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What else can cause blood in your urine?
Can you get breast cancer from sleeping with your bra on?
What do you do when your brother has bad breath?
Pain in Brain?
Is it possible to develop an allergy?
Uneven eyes?
Does anyone know of some GOOD sinus medicine?
Is something wrong with me?
Which form of treatment is better - insulin injections or oral medication?
My friend is a diabetic can he go in a sauna or a hot tub?
If i wanted diabetes how could i get it?
Is fever a sign of an allergic reaction to penicillin?
Is it possible to be a type 2 diabetic and not be insulin dependent?
What happens when you smoke mushrooms?
Can you be allergic to a razor?
Stop a runny nose!!!??
Can allergies be cured?
Who can do fillings besides dentists?
Would you date a girl with teeth like this?
Can u use oral ear drops to treat toothaches?
Do you think dentists can lie to make you get a root canal? What if I didn't need one?
I am having 3 wisdom teeth removed in a few weeks 1000 mg of ibuprofen doesn't work! What else can I do???????
Does this dentist sound normal to you?
How often should we change a toothbrush?
How many times you brush in a day?
Does this seem weird to you??
I accidentaly swallowed my perm dental crown and its been over 4 days now...?
Please help!!!! do i have breast cancer?
Father Has Paneacreas Cancer...How Long to Live?
Cellphones for kids ages 4 and up? What do you think?
What is a colonoscopy?Does it detect colon cancer?
I dont have health insurance and they told me i might have lung cancer. where to go to find help?
I am of smoker of 30 years and my doctor suggested a lung xray?
Cancer--end of life care?
What should say to my father?he was diagnosed with liver cancer and it has spread to his bone?
Just been diagnosed with breast cancer?
Can hickies give you cancer?
Why do I always have diarrhea?
Is there anything wrong with splenda?
I have a friend who i s borderline anorexic..?
Is there a treatment for diabetes 1?
Could i have diabetes?
What can you eat if you have diabetes?
Diabetese and....?
Avoid being a diabetic?
Why do some people grunt teeth while sleeping?
How do you know if you have cavities?(without asking a dentist)?
What does it feel like when your wisdom teeth come through?
I just got braces today...they hurt!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!?
What would happen if I smoked a cigarette after getting my wisdom teeth taken out?
Does the burning sensation in the Listerine Mouthwash...?
Why does Listerine have alcohol in it?
Okay this is an emergency: I have a terribly ache in my jaw where my wisdom tooth is coming in. What can I do?
My tongue is still numb! Help?
How much to dental Hygenist make?
Should i use steroids?
Whats the best way to lose weight?
Should i go for a 3 mile run, or a super long walk?
Does anyone else eat like a pig?
How can I lose 15 pounds?
I'M SO FRIGGIN FAT!!! please help me lose 25 pounds by april 1st?
Is drinking to much water dangerous ???
I wanna lose wieght, should i starve myself?
My right upper eyelid keeps twitching. Is there any explanation for it? Could it be a sign of stroke?
If your arms were detachable how would you get them back on without any arms?
If you mastabate more than four times a day, is it true you can cause a ball collapse.?
Can children have OCD?
I shall soon be heartless, can you please give me advise?
For those who hav or had braces.?
What can i use thats not expensive to make my teeth whiter?
Why are the back teeth in your mouth called wisdom teeth?
Why have my teeth got brown patches on them?
Will a poppy loose their teeth like kids do?
Discoloured teeth.?
I brush my teeth twice a day?
Do you like the dentist? Do you fear the dentist? Do you fear dentist tools? Do you feel wierd about going?
Wisom Teeth operation?
What cause dry mouth when sleeping?
How soon is too soon to console my ex who just lost his Mom to cancer?
What do you think of a Dr of oncology that gave you tamoxfin and told you that you did not have to come back.?
Can You Die From Breast Cancer?
Do u believe in miracles?
I smoke about 4 cigarettes a day, will tht give me cancer?
Who else mourns the death of Jane Tomlinson who lost her 7 year battle with cancer?
What is main symptoms of cancer? It is curable? how to prevent it before happen?
Do you always die from cancer?
Jane tomlinson r.i.p.?
How many people jacked smokes as children?
I have 104 mg/dL fasting blood glucose and 285 mg/dL post prandial blood glucose. Am I diabetic?
Two apples a day?
Mother inlaws blood sugar is 460?
What exactly is diabetes?
I've just found out i'm pregnant, but the babys father has type1 diabetes,does this mean my baby will have it?
Boyfriend has type 1 diabeties?
24 Year male why am i not lossing weight?
Could she have diabetes? Or something else?
HELP,What does an insulin level of 38.9 mean?
Is taking Insulin better than taking Metformin tablets?
Is it bad to chew gum everyday?
How can i have white teeth??
I hAvE tO gEt bRaCeS!?
Risks of Getting STDs from Dental Appointment?
How old is a child when they start to have loose teeth?
How many types of toothpaste are available?
Are you afraid of the dentist?
Im getting braces... I don't know what to expect?
Do all people grow 4 wisdom teeth?
If a tooth abscess goes untreated, what damage can it do?
What are you allergic to?
A good non prescription eye drop for red, itchy, watery, eyes.?
Are some people really allergic to meat???
Whats the best drug for allergic?
Allergy to prescribed drugs?
I'm lactose intolerant. Should I drink milk?
Fellers? Would you go out with a garlic eater?
What's the best thing to do if you think you're child has allergies?
Does anyone know anything that would help lessen sinus infections. please help tired of being sick?
Do You Brush, Floss, Use Mouthwash, etc...?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning?
Has anyone here had problems with a partially erupted wisdom tooth?
About braces..?
Does it hurt to get braces off?
My daughter is 14 years old and her teeth are yellow. She does not like to brush. Her sister has beautiful?
Is there a solution to bleeding gums??????????
Is it normal for a dentist to drill and fill 3 teeth in a row?
Ahhhh my braces are killing me?
Bad breath HELP!?
