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I want to be like half bulimic... Just barf after some meals. I really need to drop the weight...?
Why do people hate me?
Why is my skin starting to become dry?
Any good ideas for weight loss? I'm desperate!?
Did you lie about your weight on your driver's license?
Doctors please answer after having herpes simplex 1 in the mouth will you always have outbreaks?
Is there a right way to lose weight?
How many pints of water should we drink in a day?
Im 5'7 285 lbs with diabetes in my family. i am already feeling some of the symptoms of it. what can i do?
Is my weight normal,overweight,or skinny?
Where do you get a medical bracelet telling what medicine you are allergic to?
Help my boyfreind gave me a rash!?
Is there anything i can do to stop my spectacles hurting my nose?
Desperate case of Hayfever madness?
Food allergy question - something got me thinking...?
Why am i allergic to green apples?
I have so many ALLERGIES.... :(?
They aren't respecting the fact that what they are doing could kill me?
How do you....?
Is there any way to get rid of a cat allergy?
Bad breath?
White tongue?
How do i make my teeth whiter?
I have a beautiful smile but i need braces is it going to ruin my smile and my life for every1 picking on me?
What can I do to keep my breath fresh?
[[click]] Braces?
Are oaps entitled to free dental care?
This is a serious question! I asked my dentist to take out a very painful tooth, when he did...........?
If i pull my tooth out with a pair of pliers will the root and nerv come out with it ??
How to get rid of really bad breath?
Will removing the skins of mcnuggets reduce the calories?
Why is Fiber good for you?
Please help me lose weight?
Ok. I am overweight. People at school make fun of me. How can I make people see the real me and not the fat?
Will i have lose skin after i lose weight? but im 19 years old?
Is cereal bad for you?
Help! Can I die or get really sick?
How can a 12 year old lose 60 pounds in 2 weeks?
Am I fatt?
How Do I Encourage My Daughter to get into Shape?
How long does a teeth cleaning take?
What brand of whitening strips work the best?
I have these ridges or hook like things on the upper teeth in the back of my mouth what are they?
How can I make my teeth stop hurting from the braces?
How do i get rid of the smell of garlic on my breath???
Please help me!!! Wisom teeth drama!!!!?
I don't have a job, where can I go to get a tooth exstracted at little to no cost?
Help. I have Hole in one of my Teeth and its hurting like mad :(?
Does having teeth in your mouth that need to be remove effect chances of getting pregnant?
Im getting my wisom teeth pulled out on friday.....?
What would you do to rid the US of obesity?
Im 4'7 and 68 pounds. fat, normal or skinny?
What is the average bra size for a 13/14 year olds ?????
How much weight will i loose if i dont eat anything for a month or so?
Big booty??
What is the good and bad points of smoking cannibis?
Is being skinny all that GooD?
What are some methods on losing weight? Specifically belly fat.?
If i get stabbed by a penicl? And it goes through my hand , what will happen?
My son is having chickenpox. What are the food that I should not give to him ?
Is there such a think as drinking too much water?
I have a very bad toothache and no dentists are open till monday - what should I do?
How can i lose weight fast!???
Would you change your dentist for the following reason: (read details)?
Dentist's numbing injection?
Would eating one big meal a day help me lose weight?
Help - smelly breath??????
What color should I get for my braces?
I'm 5'7 I weigh between 115 and 121. Should I weigh less?
How do skeletons keep their teeth.?
Does getting ur wisdon tooth pulled out hurt like hell????
Diet Soda, Good or Not?
Advice from a dentist please..abscess on my gum, can I lance it myself?
Can I request to be sedated for a filling?
Apart from walking what other ways are effective in helping to lose weight on the bum?
Teeth whitening??? do people actually use bicarbonate soda powder? does it actually work?
How long after having wisdom teeth removed can i start to smoke again?
What's the average amount of water a teen must drink in a day?
How can we rectify the bad smell from mouth?
Which is actually better to speed up metabolism, 6 small meals a day or 3 small meals a day?
How many appointments are needed before an orthodondist actually puts on the braces?
What age do kids usually get braces?
When you have braces which color should you pick that would be less noticible?
What are the odds that my teeth will get back to being crooked if I take my braces off myself?
Does anyone have braces?? if yes how long do you have to have them on for?
What kind of baking soda should i use to brush my teeth?
Braces Question?
How many calories a day should i take if i want to lose 13 pounds in one week?
Height and weight question?
Am I too Skinny?
How can i stop myself from always feeling hungry, mainly in the evening time?
Am i fat????
Alright, this is a bit embarassing to admit, so PLEASE be serious...?
Is this rite?
Are These Symptoms of Anorexia?
Which fruit gives to us vitamen (c)?
Can fat people real loose weight for ever???
What are the possible causes why my 9-year old has greenish stool? I want possible causes before seeing doctor
What is your appendix for?
Failing Liver? How long to live?
What are these white spots on my tonsils?
Is it diabetes?ANSWER!10 POINTS!?
How can I overcome the lactose intolerance?
How can I stop my hives from itching?
I have a cold. :(?
Hay fever! Please help!?
Which is the best antihistamine for life long continious use for allergic rhinitis?
Is 12 month old alergic to whole milk, her stools have changed and she is much fussier?
I have puffiness around my eyes and now it itches why is that?
I have become allergic to my watch (metal base)?
My son is having an alergic reaction to something please help!!!?
I have alot of cavities should I continue to eat sweets?
What is the best way to pull out a tooth?
Why do people with their wisdom teeth taken out feel cranky?
How can i reduce the pain of a toothache ?
Very sore mouth?
I might be getting braces???
How can I fix the gap between my two front teeth?
How can i get my breath to smell better, and my teeth whiter?
If your breath stinks and you brush your teeth and use mouth wash what to do?
Does brushing your teeth w. baking powder make them whiter?
How do i lose fat on my thighs?
I would like to loose 10 pounds in 5 weeks. What is the easiest way to do that?
What is the best diet plan when you can't Exercise?
