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Symtoms for lung cancer?
Is it true that diabetics get sick more than "normal" people?
I dont have time for diabetes.?
How does smoking cause lunger cancer?
What is the average life expectancy of someone with type 1 diabetes?
Hi, I was recently diagnosed with high blood sugar; how often should I change my lancets, every time I check?
Want some drugs?
I am acancer patient?
If given a choice,which disease u want to remove from earth?
Can a computer virus infect and kill human beings?
My Chinlchilla has rabies and just bit me what should i do?
My 6 month old baby went into surgery and came out with a chemical burn, how much money does he deserve to get
I am 5.6 feet tall and i weigh 74 lbs is that un healthy?
What is the best and quickest way to burn fat??? PLS advise.?
How do I lose a pot belly?
I am 5'3 feet tall and 90 lbs 23 years old,do u think i am short and thin for man?
How do u raise ur motabolism?
How can i loose 5 inches in a week?
Question for all Girls!?
What is the best way to get to sleep alot quicker?
What foods have very low calories?
Why do people eat things that they know are going to make them over weight or "FAT"?
Cancer Question?
Stage IV cancer - should one fight it ?
How does cigerette smoking give satisfaction to smokers?
Can the lump in my breast be cancer?
Does anyone know if dogs can get cancer from 2nd hand smoke?
Can the risk of cathing cancer increase by dying your hair once?
Is this cancer?
When the end nears, to tell or not to tell a terminally ill?
Diabetes is driving me crazy?
How can someone with no health care and a low income pay for hospital expenses?
My blood glucose level was at a 41. Should I be worried?
Can i live long even i have diabetes?
If man is Created in God's image, and there are millions of diabetics...is it likely that God is diabetic, too
Why instead of waiting to see if we have diabetes are we not screened for it?
Diabetic Advice Neened Please.?
Why is alcohol bad for diabetics?
How long can alcohol be detected in your blood?
I have foamy urine for a long time,i checked it in internet and i get the impression that i have a kidney prob
My husband has a rash all over from taking keflex. he wont take the rest of the meds, is it important for?
What are you allergic to? What does it do?
Breaking out in gross bumps after i've been in the sun?
My eyes are puffy, how can I help them swell down a little?
What Would Be A Good Year Round Allergy/Sinus Medicine For Me?
Am I allergic to sweat?
Can someone be allergic to red dye 40?
How do you cure a blocked nose quickly?
Food intolerance - Gluten / Wheat free products?!?
Girlfriend has bump on her gum... she can scrape it and stuff comes off... HELP ME PLEASE!?
Hi can anyone help! my boyf has just recently started suffering with vomitting n headaches but only at work?
What are the causes of STDS?
Will mild acne hurt my chances of getting hired for food service?
Can you get gonorrhea by french kissing(kissing with tongue)?
What will happen if I inhaled a small plastic resin bead?
Does dryer lint cause cancer?
What causes cancer? (any form of cancer will do...)?
Do you think smoking really ages you?
What do you give a friend when her mom is having surgery to remove a tumor? something thats like not ockward??
Does it seem like everyone is dying of cancer?
Cancer prognosis?
Does chemotherapy really work? or does it hurt you more than help?
What are some symptoms of hemorrhoids?
How do you explain chain smokers that make it well into their elderly years?
Is high blood preasure genetic?
My blood pressure is 195/ 115 tell me about this, i am not a blood pressure person?
Any medicine which can help diaberic patient?any doctor here?
What would cause thinning of hair on legs?
Eating Pop Corn everyday is bad for a diabetic person?
How do I prevent urinating so frequently?
What are some signs you have diabetis?
My grandpa has diabetes but my dad doesnt, I've heard it skips a generation, so?
Any diabetics ever have an a1c of over 10?
I am a Type 2 Diabetic what do I do when my sugar is high?
Would a hospital discharge you 24hrs after having a massive heart attack?
Can a 19 year old female have a heart attack?
My granpa's heart surgery. please read?
What is the best way to quit smoking permanently?
Did my hubby have a HEART ATTACK.?
Hi, I have been having heart palpitations for over a week now.?
Females in your early 30's please be serious in answering my ques. I need your help in my situation.?
After my wife had a heart attack she now has to have eight items on her prescription which we cannot afford?
What is the difference between heart attack and heart failure?
My dads heart??
Why and who can she turn to for help???
Is chemotherapy really all that effective in treating cancer?
I'm so tired of people....?
Plz help me, i need help?
What is the best way to gain muscle for your arms with out using any drug?
What is your opinion on homeopathy for diabetes?
Can a person with diabetes eat anything they want and then just take insulin to bring down their blood sugar?
My voice has been hourse for 3 months now..could this be a sign of throat cancer?
What should i do to have six pack?
Do people who are Diabetic get angry faster than a normal people? can they control their emotions?
Whats the average amount of calories that you are supposed to have in a day?
Will this make me fat?
I recently discovered a lump on my left side breast,without undergoing a test,what do i watch out for?
Oh my god help me. seriously.?
Can I donate blood??
My blood sugar was 145 right after I ate, is that ok?
How often do people get cured of pancreatic cancer?
How can I slim down in 2 weeks? Not lose weight as such, but be smaller!?
Anorexia!! HELP!!!!?
How to cure diabetes effectively?
Will breast cancer that spreads to the lymph nodes and bone be confined to one area or spread through all bone
Can I get cancer from picking a mole?
If i am about 5 ft is 100pounds fat?
Whats all the stuff i need to know about diabetes and dark skin on neck and armpits and between thighs?
If you are diabetic & are marooned on an island, would you kill to live?
I'm 5'10.5 and I weigh like 141. I know it's average I just feel heavy? Or am I heavy?
Does diabetes make you irritable?
Rash keeps appearing all over my 2 year olds body?
Cat Allergies - good remedies?
Has anyone ever had allergies get WORSE when their AC is on? (Mine is brand new and I'm worse when it's on!)
Help! Stuggling with a child with severe food allergy...?
Why i feel itchy when it is too cold?
What is causing dry itchy red rash spots on face and swelling around the eyes every morning when I awake?
Can something in fountain soda cause food sensitivity or allergic reaction?
Food allergies?