I have an abdominal pain and bloody tool. Is that the sign of large intestine cancer. In what stage can i surv
My friend's young son has cancer, what can I do to help her?
Brain cancer,,is there a chance?
What do you say to the parents of a 5 yr old girl who lost her battle with leukaemia?
If your a female smoker and your pregnant will your baby be born with leukemia?
Are all brain tumours cancerous?
My mom had cancer and it might of came back... my family is pressuring me?
I found a lump on the side of my head, Cancer? should i get i checked out or am i just being silly....?
Im Dying?....?
Strange question for anyone who's dealt with facing death. Especially Christians.?
Can it be diabetes?
Why do people on insulin pumps have to always explain what it is and what diabetes is?
What's wrong with me? There are ants all over my blood?
My 11 year son just got diagnosis with type 1. I am going to give his first injection tonight .?
Why do diabetics smell like vinegar?
Is diabetes going to be a curable disease?
Is anyone here diabetic?
Is this worth going to the doctor's for?
How would you know if you have diabetes, or a kidney problem?
Diabetes question?
If my bad breath is coming from my stomach and not my teeth or tongue, what's the best way to cure that?
Omg bad breath please help!!!!?
My hubby is in terrible pain and I am so worried!?
What toothpaste would you reccomend for fairly yellow teeth?
How much does an emergency room visit cost in the US?
Are Altoids good for getting rid of garlic breath?
When getting a filling, does it hurt when you get the freezing needle???????????????????...
Tooth pain?
What types of braces do you need for a slight overbite?
How do I stop a 2 year old from grinding his teeth?
Can petroleum jelly help chapped lips?
I am Very Worried, My discharge smells wierd but i dnt get ichiness or it doesnt hurt wen i urniate?
Can u live a normal life with one kidney?
I have had Acne since I was a teenager now I am 26. I am desperate?
Is the smoke of pipe les harmful than cigarrete?
What is the cause of hissing and buzzing noises in the ears and head?
I am constantly coughing up mucus. What is wrong?
How long does it take to get cancer from chewing tabacco?
What happens if i don't get my wisdom teeth pulled, even if the dentist recommended i see an oral surgeon?
Hair loss!!!!!?
Can I still get a tan with sun block on?
Clove Oil and toothache?
Can people smell cancer on others?
Have pain in back behind rib on right side , am scared may be something serious?
Why are most people afaid of the detist?
Recently found out my Dad has Cancer.?
How to quit smoking?
Can we only have 3 wisdom teeth or will there always be 4?
Will you pray that my step dad Delbert Nelson will be healed of cancer today?
Could it be cancerous?`?
If you get stranded on an island, how do you keep your teeth from rotting?
How do you know if you have breast cancer?
Is nicotine a stimulant?
Worried about my little brother?
How honest are doctors?
Whats a home remedy for easing a bad tooth ache?
Has anyone tried a good teeth whitening product?
Can you die from diabtes or what?
Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
Do I have a false diabetes diagnosis?
Is it true that if you eat stuff that has too much sugar, you are going to have diabetes?
Can you please tell me what the symptoms are for diabetes?
If you have diabetes, how many shots do you take every day?
Is it possible to drink too much water while having Diabetes?
How to protect against diabetes?
Splenda - My co-worker said this artificial sweetner causes blindness - is this true ?
How can I help my boyfriend manage his diabetes?
What should i do to my tooth that is seriously aching?
I'm getting a white filling on my lower left hand molar. Will I require an injection?
Help!! I have just eaten an onion!?
I got my teeth pulled and i have none left, what can I eat?!?!?
What is the cheapest way to whiten your teeth?
Why am I homophobic?
My daughter flat out refuses to wear the rubber bands on her braces. Any suggestions?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
What is this sticky stuff on my teeth?
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!! i chipped my tooth?
Is breast cancer usually found in teens or in adults?
Is cancer a trait which can be inherited?
If you were diagnosed with cancer would you tell your family and friends?
I have a lump felling in my throat that comes and goes. Could I have throat cancer?
My dads uncle still alive in his will as left money to my dead father who inherits my fathers share?
What is the most common cancer in the world?
Why do people smoke?
How long does your hair need To be to donate hair for locks of love?
Which cancer is fastest to die?
I have type 1 diabetes. I'm 17 and life is depressing. i feel like i can't do anything anymore..?
I have high blood pressure 193/110 plus I have diabetes with blood sugar around 325 which is more is serious?
Type 1 diabetic, always hungry, high a1c, but doc gives no helpful advice!?
Does diabetes go away if you loose weight?
Blood sugar level below 30?
Does anyone know a natural cure for diabetes?
For the people who answer questions in the diabetes section, where you do get your diabetes knowledge from?
Is Diabetes a fatal sickness?
I am almost diabetic because of my weight (284.2)?
Which whitening strips work best,there's so many?
Any tips to help keep my teeth white?
Do you think I am smokin hot?
Is this how root canals are done?
Problems with my gums?
What could cause a sour taste in mouth with occasional light yellow coating no pain?
Baking soda or baking powder to make my teeth whiter?
HELP! What is less painful a root canal or getting a tooth pulled?
If my mother dies at 46 from breast,bone and lung cancer, and?
Fighting the big C?
Why when we just wake up in the morning....?
Braces, do they hurt?
Public perception of oncologists?
I have braces and..?
Can you get false bottom teeth and not have false uppers?
Will cancer be infect anyone? (question might not make sense, please read info.)?
Should I eat before I take Ibuprofen?
....:::: For Girls ....:::?
Braces Question!?
If have an exposed nerve do I need a root canal?
How long does my hair have to be before I can donate some to people who need wigs because of cancer hair-loss?
Uh oh..........?
I have really bad breath!!?
What is the cure for cancer?
I'm seeing my dentist tomorrow for my first "crown". He offers laughing gas. Should I do it?
I have a horribly painful toothache and no dental insurance. What can I do?
What is best way to clean dentures?
My fiance has diabetes ... should i be worried?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
My moms sugar is 456 how can we lower it in a matter of minutes?
