that?
I think i might have diabetes?
Diabetic symptoms?
I am diabetic and Ilove candy what can Ido is it something substitute?
Waiting On A Cure Petition?
My daughter 22 years old has a fever 102.2...should i take to the hospital?
Help!!... I'm singing at a wedding next thursday and took a cold last week.?
I Have The Flu Please Help?
Can H.I.V possitive patient study nursing?
Can you get hepatitus c if blood was spilled on your hand from someone who has hep. c?
What should a person do to find out if he/she has HIV.?
Green feces?
What is the best things to eat if you have the flu?
Bloke with thrush, what's the remedy?
Winter Vomiting Bug....?
Is it unChristian to pray for a heart attack to someone you know is causing needless war?
Chest pains (Heart area)?
My blood pressure will start at 144/70 and with consecutive readings fall to 118/54. Should I worry?
Can a child (preteen) heart be donated to an adult?
Can any one tell me how to mend a broken heart???
What are the risk factors of hardened arteries?
Does masterbutation has any effect on our health.?
Did I go to far?
What can I take to lower my blood pressure instantly so I can pass my medical examination?
Is this a Normal Blood Pressure reading?
I am having boils on my scalp & face & back for 10 yrs pls help me?
If u have gonerrea and u use cranberry juice and water would it stop?
Can you cure people of kissing in public and is it catching?
How do u get bladder infections?
What do I have?
I found out my room mate lets my dog drink water and ice out of her cups. Are there any health risks? Help!?
Have you or your children ever had impetigo?
What purpose does the mosquito bite a person?
35yr with Chicken Pox, Advice needed?
Does cranberry juice really help if you get uti's alot?
Sugar and water?
What is the normal range for blood sugar level for a woman?
Does neosporin cause you to become a diabetec?
I am in need of a sugar substitute, has anyone tried Xylitol ?
I have no self control for sweets..any suggestions?
Xytol and Sugar Alcohol?
I don't get thirsty like most normal people, why?
Is eating a lot of sugar ok when you have diabeties, if you exercise a lot?
My sugar was 154 what should i do?
When i get out of the shower or bathtub I have red hot blotch of skin on my body what can it be?
How do I get rid of a verruca?
Should I get a flu shot?
Help with hiccups!!!?
What do YOU do when you feel the flu coming on?
What would you do if you had Aids?
What do you fear?
Should I still take antibiotics even though my bladder infection went away?
For people against Animal Testing?
Chicken pox myth?
I gave my gf the chicken pox?
Having panick attacks after drinking "jacksons pure green tea", what shall i do?
Why baby aspirine not standard aspirine is advised in case of heart attack?
I'm having bizarre attacks. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
Father is 53, overweight, and feeling chest pains- worried!?
Homework Help; right answer 10 PTS !?
Did people actually say bless you because your heart stopped beating?
What kind of medication do u have to take to lower your blood pressure?
Q. will i die of congestive heart disease this weekend?
I need advise URGENTLY!!!?
Heart Attacks?
I have been for blood tests?
Does a normal Hba1c result for a diabetic (i.e. 5-7) mean no diabetes complications in the long run?
When you get a tattoo can you donate blood?
Has anyone found out they had diabetes from eye symptoms?
High reading what should i do?
Diabetes is traced .Is it necessary to take medicines.Can't we control by diet.?
How do people get diabeties?
Can diabetics use bath spa's, or is it dangerous for there serculation?
Is 73 a good blood pressure for a 15 year old?
Diabetics.....Do you work out?
Can yopu please explain to me what i have?
I ve been sneezing a ton is there a reason for that?
Hey is there an alternative for eggs when baking? Because I know someone who has an allergy towards eggs.?
Does anyones stomach look swollen constantly especially after eating?
Allergy Problem...!?
Peanut Allergy/Intolerance?
Im very gaseous when i eat cheese and drink milk or eat eggs and drink milk?
Allergic to latex medical gloves! Need ideas for alternatives!?
What should I do about a doctor who used latex gloves on me knowing that I was allergic to latex?
What are some herbs known to help with cancer treatment?
Help! I think I have cancer, or Im going to die??
When your DR & your Radioligist disagree about Breast cancer treatment?
How to get help my mom has brain and lounge cancer and we need help on her bills and house payment....?
Is mastectomy really necessary for a stage 2 breast cancer patient? Is there any other alternatives?
How long will hospice care for someone with cancer,my sister in law has been under hospice care for 2 yrs.?
Can you get cancer from a lip ring piercing?
I had breast cancer two years ago and am in remission. So many people helped me. What can I do to give b ack?
What are the treatment of Cancer?
Anyone battling a debilitating illness right now?
Should i tell my boyfriend that i have a mysterious bump in my mouth and a rash on my chest?
Which illness do i have?
Does bleeding from the rectum mean you have an ulcer?
Best method of getting rid of head lice in children?
Is yellow jaundice contagious? If so, how is it passed on?
Where can i find a picture of a person with Leptospirosis?
Can you contract HIV though saliva?
Is fainting or nearly fainting a symptom of the flu or is it something else?
I have strep throat, but have been on antibiotics for a day. Can I kiss my girlfriend and not give it to her?
Should i go back to the doctor? (strep throat)?
This HIV/AIDS issue, are we really tackling it? Is it receiving the right attention?
Hi , i have played with my eyes a little and now they got infection,i cant open my eyes in morning?
I Tend Sweat A Lot?
When working out is it better to run first or do weights?
Would i lose weight if I did 100 sit up a day?
Have you ever been called FAT?
Im having alot of gas cause im starting to eat fruits and veggies what can i take for the gas its really bad?
What happens if you dont drink water?
What exercise is the most effective for people that can't afford gym fees nor the time to visit a gym?
Would you starve your self just to lose weight?
Okay I've gained weight. =( Will I lose it this way?
I have had thoughts of suicide because my cousin died of cancer. What should I do?
Whom do you think gains "acceptance" of cancer first?