I have a cold and i want to be able to taste and smell again how do i do it?
Is cancer more prevalent now then it used to be?
Can really virginity cause cancer? what specific cancer is it?
My wife has stage 4 breast cancer. She was in remission. Now the cancer has resurfaced in other bones...?
What is a colon?
Can a 13 year old boy get testucular, breast, or any cancer/diseases that are bad?
Why would a leukemia patient have limited visitors?
Is it breast cancer?
My mom is complaining of lower back pain. She has had cancer in lung and brain both removed. Should I worry?
Does smoking cause other types of cancer besides lung/mouth/esophagus cancers?
What are some ways to cope with hair loss due to cancer?
If i'm cutting down on sugars should i avoid rice and pasta?
My blood sugar level has been around 305 - 385 for almost two weeks any suggestions on getting it lowered??
Diabetes symptom?
Questions to those who know about controlling diabetes?
Do I have Diabetes respound please thanks? I am lost?
What are the symtoms of Diabetes and the symtoms of Hiv/Aids ? are they similar in any way ?
Where can I throw away my used insulin needles?
Diabetics....what was your last blood sugar reading?
Vomiting Diabetic?
Does ginger control diabetes?if so then explain how?
I like smooking and doctors say stop it ,can I know how????
Should i see my doctor soon my blood pressure is 200/139?
MY Daughter is in heart failure after a c section...wtf can I do?
Have you ever had your heart broken?
Lately my bf has been having panick attacks, any advice?
How can i lower my blood pressure quick? No medication!!!! please help me?
During a heart attack, should a person take aspirin?
Should i go to the ER?
Do you think i should go to hospital now?
Mouth ulcers due to chemotherapy?
Why do certain people detect they have cancer at an early stage and others when its far too late to do anythin
Do you think Pharmaceutical companies are really interested in CURING cancer?
How can I be most supportive of my best friend who has breast cancer?
Why do some heavy smokers never get lung cancer but some who never smoke do get it?
Brain tumor???
Anyone had success with patches or any other give up smoking things?
Terminal Cancer Question...?
If you have cancer does it hurt? Can you feel pain? What kind of pain is it?
I had 8 days of chemo and 25 radiation treatments , esophegal surgery on Friday?
Can you become diabetic from a blood transfusion? I received a complete one just a year ago.?
Blood sugar level?
3 year old with 259 blood sugar?
I have diabetes but cannot afford insulin. I do not qualify for medicare in colorado. I need help, any sugge
0.5mg is half of 1 mg what is .25 mgs?
If you use insulin to treat Diabetes, how many times a day do you test your blood sugar?
Does unhealthy eating cause diabetes?
Am i diebetic?
Diabetes type 2 question?
Am i at a good size and weight?
How would you manage to keep a 1000 calorie diet?would it be consist of fruits and vegetables only or what?
What do you eat for breakfast?
Do you think 110 pounds and 5 feet tall is fat?
Please answer?
I am my own worst enemy! Help!!?
My weight is 150 and 24 yrs old. I Eat twice a day and can't lose weight?
Could i lose weight by eating 900 calories a day?
I'm too thin?
What is a fast way to lose weight?
What are people so mad and upset about Mike Vick?
I got a cat 4months ago and now my mom keeps sneezing.?
What is the releif from constant wet cough?
Severe allergy to shellfish?
My nose is always clogged! What do I do?
I like to know how to get rid of dark circles under the eye?
My allergies are really bad today. Anyone else suffering?
How do you know if youre allergic to something and how likely is it you will die if you are?
Latex Allergy???
What Dr. would you recommend for sinus problems?
Can you catch anything from sitting on a public toilet seat?
What are light spots on my skin?
I cant stop sweating under my armpits!?
Cheapish acne "cures" that actually work...?
I am a 40 yr old man and have recenty found out that i have lung cancer need advice?
My neighbor has no medical insurance and health problems?
Can a 13 year old get breast cancer?
Does smoking marijuana cause cancer?
Whats the best way to quit smoking?
What are other options for getting a good tan other than tanning salons?
My friend has leukemia she has had radiation nowshe has all her hair bak and looks normal does mean remission?
Has anyone heard of every 1000 soda pop tops that a child will receive a free cancer treatment?
This is a medical question?
Can cervical cancer leads to dying?
Why can't Diabetics have a pancreas transplant?
Can you get diabetic from having too much sugar? I had 6 bottles of lucozade last night as it was close to me.
What are the symptoms that make a person go to the doctor and find out they have diabetes?
Am I diabetic?
Have to go on injections - don't think I can do it.?
What kind of candies can i eat when i have diabetes?
My father has type 2 diabetes and i always found him secretly eating (sweets and chocolate), what can i do?
Is there is any permanent cure for Diabetics, or when it will be found by the researchers?
How do people with high diabetes feel?
Does stress effects your blood pressure?
Can anxiety get your blood pressure up?
What is the difference between dizziness and giddiness???
My choleserol is 9.7. Is this the highest anyone knows.?
Since morning my heart has been beating unnormaly fast. aT 128... im 16 and i feel warm and dizzy whats wrong?
Congestive Heart Failure....My boyfriend was diagnosed that back in June and he has been coughing alot as of l
My heartbeats fast?
Is it possible for someone to have a mild heart attack all day long?
My husband has high cholesterol. HELP?
Is it legal for a coworker to e-mail medical updates out about another coworker after their surgery?
Do you smoke Cannibis? one Joint = 20 Cigarettes in terms of Lung cancer?
Why do Breast cancer charities/sponsorships ignore men?
I just found out I have cancer .What should I do?:?
Does removal of uterus in ladies lead to breast cancer?
Why do people keep buying into the myth that smoking causes cancer?
Is cancer a result of wrong living.?
What would be a good song to play at my dad's funeral?
Underarm Pea Sized Lump!! Could it be Cancer?
Could someone help?
Do you believe smoking causes cancer?
I have this pain in the middle of my chest?
How so I tell him I have herpes?
What could this be? I need an answer ASAP!!!?
I have to go for an operation soon, I am worried while asleep the nurses will look at my willy as its small?
Is diarrea contagus?
How bad is chicken pox for adults?
Whats wrong?
Is it possible for a person to live without a pancreas?
