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How long a type 1 diabetic taking insulin for 19 years(2 times daily) will live..??
My dad said im fat? what do you think?
How many calories do i need in a day to loose weight?
What are some good clubs or things to do to loose weight?
I Need Some Advice On What To Eat.?
Do u think im fat? chubby? (pictures)?
My own mom says I'm fat?
Is this Anorexia?
How can my boyfriend tone up his stomach and lose his tummy?
Are energy drinks more bad than good?
How can i lose weight without building any muscle?
If you had a terminal illness and you had 12 months to live.....?
Bird flu.Has it affected any human being till date?
What is a TB test?
Should i take my two year old to the ER with 100.5 F temperature?
What is the difference between love and lust?
If you had a contagious flesh eating disease what would you do?
My daughter has a virus and has had a fever for 3 days straight. What can I do?
My father wants to send me to london for marriage with my cousin. he says there Ican b safe from hepatitis c.?
My daughters are friends with a girl who lives in a very smelly house!?
Im scared about an operation next week, help?
Is it true?
Would you eat eggs if you had cancer?
What will a death from cancer be like?
I have a swollen lymph node on my neck?
Diabetics - Please describe a reaction.?
Is 112 / 74 normal for blood pressure? im 28 yr old female?
Can you have a heart attack with no chest pain only have left arm pain?
Is the tomato salmonella outbreak over?
Can you get diseases like HIV from saliva?
How do u develop a cold saw?
My wife has hepatitis c. Is there any risk threaten me or not?
Sick for a while.. any advice?
Could I possibly have Mono?
What can i do for my sore throat?
I got a blod sugar readin of 357?
Can anxiety cause a heart attack?
What should I do if i'm having a heart attack?
What will happen if I drink to much public pool water?
Does anyone know what the normal range for blood sugars be?
Is this smoking or heart related?
What to do w/high chlosterol and no insurance?
B.f. has type 2 diabetes and refuses to realise how serious it is and eating all sorts of muck.?
Is having an heart attack painful?
At age 19 as a female is a heart attack likely to happen?
What does it mean when your blood pressure is 190 over 90?
My best friend is diabetic!?
Father was nauseated and fall unconscious on the floor?
After eating a large pizza in one sitting, having numbness around heart?
Diabetes ...?
What are some tips that would help getting my mom to stop smoking?
How do you get rid of psoriasis?
What is the best treatment for hemarroids ?
Dealing With An Alcoholic?
What could the problem be ? my 17 year old daughter only has a bowel movement about once a month.?
How do you get rid of the sick feeling after smoking a cigarette?
I've got severe facial deformity disfiguration malformation....why do i have to put up with people calling
How risky is kissing in terms of catching HIV?
Can you die taking to many allergy pills?
How do I get rid of a cloggy nose?
Could I have a slight allergy to dairy products?
Is it possible to be actually ALLERGIC to another human being?
Sinus infection?
Can a bee sting to the head that was left untreated be mistaken for cancer?
Why Does Blowing Noses Sometimes Clogs Your Ears?
Do i have pink eye?
Can you get drunk on water?
What works best for extreme allergies due to mosquito type bites?
What is the name of the staph germ that is killing people?
How can I surive a zombie attack?
When you have the flu, is it possible to get worse if you take a bath late night?
Does all air has germs in it?
Is there any evidence of catching H.I.V. from kissing?
What is the kissing disease that cause's someone to get sleepy called?
My cousin is 25 and has chicken pox?!?
Can you die from hepatitis?  If so, which types can kill you?
How to catch a fever? I need to have a fever Tommorow.. I want it to last until Monday Afternoon..
I need help here!!?
Is this scary?
What if you can't find the words to say to someone who has little time to live?
How can i relax my mind from cancer?
Can leukemia be curable ? ?
Do you think I could have Brain Cancer?
This is a question for those who are suffering or cured from cancer?
Is breast cancer sometimes hereditary?
How can I be there for him when I'm terrified and falling apart myself?
How certain is it that a person will die from ovarian cancer>?
Diabetes cure?
Peanut butter is good for diabetes?
What feelings do you have when you see blood?
Are there any early signs of Diabities?
First Aid Tips for Diabetics?
Blood sugar?
Can eating chocolate cookies everyday cause someone to get diabetes?
What would you say my likelyhood of developing (or having) diabetes is?
Is the pancreas dead when you have diabetes?
What is good alcoholic drink for a person with diabetes?
How would you treat a friend who told you that he/she had just been diagnosed with AIDS?
I stood on a rusty nail?
What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat????
Is it good for a 7month old baby to get her ears pierced?
Why do people go around spitting all over the place does this not spread infections. Should they be arrested?
Why do doctors prescribe anti-biotics for a common cold?
Please answer my question!!?
Can you give me some infectious disease's?
Do you breathe when you pass-out?
My body all itchy?
How do you get rid of facial warts?
What clears up thrush?
Hello i have a really week pulse keep losing my breath can anxieyd do this iw oke up with it fluttering reall
I had open heart surgery for a heart murmur and they put in a heart patch, is it okay for me to smoke?
Do you consider the harm you can cause when you ASK or ANSWER medical questions on line?
Can u be born again and still have sin in your heart?
What are some things you can do, and eat to lower your blood pressure?
Blood pressure...........?
I just found out my 2 year old has a heart murmur. What can I expect in the near future?
Does anyone have any natural remedies for high blood pressure (to lower it)?
What happenes to our bodies after 6 months of not smoking?????
I'm 13 years old and I have just had really really bad pains near my heart, what should I do?
Still no cure for cancer yet .....why?????
Can dyeing your hair often help increase your risk of cancer?
What type of pain do cancer victims feel?
Should smoking be banned?
Is Lance Armstrong "cured" from cancer?
Is there a new way of diagnosing prostate cancer without doing the digital examination?
Stage 4 lung cancer---how long can you survive?
How well does "Ensure" drink work?
Can you get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes even if you don't smoke that much?
Has anyone heard of trench foot.?
If you have a cold sore on your mouth does that mean you have herpes and you should wear a condum?
Is it okay to leave medical tools in a bucket of hot water as a way to sterilize?
