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Dentist is gonna pull my tooth out!!Does it hurt?
What does DDS stand for?
How much pain should i still have after having 18 teeth pulled-6 days later?
Will you laugh when the dentist takes out my tooth?
I'm getting braces. is my breath gonna stank?what color(s) should i pick? can i get rainbow colors?
How much do you think I weigh?
To increase my eyesight what to eat?
How can i lose 3 pounds by tomorrow?
How do you get a boy friend if you are fat?
How to get rid of BO?
I ride my bike about 4-6 miles a day is that healthy?
I need to lose weight...suggestions?
Why do we Americans continue to eat MEAT when we know it causes CANCER?
Im 21 year old girl and my height 5'1 i want to increase my height up to 3 inches what should i do?
Something to stop excema itching?
What would happen if i put wart remover on a zit?
I need sympathy--An employer rejected me because of my scoliosis.?
Is it bad to smoke pot after a spinal fusion?
Pink eye??
Is something wrong with my heart? please help?
What should I do??
Any ideas what could be wrong with me?
How not to get sick?
How can i get my teeth white?
Does Getting a Cavity Filled Hurt?
Do you still chew gum with braces?
What to eat when you first get braces???
Would you ever?
What kind of braces?
When is the right time for you to have your wisdom teeth removed?
At what age should you take a child to the dentist?
I'm 21 and i want to know if there is any health risks to me getting dentures?
My boyfriend has bad teeth! How do I fix this!?
Am I fat???
Is it true that some people can be obese and yet eat very little?
Whats a good weight??
Im 15, and i want to do a lifeguard course, but i think im too fat to do it.?
Im hungary what should i eat?
Do you think being fat is oky?
Why Americans are soooooooooooooooooo fat?
If my 9 month old infant has broken out in hives possibly from a food allergy, is there an antihistamine?
After you use the epi-pen do I still need to call 911?
Am I intolerant to milk?
Food Allergies : : Do You Or Does Any One In Your Family Have Any Food Allergies ?
Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?
How can i stop or make nose bleeds stop[?
When can a bee sting be life threatning and what action should be taken?
Sore throat?
Does squirting lemon juice in your eye help with allergies?
Allergic Rhinitis. Is there a cure that works?
I have bad sunburn on my face and it beginging to peel.. can i pick it or leavee it to peel on its own?
What is the worst physical pain you have ever been in and why?
Have you had chicken pox?
I have a freind who told me she is h.i.v positive and has herpes if this was your freind would you let her use
Tonsillitis: I have it one side of my throat - is this usual? And do you feel sorry for me? Pleeeese - I need?
A couple days ago i burned myself and the bubble popped but the skin looks all purple what should i do help me
My husband crunches his teeth while asleep can anyone tel me if theres a cure as he keeps me awake all night ?
My 7 year old grinds her baby teeth so much they are now tiny.What should I do to prevent this in the future?
Have you ever had a tooth knocked out?
Is it possible to "cook" your tongue?
Could you tell me about getting/having braces?
When shld v change our toothbrush?
Does it hurt when your braces are pulled tighter?
Wisdom teeth pulled, now spitting blood?
Are you supposed to brush your teeth in hot, cold, or warm water?
How do you deal with someone with bad breath?
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
What is a good nighttime snack?
My friend is becoming anorexic!!?
How can I gain ten pounds in two weeks?
I'm really scared.Please Help me?
Is eating before bed really bad?
Why have I gained so much weight? I'm 27 yrs old, 5'7 & 240 Ibs. I am a dress size 10-12.?
What's the best way too lose weight?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
How long can an AIDS (HIV +ve) person can survive?
What do you think I have?
I really need advice here?
Would a diabetic ever drink regular coke?
Have cold and chest infection,work in hospital should i go in to work?
Name the worst fruits for a diabetic to eat?
Have my cigarettes expired?
I think im gonna die HELP!!!?
What is your particular allergy? Got any?
Itchy eyes?
Where's the best place to hide from tree allergies in May?
Why do so many more children seem to have allergies to nuts & eggs etc. nowdays?
Is organic food dangerous?
Is this weird?
Why do I have a blocked nose in the morning?
Milk drinking dilemma - what can I drink if I'm lactose intolerant?
What foods should nut allergic people avoid?
Should i smoke ?
My boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?
I have experienced some HIV symptoms?
Why do bad things happen to god people ?
Do they give you warts?
Hello. Does poison ivy spread?
Why is carbon monoxide so harmful?
Why do people get cancer?
Can one tooth cause pain elsewhere?
How much does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth removed?
Whats the best thing to do when you have a toothache?
Should I get braces even though I don't need them?
How do you get a 2yr old to let me brush his teeth without 2 people holing him down and him freaking out?
Are root canals painful?
Anybody had their wisdom teeth pulled without being put under?
How much do braces cost?
Is it ok to swallow the rubber bands from your braces?
Tomorrow I have to get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled, have you ever had a wisdom tooth pulled?
New Balance, Oasics or Nike Shox?
How long should it take a 13 yr old to run a mile?
Im trying to give up smoking and it s hard any tips.?
Is this an okay diet plan?
What exactly does a laxative do?
5'5 feet is tall?
Do you think i'm overweight?
How Tall Will I Get?!!?
Why is it that everytime I ask a question...?
How do you swallow huge pills?
Is it good or bad that your face stings when you put on moisturizer or lotion?
Can I Reciece an STD unprotected when neither me or my partner doesnt have sores?
I picked my mole, and its came off :O?
Whats your view on people with HIV?
THE TRUTH..... Would you treat someone who has Aids/HIV differently?
My friend says she'd rather have her sons smoke cigarettes than pot. I disagree. what say you ?
How can I treat poison ivy..the itching is killing me?
Why do americans(white) want to be TAN while Asians or filipinos wanna be white or pale?
