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Perphenazine-Amitriptyline Oral
Perry Prenatal Oral
Perryvite Oral
Persadox Hp Topical
Persadox Topical
Persa-Gel W Topical
Personal Cleansing Topical
Per-Trip Oral
Pertussin Am Oral
Pet-A-Pal Oral
Petrolatum, Hydrophilic Topical
PFCB Topical
Pfeiffer's Allergy Oral
Pfiklor Oral
Pfizer-E Oral
Pfizerpen-AS IM
Pfizerpen-G Inj
Phanasin Cough Oral
Pharm-A-Chlor Oral
Pharmacist Favorite Multi-Vit Oral
Pharmacort Topical
Pharm-A-Dry Oral
Pharm-A-Fed Oral
Pharmaflur DF Oral
Pharmagesic Oral
Pharm-A-Grape Oral
Pharm-A-Lax Oral
Pharm-A-Nephrine Nasl
Pharm-A-Tabs Oral
Pharmatapp Oral
Pharm-A-Tussin w/DM Oral
Pharmavin Oral
Phazodine-95 Oral
Phazyme Maximum Strength Oral
Phe-Bell Oral
Phedral Oral
Phen Oral
Phen-50 Inj
Phenacemide Oral
Phena-Chlor Oral
Phenade Oral
Phenadex Children's Oral
Phenadex Oral
Phenadex Senior Oral
Phenadoz Rect
Phena-HC Oral
Phenahist-Tr Oral
Phenameth Oral
Phen-Amine-25 Oral
Phen-Amine-50 Oral
Phenaphen Oral
Phenaphen/Codeine #3 Oral
Phenaphen/Codeine #4 Oral
Phenapine Inj
Phena-Plex Inj
Phenarex Oral
Phenatapp Oral
Phenazine Inj
Phenazo 95 Oral
Phenazodine Oral
Phenazopyridine Oral
Phenazopyridine-Butabarb-Hyosc Oral
Phencarb GG Oral
Phencen-50 Inj
Phenchlor SHA-SA Oral
Phen-Chlor-Forte Oral
Phendal-HD Oral
Phendiet-105 SA Oral
Phendimead Oral
Phendimet Oral
Phendimetrazine Tartrate CR Oral
Phendry Oral
Phenelzine Oral
Phenerbel-S Oral
Phenerex Inj
Phenergan DM Oral
Phenergan Fortis Oral
Phenergan Plain Oral
Phenergan Rect
Phenergan VC-Codeine Oral
Phenergan-Codeine Oral
Phenerzine Inj
Phenetapp Oral
Phenetron Lanacap Oral
Phenetron Lanatab Oral
Phenetron Oral
Phen-Gesic Oral
Phenhist DH with Codeine Oral
Phenhist Expectorant Oral
Phenhist Modified DH Oral
Phenilar Cough Oral
Phenir-Pyril-Ptolox-PSE Oral
Phen-Lax Oral
Pheno Donna No1 Oral
Phenobarb-Belladonna Alkaloids Oral
Phenobarbital Oral
Phenobel Oral
Phenoject-50 Inj
Phenolphalancin Oral
Phenolphthalein Oral
Phenolphthalein, Yellow Oral
Phenolphthalein-Docusate Ca Oral
Phenolphthalein-Docusate Na Oral
Phenoxine Oral
Phenoxybenzamine Oral
Phenpro-75 Caffeine Free Oral
Phenpro-75 Oral
Phentercot Oral
Phentermine Oral
Phentermine Resin Complex Oral
Phenterspan Oral
Phentox Compound Oral
Phentra Oral
Phentride 8 Oral
Phentrol 2 Oral
Phentrol 3 Oral
Phentrol 4 Oral
Phentrol 5 Oral
Phentrol 6 Oral
Phentrol Oral
Phenyl-Chlor La Oral
Phenylcodone Pediatric Oral
Phenyleph Tan-Carbetapent Tan Oral
Phenyleph-Carbetapentane-GG Oral
Phenyleph-Chlorphen-Codeine Oral
Phenyleph-DM-Acetamin-Guaifen Oral
Phenyleph-Hydrocodone Oral
