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norepinephrine Bitartrate Norepinephrine Injection
norethindrone Acetate Norethindrone-Oral
norgesic Forte Orphenadrine/asa/caffeine-Oral
norinyl 1+35 Oral Contraceptives
norinyl 1+50 Oral Contraceptives
normal Saline Sodium Chloride 0.9% - Inj
normal Saline Flush Sodium Chloride 0.9% - Inj
norpace Cr Disopyramide-Oral
nortedril Guaif/a-Tuss/decong/a-Hist-Orl
nortemp Acetaminophen-Oral
nortrel Oral Contraceptives
nortriptyline Hcl Nortriptyline-Oral
nortuss-D.e. Guaifen/dm/decongest
nortuss-De Guaifen/dm/decongest
nortuss-Ex Guaif/dextromethorphan-Oral
norvit-L Multivitamins-Oral Liquids
nose Drops Phenylephrine-Nasal Drops
nose Spray Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray
nostrilla 12 Hour Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray
notuss Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
novacare Multivitamins-Oral
novadyne Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
novadyne Dh Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
novafed A Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
novafed-A Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
novaflor Lactobacillus Acidophilus-Oral
novagesic Apap/phenyltoloxamine - Oral
novagest Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
novagest Dh Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
novahistine Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
novahistine Dh Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
novahistine Dmx Guaifen/dm/decongest
novamine Amino Acids-Inj
novanatal Multivitamins-Oral
novarel Gonadotropins,chorionic-Im
novasal Mg Salicylate/phenytolx Oral
novastart Multivitamins-Oral
novolin 70/30 Insulin-Inj
novolin L Insulin-Inj
novolin N Insulin-Inj
novolin R Insulin-Inj
novolog Insulin Aspart - Inj
novolog Mix 70/30 Insulin Asp Prt/insulin Asp
novoseven Factor Viia,recomb - Inj
np-27 Tolnaftate-Topical
nrs-Nasal Relief Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray
ntg Nitroglycerin-Transdermal
nts Nicotine-Transdermal
nu-Fedrin Pseudoephedrine-Oral
nu-Iron Iron Supplements-Oral
nu-Iron 150 Iron Supplements-Oral
nu-Iron Plus Iron Supplements-Oral
nu-Iron-V Multivitamins-Oral
nu-Tears Eye Lubricant - Ophthm
nu-Tears Ii Eye Lubricant - Ophthm
nubaine Nalbuphine Injection
nucodine Exp Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
nucodine Ped Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
nucotuss Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
nudal-Hd Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
nuhist Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
nulev Hyoscyamine Disp Tab Oral
numobid Guaifenesin-Oral
numobid Cf Guaifen/dm/decongest
numobid Dx Guaif/dextromethorphan-Oral
numobid Pe Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
numonyl Pediatric Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
numonyl Sr Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
nupercainal Hc Hydrocortisone-Topical
nuquin Hp Hydroquinone/paba/sunscrn Top
nutracort Hydrocortisone-Topical
nutraderm Emollients-Topical
nutraplus Emollients-Topical
nutravescent Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
nutri-Vimin Multivitamins-Oral
nutricon Multivitamins-Oral
nutrimin-Plus Multivitamins-Oral
nutrinate Prenatal Vit/fe Fumarate/fa
nutropin Aq Somatropin-Inj
nutropin Depot Somatropin-Inj
nuvaring Etonogestrel/ethinyl Estradiol
nvp Bulk-Producing Laxatives-Oral
Nystatin Liquid-Oral
Nystatin W/triamcinolone-Top
nystatin-Triamcinolone Nystatin W/triamcinolone-Top
nystop Nystatin-Topical
nytol Diphenhydramine Oral
o-Cal Fa Multivitamins-Oral
o-Cal Prenatal Multivitamins-Oral
o-Cal-D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
ob-20 Rx Multivitamins-Oral
obenix Phentermine-Oral
obezine Appetite Suppressants-Oral
obstetrix-100 Multivitamins-Oral
occlusal-Hp Salicyl Ac & Combo-Top Liq,sol
ocean Sodium Chloride Nasal Spray
ocl Electrolyte/peg-Oral
octycine-100 Docusate-Oral
octycine-250 Docusate-Oral
ocucoat Pf Eye Lubricant - Ophthm
ocuhist Naphazoline/pheniramine-Ophth
ocumycin Combo Antibiotic-Ophth Oint
ocusert Pilo-20 Pilocarpine-Ophth Ocular Sys
ocusert Pilo-40 Pilocarpine-Ophth Ocular Sys
ocusulf-10 Sulfacetamide-Ophthalmic
odor Free Garlic Garlic - Oral
odor Free Garlic-X Garlic - Oral
odorless Garlic Garlic - Oral
off-Ezy Wart Remover Salicyl Ac & Combo-Top Liq,sol
ogestrel Oral Contraceptives
oil Free Sunscreen - Topical
olux Clobetasol Foam Topical
omedia Otic Benzocaine-Otic
omega 3 Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Oral
omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Oral
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Oral
Omeprazole Dr Capsule - Oral
omni-Tech Multivitamins-Oral
omnihist L.a. Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
omnii Gel Stannous Fluoride Dental-Gel
omnii Med Stannous Fluoride Dental-Gel
onccor Multivitamins-Oral
once Daily Multivitamins-Oral
once Daily W/iron Multivitamins-Oral
oncovite Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily 50 Plus Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Complete Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Maximum Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Multi-Vitamin Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Multivitamin Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Plus Iron Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Plus Minerals Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily Vitamin Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily W/cal,iron,zinc Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily W/calcium & Iron Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily W/calcium And Iron Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily W/calcium,iron,zinc Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily W/iron Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily W/iron & Calcium Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily W/minerals Multivitamins-Oral