What is the highest bloodsugar anyone has ever heard of?
Can a person die if their blood sugar is too high?
How is diabetes cuased?
Is cinnamin a cure for diabetes?
Are Potatoes Bad For Diabetics?
I think I am borderline diabetic- what can I do to turn this around?
My mother's blood sugar level is 333 and her BP is normal is it dangerous?
Can neosporin be used on cold sores?
Help me - a zit!!?
What is the best way to stop drinking without going to rehab?
What would you rather have Diarrhoea or Constipation?
How can I get rid of this wart on my finger?
Do people still die of AIDS?
Can a person become allergic to cats (cat hair) even if they weren't when they were younger?
What Effects Do Asthma Have On Families?
I've got a question about allergies┬┐?
My mom has had a REALLY bad and uncontrollable cough for a few months now, also she throws up often. Serious??
I have terrible sinus pressure. None of the medicine seems to be working. Any good ways to relive it?
Do you think there's a cranberrie allergy?
Does anyone have a good alternative to using Sudafed for allergies?
Do you have any allergies?
Flu shots ?
Plz answer this question?
I have an awful mouth ulcer, and would like to ask is there any quick fix to ease the pain and get rid of it?
Getting braces? Any tips?
Is my jaw broken?
HELP!!!!! My brother punched my face accidentaly and my teeth started bledding, What should I do?????
Any who's ever had of has braces?
How PainFUL is pulling Wisdom Teeth?
Do u look in da mirror when u brush and floss ur teeth? lol?
Wisdom Teeth!?
How to quit tobacco chewing?
How bad does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth out??
My aunt has cancer and I don't know what to say.?
Which disease scares u the most? Cancer? or Aids?
Why are so many people against smokers?
Sensitive question.....?
When a woman goes to a gyn. does he or she make them climax so they can a sample to test for cancer cells?
Can't make a bowel movement without a laxative.could that be signs of colon cancer?
Will you please pray for my dad?
I am a smoker an have been for about five years can anyone tell me the best way to pack them in?
What happens if you where to inject yourself with insulin when your not diabetic?
How long have you been living with diabetes?
Is diabetes hereditary?
What other meds can I take for diabetes type 2 besides going on insulin?
I have Diabetes II. Can you suggest a healthy snack to eat?
Diabetis occurs in which age?
Recently i have lost a lot of weight by not eating and people say i look pale and sick and what should i do?
Can you come out of a diabetic coma?
What can diabetes lead to in later life?
How to fix a chipped tooth?
Does it hurt to get wisdom teeth pulled out?
Too embarrassed to see the dentist?
Xmass present ideas for person with no front teeth?
If I don't get a retainer for 3 to 4 weeks after my braces come off, are my teeth going to shift back much?
I gotta get my tooth pulled!! :-( please help!!!?
Won't stop bleeding?
I lost my teeth at an early age of 24 because of peridontal disease. I want to get dental implants?
Wisdom teeth removal experience?
Stopping smoking?
How do I deal with watching my mother die of Cancer in the next few weeks?
Cause of death after 20 years?
My grandad refuses to eat or drink - any ideas?
My dad has found a lump and won't go to the doctor?
Cancer is horrible help me please.?
What should i do i had a lump on my breast?
Why do i have to leukemia?
Breast Cancer!?
Why does my breath smell when i wake up?
At what age did you get braces put on your teeth?
What order?
Will dental insurance cover invisible braces?
How do u cure a mouth sore/mouth ulcer?
Can anyone name 2 snacks that are unlikely to cause tooth decay ?
I get my wisdom teeth pulled Friday June 22. Will it be okay to go back to work Monday?
I had my teeth cleaned today for the first time in like 15 years....................... it supposed?
Is there a way to tell if you have bad breath?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how much will getting an adult tooth pulled hurt, during the pulling and after?
How do you lower your blood sugar when its-- 507 high.?
Is 133 high for a fasting gluclose insulin level?
When will we have a cure for diabetes?
Ice cube eating?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
My husband is newly diagnosed with type 2 and is sugar lvl today was 18.1 mml .?
I drink a lot of drinks everyday... Why am I always so thirsty?
Diabetes and alcohol?!?
Just found out am diabetes 3 wks ago an am using insulin but my problem is am not seeing properly?
How long do I have to wait after having my wisdom teeth removed until I can have a cigarette?
AHHH WHAT IS THIS!!!!! please?
Is it alright to use peroxide on your teeth?
Toothache cure?
What kind of toothpaste should i use for my braces?
Bad toothache! Remedy??
I got my toung pierced 3 days ago and the swelling hasnt gone down yet. any thing I can try to help?
What can I do to get rid of sensitive teeth?
I have bad breath?
Do you use a hand towel to open the door when exiting a public washroom?
Can saliva trasmit hiv?
My 12 yr old son has acne on forehead and back. what is the best cure?
I am really high right now but my lungs hurt bad now is that normal?
What should we do to fight cancer?
What foods can help prevent cancer?
Celebration for me!!!!!?
How much would you charge for cupcakes and cookies if they were for cancer charity?
Is it nature's fault that healthy people can get cancer no matter what?
If you found a cure for a terminal illness what would you do with it?
My 17 year old cousin has cancer and will probably die in the near future. What should I say to him?
My 20 year old brother has cancer. What can I buy him to lift his spirits?
Questions about Colonoscopy?
We decided to disconnect the ventillator and let my mom die. did she suffer?
Who's had braces?
What drinks don't require me to brush afterwards?
I just went to the dentist... is 26 cavities that need fillings a lot?
Should my teeth hurt after getting braces?
Can you get fillings with braces on?
Should I get a root canal or just pull my tooth? its the back tooth on the bottom?
Do braces hurt ?
What would you do if your dentist showed you a Black & Decker drill with a half-inch drill bit he uses ?
How i can remove smoking sighns on my teeth i have?
Help my tongue is stuck to an icetray?
Help ASAP, my chils has odd symptoms?
Having body itch?
Very Sore Throat...allergies or cold/infection?
