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How can my answer be a violation ?
My son (16 months) hit his tooth on something and its loose, should I worry?
Itching ALL OVER?
Can people be allergic to other people?
Does Claritin D actually work? Who has tried it?
Why are my ears ringing a lot??
Whenever I eat egg omelet I face acidity or heart-burning. What should i do?
Something is wrong with my apartment. chest hurts?
What foods are good for the eyes?
Itching is any kind of alergy?
Do hamsters affect asthma?
I just got tons of hives all over my torso....they just appeared in the last 2 hours what do i do?
I'm having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow?
Are braces geeky?
Im getting braces...read details! PLEASE?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled today how do i know if the medicine my oral surgeon gives me will affect
When can you smoke after getting your tooth pulled?
I have an appointment today...?
How do i complain about a dentist?
How do I tell my husband without sounding mean?
Does it hurt when you have your wisdom teeth cut out?
What's worse for your teeth? Chewing gum, soda, or tobacco?
I just returned from the ER with a possible diagnosis of TB . Can anyone tell me if this is a death sentence?
Why does God not want me to be a firefighter?
I was cut by a piece of metal, should i go get a tetanus shot?
Best cure for headaches? Thanks.?
Short Smoking Survey
Which is dangerous. low blood pressure or high blood pressure?
Im sick, someone please help?
Canker sores?
What is the best food to eat after you do braces?
Getting braces do they hurt??
Is my absesed wisdom tooth bad???
Home remedies for a toothache?
Do you prefer soft, medium or hard toothbrush?
My braces hurt!!!!!!?
Do you floss your teeth?
How long with braces?
What are those small, yellow things inside your mouth that smell really bad? What should I do about it?
I wore my retainer for 6 years, stopped for 4 and they have turned slightly. Should I be worried?
My child hates toothpaste?
I had my lower wisdom teeth extracted, how long should it take for the holes to close?
Cavity - is drilling process painful?
What does my dentist mean by this?
Wher can i get some dental help? I'm in a great deal of pain ,with no insurance and low income?
What happens if you eat your own tooth?
Wisdom teeth removal...the bleeding won't stop?
Can I share my crest whitening strips with my friend?
My two front teeth are quite long - is it possible to have them filed down?
Best ToothPaste?
I just got 4 of my wisdom teeth out. How do I take pain medication prescribed my doctor?
I'm getting braces soon. What colors look good and what colors look bad?
How long does it hurt after an upper wisdom tooth is removed?
My best friend has real bad breathe, could it be something from her stomach?
Teeth whitening ways?
Surely biting your nails is a form of cannibalism? LOL?
Wisdom teeth?
Which is better a root canel or take the tooth out?
I dont have any teeth, is it worth going to the dentist?
Braces!!! survey...haha?
Elastic color for braces?
What causes one nostril to be stopped up?
Cat is sick not eating and I'm scared. he throw up blood?
Can you be allergic to some cats, but not others?
How Can I reduce stuffiness in my bedroom?
Does this mean I have allergies?
Cat allergies. What can I do to prevent an allergic reaction?
Can an allergic reaction happen this quickly?
Im sick...:'(?
I have had a runny nose all my life and don't know what to do about it does anyone?
Is Splenda safer than Nutrasweet?
Any tips/suggestions for yellow teeth?
Dentist questions?
Do dentists use dynamite to extract teeth?
Why do some adults were braces for longer than 3 year? Why does it take so long?
Wisdom tooth extraction....?
What will kill the pain from a tooth ache until I can see a dentist?
What is the best way to calm toothache before you can get to the dentist?
OMG! Answer this Please Help MEE!!!!!?
Why is it important to remove wisdom teeth?
Why bleeding occurs in teeth?
What's wrong with me? Is this a cold or something worse?
I have a cold sore next to my lip. Its NOT an STD. I'm 12.?
What does it mean if you're coughing up black stuff?
How can I get rid of the dry cracks on my feets' soles?
If i have urinary tract infection,do i go to the pharmacy or the clinic?
Cocaine use?
Baby constipation?
Earache relief needed?
I am SO scared! PLEASE HELP?
Wisdom tooth is being removed...what will I be able to eat?
Gum Pain???
What is more of a turn off braces?glasses?or spots?
Is gum bad for you?
I need help with braces!?
My tooth cap has fallen out.how do you stick a cap back on when the post has gone.?
Has anyone ever had a molar pulled with just a local anesthetic instead of being put under???
I haven't got any fillings at the moment but i'm due to have two tomorrow.?
What is the most efficient and quick way to stop toothache?
Can you choose to be awake or asleep during the extraction of wisdom teeth?
Root canal pain?
How can I make my teeth whiter? I have yellow teeth even though I wash and floss 'em daily?
I want to break my own face to just get my mind off the toothache! HELP!!!!?
I can't afford an tooth implant or a bridge, what should I do?
Is there any natural ways to white your teeth?
Toothache remedies?
Though i dont smoke neither have i ever smoked yet i have colored teeth.how do i get rid of it .?
Wisdom teeth. Why do people have them taken out?
Can anyone describe that dentist office smell?
Do teeth whiteners actually work?
Is it normal to have a very bad toothache when you have your braces for the first time?
Can you get lost enamel back on teeth?hope so!?
My retainers broke!?
My sister has really bad breath and i told her .... more inside?
I got all my teeth pulled out on the bottom 6 days ago?
Should i get braces???my teeeth arent crooked theyre strait but this guy thinks my teeth are not strait.....?
Which toothpaste gets your teeth the whitest, fastest?
Can you have an Allergic reaction if you have no rash?
Help for Peanut allergy?
What can I do to help my eyes?
Is it possible to be allergic to onions?
Bee alergy?
What on earth could be causing my allergies?
Can your eyes really pop out of your head when you sneez?
Is this a Chocolate allergy?
Have you ever gone into anaphalaxic shock?
I am lactose intolerant...?
Im freakin out cuz i have 6 cavities..and boy do i have questions!!?
Is it annoying to wear a retainer?