My 9 year old cousin has brain cancer...pleez read!!?
Your 2 year old son has cancer?
Is it ok 2 be treated wid radiation therapy after chemotherapy?
Does Hot Dogs cause cancer later in life?
Breast Problem?
How can Ifind out if someone has passed away?
Help! My father in law has cancer and I need to know . . .?
Why isn't there more focus on the prevention of cancer?
How do highschoolers stay up so long when they get up early?
Is an internal medicine doctor or an endocrinologist the best for treating diabetes?
Diabetics...what is the medical name when your feet hurt for no reason?
What food should I avoid before I have blood glucose tests?
Will i eventually get diabetes?
I was wondering is it possible to have an abortion 4-5 mths and what the risks are i am a diabetic to?
Is splenda ok to use fro diabetics who have trouble regulating blood sugar?
Really weird symptoms??
If a person gets diabetic at the age of 30, what will be the life time for him?
Cancer, i'm so scared?
I might hv CANCER...should i ?
What's it like to know you're going to die?
If you have cancer and you are told you have a mass in your chest is serious?
Ladies and physicians only please?
Can black people get Skin Cancer?
My friend has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She's in the hospital frequently, what do i take her?
My dad was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He starts chemo soon & I want to make a gift basket. Any ideas
Is chemotherapy good for cancer patients ??? is there any side effects?
I've got the flu shot, could I have the flu?
Can AIDS spread through mosquitoe like malaria does?
Even if i got the flu shot can i still get the flu?
Sore Throat?
What does having extreme Yellow urine mean?
Unexplicable tiredness...Does anyone know what it could be? What can I do for it?
Why can't viruses be defeated by pills?
I've had a cold, can I go and see my friend's baby?
Is pink eye contagious?
May i know how to cure mumps?
If you have a numb feeling in your hands and feet~~ What could be wrong?
What type of race or ethnic group is heart disease found in?
What is wrong with me?
Is smoking a risk factor for myocardial infarction? if yes, why?
My blood pressure is 141/66...isn't that a bit weird?
Would Six Flags roller coasters affect my mitral valve prolapse?
How high should you let your blood pressure get before going to the Emergency Room?
Why have i started gettin constant sharp pains in my heart when im relaxed?
Pulse of 44.?
I need some suggestions on staying regular I am easily constipated?
What should a 34 year old pregnant woman do if she has stiff neck and cannot take any medication?
I can't get rid of my dandruff, what shuold i do?
Herpes ? Please don't laugh at me?
My uncle has cancer and no insurance. Doctors have turned him away. Who can help him. He is fading fast.?
My work includes cutting sticks of cigarettes into small bits. Would smelling tobacco cause cancer in long run
In the past 10 years have more people survived or died from cancer?
"I want to know what caues a person to break out in a sweat and then pass out"?
Interesting ways to get Cancer?
How do I know it is skin cancer aside from going to the doctor,is there any home self test or something?
Can you get skin cancer from not taking showers?
How has cancer (yours or a loved ones) impacted your life?
Have a friend thats dying of cancer. once hospice is involved how long would u say he has to live?
Will she ever walk after a massive stroke?
Am I Lactose Intolerant?
My 3 yrol daughter is on benedryl. Can she have motrin with it?
Peanut Allergies: How to Induce vomiting?
Is it true that people who are allergic to penicillin can't eat moldy cheeses such as bleu cheese?
How do you find out of you have wheat/gluten sensitivity?
Mucus in my eye?
Is it possible im allergic to grass?
What can you do for eyes that are really itching from hayfever? now!?
Can i pick my nose?
I'm 29, is it possible I just developed seasonal allergies?
Do you think the flu shot is worth the expense?
Is adhd contagious.?
What have i caught?
Is strep throat contagous?
My friends sick?
What is shingles? Have U had it? How did you catch it? How long did U have it?
Why do we get colds and flu in winter only?
How many teeth had a mosquito has?
Why would someone lie about having cancer????????
I have inoperable cancer and am looking for any online sites for groups of people with cancer.?
Is luekemia hereditary?
Is There Any Cure For Lung Cancer In The Near Future?
How long does a person live with esophageal cancer that has spread to the liver(stage IV)?
Should I check this out?
If someone eat's coheclate will it make the colon cancer go fastre?
Could you be 18 and have breast cancer?
Why do moles cause cancer?
My mother has cancer, would my cat be harmful to her health?
Its been 3 weeks since i gave up smoking?
Getting Rid Of Spots
What is a good skin product for acne?? I have very sensitive skin!?
Why are STD'S on the increase?
How to get rid off hiccups?
What are the chances of getting hiv/std from sharp objects?
Do ice kill germs?
Is this the start?
Flu is viral or virus can penicilan help?
Is it ok to work with 102 fever?
Could Hepititis C virus live in tattoo ink and get transfered to you?(or simillar viruses?)?
Am I likely to have caught a disease?
How to capture chicken?
Cold or no?
Is strept throat contagious?
What are the best remedies you know for treating a cold sore quickly without scarring?
Prostate cancer?
How can I quit smoking?
Has anybody bought the new Kevin Trudeau book The weight Loss Cure and if so is it worth it.?
Does deodorant give you cancer?
Different Cancer's?
Can tomatos prevent cancer?
How do people get cancer?
How many people die in a year of smoking?
What will you have done with your body after your body dies?
Does anyone know the cure for cancer?
What can I do to lose my belly before September?
I wanna be anorexic..how do i stand being hungry all of the time?
What foods have the most fiber?
How to reduce weight ? please help... no wakky answers pls.... I am serious.....?
Is it okay to exercise 5 minutes here and there throughout the day instead of 1 big long workout?
How much do you think i can loose?
How can i lose 20 pounds?
Nuts are they good or bad for you?
How exactly do you make yourself puke?
Should I take Leave to be with my MOM while she goes through cancer treatments?
Can you think yourself into an illness?
Will our healthcare system ever realize that chemotherapy is a complete joke?
