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Can a person's heart stop without reason?
Dad had bypass/He's very tired?
I have a cold and my nose is very red, what do I do?
Please help me my foot is in so much pain please help me could my foot be broken????????????????????????…?
braces question? 10 points.?
Lads! Do you like a girl's down below to be hairy or not hairy?
If someone were to cut your Achilles Tendon does it really sound like a gun shot?
Am I going to die? How long till I die?
im allergic to deodorant?
uncontrolable itching Need Help BAD?
Is changing the head on ur electric toothbrush important?
What should i do for bad breath?
are you affraid of............?
what could i do to prevent my self from getting a flu?
How to convince my parents I need braces?
Could you tell about getting/having braces?
i've been having back pain for about a year, any ideas how to get rid of this problem?
Be honest, does a injection in the gum hurt?
Does it hurt getting your braces off?
is a dental abscess classed as an emergency?im in agony&dont think i can wait til after the holidays!?
Will Braces Hurt ? I am getting them Aug. 11. Will they give you wax? What else will they give you???
Ive got a tooth ache on my upper left molars. Wat shuld i do?
braces colors?
Bad breath!!?
how can i get my teeth whither in less than 3 days if they are really yellow?
Question about Braces?????
Please answer: Cold or allergies?
My nose won't stop running. Help?
whats a great allergy medicine?
Why am i so sick EVERY TIME i eat?
ok, this is a serious braces question!! Please answer.?
I have a metallic taste in my mouth all the time, what is it?
What to get my diabetic aunt as a gift?
My Nose runs ALL THE TIME and it has for months! What's the cause? How can I make it stop?
Im wondering if plucking eyebrows and nosebleeds have any relation.?
do you have to take your clothes off for an x-ray?
Honestly, How bad do braces hurt?
What do u think??(read on, its easy)?
What type of anesthesia is usually used when having a tooth pulled?
My daughter broke out in welts after eating shrimp last night, but tested neg for shrimp allergy. Why?
what to do about a swollen bruise on my thigh ?
I was hurt at work. What is the best way to get the money I deserve if the company isn't willing to pay?
What should I do about family members who don't understand my diabetes plan and give me a bad time about it?
I'm losing a sister. If you knew someone who died from diabetes complications, how old were they?
am i fatttt :[ i feeel ittt!?
is this normal?? please answer?
I have lodged something in....myself?
I'm getting two molars pulled?
What do I do about REALLY bad blisters on my toes and feet?
are my eyes hazel or brown?
I broke my foot a few years ago, and it's been really hurting the past few days?
After 8 weeks in plaster with Broken Ankle, will I walk as soon as it comes off?
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
name every bad thing smoking those to you?
Swollen finger from Insect bite?
is there any solution for a very strong sweat smell ?
i wish to get my heart to be transferred to someone i know if i die suddenly someday. how can i do that?
Nasacort and Prednisone!!!?
i was wondering if any fruits or foods make someone with asthama more worse?
how is an allergy test pesformed and how does it determine that you're allergic to such and such?
is weed bad for me? negative thoughts?
Will i lose weight if i do this for a week?
How tall were you when you were 13?
If this was your eye prescription when would you be wearing your glasses?
My left ear seems plugged up, it's not really hurting just seems plugged...what should I do for it??
Can you be allergic to watermelon?
Cannabis is NOT addictive is it?
Why are people soo fat?
What is the best way to gain weight if you're a skinny guy?
I eat when I'm bored, how can I control this?
What is the natural cure for diria?
how to prevent uriniting every 5 minutes?
Are fannypacks hip?
Having trouble sleeping at night due to a cough following a cold. Cough medicines don't work - any suggestions
What is getting a arm cast like?
Given that both my parents died at 52,what do you think is my life expectancy ?
I have an head injury and wounder should i go to A&E?
Is Diabetes contagious and/or infectious?! :(?
If your blood glucose level was 404, what can you do ?
can honey from bee's can make one diabetic?
My children have head lice that the store treatments aren't helping. Any suggestions?
im not a very fast runner how can i get faster?
My mom tells me I'm fat and lazy...?
Help please! lol dumb question!!?
My Daughter has Hypothyroidism is she able to get free prescriptions?
Is Metformin not working for you?
