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I'm getting braces because of a overbite, will they make my life misrable or will I get usted to it?
Braces. pain. makeout. help please.?
Braces color?
What is the best way to a whiter smile?
I gag very easy. I am getting braces tomarrow. Are they going to do anything to make me gag?
My daughter gained three pounds after having the chicken pox, should I have her jaw wired shut?
Is anyone out there gettin' as much?
How many sets of baby teeth does a child have?
I have braces... should I use an electric touthbrush?
Can you keep passing an STD back and forth to you and your partner if you have one??
I'm a snorer, probably due to alcohol consumption and cigarettes...I love my girlfriend...but I love my beer
Is anyone in the world immune to the HIV virus?
I was sick over the weekend....throwing up and the other way....i did?
How does a kid say no to surgery?
How do I get the doctor to listen to me?
Make yourself throw up?
Am i fat at 124lbs at 5' 4" ?
Decided to stop eating to lose weight - anorexia people only?
Does anyone know the best way to get rid of abdominal fat?
How do i stop eating so much so i can lose weight?
Am i the right weight for my age and height?
What would I look like if I lost 10 pounds? I am 5'4" 93 lbs?
Is whisky better for losing weight over beer?
I am 15. 5'8 and 200 pounds i am only going to eat 3 fruits aday but only drink water and run alot everydayy
What the best way to keep mosquito's from biting you? I am getting munched alive?
When a tobacco consumption is about 40 a week is it too much?
My tooth is aching, it has a hole, any remedy?
If you could live to be 120, would you?
My 17 year old son has a hernia. My neighbor says he is to young to have a hernia. Is he too young or can?
Emergency please read?
Do I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled? Or is it optional?
How much would it hurt if I extracted a broken, aching molar myself?
How do I stop grinding my teeth?
Wisdom teeth? Please answer?
Is it bad to brush your gums?
What does the toothfairy do with all those teeth?
Why do you need to wear your retainer?
How often do you brush your teeth?
Who determines if you have to get braces your parents or the dentist?
My throat really hurts..(allergies or no?)?
What's the best way to get rid of house dust mites?
Why does my partner keep waking up with a runny nose and cold like symptoms?
Running nose, eyes burn, sore throat?
Allegic to alcohol??
How do i sleep with a blocked up nose?
Does anyone else have an allergy to water?
Fury Tongue?
Why do I sneeze in the sun?
Do i qualify for medical exemption as i cannot eat anything with wheat or Gluten in it?
Is urea urine? I bought a cream for my cracked heels and a main ingredient is urea?
How are we supposed to lead a healthy life style when everything around us is conspiring to make us fat?
My obese friend was prescribed a diet where she eats nothing but meat?
What are the side effects to being bulimic?
Should a fat man go jogging?
How can i loose weight??
Aren't you SICK of all these health warnings. I mean what's the point of living if u can't enjoy crisps?
I cannot lose weight and have bad breath?
Why do feel so lazy and tired in school?
Do you think a size 12 or 13 in women's clothing is fat?
Alcoholism - I've drank a lot for the past 5 years. I stopped and now my entire body?
What should I do for my body acne?
Can u get HIV or another STD from making out w/ a person who has HIV or annother STD.?
How can i treat my sore throat?
What is the dumbest home remedy you have ever heard of? And did it work?
Whats the best naturalremedy for headlice for children?
How to get rid of stinky breath...PLZ HELP!?
What kinda toothpaste do you use?
What to eat with braces on.
Will it hurt?
Is it bad to eat a bannana when ur sick??
Can a 12 yr old take regular asprin my girl has toothache and its all i have in the house?
Why is a tooth brush, called a tooth(singular) brush, when it cleans teeth??just a daft one for you!!?
What is your opinion about this image? What is happening?
Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
When getting a shot at the dentist's office.....?
If you was told by your doctor, you had one hour to live, what would u do in this last one hour of your life?
Besides genetics and age,what causes wrinkles?
Can you die from a bladder infection?
Can I refuse to be treated by a Muslim doctor/nurse?
Can u get an std from this?
Ok how much do u weigh??( expecially people who are 5-4- 5-5??)?
What are you thoughts about a woman/girl who does NOT have a perfectly flat belly?
How do you get rid of a cold sore?
Do you think you are taller than me?
What should I do about my overweight friend?
What foods can u eat for instant energy???
What would you do if I told you that you were fat?
Can u loss weight drinking lemon juice with no sugar?
My boyfriend says I am fat I am 5'3 and weigh 160?
Am I too skinny?
Does Starving yourself work?
Does it hurt when you get your wisdom teeth removed?
I am going on a date with someone, how can i keep my breath fresh?
Too late for braces?
Why do we have wisdom teeth?
Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth cut out?
Severe pain please help!!!!?
I get very scared at the dentist what helps relax you?
How often do you change your tooth brush?
Got a tooth pulled and its still bleeding like two hours later!?
Do you mind?
What are the best remedies for hayfever?
Can chocolate kill you?
I was covered in bird mess today - should I be worried?
What is good for runny nose and nasal congestion probably due to allergies?
I tested my five yr old daughter before breakfast and her blood sugar level was 188,what should I do?
My friend told me she has crabs and she doesnt know how to get rid of them. i told her to go to the doctor but
What is the best remedy for Cat allergies?
My eyes are itching very badly and i cant stop sneezing, what's wrong with me?
Is there something wrong with me?
Help. I'm dating a girl with bad asthma and/or allergies to cigarette smoke and I smoke. What do I do?
Do any of u do this ???
I need people to help me out!! please i am begging!!?
Is it possible to be allergic to water or the chlorine in the water?
What is a good remedy fo uninary tract infection?
Am i allergic to christmas trees?
What weird scents do you like?
How many times do you have to be stung by a bee to get allirgic to the bee? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 or more ?
What are some fizzy drinks that can help an upset stomach???
Need to lose weight fast!?
