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At what age should a person start flossing?
Can raisins give cavities?
Is this diabetes?
My husband has been a smoker since he was 12, he has diabetes. Looking for opinions on safe way to quit.?
Can stress affect diabetes?
Is it ok to drink alcohol if you have type 1 diabetes?
Why can't diabties be cured ?
What are the symptons of Diabetes?
Is it safe for diabetics to get tattoos?
My nine year old will not stop wearing diapers?
I get shaky when I dont eat, what should I do?
Just started testing blood glucose level.?
I'm getting braces and i don't know what colors to get?
If I have braces and gargle benzoyl peroxide?
Im getting my braces on later today what should i do? help!?
I'mgetting my braces off Wednesday [4 days]. Anything i should know?
Why my 5 yrs boy grind his teeth during his sleep making squeking sound several times a night.?
I have nine teeth left on the bottom. Dentist wants to make partial. Why not extract the last nine for denture
How long do you have to wear retainer after your braces are off?
Why should we brush thrice in a day?
Teeth after braces?
Im really scared.....my sister has cancer...plez help!!?=[?
Six years ago, cancer began w/ my grandmother in her ovaries, spreading to colon and liver/ no chemo how long?
I started taking Zoloft a few days ago and feel really depressed how normal is that?
Need a good team name?
Can 4th satge cancer is cureable?
LADIES - were you aware of this new breast cancer?
I have a friend who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. What would be something nice to give her?
What is nicotine?
My husband has lung cancer that has spread to his brain is there any thing that can be done?
I have been a smoker for over 20yrs now how do i quite smoking?
What is the best over the counter medication for a tooth ache/infection?
Does it hurt when you get Braces?
Tell me about braces...HELP!?
Will I get replacement teeth?
How do you ease the pain of freshly removed wisdom teeth?
Why do most Dentist offices be closed on Wednesdays?
I hate brushing my teeth. Do you know anything I could do to make it fun?
Do i brush my teeth too long?
Can I go to A&E; about severe gum pain??
Give me slogans or a short poem relating to dental care.?
Im so tired?
Does anyone else get really itchy after they've had a shower?
Does anyone think there is a link to vaccines and autism?
Help me with my 12 year old skin!!!!!!!?
How do paralized people use the bathroom and take a shower?
When liver and kidney failure sets in because of alchoholism how bad is it?
Would vagisil work on an itchy scrotum?
I want to know what do other 15yr old girls weigh?
How can i starve for a week without being hungry?
I replaced beer with voka and diet coke for 30 days why didn't I loose any weight?
How much will i lose if eat only an apple a day for one week?
How can a person lose about 20-50 lbs. by this October?
Heyy i have a question about my weight??
Going to navy bootcamp soon.......how much will it hurt me not to be in shape? what about when my cycle comes?
Diet for a 19 year old?
Is drinking warm water good or bad for your health?
Can I be become unallergic to bees.?
Anyone else getting tired of nurses and their inaccurate opinions?
If I'm allergic to cats & dogs, will I also be allergic to other animals?
What are the symptoms of wheat and gluten intolerance please?
I have type 2 Diabetes. What do I eat now?
Is it allergy? cat...or bodylotion?
Diabetes meds type 2?
Allergic reaction emergency?
Is it possible that person shortens ?
What can a 60 year old diabetic do to get in better health?
Is anybody alergic to nuts?
My son was diagonosed with type 1 diabeties three days ago can anyone tell me what is high and low for?
How many types of "insulin" exist cuz i dont want to see my mom getting shots twice a day?
Why does eating kiwi's make my lips sore?
I think I have diabetes?
Can I eat foods with sugar in them?ive got diabetes.?
Cutting down on dairy due to sinus problem is fully skimmed milk ok to use?
Is it posible to reduce the sugar level in diabitics without medicine ??
How do you get allergies, like peanut allergies?
How do u unblock a blocked nose?
If my wisdom teeth come in, do I HAVE to get them removed?
Are whitestrips really bad for your teeth?
Can a dentist refuse to treat you if you have a tongue piercing?
How to get rid of brown stuff on a SonicCare Toothbrush?
I am uninsured and have 4 painful wisdom teeth growing in, I'm not eligible for medicaid what can I do?
Braces info needed?
Do I need a root canal?
Bad breath?
Wisdom Teeth?
Does anyone know anything about getting help to pay for medications for brain tumors?
How is cancer formed in people ?
Does microwaving your food in plastic containers cause cancer?
Does everyone know to wear pink on October 18th?
Has anybody dealt with a loss recently?
I need some advices,please ?
How do you tell someone that you are close to, that someone they are close may be dying of cancer real soon?
How many cancer recurrance can you beat before you die?
I have a lump just under the back of my neck/ on my back. Could it be cancer?
Question about dental cleaning.?
When will my teeth stop moving?! Braces were off 12 years ago?
Anyone experienced having any of these before?
How can you make your teeth whiter really fast?
How can i make my teeth whiter?
How often should you floss your teeth?
Where do teeth come from?
Is there an alternate procedure for for extraction and filling without the needle that is painless?
Husbands with Bad Breath?
Is it true that you lose 5 years of your life when you pull a tooth?
Bad Taste in my mouth wont go away!?
If I take my antibiotics for wisdom teeth, will it mess up my birth control?
Having Wisdom Teeth Removed...
Getting a needle in your mouth...plz answer!?
How to get rid of mouth ulcers or brace sores?
Theres something in my mouth.... what is it?
Any orthodontists here?
Can a tooth inplant be payed through a payment plan?
Can you FEEL when you have a cavity?
What color braces should i get? (no yellow or white please)?
Is there a bread that tastes good & is healthy for diabetics or is their a better way to get fiber?
In a case of a 30 year old female diabetic, how likely is it to be type 1 vs. type 2?
If you have to cut back on your diabetes because of money problems is there a good way to keep control of your
What's worse for you: a beer or two every day, or seldomly getting totally smashed?
How dangerous is it to be out of insulin?
I am 29 years old and i have type 2 diabetes, i am trying to loose 50 lbs, and i am stuck! need tips?
