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Can a person survive and be in good health by eating yoghurt only.?
I'm 12. 124 pounds. my parents say i'm not fat... what do u think?
My mom says i eat 2 much?
Can an overweight man become skinny one day?
I have gained about 20-25 lbs this summer. what is the fastest way to lose the weight?
When i go swimming my body starts to itch is there anything i can do ?
Once your HIV+ is it the end of life?
My 7yr old daughter as psoriasis cleard lovely in the summer,now back with avengence?
Can you tell me what is terminal cancer? its cause? symptoms? can it be cured? thank u?
What is worse 4 you takeing drugs or drinking?
Can you get an infection from kissing someone?
Is this cancer?
Anyone got any handy hints for a mouth ulcer?
Is it true................?
What do people mean when they say THANKS BUT NO THANKS?
My Jaw Wont Quit Popping! PLEASE HELP?
Question about toothaches??
Iv just eat some yellow snow, should I be worried?
Should i feel bad because i'm 20 years old with braces?
What's the best way to whiten teeth?
Does it hurt when you got braces?
I am 12 years old and I am kinda fat i weigh from about 100-110 pounds any suggestions on how to lose my fat?
Can a person lose weight without even trying?
Whats the healthy colour of Urine?
How can i gain 50 pounds in a month?
Do i need to lose weight am i a fat kid?
Are 3 slices of pizza too much for a 21 year old girl?
I feel terribly fat... if i drink a lot of water will it make me throw up?
Question for the girls only?
What would happen if you ate 15 bananas in a day?
My son came home today with glasses anyone know why?
Always Thirsty?
Is there a drug for getting rid of toenail fungus?
I have the worst hiccups!?
My brother died 2 years ago .he killed himself after 3 years of suffering from lung cancer.where is he now?
If i drink to a glass who used by an HIV or AIDS virus person, do i got infected also?
How to cure sunburn?
Why do I hear voices in my head?
Is there a cure or some type of medication for people who are allergic to shellfish?
Runny nose?
Am i allergic to my cat???
Is there a certain time of the year where you always get sick?
Amoxicillin allergy?
I heard that cheese is made from cow snot...is this true?
Is it possible to be allergic to bananas?
What is the best thing for a scratchy/itchy throat?
How do you stop poison ivy from spreading all over your body?
Cost of braces!! Help!?!! ?
What happens to you if you swollow Mouthwash?
Does anyone know how to get teeth really white apart from brushing them?
Can domestos whitten teeth?
Is it safe to swallow trident gum?
I just got braces yesterday...and I can't bite down?
I need 15,000 to fix my teeth, can someone help?
I maturbate every night mabye twice a day is this ok?
Why can't you chew gum if you have braces?
They say that you need to drink two litres of water a day does that amount include tea or coffee?
Am I fat? do you think I can lose weight?
Does anyone have any tips on how to lose weight and keep it off?
Is 37 pounds alot to lose?
I wish i looked better.?
Need help how do i loose 15 pounds in 2 weeks im 13?
I like eating liver sandwiches,someone told me it's bad for my health.?
How do I fatten myself?
Is there any way to speed up the healing time for sore muscles?
Can drinking coffee make you put on weight?
What is wrong with my son?
Really want to quit smoking...how can i do it?
Home Remedies for a Sore Throat????????!!!?
How do i clean up blood?
If someones had a small heart attack is a bigger one likely to occur?
Is it possible for an adult female of (4'9") to just be short or must they always be a dwarf?
What is the full form of aids?
The best way to erradicate AIDS & HIV is...?
Do braces hurt?
Bad breath?
Do braces hurt???
Kinda scared...I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow...?
How do you get stained teeth?
My daughter recently got braces and they r killing her it calmed down after a week or to but she went?
Just had 7 teeth removed they said I could smoke in 45 minutes. Am I losing it or is that malicous of them?
Do you like your teeth?
Braces info please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
I really don't understand why I have such straight, white teeth, when...?
Could you take some benadryl for a reaction to something you ate if you didnt have any EPI-PEN and ur stranded
Bee sting urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dad was just stung by 2 bees what are some signs he is allergic?
Does anyone know how to cure asthma in toddler?
I just found out that i am allergic to shrimp... i still want to continue eating it. are their any cures?
Anaphylactic Shock HELP!!?
I'm an adult and allergic to soybeans, milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, corn - what should I eat?
Im trying to spell a drug used on my daughter correctly so i can search it i think its spelled erithro maician
Can't stop Coughing?
I have an 8 month old baby that breaks out in a rash every time he eats. Anyone know why that may be.?
SMOKING and 13?
I have thrush. Is it possible to pass it to my colleagues just by using the same toilet?
Best cure for a blocked nose?
What should I do... Should i go to the Emergency room?
What causes acne?
Do you smoke?
How can I lose weight when i can't stop eating?
How tall are you and whats your age?
What happens if we do not drink adequate water?
What is the suggested daily calorie amount for the average person?
I want to be super skinny?
Am i considered overweight if...?
How can I stop eating unhealthily?
Is a weight of 145 lbs normal, male, 13yrs, 5"7?
How do I suppress my appetite?
What brand of gum is best for your teeth?
Does anyone know of any home remedies for a toothache?
I got my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago and i was wondering how long before they should stop hurting.?
I am 30 yr old female haven't been to denist in 15 yrs?
Should i get braces (pictures included)?
I'm taking Vicodin for my wisdom teeth removal yesterday?
How can you pull a loose baby tooth?
Should I floss with fingernail?
Can you actually get your gum peirced?
Do you have crappy teeth?
I touched a maggot! What will happen to me?
Why Hiv/Aids and bird flu?
How do i stop smoking? thanks?
Why doesnt people take cancer seriously?
Dose it hurt having this sickness?
What causes shingles?
