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Do you think I am fat?
Do you lose weight by not eating?
How do you find the will power to not eat bread, rice or sugar?
I am 13 and i am 5'4. I weight 113.. am i overweight, do i need to go on a diet??
When someone notices your height and says "you're small/tall"?
Did i eat too much today?
My fanny is itchy all the time!?
Im scared to drink water?
Are you a vegetarian or a vegan ?
How can i get skinnier without excersise?
How can i gain 20lbs in 2 seconds?
I eat McDonalds 7 times a day and weigh 747 lbs. , why can't I lose weight?
How much water do you drink per day?
What do u eat when your sick?
How do you eat without gaining the weight back you've lost from starving yourself?
Bet most of you dont know what this is?
Can u spread a cold sore through kissing?
Yea should i smoke weed again??
ACNE?? Someone please help.?
Help!!!!! bumps on the back of my arms??
Loosing weight! 10 lbs.?
How to gain weight?
If i do 1000 situps a day evryday for 2weeks, what would happen?
Do you think she has a good body? (Pic)?
If you could have anyone's body?
Are you Overweight? What do you think of my sales page?
I want to lose weight, but I HATE working out?
If I don't eat anything until June 20 how much will I weigh?
I think I'm fat when i look in my mirror in the bathroom plus its really big is it the mirror or me??
Is bulimia really that bad?
· What are some foods that are considered unhealthy?
When is the best time in the day to weigh yourself?
Can I lose 10 pounds in 10 days?
What is the measurnment of your waist??????????????
Does anyone else on here hate their Mirror Image,?
Do you think drinking 64 ounces of water every 15 mintues will increase your metabolims?
Is becoming anorexic or bulimic a good was to lose weight?
How to be anorexic?
What is a good way to loose weight?
How much should a 13 year old at 5 feet 5 inches weigh?
What is your average sleeping hours? 4, 6,8hrs....? Is 6 & ½ Normal?
Rich people diseases?
My 18 month old is running temp 103 for several days no ear infection but has swollen glands?
Am I an alcoholic?
When sitting in your Dr's waiting room, do you read the magazines or think they may hold germs?
What are some ways to keep your immune system healthy?
If you were told by doctors that you have 6 months, but that was 5 years ago, what would you be thinking now?
Bumps with pus inside?
What can I do if I'm lactose intolerant?
My new kitten is making me cough so bad, why?
My daughter hates milk.She's lean . How to make her drink milk?
Who is alergic to MANGO? What do i do? (!!!!i'm alergic!!!!)?
Silk milk is giving my 19 month old diarrhea?
If you are somewhere without an inhaler, what do you do?
Do certain people attract flea bites more than others?
What's better? Running or Walking!?
What drinks are healthiest?
Has anyone tried the cabbage soup diet?
Am I overweight?
One meal a day?? what do you think??
Is it alright to allow yourself a treat?
What foods help muscle growth?
How can i reduce my weight?
Is this breakfast healthy??
My mom might have breast cancer, can she get by it?
How can a nonsmoker get lung cancer?
Sorry if this is painful but death of someone close..?
Hair after chemotherapy?
Cancer please help?
I believe cancer can usually be easily cured by good nutrition and lifestyle choices. What do you think?
My g-pa died of lung cancer, will i?
What are the four stages of grief?
What advice would you give?
Am i fat? [[pictures]]?
Please just hellllllppppppp, click here?
Im 5'4 and weigh 210lbs what can i do to lose 90lbs?
The fastest way you lost weight?
Will not eating or throwing up for like a week or couple of weeks help lose weight?
Whats the best diet pill?
How can i lose a few pounds in about 2 to three weeks?
Can anyone suggest me some good exercises to reduce weight?
Im 16 and obese. I hate it. My dad said he'd give £60 if i lost weight =] but i just cant do it. any ideas?
How does an 11 year old boy lose weight really fast ?
I'm coming down with flu..........Any tips for quick cure?
Calling in sick for a new job?
Does hannah montana write her own songs?
My feet and hands always hurt, turn purple and are always cold. Is this bad?
What's so great about a tan?
Is it too young to be visiting the cardiologist when you are only 29yrs?
Urine infection?
What can i do for a sore throat if i dont have any medicine in the house?
My 12 yr old son gets headaches after eating eggs..?
Wats the best way to lose weight??? (i almost tried everything)?
What's the most effective way to lose 20 pounds in just 2 months?
My 12 years daughter don't eat g. vegetables, What should I do?
I can't loose any weight and i play sports like 24/7! Any advice on how to loose any weight?
If i weigh 11 stone and im 5ft6, am i overweight, normal or obese?
Why am I craving apples and coleslaw?
What's the best thing to eat if you feel like you're going to pass out?
Does anyone have any tips for losing 15 pds in 3 months?
What's the quickest way to lose wieght in six months and be healthy and have energy?
What does drinking 8 glasses of water do for the body?
Am i fat/normal or slim?
What time of day do you like to go walking?
Weight loss help!!!!!!!?
Whats the fastest way to get a six pack?
How to gain weight (female)?
How come i still don't have a six-pack?
Im trying to get a 6 six pack. How crunches and sit ups should i do a day?
Is this ok or not?
How can i lose 50 lbs in 3 months if im a little lazy??
My left eye has been twiching on and off for a few days..?
What is a sure sign you are allergic to alcohol??
I got stung by a bee on my foot yesterday and now it's red, swelling, and itching badly. Does anyone know...
Hayfever this time of year?
I'm sneezing a lot around my cat...Does this mean I'm allergic??
Anyone else get the shivers if you touch the cotton in an aspirin bottle?
Why am I feeling pressure on top of my head?
What can i eat if i am alergic to wheat, eggs, all dairy and slightly alergic to beef?
Allergic to Marijuana?
How long does the tetanus vaccine last for?
How can mucus in the ear be fixed?
Can one get hiv through mosquito bites?
Does smoking marijuana affect your lungs??
HELP! What is wrong if you go to the the bathroom and have green stool?
What is the best cure for haemorrhoids?
