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Why does your nose run when you eat hot food?
I just turned 13 and I weigh 103lbs and sometimes 105 is that bad?
How can i keep myself from eating unhealthy, fattening food?
Would you consider someone to be bulimic if they only threw up for a month and only about 1-2 times a day?
Can soda and unheathly food cause acne??
Can pre-seminal fluid spread HIV?
I have asthma, but no insurance or doctr have to go to er when out of meds can someone help me what do i do?
Can you spread a disease just from sticking safety pins through your finger a lot?
Can a coacaine addict be cured?
Who else has Diabetes? If so what Type?
Why do i keep coughing so much?
What you dislike the MOST about the Dentist?
What can I do about bad breath?
Extreme phobia of dentists - gotta go see one in an hour!?
Please Help with Swallowing a Pill?
What's the best way to check if you have food in your teeth at a restaurant when there are no mirrors around?
Is it ok to floss my teeth twice a day?
I have been having horrible bad breath for the past 3 days, any help?
Is it neccessary to brush my teeth everyday?
What's your best solution for a tooth that's growing on the roof of your mouth?
Working out in stilettos? smart or not?
Monster energy drink bad?
Which is the healthiest way to gain weight?
I am 193 pounds and I want to starve myself to lose weight, will It work?
What’s your favourite food?
Is it better to work out at night or in the morning.?
What is the fastest, or best way for a woman (age 32) to lose inches, (stomach and thighs)?
Overweight people are selfish?
What are the fastest ways to burn calories?
I feel fat. How can I tone my stomach? (Pics)?
I need to gain 14 pounds by september!!?
How do prevent anorexia ?
I am scared of getting fat?
Is Diat Coke actually good for you?
Am i really anorexic?
Do I need to lose weight???
Girlie question: how much do you weigh?
What's a good snack to have if you are trying to lose weight?
Cardio or strenght training exercises which one is best to loose weight?
Does braces hurt the first day u get them on?
What does it mean when a severe toothache stops?
Does it hurt to get braces?
I just got my braces off yesterday and the gap in my teeth is opening again!!!?
Why does smoking make your breath stink?
What is the best toothpaste for teeth whitening?
I got my braces yesterday and they really hurt..when will it stop hurting?
Getting braces tommorow.?
Is having wisdom teeth removed harder than having fillings?
What should I do if I'm obsessed by depression?..?
I'm on day 2 of trying to give up the ciggies, and I'm climbling the walls and thinking of giving up giving up
My daughter of 21 months has had tonsillitis 3 times in less than a yr, is it safe to remove them?
How do I tell someone I think they gave me herpes?
Is it true that majic johnson no longer has hiv?
Is pepper bad for you?
My niece is 5 foot 3 and is 135lbs...my sister thinks shes ok but i think thats overweight...is it?
What is the correct daily amount of water intake??
Should the 42st woman get help from the N.H.S?
How do i become a size 0?
How can i gain weight?
I'm really skinny, but I eat so much, why is that?
Can any one tell me how to get rid of some body fat in my stomach without lipo??
How do i get my thighs to be smaller?
I'm thinking of getting my tongue done?
Is it better to brush teeth with warm or cold water?
I just threw up and my breath smells like crap.what should i do?
Freaking out over surgery?
Ouch Sensitive Teeth! Help Now!?
I am getting braces on the 15 of march does it hurt?
My teeth crumble in my dreams?
My son had a cavity filled two weeks ago and he is in alot of pain, is this normal?
How can i get my teeth super white?
What is the best type of toothpaste?
Has anyone ever taken 'Non-drowsy' hayfever tablets that did actually make you feel drowsy?
Why is my son gasping???
What is the home remedy for skin rashes& itching. i have used neem & haldi but no use plz tell me some other m
If June is normally my worst month for hay fever, why am I still sneexzing at the end of July this year?
Can smoking too much weed cause nose bleeds?
Do you have any allergies? which one?
If im allergic to ceclor penicilin should i take another type of penicilin VK?
Is there a problem with my nose?
What is the best allergy medicine to take for a cat allergy?
Does antihistamine make you drowsy?
If muscle weighs more than fat and when exercising, we gain muscles, how can that be losing weight?
Can smoking make you lose weight?
Did I eat too much today?
Your weight and height?
God i am pissed off with been fat?
How can I lose weight?
Weight issue.....?
I find my asthma gets a lot worse in the winter, how can I ease the symptoms this year?
Drop 10 pounds?
I'm 15, almost 16. 5'8.5 and like 155 pounds. I try not eating & doing crunches. Nothing works, please help!
How can I listen to my heartbeat?
Why is it so hard to give up smoking ?
Best thing you've bought for 1 pound?
Does an Asprin a day really reduce the risk of Heart Disease?
Which disease do you fear most ?
Help with diagnosing my illness!?
If u got told u av 3 weeks left to live what would u do with the time u ad left?
How can I stop eating?
How much weight should i lose? Pictures included...?
What's you morning workout?
How can u lose 30 lbs fast?
What is a home remedy for a toothache?
My teeth always bleed ...wat should i do bout it...?
What is the word for gum disease?
How do u tell if you need braces?
Do your bottom teeth sit in front of your top teeth?
Im 22 and im just getting my wisdom teeth is this normal and some times i hurts really bad but shouldnt wisdom
My gum is acting weird?
What would happen if i chug a bottle of mouth wash?
Tomorrow Teeth Extraction?
What should I have on hand for after I get my wisdom teeth pulled?
If you can feel your hip bones, does that mean you need to put some weight on them (i'm a girl)?
How do I burn calories?(14)
I HAVE TO lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks!!?
How long have you gone without eating?
How can i lose weight fast without exercising?
No more drinking?
If I starve myself would I start digesting my own heart - the biggest muscle in my body?
I am working out with a trainer guy and he says weigh watchers will help me loose weight too. Should I join?
What can i do????
I'm 15 and I still have two baby teeth is there anyway I can get them loose?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Bad cuts from braces?
