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My boyfriend just got a tattoo redone on his leg. We think it might be infected?
Skin Itch????
Why are so many people allergic to peanuts now as opposed to years past?
If you use Benedral will it take away the itchy sensation in a person's eye?
Peanut Allergy?
Itchy, irritated, red eyes in summer?
How do i know if these are dust mites?
Help Help! I'm having an allergic reaction, but I don't know what kind~?
I think i hav lactose intolerance cause everytime i drink milk or eat chocolate i end up going toilet?
Ive been vacuuming twice a day and fog the house for fleas its getting worse not better what do i do?
Does it hurt when you get braces on?
What can a chipped tooth cause?
What the best color for my braces ?
What would happen if i dont get my wisdom teeth pulled?
Who owns a necklace with a sharks tooth on...?
Help with my teeth?
Is it okay to eat lots of chocolates then brush teeth right after?
Chipped the back of my tooth.?
Can a diabetic use Splenda?
Fear of dentists?
Diabetic with swollen legs, what should I do to reduce the swelling? What could be the cause?
Broken tooth?what can dentist do about that?
Did your diagnosis scare you?
Why is human nutrition considered a science and not an art?
What is the funniest thing a Non-Diabetic has said to you?
Can diabities be cured permanently?
Can you travel when you have been diognoised with dvt?
What kind of bread can a diabetic eat?
Should I seek a second opinion?
Its been six years that i'm using insulin,is there a possibility that i can stop using it?
What are the best exercises that I can do at the gym that will help lose weight?
I want to loose 40 pounds....is this REALISTIC?
Don't have time to lose weight...?
8 glasses of water is equivalent to how many ML of water?
Need Water!?
Please help! im desperate to give up smoking, have smoked for 14years and im ready to give up now?
Is it possible to loose weight without exercising?
How long can should i walk to loose weight???
Loose painful tooth inspite of twice daily brushing,listerine mouthwash.what am Idoing wrong?
What side of your mouth do you chew on?
What else besides gum disease causes bad breath. Please help? Where do I go from here?
Is it normal...?
How do i stop talking weird with retainers?
I just had a tooth extraction today how long does the pain last?
What are the symptoms of a dead tooth?
Stupid braces...help?
Ive been brushing my teeth about 4 times a day for the past three months. yet no improvements in tooth color?
Oral Surgery - wisdom teeth removal?
How do I tell my always-in-denial parents that I suspect that I have skin cancer?
What Disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.A?
Whats it like to have to go through Chemo?
Is bowel cancer hereditary?
Brain tumor?
My dad was just diagnosed with 3rd stage rhumatoid arthritis; how bad is this?
Saying goodbye to a dying friend. How to go about it?
Is there proof that nicotine is carcinogenic?
I have found a couple of breast lumps?
How did you find out you were diabetic type 1 and 2's?
What causes Diabetes?
What is the best food for diabets?
Im 17 with type 1 diabetes, i took my self off the pump & meds, i was good, now i feel diffrent again..help?
As a diabetic what alcoholic drinks can you have?
What is the difference between diabetes type1 and type 2?
I have diagonosis and how can i treat , it fast.?
Is whole wheat bread good for people who are diabetics?
For type 2 diabetics on medication...?
Does eating fruits anyway harm a diabetic person ?
Dentistry - braces and what food you can eat?
After using listerine Mouthwash for 30sec?
How long do braces usually stay on?
Should I get my wisdom teeth removed even if they are not braking out or bothering me?
Wisdom teeth??
Is there anyway of getting completly free dental help?
New dentist not giving me old x-rays?
I just lost my tooth filling what will happen if i dont go back and fill it?
What kind of water do you use to brush your teeth with?
Would you ever use someone else's toothbrush?
For the people with braces....?
Im nervous about getinn my braces are they really that bad?
Do I need to go to the dentist or can I just buy a night guard?
My niece is 7 years old and has lost her two front teeth, they droped in august 06 nothing seems 2 begrowing?
I had my wisdom teeth out friday and all i wanna do tonight is throw up and i have a headache and my mouth is?
Do tongue rings acaully make you break your teeth?
Why doesn't Tony Blair do something about his God awful teeth?
Teeth whitening?
Please help!!! My husband has diabetes... his sugar level in the morning is between 200 and mid 300...?
Jade Goody's been diagnosed with cervical cancer?
Who can I talk to about my son's recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes?
Type 1 Diabetes? Help!?
So my mom is diagnosed with Breast Cancer?
Serious question~best constipation med for a diabetic?
My friend thinks she has breast cancer but she's not sure?
Is it really possible for someone who has sugar problems to go into coma because of it?
Why are australians more likely than other countries to develop skin cancer?
My sister has been daignoised with terminal cancer but has no insurance and not much money. need help?
Mystery pain when my hubby eats? Could this be diabetes?
What is the best way to prevent me from getting skin cancer?
I tested my sugar levels with one of those diabetes machines and apparently it was 7?
What is the latest cure to diabetes 2?
Has anyone had a thyroid gland removed ?
Can you drink a diet coke when the doctor has told you to fast before labwork is to be done?
How can I get Diabetes?
Possible breast cancer....very worried/...please read if you think you can help.?
Can blood sugar being high cause you to have a yeast infection for a long time?
I am asthmatic. What is the best exercise for me?
Am I having allergic reactions to the cat?
I'm allergic to so many drugs, including Benadryl; should I be able to take Diphenhydramine HCL 12.5 mg?
My sinuses just clogged up almost overnight - this was 6 months ago and nothing has changed - is there a cure?
I need to know more on ezcema please?
Is oatmeal gluten free?
Does allergies cause a low grade fever?
If someone is allergic to bee stings can they still eat honey and use other bee products?
What's the difference between allergies and infections?
Is Cardio exercises good for asthma?
I keep needing to pee, it really hurts and there is more blood than pee and it really burns. whats wrong?
I've got a weird blister thing going on downstairs. What could it be and should I go to doctor?
Help, Please???!!?
Upset stomach?
Dying of old age?
The enamel of my teeth is dissapiaring what do i do to restore the enamel?
A filling just fell out on a tooth on the top of my mouth. Can I eat or drink with the hole open?