A diabetic-Should i marry?
If iam diabetic and do not have a meter if iam feeling shaky is my sugar low or high?
When your sugars are high is it normal?
Took son in for thrush & Dr. brought up diabetes, my g-dad died from, i was checked for gesta., is it same?
What drinks can dibetics for dehydration?
Glucose fasting test required - does this mean I am diabetic?
I need a good sugar substitute without using Aspertame?
My blood test shows hemoglobin is 8.8 below minimum. how i improve that?
What are all the ways someone could get cancer?
A type of cancer??
Hospice : Are you familiar with it?
Do you think he will start to recover now?
What is lupis?
Any advice for quit smoking?
The drink you get before the colonoscopy?
Would you pass this on? It was written by a girl with Cancer, she has 6 months to live, and wants this read!?
Prostrate cancer has anybody had/got it? I need advice...?
Ton's of food allergies, Please Help! She is 6?
If your blood pressure is 120 over 68, what does that mean?
My eyes are always red, is there anything I can do to stop it?
Is blurring and spots in the center of the visual field any big deal?
How do you save yourself from a cardiac arrest?
Can young people get heart attack?
Blood pressure, anyone know out about it.?
Do allergies increase in summers?
Is it possible to die from a broken heart?
Am i too yoing for a heart attack?
After taking a drink containing sugar, i have back pains when i lay to rest and sometimes swollens on the skin
Regarding Drinking?
I need to get rid of a rash under my arms in two days i think its an allergy can u help? what can i do?
I took a Benadryl about 2 hours ago, and now I feel really, really weird... is that normal?
Health: My dog won't eat. Is he dying?
Can I sue my boss?
I think I have been having heart mild heart attacks can you help me?
Cannot Have Wheat, Dairy or Sugar - Help!?
What is the best way to loose weight fast and eliminate cellulite?
Is this okay?
Well im going on a strickt diet... should i eat dinner?
What do you do to keep yourself from eating?
How can I lose more weight?
3 months till senior year - NEED to be skinny.?
How can i lose fat and gain muscle with as little work as possible?
What are the best diet plans?
For all the diabetics......?
When to call the doctor with high blood sugar?
Do you only get diabetes symptoms when your glucose is high?
How many of you wear a med alert bracelet or necklace because of diabeties?
Is there any medication you can take to make you have an appetite ?
Is diabetes that bad?
Rice for diabetics?
Can u get diabetes by watching too much t.v or being in the computer 2 much?
Is alcohol good for a diabetic patient? does it lowers blood sugar level?
I am a diabetic patient.Can you please let me know what all things can I have in my meals.?
My friend has cancer, it may be terminal. I feel helpless. What can I do, how can I help?
My boyfriend had cancer as a child...??
I have a major problem?
Why do people still not check for cancer as they should?
If you smoke is it a 100% proven fact that you will get lung cancer!?
Are most breast lumps cancerous?
I am spitting up blood and have blood in my stool. What does this mean?
How do I act around my dad who just found out he has stage 4 lung cancer?
Can guys get breast cancer??
Do you think that smoking and drinking should be illegal?
How do I clear up my acne? I'm breaking out the most on my chin and neck....help me please.?
What do you think of stretchmarks?
If you were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosisse would you kill yourself or go through it?
How do you tell if you have ringworm on your head?
What causes intense "night itching"?
Should I go to the ER?
Question about diabetes?
Hi,i had a blood glucose test done at the hospital and after 2 hours my levels were 2.4 what does that mean?
What is diabetes????
My husband is diabetic but has a sweet tooth?
Calling all doctors nurses and anybody who knows about medecines?
Diet pop bad for you?
Can i get diabities if i eat too much candy?
Is it okay to have sweets once n a while?
I eat a lot and dont gain any weight, is this a medical problem?
Is wheat pasta good for diabetics??
If i treat a person with blood cancer, can i be inffected?
Can you get cancer from an animal?
My friend has cancer. what can i do to cheer him up?
Could i have leukemia??
Can you get breast cancer under the age of 18?
Is cancer hereditary?
How long till we find a cure?
Is Adenocarcinoma a type of cancer?
Why is leukemia always fatal? Whats so fab about it?
I have given 60000/- Rs to someone for cancer treatment & now he is dead how can i get my money back?
Sinusitis remedies?
Horrible allergies! Zyrtec, Semprex and Claritin D not helping!?
I have allergies is it good to sleep with my cat in the bed with?
Every morning I wake up with new itchy bites, but NO sign of fleas, bedbugs, spiders?
How can I find out if I am allergic to bee sting (poison).?
Using an expiered epipen?
Am i allergic to my dog??please help!! ?
How to get rid of pickyness in throat?
Is it possible to be lactose intolerant, but only to milk?
Is anyone allergic to carrots, celery, or peas?
Is 95 normal for blood sugar test after fasting for 12 hours?
I am 16 and i am a diabetic and i have always wanted to get my naval pierced but is it to risky to get done?
What are some effects of diabetes?
Question about elevated sugar levels?
Newly diabetic!! What in the hell can I eat SAFELY at like Mcdonals, Wendys, Jack in Box, Burger king,etc????
What is pre-diabetes?
Does anyone know of any good diabetic recipes or tips on how to keep blood sugar levels down?
What kind of sugar is acceptable for diabetic people? Is honey ok?
Do people know how it feels to have diabetes?
Is it possible for diabetes to go away on its own?
A person that i love with Leukemia?
Friend has been diagnosed with a hairball in her stomach.Anyone ever hear of this happening?Seriously?
The best gift for a dieing mom?
Do cell phones pose a cancer risk?
How do I tell my wife and family?
My mother has had, now 4 cancers. This last one in her spine. I know prog. is bad. I need truth.Please.?
What are some ways to support someone who has a parent with cancer?
Cervical Cancer?
Cancer remedys?
How to prevent feet from cracking?
Could I have a STD or infection??..PLEASE HELP!!?
Is pleurisy catching?
What is the worst type of blood?
How do you cure diareah in a child of 8 months whose had it already for 2 weeks?
How do you build up your immune system?
What is an EKG?
How can I lower blood pressure safely without this medication?
I thought i was having a heart attack, but i think it was indigestion?
Why do you get high blood pressure?