Is deodorant unhealthy for your body?
Should wisdom teeth be pulled? Or is it ok to let them grow in?
Would you kiss someone with rotten teeth , even if they are beautiful/handsome?
How do I complain about a Dentist?
Best Treatement for Canker Sores?
Why can't they design a type of toothpaste that would work for 8 hrs to eliminate the smelly morning breath
I have a toothache?
Anyone know a good cure for toothache?
I am having 3 wisdom teeth pulled thursday. What can I expect to feel like afterwards.?
What brand of toothpaste do you use?
Colgate Total whitening paste as well as other related products does not work does it ?
How can I starve myself for a day?
Is there anyone else like me weight wise my age?
How can i lose it?
So I want to lose weight but I love to eat. What can I eat a lot of without worrying about calories and fat?
Am i fat?? (pic)?
Does sitting in a suana help you lose weight? lose fat?
I want a flat tummy.What shall i do?
My leg hurts..just below knee at side of leg when I exercise or walk for long periods. Any advice?
How do i loose weight in two weeks?
How do i lose the wieght?
Why do i wake up with a runny nose every morning?
If i touch my nose will i die?
Should I get an alert bracelet for a soy allergy?
About to go insane...it won't stop!!!!?
I have an 8 month old with hay fever what medication can i give her?
Are allergies ever curable? is there a surgery for it?
My nose is stuffed bad how can i get it unstuffed...NOW?
Allergic to metals in my wedding rings..what do I wear?
Sick for nearly a week?
Do i have pink eye? if i do, how do i cure it?
How many people do you know with cancer or breast cancer?
Do i have Diabetes?
Food poisoning how long it takes to get better?
I keep getting dizzy spells and feeling really weak and shaky, had blood test and OK.??
What do u call a person who opens up died bodies an examine on to see how did they die?
Chicken Pox?! Again??
Do u think ate 13?
How do you get blackheads from your nose gone?
When are you and aren't you put under for wisdom teeth removal?
Am I "fat"?
Does it matter i have yellow buck teeth?
How can i lose 20 lbs in 2 months?
What have you had to eat today?
Why do we have to replace our toothbrushes every 2 years? Isn't that wasteful?
Pole dancing?
My weight...advice anyone?
Can you get Braces on only the bottom half of your teeth?
How can i lose weight?
Whats better being skinny or having a little extra pounds? what do girls prefer?
I just lost a cap off a tooth what should i do?
How do u resist temptation to avoid excessive snacking if u r trying to lose weight?
Whats so bad about Steroids?
How do I get my daughter to lose some weight w/o emphasizing to her that she has to be skinny?
Does puting salt on blister from the mouth help?
My tooth is brown underneath.?
Just got braces 9 hours ago.PAIN!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Is AIDS/HIV a racial (African American) diesease?
Can you get rid of Hepatitus C or is it with you for life?
Does smoking cure asthma?
Can you get herpes from using someone chapstick?
Anyone know of an effective way to instantly lower blood pressure w/out going to ER?
How can I cure my son's left handedness?
My son is five weeks old and he has been vomitting blood for the last 4 days doc's say they dont know. HELPME
Coughs - how can I get rid of my cough quickly?
What is the best thing to do for phlegm build up in my throat?
How do I keep bees away from my yard, with a child that's allergic?
Can i develop allergies at the age of 30 ?
What are you alergic to?
Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?
What strange food allergies do you have?
If im allergic to penicillin what antibiotic can i take?
I don't believe in allergies, who's with me?
Is there a natural cure for mosquito bites?
What is the best way to gain weight?
What dress size do you think is fat?
Is this going to kill me?
What is the best detox drink?
Help!my tummy is big!?
Is it wrong to want to lose weight when I am already underweight?
How much weight should I lose??
Not eating?
Starving ur self?
Embarassing/icky question?
What is the best cure for extremly bad toothache?
Do you think it's weird...?
Can I use Clorox to bleach my teeth?
Does smokless tabacco effect you right when you start using it?
Did anyone ever have to chew up little red pills (as a kid) that showed where you needed to brush better?
Why won't conveniance stores sell me Listerine?
How do i fix the gap in my teeth?
Overcrowded teeth?
Sores all in my mouth?
My braces cut up the inside of my cheek so what do i do??
Today i have found out that a family friend has cancer.. is she going to die???
What happens to somebody if they are given the wrong blood type?
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
Clean feet at the Doctors?
What's the difference between HIV & AIDS ?
Why do i keep getting chest infections!?
I have given up cigs for 4 months now. how long is it before I stop craving.?
What is the most effective time of day to jog?
Now that I turned 75 yesterday, what should I plan for the next 50 years,?
I'm 19 years old. I'm 5'3 and weight 118 lbs. Is 1000 cals enough? should I eat more or less?
What are some helpful tips for someone who is hungry after 7 pm?
If I go from 220 pounds to 170 am I going to have loose and drooping skin?
Am I at a healthy weight?
Can coffee stop me from losing weight?
Im 13 and 5'8 and 140 lbs. am i overweight?
Is being 5'2" weighing 9st 4lb fat?
Would you use a toothbrush made out of cement?
When i go to the Orthodontics office what do i expect?
Hi!!! so'm finally getting my braces.....anyone want to answer some questions for me????
When can i smoke and drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removed?
My sister has tooth pain. I cannot take her to dentist right now. What can i do, she is crying?
Can an overbite cause a speech problem?
Will getting a cavity filled hurt?
Why do people have to get their wisdom teeth removed?
I am getting braces on Tuesday...?
Does getting braces hurt ?
My stomach is killing me and I feel like I’m going to puke.?
I'll try it the other way around. If you are a non smoker, Would you go out with a smoker?
What happens when someone dies?
Is Cancer Preventable ?
Have you ever been operated on?