one Daily With Iron Multivitamins-Oral
one Source Multivitamins-Oral
one Tablet Daily W/iron Multivitamins-Oral
one Tablet Daily W/minerals Multivitamins-Oral
one-A-Day 55 Plus Multivitamins-Oral
one-A-Day Essential Multivitamins-Oral
one-A-Day Extras Garlic - Oral
one-A-Day Kids Multivitamins-Oral Chews
one-A-Day Maximum Formula Multivitamins-Oral
one-A-Day Men S Multivitamins-Oral
one-A-Day Women S Multivitamins-Oral
one-Tab-Daily W/iron Multivitamins-Oral
one-Tablet-Daily Multivitamins-Oral
ontak Denileukin - Inj
onxol Paclitaxel-Inj
ophthetic Proparacaine Ophtlm Drops
Tincture Of Opium-Oral Liq
opth-Vite Multivitamins-Oral
opti Gar Garlic Garlic - Oral
opti-Gen Multivitamins-Oral
opti-Multi Multivitamins-Oral
opticaine Tetracaine Ophth
opticrom Cromolyn-Ophth
optics Mini Drops Eye Lubricant - Ophthm
optigene-3 Tetrahydrozoline-Ophth
optilets-500 Multivitamins-Oral
optilets-M-500 Multivitamins-Oral
optimum Pms Multivitamins-Oral
optivar Azelastine Ophth
optivite P.m.t. Multivitamins-Oral
or-Phen-Ade Chlorphenir/phenylprop-Oral La
oragest-Td Chlorphenir/phenylprop-Oral La
oral Expectorant Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Oral
oralyte Electrolyte Solution-Oral
oramorph Sr Morphine-Oral Tablet Sa
orange C Ascorbic Acid-Oral
orange Chewable C Ascorbic Acid-Oral
orange Cough Syrup Chlorpheniramine W/phenylprop
orapred Prednisolone Sol/syr - Oral
oraspan Fa Multivitamins-Oral
oraspan-Fa Multivitamins-Oral
orazinc Zinc Sulfate - Oral
ordrine Chlorphenir/phenylprop-Oral La
orestyl 50 Diphenhydramine Oral
orfadin Nitisinone - Oral
orfro Orphenadrine-Injection
orgadin Guaifenesin-Oral
orgadin-Tuss Guaifenesin/codeine-Oral
orgadin-Tuss Dm Guaif/dextromethorphan-Oral
organ-I Nr Guaifenesin-Oral
organidin Nr Guaifenesin-Oral
original Formula Multivitamins-Oral
orimune Dispette Polio Vaccine - Oral
orphedral Ad Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
orphenadrine Citrate Orphenadrine-Oral
orphenadrine Compound Orphenadrine/asa/caffeine-Oral
orphenadrine Compound Forte Orphenadrine/asa/caffeine-Oral
orphengesic Orphenadrine/asa/caffeine-Oral
orphengesic Forte Orphenadrine/asa/caffeine-Oral
ortho Evra Eth Estrad/norelgest Patch-Top
ortho Micronor Norethindrone-Oral Contracept
ortho Tri-Cyclen Oral Contraceptives
ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo Oral Contraceptives
ortho-Cept Oral Contraceptives
ortho-Cyclen Oral Contraceptives
ortho-Est Estrogens-Oral
ortho-Prefest Estrogen/progestins - Oral
os-Cal 250+d Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
os-Cal 500 Calcium Carbonate-Oral
os-Cal 500+d Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
osdan Oyster Shell Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
osmitrol Mannitol Iv - Inj
osteo-Fem Multivitamins-Oral
ostrarid Calcium Carbonate-Oral
ot-Ake Hc Hc/chloroxylenol/pramox Otic
oticaine Benzocaine-Otic
otirx Hc/chloroxylenol/pramox Otic
oto-Care Antipyrine/benzocaine-Otic
otocidin Neomycin/polymyxin/hc-Otic Sol
otomar Hc Hc/chloroxylenol/pramox Otic
otomax-Hc Hc/chloroxylenol/pramox Otic
otomycet-Hc Acetic Acid/hydrocort-Otic
otosol-Hc Acetic Acid/hydrocort-Otic
otozone Hc/chloroxylenol/pramox Otic
otra Nr Antipyrine/benzocaine-Otic
ovcon-35 Oral Contraceptives
ovcon-50 Oral Contraceptives
ovide Malathion Topical
ovidrel Choriogonadotropin Alfa Inj
ovral-21 Oral Contraceptives
ovral-28 Oral Contraceptives
ovral-4 Oral Contraceptives
oxacillin Sodium Oxacillin-Inj
Oxaprozin-Oral Cap,tab
Oxazepam - Oral
oxy 10 Balance Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
oxy-5 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
oxybutynin Chloride Oxybutynin-Oral
oxycodone Hcl Oxycodone - Oral
oxycodone Hcl-Acetaminophen Oxycodone/acetaminophen - Oral
oxycodone W/acetaminophen Oxycodone/acetaminophen - Oral
oxycodone W/aspirin Oxycodone & Aspirin-Oral
oxycodone-Acetaminophen Oxycodone/acetaminophen - Oral
oxycodone/apap Oxycodone/acetaminophen - Oral
oxydose Oxycodone - Oral
oxyfast Oxycodone - Oral
oxyfrin Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray
oxymetazoline Hcl Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray
oxytrol Oxybutynin - Transdermal
oyscal 500 Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oysco 500+d Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oysco D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oysco-500 Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oyst Cal D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyst-Cal-500 Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oyst-Cal-D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster + D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Cal Calcium Supplements-Oral