Is it really possible to die of a broken heart?
My blood pressure was high?
Can I use a tazer gun as a gerbil Defibrillator?
Can CPR kill victim?
How can i adjust warfarin dosage in simple way?
What hurts your heart...?
My husband is diabetic and doesn't have any insurance.?
Diabetes at 19??
Is it normal for diabetics to lose a lot of weight really fast?
I am a 23 year old type 1 diabetic who has no insurance and and very little income. How can I get my insulin?
How is diabetes detected by doctors?
What am I doing wrong? My blood sugar keeps getting higher.?
Diabetes what are the chances?
What is the best thing a diabetic can do to reduce blood sugar?
How to reduce diabetis naturally ?
Is there a way I can raise money for cancer at my school???
What would be proper to say when visiting terminally ill patient?
Have You Ever Donated Your Hair To The Locks Of Love?
My dad starts radiation and chemo on Monday....?
I think I have breast cancer?
Lump in neck?
If I had some type of cancer that had gone to the stage of spreading to my lymph nodes would blood tests show?
How to increase a person's appetite?
Can ginger cure cancer?
How much weight can I lose in 4 weeks if I take in 80 cal per day, burn off 1500, and take 400mg of caffeine?
Is drinking to much cranberry juice bad for you.?
I have a 12 year old son who is obsessed with losing belly fat. What's a safe and quick way to lose it?
Is there away to eat junk food without gaining weight?
Are you more likely to lose weight eating several very small meals a day or sticking to 3 average sized ones?
Can you take too much vitamin c?
Size 0.?????
What is the best food type for PROTEIN?
Why am i always hungry?
Besides having my cholesterol checked, what other blood tests should I have done (40 y/o)?
Is This Good Treatment For My Allergies?
Plz...My baby very sick she nose very closed how it cleaned ?
Has anyone been cured of high blood pressure or hay fever?
I have cold quite frequently how can i get better?
Can you get hives by being allergic to cat hair?
I just moved into an old house and allergies are killing me?
What is the difference between a cold and allergies?
Where can I get impervious covers for my bedding? For ashtma & allergies?
I went to T.G.I. Fridays the other day and.........................
11 mo old with Failure to Thrive-has Milk Protein Allergy, what can he drink to gain weight?
Wat is a diabetic?
Should soft drinks and candy be banned from school ?
Could I Have Diabetes?
What to do when your sugar gets too low?
Does whisky contain sugar?
Can i use someone elses sugar level tester?
What are some good health tips for preventing Diabetes?
How do I lover sugar levels?
What is normal blood sugar level?
What do you know about breast cancer?
Are cancer cells hyredetaty??
What year did cancer first start?
I am really freaked out! plz read?
What are the chances of survival from Lung Cancer?
How young can you get breast cancer?
Do you die from lung cancer or can it be treated ?
How would you define blood in a stool?
Do sunbeds cause cancer?
What's the best cure for a broken heart?
I measures my blood pressure becaus I have high blood pressure and it was 130/ 60 pulse. Is this high?
How many times has your heart been broken ?
I'm 40 years old. My heart has been skipping beats every 5 minutes,making me cough. I am also drowsy. plz help
Have you ever had an STD?
My cholesterol level is 7.1, and blood pressure is 104/80, and my doctor said that's nothing to worry about
What if a person's heart doesn't start after a surgery?
Can eating eggs increase your cholestrol level?
How can I lower my cholesterol without medication? Are there supplements I can use or something else?
What does it feel like when your high? what are your physical reactions? and so on?
Husband having rapid heart rate...........?
The center of my chest hurts and my heart rushes when climbing one flight of stairs. what's the cause?
Could I have caught bird flu?
Can you get any disease from kissing?
What happens if a non-diabetic takes insulin?
Does fasting mean no water, or is water ok?
Does anyone know of a sugar free ice cream?
Has anyone ever heard of blood sugar from diabetes being as high as 750 if not what is the highest it can be??
Is diabetes type II curable now?
My 14 yr old son's condition?
Blood question!?
I drink 10 cups of coffee each day with few sugar and no creamer. It is ok ?
Why does my friend have high blood sugar?
Why am I dizzy, the Doctor said I don't have diabetes?
My aunt Sue is dying of cancer. I want to do something for her before she passes.. do you have any ideas?
My neighbor has breast cancer and is going through chemotherapy. I need some great ideas to help her or gifts!
Do you think they have a cure for cancer and they just don't make it known to the public?
How should one have to behave with the patients?
My Friend's Mom died of cancer today?
I am fifteen years old and my mother was just diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.?
Mamie I love you!!! can you hear me?
How to quit smoking?
When you know someone is dying, what signs are there that it won't be long?
Does prostate cancer have any symptoms.?
How should i bring up my low blood sugar?
Can You Get Diabetes...?
Do I have diabetes?
Diabetic question!!?
How to get the virgin back ?is that got any pils for this.?
What can i fairly expect from my significant other if I have diabetes?
Question about diabetes?
What is the normal level of blood sugar before diabetes is confirmed?
How could a person suffer from skin cancer?
I just want to know if i have the symptoms of having cancer?
The left side of my face and and neck is swollen, my ear is stopped up, the lymph node behind my left ear is?
Is hookah bad?
Prevention of Cervical cancer - can you get HPV if both my husband and I were virgins? Is it a STD?
Last Feb. I had to get cells removed from my cervix?
Birthday present for a cancer patient?
Does diet coke cause cancer?
Are you scared of ketting cancer.?
Why does your bottom always itch when you get into bed?
I recently developed an allergy to shrimp apparently. What else should I watch out for, if anything?
Can you tell me your opinion? My head hurts all the time?
How come the day after you drink u have hard boogers in ur nose?at least i do everytime!!....?
Can chocolate make you nervous?
Can Mosquitos carry HIV?
Bloody nose....?
Peanuts (Nut Allergy Q.)?
Does anyone suffer from seasonal allergies???
Is there alcohol allergy?
Do i have an eating disorder?
I accidentally put my elbow on a slug ! Have been left with inflamed & blistered elbow! is this an allergy.?
Non medicinal treatment for cough in 2 year olds?
Cant sleep..please help?
What specifically causes people to be allergic to cats and dogs?