If you cut your arm pit hair does it make you from sweating as much ???
HELP!!!! please?
Is 5'7 a good height?
Is anyone else tired of the I'm 5'4, 100lbs,etc...AM I FAT?????
Is it possible to lose 30 lbs. in 2-1/2 months?
I am 14 years old, guy, 104punds, 5feet, 3 inches. How many calories should i be getting daily?
Am i fat???
If some one has really bad breath and they have tried everything to cure it what should they do now.?
Where can I buy Hydrogen Peroxide?
Makin teeth whiter?
How do u get rid of a cold sour?
Please help me i desperately need advice!!!?
What does it mean when i keep having the same dream about my teeth falling out?
How do i get over my fear of the dentist?
How to get rid of tooth ache without seeing the dentist?
Is it normal for wisdom teeth to hurt a little bit when they're coming through?
Should i get braces or invisalign?
How are you today?
How to lose weight?
How do i get rid of hunger pains??
Do fat people get stronger faster than skinny people?
How can i loose weight?
My friend weighs 5 pounds less than i do but i am skinnier and shorter how is this possible?
How long can you survived without food - but with water?
Help!!! Do I have low self esteem?
How can you build up the muscles in your arms and hands, if possible??
CLEAR Braces?
Braces overbite?
Smoking with braces..?
How can I make my teeth whiter?
Teeth whitening?
How do you make ur tongue smell better?
How much is braces?
Is there anyway to prevent morning breath?
Can a tooth that has cavity cause death?
I have tried to quit smoking several times and no luck...what else can I do? please help?
What could this be?
My partner stops breathing during the night for over a minute sometimes,is this serious?
Is it OK to eat fruits whilst diabetic? as some of the fruits are high in sugars. Said the doctors?
How long will it take for my scars to fade away?
Should I go to the ER?
I am FAT, How can a 12 year old girl lose alot of weight within 10 weeks?
What do you really think when you see an overweight person.....?
Im a 17 year old lad, and i eat and eat but never seem to put on weight. Does anyone know why?
Im gonna starve myself?
How can you be fat, but hot?
I'm a weak person, and I want to know what I should eat to become physically stronger?
Got any good ideas how to lose weight fast?
I am 13 and i need to lose about 50 pounds serious and basketball is starting but i need to lose weight.......
Okay, is this alot to eat in one day?
Work issue... a bloke came in today and complained about his breath. He'd been asked how often...?
I just broke a little corner of my fron teeth ..can it be fix?
What are the signs of your wisdom teeth coming through?
Getting a tooth pulled?
Im getting braces on monday, HELP!?
Omg i feeel so disgusting...and embarrsed?
Do you brush your teeth before or after you eat?
How do you cure bad morning breath?
What are shingles?
Does anyone know the best way to whiten teeth?
Any good songs to work out to?
Is 5ft 6 a good height?
Is drinking lots of water really that good for you skin?
I think my friend is taking laxative to lose weight but I'm not sure what are some signs?
Am I overweight?
What is the name for people who never get fat what ever they eat in one ward as fat people name is Obesity ,,?
How do i get rid of my bubble butt!?
What do you do when your trying to lose weight and are tempted to eat chocolate etc?
Im a man at 5'10" tall and weigh 250 lbs. Am I overweight? My wife says I look fine.What do you think?
How better is it to drink Orange juice rather than Coke?
Can you have fake teeth implanted in to your gums if all your teeth go bad? Kind of like permanent dentures?
Any home remedies on making teeth whiter?
Do you really have to brush your teeth EVERYDAY??
How can I control halitosis (bad breath)? I brush my teeth thice in aday but it doesnt help.?
Why does it hurt?
What does heaven look like ?????
Scared about getting Wisdom Teeth out!?
After Braces?
If you have a teeth overbite can braces pull the teeth backwards?
Discoloured Teeth?
Itchy throat/ears when drinking soy milk?
Mlik and Ice Cream allergy, Milk Protein? All Dairy allergy? Ice Cream, cheese, milk make it hard to breathe
Does a an allergic person need to have direct contact with a food to get sick?
My body is scratching horribly and I can't go to the doctor till morning. It must be seasonal allergy HELP!
Ive got itchy ears, the doctor said dont put anything in to itch it?
Is it possible to be allergic to the sun?
Anyone here allergic to marijuana?
Iv been told to drink raw egg n milk 2 get me big is there a risk of catching salmonella?
Why is it that a loaf of wheat and allergen free bread is so expensive?
Will Benadryl make me drowsy?
What to do?please,help me,no one else will?
How long will it take to get a flat stomach if i do 100 situps a day? also wat tome of the day is best?
Im 13 & started workin out 1week ago 4 2 days a week but ive gained (noticable)weight .y? and how do i stop?
How Much Water Is It Safe To Drink Per Day...?
How is aids spread ?
Do u think that kids are getting fatter abd fatter by the min. because of electronics????
Under my son's nose is red and sore from blowing it. Any ideas to soothe it? Nothing that will burn, please!
Will this help me lose weight?
People are always bringing doughnuts in to work. How to I keep myself from eating them? Dont want the calories
Possible Diagnosis Please...?
My legs are sore from overuse, some say to ice them, others say heat...?
Is it healthier to be a vegetarian?
So where was all the non smokers then?
Do Bulimics put on weight from throwing up?
I suffer from terrible Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My Doctor refused to treat me, he said he was going away?
Help me! i think i'm dieing...?
What do you think?
Help-- I just quit drinking alcohol 4 days ago. I feel physically ill. Fatigue, dizzy, body aches, vision....?
Why is there no cure for cancer despite billions of dollars raised to find a cure?
My Mom has primary liver cancer, probably inoperable, any advice?
Why am i so sad after 7 years i miss my mom she died of cancer?
Is Asbestosis A Form of Lung Cancer?
What is your favorite ciggerette?
Am I wrong to feel guilty for living?
Whats the best way to overcome a death of a sibling?