Is getting wisdom teeth taken out worse then getting any other tooth taken out?
Which toothpaste would you recommend using.???
Where can I purchase teeth whitening strips that whiten over night? HELP!?
I'm nervous and scared about getting my braces...?
What does it mean when you have little white specks on your tonsils?
Why are dentists so X-ray happy?
Tooth nerve exposed??
Is it dangerouse to use someone elses inhaler?
I have digesting and constipation problem, can u give me homely solution?
Throat Infection / Strep Throat - Swallowing the gunk or spitting it out?
Std from feliatio?
How do you tell your boyfriend you might have an std?
Would you advise anyone to go for a HIV test???
I have a bad digestive system. Is it IBS?
Bad Breath???
HeRpEs AnD CrAbs?
I have prostate cancer ( 6 ) I will have seed radiation but in the end how will I die ?
How do I perform surgery on myself?
My Grandmother has lung cancer from smoking- is that passed down generation to generation??
Where do tumors go after radiation?
Is there any cure that can totaly cure you from cancer if you have cancer?
A friend has throat cancer that has spread to his lympth system. What is his prognosis?
Wot,s the biggest bone in your body?
Do micro oven cause of cancer,?
Smoking cancer. Can anyone wth medical experience help please. Thanks?
How can I get rid of my bad breath?
Do braces hurt?
A abscess just pop up by my tooth and i fell sick and the dentists are closed do i need to go to the er?
Should we brush our teeth before of after breakfast?
What do you call someone who does teeth braces? Are they call dentist as well?
Hey Yall! I got spacers!?
My son is one and his front teeth are far apart...Will they get closer or will he always have this gap?
Is your toothbrush manual or electric?
What causes canker sores?
My husband has this thing on his gums?
What happens when a person has stage 3 lung cancer? Can it be cured?
Should i leave my boyfriend who has cancer? i am too scared to watch him dying?
Can a 20 year old die of ovarian cancer?
How many times do you brush your teeth everyday?
PLEASE i am asking you to pray?
My wisdom teeth are almost done coming in, I'm in SO MUCH PAIN, I've been taking Advil and numbing gel...
I discovered a little lump in my face,near the neck,do i have to about it?
Do i have breast cnacer , i am 14 years old and i have a reddish purple mark on my left breast?
What do i do?
Colon cancer do i have it?
When cancer patients loose their hair, does it ever grow back?
What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out?
How do I comfort my friend who just found out her teenage daughter has cancer?
My friend has cancer, everything he eats he throws up or has diarrhea, help me help him?
Why do dentists always look down in the mouth?
This ? is for people with some medical knowledge..?
What kind of gift is appropriate to give a cancer patient?
Are dental hygienist appointments really necessary?
How do I tell my father that he has chronic halitosis?
How can I get rid of the stink odour of the mouth?
Do you Brush before you floss or Floss before you brush?
OMG wait untill you hear what has to happen to me on Jan 5!!?
Havent seen a dentist in about 10yrs...is this bad?
Wife Swap: Who has a £4000 dental bill?
I have been quoted £498 for private root canal treatment on an upper right molar. is this right?
Why everyweek i have cancker soars?
Can an abcess make you feel sick?
Fifteen and need braces?
What shall i do with my teeth?
I have a lump in my armpit...?
Why is cancer so hard to find a cure for?
Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with cancer.?
Do contacts give you cancer?
How does a doctor know if you have cancer?
My daughter got Diagnosed when Leukemia {ALL}?
How do you deal with a family member who has cancer?
A relation of mine has been offered a non negotiable offer of 35k by the nhs because of a blunder. Enough?
My grandma has colon cancer in two spots in her upper colon on the left and the right.I am 11 and my lil broth
When am i going to die?
Does anyone know if there's a cure for allergic rhinitis.??
What's the best solution for a rash due to an allergic reaction?
Am I alergic? Or does this happen to you?
Can I sue a restaurant for....?
Are these symptoms of human cat allergies?
I have hives?
Sun allergy?
Does anyone here have a allergy to honey?
Does anyone know if the pollen count has been high lately?
Is anyone with average alleries having a major allergy problem this season?
Any tips on NOT eating???
Do you brush your teeth in Cold, Warm, or Hot water?
What is your ideal weight?
Is it normal for my tooth brush to smell like puke?
Will a decay tooth decay again after filled?
What is the best and safest way to lose 10 lbs in 1 week without taking dietpills?
I got a dentist appointment, can they tdll i been smoking weed.?
How to I help my son gain strength & run faster?
Mercury poisoning caused by fillings?
I Wanna Lose 44 Pounds In 2 Months - Please Help!?
What is one food that is healthy, low fat, and that you can live off for a long time?
My dentist says I should floss, but i don't want to. Is mouthwash a good replacement?
Can watermelon make you fat?
All fruit diet?
How do I alleviate the tooth pain before the root canal?
Whats the healthiest fast food out there?
Is there a certain kind of chemotherapy treatment that doesn't cause hair loss? If so, what is it called?
Will anyone pray for my cousin "Ramon Arturo Lidiano Frias" ? Who's suffering of cancer possibly pancreatic.
What is a substance known to produce or promote the development of cancer?
How in danger am i , knowing that i have been smoking for 15 yrs/ 10 cigarettes a day?
If you have cancer and you are on morphine does it help you to last a little longer ?
My mother just died a month ago from met.breast cancer/meningitis.She visits me in my dreams. Is this crazy?
I have been diagnose with Leukemia, I need help and advise, i panic?
Chew, snuff, and dip are just as bad as smoking cigarettes.?
I was just eating my lunch when my brain fell out of my ear. Does this mean I'm stupid?
Can anyone help me with my bad cough?
Cousin smokes pot wants me to start what do i do also smoke cigs?
Cracks in the foot,How it can be cured?what is it called?
My son 15 has severe acne on face back and legs. can anyone recommend anything that actually works please.?
My 3 year old niece went to the hospital last night with a fever they said she had walking pneumonia she died?
I have syphylis.how do i treat it?