I am 5'3 and weigh 126?
How can i get from 130 to 115 before school starts??????
One last questions before I go to bed?!?
Oh no! Out!?
Does swimming burn belly fat?
What diet has worked for you the most?
I'm on a carrot diet. i need to lose weight in 2 weeks for a wedding. what else will help me lose weight?
I am 13 and I'm 5ft 3in and weigh 130 pounds am i overweight and is you age factor in this?
Should we introduce a fat tax?
How can I lose 10 pounds by August?? Please read inside!?
I want to lose weight rapidly. I was thinking about starvation. What is another way I can lose weight fast?
How Could i Loss Weight?
I take laxatives and diet pills and water pills to lose weight on top of that i starve myself and purge food..
How much do you weigh?
Am i tall enough??
Doesn't anyone enjoy their food anymore.?
Do you need an parent with you to buy weight loss pills if you're at a convient store?
Why do people go to the gym?
Is it a healthy weight if you are 5"3 and weigh six and a half stone?
Dandruff problem help!?
What does it mean if your urine has a strong odor to it and is cloudy?
Should we say that people from families with genetic disorders should not be allowed to have children?
Should you continue to workout when your muscles are sore?
Am i fat if im 5'3.5 and weigh 92 pounds?
What can help treat acne?
What is the easiest way for me to know I am diabetic on my own without help of a doctor?
What is the perfect weight for a girl 5'4"?
What are food that u shouldnt have when u have diabetes?
How much should i weigh?
Where can you get parasites?
Is psoriasis an STD?
Whats youre goal for the future?
I think somethings wrong with me...?
Does anyone no any relief for a sore throat but not using losingers.?
Will doing a lot of situps help me to lose the fat around my stomach?
HELP !!! i have a fear of dentists and i need a filling will this hurt me ?? im terrified to go have it done?
Am i in the risk of becoming overweight?
Whats the best way to keep cavities away?
I'm 42 in need of full set of dentures.I'm a full time cashier I CANNOT!!! go to work without teeth.?
Want to lose weight?
I have 5 canker sores in my mouth!!?
Ladies - what is your height, weight and clothes size?
Who likes to walk around barefoot?
I had a tooth pulled and my mouth is still a little numb is that normal??
Is it ok to be fat?
I swallowed a tooth - is this a problem?
I have a bad tooth ache what can i do?
Don't u hate obese people that act like they're happy to be fat, rather than working on losing the weight?
What should you do if your teeth are hurting because you just got braces?
What is the quickest toothache remedy?
Starting to get dizzzzzzy i think from the loss of blood from the tooth being pulled out at 3 PM! dizzy i thin
What has your experience been with having wisdom teeth removed?
Can you still have baby teeth whist a teenager or over 20?
How do I treat and prevent frequent nosebleeds?
Can you give someone allergies?
Why do I have watery eyes?
Does anyone have any suggestions for managing bedroom allergies? Please no sarcastic answers?
I am really scared of my allergies?!?
Child with peanut allergy?
Suggest measures for relief from yellow and greenish phlegm/ nasal discharge/mucuous------ sinus?
Is there a test to see if I'm alergic to bee stings?
Should my child get a flu shot if she has allergies?
I have allergies and don't want shots every week what do I do?
I hardly ever drink water.. why??
I am 13 and overweight what should i do?
Which exercise is better to loose weight, walk or run?
Fillings do they hurt?
Which is worse? Being too fat or being to thin?
Do you ever gag yourself while brushing your tongue?
Why do girls wanna be super-thin when most guys don't even like that?
How do you get the smell out of exercise clothes?
Just got my braces off and I play flute...?
Do I have a really unhealthy diet?
My friend only eats 500 calories a day is she going to die :(?
Information on braces?
What is the one food you cant resist????????
Hit in face with trash can?
How do I get a flat stomach?
Does overweight equal ugly??
Wisdom tooth fully grown in sideways has now broke and is causing extreme pain in whole side of head.?
How to lose weight and keep it off if overweight?
Is there anything that can be done for my TMJ in my jaw?
The Reason Ameicans have Whiter Teeth?
Does anyone bite the skin around their fingers and if you have stopped how did you do it?
Is blood in stool normal?
What kind of illness if you feel numbness and in your hands and feet?
Does anyone have panic atacks/anxiety attacks?
What do I need to do to strengthen my immune system?
What's a natural way to lower cholesterol?
What is a person with no limbs called?
Should I get my wisdom teeth pulled?
Hey im 13 and just wanna know, not about weight loss?
I weigh 11 and a half stone - what is that in pounds?
I had my wisom teeth out wednsday and my face is so swollen?
How do I kill the pain of a nerve on my tooth?
Is there anything unhealthy about drinking 3 bottles of water a day?
How does chewing tobacco work?
Does any1 here experienced bleeding gums when they brushed?
Iam 24 and i weight 118. i been trying so hard to gain weight. i eat everything i see no lie!! what can i do?
My jaws constantly hurt and i can crack them from the inside of my mouth?
Braces questions....?
Eating only rice help me lose weight?
Please help me "heavy pain".........!?
What do you call a dentist? Doctor?
I am 12 and a half and i'm 5ft 4 and i weigh 7 and a half stone is that heathy?
Does anyone know what might cause a bit of my gums to become puffy and a little red...?
Am I drinking too much?
Am I overwieght??
I need a dental implant and wisdom teeth taken out what kind of dentist do I need?
I brush, floss and use mouth wash after every meal! 3 - 5 times a day, i am overdoing it?
How much do braces cost?
What does it mean when a tooth turns black?
Are Braces dorky/geeky/nerdy/ or ugly looking?
Where were you last night?
Have to have all 4 wisom teeth out...anxiety over this! I am terrified of being put under.?
I have just had one of my wisdom teeth taken out?
What teeth whitening method do you think is better, laser or the gel trays?
Are you supposed to wear your retainer at night?
Wisdom Teeth?
Do dentists feel a failure every time they get a cavity?
Is it unhealthy to take cocaine everyday?
Is 120 weight alot at the age of 12????