oyster Cal-D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Calcium + D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Calcium 500 Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oyster Calcium W/vitamin D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Shell Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oyster Shell + D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Shell 500 Calcium W/d Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Shell Calcium Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oyster Shell Calcium W/ Vit D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Shell Calcium W/d Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Shell Calcium W/vit D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Shell W/vitamin D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
oyster Tabs Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oystercal 500 Calcium Carbonate-Oral
oystercal-D250 Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
p Chlor Guaif/decongest/antihist-Oral
p Chlor Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
p-Col-Rite Stool Softnr/stim Lax Combo-Or
p-Colrite Stool Softnr/stim Lax Combo-Or
p-D Natal Plus Multivitamins-Oral
p-D Natal Plus W/folic Acid Multivitamins-Oral
p-D Natalplus Multivitamins-Oral
p-D Span Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
p-Ehedrine-Guaifenesin Sr Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
p-Epd Hcl/guaifenesin Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
p-Epd Hcl/hcod Bt/carbinox Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
p-Epd Tan/chlor-Tan Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
p-Ephed Hcl/carbinox Mal Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
p-Ephed Hcl/chlor-Mal Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
p-Ephed Hcl/chlor-Mal/scop Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
p-Ephed Hcl/hydrocod Bit/cp Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
p-Ephedrine-Guafenesin La Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
p-Ephedrine/guaifen/dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
p-Hist Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
p-Tanna 12 Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
p-Tex Guaif/p-Ephrine/p-Prop. - Oral
p-Tuss K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
p-Tuss D Expect/decon/narc.antitussive
p-Tuss Dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
p-V-Tussin Decongest/narc.antituss-Oral
p.p.c. Hydrocortisone-Topical
p2e1 Pilocarpine/epinephrine-Ophth
p4e1 Pilocarpine/epinephrine-Ophth
p6e1 Pilocarpine/epinephrine-Ophth
paba-500 Para-Aminobenzoic Acid-Oral
pacaps Butalbital/apap/caff.-Oral
pacerone Amiodarone-Oral
pacquin Plus Emollients-Topical
pain Relief Extra-Strength Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Relief Junior Strength Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Relief W/o Aspirin Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever Child Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever Extra Strength Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever Jr Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever Junior Strength Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever Non-Asa Ex Str Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever W/o Asa Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever W/o Aspirin Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Reliever W/out Aspirin Acetaminophen-Oral
pain Relieving Rub Methyl Salicyl/menthol - Top
pain-Eze + Acetaminophen-Oral
pain-Gesic Apap/phenyltoloxamine - Oral
palgic Antihistamines (Other)
palgic D Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
palgic Ds Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
palipase Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
palipase Mt 16 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
palipase Mt 20 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
palmitate-A 5000 Vitamin A-Oral
palpeon Dr 10 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
palpeon Dr 20 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
palpeon Mt 20 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
paltrase V8 Pancrelipase-Oral
pamidronate Disodium Pamidronate - Inj
pamine Forte Scopolamine 2.5mg - Oral
pan B-12 Vial Cyanocobalamin-Inj
pan-2400 Digestive Aids-Oral
panadol Children S Acetaminophen-Oral
panadol Maximum Strength Acetaminophen-Oral
panafil-White Papain/urea Topical
panalgesic Methyl Salicyl/menthol - Top
panalgesic Gold Methyl Salicyl/menthol - Top
panase Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
panatuss Dx Guaif/a-Tuss/decong/a-Hist-Orl
panax Ginseng Ginseng - Oral
pancof Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
pancof Exp Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
pancof Hc Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
pancof Pd Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
pancof Xp Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
pancrease Mt 10 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrease Mt 16 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrease Mt 20 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrease Mt 4 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancreatin 4x Digestive Aids-Oral
pancreatin 8x Digestive Aids-Oral
pancrecarb Ms-4 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrecarb Ms-8 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrelipase 10000 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrelipase 16000 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrelipase 20000 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrelipase Mt 16 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrelipase Mt-16 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancrezyme 4x Digestive Aids-Oral