How quickly would a non-diabetic person die if they injected themselves with insulin?
Can you get breast cancer from wearing a bra to sleep?
Please help me! I think somethin's wrong!?
Why has my heart stopped beatinggggggggggggggggggg...
I get itcy after a shower?
Get rid of Alergies?
Man I hate when I Can't sneeze?
My skin around my eyes is very itchy, does anyone know why?
Nose and throat congestion always. Only one nostril works always allowing free-air. Suggest any medicine/tech.
I have sinusitis. i am suffering from last 2 years. my nose gets blocked often.?
What is the name of anti-allergy pills, which starts with "c", I forgot?
Why are my eyes always bloodshot?
How to raise a child with food allergies?
How to grow a beer belly?
How do i stop not eating?
What can I eat to have some nice smooth pooh???
What are some good songs to get me going at the gym?
Am I fat? im 14 yr old teenage girl that is 5ft 2in and 100 lbs?
I am 5'8" and a size 12 to 14 - do you think I am fat?
How do i put weight on?
How to lose weight really fast?
Diet coke and coke zero?
Eating 400 cals a day...?
My boyfriend has a sty on his eye, his second one this month - how does he get rid of it?
Can you be 11 years old and have a brain tumor?
I think I have an eating disorder?
Is pulling your toes apart good for your body and watching them bleed for hours?
Are Shingles contagious? I am going to visit someone with Shingles?
I need help now!!!!! How can I make my skin clean and clear from acme?
PLEASE HELP I AM CRYING ON THE FLOOR RIGHT NOW please help with bladder issues help please?
Is death a disease?
Who else thinks this too???
Where can I get teeth whiteners?
What to do about uneven teeth?
Can I drink coke with braces???
I was thinking what color braces I should get(what color should I get)?
My teeth are turning yellow! :[ & i brush them twice day .. help?
What Coloured Braces?
My teeth hurt?
How do I get rid of bad breath?
I hate brushing my teeth, should I have them all pulled?
Today the dentist told me I have gum disease...please advise...?
How do i do stop a running nose? I have allergies but I have tried claratin and benedryl doesnt work! HELP?
Anyone suffering with hay fever today?
Are bees out in the winter time?
What on earth do I cook for a celiac with lactose allergy as well?
I want to own a pet, but my little sister and i have horrible allergies..... any suggestions?
What is an affective way to unclog your ears? I put mineral oil (a sugg.) and now its even worse?
Why are my eyes always itchy when I wake up?
What is the best way to stop a bloody nose quickly?
Can you become allergic to new things after being pregnant even if you never had any allergies before?
Am I too fat to wear a bikini? (PIC)?
If your anorexic and you know your skinny, then how....?
Is it healthy to douche both weekly?
What i the easiest and fastest way to lose wight?
What is the best way of losing weight?
Is dark chocolate better to eat then milk chocolate?
Lose 10 lbs in 2 days?
Will i loose weight on a coca cola zero fast?
Should I panic?
Hello. My height is 5 feet 11 and my weight is 117lbs. should I lose weight, gain weight or any sugesstion ?
Can you get spots etc from kissing your partner who has a beard/tash?
Can smoking lead to chronic cough?
How come I use a lot of sunscreen and I still get very tan?
Would you sacrifice your own life for a cure for all human diseases forever, would you honestly do it?
Treatment for a sore throat?
My left armpit has a lumpy rash what could it be?
Are you supposed to brush or floss first?
My seven year old is about to lose her third tooth in just the past month. Is this normal?
Blister inside my mouth?
Is there anything I can buy over the counter to stop a toothache?
Best teeth whitening product?
When they remove your wisdom teeth do they knock you out.?
Guys would you date a girl that was pretty but her teeth were kinda messed up,?
My wisdom teeth?
Can i get a cigerette off u?
How do i get rid of a sunburn?
Should i see a doc. for a lump in my breast?
Do hickies lead to cancer?
Breast Cancer? Am I too young @ 16?
What can cause excessive sweating and hot flushes all the time?
Who will pass away in 2007?
Why people takes drugs and alcohol??is it a psychiatric problem before became addicted?
How fat are you?
Am I a bad person?
Will I lose weight with my diet plan?
What's your number 1 way for losing weight?
How to gain weight?
Can you eat nothing but like 1000 calories of chocolate in a day and still lose weight?
Am i fat because my grandad thinks i am.?
My BF is 19 yrs old a little over 6 ft tall & is158 pounds & he cant gain & wont go 2 doc?
I'm 5'2 113 pounds and im 13 is that fat? Please anwser honestly!?
Bad breath?
Do teeth extractions hurt?
I swallowed my tooth. how long does it take for body to past that tooth. want to recover it. any suggestions
Whats the best way for a 13yro girl to whiten her teeth?
Which painkillers work best for brace pains? Or what else would stop it hurting so badly?
Braces question?
How would I get tested for mercury poisoning from amalgem fillings?
Can you get an infection from a wisdom tooth extraction?
I am getting braces at the end of summer i am scared that they will hurt do they?Help<3?
Vampire teeth?
After I dyed my hair, my ears and head became swollen and my neck is numb....am I ok? And my head itches bad.
" How many of you are allergic to Garlic?"?
My son is suffering from dust allergy .............. some good home remedy?
What are you alergic to?
What does it mean when you get a bloody nose?
What are some at-home remedies for allergies?
Codin is used in cough syrup Is it possible to get addict? If anyone know plz. reply Quik?
My boyfriend has 4 cats...... I'm allergic to cats...what should i do??
I get blurred vision and my pupils of my eyes get dilated It is like a lite headache has anyone heard of this?
Can both eyes be affected with Pink Eye?
This may be gross to ask but...seriously...?
Is diabetes a curable disease?
Have i got anorexia?
What is worse for your body, being too hot or too cold?
