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Am I a terrible person because I do not have any pets?
Carpet and allergies...Which carpet is better????
Does anyone here gets sinus infections? If so, what does it feel like?
Dry cracked hands?
My eyes are swollen from an allergic reaction, will benadryl help me?
Poison ivy! Deadly or not?
Pet Allergies?
I,ve come out in red patches and my breathing is restricted?
Allergy to Raw Fruit?
What could be wrong with me?
I know that fat is unhealthy,so why does my doctor say to eat nuts which are loaded with fat?
What alcoholic drink is best to drink when your on a diet?
Is there anything else besides water to help lose weight?
Thinkin bout doing steroids?
Is it possible to live on only water? am on a water diet for 5 days?
Can you advice me a good diet that could really help.I am sick of being fat....?
Girls only please...?
Do I need to lose weight? Use Alli? I'm 5'7" 170 lbs?
Im considering taking steroids............?
Why does eating salad make me sick to my stomach?
Iam 5'7 & 110 lbs, How can I lose weight fast?
HELP! I've put on 40 lbs in 2 months since I quit smoking!?
Whats wrong with being a little bulimic?
OBESE teenage girl, lose weight ?
Serious Question... how do I start to like "bigger people"?
Should I go anorexic for a while?
Overweight?? Truth please!?
I am so fat?!?!?
Does ice cream make you fat???
Is it healthier to eat fast food than to not eat at all?
Why do adults always smoke?
Can you catch a disease or an illness from a smell?
Help..How do I get rid of Stretch marks?!?!?
Can i still eat chocolate now I'm diabetic?
Sickness and Death ----Why?
How Do I lose weight FAST!?
Why do i get diarehha when i drink orange juice or apple juice?
What effect is fast food restrurants having on the country.?
How can I just stop eating after I am full?
Need to lose 14 pounds in one week?
I just had my baby Saturday and I was wondering what was the best way to loose weight?
How come even though i eat..?
How much water should I be drinking?
Why am i hardly ever hungry?
How can i loose 5 pounds this month/?
Am I Short? Tall? Average?
How to gain wait by eating!?
Why Am I Always so Hungry????
Is it safe to exercise for an hour?
Whats the easiest way to lose like 1lb of belly fat quickly?
What is the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight ?
How to fix a hangover?
Im getting married at the end of august,is it possible to lose 30lbs before then?
I drink Monster energy drinks...is that healthy?
Should i eat chocs as its my Birthday, kids bought me them Lol?
Does drinking 2 litres of water help to lose weight, along with sensible eating and exercise /?
If I really wanted to lose weight, should I just Eat Less and Exercise More, or look for the magic pill here?
How do i loose weight without taking pills or starving myself. im only 15.?
Ok, i need to lose weight what should i eat and do to lose all this weight!????
Should i go to the gym today?
How to lose weight real fast?
I have pain throughout my chest and it's hard to breathe or even move
If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?
What should a normal blood pressure be??
How to cure cold?
What can I do for extremely chapped, bleeding lips?
How to loose weight?
What do people think of milk?
Am I really....??!? plz help?
What is a good weight for 16 year old girl?
What is better to be anorexic or to be bulimic?
What food can make me less fat?
What time of day should i excersize?
Is this healthy?
How can i lose 5 pounds a week?
Help me please!?!?!?
Can you grow immune to something you are allergic too? (sorry if thats a dumb question)?
Can you be allergic to Cigarettes?
Is something wrong witrh my child? He gets nose bleeds whenever he enters a swimming pool?
Do I have a food allergy? URGENT.?
I ate canned pineapples and found a brown worm in the can and i think i ate one. Should i see a dr?
Are there any quick cures for allergies?
I have laryngitis. Can anyone tell me the best way to get rid of it?
What is the most obscure (therefore interesting) allergy I can get ?
Why do i get a bad stomach pains when i eat mushrooms?
Diet coke instead of regular?
How can i detox my body from junk food?
Whats a quick weightloss?
How do I get my fussy 3 year old daughter to eat without giving us a hard time?
Best Way To Loose Weight?
Does taking off your shoes beofore wieghing yourself make a difference?
Big belly and can't hide it?
Did i eat too much today?
How can I lose weight?
What can I do or take to help constipation?
Is cancer hereditary ?
Somebody please tell me how to cope?
I have a lump in my ear lobe and its kinda scaring me.?
What cancers other than lung does cigarette smoking cause?
Since smoking causes cancer.?
I am almost 15, have a terminal illness [cancer] , and want more say in my treatment. Am I being unreasonable?
Is it true ?
Is there any medicine to control diabetes?
Chrons disease?
If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and given one week to live, what would you do with that week?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
If right now I'm 16 and 5'5''...?
How many pushups can you do in 60 seconds, and what's your age?
Is it normal to feel guilty after you eat????
What kind of body do guys like girls to have? What's considered too skinny or too fat?
5'5 and 86 pounds-am i too skinny or too big?
I am not that overweight, but I am trying to drop about 5 pounds. How can I do this?
Am I in any immediate danger?
I dont drink milk. what can i do to get more calcium?
I'm 5'6 and 185lbs, what should I weigh?
Can someone help me im trying to loose weight but i have bad eating habits what can i do?
How to lose 50 pounds from now to the end of summer 2008??
It's hard to stick to dieting and exercising plans. Any helpful ideas? I want something easy to stick to.?
Is there something wrong with me??
I have to lose at least 10 pounds by july,8,2008. is there anyone who has lost 10lbs in like....10days?
How do I lose weight without leaving my house!?
Am i fat??????????????????????...
What did you have for lunch today?
If i exercise without dieting will i lose weight?
Whats a really good laxative? please?
Am i overweight for my age?????
Why is my heart beating hard and fast
Acne...help...what works...for you.?
What are some natural ways to get rid of acne?
Does anyone know a good remedy for an itchy bum?