Big, red, swollen bump behind two front teeth?
Need Help Just Got Wisdom Teeth Removed...?
How can i get rid of my yellow teeth?
Which is the most affective teeth whitening product, crest whitening strips or rembrandt whitening strips?
What should I do with my teeth?
At what age did you take your child to the dentist for the first time?
Is this abuse?
What are some ways of curing gingivitis?
Do teeth whitening systems really work?
Would you rather...?
How many times a day do you use baking soda to whiten teeth?
I have the dentist tonight nooooooooooooo!?
Is it true that if you brush with baking soda it will whiten you're teeth?
What are some foods that will make your breath smell good?
My teeth are moving, and i just got my braces off in September....?
Does anyone know what booty floss is?
My braces are making my cheeks bleed, what do I do?
Did you leave teeth for the toothfairy when you were a kid?
What happens when you leave your tooth in a cup of soda over night?
What is chewing gum made from?
Who do they make gold teeth?
Why are SOME people blessed with "good teeth"?
Is this a cavity?
Tooth Abscess?
Is it dorky to have braces and glasses?
I just got braces, is this pain normal?
Im in pain and I cant get ahold of my dentist?
Oh my goodness my tooth hurts SOOOOOO much!!?
When u brush ur teeth, should u spit out the remaining toothpaste when ur done or rinse ur mouth out w/ water?
What is causing me to cough up tiny smelly clumps in the morning?
Advice for braces! help!?
I just got a crown on one of my teeth 5 days ago. It is killing me right now. Is this normal?
I'm scared bout the next appointment....please!!!! help me!!!!?
Wisom teeth?
I have aa tooth that broke off at the gum and I need a remedy to cure a toothache.?
Im in pain?
What celebrity do you think has the perfect teeth?
What's wrong with me?
Do doctors have a legal responsibility to inform you they dont take your insurance before doing any treatment?
How is it that people 'fight' cancer?
What does it mean if you have blood on your stool?
Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
Does anyone know how to get donations for a cancer patient w/o insurance?
Is it likely I have cancer?
Can you be made entirely of cancer cells so that you are never programmed to die?
A family friend has secondary cancer and has refused treatment!?
Do hair grow back after chemotherapy?
Can we cure cancer by making it a cash prize?
My father in law has just found out that he has to have chemotherapy?
Help!! My allergies are killing me!?
What is the best way to get rid of a cloged nose?
Can someone be allergic to salt?
Allergies what is the best medication?
Is it a frog in my throat?
I am pregnant- what can I take besides benadryl for my horrible seasonal allergies?
Allergy to snow?
What are some good cures for hayfever/allergies?
I think my throat just started to close up while I was coughing.?
What r hiccups?what causes them?how do you get rid of them?
Should they tell him he is going to die in a few days?
What causes acne??
Does sleeping with one's hair wet cause blindness?
How do i get the sunburn pain to stop?
I think i've got bird flew?
There's this weird bump on the inside of my leg...HELP!?
Would you swim with a person who's HIV positive?
How do you correct a tooth that is erupting through the roof of the mouth?
Why is there always a fish tank in dentist offices?
Can this tooth be saved?
18 years without a cavity....?
My teeth are sore from Spacers.?
What's the cheapest way to get rid of yellow teeth?
Is there something wrong with my jaw?
I can eat an apple through a letterbox . should i have a brace fitted?
How do you keep your teeth really clean any other answer except by brushing your teeth.?
What Can You Eat When You Have Braces?
Should I get braces?
Wisdom teeth?
Is it neccessary to have cavity removes from the toddler teeth?
Anyone scared of the dentist? TERRIFIED??
What's the easiest way to stop clenching my teeth when I sleep?
How do I reduce swelling and pain from my face as a result of a tooth abscess?
Does having braces make it more difficult to talk?
I got braces today and I cannot chew?
BRACES!!! What can i do?
Sedation dentistry is it a good idea?
I have gaps in my teeth what should i do?
What is good remedy for a toothache?
Braces Help?
Has any one got any exuse to stay off school?
Braces color?
What braces color?
Toothache = headache?
How long it takes to a person to die from lung cancer?
What age do most cancer patients die?
What is hematology?
I am doing a spech on natural cure for cancer (2mins) can anyone sugest anything?
Why is shaving off your hair required for chemotherapy?
Can breastfeeding increase my daughters risk of getting breast cancer?
Chest pains from cigarette smoking. Is it a sign of cancer?
My friends mum died a few weeks ago from cancer now her dad is dying too from cancer, i can i help her?
Do fillings hurt? One of mine dropped out last night and I am having it replaced in 2 days.?
How long after wisdom teeth extraction can a person go back to regular physical exercize (gym)?
Does it hurt take your braces off?
How old were you when you had your wisdom teeth out?
The smile?
Tell you wot just done me teeth with some new tooth paste i found in the bathroom and me mouth tastes.........
Is it OK to wear braces at 16?
Would you ever be a dentist? or let your child be 1?
What do people in the jungle do when they have a toothache?
Allergic to bandaid adhesive..what do I do?
Hayfever help !?
Is there a such thing as purple eyes?
Are you suffering with allergies?
Can drinking cold water after a meal cause cancer??
Does anyone know the best medicine for hayfever apart from honey and lemon?
Breast cancer in a 13 yearr old?
When my aunt holds her nose and blows she can whistle from her ear is that normal?
How many agree the following should be banned.?
Is it possible to become allergic to the sun ?? or I guess UV alltogether in your 20's?
Is cutting down from 1.5 packs of cigarettes a day to .5 packs a day a good start?
If u had 3 months to live, what would be your priorities?
If anything, what are U allergic to?
I am scared for my friend?
What would you do for a dying mother-in-law?
If smokers have a 25% less chance of reaching 75 years old than non-smokers?
What should i do after quiting smoking?
My mother died of Breast Cancer at 39, and my father died of Coronary Heart Failure at 39, as well.?
What has a heart, but can't feel?
Infected tooth that hurts! No Dental insurance. HELP!?
Tooth pain?