pancron 10 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancron 20 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pancron-10 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
panfil G Guaifen/dyphylline-Oral
pangestyme Cn 10 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pangestyme Cn 20 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pangestyme Ec Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pangestyme Mt 16 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pangestyme Ul 12 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pangestyme Ul 18 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
pangestyme Ul 20 Pancrelipase-Oral Cap Ec
panglobulin Immune Globulin-Iv
panlor Dc Narc.analg/apap/caffeine-Oral
panlor Ss Narc.analg/apap/caffeine-Oral
panmist Dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
panmist Jr Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
panmist La Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
panmist S Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Liquid
pannaz Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pannaz S Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
panokase Pancrelipase-Oral
panokase-16 Pancrelipase-Oral
panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
panoxyl 10 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
panoxyl 5 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
panoxyl Aq 10 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
panoxyl Aq 2.5 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
panoxyl Aq 5 Benzoyl Peroxide - Topical
panthoderm Emollients-Topical
papain-Urea Papain/urea Topical
papain-Urea-Chlorophyllin Papain/urea Topical
papaverine Hcl Papaverine-Oral
Papaya Oral
papaya Enzyme Papaya Oral
par-F Multivitamins-Oral
para-Time Papaverine-Oral
parafon Forte Dsc Chlorzoxazone - Oral
paramol Acetaminophen-Oral
paratox Pyrethrins/piperonyl Sol/gel
parcaine Proparacaine Ophtlm Drops
paregoric Camphorated Opium Tincture
paromomycin Sulfate Paromomycin - Oral
paroxetine Hcl Paroxetine-Oral
Passion Flower - Oral
pavacot Papaverine-Oral
paxil Cr Paroxetine-Oral Sr
paxipam Benzodiazepines(Misc.)-Oral
pc Pediatric Electrolyte Electrolyte Solution-Oral
pc Tar Coal Tar Shampoo - Topical
pc-Cap Propoxyphene/asa/caffeine-Oral
pcm Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pcm Allergy Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pcm La Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pdm Gg Guaifen/dm/decongest
pe/phenylprop/cpm/bella Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pe/phenylprop/phenyltox/cpm Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
ped Electrolyte Electrolyte Solution-Oral
pedi-Dri Nystatin-Topical
pedia Cough-Cold Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pedia Electrolite Electrolyte Solution-Oral
pedia Relief D-Methorphan/decongestant-Oral
pedia Relief Cgh & Cold Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pedia Relief Cough & Cold Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pedia Relief Cough-Cold Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pedia Relief Cough/cold Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pedia Relief Decongestant Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pedia Relief Infant D-Methorphan/decongestant-Oral
pedia Vit Multivitamins-Oral Chews
pedia-Pop Electrolyte Solution-Oral
pediacare Cough-Cold Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pediacol Simethicone Drops - Oral
pediacold Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pediacon Dx Guaifen/dm/decongest
pediahist Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pediapred Prednisolone Sol/syr - Oral
pediapressin Guaifen/dm/decongest
pediatex Antihistamines (Other)
pediatex Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pediatex Hc Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
pediatex-D Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pediatric Cough/cold Guaifenesin-Oral
pediatric Cough/cold Formula Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pediatric Decongestant Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pediatric Diaper Rash Emollients-Topical
pediatric Electrolyte Electrolyte Solution-Oral
pediatric Formula Guaifen/dm/decongest
pediatric Freezer Pops Electrolyte Solution-Oral
pediatric Nasal Decongestant Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pediatric Ointment Emollients-Topical
pediatric Solution Electrolyte Solution-Oral
pediatric Super D-Methorphan/decongestant-Oral
pediatuss D.e. Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Oral
pediculicide 11 Pyrethrins/piperonyl Shmpoo
pediculicide Lice Treatment Pyrethrins/piperonyl Sol/gel
pediox Antihistamines (Other)
peg 3350/electrolyte Electrolyte/peg-Oral
peg-Intron Peg Interferon Alfa - Inj
pegasys Peg Interferon Alfa - Inj
pen-Kera Emollients-Topical
pen-Vee K Penicillin Vk-Oral Solid
penicillin G Benzathine Penicillin G Benzathene Inj
penicillin G Potassium Penicillin-Inj
penicillin G Procaine Pen G Benz/pen G Procaine Inj
penicillin G Sodium Penicillin-Inj
penicillin Gk/iso-Osm Dextrose Penicillin-Inj
penicillin V Potassium Penicillin Vk-Oral Solid
penlac Ciclopirox - Topical Lacquer
pentam 300 Pentamidine-Inj
pentamidine Isethionate Pentamidine-Inj
pentazocine And Naloxone Hcl Pentazocine W/naloxone-Oral
pentazocine-Naloxone Pentazocine W/naloxone-Oral
pentazocine/naloxone Pentazocine W/naloxone-Oral
pentopak Pentoxifylline-Oral
pentoxil Pentoxifylline-Oral