Should HIV positive women be allowed to have children?
Can you catch chicken pox or shingles twice?
How long should you stay away from a person with the stomach flu?
With all the bad germs out there, can we wash our hands too much?
What's The Best Way to Get Over A Cold?
Can you drink whilst taking co - amoxiclav antibiotics?
Can ticks attach to humans?
"The Glycemic Index Diet" by Rick Gallop. Is this a good diet for diabetes type 2?
I might have diabetes how do i tell if i do ?
My blood sugar is 49...is that bad??
What exactly is type 2 diabetes?
DIABETICS!!! What helps you remember to check your blood sugar?
Where to donate an insulin pump?
How does diabetes lead to amputation of limbs?
Is it possible to feel worn out because of poorly controlled diabetes?
Blood results??
I've been insulin dependent for 10 years, what happens if I stop taking it?
Is it bad to have a diet that consist mostly of fruit?
What can i eat to make me lose weigh fast?
Girls: Do you prefer guys with a bit of muscle or are you not bothered?
How do you decrease your breast size?
I'm 5'4 and 84 pounds. would this detract any guys?
Am I UNDERWEIGHT? [pics included]?
What is a healthy alternative to drinking juices loaded with sodium and sugar?
Important pleas!!!?
Does anyone know how i can put on weight, fast?
I have a really awful looking stomach, it sort of pops out when I eat... how can i get a nicer stomach?
I suspect I have strep throat but I can't see a doctor until tomorrow and I'm visiting an elderly person today
What home remedies can i use for ringworms?
Can you all cheer me up please?
My son has chicken poxs for the second time even no he's had the shot is that possible?
How do i get rid of a really high fever???!!!!!! i need Answers ASAP!!!?
Does anyone know how to lower a fever or get rid of one?
Chicken pox is it possible to have twice in life?
Is there a sickness where you throw up, have a high fever, and dizzy all the time?
A I am smoking to mutch thst y I got black lips So any one has answ how we can get again natural color?
I get the same cough every year for the exact same amount of time, what is it?
My little boy wants to get a cat how do i know if we are not allergic to one?
I suffer with sinus infection about every 3 mo. It effect my left side get stiff my ear feels like swimmer ear
Red itchy face rash?
Help I don't want to die unnessarily?
I think im allergic to my necklace!?
I need a fast acting sinus medicine!!!!?
What is the cause of lung cancer?
HELP HELP !!!!! Is this a food allergy?
Celiac disease symptoms- My daughter who is 6 years old have celiac disease...?
Support groups for people who have lost parent to cancer?
Wheat intolerance or Coleiac?
Whenever I drink milk I feel sick. Any idea why?
Does anyone know of any hypoallergenic shampoos besides Johnson's Baby Shampoo?
Can you be semi lactose intolerant?
Please pray for her?
Headache, runny nose, headache -- NEED 1 DAY CURE !?
What do I have to expect?
How do you quit smoking?
One of my friends said i had a disorder with popping my fingers?
These are my symptoms what do I have?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
10 years of constipation!?
Am i sick? =[?
In a day how many times can you get shocked without it effecting your heart?
I feel I can't take much more.things are so bad?
Can sumone as young as 20 yrs suffer heart diseases? non- smoker?
I have dry, cracked fingers, sometimes sore to the point of bleeding, its not just dry skin, but what is it?
I think i have a heart condition? what do i do?
Hear my heart beat?
How does the heart work in simple terms for children to understand?
Can you treat a mild heart attack yourself?
?what is bipolar?
A list of benefits of quiting smoking?
Had heart attack had a stent put in got conary heart disiese now got unstable angina can i claim disabilty?
Blood pressure?
Could I be diabetic?
I am a diabetic patient?
Does pre-diabetes cause neuropathy?
Is there a medical condition that could cause a blood Alcohol level, my husband has diabetes?
Is this normal for a perosn?
What is aspartame means? is it bad for our health?
Hi, my doctot told my brother that he is experiencing the fist stages of diabetis....what does thathis mean???
Why does Santa Claus Not have Diabetes From eating all these Sugar cookies each and every year?
I'm Pre diabeties...what can i do to get healthy?
Which organs control blood glucose levels?
HELP cold sores??
I have a rash and a burning sensation on my buttocks, what could it be? Could it be hiv?
Has anyone else had this awful winter vomiting bug?
If you can only get AIDS from someone who already has it...?
Why is it that when you have a cold/flu etc., you always seem to feel worse in the evening?
When someone sneezes, you say Bless you. What do you say if someone coughs???
How can i get aids?
Is there a way to get rid of a cold quickly?
What if you found out?
I m surrounded by a zillion mosqitoes all day--how do i escape its vicious bite and flair for orbiting around?
Does anyone know of side effects from the cervial cancer vaccine?
My mum has been told shes got cancer?
How wrong is this? Am I a bad person?
Agonizing pain and death, or nausea and baldness-which would you choose?
My dad has liver cancer.?
Can skin cancer kill you?
Postrate cancer - pls help?
What disease kills men in the uk?
Why do people tend to lose weight when they have cancer?
How can i raise my haemoglobin levels before my next chemotherapy? I do not want to have a blood transfusion.
What diseases can be caught off of a toilet seat?
How to get rif of the common cold?
Sore throat?
Which is the most commonly used drug?
I want to know whether vigina discharge is a normal thing or a sickness?
Whats the symptoms for std's?
I have pink eye?
How do you know if you have alcohol poisoning?
I need a home remedy for UTI?
Does anyone with diabetes have dry and cracked feet problems? And if so what do you do to treat the problem?
Is diabetes a common illness for a 14 year old?
What are good foods to eat when your blood sugar is low?
What are the symptoms of diabeties? Is there a test I can get at the drugstore to see if I have it?
How do you diabetics deal with Halloween and Valentine's Day?
Question about Blood Sugar Levels?
My father and brother have diabetes, will my children and i get it as well ?
Diabetic Son?
I'm worried. Any way back from this?
What is world's most infectious disease?
If a guy has bumps on his peter does it mean he has aids?
Does anybody know a home remedy for strep throat?