Is there really such a thing called a tapeworm, that really grows in your body?
I heard that if you're really constipated, you can actually vomit up your own faeces?
My Boyfriend Has It!... Does That Mean I Could Have It Also!??
What can i do for my chest?
I'm 5' 7 1/2 " and 147 lbs. Is this the right weight for my size?
Am I fat???
Ok so no one answered so...?
How many hours we have to seelp in a day for good health..?
What is the best way to get a flat stomach?
Well Im like 120 pounds I have had people call me fat. I dont like it i NEED to be Skinny What do I do??
How do i lose my stomach with out going to the gym?
Can I eat a piece of chicken?
Do you think I'm anorexic???
I have nosebleeds alot constantly everyday what do you think this could be?
What is a jockitch? I think my friend has one?
Hi.Any ideas on how to cure a chesty (lots of pheglm) cough?
My nose won't stop running and I can't stop sneezing!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!?
Why can some people grab a handful of stinging nettles and not get stung?
I have had a cold and started exercising for weight loss and now I am wheezing on expiration, why ?
When I get out of the shower my skin feels like a burning, itch and flares up. Can I have an water allergy?
I have a pain in my eye any ideas what it might be?
Is it possible that someone with a slight peanut allergy could die from a very large dose of a peanut product?
I am extremely fat and out of shape, what exercizes are good for the morbidly obese?
Did I Eat Right SO Far Today?
What's your height and gender?
Why does drinking water make one lose weight?
What is the different from being fat and being thick?
Who goes walking at least once a week??
I want to lose weight. What should I eat?
How to get fast in running?
What foods should I eat to get slim?
Why is my urine so dark? I drink plenty of water?
What happens if you leave lice shampoo on for longer than the 10 min? Anyone know?
Please read details, strange discharge?
My male friend complaines of having a burning sensation when he urinates. Could this be reason to worry about?
Can sombody tell me how to treat dandruff?my 9 mon old baby has!!?
Bladder infection - at home treatment?
How to cure a bladder infection without going to a doctor ?
I am fat and want to lose weight. Any advice? i am also 10?
I want to loose weight?
Alternative to school lunches?
Wat iz the best way to lose weight???
I am trying to lose weight. Anyone have a good way to loose weight quickly?
I excersise but im still gaining weight?
I am a bit fat have been going on a diet nothing is hapnin what do i do(i dont eatfatty foods except at partys
How do you make your booty bigger
What happens if I eat too many eggs, and how many is that ?
Is sunny d bad to drink when you're on a diet?
Your age, weight and height - why do you post it and ask if you're fat or not?
Will I lose weight by only eating 2 salads a day?
Did i eat too much today?
♥Ok Pleeze Help Me♥?
It is harmful to swallow a gum (like bubble gum) or it just a taboo?
Need desperately to reduce weight. have tried all ways and means. Please help!!!?
Drinking water...but I don't like plain water...I don't like lemon in my water either?
How do i lose weight fast?
Is 110 alot for a 13 year old to weigh? how much did u weigh when u were 13.....?
If I only eat Ham and Cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on a Roll everyday the whole day?
If you only hade 4 hours of sleep,will you be sick the next day??
I have small red spots and don't know what they are. Help?
I Have Pain in My Stomach That Radiates up To my face and to my jaw its very painful?
Ok so, im always hungry no matter what i eat and....?
How long does it take for food poisoning (salmonella) to make you sick?
Is it possible to injure yourself by coughing?
What could i have instead?
Headache help?
Having a hard time breathing. What should i do?
What may the reason of tumour on my neck and its pain. is is cancer?
Can vomiting cause bloodshot eyes?
How long do colds last for?
Why am I sneezing every time I turn on my air conditioner at home?
Off and on I've been having problems breathing out of one side of my nostrils, while the other side is clear.
Help! I need a low fat sweet.?
Boyfriend doesn't want me to lose weight?
TOO skinny?
What if you just ignore your hunger pains?
Can I ask women a question. What is this thing you have got about chocolate?
I desperately is trying to lose weight.....If I eliminate breads and sweets for about two weeks,?
How can I get skinny?
I'm 14, 5'4", and 139 lbs... am I overweight?
Can anyone tell me, How to handwash dishes using washing up liquid?
I just feel disgustingly fat and I just want to feel comfortable enough with my body to wear shorts. help me?
Is quitting all animal products and becoming a vegan good for your health?
Verrryy Hungryy... HELP!
Why do most people have no idea how to eat properly?
Tricks Of The Trade!! ({[DiEtiNG]})?
Is cocacola zero bad for you? Why?
Why am i always hungry?
Since my mom won't let me diet, how can I drop 10 lbs. without my mom knowing I'm dieting?
I have been constipated fro about 5 days, and have tried drinking water and eating a lot of fiber...?
My hand slipped into a Public Toilet?
Can you catch chickenpox more than once?
I'm becoming anorexic/bulimic and it's scaring me really bad.?
My child won't eat right, what do I do?
What to do about eccess flatulance?
Is it okay to make fun of someone with diabetes or thyroid disfunction or other physical illnesses?
Can HIV/AIDS be spread through an infected person cooking?
Do you think I have an STD?
Im almost 5'5 i weigh 120, is that too much??
What are the easiest tips to loose weight?
Drinking COLD water or Warm water will help to lose weight??
Can i loose weight by just eating meat and drinking water only?
What is the best way to lose weight,?
What is the lease fatest meat when on a diet to consume?
If im 130 lbs. and im 12 is that over weight?
Why am am not losing weight on weight watchers? I am not eating over my allocated points per day.?
How to gain 15 pounds?
Drinking your own urine ...good for you?
How do you tell your ten year old son that he has cancer, and is dying?
Whats worse second or first hand smoke?
Whats the best support you can offer a friend who's father is dying of cancer?
Can men have breast cancer?