pentravan Emollients-Topical
pentrax Coal Tar Shampoo - Topical
pentrax Gold Coal Tar Shampoo - Topical
pentuss Car-B-Pen Ta/phnyleph/cp Susp
pepcid Ac Famotidine - Oral Solid
pepcid Complete Famot/calcium Carb/magnes Oral
pepcid Rpd Famotidine Oral Disp Tab
peptic Relief Bismuth Subsalicylate-Oral
percodan Demi Oxycodone & Aspirin-Oral
percogesic Apap/phenyltoloxamine - Oral
perdiem Fiber Bulk-Producing Laxatives-Oral
perfect Choice Stannous Fluoride Dental-Gel
pergolide Mesylate Pergolide-Oral
peri-Colace-T Stool Softnr/stim Lax Combo-Or
peri-Docu Stool Softnr/stim Lax Combo-Or
peri-Dos Stool Softnr/stim Lax Combo-Or
peri-Doss Stool Softnr/stim Lax Combo-Or
perianal Wipes Witch Hazel -Topical
peries 40 Pads Witch Hazel -Topical
periguard Zinc Oxide Ointment
perio Med Stannous Fluor .63% Dntl Rinse
perio-Rinse Stannous Fluor .63% Dntl Rinse
perioselect Take Home Care Stannous Fluoride Dental-Gel
perisol Chlorhexidine-Oral
permapen Isoject Penicillin G Benzathene Inj
Permethrin-Top. Cream Rinse
permitil Fluphenazine Concentrate
Perphenazine Concent- Oral
perry Prenatal Tablet Multivitamins-Oral
pertussin Cs Dextromethorphan-Oral Liquid
pertussin Es Dextromethorphan-Oral Liquid
petrolatum Base Emollients-Topical
phanasin Guaifenesin-Oral
phanatuss Dm Guaif/dextromethorphan-Oral
phanatuss Hc Guaifen/hydrocodone-Oral
pharmacist Favorite Multi-Vite Multivitamins-Oral
pharmadrine Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
pharmaflur Sodium Fluoride-Oral
pharmasin Guaifenesin-Oral
pharmatuss Dm Guaif/dextromethorphan-Oral
pharmhist Plus Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
phazyme 125 Simethicone Chew Tabs - Oral
phazyme 95 Simethicone Tabs/caps - Oral
phen-Tuss Ad Promethazine/phenylephrine-Po
phen-Tuss Dm Promethazine/dm-Oral
phen/chlor Hc Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
phena-Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
phena-S Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
phenabid Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
phenabid Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
phenacon Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
phenadex Pediatric Guaifen/dm/decongest
phenadoz Promethazine-Rectal
phenagesic Apap/phenyltoloxamine - Oral
phenaphen W/codeine Codeine/acetaminophen - Oral
phenatan-S Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
phenavent Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
phenavent D Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
phenavent La Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
phenavent Ped Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
phenazopyridine Hcl Phenazopyridine-Oral
phenazopyridine Plus Phenazopyr/hyos/butabarb-Oral
phenclor Tannate Pediatric Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
phendiet Appetite Suppressants-Oral
phendiet-105 Appetite Suppressants-Oral
phendimetrazine Appetite Suppressants-Oral
phendimetrazine Tartrate Appetite Suppressants-Oral
phenergan Vc Promethazine/phenylephrine-Po
phenergan Vc W/codeine Prometh/p-Ephrine/codeine-Oral
phenergan W/codeine Promethazine/codeine Syrup
phenergan W/dextromethorphan Promethazine/dm-Oral
phenesin Guaif/p-Ephrine/p-Prop. - Oral
phenesin L.a. Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Tab Sa
phenhist Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
phenobarbital Sodium Phenobarbital-Inj
phenobarbital/ergotamine/bell Ergotamine/bella/phenobarb-Orl
phentermine Hcl Phentermine-Oral
phentex Guaif/p-Ephrine/p-Prop. - Oral
phentex La Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Tab Sa
phentride Phentermine-Oral
phenydex Guaifen/dm/decongest
phenydryl Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
phenyl Chlor-Tan Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
phenylchlor Ba Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
phenyleph/hcod Bt/cp Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
phenylephrine Gg Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
phenylephrine Hcl/guaifenesin Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
phenylephrine Hd Decongest/narc.antituss-Oral
phenylephrine/chlor-Mal/scop Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
phenylephrine/cpm/pyrilamine Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
phenylephrine/guaifenesin Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
phenylfenesin La Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Tab Sa
phenylgesic Apap/phenyltoloxamine - Oral
phenylhistine Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
phenylhistine Dh Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
phenylpap Apap/phenyltoloxamine - Oral
phenylprop/guaifen/d-Methorph Guaifen/dm/decongest
phenylpropanolamine Hcl Phenylpropanolamine Oral
phenylpropanolamine W/cpm Chlorphenir/phenylprop-Oral La
phenyltoloxamine Pe Cpm Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
phenyltoloxamine W/apap Apap/phenyltoloxamine - Oral
phenytek Phenytoin-Oral
phenytoin Sodium Phenytoin-Inj
phenytoin Sodium Extended Phenytoin-Oral
phenytoin Sodium Injection Phenytoin-Inj
phenytoin Sodium, Extended Phenytoin-Oral
phenytoin Sodium,extended Phenytoin-Oral
phenzene Appetite Suppressants-Oral
phillips Concentrated Magnesium Hydroxide-Oral
phillips Laxative Docusate-Oral
phillips Milk Of Magnesia Magnesium Hydroxide-Oral
phos-Nak Naph,mb-Db/k Ph,mbdb Packets
phoscal D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
phosphate Fluoride Sodium Fluor 0.02% Dntl Rinse
phospholine Iodide Echothiophate Iodide-Opth Soln
