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How to get rid of dust??
Can you have a fever with allergies?
Do dust mites bite people?
Allergic reaction to antibiotic?? please help?
How would i melt cough drops?
What If???
What over the counter medicine(s) can you recommend for dust allergies?
Is it a cold or allergies?
Does chewing trident orbit or dentyne after eating really help clean your teeth???
Thin, black lines have recently appeared down the middle of my 6 yr old sons two front teeth.?
Do you think people with crooked or missing teeth look poor or uneducated?
Is it normal for the face to swell up after a tooth extraction?
I bit my toungue the other day and i was wondering how to fix it without buyin some special medicine?
Getting Teeth Pulled For Braces! Read?
Why is my gum swollen and hurting?
Can you cut the stringy thing under ur tongue to make it go out farther?
Do braces hurt ?
Do you have braces?
Can your blood sugar level go from 78 to 287 in one hour without eating ?
Could I have diabetes?
What are symptoms of diabetes?
What is good for diabetes?
What's the name for a doctor who specializes in diabetes?
I am 31 yr old & my wt is 63kg so what can i do 4 wt loss?
Why are syringes sterilised before giving lethal injections?
If your partner is diabetic, is it wrong to ask them to lose some weight around the stomach area?
What can a diabetic person eat/do to lower blood sugar in a hurry?
How much will it take to get diabetes?
Will There Ever Be a Cure For Cancer?
Can a girl of 19 get breast cancer?
My 57 yr old mother is dying of cancer?
My wife has cancer and due to pain meds. has been constipated for 7 days I have tried everything i know of?
If someone is having chemotherapy, does all body hair fall out?
Should I be worried?
Donating hair?
What are the top 10 Causes of Death?
Which of the following is currently the #1 cause of death?
What colors should i get on my braces??
PLease help: Very bad tooth pain from braces?
Why do I have a dry mouth when I awake during the night?
What do you do if your retainer tastes bad?
Going to the dentist!?
If you brush your teeth before sleeping what is the need to brush again in the morning when its all clean?
Do you have to get PUT OUT for multiple dental extractions?
I think i have bad breath, my dad always tells me i do what do i do?
What is best toothpaste to use?
Is it safe to use PEROXCIDE as mouthwash?
What is your first thought when you see a bodybuilder?
How can I lose 50 pounds in 3 months?
How do I loose 100 pounds asap with out spending a lot of money?
How much water is classified as "a lot"?
Is it bad that I eat so much peanut butter?
What kind of music do you listen to when you work out/ jog? What would you recommend?
Is it bad for you to burn 1000 cals per day?
Weight Issue... Can Anyone Offer Me Suggestions???
We just found out my aunt has colon cancer?
Can an X-ray taken without the protective lead sheath immmediately mean you will contract cancer?
Liver Cancer. How long does she have left ?
I am in need of financial help as i 'm suffering cancer.Suggest me to how to raise the fund for the treatment.
What do you think the meaning of life is ?
My mum had breast cancer does this mean there is a good chance i could it?
What percentage of smokers get lung cancer?
Will you do this for me?
Can someone with diabetes drink diet coke (diet sodas)?
If you have diabetes can you drink alcohol?
My uncle had his leg removed due to diabetes a little over a week ago...he now cannot even feed himself?
Without any tests done, how can I know that I have Diabetes or not?
What foods can i and can i not eat?
Does a root canal hurt during or after?
I need some help for anyone who well listen to me Read below?
My 6 year old daughter had her blood sugar checked recently and it was 196. Isn't that pretty high?
I'm worried about Diabetes?
What should I eat for breakfast?
The nurse from the docs offcie called and said i was pre-diabetes what dose that mean?
I'm terrified of Dentists.?
Please, im so scared.......? One dentist after the other with in 30 to 45 minutes. Can I be put to sleep??
My mother is diabetic and takes insulin shots but she has been sick and throwing up all day so she has?
What happens if you don't get a cavity filled?
Gum Abcess?
I've got yellow teeth! How do I get white teeth?
When will the novocaine wear off from having my wisdom teeth pulled?
What mouthwash works the best and why? Like is it in the ingredients or what...?
Help! got a tooth out and cant get rid of numbness! :(?
Is anybody else absolutly petrified about going to the dentist any tips on how to calm down?
If smoking kills so many people each year. why isn't it made illegal?
I have been having a white creamy discharge for about a month now. It started out itching but stopped after i?
Do u poo in public toilets?
Urine question?
How do you get pinkeye?
Which acne medication works better on acne: Clean and Clear; Clearasil; Proactiv; Neutrogena; or Murad?
Does getting your wisdom teeth drilled out of your head hurt?
Is it normal for your face to still swell up 3 days after having your wisdom teeth out?
I have a very deep cavity and it's hurting like crazy....?
Rinsing with warm salt water?
Is it ok to have sweet tea after you get your wisdom teeth cut out?
Which type of soda is worse for your teeth: dark or light?
I just got my braces off 3 days ago, but already i feel my front ones start moving :(?
Do really small fillings hurt??
What gets rid of bad breath??
I am 14 and I still have baby teeth left. Is there anything wrong ?
How to heal a sunburn quickly?
I am allergic to a lot of foods, and i was wondering if...?
Help asap please!!!!Gluten free and casein free?
How do I get rid of allergies?
What is a quick way i can get rid of my cough?
I have a cold and my ears have been shut all week how do i unpop them?
Allergic reaction to antibiotics!what should I do??
I'm 22 years of age, and I keep getting random nose bleeds, does anybody know why?
My bf is lactose intolerante... what are other ways for him to get calcium?...?
Not feeling well ... sugar is over 400?
What's the earliest age you can get diabetes?
What are diabetes?
Can someone tell me the symptoms I should look for with diabetes?
I lost thirty lbs in 3 weeks on Atkins. Should I eat a pizza to celebrate?
Once you have diabetes, can you get rid of it?
What sort of drinks can diabetics drink and what can they eat for breakfast?
What is the name given to some body with seizure disease?
Does anyone know what a norma glucose level is?
Crest Whitening Strip, quick question!?
Do you get put to sleep while you're getting your braces put on?
I've just had my braces yesterday and...?