How long does it take for a broken heart to heal? :(?
Is it true that cinnamon helps control blood sugar ?
Are laxatives the answer to lose weight?
why do we close our eyes while sneezing?
Pls. confirm that I that I DON'T HAVEDIABETES and I'm just overreacting! Pls help!?
how to control sugar levels?
am i diabetic? or should i just see a doctor?
I know something but I can't tell anyone?
i've been suffering acne for 7 months now and i would like to know how can I heal acne for months? plz help me
If you are NOT diabetic, what should your average daily blood sugar readings be?
Your eat a lot, but you don't gain weight?
I'm diabetic and my sugar was 60 i just ate a piece of candy is it going to go to high now?
what happens if you eat before a blood glucose test?
What are your opinions on suicide?
Can I wear Contact lenses?
Is it possible to change your eye color to red?
changing your eye color?
am having 106 fever it is dangerous or not?
Hayfever cures?
My cat scratched my neighbours face when he was peering ?
how do u get abs?
how long does the usual cold last?
Is it ok to treat yourself once in a while?
can you inhale second hand cannabis smoke when you are outside walking past someone?
Is this boy too skinny!?!?
help!i can't stop eating!!!?
Help!!!! MY contact is stuck in my eye!!!?
I need help not to be scared of dieing!!!?
Does Proactiv work? If no, why? ?
Can you suddenly develop an allergy to milk?
Self-harm scars on show?
Can I fly with a ruptured eardrum?
If my tongue was cut off would i die?
How do you stop walking boots from rubbing your feet?
What can i do about lower back pain that keep me for sleeping a night?
what's this pain i'm having?
why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?!?
who to beleive optician or hospital eye doctor?
I've cut part of my fingernail off - should I go to hospital?
My mother(age 47) is suffering from both BP and sugar what kind of food she has to take and medicine?
I have HPV. Who gave it to me? My bf of 1 year, or my ex from 1 year prior? Is it possible my ex gave it to me?
eye color H-E-L-P???????????
my eye has been getting sleeped shut if you know what i mean for a month now and it wont stop?
Contacts a waste of time?
Toothe ache!!!!!!!!!!?
Ever heard of a wisdom tooth regenerating after it's been pulled?
do braces hurt? (be very very honest!!!)?
is dentisry a good career opp?
Do you feed your depression with food?
Do you think self injury is a disorder?
stopping smoking?
What's the difference between pink and purple?
how can we test for std's?
Will smoking weed help with my intense back and neck pain?
Teeth out arrrgh! plz help?
what does it feel like getting a filling?
Is there a way to strengthen teeth?
gettin' the wisdom teeth out..?
Should I Gain Weight {{♥}}?
I broke my hand and I just got my cast off. Is this normal?
Deep Cut on the side of Left Leg!!!???
i have a twitch in my left eye does anyone know what it is?
Is my pinky toe broken?
Serious question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why is it i have no problen not smoking for days, but as soon as i sit and have a glass of wine , i smoke?
I'm a female. How do I get rid of muscular arms?
I can't move!?
what happens if i go crazy and get a knife and cut my arm off?
On my dad's death certificate it says that he died from a myocardial infarct (heart attack).?
Help I accidentally got super glue on my hands and cant get if off. do you have any tips to help remove it ???
is it possible you can catch chicken pox again once you had it?
what is wrong with me!?
Does marijuana cause mental problems?
My eye's been twitching for the past 4 (or maybe 3) weeks?
Is it healthy or safe for me to go for a jog at 12am or later?
Am I constipated or do I have Diarrhea?
is depression normal?
If I tell my doctor I'm suicidal, will he put me away?
Why won't a cut heal on my foot?
How does it feel to be high?
what do you guys think about cigarettes going sky high?
Hand got cut badly?
Confidence has hit rock bottom :/ Help me please :(?
how would you know if your nose is broken?
I'm want a present for someone who likes sitting on the sofa but who has a bad back - thinking massager?
my son hit his forehead several times on cement and its very swollen and 2 days later his eye turned black?
i've got cold.?
Can you die from mumps?
Bird flu? How do we know if we have it?
do u think my foots broken ??? or fractured?
Whats Wrong W/ My Neck?
why does everone have a small baldish spot on the back of their head?