How do u know if u have AIDS???
Waht color braces look good together for a girl?
Is hair around the aeola area normal?
What vitamin can I take for healthy gums?
I want to get my teeth white by Christmas ..?
Hi, i would like to know if wisdom teeth extraction is covered by NHS. If so, by what %?is it a full coverage?
I chipped my tooth, is there anyway to have it fixed other then having it capped?
My 4 wisdom teeth we're removed 4 dys ago,my face is still swollen & numb.What can I do 4 the swelling?
I have a piece of chicken that has been stuck between my teeth since 2006? how can i get it out?
Root canal or crown?
Kanker sore/cold sore?
What can help bleeding gums?
Why does oil help get chewing gum out?
How can a low-income person afford to go to the dentist?
What could this lump in my mouth be? (Picture included)?
Does everyone get wisdom teeth?
I have a few questions about care after getting tooth pulled?
Adult teeth and baby tooth?
Gums and wisdom teeth?
Obsessed with cancer?
Do you believe that a person can smell cancer on another person. If you do why and if you don't why not?
Can anything other than brain tumors cause daily headaches?
Do I have a brain tumor?
Heart cancer?
I have a month to live I'm serious not a joke?
Do seatbelts cause breast cancer after a high impact accident?
I smoke 30 cigarrets a day, how should I take care of my lungs without quitting smoking,?
Does smoking weed cause lung cancer?
Tell me the fastest way to lose weight?
I am sixteen and weight 80 pounds..i really want to gain weigh but dont know how..helppp!!!!!plz?
How many calories should I eat a day to lose weight?
Is my mom lying?
Is 118 lbs over weight for a 5'6 girl???
I HATE the feeling of food in my body so i purge[not bulimic!] wat is a really good light food w low cals??
After eating fish can i drink milk?
Is it possible to....
Anorexic question-- debate among friends?
What's the average weight for a 26 year old? (5'7)?
Does over intake of sweet in young age lead to diabetes?
What are symptoms of diabetes?
Is it ok to have sugar free in place of sugar without doctor priscription and without any history of diabetes?
I have type 2 diabetes...how often should i check my blood sugar levels...my Dr.says 1 x day i take 3shots day
Can a diabetic use a lots of spices and Herb's on food.?
How we can control high blood suger?
If diabetes runs in the family,..?
Can this be good for a diabetic?
My doctor did a blood test and it said i didn't have diabetes so what now?
How do you know you have diabetes?
How to over come my belly?
I am a dentist ! who love me and my job? some bad memories whit a dentist?i'm all ears!!!!!?
I have a friend....?
How long does it take hydrogen peroxide to whiten yellow teeth when gargeling for 2min each time?
What is it like getting fillings in your teeth...will it hurt real bad...im nervous?
Why, do you have to wear elastics on your braces... what does this do??
Cavity in teeth?
Buck tooth freak?
How can i get white teeth?
I hate having bad breath!
Wisdom Teeth Question
How long do braces usually hurt for?
How come animals don't clean their teeth?
HELP!!!!!!!! BRACES!!!!!!!!!?
People Who Used Crest Whitestrips Please Answer!!!!?
It it harmful to sip Listerine accidentally?
Does braces hurt being put on?
Do you guys know how great you are?
What are the alternative medicine for thyroid cancer?
Why are sharks immune to cancer ?
Are drugs moe effective than changing diet and lifestyle?
Do you lose your hair when you have melanoma cancer?
Liver cancer , Help??
Can you die from ovarian cancer?
My grandmother died of breast Cancer. Will I get it?
How can i tell if i have breast cancer?
Could it be cancer?
What alcohol drink is best for a diabetic male?
Do I have symtoms of diabetes?
Could i be diabetic?
Is it true that all persons with insulin depedent diabetes receive daily insulin injections?
I get a headache every time I eat fruit . Could I be diabetic?
I just got a test of diabetes and im positive what should i do ?
I'm type 2 diabetic, but would kill for a tall glass of orange juice. Mmmm. Should I?
Yeah!!Everyone celebrate with me!!!?
Need help with my diabetes?
Where can i buy one touch ultra test strips?
I think my wisdom teeth are coming in?
Braces cutting my lip?
How much is it to have one filling at you're dentist?and what country/state/county is it in?
I am 14 and i would like to whiten my teeth. is it safe to do at my age?
What should i do if my back tooth cracks and aches?
I broke my tooth off when I was 12?
My gums are puffy red and the doctor said i have gum diseas of gengivitous or something what do i need to buy?
I have post nasal drip.I take allergie shots and medication.I cough all the time.Does anyone have any help to?
Does anybody out there get tired when they take an allegra?
My dog scratched his eyelid real bad. now its swollen,red and irritated. Is there some thing I can do ?
Allergie Reaction..? Help!?
Can lathering VapoRub on your feet and then putting on socks really supress coughing and allergies?
HELP, my lips is swollen 10 times it normal size and its spreading to my face?
Please advise me on my allergy to sweaters that have been in storage?
Help, i have skin asthma...is too much steroids bad for me?
What can you suggest for sour throat?
Jaw popping when i chew?
I keep popping my jaw when I sleep!!! How do I keep from doing this????
Why can't I eat caramel with braces?
Getting braces off....question about retainer?
My boss wants to pay me on salary. What hrs do i base my pay?
Toothache going away?
Abscess tooth?
Got any CHEAP ways to make my teeth even whiter?
Who has gotten their wisdom teeth out?
Why does a toothpaste tube have a poison control number on the back of it? Is it poison?
My dad was just told he has cancer and he is refusing surgery and chemo - any suggestions ????
How am I supposed to feel if I have Cancer?
Is there a cure for cancer?
Does someone who suffer from cancer become a more agressive person?
Why was I denied a mammogram?
Can you get lunger cancer by smoking marijuana?
Could this mole be cancerous? (pictures included)?
Smoking tobacco is a selfish act; do you agree?
At the level of science and technology now, about how much more years do u think it'll be until a cancer cure?
I have give my 3 year old the wrong insulin?
Can eating carrots in excess make you go orange?
Teen daughter loosing weight despite big appetite, what could it be?