I Think My Daughter Has Diabetes????
Worried I might be diabetic? Letter from dr. blood sugar at 8?
Is this unusual?
Help. my 13 year old friend with juvinile diabetes is in denile of a lot of things?
Do you think im aneroxic?
Can I get all you wonderful people out there to pray for my daughter Lisa?
Does smoking 4 cigrates per day result in lung cancer or any other deadly deseases?
My grandma has brain cancer and i dont know what to do.! what should i do?
Are you Afraid to Die?
Does cancer always cause pain?
Ok I need serious hlep please.I'm 17 and I think I might have breast cancer.?
To all of you who have cancer?
Is this cancer?
My friend has lung cancer that has spread to the brain what do i look forward to?
Please give me some advice?
Braces? Those who have, had, or are getting them on?
I might have get braces?
Can i make an appt. with my doctor to see a hospital dentist for wisdom teeth?
How long should i wait to smoke after a wisdom tooth extraction?
Does using an electric toothbrush excuse flossing?
I just got a cavity filled. when will the numbness go down?
Braces question? =/?
My 9 year old brother wont brush his teeth, what should I do?
I'm getting 3 wisdom teeth out tomorrow...& i have a few questions that need answering :]?
How can so many people in so many countries donate to cancer and still there is no cure?
What does stage five prostate cancer mean?
Who here is battling any kind of cancer or has survived any kind of cancer?
Can stds cause an abnormal pap smear?
Risk of colon cancer at 29 yrs old?
Cough worse in the evening.there is no fever.Tickling in the throat.What is the diagnosis?
You have cancer are told you have so long to live and are ask what would like to do that you never got to do ?
What is the best thing to put on your face after washing it?
I have breast cancer . i was told a week ago! i want to know how does smoking effect me during chemo therapy ?
I have a question about stage 4 lung cancer?
Really bad toothache?
How much is the cure for HIV?
Would the health care industry possibly be trying to supress a cure for cancer?
How is laughing good for you?
Something in my throat that give me bad breath?
Ok, is there a brain on the spine??? I'v been dieing to know.?
How do you actually die from breast cancer?
Tongue cleaner?
Along with brushing your teeth, what is another way to help get your teeth white?
I'm always tired but there is no reason why?
Should my daughter's 4 2nd molar be removed so the 3rd molar can have space to grow?
I have bad breath always........??
How do you get refered to the hospital for dental treatment under a general?
OUCH!! Help i just got my braces yesterday an they hurt a lot how can i take off the pain?!?
What do recptionists at dentist offices do?
How long are you sore for after getting fillings?
Can diabetics drink crystal light slurpees?
How to lower your sugar?
Can diabetics have tatoos?
My dad lately has been having excessive thirst and urination could this be from his medcine?
Drinking alcohol does it raise or lower your blood sugar?
Nick jonas diabetes?
I am a diabetic and have not seen my dr in over 4 years, how can i get insulin without a prescription?
Curing Diabetes?
My friend just drank bleach my mistake. he had a gulps. what should he do?
Piriton tablets?
Who's with me in burning down all the grass in the world?
Which is better for asthma/allergies: a humidifier or a dehumidifier? Also which type is an air filter?
My dog loves these treats grapes,macadamia nuts,onions,mushrooms,gar... & chocolates are they heathy 4 him?
Why do people get alergys when they get older ?i am 41 and two years ago i had no troubles with this .?
How do I prevent allergies in my future children?
I can't stop itching my eyes?
I drink too much milk! do you? is this bad?
I have food allergic.but i dont know from witch food.?
Chocolate for a nut allergy sufferer?
I'm 13 and need help?
Best exercise for tummy fat?
How long should it take for an average person to run a mile?
Am I too fatt?????
What's a healthy lunch?
Is eating chicken and rice good for u?
How can i waight loss?
Is this fat??
Control you're fat children?
I want to lose about 15 to 20 pounds by swimming alone - how can I do this?
What was your worst dental experience?
Fresh breath?
I have dentures how come every time i smile they flall out?
Are my teeth ugly?
Wats worse..braces or having 4 wisdon teeth out?
What are the symtoms of a cavity?
My two front top teeth are loose and wobbly from a bad fall I had at Xmas.?
How do u get rid of bad breath?
Little white patches on the back of the mouth?
What is the cereal good for diabetic patients?
Why do some people say its ok to eat eggs n bacon if u have diabetes?
I want a new tattoo and i was wondering how much it would cost? And if Diabetics can get tattoos?
Do you know an amputee?
My 1yr old nephew has a constant thirst what could this mean?
Should I go to the ER?
I have low blood presure 85 with 65 so what should i eat to fix this problem and i feel wek?
What are some carb-free foods?
Why can't diabetics use Wartner - freezing treatment for foot warts?
What kinds of things make you vulnerable for diabetes?
Sodas and straws?
What is the best way to tell if you have bad breath? (when you're alone.)?
I have to get my wisdom teeth removed next month, HELP?
What should I do about a filling I lost about one month ago?
What is the progression of a brain tumor that cannot be treated?
Does Alcohol Exasperate secondary liver cancer?
How do you talk to someone on their deathbed?
If I am tanned and I use sunscreen, do you think I will get skin cancer?
Can chemotherapy harm your baby if you're pregnant?
Why did my mom get cancer and why cant we cure it ?
What is carcinogenic?
If you smoked cigarettes for thirty nine years and died at age twenty nine,would it be smoking related?
Stopping smoking?
Any1 having problems with their braces?
I have a big tooth cavity and have attempted going through with the dental appointment twice?
How old are you, and how many fillings do you have?
Which is better, Invisiline or braces?
My gums are sore and have black splotches on them. I also have a very dry mouth.?
Diabetes Stage two help needed?
Could this be diabetes?
If my fiance is 0+ and I am O+ blood type. Will this affect us having children?
What is diabetese type 2?
For diabetics ONLY?
What are the causes of diabetes?
How can we control diabetes?
Does Anyone have Diabetes out there?
Diabetes runs in my family...?
I am trying to prevent diabetes...Any tips?