How tall is the average 12 year old supposed to be?
What will walking 2 miles a day do for me?
Not hungry, but I'm dizzy when I don't eat?
Can tea be included in your daily intake of water?
Without looking, do you know how much alcohol you have in the house?
How much exercise should I be doing everyday to stay healthy?
I can't run... help?
Heeeelllpp! i hate myy smile!?
How often do you floss your teeth?
Ouch ouch ouch?
How to deal with a tooth ache?
I just got braces and i accidently at a cracker and now whenever i put pressure on my teeth it hurts?
What can you eat with braces?
Does this happen to anyone else? (Gum problem)?
I'm scared to get braces... please help?
Is anyone else terrified of dying????
Will any man accept i have Herpes?
Can H.I.V be passed through the saliva to someone with a cut in their mouth through kissing?
I Have a friend who has diabetes and she hates it what can She do?
Is it bad to smell the smoke coming from a smoker sitting next to you?
Itchy head _not lice?
How much should a 12-year-old girl weigh?
Is 126lbs too much for a 5 foot 3 inch 12 year old girl?
Im emo and i need to loose weight and fast any thing that will help and were can i get random color extension?
What can i do to lose weight?
How can i lose 300 lb in 3 weeks?
I am so confused... 5 foot 6 100 pounds?
Hi. I'm fat and I'd like to lose weight, but I don't want to diet or exercise. Wat should I do?
I dont use bad words oh ok!?
I need to lose 4 lbs in 5 days??
Am I fat??????
Is it possible to be allergic to cigarette smoke?
Hives and rash, 3 days AFTER stopping 10 days of Cipro?
How can the percentage of pregnancies be decreased in America?
Is it possible to be allergic to another person?
Should I have the shots?
What should u do when u get sting from bee?
My ear has been stopped up for from Sunday to Thursday. What can I do to open it up?
Help! I want a cat but my Dad is allergic to cats and dogs!?
When someone sneezes, why do others say "bless you"?
What is the best 4 cure 4 hayfever?
2 wisdom teeth getting taken out?
Has my dentist committed malpractice?
Brace face?
On a scale of 1-10, how bad is getting your tooth pulled?
What can I do to turn my ugly teeth nice and straight? I have pics too. Please answer me this time!?
Does it hurt wen u get braces???
Are there any homemade recipes or concoctions for whitening teeth using household ingredients?
Does anyone know any good treatment for mouth ulcers?
How do you get rid of that nasty taste in your mouth?
Had wisdom teeth out on Friday last...and I am still really swollen....?
Is a cold sore and herpes the same thing?
My breast has different size?
When was the first artificial heart implanted?
Can you develop an alergy later in life or are you born with it?
What can be done to reduce the spread of HIV&AIDS; in both presence and future generation.?
Will you kill your child or not?....?
How to get veins poping out your forearms?
Im thinking of starving myself just for a week though... what do you all think?
Looking at my avatar, Do you think im slightly overweight ?
WHICH crash diet will get me to lose weight the fastest?
What's the most healthiest breakfast??
How much shuld i weigh?
How much do you have to weigh to be obese?
I am a 14 years old girl. I 'm only 5'3. How can I grow taller(by a natural way)?
Can u tell me if I'm fat or not??
Vampire teeth surgery?
General Anaesthetic?
Wisdom teeth out tommorow words of encouragement please!?
How much does a root canal hurt?
My partner's jaw hurts on one side when he eats!?
Can you get tartar from kissing a smoker?
My braces hurt soo freekin much?
Can not brushing your teeth kill you?
What Brand of TOOTHPASTE do you use?
My mouth kills..?
What is the deadliest disease?
I have a lisp its where i cant pronounce my S's properly how do i get rid of it?
How do get zits away fast?
I'm always cold. I wear pants and hoodies year round...?
Is eating a cigarette as bad for you as smoking it?
How do i cure a cold sore?
I've just given up smoking. How can I get rid of all the Tar I had accumulated in my lungs all over 30 years?
MRSA does anyone know of some natural remedies that could help please?
Should people drink milk when they are sick??
How do i get rid of my sinuses?
Is there a test to find how what kind of allergy a person has (like mites ...)?
How can i deal with this?
I Suffer From Eczema - Help?
If you put eyedrops in drinkable water can it give you diarreah?
I am allergic to my cat, what should i do?
Is Benadryl (tablets) only for nasal allergies?
What can you do to get rid of beef curtains?
Is there any thing you can do that will make you lose weight fast?
What is the best and easiest way to stay up all night long?
Wot do u think of what i eat ???
How often should i weigh myself?
How do i loose 20 pounds FAST??
Why are Americans so big (not fat)?
Ok im on a diet !!! is want to know if wendys chilli is really bad to eat while on a diet? if anyone could?
I NEED TO GAIN 5 pounds asap..?
How can I lose weight fast but without pills?
I Peed Blood This Morning. Can Anyone Help?
Injections-im scared! help?
Does anyone know how I can control my blood sugar?
Is it possible for a diabetic to become doctor?
Does eating ice cream make your flu worse?
Why do i vomit blood after alcohol?
What were to happen if I tried to remove my own wisdom teeth myself?
My filling fell out!!?
When you are in the shower, do you brush your teeth?
HELP GIRLS!!! is white teeth a turn on?
How long should it take to brush teeth properly?
What can you do for bad breath?
Can you develop tooth sensitivity?
I have bad breath plese help?
My teeth are yellow how do i get them white.....?
Why i bleed when im flossing ?
I am 119 pounds and im 5'1 is that too big??
Does 10 minutes of exercise do anything?
Am i a good size?
Fat thin or average?
Am I fat??
How much water is a person suppose to drink in one day?
Does any body know how to gain weight easily ?
Are fat people really to blame?
Should I worry about my weight?
Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?
Can flea's pass diseases onto humans?
What do you think about the smoking ban?
Causes of obesity?