How do I get rid of really bad breath?
Whiter Teeth?
What color rubber bands should I get on my braces?
Do you brush your teeth more than twice a day?
Broken Tooth?
What is affected in your life because of cancer?
Do you Honestly think Cindy Crawford can help us find a Cure for Cancer on Yahoo Answers?
Is cancer contageous?
EX smokers ONLY please?
Why is cancer incurable?
Should taxes be raised on vegetables?
Is radiotherapy worse than chemotherapy?
Why do friends and relatives seem to turn their backs on people who have cancer?
I am 15 and havent had my period?
I'm 14 and started smoking a year ago.When did you start smoking?How can you hide it?when did you get caught?
How many packs of cigarettes does an average smoker smoke in one day?
I have a small lump behind my ear that hurts when I touch it, what is it?
I'm a diabetic and I can't get my sugar down with my shots and med's. Any herbs out there that can help?
Should all medical questions be banned on account of the people not being doctors?
Does Magic Johnson still have HIV?
Pee Pee in the shower???
Is it possible 2 not make ur legs touch when u walk in 3 months. please help easy 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is diabetics is curable or preventable?
Help I'm 5'1 and 145 pounds. I want to lose 20 pounds.?
How to become fat?
I know that I am underweight (69 pounds and 5"4) but I am really scared that I will get fat, so I don't eat.
What is a good alternitve beverage to Soda Pop?
What is the ideal weight for an 11 year old???
Do you have severe reactions to mosquitoes & other insects?
Do I have a rash or an allergic reaction?????
Is it possible to have no allergies?
Where can i buy the medicine called prednisolone on line?
I am getting sneezes only in my bed room?
I have my sinus acting up?
Rash On My Face Please Help!!?
What's the best over the counter medicine for allergy relief from pollen?
What is the best natural way to get rid of a sinus headache? (Already tried the steaming thing).?
Over the past 4 weeksi have had a metal taste in my mouth, have felt really sick, tired what is wrong with me?
How much water should i drink??
Wana loose weight?
Is it possible to overdose on multi vitamins or the more you take the better?
Im 125 pounds, im a girl,17 years old,5"7" is that a normal weight??
Am i under weight?
I weigh105.5 pounds and my height is 5'2 and i am 13 do u think i weigh to much?
Would You Consider Me As Chubby?
Is my weight ok for my height and age? (I'm 97 lbs/ 5'1''/14yrs old)?
Is it true that you actually burn calories while driving?
Plz help!!!!!!!!! how can i gain weight?
Cavaties they hurt?
Why is the original taste of toothpaste mint?
Teeth whitening 10 points! PLEASE HELP!?
I woke this moring and my tounge was coated black?
I have tooth-ache where I am almost ready to rip out my tooth. I will ring the dentist tomorrow but...?
Is it a bad idea to use braces just for fashion?
How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened?
Do gift horses suffer from poor dental hygiene?
Can someone please tell me what colour braces are best ?
How many cavitys do you have?
What is a home remedy for verrucas? ive heard you can use gaffer tape, is this true?
Help! my sister is really overweight!?
Is it okay to have a height of 5'6 for a 14 year old?
I have to loose 10 pds in 8 days :( what can i do plz help?
How can i have extreme energy?
Should i start smoking?
How to gain weight?
Is right arm bigger than left arm normal?
Am I huge? I'm 27 yr.old mother with a 6 month old, I currently weigh 155 lbs.and losing, I'm 5'2".
My son as just been operated on?
I need to take 75 mg aspirin daily what painkillers can I take as well for my arthritis pain.?
Do I have a bladder infection??
Is there really such a thing as touch-healing?
Any one tried homeopathy for ibs?
New braces?? Is this normal?
How do you fix an overbite?
Does getting braces hurt?
If you died with braces on would they take them off?
What can I eat with braces?
Do you brush your teeth after every meal?
I don't have time for brushing my teeth sometimes. What's a good alternative?
Just off to the dentist, i am petrified as i have got older i have got worse even panick attacks now. help?
Water on toothbrush before applying paste?
Tooth extraction: How long will I be in the chair?
Is it bad to put salt on hard boiled eggs?
How do you know you are fat?
Am I Too Thin?
Best Way To Loose Belly Fat?
What is the best diet to lose a little weight??
Do u think u eat too much?
How do you stop obesity in children?
What is the best piece of equipment in the gym for weight loss??
What is the best way to loose fat on belly!????
How should a vegeterian put on weight?
Have i had to much to eat?
What is a good weight for a 12 year old girl?
I am too heavy??????
What do you guys think? I need opinions...?
Am i overweight????????
Drinking too much water than neccesary is it good?
If you had been binge drinking regularly and found out u were pregnant what would you do?
Can't loseweight when I eat only 300 calories a day and exercise daily? and has anyone tried a water fast?
Im 13 nearly 14. Im a size 10 in UK sizes. Is that fat?
Could u live on just diet pepsi?
Why should we brush our teeth?
How do you get rid of a canker sore?
I have a gap between my teeth what should i do?
How can u make ur teeth extremely white?
What happens if I don't get a cavity filled?
What would I look like with braces?
Is it dangerous to superglue your teeth?
Braces colors, TEN POINTS!?
Are you suppose to brush your teeth after breakfast or before?
Is mono contagious?
Can you still get the flu even though you received the flu shoot?
How does pink eye spread?
How can I stop smoking without freaking out?
I gave up smoking 2 weeks ago, i am 52 and have smoked for 30 yrs is it possible to undo all damage done?
I'm really nauseous, and have thrown up twice since this morning. Should I eat something?
Alot of people in my home either have a runny nose, nose congestion,or a sneezing problem...what could this be
Iv been sick for awhile, it wont go away why?
Why is it your feet smell and your nose runs?????
Does anyone know of any allergy medications to deal with nuts allergies?
Am I allergic to nuts?
I want to get a dog, but am allergice to pet dander. Is there a way of developing a tolerance?
Why do i have spots that look like bug bites, but do not find any bugs?