I just got my top braces, I don't get my bottoms until 2 weeks from now, is this normal?
I went to the dentist 2day and she sed that there was red layer of skin above my teeth. wat is that?
How can I easily whiten my teeth?
Braces! spacers?
Braces info please?????!!!!!!!!!!! everything!!!!!!?
I just got braces yesterday and my teeth still hurt when will the pain go away!?
Dental problems?
A friend has a speed habit?
I need extensive dental work and I am tempted to travel to Budapest?
I need my teeth pulled bad?
I just took 4 benadryl and one ambien. what should i do?
Is it better to swallow or spit?
Is the pain of the broken heart same to everyone?
Okay this is a weird question but is it normal to have black stool. If not what does that mean.?
Can a man catch a yeast infection?
How do you bring your blood pressure down without the help of medication ?
If somebody has herpes and you make out with them can you get herpes?
Could I get infected with HIV this way?
Hurting Myself?! Not literally?
How do you deal with finding out that your mom has cancer?
Does this sound like pancreas cancer?
{Question about smoking...}?
Brain tumor?
To those who have had cancer, or the families who have been through it...?
I scared what should i do?
What would you do if you only had 3 months left to live?
How bad is stage four breast cancer? Will the cancer shorten Senator Edwards wife life ?
Does anyone here smoke and are you thinking of stopping?
My mom has cervical cancer...What do i do?
Allergy to eggs!! Help w/recipes?
Y do i keep sneezing every time i go outside?
How do you get off of Afrin nose spray? I have dry sinus in the winter. I always feel like my nose is stuffy
Can a grown up develop lactose intolerance?
I think i am allergic to food coloring (or dye)..?
Is it okay to drink lemon water?
I have Allergy from Aspirin, would it still the same if I take baby aspirin?
Besides pain, are there other side effects after getting a Tetanus shot?
Do I have some sort of allergy?
I just got braces and one of the beaces unglued from my tooth. what should i do?
What ways can they fix chipped teeth at the dentist?
How can i stop ginding my teeth when i sleep?
What is a GOOD temporary relief for a toothache?
Wisdom teeth?
Never been to the dentist before. what should i expect?
How many months do i have to have braces?
What does grinding tour teeth in your sleep mean ?
It's something that works like braces.But it's not braces.It a clear thing that goes in your mouth.?
Will i be asleep?
What is a safe method to lose weight if diabetic?
Diabetics: What do you eat when your blood sugar is low?
How do i tell my parents?
My dad was diagnosed with diabetes but he seems to be ingnoring it. What shall I do?
So Thirsty?
What are the worst foods to feed a Diabetic?
Is it possible to go in a coma if u diabetes?
What places are you able to give insulin injections beside the stomach?
How do you react if someone has a heart attack or stroke in front of you? Apart from calling 911 or 000 etc?
What are better ways to bring a diabetics sugar up?
I'm 5.5 ft and weigh 8.5 stone. Am i overweight?
Why do I want to be skinnier when I am 5'6" and 102 lbs......people look at me weird?
What's the fastest guaranteed way to lose weight?
The fastest way to loose a stone in 3 weeks?
What is the best time to exercise if you want to loose weight?
I lost 20 pounds in the last year from working out everyday and eating healthy...?
Gift for my aunt with breast cancer getting mastectomy surgery??
Can men gat breast cancer?
What are some words that you think of when you hear...?
Where can I find T-shirts with breast cancer slogans?
How do you treat breast cancer?
Cancer . . .?
What if I said I am studying a protein inhibitor that will cure cancer?
I have a sore throat and I am coughing up blood is this normal?
I have rectal cancer,I do not want chemo or radiation, does that make sense to anyone but me?
Tips for braces pain??????????
Best toothpaste on earth at the present?
Why do wisdom teeth need pulling?
What would you estimate a teeth cleaning would cost for someone?
I'm 14 and am autistic and dyspraxic and i am too hypersensitive to brush my teeth, any ideas?
Help Me Please? My jaw hurts from the left side every time i open my mouth it hurts? Do you guys no why?
Why do teeth become yellow?
What's a good way to start a speech for persuading people to floss?
My wisdom teeth..?
Do you put yours child to sleep with a bottle?? juice, milk etc?
I am a Diabetic with Peripheral Neuropathy. It has caused me to be unable to work and have a normal life.?
How did you find out that your child was diabetic? What tests did they have?
Are there any safe alternatives for sugar?
How to prevent high blood sugar with diabetes?
Having diabetes, age 73, should my nurse continue to give me insulin injections when my sugars are below 60?
My wife is a diabetic. I don't think she is taking care of herself and I keep on telling her that?
What are the first symptoms of diabetes 2 ?
Is it possible for a persons blood type to be changed during a blood transfusion.?
What are some specific ways diabetes can affect your health?
Would you say the diabetic eye test is a good thing or a bad thing ?
Teeth whitening...?
Braces PaiN!!!??!!?
My 11 year old grinds his teeth at night?
Teeth shifted after having braces?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, does it hurt?
Will tylonol get rid of my tooth ache?
My 11 year old is getting braces tonight?
Will braces hurt me?
What would be your opinion of this ?
Braces problems?? help?
If your love one wanted to die at home?
Do you think its cruel that they dont want cancer patients to get better?
My brother-in-law has cancer of the pancreas. What should I do ?
Do doctors have the right to end the lives of terminally ill patients?
My father has Stage III Pancreatic Cancer- I need suggestions. Serious answers only please.?
She has cancer, what do i say?
Is there any any point in me taking a genes test to find out if I am at high risk to get breast cancer?
Honestly, is smoking THAT harmful? and aren't they exagerrating a little bit???
How many different ways are there do cure cancer?
I lost my eldest brother to cancer 3 years ago. I wasn't there when he died and i feel so guilty about that!
What's the truth about Root Canal?
I need advice or any help about my tooth?
I wanna get my tongue pierced.but, im scared that after i dont want it anymore it might leave a scar.does it?
I am 37 and still have a baby tooth is there anybody out there the same?
Does anyone ever get soars on tongue?
Wizdom Teeth??
How important are good teeth to you?