Solutions for joint problems - any ideas please?
High fever will they keep me overnight in the hospital?
Peeled off Blister on hand?
morning all i have an issue i hope you can help me with?
What is the worst that can happen by sleeping in my contacts?
How can I heal my scab?
Hi I'm 17yrs old and am 5'3". How can I grow taller? Plz help.?
headache thats lasted 2-3 days mainly on left behind eye??
got wisdom teeth coming and the dentist won't remove.?
i just got 2 teeth pulled?
Im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow but i have a bad cough.?
does everyone get cavities?
Help! I'm sooo nervous I can't sleep!?
Am I better off dead?
is it ok to cry all alone when you are depressed and dont want any body to share your pain?
please help me with this because i don't know what to do!!!! please help!!.....?
I'm going to cut my thumb! Unless someone can help me!?
Will A&E see me and be able to treat me?
I have a scar from self harming!?
My toenail hurts!!!!!?
Is it unprofessional to fantasize about your dentist while laying back in the chair..?
when you check into a hospital, they give you something to wear. What is it call?
Need some TLC today, not feeling well atall.?
will a bee sting me if im not moving?
To everyone who has or had braces- please hel/p?
what does a cavity feel like?
getting braces off???
Drug question!!?
Diarrhea Question?
i have a nasty head cold.. flem ..congestion.. need help?
can you take these two painkillers together?
I just swallowed a closed staple; HELP please?
My boyfriend has being told that he has got ADHD what does that mean can it be cured will it kill him?
i am a 13 year old girl i want to get rid of my spectacles?
If you combine a large amount of vicodin, allergy meds, and a put a plastic bag on your head, would you die?
im 5'2 and weigh 190 ponds am i fat? my bf thinks im fine,?
How can i lose about 20pounds in 2 months? ?
I am 5ft tall and 98 lbs. Am I overweight?
I'm so bored I'm crying. Help me. Please.?
Who else gets joy out of other people's pain?
When i pick nose it bleed!?
bad headache could it be internal bleeding or something?
How much money you get when you loose a tooth?
re: Itchy privates>?
I have a someone in my family who's nose was badly broken in an attack two years ago?
I'm looking for some really good linament or heat rub for my back.?
anyone suffer anxiety disorder/attacks??
Easy & Cheap way to WHITEN TEETH?
bad breath?
My breath always smells bad when I wake up, and sometimes after that .. I brush my teeth, but it doesn't help.
During colder months when I have the heating on . . . ?
Help, I have allergies?
What are the pros of teens smoking?
Which one hurts more?
how to stop migraine?????????????
Someone help me - I need answers! Please! Constipated.?
Can you pee when someone's listening?
Does cinnamon 'really'? lower blood sugar?
How many seconds should each chest compression be? (cpr)?
i got bitten by my boyfriend's dog and i dont know if it's okay?
anyone had an itchy mouth (all round inside and roof )?
how to stop the pain in a tooth ache?
I have a gap in my teeth its about 4-5 mm wide what are the options for me?
I grind my teeth while I'm awake.?
I have serious cancer and a cruel relative!?
will i bleed to death if i cut my wrists?
smoking giving up !?
Painkiller addiction?
I have sore fingertips?
How do you mend a swollen finger?
why is my tooth at the back killing me?
I'm pregnant and had x-rays done at the dentist, should I be worried?
I have really bad breath, any help?
am i having an allergic reaction to amoxicilin?
i am allergic to cats?
Chronic cough...no insurance.
I can never fall ASLEEP!?
Any practical solution for cracking lips. I have tried many lip balms but don't seem to work. Can anyone help?
How did I get crabs when my partner didn't have them?
If you had x-ray vision, but closed your eyes, could you still see?
Is it O.K. to use contacts while swimming?
Why can't you wear contacts when your sleeping?
do you have your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked on a regular basis?
my nose is completely clogged HELP?
How many baby's do they use, to make one bottle of baby lotion?
What are acceptable foods for a stomach flu/bug?
what do people think about Ecstasy?
i've just cut myself?
If your retired mum had spine trouble from lifting heavy patients for 40 years as a nurse, would you advise?