Can you get a bloody nose from blowing your nose too hard? lol.?
Why don't you breathe when swallowing?
Im 5/7 and i weigh 98 pounds?
Have you ever ran 2 miles?
I used to be a healthy 120, I am now 180, I would like to go back to 125 ASAP, any suggestions!?
My sister calls me fat ,Am i ?
How much water are u suppose to drink?
How do I get taller?
I am 70-80lbs overweight. Please help?
Am I over weight?
Should I stop eating...?
What is a healthy breakfast that will keep you full for longer?
Hey im having severe pain in heart/chest wot do i do?
After a heart attack, is climbing stairs something that can be done or should be avoided.?
Husband has symtoms of heart attack but does not want to go to emergency?
I've had pain in my heart area...down my arm...for months....?
Has anyone brought a blood pressure monitorfor home use?
I think i may have had a heart attack?!?
What's the best advice for very low blood pressure?
What works for you, for high blood pressure?
My daddy is taking me to see his cardiologist tomorrow due to my crazy heart beat problems...what should i do?
My 45 yr old husband has been failing faint for the past week.?
I really want to lose weight about 130 pounds , How can really start to drop the pounds fast.?
What is Cancer?
What causes diabities?steps to prevent it.?
Can cancer grow on any part of your body?
Whats the deal with hand sanitizers?
My Mum has swollen, painful feet and legs, she has type 2 diabetes?
Can being finger*d be harmful to you?
How can you get diabetes?
What do yo do when a diabetic get too drunk?
Why is cancer more prevalent in the United States than anywhere else?
Is there any sugar in beer?
Are animals or birds suffering with the cancer decease as humanbeing?
Is It PoSsiBlE.......?
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 4 1/2 years ago. Last December my doctor put me on insulin,?
Are hemroids contagious?
Is it illegal for a pregnant woman to drink alcohol?
What should I do during a low blood sugar crash?
Need some answers please?
Would you have a party for someone dying of cancer?
Has anyone studied the effect of prayers on the cure of cancer.Can cancer be cured by prayers.?
Would you rather be hot and sweaty or cold and chilly?
Help I don't want to die!?
Has anyone ever had food poisoning?
How do i clear up acne fast with home products?
Where would you go if there was a zombie outbreak?
I need some good concrete reasons why I should NOT donate my organs please..?
How many of you guys in yahoo answers land don't have acne? How old are you?
What is the youngest age possible for breast cancer?
What is the best way to avoid any kind of cancer?
What does it mean, IF THE BLOOD PRESSURE IS 111/80?
I have a bump on my bottom...and it hurts a lot...could it be cancerous?..doctor said it might be a tumor?
Do mobile phones cause brain damage?
Is brain transplantation is possible and is there any successful result?
Is it correct for a dr. to say you have cancer without a biospy?
How exactly does breast feeding lower the risk of breast cancer?
I've heard that people with cancer have a peculiar body odor like burnt sugar or meat. Is this true?
Does the government really wanna find a cure for cancer? They will lose alot of money?
What is the average blood sugar count in an average haman?
I'm diabetic and only like sweet coffee and apple juice. Any ideas for beverages?
Are diabetic people have mood swings? no offense if your diabetic?
DOCTORS and/or SMART PEOPLE ---> I have some questions about high-blood pressure and diabetes?
Type 1 diabetics ... can you always tell when your sugar is low by the way you feel?
Can a diabetic use honey as a sweetner?Is it not sugar?
Is a reading of 4.2 Low Blood Sugar?
Symptoms of diabetes? Or am I over-reacting?
I am diebetic and looking for any ideas for a healthy snak.?
HELP PLZ PLZ PLZ. My mother has a very very bad cough with spit (sputom) white in color and she cant stop!!:(?
Can anyone help I seem to have developed an allergy to something just recently?
How fast does your breath come out when you sneeze?
I prefer people with experience with allergy shots to advise: Do they really work and are they worth the price
Help, My hair keeps smelling like cigarette smoke and I don't smoke?
Headaches everyday... Help?!?
Can i be kind of allergic to the sun?
My allergies are making me so fatigued! What can i do?
Am I allergic to apples?
How many times have you vowed never to drink again?
How do I know if I have high blood pressure?
High blood pressure?
Have i been advised correctly?
What is atenolol?
How do i quit smocking?
How do you beat a lie detector test?
I have a blood pressure reading of 184/76 how high is this?
Have you ever had an irregular heartbeat?
Having a hard time coping with my fathers death help!!!!!!!!!?
My Mom is 81 years old. Should she have open-heart surgery?
IS IT CANCER?? Have a lump on my neck?
Anyone ever seen anything like this?
I think i may get cancer?
What would you do if you had cancer?
Would radiation theraptists or oncologist lose their jobs if the cure for cancer is found?
My stepmother is dying from lung cancer. What can I do to help and comfort my father?
I hear bowel cancer can cause loose stools and hard stools. What does a healthy stool look like?
What is a m r i scan?
What are the symtoms of a diabetics sugar being too high.?
What do you give a diabetic whose blood sugar is elevated?
Where would find a sugar free sports drink?
I think I'm on a 1 way path heading for sure diabetes..help...?
My dad has juss gone blind in one eye he has high blood preasure and high sugar levels as well help me pliz?
Insulin users will you take a survey?
What food is good in diabetes ???
Could I have Diabetes?
3 year old with type 1 diabetes?
Has anyone with diabetes every experienced any discrimination? or stigma?
Smoker only?
Does anyone think i have skin cancer?
What can Cancer Patients eat...?
If you have cancer, will you know it? Serious question...?
While going through my battle with cancer, chemo, etc. my brother, who I feel closest to in my family, didn't?
9-year-old big lump in her left breast. CANCER??
Does cancer run in families?
What is it when ugo to the bathroom and u have a little blood in your BM?
Chemotherapy! Does it ever get back to normal?
Please please please read and answer =(?
Do I really need insulin??
Symptoms of diabetes?
If a diabetics blood is up....does eatin grapefruit help it go down?1?
Is it possible to get diabetes even if you're skinny and no one in your family has it?
Once a diabetic, always a diabetic?
What can I do to prevent diabetes in my family?