Please help! - Any ideas what can be causing my (embarrassing) problem?
How do I tell my Boyfriend that I may have an STI?
Have you ever heard of someone haveing Cancer?
Im a teen and i OVERATE!!!!!!!?
My lips are swollen. i think its something i ate. does anybody know how to reduce the swelling??
What can I do about wind?
I am waking up with a sore throat and have a continuous runny nose, is there anything i can take to git rid of
I think I have an allergy to cats, any suggestions?
What's the quickest way to lose weight?
Can a Doctor insists that a child take a medication even if they have a allergies to the flavouring?
Where do I buy APPLE CIDER VINEGAR? What grocery store? I never heard of it before.?
Potatoes Good or Bad For My diet?
I work in a factory that imports bananas.?
How to get rid of red puffy eyes?
I want to get fit but havent done any exvercise for over tenyears. i smoke 30 and am woried my body wont cope?
Do you have allergies?
Are you allergic to anything?
I need to lose weight!!!?
Question about Sneezing?
I have very small breasts and i'm 23 years old, how can i make them bigger or is this impossible?
What are good ways to gain weight?
What is the appropriate card or gift for someone starting Chemo?
Whats a good bedtime snack?
Can drinking alot of water help if you have a urinary tract infection if you cant go to the doctor?
Is it ok for a 19 yr old to have heart problems?
I'm having a cough and spit phleghm with blood only every morning. Should I be alarmed?
Do u think plastic surgery is wrong?
Is beer good for a common cold (somebody say yes, please!)?
Help I'm SO dead?
Have you ever seen someone close to you slowly die from Lung cancer.?
I have a little problem that is really embarassing...?
Poll:- True or False- You Are on A Diet ?
If i starve myself how much weight will i lose in 2 weeks?
I think im fat, but everyone says im not, who do i belive?
Do you gain weight by drinking liquids? like orange juice, ice tea, and etc..?
How can i find courage to start jogging?
Do some men find overweight girls attractive?
I love eating bananas, how could i stop eating apples? i love my cat, how could i stop loving the floor? HELP!
Am I fat? Prom next friday and I feel like a fat whale :( ?
If i starve, will my stomach and chest flaten?
How do i lose weight if i have asthma and am 13 years of age?
Possible food intolerance or allergy? NEED HELP!?
What food's are you allergic to?
I have infections whenever I wear anything other than gold?
Is it possible to be allergic to fresh-cut lawn?
What are you allergic to, and what is your reaction to it?
I am allergic to sulfur are there any foods that have sulfur in it..and how can find out?
Allergic reaction to lipgloss.....?
My son is allergic to dogs. Does that mean he will be allergic to cats too?
Is there a cure for sinus infections (or sinusitus) without seeing a doctor?
Will drinking orange juice through a straw lessen chances of allergic reactions?
What can i tak 2 calm my nerves plz?
I want to reduce my blood pressure to 120/80. Without medicine How i can do?
If someone gets a cold sore, does this mean they can never kiss anyone again?
What is a condem??? i sounds immature but i am very curiious?
Would would a dermatologist do about a few blackheads?
Does anyone in Yahoo Answers have any advice/tips on quitting smoking?
Could this be Diabetes?
I have a cold, once again, what can I do to deal with it?
How thin do you have to be?
How do i make myself sick?
Is it unhealthy to drink beer everyday?
Why do i crap so little?
If I stretch enough, will I ever be able to do a full split?
Am i really fat?
How can I lose 30 pounds in a month?!?
Exercises I can do at home?
Is size 6-7 jeans to big for a female?
Please please help i am so worried about my sister?
My mom is dying form cancer and i want to know the best way to cope with it...please help!?
Question on diabetes?
Can I cut protruding warts off my neck by using nailcutter?
Can ppl of colour get skin cancer??
Do i have cancer?
I have heard rumor that HIV originated from apes. How did humans contract this virus then??
Diabetes is it the end???
Whole body turns red and itches after drinking alcohol?
What is a great pet without fur?
Alergic to Cats Help!?
I have a wicked prawn allergy; can i kiss my girlfriend after she has eaten said calamitous crustacean?
Are asthmatics allergic to wheat, shell fish, milk, peanut butter, and eggs?
Anyone one fly on a plane now their one ear feels like water is in it?
Where does people pick their nose,and eat it?what is bogies?
Why do i get nose bleeds often?
My son is allergic to dog saliva, does it follow that he'll be allergic to cats?
I am having frequent cough and cold. How can i get rid from cough?
Is it possible to eat yourself?
I'm 13 and i weigh about 178 pounds how can i lose it all before high school?
Can u loose 100 lbs in 6 months?
Why do i GAIN weight while doing a lot of sport???!!!?
What do you do when your hungry?
How bad is it to smoke a "pinch", "dash", or "teaspoon" of marijuana and exercise?
What is the easiest way to lose weight if ur only 12?
Is Dandruff Contageous?
How can you get rid of a scar or can you not?
Is there an unwritten rule that says that palliative care nurses will give patients an overdose of morphine?
Have you ever gotten a sunburn so bad that your skin actually pealed?
What do you say about second-hand smoke?
Why is tabacco legal but you cant smoke a joint comfortable wherever you want?
Who wished pauline fowler really had a brain tumour?
Please, tell me how you feel about smoking?
My girlfriend wants to break up with me because of my cancer?
The Best was to loose weight???
In your school do you have to shower for PE?
Whats ur weight in lbs?
What are some good healthy ways to lose weight?
Am i an ok weight??
What should i do i have very fat cheeks?
How can i lose approximately 15 pounds in a month without having to run or go outside?
I am constantly fatigued. What can I do to have more energy? I am in good health...?
When counting calories, does fruit matter?
Is my weight normal?
How do you keep from snacking at night?