Is cancer considered a disorder or disease?
I want to tan, but i don't want the risk of cancer, please help?
What would u do if you are quiting smoking and u don't feel like quiting?
How long once diagnosed with lung cancer should one expect to live?
What if I don't have chemotherapy?
How bad is level 4 cancer?
Chemotherapy side effects and long term effects.?
Very tickly cough keeping me up at night .. please HELP..?
My five year old son is vomiting?
How do you lessen the duration of a cold?
Is it true that every new vaccination makes your immune system generally weaker?
How long does it take to hop around the world on your tongue?
What on earth is mono?
Antibiotic: can I take two tablets together?
SOMEONE please help, ive been to 6 different doctors, and no one knows the problemm?
What I have to do for get over Sore Throat?
Can cats make people have ashtma issues?
Are nose bleeds for an 8 year old common?
Could i have become allergic to alcohol?
My 15 yr old,gets what dr. says is hives,for unkown reasons.only help dr has offered is benedryl.?
Allergic to tree?
I have a new egg allergy...some help needed...?
I think I'm allergic to mangoes. Is it OK to eat them if I just get a rash?
Bodie itches?
Is it more healthy to sneeze without covering the mouth to let it all out?
How Do I Lower My Cholestrol?
Am i having a heart attack and what do you recomend i do?
Please help me with ideas to lower high blood presure and colestrial?
Why is blood pressure measured on the upper arm?
Can to much caffeine cause ur heart to skip a beat???
Blood pressure help :S
My heart pulpitation has increased today only,Why?
I have a dull ache in my left arm. What could it be?
Are these signs of a stroke?
Early signs of mouth cancer?
I get severe pain in my left breast 4-5 days before my periods...is it breast cancer pain?
I was needing some answers?
Please help me, do you think there is something wrong with my dad?
Just found out my aunt's in the "final stages" of cancer. How long does she have?
My Father has cancer and i don't think he has much time left. How should I get through this?
My doctor said I might have cancer, i'm 17, HELP?
Whats your bellybutton type?
Jade Goody Cancer Call A Shameless Plan?
What is good for throat infection? Need help please, very bad pain!!?
Do I need to see a Doctor if I have white blood cells in my urine?
Viral or bacterial?
I have a dry cough and a fever since yesterday, how long will this last?
How do you get infected with worms, like ringworms or tapeworms?
What is the best way to avoid constipation?
What is your best home remedy for getting rid of a cold/flu?
Lump inside neck?
Why does ad s for disinfectants say it will kill 99%of germs why?
Can you get herpes from a swimming pool?
Does microwave popcorn cause cancer?
My mom has cancer what will it be like after her first chemo treatment how will she feel after-wards ?
If you go through kemo and raditation.......?
Is it true that you should not freeze water bottles because as they thaw they can release toxins?
I went for a CT scan today and am afraid I have a brain tumour.?
Does cancer make you not eat?
How Can I Cheer Up My Mom, Who Has Breast Cancer?
Why are low doses of kemo given to people who have no signs of cancer after surgery?
How long should the world wait before the HIV/AIDS cure is discovered?
What's the home remedy for hang over??
I have spots?
HELP!!! I am a 19 year old female and i am growing a beard. how do i get rid of it. HELP!!!?
I've been coughing for more than a week?
Please help read this?
MRSA should we be worried?
Can I catch a virus if I am taking antibiotics?
What kind of doctor to use to treat shingles?
Do u think (UK) this is going to be the last we'll hear about Bird Flu?
How do you get rid of thrush in your mouth after a course of antibiotics?
Do people with Leukemia vomit blood?
Anyone know of any anti perspirants that do not contain aluminum?
I have a lump that appeared on my lower leg, it doesn't hurt, any ideas?
What chance do you have of surviving secondary cancer in the liver?
Will being around pot smokers and inhaling(but not actually smoking), effects ur blood test?
Cancer Concern??
What is the best method or diet to help prevent colon cancer?
Why, Why, Why???
Is it safe to go scuber diving after having a kidney removed with cancer 3 years ago?
Do sports bras cause breast cancer?
My boyfriend is diabetes and he is 24 years old, do you think he'll have health problems sooner than expected?
For those who inject insulin at mealtimes........?
Diabetes and Fruits?
My potassium is low,what does that mean?
Plane trip with medicine, insulin????
What happens when your blood sugar reaches zero?
High blood sugar levels diabetes?
What's a normal level of blood glucose?
Restaurants where diabetics can go and eat?
I have diabetes, why can't I loose weight?
What can I do about sunscreen allergies?
Does anyone get a 'sore throat' as result of seasonal allergies?
People who are allergic to dust?
My eyelids are itching like crazy!!!?
Do you think I may be allergic to weed?
How come i get allergic to cats but not with dogs?
1 hour after taking a multivitamins, I feel itchy for 2 hours?
Peanut allergy?
What is the best way to clear a stuffed up nose?
Sorry I have to ask this?
Ive got worms help me?
Has anyone had the flu shot?
My husband is 35, never had chicken pots could he get it now and is so could it kill him?
Symptoms: What Is This?!?
My son who is seven has a 103.8 fever is that dangerous and should I take him to the emergency room he has had
Can you caught AIDS from a mosiqito bite?
Do you believe that the Cure for Cancer (most kinds) has already been discovered?
What do you think about pot smokers????
Does stick/roll-on deodorant cause cancer? Why/why not?
Colon cancer?
Do u think there will be a cure for cancer?
OMG! i think i have cancer...PLEASE! anyone who would know?!?
Help i have a problem?
What vitamins are good to keep cancer at bay?
My mom is starting chemo in august. can anyone give me a basic summary of what could/will happen?
Do cigars or ciggarets show up on a drug test?
Don't really like drinking water any way to learn and like its tasteless ness?
Is it safe to exercise when you have stitches?
Is it alright to eat out at a resteraunt once a year on my birthday?