Phenyleph-Phenylprop-GG Oral
Phenyleph-Promethazine-Cod Oral
Phenylephrine Compound Oral
Phenylephrine HCl Inj
Phenylephrine HCl Rect
Phenylephrine Tannate Oral
Phenylephrine Tann-Guaifenesin Oral
Phenylephrine-Codeine-GG Oral
Phenylephrine-DM Oral
Phenylephrine-DM-Acetaminophen Oral
Phenylephrine-DM-Guaifenesin Oral
Phenylephrine-Hydrocodone-GG Oral
Phenylephrine-Pheniramine Oral
Phenylephrine-Pot Guaiacolsulf Oral
Phenyleph-Shark Liv Oil-MO-Pet Rect
Phenylfen LA Oral
Phenylfenesin Oral
Phenylhistine Expectorant Oral
Phenylprop/Pe/Cpm/Pyrilamine Oral
Phenylprop/Pyrilamine/Pheniram Oral
Phenylpropanolamine DC Oral
Phenylpropanolamine Diet Aid Oral
Phenylpropanolamine Oral
Phenylpropanolamine-Caramiphen Oral
Phenylpropanolamine-DM Oral
Phenylpropanolamine-DM-GG Oral
Phenylpropanolamin-Hydrocodone Oral
Phenylprop-Caramiphen Oral
Phenylprop-Codeine-GG Oral
Phenyltoin Sodium Oral
Phenyltolox-Acetamin-Salicylam Oral
Phenyltolox-Acetam-Salicyl-Caf Oral
Phenyltoloxamine-Acetaminophen Oral
Phenyltoloxamin-Mag Salicylate Oral
Phenyltolox-Hyoscy- Digest Enz Oral
Phenytex Extended Oral
Phenytoin Prompt Oral
Phenytoin Prompt Sodium Oral
Phenytoin Sod Prompt Oral
Phenytoin Sodiumection IV
Phenytoin Sodium Prompt Oral
Phenzine Oral
Pheryl E Oral
Phillips Gelcaps Oral
Phillips' Laxcaps Oral
Phillips Liqui-Gels Oral
Phillips Milk of Magnesia Oral
Phlemex Forte Oral
Phlemex Oral
Phlemex-PE Oral
Phospha 250 Neutral Oral
Phospholine Iodide Opht
Photoplex Topical
Phrenilin w/Caffeine-Codeine Oral
Physiological Salt Inj
Physostigmine Sulfate Opht
PIC 200 Oral
Pierre's Ear Wax Remover Otic
Pilagan Opht
Pilocar Opht
Pilocarpine Nitrate Opht
Pilocarpine-Epinephrine Opht
Pilokair Opht
Pilomiotin Opht
Pilopine HS Opht
Piloptic-1 Opht
Piloptic-2 Opht
Piloptic-3 Opht
Piloptic-4 Opht
Piloptic-6 Opht
Pilosol Opht
Pilostat Opht
Pimecrolimus Topical
Pimozide Oral
Pindolol Oral
Pinworm Treatment Oral
Pioglitazone Oral
Pioglitazone-Metformin Oral
Piojina Topical
Pioten Oral
Piper.But-Pyrethrins-Permethrn Topical
Piperacillin Inj
Piperacillin-Tazobactam in D5W IV
Piperacillin-Tazobactam IV
Piracaps Oral
Piroxicam Oral
Plantar Wart Remover Topical
Platinol AQ IV
Plenaxis IM
Plexion Cleansing Cloths Topical
Plicamycin Inj
Plura-Vim Oral
PMS-300 Oral
Pneumax Oral
Pneumococcal 23-ValPS Vaccine Inj
Pneumococcal 7-Val Conj Vacc IM
Pneumomist Oral
Pnu-Imune Inj
PNV Comb #2-Iron-Omega 3-FA Oral
PNV W/O Vit A-Iron,Carbonyl-FA Oral
PNV(w/oA)-Iron Fum-FA-Docusate Oral
PNV-Iron-FA-DHA-EPA-Omega-3 Oral
PNV-Iron-FA-Omega 3-Fat Com #1 Oral
Polaraca Oral
Polaramine Expectorant Oral
