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Does anyone feel Christmassy?
What should i do?10 points for the best answers.?
What's in the cake that makes it unhealthy food?
Does ANYBODY feel sorry for fat people?
I feel so fat!?
I hate myself and I want to die??
Right every1 im going to quit smoking tomorrow please wish me luck?
Someone I am stitting next to in work has BO, what should I do???
What time did you wake up this morning?
Is it nasty not to wear underwear? (Just asking)?
Is it bad for your teeth......?
What is the average weight???
Why people start smoking?
Many people say im short?
I smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day..am i gonna get cancer?
Does it hurt to get a filling?
Can Someone Please Help its and EMERGENCY!!?
I'm afraid to eat?
RE QUESTION Yes or No....Would you ever put either/both of your parents in a Care Centre/Nursing Home???
Do you really lose weight when you pee?
What is the condition called where a person is afraid of confronting other people?
Is weed bad for you when you have a cold?
What are you worried about at the moment?
Why am i always feeling so tired and thirsty?
Anyone know a cure for stomach ache ?
Do you lose weight from bulemia?
I am losing faith in humankind! I feel my ship is sinking! Can you dig up and share any goodness with me?
Does tooth extraction hurt ?
Should i lose a few pounds?
What is the best thing for a sore throat?
Am I FAT??????????????????????...
Is it possible to get aids the first time you do it?
What is weed?
Can you tell if someone is HIV positive by looking at them?
I am 30 is too late for me to study for dentistry degree?
HELP!! how do i make my dad STOP smoking?
What is my age?
Is your tap water safe to drink?
Did I Eat Ok Today????
Best exercise for overweight person?
How many sit ups should a person do on their first go?
Is 5 3" to short for a girl?
Gym embarrassment?
Any Last Positive Words Before I Go?
How far is too far with a diet? Serious answers please...?
I'm mental help!!!!?
Please tell me whats wrong with me!:[?
Is it possible to be addicted to this site?
Am i fat???
What are the ill effects of mastubration?
This is very personal, ashamed to share, but i am at my wits end?
Give me 5 good reasons to give up smoking please..?
Does giving up soda make you lose weight?
If you are 5 foot 2 inches....and weigh 109 pounds are you fat?
Am i fat?!?!?
I have a nose?
Is fat beautiful?
Am i............fat??
Should i lose weight???
My breath always stinks?
Whats the best way to get rid of cigarette stains from fingers?
How long does it take to bleed to death?
What can i eat or drink to help clean my liver as i drink alcohol a lot?
Anyone got any tips for making yourself sick after a meal?
How can i starve my self with out feeling hungry???
Is money the answer to happiness?
Will this sadness ever go away?
Im 14 i cry over anything whats wrong with me?
Is my weight fine or am I too skinny?
What do you tend to do when you're the most stressed?
My friend is 18 and ways 400 pound please tell me if that over weigh?
Lose 5 pounds by Friday?
I have an all nighter coming up and I have never done it before any tips?
Is smoking really bad for you?
Are u scared of dying?
Will tampons really work in water?
Do you believe in the "Do not eat after 7pm"??
8 glasses of water a day is ALOTTTTTTTTT aaaaaa.?
What is the best way to lose weight?
Didnt shower 4 a week?
Can i get my lip periced if i have braces?
Please help me Im crying and I need help please?
When is the best time to pick your nose?
How much sleep do you really need?
Do you smoke weed?
How can i loose weight without doing any exersice?
Is 5ft4in and 130 pounds fat for a 14 year old female....?
On a scale of 1-10 how tired do you feel?
If I kill one person I'm a murderer - However, if I kill a million I'm a conqueror, right?
What's The Last Thing You Do Before You Go To Bed?
How can stress present its self physically ?
How to get rid of lice overnight?
I'm anorexic should i tell my parents?
Why don't fat people just stop eating?
If I'm allergic to latex could I use Saran Wrap and a rubber band for protection?
How do you tell a fat woman, she needs to go on a diet without being rude?
How come Men don't get breast cancer? ...Is it hormone related?
If i died suddenly can u spend 1 min to think abt me ??
Why am i an alcholic?
I'm having a miserable day today. What can I do to cheer myself up?
What totally freaks you out in a bad way?
Do you ever lay awake in bed at night replaying embarrassing moments in your head and cringing?
How often do I need to buy a new toothbrush?
Am I underweight or overweight, or just normal?
"Besides toothpaste name something sold in a tube?
Am I over weight?
How do i get taller?
What do you do if you have a bloody nose?
I am scared to die at the age of 15?
I am tired but i can't sleep any suggestions?
Im getting braces and im scared cuz alot of pepole are saying its going to hurt like crazzy so i need help?
How to wake up on time?
Just a few weeks ago I weighed 155 now I weigh 168!!!?
I am doing 100 crunches a night but im just can't seem to lose the weight...?
Would you drink diet soda if...?
What Is a Control Freak?
Whats Wrong with me?? plz help?
Friend cutting please help?
How can i remove sleep from my life?
What the heck is wrong with me??
My mom thinks i'm fat!?!?
What are some good ways to make weight loss fun for me and my friend?
My hubby likes physical contact with other women?
Does anyone else feel alittle empty this xmas?
Why is it not good to drink liquids with a meal.like it's best to drink before or after but not through?
How can people smoke cigaretts when they know the truth?
Do dentists know if you smoke by looking at your teeth?
Am I at a healthy weight?
