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I swallowed a gum!!!!! Is this OK????
How do they make the lines in toothpase?
I keep forgetting to brush my teeth please help me waht are som good ways to remeber?
Are my tteeth really bad? picss?
How many teeth are in my mouth?
My 7 year old daughter has bad breath , her teeth are clean and she doesnt have a cold, anyone know what's up?
How to get rid of yellow teeth?
I had a bleeding gums.what medicines or vitamins should i take?
Does flossing really help?
How many times adat do you brush your teeth?
What brand of toothpaste do you use?
Whats the wierdest thing that ever happend to you at the dentist?
Whats the right amount of money to give your child when they loose their tooth?
Does getting braces hurt?
What color are your teeth?
If your WISDOM TEETH are *NOT* impacted, does it still hurt to get them out?
How can i lose atleast 30 pounds in 2 months?
How long do braces usually stay on a teen?
Is it normal after tooth extraction, for the empty hole in my gum to fill up with some pus and hurt a little?
How many people have braces here?
How do i make my gums stronger?
What cause bad breath and how to overcome it?
How bad are braces?
Why does my teeth hurt when I eat chocolate?
Are there any benefits of using chewing gum?
Help MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Do you know were i can find a get well soon card to send in email?
How do you make your teeth whiter?
Does wearing braces affect my eyesight?
Do you prefer toothpase in the pump or tube?
Braces, party?
Why my Teeth all becoming Loose? I am 48, smoker,?
I have a small gap between my two front teeth. Is this cute/pretty or do I need to get rid of it?
Why do I keep getting these brown marks in between my teeth?
What CAN'T you eat when you have braces?
Is it possible to have 4 cavaties at one time?
Ok well, im 13 years old and I am going to get 2 teeth pulled in 4 days...IM TERROFIED!! Does it hurt???
Okay be honest, how many of you actually floss your teeth everyday?
Im terrified! help!?
How traumatic was getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
Could you tell about getting/having braces?
Tounge/lip rings?
What foods can i eat when my teeth hurt?
Does toothache ever go on it's own?
The tips of my teeth are TRANSLUCENT! like if I put my tongue against them, I can see it through the bottom of
How do I get my teeth whiter without getting them bleached?
How many teeth is a human suposed to have?
I have never had a tooth filled, what can I expect as far as pain after the procedure is done?
What is the best and cheapest way to whiten my teeth???
Somebody,please tell me basically abt the whole braces affair??
How do you get rid of a killing toothache?
Is this unhealthy....?
I am to nervous to go to the dentest?
Which is worse braces or acne?
My tooth is hurting like hell. How can I make it feel better?
What do you do when you want to feel relaxed & rejevenated?
Mouth smell so bad?
We got a letter from our Pediatric Dentist yesterday saying she won't treat our children any more..?
Do you have to floss your teeth after eating everytime when you have braces?
What would you do if your husband had a bad mouth smell, nomatter how many times he brushes his teeth?
One of my front teeth is randomly sore! almost unbearable pain for no apparent reason! I dont know what to do?
What to eat after your wisdom teeth are extracted? (well ideas anyway)?
Why do we clean our teeth in the morning?
Should I "Go Green" by not brushing my teeth?
My breath stinks most of the time . Any good suggestions ?
Has your Dentist ever said “Oops” while working on you?
Will this hurt?
What do you do when you need dental work done but have no insurance?
Do you think I need braces? PICS!?
What the best way to treat a bleeding teeth ,without going to the dentist(muy expensive)?
How do you make a tooth stop hurting?
Urgent! Getting my wisdom teeth removed and i have a party to go to on New Years Eve with my boyfriend.?
What's a good inexpensive way to whiten teeth?
My friend said I could shoot myself in the mouth with a BB gun?
Does anyone know of a cure for mouth ulcers?
How can i tell my husband his mouth has a bad odor without being mean?
How to whiten your teeth? something that really works?
Braces: white spots when removed?
Do braces hurt and do they take long to put on and are they cheap?
Is there anyway to get my tongue longer?
Why do dentist's always have bad breath?
Does getting a cavity filled hurt????? does it i am scared!!!!!?
Are there any really good cures for bad breath?
Don't all kids have fillings?
How to get rid of badbreath? desperate!!!?
Can Drinking Milk Give You Cavities?
Bad breath:i m 18 years old male n i m havin problem of bad breath.wat shd i do.plz help?
Should i brush my teeth before of after my breakfast?
Can you offer a solution to swollen and bleeding gums?
Is treatment free at a dentist if you are unemployed?
Quick way to heal cuts in your mouth?
Questions about wisdom teeth removed today help?
At what age should I start taking my son to the dentist?
Is it normal to feel pain in your teeth 2 hours after you go to the dentist?
How bad is pain of getting cavity filled on scale of 1-10?
What does a white furry tongue mean?
How can I completely get rid of bad breath?
What can cause a metallic taste in the mouth, can fillings be the cause?
How painful is wisdom teeth removal?
My girlfriend says i have really bad breath can any one give any tip on why and how to get rid of it?
How can i whiten my teeth with out buying any whitning gells or strips.?
My virginia hurts whenever i have secks! HELP?
How do i stop biting my nails?
What is the quickest way to kill the pain when you have your wisdom teeth cut out and what not to do after?
Can anyone tell me what the BEST home remedy is for a Tooth Ache?
My collegue stinks?
Do you swallow while you sleep?
I am getting 4 teeth out in a few weeks i want to know will it hurt or not?
How many times a day do you honestly brush your teeth?
Are your teeth yellow?
My son keeps getting ulcers in his mouth, why?
What does it mean when my teeth is more yellowish than white? does it mean i have bad teeth?
How long will my mouth hurt after i get my braces on?
What do you think about teens and drinking?
What colors will look cool with braces?
Should I sue ,and who should it be?
Getting 4 teeth extracted tomarrow and having severe anxiety?
Do braces make your face fuller at the mouth?
How do you make your breath smell good?