Hacking cough.....need help?
I want to get rid from smoking... suggest me some medicine.. Alfredhitchkok?
What would happen if I took 4 benadryl?
Is it okay to diet with real food?
Weight Loss?
I have lunch at 11:15 every day....school ends at 2:30 and im always starving then....?
Is drinking too much milk bad for you?
Am i fat ?????????
Drinking soda?
I'm 6'1, bike atleast 8miles a day, and eat lots of meat and vegtables, how much do I weigh?
Asap!! asap!! can some1 pleases help me?? im so worried?
Im on a diet i want to lose 2 and half stone by may what would be best way for me to do it?
What weight to you think Ashley Olsen is judging on these recent pictures?
How do you control cravings for sweets?
What time do you usually work out?
How much should a 13 year old girl who is 5'7 weight?
Sugar or Salt?...which is healthier?
Bulimics only?
I know im fat im just wondering how much weight i should lose? Pics included?
How can I lose weight.....like 10 to 15 pounds in one week?
Quitting smoking!?
I think I am fat.... do I need to loose weight?
Is 91 pounds too light for my age?
Can somebody help?
My husband has begun grinding his teeth in his sleep...?
What will the dentist do about my wisdom teeth at 28?
What Should I do? I have braces?
Favorite brand of toothpaste?!?
How old is too old for braces?
My tooth hurts really bad it throbs why does it do that???
How long should my mouth be numb after having wisdom teeth removed?
Where can i buy dentist paste to stick my crown back instead of visiting the dentist?
How do I stop grinding my teeth?
Met a great girl, but she has herpes. what should i do?
My 4 year old has a fever of 103.6, should i take her to the emergency room or wait until morning for the doc?
How can i cure diabetes?
How could a mistake be made like that?
What is this near my eye (picture included)?
What kind of doctor do you go to for a skin rash?
How do you know if you have herpes or not?
What is one effective excersie used to lose weight?
Please. advise the best,i mean the best way to reduce cholesterol naturally?
Weight of a fifteen year old 5'10'' girl?
I can lose up to 3 pounds in a single day. Is there something wrong with me?
Can you loose 50 pounds in 2 months with out pills an dietary supplements!!!!!!!!!!!? is it possible?????????
Are You Fat If You Weight 110 pounds in the Seventh Grade?
Teased about my weight...?
IS ANYONE SMART ENOUGH TO ANSWER MY QUESTION?! can anyone help me with my diet?
I'm 14, 5'1.5'', and weigh 105 pounds. Am I fat?? please be honest.?
What is the average weight for a 15 year old girl that is 4'11"?
Help i have diaherra!!!!?
How much do you normally eat???
Is fruit bad if you are trying to lose weight?
Why do I get such crazy answers for what my ideal weight should be on here??
I really need help getting a great body for the summer. PLEASE HELP!?
Is it possible to be addicted to sugar?
Why do girls think that's pretty? Why is this their goal?
Is coffe good or bad?
Am I overweight?
What colors do u prefer 4 braces (the ruber bands i cant decide)?
If you had braces, how long did you have them on for?
When having a wisdon tooth pulled, does the numbing process hurt?
I have a yellow sort of fury paste on my tongue which smells any ideas what causes this?
Does it hert????
Do braces hurt to get?
I had a tooth removed but some of the root is still stuck in my gum, would it have to be cut out?
I need to lose weight... can you help???
I want to go running but cant run very far without stopping and am embarrased that people will see me running?
Am I at a healthy weight?
Am I overweight?
What can I have for lunch at work that is low fat and tasty?
How can I get a nice round butt?
I get worried im goin fat after having an apple help me?
What do you do to keep your body in good shape?
Do You Eat Chocolate Everyday?
Why I am I always hungry?
Am I an alcoholic?
What does it feel like when you die?
Why do I sweat so much?
It says soap can kill 99.99% of germs, what is the other 0.01% not killed in the process?
Is it possible to get chicken pox twice?
I get dizzy/ lightheaded, to the point of near fainting. I haven't fainted, but what could it be?
Can you help? I have found a tablet in my sons room which is?
Can your privates whistle?
Is This Allergy?please read?
I have a rash and I know its from my pool?
I am terribly allergic to dogs but want a puppy?
Is anyone else here allergic to apples?
What can I do? My son is sick all the time.?
Excuses for having bloodshot eyes??
I think my ear cartilage piercing is getting infected.help!?
How does someone become allergic to anything like peanuts? As far as I know I'm allergic to nothing =) and 25
Have you ever had a cold that lasted 9 months?
Should you avoid having a currant account if you`re allergic to fruit ?
If we can put a man on the moon, why can;t we discover a cure for cancer?
Can you get cancer if your dad was the only family member to be diagnose?
Are prostrate and testicular cancer the same thing???
My friend just told me she has cancer, what do i say to her tomorrow at school?
How may people do you personally know who have/had cancer?
My 19yr daughter has stage 1 cancer.She has no insurance,Where would one go for help?
I have lumps and knots in my breast and sad thing is that the doctor is not believing its breast cancer?
How long does it take for someone to get over the loss of her best friend who died of breast cancer?
This seems silly but will you tell me?
Vaneer teeth? How much $$$$?
OWW help!! Tooth pain - root canaled and capped......?
How long do i need to wait to eat food after having cavities filled?
People in the UK. do you have an NHS dentist?
I have a bit of a weight problem, what is the best and fastest way to lose weight?
Can I exercise after wisdom teeth extraction?
Should i get general or local anesthitic for wisdom tooth removal?
Is 85 pounds for a ten year old to much?
Most of the english men wont brush their tooth is it true?
Why does my breath stink so bad??
How can people on the biggest loser lose like 15-20 pounds in one week?
I have a lot of tartar build up I brush my teeth twice a day why is this still?
How often should you floss your teeth?
My mom is calling me fat...please help me?
Do you still have all of your wisdom teeth?
Do we HAVE to have the baby tooth pulled if the adult tooth is coming in behind it?