Polargen Oral
Poliovirus Vaccine, IPV SubQ
Poliovirus Vaccine, Live Oral
Poly Derm Topical
Poly Hist Oral
Poly Otic Otic
Poly Vita-Drops Oral
Poly-Bac Opht
Polybiotic Topical
Polybon F Oral
Polycarbophil Calcium Oral
Poly-Chews Animals Oral
Polycillin Dosa-Trol Oral
Polycin B Opht
Polycitra-K Crystals Oral
Polydryl Allergy Oral
Polydryl Cough Oral
Polyethyl Glycol-Polyvinyl Alc Opht
Polyethylene Glycol 3350 Oral
Poly-Flor Oral
Polygesic Oral
Polygest-D Oral
Polyhist Forte Oral
Poly-Hist Forte Oral
Polyhistamine Ppa Oral
Poly-Histine-D Pediatric Oral
Poly-Histine-Dx Oral
Polyminic AM Cough-Decongesant Oral
Polyminic Cold/Cough Oral
Polyminic Expectorant Oral
Polymycin Topical
Polymyxin B Sulfate Inj
Polymyxin B Sul-Trimethoprim Opht
Poly-Neo-Hc Opht
Poly-Otic Otic
Poly-Pred Opht
Polysaccharide Iron Complex Oral
Polysept Topical
Polysorbate 80-Glycerin Opht
Polysporin Opht
Poly-Tears Opht
Poly-Tex Oral
Polytracin Opht
Polytracin Topical
Polytrim Opht
Poly-Tussin Cough Oral
Poly-Tussin XP Expectorant Oral
Poly-Vent Jr Oral
Poly-Vi Oral
Polyvinyl Alcohol Opht
Polyvinyl Alcohol-Povidone Opht
Poly-Vita Oral
Poly-Vita W/Fluoride + Iron Oral
Poly-Vita With Fluoride Oral
Poly-Vi-Tab W/Fluoride Oral
Poly-Vi-Tab With Fluoride Oral
Poly-Vi-Tabs Oral
Poly-Vi-Tabs/Iron Oral
Poly-Vitamin + Fluoride + Iron Oral
Poly-Vitamin With Fluoride Oral
Poly-Vitamin with Iron Oral
Poly-Vitamin/Fluoride Oral
Polyvitamin/Fluoride/Iron Oral
Polyvitamin/Iron Oral
Poly-Vitamins Oral
Polyvitamins W/Fluoride & Iron Oral
Poly-Vitamins With Fluoride Oral
Polyvite Oral
Polyvite/Fluoride Oral
Polyvite-Fluoride Oral
Poly-Vites/Fluoride Oral
Poly-Vit-Fluoride Oral
Porfimer IV
Pot & Sod Citrate-Citric Acid Oral
Pot & Sod Citrates Oral
Pot Bicarb-Pot Chloride(25mEq) Oral
Potachlor Oral
Potage Oral
Potasalan Oral
Potassine Oral
Potassium & Sodium Phosphates Oral
Potassium Aminobenzoate Oral
Potassium Bicarb & Chloride Oral
Potassium Chelated Oral
Potassium Citrate Oral
Potassium Citrate-Citric Acid Oral
Potassium Effervescent Oral
Potassium Guaiacolsulfonate-GG Oral
Potassium Iodide (Expectorant) Oral
Potassium Iodide Oral
Potassium Oral
Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic Oral
Potassium Plus Oral
Potassium&Sodium; Monobas Phos Oral
Poten B-150 CR Oral
Poxi Oral
Poyamin Inj
Ppa/Pe/Phenyltolox/Cpm Td Oral
PPA-Caramiphen Oral
PPA-Pyril-Phenir-Hydrocod-GG Oral
PPS Oral
Pramilet FA Oral
Pramipexole Oral
Pramlintide SubQ
Pramoxine Topical
Pramoxine-Camphor-Zinc Acetate Topical
Pramoxine-HC-Chloroxylenol Otic
Pramoxine-HC-Chloroxylenol Topical