I have been a diabetic since i was 20 years old i am 21 now in my blood sugar was 308 how do i bring it down?
Pre-diabetes: what are best steps to take for someone with high blood sugar?
How do i stop weeing my self?
Blood sugar?
Too much sugar in urine,,,what can i take to reduce other than stopping sugary foods and drinks?
Whats the best food to eat when you get all your teeth pulled?
Healthy size 0 ?
Good evening. Ever get sick to the back fekking teeth of being nice?
How can i lose weight fast?
How do I lose weight?
Can you count how many of my teeth need fillings??
Am i fat for a middle schooler?
I am overweight and want to know how girls world over puke after eating.......?
How much weight should i lose?
What is the best deit to loose weight?
If you confide in your dentist, must he tell your parents?
What shall I have for lunch?
Braces issues?
Am i fat????????
How can i whiten my teeth?
After crest strips? quick plz!!?
Am I considered overweight?
How can i GAIN weight?
What all can u tell me about colon cancer?
HELP?!?I have a serious problem with.......?
Is there such thing as Eye Cancer?
Is this possibly skin cancer?
My left breast...??
Cannot stand the side effects of tamoxifen?
How do i cope with losing my mother from cancer in less then a week?
Brain cancer:The Doctors are sending my brother in-law home to die.He has 12 tumors in his brain,?
I have to get braces can any 1 give me the rundown?
Dental problem?
About my teeth....?
Whitening teeth?
Can I brush my dog's teeth with normal toothpaste?
Have to get wisdom teeth pulled...?
Is it normal for tooth to hurt the day after you get a filling?
I'm about to have my wisdom teeth pulled... What was it like afterword for you?
Can you whiten my teeth in this pic for me?
How do you get rid of sores at corner of mouth? It's not cold sores.?
What part of your body does diabetes affect?
Can a diabetic male married a normal women and live a succesful life??
Is there a cure to diabetes type 2 ? if there is what is it?
My 34 year old Daughter can hardly finish a meal without falling asleep at the table.Why do you think?
Could you die from having diabetes?
Is there a way to fake a blood test to say i have diabetes?
How old must you be if you ever get diabetes?
Am a diabetic with eye probs and working am entitled to any benefits?
I am a diabetic and my friends are pro life, none of them understands that if i got pregnant i wouldnt keep it
Bug bites!!?
Are you allergic to fruit?
What is the best way to deal with summertime allergies?
My eyes have been very watery for the last couple of weeks. Is this a sign of anything?
This is a question about the cat flea....?
I have allergies and sinusitis, does any one know the best shampoo and conditonder to use?
My Shepherd is 5 has dry nose ,cracked and bleeds?
My friend has a Peanut allergy, what are the effects?
Say Have an Allergy to Pennicillian; can you have a reaction to cheeses with the bacteria Pennicillium?
Has anyone had any type of sinus surgery?
What is in a cigerette?
Do deoderants cause cancer?
How can I get help for perscriptions?
I'm 13, & afraid 2 die?
How do I survive losing my best friend, my husband, to cancer in six months time? (two weeks ago)?
Please answer!!?
WHY wouldn't you switch off the life support machine of someone you love?
How to comfort my close friend who has a dying nephew?
Do some people with cancer still die in pain or has medicine been able to stop the pain to the end? \
Rectal bleeding.?
Is diabetes sneaking up on you?
Diabetes blood sugar levels?
What causes the black or gray colored ring in the toilet?
Whta is the difference between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes?
If i was thirsty could i drink my pee?
Does dairy products raise your sugar levels ?
Diabetes.For all you doctors out there please answer this question.?
Diabetes type 2 help my wife has this and don't do what doctors tell her?
If i am a diabetic and i need sugar when evur i can but i am not allowed gum in school?
Anybody have any idea how many carbs there are in a slice of delivered pizza?
How to lower blood pressure?
What do I do if I have warning signs of a heart attack?
Need help with health problem!! Plz.?
How do i lower my blood pressure?
Can a person die of a heart attack in their sleep without feeling any pain?
To those who hated me for the CPR/mouth question, did you know my brother died at a restaurant with no CPR?
I have blood pressure 158/109.i am 36 and not too much over weight is this ok?
Is $5000 a lot to pay for braces?
What can i do for the pain that i got from my tongue ring?
Does it hurt when the doctor gives you shots in the gum to make it nomb?
How much would braces cost for a 13 year old boy.?
When you give O.S. do you ever get pee in your mouth, do they ever do that and you get mad at them?
Wat r some good foods that r really soft and u dont really have 2 chew after u get braces?
Do you clean your teeth everyday?
Whenever i brush my teeth?
Do toung rings ruin your teeth ?
Questions for guys.?
Wrongly fitting fillings can make you psychotic, is this true?
I was using Grandma's dentures to pull a nail out of the wall and cracked the upper plate. How can I fix it?
How to take care of a Toothache?
I want to go to the dentist but Im scared!!!!?
Wisdom Teeth! Why me?
Whats wrong with my TEETH!!!?
Will braces effect my filling?
How much would it cost to get your teeth fixed?
Colon cancer?
In the last eight months, liver cancer, bone, and now adrenalin gland. Is my life expectancy getting shorter?
Have you ever donated hair to locks of love?
Do men get breast or chest cancer?
So I am cancer free thanks to modern medicine and prayer. How lucky and blessed am I ?
Can you get lung cancer or any kind of other cancer from smoking marijuana?
Is it wrong to feel this way?
Do you think microwaved food can cause or contribute to cancer.?
Could I have breast cancer?
Height answers needed please!-10 POINTS GIVEN?
Is beer fatting when trying to lose weight.?
What should a 144.5 pound 10 year old eat on a diet?
How do you stop yourself from eating and snacking when you dont need too?
I am trying to quit smoking. I will go cold turkey. How do I get through the first 100 hours?
I want to get fitter but I can't stop snacking!?
How can i tell a host i am allergic to sea foods?
So how come when I eat food I crap crap, but when I eat crap I don't crap food??? Weird huh??
Hello im 105 pounds and 5.7 am i skinny?
Am i fat?? tell me. Honestly!?
When will I die?
I think I have Diabetes, but dont want to say anything...?