Is there any way to get rid of tooth decay?
What color braces should i get?(I am a girl.)?
Why does it feel weird when i bite down ?! Just had a filling today.?
Why does Avocado make me vomit?
Does anyone have some advice on dealing with sore throats?
Omg, my throught hurts soo bad!! Could I have the start of getting sick?
Is It true bananas are not good for diabetics?
Does anyone own an Ionic Breeze? If so, does it really work for reducing allergens?
How can we reverse Diabetes ?
Blood sugar level 234 ?
A person suffering from continuous cold and cough due to allergy, can you suggest a home remedy?
How can we lower a diabetics blood sugars without prescriptions?
How long must I wait to donate blood after I've gotten a tattoo?
I'm allergic to school!!?
Which fruits can be consumed by persons suffering from diabetis ?
Does anyone have an accurate scale for blood sugar? I am concerned mine may be high.?
Is Chlamydia an STD or...?
Is 857 a high blood sugar level? if it is what should i do?
My mom is 67 and just received a Diabetes diagnosis, her Blood Sugar was 250, how do I get it down for her?
Chances of getting HIV from tattooing? high/low?
Can Diabetes spread by sharing toilet seat?
How do YOU get rid of a zit FAST?!?
Is it true that if you are thin you are less likely to be diabetic?
When blood sugars are high how do you lower blood sugars right away?
What is this on my tongue?
41 years old blood pressure 143/72 pulse rate 60...good or bad?
Acne home remedies?
Should you cancel a dental appt is you are being treated for strep throat?
I have really bad breath and it is ruining my relationship what can I do.?
Why do people have yellow teeth?
What's the best way to remove bad breathe and the stuff on your tongue?
My girlfriend brushes her teeth 5-6 times a day on a regular day?
Do you brush your teeth everyday?
Can carbonated beverages erode the enamel of your teeth?
How can i get rid of canker sores?
Do you floss before or after brushing you teeth?
Is there a natural way to close a small gap between my two front teeth?
Could I have a brain tumor?
Is there a Required Age to get a Colonoscopy?
Does anyone know if God heals someone with cancer?
Hullo folks! Anyone out there dying of cancer?
Does Chemotherapy get worse and more difficult w/ each treatment ? my mom is having her 2nd one tomarrow I?
What is the real reason that marijuana is illegal?
I would like to know if N.H.S G.P can keep a very elderly patients condition secret?
Why do so many people smoke although most of them know that it's the leading cause of lung cancer?
I want to quit smoking, but i can't. I'm not a heavy smoker. I just consume 5 sticks a day. Is it hazardous?
Who skips breakfast??
I need to gain weight badly. Please list meals,or individual food which contain high calories?
How do i lose weight?
Healthy Breakfast?
I've let myself get to over 200 pounds, is it possible to change?
How to lose weight without having to change my life?
I want to lose 60 pounds in 5 months. how long should i be walking on the treadmill for everyday?
I need to lose atleast 20 pounds got any ideas how?
Am i healthy?
I am getting married in 4 weeks I have lost a stone and need to lose another 7lb?
Does a root canal really hurt?
Another one for you all! how long does it normally take for antibiotics to work?
What should i do!!! teeth problem?
How to get rid of bad breath?
Where does your tongue sit when it isn't being used?
Can anyone suggest a teeth whitening method which doesnt cost a lot?
How much does it cost a dentist office to buy a retainer?
How often is one supposed to get a new toothbrush?
What is the point of chewing tobacco?
How do you correct low sugar?
Does whitening toothpaste actually work ??
What does amputated mean?
Does everyones grandma have diabetes???
If I can't have sugar and can't have caffeine, what can I eat/drink for quick energy?
Getting diabetes?
Can someone who either has or is very knowledgeable about diabetes help me with this question please?
Can you get a tattoo if you are diabetic?
I feel faint and week, it can happen any time any where, I do not drink coffee,?
Can excessive drinking of vodka lead to excessive weight gain, even if you don't eat hardly.?
I am urinating a lot, do i have diabetes?
Anybody know any treatment or supportive care treatment for cancer patient stage 4?
Why is it that being overweight as a woman, puts you at greater risks for cancer?
How many stages are there in cancer?
Do you have a close family member with cancer?
My Doctor says I have testicular Cancer...but Im a girl!?
Dad has colon cancer, and surgery is in the next 10 hours.. should i be there ?
Does deodorant cause cancer ?
Does cancer hurt?
How long can a cancer patient live w/o chemo?
What do we mean by bowel movement?
Im having two wisdom teeth out today?
Is having black gums a medical problem? I see people and celebrities (Whoopi Goldberg) with them all the time.
How many times do you clean your teeth in a day?
The filling in my cavity came out.........?
What should you do is you drop your tooth brush in the toilet?
What should I do for a really bad tooth ache?
Does taking a pepto-bismol at night make your tounge black in the morning?
I am 10 weeks Pregnant and I have an abscessed tooth. Can I get it pulled now or not?
Can I use superglue on my tooth?
Teeth Whiteness?
False Teeth?
Braces & confidence?
How can you sterilize retainers after they've been in the trash/lost?
I have really bad breath?
I want my teeth whiter! baking soda?
Is this normal for someone w/ braces?
Should I do "sleep" (sedation) dentistry for a root canal?
Do white strips work?
What can I use/do to make me teeth stronger?
Yellow teeth???
My mother and I recently started sharing a house....?
Reaction to food allergy, what the right thing to do?
What am I allergic to?
Is this a allergic reaction... or what?
Can a kid who is allergic to peanuts attend A Major League Baseball Game?
Does chashew nuts makes any allergy ?
It feels like food is caught in my throat after eating at the same restaurant 3 times?
Can It Be A Sinus Infection?
I have acid reflux and have other food allergies what should I buy that is healthy?
My husband is having a severe allergic reaction?
I have 5 toes on each foot...am I still considered human?
My brothers blood sugar level is over 500, is he dying, can he be saved?
Something is seriously wrong with my cousin!!??
I am a Diabetic and I need a other option than drinking diet coke or water?