I was awake, bed was vibrating, not shaking, and I suddenly became paralyzed and couldnt even speak.?
Is drinking pee good for you ?
Do i have an eating disorder?
I'm only 15, could I have oral herpes?
Am i overweight?
Want to get a flat stomach, but crunches kill my back?
Will banishing soda, sweets and chips in my diet help me lose some weight?
How can i lose 15 kilos in 2weeks???
How do I stop being addicted to chocolate! Help!?
What should you avoid eating and doing when trying to lose weight?
Do genetics have an influence in how tall you are/will be?
Am i fat??
IS baking soda and baking powder the same?
How do i remove a really loose tooth?
My 11 y/o son virtually refuses to properly brush his teeth.?
My teeth really hurt, I went to the dentist today but she said it was stress. That doesn't help me as?
At what age do kids get braces?
My teeth are too white. How to discolour them?
Is toothpaste really necessary?
Should I use water to rinse my mouth after I use mouthwash?
How can i whiten my teeth. Thanks?
I just got my braces...?
I have trouble sleeping!!?
Does anyone know what its called?
A lump on the left breast?
OK, its christmas and the doctors are all shut... help me with my sypmtons?
What is the formal name for the kissing disease?
What is the best for acne?
How do you lose 15 pounds in 3 months?
Is $100 for a one year Membership at a gym too much or a good deal?
Does anyone have a great easy recommendation for weight loss?
How do i stop craving bad foods?
Is it okay to do pushups everday?
Should we exterminate FAT people and solve the worlds obesity health problems?
What happens at an allergy test?
Whats the best way to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks ?
Is this healthy?
What am i allergic to?
If i only drink liquids, about 200 calories a day, for 2 months!?
How can i loose weight FAST!!!!!!!!(AND MAYBE EASY)?
Im stressing bout this.................?
Is 150 pounds too skinny?
Allergy to Penicillin but never had one before... is this possible?
How can i gain weight?
Do I have some sort of reaction to certain fruits?
What did you last scratch?
Is this possible?
Why do people think us british have really bad teeth?
Is a retainer sopose to be painful?
I do wash my teeth with brush, but while brushing my teeth bleed. Is it normal or worrying?
Make an easy 10 points!!!!? give me some ideas for colours for braces?
What is the best way to whiten teeth?
I haven't taken a shower in 3 months and my toe nails turned yellow. how can i make the color go away?
After vomiting 24 hours my tongue is coated and mouth sore and bad taste, is this normal?
This one for those of you who have had shots in your mouth.?
What colour of braces do you think is the best for a girl(not clear)?
Braces...4 days! eek! im scared! Tips? What not to eat? HELP!!!?
Breast Cancer at 12?
Should I be an organ donor?
What fruit does the heart resemble?
Is a blood pressure reading of 178/109 good or bad?
Do cats carry the aids virus?
How can i treat the migraine that i have now?
Why do people get cancer?
My husband has severe scalp psoriasis and no shampoos seem to eleviate the itching. Any advise would be welcom
My gf has very sweaty armpits?
Should Fat people pay more for there bus/train etc fares ?
Do I sound fat?
Should i loose weight?
Im only 13 and im 6'4 and 270 lbs! I need some diet advice!?
I love orange juice, how do i stop?
Smoking to lose weight?
What does everyone think of people who are overweight,or chubby?
5'2 and 145 pounds. Am I fat?
Is it bad to only drink 1 or 2 glasses of fluid a day?
Whats the best way to get rid of toothache without painkillers?
At what point do you need to accept that you should have false teeth?
Top left side of my teeth and gum are painfully swolen.?
I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled, should i "go under" or not?
How to avoid bad smell coming from mouth?
My boyfriend has a litlle problem with bad breath, what causes it and what are the cures for it besides gum?
When do most people get therir wisdom teeth out?
How Much Will It Hurt to Get My 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed?
What type of pain should i be ready for after i get my wisdom teeth pulled out?
Got my braces 2 hours ago and im in pain.........what to do???
My mum has got advance cancer ,she has refuse to eat .?
A friend of mine has allergies she says to an ingredient in wine called sulfites? I can see the problems ....?
Does anyone else have a sore throat (suffering from allergies) today?
Why do I have nosebleeds when im sleeping?
My eyes are always tearing and often get swollen and itchy. i don't think i have allergies. i use eye drops
Is my 19 month old daughter having an allergic reaction?
How can you get rid of your allergies fast?
Everytime I eat peanuts or anything with peanut oil I get violent migrains, any explainations?
What does mold and mildew smell like?
Could my son he is 4 YR old be lactose intolerant? whenever he drinks milk he vomits and gets a tummy ache?
Ive been bitten but i think something wrong?
Do you think I'm fat? 130lbs 19 years old female oh and 5 foot 2?
What would be your perfect weight?
Is this good for a teenage boy to be doing?
I am overweight right?
What is your favourite type of cake? discuss!?
How many press ups can you do?
How do I starve myself?
Does banana makes you put on weight/size?
Does this sound like an eating disorder?
What are the bad effects for skipping breakfast?
I have missed 4 nights of HIV tablets! what do i do???
How do you get rid of hiccups?
HELP! I Need Acne Treatments
What are the chances of dying from blood loss?
I am getting my back tooth took out on the 9th of march and i am worried it is going to hurt can you help?
What should I use to fix the gap between my front teeth?
How do you get ride of toenail fungus?
How do i use it on my teeth??
WHAT HAPPENS IF You Never DrinkWater And Just Soda All Day ?
Help! Need to know!!?
Im afraid of swollowing pills?
Root canals?
I just got braces and I HATE THEM SOOOO MUCH....is there a way to get them taken off..because i DONT WANT them
What is that yellow crust you get on your teeth?