OK - who's got that vomiting and diarrhoea bug at the moment?
Do you know anyone who has AIDS or HIVs?
Most pathogens are prevented from entering the body by the _______?
Have you vaccinated your children.. And did you see any side effects..?
What is some good home remedies for the flue?
What do I do with chicken pox?
How does it feel to have a broken heart?
My heart is jumping in my chest, I need help?
If l have Heart Failure, am l Dieing ?
Wat makes me breathe so hard?
Help am i having a heart attack or stroke?
When taking a diuretic, do you need to take a potassium supplement?
Am I too young to have high blood pressure?
My freind won't even try to quit smoking even after a heart attack?
Is 111 over 72 too high for blood preasure?
Tightness around my heart?
Red itchy bumps all over chest and back and legs. ARe they contagious?
Side effects to the flu 2006 flu shot?
Is it some kind of allergy?
I had a bloody nose while i was sleeping?
How can you prevent a bloody nose?
Does warm water/liquids eg; tea loosen mucus?
Allergy cause??
Does it feel weird when you get ate out?
Where is the best place to live when you have nasal sinus trouble and asthma?
Strep throat?
What is cat scratch fever? Can you really get it from cats? I dont believe this but was just wondering.?
How can i shake off this flu?
How do we protect our family from germs?
Explain why you cannot get AIDS by shaking hands.?
What is the name of the, highly infectious disease, often fatel and characterised by vomiting and diarrhoea?
I'm 65 yrs old, just took a urine test. it came back positive for cocaine. could the amoxcillin be the cause
Why people spit on streets and every where, even from buses ?
Would you get sick if???
Can I kill the HIV virus in a IV drug needle by zapping them in the microwave for a few seconds?
Am i having a brain tumour?
I recently found a friend has HIV. If I goto a concert with him, what is the percentage I will contract it?
Does cold weather cause illness?
I think i have an unknown disease?
Cancer research conspiracy?
Swollen lymh node in armpit?
Chest pains.....?
What causes cancer?
My friends family memebers every had a cancer. would it be possible for him also cancer there?
Can i get cancer from my phone?
Forgive me for the long post , but im scared , real scared.?
How, exactly does cancer kill you?
Worried, swollen lymph nodes?
Hi there people do you know how to cure diabetes? please let in on it, thank you alot?
How do i know if i am diabetic?
Which is better for Diabetes: Insulin or Pills?
Diabetic retinopathy - will I get it?
Is diabetes classed as terminal illness
Am I diabetic?
Can a biabetic inject a whole bottle of insulin?
What is Diabetes?
Why does cane sugar cause more harm than sugar found in fruit?
Help!! i think i ate raw meat!!?
How do I break it to my boyfriend that I dont want to kiss him anymore b/c he has herpes?
Can you catch a cold from being in the cold?
Can you get STD from kissing?
Whats the best remedy for colds other than lemsip or beechams?
I think i feel a cold coming on?
Can anyone tell me if I have Mono?
Would it be okay if I replaced drinking soda with sweet tea?
How can I lose 100lbs by june or july ?
Am i fat? i'm 16 5'5 and weigh 138 lbs.?
Is it unhealthy to have a LARGE bowl of cornflakes for one's breakfast?
WHATS WITH ALL THAT "am i skinny or fat", "im 14, 70 pounds...." questions?
I am 25 yrs old and it seems everyone keeps telling me I'm too thin. I am 5' tall and 97 lbs.?
What is the best way to loose belly fat?
How many calories should I eat each day to lose weight?
Do crunches/sit-ups really build abs???
Plzzz Read this and tell me if you think i'm fat..thanks?
Can you get a tumor because you are to fat?
I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I just finish my second set of chemo. I had it once every three weeks?
I am taking a multitude of different vitamins to build up my immune system before Chemmo.Can they react ?
What are my chances of getting breast cancer?
I can't take it any more: Cancer trouble!?
My mother has stage 4 Mestatic Brain Cancer?
Can fasting starve a tumor away?
Which alternative medicines have been scientifically proven to cure cancer ?
My husband had testicular cancer 6 years ago now,?
Blood and HIV?
Is it nasty for me to?
What is in the flu shot?
I've got no strings to hold me down, is this a problem?
Cold or hot?
At what temperature has a fever become dangerous?
Viginal infection????
Is This Really True?
How thinks that the 42st woman should be treated on the NHS?
Should I be worried about this? PLEASE HELP!?
Do I have diabetes?
Why, Why, Why?!?!?!?!?
Cant seem 2 get my sugar level downbelow 9.past 2 weeks been as high as 24.not doin anythin differant?
My husband is 69 ys old just had catarac surg is diabetic. blood ct. went up to 360 should we be alarmed?
My Morther Have Diabities problem pls. Suggest me any Powerful Medicine for diabities?
How you can balance your blood sugar without taking any kind of pils?
I have an uncle who has diabetes....................
Can diabetic eat pomegranate?
Hmm...My Brother Thinks...Diabetic??
I just got diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and I need to know some foods that I can have a lot of?
Oho my leg can someone help?
Is coughing a first aid to heart attack?
My wife (79yrs) has heart trouble and has been prescribed Atenolol25mg.Can anyone say what they do?
I feel Hard heart beat, loss of memery, Headache and Tridness everyday. Why is it?
Do women actually have a higher threshold for pain than men?
Is it advisable to go for bypass surgery at the age of 75?
Would 75mg aspirin be beneficial in preventing heart disease?
What is the difference between a massive heart attack & a heart attack?
My heart hurts. (Im only 14)?
I am having VERY sharp pains in the middle of my heart. I took some 26 Omega pills but regret the suicidal...
Brother with cancer?
Which 1 gives u cancer blunts or cigarettes?
I have a question about chemotherapy?
How much longer will a person live if they are in 4th stage...?
Is morphine the last solution to terminally ill cancer patients?
What is administering death to terminally ill patients?
Musicians affected by Cancer?
We need help. My wife is dying from weight loss.?
How can you tell the difference between lypoma and a tumor?
What's leukemia?
Is the bird flu still a threat for the US?