Should An Antibiotic Be Taken For A Viral Infection?
HIV/STI'S Scare..help.?
Soo nervous for my wisdom teeth surgery tomarrow...?
My heart rate stays around 50 is that good?
Can a tooth fall out by itself, when it is rotton?
How many sets of teeth do we have in a lifetime?
What causes a tooth to be sensitive to heat and cold?
What is the worst food and drink for your teeth?
Does anyone know of a contagious deadly disease?
Bad breath?
What is the cause of loose teeth in an adult?
Can you eat chicken if you have diabetes?
My jaw "clicks" on the right side. I've tried "mouth guards"....?
Wisdom tooth!!??? helppp?
My mom passed away on July5Th. How the h*** am I supposed to move on?To me,it seems like it was yesterday.?
If I wanted to help find a cure for cancer or Aids.....?
What should I do about what my mam said?
Fellow Smokers, Have you ever felt guilty that you dont have cancer when people who dont smoke are suffering?
What does one say to a best friend whose husband is dying of cancer? They've been married 30 years.?
I dont ever see myself getting old?
Why a person who is going through chemotherapy must be away from sick people?
How do u deal w/ Cancer and loss of hair, and no friends?
Should ther be a lower age limit on the consumption of vegetables?
I need to know good teeth whiteners?
Whats the best color for braces?
Can I sue my daugther's dentist?
Please only answer if you have had your wisdom teeth extracted?
Am I the only one that gets disgusted when I see anyone brush their teeth? (I start gagging)?
Are braces really very expensive?
What are some ways to prevent the need to get root canals?
Wisdom tooth pulled on nov.16 it is now 22 and the stitches are faling out is it bad?
What does a cavity feel like?
Im Getting Braces In the Middle of July but my question is will it hurt ???????
I broke my f*king tooth! Now what?
I love green tea. How can I naturally whiten my teeth from the stains.?
How much money are you willing to pay when selecting a tooth brush?
How do you keep your teeth white?
Please Help.?
Why do dentists have the highest suicide rate?
Do you have your wisdom teeth still?
Omg please someone will I have to get braces????!?
Im 17 and i need braces?
Whats the make a wish foundation??
Can you prevent cancer ?
Can you really get breast cancer from sleeping with the lights on?
By shaking hands with cancer patient ,can i get cancer?
Do you know someone who survived breast cancer bec my mother has got it?
My mother was just told she has breast cancer...what should she expect?
What are some symptoms of colon cancer?
My Son Has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung and brain cancer. Will you pray for him? his name is Eric Gates?
Does cancer cause hairloss?
How many of you had a mother or father die of cancer? and what kind of cancer was it?
What would you do if you were told you had inoperable brain cancer?
How genetic is cancer?
Can you get diaria from eye drops if you drink them?
Fruit allergy??
Non smokers vs.. smokers.,??
What is it that causes, or may cause cancer regarding cell phones?
Is it possible to get an allergy to cats late in life after years of no allergies to cats?
I have Cervical Cancer and had 2 sessions of chemo. But I still don't understand, will the tumors go away?
Deathly allergy to chicken?
Why do my allergies go away when I go outdoors?
What is the most common cause of cancer?
Is it good if our gums bleed when u floss?
Braces??? x?
A doctor told a friend of mine to avoid eating watermelons, tangerines, mangosteens and mushrooms. Why?
What would you do if your mother asked you this?
I was at the dentist yesterday…?
I'm allergic to rabbit fur?
9 year old son developed a skin rash 48 hrs after penicillin injection for strep. should we be concerned?
How can i lift up a cancer patient's spirit ?
So depressed and self conscious about my teeth?
Teeth whitening...?
Lactose intolerance?
I dont floss too much is this bad?
Blood from gums..very often:-(?
Why do surgeons wear gloves during a surgery?
Has any girls out there had fillings and does it bother them having them in there mouth?
Is it too late to go to a orthodontist? I am 21 and my teeth are getting worse.?
Orthodontist - Braces ?
I was wondering I keep getting these bug bites?
What is like in the operating room and what anesthesia like ?
Whats the best way to stop the pain from a really bad sunburn?
What is the name of this "disorder" or "case" when a persons hand or face misses pigemnetation (melanin)
Is vinegar a cure for head lice, or does it help?
I have herpes. Now what?
How to reduce the sugar without taking tablets?
My 2 year old swallowed drano and is unconscious, what do I do?
Has anyone ever tried proactive? I would like to know if it really works.?
Is it possible to pull a decaying tooth yourself?
Do I need to have a cavity filled if it doesnt hurt?
I just got braces and they're really sore! When will my mouth get used to them and i'll be able to eat again?
Whats th best way to white my teeth??
What is the cost of braces and where did you get them done?
I was brushing my teeth and my gums started bleeding...any ideas?
Any body had their Wisdom Teeth taken out?
Can I really lose all of my teeth? I'm only 14....?
How long does it take to get a filling?
Can biting or pinching of the womens breast cause breast cancer??
If cigarettes have so many cancer causing ingredients in them?
What is the name of the tumour which grows teeth and hair form inside the body?
My boyfriend has cancer, he is in denial. I am the only one that knows, I haven't met the fam yet, help!?
If you had cancer and only a few months to live, what would you say, do, go?
Has anyone heard, cell phone radiation can cause cancer?
Is it possible to cure cancer?
Do men get breast cancer? seriously?
My brother was diagnosed with leaukemia?
How do i get over the fear of dying?
Is it possible to lose 50 pounds in 2 and a half months??
Fast ways to lose fat/cellulite on stomach, legs, and butt???
What's the best way to lose 10-15 pounds A.S.A.P?
Am I in good shape (pics)?
Why do i throw up when i exercise?
Would you change this breakfast;?
Do lifting weights help you get taller?
I'm not hungry, but I need sugar?
What is more unattractive?
I swallowed a crown tooth while eating, its been 3 days, it hasn't passed yet, how long can it take?
I am suffering from bad breath?
My daughter is having her wisdom teeth cut out, what can I fix her to eat afterwards?