Does anyone know any fast or good diets? 10 POINTS BEST ANWSER?
Im always tired n i have no energy at all. how can i help this?
My friend wants to be a vegitarian and shes only 13 shes still growing. Is this bad for her?
I'm scared to eat at other peoples house because i'm fat so wut do i do?
Please help me I am fat and I'm serious about loosing the weight before I turn 25yrs. old! What more can I do?
Starving myself!!!?
My bf thinks im fat and well i am but...?
Giving Up Pop/Soda, whatever you kids call it these days?
Anyone have any idea of why my face is breaking out?
Can you contact any type of disease like Aids, or anything through saliva?
Do you think that STEM CELL research is important?
Hey my dads face is swollen really scared please answer.?
What foods are high in sugar?
Bad Breath!?
I am looking for a painless way to die?
How long does it take for your mouth to heal after having 5 teeth pulled?
Need help on choosing a color for my braces?
Braces:What color to get?!?
EASY TEN POINTS!!??!!!???!?!?!?!?! tEeTh. Please open :)?
What colour braces should I get?
Wisdom teeth......?
Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
Please, I have to know, what do you think of this?
I feel AWFUL after eating?
I have a question..need answers..ASAP!?
Am i too skinny?
What is the easiest way to loose weight?
I am 22 yrs old and i am very thin i weight about 110 and i want to be a little more thicker help!!!?
I'm soo fat. i wish i could die. i try everything & i just cannot lose weight.?
Can u suggest what breakfast is suitable to my 11 month vegetarian baby.?
Is being 5'7 and 130 lbs a safe weight?
I ate an egg and I think it was undercooked. Is this bad because I dont feel good.
My eye has been spazzing for the past two days off and on..is this a serious problem, should I go to a doctor?
Will a vinyl matress cover keep dust mites from coming in or out of the matress?
I have something swollen in my neck... people tell me its a nymphlod, any suggestions on how to stop sweeling?
What is your opinion of head &shoulders; shampo ?
Two questions about Claritin?
I heard that said that salt can cure hay fever so I mixed salt with water in a kettle and put it up my nose.?
Is there any thing that can cure a rash?
I have small itchy red bumps all over.They disappear and then reappear in new places.My doctor can't diagnose!
Have you ever heard of a child being allergic to a nut other than peanut???
If you have a laptop on your lap can it send radiations into your gentile areas and lead to cancer?
Does the cream inside a cadburys cream egg really cure cancer?
Does smoking marijuana out of a water bong reduce the possibility of getting cancer?
Can I say a big thank you?
Do you think there really is a cure for cancer?
Am i dying?
Why are there no safe cigarettes?
My uncle has cancer. Does anyone have suggestions on how to cope with it?
I Have a friend who Just found out that she has cancer what can I say to them?
How is lung cancer caused in non-smokers?
I am nervous of the dentist and what is to come?
Whats the best way to pull a tooth?
Wake up to bleeding gums, really bad?
Braces! What are they like to have and have you ever had them ?
I feel unpretty because of the gap in my teeth..?
What color for Braces?
Wisdom Teeth?
How do i tell if i need braces? i want them really bad?
Does anybody know anyone who has died from a bad tooth infection?
What brand of toothpaste do you use?
How can i lose at least 15 pounds and fast?
What is the quickest way to lose weight?
How come i feel like im gonna throw up after i eat?
ALWAYS SNACKING on rubbish - Help!!?
Is a size 6 thin, average or big for a 5'3" 23 year old?
How much sleep do I need each day?
D you like to exercise?
OverWeight Or Skinny?
I just started exersizing and im sore, should I still exersize?
Weight Issue.....?
Advice please?
Is there anything that you can smoke that's not bad for you?
Whats a good disease for bunking a week off work?
Should I worry about this?
What is LOVE?
Does a person with diabetes who does not control their diet increase their chance of infections and disease?
How would I be able to find a place that has free and confidential STD testing for teens?
What is the home remedies for frequent mouth ulcer?
High off weed from inhaling the smoke?
How do i know if i need braces?
What do you do to reduce the pain of an aching tooth?
Braces or Spacers?
Why two appointments for braces?
Do you always have to get your wisdom tooth removed?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do braces hurt overall and the day after you get them on?
How come it feels like there is something stuck between my teeth but there is nothing?
What does the ancient people use to brush their teeth?
Is rinsing your mouth out with salt water bad for any reason?
Why do some people only use a retainer not full braces?
What is the best and most fat burning cardio that you know of, besides running?
I always eat late at night. how can i stop?
I am 13, nearly 14 and i weigh NOTHING help!!!?
If a food you love could become fat/calorie free, what would you pick?
Which is better for your body, corn or wheat?
Is it bad for a 14 year old to wear a size 34 a?
Since im overweight are guys not atracked to me??
How do you know you're drinking enough water??
Can people tell me a healthy high fibre breakfast??
Would you classify your dentist as a friend?
Does a layer of plaque on the teeth add flavour to your food?
I go to bedat 9:00 and i dont fall asleep intill 11:00 is there anyway to fall asleep sooner?
Tooth removed yesterday and stil bleeding?
What's an effective way to get rid of bad breath?
Does it hurt when you get your teeth pulled out at the dentist?
Wisdom teeth need to be pulled?!?
How can i make my teeth whiter?
Best kind of toothpaste?
How do you take braces off your own teeth?
Is it possible for someone to perform a root canal on themselves?
Why do girls care so much about their weight?
What is the cause of a hole in your tooth? And how can it be fixed or prevented?
Do you brush your teeth with cold, warm, or hot water?
Should McDonald's be burnt out of existance?
What causes mouth ulcers?
Im 16 years old and getting braces is that too old or should i have gotten them earlier?
What weight should I be at 5'10-11"?
I got punched in the face and an adult tooth is loose. how do i fix it some how without going to a dentist?
Do 4 out of 5 dentist really recommend gum to their patients that chew gum?
Skinny help!!!!!!!!!?
HELP!! This cold is killing me. Any quick fixes?