Our son is 7years old he has wax in his ears it nearly blocks his ear and is very crusty and hard?
Do you pick your nose?
Entire Body Itching...?
Does an alcoholic beverage exist that contains no traces of wheat or yeast? If so, what is it?
How does seafoods like lobster, crab and squid can cause food allergy (e.g. skin swelling and itchiness)?
I just ate cantaloupe and now my face & arms are red and burning a little?
Has anyone heard of an allergy to shave gel?
What helps keep down the dust in a home? We keep the windows shut, dust once a week, but have excessive dust!?
What things are use full for getting rid of eczema?
Stuffy nose?
What do you do about puffy circles under eyes?
How old were you when your wisdom teeth came in?
How many times do u brush ur teeth per day ?
Is general anaesthesia ok for the removal of wisdom teeth?
What can I do to remember to floss daily?
Bad breath , plz help?
What is a good way to make my teeth white?
On a scale from 1 to 10???
How do i get my teeth white?
Have any advice for wisdom tooth pain?
I just got metal braces this morning. Everything I try to eat causes me pain. Any advice on what I should eat?
How much weight will i lose in 5 days?
Is 800 calories a day to little?
What vegetable can be classifed as a fruit?
Is it at all posible to lose fat in 10 days?
What meal do you most often skip, which do you NEVER skip (eg. breakfast, lunch, dinner)?
What to do when you feel the urge to eat?
How can you eat more and still loose weight?
How do i get taller?
Is this an average size? fat? thin?
Would you put a nine year old on a diet?
I think my life is over.?
Non Smokers Only........Worth 10 points?
Should the elderly be killed off by the age of 65?
How can one person be hot and one be cold at the same temperature?
How do I know if I am an alcoholic?
What do you to withstand the itch from mosquito bites?
When donating blood do you get money?
Zits.....very bad plzzz help...?
Do over the counter yeast infections medicines work?
Do you think a white smile makes a person look cleaner?
What color is the handle on your toothbrush?
6 year old to have molar tooth taken out - local or general aneasthetic?!?
Braces.....2 Years?
How can I control my bad breath?
How do I get extremely white teeth in the next hour?
Today whilst in the bath i was brushing my teeth and my little boy knocked my head and i swallowed..?
Do braces hurt when you get them on or off?
What's good for a tooth ace.?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
My sisters nose bleeds alot .And strings of blood come out is it normal???
Is my boyfreind going thru puberty?
How do I stop my runny nose? Its thin as water and my nose is like a running tap!?
Will my head explode?
Can you be allergic to bread?
Is it safe for a person with seafood allergies to swim in the ocean or go to the beach?
Do YOU get SICK this time of year?????
My nose is clogged up i cant get to sleep what can i do?
I took a perscription pill that wasnt mine, and now i can hardly move, what should I do?
What is a good medicine to take for a runny nose, conjestion, cough and itchy eyes?
What is the mental disorder known as when someone believes that they are mentally someone else?
How do i check if i have stds?
My doctor is ignoring me.?
Can someone help me..??
What does it mean when you bleed from your bottom?
If I wanted to be a model, what is a good weight?
I got a stuffed hamster at my church's rummage sale but it gave fleas to me and my kids, can we sue?
What deadly respiratory virus, spread via mouse dung, does not respond to conventional drugs?
Is it safe to eat steak whose doneness is other than well done?
Is losing 20 pounds in 2 months healthy?
What's the best (and fastest) way to lose weight in your tummy?
How can I get rid of bad acne?
Do you think I'm fat?
How do you get rid of light head and dizziness?
What are signs you need your wisdom teeth pulled???
Bad Breath.....?
Whats ur phobia?????
Why do some people have crooked teeth?
Should i go to the dentist??
How come when I floss between a certain two tooths, the floss smells?
Should braces correct an overbite in addition to making the teeth look straight?
What is some good advice for post-wisdom teeth removal?
How do you clean a toothbrush?
My stupid tooth broke in half !!! Its killing me--what do I do?
Whats are the chances of catching HIV?
Can anybody tell me whats wrong with me?
What do you use to relieve sever back pain?
I've been bulimic for about a year..?
How do you have a baby??
Getting rid of acne!?
I have the flu-how do i get better without taking medicine?
Other names for vaginia?
I have had a headache for 3 days now .. nothing works , any suggestions ?
Am i fat for my age?
My height is 5ft 8 and weigh 156lbs. I have a belly but it is not huge. Do I qualify to be a model?
How Do I Lose 10 Pounds Quick?
Can you eat anything as long as you burn calories?
Who am I ? Please take the time to read the details..?
What relieves a cold??
I have allergies to dogs andcats. I want to get a dog for my kids. Will I get used to the dog?
How do you know if you're allergic to something, but you can't figure out what?
Why do my eyes become red when I go to the swimming pool?
Whats the best way to get rid of mucus in the throat?
Why is my eye twiching?
When I wake up my voice is gone? Throat filled with mucus?
Why do I have bags under my eyes when I wake up? Can I stop it?
Who else wishes that the drill at the dentists was silent?
I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday.?
How many times do you brush your teeth in a day?
Ooooo i have to go to the dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Would it be inconsiderate to pour 5 quarts of motor oil on my wife while she is sleeping?
What are good home remedies to use for toothaches?
Toothache-what can i use please!?
Are dentists allowed to draw up prescriptions, just like doctors, here in the UK?
Why dont teachers let you chew gum in class?
HELP!!!! How much do getting fillings hurt? rate from 1-10 10being excruciating pain?
The question about suicide.....?
Stop Smoking Help?
What does it feel like when your being put under anesthesia?
My grandma died today can someone explain how?
No heart problems but yet I still suffer very swollen ankles.....?
Since lysol kills 99.9 % of viruses....does that include std's?
Why do I feel so cold all the time?
Is my weight normal?
Is it true that if you don't eat after 6pm, it helps you lose weight?
Drinking Beer and Dieting?