How to deal with Agressive lady receptionist in doctors surgery?
am i overweight, i'm 15, 5ft8 and 91/2 stone?
Why are people still dying from cancer in this day and age when so much money goes to charity to find a cure?
should canabis be legalized ?
Now that the smoking scare is over can I go back to being a smoker? I want my bad breath back and my smelly?
what the solution of urine infection?
Swine flu is turning into a big deal now, I believe they are going to FORCE vaccines on us?
Does lack of sleep make your facial hair darker?
How does blood donation effect one's health ?
my left foot has been turning black, more & more each year after a motorcycle accident. is this normal?
pulled muscle maybe how do i treat it?
Hoe to tell if nose is broken?
I had an infected cyst in my ear lobe. Went to the doc, he popped it. Now its back.. Can't i just pop it mysel?
Did you or anyone you know have or had cancer?
My wife was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, is there a way I can keep from going Bankrupt?
I want to die so badly. What should I do?
if you hurt your finger 2 weeks go and it is still swollen what does that mean?
Have you ever had anyone draw blood from you, lick the needle and THEN discard it properly?
What's it called when a person always thinks there something wrong w/ them (cancer,etc)?
why do people fear death?
Is getting braces removed painful?
How much do you give a 7 year old for his first tooth lost?
What female has the perfect figure? but is that just because the media tells us so.?
I was wondering if antibiotics (Amoxacillin) can cause diarrhea.?
When on couimidin (warfarin) what can one do when they cut themselves by accident?
my boyfriend hit his head at work really hard and said right after he did it a bunch of clear fluid?
what is wrong with me =/?
i have pain on my left side of my chest . what is it?
is jade goody the cervical cancer patient still alive?
Do I have strep throat?
Are there any natural medicines that will provide a good night's sleep other than prescription sleeping pills?
How does lung cancer kill humans?
Why is cancer so funny?
my friends cancer?help please?
How come you can't hold your pee reel long in the morning when you just wake up?
Ex-smokers: How did you do it?
Just a Thought on Cancer...?
my dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?
Can colon cancer be cured? my dad just got it :(?
im pretty sure i have leukemia?? help?
Swollen arm?
What makes a bruised groined worse and better?
Is there a way that i can hurt my leg so that i can get crutches?
My dentist diagnosed me with impacted wisdom teeth. If I have the removal surgery, what am I in for?
What's the best way to treat a burnt tongue?
What are the hiccups?
biting fingernail problem?
Am I tall for my age?
Whats wrong with my ear?
Sick teen. How can we comfort her?
paracetamol mistake??? please help.?
5/6 weeks after injury, persistent swelling on foot - any ideas?
Strange eye problem, moving "dot"?
Which out of these colors for braces would be the best?
Can a cavity naturally go away?
What is it with Americans thinking English teeth are bad?
How to sprain/break your ankle?
does having glasses change a person?
I want contacts, but I'm afraid they'll hurt. Do they?
I have very small breasts and i'm 23 years old, how can i make them bigger or is this impossible?
Ingrown toenail...What kind of doctor do I need?
A group of friends is getting to try and raise money for our very ill friend.We dont know how to get started?
My mom is dying. She has maybe 6 mos. I'm the oldest. I'm only 22. What do I need to ask my mom?
i was given 1 wks notice and told not to work it, after nearly 7 years, because i had cancer.i'm all clear now
Severe Chest pain 2 Weeks?
What is head?
Tips for swallowing tablets?
Why..... has....?
dad has colon cancer, and surgery is in the next 10 hours.. should i be there ?
Is it possible for a 13 year old that has been smoking for two years to develop lung cancer?
It itches and burns down there whats going on???someone HELP???
Is it true that we all have cancerous cells?
If you quit smoking, what were your alternatives to the craving?
Goodnight everybody?
do braces hurt?????????????????
where can you buy dental rubber bands for your braces?
On a scale of one to ten how much do braces hurt?
Is it illegal to NEVER take your child to a dentist?
Is Malibu & diet coke ok to drink when your trying to lose weight?
i got kicked in the stomach sunday night and been bleeding since! where could i be bleeding from!?
i punched a Wall, because i'm a moron?
whats the longest amount of time you went without showering???
My braces REALLY hurt my teeth?