Fat people digust me. Am I mean?
Am I fat?????????????
How can i loose lots of weight?
Why do thin people always go on about how fat they are?
How much should a 23 year old at 5'2" weigh to look hot?
How Are You Doing ?...!!!?
How do you motivate yourself to get to the gym?
Why did I get so fat all of a sudden?
How come i eat so much and still be skinny?
My friend told me that if I drank my own urine, it would be gross (obviously) but it would help cleanse my ski
What is the best solution for acne?
Do doctors have a legal or moral obligation?
My 3 year old son has a sore throat but won't take his medicine?
What is wrong with me?
Um, I might have a cold sore, how to cure?
Am i going to die?
What all do cigarettes have in them that makes it so deadly?
Do i have ashtma?
Is it possible to be allergic to something later on in life when you were perfectly fine before?
Why do I have constant symptoms of flue. I still have very itchy eyes?
Can I wash sheets on low temperature?
How do you diet "cheap"?
Am i 2 fat 2 be a model?
Am I fat???
Whats the best thing for curing a blocked nose ive tryed all the usual ways but there not working?
I'm I over weight?
My best friend has just had an allergic reaction after eating some cadbury roses but the only thing she is?
My sons skin?
I have a bad cold what should i do?
I need help in loosing weight..?
What allergies do you have?
Can I never get a dog if I am allergic?
What's the healthiest and easiest food to bring to school?
I am allergic to lubricants, My doc told me to use vegetable oil, but it stings my husband.?
Is it unhealthy to drink TOO much water?
Slimming tablets?? should i take them to loose weight?? or should i do it the hard way??
Is it true...?
Should I wear a bikini?
I'm i fat?please answer!?
Am i Fat??
Is 50 pounds in 6 months a reasonable goal?
How can you get rid of hiccups ?
Itching While Exercising?
Whats better for you? A large piece of pizza or a candy bar?
First time working out?
How do I get rid of my kids head lice???
Who's proud of me for quitting smoking?
What does it mean if you have uncontrollable eye twitching?
Why do all celebritys have clear flawless skin?
What causes severe skin itching especially after taking my bath?.?
How to get rid of excess gas produced in stomach ?
OH NO!!!! my face is a light purple colour HELP?
My daughter is 12 years old and weighs 140 pounds. whats a good way to loose weight?
13 year old lose weight? pic.?
Help with weight?
Is fasting an advisible way to loose weight??
Right then, im off to the shops, does anyone want me to bring back anything for them?
Am i fat??
Does smoking decrease appetite?
What is the average weight for 16 year old female?
I hve random itchy skin throut my body?
Acne scars!!?
I weigh 550 pounds if i don't eat at all just drink water how long well it take 2 lose weight?
Is honey a real alternative for sugar?
What's a really good way to get rid of acne?
I am HIV+. Does that mean that it is impossible for me to have children via natural means? I'm in my 30s.
I stepped on a rusty nail?
Do i have an eathing disorder?
Can anybody tell me if operation on eyes to reduce short sight is safe and worth doing?
How many times a week do u excercise?
How much weight do you think i should lose?
How can a 13 year old girl lose 50 pounds on 2 months without the diet pills?
How many pounds are in a stone?
Am i to skinny?
How can i loose weight fast?
Is this normal?
5 ft 7 98 lbs?
I think im over weight
Who can tell me the fastest way to lose 7 pounds. they dnt have to be 'healthy' ways?
I am trying to lose weight what should i eat tonite?
Diet tips?
How do they work out how many calories are in food?
My girlfriend wants me to gain weight. I am very thin and I would like to too how can i gain fat not muscle?
Does anyone actually exercise on Thanksgiving?
They say drinking water is healthy, but when i dont drink it i weigh less, whats up with that?
Is it healthy to eat raw eggs?
Is a girl that is 5'5 110 pounds considered fat ,skinny or in between?
What's the best way to get rid of a stuffy nose???????
Have had a cough for a while;what could it be?doc said i hav asthma bt i developed it as an adult.?
Just discovered I have a wheat allergy. Where do I start in trying to radically alter my diet, wheat is....?
Allergic to Starbucks?
Whats the deal with this allergy thing goig around?
How do you stop stomach akes?
How can I make my allergies quit bothering me when Claritan won't work?
What is best remedy for constant cough caused by nasal/head drip?
Im suspiscious i have diabetes. how would i know?
Red, Itchy Dots on Body?
For Urinary Tract Infection, what should be taken for treatment?
As a smoker and since I can't stop smoking, what advice do you have for me as regard to my health?What do I do
How long does a person live with one liver?
What would the world be like without illnesses and diseases?
Does pizza really cause acne?
What is the best way to get rid of being sunburnt??
Solution to bad breath?
Is there anything you really can catch from a toilet seat?
Whats the damage by smoking?
I found out my husband had a STD after we got married, is that grounds for divorce?
Depressed Teen?
What is the name of the infection you get in an unclean hospital?
My blood sugar levels are currently running over 19mmols and I feel really tired. What should I do?
I was wondering...................
How do doctors test aids?
Should we deny people who smoke medical treatment?
Puss coming from eye?
How do you clean a pillow properly if you think it's infected?
How to get rid of black heads on nose?
Wat are ur phobias?
Help, how do i get rid of garlic odour? (from me hands)?
What kind of death u most fear?
Can someone get pink eye more than once in their life?
HoW dO u UsE a LiGhTeR???
Am i fat????
Do girls like a man who is so muscular and uses the strength to beat on other men to show off to women?
I need advice on how to lose weight?
Will any serious damage happen if I eat only a few hundred calories a day for the next four days?
How can i become anorexic?
POLL: Do you eat a lot of bread in your daily diet ???
How much are you suppose to weigh in sixth grade?