Would you consider me to be in shape??? (PICTURES!)?
Do You Eat When You Are Bored?
Am I fat, i'm 15 and I weigh 85 kg?
Starving Myself???
How many times per day do you have a bowel movement? (sorry)?
Ok, prom is coming up, I need to lose 300 lbs by Friday, what should I do?
Question 4 girls.....what is the first thing u look in the guy?
I keep having these weird dreams?
Some crazy dentist said I needed WORK on my teeth?
How do i go about asking my dentist for braces when i am in my 30s. will he laugh at me?
My wisedom teeth are comming up normal but they hurt so bad?
Does anyone ever floss?????
When you get your wisdom teeth extracted, should I be sedated or opt for just the local?
I need advice,how to stop biteing my nails.....plz?
Getting my Wisdom Teeth Out?
Ouch! Just got braces today and they hurt. Need some advice...?
What can lessen the pain of a canker sore?
What is the largest mammal?
What can I do to cure my skin?
HELP!!! I'm in some serious pain and don't know what to do....?
When I drink my face goes red.?
Smoking! Who wishes they`d never started?
I have had blocked ears 4 two weeks now i have tried everythink even antibiotics any suggestions?
Is there a cure for aids yet?
Once your 40 are you passed it?
Is skipping the odd meal a safe and effective way of controlling your weight?
Is being 5ft 9 and 147pounds considered overweight?
Are your thighs supposed to bulge when you sit down?
Is a size 7 jeans skinny, nornal, chubby, or fat?
Ok i need to loose weight kinda help me?
FAT OR SKINNy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do you do to stop feeling hungry?
Does anyone actually eat 2000 calories a day?
New year resolutions !!?
Why is it not good to eat after 9:00PM?
Am scared to death is it lethal? Please read?
What are the other names to call people that are handicapped?
If you smoke cigs and you know it could kill you, then does that mean you are suicidal?
Can you die from HIV?
Acne problems?
What does a lump in your arm pit mean?
Can asthmatics smoke?
Why do you say bless you when someone sneezes?
I have a bad perspiration problem I can't seem to get rid of. What can I do?
Where can i buy baking soda?
Tongue Piercing?
Anybody ever had any teeth out?
Do you vormit when u brush your teeth?
Do u like to brush your teeth in the shower??
My son chipped off half of his front upper tooth.?
What is the side effects wearing teeth braces?
I wanna make my teeth wigther?
Braces in Middle School: Which Color?
Is this an alergic reaction?
Tattoo concern?
£1.50 for a packet of Lockets????
Good way to reduce allergens in the home?
Heeellpp!! REally important!!!?
Help im sick for a week?
Do you wipe or flick your bogeys?
Is it possible to be allergic to water. please help what can i do.......???
Coughing in a Sanitary Way?
What is a healthy diet for a 13 year old?
Do i need to lose weight?
How much weight will i lose if i starve my self for a week or to?
Do breasts shrink when you lose weight?
11 yr old son?
Am i fat or not?
I'm working out but instead of losing weight, I'm gaining weight, why?
My friend took 17 laxatives....could that hurt her??
Is there anything as big bones?
Ok, this is a tad disgusting!?
Can you catch something by sitting on public toilets?
How can i get rid off my migraine?
Any reason NOT to get a flu shot?
Is there a cure for high blood pressure?
Do you feel the USA should provide free heatlh care?
If you are allergic to peanuts, does that mean you can eat other nuts too?
Is it possible to be allergic to chlorine in swimming pools?
I am almost at a panic stage.......?
I have to get braces what do they do when they put them on and does it hurt?
How many fillings do you have?
Will penicillin work for an infected wisdom tooth?
Anyone here chew tobacco?? I like it a lot, but exactly how unsafe is it?
Why is it impossible to breath and swallow at the same time?
How do u get rid of bad breath?
What can I do to get white teeth?
Tooth extraction really hurt?
Does everyone have to get their Wisdom teeth pulled sometime in their life?
How old do you have to be to buy the Alli diet pills from Wal-mart?
How to stop growing taller!!!please!!!?
Ladies: Do you find excessive muscles a turn-off?
Can you lose weight from smoking?
If I lose weight, will my breast size drop?
Ok i weigh 100 and need to lose 10 pounds any ideas?
Do you think that a 5`9 female that is 205 pounds is a decent size?
Do you laugh at fat people in the gym?
Is this a healthy weight?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Has anyone had any reactions to MSG's in chinese foods?
How do you stop your nose from running and how do you unblock it?
Can you develop a food allergy from food you've never had problems with?
Why does my tongue swell-up when I eat bananas?
Do dragonflies bite or sting humans?
Is milk good for you?(all types of milk)?
What other options to milk are there besides soy milk?
What is the best non-drousy alergy relief?
My fingers get so itchy when they get real cold?
I have a Urinary Tract Infection. What should I do?
Why doesn't drinking water stop my dehydration?
My whole colon is blocked...help....?
What is a Heart mumur?
Is it ok to brush my teeth 6 times a day?
How can I pull two of my own teeth?
What causes ulcers?
Can I fix a loose filling with superglue (or something else)?
Bad breath after giving up smoking??
What do you think of braces? I have to get them.?
Most severe toothache ever!!!!?
Wisdom Teeth Out On Friday...?
I have to go to the dentist soon, can someone help me?
Im having a local anasetic for a tooth extraction in hospital and im very scared!!?
Crunches?? Exercises??
How do you make lifting weights less boring?
Any tips on gaining wieght?
Iv scared myself to extremes. i think im gunna be belimic... during big bro i made myself sick...?
How can i lose 10 pounds by the time school starts?(sept.5th)?
I want t be anorexic?
What makes you drop weight like crazy? (healthy or not)?
Which holds the most responsibility for the rise in childhood obesity, parents, marketing or the schools?
I am 13 and I need to lose 7 or 8 pounds. Any advice?