Pramoxine-Hydrocortison-AloePs Topical
Prascion AV Topical
Pravastatin Oral
Praziquantel Oral
Prazosin Oral
Prazosin-Polythiazide Oral
Pre Moist Pads Topical
Pred Forte Opht
Pred Mild Opht
Predacorten 80 Inj
Predair Forte Opht
Predair Opht
Predair-A Opht
Pre-Dep 40 Inj
Pre-Dep 80 Inj
Pred-G S.O.P. Opht
Prednicen-M Oral
Prednisol Opht
Prednisolone Acetate Opht
Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Opht
Predoxine-5 Oral
Predsulfair Opht
Preen Topical
Pre-F Prenatal Vitamin Oral
Prefest Oral
Pregabalin Oral
Pregnatal Oral
Pregnyl IM
Pre-H-Cal Oral
Pre-hist-D Oral
Pre-Inthus Plus Oral
Prelan Oral
Prelaron Oral
Prelu-2 TR Oral
Premarin Vagl
Premasol 10 % IV
Premasol 6 % IV
Premeal Appetite Control Oral
Pren Vit Comb.1-Iron Cb-FA-DSS Oral
PrenaFirst Oral
PrenaKare Oral
Prenat MV-Iron-FA-Docusate-Ca Oral
Prenat Vit-Iron Cb-FA-Docusate Oral
Prenat Vit-Min-Iron Cb-FA Oral
Prenat w/o Vit A-FeCb-FeFum-FA Oral
Prenatabs OBN Oral
Prenatal + Iron Oral
Prenatal >1 mg FA-Selenium Oral
Prenatal 1 Oral
Prenatal 1+ Beta Carotene Oral
Prenatal 1+1 W/Iron Oral
Prenatal 60 Plus Oral
Prenatal Ca Carb-B6-B12-FA Oral
Prenatal Care Oral
Prenatal Fa Oral
Prenatal Fe-90 Oral
Prenatal Formula & Folic Acd Oral
Prenatal M Oral
Prenatal MR 90 Oral
Prenatal MTR/Beta Carotene Oral
Prenatal MTR/Selenium Oral
Prenatal Multivit with Iron Oral
Prenatal Multivit-Ca-Min-Fe-FA Oral
Prenatal Multivit-Min-Fe-FA Oral
Prenatal One Plus Zinc Oral
Prenatal Plus Extra E Oral
Prenatal Plus Improved Oral
Prenatal Plus/Beta Carotene Oral
Prenatal Rx 1 Oral
Prenatal Rx W/Beta Carotene Oral
Prenatal Rx/Beta Carotene Oral
Prenatal Rx/Beta-Carotene Oral
Prenatal S W/Folic Acid Oral
Prenatal Vitamin with Minerals Oral
Prenatal Vit-Calcium-FA-Fe Oral
Prenatal Vit-Fe Cbn-Fe Sulf-FA Oral
Prenatal Vit-Fe Gluconate-FA Oral
Prenatal Vit-Fe Psac Cmplx-FA Oral
Prenatal Vit-Iron BisGlycin-FA Oral
Prenatal Vit-Iron Carbonyl-FA Oral
Prenatal Vit-Iron Fum chel-FA Oral
Prenatal Vit-Iron-FA-Omega 3 Oral
Prenatal Vits W/Ca,Fe,F.A. Oral
Prenatal Vit-Sel-Fe Fum-FA Oral
Prenatal w/o Vit A-Fe Fum-FA Oral
Prenatal Z Advanced Formula Oral
Prenatal/Beta Carotene Oral
Prenatal-2 Oral
Prenatal-Iron-FA (no Calcium) Oral
Prenatal-M Oral
Prenatal-Rda Oral
Prenatal-Zinc Improved Oral
Prenatal-Zinc Oral
Prenate Ultra Oral
Prenate-90 Oral
Prenatin-F Oral
Preparation H Hydrocortisone Topical
Prepcort Topical
Presun 15 Topical
PreSun Active Sunscreen SPF30 Topical
PreSun for Kids SPF23 Topical
PreSun Moisturizing SPF46 Topical
PreSun Spray Sunscreen SPF23 Topical
PreSun Ultra/Parsol Topical
Preterna Oral