I have extrme pain in my left jaw, cannot chew anything nor can I open the mouth wider. Can somebody suggest?
How false do really really white teeth look?
How do I detox my body/system safely and pain free?
What is the best cure for eye irritation?
The tip of my 2 year olds sons nose keeps going blue why?
My cousin's friend is allergic to water. What does she bathe in??
Is this normal?
Can you be allergic to water? ?
Allergic to fabric softner?
Are people who are allergic to nuts allergic to coconuts too?
Allergy shots?
Should I stop eating the food that I think I'm allergic to?
Am I considered fat? Or Obese?
Ah, what should I do?
Can you really loose weight by throwing up??
Is it unhealthy to eat a whole 8-pack of Reese's cups?
Embarassing but...help with constipation?
What is the difference between anorexia and bolemia???
Is it a good idea to use natural laxatives as a way to lose weight?
Does anyone know of an awesome diet that will help me lose 5 or 10 pounds?
I would like to lose 15 pounds by july 8; is this possible, and how?
Im a 13 yr old girl and 5ft 5. I get very depressed about my apperance. Im a size 6. Am i fat?
How do i tell my girlfriend that i have aids and now she might have them?
What is erythromycin?
How do I get rid of lice?
She gets mad when I ask her to get tested for STds?
Psoriasis... any way to clear it up?
I feel sick !?
I have dry lips all the time. I wear chapstick constantly and I get small white blisters a lot. ADVICE PLEASE!
How long does meth stay inside you?
How often should you floss?
I NEED to pull my own tooth?
Dental, Should It Be Free On The NHS?
How do you pull your own tooth its a baby back tooth HELP?
I m 15 and getting braces , do my friends taunt me ?
How do I get a popcorn kernel piece out of my teeth?
I have a phobia of dentist?
Teeth whitening?
What is your favorite kind of toothpaste, Crest or Colgate?
A Question about braces....?
Please Help Me! Please! I Beg You!?
How much should I weigh?
Is it bad that I'm trying to lose weight?
How do I go about seeing a gynecologist ASAP i think i have an STD?
Can a diabetic patient spread his sickness to others?
Can liver repair itself if cut down on alcohol?
Is it possible to have a blood sugar level of over 500?
I popped a zit right now?
Do i still use protection?
How bad is it if I smoke about 4 cigarettes a day?
I have a soar throat, possibly strept. How do you get rid of it quickly?
Can you catch aids by...?
Why dont they call it teethpaste?
When a body is found badly decomposed, they refer to dental records for ID, how do they find dental records?
Who's afraid of the dentist...why?
I gave myself serious chemical burn using mouthwash for a tooth ache. I still cant taste! Is this permenant?
Could this be a cavity?
Painful teeth after Braces?
In a few more months, im getting my teeth extracted. Does it hurt?
What can I eat after having my wisdom teeth pulled?
My teeth is always bleeding?
Are grillz good or bad for your teeth? Why?
Am I developing allergies to cats?
I am allergic to dairy, wheat, peanuts, corn and soy. Can I survive solely on fruits, vegetables and fish ?
What strange thing are YOU allergic to?
Which one am I most likely allergic to?
Will eating Fabric Softener Sheets Kill me?
Did your lips ever swell up after eating fruit?
What are some side affects of having a peanut allergy?
Where does all the snot come from in your nose?
Anyone have a home remedy for my throaat...?
Could i be allergic to penecillin?
"dirty toy"?
How do I stop breathing but stay alive?
IF there was anything you would change in Ur life?
Problems with diabetes?
One of my teacher's has the curtains closed all the time ... why would she do this?
Mother Died Is There really a Heaven?
I AM ALWAYS COLD. What is wrong with me?
My lips have been dry for the past two days. what can i do stop it?
I have this red lump near my groin I wanted to know what it is and how to cure it?
AM i Healthy...or kinda fat or normal??
Eat alot and Not gain weight?
How much weight can i lose if i have about 650 calories a day
How do I avoid da munchies??
Is Kool-aid bad for you?
Do I weigh the right amount?
Will It Hurt Me?
HELP! toothpaste recommendations!?
Why are tooth crowns so expensive?
Can I sharpen my teeth?
Which toothpaste do you consider best?
I accidentally got gum all over my mouth retainer... how do I get it off?
I have to go to the dentist, should i take my tongue ring out?
Is any one here afraid of the dentist?
Metal question?
How long do i have to wait to smoke cigarettes after i get a tooth pulled?
Possible to get infected with HIV/HEP or anything else, by sharp metal if someone else gets cut by it too?
Quick question about smoking cigerettes....?
What should i do for sleeplessness at night?
IS it possible for a person to be ...... IMMUNE to HIV infection????
Why do girls always go to the bathroom in groups?
My nephew is 5 1/2 yrs old. He shows several characteristics of autism?
How can i stay away from choclote?
Does anyone think this could possibly be true?
Why are adults lactose intolerant?
Whats a good medicine for allergies?
How can you get rid of dandriff?
Which over the counter medicine works best for seasonal allergies?
Can i put benadryl on a bee sting?
It seems when I touch metal there is a spark?
What is the best way to cure a sore throat?
I am allergic to the Christmas tree, what should I do?
Whats the most disgusting thing you ever did?
Do guys really care how much you weigh?
What caused you to start smoking?
Why do people think it's gross to see fat people eat?
Am I too thin?
Would giving a 5 year old boy a hot chocolate drink every day at breakfast time be a good or a bad idea. Why?
How do i get curves and not just fat?
What is the healthest oil to cook with?
Would a 900 calorie a day diet be i good choice?
What should i have for lunch?
How much weight can I lose by Tuesday?
Cost of braces?
I have very bad toothache what do i do?
Is It True That You Can Get Wisdom Teeth When Your 17?
I am getting braces pretty soon what color?
WHY IS IT BAD to make out with bad breath?
