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How to fake sick with the flu?
Help with tonsilitis please?
Do I actually have an Eating Disorder?
What should i drink to look gorgeous?
If you excercise 30 minutes everyday, but eat fattening food during the day; would it still work?
How can I gain weight?
Ok so how do u loose fat??????
Obesity can the government do more?
What can I do to stop being tired after working out?
Tips for losing weight please?
What are some ways to gain weight? Please help me out.?
Am i Fat? Tell me what you really think!! sry no pic?
Has anyone out there had any luck lowering cholestral naturally without taking cholestral-lowering drugs?
Blood pressure 137/108 goes up and down yesterday was 152 /112 been the docs says bit high ? should i go back?
Two brothers, who will be most likely to have a heart attack first (read details)?
I've been diagnosed with high blood pressure at 27?
I keep getting this horrible feeling like a fluttering in my heart?
What is the modern subsitute for Valium?
What does that mean?
What are natural ways to control (lower) Blood Pressure? I am not interested in taking any medication?
Stroke at 21???......?
Chest pain while inhaling and "stabbing" pain in heart and left arm, do i have Angina?
Itchy, red,burning,swelling,feet... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?
Im sick and i saw marks all over me (like ants bit my body-marks). woke up with swollen eyes. whats wrong? :(?
Is this picture real?
HELP! My boyfriend has the stomach flu. Am I going to catch it too?
How do i get acne gone by tommorow?
Really strange allergy question?
Anyone have idea for severe allergies without taking steroids? OTC meds don't work at all, Thanks in advance
How do you cure allergy symptoms?
Is anyone else really cold?
My daugter 14 was told she had muptiple allergies singilar,advair,flonase has started shots has hurting lungs?
Help!! How do I get rid of this tickle in my throat?
What can cause continous coughing, for periods mof up to half an hour, cough mixture or linctus does not have?
How do doctors test for food allergy?
Is it true that eating something a lot can cause you to have an allergic reaction?
My skin itches all the time is it an alergy/?
I think i have Breast cancer. can a lady or someone please help me before I have to tell someone else?
Have you had a colonascopy???
What can one do to avoid having cancer?
My dad has Leukemia and is throwing up allot, what should I do?
What do you think caused your cancer (or your relative's cancer)???
Has the cancer industry given up on truly finding a cure?
I need support fast?
Is this true now?
Is chemotherpy only cure for blood cancer?
Ideas for raising money for cancer patient?
He just keeps tagging along?
My school has a major case of staff infection. how can i prevent myself from not getting it?
Can you get a cold sore from kissing someone?
When I'm done with my ulcer treatment (antibiotics), can I occasionally drink alcohol?
Does anyone know anything that helps cystitis apart from cranberry juice?
Catchy title for autism and vaccines research paper?
What should blood test results say?
How long after a meal should I wait before taking my blood sugar level?
My 15 year old son has 198/115 blood pressure, he is 5'9" and 140 lbs. Could this be hereditary?
How does being diabetic affect your feet?
Does anyone know how to check your cholesterol level?
I keep the heart burn alot and i've tried every thing and nothing seems to work. HELP!?
Stomach Cancer?
Can you get rid of diabetes?
Why is my sugar level higher of the morning than in the afternoon?
Is a diastolic blood pressure of 59 too low?
How bad is secondhand smoke?
Does Redbull Really Cause Cancer???
I have the BMI of 56, what is my life expectancy?
Why is my heart going so fast? Here, Feel my pulse. See what I mean?
How to lower ones cholesterol level?
What are the side effects from using the same toilet as someone going through chemotherapy?
Sorry if this is a dumb Q, but is a person born diabetic or can a person develop diabeties?
I'm 17 and have high blood pressure?
What is the best source of Good Fats and Protein?
Does Type 1..and Type 2?
My cholesterol level of 218, how can I best lower it without medicine?
What happens if you don't treat high blood pressure?
Is 130/96 blood pressure high?
What is Mono?? i've heard people use it on American TV shows?
How do I get rid af a urinary tract infection without antibiotics?
Four infections that can be caught from other people?
I knew gay people are weird, add Lance Bass? LOL?
Tell me a good slogan on HIV/AIDS ?
What countries have the highest percentage of people dying from AIDS every year?
Should I be worried if my temperture is 103.7 ??
If its hot in the house and you are very cold do you have the flue?
Period question?
Why can't I breathe out of one side of my nose?
I have had a severe episode of shellfish allergy recently, Will BENADRYL help?
How do you tell a co-worker to stop clearing her throat every 5 seconds without hurting her feelings?
Everytime I get into a pool I get a really awful headache. Could I be allergic to the chlorine?
Is it possible to have a potato chip allergy?
What is the best medicine for allergies?
Does anyway have or know about celiac disease?
How can I stop my throat/ears from itching?
Does anyone with food allergies get itchy skin on the undersides of arms and legs? What is your allergy?
I keep sneezing?
What is the deadliest type of cancer ?
Mom had breast surgery it was good.but they took 8 lymphnodes 1 had cancer in it.is she going to have chemo?
How many Scientists does it take to find a cure for Aids or Cancer???
My best friend has recently found out he has Pancreatic cancer?
Does the electro magnetic field of high tension electric wires affect our body?
Can people catch fleas in their hair?
Ignorant a$$holes??
How old do you have to be to stay home alone?
This guy told me that he has this type of herpes that cant be transmit?
What is going on with me?
Why is no one talking about bird flu anymore. remember the newspaper headlines saying 'IT'S HERE!'
Can one get HIV by saliva contact?
I got shot 55 time why i am not dead yet?
Can i get chicken pocks twice?
Is numbness a sign of diabetes?
My friend is trying for a baby, she has just realised she is diabetic.How will it effect her embryo?
Diabetes question......pleese help?
If a diabetic ends up suffering from say no feeling in his feet etc will it ever return?
Why do diabetics have the fruity smell of ketones on their breath?
Is honey good for diabetes patients?
Does this all add up to diabeties or diabeties neuropathy?
Does smoking effects a diabetic patient's health?
Can diabetic people take watermelons in summer?
How many units of insulin should i used when my sugar is high.?
How do u lose 10 pounds in 2 days?
Can anybody run two miles without stopping, and not on a treadmill.?