I have a family member over my house who has pink eye, how can I prevent myself from getting infected?
Do you think the drug companies are spreading diseases to make money on the drugs?
Is Shingles Catching?
Can mosquito spread HIV ?
What is the easier way to catch a cold?
I think i may have an STI?
This sick virus that is going round what sort of part of Britian is mostly in.?
Is a mosquito an animal?
Could you help me find out what my sickness is?
Is there a way to get rid of redness in the eye?
Okay I'm sorry for how gross this is but I'm concerned..ANSWER!?
Please help me get rid of these hives. any suggestions?
Could this cause toxic mold so quickly?
Seasonal allergies are killing me...I'm taking 1-2 claritin a day and it clearly does not work, what can I do?
Why does my daughter cough all the time,but has no chest infection?
Want 10 points? - Scratch Test!?
Nut allergies?
My nose is driving me MAD!?
Milk allergy?
Technique of reducing stress.?
I'm 15 years old. How would someone my age get Type 1 Diabetes?
Please help!?
Is 155mg blood sugar normal after 1.5 hours from a meal for an 11 year old?
Can anyone tell me why I am so thirsty all the time?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
I want to know what are the bad effects of drinking Nescafe?
What is a good diet for weight loss for Type II diabetes?
Did you know that smoking light or heavy smokes makes no difference? "same cat different whiskers"?
My Mom is forcing me to have the Cervical Cancer Vaccine!?
I found a lump?
Do i have lung cancer?
Can you Cure Cancer?
Six wks ago I quit drinking, now all food upsets my stomach and i have heartburn everynite. And my gut hurts.?
Should I be really scared if my mamogram came back abnormal?
What are the chances of my dad being cured of prostate cancer?
Why aren't flowers allowed in the oncology unit at the hospital?
What's a good natural flu remedy, or aches and fever relief?
If a guy comes on your face and?
If you inject an animal with the AIDS virus, can that virus now spread from one animal to the next?
When will the symtoms occur after you have been bit?
What is the number 1?
Is there a real cure for nail fungus?
What are the symptoms for this .... ?
Can using cocaine cause a positive result on pregnecy test?
Cocaine in the membrane?
Would you leave your mate..if they went out of town for 5 days and came back with fever blisters on their lip?
What's the nastiest disease you can think of? and what are its symptoms?
Can you die if you don't take out your tonsils ?
I have just had a heart attack how much am i entitled to per week?
After each injection do you use a new needle?
I got the flu shot but I got the flu. Does it work?
How do I get a fever easily I need it by tonight at 9!! PLEASE HELP!!!?
Had diarrhoea for 5 days - any advice?
HELP!! High Temp (103.2) FLU?!?!?
This 'problem' with my heart only seems to happen when I am relaxing?
How long should you let a fever run before you should get concerned?
Is it true that an infection of the teeth will travel directly to the heart valves?
I am 36 years of age having hypertension (High BP) & on medicine since 1 year, Do i have to take it lifelong?
Are all cases of irregular heart beat serious?
My age is 42 years, and i have high blood pressure from last 10 years. my bp remains 190 /115. what i have to?
Blood pressure reading 157/106?
When I speak, I don't have enough breath to finish my sentence. Why? It's worrying me no end!?
With 3 blocked arteries and 2 damaged valves what is the most likely course of action?
Do chest pains always indicate heart problems?
Is it phyiscaly possible for a cancer patient to have a heart attack?
Are there any cancer survivors in here if so what type?
How can I donate my hair to cancer patients?
What happens if you decide not to fight lung cancer?
What is tramadol?
What is a malignant tumour?
I'm writing a report on Skin Cancer...but I can't find any info. Help...?
Will the new smoking band actually help ?
How do I noe if I hav e breast Cancer or not? Without goin to the doctor?
Where can I get ears? Mine have fell off!?
Treatment for a bladder infection?
Could to much fruit cause diabetes?
How long can a person live with juvenile diabetes?
Does Nick Jonas Really Have Diabetes?!?
Am i too fat? Even my friends say that i am!!!?
I found a small red lump on the back of my leg today. Does anyone know what this is and if it is dangerous?
My friends think i use my Diabetes as an excuse for not going out,they don't realise how difficult it is!
I wanted to know if i am OK for my weight?
I want to die..this consumes me!!! advice?
What is a mri scan like?
Why would you not use the thumb for checking your blood glucose levels?
Is rice good for Diabetics? if not then which rice is better brown rice or white? and how should it be cooked?
Is someone who is 5'5-5'6 weighing 113 considered fat?
What are some examples of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
How do you know that your a sugar diabetic?
I need to lose a lot of weight..what is the best way?
I need to lose 1 and a half in 10 2 12 weeks is this theasable?
Which drink can i drink to gain some energy as a diabetes patient?
Is this a normal weight?
What will happen if I eat nothing but vegetables & tofu for 2 weeks?
I started checking my sugar to see if I have hypoglycemia or diabetes?
Who knows of a proven weight loss method?
Ok how many girls actually work out?
I want to lose 50 pounds?
Are people a virus to planet earth?
What is the best anti deppressant prescibed by the docter?
How do I get rid of the common cold?
What is the best way to get rid of a cold?
What is the point of flies ?
Do library books have germs ?
Is 97.6 a fever?
How you get rid of a sore throat quickly?
I have just sneezed on my lap top dose that mean i have just given it a virus?
Question. importaint. a little gross, but imortaint.?
Why cant i breathe through my nose EVER without the use of over-the-counter nasal spray?
A VERY IMPORTANT question! Everyone with food allergies NEEDS to answer!!?
Are there more food allergies these days, or do we just hear about it more?
I need some help with people who are highly allergic! I'm afraid of what would happen...10 POINTS?
What to do when you have a sweet tooth and can't eat eggs cause you are allergic ?
Milk if taken after meat can cause skin deaseas?
My boyfriend just got a kitten but im allergic to them but cant stop going round to his obviously lol!?
How to cure a scratchy voice?
Trouble Swallowing food: Food Allergy?
Does an allergy skin test hurt?
How long does it take Zithromax Z-Pak Oral to work?
Can you get AIDS through tears (eyes)?
