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How to get a kid fat?
Why is there no decent nhs dentists in england avaliable?
What can i take that will give me more energy before i run?
My friend is 5'7 and 78 pounds...will she die?
I just got braces!!!!?
Alli diet pills -- how bad is the leakage and bathroom usage?
How to improve my eye sight?
Wisdom tooth?
Will sit ups help you lose weight???
Using crest whitestrips premium plus should I rinse my mouth after?
Terrified of having my wisdom teeth out, any suggestions?
I coudnt take it anymore i cut it out....the stich that was hanging in my....?
What colors do you think i should get for my braces?!?
Braces Question AHHHHHHH!?
I'm about to get braces in a few weeks,i wondering what is the food i should and shouldn't eat.?
Is anyone scared of the dentist?
Can I sue my dentist?
Badly burnt roof of mouth/gum - any advice/medicine about?
Does anybody floss?
I need info on braces?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
I am relly worried about my teeth , what should i do to hve shinier , strong teeth?
On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the pain of getting your....?
Who knows of a very good diet that will help me lose weight?
Ok so umm no one ever awnsers my diet questions and im running out of points?
Am I FAT?! Helppp!!!! Please!!!!!!!?
How to lose weight before school
Is it good or bad to drink coffee before working out?
Is this too fat for a bikini
Is my daughter FAT?
How do you reduce your appetite?
What are the effects of not drinking enough water?
Braces! =) Please Answer!?
What is root canal treatment. Am scared to death to visit the dentist!?
Why do we need to wear a lead apron when we have a dental x-ray?
See with braces ... does every one have to have spacers put on before hand or is it just some people?
What med can I take to stop heavy bronchial cough?
Is it necessary to have 8 hours for sleeping time each day?
I bought a tooth brush at the goodwill for 10 cents?
What heat rash, how long does it last and whats the mediciation i shld take?
Allergy question?
Fear Of Dentist?
What can I do?
He's ripping me apart, please please help me!!!!?
I am 5'5" and i weigh around 130, am i overweight?
Why could the tip of my nose be sensitive?
5'11'' is average right?
Why is walking most popular form of exercise?
Do braces hurt???????
My throat is sore and dry will chewing gum help at all?
Sick after eating left out cooked chicken??
How late is it okay to eat?
Braces question? 10 points.?
Nuts and coconuts?
Best way to lose weight?
My son has a rash of very dry skin what should i do?
I recently stopped smoking and all I wanna do is eat?
How can i lose wight?
What can I take for my allergies that will actually work?
How bad is it to huff gas?
Help how do i become belimic???
How can you tell if the person is a smoker?
Vomiting blood after alcohol???
My hands are really dry and they cut by itself i used neutrogena hand cream but it dosent work help plz?
What is responsible for blood in urine?
Can high blood pressure be cured without taking pills>?
How can i treat an ear piercing infection??
My mom thinks i have asthma. Do i?
Being struck off at the dentist?
Which discolors teeth more-cola,tea, coffee or cigarettes? just curious.?
Anyone agree?
Does this seem like a lot?
What else can i do to be thinner?
How do you get natural white teeth?
Am i fat help *************************...
Retainer issue.. Please help!?
What is a good workout plan for a 13 year old?
I really want to lose weight, but I have trouble getting motivated. Any tips?
Teeth whitening...?
This is for my debate...why should junk food not be banned from school?please dont say why it should be banned
Have any of u had braces?
Do braces hurt? Im getting them in 3 days!?
How Much Should I weigh if I am 5'5 and 13 years old?
How to stop chewing on my bottom lip?
Do we neet to wash our mouth after drinking milk?
Is garlic good for diabetics?
HELP I REPEAT HELP HELP HELP HELP HeLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
How do i whiten my teeth?
How do you sharpen your teeth?
How can you lose 60 pounds in 1 month without taking diet pills and dangerous stuff?
Success stories only....how did you lose 10 pounds?
If i chew ice, will it crack my teeth?
What age did you start drinking?
Does drinking lots of water make your face/skin look better?
Right now I weigh 180 is it possible to lose 35lbs by January?
What's the best exercise to get a 6 pack?
Wisdom Teeth Question?
How do I raise my metabolism??? I'm 30 and a female and getting fatter as the days go by!!?
If you use Listerine 3 times a day, do you have to floss?
What can I do to eliminate bad breath?
I have smoked for 2 months, too late to quit?
What is the most effective teeth whitening product out there?
What happens if you swallow chewing gum?
DOes water make you fat?
Is it bad??
I am trying to lose weight.How do I do it.?
What medecine and food can you take to treat diarrhoea?
Any good cures for COLD SORES?
Totally gross medical question?
Itchy Feet Please Help!!!?
I'm 17 and my mom might need a heart transplant, can I give mine?
Sleeping is good or not?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of posion ivy?
Is a sugar glucose 221 too high?
I am thinking about getting my wisdom teeth took out the dentist recommended it im 17 any ideas?it sounds ok?
I need some help with a tooth probelm?
Can you make out with a retainer?
My wisdom teeth are coming is there any thing i can do for the pain and to keep it from getting infected?
Would you like to see what my brother who has cancer sent me today? Good Attitude or what?
Blood on tissue and blood in toilet pan pressure on anal area any ideas?
A friend of a friend says he has cancer but she is not sure if he is telling the truth?
Is there a cure for cancer but it is not being revealed since it would hurt the drug companies?
My Dad has a lump in his neck!?
Soda? Tea? Juice? which is best for your teeth?
Do cell phones cause brain cancer?
What is the cure for cancer?
Does anyone Know what to do for an Abscessed Tooth?
Have you ever had a family member diagonse with a CANCER?
My dentist accidently prescribed me vicodin instead of tylenol with codeine for my toothache.?
Do men get wisdom teeth?
Boyfriend having chemo. He is losing his hair and his gutted.?
My hair is falling out do u think i have cancer?
My Grandma has breast cancer!?