I am small panic attacks i just found out im allergic to gluten !!!?
What is the most common food allergy in humans?
I have a numb sensation in the left side of my mouth what could this be and what could cause this?
What is the best treatment for babies with allergies?
Does anyone know somewhere to buy good gluten free bread?
Nose bleeds after every 2-3 hours?
My face breaks out all red and hot when I drink sometimes?
Is there any remedy to recover fast from diabetis?
My husband has diabetes and we don't have money to go to the doctor. What should we do?
My little sister has diabeties.........HELP!?
Crazy doctor, or crazy patient?
QUICK ANSWER: can you get diabetes from eating too many sweets?
I have a friend who eats plain sugar. Yes, the white, granulated kind. What are the health repercussions?
Does eating sugar cause diabetes?
Is it true that diabetics get free Viagra?
Am I doomed to have diabetes?
Will I Eventually Get Diabetes?
Are egg shells a good substitute for teeth?
Is 30 too old to get braces?
Can krazy glue be used on dentures?
Receding gums??? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Remedies for tooth ach?
I have a mild lisp how do I pronounce s?
Is it dangerous for a toddler to swallow a third of a tube of toothpaste?
Why do people think that they shouldn't have to pay for their own dental work?
My son is 7 yr old but his teeth are not changing off .what may be the reason?
Kind of a weird question...?
What have you learned through the hard times in life ?
PLEASE HELP! I beg of you!?
Is cirrhosis a type of cancer?
When you start smoking, how long will it take for you to develop lung cancer?
Standing by a partner with cancer?
Does marijuana prevent cancer?
For Cancer survivors only?
How do nurses find the strength to work in palliative care wards?
My best friend has cancer and is in ICU..?
I'd like to have my rotting teeth removed and have full mouth dental implants. How?
Best toothbrush?
How to prevent bad breath,aside from brushing the teeth?
Doubling up on rubber bands on braces question?
Help i am sore my teeth!!!
What exactly happens if you chew gum with braces?
Local or general anesthetic for wisdom teeth removal?
Terrible teeth?
I heard if you dont use it you lose it.what should i do?
What age did you get your first cavity?
Whats the most accurate method for curing diabetes?
Anyone know where I can get a diabetic easter egg?
How do you avoid water retention?
How old were you when you found out you had diabetes?
My blood sugar is 437 I know it's high but how bad is it really?
My husband was just diagnosed w/ diabetes, what can I do to help him?
Diabeties, how can you tell if you have it?
I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I exercise at least 5 nights a week and I wake up with bad blood sugars.?
Is it possible to live with diabetes without medication regiment?
Is constantly chewing gum (like multiple times a day) bad for your teeth?
Getting braces...HELP!!!?
Wisdom tooth?
Hole in tooth?
Have you ever had your teeth pulled?
I just had my wisdom teeth out... four hours later my bottom lip and chin are still numb?
Question about a crown.?
What colour of braces do you think is best for a girl(not clear)?
What Do They Do When They Take Off Your Braces? Does It Hurt?
Whats the easyiest way to pull my loose tooth out!?
How long do people with breast cancer live?
Can guys get breast cancer?
Teflon coated pans give you cancer?
What would u do if u had cancer like i do?
Is it ok to go tanning when you have an ovarian cyst or cervical cancer?
How can you prevent cancer?
Do you think they will ever come up with a cure for cancer? Yes or No, Please Explain?
What causes throat cancer?
Would i feel ill if i had cancer or is it just the treatment that makes u feel ill?
Having kids after cancer?
Why do I get these mini blackouts?
Still think that Fat people are bleeding the NHS dry?
For some reason I cough up blood?
Why isn't there a permanent cure for cold?
I am suffering from acid reflux for more than 5 months,?
I have got chicken pox, i have got spots allover my body and itches like mad?
Best answer gets 10 points. Please help?
I have no hands??
Why do i need to use the loo in the night ( 4-5 times ), even if i haven't drunk very much all day long?
Anorexics only please..?
Where can I get more info on Type 1 diabetes?
How many times should you test your blood sugar a day?
Where can I find chocolate eggs without sugar for diabetics in London?
Can you eat ice cream if you have diabetes?
Should I be tested for diabetes?
When I drink, too much caffeine, I begin to get weak and feel shaky. What's wrong?
Can being a diabetic really take 5 - 10 years off your life ?
At which age do we get our wisdom teeth?
Can you feel fillings?
Braces?! Tomorrow!?
What is halitosis and what is gingivitis?
Bad breath ?
If u take antibiotics after tooth extraction cuz of infection on other tooth will the infection come back?
My child has to have 14 baby teeth pulled in 2 visits. He is only 5, will he still be able to eat?
For those of you who have had wisdom teeth surgery...?
At what age do your wisdom teeth start coming in????
Does it hurt when they pull out a tooth?
What will happen it i brush my teeth with bleach?, Is it safe?
Have you had braces before?
Wisdom Teeth?
Can really bad infected teeth affect the rest of your health?
How many people shave there nose hairs??????
My daughter aged 10. Is having 2 teeth out. Can i be with her, she's very scared and nervous ? PLZ ANSWER?
When you just got your braces on what did you eat?
How to ease a toothache?
Is there any home made remedy to whiten your teeth?
Do they really pull out 4 teeth when you get braces?!?
Too tired to fight?
Is there any danger of radiation in cremating a remains who have undergone chemo therapy?
Colon Cancer? What can I do to prevent getting colon cancer? I am 29 years old and my father died of?
What gift do I give?
How do you help a 23 year old friend deal with the death of her 45 year old mother to cancer?
How do doctors know that people have cancer?
Where i can find blood cancer treatment for 5 months old baby ?
My aunt has cancer and then my mom had cancer and i want to know can cancer run in the family?
Need help desperately. at wits end?
Is there any cure for allergic rhinitis?
I have an allergic reaction to erythromycin, can I take amoxicilin or penicilin?
Drug reaction what should I do or take?
Why do I feel ill?
We just adopted a dog. Is it normal for our other dog to act aggresive towards her?