I need as many gruesome images for effects of smoking.?
How do you donate hair to make a wig for cancer patients?
My mom has cancer and I think I am loosing her...what do I do..?
What color braces should i get?!?
Wisdom teeth?
PLEASE HELP!! teeth hurt so bad!!!?
How do you get a root canal?
Where can I buy those old, flat, Children's toothbrushes. (The ones with the characters on them?)?
I'm 18 years old is it to late for me to get braces?
I want to keep my only tooth?
Can I use Chewing Tobacco 12 hrs after my surgery of the removal of my wisdom teeth?
How should I deal with a growing wisdom tooth?
I have bad breath.How can I help to make it smell better? I use mouth wash and I brush my teeth and tongue.?
I am 17 and im still a virgin i could have lost it by now but it feels great being untouched is this bad?
Whats the quickest and easiest way to lose weight??
How is it possible to gain 5 lbs in 25 hours?
What's your favorite ways to burn calories?
After exercising your calfs how should they feel?
What does drinking loads of water have to do with a healthy diet?
Is 5'9 and 139 lb fat for a women?
If I started taking protein shakes and working out what would happen?
How to get a six pack?
Is it better to brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast or AFTER breakfast in the morning ?
I'm dyyyyyyiiiiinggggggggg!!! please help!?
I just bought an electric toothbrush and my gums started bleeding right after i finished using it...?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Poll:- Have you ever had a Tooth Filling?
Having a tooth out under anaesthetic?
Home remedy to whiten teeth?
Why cant you eat after novicaine?
I am nearly 22 weeks pregnant and have a terrible toothache, i don't have a dentist, what do i do?
How do I make my mouth stop hurting?
How can u eat 5 fruits and veg a day? lol?
Are fat people addicted to eating and watching TV?
How do i loose weight from my legs???
What are your thoughts on Pole Dancing?
I need to grow. Are there any (ANY AT ALL) ways to make me taller?
Is this okay for me?
How can a 14 year old girl lose 20 pounds??
My mom says i need to gain wait i am 105 what should i eat to gain up to like 115?
Does sleeping on your stomach help you lose weight?
Is this normal?
Why is going to the dentists so scary?
I was sat at the computer and glanced down at my arm, and my mole was bleeding, should i be concerned?
What the different between type 1 & type 2 diabetics?
My friend alan has herpes but he does'nt want me to tell anyone?
If some one is infected with hiv can they share a drink with another person, will that other person get hiv?
When is a fever to high?
Public smoking?
How can i stop coughing? i have no cough medicine as it dosent work. its realy tikly and is driving me mad.?
Please help me !!!?
200 calories a day...?
Am I fat ?
Im fourteen and want to go on a diet.Any tips?
What do I tell a 13 year old girl who wants to STARVE herself?
If you saw a guy with an outy belly button and a 6 pack would you still say he has a nice body?
How can i lost weight?
Am I losing weight too quickly?
How can i lose weight with out to much effort?
If ur 5'5" or 5'6?
Has anyone ever died from the dentist? like loss of blood, or cardiac arest? i need answers!?
When u get braces..?
Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth removed?
Has anybody had this done?
Will they put me to sleep when they put braces on?
Symptoms that you have to have your wisdom teeth removed?
What is up with my teeth?
Why am i addicted to chewing ice??? and how can i stop?
Are these allergy symptoms normal?
What could it be? Anyone please...?
I appear to be allergic to eye make up. Can anyone recommend a brand that will not affect my eyes please?
How do you find out if you have a food allergy and it might make you fat?
Every time i kiss my boyfriend i shock him and everytime i touch metal. can someone tell me why?
How can I get rid of house mites?
Is it normal to be allergic to so many things?
Is there a generic or an over the counter substitute for the allergy drug, Zyrtec?
Why are so many people in the world developing allergies?
For Allergy sufferers?
How much weight can I lose if I only have about 230-300 calories a day for 8 days?
Do I need to lose weight?
I want to gain 50lbs but i have a fast metabolism?
Can I stay up 24 hours straight?
Am I underweight, overweight, or just right?
Do I need to lose weight? I'm 13 and 5'7 and weigh about 117 .?
I'm thirteen stone and only a teenager, i need to lose weight fast anyone know how?
How many glasses of water a day should a person drink?
If i do this will i lose weight and get down to 70lbs?
If you could only eat 1 thing for a whole year, what would it be?
Wisdom teeth removal?
Does having a tooth out hurt?
Why do I feel so yucky?
Teeth whitening?
Wisdom teeth ice pack?
Why do U. S. people brush teeth BEFORE breakfast and not after?
Is eating and apple equivilant to brushing your teeth?
Can someone please let me know about having wisdom teeth out whilst awake?
I'm getting my braces tightened tomorrow, will it hurt loads?
Help please I'm on a diet but I'm starving right now! hurry answer please?
Is 5'10 too tall for a girl?
How can I stop eating junk food?
After losing 120 lbs i have extra lose skin all over my body what can i do?
Need to lose weight?
How can you lose wight fast?
I am 17 and I weigh 110lbs how can I get "bigger"?
Is it illegal to eat dogs in the united states?
If I am only consuming around 1200 calories per day, will I start looseing weight?
Can I order it without my mom knowing?
Do i have a sugar problem?
ZITS helpppppppp!!!?
Who els here is a diabetic?
Do u pick ur nose and eat it?? (cause i do)?
Is alcohol bad for people who have Diabetes?
Why is my child always sick?
What would cause dark circles under a 5yr old childs eyes?
Is having crabs the std good for you?
How many girls dont wear underwear?
Is it true that if I only eat sugar and never brush my teeth I won't need braces? My dentist is telling me yes
How do i take my braces off myself?
What numbs a toothache best?
How often should you get new toothbrushes?
I have braces and no way to pay them off what can I do?
How many times do a childs teeth fall out??
Bulimia and teeth?
Help!!!! Are wisdom teeth always painful when they come in?