Are there lymph nodes in your armpits?
Whats the best exercise to lose weight?
Should my 13 year old son start bodybuilding?
Is limited use of purging as part of a weight loss plan bad?
Is weight watchers any good?
At what age should I encourage my Daughter to DIET?
If I am still sore after 2 days, should I work out the sore muscles?
How can obese people say things like?
How much weight could I loose in 19 days? and what would i have to do to loose the most amout possible?
Can i lose 15 pounds quickly and safely without to much effort?
Anyone have a remedy for hayfever. my husband gets it very bad . have tried everything plus injection?
What foods can no person be allergic to?
What Happens when we sneeze?
Do i have asthma?
Is there such a thing as people being allergic to Avocado?
Is it safe to double over the counter medication recommended dose?
I have a constant sinus headache. What can i do??
Any cures for allergies?
Hmm.. i have a headache, allergies & God knows what else...?
Is Alcohol truly a Poison?
Why do so many women in the uk look so fat these days ?
Am I underweight?
Am i fat???????????
HELP . . I need to lose 10 pounds before Jan.1, 2008. What can I do to lose the weight? Best answer 10 points?
How can i lose weight?
What are some ways to make working out more fun?
Has anyone found a diet that ACTUALLY WORKS???
How comes i eat loads and loads all the time but never seem to put on any weight?
I am bulimic!?
Am I fat????
If a man is sentenced to death row but gets a heart attack, will they try save his life?
How to get rid of my wart?
I clean my teeth in the shower, do you?
Is it bad to grinding the teeth during sleep?
How Long does it take for wisdom teeth pain to go away? Holes were not stitched up..?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a zit?
Has anyone ever had a root canal and if so how long did it hurt afterwards?
What is the best over the counter teeth whitener?
Have had the flu for 4 days now and no sign of subsiding, what is best to eat and drink for a speedyr recovery
Withen your teeth? what are the best way?
I have a persistant cough that produces mucus. How do I get rid of it?
When to should baby see a dentist?
Super Scared About Getting Braces Off!?
What kind of tooth paste?
When i brush my teeth the same bit of gums bleed every time and it smells!! why is this?
I have a tooth that needs to be pulled, can that make my ear hurt on the same side?
Im 27 years old and drinking four pints of cider a day. whats going to happen to me?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Should I starve myself to look skinny?
What is the best way to avoid being bored?
This isn't really a question...Just would like your input........?
Age 14: height 5"1: Weight 150 Am i fat?
Which is better for you: Coke or Diet Coke?
I feel so fat?
What would you need to eat to consume 28000 calories?
Best way to gain muscles without gym equipment?
Im thinking about fasting, can anyone recommend a proven safe effective way to fast.?
Can you die from an abcess?
My top wisdom tooth has a dull pain but dentist say its the bottom one, can this be possible?
Do b**w j**causes badbreath?
Dental office workers...couldnt you just scream when a new patient comes to the office without insurance info?
How many of you actually brush your teeth for two minutes?
Wisdom teeth swelling 3rd day worse than ever?
Is it okay to use Liserence Mouth Wash even if you haven't brushed your teeth? ?
In what order should i brush, floss, and rinse?
Do spacers hurt more than Braces, or vice versa?
Is this too much exercise?
Is it true that water can make you gain extra weight..?
If I start eating healthy and cut junk food would I be slimmer?
How to know if you have a big booty?
How do i loss 20 pounds?
Do you think im over weight or FAT!!!!?
What exercises should my girlfriend do to lose body fat safely and quickly?
If I eat something small every 2 hours, will my stomach shrink?
What's the most weight you've lost in the shortest amount of time and how?
How much weight will i lose in 2months if i eat about 1000 calories a day?
Steroids Side-effects?
How can i get water out that went in my ear?
My fingernail has turned a different color its a green yellowish color and its constantly pussing whats wrong?
Bad breath alert!?
Any one afraid of Dentist?
When are wisdom teeth supposed to be pulled?
My daughter had open heart surgery?
What is the reccommended time for brushing you teeth?
Guys Only: Are braces on a girl a turn-on or a turn-off? Why?
Is marijuana really very less harmful dan a cigarette or they are equally harmful?
Has anyone had a wisdom teeth removed? if so what should i expect i have to remove 2 of them and i am scared?
Psoriasis. Does any one know a cure?
How to drink soda without getting tooth decay?
Infected wisdom tooth...what can I do to kill the infection?
Alzheimer's? what is it?
Do you die during the wisdom teeth removal?? I need help!!!!!!!?
Signs of Grinding Teeth?
How can I make my teeth as white as possible in the next month?
Wisdom teeth?
How much will i lose if i dont eat for a week??
Is it ok to start working out 2 weeks after getting c-sec.?
In women does height increses till 18 yrs or does it stop after you start having period?
How do you gain a level on here?
How tall is 170cm?
What is the quickest way to loose weight, i dont care how?
What is a way to flush out all this food i just ate?
How do i lose weight?
How do I lose weight in 3 weeks?
Am i fat? because ive just been told i am..?
Wisdom teeth helllp?
How do I keep my nose from bleeding?
Do my bottom wisdom teeth have to be fully in to pull them.?
My 14 year old son and nose bleed?
Help me! Gluten free!?
I just had an impacted wisdom tooth removed, how long will it hurt like this?
Which medicines are generally available without prescription?
Does anybody know........................
Most of my front teeth are decayed w/ visible cavities. No insurance, what's the right dental procedure?
What I can I do to help my allergies?
How can you deal with sudden reactions to food & drink?
Has anyone ever Died from a peanut allergy?I've heard that it can cause serious problems but not death yet.?
Hayfever i need help?
Clicking & aching jaw?
What is a good allergy medicine that's non prescription?
I'm allergic to cats, but I have one! Besides getting rid of the cat, what can I do to help me?
I just had a root canal done 3 days ago. When will the pain go? What can i do or take to relieve the pain?