Can someone please give me advice on how to stop smoking?
Give me areason not to kill myself?
My husband passed away 4 weeks ago from stage four lung cancer i do not know how to cope please give me advise
I really like to play soccer but I am kind of "fat" and not in shape.
What's with the idiots who tell kids they don't need to lose weight?
Whats better to drink when your hot in the summer soda or water/?
Do you believe that size Zero is attractive (UK size 4)??
Is it ok for a 14 yr old girl to be117 pounds?
Is it possible to lose 10pounds in 25 days ?
Help! I have recently lost 45 pounds.....?
Exercise tips please?
Why am i fat?
Why is one side of my nose always blocked?
I have a swollen bump on my tongue?
Does Benadryl make anyone else high/ drunkish?
Can anyone be allergic to newspaper?
Gluten/wheat/lactose free + vegetarian - anyone got any advice on eating out?
Hi my nose is blocked is there any natural remedy I could go for?
How can you tell if your allergic to latex???
I have a sore throat,runny nose,sneezing,and ear poping i have it for days , what do i have?
Is it safe to use lemons on your face when you're allergic to fruits?
Why are so many people allergic to kiwi's?
Irritable bowel syndrom?
What is a crunch?
How can I motivate my husband to lose weight?
Is 5'5'' and 138lbs with medium frame fat for a woman?.?
I want to lose weight without doing anything different?
If I starved myself for 60days how much weight could I lose?
CAPTiAN CRUNCH iS THE BEST CEREL EVER!!!!!! do you agree???
Help me i need to gain wieght?
How much weight do you want/need to loose?
Are negative calories real?
My 4year old girl grinds her teeth in her sleep...?
How old were you when you got your first filling?
BAD FOOD FOR TEETH????? Other than sweets!!!?
White Teeth???
When you have toothache, why do other teeth start hurting too?
Girlfriend (includes dental)?
Do I have to pay over £500 for root canal ?Should I extract instead?
Does it hurt to get braces put on?
How can i pull this one off?
Bad breath solution?
Please, can anyone help?
Any tips to help me loose weight?
Why don't I lose weight even though I'm a dancer?
Do you excersice?
Am I fat?????????
I am 5'1 and weigh 107. I want to weigh 100. I am a 32 yr. old female. What should I do to reach my goal?
My daughter is 12 years old and rather large?
Anyone have good tips on gaining weight??
Eating after 7pm how can I resist the temptation?
Do you think that many children are overweight simply due to fast foods, OR...?
How Much Weight will I lose if starve myself for one week?
5'6 weighing151?
Is there a food/drink that burns fat...?
How many calories are in one hamburger? If you don't know, can you make a guess? Is it more or less than?
Is it okay to be obese?
Are pencil shavings/ lead still poisonous?
Am I gonna get any taller??
How do i get rid of acne scars without a medication or surgery?
How do i lose 35 lbs in a month?
Can I loose 5 pounds a week?
How do I heal dry cracked lips?
Why is there yellow puss oozing from a scar from a recent surgery. it stinks too.?
What do you do when you have a landlord that does not repair the roof and it leaks, this has been 3 years?
I'm 13, and FAT!!!?
Do girls like..?
Am i fat???
If you run 15 miles a week at rates of 5.2 mph and greater, shouldn't you be losing weight?
Keep gaining weight.?!.?!.?!?
Whats the average weight for a 13 year old, female?
Do you think it is possible for a 17 year old to bench 420 pounds?
I'm European, so please answer me... What's the full word for the lbs weight measurement unit?
How tall are you/ do you weigh/whats your pants size?
Drinking lots of water to lose 20 pounds?
CAN ANYONE ANSWER THiS ?????????????
Am I fat??!?
Is it possible to have allergies only in the winter?
Is there anything I take use to stop mozzie bites itching so much?
What are some good treatments for severe eczema? Any over-counter remedies?
Can I still become a Chef despite seafood allergy?
Hash reaction?! HELP!!?
What can you do to rid your house of cat "dander" when expecting company allergic to cats?
Can an allergy cause a sore throat and stuffy nose?
Lactose intolerant people...please !?
What kind of food is good for a sore throat?
I think i'm fat am i?
What are some ways I can keep fit when I go to college?
Is 150 pounds a lot for a 13 year old?!?!?
Heat has totally zapped my energy, anyone konw any good quick energy foods? Need a boost!?
Does anyone know how I can vomit my food emmediately after eating?
Ok guys i got a weight question?
How can i lose 20 pounds before new years ??
How can you tell if you're anorexic or not?
Is a blood pressure of 278, 163 ok?
If the use of addictive drugs is illegal, should addictive substance like nicotine or coffee be illegal why?
Can you get AIDS or an STD from sitting on the potty with other peoples pee on the seat?
We are only allowed to miss 10 days of school, im anorexic?
Does anyoen know how to get rid of eczma?
I've recently been diagnosed with pompholyx ezcema (on hands & feet). I've tried all sorts. Any suggestions ?
What is the best way to treat nausea please ???
I'm 14 years old, 15 in less then 2 months, weight loss help?
My age is 22. what should be my weight?
What have you ate today?
How do I lose weight?
Age 14, weigh aroung 107 lbs and am 5,7 ft help?
Am I fat? [pic included]...?
Plz help!!!!!!?
I'm 13 years old, am 5"2 and weigh 117, should i gain weight or lose weight?
Im 18 5'10 130 lbs. will i look dumb at the gym??
How do i make my legs longer?? Please help! :)
Im 15 and a boy?
Lose weight - need easy, practical ideas.. since am lazy..?
14 year old on a diet?
We should eat 4-6 meals a day. What if I am not hungry??
GIRLS ONLY: How good looking/hott are my brother and I?
I drink diet coke allot. I drink 3 16 oz bottles a day. Is this unhealthy? How much coke is too much?
Starvation and still fat?