Pretty Feet Hands Topical
Pretty Feet/Hands Replenishing Topical
Pre-Ven-Aid Oral
PreviDent 5000 Plus Dent
Previfem Oral
Prevnar IM
Prialt IT
Prigest-R Inj
Prilosec OTC Oral
Primabalt 1000 Inj
Primabalt Rp 1000 IM
PrimaCare ONE Oral
Primacor in D5W IV
Primatene Mist Refill Inhl
Primatene P Oral
Primatuss 4d Oral
Primaxin IM
Pri-Methylate Inj
Primidone Oral
Primotest Depot 200 IM
Primotest Oral
Principen 500 Oral
Prioderm Topical
Pro Pox 65 Oral
Pro-50 Inj
Probalan Oral
Probamide Oral
Probate Oral
Probec-T Oral
Proben-C Oral
Probenecid Oral
Probenimead Oral
Probenimead with Colchicine Oral
Procainamide Oral
Procalamine 3% IV
Pro-Cal-Sof Oral
Procamide Oral
Procamide SR Oral
Procan SR Oral
Procapan Oral
Procarbazine Oral
Procard Oral
Procarex Oral
Prochlor-Iso Oral
Prochlorperazine Rect
Procid Oral
Proclan Inj
Procort Topical
Pro-Cort Topical
ProctoCare-HC Rect
Proctofoam HC Rect
Proctofoam Rect
Procto-Kit Rect
Procto-Pak Rect
Proctosert HC Rect
Proctosol HC Rect
Proctosol Rect
Proctozone H Rect
Proctozone-HC Rect
Procyclidine Oral
Prodroxy Oral
Profac-O IM
Profasi HP IM
Profasi IM
Profen LA Oral
Profen Oral
Profen-400 Oral
Profenade No.2 Oral
Profenade Oral
Proferdex Inj
Proferrin ES Oral
Profilnine Heat-Treat/Wet-Meth IV
Progens Oral
Progest-50 IM
Progest-50 In Oil IM
Progestaject-50 IM
Progestasert IU
Progesterone 50 in Oil IM
Progesterone Aqueous IM
Progesterone IM
Progesterone in Oil IM
Progesterone IU
Progesterone Micronized Oral
Progesterone Vagl
Progesterone-50 IM
Progestronaq-La IM
Progyl Oral
Prohistine-D Oral
Prohistine-DM Oral
Prokine Inj
Prolex Oral
Prolex-Dh Oral
Promagan-25 Inj
Promagan-50 Inj
Promaz Inj
Promazine Oral
Promene Inj
Prometh-50 Inj
Promethahist 50 Inj
Promethamead-25 Inj
Promethamead-50 Inj
Promethapar Inj
Promethazine Inj
Promethazine Rect
Promethazine VC Plain Oral
Promethazine-DM Oral
Promethazine-Phenylephrine Oral
Promethegan Rect
Promethex 25 Inj
Promethex 50 Inj
Promide Oral
Promigan-25 Inj
Promigan-50 Inj
Prominic Oral
Promist A Inj
Promist La Oral
Promist Plain Oral
Prompt Relief Hemorrhoidal Rect
Pronax Oral
Pronemia Oral
Pro-Otic Otic
Propa pH Liquid Soap Topical
Propacet 100 Oral
Propachem Oral
Propachem Pediatric Oral
Propacil Oral
Propagen Oral
Prop-A-Hist Oral
Propain Hc Oral
Propan TD Oral
Propanade Oral
Propanex LA Oral
Propantheline Oral
Proparacaine Opht
Prop-A-Tane Inj
Propatuss Oral
Prophamine Oral
Propine Opht
Propine-C Cap Opht
Proponade Oral
Propoxyphene Compound-65 Oral
Propoxyphene N-Acetaminophen Oral
Propoxyphene Oral
Propoxyphene-Acetaminophen Oral
Propoxyphene-ASA-Caffeine Oral
Propranolol IV