Why do i constantly sneeze?
Why does my skin itch after a bath in a cold country?
The best ways to gain weight?
How do i unthaw meat very quickly? like in 30 minutes or less?
Do really fat people make you sick?
No one answered my question :( now im sad........?
What can I do so as not to be hungry before going to bed?
How can i make my body more flexible?????????
Can we drink coca cola during coffee breaks?
What diet really works. I want to lose a stone!!?
Is Biking A good Excersice?
Whats the best cure for a snoring boyfriend nasal strips and sprays etc dont work?
Forget what the goverment say, but do you think is it safe to eat UK Turkey?
Should i go to the doctor if i stepped on a rusty nail?
My mum is suffering from weight gain,bloatedness hot and cold sweats what could it be?
I have to keep having the urge to uriniate over and over and have blood in my urine what causes this?
How do you think the HIV virus travelled from a Chimp to human?
How come when u have cancer they shave ur head?
Why do cigarette smokers always look for excuses for why they can't quit?
How long does your lungs take to clear after quitting smoking , i,ve smoked for 39 years whats my chance?
Why is cancer more apparent in the developed world?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Breast Cancer, Deadly or Not? Please Help!!!?
Why is it compulsory to cremate people who have died from cancer?
How to not get cancer?
My baby is an angel!?
My mom has a high white blood cell count her appt. isn't until Jan 10th- what could it be?
What is the best thing to use for acne?
If someone has been an alcoholic for 28 years, and their eyes are pale yellow, could this be jaundice?
Itchy skin...HELP!?
I'm scared?
My feet are extremely dry and cracked. What do you recommend to soften them?
How to stop the itching??
Help!!! Allergy!!!?
Is it possible to be allergic to my boyfriend's man-lotion?
I have a serious question so please be nice....?
Drinking beer...?
What are the most hypo-allergenic dogs, i.e. least dander/allergy causing breeds?
Epi-pen usage? Urgent need for answer?
Can anyone with wheat/ gluten, alergys help.?
Remedy for Amoxicillin Rash?
Anyone else allergic to... trees?... And dust?? Whats up with that?
Is picking your nose and eating it bad for u?
Can you get mono multiple times?
How do you get diabetes?
Do u know how many times i have been insulted by u lot!?
If i have a scar on my face will neosporin help?
Am i a clean freak?
What food specifically should you eat for clear skin?!?
Swollen eye- allergies- how to reduce swelling?
Is it normal for Pugs to have watery eyes?
Am I allergic to bees?
Please Help Me i dont know what to do!!?
How can I get rid of nose allergies (sneezing, runny nose, etc.) without the use of medication/shots?
There is an itch at the top of my mouth and in my ears and eyes-possible causes are sought!?
Is this a nut allergy?
Sometimes my eye twitches but not noticebly Why?
Any advice on helping my boyfriend cope, he just found out he has kidney stones?
How do You Get Rid Of Love Bites ?
My blood sugar is 91 an hour after meal is this too low?
Can you get an STD by giving a hand jobs?
I am going to start smoking and I am 14 but I have asthma?
Clogged nose in the morning what to do?
What does it feel like to die?
I am suffering from obesity what is the remedy?
What do you think about smoking in public areas? Like clubs and restaurants?
Do you feel dirty going to Walmart?
What are the herbal/fruit remedies for constipation?
Why do we tan?
I went to the doctor and the x-ray of my heart showed a Big Mac where my heart is, is that bad ?
What are you allergic to?
Bizzare rash on my face.....HELP!!!???
Iwant to take omega 3 capsules but i have a shellfish allergy.Where else can i find omega3?
Is anyone allergic to peanuts?
I have extremely severe allergies, any suggestions?
I am asking this for my husband!!?
My son is 3 has always been sick if he crys or gets giddy,he was sick lastnite blood was uzzin out his nose?
I always get an itchy tongue after eating pineapple?
Prescription refill for epi-pen?
What is Ischemic?
What is the cause of a twitching eye?
How can I grow a plum tree from a plum stone?
What is a sensible drink (non alcoholic) to take when you are a Diabetic?
Can stress cause skin disorders?
Is there going to be a cure for diabetes?
I recently discovered I have an STD. How can I make sure I keep my girlfriend from finding out?
Is there no cure for aids?
Is it ok to take a stress herbal supplement if expired and bottle never opened yet?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
What happens if blood sugar level goes extremely down,as in last stage?what can i do to prevent it?scared!!=(?
How can i cure diabeties problem ?
How can u tell if someone is at the end how much longer will they have?
Acne Cure please help?
Do people REALLY get heart attacks from being scared?
Please, please, please....Cold remedies.?
What are herpies?
Warts on fingers?
Is the diagnosis of Cancer a death sentence?
Is she going to die?
Would you feel that your privacy has been violated if your siblings tell their friends that you have cancer?
Any 20-a-day smokers quit?
Do all smokers eventually die or end up with Cancer?
Is chemo as bad as everyone says it is? Has anyone here experienced it?
My father has just been told that he has to go for chemotherapy?
Coping with a death.?
How is a suntan good for you?
What is the kind of perfume for people who got asthma?
I cant sit in air conditioned room i start sneezing?
How come everytime we pick our nose, it stinks?
Itchy eyes from allergies- any ways to stop the itch w/o medication?
Will heat affect Benadryl?
Why we are not able to open our eyes while sneezing?
Advice on asthma?
I feel terrible stomach pain after eating pineapple. What could be the problem? Help?
I have a sinus infection. I am breast feeding and my baby is allergic to Kephlex and penicilin.?
What should you eat to get a stomach ache?????????
What can I eat to soften my stools?? Except wheat bran??
What will happen to me if I still haven't had chicken pox and i'm 16?
A question about blood pressure?
Is This really Gross or what?
Getting someone to drink water?
Has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
How many fingers does a blind person have?
Can very high suger level kill you?
What does it mean when the whites of ur eyes is yellow?