What's better for you, Pure water or Gatorade drinks?
What should i do if i get a zit on the inside of my eye lid ...yes it really hapned and it hurts 2 blink now?
Is acid reflux disease a permanent problem?
Is he becoming an alcoholic? This is a really long story?
Death, anyone?
Help me, am i anorexic?
Do Braces Hurt?
Brushing your teeth VERY important with braces?
The nerve in my tooth is killing me,i cannot eat and i am in immense pain,can i get anti-biotics.?
Do braces hurt when they put them on u?
My tooth is painful..do you think i need to get ''root treatment'' ( i dont know is it roottreatment, english)
How often should you get a teeth cleaning if you have braces?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
How do you tell if you have a cavity?
It Is My First Day With braces and they Hurt!! Help!!?
What is a ****?
Cure for cat allergy?
How can i tell if I am allergic to a certain type of food? What are some symtoms?
I'm allergic to people!!?
Does nut allergies mean peanuts too?
What can i do for my stuffed up nose. 3 weeks now. using nasal spray longer than should. cant sleep at night
How to cure my blocked nose?
Drinking milk when you're lactose intolerant - can it kill you?
I'm allergic to Peanut Butter, but not allergic to peanuts...how can I make safe Peanut Butter?
My nose is runny and I don't want to blow it.?
What shall i eat tonight?
Im 5'7 and 145 lbs, why are people calling me skinny?
Addicted to diet coke!!?
Burger king as only meal of the day?
I am running a marathon on Saturday. What should I say to people when they pass me?
Can fat people go skinny-dipping?
Is It Possible To Lose Weight Without Excersize?
I'm useless?
Am I fat (picture)?
How can one get rid of the urge to watch pronography?
Will i get diabetics?
Who's going for their flu shot? If not, why not?
I am terminally ill. How should I spend my last 6 months?
How do you get rid of herpes?
Once you catch the flu are you immune from it?
Is my blood sugar normal?
Uhmm im scared! orthodontist b4 i get braces appointment!!!!!aHHH!!?
When do you need a filling?
Help. My teeth are yellow.?
Dose having braces hurt? DO hey look ugly?
After 8 years having not been to the dentist, does anyone have advice of what to expect?
Any herbal or natural solution for mouth-ulcers?
I doubts that the breath of my mouth is not good although I brush my teeth two times a day.?
Question on getting braces off?
How long is the recovery time from having all your wisdom teeth pulled?
Cant Stop Thinking About Crystal Meth? How Do I Forget?
How can i get back to my normal weight?!
Do i eat too little?
How to get a bigger butt?
Will exercising regularly help in achieving weight loss without dieting?
5'8 AND 125.5. LBS.. good?
Can you drink too much water?
Why does hunger make you cough up blood?
Do you think someone that is 5 foot 6 and weighs 126 pounds is fat or chubby?
How to lose 5 pounds fast?
Am i fat. i am 5'11 and am 83 pounds. am i fat?
What is the best lip balm for chapped lips?
Am i diabetic?
Can I Get Herpes?
How can i get over my cold faster?
I'm too lazy to get out of bed at night to urinate. What are some other options ?
Should parents be jailed if they don't get their children vaccinated? Some people think it causes autism?
Why is it that I bruise and scar very easily?
What is wrong with my 8 month son....Please help?
Scratchy throat...any suggestions on how to get rid of it?! Besides Halls and Hot Tea...?
Chronic Nosebleeds?
How do you heal facial swelling due to alcohol consumption?
What do yellow eyes mean??
Headache with allergy?
I am allergic to cats and it poses a problem when visiting my Mother-in-law who have cats..what can I do?
My hands are getting extremely dry even i am having lot of cuts on my fingers. Please help with medication.?
Is it true that butter causes lung cancer????????????????!!!...
My husband often does about fourty sneezes can anyone tell me why?
My sister IS faking breast cancer, what would the best way to handle this?
Awaiting the end?
How Do I Make Her Stop?
Tobacco. What do you think about those who are proud to be a smoker?
Is it bad to cry?
Do you think that they already found a cure for cancer...?
Can smoking cause cancers?
I don't drink or smoke,don't you just love me?
What is a spacer and does it hurt???
What is the casue of bad breath in my mouth, how can i get rid of that?
How often should i visit the dentist?
Does is hurt to get your teeth filed down?
Help plz i have a really bad tooth ache and no pain meds is there any other way to ease the pain?
Does having a tooth pulled hurt?
Shoul I get the invisible braces or the braces w/ different colors u can choose from?
How often should you go to the dentist?
A dumb question?
Why do I always feel soo tired? When I wake up, go to sleep, during the day?
Can you be born with HIV/AIDS?
Why can't alcoholics stop drinking?
What is a good way to get rid of my acne? (pic )?
Will i be ok round a child with chicken pox if ive already had it myself,im 30 years old.??
What is the name of my disorder?
I have a horrible horrible disease...i need help please...?
If you touched a surface in a public place and it was wet, what would be your first thought??
My boyfriend has dry skin on his face ,forehead and cheeks ,what can you reccomend for him?
Need to lose 20 pounds for summer, can i do this by running?
How can i drink more water? and how much a day?
How can i resist my self from eating when im bored?
I don't eat that much , yet i am still overweight?
I decided to become anorexic. Any tips?
Is it fat to be 116 pounds at 5'6"?
Help! Im underwieght!?
Is it ok to think ure fat when ure 13?
Why do stick thin girls always whine about being fat?
Whats the fastest and safest way to lose about 40pounds of weight?
How do i know if my tongue piercing is infected?
I have gotten a piece of popcorn kernel stuck in my gumline and cannot remove it what suggestions do you have?
My braces HURT!!!?
What Color Should I Get My Braces?
Bracess? :[? :]?
Is getting your wisdom teeth extracted painful?
How do I gently let somebody know they have extremely bad breath?
Are apples good for your teeth?