Why do i feel actual, physical, hunger pangs 10-15 min. after i eat? what's wrong with me?
No rude answers please! Real answers only.?
How are OVERWEIGHT people able to eat so much. I would generally feel sick at the amount they eat??
I'm SOOOOO mad at myself!!!!?
Am I overweight?
Apart from banana's what other food has a calming effect?
Need to lose weight by 4th june...?
What do you think of my legs?
Ok i weigh 125 and 5'0. i want to loose about 30 pounds befor summer.?
I don't seem to like water sooooo i don't actaully drink a lot of it! is this a bad thing?
What is the best way to loose weight without going on a diet?
Can you lose weight by walking for 45 minutes and dieting?
How to make teeth whiter???
How can i stop bleeding gums without goin to the dentist?i am petrified of them!?
Is this true and how?
How many times a month should you change your toothbrush?
I have a bad tooth ache.I have tried everything.Help please make the pain stop..?
Do the teeth keep growing after adulthood?
When you get braces do you have to pay the money all at once?
Why do a lot of black people have quite big spaces between their front two teeth?
My gums bleed when i floss.i rarley floss but im just wondering if theres a way to stop it?
I have bad breath even though I have EXCELLENT oral hygiene, why? ( I floss, brush after meals, gargle daily)?
Best kind of food to snack on while your dieting/watching?
Im 5'8 and weigh about 137 and I think I could stand to lose a few pounds. My goal is to weigh 125.?
Haven't eaten in 3 weeks!!!?
Does any one knw any diet tips??
Stones? pounds?
My husband is pure vegetarian(not even eggs)still he has high cholestrol.we use vegetable.plz send a solution
What is the best exercise to burn off fat (love handles etc) that doesnt require expensive equipment.?
What is the best why to loose 40 pounds?
How can someone lose 80 pounds in 2 months? My friend really wants to lose.?
I can't lose any stomach fat! HELP!?
Are crest white strips good for your teeth?
How do you get a cavity?
White teeth?
Brace faces ONLY-how do ur feel right now?
How would one get over a severe fear of the dentists?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Braces $3600??
I'm 12 and I have a loose adult tooth that's kinda rotten. Can I just pull it out?
When your sick with something, why does your body feel like it's freezing cold?
(WARNING!!!)There is a dangerous virus being passed around?
Whats is the most unhygienic thing to do?
What causes a sore throat?
I got water in my ear and now i can't hear properly advice please?
What could this sickness be? The symptoms are below..please help!?
Please help me find out what I have?
How does a vomiting and diarrhoea virus gets passed on from one person to another?
Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in two weeks?
Am i over weight?
I am 119 pounds..5'1 i really want to loose pounds and im beginning to think i cant...?
Why are so many things that are healthy so bad tasting and so many tasty things so unhealthy?
I need to loose weight?
What are fun exercises you can do to loose weight?
Why Am I shaking so much???
How could I loose weight, and fast?
I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out. Local or general anesthetic? Tell your stories!?
What do I use on my teeth? they are not pure white?
Does honey damage teeth?
What are the consinquences of percing your tounge wrong?
Am I weird? I am getting braces in a month or so and I'm kind of excited?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! braces really scared?
Can you suggest any techniques to overcome a severe dental phobia?
Getting put to sleep for surgery?
Need to glue a tooth back in what kind of addheseiv do i use?
Teeth whitening is it worth it.?
Mysterious food problem in 2 yr old..
My eyes are itchy, I have a runny nose and sneeze a lot. Allergies? any suggestions?
Sinus Headache? Head has been hurting for two days but my nose isnt stopped up at all.?
How do I dispose of an expired epi pen?
Is it bad?
What's the best way to remedy a sinus headache besides painkillers?
Could mold in an airconditioner cause someone to have bloody nose?
What is the cure for sinusitis?
Unblocking a nose?
My daughter is 9 years old . Last sunday she got swolleness around her both eyes. We thought that it might be?
Help. I'm fat.?
Whats to eat for breakfast before a morning run?
How to lose a couple pounds...fast!?
How much damage to your body would be done with a two week fast?
I've heard that 2 pounds is what i should lose per week?
Is it true the best way to lose weight is to stop eating bags of cream buns?
What is the benefit of having breakfast every morning?
Do I look fat? (Pic && 10 points)?
I need to gain 25 pounds in a week, how do i do it?
Whats the best way to get into the habbit of running?
Where can you report bad dentist?
Do you brush your teeth with hot, warm, or cold water?
I just had a wisdom tooth pulled..?
Should we try to drink water with fluoride to prevent tooth decay?
How to pierce my own tounge?
Is getting braces really that bad?
How to tell if you have a cavity?
Question about toothbrush!?
How to get rid of bad breath?
Does Anyone Know How much Retainers Cost???
Why would a Christian pastor get cancer if he's done nothing but good things most of his life?
How do I get over my best friend dying, it has been 5 years and I still miss her so much.?
Skin cancer????
I Need Help Praying For My Brother?
What do I do now?
I have a 9 year old boy who has a lump on the back left side of his neck, it is painful?
Do you believe we will ever find the cure to cancer??
Which one Are you :?
I have just been diagnosed with infiltrative ductal carcinoma (breast cancer).?
How can i starve myself???10 points best answer?
Which is more fattening?
Why does everyone say I'm fat??? PLEASE ANSWER!?!?
Is this too much for breakfast?
Question for Anorexics - if you're not gonna help, don't bother answering!?
At what size do people consider other "fat"?
Im 5'2 & weigh like 110 or 115 am i fat?
Help me with my tummy please.?
Please answer....best answer gets 10 pts.?
Would you gain weight if you eat too much fruit?
What will happen if I don't get my cavity fixed?
It look like my braces r going in to my gum?
Chewing my nails?!?
Wisdom tooth causing lots of pain!! What shall I do?
How Often Should We Change Our Toothbrushes?
What do you all think of people in their 40s who wear braces?
Can anyone help me?
How do u say this in spanish?