How does it feel when getting braces on?
Im quite young and I'm getting a filling, is that bad?
what will happen if i eat the pus from my squeezed acne?
Why are some peoples lips naturally dry (like mine), and alot of peoples lips aren't?
what's a good song for an std powerpoint ?
What happens when you get your braces off?
what should i do with my teeth?
What will happen if you don't have periodontal disease treated?
small hole in my tooth?
What is a good way to whiten my teeth if I have braces?
I got swine flu, now what?
my sis is 23 years old?
I feel a whole in one of my bottom teeth, it feels pretty big but I can't be too sure. Should I see a dentist?
I keep getting food stuck in between my teeth with braces and its hard to get out...?
What's the difference between a retainer & braces?
I was at the dentist yesterday…?
I need some more mastrabation ideas?
What should I do when I'm hot and I am already in shorts and a t-shirt?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?? How long can they take to close up??
Broken Tooth and nerves exposed?
would a theripist have to tell the cops if someone hit me and gave me a black eye?
I've bruised my coxic bone. Any one know how long the pain will last.?
ive gave up smoking yesturday, any tips on keping me a none smoker?
I've just had my braces yesterday and...?
I used cologne instead of mouthwash by accident and I've been gagging! What can I eat to rid this nasty taste?
So, I just got braces?
i'm constapated and i need help what should i do?
Is it possible to have a second heart?
I have testicular and skin cancer. I'm a loner with no friends and my girl just left me. Kill myself?
how fast does cancer spread?
should i get the cervical cancer jab?
Why do people keep buying into the myth that smoking causes cancer?
does baking soda really whiten teeth?
Does teeth separators inflict more pain than braces?
I broke my ankle but my mom wont take me to the hospital..wat should I do?
Swollen knuckle?? is this normal?
Yellow bruise on sprained ankle?
im getting my braces off!!!?
Is it safe to have a dentist (not oral surgeon) remove an impacted wisdom tooth?
Can blisters get worse if you don't drain the fluid?
i had my teeth cleaned today for the first time in like 15 years.........................is it supposed?
how is it possible that this person i know has very white teeth but very nasty breath?
I'm getting braces and I'm soooooo scared what should i do?
I'm getting a root canal.......?
herbal sleepaids, which is the best and isn't habit forming?
test strips and meter question?
do i have swine flu?...............im not kidding, please check my symptoms?
How did Hiv/Aids get created?
I'm i pain... i just got braces..... how or what will make the pain go down....?
why do my breath smell like ****?
How to wake up without bad breath?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tmr. Will it affect the surgery if I smoke weed tonight?
...a chest x-ray is required to RULE OUT active tuberculosis... What does RULE OUT mean in this sentence?
the nerve in my tooth is killing me,i cannot eat and i am in immense pain,can i get anti-biotics.?
Is a 2 hour bloody nose normal?
im 21 year old girl and my height 5'1 i want to increase my height up to 3 inches what should i do?
I'm exercising everyday but it says I'm gaining weight?
Why do I weigh so much if I'm thin???
What is this burning sensation I am having downstairs?!?
what's good to eat after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
i have to get braces soon, how much does it hurt? ouch!!?
Am i over weight, under weight or ideal??????? x x?
Will I get Diabetes when I'm in my 50s, parents have it?
What happens if you get a cold when you are having chemo for breast cancer?
do i have swine flu?????
I am doing a research paper on "grief" . I am interest in other topics besides death.?
Does it hurt to get braces off?
Do you have all your real teeth? & how old are you?
does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pulled?
can cigarettes kill black people?
Cervical Cancer jab- yes or no?
what is the cause of cancer?
Why do I get so dizzy when I stand up?
My friend has cancer and when i go see her i want to get her a gift?
Do u need to go to the er if your blood sugar is 535 three hours after eating?
I'm losing my teeth 1 by 1 and I'm scared of dentists. Should I just have them all out and get it over with?
Teeth whitening with..clorox?? I actually knew ppl who've done this..has anyone ever heard of it? sounds bad4u
why do i wake up with dry blood on my teeth and lips?
sunglasses over prescription glasses?
Will seeing a dermatologist help my acne?
how do you get diabetes?
Is This Normal??!?
could i have diabetes?