I need to lose about 5 kilos. fast. but no yo-yo effects. i've tried dieting, but i loooove to eat.?
How much should I be walking/ running a day?
Does drinking too much water harm your body?
How to lose weight??
Is there any way to make jogging less boring?
How to loose 10 pounds in a week?
Would you consider 5'7 138 lbs fat or over weight?
Am I over weight??????????
Im a 8th grader and im 5'7 and 190 pounds and i want to lose 40 to 50 pounds before i go to highschool?
Question about Big people???
I burn around 1000 calories per day...how many calories food should I eat?
I need help getting over an eating disorder. Help, please?
Am i fat be serious?
Why do people go to McDonald's and order a big mac,super size fries,3 apple pies, and a DIET COKE?e?
What are the lumps on the inside of your cheeks is it just from biteing them?
If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... Does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
What is the cure for common cold?
If you have diabetes, how many shots do you take per day?
What am i sick with? For the past month I have had deep burning pains in my stomach..it hurts the most after?
My daughter have a swollen red upper eyelid. it has been swollen for about three days.what does it sound like?
Can you get chicken pox more than once?
Is 30 mins exercise a day enough?
My husband says I am fat?
HELP!!!! My best friend WANTS to lose weight desperately!?
How much should a 4ft 11 in. girl wiegh?
No-no's to eat for losing weight.?
Why do I feel nauseated after I exercise?
I Want To Gain Weight...?
How do you tell how many calories you take in a day?
How can you lose 20 lbs. by July 19?
Will this work to lose weight?
Does water help you loose weight?
Would you say i was fat?
What are the main foods I can eat to help me lose weight?
I'm 13 years old, and i weigh 143 pounds. How can i lose weight safely and get a good bathing suit body?
Does pastries such as cake go to your thighs?
I'd like to lose about 10 pounds between now and Monday?
Whats the best exercise?
Is it better to lift weights everyday, or every other day?
Swelling in throat. Hurts to swallow.?
Can you be allergic to down filling?
Something is making my skin itchy. Will applying rubbing alcohol help with the itch?
Is there anyway to prevent a sinus infection ?
What is the best OTC Allergy Med for people with cat allergies? Temp releif is fine..?
What is a cure for a stuffy nose?
Food Allergies and reactions?
Is there any way to prevent an allergic reaction to seafood?
Is it possible to suddenly develop an allergy to a certain food/foods in your early 20's?
Why? why? why?
What are ways to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes?
Whats a good Acne Treatment?
What can i do 2 help stop my hayfever as its driving me mad?
I'm a new Diabetic type 2 whats the best soft drink to have when i go out?
What is the best way to avoid asthma attacks?
I rub a large handful of vasoline on my face everyday, now i have terrible achne?
Generally, Why do the doctors in operation room wear blue scrubs? Why not any color?
Any ideas on how to cure my daughters eczema or significantly improve it?
Where does (B)ody (O)der Come From?
What is the best drink to have after an hour on my treadmill???
Whats the best way you wake yourself up on a monday morning when you have been on a weekend session??
I can do 60 one-handed clap pushups. How about you?
I wana lose 15-20lbs by the time school starts up again...in about 23days?
Can i exercise right now? its 12:30 am?
How much weight a day will i loose eating 200 calories a day?
IS Ramen Noodles bad for you?
I have a question, i am 5'3'' and i weight 170 or 173lbs. i need to know how to lose weight fast.?
What are some fast and extreme ways to lose 50 pounds within a month?
I am 13 and weigh 246 pounds am i over weight?
I eat, then a half hour later, i'm hungry again!?
How much do you think I weigh?
Need to lose weight in less than 2 weeks!?
Am I too old at 23 to start working out?
What keeps you MOTIVATED to your diet?
Long legs....wanna build some muscle...? *PIC INSIDE*?
I am 5"10, large frame, 15 years old and 7 months and i am 192 lbs am i fat? or average?
Did i mess up on my diet ?
Is my body ready for summer? (pics)?
Is my weight normal?
Am i to skinny?
What is the best peanut butter brand to eat?
Am i over weight im 5'6.5, im 13yrs. old and im 170lbs.?
What is the best exercise for flabby arms?
Any Good Tips on How to Stop Drinking Every Night?
What does it mean to have a toned body?
Hello i am in seventh grade i am 110 pounds and only 5 feet tall i would like to lose 10-15 pounds?
How many times should you eat a day?
How to get a girl if ur fat.?
What is the best Healthiest breakfast that can keep you running for the whole morning?
Did Bush make the right choice by veto stem cell?
Medical question, kinda dumb sorry?
Does anybody know anything good to treat the skin condition psoriasis?
My daughter has tb and is about to lose her lung she is only 5 yrs old any one got any good things to tell me?
My feet...they are dry and ugly...any suggestions?
Whats the easiest way to get my mosquito bites to stop itching?
Do you think its personal to tell someone you do cocaine?
Best exercise for cellulite?
How do i loose weight in a healthy way?
How many pounds in a stone?
What is the right age for a child to start practising yoga?
What do you eat for comfort or when you are stressed......?
I am always hungry how do I stop?
What's the best way to lose weight?
Im 15 and i want to.....?
I've just eaten a whole bag of oranges, can i get vitamin C poisoning?
I'm 12 and weigh about 90 pounds and i use to weigh 85 any one know a way i can loose weight?
Looking at the sun makes me sneeze???
Hello, i have mold with mushrooms?
What would you rather have: A Stuffed Nose or A Sore Throat?
When does allergy season end, my sinus headaches have been going on for about a month now?
Help help help fast?
What is a home remedy for sinus problem?
Is something wrong when you get six bloody noses in two days?
I think i'm allergic to something?
If you have a severe peanut allergy,how do you know that you have a severe peanut allergy before its too late?
Help Is my belly button infected????
How many days will it take to develop bedsores if I lie in bed, because I don't intend moving any time soon!
My 11 year old daughter got a bad sunburn yesterday. What helps prevent skin cancer in future?