If one cup of diet snapple has 0 calories how much is in 2 cups?
Whats been your biggest worry this week?
Should fat people be allowed to eat in public?
I'm so sad right now. What do you do to pick yourself up when you're down?
Omg i dont know what to do! help me!?
A dead serious question - a good answer could make a difference to my whole life!?
What foods cause offensive smelling gas?
Am I too skinny? I am 82 pounds, 5"4, 14, and a girl.?
I eat a lot and I dont want to get fat ... so can someone please HELP!?
How do I tactfully get my girlfriend to lose some weight?
What food is a goood source of iron?
What gives us hiccups?
Fat American kids- who's to blame?
How come you cant sneeze with your eyes open?
I have a very bad temper, how can i calm down?
Is 5 ft 9 and 139 lbs fat for a woman?
If there is no cure for depression, it is fatal and I'm going to die because of it, isn't that the bottom line
I am 14, how tall should I be?
I have to get teeth braces do they hurt?
Wat happens when u die? do u do into some1 elses body or something?
Do you have a good memory?
Am i gay if i admire other guys for there looks?
What do you think I should do to gain weight???
Best Toothpaste?
Is it a good idea to get your tongue pierced while your DRUNK or buzzin it? why or why not?
What is the worst pain you ever felt?
Do you think that healthy people who park in handicap spaces should have their cars toed?
Why did i do it?
I am 5'6 and weigh 125 lbs am i overweight?
What do you think about dimples?
Im really f***ed up right now and i need help?
How do i get rid of the monster under my bed?!?
I weigh 94 lbs and still feel fat?
Braces! Good or Bad??
I hate everything about myself?
I am unhappy...how can i change that...?
Finish this sentence...I love the smell of ?
How can I stop eating junk food?
What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth she collects?
How can i recover from severe chronic clinical depression? help, i wish i might die?
Is my husband trying to sabotage my weight loss efforts?
How can I stop these thumbs-down for my answers from upsetting me?
How can I get fat over summer?
How do i stop biting my nales(im biteing them as we speak)?
What is the voice in your head that talks to you?
Im going mad! Im soooo FAT right now...?
Do you think that gettting 15-16 hours of sleep in 1 night is a little extreme for a 27yr old?
Are you happy with your body?
My fiance is bipolar and he gets in these horrible moods and takes it out on me. How do I cope with this?
How do i go from an emotional guy to an emotionally stable guy?
How many times a week should I exercise????
How can i improve my child's IQ?
Do you think I am Fat??
When I lose weight, I will make all you shallow men pay?
I just punched myself accidentally,what should I do?
Is it safe to put marbles up my girlfriends bottom?
Can you get aids by a wet kiss on lips?
My blood sugar level is 279, could I have diabetes?
Im depressed and thinking about suicide becuz the best girlfriend ive ever had moved wut do i do?
Would you rather burn or freeze to death?
Am I crazy?
Do you think I'll be pretty once I've lost 50 lbs? (To be 130lbs)?
Please read!!!?
Find it SO hard to sleep
Question about tylenol?
What is the best thing to do for my daughter? She is 5 and has thrown up 6 times in 3 hours.?
Is it still classed as 'cutting' if...?
What are you allergic to?
Is it possible to have naturally blond hair and hazel eyes?
Please answer 10points!!!!?
How old am I?
Does piercing your ear cartiledge hurt?
Help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
I've cut down to 5 ciggies a day, but feeling reaaly unwell,,,advice please?!?
Do you brush your teeth when you go to bed?
I'm 15 years old and i'm overweight. Does anyone know an "easy" way for me to loose it? thanks.
What's some good tips to help me fall asleep?
How do you get rid of dandruf?
Please help, I want a cigarette..........?
Hey everyone, i got a job!?
Is masterbating normal for teenagers?
Do drug addicts deserve any sympathy?
Is crying really healthy?
I eat 1000 cals a day (I always count) but I never loose weight, why!?
Is it possible for to eat more and not gain weight?
I smell terrible, yet I have a bath every Sunday without fail, I also use strong anti perspirant, what more?
How Can i Lose My tummy fat??
Sould I smoke pot or cigs???
I have a zit on my butt. How do I pop it?
Why do you start smoking.?
How do you not eat food when you see it?
Do you sleep on the left or right hand side of the bed?
Whats the best way to get rid of headlice?
Iam 12 and weight to lose weight before school starts in 19 days.I want to lose 40 pounds. so thank you!?
Can woman have a heart attack at 30 years of age?
If you are 5 foot 2 and 120, are you fat?
How to get over my embarrasment to go swimming?
Do retards know they're retarded?
Do you fart infront of people?
*Is smoking Marijuana bad for you?*?
When did you go to bed last night?
I am so fat!!!! I AM 5'6" and 125 pounds!! HOW CAN I GET THIN!!! AHH!! maybe i wont eat...im desperate!
Help! I have school tommarow and my sleep schedule is way off! How can I go to sleep easily tonight?
What happens if you hold in your farts?
So I am Fat Right!!!?
If a friend was planing on commiting suicide should you tell? I did but im worried i pushed her farther?
No one understands me, no ones helping me..?
Do you have any suggestions for someone who wants to start exercising but is in a bad shape and a smoker?
What is the quickest way to lose weight? don't say eat nothing for a week ...?
Can a bee sting you and then stay alive?
How do i stop losing fings!!!?
Does Chicken soup really help cure a cold?
Be honest, how often do you wash your hands after going to the loo?