OK- Is it possible for me to lose 20 pounds by DEC. 18 2007?
What is the best thing to use for a sore throat?
I want a cat REALLY bad but my dad is allergic...is there any treatment ud suggest?
What is the cure for allergy?
My 2 year old son is HIGHLY allergic to Mosquito bites....What can I do???....?
I have really bad flees? ?
My son has bad allergies. Dr told me to rip up the carpets.will health ins cover wood floors?
How do I get over this cold/allergy quickly?
Does anyone have any remedies for bad allergies?
How can my cat and allergic wife live together?
My bf's mom is allergic to cats, but I want one???
Do you think I'm fat?
Should I lose weight?
Is 5ft4in and 116 pounds fat for a 14 yr old girl?
Does anyone else agree that when Girls ask "Am i Skinny" for attention?
School is starting and i'm still very fat wut do i do?
How do I tell my boyf when I need to wee? He always says where did you go and I'm too shy to tell him?
Is 50 or 30 yrs old over hill?
Is this overweight?
What is the best exercise to lose the most poundage in the belly?
How much water should u drink each day ?
My mom is 150 lb and she wants to weigh 127lb .could someone please tell me how she can loss the weight?
Ive been working out for a month now and its made no differents?
How do i gain weight?
Is the height 5" 1' really short or is it ok?
Im 16 male 5'10 305lbs i need to lose weight help?
Do you go to the GYM ??????
What foods are good for making the bowels move?
Should I lose the weight?
If"phobia"mean fear.then arachnophobia:mean?
Why the heart attackes happen to man mostly?
My brother has found out he has cancer?
What dosage of Aspirin is recommended to help prevent heart attacks?
Can you cause yourself to get diabetes?
Can you cough so hard you have back pain and a sore chest?
Is it normal to bleed during a number two?
Why do I have rapid hairloss?
What is the purpose of mucus?
Why do I always seem to have an overreaction to mosquito bites?
Is it ok to still drink regular milk if I'm lactose intolerance?
Allergic Reaction?
I want a German Shepard, but am allergic to dogs. Can I develop an immunity to pet dander?
Running nose in children?
How do u stop continous sneezing?
If someone is allergic to a house cat, would they also be allergic to a lion or tiger?
Type 'i am here' with your nose?
Which cigerette kills faster?
I get terrible sores on my inner thighs as they rub when I walk, how can I stop them bleeding so much?
Hi! Could anyone tell me what is the best treatment for severe indegestion/heartburn (possible ulcer)?
I have just had an e-mail from a terminal ill girl from her doctor?
Help please!!?
What side is your appendix on?
Non-smoker can get lung-cancer too? why ? how?
How do you tell your boss he has horrific breath?
Can you get a heart attack even if you're not overweight?
Please help-I binge eat and then make myself vomit, I dont know why and I dont know what to do.?
If the doctor gave you bedrest for a week and you couldn't get out and about and live life the way you need...
Want to kill myself because of acne?
Can you have a heart attack and not be aware of it?
Why do i feel sick when i see red/ginger haired people-am i the only one?
How do I make my sore throat better, or make it go away quickly?
Allergies help!!!?
Generally, how long does spring season allergy last?
How is Chanelle on BB ill? And why does she have to take medication?
My daughter 2.5 yrs is allergic to milk. I give her dream rice. do u have any suggestions for more calcium?
My allergies are getting worse! help!?
My allergies started acting up today and I can't breathe through my nose which is preventing me from sleeping
Can you get a fever?
Coughed up a little off white thing?
What is considered a safe or normal blood/sugar level?
When blood passing threw urine, whats it mean?
I have had Diarrhea for 4 days what can I do for it?
I have really dry skin, how can I moisturize it ASAP????
How do you get shingles?
Is poison ivy contagious or not?
Can I get aids from kissing my girlfriend?
Can anybody help my wife's problem, every time she sleep at our air condition room she is sick with ashma?
Will I get sick if I consume sea salt?
What are you allergic to? What happens if you come in contact with or consume it?
What is a good way to treat poison oak after exposure beside benedryl and calamine lotion?
Something is wrong with my eye lid?
Whats the best way to "un-stuff" ur nose when u cant breathe out of both sides?
If you were very ill would you trust your doctors not to pull the plug and turn your lights off?
How do you remove a genitel wort?
How will we cure cancer and when will we be able to do it?
How many of you on here have diabetes, just wondering?
Lactose intolerance? i think i just recently ive become allergic to dairy. can it be permanent?
Hi friends!!!!?
My allergies are killing me...What is the best way to get rid of them?
Can smoking lower your oxygen?
I Have 2 Months to Live, What Should I Do?
My husband just found out hes a diabetic and we have no insurance any place out there gives away free moniters
Only for people that smoke?
Why do we have eyebrows?
How many teeth usually gets pulled for braces?
Had a root canal today tooth and gums hurting so much any pain relief remedy!?
Hamster teeth clipping?
Why does my bottom itch when i?
I'm taking some long term medication which causes a dry mouth?
How can I learn dentistry in one day?
Will my cavities get worse or stay same?
How do you cure bad breath/halitosis?
Does an IV injection to the arm hurts when being put to sleep?
National Beat up a Dentist week?
Can people hear when in a coma state?
To atheist can you create an ant? or prevent a car accident your heal a person with cancer or aids.?
What is the best way to clear up the black dots around your nose? from oil and dirt trapped in it?
Should i visit a doctor?
What are the point of head lice?
Pea sized lump behind ear?
What is the best way to get rid of the hiccups??
What is the best baldness treatment?
Is it possible to get rid of allergies??
Hayfever please help, cant breath, nose wont stop running, eyes streaming, sneezing. Never been as bad before.
How do i stop insect bites from itching?
Do you have a furry tongue in the mornings?
I ate something i'm allergic to?