Are diets overrated??
What kind of foods are good for me to gain weight?
Is this underweight or overweight?
13 stones and 5ft 4?
How can i gain weight in 5 days?
How To Lose Weight VERY Fast?
I'm 14 years old, 6ft 2 and 293lbs, what is my ideal weight?
Please encourage?
Why science failed to eradicate mosquitoes?
Immune to HIV?
I found a tiny tick on me, Will I die from Lime Disease?
Are bacterial infections contagious?
Do you have to go to the doctor if you have a bladder infection?
What is the best method to stop the AIDS?
Can you get a cold now?
Is drinking tea OK when you have urinary tract infection?
Any over the counter remidies for uninary tract infections?
Im sick, and i dont know what it is.?
Pep talk desparately needed!! Breast appointment?
I play games on the computer alot and i was wondering will i develop any kind of cancer that is life taking?
Can you write this in your own words and not to big words ???
Question about radiation treatment?
Can a person volunteerly become a living organ donor?
I shallowed a ciggerette will I die?
I start chemo on Tuesday for Breast Cancer?
Any1 have any fact about cancer. im doing a speech on cancer but i cant find much facts on it help me plz?
Why can't cancer patients have live plants?
I had two cysts removed and tests came back benign does that mean i had cancer?
Is there any cure for Diabetes?
I'm worried I'm anaemic?
Could I be a diabetic?
Can anyone give me some advice in how to cope with new diagnoses of diabetes?
If someone has diabetes, why do they avoid sugar?
I'm burned out with monitoring blood sugar and talking to DR. what should I do?
I have diabetes, will my kids have it?
Can sugar give u diabeates??
Can being diabetic make you tired?
How much support and advice do diabetics get?
Rapid heart rate (tachy.),shortness of breathe, dizziness?
Would you take lipitor? just got out of hospital, they did angioplasty and?
Chest pain lasting more than 3 days?
If the blood pressure is 128/66, is there a risk of any medical condition? The symptoms is giddiness.?
What are the factors affecting high blood pressure?
If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?
Attn: Prayers needed for my sister ~ Elizabeth ~Open Heart surgery, pls. pray for her.?
Can a person give blood after having a tatoo done?
Is this a normal blood pressure reading? 10 points for best answer?
Is it possible for a teenager to have a heart attack?
Whyare many adolenscents gettinginfectiondespiteof... on dangers of HIV/AIDS?
How come i have chickenpox when I am immune ?
What diet should i give my son 9yrs old when he is having vomitings?
Bird flu? How do we know if we have it?
What would you do if you tested HIV Positive today?
Which way round does this saying go? Feed a fever, starve a cold or starve a fever, feed a cold?
Can u die from an ear infection?
What do bloody stools mean?
What to cook for my friend who's allergic to flour?
What could be causing me allergies in my room?
I have fleas problem, . i used a product killed every thing before, then i got the problem again?
Any suggestions for people who love cats...but are allergic to them?
Whats the best way of finding out if ur child has a nut allergy without ending up at the hospital?
I feel miserable because the allergy,i try everityng over the counter.nothing work.pls,help me!..?
My private part is very itchy all the time. Is there any way to prevent it?
Anyone have pesonal experience with Singulair? I'm running out of allergy options.?
Should I continue to drink milk?
Does anyone have bloody noses when they have sinus or allergy problems?
Not a question, just looking for moral support?
What are my dad's chances?
Lung cancer?
My colleague's son is dying of ALL. I would like to know what we can expect as the end draws near.?
What are some ways that i can prevent getting cervical cancer later in life?
How long can a person with lung cancer live?
What is the deadly est type of cancer?
Serious opinions please?!?!?
Some Incouragement and prayers needed badly!!!!!!!?
Couldit be cancer? Two lumps on back of my neck?
Help with ACNE??
What is the worst kind of cancer?
I have a problem.?
What is the best way of finding out as to how well ur kidney is functiioning?
How often should I check my blood glucose?
Is Metformin safe to take for type 2.?
Diabetes is this bad ?
How serious is blood sugar reading of 346?
Diabetic and overweight and kind of tired need good remedy?
What major store would have medical alert bracelets?
I need some help with controlling my sugar level?
My dad has burning feet so bad he cries-hes 75 ,diabetic &gout.; Dr gave him pain med-he sleeps24/7 any sugges
Which is more hygienic, throwing tissues with mucus in the toilet or in the trash can?
Bird Flu, then there was BSE, soon all animals will carry some form of lethal disease... do you think that...?
How to get over the flu i had the flu for a month now its not severe but still how do i get over it for good?
Should nurses be forced to take a pay cut if they dont change there uniform ?
Whats the best song EVER?
I am ill! !?
What should i do with a fever no less than 105?
Going to school with staph?
How can you avoid catching stomach bugs?
I got the flu shot about six hours ago now i have the chills diaerha and naueasa . is this normal.?
How many arterys does the heart have?
About how much sodium is ok for someone who has high blood pressure to consume in a day?
How do i eradicate cholesterol from my blood?
The pharmacy gave me the wrong miligrams of Atenelol what should I do?
What is worse for your heart. Smoking, constant stress, or high cholestrol??
Loss of breath and rapid heart beat?
If 2+1=3and 4+1=5. what is 2+2=5???
Why are there so many anti-smoking ads...?
Serious question : Heartbeat...?
If you inhale marijauna?
Has anyone else out there lost a parent to cancer? If so how did you deal with it?
I need answers..Can ypou help me?
What are the symtoms of cancer?
Cure for AIDS and Cancer?
Why does Australia have a very high percentage of skin cancer cases?
I'm kind of scared because I am having a mammogram. Does it hurt?
Found out husband is smoking again?
What is an easier surgeon?
How can i limit the risks of cancer when using a sunbed?
How AID be come the only disease that have no cure?
What are the symptoms?
Anal Medicine..how to use it??
My throat is clogged up?
What are the symptoms of Shingles? I have been working with a woman who has now got them, am i likely to get..
Should parents(with an attending child) be told that a child attending public Pre-K is HIV+?
Can you die of the cold?
Can anyone(genius) explain briefly about why there is no vaccines on AIDS and MALARIA?
I have been bitten by rat .Is it serious thing?If yes what should i do?