I'm going to stop smoking tomorrow evening, have you any advice on giving up?
Problems making friends?
What shoud you do first? brush or listerine??
If you won the lottery would you go public?
How can you break a computer addiction?
Marijuana and cigarettes
Does anyone else feel dead inside?
Why isit people say eating before bed is bad for you. I would stop if i knew why. But a little munch before...
How do i gain weight?!?
MUST ANSWER!!!!! PLEASE!!! I need 55 answers!!!!?
Can u lose 10 pounds in a week!?
An embarassing question!!?
Is Green Tea good for your health?
How do you know if you have an Ulcer?
I can't stop gaining weight!?
Do you think it's selfish when people tell depressed people not to commit suicide?
Can i give my baby a tattoo?
Would you consider this anorexia?
Would i lose weight eating like this?
How do you kill a spider without going within 3 yards of it?
How can you get to sleep when you can't sleep??
How do I lose this gut??
Is it healthy if I eat only 500 calories a day?
If you see an alien what should you do???
Has anyone the answer to giving up smoking which actually works long term??
Will walking 3 miles everyday help me loose weight?
How much time should a person sleep?
Is there life after death or is it all over when you die?
Am i a normal weight?
What should i eat if im sick like a sore throat!?
How can I get rid of bad breath?
Is there somthing wrong with me?
Is drinking coke everyday bad for health?
Self harm???????
My braces HURT what do i do?
What do I eat to get potassiun?
Am I at my normal weight?
How can you fail a drug test without doing drugs?
Am i fat...................?
Does it hurt to get braces?
If there was a God why would he be so cruel to so many people and torture them with cancer,disability?
I'm 13 and weight 85 freakin pounds!!!!!?
What is the nicest way to say "mental hospital"?
I wish i had never been born, what do i do???
I brought some prunes today do you the they will help with constipation?
Who can admit that they talk to themselves? come on, in those Private moments.....?
Do you always wash your hand when you go to the bathroom????
What cheers you up when you're sad?
Am i mental?
My girlfriend is getting fat :( should I break up?
How effective is the withdrawl method?
How can i Pierce my ear without a needle or gun?
Why do I feel sick everytime I wake up?
Am I overweight??
Is there anyway to get shorter????????????
Is it normal to be attratced to the yahoo avatars? mature people only?
I think i have a problem? What should i do?
Help me PLEASE!! do i have cancer.?
15 years old and doing drugs..do i need help?
Should i listen to depressing music?
Help i want to die?
Forced to choose between your sight and hearing, which would you rather keep, and why?
I'm worried about my daughter and don't know how to help her.?
What do you do when you are lonely?
Why are my teeth so yellow?
How do I avoid getting drowsy after lunch?
Am i weird???
If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do?
What is a good diet for and overweight kid?
My brother likes to spend time dressed as a female?
I hate myself?
Whats the one thing i can change in my diet that will guarantee i lose weight?
What are you scared of?
Wots the longest time u've gone without eating?
Can you get AIDS by giving B.J's?
What was the first thing you ate this morning?
Why is it so damn hard to lose weight?
I think about suicide a hell of a lot please help me?
When will my braces stop hurting?
Do i need to lose weight?
Why Should I Care About Living...?
I'm feeling really down right now, should i turn to alcohol to dull the pain?
Does stress make YOU eat more or less food?
What can i do to get rid of herpes?
Is it safe to sit on public toilet seats?
I am 5ft 2in tall and i weigh 170 lbs am i considered obese?
What do you think when you see an obese person?
Why do people tap cigarette boxes before they open it?
Fastest way to get skinny?
I need to lose weight (FAST)!!?
Not want to go with life anymore can someone help me?
Cant walk any suggestions?
Tonight i quit smoking,,,,,,Who here believes in me?
I often think about suicide!?
Did I eat too much today?
My stool got stuck. I cant crap. Very painful ?
If you eat 800 calories a day and jog for 40 min will you lose weight?
Can the weather determine the mood we are in?
What is a natural alternative to treating depression? Any natural way to treat depression?
Im 13 weight 115 lbs and im about 5'3 am i fat skinny or normal?
Is giving blood bad for you?
My weight bothers me a lot. How can I lose it as fast as possible?
Is Guinness good for me?
I'm going t quit smoking will you al support me ? no ignorant or smart answers please?
I'm 5'1, 100lbs at 14. is this a good weight?
This is so werid. I keep on crying and i dont know why?
This is kind of embaressing....?
When you have a headache what is the best cure?
Can a baby catch AIDs?
How tall are you?
How many times did you brush your teeth this week?
How can you keep yourself, fom wanting to kill yourself?
Is 180 overweight for a 14 year old?
Banana up my rectum...?
Can anyone help get my sit-ups right?
How do I look?
What is the worst thing you have ever smelt in your life?
When am i going to die?
Am i fat? just tell me seriously i need to know?
How many ppl have you been with?
My mom just threw up?
My mum died in march this year,?
Have you ever attempted suicide and what happened?
What can I take to improve my memory?
Why dont people listen to me?
REM? What does REM stand for?
If you could have everything you want...would you be happy ?
Does the first time hurt?
Should i stop drinking them?
I have just found out I'm a diabetic what can I eat and drink?
Was the death of Steve Irwin clouded in conspiracy?
I'm scared of my self?
Guys, would you rather have a girl with: a toned stomach, or a soft stomach?
Why cant i lose weight?
Do you sleep with one, two or more pillows??
Prayer Request...?