How bad does it hurt to get a shot in your mouth at the dentist?
What order are you supposed to brush, floss and use mouthwash in?
How can I lose 30 pounds fast?
Read this please?
Why is it when you eat sweetcorn it passes through whole?
How to lose weight during pregnancy?
Do u think i am too skinny?!?
Is weed bad for you?
How do u lose weight on your thighs?
I have heard that after meal it is harm to drink cold water ? and leads to cancer? is it true?
I need to "GAIN" some damn weight....?
Is being 121 pounds a good weight for being 5,7"
What colour braces should i get?ones that will look nice?!?
What can I do to help keep my braces clean?
Is flossing important?
Anyone have any advise on braces I get them tomorrow?
Why do you use toothe paste? because it tastes to minty.?
Do I need braces? *pic*?
How do you call it when a childs permanent tooth comes out behind the baby teeth insted of under it?
What is the best Whitening Toothpaste??
Where can i get low cost or free dental work ?
What kind of braces would look better on me (pics)?
Will my finger size decrease when i lose weight?
I dont want to be fat anyomore.....help!!!?
Why is anorexia so bad?
Do i weigh to much if.....?
How can you possible lose weight?
How is the best way to lose weight?
Im 13 yrs old and today i bench pressed 30kg 20 times am now the weight lifting record holder,your view please
Do you think i am fat!!!?
HELP... im addicted!!!?
Do i need to be on a deit to loose weight or will just exscrise work?
Can you get AIDs just by kissing someone?
My cousin reckons that when he passes `stools` they are tarry-black?
MY child is very constipated, what do I do?
Why do my parents REFUSE to take me to the docter?
I lost my job and insurance and am having weird symptoms.what are the symptoms of a heart attack?
How do I get rid of eczema?
My wisdom teeth are coming in... what can I do to make them stop hurting?
Tooth extraction?
OMG i have a Cavitiy..What do I do??
TEETH PULLING... tomorrow. Help!!!!!?
Do you HAVE to get your wisdom teeth removed?
How do you convince someone to brush their?
Does my teeth need orthodontics?(picture included)?
How can i stop bleeding my gum when i brush my teeth?
What is a good way to make soda less errosive on your teeth?
Whats the easiest way to get rid of canker sores?
What's the best thing to use to treat insect bites?
What is the best way of getting rid of a cold and blocked up nose,I just need 2know this because i have alot?
I have sinus headaches?
How do I get rid of severe sinus blockage?
Health Question:?
Best OTC allergy/sinus medicine?
How do I get a slight runny nose and red eyes fast?
What is the best remedy for hayfever?
What should i do?
Is there an allergy test??
My 13 year old is 5'2 almost 53 and about 115-117 pounds,she wants to lose weight.Should she?
Im loosing weight but getting stretch marks, how can i avoid them?
How can she PUT ON weight?
How can I lose weight fast?
How much weight will I lose if if I don't eat for a week?
Which is better form of exercise?
If someone eats only?...?
How can i loose weight?
What is a healthy weight?
Why is store juice bad, but homemade juice good?
What will happen if i use expired crest whitening strips?
How can I remove the yellow colour of my teeth?
Where can I pull out my teeth?
I have to go to the dentist?
How long does the pain after getting wisdom teeth pulled out last afterwards?
What's the usual reason people get their wisdom teeth pulled?
What side of your mouth do you mostly chew on?
Does fluoride used in many toothpastes cause harm?
Is it possible to be 'knocked out' at the dentist?
Why do gums reseed and what can you do to stop it?
My son is 7 and has not lost any teeth yet. Is this normal?
Can Bad Teeth Make you FEEL BAD, LET ME KNOW?
How do you tell someone that their breath stinks without hurting their feelings?
Why do we get Wisdom teeth. It seems to me they just cause lots of trouble for people?
What kinds of food are good to eat after having your wisdom teeth removed?
Please help?
How do I get rid of those white things that come from my throat and they smell horribly?
Is there anyone who eats what they want?
How do i stop grinding teeth at night and my teeth are moving?
Yesterday I weighed myself and lost 1 lb, today I weighed myself and gained 4 lbs! How is this possible?
Need 2 Loose WEIGHT AND LOTS OF IT!!!!?
HELP!!! How to ease this toothache?
If I eat 1000 calories a day until Halloween, how much weight can I lose?
Which one is quicker for weight loss? Yoga or gym workouts?
Lose wheight??????????????????...
I have put 4lbs on...how much weight have you put on this Christmas???
If guy does yoga is it considered gay?
How to loss weight in 1 day?
What is better exercise pilates or yoga?
Please help weight !!!!?
I just quit smoking, any tips on getting rid of congestion, and the mucus?
Will eating too much sugar / sweets / sugary foods etc eventually lead to diabetes ?
Do u think my foot is...?
What is this red "bump" on my face?
Werid question about zits?
Anyone know any cures for sweaty underarms???
What would an enlarged lymph node along the jaw line be indicative of?
3 months ago I had dental fillings on my right side and There is still so much pain and sensitivity why ?
Bad breath and BO?
Does anyone have really sensitive teeth???
Is it normal to gain weight after a big dinner?
Why men are always heavier than women?
Gum recession from tongue ring?
How can i get whiter teeth?
I started doing 50 crunches everyday. About how long will I start seeing resuts?
I'm getting braces on Friday and i want to know more about it. and also, will they hurt?
How can my friend lose 22lbs in two weeks?there must be some way.?
What are some food rich in proteins??
How do i get rid of a canker sore fast?
Is it okay to eat after 7 p.m. ?
Am I fat? (pics included)?
My tooth hurts when I drink or eat hot food or drink! Why?
How to lose fat?
Do people loose weight when laughing?
How many times do you eatfastfood a week usually?
Why when your out and about is it always fatter people that drink diet drinks?
Lump in neck????
Is my boyfriend lying to me?
How can i get my husband to stop smoking?? he smokes like and chimney and i am very worried. he is 31yrs old.?