Is there any programs that help pay for prescription drugs if your are not on medicare or medicaid?
My boyfriend has diabetes and I need to get him some health insurance immediately. How can I go about it?
Should I get surgery for my webbed toes?
For a diabetic which would be better: constant sugar a little higher, or consistantly going high and low?
How do You eliminate Athletes foot ?
My bs number is 430 and hasn't been below 300 for several days. I don't feel ill and I am very stressed.
How can i get rid of diabetic?
Would diabetes cause you to heal slower after something such as surgery?
What sort of things help with relieving the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
How do u know u're diabetic???
I feel very tired and light headed. Sometimes i find it hard to breathe. Low blood sugar??
Can you die from insulin shock?
Your perspectives on having been through cancer - do you consider cancer an enemy or a teacher?
Just diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid leukaemia.?
Is it true that too much chewing of bubble gum causes cancer?
If I only smoke one cigerette perday, is there still a chance I get lung cancer?
Im 16 years old and i have a lump under my armpit (inside my body)?
If you are 58 years old and you smoked all of your life, at what age would you get cancer ?
What kind of doctor would someone see if they are concerned about lung cancer from smoking?
What would u do if you come to know that u are not going to live for more than 6 months??
Why physicians no treat lung cancer when it is advanced?
What is the price of metal orthodontic braces?
Bad breath!!!?
Teeth Emergency!!!!!?
What does it mean when you can roll your tongue into a clover/tie cherry stems?
How much milk are you supposed to drink a day?
My friend has a bad breath. she can not get rid of it even after brushing her teeth & mouthwash. Help?
Teeth routine?
I Got My Wisdom teeth cut out, how long do the stitches stay in?
Getting Braces on?
Is it possible to get a black eye after tooth extraction?
Yellow teeth?
How long after tooth extraction can I have coffee?
Why are my gums bleeding?
Does soda affect tooth enamel? Why or why not?
Would you prefer to take your child to a general dentist or a pediatric dentist?
Are crest whitestrips any good?
Is having brown and pink gums normal?
Why is mint the primary flavor oftoothpaste?
I am a 31 yr old male and my blood sugar was at 104. Does this mean I have diabetes?
Can you tell me the symptoms of low pottasium levels?
As a diabetic patient is it safe to drink and smoke ?
Do I have some diabetic symptoms?
Is there something wrong with my Sister? PLz Answer Serious Question?
What should i eat if i'm hungry but my blood sugar is running really high and i have type 2 diabetes?
What is the name of the condition that arises in the body,should an adult not have enough iron in his diet?
I'm in a Life or Death Situation... Could you PLEASE help me?
Do you think its bad for a friend to be treated bad just because she has diabetes?
Good snacks for someone with diabetes?
I am wanting to start out the new year on the right track. Do you have any diet ideas to help me lose weight?
Who called you fat?
What exercise can i do at home in my living room for about 30 mins?
In which part of my body can I get cancer?
If you could eat anything?
What is the best diet you have tried and it worked. (Pills, or a diet plan)?
What is cancer?
Help me put on weight?
Am i underweight??
What do you say to someone that is dying?
I'm trying to lose weight....?
Do i look fat?
Chemotherapy or cancer ?which is the real killer?
I'm a very busy girl.how can i loose weight without using surgery or with little exercise?
Discuss three ways for you to personally reduce your risk of developing cancer.?
Is it ok to workout if your muscles still feel soar?
How many calories can i eat and still lose weight each day?
What else could a lump on the brain be besides a brain tumor?
Am I over weight? Is my friend Underwieght?
Can i die at 100?
Is it a coincidence that when you go to the dentist
Do Brackets Hurt? Do Braces hurt?
My mom wants me to get braces should I say yes or no?Plz help!?
Why do ppl have bad breath in the in the morning???????????????
Age limit for braces?
Listerine burns my mouth really bad like i could cry... help!!??
Is dental work/braces cheaper in Mexico?
What color braces are bad?
Oral surgery?
Are braces all that bad?
What happens when a diabetic wont take his medicine or insulin?
Blood with excrement ,cause constipation?
What time of day are you meant to take your metformin tablets ? .?
What are some good bedtime snacks for a Diabetic?
My daughter has just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, how worried should I be?
Is grape juice good to drink if you have diabetes?
Is it possible for one to have diabetes and thru exercise and eating healthy to have it go away?
Im 22 years old and i have type 2 diabeties...how can i lower my sugar level?
Stereotype for diabetics?
Had wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago- when can i eat my regular food?
What color braces should I get?
Does your tongue ever look white-ish??
OMG - my filling came out!! HELP!!?
Glowstick liquid stuff went in my mouth!?
I just got my braces put on
Self injury-Please help me out and don't be rude
Not seen dentist for nearly 20year. Too sacred!?
I get my braces on tomorrow what to expect and how bad will they hurt on a scale on 1-10?
Is laughing gas safe to use on a 12 yr old girl? PLEASE READ!!?
Sore throat?
MAJOR SINUS problems need HELP!!! ?
Seem to have a permant metal taste in mouth ? anybody knows why this symptom?
Can allergies cause your throat to hurt when you swallow? That is the only time it hurts.?
Method used to prevent asthma?
Is a sore throat an allergy?
What to do with constant sinus infections?
Am I allergic to orange juice?
Heart Palputations.....how to stop!?
Why do some people look black and some are white?can a black man become white?
Can you get cancer talking on the phone?
I wish people would have a bit more confidence in me?
Can being around someone who smokes cigars in front of you give you lung cancer?
I think it is warm enough today to start that summer tan. What do you think?
How do you apply head-on?
Any doctors in this site?
I got bitten by my bfs dog, it didn puncture my jeans but it punctured a leg a little, do I need to see a doc?
My second toe is really really long, is it ugly?
Why isn't chemo used to treat obesity?
Strep throat, mono, or just sore throat?
How many know that?
Is it true that a woman is more protected against cervical cancer is her partner is circumcised?
Why have cancer rates gone up?
Is a Colonoscopy really necessary for a healthy person?
Is their anything else you can use for your teeth to be straighten besides paying 5000 for braces?