Im a smoker and want whiter teeth any suggetions?
My Boyfriend needs two teeth pulled, the cost??
My friend recently quit smoking, how can she remove nicotine stains from her teeth?
Lump in my Gum?
Why do people with smelly breath always want to get close to you?
The right way to brush your teeth?
Do braces hurt getting put on?
What kind of tooth paste do you use??
I just read in the paper that 12% of Brits don't clean their teeth!!!?
What if your left side in the back of your teeth upper jaw is hurting really bad?
What does it mean if someone has a sore tooth and there is a very bad taste and smell coming from it?
Will dentists notice tooth decay from bulimia?
Any experience with whitening strips for you teeth?
My breath stinks...?
What is the best thing about going to the dentist?"?
I love coca cola and other soft drinks but my dentist says they are ruinning my teeth.?
I have a dentist appointment Tuesday to get a filling but what can I do for the pain until then?
Does ne1 know wot i can do for my yellow teeth?
Help! my tooth is about to fall out! what should i do?
I clapped really loudly and sonic boom broke my tooth!?
If God made us, how come we get toothache?
Will dentist tell your parents if u smoke?
Breath problem!?
Do I need braces?
Can you answer this??????
The needle fear?
My braces Hurt?
Am I still allowed to get Braces at 15?
I had a tooth pulled and the dentist let me keep it, but I lost it!!! What do I DO??
Why is toothpaste mint flavoured?
How to whiteen your teeth...im 14?
What quality makes a good dentist?
How to leave my breath smelling fresh?
I need help with braces !!?
Peoples opinions on a gap in the front teeth :S?
I'm getting braces this year..What can I expect, as far as pain?
Are there any brand of toothpaste available for bleeding gums?
I have oral surgery tomorrow? will the doc. give me medicine afterwards in the office?
What can my son eat with his braces?
Child swallowed tooth?
Do I have to pay for my childs orthodontic treatment?
Cures for bad breath?
I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out, I was wondering if anyone had any stories or tips to help?
Does having teeth pulled out hurt?
I have bad breath...?
At what age does a child start losing their teeth?
What should I do before seeing my dentist?
How to slove bleeding gums?
Do braces.............?
Which is a better way to clean your teeth? Brushing first or Flossing first?
Wisdom Teeth?
Is constantly chewing on gum bad for your jaw?!!?
Where does gum go when it enters the body?
I had bad toothache, has gone but numbness & painful lump on jaw and tooth sensitive, should I worry?
Is it wrong for fat girls to show their stuff?
Braces colors?
What happens if you don't get y our wisdom teeth out?
What is it?
If I have a sore on my cheek, will swishing vodka around in my mouth help kill the bacteria?
A bit of my tooth has fallen out today, what should I eat until I can get to the dentist?
Does it Hurt?
Any body know how to make teeth whiter?
After getting wisdom teeth out?
My teeth are so [email protected]!*kn ugly!!!!!!!!!?
I was told need braces?
In a dillema!!!!!?
My b/f just got all four wisdom teeth pulled and I am trying to get him to eat something but...?
Does it hurt getting braces off?
How is wisdom teeth removal?
How can I convince my parents to get me braces now?
What grade did you get your braces on?
Is it alright to swallow the toothpaste when you clean your teeth ?
Just hear me out.?
OMG! does ashley tisdale. really have aids?? or HIV??
Does smoking cigarettes cause teeth decay? tooth pain?
Who enjoys going to the dentist and who dislikes it?
Root canal or tooth removal? Please answer?
Do humans have ivory teeth?
I had a tooth out on Friday and it still hurts?
How can i get rid of bad breadth in my mouth? it's causing me much embarrasment. i brush 3 times a day.?
How yellowish colour can be removed from teeth?
What are some good ways to pull out a tooth?
Does floss expire?
What is the name of a person who helps you deliever a baby?
My daughter has a allergy and is on anti histamines can she still have cocaine at the dentist?
Wht r causes of bad breath and plz tell me its precautions?
Stinky breath! is this bad?
Does it really actually hurt to get a root canal?
I'm getting braces tomorrow and I'm really nervous. What happens in the orthodontist office and does it hurt?
What is a good cure for bad breath?
I'm getting my tooth pulled and I'm really scared! Does it hurt really bad?
Has anyone ever had root canal treatment at a dentist and if so does it hurt????
What are the best colour(s) to have on your braces?
My dentist refered me to an oral surgeon to get my WISDOM TEETH removed.?
Any have any ideas what i can take for a real bad toothache as i cant get to a dentist till monday?
My braces??
Info about braces please!?
Can lost teeth be glued back in?
What is the worst smell to you?
Is it better to floss before or after brushing your teeth?I know it sounds stupid haha?
Have you ever had a root canal done?
Hi my dulghter is 12 and the teacher has told her at school that she has bad breath what can i do?
What is the best ways to keep my braces clean?
What colour should I choose?
Do you use mouthwash before or after brushing your teeth?
How important is it to brush your teeth every day?
The girl in front of me has chewing gum on her bum.... should i tell her?
If you had to choose, which would you rather have:a root canal, or a computer virus ?
How i can stop tobaco chewing.?
Do you use cold or warm water when you brush your teeth??
Why do dentists always try and talk to you when they are working on your mouth?
I have braces and every body calls me metal mouth except my friends wat do i do?
If your toothbrush smells like really bad breath, is it time to replace it, or would you just foul that up too
Have you ever had a winsdom tooth taken out?
I am getting Braces and dont know what color to get so please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can my dentist tell if i have been smoking ?
Is it sore getting wisdom teeth taken out?
If you have a filling at the dentist are they supposed to numb the tooth first or not?
Is there a way to straighten just one or two teeth and not have a whole mouth of braces?
What can you eat with braces? What can you not eat with braces?
Do you know of a natural easy teeth whitening process??
I have just got braces put on, and the teeth pain a lot. What should I eat?
Where can you get a a tooth pulled? no money poor?
Besides toothpaste and mouthwash, how can you resolve bad breath?