If a cold is due to germs, how come I get a cold when I stay out in the rain too long?
My doctor told me I have a virus, should I take the antibiotics he prescribed or is norton anti virus better?
Whats the likelyhood of getting salmanella if you eat raw eggs?
I seem to have the dreaded diarrhoea and vomiting bug,?
Staph infection?
Everybody has worms in their bodies, do you know how it gets there?
What, eases oral thrush.?
What to take/do for a scaratchy sore throat?
Should i be scared?
Extreme heart pain! What to do? PLEASE HELP..?
Is smelling things that arent there a sign of brain cancer?
Who here can help me?
I have a phobia of dying and an anxiety problem recently been having chest pains?
What are the chances of a 14 year old getting breast cancer?
Need help to lower very high 'bad' cholesterol levels. Any ideas please?
What do you do if you have a heart attack and you are alone?
Should I have a prostate biopsy?
My friend has been diagnosed with high cholesterol after suffering a small stroke.What foods will combat this?
My grandpa just passed out on ground, I don't know CPR, HELP!!!?
During chemo, it is absolutely sure that you lose all your hair ???
What causes rapid heart beat besides exersising?
Are these stroke symtoms?
What are the risk factors for ovarian cancer?
About my moms stroke , she is dying.. i just want to know what to expect from the stroke .. shes on morphine?
Plz help...mom's bp is 150/90 today........should dosage be increased??
How to tell if u have mouth Cancer?
Is it possible for me to have a heart attack at 28? i am 298 pounds?
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes by 24 weeks, my reading was 356 mg/dl how bad is that!?
Splenda? Love it or hate it?
Dose Nick Jonas have diabetes?
What are the symptoms of diabetes, i wanna here from someone that has it?
Why insulin can not be taken Orally?
I've been diabetic since the age of 1 and im 23 now...how long til i die?
Are socks for diabetics supposed to fit a little looser or tighter than regular socks?
Diabetic Father With Problems. Help Please...?
What type of diabetes is the most serious?
How bad is diabetes for Nick Jonas?
Trying drugs?
Huge Spot?
Urine is formed by the?
I am 18 and i feel some bumps on my lips but they are not anything that can be seen...?
My husband has degenerative disc disease and he fell while at work the other day, his hands, arms,legs everyth
My 8 month old daughter is running a fever of 102.6 for three days?
I think i have mucus in my throat?
I used to masturbeat regularly basis from past 10 yrs ,will i get Aids?
What are the initial symptoms of the chicken pox?
Jsut asking how do i find info on the disease about lukemia?
Should you let a fever take its course?
How do i develop a natural immunity to illness and dies eases?
Whats the best flu cure?!?!?
I have caught ringworm from my cat?
For strep throat do they swab your mouth or throat. Because i have a very senseitve Gag reflex.?
Can you have strep throat and still be able to eat food????
My aunt died from breast cancer, can I inherit breast cancer?
I just lost my dad, he just found out 4 weeks ago he had colon cancer, they did surgery to remove it?
What does is mean if I have a low haemoglobin count?
Question about cancer?
Why has breast cancer come to be noticed so much?
Could government funding for stem cell research help to find better cancer treatments?
How many peole do you think have cancer?
What is the percentage for survival with having stage 2 breast cancer?
Does anyone know why my leg is all numb? It's scaring me and I don't know if I should go to the doctors .
Can diabetics eat burgers?
Can you get medically discharged from the miltary for diabetes?
What are th symtoms of diabetes im 25 i feel weak and thristy al the time and keep drinking water am fat?
Is there any way I can find out if I have diabetes w/out going to the doctor?
Do I have diabetes?
Is insulin painful to inject?
What to feed a female that had a stroke high blood pressure and diabetes II?
Diabetics... Have you ever been discriminated against...?
Do I have diabetes?
What specific herbal remedies will improve liver function and help contain Hepatitis C?
Can you get diarrhoea from stress?
Can HIV be transmitted by splattered blood into an open wound?
Chicken pox?
What tests do the doctors run to see wheather a person has chicken pox?
Should the law require girls to receive the HPV vaccine?
Help Seriously poorly?
Red bumps on tongue , doesnt hurt what could it be?
What can I put on it to stop the itching..?
Are you allergic to anything?
Are there certain foods that cause your body to smell? Allergy question.?
Is it safe for me to take cephalexin 500 mg if i am allergic to penicillin?
I am allergic to cats?
My son has green stools?
Non-allergic dogs???
This may sound stupid but i am just getting over a cold and now it feels like my lungs r itchy i have never?
Remedy for an allergic reaction.?
What are the symptoms of peptic ulcers disease?
Does anyone know if the anti biotic erythromycin contains penicillin please?
How can i get over the fear of the doctors?
Oral thrush?
Do arv!s cure aids hiv?
Ok, I got stung by a bee on the forehead 2 days ago... I am not allgergic to bee stings but...?
Can you die from a staph infection?
Why is yawning so contageous?
I have a stye on my left eye and its lasted for months, what do I do?
How long does it take?
Should i get the surgery???
IBS advice needed please?
Feels like something is stuck in my throat?
Crying all the time..is that normal?
What should one do if he touches extremely hot pots accidently,wht is the best way to get relievd of burn pain
Is there a cure for stretch marks?
Which is worse:marijuana or ciggarettes?
Breast implants?
Can reboiling water cause cancer?
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A malignant tumor AN A non- malignant tumor?
What can i do for my friend with brain cancer?
Is a blood clot [ in the brain] the same thing as cancer?
Are there any warning signs to any kind of cancers? Please explain your experiences.?
Whats the best way to stop smoking cigarettes?
What do you get your mom for Mother's Day when she is dieing in a hospital from terminal cancer?
I have a large bump on my head and i have been getting major headaches, can someone tell me what i have?
Can I get Diabetes from eating too much sugar?
Am i an alocoholic?
Not enough blood for glucose monitor?
I'm a diabetic with a swollen red lacerated toe what should i do ?
Is a cure for diabetes far away in the future?
What do I do when my feet are really cracked on the bottom of my heels to where they bleed?