Bogie in your nose?
My eyes are burning and they water all the time, what is wrong and how can I make it stop?
How do you get rid of herpes on your lips caused by citric allergy?
How to cure a really bad sore throat?
Does anyone know of a hayfever medicine that actually works,?
Is a heartrate of 320 beats per minute dangerous?
I have a lump in my neck been there for 7 weeks now any advice?
What are 3 ways to lower blood pressure?
Can a person donation blood if they have a tatoo ?
Best way to stay pale....?
What should I do about my skin (face)?
Laundry Mistake Could I catch STD?
Do you smoke?
What would happen if the tooth fairy left you a letter?
Okay serious answers only please. Toothbrushes ?
Nasty Breath?
Do u think braces cool?
Why would someone preface their e-mail to me by saying, "I doubt you are really a dentist..."?
If they say drinking black coffee stains your teeth, is it ok if you have milk in it??
How to get rid of bad breath? **?
Ick! braces! i have to get them can you give me advice?
I have horrible breath and i have to chew gum all the time and like spray breath spray!!?
WHAT is thrush?
Does the sun cause freckles?
Should i marry someone whose mother has diabetes and high blood pressure? The girl is on the fat side?
My little cousin has ringworm and her teacher told us bleach cures it is that true?
Heroin addicts bring it all on themselves, anyone agree?
What's a good acne medication for zits and blackheads?
Anyone know how to get to sleep fast without prescription drug?
How can u treat dandruff problem?
What over the counter medicines could I take as an anti-inflammatory?
Can anyone help me figure out my medical problem?
What should I do in order to cure my cold and cough?
How can i support my mother in law more?
What is he sick with please help asap?
Which causes more deaths each year, Alcohol or Tobacco?
Whydo we have to die?
Blood test?
Girlfriend problem!!!!!!?
I want to stop smoking can any one give me some advice?
I'm an obese 15 year old male who thinks he's dying or having heart attacks?
Out of all the people in the world why did god choose me to be fat and ugly?
What should i do when i fart by my crush????????????????????...
How can I lose arm fat WITHOUT lifting weights?
How do i lose 12lbs in 10 days????
Whats the best way to loose unwanted belly fat?
Omg im so fat!?
Am I fat if i weigh 240 pounds?
I do a jog/ run up the stairs and get tired very quickly...?
What r good foods 2 eat when trying 2 lose weight???
Y am i fat and ugly?
How do you loose water weight?
Can I stil lose weight and drink Diet Pepsi?
I have been diagnosed with cancer?
How do I lose weight now that I`m fat and 40?
Is it normal for a woman to feel bad about her weight even though she may not be over weight?
CAUGHT the FLU from the FLU VACCINE.....lol??? Has this happened to anyone?
Does water help lose weight and burn fat?
I have 6 days to pass a piss test ive smokedabout 5 joints in the last 2 weeks can i pass?
I'm I going to get diabetes?
If I loose weight, and my breast size drops, will they become SAGGY!?
What is the best mode to remove tick's?
Am I fat for a 13 year old?
Do starvation diets work?
Can my 14 old son get diabetes from eating too much sugar?
Bad breath.!?
Is my dentist right not to inject me!?
Having a really bad headache right now...?
I need to gain weight fast!?
What foods can I eat to make my breath smell better?
I just had a tooth extraction 5 days ago, will it be bad for me if i will mow a loan?
Tooth ache?
Braces hurt?
Can you where Grillz to School?
How do you use a toothbrush?
Ok i lost my retainer and my teeth are moving already what do i do???
Can I replace my dark fillings for white and get them free since Ive just have a baby?
Is this a very, very bad diet?
Whats a good way to gain weight?
I am male and can any one advice how to gain body weight?
Is there something wrong with eating fish at least 4-5 times a week?
Why can i eat an extremely large amount but put on no weight?
What are some ways that people can getter fatter?
Could i lose fat doing this?
What should I eat at 10:30 at night?
I'm 89 pounds and 5'4 tall am i fat?
Is it unhealthy for a 11 year old girl that is '4"9 to way 74 pounds?
Do you think 145 is fat?
What do u think? Am I fat?
How to lose 11111 pounds in 1 day!!?
I have just got my girlfriend a treadmill and exercise bike for xmas?
What are the best foods to avoid when on a diet?
Why aren't i getting thinner???
Is yoga a religion?
What is a fun way to exercise?
What do you think? Am i fat?
Curvey woman or skinny.....what do u think?
Should i smoke it or not ?
Cancer, cant go to toilet because of medication?
I have a 4 year old with autism. Any advice on how to get him to swallow vitamins/supplements?
Whats the purpuse of the bellybutton?
Do cigarettes cause cancer?
How do you know if you just had a heart attack?
I cant stand my son. Am i a bad mom?
Should I get a tetanus shot?
What is this god awful virus that everyone's coming down with?
Supplements are KILLING my stomach, advice?
How long can I live off diet coke?
Should I go Anorexic?
If ur on a diet is it better to eat weat bread or white?
Do you weigh yourself after having a poo?
How Can I Gain Curves?
I feel like a pig................?
Are capri suns unhealthy?
When i got my physical today...something scared me..?
Lost 17 pounds, but I look fatter?
Please help me??? Its about my weight???
Isit possible to lose 50 pounds by the middle of july?
How can i influence my dad to loose weight...he wont listen to me or anyone else?
How much should a 12 year old 5'5 weigh?
Apart from not eating whats the quickest way to lose weight?
If you are anemic what mineral might you be lacking?
Am i normal weight???
Size 0 or 14?
Where isGod?
Picture !! Am I fat?
Plz be serious !!?
I need help, I sweat profusely through my hands....?
Do moles on your skin grow back if a doctor cuts them off?
What do you think about the 2007 Ban on Public Smoking?