What is a good workout for a 13 year old boy?
Should i go on a diet if i think im fat and im 5"6" and im 132 pounds ok?
I weigh 120 lbs and I would like to go down to 100 lbs. how can i lose this in 1 month before my wedding?
Whats cardio? & is it bad to eat after 8:00 pm?
I had a baby 5mths ago and i would like some ideas on how to loose weight fastPLEASE NO RUDE ANSWERS!!!.?
Could some-one give me an idea how to lose weight?
Is 140/84 high for blood pressure?
My partner has been having chest pain over his heart?
What time of the day or night should I take my Norvasc tablet (5 mg) for maintainenance of blood pressure?
I have really bad heart burn right now but its not at my heart it is right in the middle.?
I am having heart palpitations?
Whats the machine called in a hospital which measures your heart rate and goes beep beep beep?
Should i call my doctor if my blood pressure is176/119?
My neice's 3 year old son has been diagnosed with a 5-7 mm hole in the heart?Should he be operated upon at thi
Can someone under 18 have a heart attack?
My grandpa just had a heart attack and there's "permanent damage"... what does this mean?
How to cure a sore throat?
I have arranged to do an 8 mile run tomorrow morning at 7am. I have a chesty cough and flu-like symptoms.?
I accidentally used an egg that was out of date by four days... do I have salmonella?
This years Flu Shot?
Can any Medical Professionalists help me?
Can swelling in your face caused by sinus infections be dangerous?
My son is 4 yrs. old and has never had chicken pocks and a Dr. told us he has shingles. Is this possible?
Is it HIV spreading due to drunk / eat by us which are cooked by HIV Positive peoples ?
Question about MRSA?
Where did the AIDS virus get its start?
Gas Problems in School... (Answer SOON Please)?
Whats that crusty stuff that is your eyes after a good sleep?
Is there a cure for stomach cancer?
I have cancer?
Why would the surgeons want to prolong her agony and slow death?
Could i have cancer?????????
If your wife has breast cancer...and people tell you to "Be Strong". What does that mean?
Can anyone point to a any success using embronic stem cells?
My mother got 2 weeks to live.?
Has anyone on this site ever survived CANCER?
Effects of morphine and how it can be taken???
When people die from cancer?
Can you reproduce brain cells that have been destroyed?
Another Chemo question?
How can i raise money for my dad to get treatment for lukemia?
Ovarian Cancer?
Why do we not hear of heart cancer?
I need to know if i have cancer?
Hi friends. What causes cancer? Any ways2 prevent it? thanks a lot?
What are the symptons of lung cancer?
I can't sleep, could someone help me?
What are the symptoms of brain tumour?
Could my 5 yo have lukemia or a blood disorder?
I have not taken my bp pills for over a month and my bp has been totally fine,why should i keep taking them?
Feeling pressure in my heart area?
Is there anything that can trigger an Cardiac arrest???
Can you tell me ? At what pressure would my blood pressure start to be considered "LOW" i am 69 yrs old ?
I feel my heart like if it stops or skips a beat, and then it beats two or three times really quick, what is i
About heart palpitations?
Am i anemic?
What is cardiac arithmetic?
My daughter's boy friend found out he has an enlarged heart is this something he should worry about?
Symtoms of stroke?
Allergic to earrings?
Why would I get red bumps on my legs after sitting in the grass?
Has anyone seen changes using a personal air purifier for allergies and asthma?
How can i clean a house of cat dander and allergens etc. so people with cat allergies can live there?
What am I allergic to in my own home?
Could my strange body aches, feelings of weakness, sneezing and heavyness in head be due to my sinus?
I have a serious sinus problem that happens in the fall when I sleep & I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP!!!
Allergic reaction to an antibiotic?
I'm choking on my cat, please help?
What might raw apples, carrots, and potatoes contain that I am allergic to?
Where will the bile be produced in the case of amputation of gall bladder with stones?
Why do only blacks catch sickle cell? why are they more likely than other races to catch some diseases?aids?
My brother is VERY sick please help NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have the flu what can i eat and what can help make me feel better?
I have a soar throat, could it develop into an infection?
Bacteria in Urine?
Do you smoke Marijuana. If so explain to me what the high you get is like and how it makes you fell.?
Can you have a bath or shower when you've got chicken pox?
How can I remove mosquito from my house.?
I am not home , I am in another stste will I be able to get my Rx refilled?
Bellybuttonfluff...always blue...why?
Who else thinks that smoking should be illegal?
I am 31 year old woman and have had acne since I was 11.?
How does a smoker know when they have lung cancer?
Does anyone no how to get rid of leg cramps due to a side effect of chemotherapy?
I have a painful breast lump please help i am scared!!!?
Is it humanly possible to die without suffering?
How serious is cancer in the lymph nodes and what exactly are the lymph nodes?
Do you think their is a cure for cancer, aids or other supposedly uncurable diseases?
Does someone on Yahoo! Answers have the cure for Cancer?
Where can i buy black molasses????
Gift ideas for girl in hospital with leukemia...?
What is the remedy of curing HIV?
Can one get the same cold twice?
HELPP!!! URGENT!!! Uvula stuck to tonsil!!!?
I have had a permanent headache, a bit like a hangover, for the past 3 days and keep going dizzy?
Tested negative for HIV after 2 1/2 months of exposure .. can i still be positive ??
My hamster has numonia, does that mean i can catch it?
Can an urinary tract infection go away on its own?
Why do we get the flu only once a year?
How can i keep on track of my diet?
How can i lose 8 lbs. in a month?
How much weight do i need to lose? (13 yr old; 115 pounds)?
Help trying to lose weight what do u think?
What can I do/eat to make me feel healthier after eating fast food?
Will pushups make me "beefier"?
Am i average weight?
Fat people get away from me!!!?
Do tomatoes prevent cancer?
Need answer now...How can i handle the situation? Accompany friend to go check up with the doctor...?
Is there really a cure for cancer or is it hid because of all the money it makes for companies?