If you had a tooth with a dead nerve would it be sensative to pain?
I am very insecure about my body, What should I do to be more confident?
I think im gonna be the first person in my family to hit the age of 30 with all my teeth how do i celebrate?
What can motivate a person to exercise?
Should fat people be made to do work for free to make them lose weight ?
“If you’re not happy with the way you look, would you change it? And have cosmetic surgery done?
My thighs are big but im tiny everywhere else, my boyfriend said id look better if i wasnt so wide in the hips
I want to loose wight any ideas?
How do i get my teeth staightened without going to the dentist? i really need help??
How do I use a mouth wash?
Is it healthier to brush your teeth after you ear your breakfast or before?
Braces Help?
How long will I feel like crap after having all 4 wisdom teeth out?
Bruxism my daughter has it (grinds teeth) help please???
My wife has a abscesed tooth and is in alot of pain what do i do?
Braces ... HELP PLEASE?
Urgent question about braces?
What are the benefits of me getting a tooth out by an oral surgeon rather than a regular dentist??
How high can your blood sugar level be?
Does anyone else have that weird spot on their upper arm where they were vaccinated as a kid?
Name something people with colds always seem to be doing?
Diagnose my symptoms?
I have itchy skin all over my body and i can't sleep at nigth because of it. Do you know any housold medicine?
I always go with the majority: HOW MANY OF YOU TRULY BELIEVE THAT THERE IS GOD?
Do you consider this fat..?
Should I do crunches if I am overweight?
What is a size 3-5 considered to be?
Losing weight....?
How come I am so short?
SERIOUS WEIGHT QUESTION - 10points up for grabs!?
What's the best exercise for obese person to start with?
How much should a 21 year old female weigh?
How can i lose 20 pounds in one month?
Does girls like Big Muscle guys or Skinny guys?
Could you get contacts if you have watery/itchy eyes, but you see fine?
Allergic ears due to earrings?
Can a rash from antipersperant cause any serious harm?
I've read that local honey.......?
What do you suggest doing if you are allergic to beds? What's another good place to sleep?
How can you tell if a toddler is truly lactose intolerant? I suspect my 13 month old is (possibly allergic)?
How should I improve my spoken english and my written english?
How do i get rid of all the mucous?
What can I take if I'm allergic to amoxicillin?
Should we go to hospital?
Do you think they should prohibit saggy pants? why or why not?
What happens if u leave cavaties untreated?
Braces in teeth?
A Question about Braces?
Does braces hurt?
I feel weird when i talk.?
What are most common reasons for toothache?
Have any of u had?
My braces r cutting the crap outta my mouth!!!!?
What should I do after pulling out a baby tooth that still had part of the root connected?
Any ideas on healthy snacks that actually fill you up?
What is the best way to lose weight?
So this is what I did and I feel bad....please help? anyone?
If you swallow alot of chewing gum what harm does it do to you insides.?
I have a 11 yr old who is obese i need can't afford a gym i need ideas to do with her any suggestions?
FOR THE GUYS! is a girl who weighs 102 pounds and is 5'3'' attractive to you?
Im 5'6 and i wiegh 133 and i want to wiegh 115. if i only eat salad and drink water how long will it take?
What is the best and healthiest way to loose weight fast?
I started working out two weeks ago and have gained two pounds without changing my diet.?
What is your favorite way to exercise?
Does smelling bananas and/or apples really help you lose weight?
I'm really Overweight. . . Help me NO rude answers please?
Im addicted to peanut butter?
How do I gain 5 pounds in two weeks?
Fat or not?
What's the healthiest way of lose weight?
Does going on a 15 minute walk every day really do anything for you?
The Gym - Is it really worth it?
How dose an 8 year old loose whight?
Who doesn't drink or smoke?
Should I go to the ER?
What causes a black swollen leg?
I've been sick for a week, not hungry, losing wight, dizzy, pain in my legs, and very tired. Help?
How do you talk to an alcoholic?
HELP- My acne is ruining my life. Does ProActive Work?
Do you think it is rude to ask somebody why don't they remove their birthmark off their face?
I think that I'm fatter than my friend?!!!?
Is their a tea that helps you lose weight?
I need a way to excercise and lose 10-15 pounds!?
Am i overweight!? im 13?
Are diet pills safe?
Is 108 pound to much for a 12 years old girl? and if it is can i have some tips on how to lose weight??
Is this A good GOAL..? ILL tell you everything that I eat!!!!!?
Is to better to drink coffee or green tea?
14 years old and i weigh 124 pounds?
I helped bury a body about 12 years ago. What should I do?
Lose weight fast...?
How to lose weight in 2 weeks?
Please give your open honest answer...?
How can i become a Vegetarian?
Am i over weight?
How much do you weigh, how tall are you and what is your age?
Not even kidding.?
What is worth to cut out to lose weight: meat or bread?
I need a HEALTHY way to lose weight FAST . . . any suggestions?
Im going on a 400 calorie diet, what are some low calorie snacks I can have?
What is wrong with me!!!?
My daughter has eczema, can she be allergic to dogs?
Can Allergies cause your ears to pop and cause you to be dizzy or lightheaded?
Is it allergies? What should I do?
Sneezing/ allergies? need help fast!?
What allergy eye drops can I buy to relieve itchy eyes due to the high pollen count during the summer?
I have a cough and a stuffy nose what should I take?
I just found out that I have multiple allergies, what should I do?
Acne Problem?
I think im allergic to fruit becuz every time i eat any fruit my throat starts itching wat do yall think?
What should I do, if I have excessive sweating, chest pain that radiates down my arm, and shortness of breath?
Can you carry chicken pox without showing symptoms???
Can drinking quite heavy for 10yrs cause cirrosis of the liver ?
I've had bad dry mouth all day, like i'm constantly thirsty. Is that a sign of anything?
Does this ever happen too you.?
What is causing my dry skin?
I have to go and meet some1 that has HIV and i don't want 2? wot do u think?
I'm looking for a natural cure for head lice?
Which is worse for you chocalate or sodas?