Braces ???
I was just told that my dad may have leukemia.?
Can noodles really cause cancer?
I need to know about vitamins for fighting liver cancer as my oncologist will not give me chemo, p?
Can you believe this?
Does anyone know a natural way to fight cancer?
What would you do if you discovered a cure for cancer?
How to deal with Toothache Pain?
I have a mole I want removed but ,,,,,she wants to send if off?
How long can one live without food or water?
My mum died recently of cancer and i feel as though i am lost and alone.?
What is your advice? An elderly woman(87) has breast cancer in early stages and is slow growing. Her choices
Has anybody else got skin cancer i'm scared?
Interesting question here?
I feel like theres a lump in my throught all the time could this be serious?
Do braces hurt?
How long did you have to wear braces?
Is there any truth to british people having not so perfect teeth?
How common is it to be missing a wisdom tooth?
How long should you brush your teeth for?
Stinky hole in my cheek where my wisdom tooth was... is this normal?
How many cavities have you had?
Yellow teeth?
This may be a piontless question but im getting 4 cavities filled & im very nervous.anyone know tips to relax?
Are retainers painful?
Is 205 blood sugar level bad. My toes tingle, leg ache?
^_^ Who in your family has diabetes? *_*?
What are signs of having diabetes?
Sugar level 513. any medicine?
Am I diabetic? - Advice please?
Are you type 1 diabetic?
Can you die from Diabetes?
I am suffering from Diabetics since 10 years.My both the legs upto knee lost senses.Feet are like wooden logs.
Quick Survey: Should Type I and Type II Diabetes be classified as 2 separate diseases?
Blood sugar levels: Do you have a harder time...?
Smokers are great !?
Should a person with cancer be sunbathing or getting in a tanning bed?
How can i get cancer ASAP?
Should weed be legal?
Can i get CANCER?
How long does it take to get a mamagram?
Can this be CANCER???
Does anyone want to donate money for a guy with cancer?
Does cancer hurt?
Will secondhand smoking harm me?
What are the work base actvities of a Dental Nurse?
What is a good age to take your child to the dentist?
A question about teeth?
Hiya ive had my brace fitted on monday its weird when i eat just feels like a clump of metal is in my mouth?
DIY dentistry?
Is it odd that I'm 27 and still have one baby tooth?
Is $195.00 too much for a tooth extraction w/o insurance?
Braces off (*PLEASE ANSWER! :)*)?
Is there anyway to get rid of a cavity without going to the dentist and having him drill it.?
What goes first: toothpaste, then dental floss and finally mouthwash or viceversa?
Smoking rollies instead of normal cigarettes?
What's wrong with me??
What is a good way to get a flat stomach ! ?
How can i loose about at leasst 5 to 10 lbs in 2 weeks?
Just need your opinion please ;)?
I want to lose about 20 pounds and dont want to tell my parents, what should i do?
What!! I am 135 pounds at 10. WHAT SHOULD I DO !!!!!!!!?
How many grams in a kg please?
Eating liver good or bad for you?
Yellow Urine, no sugar but some pain, please Help!?
A rash that always itches, but only appears when I shower...?
I am really sorry but what are stretch marks?
Can anyones appendix burst?
ANAL FISHER, Does anyone know what this is?
Can anyone recommend a cream to keep tight foreskin supple and to stop it cracking open when stretched?
How can i get rid of plaque?
Help breath!?
How do I stop grinding my teeth at night?
Can you smoke cigarettes if you have braces?
How good is to mouthwash with listerine every night?
I got my teeth pulled out for braces?
Had a tooth out and its still sore.. is this normal?
Braces this thursday?
Whats best for grinding teeth??
Why is my hamster loosing hair? and missing a tooth??
I keep getting sick. Im not sure if its a cold or just allergies.?
Feet numbness - Only when I've had them up or after getting out of bed.?
Is there such a thing as a lactose-intolerant cow?
How do you know when you blood sugar is too high?
Why are soy products bad for you?
Help my two year old is covered in red bumps???
What can my dad eat? he has diabetes!?
Can food allergies be passed down from family member to family member?
My childs eyes are red and crusted shut when she wakes up, what is this?
My cousinnn :[[[[?
What can you do about being severely congested?
What is a good over the counter medicine for allergies?
What are some of the symptoms that would indcate you wee a diabetic?
What is the cure for jellyfish stings?
Blood sugar 193 HELP?
I have a lactose intolorant child and hes a picky eater!?
What makes your eyelid quiver ????
Diabetics is hereditary disease?
Bloody noses?
Leukemia...help please!!!!?
Can smoking Cannabis {pot} cause lung cancer?
I need advice, any kind of advice!!!?
Can i catch it?
Where can I donate my hair in the US?
Should my husband shave his head for his mother with cancer?
A stomach camera investigation proved negative. 6 months later my mum was dead!?
My boxer woke with a lump the size of a soft ball?
Where do I go from here?
Why would our own government Ban the cure for cancer?
Is it best to brush your teeth at night or in the morning?
Can I still go swimming with braces?
What is the worst color to get for your braces?
Which hurts more: Braces or Spacers?
My gums are bleeding . I am not doing anything new and I am not smoking anymore than usually but theres a hole
I get braces tomorrow?
White spot inside mouth?
I have some random yellow spot on one of my gums. What does this mean?
Braces help?
Can tooth whitening toothpaste cause sensitivity in teeth?
How is diabetes diagnosed???
600 My count has gone over 600 but i am not eating anything with high sugar count i am drinking water `?
How could i lower my sugar level whitout useing pills?
How do you handle a restricted diet for life?
My blood sugar was 36, and another time it was 300and something. Am I a diabetic?
Thirsty all the time, why is this? am i diabetic?
Should i go and get the flu jab seing as im type 1 diabetic?i had it when i was young do i need it again?
Will drinking lucozade give me diabetes?
What are the best food for diabetic people? List as many as you can.?
My dad just found out he has diabetes on his 40 birthday how can i help him?
I Had My Tooth Out 2days Ago, And Its Still Very Very Painful, Is This Normal?
So i was at the dentist and her breast was against my face...?