How to to get rid of a really bad tooth ache and i don't have a dentist?
Is root canal painful?
Can a tooth infection go away on its own just with antibiotics?
Help!!!!!!!! BRACES?????
How many teeth are you suppose to have on the lower part?
My throats been hurting for months???
Sunburn Help?
Can someone explain to me the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? (In "lay" terms, please!)
What do you do if you are constipated?
If a bottle of Sun-Tan Lotion says, "External Use only," what does that mean?
What is it called when my ears and throat hurts when I swallow?
What would cause white spots to appear on fingernails?
As a nursing student how do you talk to a 14 year old girl that has an STD and had an abortion @ 13?
Dry skin!!!!?
What rhymes with mosquito?
Is this fat?
Is this a good plan?
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!?
5 meals a day? How?
I started gym last week (cardio, plus light weights).. and have gained 2kg since then!!!!!! Help.....?
How often does the average person eat?
I quit smoking 11 days ago --- when should I expect weight gain?
Is 4 sets of 40 pushups everyday enough for a 14 year old girl?
How do you gain weight?
I'm getting braces!!...?
Did you get your wisdom teeh removed? Or do you still have them?
Curing/treating/killing mouth ulcers?
What should I do to remove plaque from my teeth!?
What does a cavity feel like?
Smoke after wisdom teeth removal?
Does braces hurt?
Cleaning teeth with braces?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt A LOT?
HELP!! My dog just ate 9 over the counter allergy pills?!?!?
What should i do with my doctor? plz help!!?
I have bad allergies!!! what can i do?
Terrible allergies?
What can I do to unclog my nose??
Perfumes makes me feel sneezing& fever.is this my imagination?
Banning peanuts at restaurants??
Gluten allergy?
My daughter had a reaction after chewing big red gum; mouth and throat burning, nausea, diarrhea and shaking??
What should i say to a girl when their mom dies?
What is hepatitis B?, is there an A or C too?
Why 90% of americans are still using microwaves in their kitchens if it's known to be bad for our health?
Has any one in your family ever had a stroke?
Im 14 years old and i dont know if i should tell my mum that i sometimes get bleeding from my rectum!?
Been in hospital and now i am left with sticky patches on my body. will not come off in shower.any suggestions
When i turn my head my kneck is creaky?
Does splenda make you gain weight?
Is it really more beneficial to drink bottled water than tap? Which bottled waters are the 'best' and why?
My other girl ask why do young 18 yr old boys think only size 0 is cute?
Tea With Milk?
Does shopping count as exercise?
Why do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries and a DIET coke.?
I am 5ft tall and 98 lbs. Am I overweight?
How can i lose 50-100 pounds in 2 months without interrupting my school work???
How much water do you drink daily?
Does eating dinner at 9:00 occasionally, make you gain weight?
Can you die from a tooth ache?
Is it true that if you have wisdom teeth, they will cause you anxiety?
I have a metallic taste in my mouth, what could be causing it?
Can a tooth decay cause medical problems?
What can you use for bad breath?
Anyone know a good way to whiten teeth?
I have a sore inside my mouth. What could it be?
HELP getting braces in 3 days does it hurt when they put it on?
Dentist ROAR?
How can I fight my bad breath?
What is your phobia?
What is wrong with me?
If i kiss a girl that had mono three years ago, could i still contract the virus?
Someone please help me this person could be dieing!!!?
A buddy of mine (who is 14), when he gets excited, stretches out his arms/fingers/hands and does this...?
I can't tell my left from my right. Who can I turn to?
I have a lump on my chest and I do not know what it is?
What would you do if you were told you have breast cancer? I have two children?
What can you do about dry cracked skin?
Is this life threatening??
What is the best thing to curb the itches? something I can buy, or do please?
Dry cough remedy?
I am a milk man sould i do this job if im lactose INTOLERANT?
I am Lactose intolerant so eat no dairy products,?
Carpet allergy.. I can smell the dust in the room. What are my options?
Does benedryl help with peanut allergies?
Ways to cure allergies?
I want to get a six pack! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!?
How can I lose atleast 5 pounds in 2 weeks and all over?
I just started being bulimic. should i stop? if yes why?
Another one of those am I fat questions...?
Would drinking loads of water make you lose weight?
Is it healthy to eat less then 400 calories per week ?
How can I lose weight?
How much should a 5'1 foot girl weight?
Do I eat too much?
If you let a tooth go without treatment will it eventually kill you?
I have impacted wisdom teeth. How bad is it to have all four of them removed surgically?
Best and quickest way to get rid of mouth ulcers?
I am 19 and still have a baby tooth?
Tooth problems!!?
Do braces hurt because i'm getting them tommarow..?
My oral surgeon says my wisdom teeth need 2 come out cuz my gums and jaw are infected, but there is no pain?
I'm having 3 Wisdom Teeth out, under local anesthetic. REALLY SCARED. Will it really hurt, PLZ ANSWER?
I have a hole in my tooth and cant go to the dentist for a while, any suggestions?
Does anyone else think that breast cancer is caused by deodorant?
Should terminally ill people have the right to decide when to die ?
Bacne. 10 pts best answer!?
What can i do to get my doctor to prescribe me xanax?
My heart hurts...?
Whats the easiest way to lose weight fast?
I need to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. I hate exercise (gyms) and diet food. Is there hope for me?
120 pounds?
How do you control the munchies?
If your husband, wife, or whoever gained 75 pounds, would that be a turnoff for you?
What are some fast and easy ways to drop 10 pounds? FAST!?
12 POINTS FOR A GOOD ANSWER: is it possible to lose 9 kilos in 1 month?
What are good foods to eat to gain weight?
What is the best way for me to loose 1-3 lbs. before Monday?
Have you ever seen anything like this? (not for the faint of heart)?