Wisdom teeth help?
If you found a white hair in your hair does that mean you have diabetes?
How old can you be to have your frist heart attack? is it possiable to be 16?
Wat is the worst disease or disorder on earth?
What is the right soap, cream or lotion to use for my ezcema?
If grandma has diabetes, and great grandma...can i have it??
I know this sounds stupid but how long can you live without your heart??
I am extremely extremely unfit. And overweight. I want to get fit.?
Are rice cakes healthy to eat as snacks.?
I have a fat friend, so how do i get her to lose weight?
Too much vitamin c?
Was this healthy? or do i need to be really careful for the rest of the day?!? 10 points!?
Which is the best drink in summer?
How many calories should I eat per day?
Should i skip dinner
Can I eat 1000 calories a day to loose weight? (details!)
What kind of food and exercise for a bigger butt?
If someone is allergic to honey, does that necessarily mean they are allergic to bee stings?
Am I allergic to my new cat?
Is it possible yo be allergic to perfume?
Is there a name for this sickness?
If you could cure one thing what would it be and why?
A strange question about Flees?
I have dry cough and my nose is running. Sometime I am squeezing. I don't want medicine. Help me please.?
What is the wierdest thing your allergic to?
Is there a poison that puts u in a coma for days???
Personal: .. is anyone whose ever been bulimic vomited just a TINY bit of blood? If so, is that really bad?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a wart on a foot?
How to get rid...?
Fed up with heart palpitations - feels like every minute is going to be my last. Any advice on coping?
What is the best way to get rid of a hicki?
Is there any cure for Diabetes ?
If you wrer a dentist what would you like most about the job?
Root canal?
What are some good things about having braces?
A child 4yrs old having pain and swelling on left side of fac ,lower molar is decayed. is it an emergency ?
I have a tooth that may need a root canal. Why doesn't the dentist want to just pull the tooth?
Can anyone tell me who to fill gaps between two teeth? I am 27 years of age and front two teeth have gaps?
My gums are bleeding why?
Do braces hurt when they get put in and tooken out?
Can kissing on the mouth give you cavities?
Is 14 years old to young to use white trips for your teeth?
I have a pretty big belly, what is the best way of loosing it?
Am i just right?
WOMEN.. what size would you love to be?
I havent eaten anything in 4 days ..just drinking water, black coffee and v8..will i lose weight?
I love cookies and I work at a cookie place. Any advice to give so I can stop eating them at work?!?
POLL: How many hours can you go without eating food ???
Poll: How much do you weight?
Im 12 and a girl and have ALOT of weight to lose plz help?
I have a lot of weight to lose--around 170 lbs. I don't want to have surgery. Any suggestions?
Do crunches make you....?
What illness would you get rid of in this world????
What was the easiest way for you to give up smoking?
I have been smoking & drinking for the past month & mayB pregnant, will this affect the baby?
I have lived with Psoraisis for 15 years, does anyone know of any good creams that i can use.?
Is this safe to eat?
How do you get rid of dark circles around your eyes?
Does eating sweets cause diabetes or contribute to it later on in life?
How can people catch diabetics?
What will happen if you don't brush your teeth on a regular basis?
Wisdom teeth...stay awake or get put out?
Has anyone had a root canal filling in one of your back teeth?
Is it true that rinsing is as good as flossing?
POLL: Do you brush your teeth to freshen your breath or to clean your teeth?
I grind my teeth at night.i think...plz read?
Wisdom Teeth??
How Do I Get Rid Of My Bad Breath?
My grandad has had some false teeth fitted.. should i believe a word he says now??
Do you switch toothpastes like you would for a Coke or Pepsi??
Should I run tomorrow?
What foods are good for me to eat if I want to lose weight I like to eat A LOT and have lots of snacks?
Am I fat for my hieght?
Flat belly, i want it. what is the quickest way to get it?
WARNING: 250 calories in one mince pie! Can you believe it ???!!!?
What should i have for tea?
How often and for how long should 'I' exercise..?
I'm fat I'm fat?
What is the best way to get rid of a runny nose?
Is it possible to be allergic to sugar?
Do I have a nut allergy?
What can I do to stop erratic itching? what could be the cause?
I need your advice i'm afraid of hospitals but theirs this boy i care about in there. should i go?
I have a terrible sinus/allergy headache... Need advice?
What happened to me?
How do you deal with blocked ears?
What's wrong with me? Allergies or something else?
Question about the smoking ban to all smokers....?
Is there a cure for autism?
Effects of kokane?
Can any one die of an asthma attack mine is very severe at the momnet?
What is second smoke?>?
I have too many symptoms. I think i'm dying?
Am I Bulimic?
If I have strep throat what can I take OTC to help it?
How can i make low blood sugar higher in the morning?
Have you ever got your wisdom teeth pulled out? If so did it hurt?
FLUORIDE: Is It bad for your teeth?
Anything that may help bleeding Gums???
How to turn your teeth white(home remedy)?
Is it supposed to hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?
I have been to the Dentist & I have 3 Teeth removed!?
I just had gum surgery i need some quick relief ...my teeth &gums; hurt?
Can I smoke after I have a root canal?
My daughter's wrong tooth was pulled. What should I do?
Scared and embarrassed..need help?
I'm 34 years old and I'm morbidly obese.I want to lose weight. I need help bad. I try to lose weight. I'm dyin
Why do people, who dont know anything, ask other people, who dont know anything for advice?
Ive been smoking for 14 years, What is the best way to give up? I cant get movitated!?
Am I over weight?!?!?
What are your best Spring weight-loss tips?
I have lost 2 lbs in weight this week, can you all tell me how well I have done and how proud you are of me?
How can i loose weight?
What is the fast way to lost weight???
How Can I Gain Weight?
2 factors that couses diabetes?
Is rubbing alcohol a good substute for soap?
My best friend has to drink blood "cause she has very little blood"?