Whats the biggest calorie burner you know of?
I am 24 years old and i am underweight with 55 kg. How can i gain my weight?
How can i get thin?
Am I over,under, or average wiehgt?Im 5 7 14 years old and weigh somewhere between 94 and 100?
Am I fat? (pics)?
What so yall have agains bulimic people and why do yall think it is so bad???
How much shoul a 19 year old female at 5'9 weigh?
What has more potassium, a potato or a banana?
Junk food - Pizza?
Need To Lose Weight.?
What is the best way to control my sugar levels?
Can diabetics consume honey?
What happens if an insulin taking diabetic goes into a hypo and goes unconscious and no one is there to help?
Im 14 and i have diabetes...?
Why are so many young children being diagonosed with type 1 diabeties?
Does anyone count carbohydrates and give their insulin based upon their carbohydrate count?
My husband was just diagnosed with diabetes and I am having a hard time with his diet. Can anyone help me?
Can a young WOMAN with diabetes still conceive?
Has anyone ever heard of someone getting a pancreas transplant?
I'm a diabetic can you do home brew with out sugar or can i get a diabetic beer?
I have pain on my heart sometimes.. is it just being tired?its not all the time.should i worry?
Funny pins and needles in the heart?
Has any human ever been born with a heart on the right side of his body?
How serious is bypass surgery on a persons heart?
Can u die of a broken heart?
Is exercise truly important for a bad heart?
My bp is 100/75 what does it mean?
Is my heart rate slow, if its 43 beats per mintue?
What does it feel like to have a heart attack?
Why does my mother get burning sensation in her feet?
What kind of chocolate candy is safe to buy for peanut allergies?
Why do others say ''excuse me'' when we sneeze?
Do I have a rice allergy?
I told people that i was allergic to maynonaise, but not eggs.?
My boyfriend is allergic to cats. Do you think that would apply to hairless cats like the devon rex and sphynx
Food allergy?
Is this that time of year where allergies start acting up?
Why am i allergic to ketchup?
What would happen if I doubled my allergy medicine?
Allergy Prescription Medication?
Do humidifiers help with allergies?
My best friend is 45 years old and just told me she has breast cancer. how can I help her?
Best site for info on terminal lung cancer?
What are some amazing quotes for my friend that has cancer?
Cancer: Get Chemo and Radiation? Or Not?
I think i might have breast cancer...?
I am the spouse of a recent cancer patient - I feel stressed at times...?
What are Hickey?
My husband has got a std,yellow discharge i dont want to get it and he doesnt know what its called?
Does anyone know what foods held reduce Psoriasis, or what foods to cut out ?
What acne treatments/products actually works (from personal experiences please)?
What are the chances of getting hiv after a single encounter with an infected individual?
Cold sores how long would the last if not treated?
Does gurgling salt water get rid of sore throats AFTER the disease is in effect?
What does it mean when I have diarrhea and it is green?
What do you think of the LDS and the MORMONS?
Why do some people catch cold easily and others don't?
My friend has odd symptons, please help?
Why does the healt department make such a big deal about mouse droppings being near food prep areas and.......
Urinary Tract Infection...?
What are the symptoms of gall bladder problems?
Can anyone tell me why I itch all the time?
My partner is a type 1 diabetic and has hypos occasionally but he still thinks that he can drink alcohol?
What does the term"BORDERLINE DIABETIC" mean?
Is it true if you drink too much coke you can get diabetes?
What types of insulin do you use (if you any) and what type of diabetic are you (1,2 or gestational)?
Does this sound like diabetes??
What would Happen if a diabetic couldnt afford to buy their meds???
Why are so many kids getting type 2 diabetes these days?
Does sugar give you a disease?
How do you want to die (in sleep, shoot, heart attack, anything)?
How do u reduce High Blood Pressure?
What is the difference between Hyper tension and High Blood pressure?
High Blood Pressure?
I hate 3 bars of chocolate today..is that too much for someone with high cholesterol?
Ways to lower my blood pressure (126/60)?
I had three stints placed in july and was perscribed plavix and asprin four 4 months. I did not have a heart?
What do they call the paddle things that get your heart going again when it stops?
Why would a doctor send you for an xray when you complain of chest pain?
Can bad teeth lead to a heart attack?
Is it good or bad if aids have a medicine?
The people whom keep dogs and cats in there home, aren't they worry about if they getting virus from them?
Is anyone else immune to chicken pox but you has never had it?
I was scratched by my own cat. Do I have to go to the doctor for the vaccine injection or something?
Is it possible, cat and dog sick?
Can a Male catch a yeast infection?
Why do people?
I am sooooo sick I need some help.....?
Is mrsa contagious????????
Hello all What to Do?
How is chemotherapy given?
Does anyone know where to donate hair for children with cancer? we are in the Kansas City area. thank you?
HELP: Breast Cancer?
When determining number of years survival of cancer, do you go by when diagnose or when treatment ended?
Can anyone tell me a few cool smoking facts for a science project on healthy living?
What are the odds that I have cancer, based on my symptoms?
I have cancer.how long will i live without curing it?
How do you find a doctor who will give you a straight answer?
Can cell phones cook your brain like cell phones can cook eggs?
Does knumbing in the hands mean diabetes?
I have diabetes and my boyfrenn doesnt kno.?
Hi just a quiery, can diabetes be cleared, pls help :'(?
Diabetic diet?
If I can no longer afford metformin, is there a way to control blood sugar for diabetes?
Question can you help me?
Are there any alternative treatments/cures for Diabetes?
If u go with a blood a gang member do that make u a blood?
What advantages does an insulin pen have over syringes?
Should the guy with TB be charged with attempted murder and assault?
How *** ppl make out that they got flu when they only got a bit of a cold?
Withdraw symtoms?
Weird question?
A sick girl got her saliva on my lips...can I get sick, or am I overthinking?
Is it safe to eat bernard matthews turkey ham??
Licee!!!!!!!!!!!1?help please,serious?
What is the name of the fear of needles?
Is animal testing wrong?
How many cancers are there not known to man?
Ovarian cancer - is radiation therapy common treatment and if so, does it cause seizures???
Is there a connection between breast cancer and abortion?
What Causes Cancer??