Does flossing have any disadvantages?
White teeth!?
I have a odd lump in my mouth?
People who HAD braces I need your help?
How many of you floss?
My wife is about to have an operation on her thyroid to see if it has cancer. How big will the scar be?
My friend has started smoking and she is only 14!?
Cancer help....?
Would it be possible for someone having radiotherapy 5 times a week, for 6-7 weeks to carry on working?
Men can't get breast cancer can they?
Is it true that writing on your hand gives you cancer?
My father in law went in for surgery today to remove liver cancer....they couldn't operate cause cancer spread
Why are cancer and AIDS so feared?
Can antiperspirant sprays cause breast cancer?
How long to live now having morphine through syringe driver?
What's the longest you've gone without seeing a dentist?
Help bad teeth and very embarressed!?
Does it hurts when u get braces?
Yes i am in tooache pain i cant afford a dentist how do numb my gum?
Why do i feel like vomitting sometimes i brush my teeth?
Can you get wisdom teeth taken out using local anesthesia rather than being put under?
How can i get all my teeth pulled for free?
Is diet pepsi as harmful to your teeth as regular pepsi?
How often should one change one's toothbrush?
Do you know of any stars that have crooked teeth?
10 pnts...Have you ever heard of a processed food...?
Im allergic!!!!!!! help me please?
What are bogeys made of??
What are you allergic to?
What can i do to have a smooth face? i have rashes and white heads on my face.?
Alergies,please help?
Painful allergic reaction on hands, dry and cracking skin. Help!!!?
Do you need to wear a medic alert bracelet if you're allergic to penecillin?
What is the cure for allergic rhinitis and chronic pharyngitis ? Is there an ayurvedic or herbal remedy ?
Braces tommorrow???What to expect????
I got Braces today and it hurts!?
Can I postpone root canal?
Getting my braces off?
I have a question only for serious answers?
Is there any other option besides having a root canal or getting your tooth pulled?
My teeth are beginning to develop plaque! why is this and how can i get ride of it?
What can I use to help the pain from having teeth pulled out?
My sister says that teeth can heal themselves.?
How long does it take for a Dentist to clean your teeth?
What is preventing American scientists and doctors to find a cure for cancer?
How do you make bugbites stop itching?
What DOESN'T cause cancer?
How do you get rid of warts???
Is it true that bra without the metal support will cause breast cancer?
Skin cancer age 13?
Is there certain age for HIV or everyone can have it?
Does drinking water from a plastic bottle that was left in the car overnight cause breast cancer?
M.E. Its not real. It's a lazy persons illness. Don't you agree?
How serious is schizophrenia?
Whats is the best preventive cure for cancer?
Is washing your face 3 times a day to much?
Stage IV Breast Cancer....Met. to liver?
What is the best treatment for the common cold?
When did you guys get braces?
Why is Invisalign so expensive if it's only plastic?
I need soft food ideas to eat after a tooth extraction?
Does it hurt to get braces?
Why am i terrified to go to the dentist?
I have some cavities and they hurt. But I have no insurance. Can a dentist refuse to see me if I have no $?
When u get braces i know that u can get colored ones.. which i think are pretty cool..?
For those who had your wisdom teeth pulled...?
Broken tooth?
Is it better to brush first thing in the morning or after you eat breakfast?
Gums are really swollen!?
Is 14 too late to get braces if I have teeth where the front two protrude over bottom lip? I'm 6 ft as wel
Did my dentist mess up ? the roof of my mouth is still numb!! its?
How long do you go before you buy a new tooth brush?
Wizdumb teeth?
Is it hard to kiss with braces?
What can I do to prevent myself from clenching my teeth?
Why can't you eat after a filling (dentistry)?
How much do braces cost?
Can a breast cancer patient who has undergone chemo transfer her treated cancer to her family members?
Is spicy food unhealthy?
Hi i have a friend whos ill with cancer?
What is your opinion on remission?
Clinical Trials- Is it worth going through, or are you just a guinea pig?
Stage 4 cancer pain, i need more pain meds. than (mississippi) medicaid will pay for each month.?
Does cancer always show up in blood tests?
What treatment is the best for Breast Cancer? HELP!!!?
I hv heard tht a cancer patient can't live more than 6-7 yrs after having chemotherapy...Is it right or wrong?
Breast Cancer can you have a lump in your breast and not have cancer?
Have you ever had cavities filled with only anesthetic and no sedation??
How do i keep my toothbrush from smelling like crap?
A lump in the neck directly under the jaw bone. What can it be?
What colors should i get on my braces?
I have reaaally bad teeth!?
Im gonna get a tooth pulled and was wondering........?
I have bleeding gums. My teeth are weak. Suggest remedies.?
What can this be????
Canker sore....what causes it? How do I get rid of it?
Who has braces?!!!?
I dont know why i keep having annoying itches everywhere then it turns into raised hives everywhere ?
Nasacort and Prednisone!!!?
I am 37 now and just now found out I am allergic to kittens. How can that be?
How do we get rid of this cold, im sick of coughing?
Whats the difference between side affect and an adverse reaction?
Is anyone else a very allergic person? Like me.?
What is the fastest and effective way to cure a cold and a runny blocked up nose FAST?
Anyone here have allergies?
Is this a sinus headache?
What do you say to something like this? ,my friends grandma just got out of sergury, she hass brain canser...?
Afraied i mite have cancer,havnt been seen,dont know if i cud cope.?
My sister has breast cancer and is going to start chemo but...?
Is throat cancer contangious?
Any sugestions of how to ease the sickness caused through chemo?
How serious is pancreatic cancer ?
What can i do to quit smoking?
Why did my oncologist say "I don't believe it, I don't want to hear about it"?
About Different Cigerettes?
How would I go about cleaning my teeth with baking soda?
Is honey bad for your teeth???
What liquidised food can i eat if i have my jaw wired shut?
Can anyone tell me what to expect at the dentist please?
What's your favoirte toothpaste? And Why?
How can i get rid of my cold sore? Fast Plz?