Is toothpaste a killer?
My nose, feet and palms become very cold in winter, what could be the problem?
How to check for head LICE on a 9 year old boy?
How do u stop constipation?
Why don't i look good in a bikini if i'm 102 lbs?
Can Drinking Water make me Fat ?
How can you gain weight?
112 lbs, i want to be 98 lbs this time next month?
Does anyone have there opoion of good workout music?
I am 13 and weigh 115 pounds..i have a lot of belly fat..how do i get rid of it?
My weight is it normal...?
How long will it take to get the pot out of my system?
I want to loose 8 pounds this week please help me???
Is skinny the new fat?
What is the best way to raise your metabolism?
My sister wants to know if she is overweight...?
My daughter get really depressed over her her height and weight?
Am i anorexic?
How do i tell a girl that she is fat? or needs to lose a couple pounds without her getting mad?
I'm 36 and have been desperately trying to loose weight without the surgery,any suggestions?!?
I need to lose about 10 pounds in about 32 hrs. is this possible??? what is the fastest way???
Whats the best way to lose weight?
Am i overweight , underweight,obese or normal?
Why do we clean our Cars, Dishes, Bodies, Clothes e.t.c with warm water but clean our teeth with cold?
I got braces for the 2nd time yetersay, and my teeth hurt like CRAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I cut my gums?
My 7 year old son hates toothpaste. I have tried everything to get him to use it.
What's the best way to get rid of onion breath?
Sensodyne toothpaste?
Your toothpaste of choice?
I brush my teeth about 5 times a day. Is this too much and can I be damaging my teeth?
I have a cavity and was wondering.........?
How long does it take to get used to braces???
How do I help my girlfriend lose wieght without making her feel bad?
How far is 10,000 steps?
Anorexics - Any tips on how to hide not eating/eating less from parents? Or efficient + easy to hide exercise?
I had a brilliant walk last night for one hour and now my ...?
Is my weight normal for my age?
I think i am fat. can you help me?
How can i make my hips more skinny?
Am i chubby?
Is 5'8 1/2" and 115 pounds for a 17 yr old female considered fat?
What would be a good present for a child cancer patient?
I have strange bumps on the side of my middle finger?
Toothpaste, Aspirin and vinigar on Zits?
I would like to come up with a cure for cancer in the next month, is this possible?
My mum is dying how shall i prepare myself?
Got two tiny splinters in my finger on the left hand?
Why is smoking ilegal???
A Physician who perform operations in the mouth is called a/an _________surgeon.?
Should i eat breakfast before or after i workout?
Hw much should a 13 year old girl who is 5"1 weigh?
Whats for lunch?
Should I exercise before or after a meal?
How can I stop eating in from of the tv?
Is eating salads like being anorexic?
Is coffee bad for me?
Ok i am 5'3, and i weigh between 112-118 pounds? is that fat? or am i to skinny? or normal?
19/350lbs/ NEED HELP!!!?
A guy marries a gal that weighs 120. in 2 yrs she weighs 240. what does he say to her?
Sickness Help, Please Answer ASAP!?
My mucus colors?
Why do people say they are allergic to things just because they don't like it?
What's a cure for a very raw-feeling throat?
Can someone tell me what i am allergic to?
Mosquito bite really swollen!?
I have terrible allergies, what should I do besides take a decongestant?
Does anyone have any carpet cleaning tips for a large house with 2 asthmatics ??
Cheaper Flights for Skinny People?
Im a female how much times should i shower daily?
Is there any food i can eat which will make my hair grow faster?
How can i lose a fast 10 pounds?
Do I need to lose weight?
Are any of you worried about gaining weight during Xmas?
What can i eat a lot of and not gain weight?
Building bicep muscle?
Painful mole?
What can i do about sweating under my pits?
Why Caucasian people have a bad skin?
Do you think in the future they will have a cure for AIDS?
What would you say to someone with Cancer?
Having an anxiety attack... whats the best way to calm down?
Does anyone have any ideas of how to get rid of warts and verrucas?
Can Cancer run in families?
Okey not that Im going 2 do this but will u lose weight if u strave your-self???
Sports that can help me lose weight?
I need help losing weight.?
What to take on a walk ?
Will high food prices help many people lose weight?
What size would you call fat..?
Would me drinking water and only eating one meal a day have unhealthy effects on me?
I am 5'2 and 140 pound am i really fat?
Guys.. Skinny girls or fat girls?
What am I doing wrong!?
Does anyone know a good way for a teenage girl to lose weight FAST?? (fyi i loveeee junk food)?
How fast can I loose 40 pounds?
Is 40 stone overweight?
Am i fat :)?
If a drink had 0 calories, can u still gain weight from it?
How long does it take to lose 100 lbs?
How bad is mcdonalds for you?
I am going to run the 10k race but i dont know what charity to do it for. any ideas?
PLZ Help! Health problem?
What are the differences between cigarettes and roll-ups?
Does too much vitamin c cause scurvy?
Is cancer curable?
What causes bright blood from your rectum?
How could this happen?
Should I get a flu jab?
Can Diabetes be reversed by lifestyle/diet changes?
How is drug and alcohol tolerance developed?
So is peanutbutter good or bad for a diet?
How many times week do you "pleasure" yourself ?
How to stop?
I am 12 and want to lose 5lbs quickly, how can i do that?
How am I able to eat constantly but never get fat?
Is it a myth that eating before bed makes you put on weight?
Im 26,115 pounds,work out 3 times a week, trying to eat healthy (as of today).but how do i lose belly fat?
What is the best weight for a 16 year old?
I feel ugly and gross?
Toothpaste that helps getting whiter teeth???
How can I fix a broken denture?
Wut color should my braces be?
What are the medicine to take when your tooth got puss and swelling?