How can you tell if your diabetic?
My lips are frozen! HELP?
Anybody have an answer for really dry skin?? especially on feet..please help!?
What is the big turn on with firemen, alot of them look fat?
Is 129 pounds overweight for a 5'7 girl?
Can fat people go skinny dipping ?
How to Put On Weight?
Is working out every day bad???
I'm trying to get fatter and chubbier, whats best for that?
Does anyone weigh themselves before and after a bowel movement??
Is there really a fat pill out there for you to lose weight?
Help Me! Im 13, & severely over weight! Can someone help me lose at least 10 pounds in 4 weeks?
Am I Fat? Tell Me?
Im fat i weight 168 how can i loose weight faster?
Girl, 14 years old, 125 pounds, 5'5?
How can I loose 75 pounds in 2 months?
Whats a way to gain muscle without lifting weights?
If you don't eat ..?
How can I get a 6 pack?
I want to lose 30 pounds by my birthday on may 19 is there any way I can do that?
Is my daughter overweight?
Is it true that if you stop eating after 8:00 pm. than in one year you'll lose 10 pounds?
Omg plz help me im scare?
How do you relieve a sore throat?
I know this sounds gross!?
Have you ever taken Valium in your life?
I guess Ive got a cough; Is my Pc in danger to get infected by this VIRUS?
How do i gain weight?
I ate an ice-cream bar today. Is that okay?
Does Anyone know how to lose weight really quickly?
Which is better??
How do u lose about 20 pounds in a month?
I want to lose 15lbs,i am home mom of two,don't have enough money for deit plans,any body can help??plzzzzzzzz
Could you help me lose weight?
How do i go from 20 pushups to 50-60 pushups?
What is a good alcoholic beverage for someone on a diet?
What's the best way to gain weight?
Need your opinion!?!?!?!?!?
Would 5'4 and 120 lbs be considered thick, thin, or fat?
Help,i need to lose fat fast!?
Whats the fastest way to lose weight?
I heard that drinking water can reduce weight. But is it cold water or hot water?
Is it OK to take multivitamins twice a day?
Doctor says I'm fat?
Puberty question.....?
If i drink a gallon of water a day.. what will thay help me with?
How can you motivate yourself to keep going to the gym !!?
If you have a wheat allergy can you eat rice?
Cough Syrup?
Allergies.. who else is suffering right now?What part of the planet are you from?
Help! How can I tell if my husband is allergic to wheat, gluten or something else?
Yesterday I had swelling on the upper eye lids of both the eyes, & on the nose bridge , why?and what are the?
My left ear tube is blocked and I have a stuffy nose!! Please help me cure it!!!?
Is it possible to not be allergic to poison ivy?
How can you tell if you are allergic to peanuts?
Allergy to chocolate???
Should I give up?(diabetes)?
Eating disorder?
I im 14 and i have a fever blister on my lip help!?
Think I have an STD, would a general GP be able to diagnose?
How do you Cure an Itchy Scalp?
Whats the most appropriate way to lose weight without taking supliments?
Does any one think its wierd to eat salad without salad dresing?
Is pasta fattening?
How Much Do You Eat/Drink And How Much Exercise Do You Do Aday.?
Is there such a thing as drinking too much water?
I feel unhappy with my weight. I have got to change things and lose the weight, how do you get MOTIVATED???
Why dont i put weight on when i eat like an obese person?!?
Do I need to gain weight?
Hows my weight?
I need some advice, my mother 44 is very overweight/obese. what is the best way that i can help her. diet? etc
My muscles are sore!!!! HOW DO I FIX THIS!!!?
Friends and Weight Problems?
Is it possible for a size 2 girl to actually look skinnier than a size 0 girl?
Do you think I'm anorexic?
By sweating, do you loose weight ?
How long would it take to walk 4 miles?
Is it better to rest or exercise if your muscles ache?
Health warnings on "fat" clothes your views please?
What foods should you avoid if you have high blood pressure?
Is it true u cant get breast cancer until u r 30??
If you had cancer and refused treatment, would that be a form of suicide?
Quit smoking?
Do I have lung cancer?
Can teens get breast cancer????
Headache everyday! help?
I'm desperate, how can i accept this?
Smokers please answer.?
Smokers and the NHS?
I have cancer and don't know who to leave my millions of dollars with?
Braces advice?
Why do we wet the toothbrush before brushing our teeth?
I have had a baby tooth loose for a long time and it wont fall out on its own. How should I pull it out?
Anyone with braces out there??!?or ortho's?
Insane toothache (Molar pain)?
3 year old to have 3 Root Canals?
How often should someone visit their dentist for a cleaning?
Weight issue, 15 male, 215 pounds?
Tooth decay?
I need help ...?
Um i need 2 lose 10 pounds before september what do i do?
How do you get rid of morning breath?
Help controlling my hunger?
I'm 31 yrs. old and I have difficulty losing weight. What is the best way to lose weight for people over 30?
I want to loose 20 lbs - I eat under 1000 calories daily, exercise, and eat right- whats wrong?
What is the importance of taking a breakfast?
What is better for you: butter or margarine.?
Can I be anorexic without actually meaning to?
Why have i gained 5 lbs since yesterday??
Can you drink too much water?
Can somone describe the feeling of having an injection??
Why do people start smoking in the first place?
What's your solution to warts?
Am i an alcoholic?
I am taking steroids and I feel wierd.?
What does it mean if you have bumps on your private part and it itches?
I'm a 22yr old alchoholic..I want to stop by myself any advice or tips?
Does it really take 7 year sto digest gum?
How often do you brush your Teeth? and how Long?
Will the dentist give me a general anasthetic 2 take a bad tooth out?
Braces... Please help! :)?
What is the best way to treat or heal a toothache?
I had tooth problem since i show it to dentist but iam upset with his answer what can ido?
Do you breath through your mouth or nose?
What is the best way to relieve tooth pain most likely due to the root dying?
Does anyone have any cures for a toothache including pain in your ear??