Propranolol-Hydrochlorothiazid Oral
Propylene Glycol Opht
Propylene Glycol-Glycerin Opht
Propylene Glycol-Glycerin Topical
Propylthiouracil Oral
Proquin XR Oral
Prorex Inj
Prorone-50 IM
Prosed EC Oral
Proshield Plus Skin Protectant Topical
Proshield Protective Hand Topical
Proshield Topical
Pro-Sof Oral
Pro-Sof Plus Oral
Prostep TD
Prostin E2 Vagl
Prostin/15m Sterile Sol IM
Protac 12 Hour Nasal Nasl
Pro-Tannate Pediatric Oral
Protar Topical
Protect U-2000 Topical
Proteinase Inhibitor (Human) IV
Protexin Oral
Prothazine Inj
Prothine Oral
Protilase Mt 16 Oral
Protostat Oral
Protriptyline Oral
Protuss-DM Oral
Proval No.3 Oral
Proventil (Refill) Inhl
Provera Cp Oral
Provigan-25 Inj
Provigan-50 Inj
Pro-Vite Cz Oral
Pro-Vite Forte Oral
Pro-Vite Oral
Prulet Oral
PSE 15-CPM 2 Oral
PSE 90-CPM 8-MSC 2.5 Oral
PSE-Hydrocodone-Pot Guaiaco Oral
Pseudatex Oral
Pseudefrin Oral
Pseudo Carb DM Oral
Pseudo Carb Oral
Pseudo GG Oral
Pseudo Max DMX Oral
Pseudo Max Oral
Pseudo Oral
Pseudo+ Oral
Pseudo-Car DM Oral
Pseudo-Car Oral
Pseudochlor Oral
Pseudocodone Oral
Pseudodine Oral
Pseudo-Drix Oral
Pseudoeph-Carbetapent Tannates Oral
Pseudoeph-Chlorphen-Codeine Oral
Pseudoeph-Chlorphen-DM Tannate Oral
Pseudoeph-Dexchlorphen-GG Oral
Pseudoephed-Dexchlorphen-Scop Oral
Pseudoephed-Dihydrocodeine-GG Oral
Pseudoephedrine Cold/Allergy Oral
Pseudoephedrine Dx Oral
Pseudoephedrine G w/Codeine Oral
Pseudoephedrine Nasal Decon Oral
Pseudoephedrine N-Drying Sinus Oral
Pseudoephedrine Non-Dry Sinus Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Codeine Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Codeine-GG Oral
Pseudoephedrine-DM Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Hydrocodone Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Phenyleph-GG Oral
Pseudoeph-Hydrocodone Tannates Oral
Pseudoeph-Triprol-Hydrocodone Oral
Pseudoeph-Triprolidine-Cod Oral
Pseudofed Oral
Pseudofen LA Oral
Pseudofenesin PSE Oral
Pseudofen-PD LA Oral
Pseudo-Mal Oral
Pseudo-Plus Oral
Pseudo-Trip Oral
Pseudoval Oral
Pseudoval Plus Oral
Pseudovent 400 Oral
Psoranide Topical
Psorion Topical
Psyllium Effervescent Oral
Psyllium Husk Oral
Psyllium Seed-Dextrose Oral
Psyllium Seed-Sucrose Oral
Psyllium-Bran Oral
Pt-105 Oral
Pulmari Oral
Pulmari-GP Oral
Pulmicort Turbuhaler Inhl
Puralube Tears Opht
Pure & Gentle Eye Opht
Purebrom Compound Oral
Purebrom Oral
Pure-Gar Oral
Pv Carpine Opht
Pylora Oral
Pyrazinamide Oral
Pyrazodine Oral
Pyrelle HB Oral
Pyrethins/Piperonyl Butoxide Topical
Pyrethrin Lice Treatment M Topical
Pyrethrin Topical
Pyrethrins-Piper Butox-Resmeth Topical