Ouch!! I have a really bad toothache and can't get into see the dentist until next week. What can I do?
What EXACTLY are wisdom teeth and why do they need to be pulled out?
I got all 4 wisdom teeth out on Monday...?
If u have ever had braces?
Local anaesthesia at dentist?
I just got my wisdom teeth, and it hurts, any advice on what to do?
Itchy throat almost 1 yrs.?
I have a cold all the time?
I am overweight and id love to go swimming as apart of my exercise,?
My dad always insults my weight?
Is it possible?
It looks like they've invented a cure for hayfever and asthma. Now when will they invent a cure for...?
How to make myself fat?
Have you got an NUT allergy?
Why do people get big tummy??
How do i loose 20 pounds in about 20 days?
Happy thoughts, positive vibes, anything please?
Do you like my body?
Im trying to lose weight quickly?
Allergic reaction spreading...help?
Am I Fat? (Photos included)
How can I get fat in 1 month?
MY step dad is sick HELP?
How is my body?
What is vitamin z?
Do you think there's something wrong with me or am I just stressin? I've been having these really scary feelin
How to cure diabetics?
Whats the symptoms of being diabetic?
Serious answers only!?
What does this mean?
My friend had an infection on his leg. It was the size of a golf ball and he cut a whole in it and?
Treatment for jellyfish?
What are the best ways to get rid of acne?
Okay, is milk seriously worse than secondhand smoke?!?
I need a quick way to loose weight.?
I'm on a diet so now i'm starving, can i eat anything for a snack that tastes good?
Is it unhealthy not to eat?
Do you live a healthy?
Is my friend fat??
What is wrong with my body?
Why am i fat?
I am 19 ,how to increase height?
How do people get so fat?
Is being tall a good thing?
How much is a 13 year old girl that's 5'1 supposed to weigh?
Help me improve my body! (pics)?
I am 13 years old and I am trying to lose weight in my legs and stomach. How can I do that?
If you work out a lot and eat a lot how can you gain weight??
What foods should i eat to increase my iron levels?
The answer to losing weight is WATER??
Is a 800 calorie a day diet OK to do?
New mom fishing for compliments...lol...need some encouragement.?
What is the average weight for a girl who is 5' 7"?
My knuckles get EXTREMELY dry. Is there any way to get rid of it?!?
I have a 9 yr old daughter with a lump in her chest, what are the odds of cancer?
Is this true!?
Anyone who has lost someone to cancer?
Dry lips, what do i do?
Cancer, do you believe there is a cure?
PLEASE HELP had my ears pierced ...?
My little sister whos 7 has head lice and my mum is panicing!!?
Whats a good Mid-day snack for some1 on a diet?
I want to drink alcohol, but i don't want to get fat! What can i do?!??!?
What is the best (and quickest) way to loose weight?
How can i lose 10 lbs in a short length of time?
Can you really lose large amounts of weight just by walking?
Plz Answer!?! ( Easy Fun Question )?
Im 16 and im 126 pounds is that realyyy over weight?
Am I Fat? ( Details)?
What are some hypoallergenic dogs?
Does anyone know how to cure allergies? What medicines work best?
Can you breakout with hives from cigarette smoke?
Food poisoning from milk?
Wearing eye make-up makes my eyes burn.?
I have one nostril blocked and the other one i can breathe out of, how can i decongest the blocked one?
Is it true that eating oranges helps with sore throat?
Is there a way to decrease seasonal allerigies?
Can you truly be allergic to certain people???
An empty stomach & water?
Think I can drink 100 cups of coffee in 48 hours?
Im 5'3 and i weigh..?
So, is running (for exercise) good or bad?
How can I get rid of my huge belly?
How can an 11 year old lose 30 pounds in 1 1/2 months?
Is my sister overweight?????
Help please I'm soo overweight!!!?
Bf says im fat and i wanna loose 30 pounds as fast as i can. What is the best way?
Im 16 and i want to lose weight by not eating for like a week so i can lose it real fast.?
Is it possible for a child/teen to have a heart attack?
I am not thirsty during the day and go most of the day without anything how can i get myself to drink?
What makes people tired easily?
I'm sat at work with a cold, any ideas on how to make myself get through the day?
HELP!!!!!!!i have trouble breathing?
Are these blood pressure reading ok?
Can You Get Chicken Pox More Than Once?
How do i get the bags and dark circle from underneath my eyes?
How can I lose stomach fat by christmas??
Whats the best breakfast cereal????????????
I'm 5'7, 85 pounds, and i feel fat...?
Should i be concerned??
I weigh 122 pounds at just turning 13 years old. Is this normal?
What is the average weight for an eigth grade girl?
Am i underweight, overweight er just right? [guys opinions to!]?
Why won't I lose any weight?
Is it normal for a dentist to want to do a rectal examine as part of the annual check up.?
Wisdom tooth extraction. Please Help!!!!?
Im 13 and in a lot of pain from my braces...?
How to treat bleeding from gums?
Back teeth fillings white or silver?
Should I pop my abcess tooth this thing is huge?
Is putting on braces painful?
I need some advice about losing weight...PLEASE HELP!?
Is there any exercises or somthing that would help me with my fat fingers?
Am i really fat?
How to be fat ?
If I weigh 375 pounds, can I lose a pound a day for 6 months? Is that possible?
Am i overweight?
Is a 13 year old female that is 160lbs be overweight if they are 5'3''?
Am I fat? Please be honest!?
What height are you?
Who here thinks they are fat?
Do i have cancer!!!?????!!!1?
No isurance and no money; will hospital accept for strep throat?
What do I do???
Should i visit the doctor?
5'5 height 177 pounds 15 years old... overweight?
What the best way for an overweight male teen to lose weight?
Am I skinny or average or what??
Am i anorexic?