Will most dentist knock you out completely if you ask them to?
What are the advantages or disadvantages of leaving the space left by a "pulled" tooth: is it better to.....
Which pain reliever can effectively ease my tooth ache??
Why it is so called as "Wisdom tooth" ??
Wisdom teeth..?
My new nightmare is " BRACES!! " plz help??
I'm getting my wisdom teeth extracted, do you have any advice?
If you brush and floss three times a day, could a cavity heal on it's own?
Fresh fruit and raised sugar levels?
Blood sugar level?
I have a problem controling my urge?
What are the symptoms for diabetes?
Is there any Ayurvedic medicine available to cure Diabetes?
I cant sleep anymore, and need to keep going to the bathroom...?
Can someone get diabetes by eating only fruit, and no processed sugars?
Is diabetes hereditry?
Need help with my seizures !?!?!?!?
I'm a type2 diabetic; but i don't want to accept disease, is that bad?
Tooth extraction ~ what can I expect?
What color braces should I get?
I am getting braces on augest 13 wat color should i get?
A question was posted recently?
Tooth help please?
Does removal of filling hurt?
How can I get my husband to go to the dentist?
Is swallowing toothpaste harmful?
Do you go every 6 months to the dentists for a check up?
I'm getting braces in two hours, and I am a bit nervous, please help.?
What exactly is in a cigarette?
Human Organs and their cost.?
Does smoking marijuana cause lung cancer?
If you've ever heard the words, "your tests came back positive for cancer," what was your first response?
Im sorry to all?
Does suave and dove give cancer?
Dear smokers, do u care....?
I dont want my mom to die :(?
Are there any cancer survivors here?
Does your face get puffy when your wisdom teeth are coming in?
I have very crooked teeth and it makes me feel like sh*t?
Do it hurt real bad to get braces?
Does getting your teeth pulled out hurt?
Have you ever had a General Anaesthetic?
Why does a toothache always hurt more at night?
HElp with wisdom teeth?
Anybody here have or had dental braces? If so how old were you when you had them removed?
Any ways to make teeth look white fast?
What is the quickest way to lose 15lbs in a month?
Is it ok to do a 2 day fruit fast?
Does carrot cake help you see better?
Am i fat?????
What should I do???
Eating out on the road healthy?
I wanna tone up..lose weight. I am willing to do the work i dont want it too be overnight...?
Do women really weaken legs?
How old must someone be,before started drinking?
All i have eaten for the last three days is?
What can cause child hair loss?
Im diabetic whats the sugar content of alchohol and beers?
Iam suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding) from past 5 years. How can I get rid of it?
Cancer, makeup, earrings, fathers attitude, devastated Sarah can't sleep. Can anyone give an honest opinion?
Breast Cancer or to worried?
Orthodontic question.?
I am a team captain for a Diabetes Walk. I need a clever and unique team name. Any suggestions?
I was given 1 wks notice and told not to work it, after nearly 7 years, because i had cancer.i'm all clear now
Dentist This Afternoon-I Swallowed The Cleaning Head (This Is Not A Joke)?
Just curious to see how many ppl that are on here have type 1 diabetes. Im 16 and was diagnosed when i was 6:)
Please Do Not Report This.?
I just found out a couple of days ago that my brother has lymph cancer?
I had a filling done in my teeth, for how will my mouth keep feeling numb?
What happens to a person when injected with insulin if they are not diabetic?
Best way to avoid getting diabetes?
Can you really get breast cancer from hitting your breasts too much?
What do you mean by blue tooth?
Can you kiss with braces on?
Can a diabetic have watermelon?
What does it take to quit smoking?
What is the most adivisble treatment for breast CA at stage 3 or 4. is chemo d only way?how about alternative?
Could this be diabetes??
What does hereditary means tell me in clear words and give me example about it.?
What is a good age to start using adult toothpaste?
What would happen if a person was on a insulin pump and was still eating sugar?
What are some early warning signs of diabetes?
Tooth Just Pulled Help!!?
Braces for a 25 year old male?
What does it mean when you keep smelling the smell of burning toast?
Infected belly button pierced?
How do you get rid of hiccups that wont go away.?
My boyfriend has a serve kidney infection and may be fatal. should i tell the doctors the truth?
How do i know if im constipated?
I think i have a std and don't have health insurance help?
There is numbness in my hand, and fingers tingle,feel like pins. What is this?
Is marijuana the answer to anorexia?
What decongestant works best?
Can you identify my allergic reaction , and even help me treat or cure it?
Why does your nose run when it's cold outside, even when you're not sick?
My laptop is overheating in the bottom, why could this be ?
Anyone out there allergic to any nuts? Serious Answers Please!?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a runny nose?
What is the best allergy medicine?
I am allergic to penicillin. Is there a natural cure for gonorrhea?
Have you ever developed a food allergy after eating it many times?
How do I knock someones theeth out?
If you have a bad tooth in your mouth with a hole in it,can that give you bad breath?
Wisdom teeth?
Can big teeth be made smaller?
How can you overcome nerves with dentist?
Braces color?
How do I sell my dead fathers gold partials?
Sore spot in mouth?
Wisdom teeth?
How do you know if you have diabites ?
Sugar level of 1000..??
Do diabetic people have big butts?
Ive just been diagnosed with diabetes...?
HOW TO decrease acidity?
What is the simplist explanation of the different kinds of diabetes?
How harmful would it be to not eat for 16 hours from 4 pm to about 8 the next day?
How can my blood sugar be so high>?
My son is 15 and his blood sugar is out of control any suggestions?
Is diarrhea a symptom of diabetes?
Do you believe there is a cure for cancer that our governments are hiding for financial reasons?
I just found out I have "a 1 Centimeter spot" on my lung during a CT. How worried should I be?
Cervical cancer jab im scared!!!?
If you drive you hav more chance of dying from cancer than if you smoke cigarettes. Source,The Launcet?
Anyone used juicing to kill cancer?
My Idea for The Cure For Cancer, Tell Me what you think?
Should I be worried????? Re mamogram.?