How many teeth do you have when you're a teen? *stupid question* i know but deal with it and answer it. :)
Any solution to bad breathe?
How often did people have their braces adjusted?
What causes sores on your tongue?
I am a complete, total dental coward...?
I am 30. And I have a back tooth that is starting to grow out. A new tooth?
What is the longest you have gone without brushing your teeth?
What are the first signs of lung cancer?
How serious is colon cancer and can it be treated if its at an early stage?
What is the worst cancer in the usa?
What has caused the sudden human diseases and cancers??
How do we tell our childern (4yrs,2yrs,and 11mo) that daddy is very sick?
Does my girlfriend have cancer?
Is marijuna really that bad for you?
The Drs. give my aunt 48 hours to live...?
We need a miracle, please read, can anybody help us??
Tooth Removal?
When you go to get your Wisdom teeth pulled.....?
How do i stop grinding my teeth in my sleep? just that ive wakened up with a really sore jaw?
What causes bad breath and how to overcome it?
What colors should i get on my braces?
Does coffee stain teeth if you limit it to one cup per day? I am sixteen. Is that too young to drink coffee?
I get really bad breath i smoke and realise this dose not help how can i make my breath fresher while still be
Could my toothache be caused by wisdom teeth at 27yo?
Can i get a tooth / teeth implants on the NHS ?
How do you open your beerbottle?
What are the chances of diabetes being passed down to a child?
Does masturebation damage our health?
I am diabetic and i am advised not to take sugar some people said sweetener is better?
What are diabetes symptoms? need to know please?
I have not eaten for 15 days and I don't want to gain it back what do I do?
Is it possible that I have diabetes?
Can drinking too much soda cause diabetes?? i really don't drink water at all i'm really bad?
I just found out my blood sugar was over 700. How serious is or can this be?
Is it possible for a 13-year-old to get Diabetes?
Do you pee a lot if your blood sugar is low or your blood pressure is low?
Have i got asthma?
Sick from kissing?
My Moms skin has been a little on the yellow side, as well as her eyes, and her feet are swollen...?
If u have anemia and take iron tablets does it make a huge difference in how u feel??
I went to the doctors , i have Acute Bronchitis, Why antibiotics for that , and not the common cold?
Is burnt food bad for your health?
Is is true that eating alot of food at night will make u fat?
What is more...?
What is the difference between 1 set of 50 sit-ups and 5 sets of 10 sit-ups?
Does anybody know what food is best for vitamin "d"?
Is this a good weight for a 14 yr. old girl??
I stopped eating 2 weeks ago, isn't that a GOOD thing?
Is coffee fattening?
Is it OK to be 11yrs old and 109.5 ibs?
Cancer caused by coke?
My friend with colon cancer spread to the liver has liver failure, he is swelling in his abdoman and legs/he w
Any advice prayers for us?
Can I get paid by the State for taking care of my mother who has Cancer?
My mom has cancer, should I shave my head? PLZ HELP?
I am 12 years old. The hair on my scrotum is only growing on one side. Do I have Prostate cancer?
Poll Question: Do you think some cancer jokes are humorous?
I am 30 years old and I found a lump in my left breast?
Would you listen to a doctor that wanted to do a liver transplant on a 93 year old?
Does anyone have an answer? ( I am being serious )?
Sensitive Teeth ... Help!?
Should i be worried??
How do i stop this pain in my mouth??
I have have a dentist app. and i need to know does getting a deep cavity filling hurt.?
What is the name of the procedure where dentists knock you out completely?
How To Make Teeth Whiter With Braces?
My dentist said I need a root canal and it will be $2,600! Any idea how to get this on the cheap?
Root Canal on a tooth with no pain?
Getting my cavity filled?
I have got allergy inside my thighs and its itching.what can i do?
OMG!! Im coming up in hive type things an im itchy as hell!!?
My daughter is allergic to penacillan?
During colder months when I have the heating on . . . ?
Could my daughter have pink eye?
I am SEVERELY allergic to dogs. Is there a solution?
Does washing clothes in washer on "HOT" setting kill dust mites effectively?
Clogged ear?
How can I get rid of a cough?
How do you know if you have a milk allergy?
I still live the same life style .should i change ?
My breath stinks badly even after i brush or have mints or a gum i even tried mouth wash ?
Is the food industry responsible for obesity problems in America?
On my teeth I have small hair line cracks running upwards, should I be worried, and what can I do?
Can I give someone second hand diabetes if I smoke my candy cigarettes around them?
Do I have to do the root canel?
Does a 3 year old child really need to have a baby tooth filled if it is not bothering her?
What kind of breakfast is best to stop me having blood sugar problems mid morning?
My husband has a broken tooth and all of sudden he is in terrible pain...?
What the crap is "sugar diabetes"?
Should I be concerened about High Blood Sugar?
What is an easy way to sanitize toothbrushes without purchasing a fancy machine?
Is diabetes type 1 caused by eating too much sugar?
If there was a website dedicated to diabetes, WHAT would you like to see IN it?
I have a 5 month old daughter who is teething what can I do to sooth her?
Is a blood sugar count of 119 mg/dL normal?
Is 96 sugar level good for a diabetic?
I have a daughter who has bad breath, went to see dentail. It said her teeth is very health....tummy?
Can a man transfer diabetes from himself to his pregnant partner?
Britney spears got cancer? why she shaved hair?
Do u kno someone that has cancer?
Can cancer be transferred by family generations?
HELP! im 13 and im so scared!?
How long do people have to live once told they have non curable bowel cancer?
Does anyone have a Freckle inside their Eye?
Removing of a mole???
Should I visit him?
How can a person avoid losig her hair is she is having chemotherapy?
Lump on Neck?
How painful is Wisdom tooth extraction?
What foods do u eat when you have braces?
How do u know if a dentist is lying that u need braces?
Is penicillin pk ok to take for toothache and absesses?
Gums and cavities!?
Help with bad breath?!?
My mouth odor is bad?
What's better to brush your teeth with, warm or cold water?
Should I get my teeth fixed?
If your diabetic?
What is an ideal blood sugar reading?
I have type 2 diabetes should i drink beer?
Is there a way to get rid of diabetes completely?