I have one tooth which is crooked, it sits back, i want it to be straight like the rest of my teeth..?
Is 6.6 good for hemoglobin level?
Male Dental Assistant?
What would happen if you tried to eat teeth?
How does one contract Diabetes?
I can't buy toothpicks anywhere and know that dentists disapprove of them. Is it illegal to sell them?
Help, My son has a rotten tooth!?
Is eating pop-corn harmfull for a diabetic ?
Does it hurt when they take the braces off??
How much more sugary stuff do I have to eat before I finally get diabetes? I need it so I can have Byetta.?
Gum Stuck !!!!!!!!?
Does anybody know a good way to whiten your teeth naturally?
Diabetic Friend Need Help Now Please!!!?
Hydrogen peroxide?
What can I do other than brushing my teeth to help my breath.?
Help about braces!!!!!!?
Tooth out @ hospital?
Wisdom Tooth?
Does my grandma have a good chance of living?
Have you ever had chest pains and how old are you?
Y the medicine don't work for high blood pressure?
My heart doctor was asking me personal questions, is this normal?
A blood pressure of 170/98 cant be good. What can I do now to lower it as soon as possible.?
What can cause your eye to swell up and look like you got punched?
Does blood pressure increase/decrease when in pain?
What might cause an irregular heart beat?
Blood level 150/100 thats the reading is it ok or a bit high and nothing to worry about?
If you had a mild stoke, and you stopped smoking ciggarets, should you continue to smoke weed?
I have a terrible cough?
Is there an over the counter equal to Flonase?
How do I clear a "block" nose?
I need help with my 10 month old and a milk allergy, what do I do when she turns a year old???
Does anyone have bad sinus problems later in the evening?
Chocolate allergy?
What is the best way to handle a head cold/sinus/ what is the best remedy to ease the discomfort.?
If I go to sleep, will I die from an asthma attack?
Could I have grown out of my peanut allergy?
What is the weirdest allergy you can have?
Visting A Very Sick Friend?
Having operation on throat unable to talk after wards how can i communicate?
Can cigarettes kill black people?
True or false The use of alcohol is associated with an increased incidence of cancer of the esophagus.?
Would any cancer show up in my blood tests before i felt ill??
Can someone die from skin cancer???
How Do I Get My Teeth To Be Whiter ???
Is the only way to cure a cancer infected lung is to remove it? If no what are the other ways?
I have had a sore gum for over 6 months?
Is it possible to get cancer in your toe?
So your doctor tells you ´you have cancer!´, what are your odds of survival?
Getting my braces off...?
Does cancer stike people at any time, or is it just a scare tactic?
Why do dentists ask questions when they are working on your oral problems
How to whiten your teeth somthing that works on really hard stains?
Is it necessary to extract a cavity from a 4 year old child? He doesn't have his permanent teeth yet...?
Has anyone had any luck with any of the over-the-counter teeth whiteners?
After getting your braces off do you need to get retainers?
Do wisdom teeth always grow??
Can anyone tell me if Vertigo is catching - is it a virus of some kind?
What does it mean to thow up blood?
Why do people smoke?
Anyone know any home remedies for herpes?
Facial acne?
When people receive blood transfusions, can they receive blood from any race?
Do i have diabetes..please help..i beg you?
Is there any permanent cure for diabetes?
Can a diabetic girl get married and lose virginity?
Is it true that carrots help your eyesite?
Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?
What happens with accu-check test strips expire?
Mom Might Have to Go on Dialysis, What Can I expect?
Do all type 2 diabetics take insulin?
What should you eat on New Years Eve if you are a Diabetic?
I have a question about smoking and braces!?
Should my nephew get braces or not?
Can you get retainers without having braces before?
Why do we get stinky morning breath??
Home remedy for toothache besides salt water and vanilla flavoring..plz hurry im in pain!!!!!!!!?
When you get your braces on?
The spacer came out and igot them in yesterday im crying?
UGH braces!! help?
Color Braces?! :] (easy 10 pts!!!)?
One of my permanent front teeth is loose! and i have braces. why is it loose?
When is a tumor considered cancer?
Can Colon Polyps be benign in nature?
Is being seriously ill (e.g. cancer) in an NHS hospital embarrassing & humiliating?
Can a guy have breast cancer at the age of 14?
Can cancer be transfered through the blood of one person to another?
My mom has lung cancer, how long does she have to live?
Does anyone know someone who has cancer? What happened to the?
I have bone cancer in my arm and knee,any help,friends make fun cuz im bald,but its not my fault right?
My dad just told he has terminal cancer what is life about?
If you had adenocarcinoma of the lung and it has spread- would you have treatment or live out the time left?
7 teeth pulled before braces?
How do dentists count teeth?
Is it safe to pull my own tooth?
DENTIST and root canals, just how much pain I'm I gonna be in, please tell me what to expect?
Has anyone got any ideas for toothaches?
I am having hypertension, 130/90, on medicine, should i stop taking salt completely, not even in cooking?
Why most of the time only men die out of heart attack,not women?
Im suffering from cardiac probs and am home bound alot of the time can you please keep me in your prayers?
Im so scared I don tknow what my heart is doing
Homework help! right answer = 10 pts !?
What happens if airbubble injected in humen vain?
My husband died,5 days after leaving the hospital,with a mild case of pancreatitis?????????
Can a person can have an stroke or heart attack eventhough his/her blood pressure is 110/60?
Can i have a heart attack just after smoking weed?
I am 51 and my blood pressure is 138 over 88?
24 weeks pregnant with possible gestational diabetes! please help!?
Did Coffee is Complete Cure for Diabetics?
My blood sugar (fasting) was 591 yesterday and 401 today, What should I do?
My pharmacist canceled my diabetes?
What are all symtoms of diabetes?
Is insulin dependent diabetes hereditary?
Just recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and im finding it really hard knowing how much insulin to?
Save water drink alcohol?
If the father has type 1 diabetes can it be passed to his children?
My blood sugar level is three times the normal how do i bring it down?
Anyone that has had their wisdom teeth removed? Please give advise! Going Thursday and very nervous.?
This is my dilemma about braces.....?
My teeth hurt and i cant sleep and i wake up in the middle of the night , i need something to numb my teeth ?