Is suicide the answer, I've lost so much weight, even though im eating the same, doctors says no diabetes.....
What can I use if I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners including splenda?
How long does she have to live?????
Are raw potatoes healthy? i eat them all the time?
How much wait can you lose in one week?
I think i have an eating disorder.?
Am I FAT wtfBBQ?
If I am 4"10 and I weigh 98 lbs and I am a boy am I overweight?
How much weight should I lose? I'm 209lbs right now?
I'm 22 years old, 5'7 and 165 pounds..is that overweight?
What do you think about the atkins diet?
What food do you eat that is really really healthy?
Am I fat????? Please answer me honestly, but do not be mean to me.?
My Mom needs triple bypass surgery.?
Symptons of heart attack?
What are some natural cures for high blood pressure?
High Blood Pressure?
How do you mend a broken heart?
I heard that cavitys cause heart attack from bacteria in blood stream? What is your opinion?
I was just told I have a Irregular heart beat?
Can speed(the drug) cause an enlarged heart and clotting in the lungs?
Heart attack?
Is i possible to have a heart attack without knowing it?
What is ghonnariea?
I'm seriously confused so please help me?
Which is more painful, tonsillitis, strep throat or mono?
What are some dieseases caused by smoking and plz try to spell them correctly?
Whats metronidazole tablets?
Are furry stuff toys made in china also in danger of being lead contaminated?
What decease do mosquitoes carry?
My Mother has Epilepsy and Im thirty two yrs old Can I still catch it from her or am I too old to catch it?
How do you die from aids?
Can you get staph infection on your face or head?
Antiperspirant in deodorant...?
Is there any medical tratment for bladder cancer other than surgery?
Now that it has been proven that anti-perspirants cause cancer, what do we use??
How true that leukemia has no cure?
Do you think we are born with cancer cells or do you think we always do something wrong to bring it on ?
Has anybody lost their mother to cancer?
What is blood cancer?
What is America's #1 killer?
Can you brain just stop working? Just like a heart can stop beating?
Please what s the best way to stop someone snoring?
How long will my antibiotics take to kick in?
If i had been attacked with a needle in a nightclub would i have blood on my shirt?
Do I have diabetes?
Help! Perfume allergy in the workplace?
How long does it take to catch a cold?!?
What is msra?
Best way to fight a common cold?
If shingles cannot be spread to someone who has already had the chicken pox, how do you get shingles?
Does the blood sugar measure hurt?
What's another good source of Potassium?
Why do we rarely sneeze while sleeping?
I have let my 11 month old baby to get vaccinated against hepatitis b. did i make a good decision?.?
Why do doctors keep prescribing antibiotics for the flu when antibiotics are powerless against viruses?
Woke up this morning with a very bad sore throat & chills, could this be the start of the flu??
Is diarrhea contagious?
Is checking your blood sugar always this painful?
Where is the best place to pick up an airborne disease?
Is there a way to get rid of diabetes? And what exactly is it?
Can you just become lactose intolerant?
Am i allergic to alcohol or something?
Whenever I smoke weed I get red eyes and chinese eyes, is there something I can use to make it go away?
Can diabetics take pea-nut butter?
Why do people have allergies?
Why i have feminine itching?
Does weed show up in allergy test?
Is the increase in food allergies a symptom of a over processed, over polluted society?
Questions about my newly aquired platinum ring?
I have asthma, i also own a cat which i bathe every 2wks, is that OK?
How long is too long to wait before telling a doctor about a possible tumor?
What do you say to someone with thyroid cancer?
Cancer help????
Why after all this time, has a cure for cancer not been found?
I will soon be starting chemo and will lose my hair-- I dislike baseball caps, are some cool alternatives?
What is the youngest person you ever saw smoking a cigarette?
Why nuns beciome bad cancer patients?
Will breast cancer apply to male gender?
Does anyone know anything about cancer ?
Help....I've got a scratchy, rough sore throat......what can i do to sooth it????
What can happen if anorexia is not treated?
What is fatigue?
Can you get AIDS/HIV by...?
What are the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?
Omg my school has this staph infection going around.I'm so scared.What if i have it?I don't wana go to school!
Is it possible to bring a baby into this world HIV negative when the father is HIV positive?
I observed a woman today with extremly long finger nails. How sanitary is that? Think about that for a minute
If you found a cure for a rare disease?
Would you eat your own lips for 2 million quid...!?
I keep getting urinary tract infections. So far, 3 in 2 years. How can I prevent this?
Is it true that a gay person has a higher percentage of being infected with HIV than a straight person?
I have cold :-(?
My boyfriend has mouth herpes, if I give him a peck on the lips, will I get it?
A bat brushed my head. There was no sign of a puncture or any wound at all around where the bat brushed.?
I have a sore throat and a bad sniffle. I have lemon but no honey :-(?
Can I buy antibiotics over the counter without prescription for my UTI?
Chicken pox?
Do you suffer from Hay fever?
What's wrong with my heart?
A patient is having a heart attack what is the first thing you should do?
How serious are my cholesterol levels?
How do you reduce blood pressure without without medication?
What are the causes of low blood pressure ??
My blood pressure is high when the Dr. checks it but not on my home machine are these machines reliable?
Blood pressure - when should I get concerned?
Is this a bad blood pressure?
Does anyone know why eating an indian meal makes my father experience an angina attack?
What is posterior and anterior mean?
Does anyone know what is the cause of gout?
Teen with constant headache?
Can anybody help? Health related?
How diabetes will be controlled?
My 17 yr old Diabetic daughter has abdominal pain and a high SED rate.?
What is the best and cheap treatment for Diabetes?
My mom has diabetes, how can I avoid getting it myself?
I am a diabetic. whenever i put on socks for a long time,a cut starts irritaing between 4th & 5th foot finger
What causes diabetes? It's not from consuming too much sugar so how do you get it?
How do you know if you are?
I have this sudden craving for sweet stuff? Could it be....?
Need advise what juice should we drink when the sugar level and chlesterol level is high?
Any side effects of tablet metformin500mg intake?
How long can a person live if thier kidneys have shut down and they will not have dialysys?
Can someone die of cancer and not know about it?