I'm a diabetic and I'm have a hard time keeping my energy up without raising my blood sugar what can i eat
Rubber band braces!! :'(?
What are the signs of diabetes?
I take insulin. I know there are several sites on the body that you can inject yourself.?
Anyone ever had thier child's tooth capped before age 3??
Is coffee a big no-no for people with diabetes?
Do these symptons sound like diabetes?
I'm 20 and I do not have my wisdom teeth yet. Is it possible to never get them?
Can people who are insulin dependent diabetics claim any sort of benefits?
DO I HAVE DIABETES pleasehelp?
Two cavities ... wtf do i do ...?
What precautions should a diabetes patient take?
Can you drive after you get your wisdom teeth taken out?
How to get rid of bad breath?
Sharp toothache cure ?
Despite the risks of cancer,if I take up drinking and smoking will people perceive me as ......?
How harmful can secondhand smoke from marijuana be to pets?
My mother has skin cancer?
Is leukemia a type of cancer?
If lump on your breast is rectangular in shape, feels mushy, and does not hurt is it cancerous or what is it?
Do you know someone with cancer or someone who has passed away from it?
Do you think about cancer a lot?
Will we ever succesfull to find a cure for cancer..??
What can you do when you found out have a cancer?
ANOREXIA !? <---- Bad OR Good?
Did you guys know that they found the cure for aids?
Can you tell me what this is?
How to remove sretch marks?
What is the cure for toe nail fungal infection?
As an adult, at what temperature should one be concerned about enough to go to the hospital?
Do people judge you if you go get STD testing?
If you hear yourself wheezing on inhalations, what does that mean?
OMG i swallowed my toothpaste! Am i going to die?
How long do i wait to eat or drink after rough tooth pulling?? im hungry. but theres a hole in my head.?
Should I close my gap? Is it distracting?
Do you have to have some sadomasochistic tendencies to want to become a dentist?
Nail biting?!?
Gap b/w my daughters front teeth , she is 10 wht should i do ????
I have to get braces but I'm scared please HELP?
Bushing my teeth once a week is that OK?
How can you keep your teeth sparkling clean?
What do you do after a toth extraction?
Tell Me a really good method of loosing weight without stepping out of the house?
I been skinny all of my life why do people ask me stupid questions like do you eat!?
What could be wrong? My daughter woke up with puffy/swollen eyelids and body aches. No fever though.?
Whats wrong with me?
At what age do I start to lose my beauty?
Do i have diabetes?
What is the best treatment for food allergy?
Can Hay Fever be passed onto another person? Or in other words can you catch Hay Fever off somebody else?
Im 217 5'7 how much weight to lose?
Is smoking bad when you are diabetic?
Sorry guys new at this my son has Type 1 diabetes?
I have really bad allergies to the point that I can no longer breathe through my nose. Is there anything to do
Gym or pub?
Thirsty and tired?
My dads diabetic. are there any foods that he can have without worrying his glucose level will go up?
What do people wash up with if they are allergic to water?
How can i loose under-arm fat?
How old am I ?
I am a diabetic and love chocolate candy what can I do?
Why do you become allergic to things that you weren't allergic to before?
My child keeps sneezing in the morning and night?
I really need some help?
I have been diagnosed with diabetis type2,my feet have been so sore and my toes,exp.my big right toe.?
Could these to have something in common?
Is there a way to get the yellow out of the whites of your eyes without using regular eye drops?
1. How to prevent diabetes?
How to control blood sugar?
Is lactose intolerance reversible?
Dizziness, Headaches, Feeling "Drunk" or "Drugged" and Sudden Tiredness/Sleepiness. What is going on?
If I have diabetes, will I be miserable till I die having to inject insulin every day or am I going to okay?
Ok to use whitening products on 9 year old?
What food can i eat for my bleeding gums?
Hi, Looking for a Dentists. What is the antibiotic to used for gum pain and infection due to a wisdom tooth?
What Are The Symptoms of A Tooth infection?
Braces,, Do they hurt??
I HAVE A WOBBOLY TOOTH!!!! because thers a tooth on top of it pushing it. it really hurts.Wot stuff can i use?
What is the best food to eat right after you get braces?
Are there any home solutions on teeth whitening?
Braces help im really nervous!!!
I'm scared of getting braces!!!?
I heard,using deoderants in the under arms causes cancer(or breast cancer). is that true?
Can a woman have prostate cancer?
How can a guy die from ovarian cancer if men don't have ovaries?
What is cervical cancer ?
Bump near my armpit..worry?
Can i check myself for cervical cancer. if so how can I?
How can I comfort someone (my mother) who is going to be going through chemo treatment.?
Do I have cancer!?!?!?
Does smoking only weed cause cancer?
What are some healthy habits to consider in reducing any forms of Cancer?
Had wisdom teeth out and there is now a pointy piece of bone on the side of my gum...???
Frequently bleeding take place from the gums of teeth, but no pain or irritation. what could be reason ?
How to get my teeth whitened without spending lots of money?
Im not drinking tap water at the moment , just bottled.Do you think its important to drink tap water as it...?
OK! Now I'm really SCARED! I'm getting 2 teeth pulled TOMORROW!! HELP!?
Why do my teeth hurt so much with braces?
If i brush my teeth could they get straight?
How does someone get ONE tooth turned brown? I have a 5 yr old cousin, and he has ONE gray tooth, why is that?
Full time student age 19 - entitled to free dentist treatment or not ?
Is it possible to have never gotten a cavity before?
How obesity leads to diabetes?
Diabetics: do needles hurt when you give yourself insulin?
I'm 6 foot, 135 pounds, and 15 years old, with no family with diabetes, i consume alot of sugar, am i at risk?
Who has diabetes?
Does anyone have a list of foods for Type 2 Diabetes?
Eating neem tree leaf is good for health?
What r the affects of taking insulin that is out of date?
What is the cure for diabetes? I know there is a cure but I don't know what it is though?
Could this be diabetes ?
I have just been told I have cancer I smoked for 55 yrs is there a lawer who would take my case?
Should I lose any sleep on N. Korea?
How do you feel about Cancer?
Lung cancer?
If you had cancer would you take chemo?