Would you consider me chubby? I'm 5'3, 109lb, and a belly, not enough to stick out of clothes.?
Im 13 130 lbs and 5'7 am i over weight?
Is drinking lactose free milk safe, if a person is not lactose intolerant?
Hi! i am 18 yrs old, female, 5'1 , 99 lbs. i want to gain weight but i have fast metabolism. help!?
Im 16 and my thighs and all my legs are covered in stretch marks...?
Is being a Bus Driver the worse job for fitness?
Lose weight mad quick????????????
Will I lose weight this way?
Over or Under weight?
Am I too big?
Help! friend is getting super annoying about her dumb weight.?
Is my weight okay??
Im 12 and over weight. I weighh 194 pounds i wear a size 16 and want to wear a size 12 what is a good diet ?
Is being a chubby a big deal?(i think its cute)?
Why is it that overweight men...?
Am I too skinny or too fat?
I'm fat, what can i do?
What is the best and the fastest way to lose weight?
I'm very slim but have a huge tummy what should I do????
I wanna get a mole removed of my face?
Does diabetes affect one's ability to drive well?
Can I offer sweets instead of full breakfast to my 12 yr old diadetic?
How do you treat pillows with head lice?
Have you heard of?
How do you cure the hic-ups?
Why is the Aids virus more prevalent in africa than in the western world?
I need to gain weight. I have fast Metabolism?
Im a girl, really cute, but..?
I am 5ft 7inches tall , 135 pounds and in 8th grade. Am i overweight?
Really am i fat? like fat pig fat?
Healthy Diet for my 10 year old daughter?
What should a 13 year old , 5 foot 3 in height girl weigh? x?
Should you eat breakfast than workout or workout then eat?
Help , the fat just wont come off fast enough , what do u do to get it off fast ,and don't say not to fast ?
Help i want abs?
Is there anybody who is completly happy ? How?
Does running every morning for a mile really helps you lose weight?
How many McDonald's have you ate this week or fasted food?
How much weight will I lose?????
If someone is fat, and they are always complaining about being overweight...?
I feel fat, lazy and unhealthy.I need to improve myself but just can not get started. How should I begin?
What can I eat to help my body?
Am I killing myself?
What can I have for breakfast if I don't want to feel hungry after for as long as possible? ie on a trip?
How to you stay away from eating?
How do i get rid of a soar throat fastt?
Anybody else ever wake up with a big uvula?
Are dizziness, drowsiness associated with allergies?
I am violently allergic to cats. My boyfriend has two. Is there anything I can do about my allergy?
Can a sinus infection affect your hearing and balance?
I eat soap and wanted to know what risks Im taking i love the taste and Ive been doing it 4 a long time now?
What is the best mosquito deterrant?
Allergic co-worker = no perfumes no lotions---now unscented deordorant how far will this go?
Do any of u have a nut allergy???
I have had a headaches for about 5 months what could this be apart form abrain tumor?
I'm tired of acne break outs! any suggestions?girls!!?
I live near a gas station and i can smell gas all the time is this bad for me?
Why are our palms white?
How can I cure my ASTHMA?
What kind of drinks can I have if my blood sugar level is high?
15 month old with 104 degree fever need advice asap?
Help! I think theres something wrong with my heart?
I need to lose 70 pounds?
Whats the easiest way to loose weight?
Hows the best way to speed up your metabolism?
Do you think I'm fat?
Please tell me the FASTEST way too lose 20 pounds!?
Can you die from making yourself throw up once?
How long does it take to see results from 100-200 sit ups a day?
Why doe's god have to make some of us prettier than others?
Are overweight people really bulimics that forget to be sick?
Im give up on life when knowing that i has a breast cancer...?
I don't think I have a chance.?
Can men get breast cancer?
Please pray please pray?
Could I have brain cancer...?
Is this a tumor?
How to stop myself from eating when i am not hungry?
Iam Cancer Patient in very great pain,When will Idie and be free of my pain?
I just lost 18 pounds in 9 days! Just had to tell everyone...?
Is gatorade bad for you? ha really random but i want to know =)?
Why are smokers so bitter about the smoking ban?
I have just found a lump on my neck.is it worth going to the doctors?
Why people can NOT stop smoking?
How do i lose weight over the summer?
Why is it such an issue if we talk about overweight ppl but it's not a problem if we talk about smokers?!?
Do you think i have an eating disorder? please say what you think?
Ok seriously, is 5'8 and 128 pounds fat, skinny, or normal? Please give stupid answers!?
Need a way to ask my wife something... women help me out please?
Can I mix nyquil and sudafed?
What is wrong with me?
Is It True That The Main Cause of Diabetes Is Eating Too Much Sugar?
Am I an alcoholic? If so, any advice?
I keep getting re-accruing boils. can you help me uderstand why?
Can you have a heart attack at the age of 30?
Is there a cure??
Why do some girls starve themselves because they think being extremely thin is beautiful ?
Should i take steroids?
What exercise is better for toning up your body and losing weight?
What Are Some Things (other than diet pills) That Suppress Your Appetite?
How do i get Abs?
I am 5 feet tall and weigh 140 lbs. What would you classify me as?
How do I lose my belly fat?
Is my breakfast healthy?
When lifting weights is it to better to do less rep's and more weight or more rep's and less weight?
I keep following "through" when breaking wind, how can this be avoided?
What's everyone allergic too? more?
Do you think its possible to lose 3stones by Xmas with rigorous diet and exercise?
Is throwing up after binging that bad?
How to lose 40 pounds?
Describe at least three of the ways that people can control their weight.?
Poll: Which one is the right answer ?
Do you think female body builders are attractive?
What is a way for you to exercise at home w/o bikes, skates, etc.?
Help me, i'm 16, question...?
What are some good food to eat in a diet that you can find in a grocery store?
People say im super skinny but i dont think so...?
How much is a 13 yr old suppose to weigh?
Why are my weight loss attempts not working?
Want to lose weight?
What height are you?
How can i lose 40 pounds before school starts?
I can't beleive I;m asking this...?