What's the average time for taking bath?
Why is there a voice in my head?
How much do you weigh? How tall are you?
I just burned myself, plz help?
Have you ever trusted someone COMPLETELY?
I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car and my foot is on the break but the car won't stop.
I need a fast working hangover cure?
Why do men grow beards, but not women?
I dont know what to believe? am i fat or not? please help!!?
Are there any kind of foods helps when you're depressed?
Is a tattoo cool or not?
I shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?
Tell me i'm fat so then i have motivation to start dieting.?
Is it true that bipolar has no cure?
My wife complains that my flatulence smells bad.... is there any way to change the smell?
Do you give blood? If not why?
Should I take up smoking?
I have been celibate ,drugfree and teetotal for a year tomorrow?
Tips to stop coughing?
Iv just burnt my fingers .. what can i do to sooth the pain?
What makes acne appear plz answer plz?
Diet pills for a 13 year old?
Best 'cure' for common cold?
What should I do if my imaginary friend Bob is on the ground with a knife in his forehead and blood all over?
How do i get rid of garlic breathe?
How does the smoking ban affect you?
How can i stop nose bleeds?
Is it bad to chew on ice?
Am i fat i am 5ft 4in 164lbs i am a male?
Why Is It That Most Of The Time I Feel Fat And Ugly?
Why do you think there are more fat people in the US?
I need to lose 10 pounds in 2 months.. I'm 12.. What should I do?
How can i cure constipation ?
My mum died nearly 2 years ago...?
What is your phobia?
What is the best thing to use on a cut that won't heal?
Am i to young for lipo?
I have a cold, my nose is stuffy and throat is sore, what are the best ways of getting this to go away fast?
What is the best advice you can give to a 15 year old?
I need help with drugs?
Are you a smoker?
What is so imortant about drinking water?
How can a 15 year old boy lose weight?
Am i too fat if im 5'6" and 135 pounds?
I eat dirty toenails, is this wrong?
Do you believe in Aliens?
Any advise on how to prevent a hangover?
Everyone in my house is asleep and I just burned myself?
What is good for a hangover?
Do you examine your "Poo" for health reasons?
GIRlS ONLY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!...
When I pee it hurts do I have a hemorrhoid?
What one word calms you down?
Why do people?
Is chewing tobacco a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes?
Am i too skinny ?
Is anybody here afraid of old porcelain dolls, that seem like they're looking at you?
How can i tone my stomach without doing sit ups,still eating dominoes pizza,drinking alcohol n smoking weed?
I heard toothpaste helps cure acne but?
What are the funny effects of cannabis?
My mother is dieing of cancer?
Is Anorexia Bad?
Is it safe to use my friend's toothbrush?
Its not bulimia right?
I have a bad habit....NEED HELP!!!?
My mother is in the hospital and i need help and advice?
Is this healthy?
Am i tooo fat?????????
Why do people start smoking?
Why am I suddenly feeling down? I have a great marriage, job, child, pets...I feel sad and worthless.?
What are these fat things on my chest?
OMG i need serious answers please, i'm scared?
I am 13 years old and I weigh 113? Do I need to lose weight?
Would anyone actually care if i died tonight?
I have to get a couple teeth pulled in 2 weeks....does it hurt?
Does anyone else think this is strange??
Do you mind if I cry!!!!?
I lost the love of my life ,to cancer about 1 month ago,could anyone tell me when the hurt stops?
How tall are you and how old?
I need a cigarette badly :(?
Does anyone know a natural cure for headaches??
Does anyone know the substance used to clean your skin just before it is cut during an operation?
I think i have cancer?
What would you do?
Do you really like who you are?
What's the best advice you can give to someone who is about to quit smoking?
Im 14 years old, and im a overweight, id like to start working out but im too emabarrased?
I think I'm constipated. What do I do?
I am going to get my wisdom teeth out on 5 hours.?
Is there any cure for laziness?
I am so depressed, and have no one to talk to !?
Is this too much for lunch?
I've cut my finger off?
I'm a male, 5'91/2" tall and 150 lbs. Am I fat?
DO you smoke?
Can you get/catch chicken-pox more than once?
Body odor at 6yrs old????
No silly answers please, but Why do I have Itchy Palms?
Are you scared of dieing?
I can't get my ring off!!!?
Am i fat or skiny?
How can i lose alot of weight fast !?
Please, how do I clear out my clogged ear?
Whats the best way too lose weight in 2 weeks?
Do you hate eating chicken?
What do you think about muscular skinny guys?
How do you get rid of hunger pains?
Who has the healthier lifestyle? Girl A or Girl B?
Can't wake up in the morning?
Is 8st overweight...?
Is it bad to drink too much water?
Do u think 101lbs is fat for a 13 year old?
Does stretching before you excersise really help minimize the risk of potential injuries?
First signs of a cold - what's good to take?
Am I Too Fat Or What?
Should i try weed?
When you are lonely, where do you go?
I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. can it be cancer?
Why do mosquitoes always go for me and not my girlfriend?
How many pounds can i lose if i eat less than 500 cal a day for 3 wks?
Do you think its bad to wear a bra to sleep?
Do you have to be skinny to be happy?
Whats the best thing to do when you're depressed?
Do you smoke? If so, do you smoke more than two cigarettes a day?
This body?
Is smoking attractive or unattractive?
What is the best weight lost program?
Can you eat ice cream if you have a sore throat?
Does anyone else hate their life so much that they want to die every day?