Can 21-year-old guy get cancer?
Are you afraid of getting cancer, do you do anything hoping to prevent it?
Chemo Therapy?
I have a tumour in the outer opening of anus ,it can be cancer.?
Howbad is level 4 in cancer?
Who knows how to start a fundraiser..for a single dad with a three year old with cancer?
I have a massive phoebia, am I weird?
Can you name any places where you wouldn't find germs or bacteria?
I think i am constipated, but am too embarrasse to go to the doctor?
Can u get a disease from kissing? like HIV or anything similar.?
Can someone be infested with HIV by inserting fingers into a girls virgina?
How can I help my 15 year olds acne problem?????
Is there a way to know if you are immune to hepatitis c?
What's wrong with me?
I have eczema on my eyelids. Any suggestions what I can use to calm it down?
Is it a good idea to fast when I have flu symptoms?
Can I buy antibiotic cream over the counter?
Urinary tract infection? PLEASE HELP?
Why Are Most People Ignorant About People With Illnesses?
Can adults who've had chicken pox develop shingles if they come into contact with a child who has chicken pox?
Can you get frostbite from being outsite for 15 - 20 minutes when it is 25 to 27 degrees out side?
I want tips on being anorexic.?
Do egg contain bird flu virus ?
Can I get sick from moldy bread?
Allergic to amoxicillan??
I have gout, now taking allopurinol and colchicine, red meat, can i eat it again?
Why do allergies get out of control during the spring?
Zyrtec or Clarinex? Anyone try both? Which one did you like better?
Have you ever had a bad case of hives?
Hot chocolate?
Ear piercing question?
Does anyone know anything about celiac disease and is a health food store the best place to get food?
What is the survival rate for metastatic liver cancer? Is there any better treatments available?
Should someone who has had staph infection be around a cancer patient who is undergoing radiation therapy?
Im 13...and i have a sore breast. i might sound stupid but is there a chance i have breast cancer?
Why is the "HRT causes cancer" story still news?
My mom experience bone cancer. Can Tian xian liquid cure bone cancer?
Do foods such as tomatoes or red apples cause stools to have red spots/ streaks on them??
My mother has breast cancer ,iwant to know about surviver ?
How many ciggarettes do you have to smoke to get lung cancer?
What if you donate blood and something is wrong with it (hiv, hep. etc)?
Can i get hiv through the anus?
Does kiss spreed germ?
What are the symptoms of herpes?
Please someone tell me What does an increase IN the White blood cells mean ???
Chican pox?
Is mastrubating leads to cold or fever ,asthama.plz tell me?
Um...What exactly is Mono?
Does any one know how to get rid of a cold QUICKLY!!?
How relevant is family history towards breast cancer?
Is skin cancer hereditory?
Blended water at high speed at least 1 minute - is that energized water?
Is cancer hereditary?
Where and how can I donate my hair for cancer patients?
Can pancreases cancer be healed?
My gf says she has cervical cancer?
My wife has cancer, family 2000 miles away how to deal with it?
What kind of a doctor should be seen if testicular cancer is suspected?
Does anyone know of a good treatment for Neuroblastoma for a 12 yr. old girl?
I have a 'man' cold?
Chances of catching hepatitis C and HIV from blood transfusion now?
My sons white blood count was 29 and they said it should be around 10 what is wrong with him?
UTI? when I go to the restroom i bleed what should i do its so painful?
Okay, so best way to get sick?
How do I avoid contracting HIV?
My back is itchy do you think it could be the ebola virus or the bird flu??
How do you get urinary tract infection?
How long does a cold last? i'm on week four.?
What are hives? (as in saying someones got hives)?
Whats the cure for an itching nose?
Why are most allergy relief medicines sleeping pills?
Can cat allergies cause a bloody nose?
Anyone have any home remedies to help with flea bites?
My nostrils fluids?
Is this an allergy...?
Is it allergies?
What is the very sourceof allergies?
I keep sneezing and nose is bunged up, have I rhinitis and can i cure this, its been going on for 2 weeks nowl
Is pnemonia contagious?
Think ive got flu what should i do?
Is aids and hiv the same thing and does aids spread if we kiss someone?
How can i get sick fast?
MMR jab!! My husband and i don't want our son to have the MMR jab as one injection.?
Open wound for three days???
Diarreah? is it contagious?
My stomach is almost disturb. what should i do to avoid disturbness of my stomach?
If you have an ear infection?
Why do kids have hearing aids ?????
Do I have an alcohol problem?
Which is the most serious do u think?
What should I do if I have poison ivy on my butt?
Is a Urinary Tract Infection a form of STD?
On average, how much time is it between...?
Does microwave popcorn give you lung cancer?
Cancer scare?
Irregular period? Was it cervical cancer?
Can a patient who has had a brain tumor and under went chemo experience short term memory loss, temporarily?
How do you get cancer?
My Mom Has Cancer?
When a very close friend of urs has cancer & may never recover, how is...?
Help with lump in the breast?
How do you know if you have breast cancer w/o going to the doctors?
From where we can collect stool for stool analysis?
What could my sister be suffering from?
What's the WORST disease to die from?
How do you know if you have a aids?
What could be the cause of My Sharp Chest Pains??
Fever of 106?
What are heart murmur?
My dad has a blood pressure of 240/160.?
Where is E. Coli most common?
Is 217 a high cholesterol?
How many hours do I have to fast before a cholesterol blood test?
Help me! my girlfriend is sick?
Chest and back pain???
High blood pressure 280 over 175?
Can older people catch shingles from a baby with chicken pox?
Blood pressure reading...137 over 60?
I have to take a treadmill test whilst wired to an ECG on Tuesday?
Are heart flutters something to worry about , there not there all the time but when they come on there sooo?
What can be some causes of high blood pressure?
Opinions please on the cervical cancer vaccination please.?
How to get rid of sunburn fast!?
My bum crack is red. What can I do?