How many wisdom teeth should i get taken out?
I'll be getting four wisdom teeth removed in a few days. What can I expect?
Do fillings hurt?
What is second hand smoke?
Can hiv be transmitted from sharing a cigarette or a drink?
Severe pain in lower back, tiredness, urgency to pee alot and cloudy urine.. whats wrong with me??? :(?
Big Pores Please Help!!?
People suffering from incurable disease should have the choice of being put in painlessly to death?
Swallowed some toothpaste?
Do i need a dentist??
Do you hate Monday's?
Rotten teeth?
Can yellow teeth be made white again if yes then how?
What's the formal word for dentist phobia?
What is a root canal?
How long do you have to wait for a dental appointment?
One of my front teeth broke in half last night. What can the dentist do?
Cancer Research gets billions of pounds in donations, why haven't they found a cure yet?
Who is thinking of giving up smoking,?
Does sleeping in a bra make you have breast cancer?
My radiologist took extra pictures on one side during routine mammagram, should I be worried?
When you have a tumor doesn't it mean you have cancer?
My Grandad has recently been diagnosed with cancer.?
Why is it that everything we do will give us cancer???
How do you comfort someone with cancer?
Do you think they'll ever find a cure for all types of Cancers?
How can i get justice for my late husband?Was being treated for constipation & died from bowel cancer !?
Do all Dentist's charge £25 if you don't keep an appointment,and refuse to treat you until it is paid?
What can I eat today?
Should i go for braces??
What happend to my braces?
I never can remember to clean my teeth?
How do i get rid of plaque that builds up behind brace on front teeth?
How can swallow a stupid pill???
What happens when non-smoker chew nicorette gum?
What color braces should i get? what color should i not get? i need your opinion?
I am looking for the ideal Christmas gift for my grandfather with end stage lymphoma...?
Can nicotine gum kill you?
I think i know the cure to cancer what should i do!!!!!?
How do you get over loneliness i lost my wife last week from pancreatic cancer i am so lonely?
I'm 99.9% sure that i have basil cell carcinoma my problem is I dont have ins. to find out and to get treated
Is there any known cure for Cancer?
Can you just ask your doctor for a mammagram at 30?
Lung cancer tell me about it.?
I'm really scared, how can i not be???
Where is the best place to go for cancer treatment?
Im gettin braces & slightly freak-a-fied!?
Why doesn't everyone brush there teeth?
Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Why does the general public have so many differing views on dentistry?
Swallowing pills?
Why do we get bad breath?
How long do braces hurt?
What's the best painkiller for a child with toothache?
How can you get noticeabley whiter teeth without going to a dentist for whitening?
Root canal can't be done on NHS?
What are you allergic to?
Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol (both beer and liquor)?
Hayfever help?
I get sick from one or two beers?
Bumps on the lips?
Allergic? Can't eat raw fruits nor raw veggies..what 2 do?
Food allergies?
What is dander?
My doctor said I've become lactose intolerant, lactaid doesn't help. Anything else I can try?
What remedies are there for a toothache?
Mr.clean sponge for whitening teeth?
Teeth Whitning?
Around what age do you get your wisdom teeth and what problems can it cause?
What should you do immendiatly after getting yours braces off?
I'm scared to get my cavities filled.....any suggestions? Last time the gas they gave me didn't work...help
Is it painful when you get braces?
How do i get rid of canker sours asap?
What to expect during braces?
Is there a way to strengthen teeth?
You can get cancer from THIS?
Chemotherapy... lung cancer?
My husband Died and I am soo lost...?
I need help to pay for cancer medicine for a clinical study. Can't work now. Where do I get funding for this?
Should i see my auntie who passed away?
Is Cancer treatable?
Could it be identified by mistake as cancer if somebody was injected with warm lard?
Can guys get breast cancer and if they do, do they grow breasts?
Itchy Stitches! HELP?
How many days do I have to wait after extracting my wisdom teeth to be able to smoke and drink?
Does smoking crack rot your teeth and can you tell if someone is a crack head by the apperance of their teeth?
Where are my dentures? i can't seem to find the dadgummed things?
Flossing: before or after brushing my teeth?
Invisable or Regualar Braces?
Does toothpaste remove germs or exterminate them?
My teeth are bit yellow .what should i do.?
Okay I have this gross thing on the side of my lips....?
I am scared i am 25 and i am having false teeth at the back will people know they are not my natural teeth?
Does braces hurt being put on?
How do I whiten permanent crowns?
Amoxicillian 500mg pill 4 times a day for tooth infection?
How many teeth have you lost in the last 2 years?
What can i do to make my gums stop bleeding?
What Toothbrush do you Use?
What colors look bad for braces?
How much is an nhs dental check up please?
What do you do for an abcessed tooth while you are waiting for your dentist appointment?
My tooth is loose and I'm 13 help?
What do I do? My Mom is dying of cancer in the USA (where I'm from) but no one knows when, and I live in UK
How can i no that i have cancer????
I am going to die in three months from leukemia any last words?
If your a smoker do you have the right?
Why do black people get skin cancer?
What do you think of smoking?
How do i tell my kids i have breast cancer?
Could it be a brain tumour?
Why shouldn't teens do drugs and smoking?
What would cause red itchy eyes?
When people say they get chest pains before a heart attack....what r they like?
What is a sty ??
How do you treat mosquito bites?
Can you get Type 1 diabetes after childhood?
How can we help our daughter who suffers from really bad asthma?
Why do i have dandruff?
I fed my boyfriend's dog onions. he is a little dog like about 10-15lbs.?
Is it safe to put peroxide in your mouth?
When someone is scared to go to the dentist what should they do?
Can anyone explain the entire process of getting braces?
Braces ? Please answer?
I just had my wisdom teeth removed?
I had a wisdom tooth pulled 7 hours ago, but I can't get the bleeding to stop.?
Have you ever had a surgical root canal?
Wisdom Teeth??? please help me!! =\?
Do braces hurt =( ?
How can i get rid of stuffy nose ?