What are the main causes of diabeties in children?
What can cause sudden and total evacuation of the Bowels ?
Is AIDS likely to be spread if an injection needle is reused after being used on aperson with AIDS?
Help! i had my lip pierced today, and iv just had an allergic reaction to my cleanser?
How many of you are Lactose Intolerant?
Is a bee's stinger noticeable?
I just broke out in hives and now I constantly feel like I need to clear my throat.?
I think im allergic to my cat - HELP.?
Has anyone removed carpet from the bedroom for allergies.
Its been 15 days since I've got my belly button pierced and i think I'm allergic to nickel. what do i do?
Could the house be causing my illness?
How do you make your nose bleed any where any time?
Is it possible to be allergic to red wine?
2 yr old has bad cough, he suffers with bronchiolitis often. he has been on antibiotics for almost ten days?
How do stimulants such as coffee and cigrettes effect depression?
What bothers you more, the growing problem of antibiotic resistance or the bird flu and why?
Terrified now - Left side of face has slight tinglng and numbness.?
I've just coughed up about 2 pints of blood?
Any ointment that can make a scab disappear quicker?
Amitriptyline for fibromyalgia?
Whats the best anti inflammatory for arthritis?
I ate some cashews which gave me a very big allergic reaction. I vomited twice and took some benadryl?
Does Oatmeal in a bath get rid of itchies?
If your eyes get swollen up almost shut. is that a sign of an allergic reaction???
I have developed a sudden allergy to shrimp last month, although I have eaten shrimp all my life. Why?
Can soy sauce cause allergies? my throat doesn't feel right after I've eaten stuff dipped in it...?
Anyone please help my 12 year old cousin?
How to get rid of allergies w/o shots?
Can hamsters turn more worse your asthma?
If I boil regular milk, can I get rid of the lactose and make it lactose free???
What does a blood clot do to someone?
I think I have asthma. What should I do?
Can someone please tell me what is wrong???
Heart Palpitations?
Acne help anyone....???
Does eating too much sugar make you diabetic?
Would you consider me fat?
What's a good way to get your body to pass gas?
Someone 5'1 and 98 lbs?
I am 12 years old. I weigh 120 pounds. I stand at 5'4 feet. Am I over weight???
If my measurements are 37-31-44 is this Big/Normal?????
If i eat Special K will i lose some weight?
What do you think of women body builders?
Does smoking make you lose weight?
Where can i buy laxatives?
I want to lose 10 pounds really fast, any suggestions?
How do I lose at least 2 lbs in one day???
Exactly how do you throw up your food? I need to lose some weight, and my friend told me to just throw up my f
I'm fat & ready to lose & tone...but how??
BEFORE / AFTER pic of my weight-loss.... have a guess how much weight I have lost?!?
My 14 year old son sleeps all day and most of the night is this normal?
Is being a vegetarian healthy?
Going to the gym at 49 years old?
What is the average weight for a 12 year old girl who is 5'3?
I tried every diet there is and they didnt work. but now I found the best way to lose and keep off weight!?
I feel fat and ugly?
I am planning a crash diet, what is the one or two at most things I would want to eat a day?
Weight question?
Is is true that ;; Smoking makes you lose weight.......?
What is your outlook look on overweight people?
Will smoking marijuana effect gym workout?
How can a 13 year old lose 30 pounds in a month?
What's the most fruit and vegetable have the most calories and i have to avoid it to don't again weight?
What are the best things to drink when on a diet?
Why havent i lost weight
I have spots what is the best way to get rid of them??
Is schitzophrania dangerous?
Help me i'm scared!!!!?
Do anti depressant tablets make you happy?
Was i right to call 911?
Should I see a Dr. for this??
Okay...I know this is gross, but....?
Why do fat people, continue to be fat , when they can diet?
How can I flatten my stomach?
Is it good 2 be skinny?
Is my friend anorexic?
If i eat 5 bananas a day does this count as my 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day? If not, why not?
Are there any negative health effects from eating raw eggs?
Is 534 pounds too fat 5ft 2?
I need to lose weight. What should I do?
How Much Weight Could I Lose, If I Dont Eat For A Week ?
Grow out of allergies?
The Allergist does not know what my 5yr old is allergic to!?
I cant stop coiffing can any 1 help. (i don't smoke so its not that)?
Are there any breakfast cereals which are gluten free and suitable for a coeliac?
My eyes have suddenly went all puffy and I have a red rash on my face and neck?
Has anyone had any allergy symptoms that affect their throat and chest?
I seem to be allergic to earrings, what can i do?
Do I have PINK EYE???!?
I suspect mold in my home: i am a renter, my kids have astthma and are also suffering form cold like systoms?
Has anyone ever been to an allergist?
How do celebrity women get so thin?
If we are lost at sea, ran out of water, why cant we drink the sea water instead?
How do I keep my mind off of food?
When is the right time to exercise?
How can I ask my wife to lose weight in the nicest way possible?
To say that Marylin Monroe was chubby is ridiculous, yet so many people seem do so. What's your opinion?
I'm 13, weigh 144 lbs, and am 5' 6". Am i fat?
How do thin people like Victoria Beckham get so thin and maintain it?
How do i break my leg?
Is it possible that a 14 year old girl could be diagnosed with breast cancer?
How do you comfort someone who's child may be dying?
Is it bad to back away from a family friend w/ cancer?
I'm having a very bad day how could i calm myself?
My boyfriend has been diagnosed with cancer and is pushing me away. What do I do?
I Have Cancer, but I don't want to tell anyone, I feel alone?
Do Clowns suffer from Jesticular cancer?
Not sure whether i'm intitled to a bus pass for travelling to and from hospital.?
I know a lady who needs your help. She had Chemotherapy and now smells odors which do not exist.?
How do you Avoid getting Cancer?
It hurts to breathe..............?
Why am I ALWAYS cold?
Cures for depression?