If u lose weight will Stretch marks go away?
On average, I drink about 30-35 cups of water a Day- Is there something wrong with me?
Does any one have an underactive thyroid?
I smoke, im 18 yrs old n only been smokin since i was 17 i am afraid of getting lung/throat cancer @ young age
A friend has stage 4 cancer and 20% chance to live.....?
Is there ne way u can tell if u have lung cancer?
If your white blood cell count is up, does that mean you have cancer?
My mom had small cell cancer it went into remission for a little over a year, its back and in her brain,kidney
I will have surgery on the 4th. of Jan. Please pray for me.?
What alternative treatments are there for cancer?
Why do people smoke when we know it is a killer?
How do you get rid of ringing in your ears?
Do I need Malaria Tablets for Mexico?
Deadliest virus ever?
Diarhhea and sore body at the same time are symptomes of?
Meningitis: What are the signs?
What would help whatever illness I have?
Where did HIV originate from and how?
Sould I do it?
Do I have right to decide my father treatment?
Can anything taste good after chemo?
When diagnosed with metastic melanoma cancer is it common for the onclogists to wait ovr 2 weeks for trtment?
What is oesophagus?
Mom had breast cancer for 5 months?
Any experiences with Bowel Cancer?
Do you believe there is a link between abortion and Breast Cancer?
Is there a high risk I could get Cervical Cancer?
What causes high cholesterol?
When should I go to the doctor?
When was the lst time you had a broken heart?
Every1 plz answer ...?
My son of 5 months has a temp of 103 F its midnight do I cool him down or go to hospital?
How can I make a decision that can change my daughters life 4ever when both of my options r life threatening?
My father is 90 he just had an EKG should we be concerned?
Lowering blood pressure without pills?
Im 33 years old and my blood pressure is 140/80? is my blood pressure high?
Random question!??
Okay, can i get herpes if...?
Pus on my tonsils?
So i was wondering approximately how much money do you get for donating blood?
Does cooking chicken in the microwave kill the salmonella bacteria?
How can you have mrsa one week and not the next?
If I got a cold and Ive been on meds for about 48 hours can I still get someone sick by making out with them?
Hpw do I fight my cold?
Pastor melissa scott recently had a brow lift (cosmetic surgery) yet she has asked me to double portion tithe?
Can i catch hiv from sharing eyeliner?
My throat closes over and my eyes start to water. It happens now and again.?
A daily dose of honey...does it get rid of allergies ?
My 4 year old has allergies, HELP?
My german shepard is allergic to fleas, we live on the north coast they are everywhere.vet bills are huge?
What is good to eat when lactoseintalerant?
PLEASE HELP!!! I have really bad sinus conjestion!?
I have a stuffy nose...what should i do?
Wedding Ring Allergy
How do I take the stress out of eating? Major food allergies!
Severe Acne?
My son has Acne and I would dearly like to know "What are the best natural remedies, if any, for Acne?"
A friend of mine wants to know how to get drugs out of his system as quick as possible as he has to have mouth
I just found out my urine sample has gone missing from the hospital, are they taking the piss or what?
I have some circle spot on my arms neck and face , they are white and it itches.My skin is kind of rough.?
5 days into not smoking.when does the craving ease?
What kind of breast lump am I looking for?
Can 5gum give you cancer?
What are the signs to look for colon cancer?
Oh My God, please please help me!?
I'm dying-should i talk to my parents about arrangments?
My grandad is in the last stages of lung cancer?
Is there anything that can prevent cancer?
I feel like a big amount of food is stuck in my throat. should i be concerned?
Causes of cancer?
Can metastatic prostate cancer be cured?
How do I tell I have herpes ?
Can any person suffering from AIDS/HB+ be cured ?
Bacterial Vaginosis? Is this normal?
Why all the fuss about bird flu??
What can a pregnant personn take for sore throat?
How long after you start treating a child with pink eye before they can return to school?
Bloody Feces?
My best friend is a choking what do i do? Emediatly hep me!?
Have you heard of the Taco Bell ecoli?
Cervical cancer....serious question.?
Somethink on abnormal smear test?
Did anyone ever hear about a fungal infection that can take over a body because the immune system is weakened?
How can I help my moms attitude towards her cancer?
What do you do???
Liver cancer?
What are the chances of getting cancer from smoking?
What precautions should take to avoid cancer? what are the primary stages or signs of cancer?
What are some natural, cancer fighting foods?
Can you get aids ?
If you could get shot by anyone who would it be?
If you keep swallowing your saliva, can you get a sore throat?
Can HIV be transmitted through masquito bites?
When you have an infection and your body has a fever is that good or bad?
Oes a condem protect against HIV and other diseases and Pregancy?
Abscess Leaking?
I have hepatitis B. I am afraid to tell any guy that I am a carrier.?
Was aids really started by a gay monkey in africa?
How long should i wait??
Can a girl be alergic to a boy?
What is a quick cure for allergies?
Why must I wake up early from a stuffed nose every day?
Did you know this about Altoids?
Why after drinking red wine do i sneeze and my nose run?
What happens if you take too many benadryl?
Are lots of people allergic to penicillin?are you?
Latex allergy--balloons?
My 1yr. old baby have asthma,will it be cured?
After eating raw tomato my tongue feels like its on fire and little sores bloom all over it its painful why?
There is a line on my earlobe, some people says that means I have problems in my heart. is this true?
Can i die from a broken heart?
Any ways that I can help lower my cholestoral and blood pressure naturally?
I have a heart murmur and I fainted, is this ok?
I really need some advice.....this might be life or death!!!?
Does sugar turn into bad cholesterol?
Why does my heart feel like its pumping in the back of my head?
Are stuffed olives bad for your heart?
Can a spider have a heart attack?
What do u say?
What Is The Cause Of Cancer?
Lung Cancer Symptoms?
What can u say about this information?? ;Drinking cold water after meal = Cancer!?