My nose hasn't stopped running for a week.?
Food Colouring Allergy? (No, the "u" is not a typo- I'm Canadian!)?
Can I marinade steak and shrimp/scallops together if one of the people eating it is allergic to shellfish?
Anyone taking homoeopathy tablets for allergies?
Anyone else had a reaction to flucloxacillin?
Can you ever pull the kleenex out of the box before you sneeze?
Besides shampoo, is there anything that would clear up dandruff?
I have recently had an allergic reaction to something and am worried it is the family pet?
Im allergic to...?
White teeth?
Did any of u ever dare to chew gum with your braces on?
I hav a problem of grinding my teeth while sleepin???doubt??
I brush my teeth, and tong very well. But after 4hrs or so i still have bad breath, what am i have to do now
Should wisdom teeth always be pulled?
22 and getting braces in 2 weeks. Anyone been this old and has or had braces at my age? Is it worth it?
Do you really need to have your wisdom teeth removed if you are not in any pain?
How long does it take to get your braces in and does it hurt(getting them in) ?
I am getting braces today and I need help deciding; I only have a few hours to make my decision! Please help!?
I want braces?
Why do cancer patients shave their heads?
Which sickness would you say is the worst to have: cancer or AIDS???
How do u quit smoking cigs?
Have you known anyone with brain cancer?
Do you know what recent coughing, shortness of breath may be a result of?
Will smoking two cigarettes a week cause any damage or harm to my body?
How bad is stage 4 lung cancer?
Throat cancer??!?!?
Cancer is this the end?
Toothe ache!!!!!!!!!!?
Getting 2 teeth pulled next week....?
Do you think its too late getting braces at 20?
How do I get whitter teeth?
Crest whitestrips?!?!!? (sensitive teeth)?
Is this normal after getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled?
( POINTS)After i get my braces on, how long will it take before i notice a difference?
Does everybody have to have their wisdom teeth pulled out?
Crest or colgate?
Can someone help me please!?!?
Root canal?
Bracess off!!??
Is it ok if I have 24 teeth?
Should wisdom teeth be extracted before or during braces? I am getting all 4 out (2 lower impacted).?
I just started grinding my teeth two weeks ago...how can I stop?
What age do kids start losing teeth?
I dreamt that I bit down on my teeth and tore it out from the gum. What does this mean?
If you dream of all your teeth falling out what does this mean?
Any suggestions on how to pull a stubborn baby tooth ?
How long does it take to get 4 teeth pulled?
Friend's mum just diagnosed with breast cancer?
Do you have to have a fat wallet to survive cancer?
My dog is unwell can u help?
I'm worried about my mom...?
How many of you have someone in your life with or had cancer. Want to chat with you. You and I need to support
I lost my mom last week?
My Mother and Father died from Cancer, does that mean I will get it?
How can I forgive him after he lied about smoking?
Why is it Breast Cancer is the only thing people care about?
What should MY blood glucose be? a fasting was 111 . my doc sent me home w/a glucometer to check my result
I am 14 years old and i have problem with hair on my thigh legs and arms,how can i get rid of it?
I found a tick on me (please read!)?
Is 326 a dangerous blood sugar level?
What is pink eye caused from?
Diabetes HELP----PLEEEEZZZE!!!! Best 10 PTS!?
I'm getting two molars pulled?
How can i make my teeth white ?
How much are braces iam 16 yrs old and i want some and iam a guy but my parents wont get me some cuz they?
Wisdom teeth out?
Extract My Own Teeth?
What to do about swelling after wisdom teeth removal?
I swallowed my gold tooth on a flight recently and I'm sure it hasn't passed through me. Is this dangerous?
I am getting braces?
Unbearable tooth pain - All dentists are closed until Tuesday!?
Root canal tomorrow need answer right away!!!?
How do i find out which ingredient in perfume makes me itch?
Allergic to cat fur and some dog hair but OK with other types of dog hair.?
I have just spontaneously combusted...what do i do??
Milk intolerance?
Is there something wrong with our air conditioning, or with me?...?
My son seems to have an allergy to red gatorade and hawaiin punch. Any suggestions?
How do u cure foliculitus??
Soar throat, dark dark red almost black tonsles, throat slightly bleeding. what is this?
What foods should a 6 year old with irritable bowl avoid ?
Does my teeth look funny?check out my pic.?
I got a cavity and its starting to bug me what should i do?
Getting all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow and have a few questions...?
Apart from extracion and painkillers how do you cure toothache?
So i got my braces yesturday?
I am gonna have a ortho appoint ment soon...?
Why does Listerine burn so much??
Any adults/young adults that wear braces?
I have really bad teeth and....?
Can wisdom teeth grow back after they have been taken out?
A friend of mine just finished up kemo therepy for cancer and has to go in again, but doesn't want to because
Colon cancer?
Should I have a lump on my upper arm checked out???
Hi guys im here not for long but here and for evey one who ditnt know i hane lukemia?
How long does a person usually live with liver cancer?
Lump in girlfriends throat/neck?
My husband is drinking himself to death, and does 'nt know what he's doing, do I tell him or let him slip away
A friend of mine just lost their 1 year old to cancer......?
Why did you start smoking?
For those of you who have braces...how much do they cost?
Any alternatives to braces?
My teeth hurt!!! what do I do? I'm still on waiting list for a dentist?
15yr old needs braces never been to dentist should she go to orthodontist or dentist first?
Terrible pain in my teeth after running! why?
ADVICE PLZ : ........In so much pain with my tooth i need help from YOU ppl helllllllllllp need advice!!!!?
Which mediciine help me out of hurt with pain teeth immediately?
Honestly PLEASE!! doe's it hurt to get bottom wisdom teeth pulled Fully Out of Gum.Are the tools that scary???
Can I play flute if I just had my braces done?
Does diet coke realy rott your teeth?
If you're afflicted w/ cancer & you're having second thoughts on doing surgery,would you rely on your Faith?
Can Sleeping with a Wire Bra lead to cancer?
My Mom has a mass on her brain?