Pyridate Oral
Pyridiat Oral
Pyridiate Oral
Pyridimal Inj
Pyridin Oral
Pyridoxine Oral
Pyrilamine-PE Tannates-GG Oral
Pyrilamine-Phenyleph-Codeine Oral
Pyrilamine-Phenylephrin-DM Tan Oral
Pyrilamine-Phenylephrine Tans Oral
Pyrilamine-Phenylephrine-DM Oral
Pyrilamine-Phenylephrine-DM-GG Oral
Pyrilamine-Phenylprop-DM-GG Oral
Pyrilam-Phenyleph-Hydrocodone Oral
Pyrimethamine Oral
Pyrinyl Lice Control Topical
Pyrodine Oral
QDALL AR Once a Day Oral
Qrp Ear Suspension Otic
QRP-105 Oral
Quadnite Oral
Quadrahist Pediatric Oral
Quadratuss Pediatric Oral
Quad-Tuss Oral
Qualaflex Oral
Qualamycin Opht
Qualisone Topical
Qual-Tussin DC Oral
Qual-Tussin Oral
Qual-Tussin Pediatric Oral
Quanterra Oral
Quazepam Oral
Quelan Oral
Quentyl Oral
Quetiapine Oral
Quiagen Oral
Quiatex Oral
Quick-K Oral
Quiecoff Oral
Quin Topical
Quinadure Oral
Quinagen Duratab Oral
Quinaglute Dura-Tabs Oral
Quinalan Oral
Quin-Amino Oral
Quinaminoph Oral
Quinamm Oral
Quinapril Oral
Quinapril-Hydrochlorothiazide Oral
Quinaretic Oral
Quinatime Oral
Quindal CR Oral
Quindal Expectorant Oral
Quindal-HD Plus Oral
Quindan Oral
Quine 200 Oral
Quine 300 Oral
Quine Oral
Quineprox Oral
Quin-G Oral
Quing-G Oral
Quinidex Extentabs Oral
Quinidine Gluconate Oral
Quinidine Polygalacturonate Oral
Quinitime Oral
Quinnone Skin Cream Topical
Quinsana Plus Med Foot Topical
Quin-Tab Oral
Quintrem Natural Oral
Quintrem Oral
Quinupristin-Dalfopristin IV
Quiphile Oral
Quixin Opht
QV-Allergy Oral
Rabeprazole Oral
Racet Se Topical
Racet Topical
Radtue Oral
Ralix Oral
Raloxifene Oral
Ramelteon Oral
Ramipril Oral
Rancillin Oral
Ranhist Oral
Raniclor Oral
Ranitidine Bismuth Citrate Oral
Ranitidine in 1/2 NS IV
Rantussin-N Oral
Rapdone Oral
Rapid D/R Oral
Raptre Oral
Rasburicase IV
Rauwolfia/Bendroflumethiazide Oral
Ray-Nox Topical
Razadyne ER Oral
Razadyne Oral
Rda Oral
RE2+30 Oral
Rebif SubQ
Rebif Titration Pack SubQ
Recofen Caps Oral
Recofen DX-Redacon DX Oral
Recofen Plus Oral
Recombivax HB IM
Recort Topical
Rectacreme HC Rect
Rectafoam Rect
Rectasol Rect
Rectasol-HC Rect
Rectocort HC Rect
Red Eye Opht
Redisol Inj
Redness Reliever Eye Drops Opht
Re-Drix Oral
Redutemp Oral
Refresh Endura Opht
Refresh Liquigel Opht
Refresh Opht
Refresh Plus Opht
Refresh Tears Opht
Regal-Ade Oral
Regal-Aid Oral
Regal-Am Oral
Regal-Ax Oral
Regal-Flur Oral
Regal-Hist Oral
Regal-Log Topical
Regal-Tapp Oral
Regasporin Opht
Regul-Aids Oral
Regular NVP Oral
Reguloid Smooth Oral
Re-Hist Oral
Reidamine Inj
Rela Oral
Relacon-DM NR Oral
Relaxadon Oral
Relax-SSC Oral
Relenza Diskhaler Inhl
Relera Oral
Reliable Gentle Laxative Rect