Is there a way to open your nose for better breathing?
Ok so last night i drank orange juice and i woke up and i was sick....?
Soy milk or rice milk best substitute for severe gluten allergies, milk allergy and mal-absorption?
When I eat sorghum my mouth swells and I get hives and blisters on my tongue? It must be an allergy?
HELP!!! Allergic reaction to Veet!!!?
Do you know if it's fat or if it's sugar that I need to cut down on to avoid diabetes?
I am a diabetic i need to loose weight and lower my blood sugar. I am so weak i need help! what do you suggest
Can Diabetes be cured?
Can Eating Sugar Give You Diabetes?
Click here!!!click here! i need somebody's help!!!!!!?
How to know you are a diabetic without going for a check up?
I am in need of some ideas of foods that diabetics can eat.?
Can a diabetic donate blood?
What should a diabetic drink to get drunk?
Brushing then floss & mouth wash still can't get rid of my bad breath?
Will i need braces??
Will a rotten tooth affect my other teeth?
At What Age Should You First Take Your Child To The Dentist?
I need advice about daughthers anxiety!?
Health and safety nonsense at the dentist?
Help me please?
Tooth abscess?
My teeth feel sensitive after I wake up?
How do people realise that they have got cancer? what makes them think that they need to go to the doctors?
Apart from not eating, any ideas how i could successfully lose weight and keep it off?
My friend finished the first round of chemo a week ago, what can she expect?
Do you think the world will ever discover a real cure for cancer or aids?
How do you live life when you are dying?
Survey...Please Answer ASAP!!! Are you planning on donating your organs once you die?
What will happen if i only eat meat?
Will you pray for a long time friend he was just told he has cancer all in liver and stomach?
Can you die from skin cancer?
Am i too skinny or too fat???
If you smoke regularly over several years, is it certain that you will develop cancer?
My 7-year old son has cancer!?
Are bananas good or bad for you?
I eat a lot but I'm still super skinny.?
Are you fat or skinny???
Why does Cancer age a person so much so quickly?
What can i eat?
Im thinking of stopping my radiation on my breast?
How often should you brush ur gums?
Can I rub household bleach on my teeth to whiten them?
How do you get the vomit taste out of your mouth?
Brown teeth?
Natural ways to whiten teeth?
When I was 13 I had a really bad experience with my dentist, how can I conquer my fear?
Should you floss before or after you brush your teeth?
Chipped Tooth?
Can you request to have your dental records and take them with you to another dentist.?
One of my fillings keeps coming out, ive had it redone like 3 times already but it keeps coming out...?
My doctor said i have to wear diapers all the time my blader is geting weak from the diabetes is that true?
If mom is B+ blood type and dad is A+, what is my blood type?
Is there any medicine or herbal for trating or curing diabetes ? pls help?
Anyone here diabetic? I have a question about symptoms....?
How can you tell if you have diabetes?
Do you or someone you know have diabetes...?
My elder brother has very high sughar near 300 so what should he do to cure it please help me ?
How can I help my son 30 who is diabetic, living with me, has no job,. I am widowed having hard times too.?
My bloosd sugar reading is 500. what will happen?
Is it possible to restore "dead" hair?
What is the word for breathing air into an unconscious victim who has a pulse?
I have a bump on my neck what is it?
My 8 year old daughter's face is brecking out what do i do?
Can i use my mothers diazepam?
Im getting braces will they hurt????
My teeth are so weak..?
What Colour Fixed Braces Should I Get?
Does getting a cavity filled hurt?
Why does alot of toothache hurt really bad, but is pleasurable in the same sentance?
Does it hurt to get braces on?
What age do you usually need your wisdom teeth out?
How to get rid of the bad smell of mouth?
Any MOTIVATIONAL tips on brushing my teeth everyday? I HATE brushing!?
Do braces hurt?
What does it mean if your told you have a shadow on your lung?
How to comfort a friend who's mother is dying of cancer?
Cure for cancer?
Any info for liver cancer?
Will not stop smokin!?
What can I do for someone diagnosed with breast cancer?
I need to send a get well card to someone who is dying of cancer. What do I say?
Can an mri be used anywhere on the body?
My freind says that homeopaths have found a cure for cancer in peaches. is this true?
Is cancer on the increase?
Son's glucose is 290, do I keep him home w/t fluids?
When was the last time u brushed your teeth??
Pink eyee?
Is it advisible to abstract all your teeth because of teeth decay?
I was thinking on percing my tongue hot or not?
Wierd taste in mouth?
I have just read in a medical magazine that American children have some of the worst teeth in the world, Why?
When do you get your wisdom teeth?
Do you think braces are ugly?
Have you ever wondered why some adults are walking around with teeth missing?
R u alergic to anything???
How Do You Bring Down Swelling?
How come I've got a cold even though it's hotter than Hell at the moment and I'm covered in tiny blisters
Hayfever. Son is 12 and suffered badly last three summers.?
What do you know about long term perminant cures for hayfever and where to get it?
For hives: Benedryl or Claritin?
My throat hurts when I swallow?!?
Please, please help!?
Is sore itchy hands a symptom of hay-fever?
My nose!!???????
How do you help cure lung cancer?????
Would you think it was thyroid cancer?
Will we ever be able to cure cancer and aids??
Who believes that there are cures for cancer but the scientist are holding back for what ever reason.?
If you get a nose ring, does it cause cancer?
What might cause BLOOD IN YOUR STOOL?
Can you help me?
Is it possible for boys and girls to be true friends?
I'm 24 and i smoked for 2 years average 8 cigaretes a day...?
How can i help my mom who died few weeks ago?
Is dental x-ray dangerous? How many times could a person take dental x-ray tests before any side effects?
How do you prevent morning breath?
When u first get up in the morning do u [a]brush your teeth [b]?
What happens when a drill bit is left in a persons tooth on a partial root canal?
Help me.. teeth?
Why do Root Canals cost so much?
Can u suggest any home remedies for whitening teeth?
Are you chewing gum what ya brand of gum?