If you have already had Breast Cancer can it come back?
HOW COME THERE ISN'T A CURE TO CANCER, asked my 12 year old son...?
Can someone die from prostate cancer?
Stomach cancer? (serious answers please)?
Ok my friend wats ask something?
Those vibrating toothbrushes, good or bad?
Help! I need advice really badly Help! Plz?
I'm scared.. dentist said I need a root canal.... help!?
My teeth hurt :-(?
I keep getting a lot of mouth ulcers?
I'm scared of the dentist?
Why do I have this pain?
What kind of gum do u like best?
I believe that the cure for obesity is a major economic depression, who agrees? ?
How can i make my skin less oily???!?!!?!?!?
Can one time deep kissing cause HIV if the partner is infected with HIV?
Armpit lumps?
Why is my BP always higher when it's checked by the doctor?
I have a engrown toenail on my big toe, how do i get rid of it?
When you are sleeping and get a low blood sugar, are you most likely to wake up or sleep through it?
My boyfriend kisses and sometimes bites my lips too hard can AIDS be transmitted?
Has soft drinks led to the rise diabetes?
Why is my father shaking and freezing? 10 pts for the best answer. ?
How long does it take for cannabis to leave the blood stream?
Why is my blood sugar high when i haven't eaten? and how do i bring it down?
I have a newly diagnosed diabetic child. What do I need to tell the school?
Should I get tested for diabetes?
Is diabetes I fatal? ?
Is it common for people to die because of type II diabetes?
How am I to blame?
What Brand of Toothpaste Do You Prefer?
How do you get rid of bad breath without mouthwash?
I hate my braces! Can someone please help.. I am worried about my mental and physical condition!?
Getting wisdom teeth pulled soon...?
Why am I obsessed with brushing my teeth? it seems I have to do it at least 6 times a day... I don't know why
Does It hurt when you get fillings on your teeth?
Will dipping my toothbrush in bicarbonate of soda make my teeth even whiter?
Is it possible to get a cavity inside your tooth under your gum?
Tounge Peircing??
Umm braces??
What if this cures cancer?
Does sleeping with a bra on cause breast cancer?
Can you die from Testicular cancer?
If you thought you had cancer
I have a red mole does that mean its cancer?
Do deordrant causes cancer!!!?
I want to get a friend a gift, she has cancer???
If someone vommits blood what does it indicate?
Do i have oral cancer?
Peanut allergies???
How do you no if you are lactose intolorent?
Is it true when you get older you stop getting cavities?
My son throws up everytime he eats, and coughs all the time, what does this mean?
If you are allergic to asprin or Ib profin can you still use it?
Electric toothbrush or not?
I have a question about my allergies, please help!?
Hayfever remedies that work?
Dental Question.?
Is it possible to develop a new allergy over night?
I am getting braces tomorrow....?
What happens when you leave the crest white strips on too long?
I want a kitten but my boyfriend is allergic. Is there anything he can take to stop the allergy?
Can mouthwash be used right after you have brushed your teeth?
Has anyone out there dealt with plugged ears caused by allergies??
How can I treat my hives?
Question about my oral routine?
Getting Braces?
I'm Really Nervous About Going To The Dentist Today!!?
Is diabetes reversible?
Am i too fat? or just fat...pics included.?
What is the name of the tablet for geting sleep, please give me powerfull tablet name?
I need to lose weight. 50 Pounds this summer :(?
Is it possible to loose 10lbs in 2 months?? maybe even 20lbs??
Is there a cure for type 2 diabetes?
I'm 13 yrs old and am 4"8 and 85 pounds. how can i diet healthily, if i want to lose weight?
My husband was told he has diabetes what are some good foods for him to eat? thanks?
Help. i need to lose some weight before school starts..?
Whats the highest for a 13 year old weight?
Can insulin have anything to do with this?
What do you think would be the best way to lose about 5-10lbs?
My dad won't buy or use whole grains. How can I convince him to?
Does insulin really need to be referigated?
Is walking for 30 mins a good cardio workout?
Is eating frosting unhealthy?
Do I, a 13 year old kid, have Diabetes?
If someones goal was to go from a size 18 to 8 in three months do you think it would be possibly?
Should i eat more or less for weight loss?
How can I tell if a lump is a tumor?
The search for a cancer cure?
Please tell me this !?
If someone just announced that they have cancer, what is an appropriate response?
I went to the doctors on Friday and found out I might have liver cancer?
Secondary bone cancer, how long do you have left after initial diagnosis?
Breast cancer family history question?
Root Canal Filling or Extraction?
What can I do to make my mouth swollen in an hour?
Should a dentist kiss his patients?
HELP! I just got braces...?
Would pink and orange braces look ok?
How would you clean your tooth brush?
Should I seek a second opinion about getting a root canal?
How can i stop my teeth from grinding at night without going to the dentist?
2 teeth badly broken and decayed 2 b removed on 1st one is wisdom.will it be trouble and hurt to do?
HELP me please until i get to dentist i have severe pain my lower and at times upper back teeth on left side.
Do they still make disclosure tablets for dental plaque?
What kind of pain killers to you get when u get your wisdom teeth pulled out?!?!?!?
How much do you give a 7 year old for his first tooth lost?
How can i be a better Dentist ?
Wisdom teeth?
Does everyone brush their teeth at night?
What is the best product to whiten teeth?
How to deal with a growing wisdom tooth?
Do Brayces hurt while they put the on???
Hello does anybody know if a toothe abcess can cause fever and infection within your body?fever mainly thanks?
I think my husband may have diabetes?
What number would make you a diabetic?
My husband has diabetes?
What made you first decide to get checked for diabetes?
Very Worried!!! okay, my mom is a really bad diabetic, and also has SEVERAL mental health probs...here's the
What exactly does high blood sugar do to the body in someone with diabetes?
I've had diabetes since i was 4?
Could I have Diabetes?
Can i drink the night before geting a blood test??
My husband is diabetic and has an infected sore on his foot! What can I do for him tonight!?
Lump on lower back,?
Do you think there exists a cure for Cancer?
I remember my dad's last days alive, dying of colon cancer. He had accepted it and waited for the end.?