Relief Cleansing Pads Topical
Relief Eye Drops Opht
Re-Live Oral
Reme T Topical
Remedy Antifungal Topical
Remeprin Oral
Remeron SolTab Oral
Re-Mine Oral
Remodulin SubQ
Remsed Oral
Remular Oral
Renal Oral
Rentamine Pediatric Oral
Repaglinide Oral
Repestrogen IM
Repliva 21/7 Oral
Reposterone IM
Rep-Pred 40 Inj
Rep-Pred 80 Inj
Resa Oral
Resaid ER Oral
Resaid SR Oral
Rescon-MX Oral
Rescudose Oral
Rescula Opht
Reserpine Oral
Reserpine-Chlorothiazide Oral
Reserpine-Hydrochlorothiazide Oral
Reserpine-Hydroflumethiazide Oral
Reserpine-Methyclothiazide Oral
Reserpine-Polythiazide Oral
Reserpoid Oral
Resiston Oral
Resol Oral
Respa DM Oral
Respa-AR Oral
Respbid Oral
Respinol-G Oral
Respinol-La Oral
Respirol Inhl
Respi-TANN Pd Oral
Resporal Oral
Rest Simply Nighttime Sleep Oral
Rest Simply Oral
Restasis Opht
Re-Tann Oral
Retet 500 Oral
Retet Oral
Rev-Eyes Opht
ReVital Freezer Pops Oral
ReVital Jell Cups Oral
ReVital Liquid Squeezers Oral
Revive Opht
Rex-A-Hist 2 Oral
Rex-A-Hist 3 Oral
Rex-A-Hist Oral
Rexatal Oral
Rex-A-Vim Oral
Rexigen Forte Oral
Rexigen Oral
Rhinabid Oral
Rhinabid PD Oral
Rhinall Long Acting Nasl
Rhinatate Pediatric Oral
Rhinocort Aqua Nasl
Rhinocort Nasl
Rhinolar-EX 12 Hour Oral
Rhinorel La Oral
Rhinosyn Oral
Rhinosyn-DMX Oral
Rhinosyn-Pd Oral
RibaPak Dose Pack Oral
RIBATAB Dose Pack Oral
Ribavirin Inhl
Ricotuss-D Oral
Rid Combo Pack Topical
Ridanta Oral
Ridicin Oral
Ridiprin Oral
Ridisone Topical
Ridoxine Oral
Ridramin Oral
Rifabutin Oral
Rifampin IV
Rifapentine Oral
Rifaximin Oral
Right Step Prenatal Vitamins Oral
Riluzole Oral
Rimantadine Oral
Rimexolone Opht
Rimso-50 Urth
Rindal HD Oral
Rindal HD Plus Oral
Rindal HPD Oral
Risedronate-Calcium Oral
Risperdal Consta IM
Risperdal M-TAB Oral
Risperidone Microspheres IM
Ritalin SR Oral
Rituximab IV
RMS Rect
Roalox Oral
Ro-Antoin Oral
Ro-Azepam Oral
Robafen Cold and Cough Oral
Robafen DAC Oral
Robafen DM Clear Oral
Robafen DM Oral
Robafen Severe Congestion Oral
Robalyn Oral
Robamol Oral
Robamol-Aspirin Oral
Robelene Dm Oral
Robelene Oral
Robichem Ac Oral
Robichem CF Oral
Robichem DAC Oral
Robichem DM Oral
Robichem Oral
Robichem Pe Oral
Robicillin VK Oral
Robimycin Oral
Robitet Oral
Robitussin Allergy-Cough Oral
Robitussin Cold & Cough Oral
Robitussin DAC Oral
Robitussin DM Infant Drops Oral
Robitussin PE Oral
Robitussin Ped Cough & Cold Oral
Robitussin Pediatric Night Oral
Robomol-750 Oral
Rocephin in Dextrose (Iso-osm) IV
Ro-Cet-N 100 Oral
Rodex Oral
Rofed Oral
Roferon-A SubQ
Rogesic #3 Oral
Rogesic Oral
Rogest 50 IM
Rohist D Oral
Rolatuss Expectorant Oral
Rolatuss/Hydrocodone Oral