Will Braces Hurt ? I am getting them Aug. 11. Will they give you wax? What else will they give you???
What color should i get my braces? Ten easy point!!?
Hey how bad does it hurt when you get ur braces tightned?
What's the cheapest way to get dental care?
PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS WILL HURT! i had a bad bad expieience and am scared to death of what is gonna happen!!!
Why do I keep on getting ulcers?
Is it true that tooth paste from the dollar store is poisonous?
Do you like the dentist?
What is a toothbrush?
How can I gain weight?
Will the dentist be horrified.?
What is the best way to pull your own tooth out?
Will drinking coca cola rott my teeth ?
Do dentists know if you smoke, even if you don't tell them?
How to get rid of bad breath?
How to treat your sweet tooth on a diet.?
How do you feel about abortion?
The tooth and bone are exposed, what I should do?
I am getting my four wisdom teeth out tommorrow. Please help/?
How many teeths a human being has?
Crooked Teeth!?
Do u hate da dentist?
Braces? Age Limit?
What does it mean when you chew snuff and your gums start bleeding?
Im having root canal treatment soon, can somone please give me an honest answer if its painful or not?!?
What can you eat with braces??
I had a wisdom tooth pulled about 2.5 hours ago. I've been biting on gauze since then, but it still hasn't
Ok About 48 hrs ago my wisdom teeth were pulled! my face is still HUGE! Is This Normal??
Im getting braces today?
Preventing cavities with those purple pills from the school nurse...what were they??
Teeth question?
Can you perform dental surgery on yourself?
Gums bleeding through the Night and bad breath.?
Is brushing teeth in public bathroom (at work, after lunch) bad educate ?
Clenching teeth while sleeping..?
How can i stop a mild tooth ache without going to the dentist?
Do you think £44.99 is a fair price for a toothbrush?
Does everyone have 4 wisdom teeth?
Can i make my braces not hurt?
In 2 days i will be getting braces. But i hav no clue what color to get!Can you help me?
I need a braces exuse?
I have pain in my gum slightly swell what i do?
My teeth are really really yellow!!!?
My gums are very sore and hurt even worse when I brush my teeth. My breath is bad even after I brush. What is?
How do you stop your breath smelling of cigarettes quickly?
What will happen to my daughter's gray tooth?
I sm getting Braces tomorrow. What color(s) schould i get?
Can the dentists tell that you've been smoking??? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
How to whiten my teeth?
How much do your kids get from the tooth fairy?
NUT ALLERGY!! I need some urgent advice!?
My girlfriend is allergic to cats and I have two. What can I do to make it easier for her to hang at my place
Do you think it's fair for a whole school to ban peanut butter just because one kid is allergic to it?
My throat really hurts when i swallow. are there any common foods/drinks that can temporarily soothe my throat
Is it normal for a person who started drinking to become red and itch all over after drinking alcohol?
What foods can i eat after gettin my tongue pierced yesterday?
What is wrong with me?
Can dentists perscribe antibiotics? Whats the best instant pain relief for Wisdom Teeth? They're killing me!!
Does anyone have any tips on curing bad breath?
Whats the best time to brush your teeth?
My teeth are yellow & i do broush them how do i make them white again?
I have to get Braces What should I do?
My teeth r kinda yellow....any tips? quit smoking recently?
I had blood coming out of my mouth when I brush and floss.?
I removed my own braces but ended up with glue patches onmy teeth?
Getting my wisdome teeth out, what can i eat?
Should I sue my dentist?
What color braces should i get next?
What kind of tooth paste do you use?
How do u get really white teeth (apart from the obvious brushng them)?
Are there any free dentists?
Getting my 2 bottom impacted wisdom teeth out in 2 days and Iam scared to death. Hows the pain after?
Does anybody have a good cure for a toothache?
I accidentally drank mouthwash last night?
Toothache!!!! Help!!!!?
Strangest allergies?
My son's eye is pink, puffy and irritated. Could he have pink eye (conjunctivits)?
What is a good allergy medicine? my allergies have been terrible for the past 3 days and nothnig seems to work
Anybody got a wierd allergy?
What is Dust?
Can mastibation be adictive?
Do you hate Tesco?
I know someone who says they r goin to kill there self what should i do?
I took a nap and I woke up with a swollen eye?
Why do we have 2 ears?
Is any one allergic to pizza?
Does anyone know something that could help me With Athsma If i dont have My puffer>?
Im allergic to milk... any body else have this problem and a suggestion to be able to eat dairy w/out reaction
Is there a weird thing your allergic to?
Anyone any cures for blocked sinuses?
My wife has an aroma, what can i do?
Big noses..?
How do I get rid of Blocked nose?
Me and my brother have asthma, but we really want a dog, do u think a chihuahua is good for people with asthma
I was bitten by a fireant.my hand is swollen and redpast my wrist. what should I do.I am very allergic tofirea
Do u think 46 is a bit on the old side to do a degree in dentistry?
Can I make homemade braces out of staples?
Why does virtually everyone in Great Britain have bad teeth or poor dental health? Noticed 5 yrs ago?
Can you put bleach on your teeth to make it whiter??!!!?
Can i still get braces if i have baby teeth?
Best thing to whiten teeth?
What is the best way to hide the smell of alcohol on your breath?
Best Tooth paste..?!?
Have you had your wisdom teeth out? how long did it take to heal up again?
What are YOU allergic to?
If you're allergic to penicillin can you still eat blue cheese?
What are YOU Allergic too?
Is it Ok to eat something with traces of nuts even if I'm allergic?
My granddaughter is allergic to rubber/latex. What would be an alternative to rubber handles on her bike.?
Why do children pick there noses and eat the bogie's?
My boyfriend needs to sneeze asap! hes bn trying for hours, he feels like he wants to..but he cant...any idea?
Are you allergic to anything?
What are you allergic to?
What are the symptoms of lactose intolerence?
What will take the itch out of gnat bites PLEASE!!!!!!!!?