I have a bodily functions question?
Please help! i been pissin out blood?
Acne problem please help?
Is this true about cancer?
What is Puss made from?
Is it true that cuts on hands and palms don't scar?
One of my friend has been infected with ghonorhea.what medicine should he drink to get well?
Does anybody else ever start gagging for no reason whatsoever?
Anyone ever get their wisdom teeth pulled.?
Do people really notice crooked teeth?
Im getting braces soon and?
How old were you when you got your first cavity?
How do you feel about going to the dentist?
Which is worse, brushing without flossing or flossing without brushing?
How can i make my teeth whiter?
Would you suggest braces for a 28 year old male?
How much does it cost to buy a full set of false dentures?
Relief to dandruf?
What would be a good laundry detergent for me and my sensitive skin?
I think I am allergic to my acrylic nails? Please help!?
How do stop a nose bleed?
What happens when you get an allergy test?
What is the treatment for itchy skin?
My child has a rash all over her body its really itchy and is not bumpy it is red and purple coloured?
Why do people get pink eye i got two right now and i wonder if its because of my contacts...?
How can I prevent myself from getting diabetes which runs in my family?
If i wanted to get checked 4 stds and make sure that i have a healthy body,wut would i say when i call the doc
I need help with acne. right now i wash my face with clearasil and a rough scruber followed by clearasil toner
I always feel dizzy. Anything i can do make it stop. Please.?
What are good things to eat when you have the flu?
My Son Pierced His Own Ear?
I can't gain weight?
I am 81 pounds, at 5"3.........?
What are the best and fastest wasys to lose body fat?
Am i fat still?
I need to know how to lose 15 more pounds for my boyfriend?
I'm 13 year old and i weigh 135 pounds. I need to lose weigh, but how?
Whats the best way to work out?
Exercising to much for 13???
Girls what do you weigh?
Why didnt anyone tell me getting your wisdom teeth taken out was pure tourture???
American teeth?
What causes bad breath?
Braces question?
Dentist question, ROUTE CANAL????
What is the best way to whiten teeth?
Why do all americans think that us brits have no teeth?
Tooth Brushing?
Why is it that Dentists never seem to want to talk or ask you questions until it`s near impossible to respond?
How can you lose pounds only in 30 days?
Acne!!!!!!......Help Me Plz?!?
How do you cure a uncurable disease?
Why might not a doctor give you medication when you have a viral disease?
Everytime i urinate there is a burning sensation and it really hurts what should i do?
I have diabetes, I have no other diseases, why can't I reuse my insulin needles?
Do you think HIV/AIDS is a myth and if not should we go for mandotory testing like some other countries >?
What's an std and what does it do to your body?
Are you a sleepwalker?? Is it wrong to wake the sleepwalkers up?
Has anyone lost 15 pounds?
Am I too Skinny For my Age?
Is vinager good or bad for you?
Am I fat (pic)? Plz be honest?
What can you do if you get hungry ?
How Do I Lose Weight??
How can i become fatter?
10 points best answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What color braces should i get?
Getting braces tomorrow!?
How to tell someone their breath smell bad without hurting their feeling?
Why is it that some (maybe most) children cry and are very fearful of the dentist's chair??
What will hurt more: Going to the dentist or commiting suicide?
What can i use besides BRACES to straighten my teeth?
How to stop myself from grinding teeth? And how to prevent it?
How do i let my teeth become white?
How long do braces have to stay on?
Do you have to pay for emergency dental treatment in the uk?
Have you a food allergy and how do you cope with it?
What foods are people generally allergic to?
Why do you have to say "Bless You" when a person sneezes?
Is it possible to be allergic to??
What type of shower is better for itches; hot or cold?
Am I sick or is it allergies?
Can a sore throat be an allergic reaction?
How do I get my nose to stop running!?
What are you allergic to and what are your symptoms?
Beef suddenly gives my mother hives.?
What is more painfull than death?
Is my cousin on crack cocaine?
I keep having heart attacks!!!!?
How do you stop your friend from spreading HIV deliberately?
Should i eat this one last bite of cheez its?
Which fruit diabetic patients can eat freely?
I've got conjunctivitis should i be at work?
Do I need to lose weight?
I just finished my workout program. I am sweaty and smell but I feel great. HOW WAS YOUR WORK OUT TODAY?
How can I lose 50 pounds?
Am I fat...?
Do i weight too much??
I wanna lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
For teens at the age of 15 or higher, how many hours of sleep do they need each day?
Someone help me! i want to be skinier!?
Losing weight...cause i am fat!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I take time off work when I have my wisdom teeth removed?
Whats a good toothpaste for people with really sensitive teeth?
How to get ciggarette smoke "tar" out of your teeth? HOMEMADE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Root canal does it hurt?
Had a filling a week ago and my tooth still hurts - is this normal?
My fiance has dental hygiene issues and I need help?
Can i get away with gluing my teeth retainers back together?
I am afriad of getting braces because of what people at school will do and say?
Hi , i have spots , blackheads and acne all over my face do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
Is this an eating disorder?
Some advice please?
My friend says she got herpies from a public restroom Is this possible?
I saw my son in a car smoking something that he was continuously lighting. Is that crack?
Is kicking the smoking habit harder the 2nd time around?
Does Coca Cola really help stomach problems?
I have piles.......... will toothpaste do the trick?????????????????
Is smoking weed good for you?
Im 11 and was wondering how to lose 5 pounds fast?
Does eating laxatives help you loose weight?
Does this sound like the correct weight?
Do u think there are woman who are physically stronger than avg built man?
Is eating tuna everyday for 4-6 weeks (and nothing else) bad for you?
What is the best way to stay fit without going to a gym?
Am i too tall for my age?
Do i look toned or not?
Why is Child Obesity more common in low income families than high income families?