I am very depressed about my weight and i not not have the money for weight plans or the food offered on the s
How many calories have I eaten today?
If second hand smoke is deadly ,then why is it not a crime to place a child in a car and fill it with smoke ?
Is this an obsessive compulsive disorder?
Is hooka dangerous to health?
I smoke like 5 cigarettes a day and more on weekends while pregnant is that bad?
Does smoking do more damge to a diabetic then to someone who is not?
My alien is sick; what should i feed it?
I would like to go swimming,but??
I just wanted to ask Am I Fat?
A diet pill that works.........?
My little sisters weight?
What't the reommended amount of water (in litres plz) per day?
Does drinking lots and lots of of water and coffee supress your appetite enough to skip lunch?
How tall are you.???
I am underweight and I am 48kg. How do I put on weight?
What is the longest jog you have ever been on?
How do I get people to stop calling me anorexic?
I weigh 152 pounds and im 5'4 ...?
How many pounds do i have to lose to get a flat stomach [PIC]?
How do i get taller/skinnier?
How long will it take me to loose 42lb?
I;m 15 and have size e breasts?
What would you consider underweight, overweight and normal for a girl who is 5'4 ?
How many calories should I eat a day?
Is 2700 calories too much?
How can AIDS be transfer to other person?
Has anyone found a true cure for baldness? if so can they let me know?
What is the best thing to use on a sunburn?
I'm going to a prom this upcoming Saturday, and I need to get rid of my ashy/dry elbows and legs! How can I?
My blood sugar readings keep climbing, now at 468 then 402, cannot see doctor, what to do?
I am allergic to cats adn am wondering if there is anything i can do to stop this problem?
I have a fever of 101.7, what should I do?
Suddenly Red Eyes?
My son is allergic to dogs. Can an allergy test check for specific breeds or does it check for dogs in general
Any Tips for hayfever?
For people who can't eat dairy or eggs, what can you eat?
Is there any cure to food allergy. I don't know which food is causing it but it starts itching and swelling.
My eye is blood shot red and when i wake up it is sticky :( i dont know what is wrong with it?
2 year old gets diarrhea and terrible rash with milk?
Fat people and buffets?
How can I gain weight and make people notice that I have gained?
Am i too skinny ??
I need to lose a lot of weight please help?
Am i fatt?
What is the best.....?
How can I starve myself?
What is your healthy breakfast of choice?
Christ, i am trying am hard but it aint working?
Why does it seem like every girl on here doesn't want to have hips?
Is drinking too much water bad for you? I drink about 2-3 gallons a day. is that bad?
Am i over,under, or average weight???
Am i fat????
How long will it take me to loose about 60 pounds?? im 15 years old and weigh 245. height bout 5'9?
Does fat free milk taste bad?
Is 105 pounds over weight?
What can i eat to make me feel full?
How long does it take to loose visible weight when you starve yourself?
What is coldsore?
Red blood cells?
Is there a way to close pores??
Can mold grow around your fingernails?
HOw do i get rid of my scars??
Strange Question? I need a serious answer!?
Why do i gag when i clean my teeth ??????
I gargle my mouth with warm salt water daily. I think it is good for the teeth. Is it bad for the gums?
Height matters??????????????????...
How do I stop snacking?
Do braces get on your lips and cut them?
I wore braces for 2 years and retainers for about 5 months and stopped?
Does the sun help one to lose weight?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
Is it too late for me to straighten my bottom teeth?
I'm having my wedding on Aug. 5th and I want to lose some of my stomech fat. How can I do it fast?
Ok, i got spacers yesterday, and they hurt like heck! i mean likei cant eat! will this fealing go away? HELPME
How many teeth does the average human have?
Is running 15 minutes a day enough?
Why is jimmy buiffett never played on the radio?
Why are there medium toothbrushes?
Is it good to eat pankackes when your on a diet???
Whiter Teeth?
Is the meat in the hamburgers healthy?
Is 6'2" tall and 190 lbs. too thin for a full grown man?
Do you like your own teeth? Did you ever have orthodontic treatments?
Can you buy dental equipment if you are not a dentist?
What is a cure for bleeding gums?
I am 24 years old, i wanna get braces, how long we have to use?
Does anyone experience swelling after eating sea-food ?
How long does it take to get braces put on (Top and bottom)? And do you lose weight?
Is there a quick way to get rid of a runny nose without medication?
I sneeze every morning no matter where i am. it's a strange alergy. would you have an idea as to what it is?
Could these be signs of an eating disorder?
Does Getting A Root Canal Hurt?
What to drink while on a diet?
If i were to replace my normal meals with fruits only, is that a healthy diet ?
Im getting braces...?
If you have an allergy of some kind, how can you safely find out what all you're allergic to?
Im worried for someone.....pls just read & gimme ur views?
Am i starting to get an eating disorder?
Do girls care if a guy has little ridges or maybe a chip in his two front teeth?
Is it really bad getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
What foods contain protein that can cause allergy?
I can't seem to stop putting food and especially sweets in my mouth. Can you help me?
Am I overweight?
Have a new woman....everything is great,but her coffee stained teeth bother me.How do I help,but not offend???
Allergic reaction to HAIR DYE?
I accidentally took a benedryl and a claritin, will I die, do I need emergency attention?
Whats a good way to get rit of A LOT of stress?
I have nosebleeds constantly?what might be wrong?
I have an allergy to changing seasons. i suffer with cold and cough frequently?
I way 5 stone wanna lose weight what is the best way?
Can someone be allergic to tomatoes?
What motivates you the most to lose weight?
What STDs can you get from kissing someone?
Hickey!!! please help me?
What is the best way to cure hicups? had it for 2 days!?
RINGWORM help please!!!!?
Food poisoning??
What is the best way to get a tan in the winter without harming your skin.?
What causes too much stomach acid and how to deal with it?
What could it mean if there is blood in your poo?
What are the harmful effects of smoking? drinking?
Are braces a total turn-off?
Why are all dentists such sadistic ********?
Where can i go to get my teeth sharpen like vampire fangs?