Which is defined death, when the heart stops beating or is it inactivity in the brain?
What does it mean if diarrhea resembles coffee grounds?
If I didn't eat anything all day today....how long would it take me to lose weight?
How much water should you intake in a day?
Is it safe to drink two six-packs of Coke per day?
How do i get up for 5.00am when i have been so used to getting up at 12.00pm?
What can you have on bagels?
What can i eat now to give me an energy burst?
Is 5'9 and 120 pounds fat?
Losing weight in 3-4 months?
Am i fat???
I am 16 years old 5'6'' and 220 lbs... i need a way to lose some weight!?
It really bothered me when my friend called me fat. do you think she's right?
Can you resist a Hobnob?!?
What the best way to tone your stomach?
I'm scared.....I think I might have a problem.?
Whats victoria beckhams diet?
Beer is it bad?
Can a person be anorexic for life?
How can i get slim without doing any hard work?
I need to make my thighs smaller!?
How can I run faster?
How Can I Lose Weight Easily and Quikily?
How do you get rid of hickeys?
Do you think I'm fat?
Hi this is very important and funny question as well?
Should I eat this Krispy Kreme doughnut for breakfast or nothing at all?
Im constantly getting thrush, why?
Why dont fat people have SOOOO many excuses???
How can I reduce my appitite?
Is there any kind of lotion or something that will give my legs a tan?
I'm really skinny, but eat a lot, how do I gain weight?
Any tips for beating flu????
How can i make myself wet the bed when ime asleep?
Can i have yogurt on a diet?
Help me!!!!!?
Is an all Cream Soda diet a good idea?
Why does my wife keeps on coughing (fits) non-stop?
I am allergic to a tattoo would the reaction hapen allover the new tatto or could it be in one spot?
Anti-histamine daily - is this bad long term?
Why do people get runny noses? Whats the bodies purpose for a runny nose?
Does anyone else prefer to use hankies rather than tissues?
I have an allergy to dairy what could i have for breakfast?
Does anyone know someone that is allergic to garlic?
I have a theory on how to cure/ treat severe hayfever how plausable do you think it is?
What type of tests do they do to find out what you are allergic to?
How can you get rid of an appetite???
What is your height and weight?
Ppl keep telling me im too fat on this computer and at school am i?
Am i fat? be honest. (pics included) and how much should i lose?
How can i gan weight?
Is 123-125 a thin weight for a 14 year old at 5'5 who runs?
Im 17, 5'6 and weigh 7st 4lbs?
Should I be worried yet?
Please Help Me??? I Need Some Advice!?
How do I gain weight?
How can i gain weight?
How do you lose weight? Quick!!!?
PLEEZ HELP........................ NEED A DIET........Thanks?
Why are people so fat these days? (No offense)?
How come some people who only eat a little bit get so fat?
How can i gain 10-15 pounds in 12 days?
What is the average weight for a 15 year old girl?
Can you get shingles from someone else?
Suggest a cream to remove strechmarks?
Cannabis worry?
Im 6'4" and about 295, i was wondering what i should do to get down to 205?
I need help losing weight. Got any Ideas?
What is the healthiest item on McDonald's menu?
Can fit girls love fat guys?
How can i get rid of my fat saggy tummy,without surgery?
Am I too skinny for my height and age? I am 4"11, 14 years old, and weigh 51 pounds, do you think I am fat?
Am i fat tell the truth!!!?
Reality or am i just dreaming??
Is diet coke bad 4 u in large doses?
How did cavemen keep their teeth clean?
I am fixing to get 2 teeth pulled out and i was told they were going to use nitrous oxide. what is nitrous ox
How bad does it REALlY hurt to get your tounge pierced????
My husband wants to know if alcohol could have any effect on the effectivness of his antibiotics he is on?
Toothache, but was only at the dentist 2 months ago?
How many of you have Bad Teeth?
Rinsing mouth with salt water?
Are you afraid of gg to the dentist?
What are you allergic to?
Is it possible to outgrow an allergy?
Can you suffer a seizure if allergic to shellfish?
Which of the following is NOT a symptom of inflammation?
My throat really hurts and this has been happening?
Am I allergic to wheat- have had bad stomachaches and nausea for years anytime I eat any carbs?
I'm so sick! I've tried everything but i cant get rid of this aweful cough and congestion. What should I do.?
Nut allergy?
Im wheat intolerant. am i allowed to drink lager or not?
What is the best to way to fix my allergies?
Is it okay to kiss without brushing your teeth?
My boyfriend brushes his dogs teeth with his toothbrush?
(Just need to know) Are Black girls seen as pretty?
How do you remove marks on skin such as scars or stretchmarks?
Pediatrician opens garbage can with gloves on, then puts gloved in my mouth to examine throat....PLEASE HELP!!
Diabetes question...?
How do you help get rid of or just soothe a sore throat?
How do i get rid of a cold?
I woke up this morning and my tongue was black?
What is the best toothpaste in the world?
Does anyone know what to do about TMJ syndrome?
What should I do about my tooth?
I got my braces on?
Getting 2 baby teeth pulled today and scared?
Wisdom tooth removed over a month ago.?
What can i do about my fear of the dentist!?
Wht hurts the most?
Ive lost track of how old i am anybody here know?
How do you pierce your lip by yourself?
Teeth Grinding?
Infection after extraction?
I'm entitled to free NHS dental treatment, but can only find private dentists.?
Braces are the worst thing ever!?
What cause of a white tongue?
What constitutes an "emergency"?
What is bad about NOT getting wisdom teeth removed?
Does Diabetes ever go away?
Panic attack while you`re sleeping?
My Dad had been diagnosed with Diabetes, do I need get tested?
My 8 month old Daughter has a chesty cough, any tips to relieve her symptoms?
Why not to drink alcohol?
How do you get rid of acne?
Please help.......i am very scared?
What is worse...The Dentist or a broken arm?
Am I TOO OLD to get "braces?"?