If my mom has a breast cancer gene do i have it?
Dealing with death.?
Can cancer be cured/healed?
Cancer? or cyst? PLEASE RESPOND! im 12!?
How accurate are blood tests for detecting cancer, can it be trusted or can it miss some forms of cancer?
17 and diagnosed with ovarian cancer-what now?
Can you name some proven remedies to lower cholestrol please?
How can a person who's cholesterol is fine, blood pressure is fine, exercises, eats right have a heart attack?
35yrs old male what is good/bad blood pressure?
Blood Pressure help?
Are these symptoms signs of a stroke?
Anesthesia-how scary is it?should i be afraid?
Im 14 and i think somthing rong with my heart help if u can!!!?
Low blood pressure?
My blood pressure is 151/ 98 is this high?
How can I get rid of stomach fat fast??? help people!?
Are the chances of being ok through a brain tumour good? or not? x?
What casues fever blisters/ canker sores in your mouth.?
Are bananas healthy for you?
I'm half-way through my antibiotics and my throat is still sore 5 days later!! What is it??
Why am i fat?
Is it possible to lose 10-15 pounds in 2-3 weeks?
How can the world reduce the spread of AIDS?
Ab workouts better everday or every other?
How can i loose a stone in two weeks?
I just saw my aunt. what should I do?
Oatmeal? good for you?
Why do we still get flu? Don't we have the antibodies already?
HIV risk from used band aid?
Do I generally sound fat?
Sore throat - What is this?
I have urine in my blood ...?
How to lose 20-50 pounds in a month?
Do i have diabetes?
Any one use a pump to manage their diebetes?
Favourite Penny sweets?
I am diabetic and my bloodsugar has been in the 200 and up range. what can I do to get it down?
Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic thinking about insulin pump!! I have had diabetes for almost 23 years.?
Do you think I have diabetes?
How often should i go to the loo in the night?
Can women diabetics have children???
Is is possible to bring down elevated blood sugar with diet and exercise?
I look worse than the elephant man what can i do for plastic surgey where do i get the money from?
Can an Ovarian Cyst cause cancer and can they go away on there own?
How Do You Deal with This for the First Time?
How come Rpblcns don't want 2 fund stem cell rsrch, but don't want 2 back the soc prgms 2 care 4 such people?
Can Marijuana Cause Cancer?
Can microwaves and cellphones give you cancer?
Do teens get cervical cancer.
What exactly is a lympnoid?
Is it true that "Kicking a boy in the nuts" can cause testicular cancer?
Why do some people get bitten by Mosquitos and others dont ?
Does the FLU shot hurt? If so how bad & for how long?
Whay does it mean whenu cough and urinate?
What is the cure for mononucleo? (kissing disease)?
Would you mess with a guy if it was rumored that he had AIDS but no one new for sure?
How do i get rid of ring worn that is not that seriouse.?
Are you afraid of people with aids???
Do I have strep throat?
If my kids got the flu shot in November, does the protection of the vaccine wear off by February?
Is it ok to stop taking your blood pressure medicine?
What is considered a normal blood pressure reading and what is considered high.?
What is myocardial infraction?
What are some heart disease prevention tips for teens?
What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?
How can my dad lower his blood pressure without taking drugs?
Heart palpitations?
Do I need to stay on medication if my blood pressure is normal?
What is the difference between major and minor heart attack?
Im so worry about my mom,, please help me!!!?
Can diabetics live long healthy lives? Even if you get it at age 28? Can they hunt, fish,?
I have a friend who is diabetic and having problems making meals?
6 year old temp 104.1 not acting real sick what to do?
If you are easily grossed out please don't read?
Will I get tetanus from an old nail?
Urge to urinate?
How can I get my voice back?
Is it possible to get herpes from a dog?
Smoking or non-smoking? Free will or unsociable habit?
Is it ok to have three nuts?
My 16 mo. old just took benydryll for rash and now I discovered a 101.4 fever. Can I give Tylonol?
If you go into the hospital and they do blood work on you could it show signs of major diseases?
My brother stuck a cashew up my nose when i was sleeping...?
Yeast infection?
What's your first reaction when told you had hiv?
Is it possible to become allergic to something that you wasnt previously?
As an employer can I force someone who is sick to go home?
Why don't sick people stay the frick home?
What are the best things to do when you have allergies?
Urinary Track Infection. I'm going crazy. help?
Is Texas a bad state for people with allergies to live there?
Can brain tumors kill?
My mom has a brain Tumor please help me.?
Does the sun always cause skin cancer??
Watching someone die?
Breast cancer?
Dad has cancer?
Cure 4 skin cancer need answer by 2morrow or my grandma will die?
Could shaving your arms cause cancer?
Is cancer in the neck and head fatal?
I came across this odd suggestion for sweaty hands...does it work?
Help me on this problem. My dad has these rashes on his skin and neck?
Can you get pregnant and have std at the same time??
How come every time i pick my nose, it's full again in a few minutes?
Whats the best medicine/cure for dandruff?
Sore throat!!!!?
Heart beat go up to 174 and my age is 28?
The doctor says my 80 year old mom is very "frail". What is he trying to tell me?
I think I had a heart attack?
Blood pressure up a bit could this give me headache & fell dizzy blood pressure is 138/105?
Is Bypass surgery or Angioplasty is worth doing for a patient having 60%two blockages?
Is my blood pressure high?
I'm a 14 year old w/ a weird heartbeat.?
How will smoking affect the heart rate?
Heart feels like its beating wierd? normal pace, but beating wierd in chest?
Please can a doctor/nurse help me...?
How do I cure pink eye? Do I HAVE to see a doctor?
Could I catch the virus?
If you have gallstones, what foods should you avoid to prevent pain in gallbladder?
What is the real cause of HIV/AIDS?
What diet should i follow to avoid Diabetics?
I feel like I'm starving all the time!?
Will you get a flu shot this year?
Can you gat diabetes through your ancestors/family?
I have been diagnosed with diabetes why is my blood sugar higher in the mornings than the rest of the day?
My hands have been feeling numb for the last two weeks. i am a heavy equipment operator, type 2 diabetis?
Diabetic,cholesterol,over weight,help!!?
How much cinammon should you take for dibetes?