I think I have bone cancer, specifically Ewing's Sarcoma, but I'm afraid to tell my parents. What do I do?
Yellow jaundice, enlarged liver and 2 stone weight loss! Gallstones or Cancer?
HI I need to know if plastic surgery can replace a breast that was lost to cancer 20 yr ago on a 50yo lady?
Right, I've got a painless little lump on the side of my neck near my shoulder, any ideas what it could be?
PLease help!!! My uncle is at last stage of the brain cancer and doctors said they can't do anythng.?
The causes of cancer may include which of the following?
How do you cure a flu the quickest?
How long does a urinary tract infection (uti) last?
My doctor's appt for my ear infection is not until next Tuesday?
Should I stay home?
Adults: Have you NEVER had chicken pox?
Can mixing chicken and squash in one recipe cause leprosy?
How to avoid being an victim of AIDS?
Is it true there a mosquito that if it bites you theres no cure and?
I have a pain in my chest, in the center and it hurts worse when i breath in, do you know what it could be.?
Does anyone have a cure for the Shingles?
The Dr. says I have blood in my urine, what doesl this mean?
How long should you hold your pee?
I hate acne!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Coughing up chunks of Stuff?
Why do I feel like this?
Do I Have Breast Cancer?
Is there a such thing as toe cancer?
I've been smoking for 7 years, do you think ive increased my chance of getting cancer in such a short time?
Can't a dr tell if you have cancer by looking at your blood tests? If so, why have a bone biopsy?
Red thing on tiolet paper!?
Do smokers get lung cancer?
Breast cancer found early?
Cigarettes vs. marijuana?
What is morphine??
How long would you wait if you had a cold to go to the doctor?
What does ineffective mean?
Can any one tell me the dangers of injecting meth into your jugular?
How bad is the pain after getting your tonsils removed?
My mom has a colonoscopy bag after surgery on her colon?
Is there a cure fpr aids?
Bad sinus headache?
Someone who works at a hospital.....?
Found a dead bird on my patio...?
Does starting Chemotherapy result in constant weakness for the patient?
Breast cancer money, etc?
I want to find that company who does womens cancer life insurance?
How can I clean my colon?
Throat cancer???
One Cause Of Breast Cancer?
Why wont they cure cancer?
Is pancreatic cancer always terminal?
Chicken pox?
If someone has AIDs and a spit ball flies in ur eye can u catch aids?
Is spots on your face a sign of hiv early infection ?
Don't you think that $22,000,000,000 is a bit much to spend on Aids Research and Treatment?
Plz plz plz help best answer gets 10 points!?!?
Sore throat?
Are there any disadvantages to being vaccinated (immunised/inocculated) ?
Can you really get the flu from a flu shot?
I need advice for allergies.....i have to take claritin d like everyday?
What is the best allergy medicine without side effects?
What can i do to make my ALLERGY EYES go away?
What kind of thing can cause an allergic reaction that causes hives, when one has done nothing different?
Broke nose?
Why is that if i eat seafoods i got astma?
I may be getting a dog, but am worried about possible allergy.?
Allergy Question????
Swollen eyelid help!! treatment and cause?
If I recently developed an allergy to walnuts, am I now allergic to all tree nuts?
I decided not to buy cigerettes tonight...?
How do you get pregnant without a chance of STD?
How long are you kept in hospital after an appendix operation?
What are some cures for drug addiction?
I was told to today that I have bipolar disorder. I stoled something from my work. I'm not that kind of person
If you take 10 mg Lipitor daily is it harmful to take, in addition, 81 mg baby aspirin?
Does anyone know what causes irregular heartbeat?
Chest Pain?
Best Natural Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure?
My mother passed on Oct. 7, 2007, what did she die from, they tell us from either congstive heart failure,?
I have Cardiomegaly. What is it?
My Heart !!!!?
When the my doctor listens to my heart i get jittery why is this?
Why do i feel my heart beating in my chest and head?
How do you get rid of high cholesterol?
What will you do? if your Doctor said "You have at most 5 more days to live"***.?
What are the symptoms of brain tumour & how can one detect it ?
Christmas present for someone with cancer?
Does anyone have experience of friends or family having liver cancer?
Does having an enlarged prostate mean you have cancer?
Lung cancer ?
Gardisil vaccine question?
Is it true that using plasticware causes cancer?
Why haven't they found a cure for cancer ?
MRSA in black people?
Urinary tract infection ?
I have a 2year old that was sick in the flu and now she has explosive diarrhea?
My 12 month old daughter hasn't eaten anything in 3 days, she has had fever and vomiting, she now has diarreah
Do you know where to go for cure HIV/AIDS and diabetic mellitus? I do. contact me, you will never be sorry?
I have hepatitis, hoorah.?
Can you get mono more than once?
How do u know if u have bowel Cancer?
Why is breast cancer so widespread?
When you get cancer, does every hair on your body molt, or is it just the hair on the head.?
Can you catch something from someone who has lung and liver cancer?
I need ACNE help fast!?
I was at a restraunt with my wife, and the waiter didnt wash his hands after doing No 2, however I didnt tell?
What is cancer?
What can I say for a cold sore?
Which stage of cancer is the worse or 1,2 3 or 4 ?
Would you sell a kidney and if so how much for?
Do tattoos cause cancer?
How can i get white again??
What is the average life expectancy for someone who has smoked for 50 years?
My mom has lung Cancer! I live 60 miles away, and am going to school, and have a family as well as work?
Is it true that Gordon Brown has contracted a nasty case of blutongue ?
How cold is it?
Can You die from either of the following::?
How do you relieve a really soar throat?
How to cure my daughters pink eye?
Whats the difference between a cold and flu?
WHY and how dem monkeys give us humans HIV?
What are some Flu Like Symptoms?
I am comming down with a cold... what is the best way to prevent it from ecalating?
99.1-99.6 F. temperature with no other symptoms.....I feel "ok". Whats going on?
Do i have a COLD?? or Do i have ALLERGIES???