How much do braces cost?
Who makes more money?
I have to get my wisdom teeth put out but im scared as hell should i be?
Who hates braces?
My gums bleed?
Can dentists fix a cracked tooth?
I used the 7 day challenege of Crest White Strips. It's been 3 days now and I have big white spots!?
What is the best teeth whitening toothpaste (blanx, pearl drops etc..)?
Is it a good idea to have all four wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time?
Do Cavitys hurt when they get drilled? like does it hurt to get a cavity drilled?
Can you use ur tongue to push your front teeth out of place? making u wear braces?
Mouthwash too strong for my mouth?
Why do some people have a gap in between their two front teeth?
How to quit biting nails?
I want to pull several of my own lower front teeth - what's the best way to do that?
Is there any problems with leaving decayed teeth stumps in the gums?
Should I go get an allergy shot if I'm not feeling well?
Is it possible to become allergic to a medication that you've never been allergic to before?
I have alot of dust in my home, what can I do to get rid of it?
Can you ever grow out of a peanut allergy?
What are symptoms of dairy allergies?
I'm allergic to dark chocolate, does white chocolate have the same ingredients?and could I eat it?
I always have a phlegm on my throat, how can i get rid of it?
Why do I have a White Blood Cell Count? What does it mean? And What Can I Do?
Itchy nose driving me mad, help?
How can I prevent everyone else in my house from getting my cold?
How can you make a scar fade....?
Red bumps on head after shaving?
Anybody got a cure?
How do you get rid of those tiny little bumps on your skin?
Are You Cold?
Rash under my breasts?
Did you allow your children to have the MMR vaccine?
Do you ever clean your teeth with a toothpick in public?
Is there any way i can get rid of my lisp?
Is this true?
What should i do?
ANYbody know how to make the pain go away!!!??
Tightening braces...........?
Can i stop taking Amoxicillin now for a root canal in 3 days?
Drugs called meth?
My HUGE problem is that i have terrible teeth. yes, i made all possible, but still color is yellow and ugly?
Braces help?
I'm having my wisdom teeth extracted and my bottom back teeth both sides at the same time.....?
Can you get your teeth whitened for free at the dentist if your under 18?
This teeth whitening stuff they sell at the stores..?
Apart from the dentist,does anyone out there no how to get rid of toothache?im tired of going to the dentist?
What do you recommended when getting your bottom wisdom teeth pulled? Which method, etc?
What is the best way to quickly and safely whiten teeth?
My gums swell & bleed the next day if i chew gum harder/longer or anything harder. how do i alleviate?
My wife is pregnant hence can not receive dental treatment but her gums are very sore,any ideas?
How do you go to the dentist without dental insurance?
Am aged 24, how can get my teeth to be aligned?
How do you catch tonsilites?
Is chewing ice a serious problem ?
Do you spit the toothpaste and dry your mouth or do you rinse with water?
My 5 year old has a cavity, is it really worth getting it filled, when he is just going to lose it?
I have gum problem....HELP!!!?
Does it hurt when you Get Braces off?
20 year old with braces? attractive or not?
Is it better to floss before or after you brush your teeth?
Came from dentist..said to wash out my mouth 3 times a day. the bar soap tastes terrible! any suggestions???
Do you always wash and dry your hands after going to the washroom ? If no, why not ?
I'm diabetic and my two of my toes on the same foot are turning blue. One of the nails is turning yellow.
What would be good food for a diebetic?
How is the best way to quit smoking?
How do i change my skin colour?
Smoking problem?
Headaches from Coffee?
Am i alergic to shellfish?
Can drastic weather changes cause allergies?
Im allergic to ballons ant i want to eat one. what should i do?
Is olive oil is the answer to eliminate the gallstone. And how many times were gonna drink it in aday?
Where to find a good wife?
Does sticking a penny to a bee sting keep it from swelling?
Kanker sore?
Braces pain?
I totally LOVE GUM!!!! how about you???
Any suggestions on how to deal with allergies without meds?
Teeth whitening?
Where should i take my daughter? should i take her to a dentist or the hospital or what?
What is the best over the counter medication to take for indoor nasal allergies?
Why Get an electric toothbrush?
Do you floss your teeth?
I want braces, but dont really need them?
Is it very necessary to fill the cavities or one can live with open cavities with some extra care.?
Stitches in mouth after wisdom tooth removal....?
I have an extremely bad toothache what should ido?!?
Does your dentist have a funny name?
Help! I am sooooooo embarrassed!!!?
I get braces on wensday?
Is it ok to eat or right after a tooth filling?
I am Gettin Braces 2MARO!!!?
Whitening teeth?
Whats good for tooth ache?
Help! I have a lump on my gum?
I'm getting braces help me please!
Should i get my wisdom teeth pulled?
Is prediabetes a real condition to worry about?
Is there a "cure" to this problem?
Am I diabetic?
Can anyone enlighten me about taking insulin,?
What is a good way to stop hiccups?
How do I tell her to get rid of her head lice?
Do I HAVE to get Antibiotics for this?
Which organ is related to pneumonia?
Without going to a dentist?
I've chipped my tooth?
Is there any way to stop clenching your teeth in your sleep??
Can you suggest me.............?
I had a piercing a few years ago & the hole has closed since removing the stud..?
What is the strongest pain killer i can buy over the counter?
I'm 23 and my wisdom teeth haven't grown in yet. Should I be worried that there impacted?
Why do dentists give you free toothbrushes? Are they better quality than what you'd buy at the store?
How often do you floss?
Whats bigger than a teeth?
After braces are taken off, does everybody need a retainer? If so, how long usually?
How does the dentist know whether to use the tooth coloured or the grey/silver filling when fixing cavities?
What is a quick fix for a toothache - I've heard put an asprin on it - but don't have any asprin ...?
If I stop brushing my teeth for a few days, why do I get a mouth ulcer when I start brushing again?!!?