Is this a sign of diabetes?
My mums a diabetic she always ends up in hospital cos her blood preasure too high is that serious?
How do I tell my friends I have cancer?
Does anyone know how to start collecting donations for a child with leukemia? I am looking for suggestions.?
What do you do when your grandfather is dieing from Cancer?
Does marijuana cause cancer or not?
Smoking in public.?
Ok im not a doctor or anything and this may sound dumb but...?
Lump in armpit?
What the effect of radiation to the cancer patient?
Small cell lung cancer that goes to the brain snd turns into tumers in the brain are they curable.?
How would you explain?
Is it good to drink milk at the age of 14?
Are mars bars fattening?
Can i burn fat by doing pilates?
Everyday I am eating about only 600 calories. Is this healthy?
What foods are good for hair and nail growth??
AM I TOO SKINNY? [pics]?
Help losing weight?
Is running 3 miles in 28 minutes a good time?
Is a UK size 16 fat 5 "2?
I am 5'10" what would you say my average weight should be?
Can you be infected if biten by a person with Hepatitis C?
When to give 3 year old meds for fever?
What are the possible causes of frequent infection?
What Is Mono? ?
How can i break a fever of 104 in a toddler?
What causes a bladder infection?
How do you get rid of a cist on the eye?
I have been diagnosed with strep throat and after I broke my fever I now have canker sores on my tonsils?
My daughter is 2 and she has fungus in her nails & cracked skin around it how can I treat this?
Could I have something besides the flu?
Why is my sugar level higher in the morning?
What are the symptons of diabetes ? i know you can get checked out at doc's easy enough but time is money etc
Diabetes and blood sugar level can you help?
Im wondering about diabetis.Could someone die from very HIGH blood sugars as apossed to a real low sugars?
Could I be a diabetic?
What would it mean if I ALWAYS get sick from eating a candy bar?
Having trouble obtaining a reading with my One Touch Ultra glucose monitor. Anyone have any tips?
What does it mean?
What foods are high in protein for diabetics?
What can I eat when I have low iron?
My 12 year old daughter has been getting heart burn lately,, is this normal?
I have just been told I have 12- 18 months to live, I could have a stroke or a Heart attack, b 4 then, I'm 35
Does a cardiologist s opinion have to be taken as gospel if you disagree with his opinion?
Chest pain?
I'm 20 w/no prior health probs. Suddenly my heart started racing, my chest was heavy. what could it be?
Can you have a heart attack in your sleep?
I want to send cookies to my cardiologist to tell him thank you, is this appropriate?
PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!! (Heart Pain!)?
Constant left chest pain??
Are seizures easily confused with a heart attack?
How come I can't quit smoking? any suggestions? I'm at wits end?
Is smoking, an unhealthy habit??
Something feels funny in my tummy.?
Sun burnt?
If sent to an oncologist for blood work would they do more than a CBC,?
Does Skin cancer appear as a brown spot from a mole or can it just be appear with out a mole?
Has anybody herd of neurofibromoatosis?
Can benign brain tumour turn into cancer?
What gift to give a 6yrgirl recently diagnosed w/cancer?
Do you know a place that gives support to relatives with someone with cancer?
How do you cure heart cancer without surgery?
Would a red sore sopt on my tongue be cancer it has been there for a long time?
How soon after you start chemo do you loss your hair?
Do you think there will ever be a cure for HIV/AIDS???
I have strep throat,i've been taking penicilin and ibuprophen, would mariguana effect anything?
Is it possible to catch mono from a water fountain?
Chicken Pox - can someone have chicken pox without realising? Whats your views - read the story below.....?
What's shingles, what does it do? Is it contagious?
Why is africa asociated with h.i.v Aids, isn't it a world epidermic, howcome we never hear of aids in the uk
My husband has a zit or a coldsore on his lip, and he has kissed me, now I am worried.?
When u get general blood work done do they test for diseases?
I think my husband was bit by a brown recluse spider..?
Low blood sugar questions...?
What kind of bread do you eat (if you eat bread)?
Is it safe for a diabetic to take aspirin?
Blood type o ?
My doctor told me I have diabetes ?
Is it possible to get diabetes because you got mad?
What do doctors prescribe or tell you to do if you have hypoglycemia?
What is the best treatment for allergies?
Serious Advice Needed, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic (not lactose intolerant but ALLERGIC) to milk...?
Help!!! My allergies are killing me.....?
Help with allergy to cigarette smoke?
My room gets REALLY dusty since I have a chinchilla (dust baths) in my room. Is there any way I can fix this?
I am allergic to mold seriously bad. My office has mold problem. It is a fab paying job . Any suggestions?
How can i tell if im allergic?
Am I alergic to my cat??? or what is it???
What does this stand for?
Why do I have certain fruit allergies?
I need help !!?
Urgent! heart attack?
If i have HIV,how shud my appetite?
Keeping mobile phones near your heart / chest region is dangerous they say? Do you know why?
Can I ever stop taking Lipitor?
Is it safe or not to give an extra dose of antibiotics to a child?
What's a good thing to bring when visiting a patient in the hospital who just had a bi-pass surgery?
My blood pressure is 70 / 30. Is that low?
Serious question...I know a prositute who is sick but still seeing johns. Do I report her and to who?
I feel bad because...?
I need a cigarette from stress. Should i have one??
Bird Flu. How do they kill 160000 turkeys?
If HIV blood touched your skin, will i get affected?
If someone is taking a heart attack in the middle of the street you should?
My sister has a terrible case of shingles on her face, how long will it last?
Other than taking medicine, what are some things you can do for someone to help with their fever?
I think my Husband may be having a heart attack, but he won't listen to me?
What is stage 4?
Is this Conjunctivitus?
Side effects of Simvastatin.?
If i had a mild heart....?
Advice re keeping the prostate healthy?
How do u deal with cancer???
For how much time can we talk on cell phones without hurting ourselves?
Is there a possibility that a single woman can have a cervical cancer even if she did not deliver a child?
Chemotherapy and hair loss?
Wait six months for biopsy after tumor found in breast?
Hair re growth?
What do you call a cancer doctor?
Did I just literally cough up a lung?
Is it safe to lick your own wounds if its bloody?