Diabetes help. I think I may be diabetic. What are some signs?
Can I Study Nursing even if I have diabetes? I am from the Philippines.?
What happen if we eat too much salt?
My parents are short.?
What is your best weight loss tip for someone who doesn't exercise too often?
Is this weird?
Im 14 5ยจ2 and 120 pounds how much weight do i need to lose?
When i Drink Alcohol, After My Buzz Subsides & i Go To Sleep, i Wake Up W/ My Heart Pounding Fast.(read below)
Does the ATKINS diet work and has any one tried it?
My dads symptoms any suggestions?
When you lose weight,where does all the fat go?
Is it true?
Is This High Or Low Blood Pressure?
Whats your fav diet pill?
My daughter has sudden rapid heart rate, blurred vision, dizzy, syncope, tremors - suggestion on diagnois?
How do i lower my blood pressure?
In august my father died of a heart attack?
I start one job on Monday pays all right but have a interview on same day for a great job what should i do?
What are some natural ways to lower blood pressure?
How can i fix my broken heart?
What is normal blood pressure.?
Allergies in 15 month old?
Wheezing after waking up
Im alergic to metal belt buckles?
My nephew has pneumonia, is on amoxocillin, he now has a allergic reaction to amox, wat can he be given now:-(
Allergy attack?
I am allergic to cats. Why is it when I am around some cats I immediately get a severe asthma attack?
Whats the remedy for a pesron who stammers?
What foods are you allergic to?
What are the bumps on your tounge that appear when you are sick. my mom always said they're "lie bumps"?
So you've had cancer, been treated, been given a clean bill of health...?
What is wrong with me??? 25 year old cancer patient seeks answers?
"I have not known anybody with cancer that survived it" was what she said, should she have said it?
Do you always lose your hair with cancer??
Is cancer a chronic metabolic disease which can be cured, but is perpetuated by our health /drugs industry?
I have a very sharp pain in my breast that comes an goes, could this be cancer? T here is no obvious lump.?
Do any of you have caner?
Ideas for relief from "Fibromyalgia". I'm a male, 48 and Cancer survivor.?
What should i do to help my mom if she has three different cancers?
Should I tell a "smoker" who is having a hard time breathing that he did it to himself?
I'm 16 and have been smoking for about 5 months?
My 21 mo old son is foaming at mouth, coughing, congested whats wrong?
How to get sick overnight?
Would you consider someone and alcoholic if they have gotten drunk for the past 6 weekends in a row?
What can cause swelling in your fingers?
Can blood sugar levels affect...?
What is the best beer for a diabetic?
Suffering from diabeties.could anybody pleas tell me about ayurbed or homeopathc medicine for final cure?
Has anyone else with diabetes type 2 experienced problems with metformin?
What foods can i eat and what foods can i not because im dibetic?
OMigosh, Im really sick right now? I dont know why? Im Diabetic and...?
I desperately need someones input.?
Blood glucose level?
I was just diagnosed with diabetes I am doing everything right but my sugar is outa control any ideas why?
OMG I'm only 16!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there a certain way to grieve?
How can you help a cancer patient to come out from his pain?
Is Foul Smelling Stool a symptom of Colon Cancer?
Could I have throat cancer at 14?
Is it possible for a 17 year old to have breast cancer?
What is the cure for the cancer?
How to help with cancer.?
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in jan/06, I went thru all the treatments.?
How do raise my blood sugar level quickly?
Im suspected to have diabetes. if the tests come back positive how will it change my lifestyle?
How to protect heart n kidneys from diabetics?
Diabeties and care?
How to prevent diabetes?
Anyone know about diabetic retinopathy?
How many sodas a day and how long would it take to finally develop diabetes?
Can anybody suggest a balanced meal for a diabetic?
Blood sugar was 121 HELP!?
Is it true that ASPARTAME based sweetners are dangerous for health, specially for diabetes?
Is methadone a good pain reliever?
Chances of cancer, and what to look for??
Cancer is too many white blood cells in the blood, how many is too many?
Is this possible brain cancer?
Do mobile phones cause tumors?
I believe in the power of prayer. Will you pray for the boy on my yahoo 360 blog?
How do people die of breast cancer?
My uncle on my Dad's side just died of cancer Thursday. Now I'm scared because my mom has cancer too...
Do you think that sugery in a cancer patient only makes the cancer grow?
Can dog's have allergy ?
I found out allergic to pineapple. It makes my tongue sting a bit. Can I prevent this and still eat pinapple?
Is hepatitis c contagious?
What is organisim?
Can you swim in the Ocean with a shell fish allergy?
Can girls get crabs?
My 2 year old is asthmatic. Any suggestions?
POLL have u tryed drugs and what drug ?
How do I ask a coworker not to apply perfume all day at work?
Anyone know what might cause a senior citizen to have extremely dry mouth and loss of appetite?
Is there a cure for Type I diabetes ?
Can you get an allergy to something you were never allergic to before?
What is Deja vu?
Best answer if you tell me how u wash ur face?
Is diabetes is cuarable?
Can people be allergic to people?
Why are my ears blocked still!!!!:(?
Is type 1 diabetes classed as a disability?
Can anyone help me put on weight?? I'm lactose intolerant!!
Does anyone know if diabetics have to date only diabetics also ladies would you date a diabetic man ? type 2?
How do u know if u have diabetes?please don't say"see a doctor...?
Is diabetic incurable?
Is it possible for you to develop diabetes if nobody in your family have it?
What is the best vitamin to take to lower sugar levels?
Cell Phone Causes Canser? Are You Serious?
My new diet plan.. 10 lbs in a week?
Will you be an organ donor ?Who knows that is your wish?
Someone has cancer?
Big problem on cancer?
I have just been told my Aunt has a brain tumour.?
I'm 15, 5'1 and about 114 lbs. how can i lose weight healthily?
Did you know that cancer can give you heart disease?
Why do non-smokers develop lung cancer?
How can I stop overeating?
Last night, I felt a mass/lump on my stomach. What does it mean?
IF U DONT EAT FOR 8 weeks hom much will u LOOSE?
How unlikely would it be that a person in their late 20s would have colorectal cancer? I seem to have symptoms
Why is walking NOT effective for losing fat?