Have you gotten your Wisdom teeth taken out? Does it hurt? And is there actually a possibility of dying?
Should i get braces at 26?
What should i do about my loose teeth?
I have a grill (gold teeth) with diamonds three fell out should i use super glue??
How do you tell someone that their breath is absolutely HORRIBLE?
What causes acne??
A solution for really bad acne?
How can I cure a urinary tract infection?
I have a sore throat?
Why does my nose run when I eat hot food (as in heat, not spice)?
How many dentist opinions should i get?
Braces and rubbebands??
Allergies ?
I just got my braces removed and they put a metal wire on the back of my teeth do they remove this?
I had a cold for a week and then I blew my nose and blew out my ear (or so it feels like). Question for you?
Has anyone compared the effectiveness of claritin and alavert to generic lortadine meds like costco brand.....
Is it okay not to floss for one night?
Lactose and tolerant?
Our family dentist is Janice Stevenson, DDS. Is this capitalize right?
Is it true that person can have a honey allergy?
Do retainers hurt?
Why do certain fruits, eg. apples, and vegetables, eg. carrots, make my tongue itch?
What's the longest amount of time you've gone without brushing your teeth?
What animals don't make people allergic?
Am I allergic?
Sneezing?? Has anyone come up with a good way to defeat the continuous sneezing??
How do you whiten your teeth without using agents?
In pain please help!!!?
I have Braces, and I have decided I dont want them. I want to pull them out. Any Suggestions?
6 days after my wisdom teeth extraction?
Should I get my wisdom teeth removed?
Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Poll: How many of you have braces???
If i brush my teeth for a long time, will they become whiter?
If i swallow gum will my guts get stuck together?
What is the Best toothpaste/toothbrush?
I work near an obese woman, she weighs about 350 lbs. I wonder how can someone get that big?
Help a depressed guy change his life...?
If you don't eat for like three days...?
How can i put on a little weight?
I Want To Go On A Diet But Im Finding It Hard So What Advice Can You Give Me?
Should you eat before you run every morning?
This may be impossible,How can I lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks.?
My mom keeps calling me fat and im a zero and shes callig me a pigish eater and i should lose weight wuts up?
Please help - is this enough to lose weight?
Bad breath?
I have a toothache..?
How do I whiten my teeth?
How do you tactfully tell someone they have bad breath?
How many times should you brush your teeth a day?
What can i do about stinking breath????????
Swithing from Pepsi to Diet Pepsi?
I'm all out of toothpaste. Now what?
Can you buy temporary tooth filler?
I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant- how much can I expect to make after a few years?
Acne Proplems!! Please Help!!?
Help-I'm in so much pain-how can I stop my ear from hurting?
Our daughter continue taking drugs!!!?
What is the main cause of Diabetes?
I cant die, ive tried many methods?
If you have been having symptoms and the doctors says there is nothing wrong?
How do you pull a loose tooth?
How do I whiten teeth?
What will happen if I eat an entire bottle of......????
What is the best over-the-counter teeth whitener?
I Have BIG cavities on front teeth,what can i do?
When is it safe to smoke after having teeth pulled?
If you have/ had braces is flossing that necessary?
How weird is it to be 36 yrs old and still have a baby tooth and never had any wisdom teeth?
When you get a cavity filled do they give you a shot?
Do braces hurt ?
Having some teeth out?
I plan on getting braces for my overbite, do they typically use a retainer for this?
How to prevent or reduce bad smell of the mouth ?
I got two teeth pulled yesterday, when can i brush or eat?
Wisdom teeth extraction eight days ago. Still in pain!?
How do i stop my gums bleeding when brushing my teeth i brush twice a day and have had this problem for years?
Honest answers please! I promise not to judge!?
Do you have braces?
Braces help?
I have had braces for nearly a year. i have drunk diet coke nearly everyday.?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
How is an allergy test pesformed and how does it determine that you're allergic to such and such?
Are you afraid ofmites living on your body?
What is an allergy when only one side of my nose is affected?
What is the best allergy medication to use?
Will it be harmful to me, if i take daily bath with a teaspoon of dettol in the bucket??
Is an allergy to medication containing cillin serious?
What can we do about black mold growing in our 7 month old mobile home we had to move out !?
Can any animals (besides humans) have allergic reactions?
My wife is allergic to corn products. Besides corn syrup and corn starch, what else has corn in it?
I have a really bad sun burn!!!!!?
OMG, WAT IF A little kid saw this??!!!!!!!!!?
Is diabetes a form of cancer?
My mums been having heart pains?
Bed Bugs!!!!???
My girlfriend just told me she has vd. i dont have it. how could she have gotten it?
How can you prevent AIDS?
My gums bleed about 3 tablespoons a day. Do I have a disease?
What's the age limit for braces?
Do you use cold or warm water?
BRACES! Help!?
Do gurlz care if a guy has gap teeth?
Getting braces in two days. Need some info.?
Braces process?
Question for those who have permanent(fixed) retainers.?
Do root canals hurt???
I've got bad breath(mouth odour) what do i do to stop it?
Wisdom tooth question...?
Friend needs dental work, no insurance?
Why on earth do we have nerves in our teeth?????
Are you suppose to brush your gums?
Anyone have braces as an adult?
Anyone else out there without wisom teeth? Not after being pulled out - I mean never even grew any?!?
Hi. Ok this is an awkward question, but what kind of toothpaste do you use?
I am getting braces, what colors should I get and does it hurt?
I just pulled the wrong teeth out of my patients head. what should I do?
Bleeding gums only in the morning??
Anyone else have braces?
Which things can you not eat with braces..?
Any quick ideas for pain relief?
Are cavaties painful or are they not painful and do you feel anything?
I know this is extreme but does getting braces make you lose weight?
Whats a good at home remedy for a bad toothache?
Question regarding root canal work:?
What did people do for toothache before dentists?
Has anybody got any idea what you can and cant eat with brace?
I have gingivitis?