Hmmm...getting wires for braces today.....what to expect???
I have the most awful toothache?
What do u prfer? sugarless gum or sugar gum?
Why do almost all famous people get fake teeth?
I swallowed my gum, and coughed it back up. Am I cool?
Do you have braces?
How can you tell someone their breath stinks ! without hurting their feelings ?
How do I take control of my life and finally lose some weight?
How long will it take me to loose 17 lbs?
How about some suggestions for losing weight on a tight budget?
How do I get more energy other than caffine, healthy diet, and exercise???
What is 78 kg in stones and pounds?
Am I Anorexic? Or do I Have An Eating Disorder?
How much should I eat a day to gain weight?
My sister is 5'7 and 120 pounds. Is she overweight?
I want a double chin, how can i get one?
Is masterbaiting good way to lose wait?
What are the causes for getting a Canker Sore and how can I get rid of it?
Bad breath?
I have problem with my teeth and mouth..,?
My sons mouth smells bad what should he do to avoid that?
How come flossing your teeth reduces the risk of heart disease....????
Crest or Colgate?
Why do dentist always ask how many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Why does your breath smell so bad in the morning?!?
I got 2 of my teeth extracted yesterday, and now (almost 24 hrs later), the hole is black and red, why is that
My breath smells like someone took a dump in my mouth. what the heck?
When is the best time to workout?
I am 15 and 390 pounds does anyone know how i can drop some of this weight any excercise movments i can do or?
I want to get my ear stappled to lose weight before summer, has anyone had theirs done?
How much water is a healthy amount to drink in a day?
Does a can of lilt go anyway towards my 5 portions of fruit and veg per day?
How long should it take a 12 year old girl to run a mile?!?!?
Am I fat? I am 5'9 and weigh 126 lbs.?
How can i reduce weight without going to gym and intaking tablets?
I am a 12 year old and i want to lose some weight.?
Found out some bad news that im still dealing with...?
Why do pharmacies sell cigarettes?
Will you pray for my son ?
Would you marry and have kids?
What kills people in the uk?
Is the smoke in cigarettes what really will cause lung cancer?
Do you think cancer is heredity?
I heard smoking marijuana cures cancer...is that true?
Why is there never really a cure for cancer with all the billions of dollars that has been given to research?
Ive have a lymph node on my neck for over a year now and its gotten bigger. could there be something wrong?
Is it possible to get AIDS from a mosquito bite?
Is it ok to share food with a HIV person?
My heart feels like its skipping a beat and I don't know. Now i'm freaking out. Why is this happening?
Has this ever happen to you?
What diseases are transmittable through kissing/saliva?
What is the difference between oxygen and air?
What is dandruff,why dandruff and how to get rid of it? Genuine help appreciated.?
I NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT i have tried to not eat for a while but it doesnt help at all!! so i need help i need?
How should i work out? im 13 years old?
If I'm 4"11 how much does my weight have to be?
How will not eating dinner affect me?
How can i loose weight fast ?
10 points!!!I don't want to use a microwave to heat my food anymore because of the bad radiation levels,?
Am i fat or skinny?
Is It ok to drink orange juice everday?
How do i quit starving myself i feel fat i know i need to stop doing it help please?
Whats the best way to lose weight?? i lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks..lost it all in lower area?
How do you get perfect teeths?
What discolours teeth?
I need some dental help please...?
How are braces?
Umm braces!!!!!?
What is the disease that makes all your teeth fall out i think its starts with a p?
To guys- are braces unattractive on a girl?
Do the chewing gums help to prevent bad breath?
How long did you have your braces on?
Can you snort allergy meds?
If you had an itchy allergic reaction to something ???
Post nasal drip and stuffy nose?
I need to find a manufacture of gluten free egg free wheat free bread please help?
Nose bleeds, everyday.?
I have a daughter who has asthma and she really wants a shih tzu. Is shih tzu OK for her?
Bloacked nose?
Peanuts vs Peanut Butter?
Are there any breeds of dog which are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction?
Can you be allergic to fabric softener and other clothes washing items, like dryer sheets?
How can i lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks?
What can i eat to gain weight?
How to lose a massive amount of weight?
What is the best way that you have found to lose weight??
I really would want some girl tips on how to be healthy and have a clear face!?!?!?
What is a good way to lose 30lbs in less than a year?
If i'm 5'0 and weigh 105 do i have to worry about my weight?
Disgusting attitude to child's appearance?
How do i lose about 5 pounds or more in a week?
What is the average weight of a 13 year old girl who is 5'2?
How can i get super white teeth because my friend says there yellow?
Are braces and headgear for your teeth totally dorky?
How do i get white teeth without paying 2 much???
Whats wrong with me?
Is it too late to get brace?
If I don't have toothpaste, does it at least help to still brush with just water?
When was the last time you brushed your teeth??
What is the best way to clean your teeth without bleaching?
Do braces hurt?
How much do you weigh?
How can i get taller?
Is it possible to lose 5 pounds in two weeks?
If you have been anorexic, or are, PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!?
Is there an opposite of anorexia?
Should I begin to see changes after 2 weeks of dieting and exercise?
I need to lose about 25 pounds in a month what weight loss plan that has absolutely no cost what should I do?
What's the best exercise to lose leg fat?
I never eat breakfast, I just drink milk in the morning? What's a healthy breakfast?
I want to lose some weight but dont want to bulk up!?
How many times our heart will beat for 24hrs?
How do you get rid of sunburn?
Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Blackheads?
When I cough it smells like car exhaust?
My 2 year old has got a ulcer on his tounge how do i treat it??
Throat question?
How can i get rid of herpes?
What's the best way to get rid of hooribly dry, cracked heels without medication?
Wisdom teeth removal question?
Is it just me or after you get your braces off, do your teeth look fake?
Getting braces!!?
How do you get white teeth?
How does it feel to get your wisdom teeth cut out?
How do u tell a girl her breath smells(bad)?
Help plz plz?
What's a really good way to start a persuasive speech on why you should floss your teeth?
Food stuck in tooth help!?