Why aren't my teeth white(r)?
How fair is this?
I'm diabetic.for past few weeks my sugars been going out of control.they were in control at first.help!!!?
Can you give me warning signs for diabetes? (type 2)?
My sugar blood already over 400. What should I do?
I'm about 30 pounds overweight and addicted to sugar. Whenever I .....?
If you have diabetes, how old were you when you found out?
Doctor diagnosed that i hav Diabetes type1he suggested me insulin.is this tretment is right?
What feeling do you get when you have low blood sugar?
Are 100% Natural Cigarettes any healthier than Commerical Brands?
My baby is teething any ideas to help speed up the process?
Do I need to go to the dentist?
Wisdom Teeth????
Bleeding gums in pregnancy. Is this is dangerous?
Gums bleed where brush thems slightly, any ideas?
Dentistry in hospital?? read on?
Is CHEWING GUM bad for you?
Can me and my wisdom teeth live together?
Can a rotten tooth that has been in your mouth for 16 yrs kill you or make you sick??????
Just want to ask can i take shower while having chickenpox?
Shouldn't my grocery bagger know better?
My daughter 1yr old suffers from Eczema? ANy useful treatment? doctor? or tips?
Iv just been diagnosed with.....?
Why am I feeling dizzy?
Am i at risk of a serious illness if i continue this way...?
Do I have diabetes?
Is cancer contagious?????
My friend has fried his brain with weed....?
I have a really large lump in my armpit, I have no insurance and no doctor. what can I do?
How to cope with a dying family member?
What are the survival rates for prostate cancer?
I just found out my aunt has cancer?
Do you know of any cures for cancer? any kind of cancer especially endometrial (uterine) cancer.?
My dad is taking chemotherapy treatments but still smoking?
Can cancer cells be detected thrrough a bloood test?
How can anyone with a serious dental problem get treatment?
Fake braces????
What is a good natural way to whiten ur teeth?
Do you brush before or after you put crest white strips on?
I'm getting a root canal....?
Is my wife's denstist negligent and can we sue?
What to give my dentist?
What helps for canker sore pain?
How do you stop grinding your teeth while your asleep?
What is the best prescription pain killer for a toothache?
Whats the quikest way to lose weight?
How can develope anorexia?
What are good foods to eat to get fat?
How can i lose fat by exercising at home, WITHOUT any exercise machine or something?
If you drink a ton of water, will you gain weighT?
Do Diet Soda's Make you gain weight?
Am i fat or ami skinny or am i just fine?
Anyone absolutely petrified of the dentist? Advice please!?
What can I do???
At what age do children's teeth fall out?
How to make toothpaste?
Baby tooth wont come out. adult tooth is coming in crooked because of it, and its making another tooth crooked
I'm getting a cavity filled like next week, i need tips to not be scared.?
What i can i do to help with the pain? just go 4 wisdom teeth out!?
Anyone have any idea why face would be swollen?
What happens when i put some salt in my mouth ulcer?
Why do i wake up with the sniff s then it turnsw into a streaming runny nose and sneezing then gradually weary
Is my tongue swollen?
Can we give antihistamine to todlers and kids ?
What medicine should I use to treat my son's allergy?
Why do they call it running nose?
Why does my tongue get itchy when I eat certain fruits or nuts?
Allergic to...?
Having trouble sleeping at night due to a cough following a cold. Cough medicines don't work - any suggestions
Is there such a food allergy that would make you itch all over?
Help?!MOM SICK?!?
Do I have diabetes?
Is it true that Cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar levels?
When your diagnosed as a diabetic are you a diabetic for life?
I need help with my blood sugar can any one help?
What is the best snack, ice cream / cookie / cake for a diabetic?
Diabetes and alchohal ??????
Could I possibly be diabetic?
How do I motivate myself about my diabetes?
Diabetic question?
Anyone WANT braces?
Can you chew gum when you have braces?
My daddy is dying from cancer...?
Is my dad going to die?
Cancer question??
I brush my teeth regularly, but my teeth (color) is staying the same. How can I whiten them @ home?
What causes cancer?
Can smoking cause mouth cancer?
I am getting braces and....?
Why do smokers lite up in a crowd . is it selfishness or just denial that they arehurting those around?
My pet rock has cancer what do i do?
If you have a cavity?
Does breast cancer really do this?!?
If given the choice, what would you choose....quality or quantity...of life?
How do i know if i have space for my wisdom teeth?
Should I tell women smokers that they look pretty and that if they continue to smoke they will look ugly?
What happens when a dentist pulls your tooth and?
My mom has cancer and no money to pay for the surgery. is there some place in fl to help her?
How can i make my teeth much whiter?
People say brush your tounge, but?
I suddenly discovered a hole forming in my wisdom tooth, what could it be from?
Any Orthodonists? Rubber Band HELP!?
Is there a student dental hospital in the UK where you can get cheaper treatment?
I just had my wisdom teeth removed. How long will it be sore to open my mouth/move my jaw?
How many dentist visit do you go to before you received braces?
Is it ok for me to use "Crest White Strips" after their expiry date?
Can brushing your teeth from now on remove cavities?
My mom found a tick in her thigh and went to the ER 2 days ago. They did not remove it, and the next day she?
How strongly do you feel about getting tested for HIV?
Head lice...?
I found 2 pills in my daughters drawer. I have no idea what they are. Anyone recognize this pill ?
If you are deaf does that always mean you cant talk.?
A question about the 1st of july smoking law!?
What's the best acne product?
I know this might sound gross but i notice blood in my tissue when i wipe and i dont know what i should?
How possible is it to get Lung cancer from smoking heavily for 1 year at age 18-19?
What is a good haircut for a man taking chemo?
I've been smoking since I was 13 and now Im 24, could I get cancer?
Would you rather find a cure for cancer or spend more on defence?
Why don't they reduce the chemicals in cigaretes?
Help me im dying?
Grandad has cancer :( How can i make him happy?
Can they get rid of me after having cancer?
Can a person fake diabetes?