I have smoke about 15-20 packs of cigerettes in the last 3 years, how close am I to getting cancer?
How much money will I earn if I dicovered a cure for cancer?
Why does it bleed in my gums everyday?
Do You still Have your own teeth or false ones??
Braces. (just basic questions)?
Can cavities make your breath stink??
I have a tooth ache but no insurance or much money to go see a dentist. What do you suggest...I'm in pain!
What is this tooth pain???????????
I'm getting my braces off and I have a question?
Braces problem....help im scared!!?
Wisdom teeth question, can someone seriously help???
Do braces hurt ? and which ones hurt the most Rubber bands or wires?
What is the best cavity prevention toothpaste for children??
Can you goto the dentists with a cold?
What colour braces should i get?
Can you eat real food with braces?
Wisdom Teeth Removal?
My hubby was diagnosed with Periodontal Disease today and needs alot of work done on his teeth.My question is?
Will I have to pay for my child to have orthodontic treatment under the NHS?
Is it possible to...?
What are teeth made of?
Any home remedies for ulcers?
Just got news that I am a diabetic what now?
Is this a sign for diabetes?
Can diabetics eat salt at all?
How do explain what low blood sugar feels like....for diabetics ONLY?
Blood Sugar Question?
Do YOU think diabetics should have children even with the risk of passing the disease on to their child?
Insulin - In & Out of the Fridge - Why?
My brother is diabetic,i seek your suggestions.?
Will I ever get used to being diabetic?
My 3 year old has diabetes.?
Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer: Anyone who has dealt with this disease offer suggestions that are not chemo?
Cancer, my mum has bone cancer and her consultant told us that 8 weeks would be our time,?
Is it true that barbecued food increases the risk of cancer?
How do you get rid of cancer?
Why Are you so Harsh?
I have a small lump on my lower left breast-how can I tell if this is cancerous? What are the characteristics?
Can living by power lines give you cancer?
I cant get cancer right?
Nose Bleeds, what could be the cause?
Why is cancer taboo to some people?
Does it hurt when your braces get taken off?
Why do some people oppose fluoride in water?
My tooth feels strange?
Who brushes there teeth in the shower????
Do braces hurt when they are put in?
Why do people brush their teeth in the morning?
Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
Info about Braces?
Concerns about my braces!!?
Help...After brushing my teeth after an hour, my breath goes bad again?
What do you do if you're fat and you're no good at sports???????????
Ideas for a healthy breakfast? What do YOU eat in the AM?
Am I overweight?
I just drank a glass of water with 3 tablespoons of salt?
Since McDonalds has made me obese, can I sue them?
Is this right?
What age do you become more of an adult than a kid?
Why is it that when I lose weight I still look the same?I ve gone from 137lbs to 115 lbs and I look the same.?
Is your head fater then your arms?
How can I lose weight real quick?? My dress for a wedding doesn't fit for next weekend...eeeekkkk. HELP!!!
How much does removing wisdom teeth hurt on a scale of 1-10?
Best way to hide onion breath?
CAI i be organ donor if i have type 2 diabectis?
Removing braces? teeth breaking?
I heard that if you have diabetes you cannot eat grapes. Is that true and why?
My husband has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I need to find out what he can eat.?
My girfreind is swollen shut what should i do?
Pot smoking after tooth extraction?
Why shouldnt insulin be consumed orally??
What causes a nosebleed?
Can an orthodontist find out if your bulimic?
Can a over weight person have diabetes?
Diabetes cure?
Help my mum is so very sick?
After a deep cleaning at the dentist is it safe to take my birth control pill ?
Can you be allergic to only one brand of red wine? I can drink all types, but one bottle caused asthma!?
What if my blood sugar is between 250 and 350?
Alcohol and diabetes. whats safe?
Ring worm? how do you get it, what does it do?
POLL for women TTC...?
My daughter was diagonosed with asthma, looking for parents in the same boat for more information?
Gettin Braces Soon...?
I have low blood sugar, what are the best foods for me to eat and what are the ones I should avoid?
Do the doctor check for HIV when you are pregnant?
Allergic to apples ...?
Are there any hypo-allergenic Christmas Trees? What is the best Christmas Tree for people with allergies?
I had a blood sugar test and the results after a 10 hr. fast was 108. Is this a high number?
Please could someone tell me if theres a cure to Type 2 diabete's?
I smoke and i've been spitting up brown stuff what is it?
Its driving me nuts!!!?
Whats the highest blood sugar you ever had?
Do cats have any effect on ashtmatic people?
I have a really bad cold. Best way to clear your sinuses?
Need help with this situation....details inside.?
Home remedies for a swollen, scratched up throat?
Help me please!!!!!!!?
Did John Wayne die with over 40 pounds of compacted fecal matter in his colon?
Mother is affected by cancer
I found a lump in my breasts... what do you think?
How many people (maybe including yourself) do you know that have/had cancer?
Is smoking 4 cigs in a row everyday addictive?
Would you want to know if you had a limited time to live? or not?
Why do insurance co. not cover mammograms unless your 40!?
How much am I at risk for skin cancer?
Cancer runs in my family alot!!, i'm having syptoms of cancer.... i'm 13. but my mom doesn't think anything is
Mom is in the hospital --she had half of her colon removed this morning because of cancer.Who can I talk to?
Any home remedies for wisdom teeth pain?
Removed tooth?
Swollen gums?
Braces please answer?
How do I convice my mom I didn't lie when I didn't?
Is it too late to start caring for my teeth?
My braces are clear but i have pink&blue; ties will u be able to see them n skool pictures???
My front cap has fell out can anyone tell me a quick fix apart from the dentists?
Mouth Ulcer... How can I make it go away?
What can a person do who has severe bone pain?
A question about cancer.....!!!!?
Whats better to smoke cigarettes or kreteks?
Cancer - a dreaded word. Is it a blessing or a curse?- no jokes please?
Seriouslly, whats the easiest way to quit smoking?
Can anyone help with constipatioon advice?
What- put simply- is cancer?
What do you do when you know the worst is coming?
Because one smokes does that gurantee cancer?