What do you when you have puffy eyes?
What foods should i avoid with IBS?
My son's hands have been all red since about dinner time. he says they hurt. what are some possibilities
If you were to choose between beauty/good looks, intelligence or wealth, what would you choose to have?
I am allergic to penicillin, should i wear a bracelet to tell people?
If you have a sore throat is it best to have hot or cold drinks?
My daughter as exama could she be allergic to something?
Does anybody else trigger their gagg reflex every time they brush their teeth?
Can you eat while useing listerine whitening strips???
Can wisdom teeth kill you?
I had a tooth pulled the other and have a couple of questions?
Bad breath!!?
I had my tooth extracted a fews ago, the tooth next to it seems sensative, why is this?
Is age 5 too young to lose teeth?
Did you know this about toothbrushes?
Mouth rinsing with warm or cold water?
In the grand scheme of things, which is more important?
My throat has been hurting fer about 2 weeks what should I do?
Any one out there know any thing about strep throat?
Is it posible to be allergic to another person?
What do you think of this?
What happens when your highly allergic to milk?
Why all these allergies? I don't remember people having nut and gluten allergies when I was young. 50s, 60s.
Can you get an allergic reaction from a fragrance?
My friends mum is dying from cancer and her dad also has cancer how can i help her.?
Would you rather?
How can you treat an allergic reacton to nuts/peanuts! URGENT!?
My daughter is dieing of cancer!!!!!?
What do i do to cope with knowing my dad has cancer? im lost!?
How many people actually believe this?
How could I have stopped My Wife from dying of Cancer ?
I feel sad right now because my mum is really ill. This is a serious question so serious answers only please.?
How to cope with losing my dad to cancer?
Am I fat? D= D= D= D= D= D= D= D=?
My mother is a smoker?
My Uncle Is leaving money to my dad in his will but my dad is dying now were money go next??
If a woman...?
Can u get cancer from touching somone's blood that has cancer?
My brother passed away last night from cancer?
How do I tell my Wife that im dying of cancer?
I am having a lung biopsy Tuesday, I could use some support?
If u found out u only had six months 2 live would u pray 2 live or would u pray 4 a peaceful death?
Do you smoke?
Can children get cancer?
I had the flu shot several weeks ago, but I have the flu now, how is this possible?
Theres a rat in the ktchen what am i gonna do?
How often a day is a person supposed to have a bowel movement?
Can you get Herpes from a toliet seat?
I just sneezed six times in a row...it was wonder full...anybody else like sneezing?
Will you get high if you mix nyquil with benadryl allergy?
How do you clear a stuffy nose? I mean really stuffed? I'm literally breathing through my mouth?
What type of dog will I not be allergic to.....dog hairs make me very ill!!!?
Is anyone else allergic to grapes?
How do I get rid of my sore thoat. I think it's from allergies or a cold. Lozenges don't seem to help.
What to do to get rid of a nasty cold?
What's the best way to get rid of a blocked nose?
Can you be allergic to the smell of popcorn?
My son just ate something with mold on it. Will this make him sick?
If God has the power to heal and help with diseases then why does he not help people dying with cancer?
Please pray for my ill father?
I have been losing blood from my rectrum could this be cancer?
What tobacco would you smoke?
Do you know that god can heal all deseases?
I think I have cancer what should I do?
Do cancer spread from person to person by standing next to them?
Belly Button Is yours an inny or a outy?
I love to smoke but I don't want cancer. Should I start smoking light cigarettes?
Why do smackheads smell so bad??
Is it okay to drink milk if you have diarrhea???
I don't have a cold so why is my nose constantly clogged?
How do i find out if im allergic to something?
Do you read labels and avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup??
I feel sick in my throat every second of every day for the past 20 years! Can anyone help?
Is it impossible to be allergic to tomatoes?
Sore throat?
Do you have any allergies?
Can't afford the dentist, what shall i do?
How do I get the stain of tabacco off my fingers. I smoke roll ups and starting to get a yellow stain.?
Whats a good remedy for a toothache, until I can see a dentist? Its got an open nerve.?
What products is good to whiten ur teeths?
If you leave cavities alone.. what can they do to you?
Which is the easiest and least painfull way of dying?
I have gingavitis ...?
Help, anyone!?
My tooth won't stop bleeding?!?!?
My tooth hurts really bad, I have to wait til mid october to get my cavity filled, how can i make it hurt less
Do you think smoking should be banned in public placs in the uk ?
If u have a cancer?
My dad just found out he has a brain tumor... HELP PLEASE?
BF has Colon Cancer?
My son will be passing away soon and i was looking for a song describing my love and how much i will miss him?
What can you say when visiting a dying relative?
What body part of yours do you absolutely wash everyday without fail?
Worried about breast cancer?
I've just recived the worse new in my life!?
Do you believe that cancer is a self-inflicted disease?
If a guy with aids shoots c** in a girls eye would she get aids?
Why is my head >SO < ITCHY!!?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
My 18 month old daughter has had a fever of 39C and is coughing and isn't breathing well. What should I do?
Is alcoholism a disease or self induced?
Can you give a kid benedryl and clariten together?
If you could cure just one disease, what would it be?
Is it possible to sneeze and not close your eyes?
Should I ask her whats wrong with her nose?
Does anyone else feel like crap today?
I am allergic to milk....?
What food allergy do you have?
I am allergic to cats and want to buy a home that is owned by a cat owner, should I buy the home?
I have developed an allergy to dying. How do I cure it?
If my mom has allergic reactions to penicillin is there a chance I could be allergic too?
Am asthmaic and every night i get wizzing breaths what do i need to do to reduce this?
I am a cancer survivor I wanna break up with my gf...?
My aunt is dying of cancer, they said she has1 to 2 weeks left...?
My friend is dying?
Should or can you smoke when you have leukemia ??
Pray for mum please?
I have pre-cancerous cells will these turn into cancer of the cervix?
I have a lump under my armpit. only 19...?
How smokes? i don,t?