Acne! Acne! Acne! Acne! Help! HELPP!!!!!!!!?
I need an effective way to quit smoking. Any help?
Rabies questions.?
What should I NOT do when i have a sore throat?
Are diabetes heretitary?
Should i just sell my left kidny ? i really need money for my college tho.im serious. how much does it cost?
What does a type 2 diabetic supposed to eat?
Too much stress?
I have type 2 diabetes and take oral meds, how do i lower sugar levels when they get too high?
What are the real facts about vaccinations for children?
Is it true that you can have worms in your stomach?
How should I eat since now I am newly diagnosed diabetic?
What is the most powerful cure to any sickness known to mankind?
Diabetic to Non-Diabetic?
What does protein in urine mean?
I keep smelling toast, and 2 m8s have said it means diffrent things,1 said it means a stroke,other sed ghost?
Sore lump under skin on top of right foot, diabetic?
Is it true that a diabetic people cannot have any injury or else they will be amputated???
How to avoid colds and flu?
Is it possible to cure diabetes ?
If someone has a total blood transfusion does he or she take on the personality of the person whose blood it i
Dealing with dads cancer?
Who has ever dealt with a person with cancer b4?
My father has colon cancer that has spread to the liver and the largest tumor is 14 cm. The oncologist said?
Ban tobacco products?
What's the different between malignant and non-malignant brain tumor?
The Government is hiding our cure for Cancer?
I have done 1 round of chemo & 3 more to go for stage 1 breast cancer? What can I expect when losingmy hair?
Which type of skin is more prone to skin cancer?
My husband has lung cancer, his red blood count has dropped is this serious, or could he just be anaemic ?
How do i lower cholesterol?
My husband is having these symptoms and we don't have health insurance.?
Something is wrong with my heart!! Please help?
How long does it take to get a disease like cancer or heart disease from second hand smoke?
We are in a blizzard and I am having chest pain with a pulse rate of 110?
What does it mean when you have a murmur in your heart?
Depression after open heart surgery?
Blood Pressure, too high?
What cause's high blood pressure and what are the cure?
I have very high blood pressure and it might be up im starting to feel horrible. should I go to the E.R?
I'm not hungry... Should I eat?
Do you think I'm too skinny?
How to make breasts bigger?
Would you consider me fat?
Best Way to not taste something?
Tips for a 16-year-old girl wanting to lose 5 pounds fast?
How can I gain muscle, but NOT lose weight?
I need/want to lose about 50 pounds.?
How do i get popular at school?..........?
What time should teen students go to bed?
Blood donor gaving blood ???
Ebola - nice or nasty?
Do I have to stay home from school tomorrow because I have conjunctivitis (pink eye)?
Do TB tests hurt I need one..?
Why does african children hav swollen bellies?
Ok so if listerine kills 99% germs can't i just gargle listerine and get rid of a throat infection?
Blood question?
Should I switch Dr.s?
I am a diabetic and I have noticed my breast are leaking just a little bit. What should I do?
Wedding dessert for diabetics?
416 sugar, 69 yrs. old - past - any thoughts?
I'm diabetic. What's wrong, why did I heal quickly?
What is the most important thing to know about diaBETES?
Normal blood sugar level?
Anyone got any adivce for a newbie diabetic?
115 over 76 blood presure is this ok?
Have you taken a bath or a shower this year ?
How do you know that you have deffinately caught herpes?
My 20 year old son is complaining that the side of his head feels numb with pins n needles?
Is there any risk of health when smelling dogs' feces constantly?
My friend smokes over 20 cigs a day ?
What is medically wrong with my husband?
Can anyone reccomend a good hand lotion as my hands get really dry in the wintertime.thanks?
Hairy legs? ew?
My best friend has Cancer. She calls me everyday and I talk with her for at least 1 hour.?
Hair lost after Chemo--I am happy to be alive.My hair is different from my original hair. I have a bald spot?
How is it that rich women, who probably get a mammo every year, get terminal breast cancer?
Is it hard to accept?
I need to quit smoking?
Do i have brest canncer?
Is cancer of the throat serious?
What type(s) of cancer could be considered the worst?
I have rashes for 2 months though i took anti histamine already it keeps on coming out on my skin.?
My 4 year-old-daughter has bad breath, her tongue is white in the back w/bumps. What is this?
Just found out that Im allergic to wasp stings and 13 weeks pregnant?
What is Hay Fever? What are the effects of this to humans?
Son with Allergies...Get Rid of Cats?
How do you clear a clogged ear?
I dont know which to take Claritin and benadryl?
What can one drink or gargle with to thin out post nasal drip? Ick!?
What are you allergic to?
What is the # 1 killer in america?
What are the signs of a heart attack?
Is coudamin a blood thinner?
How to sterilize a needle?
I want to get alzheimer's. Is there a way to contract it?
Who do you see for a blood clot in the leg?
Blood and HIV...?
My husband has high blood pressure, how can he lower it naturally?
Is it possible for a 23 year old to have high blood pressure?
Blood Tests/HIV?
When listening to my heart with a stethoscope, i hear da d da d da d da ddd da d da da should I be concerned?
Would a Doc. give you a prescription for medical merijuana?
What do u know about MRSA?
Is the scare on intake of table salt - sodium chloride- with confirmed evidence.?
Which arm has pain before a heart attack and why?
Strep throat? Ear infection? Flu? What is it?
My heart skips a beat once while recently and I have no other pains or so. Why?
Ive been feeling dizzy, like im on a roller coaster even when im sitting down?
What is cyst and how to cure it?
Are shingles contageus?
Is the flu shot made from eggs?
Does washing your hands after you pee or poo really matter?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
Can I catch a disease from cat spit?
Is this true?
How long can HIV/AIDS exist in world ?
Why do some people believe that AIDS doesn't exist?
Have you got a cold?
Help me understand Diabetes to help my mom?
Do I need medication?
What can happen if i didn't took my insulin shot for 1 day ?
My blood glucose levels are always very low 40 to 90 it does not feel good, why is this happening?
I have a cut on my toe - when is it considered serious?
My 6 year old is diabetic can he wrestle? I say no but his dad says yes.?
How long can someone live with type 2 diabetes?
Risk factors for diabetes?
Are there any new treatments for type 2 diabetics?