Wisdom teeth/dental insurance question.?
Is there anything in diet coke or pepsi bad for you?
How do you tell a friend she needs to lose weight?
Is too much milk bad for you?
Whats the best way to lose weight without starving myself, or excersizing?
I am on a 1200 calorie a day diet (doctor recomendation) but I am always hungry.?
BEFORE / AFTER pics of my weight-loss...how different do I look?
Guys, do you like a girl with some curves?
I want to loose a stone in 1 week?
I am 14 and want to lose weight ? i am 5'4" and weigh 119 lbs? how do you lose 20lbs by the end of january?
Is eating raw meat bad for you?
Are there any cures for breast cancer?
Can a doctor see the lump in the breast by using ultra sound?
Can chemotheraphy cure advanced stage of cancer?
What rights do I have at my job now that I have been diagnosed with cancer?
Is it against the rules to thank people?
My 14 year old girlfriend has leukemia What Do I Do?
I am freaking out, i know so many people who are dying of cancer, will they ever find what is causing cancer?
How long could a person have cancer for without knowing it?
How can U tell if someone is lying to you ?
Can yougive me some info an Allergies.?
Daughter has allergies, developing unusual skin irritation? Hives..?
Why is it everytime I touch something I get a shock????
Can you be allergic to penicillin and not amoxicillin?
What's the best way to deal with allergies without any medication while staying outside (School,Sports)?
How do you get rid of spring allergies fast?
I am suffering with skin alergy.i have tried many home remedies first.like neem, haldi, etc. but no recovery c
When a doctor performs a skin panel test for allergies, does this test include a test for shellfish allergy?
Is there any natural treatment to fight baby eczema?
I have a cold sore on my lip and it is killing me how can i get rid of it my mom told me to drink orange juice
Why do dentist have to take out an adult teeth when you have braces?
What can I do to stop my braces hurting so much?
Should I be getting my wisdom teeth in?
I have an abscess high up the front of my gums just below the bridge of my nose. iam in excrutiating pain?
What's Heathier Breathing Through Nose or Mouth?
What are some ways to ease the pain of a toothache???
How do you stop getting???
Help me.......?
Can antibiotics make you have diahrea?
Which is the most common disease ?
How can i get rid of nickle rash on stomach from belts?
Acne problem?
Do you bite your toenails and eat them?
Where did the first STD come from?
What is puff puff pass it on ?
Once a diabetic, always a diabetic....right?
Should I get tested for diabetes?
My sugar is high 235. I was told to drink water so the blood flow and to check it every 30 min.?
After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, is it possible to get rid of it?
My hubby is suffering from ed and he is only 28 but diabetic also Iam not sure how much more I can take?
What happens if dont take medication for diabetes?
Can brain cells regenerate themselvs after they r dead or killed off due 2 excessive drug or alcohol consume.?
My grandfather has diabites,hes worried that it will eventually kill him.is he right.plz b honest?
If you could be cured of diabetes for 24 hours, what would you eat?
What Makes Breath Smell Bad?
At what age do your wisdom teeth come in?
Has anyone ever had a root canal filling and then got an abscess on gum near it?
Is it painful during root canal treatment?
Whats a good way to get rid of bad breath!?
Do Fluoride-related products and dentist treaments reverse tooth decay?
How come my gf....?
In older person, can wisdom teeth cause jaw ache?
Are any other cancer patients or survivors fed up of people who think everything is cancer?
Can a 13 year old get breast cancer?
Alcohol with Amoxycillin?
What do you think of this poem about tobacco cigarettess?
Can you get breast cancer in the young teens ?
I am only 22 and fear that i have lung cancer....?
My mother-in-law is dieing of cancer.?
Am having terrific difficulty dealing w/ father w/ rectal cancer and how his cancer has changed our relations?
Do you think that the goverment has a cure for cancer. but not telling us?
Dead serious question...?
Can I stopped taking beta blockers, because of the side effects, specially depression?
What does blood pressure mean when it is 101/62?
Is my blood pressure okay?
Is a CPR-certified person required to perform CPR on a heart failure/car accident victim?
Are heart problems possible without feeling chest pains?
How can someone have high blood pressure when they exercise 5-6 days a week?
Do you get your genes from your mother or father?
How to know I have a heart disease?
Why do i keep feeling like my heart is beating too fast, and i have weird breaths sometimes?
Blood pressure?
What's the best way to keep your teeth bright and shiny?
What's a cheap but safe way to whiten your teeth?
Is it possible for a 9 year old to still have some baby teeth?
Today the orthodontist fitted elastic bands to my braces. I've taken them out...?
What can I use to get good breath?
What can I do for the pain?
Do braces hurt? Do they hurt when they get put on or what im getting brace on June 21, 2006 and I'm scared.
Broken braces bracket?
What color braces should i get?
Do you ever wish you didnt have diabetes?
Can you donate blood?
Insulin Pumps?
Say you've just been diagnosed with a terminal illnes, what would you do?
Can you get breast cancer if you sleep with a bra on?
High sugar, just don't know what to eat anymore,Help ????
If smoking causes cancer, why did my grandpa die from lung cancer and never smoked ever?
Can Lemon Leaves cure cancer?
I am diabetic and i think i found a foot ulcer can you help me?
Is it just me or is cancer?
Do you think cancer will ever be cured?
Temp of 100.4 - 100.6 bad?
What are the signs of Cancer???
What causes swollen ankles ?
Anybody want to help fight cancer? Do you know anybody who has had cancer?
I just found out that my mom found a lump in her breast.?
How many people realise the dangers of MSG in our foods ?
Crivical cancer shot.?
Do mobile phones cause brain cancer or brain tumor or other harmful effects to humans?
Help!!! I think I may have diabetes? Do u think I do?
Back achs and painful urination?
Would you date someone who told you they were carrying the herpes virus, cold sores i mean?
How can i get rid of my stretch marks?
My nose is itchy. I'm sneezing like crazy, but I don't have a fever. May be allergies but not sure. what to do
How long dose a girls take in the bathroom?
Im depressed. my gp dont seems to believe me. should i change gp?
What kind of weed did i smoke? Will I be okay? i need to become normal again?