photofrin Porfimer Sodium - Inj
phrenilin Forte Butalbital/apap-Oral
phrenilin W/caffeine & Codeine Codeine/apap/caff/butalb-Oral
physostigmine Sulfate Physostigmine-Ophth Oint
phytonadione Vitamin K-Injection
Pilocarpine-Ophth Soln
pilocarpine Hcl Pilocarpine-Ophth Soln
pilopine Hs Pilocarpine-Ophth Gel
piloptic-2 Pilocarpine-Ophth Soln
piloptic-3 Pilocarpine-Ophth Soln
piloptic-4 Pilocarpine-Ophth Soln
piloptic-6 Pilocarpine-Ophth Soln
pinex Concentrate Dextromethorphan-Oral Liquid
pink Bismuth Bismuth Subsalicylate-Oral
pink Bismuth Max Strength Bismuth Subsalicylate-Oral
pink Bismuth Stomach Relief Bismuth Subsalicylate-Oral
pink-Bismuth Bismuth Subsalicylate-Oral
piojina Ii Pyrethrins/piperonyl Sol/gel
Piroxicam-Oral Cap,tab
pitocin Oxytocin - Inj
pitressin Vasopressin - Inj
plan B Levonorgestrel Oral
plaretase 8000 Pancrelipase-Oral
plasbumin-20 Albumin-Inj
plasbumin-25 Albumin-Inj
plasbumin-5 Albumin-Inj
plenamins Plus Multivitamins-Oral
plexion Sulfacetamide/sulfur Emuls Top
plexion Sct Sulfacetamide W/ Sulfur- Cream
plexion Ts Sulfacet W/sulfur,sublimed-Top
plexolan Emollients-Topical
pms Multivitamins-Oral
pms Multivitamin W/minerals Multivitamins-Oral
pneumotussin Guaifen/hydrocodone-Oral
pneumotussin Hc Guaifen/hydrocodone-Oral
pneumovax 23 Pneumococcal Vaccine - Inj
pnu-Imune 23 Pneumococcal Vaccine - Inj
pocion Jaccoud, Grandpa S Caffeine Liquid Oral
podactin Tolnaftate-Topical
Podofilox-Topical Soln
polaramine Repetab Dexchlorpheniramine - Oral
poly Bacitracin Combination Antibiotic-Topical
poly Cs Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
poly D Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
poly Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
poly Hist Forte Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
poly Iron Pn Multivitamins-Oral
poly Iron Pn Forte Multivitamins-Oral
poly Vitamin W/iron Multivitamins-Oral Liquids
poly-Cs Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
poly-D Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
poly-Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
poly-Histine Cs Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
poly-Histine Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
poly-Histine-D Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
poly-Histine-D Ped Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
poly-Iron Iron Supplements-Oral
poly-Iron 150 Forte Iron Supplements-Oral
poly-Tussin Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
poly-Tussin Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
poly-Tussin Hd Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
poly-Tussin Xp Gg/decngst/narc.antitus Liq-Po
poly-Vent Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
poly-Vi-Flor W/iron Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Drp
poly-Vi-Sol W/iron Multivitamins-Oral Liquids
poly-Vi-Sol W/iron & Zinc Multivitamins-Oral Chews
poly-Vi-Tab W/iron Multivitamins-Oral Chews
poly-Vitamin Multivitamins-Oral Chews
poly-Vitamin W/fluoride Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Drp
poly-Vitamin W/iron Multivitamins-Oral Liquids
poly-Vitamin W/iron & Fluoride Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Drp
poly-Vitamin/fluoride/iron Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Tab
poly-Vitamins W/fluoride Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Drp
polycidin Combo Antibiotic-Ophth Oint
polycin-B Combo Antibiotic-Ophth Oint
polycitra-Lc Citric Acid/na-K Cit-Po Liq
polydryl Diphenhydramine Oral
polydryl Allergy Medication Diphenhydramine Oral
polygam S/d Immune Globulin-Iv
polyminic Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Oral
polyminic Am Cough/decongest D-Methorphan/decongestant-Oral
polyminic Cold & Cough Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
polyminic Dm D-Methorphan/decongestant-Oral
polyminic Night Time Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
polymyxin Combination Antibiotic-Topical
polymyxin B Sul/trimethoprim Polymyxin/trimethoprim - Ophth
polysaccharide Iron Iron Supplements-Oral
polysaccharide Iron Forte Iron Supplements-Oral
polysaccharide-Iron Iron Supplements-Oral
polysorb Hydrate Emollients-Topical
polytapp Brompheniramine W/phenylprop
polytapp Allergy Brompheniramine-Oral
polytar Coal Tar Shampoo - Topical
polytine Cs Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
polytine D Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
polytine Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
polytrim Polymyxin/trimethoprim - Ophth
polyvitamin Multivitamins-Oral Liquids
polyvitamin W/fluoride & Iron Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Drp
polyvitamin W/iron Multivitamins-Oral Chews
polyvitamins W/fluoride Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Drp
polyvitamins W/iron Multivitamins-Oral Liquids
polyvites W/fluoride Multivitamins W/fluor-Oral Tab
portia Oral Contraceptives
posture-D Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral
pot Guaiaco-Hydrocodone Bit K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
pot Guaiaco/dm Hb K Guaiacosul/d-Methorphan Oral
pot Guaiaco/hydrocodone Bit K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
pot Guaiaco/phenylephrine Hcl Pot Guaiaco/decongestant- Oral
potaba Envule Para-Aminobenzoic Acid-Oral
potassimin Potassium Supplements-Oral
Potassium Supplement Efferv-Po
potassium Acetate Potassium Supplements-Inj
potassium Bicarbonate Potassium Supplement Efferv-Po
potassium Chloride Potassium Supplements-Po Liq