Commiting suicide, yes or no?
I dont like myself :[?
How do you pass a pee test??? Drug test???
How does salt make you fat if it doesnt have any calories?
Why cant i make myself throwup?
I accidently cut off 3 of my fingers...what should i do??
Is a Size 16(uk) Huge?
I weight 310 pounds and what is the best way to lose weight?
I am very horny but none of my boyfriends are nearby, what should i do?
I am gonna kill myself...?
Suicide question?
Help!! What is the best cure for a hangover apart form not drinking in the first place!!?
Am i too thin?
Got any inspirational quotes or sayings?
I started taking diet pills and I can't stop having headached?
My lips are green, my skin is peeling off like a glove, my left eye popped out, and I can't feel me legs??????
How do I stop it bleeding?
When I stand up, I see all black?
Suicidal, what should I do?
Does anybody suffer from excess acid coming up from the stomach,sleeping at night,yes?i need the remedy pls?
Would Steve Irwin had lived if he had not pulled the barb out of his chest..?
I got sunburned??
AM I SCREWEd ( Health )?
Bad breath?
What's wrong with suicide?
How can I stop myself from gettin hungry when I dont eat?
Am I wierd or is this normal??
I'm a size 12/10 and I want to get down to a size 8 in just over 4 weeks please help!?
Why do I have headaches?
Does having wisdom teeth pulled hurt like a MO FO ?
Should I worry of getting HIV through something that I ate today? Read my details!?
How can I stop being depressed and change my life?
How many people out here cut?
I have had the weirdest weeek...PLEASE HELP!?
Can you get breast cancer if you slap a friend in the breast?
I am about to break my leg falling down the stairs any tips on how to definatly brake my leg?
Does anyone know how to gain 5-10pounds in about two weeks?
How does a person know if they are sane ?
How do you know you are too thin?
Is there such thing as being big boned ?
If I gargle alcohol (brandy, vodka, tequila...)...will it kill the bacterias causing my sore throat?
Fed up of Life... Fed up of Me???
What stops you from eating sweets etc?
Canada or mexico?
What is the first thing on your mind the minute you get up in the morning?
Just what is it like having wisdom teeth removed?
Can someone smoke till old age and still not get cancer?
I'm tired but can't sleep what do i do?
I think my ex is going to commit suicide?
Do u see a cup half empty or half full?
Is it GOOD or BAD to drink MORE than the suggested 8 glasses of water a day??
What should I do I found out that my boyfriend is shooting up?
What pee is means your healthier? dark yellow or light almost clear?
Ok, I need some people to help me with this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which spice is considered 2 b an anticeptic?
What are good reasons not to commit suicide?
I am 13 years old, 5'4" and 180 pounds. Am I obese?
Should i go on a diet?
What do you do to relieve stress?
Do u know any home remedies for killing head lice?
Please could my mum have your prayers this afternoon?
What are teeth made of?
Gross, but it keeps happening........?
Did i loose my virginity through injuries when i was in 1st grade?
How would u describe yourself in 1 word?
Why ever would a person commit suicide?
If I drink a bottle of wine on my own every week am I an alcoholic?
U have only 1 miracle magic portion to cure the whole World : Aids or Cancer?
Please can you give me your opinions on my weight (Pic included)?
I really feel like I want to start smoking?
Shower morning or night?
HELP! i have a partner who snores non-stop all night and its driving me crazy!?
Am i fat? i wanna kno wat people think of me?
My finger tips feel numb have since I woke up what could it be?
Is a 15 year old going out with a 20 year old too big an age gap?
Anyone have an idea to get rid of a headache?
So-tox on gmtv?
IS marijuana Bad for YOu?
My body is fat?
What are carrots good for?
Do any of you think that there is something worng with being dark?
I have decided to stop smokeing after 40 years as a heavy smoker?
Do you think 4'10" 90 lbs is fat for a 16-year-old? yea, i know i'm short. :(?
Is drinking beer useful to the body?
What the best ways to stop smoking weed?
Does anybody else experience this?
Is it true that if you eat breakfast you will lose weight quicker?
Does eating before i go to sleep make me gain weight?
Why am I always so tired?
I CANT stop eating fat food!!HELP!!!!!?
Have u ever thought about taking your life? What made u change your mind?
Bloody stool?
I was almost killed today in my car?
Am i overweight?
Does anyone know how to lose a tan??
Am I Tall for A 13 Year Old?!?
My sister wants to lose 50 lbs in two weeks, what is the best way to do it?
I think im deppresed?
I cut myself?
Can mountin dew really rot your teeth?
Why are my toenails yellow ! does eny1 think its likely 2 be a infektion?
Do you think a gap between your 2 front teeth is cute?
Do you tell a mature adult that she is going to die soon?
Anyone ever suffered so much stress that you cant sleep at night + feel like you're on the verge of breakdown?
How can i losse some weight without doing any eforts and eating anythig?
Are there natural ways to feel less tired?
I'm an effin fatty...?
Serious question. Quick home remedy for constipation please?
Ladies, Please. How important (hot) is a six pack on a guy?
Can you die from an epileptic fit?
What is the best medicine for tooth pain?
I need to loose weight and im 11?!?
Today is my father's open heart surgery ...?
Chest pain normal?
What are the dangers of smoking pot?
Am I curvy? or just fat?
I need help!?
Smoking gave up !!?
I dont know if its a phase or just me?
I dont want to live anymore.What can I do to hold on before I do something to myself?