Can you get braces if your teeth doesnt have anything wrong with them?
How much weight would I lose in a week with this diet?
Does anyone know anything that will make me feel full?
What's the lowest weight and the highest weight you've ever been at your current height?
What is the best diet plan?
I gained 4 pounds in one day. How in the world...?
Does anyone actually like the gym?
I'm 5'4'' and I weigh 110 pounds. Am I fat?
Help me please?!! Read the info i have listed.?
For non childish people only?
Best weight loss for lazy people?
I Have some sort of allergy. But What?
Why do my ears make popping sounds?
I have allergies when dose it end?
Can stress and anxiety cause allergy flare ups?
Gluten Allergy?
Eww what is it?
Rashes? any advice?
I have really bad allergies ... What is the best solution you know to deal with them?
Am i Allergic?
If your allergic to shrimp and u cook it a certain way will it affect you?
Who thinks braces are nerdy and who thinks there coolness?
Whiter teeth?
Morning breath?
What Percent % of Hydrogen Peroxide Should I use to gargle % whiten teeth with?
Suggest me a way in which i can stop my brother frm putting his finger in his mouth plz.?
I have some bad mouth ulcers that wont go away no matter how much I brush my teeth and use mouth wash what..?
I was wondering is it safe to file your teeth?
I got apple in my teeth and cant get it out!?
This tooth just wont come out!?
How to protect your teeth against sweet food?
My height at present is 5.3 inches(161cm).How do i raise my height to 5.9 inches?
Does cold water make someone's tummy bigger?
Whats the best breakfast to have for weight loss?
How do i get rid of my love handles?
Have you lost a significant amount of weight? and if so can u tell me how u did it?how long it took..&tips;?
I have thoughts of eating disorders...?
How do i lose 22lbs in 1 month?
Whats the Quickest Way to lose weight in 1 day.?
Am i fat or not!!!!?
Am I overweight?
Can a 19 yr old have a heart attack?
Etiquette and blood gloucose monitors.?
SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY: How do you get rid of a hickey?
How do u get rid of a cold sore?
If you smoke to much marijuana all at once can it fry your brain?
Can you become infected with HIV from kissing?
I have cavities in all 4 of my wisdom teeth but the dentist is telling me wait six months becuase he says they
Help me,i have a heavy tooth pain,i had painkillers,but it wont stop.please tell me what to do,i cant sleep?
Methods to whiten your teeth?
How long did u have your braces for?
When you got your wisdom teeth taken out, did you have to wear gauze?
What does it mean when you have dreams that your teeth rot and fall out?
When getting wisdom teeth pulled, would it be better to be knocked out or drugged up?
My braces hurt help????
What is the very best tooth paste to use? that covers everything? fresh breath, cavities.....
Does it hurt when they put u braces?tell me the true:(am nervous?
I want to coax a poo out quickly.?
How do I prevent cramps when I'm excercising?
Whats the best diet plan that will help you lose a couple pounds in 1 week?
Ladiess please state ur opinion?
What is a thong?
Whats the best way to lose weight?
Am i overweight?
Is working out 7 days a week a bad idea?
My mom is about 120 lbs overweight. Am I going to be like that?
Where can I get tea tree oil cream?
The person I am currently seeing has really bad breath!?
Can you really not eat any popcorn if you have braces?
Why is yawning contagious?
I have a hairline crack in my tooth... what should I do?
I just got braces and im wondering, can i still chew gum??
My teeth look like yellow?
Im getting braces!?
What can i do to get over my fear of the dentist?
Can I legally ask my current dentist for all my notes and xrays as I wish to move to another dentist?
Okay this may sound weird...?
Is going anorexic the right way to go?
What are the side effects of not eating meat?
Ways to GAIN weight?
Where do our calories go when we burn them?
Is it harmful to eat one good large meal a day?
Yuk! I gag everytime I try to eat oatmeal, and I usually like everything! How can I get it into my diet?
Please Answer!!!?
True or False? Please answer question!?
Is this the wrong source for motivation?
Can someone, from experience, tell me the best places to live in with breathing problems?
Could I get an STD?
How do you prevent colds/flu?
What do i have?
How can I contract gout?
Can you get HIV if you drink water from a water bottle that was used by a person infected with a HIV virus?
I have a swollen cheek from a tooth abscess will it go away naturally?
Had wisdom teeth removed?
Do Braces Hurt A lot???
My teeths are yelloish in colour,how to turn to white?
My sons front adult teeth dont exist,,,,, rare i am told?
My son is getting braces.....?
Recently, a small piece of my tooth came out while chewing sugar-free bubble gum. HELP!?
Is wisdom tooth removal a very unpleasant procedure?
Will my temporary dental crowns look ugly or fall out while I'm waiting for the permanent porcelain ones?
How can i whiten my teeth naturally?
I am 14 and over weight and i want to lose at lest 10 pound by may. whatshould i do? HELP ME?
What excersices can I do inside the home?
How can I lose weight in a short time?
I m13 yr girl and too thin....my weight is less than 30 kg pls help?
Need tips to slow down eating?
GIRLS - what turns you on more, a guy with a nice pair of abs, a great pair of pecks, or big arms?
I am 51 and getting fat, how can i stop it?
What is your height, weight & clothing size?
Want to lose weight but don't know if i'm to young to go on a diet
Fasting for 30 days?
I have been getting minor nose bleeds everyday...?
How to permanently get rid of cold & sneezing?
Swollen lips?
Asthmatics what was your worst asthma attack like?
I keep on having nose bleeds..........?
What ara these eye floaters? HOW CAN I STOP THEM?
Can someone have an allergic reaction just by the smell of citrus fruits??
I am Allergic to alcoholic dringks, what can i do to make myself NOT allergic to alcoholic drinks?
Why am I allergic to chocolate this way?
Is it possible to be allergic to chocolate?
Do wisdom teeth have to be pulled out?
My gums bleed when in the morning whenever i brush.?