I am having a really really hard time sleeping at night. Can anyone give me any suggestions or remedies??
Pee with blood?
Acne !?!?!?!?!?!?
I have to get a needle?
Sore on the corner of my lip??
Why do i keep having to clear my throat all the time?
Does anyone else suffer from food allergies?
What is it caled when you are allergic to dairy products?
Allergies to dust, mites, cats, and dogs?
How do you cure poison ivy overnight?
I cut and cut and idk don't know why?
My daughter is 3 and can not master blowing her nose,any suggestions please?
Is there any natural way of getting rid of hayfever?
Are you allergic to any food?
Does anyone have a fear of their teeth falling out?
Wisdom tooth pulled today and The Dentist didn't give me anything for pain!?
Should I get braces til im almost 20?
Lysterine or Scope...what do you use and why?
What are some easy ways to get rid of a tooth ache?besides gargling with salt and water?
Whats a good teeth whitener that you can actually see the results?
Throwing up after wisdom tooth extraction?
Could a tooth ache and cold symptoms be related?
New Cavity Filling - It hurts to chew... is this okay?
I'm getting my braces pretty soon?
I weigh 340lbs and I'm 5 foot 8 tall - am I fat?
Truthfully tell me if I'm fat?
Does it hurt you to double up on your vitamins?
Is 10 pounds a month too much to loose in that period of time?
I'm 13 and i was wondering am i fat.......?
How much should a 13 year old girl weigh?
Am i fat? should i loose weight? (pics included)?
How can l lose fat on my belly?
Whens ur birthday?
I'm only 15 years old. Does anyone think I'm too young to be in love? And why?
Help! How do you make a child with chicken pox feel less itchy?
Hi is there any way I can change the colour of my eyes ??
Is HIV real ?
Can a person live just drinking salt water?
Do I have a eating disorder?
I've had a small hard painless lump in my head for 3 years. The size has not changed. should i be concerned?
What is wrong with me? And how do I cure it FAST?
I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?
What are the side effects of smoking cannabis around children?
How do you get rid of bad breath?
How to remove tatar????10 pts?
Wisdom teeth extraction :o(*?
Got wisdom teeth coming and the dentist won't remove.?
I lost the temporary crown I had on my tooth. Can I put it back on again or should I wait for the dentist?
My teeth have broken, cavities, hurt. Now I have a sore on gum that fills w/puss, & wont heal. What is it?
When is the best time to brush your teeth?
Anyone had their wisdom teeth extracted while awake?
Is fast food bad for you?
Does my Body Seem ok to you ??
Guys views on cup size?
How do i get a stomach like this?
How can i gain weight in 6 days??
They called me fat...?
How to lose a little bit of tummy fat?
I am 14 and My waist is 35 inches is this to wide?
Do you feel good about your body?
Does drinking water make you lose weight???????
Im 13 year old how can i lose waight?
A lady at work has hair growing on her chin and neck. what is this? she is a lady, she has had 2 kids.?
Could I have Anaemia?
My husband neglects his diabetes. Any advice?
Very confused whys this happening??..........plz help?
How do you prevent that sort of rash that you get between your legs from the friction of walking around a lot?
Will scratching eczema make it worse?
I am 41 yr old man suffering from diabeties, sugar level is 160 /260 pls advice me remedies except insuline?
Can you get AIDS if...?
Are there any food allergy sufferers willing to help with my research?
Do you have a food allergy?
Oh my God I'm so sick! My nose is running so much I've gone through 2 1/2 tissue boxes today! Any suggestions?
Can people be allergic to. . .?
I'm allergic to cats, is there any way to get rid of this allergy?
Can you be allergic to your cologne?
Does anyone have experiences with Air Purifiers for the home? I am looking for people who have them.?
I am allergic to almonds. if i pick them out of food, will i still have a reaction?
Adults only please.?
I'm 19 years old, no dental insurance and bad cavity no clue what to do.?
Do you usually gargle with listerine before or after you brush?
I have quite noticable gaps between each of my teeth, at 24 am I to old to get a brace?
How long will it take for my braces to come off?
Wow, I just went to a new dentist. What would you do?
What can I do to make my teeth look white?
Am i going to look wierd with braces?
I hate mint toothpaste, what are some other good toothpastes?
I just got 2 teeth pulled?
What is the correct way to brush your teeth? And how long should you spend brushing them?
I am not fat. Why do I have Diabetes?
Is it normal to be able to taste your eye drops in the back of your throat?
My daughter has bites going from her feet to her face tried every cream and lotion nothing works there infecte
Do u have to get naked when u go for a chest x-ray?
Bird Flu, are you scared?
How to get rid off chapped lips?
Does rabies spread by rat bite?
What is the best remedy for Hiccoughs(Hiccups)?
What do you guys do to motivate your self's?
Are there any benefits of being short?
Im 15 years old, and im eating 4oo calories a day, is that bad??
I'm 13yrs 89pounds 5"1" and feel fat is this a bad thing?
How can i make running fun??
I'm 5'1 and I weigh 145 pounds. Am I fat?
What is the most filling thing anyone has eaten?
How many of you had chickenpox?
Is it bad to drink when bi polar?
Help, trouble breathing...?
I think i have hiv but the nurse lied to me and they guy who gave it to me new he had it what can i do ...?
Please me help!I have reallly bad sunburn!!!? I need help real quick!!!!?
Anything i can do to make my teeth look whiter???
How to get rid of a lisp?
Does any one have reatainers?(you get them after braces)?
Help...this would be funny if it happened to someone else..I was eating jelly bellies while driving and?
Do dentists work on their own teeth?
A question on the breath you get in the morning?
How can i get my teeth whiter in no time without having to take a visit to the dentist?
Wisdom teeth extraction?
I took tylenol and accidentally drank a swig of beer with it. Will that cause any major problems?
Last few days..when i wake up i have the WORST sore throat ever. Why?
Have you ever had itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose and you can't stop sneezing?