I'm really skinny , how can i gain wight fast?
Where were you born?
How do i get a ghost out of my house?
My dad is going to kill himself...?
I am 14 and i have had 12 stds' wat do i do?
How do you get rid of an infected ear piercing?
I want to lose 30 pounds in 60 days. Is that possible? How do I do it?
I consumed 12 cans of coke last night, and now i am suffering from stomach ache. why is this?
Is it unhealthy to wake up at this time?
What blood type am i?
What is best way to stop smoking?
Serious question........Serious answers only-Please?
Hey guys, am I overweight?
If I drank just tea would I lose weight?
Hayfever remedies, please!!!!?
I think i am getting a cold. What can i do to prevent it?
HELP I'm very short tempered how to control my anger?
I totally binged today and I am on a diet what should I do?
What happened to me?
Has anybody been through this or am I going mad?
Doe cigarettes really taked years of you life?
What kind of drink is healthy for everyone?
How do I get my gf from size 10 to 8?
Are you addicted to anything?
What is the best way to stop a nose bleed?
Should I loose some weight?
How old where you when you first started smoking?
Is it possible to lose weight without dieting?
What will be the best breakfast for a person who wants to lose weight?
Why do people get paranoid?
What state is the fattest?
My friend stinks...literally what do I do?
Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
Do hamburgers, fries and icecreams make you fat?
What is the best cure for a hangover because so far i have found none.?
Can peanut butter make you thin?
Will marijuana still be in my system after only two hits 11 days ago? I haven't smoked in two years.?
How can a person make his/her self puke on purpose?
What are you terrified of?
I have no friends and no life! How can i get a life?
What is the best way to stop a nose bleed ?
What would keep me awake for longest other than coffee?
How do you ease your anxiety and stress levels?
I weight 115 and i think i am fat?
Whats a good snack to have in the evening thats not to many calories and will not upset your stomach?
How do u beat depression, all i want to do is sleep?
Im getting braces tomorrow and im really scared.?
I smoked pot two weeks ago but i havent smoked before that for years how long before I pass a drug test?
Natural remedies and solutions for stress...?
Is there any1 on here who actally likes me?
I Just Burnt Myself?
What gets weed out of your system fast say like in 6 days?
What time did you go to bed last night?
Is Abortion Murder?
Why do we pee everytime we crap?
When you squeeze your eyes together really tight, what colors do you see?
I am 3' 8" and weigh 384 pounds. Am I overweight?
Am i fat at age 12?
Will walking to school in the mornings help you lose weight?
What weight looks best, opinions?
Should I stop smoking? I am going to die anyway!?
Do you think i'm fat? Honest opinions please..?
14 years old and i still haven't had chicken pox, What shall i do?
Is this right?
Does anyone out there use hot water from the tap when brushing thier teeth?
Are there any members on-line tonight, who would join me in a prayer for my Dad who died on Friday morning?
What can i drink to get marijuanna out of my system?
Is it rude that I am not going to a funeral because I am still upset about my best friend dying?
Help my girlfriend!?
Am I drinking too many energy drinks?
What to eat for breakfast if I need to lose weight?
Are you a....????
Am i crazy?
Do people really have a fear of clowns?
SMOKERS;are you pissed off with all this hype about smoking?
Do braces hurt?
I Have Terrible Acne?
Do you really trust that AIDs comes from black people? Any evidence?
I want to gain 5 pounds by this Friday. What should I do to gain the weight?
Do u think Im Fat?
How many pillows to you use underneath your head when sleeping?
My daughter has been running a fever and severe headache for months now. had several test run to no avail.help
Can I have a hug?
If we all lived underground away from the sun, would we still get cancer?
I shaved my pubes and I have a horrible rash?
Feeling Very Stressed....help?
My husband was tested for hiv on november, should i get tested?
How do you smoke?
What do you think about people who can't stop smoking?
Can someone answer this for me?
Any tips or helpers?
What are some weird/random stuff about yourself?
Are My Body Measurements Too Small?
What's the best wording for this sentence, to print on a sign?
Is everyone anti-smoking?
Can you get stds from kissing?
Is Mountain Dew Really That Bad For Your Teeth??
I hit my ankle with a golf club and now i cant even walk on it.?
I just completed the iq test and got 127, is that good? whats your score?
Have you ever had to stay in hospital?
How do i get rid off the hiccups?
I need as many ways as possible to cure a sore throat?
If you are 5' 4" and 125 pounds are you fat?
At what age do you think people are officially old?
Have you ever spoken to god?
Dose life get easier the older you get?
Please don't Google this question...?
Ugghh, my throat is KILLING me. What will help!?
I started smoking a couple of months ago and now I think I'm addicted, I don't know what to do?
How long is the longest have you been awake?
What is one bad habit you would like to stop?
I think my boyfriend may have Obsessive compulsive disprder?
Can you guess what is the strongest muscle in your body?
What do you think is the worst addiction a person can have?
This is not exactly the best forum for this, but I'm depressed?
I have a question...?
How much sleep does the average person need ?
Im pregnant again ,im scared of having another baby,im 19 with 3 kids already?
Is it safe to use 1/2 a bottle of peroxide in my bath?
Braces...do I need them? ***PICS***?
How much should a 10 year old girl weigh???
My husband died 4 weeks ago from cancer at the age of 65. Emotions are still very "raw". I know I will get
I feel like there's no point to life.?
Can somebody suggest a good home remedy for sore throat?