Do animals, birds suffer from diabetics and blood pressure? is there such medication for animals?
Is there any other medicine for diabetes?
I have diabetes, some times my urine has a strong odor and is real yellow what does this mean?
I Am A 360 pound 38yr old with Diabetes and still have zero will power on eating and drinking ,what do i do?
How to avoid dandfuff?
I live with my boyfriend for 5 years and i am on his bank account ,i have type 2 diabetes, can i be evicted?
Can you lead a normal life with diabetes ?
My blood glucose levels are high and i can't get them to go down and i've taking my meds what can i do?
I am a diabetic, how can I get my blood levels normal without having to starve myself?
Toothpain..beyond belief?
Scared of getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed?
What is the best toothbrush to buy ?
I am told that I have been gritting my teeth while sleeping.What could be the reason?
Should my dentist be liable?
How do you clean your retainers?
Do you like bubble gum?
Favorite Type Of Gum?
Is vinegar bad for the teeth?
Is there any side effect of mercury?
Peanuts Allergy!?
I Ate Pen INK!?
Can someone explain why the neti pot doesn't work for me, am i doing it wrong?
Virus or Allergies?
I am allergic to chicken?
I have started waking up in the morning?
What are your allergy(s)?
What is the best remedy for spring allergy?
Bad breath?
Do whiting strips really work?
Which hurts worser, braces or spacers?
Has anyone had their teeth whitened?
Can anyone tell me what happens when you get your wisdom teeth pulled?
Preventing Bad Breath?
Fang implants?
Whitening toothpastes, do they really work and which one is best?
I have had my braces for 4 YEARS and 3 months now. My top teeth STILL go over my bottom ones.?
Colgate? Crest? Or Aim? Which is your favorite toothpaste?
Why do our bodies need meat in our diets?
Is bread really fating because i cant stop eating it i have at least 6 slices a day?
Can we eat raw eggs?
I wan to stop my smoking..give me a simple solution?
How do you loose tummy fat in two days?
When very obese people go on a drastic diet, where does all the spare skin go to ?
My mother is losing her hair due to chemotherapy..What can she do to lessen the hair loss?
How much chocolate does it take to kills a human?
Can you get cancer from smoking one time?
What is the #1 hospital for cancer treatment in the US?
At what point is Hospice involved? My father in law has cancer and they were just told to come.?
How to tell my parents I might have breast cancer...?
Need a cute name 4 breast cancer walking team?
Is it normal to still hurt after someone has been dead for 7 years?
I am worried about this lump...?
Are you more likely to get cancer if one of your parents had it?
What is your blood type?
What should a type 1 diabetic with a suger addiction do?
How many other diabetics out there get to a point of extreme frustration??
What medicine should my mom take if she has diabetes?
Is brown rice safe for a person who has diabetes to eat?
Here's a list of my symptoms. Am I diabetic?
How do you get your blood sugar to go down when it is hi?
If you dont treat diabetes will you die?
Diabetes death.?
How Can I Make My Teeth Grow Back Faster?
Why no makeup during sedation for wisdom teeth removal??
Ive got an infected tooth and my vision is blurred,could they be connected?
Is it worth getting braces to fix one tooth?
I am on income support,so do i still have to pay the full amount on dental charges????
I went to a hygienist and gotten my teeth cleaned but i need another appointment and the hygienist said that..
What causes a person to grind their teeth at night?
What causes us to chatter are teeth when were cold???
Wisdom teeth?
I just got a quote of 1200 to get one wisdom tooth out, am i getting ripped off?
Anyone no of any ways to prevent bad breath? when u go school?
Getting Your Braces Off?
Hey, does anybody know of some quick ways u can get rid of bad breath??
Can i use baking powder instead of baking soda to remove yellow stains from my teeth?
Is it common to get a fever with an abscessed tooth?
How do you think you get cavities?
Can u pierce ur teeth?
I brush my teeth everyday, but my breath still smells?
Teeth~ do you think 27's too old for braces?
I have a weird taste or smell in my mouth!?
Im scared to death i have bladder cancer?
Is cancer hereditary??
What is the main cause of death among both smokers and nonsmokers?
I keep thinking i have brain cancer?
What do you say to a friend just diagnosed with cancer?
Will they ever find the cure for cancer and aids????
My dad had cancer and he gets kemo every 3 weeks and after his kemo all he does is sleep, is this normal?
How long can you live with lung cancer?
My mom has breast cancer and is about to get mastectomy, what's next?
Hard to drink/eat due to nausea?
Just out of curiousity, what are the consequences of not finishing your course of antibiotics?
OCD. What is it?
Can i get pink eye from...?
Just found out I have AIDS?
What causes dark circles under my eyes and how can I get rid of them?
How did you know you love somebody?
Can you die from having Diabetes?
What is urine made of?
Anyone inject cold insulin (Novolog, Lantus)?
Why softdrinks can cause diabetes?
My 13yr old son has been lying and not taking his Metformin???
Before there was insulin how did they cure diabetes?
Is that diabetes?
Will a doctor write a presciption for a glucose meter if the patient is only "pre-diabetic"?
What causes diabetes?
Do depressed pepole feel pain in the heart ??
Blood pressure 175 /125?
When i used the crest whitening strips, the strips wouldn't stay on and fell out?
Is my dentist a crook?
Can wisdom teeth grow back once they are extracted?
Cavities in our 4 year old ...needs a general anesthetic?
Had tooth extracted 5 days ago on left side of mouth. No pain there but now have pain on right. Any idea why?
What are some signs that a wisdom tooth is growing in?
Recommend a mouthwash?
How do u tell someone that their breath smells bad without offending them???
I'm going to the dentist in 2 days to get fillings. is it gonna hurt allot?
Teeth not fitting right in my mouth?
Desperately Need To See A Dentist But Have No Insurance (Chicago Area)?
HONESTLY, how often do you brush your teeth?
I just got braces and my teeth are bleeding. Why?
My right jaw is stuck and my mouth only opens like an inch..help!?
When is it safe to smoke after?