What can i do if i ate it by accident?
My daughter broke out in hives what to do and whats it from?
Im alergic to water!!?
Itchy mouth with raw vegetables and fruit?
Why is my tabby cat weeing blood?
What Breed Of Dog Doesn't Shed?
I have had cats all my life, this year I suddenly have allergies could I be allergic to my 4 cats?
Am I allergic to Banana flavored "Laffy Taffy" and "Now & Laters"?
How tall are you?
Am i overweight?
What is the best food to eat if your on a diet and hungry?
Is this healthy?
Overweight or not?
How many pounds do I have to lose to make my stomach look like...?
Can someone PLEASE tell me what kind of spider bit me :(?
My acne is horrible what do I do? I've tried everything
Is it safe to use rubbing alchol on my acne?
What does it mean when my skin is full of boils and if I squeeze them, thick gooey white puss oozes out?
I think I'm gonna die!?
My partner has given himself 34 units of insulin instead of 6, what should we do . and should we be worried.?
How can my husband control high blood pressure without medication?
Do you believe the US government created the AIDS virus?
I have terrible toothache i am taking parmol pain killers can i use ibuprofen in between doses ?
Yellow teetth?
Can you smell your own breath?
Anyone have your wisdom teeth removed? How long were you in pain?
People stare at my smile.. first I was flattered.. now it's just bothering..?
If you have a decaying tooth in your mouth does it make your breath smell?
Do my teeth look bad?* pics*?
Do you know of any home remedies for sever toothaches?
I have a slight chip on my tooth, I have no dental insurance...?
I'm 20, and still haven't gotten my wisdom teeth yet?
How easy is it to gain back your weigth?
At wat age do teenage girls stop growing in height!! i am like 5'4 and 15 years old!! how tall can i grow!!??
Whats the easiest way to loose weight ? what worked for you.?
I haven't smoked in 6 days, any tips on NOT going totally crazy?
If yow are a teen (12) and u just gained a pound, how can u get or look skinnier?
Terrible eating habits! please help?
Should I fry or bake my chicken am on a diet?
Can somebody tell me if water is very important for the body?
Hello pls answer me?
Why am i not loosing any weight?
I think im having an allergic reaction to my ginea pigs ,what should i do???!!!?
What do you take for stopped up nose???? what kind of medcine??!!~~?
What is the best laundry detergent for allergy sufferers?
What is the best allergy non drowsy medicine?
For three days i have been blowing my nose,where does all this snot come from?
What do the hairs in your nose and the mucus in your nose and throat accomplish when you inhale?
Does anyone else say "bless me" if I sneeze and there's no one around?
Are you allergic to peanuts?
How to avoid vomiting during travelling?
Are you allergic to certain foods?
For people who dont smoke weed?
Can anyone save my skin?
I think my roommate has the flu, will i get sick?
Does the HPV / Guardisil shot protect me from getting herpes?
What is it when a foot gets very swollen and toes turn black and the foot is very swollen and black and blue?
Can anyone identify whats wrong with me?
How do I cure tooth pain.?
Is there any home remedies for a bad tooth ache?
My braces are caught on 2 my lip very bad wat should i do?
How do i take care of a cold sore on my lip?
Braces tightening your opinions please?
What is the easyest at home way to whitten teeth?
Lip piercing with braces.?
Is it safe to eat tooth paste as a mint?
I had my wisdom teeth removed.. natural remedy please!!?
How do i stop...?
Am I Fat???
Am i overweight?
What's wrong with me?
I'm a soon to be fat?
Are microwaves bad for your health?
I weigh 237.3 pounds at 5'1 and 14 yeaRS of AGE?
If i ate .....?
Does anyone know any other way to stay sober other than AA meetings?
Can addicts actually recover?
What is the thick smelly stuff coughed up from the lungs when you have a cold?
Should smoking be banned altogethor?
Bright red eyes in a photo, can it indicate a medical condition?
Can Masterburation lead to AIDS?
Iam not well and iam really hungry what can i eat?
How long will it take for my teeth to straighten if I get a brace?
Waking up in the morning?
Best way to get rid of tooth ache?
What color BRACES should i get??? (im an 8th grade female)?
My one-year-old won't let me brush her teeth. Any suggestions?
Brushing teeth in the morning..?
Have you ever had a wisdom tooth removed? How bad is it?
Broken tooth?
What can I do to minimize tooth pain/infection until I get to a dentist?
Why does everyone keep telling me to smell my?
Is taking laxatives occasionally (twice a month) a safe way to lose weight?
Is 5 foot 2 average for a 13 year old?
Can your period stop if you work out a lot ?
I am very fat tell me how to be slim but don't tell me jogging?
Should i start smoking again?
How can I get taller?
What is a good diet for a 13 year old with a gut?
I'm 12 years old and I weigh 97 pounds am I a whale?
Is it true that by buying a chiwawa, your asthma will go away?
What can I do to make myself feel better when I am suffering from allergies?
Am i the only one who experiences allergies through an ITCHING NOSE?
What other alternatives do I have to cows milk ( for tea)NOT SOYA?
Is that true that picking your nose is good?!?
I hope this isnt to stupid a question,lol?
HELP!!! My flea bites are SO ITCHY!!!?
Sore throat...HELP!?
What can I do to prevent getting Mad Cow Disease?
My boyfriend is quite sick, he is being sick, has a high fever and pains all down his legs, can any1 help?
When you have Yellow urine, what does it mean?
If you could have any of the following what would it be?
Elderly person vomiting dark fluid - possible causes?
My mom stops breathing in her sleep?
Should i get my mole removed? (pics)?
What is the name of the condition where people lose hair or can't grow hair?
Are you right or left handed?
Is the Tooth Fairy...Real or Fake?
How to remove yellowness from teeths?
As I've heard at school, how much do getting on braces hurt?Please give a rating on how much they hurt(10 high
Are braces cool?