How can I get this white junk off my tongue?
Braces ? scared?
Is biting your tongue bad?
Do braces hurt GOING ON?
I have a question about what to drink after my wisdom tooth extraction?
What year do kids start going to the dentist?
Why do ppl grind their teeth or in another word 'bite their teeth' during sleep?
I tend to grind my teeth, what's a good remedy without going to the dentist?
Scared about getting fillings?
Brushing your teeth with plain baking soda cleans your teeth?
Does sleep burn more calories than work?
How much should a 16-year-old weigh?
How can I lose wieght?
I am an early teenager and I am 5'7" and weigh 145 lbs. Your opinion?
Treadmill to lose weight?
What do u do to get rid of the munchies?
My sister is 13, 115 lbs, 5'5, and very developed... is she fat? because she says she is but i don't ...
I want to know what is the easiest way to lose weight. No Gimmicks!?
5'3 weight??
Am i fat? serious answers only please?
Peanut allergy and air travel?
Are there any permanent cures for Allergies?
Does cough drops make you drowsy?
Am I allergic to work?
For people who've taken prednisone in the past- what was your experience while taking it?
When you have allergies, can you get a cough with it too?
Why does our nose bleed when we drink too much soda as a child?
HELP I have a swollen red eye very itch, what should I put on it to heal it?
Sometimes when i have allergies or a cold and i blow my nose, black stuff come out. What is this?
Can you get a sotmach ache from allergies other than food?
Whats the best way to deal with a BAD toothache?>>>i can't get in to the dentist for 5 more days!!!
How do I get rid of gingivitis?
I got to get braces?
Help!!!!I think im getting my wisdom teeth!?
Can wisdom teeth grow back after you've had them removed?
How do I go about getting braces as an adult? are they extremely expensive?? Does anyone know?
Having a brace over christmas!!?
Have you had your wisdom teeth cut or pulled out?
Why do people always give me the number for their dentist?
How do you stop the pain from braces?
Ok. my heart isn't working properly and I need a pacemaker? Does anyone know how the surgery will work?
Could it be a heart attack?
I am TERRIFIED of flying! I go on my honeymoon to Rome in two weeks..?
My boyfriend has irregular heart beat?
Do you think im anorexic?? pic included)?
Is it possible to have a minor heart attack and then be ok afterwards?
Whats wrong when i cant get my blood pressure regulated?
What could these symptons be?
When a heart beats out of rhythm,the condition is called what?
Did cavemen get cancer? Or is it more of a modern disease?
My sister has cancer and she needs an operation but she has no health insurance?
Would you donate your organs when you go?
I'm hooked on smoking cigarrettes. Tips on how I can take a break or something?
Does any one know how many chemo treatments it takes before losing you hair?
If a healthy person ate a piece of cancerous lump,will he develop cancer in his body?
What Parts Of The Body Contains Stem Cells?
79 yr old. Always weak;120lbs, 5'10". What tests should I request?
Is it mandatory by law for people with cancer to go through chemotherapy or any other treatments ?
Will we ever discover what causes cancer?
I feel tired all the time, short of breath, tingling in fingers, I am a diabetic. What is wrong with me?
How do you cope with diabetes?
Is there any ingection available for diabetes patient as a one time cure?
What is the difference between open heart surgery and bye pass surgery? which one is most suited ?
Besides insulin and metaformin 500ml for diabetic? are their any medications off counter that can be bought?
I am seriously scared? Low Blood Sugar?
Why don't people realize there is an big difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Is it a good sign or bad sign?
Who does Diabetes affect the most???????????
My blood sugar level has been hovering around 500 for several days, should I expect to die soon?
Do you...have braces or invisaglines and wat do you think works better?
I had a root canal done 3years ago, and the filling fell out 2 years ago. why am i not dead??
My Gums are bleeding...?
Hey.i am getting braces.?
How to stop pain from my wisdom teeth being removed?
Do I have to wear retainer to school?
What can make teeth sensative all of a sudden?
Anyone who has braces?
How do get these white things off tonsil?
What will happen if i wear braces?
Do you have...????
Anyone have a good remeidy for a severe tooth ache from wisdom teeth.?
What do you think of this a dentist was struck off?
Hve been advised to use peroxide,bakin soda in water 4 teeth whitening..where can i get peroxide?in wat form ?
My son has fractured his two front teeth and they say that they should be removed ne1know ne thing about this?
I'm getting braces tomorrow. my ortho doesnt do color. how ugly will i look do you think??
When I run, My teeth feel weird?
I think my wisdom tooth is pushing up against the one next to it, does this mean its gotta come out?
Why is our health system so messed up? Talk about it?
I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive form of prostate cancer.?
Can anyone help me, idk if i might have cancer?
#1 i have cancer, its called lymphoma. all you ever hear is cercival or breast cancer, why. we cry to.?
Jade goody has cervical cancer?
How do you RELAX when your Dr. tells you ... you might have Cancer?
Can water bottles that have been sitting out in the sun cause cancer?
Possible Leukemia????
Does frank iero from my chemical romance have cancer?
Wat is a mammogram?
What kinds of food do you eat if you are diabetic?
My sister is in the hospital, again!! Her diabetes is out of control !?
What would happen if you have diabetes and don't ever get it treated?
Which is the role of insullin in the human body ?
My blood sugar has elevated to 660 today, this is the first time in years. i forgot what i am suppose to do?
Diabetes testing?
Diabetes Q?
Is it possible to have diabties and not know it?
Is insulin is harmful for diabetic?
So I just found out someone I've been dating for about a month has type 1 diabetes...? How to be supportive?
Is hydrocodone a generic brand for vicodin? im taking hydrocodone for some wisdom teeth that were removed?
What color braces should i get @ my next appointment?
Why are they called wisdom teeth because they dont make you any wiser?
Here i am again asking for advice?
Has anyone used the crest whitestrips? Are they any good?
What does it mean if you keep coughing?
Do baby teeth have roots?
How often should you replace your toothbrush?
Does decaffeinated coffee still stain your teeth?
For patient suffering from heart block..is bye pass surgery the only solution?
Why does my heart skip a beat?