Do you think this fat?
will drinking lots of water stop you feeling as hungry?
Why are we walking around without masks?
What is the QUICKEST possible way to lose weight?
Preventing bruising from insulin injections?
type 1s... how much insulin do you take a day?
possibly have diabetes type 1.5?
What is worse, Labour or toothache?
Am i overweight ??????????
I did something to my ankle...?
Acne Problem?
can excessive mmastrubation causes anal cance or cancer in another organ in body.can it cause hiv+?
Why do girls want to loose weight?
how do we get insulin?
people can tell if I'm not wearing my contacts...does this happen to you?
Is is possible to get 20/15 vision?
Why are Cancer patients so thin?
I've heard that Cod Liver Oil can help arthritis. Which is best - the oil or capsules? Or are they both good?
I just got my braces...?
Why are so many Americans dying from cancer?
Why does every smoker get Lung Cancer?
does smoking lead to lung cancer?
i been getting headaches alot please answer!?
How can I be there for him when I'm terrified and falling apart myself?
Can anyone help me with my eye problem? ( 10 pts.)?
Help me with my eye contact lenses!!?
I recently* got glasses and I'm even more blind now?
My eye color, is it unusual and did it possibly skip generations?
What is this?? I found these on my arms and legs.?
HELP! I put sharpie on my face and washed it off and now it made my blackheads REALLY black!?
acne, does proactive realy work ? lose you'r acne in 3 days work eathier?
does a lump in your breast always mean "cancer"?
my mom found my cigarettes.?
is this genuine or a scam?
Have you ever had cancer or known someone with cancer?
why is life sometimes very painful?
how do you get rid of warts?
What if you can't find the words to say to someone who has little time to live?
Do you think people who smoke deserve to get cancer and die?
Contact Lenses?
How can I used 3-D glasses with only one eye?
I don't know how to wear contacts HELP !?
do you take off contacts at night?
should i force myself to drink milk?
how many times do u brush ur teeth every day?
I am uninsured and have 4 painful wisdom teeth growing in, I'm not eligible for medicaid what can I do?
Wisdom Teeth Extraction procedure. Need advice!?
Are Bleeding gums automatically a sign of gum disease?
im 18 and still haven't had my cervical cancer jab, can i get it for free?
is breast cancer sometimes hereditary?
my really close friend wants me to quit smoking?
Lump on my neck?painless and moveable.?
confidence & overweight?
Why do I bite my fingernails?
Help diagnose my problems please...?
should i just put a band aid on it?
diagnosed with LUNG CANCER ?
does diet coke cause cancer?
What is the first thing you think when you hear the word cancer?
i wear glasses 24/7..when i take em off i look weird to me why?
my boyfriend told me a std can only be transmitted in to me if he came. is that true?
Its midnight here. I'm 16 and VERY suicidal. Should I tell my parents?
my husband away now working i am alone with my son.and i am scared alone in house.how can i sleep now?
what to smoke other than weed?!! help fast?
what are you allergic to?
Is amonia in cat pee bad?!?
i found out i have chlamydia and i told my boyfriend he was really calm, why?
what is the best treatment for getting rid of a runny nose?
why is marijuana banned?
can u make a cold worse over night?
peeling skin from sunburn?
How to avoid colds and flu?
Diarrhea for nine days?
What are the symptoms of a sinus infection?
This Is URGENT. Medical Question!?
what are the signs for HIV/AIDS?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEELING WEIRD SYMPTOMS ?
Can blood get infected?
I ask my Dr 3 weeks ago if i need to get a Aids test done she said i don't think you have Aids?
my son has a few warts on his face, would facial steams work?
Immune System.??? Any suggestions for suppliments.?
Acne Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
If you have type II diabetes, do you automatically already have heart disease?
I can't put on weight, although i eat 3 meals a day and extras, has anyone got any tricks?
Eating problem?
still feeling suicidal?
Can LED light bulbs harm your eyes?
Do you get depressed ?
When i pee, blood comes out. What does that mean?
question about my eye?
Do trial pairs of contact lenses not have a presciption?
Is it true that cataracts have to develop or ripen before they can be operated on?
I think about death a lot..?
destress me?
does it matter what lenses you put in your glasses?