Is it best to floss then brush, or brush then floss?
How long do you brush your teeth?
How do over come a fear of injections?
Omfg! do you think the doctors did the right thing?!?
Why does my nose start running uncontrollably when i come in to a warm place after being in the freezing cold?
Allergic to Dryer sheets?
Question about a rash?
Is this allergies or am i sick?
Nose bleeding?
I have an allergy to nickle, is there any foods i should avoid?
What is a yeast infection?
Food Allergies: Does anyone know of resources online for recipes?
How do you relieve severe nasal blockage?
Am i a diabetic?
I'm trying to be healthier is there anything i can use besides sugar in my tea?
Help I might die if you dont answer my question im very scared!!!!!!!!!?
Hey,, If a diabetic doesn't go to the doctor anymore and doesn't check her blood levels what could happen?
Blood sugar low or normal?
Is my husband diabetic, if so, which kind?
What do I do if my wife passes out due to low blood suger?
I need serious help with the diabetes lifestyle! I feel so out of control! I must be insane!?
Does eating to many sweets cause Diabetes?
Can eating a lot of fruit lead to diabetes? or is it no problem because it's a different kind of sugar?
Breast lumps?
Will they ever find a cure for cancer? its already claimed both my parents, and now my younger sister is ?????
What do you think is the cause of cancer? Just opinion, not a scientific explanation.?
Do you lose your hair during radiation treatment?
If alcohol drinking may lead to oral cancer, then does this mean that using mouth wash also may cause cancer?
Is bowel cancer heraditory?
Over the past few weeks i have had trouble urinating, is this a form of a cancer, if so what kind?
My friends cancer?help please?
Genetic testing: Could this tell if I'll get breast cancer in the future?
Rectal tempature taking?
Does the dentist numb you before a root canal?
Braces - need help ?
How do i make my teeth white in aweek?
For everyone who has had their wisdom teeth out...?
When you have your wisdom teeth extracted and they knock you out?
I need to know if anybody has a sugestion on how to get rid of a gum infection.?
I am getting a tooth pulled (back molar not wisdom tooth) what should I expect during and after?
How do they remove braces?
Does milk really help you loose weight ?
I have super big thighs but weigh only 110lbs how can I make my legs skinny.?
How can I help my 9 year old be interested in herself. She is 65 kilos and gaining. She won't eat veggies HELP?
I am very slim and find it hard to gain weight...?
Ate a ton of junk food and LOST weight? wtf?
How to get my tummy flat in 2 weeks?
What is ur weight and age?
How do you motivate yourself when you don't feel like working out on a particular day?
What is the fastest way to gain weight? Thanks?
Has anyone heard of a 12 month old with diabetes?
Is it okay for someone to drink alcohol when taking insulin?
Fruits containing too much sugar.?
I think i have diabetes because my blood sugar felt like it was going up some one please help me?
Are severely dry and cracked heels a sign of diabetes?
Am i diabetic?
Do you give blood?
What is a good herbal medicine for diabeties?
If you have diabetes, do you take pills, shots or pump?
If you've never been diagnosed before how do you know if you've got diabetes?
Teeth Whitening?
Have you ever heard or been a person with no wisdom teeth?
I beat my meat like 4 times a day, is it bad for you to do that? i mean i heard you can get prostate cancer?
Please help me?
Ok, I think I'm gonna remove the wisdom teeth, but how painful it is?
If u have clear braces, can u still get different color bands around it?..?
! help oh god..?
Are dentists in the UK good and reliable?
In your mouth, what is tooth number 21?
Should i get braces?
Im terrified...any suggestions?
I need two of my teeth pulled out but i want don't want to be awake when the dentist does it.........?
How do you know that you have bad breath?
Does smoking really leave a discolored ring around your mouth??
I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out at 1:00PM today. I have to play drums at 4:30 tonight. Is it possible?
How do u whiten ur teeth? any herbal remedies?
Is it normal to still bleed a week after having your wisdom teeth removed?
What do actors clean there tongues with?
Does anyone know how I can stop grinding my teeth in my sleep?
Hot r Cold on my huge tooth abcess?
I am on a combination of zoloft and xanax and was wondering if it would be ok to have a few wine coolers?
Can your bladder blow up?
I tend to have a lot of problems?
Am i gona die ?
What to do about seriously swollen feet & ankles?
ACNE can anyone out there PLEASE PLEASE help me out???
A Year ago I found out that I was a diabetic it was very sad to hear, but im scared to tell my family about it
If you were more than 100 pounds overweight, would you consider having a gastric bypass?
Can anyone tell me the definition of low blood sugar is?? on my meter sometimes i rate a 68 is that considered
Do you take sugar in your coffee?
Is this Diabetes?
Do I have signs of early diabetes and what do I do?
My auntie is diabetic, she is always having hypo's and it has got to the stage?
Can diabetics eat fruit (the ones who have high sugar levels) because there are natural sugars in them?
Can a person suffering from diabetes take alchohol?
Blood sugar levels in diabetics?
Does smoking cigarettes prevent lung cancer?
I chew tobacco once in a great while can I get mouth cancer?
I have a friend who is 45 and has smoked since the age of 12. I also know he does weed.?
Will drinking too much milk cause cancer?
Mother in late stage terminal cancer, watching her suffer! I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.?
To all of the smokers out there?
The doctor says that you are going to die in a month?
Would you Believe that a cure for Cancer has been around for years?
I just got braces and they dont hurt everybody said that they would does that mean that they arent going to?
When can i smoke again , after i have gotten my wisom teeth out?
What can i take to reduce swelling in my gums, please give me advice and not go se the dentist?
Why does my nose itch when I brush my teeth?
What would be the best at home remedy for pain for an abcessed tooth, can't get to dentist for a week?
How much does it cost to get a new tooth?
How will I tell my best friend that she has bad breath.?
How to keep your teeth healty and stop cavities from appearing on them?
The roof of my mouth has been hurting for 3 days?
Is Benadryl Allergy medicine safe to take on a daily basis?
Treament for hives?