Cholesterol test?
My blood pressure was 157/97, can someone tell me what that means?
What can you eat to lower your blood pressure?
What could make your heart skip a beat about every 70 beats?
Have you ever heard of a healthy 38 year old collapsing due to heart failure?
Heart attack question?
Systolic and diastolic which is the more important reading mine currently?
What does it mean to die of a broken heart?
I already have a bad heart...if i take cocaine will that kill me?
I keep getting niggly pains in my heart, and now and again a little pain in my left arm?
Can you get venereal disease if someone sits on your face?
Will beer help my sore throat or make it worse?
Flu Shot-Why not?
Is it bad to go off antibiotics early?
I have a soar throat and my husband is telling me milk is the remedy...is he right? i really dont think so...?
What is a good way to catch mono?
I have Bronchitis, what are some good medicines to help me feel better?
Do you have food Allergies?
Hayfever grr?
How do i get rid of Phlegm and mucus in my throat??? Please help for god's sake?
What prescription medication do you recommend for bad seasonal allergies? Zyrtec doesn't work for me anymore.
Minor POISON IVY problems, please help!!?
Sinus problems.?
Can you give blood if you have seasonal allergies?
How do i delete my yahoo questions and answers?
I have hay fever how if the best way to make me stop sneezing.?
I have type II diabetes. My sugar level won't get past 140. What can I do?
Can diet only control diabetes permanantly?
Diabetes and school advice?
What happens if I accidently hit a vein while giving myself my insulin injection for diabetes?
What is the natural cure for diabetes?
Could my son be diabetic?
I need a way to lower blood sugar quickly?
How important is it for a diabetic to have a flu shot?
Can prevent diabetics if we abstain from using of sugar ?
Which kind of fruit can a diabetic eat?
How do you run faster?
How can i loose 15 pounds a month?
Ok im14 and 140 lbs and 5'7 so do girls like fat guys?
Would you rather be cold or hungry?
Starving yourself?
Are fat free hot dogs OK for weight loss?
Is it true that you burn 40 calories drinking a glass of cold water?
Tips for losing pounds in 1 month?
How to easily lose belly fat?
I'm want to become anorexic but don't know how to start?
My heart feels a bit heavier than usual and I can sometimes feel my heart pounding, is that normal?
I am 35, just been diagonised with high blood pressure.?
I'm writing a book and need a disease for the main character.?
Medically, is there anything worse than man flu??
What foods should I avoid as I am taking Warfarin tablets?
If my daughter is suffering from chickenpox, Can I be infected?
What should i expect when visiting a friend in the hospital?
FUNGAL FOOT INFECTION.Who has had this problem,the smell is awful!Ihave tried Daktarin,canestan mycot,bicarb,?
I have a problem?
Did i just kill a person??????????
If someone shared a needle what is the chance that they are infected with hiv or others?
PLEASE help me!!! What's the name of this virus?!?
What do u do when your blood pressure (BP) gets high?
Can a Urinary Tract Infection ever go away on it's own?
When Will Cardiologists DROP The Cholesterol NONSENSE And Get To The REAL Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease?
Hi, I'm on Wafarin(an anti-coagulant) for life and have an alcohol problem which means I either miss or take
You know wot gets me.....?
How much is the rubber doll is successful to avoid the aids ?
My34 year old son is an addict how do I help him-to stay clean?
Flakes??? got loads even if I wash my hair every other day. need help to get rid of flakes.Thanks?
Why do you leave a scar after a cut?
How do i remove a stye witout surgery?
Best cold medicine??
Do i have an STD or not?! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
This Is Gross..?
My son has what looks like flea bites. We dont have animals so this I dont think could be possible. Any help?
Do I have Diabetes?
I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic?
Can diabetics become Vegan?
Blood control is okay - why do I feel so unwell????
Name the instrument which test blood sugar. Can the test be done at home, if so, how?
I have fast blood sugar 125-155.I am 48.5',10" with family diabetic history.my wt was210,I lost 12 lbs by exer
Question about my score of 200 on glucose 12 hr. fast?
What is the main cause of diabetes?
How do u get hepatitis ????
Have you had measles and if so, how many?
Are you worried about BIRD FLUE or is it another Millennium Bug type of scenario?
My stepsons stepfather has hepatitis C should we be concerned about contact?
Does anyone knows the symptoms and the feelings of having an infected/swolen apendecitis?
I think I might have conjunctivitis?
Does anyone out there know about hepititus c?
What is aids?
I have been told I have heptitic C. I don't know much about it! Is it in the same catogory as aids? I'm scared
First we had mad cow disease-now bird flu-that only leaves pork and fish?
How long does chickenpox last?
How can I prevent myself from getting the Flu?
Should hospitals report infections to the public?
Has anyone had mono?
How long should one wash their hands?
How can ulcers in the mouth be cured?
What i your opinion on this?? Medical?
Serious question, if i'm allergic to bees should i take royal jelly? is it dangerous??
Seasonal Allergies?
Why is my nose always stuffy and i always breath through my mouth?
Getting a cold and I need to get better by tomorrow night!!!?
How old should a child be before you introduce them to Peanuts (or other nuts)?
Do you have any allergies and if you do tell.?
Benadryl, Zyrtec and Allegra together??
Whats the best medication for allergies?
Vaporizer and humidifier same thing also question about energy?
Hi i have a kindney infection and i drink alot of soda could that be deadly or not.?
I am mildly diabetic,blood sugar can be 100 at bedtime, 128 next morning?
High Blood Sugar Levels?
I can't feel the top of my toe, it's been numb for 3 days now.?
Can anyone please give me a scientific reason as to why diabetic women have large babies?
Please, please help!!!!!!!?
Insulin !!! try solving my problem...?
Diabetes and tattoos...?
How can i cope up with my diabetic boyfriend?
What is the alcohol doing?
Is Cardiac arrest death a painful Death?
If a parent asks you why your eyes are dialated and they think your on drugs what do you say?
Does being a vegitarian really decrease the chance of heart disease?
When I'm stand still my heart beats incredibly fast!?
What can i write on a "get well" card?
I did meth and coke for 3 years (only recreationally). Should I be worried about my Heart?