Should I blame myself for my Mom's death? How do I overcome my guilt?
.??????.. would any one be friends with a cancer patient??????
What are the chances of beating cancer if?
Do I have a brain tumor?
Fried chicken cause us cancer?YES OR NO?
Will you pray for my father? His prostate cancer has begun to come back.?
How to avoid bad smell from mouth/stomach/saliva?
Can you re-use dental rubberbands?
Floss Poll?
I am 17 with awfull teeth. How much will it cost to go to the dentists and get repairs?
Is getting 4 teeth extracted for braces worth it?
Full dentures to fix buck teeth?
Is having a root canal going to hurt?
Is it safe to use mouth wash as tooth paste?
What can you use to whiten your teeth?
How do you motivate my 3 yr daughter to brush her teeth every day in the Morning & Night?
POLL: Would you rather stand next to a smoker?
I have an extreamly large boil on my bottom, how do i reduce the swelling??
If you have approx. 3 glasses of wine each day 4 days a week, r u an alcoholic?
I need a fast home remedy to get rid of itchy mosquito bites! Help!?
Why are my fingers and toes falling off?
What is the best way to keep the immune system at it's best?
Why am I grinding my teeth?
Is there a cream/lotion you can buy to numb your mouth?
I have weird braces, how long before they stop cutting my mouth???
Smooch Kiss???
Dose it hurt to get a tooth pulled out?
Wow! Mouthwash has alcohol in it!?
When a baby is born with teeth are they milkteeth or baby teeth? Will they lose them and then get adult teeth?
Is There a Dress Code For Dentists?
If I forget to bring my toothpaste at work,is it polite to ask to one of my coworkers to share me toothpaste ?
Cigarettes why are they so addictive?
Can 13 year olds get cancer?
It's believed that of all cancer deaths may be directly related to diet?
Does a constant ear infection mean stomach cancer?
I am losing my hair to chemo what do I do?
Is this cancer? my armpit feels sore on the inside?
Are sunbeds really dangerous???
Tap water causes cancer?
Does smoking weed kill brain cells?
Lump in my lower left breast?
Ive been havin a metal taste in my mouth 4 a few days i can just taste metal?
Wisdom Teeth?
Can cavities go away if you brush them?
HELP! HELP! HELP! Please read?
Bleeding gums causes?
Teeth problem!?
Do we really need floss?
How long wil tooth whitening last?
After braces...?
I know its disgusting but when i blow my nose, it feels as though my right eye is popping!?
How do i cure a cough that runs 4 weeks every july?
Does anyone know of any natural remedies for allergies:?
Breakouts on face from laundry detergent.?
I have asthma why is it that when ever i take my inhaler i feel light headed?
I have very bad allergies, I take claritin and it usually works for me, is there anything else I could do?
.....Does anyone know anything about this?
Every time i give my son dairy like milk or now even yogos he throws up. can he just "become" allergic to milk
Are you allergic to nuts? Do you eat M&M;'s?
Would you ever teased somebody with a skin disorder or cancer?
How do kids get cancer?
My daughter has unexplained bruising. Bruises appearing for no apparent reason.Looking for any feedback.?
Does the dying choose when to go?
Has anyone ever had an email from someone with cancer offering you 15 million pounds?
Death : can it be fatal ?
Dont know what to say to my aunt whos dying?
Recent medical research has shown that marijuana may actually PREVENT lung cancer. Do you feel safer, now?
Does anyone know what an "odemea "is?
I smoke 2 cigarette the another day.will that make me addicted? what about cancer? I keep think about it?
Do all people grow wisdom teeth?
I just got braces today and they hurt. What should I do to stop the pain?
I have a cavity, and i was wondering if there was anything that i could do before i go to the dentist to help?
How Bad does it REALLY hurt to get your tounge pierced?
Help me !! i got my wisdom tooth extracted today ...?
How long after i get my wisdom teeth pulled should i wait to use a straw or smoke?
Are americans posh?
Dentures at 22?
I had a squirel come out my as$...is that normal???
Canker sores?
How can i get my teeth white without going to the dentist?
Can a regular dentist extract an impacted wisdom tooth or does that have to be an oral surgeon?
My mum died without a will am i intitled to part of what she left?
My lymph nodes are swollen, does this mean that i have cancer?
How serious is having a stage 4 in cancer?
When someone is told they have lung cancer how long will they live without kemo?
My mom was diagnosed?
Do I have to tell my employer my wife has died?
What will be your reaction when Doctor declares after complete check up your body that you have CANCER?
Anyone ever give their hair to locks for love?
How painful is a colonoscopy?
Whats the best way of giving up smoking?can u please explain what effects by smoking.?
What is the deadliest disease in the world?
What are some illnesses that cause one to loose a lot of weight suddenly (not an eating disorder)?
I got a planters wart and the doctor said it needs to be freesed of f Does that hurt and what does that mean?
I hat the boys ? what i do ? i am 17 years old ,i std 13?
I have the first signs of a cold (very sore throat) how should i beat it?
Should i be concerned about this mole?
I have diabetes but people keep asking me if i have had it since birth and i am not sure?
Getting teeth pulled?
Do braces hurt Please Tell ME?
Teeth out arrrgh! plz help?
Something to whiten teeth besides crest whiten strips?
Does anyone else here have braces?
Help! Temporary filling just fell out!?
Should I have a root canal or have it pulled?
How soon from starting smoking can cancer develope?
Should i go to the doctors?
Have you had cancer?
What happens when you have a decaying tooth? are they removed or filled?
Is the teeth, tongue and cheek cleaning toothbrush just a stupid gimmick!?
Has anyone had problems with their temporomandibular joint?
Hpw can I stop biting my fingernails?
How can I not get cancer?
Crest White Strips?
After a patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer what is the name of the person the patient is referred to?
Should tabacco be banned?
Ever had laughing gas at the dentist? What happens?
6 year old would let let him make a hospital visit to his grandad who has cancer?
What do i do i just learned i have cancer?
How to care for freshley pulled wisdom? teeth??