Does it matter if the girl I like is a year older than me? i am 18 she is 19.?
Do you think i should see a psychiatrist?
Please help!! Scared..?
Scarey urges?
What doesn't cause cancer?
Are daddy long legs poisonious but they dont know how to bite so they cant harm you?
Am I heavy?
Name one bad habit that you have?
How can I lose weight without dieting?
I can't fall asleep!!!?
Whats ur age , height and weight??
I am 17 year old girl. I weigh 300 lbs! I dont drink pop and I am active! What can i do to lose weight?!?
Why are women always on a diet?is it because they never stop eating?
When times are rough, what makes you happy?
Can vampires get sick?
Can diet soda make you fat?
Do you believe that long term marijuana use alters someones personality?
Are they flushable?
When you are sad or depressed is there anything that usually cheers you up quickly - if so, what is it?
I want to run to lose weight, but just after one lap, I'm exhausted! And I'm only 13, and 125 pounds! Help!
How can one end their life and make it look accidental?
Is 127 lbs alot for a 13-yr old girl to weigh?
How many times should u eat fast food in a week?
Whats the best method to wake up in the morning - besides coffee?
Are you a blood donar?
Im 180 Ibs. & Im 10 am I over weight????
What Are Some Things You Do To Relive Stress?
To those that have attempted suicide...?
I am 14 and i am 210 and 5'6 what should i do to loose weight and i dont have any money!?
Is 100 calories a day too much? I am very large and can't seem to lose any weight.?
What is your biggest fear/phobia?
My weight?
Ah, will it stop at 18?
Do you despise overweight people too?
What is the alternative way to cure or even heal/help depression illness apart from prescription drugs?
How can u fight cravings of food?
Can you ........?
Is butter good for burns?
What is the best food to eat when body building ?
I smoke (normal ciggs) and i am 16. will this interfere with my gorwing any taller?
How can i convince my mom to not put braces on me?
How old do i look to you??
What is something i can do to get rid of a sore throat?
Whats the most unusual phobia anyone has out there?
Why Am I So Thin?
What do you think of the 'warning' labels on cigarette packets?
Should I go to the hospital?
I'm tiny, i want to put on some weight. I find it very difficult to eat. what do I do?
How i get fat ???
Does this sound like a healthy amount of food for a woman to eat in a day?
Why do I get the urge to smile or laugh in awkward situations?
I am 13, 5 feet and 110 lbs is a right/ healthy/ good weight? am i fat?
How to get rid of muscle ache after workout?
If you had to make a decision when you get old to either lose your mobility or your mind what would it be?
What is thrush?
I just got my braces off like, 2 days ago and my teeth look really big and yellow... any sugestions?
How come diabetes is more common in the US?
Is losing 60 pounds in ten months an acheivable goal?
Should i stop working out?
I got some sun today. Did you?
My problem is i feel nervouse talking to people and i feel shy to make proper eye contact. Advise me please..?
Whats the best cure for head lice?
Well theres my 1st resolution down the drain...?
I'm so depressed right now, should i get drunk?
Is drinking 4 pills at a time is bad for you?
Why do girls try to be so skinny?
What do you do when u get real depressed?
How can people function knowing that one day they will be dead?
What is the perfect weight for a women that is 5'2"?
How do I bring my blood sugar down?
My 16 month old daughter fell and her 2 front baby teeth shoved higher in her gums! Will they come back down?
If your eyes were to pop out of their sockets, and you pointed them at each other, what image would you see?
I need help?! SERIOUS stress?
Why do fat people make me sick?
How long does depression last?
My son's bedroom carpet smells horrible... almost like urine and spoiled milk. What can I use to remove smell
PLEASE ANSWER. It so hard not to eat!?
Is weight really the issue? If so, what am I suppose to do? ugh!!!?
Is there a way to trick myself to stop eating candy?
Did i just have a heart-attack?
My son told me I needed to buy him regular pop because diet pop causes cancer.?
What would you do if you were raped and enjoyed it?
Why do I eat when im bored and how can I STOP??
Can I refuse cancer treatment and let it run its course with painkillers from my GP.?
I keep crying the whole time!?
Oh my gosh im fat!?
My daughter is 20 and wants her canine teeth lenghtened to make them look "vampire" teeth..what do you think?
Whats the coolest sickness: Schizophrenia or Bipolar?
I won't eat?
How to reduce toothache?
Should I pull the plug on my mother?
Can chocolate milk come out while breast feeding?
What animal kills the most people every year?
Why am I always on the defensive? Whenever anyone says something I always take it the wrong way.?
How do you get rid of a freaking wart on my finger on my left hand. Every time I cut it, blood comes out?
Survey! Which kind of milk do you prefer? Full cream or semi skimmed? or semi skilled?
Is smoking pot bad if you do it occasionally?
Will i lose alot of weight if i become a vegetarian?
My grandma passed away this morning & I'm non-emotive?
Is cutting okay?
What are some methods that I can use to forget about my depression?
Do I Have A Eating Disorder?
Do you drink milk regularly?
Can You Please Pray For Him PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why does no one answer my question?
How can I increase the size of my breasts without surgery?
Weed 3-5 times a day?
Ok....Can I lose weight by this time?
Should smokers be treated for lung cancer?
Hey I weigh 94 pounds and I`m 5.2 tall am I fat I`m a girl 12 years old?
How can i loose weight???
What happens if u drink someone else's urine?
Please please please help cant stop crying?
Am I Anorexic? Help!?