When you hear that someone has got cancer, do you subconsciously blame their lifestyle for it?
Why dose god let people get cancer and suffer so?
ADVICE PLEASE...My Dad was just diagnosed with cancer of the larynx stage 4...he also had brain cancer?
Im only 17 but i have lumps in my breast?
Do you know anyone who has cancer?
Are tanning beds really bad for your skin compared to the sun?
How do you know if a breast lump could be cancer?
What is the best method of giving up Smoking?
Is HIV Aids a type of cancer?
To pavarotti my heart goes out to you and your family (please sign if you support victims of cancer)?
How long does my dad have to live?
What is the main cause of cancer?
Who else brushes their teeth in the shower?
Do you brush your teeth more than once a month ?
Wisdom teeth: My top two wisdom teeth have pretty much come in all the way. Is this a bad thing?
Braces colors?
How can you tell if you have bad breath?
Why do we need fluoride in toothpaste?
Can 14 year olds get their teeth bleached?
Is 24-25 years old too old to have braces?
Braces coming off, does it hurt..honestly?
Had 4 wisdom teeth removed this morning (this is quite gross)?
Am i over weight?????????????
Please anybody help me, im scareing myself!?
Acne - I Might As Well Be Dead!?
What exactly causes HIV or Aids?
Who wants to see my huge cold sore? (pic)?
All you smokers out there? Why smoke?
What is the most efficient home remedy I can use to get rid of dark under eye circles?
Can a person live without skin?
When i have a pee theres long white things in it any one know?
I've been eating lots of turkey sandwiches recently... today i feel feverish and sick. Have I got bird flu?
Help! I need a quick hickey fix!?
Please help, i'm on my 1st day of no smoking,and i'm finding it hard!?
If ur heart stops beating for a second r u dead for that second?
If you get high will it affect you later on in life?
Is this dangerous?
The tooth fairy forgot to call - three nights in a row; what do I do?
Stupid dentist!!!?
Do your teeth hurt when you read a new book?
I jost got braces on yesterday they hurt sooo bad?
My daughter has a retainer that has two teeth in it. One of the teeth has fallen out what kind of glue is used
Do you like going to the dentist?
Why do so many people have yellow tonges?
What effect does Coca Cola have on teeth?
Can a cavity heal itself?
Hold do you get rid of colds, fast?
Is sleeping 17 hours bad?
I do not have a sensitive nose but I love sneezing. Any methods other than pepper and tissue paper points?
What is yellowing of the skin around the eyes and mouth due to?
How can i get rid off my horrible sun burn?
Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigarettes ...?
What does it indicate if there is blood coming from my bum?
My daughter needs to have braces?
Do teeth whitening systems like Crest white strips actually work?
Brace colors?
Braces retainer question
Any ideas how to relieve mouth ulcer pain apart from using bonjela?!?
My breath smells bad when i smoke.. wat to do??
Bad breath?
How can i make my teeth white?
Do you floss?
What color braces should I get?
What is cellulite and why does everyone keep asking about it?
Does proactive acne stuff actually work. is is worth buying?
HOw do you fight a habit...?
What is the cure for HIV?
Can you get out of gym class if you have a heart murmur?
Whats the best way to fake having a cold or basically being sick???
I heard passing a kidney stone is as extreme in pain as giving birth. Is this true, I don't really belive it.
White teeth?
How many times should I floss a day?
How should i clean my retainers???
Have you ever seen smoke coming out of your mouth while your Dentist has been working on you?
Geeting rid of toothache?
Please Help!?
Will I be able to talk after i get my 4 wisdom teeth taken out?
Is this abnormal?
Brushing your teeth.?
Do you have to get your wisdom teeth pulled?
If you have herpes can you still kiss people?
Acne Help.?
Iwhat is a boil under my armpit?
How to get rid of my eyebag????????????
Ear Pierce Help Sanitization????
I just asked a girl to go out with me. she said she dont know.what should i take it as yes or no????
Why do we need to have a heart?
My teeth are really yellow and full of plaque, how can I clean them?
How to reduce toothache?
I know this sounds a stupid question?
Can you die from having a tooth pulled?
Can toothaches cause headaches ?
My filling fell out and now a large hole is there, shall i leave it?
I recently had four widsom teeth removed. Is it alright that 2 days later only one side of my face is swollen
How long are toothbrushes usually good for?
Inexpensive ways to whiten teeth!?
How do u chew food?
What is wrong with me??? please advise?
How do I tell if my new roomate has rabbies?
What are some very effective ways to stop biting your nails???
Whats it like throwing up?
Would a man like a girl with a 10cm scar?
Is this a cold or flu?
I think tylenol pm gave me chlamydia?
What would sleeping with a fatty be like.....?
Why do my feet stink?
Does getting your braces off hurt?
Do braces hurt when they are being put in? Do they hurt Afterwards?
Which gum is the best?
Oral hygine!!!?
I had a tooth pulled out today. Any serious tips to help stop the pain.?
Braces vs. Car?
Taking vicoden once or twice a week for buzz?
Does it hurt to get your i teeth pulled?
I hurt my teeth while sleeping. how can I stop?
If it hurts to brush then what is another option?
Is it possible to get chicken pox twice?
Emergency !!!!!! How do you cure a sore and very dry throat ??
Do you agree we should find a cure for death?
Can toothpaste make acne marks go away?
Why don't our lips get sunburned?
Does a child always have the same blood type as his mother?
What are some signs of ingrown toenails?
Does smoking really kill?
My brother is HIV positive. He is careless and ate my carryout, can I get it?
Can you get aids from someone's saliva?
What type of shampoo is best for dandruff?
My 7 year old daughter made me pinky swear that i would never leave her?
My boyfriend is hiv pos and i am not should i leave for my own safety?
Does one get asthma by kissing?
I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this, but...?
Mega bad infection in my wisdom teeth, seen the dentist got antibiotics, any ideas for the pain? help i hurt!?
Is it possible to have another tooth come in after your adult teeth have come in?