Why is swimming not a good exercise for weightloss?
Is it okay to go on a 100 calorie only diet?
How tall are you?
Whats the best treatment for thrush?
Medical question what causes anorexia and bulimia?
Why do I feel sick, like I have to throw up, during the night...?
If you removed a mole with nothing but tweezers, would you succeed?
How can you get rid of what you think may be thrush?
Whats this mean?
Is it okay/normal to think your doctors are idiots?
Do vaccines really last for a life time?
Am i overweight for my age????
How to lose my fat fast?
Is it bad to eat alot of fruit?
Quick and easy way to tone belly?
When is it the best time to run?
Should I get fat?
Want to lose 10 lbs before school starts?
Do situp excersices work to get rid of a little belly fat??
Food Question.?
Am i fat? (please read details)?
I am pretty skinny... is there a healthy way to gain weight?
How Did I Do On My New Diet?
Whats Your Best Dieting / Weight Loss Tip?
I feel like a fat cow?
How did you lose weight?
If you go on a diet and lose 2-3 stone, does your manhood shrink as well?
I feel fat all the days!?
Is 5 miles of walking a day doing something for me?
Cat Allergy - Need answers.?
How to improve the allergic condition of the body,i usually get swelling of lips/ itching in the body?
My head and ears hav been realy congested this past week ive taken allergy medicine but nothin seems to work.?
Which nasal spray shall I use?
Pawn allergy?
Getup morning the mouth will smell?why?and what its remedy?
What is the solution for red watery eyes and irritation?
Can people be allergic to water?
Is taking 240mg of codeine a day ,a lot of codeine?
Whats wrong with my friend should he see a doctor?
Why does my child that is 11 feel dizzy?
My daughter and son-in-law are against immunizing their kids. Will my grand kids be okay?
Who thinks that we should get rid of all the gingers?
Does anyone remember Dr. Jack Kevorkian?
Any ways to get rid of zits?
Why should you exercise before you eat???
Diet pills?
Is it even possible for me to go from technically obese to a "ripped" body?
Bad cravings?
I'm a teen girl & 5 feet tall?
Why DON'T the FAT people ever try to exercise and come down to normal? why do they like to eat so much?
Best Weight loss tips?!?!?
I Think IAm Overweight And Need To Lose 13lbs?
I'm 15 and 5'5" and weigh 145 lbs. How do I lose weight!!! Please Help!?
What Can You Give Someone That Is Suffering from Cancer?
About how many teens die from smoking?
Serious answers only!?
What do I give a terminally ill man for xmas? this will be is last one,my dad.?
Secondary smoke kills ... Prove it I say.....?
Why does my mother have to die with breast cancer? Why does she have to suffer so much?
Are the doctors any closer to a cure for cancer?
Whats the cure for cancer?
What to expect! dying from cancer?
What were the first signs of YOUR cancer?
If I smoke 1 cigarette then leave it for 72 hours and smoke another will i become addicted?
Any tips on how to fit exercise around a hectic lifestyle ?
I'm going to the gym all day today is it healthy to go everyday when I'm just getting started?
I need a flat tummy?
I am 14 i am just under 10 stone i am 5 foot 10. am i over weight?
Is it bad??
How much could u loose in 5 days with out eating?
Someone Please Help!?
I am 5'10" and i weigh 135 is that too heavy?
How to get a bigger booty...?
Can you crack a rib from coughing too hard?
Is there an acne solution that can be found around your home?
What woman, known for the headway she made in the field of nursing and the sanitation conditions in hospitals,
Can some explain the difference between HIV and AIDS?
How do I beat a cold??
I have 5 incurable illnesses. My question...`Will you pray for me?
Fasting to rid acne?
What skin color do you like White skin, Black skin, or Tan skin???
Why do people continue to smoke despite warnings that it can kill?
How to be gain weight?
Am I anorexic?
What can I do to exercise and keep up weight loss while I have a foot injury?
I need to gain weight...fast?
5"2 and 91 pounds, should i GAIN weight?
I'm 19 and want to try diet pills to lose 10-20lbs?
Why is 6 hours of exercise (in 1 days) bad for you?
Who drinks the recommended daily amount of water and does it actually make you feel any better?
What's the easiest way to lose weight?
Why are more people developing allergies to common foods and insect stings?
Girls only please! What is happening to me? Is it just puburty?
What are you ALLERGIC to?
Please help quick?
Eat ALOT and still dont gain weight?
Itching Question. Allergic to something at bed time?
Is this too skinny? Please Read?
My boyfriend who visits a lot wants me to give my kitten away?
What did you do to help you quit smoking.?
Im 13 and i weigh about 130 punds. i try dieting and exercising. it doesnt work what should i do?
How do I find out what foods I'm allergic to without resorting to expensive tests?
Will I lose weight if I only drink water and eat salad for a month ? I also excercise.?
I smoke cannabis i do alot of exercise why do i sweat loads?
What happens if you eat something with mold on it?
I don't have time to exercise?!?
How to stop overeating?
Am I fat? Tell me please.And tell me the truth.?
What do you think of fat women who got perfect bodies through diet pills?
Are my actions cruel or kind to my sister?
I need my acne to be gone quick..?
Do I have Pica (Eating Disorder)?
I need help to stop smoking?
How can i get rid of stretch marks?
How do I remove spider eggs from under my skin?
Can anyone reccommend a good treatment for coldsores without me having to go to the Doctors?
Could a 9 year old kid be diabetics?
Is it normal to have a sore troath and feel like throwing up?
Flat stomachs?...................
Starvation diet?
How much weight does my cousin need to lose for her height and age??
If all I ate was apples and oranges everyday would that be good for me?
I'm 5 ft 2in tall and I'm OVER WEIGHT!!HELP?
If I starve myself completely for a week will my stomach shrink substantially?
How to lose weight ?
In genral, are boys fatter than girls?