Why would a man shave his head and tell everyone he has cancer and the baldness is due to chemo???
What is a good way to get my 8 year old son to stop grinding his teeth?
How many non-diabetics know and understand the difference between Type I and Type II diabetes?
Why does my urine smell bad...I drink lots of h2o...My urine just started to smell bad,it never did before....
Do these beverages stain your teeth??? Read Details...?
What are some of the signs that i have diabetes?
When will I get diabetes?
Braces lots of questions !! plz answer and fast !?
Is it OK for a diabetic to drink alcohol ?
Does eating too much sugar cause you to get diabetes?
Am i scared of braces ?
Will type 1 diabetics wake up in the middle of the night if there sugar gets too low?
What is the lowest blood sugar you have ever had?
Why my 8 yrs old son bites his teeth's in sleep?
I'm 66 years old and my feet are swollen. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. What can I do for relieve.
Diabetes and the like?
Wat is the age of falling milk teeth of children?
Do i need a new toothbrush after sickness bug?
Baby teeth still here?
I keep getting mouth ulcers! what can I do?!?
Do braces hurt as much as a shot?
Help! Popcorn husk stuck between gums and tooth!!?
Do you know a remedy to STOP dental pain?
How can you remove white patches on your teeth?
I have always got a yellow tongue, how can I get rid of this?
UK health question ... what can i do if i have tooth abscess ? I Dont have Dentist in the uk?
Im really worried about my tooth?
I just had my spacers put in today and they hurt really bad. When will they stop hurting?
Does smoking weed REALLY effect your lungs?
21 and always tired??
In old books people die of consumption - what is it?
Are sunbeds good for eczema?
What do you do for an ingrown hair?
Would you please help me how can I remove acne from my face??
What is death and why does it happen ?
Dandruff help?
Is this bad??
I'm recovering from a slight case of anorexia..i need help?
This bee sting still hurts like hell after 5 hours.
PLEASE HELP... husbands skin allergys?
Allergic to carrots?
Did I eat too many peppers? Help!!!?
Am i too fat?
I have developed an allergy to the aluminum in deodorant, looking for an alternative?
Why does this happen after eating ice cream??
What do i need to do to lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks?and how?
How do I get rid of allergies???
My husband has animal allergies.?
If you chew and spit out your food don't you still get all the calories?
Read this and tell me?
What's worse...a fit guy working out in spandex or a fat woman?
Wat shud i eat to losse my weight ??
Trying to lose weight - but stuck in a rut?
Yes or No?
Sensitive tongue? any ideas?
My 7 yr old son fell and knocked his front (ADULT) tooth out, can it be reinstalled again? it's in milk now
My son is getting his wisdom teef out tomorro and is getting put to sleep. he drank ten beers last night. BAD?
Teeth whitening with braces?
Tooth decay due to bulimia?
Is there anything you can do to prevent morning breath?
My wisdom tooth is growing in and hurts. The Dentist said they are fine, but hurt when they grow in.This True?
What's the best way?
Second day of having wisdom teeth out, help please?
Bad breath advice!!?
When your wisdom teeth grow in do you have to get them taken out?
Can you have a tooth pulled that is not completely done growing?
I had a tooth pulled about 2 wks. ago..my jaw has been sore every since..it doesn't look swollen...any guesses
Pulling out my wisdom teeth?
Fillings falling out??? HELP!!!!?
Is pulling of wisdom teeth medical or dental insurance?
After oral surgary , teeth extrations , can you rinse after 48 hrs with an oral antiseptic?
I have tooth pain and do not have insurance. Any suggestion?
How to stop bleeding from tooth?
Do injections hurt?
What is cancer ? How to avoid this ?
Why do people smoke knowing they might die of cancer?
Which is better when u have a gall stone , laparoscopic or open cholec?
My BEST frnd has cancr. im da only 1 tht knwz n promisd not 2 tell ny1 bt shz gettn worse. im scared.. advice?
+++ Quiting Smoking +++?
I am a 47 year old woman who has total hair loss. Any suggestions?
Do I Got Breast Cancer?
Could someone please tell me what types of vegetables or any other food could help slow the growth of cancer?
What will you do if u find out that u have only 3months to live..?
Do you think researchers will find a cure for cancer in your lifetime? Yes or No?
Do you know anyone who has childhood diabetes?
I am 49 just found out my blood sugar is over 220 is that to high?
What are the FIRST signs of gangrene in your feet ?
My wife is a diabetic, her feet and legs are swealing?
My diabeetus testin' supplies?
Fasting for a blood test, can i have a banana shake?
I am a diabetes but I kept it under control. Right now, I don't take any medicine. Is it good for me?
I am on 32 tablets a day.?
Is it true that eating a lot of sweets causes diabetes?
A blood test revealed possible Diabetes... could it be the candy?
If someone has tooth decay, yet brushes & flosses twice daily, what could be the cause?
Do braces hurt?
Did that just happen????
How can I whiten my teeth?
Do Crest Whitestrips work as well as they advertise?
How do u whiten your teeth with baking soda?
How many times do you brush your own teeth daily?
Getting braces for the first time?
PLEASE HELP! My tooth hurts so bad!?
Have you ever had impacted wisdom teeth pulled out?
What are some good ways to keep my teeth clean and breath smelling nice while at work?
What is the little bell inside your mouth called?
Can my teeth recover?
What colors??? Please Help!!!?
Im about to start highschool in a week and i just got braces!!!
Wisdom tooth ache?
My mouth.. bad breath... help please?
Can you opt to have a tooth removed in lieu of a root canal?
What is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?
How can I get my teeth whiter?
What are symptoms of breast cancer?
How to talk with a friend that just found out she has cancer?
Im 5'5'' and want to get taller.?
Help me I am so worried! Could I have cancer?
Do I have cancer?, bleeding like a stuck pig?
My family has just found out that that my brother has cancer:(?
Would any recommend Medical Marijuana for cancer treatment?
Help! my mom might get cancer!?
Colon cancer?
How to heal a sore throat?
Why does it burn when i pee?
Ladies... what if a virus ?
Why feeling itching?
Do You Smoke????