I want sparkling white teeth?
My teeth are becoming yellowish?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled and i didnt start my antibiotics. The spot where my tooth was smells, what now?
Has anyone had a serious phobia of going to the dentist and been cured?
Do you have braces?
Do you notice other people's teeth closely?
Why do most Americans have much nicer teeth than Brits?
What can trigger headaches for a 13 year old teenager?
Can you drink alcohol on any anti biotics?
Is drinking milk worse than second hand smoke???
Is it true that if you sleep with your socks on you will get pneumonia?
Steps to reduce acne?
My hands are dry, red, and cracked and they really hurt...what is the best lotion for this?
When i made my self throw up there was blood in my vomit is that from putting stress in my stomach?
Can someone have chickenpox twice?
What can i do if i lost my voice?
Any reccomendations for teeth whitening products?
Should I get metal or invisible braces?
When is a good time to brush your teeth in the morning?
Does it hurt to get braces on?
Does anybody else have a filling that has fallen out of their tooth at 10.30 pm on Christmas Eve?
Back tooth pain?
Is there blood flow in human teeth?
Did you brush your teeth at work?
Does getting braces hurt?
Can a dentist tell whether youve been smoking?
I need dental work...I need help...?
Will braces affect my married life?
Is there a age limit to getting braces?
Will my son's tooth grow back?
What else can I do with toothpaste aside from brushing my teeth with it?
Wisdom Teeth?
Is it okay to have braces at the age of 15?
My tooth is rotten?
Any advice on an abscessed tooth, running a fever of 102.9. Have had for five days?
How do dentists keep your mouth open?
Can't stop throwing up? I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does lungs regenerate after a person quits smoking?
Can you give me any tips on giving up smoking as i have tryed the patches?
Does this sound like suicide?
How to get rid of a cough fast!?
I have stinky feet, what can I do about it?
Why do i find exercise boring?
I'm Having Braces... TOMORROW!?
I have an orthodontist appt tomorrow. What can I eat to keep from hurting?
How do you get over the habit of not brushing your teeth?
How do i get rid of cigarette breath?
Major toothache, please help!?
Wisdom teeth! do u need them out? have u kept urs?
How likely is it that you will have your own teeth by the age of 80?
Why haven't I gotten my wisdom teeth yet?
How dangerous is a lip/toung piercings?
What dentist tool do u fear most when u go to the dentist?
I sweat during school and I get embarrassed?
What do u think happens 2 u after u die?
Help with smoking?
What does rare mean?
Common Food Poisening Symptoms?
Is my belly ring infected?
What's the best way to clean Ear wax? My doctor told me not to use a Q-Tip!?
Does anyone get twitchy eyes from time to time. I keep getting this pulsating twitch on my lower eyelid that?
Does it hurt?
If you need to make a visit to the dentist, would you rather go to a male dentist or a female dentist?
How do i get rid of a gap in my teeth?
What is best for Incect bites relief! I can't stop it itching!?
I have not moved my bowwels for 7 days. How long b-4 there is problems?
How does it feel to have braces?
Does marjiuana make an anxiety disorder worse?
At what age should a child have her / his first dental check up?
What do you think would happen if i just drank 1 spray of windex?
I have vicodin that expired 4 months ago, can I take it?
How do you get rid of anorexia?
How long does it take to feel better after having your Wisdom Teeth taken out?
Need Braces!!!!!?
What do you do to reduce the pain and duration of cold sores?
Can you kindly sign our petiton on the loss of our four week old baby to the Strepococus B virus .?
What can I eat with strep throat?!! please help me!!!?
Is this too little exercise?
I took a huge dump! i need help?
I know i need to see my doctor but....?
Shall i have a cig?
Strap infection?
Im always cold, why is that??
Does smoking bother you?
Really Bad Acne Please Help!?
If you were dying would you feel it wrong to distance yourself from family to save them grief over your loss?
Why are my armpits black?
Should I tell my husband he has bad breath all the time?
Tooth pulled, one cig?
How old was u when u got your first tooth?
I have braces and I cant eat properly!!!HELP!!!!?
Which brand of toothpaste do you recommend?
Does another person's saliva really stay in your mouth for 6 months?
I really hate my smile (PIC)?
I am thinking about removing my front 2 teeth to try to make a fashion statement, what do you think???
What is a good way to make bad breath go away?
Will somebody answer this question~PLEASE?
How can i direct my mind away from food?
My friends keeps calling me fat and that i should lose weight. im 5'7" and i weigh 133lbs. Is that bad?
Am I having a heart attack?
I get terrible sores on my inner thighs when I walk they bleed and seep puss how can I stop them?
Seriously! Can you catch STI's from a toilet seat?
How can i not smell like smoke?
Help, my son may be dying...?
Armpit sweating plz help
I have a cavity but i dont wanna say anything?
Which side of you mouth do you chew on most?
Ouch! Getting braces next week just got spacers put in!?
What can i take for really bad tooth ache without going to the dentist or taking pain killers?
Is 14 too late to get braces?
Three days later and ....?
Wisdom teeth pulled?
Teeth brushing?
Is anyone scared of the dentist?
Do u have all ur own teeth ?
Best zit curing product?
I have a blood test tow where they draw blood and I'm really scared of needles?
Can u die of lead poisoning?
How long does a cold last?? :[?
What is the purpose of the little finger?
My 13 teen yr old girl,is having pains in her chest and both sides when she takes a beep breath.?
What helps you when you get a migraine?
I love Coke but i want to lose weight for Halloween how can i without giving up Coke??
How many lbs can I lose if I don't eat for 5 days?
Do you thing I'm fat?
What will be the easiest way to lose the waight i can't do exercise because of health problems i am so fat ?
How much weight do u guys think i need to lose?
I don't mean to be rude... but..?
Am i fat? my cousin paul say's i am?
Im 5"8,155lbs,14 years old?
Please help! How to hide....?
Help?!? I just got my braces off!?
Morning Breath!?
How do i stop my breath from smelling?