Does having one tablet of aspirin everyday after the age of 40 help avoiding a heart attack? Doesn't it make
In simple terms, What's a stroke?
Has anyone died of a broken heart?
Am I having a heart attack?
Is whole milk good for children between 11-13 years old?
I am having SURGERY tomorrow!!!!?
Some timesi get a quik satbbing pain in my chest where my heart like its beatin wrong for a sec? anyone help?
Should i visit the doctor?
How can i get rid of this sore throat,i have gargled with salt water and taking throat lozenges,please help?
8year old whits of eyes yellow?
Coughing fits related to allergies?
Have you tried not close your eyes when you sneeze?
Is there a way to make stuffy noses, well not stuffy?
Wut r u allergic to?
What food is the leading source of salmonella poisoning?
Why does my nose clog up when I'm not moving?
What are these Itchy bumps?(with pictures)?
Food Question......?
What is precaution for the cancer?
What three cancers have the highest cure rates?
What is this lump?
Opnions on smoking...?
Is hair loss a cancer sign?
What is worse a malignant tumor or benighn tumor?
Can you get cancer from sleeping with someone who does?
Ok, my dad had skin cancer (melenoma [can't spell today]) and i get a lot of sunburns....?
If your doctor say to you " You have a bad disease and anybody can not cure you".What will you do?
Should some one with termal cancer be aloud to kill them selves?
Can anyone tell me a good diet which can help to grow big muscles?
Whats the best way to get rid of fat on the sides of your back and/or inner thighs??
Am i really fat ?
Should we put a tax on overweight people?
Anyone have any good tips how to lose weight?
What diet worked for you?
How to lose weight in just 2 weeks?
Iv'e Heard Starving Yourself Can Result It Reduction In Breast Size ?
Am I Fat??
What would be a good weight for me? thanks?
Does practising vampirism put one at risk of HIV/AIDS?
We might sue a hospital?
How do you kill magotts? What Are maggots? What problems can they cause/???? help?
My son whos 5 has chicken pox what happens if my six week old baby gets it?
Can you get Chicken pox twice in a life time?
Rash under breasts?
Are there any physical consequences if a diabetic consumes sugar?
Diabetics with tattoos?
What is the reason for chilhood obesity and type 2 diabetes?
A question about insulin shots?
Is 115 blood sugar level after dinner a normal #? Lately i have freaked myself out about having?
My daughters best friend has Type 1 and her sugar is over 500? What are the normal ranges?
What are the best type of food for a diabetic patient?
Any foods that help with diabetes?
227 blood sugar reading, good or bad?
I have a tiny lump at the back of my neck...what could it be?
Cure for cancer?
I truly believe that we have cured cancer what the hell is the deal! We have the cure why can we use it?
Whats it mean if someone hacks up blood on a regular basis for a long time.?
How fast can u beat cancer?
Do males suffer frm breast cancer?
How many of you are rectal/colon cancer survivors over 5 years?
I am really scared, can anyone help me?
My mother in law has liver cancer, I need help with something that is natural that can help her pain.?
When was the last time you played Doctors and nurses.?
Is this a symptom of heart failure?
I have high bp as 140/90 how can it be normal without medicine?
My heart skips at times, weird!?
My husband is a alcholic which he bringe drinks he got took to hospital and they he has got a heart rythum?
What are Heart Attack Prevention Tips for Women ?
Do I need to go to the hospital?
A persistant low blood pressure 60/90 over 10 days. What does it indicate for a house wife aged 40.?
Is fish good for your heart?
What exactly does alcohol do to blood pressure?
Whats the difference between diabeties and diabetic ?
My mom is 45 yrs old and eats ice all the time what could be causing this?
What do you do with an incompetent paramedic?
Don't you ever worry about medical advice from Yahoo Answers?
Are there any diabetics who are?
I am SICk of being a diabetic!!?
Could this be a sign of diabetes?
My husband does not have health insurance and was diagnosed with diabetes? How can we afford this? Any help?
What are the physical symptoms of anemia?
Blood sugar level 600? What should I do?
Why is the heart the only internal organ that never becomes cancerous?
If someone has cancer, would that show up on blood tests? Not specific but the kind your gp does routinely?
How do you know when you Die?
Lump in my breast ??
What is skin cancer??????
Do you believe that radiation coming from mobile phones can cause brain tumours?
How fast does cancer spread? ?
Can someone please answer the best way you can please?
If you where the person to find out a cure for cancer, then who would be the first person you will tell?
Why do we smoke or drink????
If you stop drinking alcohol, does your liver repair itself?
Help w/ intense dry scalp!?
I was prescribed anti-depressants, should I tell my family/friends?
How old do you have to smoke?
Good way to get rid of scars?
Allergic to Alcohol?
Is there vitamin D in unnatrual light???
My son is 12 months old suffers from Eczheimer my problem is there always milk and wheat in baby food.?
Can drug / other allergies produce a small LOCALIZED rash?
What will happen if you have an allergy to eggs?
What are the symptoms of food allergy?
Is this normal when you have allergies?
I need suggestions for my daughters coughing.?
How can i live with cats if i'm allergic?
Wat r some symtoms of diabetes??
My blood sugar was 199 and 30 mins later was 194 is this good or bad??
Glucose shots for low blood sugar?
Diabetic type 11 how toavoid insulin?
Is the Insulin Pump worth getting?
How to detect diabetes, what arr the symptoms of this disease...?
Blood sugar level is a 380?
Does anyone here have diabetes?
Why can't diabetics put lotion between their toes?
In Diabetes, what causes loss of sensation in the feet?
How heavy are you?
Is Green Tea REALLY good for you or is plain water better?
Are cheerleaders supose to be cute and thin or can they be cute a mid size?
Replacing soda with water..?
How can I gain weight?
Can a Fat Guy in High School get a girl?
I am 5 foot one and weigh 100 pounds am i fat?
I'm not fat but I want to lose some weight. What do I need to do?
Does walking help all over your body....?
Could a nagging pain be cancer?
Will my cancer return and if so how long till it comes back?
Organic supplements for cancer?
Does marijuana really help cure cancer?
1 Pack a week?
Anybody else terrified of getting cancer?
My boyfriend has cancer and so for the past 5 months we havnt made love.?