potassium Citrate/citric Acid Citric Acid/na-K Cit-Po Liq
potassium Gluconate Potassium Supplements-Po Solid
potassium Permanganate K Permanganate Granules-Top
potassium-99 Potassium Supplements-Oral
poten B-150 Vitamin B Complex-Oral
Chlordiazepoxide - Oral
pp-Cap Propoxyphene-Oral
ppa/pyrilamine/p-Tlox/phenir Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
ppg Guaif/p-Ephrine/p-Prop. - Oral
prascion Sulfacetamide/sulfur Emuls Top
pravigard Pac Pravachol/buffered Aspirin-Orl
prazosin Hcl Prazosin-Oral
pre-Natal Multivitamins-Oral
precare Multivitamins-Oral
precare Conceive Multivitamins-Oral
precare Prenatal Multivitamins-Oral
pred Forte Prednisolone-Ophth Drops
pred Mild Prednisolone-Ophth Drops
pred-G Combo Antibiot/steroid-Oph Ont
Prednisolone-Ophth Drops
Prednisolone Sol/syr - Oral
prednisolone Sod Phosphate Prednisolone Sol/syr - Oral
prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Prednisolone Sol/syr - Oral
prednisolone-Sulfacetamide Steroid & Antibiotic Eye Drops
prednisone Intensol Prednisone-Oral
prehist Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
prehist D Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
prelieve Pms Chaste - Oral
prelone Prednisolone Sol/syr - Oral
premarin Low Dose Estrogens-Oral
premasol Amino Acids-Inj
premesis Rx Calcium Carb/b12/fa/b6 - Oral
prempro Low Dose Con.estrogen/medroxyprog- Oral
prena-Cap Multivitamins-Oral
prena-Tab Multivitamins-Oral
prenatabs Cbf Multivitamins-Oral
prenatabs Fa Multivitamins-Oral
prenatabs Rx Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal #2 Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal 1 + Iron Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal 1 Plus 1 Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal 1+1 Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal 1/1 Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal 19 Multivitamins-Time Release
prenatal 1mg Plus Iron Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Ad Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Advantage Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Formula Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Formula 3 Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Forte Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Low Iron Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Mr 90 Fe Multivitamins-Time Release
prenatal Mtr Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Optima Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Optima Advance Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Pc 40 Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Plus Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Plus Nf Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Rx Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Rx W/b-Carotene Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal S Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Start Multivitamins-Time Release
prenatal Vitamin Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Vitamin Formula Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Vites Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal W/folic Acid Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal With Iron Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal Z Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal-Folic Acid Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal-H Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal-Otc Multivitamins-Oral
prenatal-U Multivitamins-Oral
prenate Advance Multivitamins-Oral
prenate Gt Multivitamins-Oral
prenavite Multivitamins-Oral
prentif Cavity-Rim Cerv Cap Cervical Cap Device
preparation H Hydrocortisone-Topical
presun Sunscreen - Topical
pretty Feet & Hands Emollients-Topical
prevalite Cholestyramine-Orl Pwdr,gran.
preven L-Norgest-Eth Estr/prg Tst Kit
prevident 5000 Plus Sodium Fluor 1.1% Dntl-Topical
prevnar Pneumococcal Ped Vaccine - Inj
primacor In 5% Dextrose Milrinone Lactate-Injection
Primaquine Phosphate-Oral
primatene Mist Bronchodilator-Aer Oral Inhalr
primaxin I.m. Imipenem/cilastin-Inj
primaxin I.v. Imipenem/cilastin-Inj
primsol Trimethoprim-Oral
principen 125 Ampicillin-Oral Liquid
principen 250 Ampicillin-Oral Solid
privine Decongestant-Nasal Drops
pro Skin Sunscreen - Topical
pro Tuss Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pro-Bionate-C Lactobacillus Acidophilus-Oral
pro-Clear K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
pro-Cof K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
pro-Cof D Expect/decon/narc.antitussive
pro-Fast Hs Phentermine-Oral
pro-Fast Sa Phentermine-Oral
pro-Fast Sr Phentermine-Oral
pro-Otic Antipyrine/benzocaine-Otic
pro-Red Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
pro-Tabs Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pro-Tannate Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pro-Tuss Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
proantho Plus Grape Seed- Oral
probenecid W/colchicine Colchicine/probenecid-Oral
probiata Lactobacillus Acidophilus-Oral
procainamide Hcl Procainamide-Oral,injection
procanbid Procainamide-Oral,injection
procardia Xl Nifedipine S.r.- Oral
procet Hydrocodone/acetaminophen-Oral
prochieve Progesterone Gel - Vaginal
prochlorperazine Edisylate Prochlorperazine-Inj
prochlorperazine Maleate Prochlorperazine-Oral
procto-Kit Hydrocortisone-Rectal Crm,oint
procto-Pak Hydrocortisone-Rectal Crm,oint
proctocare-Hc Hydrocortisone-Rectal Crm,oint
proctosert Hc Hydrocortisone-Rectal Suppos.