Explain THIS!!?
hi.. am milk allergic.my bones r vry week. can anyone tell me a remedy for getting more calcium?
Is the swine flu really deadly?
Do you perform CPR on a person having a heart attack?
my eyes frequently itches, what does it mean?
Am I allergic to laundry detergent?
i have really itchy skin?
If someone is allergic to lemon, would they be allergic to lime too?
Girlies... Do you take good care of your skin?
i weigh 229 pounds...(i can't beileve i just admitted to that)..should i consider gastric bypass surgery?
Is Red bull Fattening. does it make you put on weight?
how can i gain 50 pounds in a month?
i way 117 and im 13 im 5"4 is this a good wieght for me our should i try to lose weight?
AM I FAT????????????????????????????
How can I gain weight?
What is the best way to lose weight fast?
I'm pretty sure my cornea is coming off...help?
Once your sunburn goes away, do you have a tan or is your skin back to what it was before the sunburn?
what is wrong with me? is this normal?
First time smoking weed on Monday.?
I just drank half a beer and realized that I just took a pill?
How is it possible that I weigh less in the morning than I do when I go to bed?
I don't drink alot of water...Does that have anything to do with causing premature wrinkles on your face?
I Have A Major Acne Problem. PLEASE Help!?
What's the rhyme to remember when the clocks go back/forwards?
Bad acne how to deal with it please ?
Why am i keep pulling my hair? Can't stop it,...?
Do I have a lung problem?
Should I get drunk so I know what it's like?
i'm down with some serious flu and i hate myself for missing school. am i crazy??
I have a really bad headache and I haven't eaten alot today...?
I'm allergic to cats. Is it possible I can ever own one and control my allergy?
I feel like a failure because i don't think i'm exercising enough! Please give me your opinion!!?
Swine flu, Do i have it ?
is it safe to have pirecing with diabetes?
What are the benefits of drinking cranberry juice?
It looks like they've invented a cure for hayfever and asthma. Now when will they invent a cure for...?
I'm pregnant. I have pulled a neck muscle. What is the best treatment without chemicals?
I'm 29 and been smoking for 15 years. If I quit now, could I possibly have time to reverse the damage I have
Please help me, 5'8'' and 135 lbs, want to lose weight?
What is your phobia? ?
I'm getting abused. What do I do?
i got a black toenail...the nail is now rising...it has started on the other foot.?
What are 5 STDs? How can they be prevented? Are they curable?
how can i ease a tickly cough?
I think I can see the bacteria on my eyes?
What is this thing on my foot? ?
why do i get dizzy after the doctor takes a blood analysis from me?
My daughter's ear piercing is infected. What is the best way to treat? I normally use peroxide.?
I'm scared of the dentist?
Who or what defines what is "medicine", and what is "alternative"?
how much weed do i need to smoke whith a friend?
I'm depressed, and I'm very bored. What do I do?
Which of these is a healthier breakfast?
my mom says i eat 2 much?
i used to eat all three meals and now i eat one small biscuit a day how much weight wud i loose in a week?
honest opinion, am i considered fat?
are the controllers of answers being controlled brownnosers?
If you wear contacts do you need glasses to?
white marks on my nail?
my friend just had a major breakdown! she was suicdal! no ones home wth her! i need help now!?
Why are today's children more likely to die or get seriously ill through childhood disease than 40years ago?
what to do if a bad cut is infected and bleeding?
6 year old sick with the flu in this hot weather!?!?
What does our heart pump?
Why are ginger people ginger ?
My nose has been stuffed for a while?
I have a huge amount of thick mucus in my nose.How will i take it out?
allergies help?
I've tried everything... but I still have blackheads! Help?
I need acne help?
Do you think a person with an STD is obliged to contact all their ex partners?
If I smoked weed a few times a day everyday for a few weeks?
Ladies: Do you find excessive muscles a turn-off?
How many calories are there in dust?
Why shouldn't diabetics go about barefoot?
How does diabetes cause weight loss?
what do i do for an accidental overdose in my insulin?
Can Diabetics drink alcohol?
i've been sentenced to crutches and a cast on my ankle for two weeks?
Is it possible to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks?
Am i overweight? Do answer, honestly.?
how can i motivate myself to excersise?