Does anyone have ...?
How many of u women support breast cancer awareness?
I am looking for a natural cure for cancer.?
Blood pressure?
Blood pressure is 127 over 99 is this normal?
What is your resting heart rate.....and age....... ?
What is Coumadin?
Can you have a Heart Attack and noy know it?
What has changed in the last 12 years that made us all so f at?
If taking aspirin daily to thin your blood, is it better to take Advil or Tynol for general muscle pain relief
What's more important? your heart or your brain?
Does anyone know if its bad to experience heart palpitations?
What is cardiac arrest?
How do people with diabetes die from eating too much sugar?
Do I have Diabetes?!!??
Does diabetes have a color?
Dr Frank was wrong about my hypaclycemia diagnosis?
How to control diabetics by exercise?
First signs of diabetes?
Did you know that if you have diabetes and eat or drink sweets it can put you to sleep?
Im diabetic, How much water can i drink daily?!!!?
Can a person have no blood type??
Is it true, your not to suppose to leave bottled water in car? or possible get cancer?
Is John Edwards milking the American public for sympathy and therefore votes?
How much calories are there in a cigratte?
Re breast lump worried?
Can u get cancer?
My 27 year old friend was just diagnosed with leukemia, can anyone help?
Do I have a tumor?
Are there any cancer survivors here?
I live in New york city, home of the most beautiful women in the world. Why do these beautiful women smoke?
Could the deterioration in memory signal the possibility of a brain tumour in a young adult?
Got Tested for HIV, But Now I'm afraid That The Medical Assistant Used The Needle On Someone Else TOO!!?
Is it possible to get AIDS from mosquitoes?
SMOKERS: are you concerned about your children/grandchildren being exposed to second hand smoke?
Has my valet now received just desserts?
What is the best otc allergy med for occassional attacks?
Doesw battery acid make good eyedrops?
My Eyes Are Red?
My daughter suffers from sinus problems?
Why does a huge clot thing come out during my nose bleeds?
I am allergic to everything... Why do I still itch?
Medication & Alcohol?
Could I be allergic to gold?
Is it okey for my kids?
Natural immunity booster. what can I take to boost my immunity. I seem to get a cold/flu more now then in ever
Can anyone help i need to do an idiots guide?
What is a healthy evening snack for a diabetic?
I am finding it very difficult to control my diabetes using insulin i am type one, are there any alternatives?
What is the best substitute for soft drinks with not so much sugar i hate diet pop?
How do people get diabetes ?
Can anybody advise best medicine for diabeteswith excess fat /?
What can you do or take to reduce the sugar level in your body?
What kind of food can you have when diabetic?
How long does cannabis stay in your blood or urine for?
Wat complications will be there if cousins of same blood group marry?
Cancer !!!!!!!!?
How do i tell my 5yr old his g-g-mother has cancer??
How do i tell my son he has a friend dieing of cancer?
Smoking causes issues with one's health, but why do ppl still smoke or start smoking?
A blood test came back showing i have low white blood cells so i have to go in for another test in the morning
Do most people with breast cancer live?
Can you get cancer in the butt?
If someone has cancer,is it good to know or not?
How long do u think my mom has left? She has secondary Liver cancer?
Name needed for a cancer group?
How do you tell your girl shes fat and she needs to exercise without being mean to her?
Please help. I am FAT!?
How many pounds do YOU need to lose?
Will i still lose weight?
How can a child get this FAT. I can't believe these parents?
Is this alright to do when you are hungry?
What's the fastest way to lose weight?
Body Survey!?
Am i too short for my age?
How can I get Skinny by October 23?
My moms got kidney damage from diabetes, is this serious?
Can eating a lot of sugar make you diabetic?
Do people with type one diabetes have a shorter life span?
Could i be diabetic?
What is a normal blood sugar level.?
Help! im sorry ive been asking so many questions, im scared.?
Should diabetics have cell phones?
Is it your fault if you have/get diabetes?
Is AB+ blood type good?
I'm a 35yr old with severe heart disease whats the best way to stick around longer.?
How to get relief from recurring headaches?
I have really sweaty armpits, it never stops! what can i do?
FLU, does the flu shot prevent you from catching it and passing it on to others?
Will baby powder prevent excessive sweating?
HELP FAST. SERIOUSLY !!! medical issue?
Im worried about a girl in my class.....?
Where is cervical cancer at in your body?
Friend going for Operation next week to remove her breasts cos Breast Cancer,how to console or encourage her?
I have brain cancer they have found 2 tumors....?
Ive been smoking for 2 years, can i possibly have cancer?
Is sudden growth of a mole in our body is a symptom of cancer?or its sign of anyother diseases?
Are people with darker skin, who tan instead of burn, less at risk for skin cancer?
If you have a bad mamogram result, does that mean you have cancer 100%?
How does smoking cause lung cancer?
This question is for anyone with cancer or has had cancer:?
Should I stop cooking with Teflon?
Why am I sneezing so much?
Wheat intolerence?
I ate shrimp, now my throat is swollen? What should I do?
Why do i cough everday?
Allergies.. A quick fix?
How Do you get gonoria from your spose and what are the symptons?
Does this sound like allergies?
Can amoxicillin cause hives?
My blood pressure is 144/97,could that be considered as a high blood pressure.?
Do women have heart on right side?
Is everyone gonna have a heart attack in life?
Should i be hospitalized?
Can you have a heart attack at 16-17? or Heart disease?
Please help, i'm worried. i'll give you 10 points!?
If you had one minute left to live what would you do?
What is the normal blood pressure reading for a woman in her 50's?
My wife was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I need to know first aid for hypoglycimic attack.?
Obesity? what is it?
How do I prepare myself for my Dad;s death?
Do i have cancer?
I have a diabetic friend. He wants to eat vegetarian.How to do when everything vegetarian is basically carbs?
Obama smokes?
Can you pleas pray for my aunt Guadalupe Vasquez she has cancer in the brain?
What is the normal range when testing your blood sugar with your home meter? Dr. never gave me any hi or lows.
Have you ever been affected by cancer?
My mom was just diagnosed today with pancreatic cancer. She is 82 years old.?
Just curious to all Diabetics...................