What is it called when a dr. has to go in and fix what another dr. messed up?
At what age do you wisdom teeth start to come in?
What do I do if part of my tooth breaks off?
Im getting my wisdom teeth cut out monday. any comforting words? im scared to death?
I've got tooth ache!?
Why do I have so many cavities?
I'am Getting Braces!!?
What's the best toothpaste??
I'm i anorexic?
DO you hate it when skinny girls complain and say they are fat?
Can someone actually do a push up with one hand??
Ok, can someone PLEASE tell me how i can lose weight????
Is it normal to be rushing to the loo 8 times in the past 5 hours...?
Do you hate monday mornings?
I am 14 and weigh 172 and 5'5. is that really bad?
Desperate 2 talk 2 sum1...?
How do i gain wieght??
Am i fat im 4'11 and weigh 110 pounds?
My 3 year old daughter has a yeast infection for a year already and I do not know what to do anymore ?
I want to start taking steroids, any suggestions?
What can I use as an alternative to Sugar in my tea ?
Ok i have cracked lips for almost 2 years now, i can't seem to find anything to heal it.?
Hi i'm 16 5'8 107 and want to lose the last 7lbs any ideas....?
Am i fat or what?
Can I spread ringworm to people?
My friend who is 14 wants to weigh 88lbs.She wants to be anorexic.She told me not to tell.What should I do?
What is the quickest way to lose 30 pounds without starving myself?
Is this normal...?
My 15 yr old daughter wants to........?
What do you like to eat in the mornings?
Is passing blood or mucus in stool dangerous?
How to control body odor?
Why is my bum hole so itchy?
Acne prob what should i do?
Do novocaine shots hurt during fillings?
Is it necessary to put sealants on a child's 6-year-old molars / baby teeth?
I bite my nails a lot and swallow. IS this bad for my body?i have been doing it now for a long time.is it bad?
Does having braces put in your mouth hurt?
How do I get rid of my loose tooth?
What is that yellow stuff on his teeth? its not chesse its there everyday. how does that happen?
My teeths are turning slight yellow.am afraid. any help?
Went to A & E yesterday for my tooth ache ,they said its a abcess/infection ,?
Did my dentist lie to me?
I need so much work done and I'm really scared?
Scared of the dentist!!!?
If I do 2,000punches, 3,000squats, 4,000pushups, 5,000situps, 10,000jumping jacks and 650pullups continued....
Are women ever happy with their weight?
I only have 7 teeth left and need free dental help near Jackson, Tennessee.?
What's an easy way to lose a lot of weight?
I have to eat Chocolate everyday !!!?
Do you use listerine before or after you brush?
Say your 14 and you do like about 40 sit ups a day till your 17 how much weight would u loose?
Am i overweight or is it just shape?
Can you still kiss with braces?
Belly fat help?
Should i loose weight?
Should I go to the dentist tommorow?
What exercises make you lose weight the fastest BUT it doesn't give you too much muscle. (You just lose weight
Has anyone tried the slimfast diet?
Do braces hurt?
What should I eat if i'm hungry before dinner?
What Is A Healthy Age To Start Fitness?
Does limited eating help lose weight?
My friend Regina wants to know: Why do they put wax on apples and other fruit/vegetables?
Wheat free diet!!!?
My throat feels like it isn't draining! Help, I'm going mad.?
Is it safe to drink powder from pill instead of swallowing?
Piriton allergy tablets?
Hayfever !!!?
Does anyone's child have an allergy to pineapple?
Why Do People and Animals Itch?
Could i play flute with braces?
Anyone understand what a dentist is saying when they are looking at your teeth? it sounds jibberish to me!?
Do braces hurt when getting them on?
Just a survey.. do u prefer alady dentist or a guy dentist.. why?
What should I do if one side of my face is swollen?
I way 103 pounds and i need help! How can i get fater?
Has anyone had root canal therapy? Does it hurt? Is it worth the cost, or should i just get the tooth removed?
If a tooth is too badly rotten does it get pulled out?
Does anyone else hate the Trident chewing gum adverts?
Wisdom teeth...?
What is the best drink to refuel you when you are running?
My tooth broke?
When brushing your teeth do you use a wet or dry toothbrush?
What are good tips for fasting and keeping your mind off food?
If you just eat vegetables&fruit; and drink water for 2 1/2months, how much weight can you lose?
If I were to loose weight?
Am I fat?26 year old?
Why women why?
Is being gay immoral!!cos of the diseases that it can cause like HIV and hepatitis c?
What will happen to me?
What is noise pollution?
Hello, My son has got really bad Eczema all over his body. I have tried almost everything. Any ideas or advise
Can anyone cheer me up?
What happens if you are throwing up blood and what is it called?
Question about acne?
Did I have a Heart Attack??
Hi i have a prblm with my weight im 17 and 300 lbs and i want to lose bout 130 lbs whats the best way 2 loseit
What are some healthy sports drinks?
Can some one please tell me any very quick way of losing weight?
Would you rather go to the pub or the gym?
I am intolerant of milk products,what are the best sources of calcium?
What if I eat celery and peanut butter...Is that Healthy?
Am I fat? How can I lose like 30 pounds?
How do i lose 20 pounds fast and safe?
What is the safest or most natural non-calorie sweetener on the market.?
My boss has terrible breath......?
I have to have 4 teeth extracted tomorrow -- how long will it hurt afterwards??
Why would somebody want to become Orthodontist ?
When i brush my teeth in the morning i get a little bit of blood out is that normal or is it gingivitis?
Does anyone floss?
I need braces and I was wondering about how much do they cost and do they hurt really bad?
I'm going to get some of my wisdom teeth out soon any tips?
How long does it take for antibiotics to kick in for toothache?
Why do famous people always have really white teeth?
Is she fat?
If my legs are horribly sore from the gym but i have an apt today with a trainer again, what should i do?
IVE HAD 8 kids?
Re-Introducing meat after 12 years as a vegetarian?
How often do you eat fresh fruit?
Is anyone's height 5 foot or under?