What's the best way to flush toxins out of the body?
Can you gain weight with from eating Fruits and vege's???
What is the best way to lose weight??
I have never been to a gym before...?
Am I overweight?
IS 5'1 SH0RT F0R A 14 YEAR 0LD?
How do i lose belly fat?
My mom is calling me fat. I am only 97 lbs.?
I am a 16 y/o girl, 5 feet tall and 124 lbs... do I need to lose weight?
How do you loose 5 pounds?
Do guys perfer.....?
Im hungry are you?
Best way for teen girl to lose weight. Any advice?
Why do women allways say there fat?
Am I fat? I have put on some weight.?
How do I get skinny?
What will happen if i don't eat for ONE day?
How much should i weigh?? 10 POINTS!!!!?
How do i gain weight? Fast?
Help me now! i need to lose weight now!?
The best,fastest and easiest way to reduce fat?
Are Raisins bad for you?
What causes lower right abdominal pain, nausea, unwell feeling?
What to do if you have ring worm?
Do you live with an illness???
Can A Urine Test Tell ?
I took some antibiotics and my doctor told me not to drink 4 three days and I did. Does it stop it frm working
What is a good shampoo to use for dry scalp or maybe psoriasis?
One should do smoking in winter or not??????????
Why am I so dehydrated?
Why do people act like it is so hard to stop smoking cigarettes?
Whats the fastest way to get cancer?
What are ways to get your mind of something negative such as having cancer ?
My 26 year old girlfriend got vulvar cancer! :(
I'm 13 years old and I found a lump in my left breast. Is it breast cancer?
I want to create a cure for cancer, is that dodgy for a teenager????
I'm a15 year old and i'm 5'7 am i short for my age?
When will smokers actually get it?
Can 12 year olds get breast cancer?
I want a waffle now...?
Loosing weight ? easy ten point?
I found out that my friend has Leukemia.?
My girlfriend was diagnosed with brain cancer and doenst want people to know. what do i do?
I need to lose a stone in 6 wks?
If you are 5'5 and a female how much do you weigh?
How do I lose weight by tomorrow?
Is laziness a normal thing when one is in a finical difficulty?
What is a good way to lose pounds?
I am only eating 1 meal a day (up to 500 calories). Why am I not losing weight over the 8 wks i've been on it?
What allergy could this be?
Is there any difference between brand name drugs and say Equate or Store name drugs?
What do you like?
What can cause allergy? I have itchy teary eyes at night. Is got to do with the bed pillow or sheet?
Why do i always sneeze during or after my shower?
Can u get bloody noses from allergies?
How do i eliminate red eye when having my photo taken, i get it worse than anyone i know for some reason?
What kinds of dogs are okay for people with allergies?
I keep having runny nose, i've been having it for years, maybe yahoo answers knows how to solve it?
5'2" 140 pounds...is that ok?
Fatty fatty 2 by 4 cant fit through the kitchen door!!?
Do you need to be flexible to do yoga?
Please help me!!!?
Is it hurting me or no?
What's the best way to drop about 10lbs.?
Would you consider me curvy?
How can i lose weight fast?
Can you get worms by eating too much sugar?
What are the side effects of quitting smoking?
Quitting smoking!?
Is taking Ibuprofen bad for you?
How long will it take for cocaine to get out of my saliva?
Can someone help? I have breathing problems.?
Very itchy skin, what could it be?
My passed away father?
I have small traces of blood in my urine could someone please tell me what this could be?
Does smokin weed help loose weight?
Am i "over-weight"?
Has any one got the perfect diet.?
How do you stay motivated to get up every morning to work out?
If someone is 12 or 13 and weigh 140 with a height of 5'5, is that overweight?
If i dont eat anything 4 a weekand just drink a glass of water 4 a meal will i lose weight?
Did not eat anything????????
Will i lose weight if i skip dinner?
If you are 96 pounds and 13 years old is that overweight?
Does God want us to be slim?
To help me to diet, is it better to put a picture of a fat person or thin person on my fridge?
Am i overweight by a lot?
Can you digest bubble wrap.?
Having a boyfriend causes weight loss?
Does putting lemons in cold water help you lose weight?
If im 5'6 how much should i weigh?
What diet is better?
If you had to buy one piece of fitness equipment for home use which one would it be?
HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
Black rings around my eyes??
Does it sound offensive to ask my partner to take an STD test?
What is this red bump "down below"?
What is the sugar pill???
What is the POINT of Smoking?!?
How can I get rid of poison ivy on my legs?
Does power walking help you lose belly fat?
What do you think of my stomach? Bikini Ready?
She Called Me Fat!!?
I am 5'8 1/2. Im in 8th grade. I weigh 120 pounds..I feel reallllllllly fat. WHAT DO I DO?
I want to lose 10lbs in a week!.. anyone have any ideas?...only serious answers please.....?
Do you know a store where I can purchase exercise DVD's at?
What is the best snack if you're on a diet?
Plzzz help me i'm am literally dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Big butt, but....?
Can I eat chicken on my diet?
Could I be allergic to smoke?
Sleeping cough?
Do I have to be medically confirmed to be allergic to dog fur?
How can I tell if my baby is allergic to cats?
Will dust cause cough and sore throats?
What are you allergic to??
I woke up with a bloody nose?
What is the best way to get rid of stomach akes?
How do u get rid of swollen lips caused by an allergic reaction?
How can I lose 10lbs in 1 month?
Is this a obsession?
How to lose 20 pounds in 5 weeks?
I eat so much when i mean alot i mean alot, but soon later i get hungry again.?
If i only eat..?
6 small meals a day?
Are Doritos Healthy?
Are you overweight? if so , how much do you weigh. dont lie.?
Does a size 7 in jeans go with my height and weight?
Really, now, do you have to scream when you lift weights? please see details...?
Would you date someone with herpes? (I'm a nurse and ran into this situation between two H.S. students).?