Do you know somone who is fighting, has survived, or died from cancer?
Has smoking weed ever provenly caused anyone lung cancer?
I feel a round thing with my fingers in my underarm area, it hurts a little bit.is this cancer??
My husband has terminal cancer,we are running out of savings as he hasnt worked since sept 2005 help!!!?
Any suggestions for hair growing back after chemo? It is curly on top and never has been before.?
What is the best remedy to cure cancer?
Can i lose weight by doing this???
How can I loose weight?
Help on weight loss!!!?
What should I eat to be more active?
Why do people fall in love more than one time... weird?
Am I fat????????
Weight Question?
What's the fastest way to lose weight?
OMG! Please Help!?
Hotel Allergy Help Please?
Daughter allergic to cats?
What is the worst season to have those allergies?
Allergic to shrimp?
What do you do when your allergies get soo bad you can't see?
Why does my daughter sniffle so much?
What causes these symptoms?
Any way to cure cat allergies?
What are symptoms of allergies or severe allergies?
What does it mean when your nose constantly itches?
Did my doctor prescribe me the write treatment?
I have a sore throat?
Can Children get Chicken Pox from Shingles?
What's the best way to avoid being bitten by mosquitos in india?
Is it safe to get a tattoo from a tattoo artist who is HIV positive?
What was the killer disease?
The glands in my neck and throat are very swollen and hurt a lot..I went to the Dr. already, what can I do to?
Can HIV/AIDS be transmitted through kissing someone that just shaved and there was blood on his lips?
If i had a stomach bug would alcohol kill the bacteria thus helping me get better?
Marlboro 25's, what is the point?
Why are people saying there is on cure for aids?
Do you think the cure for cancer could be to...?
What are the symptoms of cancer besides finding a lump?
Can you get shingles more than once?
Cancer, what have you done to my baby?
What to do for a somewhat distant relative who is dying? They have 3-6 months to live, and feel well for now.?
Is it dangerous if you come into contact with blood in public?
Why are doctors so quick to use radiation and chemotherapy to treat cancers when there are a host of effective
Is it possible for a 17 year old female to get breast cancer?
Is there a point giving money to cancer research when...?
Is possible to see from your blood test if u have cancer????
If a product kills 99% of germs, what happens when its used twice?
Do you think there will every be a cure for cancer, especially metastic cancer? Why or why not?
Ways to prevent cancer?
I've got man flu is there a cure because I'm dieing?
I am 61 years old , can i still donate bone marrow?
I think I might have leukemia but my family won't take me seriously, can anyone help me?
If your co-worker has a cold sore, how likely is it you'll get it?
How long do i have left to live?
Diabetic? if you are what type? how old? and how do you feel on average?
Would you be considered drunk with a blood alchol lever of 54.6 mg/dL?
Does getting the flu cause sugars to rise....?
Cloudy urine?
I been in hospital about 7 times i really what to control my diabetes can any1 help?
I am 4 months pregnant, I am a healthy 29 year old, and my husband is type 1 diabetic, what...?
Can Diabetics drink sugarless sodas?
Does anyone know what a good average blood sugar level is?
What is the best bedtime snack?
Cheap acne treatment?
Colorless urine, is that a sign of good health?
Black heads?
Bad Memory?
Ahh. Secondhand Smoke!?
Swollen Lymph Node in my breast?
How can u get lukemia????
How does 1 cope with a member of family having a cancer???
Can mold or mildew cause cancer?
My mom is 83 and had cancer surgery on her left breast 6 months ago and now her left arm is swollen .HELP?
What causes cancer?
Found a lump???
What does it mean to have an inflamed pancreas?
I am looking for a natural treatment to decrease Testosterone levels for prostate cancer.?
I am taking care of my dad which has liver cancer and has 6 months to live. what happens in the final stage?
Is it feed a cold and starve a fever or starve a cold feed a fever??
Say you were totally sick?
Oh no! I woke up with swastika's all over me! Have i caught German Measles?
Would there ever be any cure for AIDS?
I'm scared...ASAP?
Would natural selection eventually create HIV/AID immune race?
11 year old Daughter has 101.3 Fever?
Can a staph infection be caught outside of a hospital?
Is a blood pressure of 146/104 high for a 33 year old?
Anyone know where i can get a cholesterol check in the uk?
Explain how overweight could lead to heart disease?
How old do you have to be to have a heart attack or is there an age?
Heart attack?
If i was at a risk of a heart attack would the doctor of told me by now?
My husband as had a heart attack caused by a blood clot.?
Does anyone know the name of the machine that you rub together and say clear and it brings the heart to start?
If your heart is the seat of emotion. What happens to them when you have a new Heart transplanted?
What is a person who draws blood in a hostial called??
Insulin Needles again?
Do you believe that diabetics can control their attitudes when their blood sugar is low or high?
Is High blood sugar is normal for some people according to their body?
Can you overload yourself drinking water?
Help!!!my blood when i took it this morning before eating or drinking anything was 260, what should i do?
I can't swallow pills so can I crush the metformin tablets and take them with water?
I think i have diabetes but blood tests are negative?
If you have diabetes, what foods should you stay away from?
A1-C Levels???
Can a person actually be allergic to beer? (see details)
Nose bleed?
Has anyone ever gotten allergic to makeup?
Is there a medical term for being allergic to cigarette smoke or smoke?
Allergy question?
How does an allergy differ from a cold????
I just bought a dog and i have an allergic reaction my skin gets itchy and red what medicine is reccomended?
Can you eat honey?
I have a question!?
Can you get chicken poxs multiple times, like more than 4, at any age?
Do blokes get Bird Flu or is it just women?
Yesterday i found out i have mono. should i still go to work being that i work with serving food?
I have a eye infection?
Do I have to bring my daughter to the doctor for chicken pox?
I have caught a virus from my computer, and i can't stop sneezing?
A disease that may be a staph infection that starts with the letter m?
Why do some families who are losing a loved one to cancer, shut everyone out of their lives?
I have to get the cervical cancer shot soon :[?
Im looking for a babysitting job...?
Do I have lung cancer?