Is 14 too late to get braces?
How can i control bad breath??
I have just noticed my 6 year old daughter is growing a tooth right behind a baby tooth, what should I do?
Help me friends?
I got my braces off... nd it hurts when i brush my teeth.....?
How old were you when you got braces?
Do fillings hurt?
Help! My fingernails smell like poo and its making me feel sick but, I can't stop smelling it!?
Can HIV be detected with the naked eye, after the blood has been drawn into little plastic tube things?
I have a very bad sun burn help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Am i ok drinking 6 pints of beer and 4 litres of cider per day.?
How would you feel if your boyfriend or girl friend asked you to get tested for aid or std's?
I am 18 and have a lot of back pain. Can it be a bladder infection?
What would make a person feel constantly hungry?
What can u do when your daughter is 11 and weighs 220 lbs and youve tried all u can to help her lose weight?
How do i stop eating chocolate??
I eat SO much during the summer?
Please help me! i have a weird eating habbit?
I am 5'5 and weight 130....?
Will cutting out soda alone cut out some weight?
People say i'm under weight but i want to know what is supposed to be normal weight..?
Please give me lots of tips on how to loose weight fast!!!?
Is it true water helps u loose weight??
Is it necessary to eat every single day of the week?
When I close my mouth my top teeth go over my bottom teeth.......................
How can I get garlic off my breath?
How bad does getting out your wisdom teeth hurt?
I'm a 47 yr old female who will be getting dentures. Any advice?
If you kiss someone with cavitys will you get them too?
My gums are sore and tender feel like my teeth are falling out?
Does it hurt getting your braces taken off?
I'm trying to whiten my teeth. I've tried several whiteners but they didn't really work.?
How to cure gonorrhoea, so ashamed to see my doctor?
I have boils in the groin and they have beein oozing for months, what do I do to get rid of them?
What is the best natural cure for acne?
Is type 2 diabetes contagious, if so what are the ways you can contract it?
Should a child go to school after just being diagnosed with MONO?
Hey. my girl did me a bjob and she was kinda sick (cold or flu) can i get an STD? thanks?
50 yr old female. I wake up just about every morning hot and sweaty and my hands and feet are swollen. Why?
Hot Dogs and Lunch Meat sprayed with LIVE VIRUSES?
Do you know some alternative medicine to help an alcoholic?
How do i force myself to go to the gym!?
My friend has been starving herself to loose weight?? what can i say to her??
In most jeans I'm a size 1, but I want to loose a little bit more weight.?
What foods are a big no-no on a diet.?
Is 5'6'' tall for a model?
Hi how many pounds is thier in a stone?
If I am 180 pounds at 5'8 does that make me fat? :(?
Is it OK that my abs hurt?
I made fun of a fat person?
Bad tooth, dentist doesn't want to pull it?
Can any one suggest how can awoid the bad smell from mouth?
How to treat bleeding gums ?
I Have a tooth coming In. Any suggestions on a pain reliever?
How can I improve my teeth?
A part of my tooth chipped off!?
How do I stop grinding my teeth at night?
I have gingivitis and would like to know what i can do for it i have no insurance for dentist?
Why do my teeth feel weird when i touch cetain things?
Can i grow a tooth at the age of 17?
Does urine really help control acne?
Help i have tried everyting!!!!!?
How can you tell if a person is faking a seizure?
Where do i apply the product HEAD-ON???
Will drinking diet soda help me to loose weight?
I`m allergic to chocolate?
What food have lots of protein? I AM A VEGETARIAN!?
Weightloss for a 14 year old??
I am like 5'6 and weigh 108: too skinny?
How long will it take to lose weight if you dont eat?
How to lose weight without being on a diet?
I weight 280 lbs. I want to loose weight, but nothing seem to work. Any tips?
I drank 20 cups of water today-am i going to get fat?
Im 13 and i think im over weight?
Do people with eating disorders actually think they look fatter than they really are?
I am 12 and weigh 70 or so pounds, i am a size 12 and can fit a 00, do I weigh OK for my age?
Going to tanning salons is that also harmful to my skin?
How can you get rid of lice??
Research question: Would you date someone with an infectious disease?
Your skin turning noticably yellow?
What would you do if you discover that your fiancee has a sixth toe on one of her feet ?
Why does mens Pee smell so bad!?
In your opinion, what is the yuckiest tasting toothpaste?
Do you think its a plus when someone has white teeth?
Am I mad for walking out of the dentist because he wanted to bang a tooth and blow cold air on it ?
My teeth are hurting they mostly hurt when i take in oxygen, and when i breathe out. Please someone help me?
Worst experience at the dentist?
I have a root cananl tomarrow and im scared?
My wife is preg. 3 mts. she has a terrible toothache. tylenol and oragel doesnt work. please help?
My son aged 14 has been getting very bad breath its not nice bacouse the outher kids at school make remarks?
Help! I keep having dreams that?
What do i eat after i work out?
Is This An Efficient Way To Lose Weight?
I want become fat ... please help ?
What healthy snacks can i eat at lunch instead of chocolate?
Should i stop being a vegetarian?
Gaghh, i need to lose weight, like now help?
Can I lose weight through just eating..?
AM I FAT??? (pics included) 142lbs & 5'6?
10 lbs quick?
My son is 6,2 and 240 pounds is this overwieght?
A question to all smokers.?
Do you smoke?
Can people be allergic to water?
Does anyone know a good cure for Head Lice/Nits?
Does chicken pox happen twice?
What do you consider an alcoholic?
Who was the last person you visited in a hospital?
When you have the flu and a temperature...is it best to keep warm or cool?
First time getting braces tightened???
What r braces like?
What is the average healing time for wisdom teeth surgery (all 4 at once)?
Please don't say this is stupid?
When the dentist pulls a tooth out, what does he/she do with the old tooth?
Can anyone please help and give me some advice?
I chipped my tooth on a fork and another tooth is slightly loose what should i do?
Wisdom Teeth?
Bad breathe is a turn off what else is one?