Eczema on my face?
How many of you use a public restroom on a daily basis?
Should I go to a doctor, or is this just a common cold?
Itchy belly?
If a person with HIV held my cigarette to light his and then if i smoked the cigarette will I contract the vir
Do the nurses have the right to know the illness of their patient?
Will I lose weight and get tanned if I ride my bike 1-2 hours everyday?
Does drinking water make you lose weight?
Best way to stop drinking soda??
Trying to lose weight...?
Anyone can give me tips to gain weight?..?
Can you lose weight traveling to different countries a lot?
If i was to cut out carbs completly what would i have for breakfast?
Does anyone know how to GAIN weight?
I heard fruit was good for you...now people are telling me it isnt, well is it or is it not?
What kind of "bar" should i be eating before soccer practice? 10 pts?
Is Diet coke really an healthy drink, when on a diet?
How do I help my very overweight fiance to lose weight?
Are supermarket (Asda and Tesco) ready meals killing me?
Is being obese more dangerous for your health than smoking or drinking? discuss?
How to lose 90lbs in 18 days?
I wanna lose weight?
To be 8 1/2 stone at 12years of age and 5'3 is that over-weight?
The skin on my arms and legs have been itching for about a week, i scratch so much im friction burning myself,
How does drinking calamine lotion get rid of a sunburn from your vacation?
What is the best cure for acne?
Spiritually speaking, what would be the best thing to do while waiting for someone to come out of surgery?
Does Aloe Vera help take away Acne?
What illnesses do you have?
How do you get water out of your ear?
Whats wrong with me?
Do tatoo's swell??
Why are americans obese yet other countries seem to be able to manage their weight problems?
What would you do if your partner was obese? would you give him 6 months to lose the weight and then leave or
Am I overweight?
Question about weight lose?
Would U Class This As Fat?
Do you think its ok to drink diet cola while on a diet??
Healthiest drink, besides water?
I'm a 17 yr old (azn)girl and my height is 5ft.4in.- AM I TOO SHORT? Should I grow a little more?
I want an HONEST answer..do i need to lose weight?
What diet did you have the most success with?
Does Reese's use real peanut butter in their products?(Yes this is an allergy question)?
How do i treat a runny nose ?
My nose will not stop draining into my throat. This has been happening for 7 hours now!?
How a person can increase its body's self immunization power?
Does anyone know anything i can use to help treat eczema?
Is it true that locally produced honey, can help to combat hay fever symptoms?
What is the best treatment for food allergy?
Itchy/watery eyes, itchy throat runny/stuffy nose & constantly sneezing?
Allergic to saliva???! Is it possible to be allergic to someone's saliva. When my boyfriend and I kiss it's
HELP!!!! I Have to sing tomorrow and my throat is covered in Phlegm - what do I do?
What are some good songs like workout songs???
Am I underweight?!?!?!?
Do I look fat?
Can I keep drinking soda and lose weight?
How do I get a flat stomach? ?
I am 19 years old. I am 5'4 and weigh 110. Is this healthy?
Am I fat????
Should I be alternating my workout? Like workout my legs one day and ams the next day?
How do you lose weight before summer?
What is the most weight i can lose in a month?
Does anyone suffer with restless legs and how do i stop it happening when i lay down or go to bed?
Friends If I had the power from above i would cure blindness from this planet. Do you all agree with me?
Can a type 1 diabetic drive a car?
Are u or someone u know diabetic?
How do you stop a balloon from bursting?
~ Asthma ~ ??????
Is there a cure for a snoring girlfriend?
Do you have asthma?
What is the fastest possible way to get a 8 pack of abs?
How can i gain weight?
Can i eat this and still lose weight?
I just started a diet about one week ago and I have about 150 lbs to lose( I am what is considered morbidly?
Whats The Best Way to Make yourself really skinny but not bulky and muscular?
I need some support losing weight!?!?
Is 112 pounds for a 18 yrs. old female healthy?
Am i overweight ????
Could i get some advice?
What is a Spinal Tap?
Am I REALLY overreacting???!?!?!?
What are the 4 most common types of cancer?
Why won't he compromise?
I have lukemia what should I do I only have a 5% chance to live?
Is dip as hard to quit as cigarettes?
Can a girl under the age of 18 have breast cancer?
Help me!!!?
What is YOUR weight right now?
Am i fat? Do I need to lose weight?
How can i lose 10 pounds in a week or two??
Is a sports drink all right to drink instead of water?
How much should I weigh?
Is plastic surgery write or wrong?
WHats the fastest way to lose weight?
Is it true that everyone is fat in america?
I am almost 26 and I feel stronger by the second when does the average man start getting physcally old?
What can i do to flatten my tummy?
Chewing gum..healthy?
How can I lose weight without going to a gym or buying weights?
I am 13 and very overweight. I desperately need help.?
Are you working, middle or upper class??
What have you done in the last 30 minutes??
Is it possible to exercise to shape your butt?
What's wrong with bulimia?
Is this healthy?
I have tried many face washes...?
I have very dry lips, what balm would you recommend?
Are hormones also cause of acne?
Coughing child?
Can rape lead to std and does it need reporting?
How do I get rid off allergy that has been developed by soap?
Eat chocolates for cough?
Medication for Hives NOT HELPING?
Weird Allergy?
Why do people have allergies?
I just got WHEAT AND MILK FOOD ALLERGIES what do i eat now?
How do i make myself sneeze on purpose???
I had some peanut butter the other day and hard nodules formed in my mouth, what gives?
Can I have a cat if I'm allergic to them?
If i am a 13 year old girl who weighs 125 and is 5"4' over weight?
Why Do I Get Dizzy When I Work Out?
Why cant Americans just realize that eating right and exercise is the way to loose weight?
Weight loss ?! please help...?
Helpppppp!!! Not Eating ?????