Gym Phobia & Self Esteem?
Hi was just wanting to ask if anyone has been diagnosed with cancer..?
Is water the best way to loose weight?
Are there any upsides to being overweight?
Can someone with diabetes type 2 improve/be cured so as not to need metformin?
Is type 2 diabetes reversible?
Help!!!! i work evenings 6-9pm?
How often should Glucometer lancet be changed?
Is there any foods to lower your blood sugar quick?
Do I have diabetics ???
Help my sugar is still too high?
My right foot is seriously cracked and my mom says that's a sympton of Diabetes. is this true?
My chest/heart is tight and hurts, hard to breathe!?
Does sunlight cure skin cancer ?
What is the differance between a heart attack and a stroke?
My heart is starting to hurt really bad! heart attack?
Am i Bulimia??
My resting heart rate is about 96 beats per minute. Is this healthy/normal?
Is having a chest pain above the left breast a symptom of a heart attack?
I am 14 years old i started masterbating at 12?
What can I do to reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure?
How do you get rid of herpes????????
What are these bumps on my legs?
Heart Attack?
What causes hands and feet cold?
Cure for hiccups?
Am i gonna die?
I have just read an answer about high blood pressure drug atenolol?
Can you take exctasy while on a beta blocker?
Hives, what about them?
I have an allergy to cats but I want to get a cat.Do you thing is there any way to get a cat without allergy?
My son seems to be getting a red rash around his mouth after eating pineapple, oranges & squash?
Can anyone who's had allergy shots tell me how effective they were for you?
I have Chronic Sinusitis have had 2 surgeries, and still no help any suggestions?
I sneezed and my nose came off, what do I do?
Nose is dry???
What works best to help with cat allergies?
Can allergy shots make you feel worse?
Can allergic reactions surface as seizures?
I think tht i may have bowl cancer?
Can I stretch a 6-7 month cancer sentence to alot longer?
Any suggestions for songs about cancer that will make everyone cry?
I just found out my mom has cancer in both her breast and her lymph nodes. she wont die will she?
Could this be breast cancer?
Is it true tanning beds can give you skin cancer?
If you knew you were going to die would you leave a "goodbye" note to your family and best friend?
Does tuna fish cause cancer?
How can you tell someone you are dying?
I have big masses in both my breast. The mammogram and ultra sound does not show it. Do I request a biopsy?
Can you catch a virus?
My child has a temperture of 103 she is 2 should i carry her to the hos.?
Does anyone know how to deal with asthma?
What are some good ways to get rid of acne?
How do I stop my partner from snoringl?
I am very lightheaded and excessively thirsty, it's 2:30am, I'm 19 years old, what could be wrong?
Can a vibrader give you infections?
Can we get aids by doing acupuncture?
Why do i constantly faint or feel like im bout to faint?
Does nick jonas have diabetes?
Diabetes Symptoms?
My doctor told me that I have to pinch my fingers all the time to check my sugar level?
Can the person who is suffering from diabetes live a long life provided he manages to keep him healthy?
Could it be diabeties?
I am so sick of diabetes...?
Can you die from diabetes?
I am a diebetic,is it safe to eat fruit,i like pears?
What are early signs of diabetes? And what kind of testing is done to check for it?
Do they make chocolate for diabetic people?
I am 18 i have a heart murmur.i waz wondering if u can still smoke?
Fast heart beating problem ?
I have high blood pressure and cant take medication for it is there anything else that wil work?
Do you think 90 is old?
Possible heart attack????
What is the cause of dizziness?
With blood pressure, what is normal?
Is my blood pressure too high?
Is this normal?
15 yr-old boy with blood pressure of 135/65, pulse 68 weight 127lbs and 5'11"?
Does a doctor have to tell a patient's significant other, if the patient has AIDS, or other infection?
Dog ill temp shivering?
Can you get HIV from kissing someone?
Can fleas spread HIV/AIDS?
How many Colds per year do YOU get?
Strep throat??
Just want a bit of advice?
Pink eye.. what should i do?
If you had breast cancer and took chemo can you tan in a tanning bed without harming yourself?
I just wanted?
Can you get lung cancer after only 4 years of smoking?
Do animals in the wild get cancer? I know that domesticated pets do.?
Could tightness in the chest and lungs, although you're asthmetic, be a sign of lung cancer?
Will cancer ever be prevented?
What color is my brain?
I cant crap because of hemroid I have, what should I do?
Is it true that if you get ur belly button peirced u'll get cancer??
What do you think about facial transplants?
What foods are carbs?
Hi, I am a Diabetic..could you help me..??
When I try to sleep I get this pain and weird feeling in my legs.?
I was wandering if you could get type 2 diabetes at the age of 34 yrs old and what is the best pill to ask for
I crave sweet things always have I go through about 15 pounds of sugar a month?
What woud happen if i drank a pint of coke before a fasting blood test and how would this effect my results?
Just diagnosed with high blood pressure... what now?
Can drinking a gallon of water a day cure diabetes?
Is there any insulin medicine in tablet form or in capsule one can avoid injections?
What has been your highest and lowest blood sugar reading?
I'm 14 and i want to loose 10 pounds by April 1st. I need help with starvation mode...?
My daughter which is 11 is 130 lbs is that overweight?
Kissing - Risk for HIV?
I am gay man, How can I cure Herpes?
Best time of the day to work out?
Have you ever herd of tatoos given inside the mouth below the lip?
Can i get hiv from kissing?
Sore throat,blocked nose,Sneezing,Headache,Hi... temperature,Coughing. Which of these r symptoms, signs or both
MY GIRLFRIEND thinks she is going to catch a cold over the phone because I keep sniffling.?
My throat is swallon really badd when i looked in the mirror and i have really bad coughing? what might it be?
I am a teenager and i dono what to do people keep tellin me im skinny.?
Is hepatitis b cirrhotic patients have a GERD complications.?
Why are there so many people with AIDS in Africa?
Can HIV be passed on by mosquitoes?
I often catch my trainer looking at me in the gym mirrors and smiles, nods,gives thumbs up many times?
Would i loose weight faster if i became anorexic or if i became bulimic?
Why am I so sore?
How do i do it with oit my mum knowing?