Hey I 'm 14 and I weigh 260=( I want to lose weight (100 pound) how should I do it???????????
I am 5'8'',14, and weigh 135 pounds.so is that normal?
Am I fat picture?
Are big, muscular legs a big turn-off?
Wat is better dominos pizza or pizza hut and wich one is more healthy for you?
Does anyone of you have any good tips on how to lose weight?
My throat gets upset after eating chalk. help?
How do I improve my allergies?
Why do my eyes turn red?
Someone please answer?
Cat allergy?
Is it possible to get a first allergic reaction in our 20s?
Will my son outgrow his milk allergy?
What juice is bad for you when taking medications?
How to stop my allergry! 10 pts best answer!?
Wht is bonjella gel how to use in mouth ulcer plz answer m feeling pain???
Do you have to exercise to loose weight?
I just ate ice-cream about 30 minutes ago.... how long should I wait to work out?
Whats the best way to lose weight without having surgery?
How Can I Boost My Metabolism?
Do i have a eating disorder?
Am I Fat for a 13 year old?
How can I lose up to 3 pounds by Saturday?
How do I loose 10 pounds? (details inside)?
What is a good way to lose ten pounds FAST?
Acne question?
This sounds really grossssss but!!.....?
Im suffering. worried i have bladder cancer?
What should i do for very dry skin on my face?
If someone i know is sleeping with people and knows he has H.I.V....?
Do you like squeezing blackheads?
Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?
Am I underweight?
Is it bad that i only eat 2 apples a day ??
I've put on so much weight since i stopped smoking 10 weeks ago no i'ts depressing me?
It it common to me to be fat.... PZ ANSWER 10 POINTS NEST ANSWER?
How do i get a bigger butt?
How to get skinny?
I'm trying to lose weight. If I take vitamins, drink plenty of water and only eat once a day, will I lose lbs?
Over Eating Problem?????
How can I tone my muscle? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
If you are easily grossed out don't read this..?
Is chinese food healthy?
I am 5' 8'' and weigh 124 pounds. Am I fit?
Do you think that I am fat?
At age 13 and at the height of 5'2", is 110 lbs. fat? ?
Am I overweight?
Am i fat? be honest.?
Am I Fat if I 150-160 and im 5'8'' - 5'9''?
How to do get really skinny in a week?
How can i lose 3 pounds in a week?
What size....?
What are some exercises or activities that can help increase height?
Am i fat??
Healthy snacks?
Is Malibu & diet coke ok to drink when your trying to lose weight?
How do you lose your beer gut?
Why isn't excercise working?
Why can't I lose weight even after eating so little?
Can you give me some tips?
Anyone else had Christmas ruined because of the bug?
Are these symptoms signs of cancer?
Could This Be Diabetis?
Do asthmatics have to carry a card?
Can dark circles be due to allergies? if so, what's the remedy?? Please help!!?
I am convinced 100% that I am allergic to air con, esp. in the car. My husband refuses to believe it (as he wa
My 5 year old son has severe food allergies towards tree nuts?
What is the small white cotton ball looking stuff floating around in the air?
After my wife gets out of the shower ,she itches all over,she thinks its the chlorine in the water,is it?
I have been diagnosed with sinusitis, I am on medication, but really don't need any smart remarks, only very
How do you get rid of an itchy roof of mouth??? It's Hayfever related!!?
What are you severely allergic to?
Can allergies (runny nose, sneezing & watery eyes) turn into a sinus infection?
Can a person honestly and truthfully be allergic to cigarette smoke?
Do you like oatmeal?
What are the numberone dieting foods?
What are the effects of drinking only water on your body?
Im not fat, but still....?
I need to loose weight in 2 Months!!?
What do you eat which you consider to be really healthy and low in fat?
Is it true that if you don't have dinner you loose weight faster?
How much would you say this person weighs, what is their age, and would you consider them fat/overweight?
PLEASE HELP me EVERYONE! Im ONLY 12!!!!!!!!!!! :'(?
What can i do when i put my bra on i have flab hanging out the sides what kind of exersice can i do for this?
Eating six times a day helps you lose weight....who's actually tried this and it worked????
Is 5ft 7 and size 12 fat ?
How can i find a easy way to put wieght on?
Why does poo have different colours?
I'm 100 lbs. and 6 ft tall...am I fat?
If i am 5 feet or 4 feet and 9 inches.and i am 13. am i really short. honesty please.?
Is butter fattening?
Why do I lose so much weight running?
Do I have a good bikini body?
Herpes. What to do?
Any idears about head lice?
Im ugly what can i do for plastic surgery?
Is drinking too much coke bad 4 you?
I am 39 & have 150lbs to lose. What is the best way to get started?
Does drinking water really do anything?
I am now weighing 137 lbs at 5'4. Good weight? Still fat?
What is the best way to builkd muscle without steroids?
Does anyone here REALLY drink 6 glasses of water a day?!?
If i fast for 14 days?
I know i am over weight please help.=D?
What is better?
I'm lactose intolerant, and allergic to soy products- what does that leave me to eat cereal with?
Do i have an eating disorder?
I want a bigger butt...?
Im really skinny and i want 2 gain weight. I tryed eating alot of hamburgers and chicken but it doesnt work!?
What do you think about frozen peas?
Okay this is WEIRD will it work???????/?
How much should i weigh?
Do you burn fat when doing situps?
How can I get a gap between my thighs?
Does smoking make u fat??
My sister in law is Hiv+, she accepted her status and seems to be doing ok. She doesn't have any friends?
Can weed damage your lungs?
If someone has herpes "down there" and they use my lip gloss, am I gonna get herpes on my mouth?
Do i have herpies?
What are the signs that you have H.I.V. ?
What do you call a person that keeps on thinking they have cancer?
I Need Help!!! 10 points if you can help me!!!!!!?