Girls only: How many push-ups can you do?
Is not eating for 3 days and considiring more considered anorexia?
What happens if I accidentially take 2 multivitamins instead of one?
Im 16 and im 5'8 and i weigh 183?
How fast can i loose weight?
Calories needed daily?
5'7- 5'9 how much do you weigh?
What came first the Chicken or the Egg?
What have you all eaten so far this morning?
What is the best way to loose weight of of your thighs?
I need to know if im fat?
Is a full english breakfast really that bad for your health .?
I'm 16 and I do jogging 4 times a week. Will I grow taller?
Im a girl i want abs fast?
Are you an organ doner? If Not Why?
My friend wants to know if a girl can get pregnant if you do them in the but or if you can get an std?
HELP! my skin is peeling because i used toothpaste.. how do i fix my skin from being so dry and peeling??
Can yyou get rid of herpes?
How do you get rid of eye irratation?
Small cut on foot paddling in River Thames is a Tetanus jab needed?
I'm not well, whats the best thing to soothe my sore throat?.....?
I feel like commiting suiside?
How many calories have you eaten today?
How to lose weight on stomach???
Diet-can anyone give me ideas of tiny but healthy snacks that i can munch on between meals?
Am I fat for 5'6" 133lbs???
I am 84 pounds and 5ft7in is that fat?
How do I lose 15 pounds in 1 month?
Whats the normal weight for a 14 year old girl?
Is this considered fat or normal?
How to be a better anorexic?
How can I lose 30 pounds in 30 seconds?
How am I supposed to burn more than I eat everyday?
How much can i lose if i starve myself for three days and i exercise?
Am I Normal?
What do you guys think of my weight??
Whats the quickest way to loose 5 pounds?
Do guys like to see girls hip bones?
I am gaining weight so bad when i look down i cannot see my feet?
I weight 255 pounds and i wanted to know the best way to drop atleast 70-80 pounds by spring break?
Am I overweight?
Will I gain or lose weight by staying up for 3 or 4 days?
My 8 yr old son has a stuff nose every night. Does anyone have a cure?
What is a good none drowsy allergy medicine other than Allegra?
Iam think iam allergic to my new kitty whta should i do?
Home remedies for "pink eye"?
Please help me! i have really bad allergies and nothing works!?
Am I the only one with this problem?
Bananas sometimes make my lips and throat itch?
I'm sick.......?
I have allergies on both of my arms...why? and how to treat it?
I have aids. what do i do?
Which doctor in all the "ologist" would see someone for rectal bleeding?
Why am I sick so often?
Never ending rash on toddler?
How dangerous is swimmimg near a sewerage pipe?
I think I have Diabetes...?
Can blind people see there dreams!?
Food poisoning?
I'm tired and fatigued all the time. Why?
Can you actaully die from a broken heart?
How can i stop my girlfriend from eating too much??
Drinking tea?
Is eating only salad a good diet routine??
Is it ok to be 5'9" and 142 pounds?
I'm in my mid teeens and realy can't afford an expensive diet:strapped4 cash. need some cheap ways 2 slim down
How long do you think it will take to loose 50 lbs.?
My weight?
Is ninety pounds to skinny for a thirteen year old boy?
I am overweight. I have no willpower. HELP!?
Does this yogurt sound healthy??
How effective is Reiki?
Hi, I'm a 19 yr old female and am recovering from anorexia and I really need help with a diet!?
I need to lose 5 pounds in a week. How can I do this in a healthy way?
Today I ate 3500 calories, have burned 2100 calories, I shall gain yeah?
Am i fat....honestly?
Any tips for someone who wants to start jogging daily?
Is weighing 148 punds for a guy who is 5'8 too much?
5 feet 2, 120 pounds (8st 6). Female, thirtysix. Too heavy?
Is KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) bad for you?
Do i need to lose weight?
150 calories per day?
Do you find size 12 fat?
Do you have any ideas on a good work out program for overweight people just starting out??
When i wear tanktops fat hangs down?
My daughter wants hollister jeans can i get them a size down to motivate her?
Is it healthier to eat the canned tuna in oil or in water?
15 5'4 118 I want to loose some weight?
I want to cheat on my diet...help!?
Can drinkng loadssss of water help you lose weight?
Should I get a bike or pay for the Gym?
I am TOO skinny please help.
How to get rid of blackheads without squeezing them?
Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!! ?
How do u get rid of warts!!
Why is your skin hot after you get a sunburn?
If you eat chocolate everyday, can it lead to diabetes?
If you was going out with a man/women?
Which one is worse: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burn?
If you have type 2 diabetes, what medication(s) do you take??
I want to know if I'm fat?
What Diet Pill Realy Works?
Do I look fat?
What has more protein chicken or meat????
Something that'll make you throw up?
Why are people so stupid?
What's the best way to burn calories,quick?
Right now i'm 5'3'' & 122 lbs. Would I look slim at 112?
Why do people seek shortcuts for weightloss?
Why do french women don't get fat?
Why do i feel sick if i have double cream?
How much does Claritin cost?
I am 3 weeks pregnant, what can I take for my asthma?
I need help with my moms cancer! 9-27-06?
If we somke 5 cigreats a day do we get cancer..?
Why do people smoke, knowing it will kill them?
I keep getting a sore on my lip could it be cancer?
Should I get a mammogram at 18 years old, my grandmother had breast cancer, should i take action now?
Just before dying from cancer my sister had a big burst of energy like every thing was fine. Is this normal?
I have a cancer, my doctor said that i'll die after 20 or 30 days.. who should i give my money to?
Is it possible to be allergic to movie theatre popcorn butter?
Does everything we eat and breathe cause cancer?
I think I'm allergic to toilet paper! Any suggestions?
What type of carpet for allergy sufferers?
What should I do or take, or stop doing for this to stop!?
My nose is running like crazy, what should I do?