If I'm not hungary for breakfast before I go to school for the day, should I still force-feed myself?
What's the cure for AIDS?
I need a good reason/excuse?
I'm scarred with love bites on my chest. What can i do?
Does anyone know what you can do to reduce eye redness?
My tonsil is swollen, my throat is very sore and i can't swallow, any solutions?
Am i allergic to vinegar?
Teenage Bed Wetting?
My eye been itchy all day?
SICKO! I am sick all the time.?
Allergy sufferers I need your help......?
How do i get rid of my double chin?
I have a friend who is allergic to my cats. Any suggestions that would help his visits be more comfortable?
I have a cold & my right nostril has been blocked for like 2 days. How can I unclog it?
Are there any remedies for a stopped up nose?
Im allergic to cats...help!?
WHy does my nose feel stuffy and kinda filled with mucus, but when I blow it, it's dry?!?
When a person dies of cancer, what actually kills them?
Should I be concerned about lymphoma?
I won't say i'm depressed, but. . .?
Cancer hospitals in india?
What do you think this mole could be?
What would you do if you had cancer?
Is Lance Armstrong good for the fight against cancer?
I made fun of a tumor?
Would any of you guys fight?
What is renal cancer?
How do you get rid of a cold before it starts?
My urine smells like rotten Eggs, Why??
If I've had chickenpox as a child, can I still get shingles as an adult?
Do u only get chicken pox when you are young?
Diagnose me, what have I got?
Blood question.?
What is the best way to get rid of urine infections???
What is the normal blood sugar level, and what is the level to be considered to have diabetes?????
Are these signs of being a diabetic?
Does diabetes skip a generation- or is this a myth?
Reusing diabetes supplies?
What are symptoms of type 1 diabetes?
Please Help!!!! My dad's toe!?
What are the herbs that is used to treat diabetes?
Why can't I quench my thirst...could there be something wrong with me?
How long can a person live without a pancreas?
How would I know if I am developing type 2 diabetes or already have it?
When some people have AIDS, why do they believe if they sleep with a virgin, they'll be cured?
I have a really bad COLD? Please Help me!?
Does drinking too much cause diarrhea?
I think I may have HIV/AIDS?
How likely is it to get a disease from a mosquito bite?
What are some ways to get rid of a sore throat?
What foods do I give my son who has the stomach flu?
Is there a home remedy for a sore throat?
SMOKERS: How much would cigarettes have to cost before you would quit?
Is stress a cause of cancer?is it physiological/psychologic... treatment of cancer?
Anyone ready to try and give up ciggies tomorrow? smoking that is how are you feeling right now?
If you ended up getting cancer, would you know? what are the signs?
I am about to start chemotherapy, does anybody have any advice on an arm port versus a chest port.?
Cervical Cancer Vaccination?
Can you ever feel something in your brain?
Have you ever lost anyone to breast cancer?
There are two red spots on my breast for a number of years now. they are not painful. what could it be?
Should peole be forced to stay alive if they don't want to?
I keep having chest pains and im only 22!?
Do I have anything wrong with my heart?
I had a major heart attack?
Feeling sick,cold with headache also got a blood pressure reading of 155/109 can you help me?
My daughter has a very fast heart rate?
Can Blood pressure be reduced without mediince?
Can you make the heart stronger?
What could very temporary chest pain be caused by?
Iam afaid of dying.I have a heart Disease and i dont think it will be long.What can i do to help me to overcom
What is the side effect of masterbutation?
I have type 2 diabetes and need some help with controlling it?
Is a 150 Diabetes Test Result normal?
Do apples have Glucose?
Is cherry coke zero safe for diabetics?
My husband's blood sugar drops drastically in the middle of the night. what to do?
What are the odds of having diabetes if nobody in your immediate family is known to have it?
Is 77 a low blood sugar when your sugar normally runs around 130? I got really shaky and went completely pale.
Does drinking soda/pop increase your blood pressure?
Does anybody of you know what type of blood you get if your parents are o+ type of blood and o-???
Can drinking to much soda, candy and sugar each day cause diabeates?
Black plague?
I got bit by two ticks, am i gonna die?
Can you name a virus?
Turning yellow?
My 2 year old has got chicken pox, whats the best thing to use/do?
What isthe differance between a cold and the flu.....?
What can i take or use to relieve cystitis ?
Any quick relief cures for tonsillitis? cant get to the docs until 2moro for antibiotics! Help!?
Can a girl answer this please?
What are the symptoms for anaemia?
What does your white blood cell count is a little high mean?
Are You at more risk of having Pneumonia if your a smoker?
Bleh! how do i get rid of a super runny nose!!!!?
Eye crust and redness in the morning
Am i going to get really sick or worse?
The top of my right eye is swollen?why?
Allergy to M.A.C.'s eye shadow or the new cat?
How to make your nose sharper?
Allergy question?
What is the best off the shelf medecine for mucis bild up in the throat?
Can allergies be hereditary?
Can drinking alcohol have an effect on the effect of amoxicillin?
Im really upset as i have the flu really bad and will be missing the new year for the first time in 10 years!?
What are the odds of catching chickenpox at 33?
I've just had blood & water test done, it came back showing low white blood cells! what does this mean?
Any help with diagnoses of my daughter? Please ;-( PLEASE !!!?
Please tell me what is this!!!!!!?
I have had diarrhoea, for two days no nausea or vomiting should I see a doctor?
Could our govt have created the hiv virus?
Can labtops cause cancer? and health problems?
My Doc ordered a colonoscopy for me since I am over 50. Can anyone give me the real 411 on this procedure?
What does it mean when you dream that you have breast cancer?
My father in-law was just diagnosed with Brain Cancer, No life insurance and family needs money any ideas?
Underarm Lump?
I need a law that pre- vents employers from telling Diabetics that I cannot wear my medic alert bracelet?
Please help me now!!!! i took i 1 mg alrazolam without prescriptions?
Can exercise and weight loss prevent diabetes?
Can i possibly at 19 have developed type one diabetes?
What happens to people who have Diabetes?
How long have you had Type 1 diabetes and what sort of complications have you had?
Are you a Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic?
What you should do if you blood sugar over 200 on your meter?
How does diabetes affect the human body? How do you prevent diabetes?