Can u die of bordem???
Are you female or male.?
What does an optometrist do?
Whats the best thing for toothache?
What is the best home remedy for toothache? i am in agony?
This is a personal question but has anyone been raped before???
Friend wants me to keep him in house at weekend not allow him out to buy heroin can he really stop like this?
My P.E teacher called me fat, am i?
Is not brushing my teeth everyday gross?
Do you take showers in the AM or PM?
I need to break my arm. how should i do it????????
Can rock band help you lose weight?
Mom gave me a pill????
Why do some people have gold teeth?
How do i lose weight fast ive got 6 weeks to lose 14lbs?
I seem to be addicted to my computer. Please help?
How do you lose 5 pounds in 5 days?
Would you swap both your feet for the ability to fly????
I want to stop smoking?
I am 6.03 and i weight 110 pounds . am i fat ?
Is it a sign of mental health disorder, someone that talks out loud to themselves when they alone?
What if hallucinations are real?
Do you think I can lose weight by not going to the gym but to walk in town?
What happens if you find out that in two weeks you die?
Im 10 yrs old and im want to lose weight but my parents say im not fat should i listen or try to lose weight?
I don't know how to deal with this?Have I got a problem?
Im 5'6" and weigh 116. and people call me anorexic because???
Best cigarette brand to start smoking with?
Is This Normal?
Have you been sucidal?
How do you make your headache gone away without taking any tablets?
How do you make yourself not hungry?!?
Should I go to the hospital?
How many full adult teeth wxcluding any wisdom teeth should you have?
What is the average cost of a pack of cigarettes?
How to shed off 20 pounds in 2 weeks?
Would smoking weed get my coughing worse?
Should a guy be worth loosing weight for?
What is the difference between a headache & a migraine cos i am not sure which i have got ?
POLL: Do you work out at home or at a gym?
What are the best ways to get chewing gum off of clothes?
Can anybody tell me ...What is the bodies biggest organ?
Should I go for a walk?
I can't stop biting my nails, can you give me some advice on how to stop please?
How do i fix me?
What are you afraid of??
Would you date a person who weighs more than the average person?
Im really sad and i dont know why.......?
Females only, please (pretty darn embarrassing)?
I am thinking of killing myself??
Why does no one answer my question?
What colors should i get on my braces?
Smelly Private Area Sweat? Serious Ones Only?
Eating only 1 meal a day to lose weight? at 13?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
Is diet pop bad for you or not?
Need answers within 4 minutes!!!!!!?
Do you or have you ever donated blood?
I hate myself so badly?
What color is blood?
I cut my arms..... SOMETIMES...is that still classed as self-harm?
Is this really weird?
Am I Overweight Obese or Normal?
Please, this is an emergancy - Someone can give me ideas?
How many times can you urinate in a day?? I'm worried I may go too much, been 7 times in thes last 46 minutes.
Why is my arm red?
When I smoke weed for my first time how do I make sure I wont be paranoid?
What is the bare minimum hours of sleep a person needs to be mentally sane?
If somone has a family history of alcoholism, drinks daily, but is never violent when drinking?
What is the effect of too much carrot in the body/?
Am I gay if I like flowers?
Where shall i say ive been all these years?
Im 14 but i dont know whats going on?
Do you ever feel like you're crying inside but no matter how hard you try you can't properly cry?
I found some pills my husband was takeing help me to know what they are?
Too many strawberries?!!!!!!?
Am i too fat?
Can someone please read this and help me?
How tall are you? are you accept your height?
My new job is making me VERY depressed........I don't know what to do?
Im 14 and drinking daily...?
Smoking Pot, who thinks its bad for you?
What do you put in your smoothies??
What are some good things to drink while on a diet?
What's the fastest way to cure constipation?
I got bite by a spider a few days ago and started shooting webs from my hand what should i do?
Is my weight okay?
Whats the easiest way to quit smoking?
I have 2 anus's its embarrassing?
Having Sleepless Nights . . . Any Ideas?
Whats the fastest way to becoming a millionaire?
I was 256 lb before 4 months now my weight is 154 lb,Do you believe that?
I always feel SO fat. im 5'6 and 115lbs?
I want to get help for my drug addiction, but I just am too scared?
How do you support someone who is an alcoholic?
Is it true that we cannot bathe after eating? why?
What the HELL is wrong with me????
If i have smoked approximately 100 ciggarettes in my lifetime so far, what has that done to me thus far?
What do you do when you wake up?
When you cry does it make you feel better?
Igot three girls pregnant in two months what should i do?
Should fatties be banned from eating cakes/burgers in public places as like with smoking?
I want to sell one of my kidneys so i can get to hawaii, is that possible, would someone actually pay money fo
Curvy and large or slim and skinny ? whats more attractive ?
What Should I Do?
I m chain smoker , smoke 40-50 cigerettes daily, i want to control ir and bring down to 5 and quit , how can i
Will drinking coffee make you fat?
How do you lower a fever?
What's wrong with me?
What the hell happened to me last night?
Things are not working out for me. Going through a lot of crap. In need of guidance. Help!?
How do you get over the flu?
What should you do if you smoke quit don't quit ?????
Do crazy people know they are crazy?
Why is everyone's blood red?
What is the first sign of madness?
Will walking 2 miles everyday help me lose weight?
Im 13 , an ..?
Am i weird? Or am i hurt?
I need help for Dehydration?
How much weight should I lose?
Getting rid og hiccups?
Question about my height?