How to avoid allergies?
Wat is a goo way to gain muscle?
How can i lose alot of weight really fast without pills.starving.etc...in the next month?
I'm 14 and 4'11 will i get any taller?
My Riding Instructor Told Me I'm Fat...?
Ok im like 5 foot and im like 96 pounds am i like considered ''fat''..please be honest!!?
Is it really fat peoples fault that they're fat?
Weight gain even though exercising and eating good?
Is it true that drinking lemon water will help me lose weight faster than just drinking regular water?
How do you tell a woman she needs to lose some weight?
What do I do when I get hungry!!?
My throat is starting to hurt! Usually means for me a cold is coming, how can I prevent from getting sick?
If someone who died in old age, what is it really mean?
How do you rate my hygiene?
Do you think I have it?
Is it possible for me to have this? PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP :-(?
Can a person with diabetes drink alcohol.?
Can u get STDS from giving oral?
I have acne and need to get rid of it fast.i am going to be in a play and i dont want to have acne .answers!!!
What could this problem possibly be?
Recently lost 75lbs..but?? HELP!!?
Are stretch marks that disgusting?
I am 17. 135lbs. 5'5. Goal weight is 110 or 115. Someone give me a lot of tips on how to do this within 2 mths
Is this unhealthy? Advice please?
I'm water fasting.. Will Jesus hate me if I drink flavored water?
Should I lose weight? (pic)?
How to gain weight?
If I drink water and eat regular, will I lose weight?
Do u see me fat?
Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day?
How much should I weight?
Can drinking too much cold water make you fat?
Is coca-cola and soda pop really that bad for you?
Lose weight 12 year old?
Does jenny craig really work?
Is it possible to be obese and nice looking and healthy?
Help, in pain, cant breathe?
Cabbage soup diet?
I have a lump below breast sometimes size of a golfball it is in middle above my rib cage?
How do you know if someone has had a stroke?
Can someone please help me...?
My little boy of three and a half has little red speckles when he passes urine is this normal thanks?
What is in a flu shot?
Ok im going for the record of not eating and surviving im 23hours in and my brain is throbing normal?
This is a question for GUYS?
Which contains more protein meat or vegetalbles?
What is a good, healthy low fat snack?
Is it true smoking is bad for you?
How do you motivate yourself to exercise daily?
Is this healthy?
If i lose 8 pounds, will it make a noticeable difference?
I eat loads of junk food... I don't move much... yet I don't get fat????
My son is 4'7, 12 years old and weighs 92 pounds?
Should i lose wheight?
Is my weight normal?
How does smoking help with weight loss?
Why do fatty people drink diet coke?
Can you eat baloons?
How can I motivate myself better?
Is it true that in order to lose weight successfully, I need to consume less calories then I burn?
I have to lose weight before school...Help!?
19 years old 18 stone and goona starve myself will i lose weight fast oh and i not doing excerise?
Best time of day for me to work out? (Fast, most info=best answer!)?
What is the best way to stop eating so much junk food?
What is the best otc remedy for a toddler's dry cough? May be weather allergies too...?
How do i cure my kittin her eyes got green stuff in them and there real watery?what do i do?
Why is my snot green when I have a sinus infection? I haven't been sniffing grass?
Is there a bug that can bite you once, and then tons of other bites pop up?
What else can you drink if you are allergic to milk and soy milk for a one year old?
Milks dangerous?!?!?!?!?
Are there any good allergy medicines out there?
Bad cough, spots on throat and roof of mouth-please help!?
I get nose bleeds often.I've noticed lately that the color of my blood is darker.What would cause this.?
I am HIGHLY allergic to cats, but my boyfriend really loves his...?
For U.S girls/guys?
Nothing makes me lose weight?
I am 17 and 300lbs... i am scheduled for gastric bypass in April but i dont feel like my whole family is behin
What are your feelings about overweight people at the gym?
Is being anorexic bad for your teeth?
How do i lose ten pounds in a month?
My 11 year old son hates fruits and veggies. How can I get him to eat more?
Is this enough food?
I cant eat cause i am worried will this have any affects?
What is average heart rate per minute? Is 54 beats too slow?
How can i get any taller?
I'm a vegetarian and I want to lose some weight. Can you help, please?
What do you think about fat people???????
Everyone says its so easy to lose 5 to ten pounds.........?
Don't this really pee u off??
I'm 5'6 and 155 lbs, what do you have to say about that?
My daughters eye is almost swolen shut! Yesterday she had a red ring under her left eye & now this...?
Please could some one tell me what vitiam supplement you take to stop getting bitten by mozzies?
Has anyone else ever got ill from having the flu jab?
What's wrong with me?
Always tired? Please help!?
Fair to us smokers?
If I only drink on a Friday and Saturday and have 5 bacardi and cokes on each night am I an alcholic.?
What should I do with my afternoon?
Fast Food?
Is Peanut Butter good for you?
Did you eat breakfast this morning what did you have? Stars for every one who answers!!! and thank you !!!!!!!
Does this sound weird???
What do you eat in the morning that fills you up, but is "healthy"?
How do I lose weight fast-!?
I'm triying to loose weight but i don't know what to do cuz i can't go on a diet .?
I need to lose 30 pounds and 15 inches off my waist how do I do it??
15 pounds in 2 months!!?
How can you tell if your symptoms are due to seasonal allerigies or a common cold?
Is there any permanent way to get rid of " dust allergy" ?
What are some natural medicines for excema?
Nasal congestion?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
Anyone with allergies to cats know of something that helps them not get sick? ? I want a kitten, but allergic.
Do I have allergies?
Anyone know if Benadryl is OK to take with asthma inhalers?
Does anyone know what symptons you get if you are allergic to milk?
Can lactose intolerant people eat cheese?
Too skinny?
How many meals a day do you think should be eaten?
Atkins does it work?
I dont know what to do help plz?