Would you marry a cancer survivor?
Why we don't have a cure for cancer yet. Multiple choice?
Is colostomy dangerous?
Is it possible to have colon cancer at 19 years old?
If chemotherapy causes you to lose the hair on your head do you lose all other body hair too?
HOW WOULD YOU LOOK AT LIFE? - request serious replies please?
My breath smells ?
If I have a painful wisdom tooth who is it better to go and see?
Is it common for a doctor NOT to know whether a tumor is malignant or benign? Isnt there a sure way to know?
Whats the best way to get rid of mouth ulcers?
Can you be born with an std if your parents dont have any?
Ive got verrucas and i dont no how to get rid of them?
What causes severely rotten teeth in younger people?
Do blood tests hurt?
Can anybody explain to me HOW ALCOHOLISM CAN BE HEREDITARY?
How bad is it to get all four wisdom teeth pulled at once?
I suspect the Doctor made a Serious mistake that caused my Sons Death! Am I correct?
Why am I starving myself?
My sons space maintainer got lost at a childcare do they have any responsibility to help pay for a new one|?
What is the price of getting a tooth pulled without insurance?
Is my life in danger?
How do I get rid of excema.?
Herpes victims please answer
Can a hypertensive patient have a normal echocardiograph?
My doctor is convinced im diabetic?
My cholestrol level is way too high (329 mg!!). what can i eat to lower it?
I am sixteen, do I have diabetes?
I'm a bad diabetic i take experimental insulin, I cant stop the regular soft drinks what do I do?
What is the normal level glugose level in blood (fasting, pp) at the age of 35?
If a non diabetic injected large dose of insulin what would happen.?
Is a blood sugar level of 122 bad?
My blood sugar floats around250 to 300 constantly ,is this serious enough to seek immediate attention?
Does being 'borderline diabetic' prohibit beer drinking? Is there lot's of sugar in beer? What about whiskey?
I had a infected tooth ,the dentist took it out that day i had fever all day?
How to have pearly white teeth???
Why are my teeth like this!!?
HELP! Before my toothache ruins my weekend! :(?
I have alot of canker sores what should i do?
I just got braces, what can I eat?
I just got my braces on and they are really sore.I sam only eating liquid foods.how long will the pain last?
I do brush morning but my mouth is having bad breath?
When you get your wisdom teeth out...?
If you brush your teeth too much can they fall out?
What causes random sneezes?
Allergic to crab meat?
Food allergies get worse?
Why does the Pharmacy put a warning label called For The nose Only on prescribe Nose Spray?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Which should I do first Dust and then Vaccum or should I first Vaccum and then Dust? And Why?
Why does snot go hard and crust on the inside of your nose ?
Gluten intolerance - Help?
I'm scared I am having an allergic reaction to FĂ©ria Hair Dye
Can codeine make a child hyperactive?
I've smoked from age 19-23, but I've quit now, what are my chances of getting lung cancer?
Can you die of lung cancer that goes untreated?
My boyfriend is 21 and has had cancer for 6 years but doesnt kno wut kind & wont go to the doctor wut do i do?
Please help , it's a matter of life or death?
Liver Cancer?
Can incense sticks cause cancer?
If I am tanned, does that mean I have skin cancer?
Who, what, or why are people angry when they have cancer?
My mom has 3-6 months to live. What should I do to make the most of the time we have left?
Annoying breast cancer awareness?
Are you supposed to floss before or after you brush?
Whats up with Tongue scrapers?
Is it true that for chewing gum, once you swallow it, it takes 7 years to digest??
I want braces, but there isnt really anything wrong with my teeth?
Wisdom teeth extraction?
How big is your?
Can you feel your wisdom tooth coming out?
Dental Help!! my rearest molar has split in half!!?
How can I survive without food for 4 days continously?
Is it true that if you eat food slower you feel more full.?
Im 21 years old and Im trying to lose weight but nothing is really working, what can I do?
What excercises do you reccommend?
Am i too skinny? should i stop dieting/working out? or do i need to lose more weight?
How long does it take to lose 60 pounds on a treadmill?
How do I get abs like those on the movie 300?
What is the best thing to eat when your sick....besides soup cuz i dont have any :-/ ?
Should There Be a Fatty Food Tax?
How much weight should I gain?
What happens if you eat those little packets that come in shoes and say "do not eat"??
True that type II diabetes sufferes can get off medication thru exercise and nutrition but Type I can not?
People with diabetes, would a reading of over 600 be considered fatal?
Do you get diabeties from eating to much sugar?
My friends daughter and is Diabetic, she is 15 and her friends are drinking socially and she feels left out.?
My Blood Sugar is 113. Is that bad?
I have low energy level.How can i improove?
I heard that if u have diabetes u have a bad attitude until u get insulin?
I am 64 year old female with type 2 diabetes, i can't afford the medicine, is there another way or alternative
Who do dentists practice on before they are qualified?
Wisdom Teeth?
Does it hurt when you get braces??
Sore gum/infection?
Best toothpaste?
Besides brushing and mouthwash, what's the best thing to do to get rid of severe bad breath?
I think i have an acute tooth abscess but my dentist wont see me until next month im in pain what shoulld i do
Getting a root canal! Help?
Whenever I take a sip of somthing my right canine tooth really hurts. What is wrong and what should I do?
Will mouth ulcer causes bad breath?
What is a free way to stop smoking cigarettes?
Does my mole have cancer?
My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 myltiple myeloma a week ago. how much longer does he have to live?
What is a good natural deodorant (chemical free), now that we know regular deodorants cause cancer?
Can people survive small cell lung cancer?
Do lung cancer tumors hurt like bad soreness in the chest?
What is the least common multiple of 4 and 9?
My lungs feels heavy and they hurt a little bit, is it the start of lung cancer?
I have breast cancer but i cant afford the medicine?
I have bone marrow cancer?
Is my jaw supposed to hurt after getting a cavity filled?
"Spacers" for braces question?
Anyone heard of this?
What happens when you swallow gum?
How do I know if my tooth is abcessed?
Whats the best toothache remedy you have?
Brown tongue?
Help! Tomorrow, I'm going to need to go to the dentist to pull my tooth out!?