What causes fatique?
I suffer from allergy in eyes & body during summer/rainy season in south of China with sever cold. what to do?
I might be allergic to apples?!?
What foods and drinks can cause gases?
Can an allergy to yeast cause IBS?
Different areas of my face are swelling up.?
When did so many people start becoming allergic to...everything?
Air purifiers and cat allergies?
Which of the following is not an infectious disease?
I think i have Strep throat?
I have strep throat and no insurance but some left over Keflex at home...would this help to take it?
Which is better for an irritated throat? Hot or colder liquids.?
Chiken Pox - Can some help?
What can you do if you have a virual infection?
What Are Symptoms of Strep?
What illnesses can you get from a mosquito bite?
Is bitting your nails the same as licking the toilet seat?
Could I have caught the flu from passengers?
Breast Cancer!?
What are obvious signs of cancer?
I'm scared of losing my gpop. he has prostate cancer. how long can older men live with this?
Question ?, How many year left before Man totally Cures Cancer ??
Has anyone ever heard of cancer just leaving your body?
My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Is there a gift I can give her that shows support, under $150?
Does anyone know anything about getting a feeding tube becouse of cancer?
How come they do that?
If moles grow is does it 100% mean that its canser?
Who do my burps smell this bad?
My husband has a painless lump?
Scrubs: Purple Pee?
HIV transferred from basin? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What does a positive reaction to a skin TB test mean?
Why is AIDS a disease created by man?
Is chicken pox a type of herpes?
What is aids?
Any body afraid of the bidr flu? I sure am?
Does Purell hand sanitizer kill HIV since it is 60% alcohol?
Can anybody help my 3yr old son keeps getting ill with colds and alsorts?
Just found out my house mate is hiv positive. He mistakenly left it in kitchen. How do I deal with this?
Strep throat test...?
Do I really HAVE to get the flu shot?
Plz........tel meeeeeeeee?
Can I have beer while on antibiotics?
Is there something wrong with me....???
Why don't humans get immuned to common cold?
Ok. im sick. possibly with the flu.. but i cant let my mom know..?
Cut with a rusty tool but I've been immunized against tetanus... Do i really need to go to doctors?
If a child had the chicken pox vaccine can they get shingles or get the chicken pox?
How would you handle cancer?
Can cancer be cured?
What types of cancers are there that kill within a year?
What is the best treatment for nausea for a cancer patient?
How do you deal with the heartache and pain that truly hurts with your mom dying from cancer?
Are there any possible cures for lung cancer?
I need to know if there is any alternative treatments for breast cancer?
My husband has been attending the cancer unit at our local hosp. his body isnt producing bone marrow properly?
I want to give up smoking but how ?
Allergy sufferers...?
Any advice for my sleeping arragement at night and me getting sick?
I have an asthma nebulizer and wanted to know how often i should replace it?
Doctors cant figure it out; any guesses?
What is the best natural sunscreen that is not over greasy, or sits on your skin making you look chalky white?
What causes cough in post nasal drip?
I have had postnasal drip for about a month now. My throat is feeling clogged.?
Expired milk?
Do hayfever sufferers have to take antihistamines for the rest of their lives?
I see people eating their nasal mucous: Is this unhealthy?
What is it?
I have acne, ive tried many things and nothing works. I NEED HELP!?
I'm sixteen and was just diagnosed ADD, should I take ritalin?
Can you get the FLU in the summer?
Is pink eye the same as conjunctivitous?
Do you think this is Pink Eye?
How do I improve my immunity?
My landlady is too cheap to fix our moldy bathroom...do we breath in the mold everytime we shower?
If a person does not do drugs what if anything can make them test positive for cocaine?
Why is my kid vomiting and fever ?And has several knotted mosquito bites not sure if related.?
How does a vaccine stop you getting a disease?
What can cause fresh bright blood in the stool?
Any tips for getting over the flu (tested positive influenza A)?
My mom said that putting my cell phone in my bra would give me breast cancer..?
Does sugar cause cancer?
Is it possible to avoid kemo therapy after surgery?
Hello if u have cancer are u always tired?
I just found out my mom has Stage 4 Breast Cancer?
A nerve cell is also called a what?
Do cancer patients have the right to refuse chemotherapy?
Breast Cancer question?
What chages take place in ur body when u have cnacer please cos ppl tell u right 1 cos ppl tell me wrong anser
What causes your urine to go black?
Feel own heart beating?
Help! - What's the fastest way of recovering from vomiting bug?
I'm quitting smoking?
Why are people who are diagnosed with cancer told to avoid acids in their food?
I am 27 and am having chest pains am i having a heart attack? i drank a lot last night and am nauseated.?
I have chicken pox for a week now, the pox are all scab over am i still contagious?
What are the first signs of breast cancer?
Is plucking the underarm hair causes breast cancer?
My chest hurts especially in the heart after running for only 1 minute???????????
I have a bladder infection is their any over the counter medicine available?
What can anxitey cause?
I smoked from age 19 to 25. What are my chances of getting cancer?
My blood pressure is 90 over 45. I am very tired and dizzy. Should I worry?
What is this medication used for toprol?
Doctor suggests I get a breast biopsy, but says isn't necessary, should I go?
My mother has lung cancer....I have been missing work because she is sick, can they fire me?
My wife minimum blood pressure is low is it a symptiom of what?
Flu can you get re-infected?
After radiation treatment for cancer,can you drive home from the hospital?
Manipulative boyfriend with cancer...should i stay?
What is considered low blood pressure? is there such a thing?
Is tonsilitus contagious?
Chicken pox?
Is cancer of the kidney common ?
Iam 15 years old and sometimes my heart hurts really bad and when it hurts i have like troubl getting some air
Is cardiac arrest painful?
Does working out lower your resting heart rate?
Is a heart murmer serious?
How can I keep my legs still? I always have the urge to move them when sitting.?
My daughter keeps getting really bad nose bleeds.what can i do to keep it from happening?