Do you think smoking pot is harmless give me some ideas about it im concerned ?
If you knew chemo would cause you to lose your hair, would you wait for it to fall out or shave it first?
Why is so many people getting cancer?
How can people die by having liver cancer? if u know please tell me?
What causes cancer, say skin cancer???
What is the name of the cancer type only men can get?
Do u think im fat?
I'm about 6'0 and 167 pnds. Does that seem right?
Tooth looks to be broken what to do?
How do i get a six pack?
If i do 20 sit ups 5-6 days a week will my stomach become more toned?
Teeth problem? automatic 10 to a good answer?
Im 13 and I weigh 120 pounds, by the way im 5'4 am i fat?
Has anyone got a good way off getting over a dentist phobia?
How do I lose weight?
How do i trim my butt?
Don't you just hate people who make noises when they are chewing gum? grrr?
Will eating fruits and veggies all the time keep you healthy and fit?
How healthy/unhealthy was my diet today?
I want to lose 5-10 pounds.?
Did i ate too much???!!??help??????????...
One time, this guy told me 2 eat bananas 2 get rid of...?
How to control fat from the body muscles?
Had a tooth pulled 4 days ago and its swelling what do I do?
Help Please!?
Can one develop an allergy to a certain food later in life?
Did man really land on the moon??
Is there a natural cure to gingivitus?
Is it possible to be allergic to hypo-allergenic makeup?
Nose problems...?
I get headaches everyday. What is wrong??
What do you do when you have a cold sore?
I just bought a new home and after removing the carpet in the living room my throat hurts everytime im there?
I recently changed my babies milk to sma white why is he being sick all the time?
What is the last thing we do before we die ?
Can enybody suggest a best remedy for allergic cold?
People with allergies, how do you cope?
My mate snores really bad. Any suggestions?
If you are significantly overweight and have allergies and take Claritan, should you?
Why does peanut butter make me gag?
Hello, i am called Toby from China. What you are called, and where you are from?
What is the best way to stop the late night munchies that are way out of control?! HELP!?
I'm 13 & I want to lose like 5-10 lbs. ??
Root canal?
Im confused about my weight?
I have a phobia of dentists and...?
Pls answer me teeth?
My Prom is in a month, should i lose abit of weight?
Looking for cheap dentist?
How many ounces of water should you drink daily?
Will u sell ur teeth?
Should i still have holes in my gums one week after wisdom tooth extraction?
Is it ok to do this?
Does getting ur wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
How to avoid bad breath?
How many situps would I have to do every night...?
Do u think people look good with BRACES?
What can I do for a toothache?
Why are my gums swelling and full of pus?
Bad breath?
Should i get invisalign or metal braces (im 13)?
When you´ve burnt yourself, does toothpaste relieve the pain??
Will fingernail polish work on teeth?
Wisdom teeth?
I dislike going to the Dentist . I am afraid of the pain . Is there a painless way to work on your teeth?
Braces, help, SCARED!!!?
Should i get braces?
I am not ugly but i have really bad breath?
My dad said he going to feed me every other day and i half to watch him eat when i cant so i can lose weight?
I am a 16 year old girl and i would like to lose some belly fat.?
What would cause white spots on gums around teeth?
How can i lose all over body fat?
How can I lose 30 pounds before December?
Is Ice Cream fattening? Why or why not?
Suggestions for snacks?
How many are willing to tell their weight?
What should you eat to lose weight?
Why am I not losing any weight yet????
Is a 74 pound 13yr old to skinny and un healthy?
How much was your blood sugar when you found out you had diabetes for the first time?
Is my BP too low at 97/78?
My child has swollen area under arm..running a fever..what could be causes?
What ages do heart attack happen women?
What can I use to get rid of an itchy, flakey scalp?
I have got some sort of spot under my eye and it isnt a zit so what could it be?
My 5 year old son has 2 sore's on his tounge,any ideas what it could be?
My daughter's lips are always dry. How can I improve ?
How much damage have I done my lungs?
Don't want false teeth?
How can you help someone to stop gnashing their teeth in their sleep?
How long do most teens have braces on for?
I can't afford braces with the money i make?
Can a dental patient refuse painkillers?
Do braces hurt when they are taken off?
My teeth hurts really bad and I can't go to the dentist...?
Do braces hurt?
What do I do for bad breath?
I had several molars extracted and am taking antibiotics the dentist said no smoking for 2 weeks. Why ?
I need big muscles!?
Am i overweight?
Am I fat? o:?
Can I lose 10 lbs withing 5 days on a natural diet?
How to get taller?
How can i reduce my weight?
Does anyone else bing over 8000 calories a day and every day????
Skinny or NOT...?
List of foods that start with:?
What is an easy and tasty way to incorporate veggies into my daily diet?
How to help/cure a toothache???
Passing marijuan urine test?
Whats worse bulimia or anorexia?
What would happen if someone drank a whole bottle of vinegar?
Do you think I'm over or under weight?
Root canal?
What is the best thing to use to whiten your teeth without going to the dentist?
Wisdom teeth?
Am I too old to get braces?
Anyone know how to get rid of 5-10 lbs in a week?
Im a dentist and I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much teeth our mouth has ?
How do you do it?
Is it ok to brush your teeth in the shower?
Am i too fat to bea model??
Any suggestions for a toothache?
My teeth always seem to be yellowish, HELP?
Am i overweight?
Peanut allergies?
I've been allergic to metal--not just nickel--for years. anyone have a suggestion for a wedding ring?
Help.. why Do I Itch?
My girlfriend always vomits minutes after eating chicken.?
Causes of itchy backs after shower/ before sleeping?
Im sick!!! i have sore red eyes with somewhat blury vision, high temperture and extremely fatigued muscles.?
Where can a buy a gluten-free cake mix?
I have a nutty question. When people have an allergy to peanuts. Do they have an allergy to all types of nuts?
Allergic reaction from tanning bed?
Will a flu shot work on seasonal allergies?