How do i stop bad breath in the morning?
Is 15 pounds really alot of weight to lose by august 29th?
If you only drink milk for a couple of days do you loose weight ?
Is dieting a correct way of losing weight?
Does drinking water with lemon juice make you lose weight?
I've been doing the atkins diet for 1 week. I'm feeling really tired. Anyone know if this diet causes this??
I am trying to trim down a bit. Will brisk walking help?
I am losing fat, but gaining weight. Why?
Is 84 pounds to much for a12 year old girl who is 4 feet and 5 inches?
Ok, i so damn skinny, what type of (high calorie) food should i eat?
Answer this? 10 points please?
I feel a bad cold coming on. What should I do?
How can live in a house with cats when I'm allergic to them?
How can you control your asthma without inhalers?
How to get rid of headlice?
My best friend just told me she,s infected with hiv what should i do ?
How can I get sick? How can I get something like a sore throat, a bad cough, something like that?
Why do Americans have such beautiful teeth?
How much do permanent vampire teeth cost?
Tooth ace, what good for pain?
How much is brushing your teeth 'too much'?
I have 1 Cabdury's WISPA bar. Should I put it on ebay or just eat it????
Every question i ask nobody understands..?
Is it normal for a child to loose his first tooth at 5 years old? Isn't he a little young?
How could i fix my front teeth?
Wisdom teeth-remove all at once or not?
My friend has really bad breath?
What could hapend if i make love with my wife while her period?
Why do I feel constantly tired?
When you get sick,what kind of fluids should you drink?
Is it bad if i want to become anerexic?
How do i stop my skin itching so much after a bath or shower?
Smoking at age 13?
Am i fat? i'm 5'9" and 125lbs?
What does this mean???
How do I increase my metabolism?
Am i fat? i am a 15 year old female?
I gain 5 to 10 lbs at work everyday, WHY?
How do i loose about 20 pounds in about 1 month?
He thinks I'm fat?
Does giving blood make you lose weight?
How do you tell your 8 yr old son he needs to loose weight?
Would I look dumb if I go for a walk at the lake in my flip flops?
Does it hurt to get wisdom teeth out?
I have not eaten in 12 hours. I am starving, What is the best thing to eat with a toothache?
Why would my gums bleed so much?
I am having a tooth taken out at a nhs dentist. How much should this cost. First visit in 10 years?
Animals don't brush or floss their teeth. Why don't they get dental problems?
How can i stop my tooth ache with out going to the dentist?
The numbness went away, but now my jaw is swollen! What do I do?
Hi just wondering but is chewing gum good for you or what?
Can i sue listerine?
Why do dentists jack their costs so high?
I have really bad migraines! How can I relieve them?
Bad sore throat?
I have a foot fetish but I have heard you can get diseases from lickiing feet?
Chicken Pox twice??
My uncle is always coughing, has trouble breathing at times, and coughs up flem....help?
What is a good way to lose weight?
Is uk size 12 fat?
Do you think Im fat?
Do you think i look better now i've lost weight, or do you think i need to put the weight back on?
I'm 13 years old and i feel fat. Am i fat???
Is my weight okay?
Im having trouble with bullies at my school......?
Girls: If you could be any (english) dress size... which one would you rather be?
Why am i so perfect?
Quick poll! do you have braces???
How old were you when you got your first cavity?
What is the best thing about going to the dentist?
How come when i brush my teeth they bleed alot?
Why do dentist charge so much ..most people cant afford it?
I'm i pain... i just got braces..... how or what will make the pain go down....?
What kind of people bite thier nails??
How do i tell my boyfriend he has bad breath without embarrassing him ?
Does it bother you when you are walking behind someone who is smoking a cigareete?
Its killing me, I cant stop thinking about a cigarette!!!!!?
How harmful is getting food into your lungs?
I need a quick way to get rid of hiccy!?
Is 145-150 pounds too much for someone who is 5'6-5'7?
What is 20+20= ?
Eating too many bananas?
Anorexic?...I don't think so?
I'm tired of being over weight. I need to know what diet plans work?
How many pounds do I need to lose to get into a size 3 jeans?
Is it normal for a 15 year old to go for a jog?
I eat when I'm bored, how can I control this?
What are the benefits of getting rid of my TV?
My diet doesn't work?
Whats the best teeth whitening product?
Does biting nails help cause bad breath?
How do you know if you have bad breath?
11 year old daughter, is having 2 teeth out tomorrow.(for braces) She's scared, and refusing to go.! PLZ HELP
Please tell how get rid of the garlic breath i have?
My son's dentist is telling me that my son needs a brace in his mouth?
Can you brush your teeth if you have braces?
What are the foods that cause teeth staining?
I havent had my ROOT canal yet....what can happen???
How long does Meth take to leave your system?
“What would you say, is the best way you know to lower your cholesterol?
Am i dying slowly from a rare disease?
Acne will it ever go away?????? 20 years old male?
What is a foot doctor called?
Never had a period? (Doctors or women only please!)?
Why do people smoke in the presence of children? I ask them and they say "It hasn't harmed me, so why them"???
What do you find to be the best allergy medicine?
Does it matter if you have a long nose?
Okay I really need to know what this is????
Does anyone know what causes ichy eyelids?
Is anybody allergic to uncommon things?
How can my allergic boyfriend and my cat co-exist?
Help with itchy hives!!?
What is the weirdest thing you, people you know or heard of are allergic to?
I would like to get a cat. But the bf is allergic is there anything i can do to stop his allergies?
How do I pick my noes?
I started a diet and i feel like i am STARVING.....?
Did I eat weird today?
What is your favorite soda pop?
Whats something heathy and good i can eat for lunch?
What is the healthiest lunch to pack?
Plez help me! (there will be A best answer will be awarded)?
My weight is 48 kg and I'm tall 165cm!what do u think of me?
Im craving a box of twinkies to go off my diet, should I eat it?
Does this mean Im fat?
If u want to lose weight whats the best way to lose it?