proctosol-Hc Hydrocortisone-Rectal Crm,oint
proctozone H Hydrocortisone-Rectal Crm,oint
proctozone-Hc Hydrocortisone-Rectal Crm,oint
prodec-Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
prodium Phenazopyridine-Oral
profed Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
profen Forte Dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
profen Ib Ibuprofen - Oral
profen Ii Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Tab Sa
profen Ii Dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
profen-La Guaifenesin/phenylprop-Tab Sa
proferrin Heme Iron Polypeptide - Oral
proferrin-Forte Heme Polypeptide/folic Acid-Or
profilnine Sd Factor Ix-Inj
progesterone In Oil Progesterone-Im
prohist Diphenhydramine Oral
prohist-8 Chlorpheniramine-Oral
prohistine D Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
prohistine Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
prolamine Phenylpropanolamine Oral
prolex D Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
prolex Dh K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
prolex Dm K Guaiacosul/d-Methorphan Oral
prolex Pd Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
prolixin Decanoate Fluphenazine-Inj
prolixin Enanthate Fluphenazine-Inj
promacet Butalbital/apap-Oral
promacot Promethazine-Inj
promar Multivitamins-Oral
promensil Red Clover Oral
promethazine Dm Promethazine/dm-Oral
promethazine Hcl Promethazine-Inj
promethazine Vc Promethazine/phenylephrine-Po
promethazine Vc W/codeine Prometh/p-Ephrine/codeine-Oral
promethazine Vc-Codeine Prometh/p-Ephrine/codeine-Oral
promethazine W/codeine Promethazine/codeine Syrup
promethazine W/dm Promethazine/dm-Oral
promethazine-Codeine Promethazine/codeine Syrup
prometrium Progesterone Oral
prompt Relief Phenyleph/shk Lv/mo/pet - Top
pronestyl Procainamide-Oral,injection
propade Chlorphenir/phenylprop-Oral La
propafenone Hcl Propafenone-Oral
propagest Phenylpropanolamine Oral
Phenylpropanolamine Oral
propantheline Bromide Propantheline-Oral
Proparacaine Ophtlm Drops
proparacaine Hcl Proparacaine Ophtlm Drops
proplex T Factor Ix-Inj
propoxacet-N 100 Propoxyphene W/apap-Oral
propoxyphene Hcl Propoxyphene-Oral
propoxyphene Hcl Compound Propoxyphene/asa/caffeine-Oral
propoxyphene Hcl W/apap Propoxyphene W/apap-Oral
propoxyphene Hcl-Apap Propoxyphene W/apap-Oral
propoxyphene Hcl/apap Propoxyphene W/apap-Oral
propoxyphene Napsylate Propoxyphene-Oral
propoxyphene Napsylate W/apap Propoxyphene W/apap-Oral
propoxyphene Napsylate-Apap Propoxyphene W/apap-Oral
propranolol Hcl Propranolol-Oral
propranolol Hcl W/hctz Beta-Blockers W/thiazide-Oral
proset D Guaifenesin/phenylephrine-Oral
prosight Multivitamins-Oral
prostin E2 Vaginal Suppository Dinoprostone Vag Suppos
prostin Vr Pediatric Alprostadil Injection
protac 12hr Nasal Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray
protac Cold Chlorphenir/phenylprop-Oral La
protex K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
protex D Expect/decon/narc.antitussive
protexin Plus Ascorbic Acid-Oral
protonix Pantoprazole Oral
protonix Iv Pantoprazole - Inj
protopic Tacrolimus Topical
protriptyline Hcl Protriptyline Oral
protuss K Guaiacosul/hydrocodone Oral
protuss Dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
protuss-D Expect/decon/narc.antitussive
proventil Hfa Albuterol-Aerosol Oral Inhaler
provil Ibuprofen - Oral
provocholine Methacholine Inhalation
provol Pygeum Oral
prozac Weekly Fluoxetine Weekly - Oral
prudoxin Doxepin-Topical Cream
pse 120 Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pse 60 Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pse 90/cpm 8/msc 2.5 Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pse Bpm Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pse Brom Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pse Carbinoxamine Dm Dm/decongest/antihist-Oral
pse Cpm Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseubrom Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
pseubrom-Pd Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
pseudafen Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pseudafen Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudo Cm Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pseudo Dm Gg Guaifen/dm/decongest
pseudo Gg Tr Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudo Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudo Tabs Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pseudo-Chlor Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
pseudo-G Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudo-G/psi Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudo-Gest Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pseudo-Pd Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
pseudo-Tablet Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pseudo-Tablet Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudo/trip Pseudoephedrine W/triprolidine
pseudocot-G Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudoehedrine Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudoeph W/guaifenesin Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudoephed/codeine/cpm Dh Decongest/narc.antitus/antihis
pseudoephedrine Cold & Allergy Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudoephedrine Gg Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Liquid
pseudoephedrine Hcl Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pseudoephedrine Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudoephedrine Sinus Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudoephedrine W/chlorphenir Antihist. W/decongest-Oral La
pseudoephedrine W/guaifenesin Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudoephedrine W/hydrocodone Decongest/narc.antituss-Oral
pseudoephedrine-60 Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudoephedrine/guaifenesin/dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
pseudogest Plus Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pseudotab Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pseudotabs Pseudoephedrine-Oral
pseudovent Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudovent Dm Guaifen/dm/decongest
pseudovent Ped Guaif/pseudoephed-Oral Tab,cap
pseudox M Decongest/antihis/a-Cholnrg-Po
pseuphedrin Pseudoephedrine-Oral
psorcon Diflorasone - Topical
psorcon E Diflorasone - Topical
psoriatec Anthralin Cream, Oint-Topical
psyldex Bulk-Producing Laxatives-Oral
psyllium Bulk-Producing Laxatives-Oral
psyllium Husk Fibre Bulk-Producing Laxatives-Oral
psyllium Laxative Bulk-Producing Laxatives-Oral
pulexn Dm Guaif/dextromethorphan-Oral
pulmovital Guaif/dextromethorphan-Oral
puralube Tears Eye Lubricant - Ophthm
pure & Gentle Eye Eye Lubricant - Ophthm
pure Gar Garlic Garlic - Oral
purge Irritant-Stimulant Laxative-Or
purid Docusate-Oral
purid Fuerte Docusate-Oral
pyregesic Acetaminophen-Oral
Pyrethrins/piperonyl Shmpoo
pyrethrin Lice Treatment Pyrethrins/piperonyl Sol/gel
pyri 500 Pyridoxine-Oral
pyridium Plus Phenazopyr/hyos/butabarb-Oral
pyridostigmine Bromide Pyridostigmine-Oral
pyridoxine Hcl Pyridoxine-Oral
pyrilafen Tannate-12 Antihist. W/decongestant-Oral
pyrinyl Pyrethrins/piperonyl Shmpoo
pyrinyl Ii Pyrethrins/piperonyl Sol/gel
pyrinyl Plus Pyrethrins/piperonyl Sol/gel