I have a problem, help me?
What is the proper way to breath while you run?(please read details)?
Tell me how to gain weight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Healthy Snacks??
Whats a good diet 2 go on?
What's a healthy and extremely effective way to lose weight for a teen?
I missed lunch today and I feel shaky...?
Can you notice a difference of weight loss of 4lbs?
Can anybody recommend a teeth whitening product?
My jaw has been kind of popping in and out when i chew gum..?
I haven't been to the dentist in 20 years?
How do get ride of acne in about 2-3 weeks ?? just in time for school?
What is the best and cheapest way to get rid of stretchmarks?
I drank something hot n the gum at the roof of my mouth peeled off a lil. and i ripped it off,how i cure?hurts
Do braces hurt?
Is it possible to become pregnant if u have herpes?
I just (today) had two of my wisdom teeth removed. My instruction sheet says to use "moise gauze"...
How do you get rid of cold sores in your mouth?
How do prevent getting a rash 'down there'?
Can anyone tell me a remedy to stop a tooth ache from hurting I'm in pain please help!?
My private area has bumps do you think i should go to the doctor?
Has anyone every had ring worm? How did u get rid of it?
I have tartar around my teeth. it cant remove by brushing only. what should i do?
I have the worst immune system how can i improve it??
Someone I know has bad teeth from using meth. Should they just get dentures right away?
Root treatment ot extraction ?... advice needed?
My Husband has low Blood Pressure 89/111.Is there anything that can be done about this.?
Help. I was in a hurry and did a quick dry shave on my lower legs, now they are buring!! What helps?
I am 9...can i go on a diet?
If you don't eat all day until 8pm for a whole week will you loose weight?
What are love handles?
Tricks to getting whiter teeth?
Over weight?
Am I too old to wear orthodontic braces?
I think my tooth is infected, short term pain releaf Please help!?
Am i fat...or do i just need to tone?
Can a dentist prevent a parent from going in with their child?
Which chewing gum is better?
How do i get away wit bad breath?
I weigh 125 am i over weight?
Braces Question??
I hv pain in my gums while brushing?
How do you whiten teeth at home ? are their any home remedys ?
Can a jaw breaker blow up in your mouth after you microwave it to liquify the insides?
How can you improve the quality of your teeth?
Going to the dentist... i'll have my tooth filled but i'm really scared of needles! does it hurt? how can i ge
Whats the best toothpaste to by for whitening teeth?
How many of YOUR tooth needed to be pulled out for braces?
Whats the best painkillers to get rid of toothache?
I threw a wet paper ball filled with gum at this girl i really like.?
Pros & Cons of a Lip Ring?
Facial reconstructive surgery to look like Miley Cyrus?
Does braces hurt when you first get them on ??
Why do over weight people think it is ok to tell me I am too thin (I am petite, not thin).?
Is 104pounds for 5'5 overweight/under/normal?
Is there a way for your body to cure (i.e. repair) a cavity?
Omg theres this girl in my class is she fat?
Has anyone ever kept their wisdom teeth?
How can I turn down food without seeming rude?
Is drinking tea bad for you?
HEy! am I fat?
Drinking Water?
Ok, some of the girls at my school are so thin its not funny.?
Just Because I am skinny people always think that I'm anorexic, can you tell me why?
Is Cell phones linked to Cancer?
I will be going to radiation treatment and i would like to know how do you feel after treatment?
Has any body lost any one to lung cancer?
My father has cancer and no insurance, resources?
Do you think it could be cancer?
What are my chances of getting lung cancer if I smoke?
Tough times? any1 got anything worse? or cheer me up?
Throat Caner in a 14 Year Old?
My sister has cancer.?
Can cancer come back after 5 years of remission?
My sister is 33 and takes Metformin 4 diabetes.is it type 2? CURABLE?????
HELP! vomiting , coughing , overeactive bladder.?
Who gave freddie mercury the HIV/ AIDS virus?
This guy I know has terrible body odor, what can cure him of this?
How long after your braces come off do you have to wear a retainer?
How do I get abs in 2 weeks without a machiene?
What are these little things that Im spitting up?
What type of fruit do you think is the healthiest and why?
Does mouthwash cause cancer?
Am i anorexic? im almost 5'9, 17 and 103 pounds...please i really need advice?
Does getting braces hurt?
Pain after wisdom teeth out?
How do i reduce my weight?
Does baking soda and peroxide taste gross as a toothpaste once a week???
My braces hurt so much when I eat, i just got them yesterday. What can I do?
Why are so many people obsessed with anorexia?
Braces Problem?
What happens if you swallow your gum?
Do you take vitamins?
Will whitening toothpaste take care of coffee stain on teeth?
This is a silly question but I'm going to ask it...?
My brother-in-law tried to shave his beard with a chainsaw and ended up messing up his mouth big time,......?
How can i get noticably smaller thighs in a week?
How can you play soccer if your allergic to grass?
Do any restaurants serve gluten free food?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a cold within 2 days, besides medication?
Does anyone else suffer from chronic hives? If so, how do you deal with it?
Chocolate make anyone else sneeze???
I have these weird things on my arms that only go away when i get out of water!!??!?!!?
I just ate a mango and my tongue is all swollen!!! WHY???
Allergies that can kill first time?
Dry Cough, X ray clear, all home based remedies tried?
Milk Allergy?
Did u think it was painful?i did.?
Can this make you fat?
How can I be taller?
Does it hurt when you get braces?
Will green tea, exercise, and wheatgrass get marijuana out of the system in 6 days?
Anyone else get emotional after hard workouts or know why this happens?
Does anyone know a sure/ no fail way of trying to get my sisterinlaw to brush her teeth?
Ok i need answers PLEASE!?
How do you flatten your tummy?
I'm really afraid about getting my wisdom teeth out. Any advise???
My son is getting 2 teeth pulled today and not getting any gas?
How much it costs to pull out wisdom tooth? and it hurts?
How to gain 10 pounds???