Correct me if I'm wrong will you please but I understood that it was only?
Is there a cure for eczema?
What could cause dark red urine?
I think I might have Strep Throat.....?
How to get rid of a hickey?
When we go the dentist, what exactly is "Deep Cleaning"?
X-rays show that I have multiple cavities...could they be wrong?
Why do dentists extract wisdom teeth of young adults, even if there is a small cavity in it?
Is brushing with baking soda safe?
Where can i purchase an electric tooth brush?
Do you ever wonder why we keep the toothbrushes we clean our teeth with?
When you get braces ( on teeth ) do you talk weird?
Do I REALLY need a root canal?
My dentist says i need to get my jaw broken, should i?
Is there anyway to work out if you are allergic or intolerant...?
Worried? Am I allergic to ice cream and am I okay ?
I Got Stinged by A Wasp. PLEASE HELP ME? 10 Points.?
If I can feel me getting sick right now, is there anything I can do to try and stop it in its tracks?!?
Sinus Infection?
Anyone else deal with chronic hives?
I just feel so bad today?
My daughter who is 2 and has ashtma coughs at night until she throw up she uses her meds but this stillhappens
Mould problem?
Food intolarences and panic attacks?
Why do dentists demand a root canal be made before a crown is put on a tooth?
How to whiten teeth without buying teeth whiteners?
Wisdom teeth... how bad is it
Do some fragrances make you gag?
Tomorrow i am getting my braces and i dont know what colors to pick any suggestions????
How do you get your braces to stop hurting?
How do you get pain relief from a toothache naturally. Cant get to dentist?
Does it hurt to get braces put on?
Biting the skin on the inside of my mouth... does anyone else have this habit?
How can I sterilize a toothbrush?
Do they sedate you during wisdom teeth removal??
My teeth are flat.?
CAN I GET ANTIBIOTICS with out a presciption?
Should brushing teeth in the bathrooms at work be allowed?
If you clean your teeth first thing in the morning, and then eat breakfast, surely that's bad for your teeth?
Why do dentists always ask you questions when they have a drill/scalpel in your mouth?
What's your favorite toothpaste?
What is a better career?
Can you die from toothache?
I'm getting my widom teeth extracted, can i drive myself home afterwards?
Tooth Extraction- Sedative Question?
How did your parents get you guys to take out / pull out that hurting tooth when you were young?
How do you brush your teeth?
Dental question...?
Sever tooth pain ,cant take antibotics allergic to almost all and cant take other becuase im prego...HELP?
How many milgrams of ibuprofen should I take for a bad toothache?
Do braces really hurt?
Cool braces colors...[besides pink&purple;]?
What is this country coming to (UK), your views?
Why are dentists sooooooo expensive?
How long do i have to wait to eat after getting a cavity filled?
Are you supposed to have one or two holes in the roof of your mouth?
How many people are THIS ashamed to go to the dentist?
Besides brushing and mouthwash how can I get rid of bad breath??
Is it ok for a guy to ask his girlfriend to go down on her if she is on her period?
Is the colour of your teeth important? as in they need to be white?? i think so , do you?
I am about to have 1 of my wisdom tooth out? what is the aftermath like and is it worth it!!!!!!?
Can you get braces if you have just ONE baby tooth left??
I'm having 6 baby teeth pulled out today! How do I deal with the pain?
Does anybody know any home remedies to stop eye irritaion due to allergies?
I have allergies and?
My daughter has MIlk Protein Allergy!?
How can I "unallergic" myself to something [i know that wasnt a proper sentence]?
Does anyone else get a sweaty nose when eating raw cheese or dairy chocolate?
Hives!!!! All Of the Sudden?
How long does an allegic reaction to Amoxicillian last?
Where is a good place to live with allergies, asthma and eczema?
What would be a good name for a bakery that specializes in gluten-free, wheat-free products?
Can allergies cause depression?
Why is a little bit of puss leaking from my front bottom tooth?
What can damage the enamel on teeth?
Chewing Gum stuck in thraot?
How long do i have to wait until i can drink beer after i get my molar pulled out?
How do you tell a person that they have bad breath ?
When do i use dental floss, after brushing or before?
My Co-worker got a major bad breath need advice.?
How long till I can smoke a cigerette!!?
Can I pull a molar myself?
I'm scared someone please ease my nerves!?
Can you get mono from sharing drinks with people who have it?
How do you treat sunburn???..is there a household item I can use before the next week??? ....help!!!?
Am i having a heart attack ?
Can you donate blood if you have an STD?
I think i might have a staph infection, what medication(s) should i be taking for it to heal?
I noticed blood on the tissue paper after I went to the bathroom. It was bright red and there was a good amt.?
How long does it take for a hickey to go away?
Common treatments for canker sores?
Braces question?
How many teeth a men have?
Im obsessed with chewing or should i say eating! ice cubes.. does it really ruin your teeth?
Will friends and guys treat me different cause of braces?
How long does novicane last?
Do u have to loose all of your baby teeth to get braces?
Is there any cure for receding gums?
My wisdom teeth are coming through?
I have question if you drink with a straw does juce get on your teeth still?
Why am i getting cold sores?
My son needs some dental work some teeth are killing him he has no insur and i dont have the money need help?
I am getting braces and am afriad does it hurt?
How can I stop my wisdom tooth hurting? There is no space for it to come out properly.?
What causes smellling breath?
Worried about getting braces?
Is it ok to get your tongue pierced when you have got braces?
How long does it take for general Anesthesia to wear off!!?
Can teeth grow any where on your body apart from in your mouth?
I have to get my wisdom teeth out and scared to death. What is some advise to help me get through this?
If someone is wearing braces, can they go swimming too?
For how many minutes should one brush ones teeth ?
How can i close the gap in between my front teeths?
Yelling at patients?
How do I find and NHS dentist?
How many times a day should you use mouthwash?
What color is your toothbrush?
“Why are false teeth like the stars?