What is it like having braces?? ^_^?
Is there a way of whitening your teeth without paying a fortune at the dentists?
Does it hurt to have your tongue pierced?
How can i lose 100 lbs in a month?
Braces question!!!?
Does anyone know of any ways to stop meth from rotting my teeth?
I'm thirteen years old and 5'5 and weigh 117. Am I fat???
How can i get rid of bad breath in my spouse?
Do you go on walks in the winter?
Braces Removal!?
Why do some people have Gold or Silver teeh?
What's best for a toothache..heat or ice?
What kind of doctor diagnoses TMJ?
How can I make my gums stronger and healthier?
My friend just found out she has liver cancer, does this mean she will die?
In your opinion, do you think we will ever find a cure for cancer?
Opinion about smoking ?
Why are most of us afraid of cancer?
Why cancer affectsbeautiful children?
When will i die?
If one breast is bigger than the other,is it a sign or breast cancer?
Is it true that all women will have breast cancer?
Should we stop donating to cancer research?
If you dont inhale cigar smoke but keep it in your lungs, can you still get lung cancer?
How big is the heart?
I have a plastic face,who am i?
Can taking 12 paracetamols kill you?
Which one of the two would you date?
I am having gallbladder surgery tomorrow and could do with some reassurance. Any support out there?
HELP I need advise on Head Lice!?
Don't you just HATE Mosquitos!?!?
Is Bird Flu going to happen or not?
My gums are really swollen...?
How can i turn my teeth white again?
Omg Am I Dying :)) Lol?
Bad breath after wisdom teeth extraction?
Teeth grinding ruining my relationship?
What's your toothpaste flavor???
When will they take my braces off?
How do I remove my own wisdom tooth?
What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Can you use toothpaste for acne?
Flattening my tummy?????
If you are between 5'6" and 5'8" what do you currently weigh and are you happy with your weight?
Is it unhealthy to eat a lot of seafood???????
I'm 22 years old, my weight is only 38 kg. how can i increase my weight to suitable weight?
Can drinking lemon juice reduce a fat stomach?
How do I get motivated?
Fast food and im ashamed..?
Is size 14-16 fat?
The BEST diet plan ?
Braces tomorrow...a little worried?
Hole in the side of my tooth?
NHS braces, am i eligible (see pictures)?
How can I remove my braces at home?
Why am I fit but my face isn't?
Why do superstars have pretty white and straight teeth all the time?
What kind of experience have you had with having your wisdom teeth out?
What helps bad breath?
Whats your BMI? Link included?
What should i do with my Wisdom Tooth.?
My New Diet! Is it good?
Problem with "regularity"?
What is the best natural treatment for upper sinus congestion?
Is there a cure or a good treatment for someone that is allergic to chocolate?
Is it possible to lose 35 pounds by dec 2008? ?
Im a 5'3 13 year old girl who weighs 103 lbs.. i'm slim but my friends are slimer.....what do i do?
Do you have any allergies and what are they to?
Toothache anyone know of something I can do besides tylenol or orajel?
What is the worst part of having to lose weight?
What sort of things can I do to lose weight?
Would it be possible to be allergic to Paracetamol?
Tooth pulled...?
Is it OK, to have a shot of vodka before a weighlifting workout?
What tastes better? Silk(soy milk) or lactaid milk??
Do hornets sting and?
How to get rid of acidity?
Do you think its asthma?
Does stress bring out eczma?
Have you ever known of anyone being allergic to watermelon?
My blood sugar is 377 right now, what can I do to lower it?
If you had a fever would you feel cold or hot?
I get some strong pain sometimes in my chest near my heart.can you suggest something reasonable.?
What does fleshy mean?
DIABETES - I am an insulin dep. diabetic going on holiday on Monday should I store my spare insulin in suitcas
Ive a huge........................
I am 11 and i want to try heroine. what does it feel like?
Why do smokers cough so much?
Am I doing enough.... being a veggie?
Does anyone know if vingar actually helps with weight lose???
Is there such a thing as too much coffee that you get a caffeine headache?
Why does society treat very fat people as second class citizens?
What's the normal height and weight for a 13-year-old girl?
What weight would you consider overweight?
When working out a lot, what's a good way to curb hunger?
I have lost all this weight....NOW WHAT?
How to increase one's height?
What do you eat to help you sleep?
Bleeding gums?
I have a pain in my teeth at night and day and my both ears hurt?
My daughter is 9 and her teeth are yellow?
How do I deal with bad breath after I got my wisdom teeth pulled?
Does anyone else grind their teeth whilst they sleep?
AM i fat or skinny? im confused!!!?
So i just threw my retainers away...how do i break it to my mom??
Why are people so fat these days?
Am I overweight?
How can I cure spitting when I talk and bad breath?
Want stronger arms?
Do I weigh enough?
What can be the cause of extreme bad breath?
When you see someone overweight ,what is your first thought?
Am I chubby?
I am 5'7" and weigh 100 lbs.....could I be a model?
I need a good way to lose weight.?
Are obese people limited?
I'm leaving in a few minutes to get all my wisdom teeth pulled. Wish me luck?
Is losing one's teeth inevitable ?
Does it hurt to get fillings done? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Just Wondering: What does your floss smell like after you floss the junk out of your back teeth?
Should I ask my dentist for a brace or retainer?
N e 1 know of a snack i cud eat late at nite dat is healthy nd lite?
Do guys really prefer rib skinny girls in bed to ones with a little meat for ex.size10-12?
Well i had braces for about a week now, and my brackets popped out twice already! is this normal?
Why do i have really bad breath?
Can anyone tell me if a 16 yr old female loses 37-50 pounds will she have loose flabby skin ...?
My freind has no teeth ?
I had a mouth bone graft surgery recently i have a little bone yet exposed is it safe to smoke cannabis?
Weight question, 135pounds 5'7 what do you think??
Help my grandma is sick I don't know what to do!?
What does it mean when you have one tooth that is really sensitive to hot and cold?