Can my child be so allergic to peanutbutter-.?
I'm really scared.(Question about hives, please help me)?
Is anyone here allergic to alcohol? I think I am, I need your advice.?
Is milk worst than second-hand smoke?
My nose seems very dry and I keep getting nosebleeds?
My right eye is swollen from my allergies. Should I wash it out with Diet Pepsi or regular Coke?
Sick!!! Need some help.?
Hives on Legs after shower?
I am allergic to metal so i cant were my watch. is there a dip or cover i can put on the back?
Are twins allergic to the same things?
How can I make my teeth bad or crooked to get braces?
Best brand of toothpaste on the market?
I have just gotten braces and I have taken pain reliever but the pain wont go away. What do I do??!!?
Childs first visit to the dentist?
Why are an increasing number of dentists not taking on NHs patients?
Toothache, Ouch!! Any remedies to help relieve the pain before i see a dentist?
Is bubble gum unhealthy? Like bubblicious or orbitz, trident, etc...?
Sedation for tooth extraction?
Best teeth whitener??
Why has my asthma suddenly got worse?
Is HIV AIDS is transfer due to mosquitoes?
How do you stop a 2 yr old from talking???
Can you really get cancer from eating burnt food?
Home remedies for acne???
I like to leave butter on counter so it is soft..is this dangerous?
Diet Pills ???
Is this bad 4 me and unhealthy?
I am an obese teen, hear me out?
I'm 17 years old, 5'2'' and 103 lbs. Am I fat?
Am I fat???
What kind of breakfast do you like?
Any tips for making yourself not feel hungry?
What is this on my belly? (picture)?
I am trying to find a good diet pill does anyone know any that work?
I'm getting braces soon.?
Does gritting your teeth in your sleep mean you are stressed?
Why are Brits known for having such horrible teeth?
A cure for bad breath?
I have bad tooth ache hurts very bad, cant afford dentist right now if i go to ER will they help me? thanx?
Braces!!!???? question?
Help[braces!][read for more]?
What Are Braces Like?
Why do people call a toothbrush a toothbrush? shouldn't it be called a teeth brush?
Whenever I am exercising my feet start to tingle and go numb, and they burn..can anyone tell me why?
Who doesn't use sunscreen?
Why is my head so ichy?!?
What would cause my daughter's eyes to be yellow?
I have bad acne, how do i clear it up??
Why do you thing that God created universe but he can not cure or heal cancer patient or other diseases?
What does perforated mean?
Does windex really clear acne?
Am I fat ?
Whats the best way to reduce this stomach...pic included!?
What's the perfect weight for a guy who is 5'10"?
Did I eat okay?
Im so busy i forget to eat and ive lost weight. am i too skinny now?
Is it ok to sleep with a block of cheese?
Someone tell me I am right and my stupid friend is wrong?
Can you be allergic to people?
What is your weirdest allergy?
May anyboday have allergy of eggs ?
What causes hives and how do i get rid of them?
How can I get rid of mucus in my throat due to allergies?
My mams feeling sick and she isnt getting better?
What are some good remedies or medicines for bad allergies?
How do I get rid of acute sinus pain?
Why do i throw up everytime i drink cofffee?
Does getting a filling hurt?
I am scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled? What should I do?
Help Me About Braces!?
I have a bad breath? what should i do?
Are fish tanks in dentist waiting rooms tacky?
I want braces:) Do You?
When you brush your teeth, do you rinse the toothpaste off?
My son has really bad teeth. He is 3 and a half and already has a crown and 2 fillings.?
My gums bleed everytime i floss them and they hurt i brush 2x a day help me please?
I have been told by a few people that when your sleeping that you eat spiders?
Anything besides chapstick?
I just had some blood work done and noticed that the lady taking the blood cut the tip of the glove off !?
Will I be okay? I have blood in my bowel.?
What is a good shampoo for dandruff?
Whats world's number 1 killer disease?
Whats wrong with big girls who are trying to lose weight?
How do i loose 10 lbs in about 2 weeks?
How can i lose 90 pounds by january so that i look good for my wedding?
Calling all teens!! What are your weight loss sucesses?
Will this help me lose weight?
I need to lose weight as quick as possible!?
Is jumb rope a good cardio???
What is an easy way to get an 8 year old to swallow a capsule?
Whats the best food/drink to get your bowls moving?
Im trying to lose 10 pounds by march 1 wat can i do?
Does this scare you ....?
Stopping smoking - how long will i feel this bad!?
Can alcoholism be treated?
Can a stomach virus last for four or five days?
I really need to make money, but am hiv positive? advice?
My acne when will it go away?
How to get rid of a hickey fast?
If i am diebetic is it true that i can't have a baby?
I'd love too wear braces......?
When you have a cavity,will it go away even if u don't go to the dentist, if so, how long?
Does it hurt when you first get your braces?
Where is a good place to go if I dont have dental insurance.?
I'm ready to get over my fear of the dentist, any suggestions?
Do root canals and teeth extractions hurt?
What causes bad breath and how can we overcome it?
I have a bad toothache, what should I do?
My teenth are are yellowish, i want to make them shinning white, how can i do that?
I have crooked teeth what is an homemade way to fix them?
Mosquito's?? What is the best way to stop them biting? Without using Deet?
So i cant drink milk is there any thing that is substitued for it like any other food?
Is eczema every triggered by an allergy.?
Am i suffering with hayfever?
My son wakes up with swollen lips.?
Which type of room air filter helps the best with dog/dust allergies?
My grandchild suffers from allergies and I am wanting her to visit me but?
Am I allergic to these things?
What are you allergic to?
I only breathe thru one nostril...is this normal?
How many sit ups should I do right now?
Can you please help? I need a change!?
What's th fastest way to lose weight?
How can i feel full without eating too much?
How do I avoid eating?