Brushing teeth at school? (Braces)?
Has this experience ever happened to you?
I Am Nearly 13. Look At The Pictures. Then Tell Me.... Am I Fat Or Not?
Cracked tooth?
How to avoid bad breath?
Am i underweight?
Today is supposed o be the ost depresing day of the year.....?
I am 40 with acne. What helps???
What can i do to remove stretch marks on me body?
It hurts when i pee?
How do you treat a razor burn, or prevent it from happening?
What's your best remedy against pains for growing wisdom teeth?
Eating ice-cream every night?
What's the easist and painless way to kill yourself?
Ok toothpaste 4 spots?
I'm having problems eating as it makes me feel really sick any ideas why or how i can get myself to eat??
Does toothpaste get rid of zits?!?!?
Is their anythng you can do about toddler tooth decay from using spill proof cups?
Does drinking diet soda cause weight gain? am I overweight?..opinions please?
My Teeth Are A Little Yellow What Should I Do I Tried Everything?
How much weight should i lose to look extremely skinny, like a skeleton?
How do i gain weight?plz help?
Does it hurt to get your teeth pulled?
I don't get it?
I have a really bad cavaity, I can even see it, which has never happened to me .?
What are some good ways to build my upper body strength without using weights?
How do I get rid of this fat (pics)?
Clear braces or metal braces?
What would happen if i started eating one meal a day?
Is it true that eating ice is bad for your teeth?
What is the best brand of toothpaste on the market? And what kind do you use?
Wisdom Teeth?
Do you brush first or floss first? Does it matter?
Braces? Do They Hurt?
Tooth Fillings?
Do u use mouthwash every morning?
How do you prevent gum from bleeding using a BRAND NEW toothbrush?
How can i make my teeth white and also need shine?
Braces soon!!!?
Ways to lose weight fast?
Can you catch a STD from kissing a girl at a kissing booth?
Can someone increase their IQ by eating fish?
What is the best way to be thin in just one week. without excercise please!?
Whats the fastest way to lose weight?
Why are there some people eat too much but still so thin?
14 year old trying to lose weight?
Can you loose weight drinking nothing but green tea?
Can a person survive just on fruit and milk diet????????
She was told she was obese..?
Should i give blood tomorrow? should we all give blood tomorrow?
What is wrong w/me? my heart is running away...read details plz.?
Surgery Ques.?
If I ate literally nothing but raw sugar, what would happen to me?
Could i be dying?
Do u get any disease from kissing?
I have acne.what should i do?i cant use expensive products cuz i have no $.i need daily basis directions?
Im 31 and have been told that i have high cholestrol (8.1) and high blood preassure what can i do naturally?
How ill do you have to be before you take a day off work?
What makes a persons tongue turn white sometimes?
Do braces hurt?
Marijuana and drug testing?
Are you a healing practitioner? What is the best healing book you know of?
I just got my Retainer but it's very lose and keeps coming off, What can I do?
Tounge peircing quistion?
My front tooth just chipped of and fell out... what do i do?
My freakin tooth is missing!!?!?
No money no ins. what can I do at home for tooth pain?
Can a tooth ache/bad tooth cause head & eye aches?
My friends are worried and I have no idea what is wrong with me...?
How can I lose some weight in 2 weeks?
Help ! i need to lose weight and fast !?
Why does my pee pee come out highlighter yellow when i take multivitamins???
Why can some people eat all they want and never get fat?
Im 15. i weigh 135 pounds. i want to lose weight so bad. all my friends are skinny. help. any suggestions?!?!?
Am I fat? {tell the truth}?
Is it possible that love makes you thin?
While on a diet, if you feel hungry, should you eat or just ignore it?
Do you get fat from not eating?
I just learned that I'm a Celiac- allergic to gluten and wheat and I need information?
What do u consider a manly sneeze????
Am I allergic to cats?
Could I be allergic to alcohol?
Poll..........Do you have a nut allergy? My dear Grandson♥ does..how do you cope?
Can exposing a new born to something cause them to be allergic to it later in life?
I think i have a food allergy to brad whenever i eat it my skin on my stomach feels itchy does anyone else get
Do I have a food allergy?
What is the best home remedy for sinus congestion?
What is the best way to curb your appetite and eat a little less?
How do I lose weight? I'm 17 and I weigh 144.?
Does anyone drink ONLY water?
What type of exercise causes the fastest weight loss?
Whats a healthy amount of water to drink per day?
Fastest way to lose alot weight without intense exercise?
Im 13, Im around 5'4, 5'5 and i weigh 120, is that normal?
3 weeks ago i joined a gym and have gone every day plus i started a diet, but i have only lost 1 pound. Why?
Are you fat and happy or would you like to be slim?
If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?
How long would it take for my teeth to get fixed using braces? I just wanna know average time?
Which mouth wash is the best?
Dentist won't do multiple fillings in one visit - why?
What are some soft things that i can eat right after getting braces?
Why do Braces for teeth need to be on for so long?
Is there an age limit to getting braces??
Hello. Tooth Extraction help / advice...?
I knw i ask ALOT of questions about braces but i was thinking of getting a pattern of pink and blue? should i?
Root canal or just get it pulled?
Transparent (Invisible) Braces!?
How come weed doesnt give lung cancer....?
Ugh, i'm so sick of acne medicines CLAIMING to work. ):?
My mom is 90, w/ diabetes & congestive heart failure. Is it time to stop all meds and let her die?
I have a sunburn on my back from going to the beach 2 days ago. Can i still go 2 the beach again on saturday?
I can't smell, will this cause any major problems?
If spmeone kisses u on the cheek or just kisses u could u get hiv????
How can you make your teeth super white without having to make an appointment with a comestic surgeon?
She is too skinny?
Gaining lots of weight?
Surgery question?
Tooth ache. No dental plan. What have you done/would do?
Does jumproping build fat or muscle?
Why does everyone always suggest Listerine??!!?
How can i get a flatter stomach?? please answer!!!!?