Although a young healthy person, i feel chest pains, discomfort, dizziness, and back and jaw pains. Help!?
Will an internal defibrillator keep on shocking the heart when the patient dies?
Chest pains and other problems. Could this be a serious health concern?
Whats could be going wrong with me ?
Does orange juice cause reflux?
If you had one wish, what disease would you wish to have cured?
If a dog sniffs your privates (by mistake) can you get a disease?
OMG EMERGENCY please answer NOW!!?
Why was I dreaming that I wasn't breathing and then awaken to realize that I really wasn't breathing?
What is a good thing for me to drink, I have a really sore throat and Lemsip just doesn't cut the mustard!
Could you get a disease or anything like that if you kiss or tongue somebody?
Really bad throat help me plz?
Can you get Pneumonia from going in the refrigerator and the fridge after you just took a shower?
I have a 103 degree fever, i'm cold, body aches, and soe throat?
Had Throat virus for a month any miracle cures?
What is this?
If left untreated can the virus shingles kill you?
Is gayness contagious?
Difficult question?
How can you lose weight if your skinny?
I have to lose 10 pounds in the next 3 days. any suggestion?
Does smoking alot really get you skinny?
Can anyone help me to get the motivation to exercise?
Do I need to loose weight? Come on please be honest!?
Am i fat?????????
For both smokers and non smokers ((?
What foods/drinks curb your apetite or help you loose weight?
Is walking one hour every day enough for reducing weight?
All fat people out there i need to gain weight what do i do?
Confusion regarding "sugar"!!?
Why are so many Americans over weight ?To much junk food ,lack of exercise or what?
I've heard that diabetics can't go barefoot. Is that true?
Could I have be diabetes?
I ama type 1 diabetic. How do i find out if i'm healthy enough to have a baby? (Diagnosed in 1999)?
At what point are you put on insulin with type 1 diabetes?
Can you get insulin with no insurance and financial means?
My Grandma Is Sick Please Help!!?
Diabetes test?
How do diabetics monitor their sugar all day when they've been eating all day?
Will everyone really get chicken pox at a point in their life?
What is booger?
Can u get HIV passed down from family members?
Can u get aids??
Can you get urinary track infections ofetn?
What sickness would you say i have?
Does taking cold medication shorten the duration of your cold?
What makes a person tick?
What is the name of the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat?
I just made the biggest mistake of my life and I am afraid its going to kill me?
Lately, my heart rate has been fluctuating for no apparent reason... what could this be?
What is the normal heart rate at rest?
I am a 16 and always feel dizzy and run down, I have low blood pressure ?
Why do you think that cardiovascular and degenerative disease is so much higher in developed nations?
How can I reduce my blood pressure, stress, tensions and more on my health?
What does CPR stand for and what does it do?
I get this fluttering in my chest and sometimes my heart races for no reason. i am only 24. what could it be?
Reduce blood pressure?
Does anyone had an side effects from taking Blood pressure medication? Effects such as palpitations?
Why do I have strong pains in my chest?
What is good for a sore throat!!! I'm dying!!!?
What could have possibly bitten me?
I want to stop smoking but i like it what should i do?
How am i gonna survive Christmas without my Chocolate??
What effects blood glucose levels?
Can I eat too much sugar and cause diabetes?
My eye is swollen and painful what can it be?
What ages do people normally get lactose intolerant?
Can diabetes be totally controlled by diet?
Are there any good remedies for hayfever?
HOW do i find what im allergic to?
Do i have low blood sugar ???
Keep scratching my belly with nail brush and a comb.Coz itchiness just made me crazy.I wonder what the effects
What should the average (range) blood sugar level for a diabetic be?
Any scratchy throat home remedies?
What types of food do u avoid if u have diabetes?
May be Diabetic.......?
Allergy meds?
Do you think bars and liquor stores help enable alcoholics??
What do you do for a person thats diabetic and there blood reading is 200?
Why are minor ailments (cold, cough, sore throat, blocked up nose etc) always worse at night?
Can people be allergic to musk fragrance?
Wha causes a soar throught?
Another pink eye question...?
I just stepped on a thumb tack. When i finally got it out i saw it was rusty. Do i need a tetanus shot?????
With the problem of MRSA and hospital infections, should doctors wear disposable clothes?
Best quick flu cure???
My daughter has white patches on tonsils and are getting more swollen.......?
Why is it that blood comes out with my stool and its NOT painful?
Is Staph infection harmful to my surrounding friends and family?
An ear, nose and throat specialist is concerned with the study of what anatomy?
Whats the best fever medicine for children????
What are the effects of HIV?
Did I just get HIV from this incident?
Can you get the flu if you already had it?
50% of Americans have Herpes. True?
I got HIV from kissing a girl?
Chicken pox -can a seven months baby get chicken pox as he has been around a kid that has come out in spots?
Can a tapeworm infection be considered a dietary supplement?
How can I get rid of my sore throat?
How can i get rid of foot fungus?
Do people with diabetes live shorter lives?
Poor circulation.... Are there any health supplements that help with this?
Can someone with diabetes please give me some warning signs. Please don't send me to a website-I've been there
I'm a Type 2 diabetic. My vision has suddenly become blurry. Should I be panicking?
My girlfriend wants to try ecstasy one time?
Hair Loss - 11 year old?
I wanted to bake my boyfriend something great for Valentines day, but hes a diabetic...?
Diabetes glucose levels what is classed as high and what is low and what is normal?
Ok Here i give my son a teaspoon of vinager when he says no or hits. Is there a side effect of this?
My blood pressure is 138/114 and I am 27 years old. Should I go to the E.R.?
Is my blood pressure normal?
How can i control my high blood pressure without taking meds?
I am having an echocardiogram next week, what should I expect?
A heart attack? or just anxiety?
My Mom needs PLavix , can't afford,who can help?
Is is possible to have a heart attack when you're young?
How to keep a healthy heart?
What are the laws of a parent buying and supplying their uderage children cigarettes?
Natural, free remedies for hypertension, high blood pressure??????
Why cant we take alcohol while we are on antibiotics?
What is hiv?
My 5 year old has tonsilitis?
What infection was brought to america from europe?
What does it mean when a spot that look white when bursted some white stuff comes out and later red blood?
How do you get mad cow disease?