What causes mouth ulcers and what's the best way to cure and prevent repeat attacks?
My wisdom tooth is in pain, how can i control pain at home?
Hiccup cure not drink water or hold breathe?
Can you bleach your skin with bathroom bleach?
Any cures for toenail fungus?
In which country AIDS was first found?
Cures for the common cold!! Help, anyone? even those old wives tales!!?
If you wanted a man whom had herpes?
What is an albino person?
People with diabetes?
Why do people avoid insulin?
Diabetes? what are the first symptoms?
Does Soda Ultimately Lead To Diabetes?
My blood sugar is 190 right now, what can I do to lower it?
I have type 1 and type 2 diabetes and really need help.?
What can i do to prevent diabetes?
I've got the diabetes. just got it a few weeks ago and dont want it anymore . .?
Im diabetic and have just come round from a hypo 2 hours ago surrounded by paramedics + its getting me down...
If you don't get diabetes from eating too much salt, how DO you get diabetes?
Im 17 and have 4 wisdom teeth. do they really need to be pulled out eventho they dont bother me?
How do you stop your breath smelling bad permantantly?
How many teeth have you had pulled?
I'm freaking out. Don't laugh. :( I'm 14 and just lost a tooth, is it an adult one?
Typically, how many appoinments is it before you get your braces?
I got my braces help???10 points
Anyone had root canal treatment on their tooth?
How come my teeth are sensitive?
Do invisalign hurt?
I woke up in the middle of the night and realized i couldnt breath my throat was almost totally closed up?
Should i pick my nose?
Would throwing up blood everytime i eat anything with chocolate mean i have an allergy to chocolate?
My tongue is coated blackish. What does this idicate?
I think that i have mold in my house.?
What is the best over the counter medicine to take for seasonal allergies?
How can you stay in the sun and not get sunpoison on your lips?
Our dog came in one night and his nose was swollen thenl ater his whole face was swollen?
How do i do this?
I keep grinding my teeth. How do I stop?
I have a cavity that is causing a bad taste in my mouth can anyone suggest a remedy until I see the dentist?
I,m starting to have really foul breath, and sometimes off white chunks come up from my throat.?
I have a couple of questions about braces?
Where can I get CHEAP or FREE dental work.?
What do you feel when you use mouth wash?
Years of neglect, bad teeth, embarassed of dentist, terrible pain, what to do?
Just got braces today and hurts like crazy!?
How do i know i have breast cancer?
Are there any cancer patients here?
What is cancer?
Does anyone know why its rude to use all capital letters on this site?
I want to do some type of breast cancer fundraiser at my wedding...something very low key..any ideas?
What do you call or whats the name of a doctor who takes care of cancer patients?
Anyone know about how long you have to live in stage 4 cancer?
Are all biopsies 100% when determining cancer?
What is it like having chemo? does each treatment get better or worse? how did you feel?
Can this be true?
Should I removed my impacted wisdom tooth even if I don't feel any pain?
When you get wisdom teeth pulled, does your face swell up on the third day?
Is it true that children can't learn to read until they've lost a tooth?
How many teeth are in an adults mouth (not including the wisdom teeth)?
Is $1200 a fair price for a crown replacement on a molar, from my dentist?
Can somebody tell me how I can stop my bad breath?
How can you lose at least 15 pounds in 2 months?
What is a good way to lose weight fast?
What can i do about a dentist that ruined my teeth?
Is it wrong to let yourself eat "junk" food every now and then?
How long will it take to burn 8 lbs if I run 1 mile every day?
Is this concidered Fat?
Do people who eat healthily live longer ?
Can drinking too much water make you retain water?
What do you think about your weight??
Come on you guys click here it's just a quick question...?
Would you consider a 12 big?
Here I go again. Day one of quitting smoking. Any good advice?
What is the best and most modern cure for diabetic childern ?
My fasting blood sugar level is 241 and post lunch is 370?
Is sugar level high if it is 18?
What can docs learn from stool samples?
I have a 16 year boy with diabetis I, is smoking pot dangerous to his condition?
How should I prevent getting diabetes? Any type of food I should eat?
How do I prevent being diagnosed with diabetes?
Is it possible to get diabetes by drinking too much soda?
Diagnosed with diabetes?
I just took my Blood Sugar Level...?
Where can you get free hair pieces for cancer patients?
Cancer? i'm scared. help!?
Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
How is it possible that healthy people can get cancer?
What is the time now in Englend?
My father had cancer and he had become quite ill, doctors decided not to treat him, he was 74.
How can i help my grandma if she has cancer?
Braces anyone?
Are cigars safer than cigarettes?
Can you get cancer from shaving your arms?
Does Getting Braces Hurt?
What does black tar like stool mean?
My father has blood in the urine and dr.s said its only infection,shouldn't he see a diff. dr for cancer?
Does anyone like Trident gum? Am i the only one that thinks it's discusting!?
Someone i know has cancer, what can i say to help?
I would like to donate my hair to a cancer society. Which one do you suggest and why?
Any one how to get perfect teeth?
I have a very close friend, she is very dear to me... The problem is....?
Should i get braces? What kind?
My boyfriend has a purple rash all over his legs and some are even scabby we have no idea what this could be?
My little girl has eczema, tried 3 different creams. Anything else?
Is it possible to be pregnant after having period?
Can urine samples detect of HIV/Aids?
Do i have diabetes?
My blood sugar is 3.3 could I be diabetic?
Might I have it?
Ok I think i have Diabetes n I'm only 13?
Is it advisable for a two diabetics to have a relationship?
If molars are coming in and growing sideways... Do you have to have them pulled?
Bad breath means what?
What is a wisdom tooth?
I discovered my parents and siblings have type B. blood I have A positive is that possible.?
Any toothache?
I get ulcers in my mouth. What causes them and how do I shorten the length of time they are in my mouth?
What are some symptoms of diabetes?
Do I need a root canal if I'm getting my tooth extracted anyways?
What do you think a dental office should have, to make dentist visit a less unpleasant one?
Is Diabeties curable if so How?
Will it really hurt when the needle goes in the gum before removing wisdom tooth ..??