HELP!! How can i tell if i'm having breast cancer?
How long does it take before you can get cancer from smoking??
I have cancer and i have no idea of how to tell my friends and boyfriend and everyone else who i love!?
Can I get Help with Glasses being on DLA as I have had a Brain Tumour?
What would you say and how would you act towards your 30 year old daughter who was dying in a few hours or min
How can i lose weight on my legs in 3 days fast!?
I wanna lose 20 pounds..help me?
How do you know if you are overweight?
How could i get skinnier?
Is this girl pretty__? be truthful!?
How could i loose 10 to 20 lb in 2 to 3 weeks?
Do you guys envy the fat/overweight people?
How can I motivate myself to lose weight?
I want to lose 10 pounds by september?
How can I loose weight?
Can homeo medicines cure diabetes ?Is there a cure for diabetes by any means or ways ?
I suffer with constipation!?
What can I do to increase my Iron level?
What are the chances? diabetes 1 and 2?
A Bit of Good News 4 Me, Please Read?
I feel numbness in the fingures of my left hand when I wake up in morning?Is it a symptoms of diabetes?
Does anyone know a web site that will give me a diabetic menu?
What does it feel like to smoke?
Can you catch herpes from someone when they arent having an outbreak?
Urgent i need help!?
Symptoms for breast cancer?
One of my friends told me that like millions of billions of years ago, humans had no legs.?
My 43yr old mum just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.. what are we up against?
Does anyone know of any programs that help cancer patients afford a medical bed at home? ins. won't cover it.
Have any of u people out there ever lose a friend/family member to cancer?
HoW lOnG?????????
Earliest age for breast cancer?
My boyfriend smokes, I don't and I'm worried?
Where can I find info on plasmabotic lymphoma?
Cure to all cancer has been discovered, but our Gov't won't let media show it.?
When someone is suffering from colds, why do "things taste funny"?
I got appendicitus and my doctor said to wait for 2 days to see if i get fever or vomit. 2nd opinion pls.?
Can my son's daycare provider who is infected with staph-msra-infect my three year old?
How do you kill parasites that are in your body?
I have hepatitis c. my husband does not . how can this be. i have not been with anyone else?
THRuSH! help[!!!?
What are my chances of getting HIV my partner is an intervenous drug user?
Which childhood disease did you miss? I never had mumps?
The answer to why we cant find a cure for aids?
What is considered dangerous low blood pressure?
What is some of the ways to lower your blood pressure with out med?
How to recover from a broken heart?
Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
How do you get rid of heart burn??
What is a stroke? And is there any known way that helps prevent them?
Teenager having a stoke?
Could dizziness be a sign of heart disease?
What causes heart burn?
What is cardiovascular disease?
Hey ,write me the side effect of musterbetion pleas?
What are the symptoms of wheat/gluten intolerance?
I have allergie symtom like itchy eyes, watery nose and sneezing. What is the reason for this type of allergie
Does saline nasal spray help prevent nosebleeds?
I get a stuffy nose when I drink beer and my fingers swell up on occasion.Could this be an allergic reaction?
I am diabetic with high and low readings and don't have medicne?
What works better Claritin or Zyrtec?
Can deppression be a sign of an allergy??
Is there anything out there to cure coughing and sore throat?
Am i a diabetic?
Breathing in Dust at Work?
Can you have type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Which organ is directly involved in the malfunction caused by diabetes?
My friend is diabetic and needs help....?
Will u donate blood???????
Wetcombing (headlice!!!!!)?
My grandson 10 yrs. had a rash that looks like chickenpox no itch though,?
Are zombies real?
HIV, the AIDS virus?
I am planning to catch a cold by next Monday so I don't have to go back to work, how do I do it?
Hepatitis jabs?
Is 99.3 considered a fever in a man, age 85, 6 ft. tall, 170 pounds?
Can HIV/aids be transmitted by saliva?
With antibiotics...why do you have to take them over a few days, cant you take them all at once?
Can you give someone cancer via purple nurple?
Has anyone ever had a Colonoscopie(did i spell that right?) done before???
Could this be a sign of breast cancer?
I have found a lump under the skin in my right armpit?
What does family health history have to do with genetics?
Mum having cancer?
What 4 types of cancer are there?
I've had my second chemo treatment a week ago, last night all my bones hurt to the point of tears,normal?
Does a black shadow on your lung mean cancer?
Strep throat, do I have it?
Why did the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for my 9 year old's viral infection? Can antibiotics kill virus
Why is it difficult to develop a vaccine for HIV virus?
Is there anything that can help if you have a spider bite that itchs and makes you sore?
I think my wife has rabbies, shes foaming at the mouth why ?
Can i get HIV by sharing food with my friend that have aids, and we both have ulcer in the mouth.?
How to detect lice??
Okay, I have bladder infections every few months. I don't like doctors--what should I do?
Is it possible to get the flu from a flu shot?
I am afraid I might get diabetes.Right now my fasting sugar is normal but my pp sugar is 149 max guidance 140?
People with diabetes?
Want non-gimmicky cure/relief from nocturnal muscular leg cramps, any suggestions?
Diabetes Cake Ideas????
My mom is diabetic and takes insulin but the sugar levels are not normal.?
Not diagnosed w/ diabetes. Curious about monitors...?
What should a person suffering from constipation eat or drink? How can one cure it?
What level of sugar should a diabetic patient has?
Can their be cure for diabetic.?
Cancer?? anyone?
17 years old with Leukemia and always tired, don't have enough energy to get through a day?
Omg could i have cancer??
A friend of mine has cancer...?
Where do you turn when the doctor tells you the cancer has gone too far to operate?
Is it possible to get colon cancer at 18?
I was diagnosed with lung cancer, i have since gone through radiation and chemo.?
What are some signs that you might have cancer?
Breast Cancer?
My best friend of 20 years was diagnosed with cancer a year ago today?
What are the symtons of sluggish tyhroid glands?
Can u catch a cold by talking to sick ppl on the telaphone?
What happened to bird flue ?
Herpes what should i do?
I caught a bout of yawning this morning any suggestions to get rid of it.?
A widly spread disease among many people at same place and time?