Bad Breath?
How do i get rid of exess fat?
Am I too fat, or a bit chubby? my friends say im too skinny but..?
IM A FATTIE! How is my weight loss plan today?
I've been walking every other day for three weeks now and haven't lost any weight. I'm up to 4 miles now.
Does running make you lose weight? or just build leg muscle?
What size waist would a 5'7 110 lb woman have?
I think my friend is pretending to be Anorexic, what do I do?
How can I get myself to drink more water?
How much will I lose eating only breakfast (once a day in the morning; cup of Cheerios)?
I have a tooth ache.I am allergic to Penicillin,what can I take?I have no money for a Dentist.?
Teeth questions?
Dentures or braces?
What is good to stop a toothache?
Help pls...mole on my gum?
Is there much pain associated with root canals?
How can you make your teeth whiter naturally?
Can kids around 10 take whitening stripes?
What's the best treatment for mouth ulcers?
Am i fat???
Why do they say you should drink lots of water when you're trying to lose weight?
Which part of the egg is bad for you? the yellow? or white?
If you ate a lot of salty food yesterday whats a good way to get rid of it faster?
What do women think of men they see at the gym that grunt and yell while they are lifting weights?
What is the best way to lose fat and gain muscle?
Hi i am 13 years old, about 5foot. i weigh around 125lb and would like to loose about 10lbs.?
I'm about 5'10 and i weigh 155 i want to lose 20 pounds. how would i do that?
How can i gain weight?
Why do i pee every 2 hrs all night?
I have a lump under my armpit?
Can you get a STI?
Do u like fat or thin lips ?
Does IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) cause Anxiety?
Does anyone know any diseases? i need one for my health article!?
What does it mean when urine is neon yellow.?
Can stress or exhaustion cause allergies?
I have bad allergies, I think..?
What do you do if you have an allergic reaction to Dr. Pepper?
The corners of my mouth and tongue sting after I eat kiwis or pineapple why?
What is the best thing to eat to help get over a cold?
How many times do you have to get stung by a bee before you know you are allergic?
How do I treat my mattress so my allergies will stop?
How can i coexsist with a cat when i am allergic?
What should I do if I develop an allergic rash to my carpet?
Is it possible for someone to have an allergy to hot water?
I have an abcess on my tooth . What shall I do?
I might have to have my wisdom teeth out. does it hurt? can they put you under?
Is it true?
Do dentsit perform work on dead people while they are in school to learn?
I need to lose weight in a simple way?! In 6 months!?
If you drink a lot of water, will it help you to lose weight?
Is fish a meat?
Do you like to chew gum?
How to get rid of bad breath?
What exercise helps you loose the most weight when you're 13 years old?
Name things you can only do once in your life /like get all your teeth out/?
Is swallowing chewing gum bad for u???
How can I get my 10 year old to lose some weight?
Advice on wisdom teeth?
How can I lose weight quick?
Am I normal weight?
I use Crest whitestrips, but my teeth are very spaced, what inexpensive way can I make them close?
How can i lose wieght fast??
Do braces REALLY hurt
Bad tooth,,the doctor will see me in 4 hours, how will he relieve the pain?
My gum in my teeth bleeds when i brush my teeth?
Worse pain you have ever had...?
Wisdom tooth agony?
Has anyone ever had a root canal ?
Can mouthwash replace brushing?
I got braces today...i need some help please!?
I don't have a toothbrush for tomorrow?
Is having a root canal worth it?
My wedding dress won't zip up all the way! PLEASE HELP?
What can I do to make my body sweat?
What is the average weight of a 16 year old girl?
Does anyone know how to get rid of 'love handles'?
I just worked out. I need protien. What do I eat?
Why are people still up at 3 am?
Who hates buffets?
I'm so unhappy about my weight =[?
What is the best way to lose weight?
What is a safe way to lose weight?
Should there be mandatory HIV/AIDS testing?
How d o you get rid of crab lice?
Head lice, hair tied back or left loose?
I had an hiccup while i was coughing and i NEARLY DIIED!!!?
Itchy Hands, HELP!!?
Any1 know of lotion or home remedy that can rid/reduce stretch marks?NO SURGERY/EXPENSIVE CREAMS :]!?
My son has warts on his hands. Any suggestions on how to help get rid of them.?
My 6 yr old coughs at night from october til summer. Not asthma...?
What is the difference between a man and a woman who weight the same?
Hey! does anyone have a homemade appetite suppressant?
I'm 5'2'' and 105 lbs, is that skinny enough or is it still unnatractive and fat?
I'm going to Disney land in a month I need to lose some weight .?
I feel guilty whenever I eat meat
Does smoking help you lose weight?
Omg! Help! I can't stop!!! Help!!!!!?
I'm asking this again, because no one answered (about diets and losing water weight)?
Im getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, will it hurt that bad?
Why do we grow wisdom teeth, when nine times out of ten they cause us pain and have to be taken out?
Whiten Teeth?
If I decided to try something I believe nobody has ever tried...?
Boys/men are you put off with girls who have braces???
When do children start loosing their baby teeth?
Is gum good for you?
Ok,i brush my teeth for 2 min morning and night and get mints like evry min. but my breath always smells.?
What to do for a horrible toothache?
Can any 1 tell me where to get the best diet pill?
How can I tell if I'm allergic to dog saliva?
I am allergic to metal and its hard to shave my legs and stuff?
Am i a healthy weight?
How do i gain weight?
Anyone know about nose-bleeds?
I would like to lose ten pounds in a month, can I do it if I just eat apples and low fat cottage cheese.?
I don't tend to eat breakfast or lunch is this bad for me?
Why is it when your nose is running, it never goes anywhere?
Am i bulimic or Anerexic what do you think....?
I'm 13, 5'4, and weight 126 pounds. Am I fat?
Does anyone know how to treat a stuffy nose other than blowing it?
Is it bad to be skinny?
What is the cure or preventive method for dust allergy?
My son is allergic to mosquitoe bites what is the best thing to do ?
Is this a good weight for me to be at?