I need immediate dental care, but I only work part-time and live in Los Angeles, what are my options?
Wisdom Tooth?
Make-out hygiene question...?
What's going on?
What is a pempel on your eye lid is swollen up and how can you cure it?
Does gravy contain gluten?
Any remedies for a chest congestion?
How to stop dry mouth?
What should i do if i have an allergic reaction to topical benzoyl peroxide?
Do you know any treatment for running nose and cold?
I ate some tuna (cooked) and now my skin is very red and blotchy. what should i do?
Can a allergy settle in the stomach and make you sick?
Are you ever 2 young to have cancer?
Help! I have a very sick 35 year old son who is on medicare. He badly needs several root canals, but...?
How do i help a friend with breast cancer?
Is my dad going to die?
After having a tooth removed, how long does the pain last after the anesthetic wears off?
What are the chances of me getting cancer at 20?
Is there a cure for liver cancer? Are there alternative medicines?
How do I get over dental phobia?
How do I support my friend that just found out that she has breast cancer?
Has anyone used a hard mouth guard to prevent grinding at night? Has it caused you any problems?
How long will it take to get braces off??
Whats worse - cancer or AIDS?
What can he do for the pain?
I lost one of my teeth last week, two more fell out yesterday please help. i dont know what to do as im 25?
Morphine and cancer?
I have had a green tounge for a while, I keep scraping the green stuff off but it comes back any ideas?
If saliva is known to be antibacterial than, why we got tooth-ache and infections ?
To promote dental health, children should be taught to:?
I had a tooth out 5 days ago and i'm still in pain...?
Is there anything I can do to keep sores from breaking out on dad who is in hospital. He is diabetic.?
Diabetes or not???
Husband needs help!?
I need to know some helpful hint in dealing with Diabetes!!!?
Could i have low blood sugar?
I'm Diabetic and I need to carry orange juice in my purse in case of a low blood sugar?
Will a routine urine test at doctors detect cannibas use?
Can people be cured of diabetes? If so, how?
Hi my dulghter is 12 years old and her breath smells very bad in the mornings what could it be she is disabled
Why do I have wisdom teeth growing at age 32?
I need a dental loan asap??
15 year old want's to remove braces after a few days (need your opinion)?
Something stuck in my throat something can breath help
Braces hurt?!?!?!?!?!?
What does it mean if your clenching your teeth?
Why are there wrinkles on the roof of your mouth?
Is it common practice for dentist to give fillings without numbing the area first?
Does it Hurt To Get Braces?
Tooth ache, please help!?
Why do canker sores occur and how do you treat/prevent them?
Is it healthy to brush your teeth more than twice a day?
What is some good teeth whitening?
When my friend brushes his teeth he swallows all the toothpaste in his mouth on purpose isnt that bad for him?
Novocaine has little affect on me, I usually get 3 shots before I don't feel anything, is this normal?
What does it mean when you taste metal in your mouth?
What can I eat with a sore mouth?
Does smoking help youl loose weight?
Is a 25 inch waist too big or too small?
My body is sooooo sore from working out yesterday,What can i do to help the pain?
What is a good way to lose fat?
How can i loose at least 1 stone in a week i dont care how hard it is?
I'm i too fat?
If i did 100 sit ups every night how much weight would i lose a week?
Does anybody have good ideas in how to loose weight besides exercise and eating healthier?
What can i do so i wont feel hungry every second?
Whats the easiest way of loosing weight?
How many people do you know have died from cancer?
Can a 14 year old get breast cancer?
Is there a different between tumor and cancer?
For Smokers and non-Smokers?
Lump in the MIDDLE of my chest???
Is breast cancer usually fatal?
Can I find out if a breast cyst/tumor is benign/malignant through a breast ultrasound and mammogram?
How do you know if you have cancer without going to doctor?
Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection?
I have alot of mosquito bites that itch really badly is there a natural way to stop the itching?
How do I get into rehab?
Should i quit smoking?
What are the foods you should eat while having anorexia nervosa??
Please i am in agony?
Pliers with braces?
Help my gums are killing me !?
I have an appointment on monday is it too late tell my boss today that i have appointment on monday.?
Any way to reduce swelling of the jaw?
What causes white spots on tongue?
Why my tooth and half of my head of that side hurting so much?
How long will my brace ach for?
When first baby teeth should come.?
Should i rinse my mouth out with water after using mouthwash?
Why do dentists now have to preform dental work on childrens baby teeth?
How to treat a cold?
How can I sooth my hacking cough?
Cure for the cold???
How do they go about finding out what you are allergic to if you have -severe- allergic reactions?
Need help on Sinusitis Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!...
How do you completely cure/heal eczema?
I woke this am with a black eye ,could it be from a sinus infection.i have not hit my eye at all.?
Allergic to Amoxicillin?
Stray cat losing fur maybe a disease? PLZ HELP!!!?
I have a cold...please hellppp!!!?
Can a diabetic eat cheese pizza?
Why am I so hungry? It's killing me.Help!?
Can you have dieabetes if your always lightheaded and feel like your ganna black out and faint?
How to differentiate between Type 1 & type 2 diabetise?Can any one explain in simpler words?
Diabetics please answer?
What is the best way to bring up a diabtics sugar when that person is full and can't eat?
If there is bubbles in an insulin PEN, what does it mean?
Can I still get diabetes 2 if there's no family history?
What is proper etiquette for giving yourself insulin shots in restaurant?
Hypoglycemia? How bad is 23 on meter?
If you have a mole does that mean you get cancer?
How long do u think my mom will live shes got stumick cancer?
Who invented tobbaco?
Say you had cancer..would you rather..?
What causes cervical cancer?
Is a cigarrette a drug?
Will I get cancer from too much radiation?
Why are people not using simple cure for cancers by using herb 'Chapparel', available at very cold places ?
My dad has cancer...what do I do?
What colors should i get for my braces?
Eww- yellow teeth????
Iam scared because I am getting metal braces should I go with metal or invisible?
Is it common to throw up after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
How do you brush your teeth?
How to get sparkling white teeth as shown in the TV commercials?
Can my child have bracers fitted on the NHS,she is 13 years old.?
Dental problem...?