Can Diabetic people eat chocolate?
boil rice and basmati rice is good for diabetic person 2?
Juvenile diabetes and the pump ,[Please help]?
What is the best diet for me I am 38 yrs diabetic patient?
If you want to have a child would you get HIV?
Should I have a bath or shower tonight?
Could I be diabetic? Anyone else had same symptoms?
i think my boyfriend has a chest infection. however......?
what are the side effects of having iron tablets?
My husband just found out he is border line to becoming a diabetic. Where do we start? What to do?
I noticed a cold sore next to my lip after giving head to my boyfriend...?
how do i know if i'm allergic to cat hair or if i'm allergic to their saliva?
I've been suffering from hives all over my face and body. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this? Thanks.?
What is cure for psoriasis?
I've burnt my fingers with a clothes iron, what should i do?
i'm looking for a way to track my blood sugars. ( something i can write down the numbers.)?
How do I know i have diabetes?
What does it mean when you are told your blood pressure is 150 over 90?
Allergy test - anyone ever had one and are they just a con?
What's the best & fastest way to get rid of hiccups?
I'm a diabetic and I was wondering if it's alright for me to drink alcohol?
Could i have diabetes?
what should a person do if there is bleeding in his eyes and he is suffering from diabeties?
Possible diabetes! HELP?
How tall are you? i'm 6ft 8ins.?
Is smoking bad for you?
Can people with juvenile diabetes eat cheese? ?
What will help me sleep during the day without taking any sleeping pills?
Are there any alternatives to AA for alcoholism?
I've got type 2 diabetes and have to have my labwork done in 2 weeks and im scared my bloodwork won't be good?
I've put on so much weight since i stopped smoking 10 weeks ago no i'ts depressing me?
Is it possible to be allergic to kiwis?
How do I stop my sore throat?
Can someone develop diabetic foot while only being insulin resistant?
what should i do?
If you were on fire, would jumping in a pool be smart?
Waking up in a panic...... help?
Can I get chapped lips from kissing someone with chapped lips?
Do I weigh too much for my age and height (not based on BMI)?
i have an asthma nebulizer and wanted to know how often i should replace it?
Im Really thin, and i eat ALL the time and i never seem to put on weight is this a conditon?
Are contact lenses suitable for a 13 year old?
i quit smoking 1 month ago, without any nicotine aids?
Do you think depression and anxiety are actual medical disorders or all in one's head & treatable on your own?
what does it mean if i temporarily go blind?
What are the target ranges for blood sugar in a diabetic? Type 2 diabetes is what I'm referring to.?
I'm so worried...My mother has diabetes?
I think I might have bulimia nervosa (I'm bulimic) what do I do?
There's the taste of soap in my mouth?
what are common causes of headaches?
best acne fighter wash/pads/medication?
Diabetes Type 2 Testing?
I have very bad breath caused by a plaque buildup on my tonsils that I can't get loose, how can I correct this
What is the best way to get rid of headaches?
I wanted to know what other massage therapist's out there are doing to increase their income?
Has anybody ever died from smoking weed? I heard you would have to smoke your own weight in weed to OD?
a question about weed in your system?
HELP!! My little boy!?
how do you get rid of open pore/blackheads?
Why do I always get red veins on my hands and arms?
Why doesn't alcohol have an effect on me?
how can you become immune to pollen?
What is a good shampoo for severe dandruff?
what should you weigh if im 4 '9 and 12?
Why can't I stop drinking pop?
How can I get away with not eating dinner?
Why does my daughter's hair ends smell?
Extremely dry skin......?
How to get rid of Chicken-pox?
Where exactly did HIV begin?
what foods should someone with diabetes avoid?
can you be allergic to tomato puree but not tomato?
What is that red thing in the throat that hangs down?
I am under depression because of failure in an interview. What shoul I do?
Question about prednisone...?
Who has stopped cigarette after once smoking or taking a puff?
I've got no strings to hold me down, is this a problem?
Would you be turned off if i revealed I have AIDS on the first date?
If I'm allergic to codeine, should I be allergic to vicodin (read more)?
Can you fly with a pace maker?
Do you have any allergies ?
What should i do if i want one of those things that they call a "heart attack"?
Both my parents have blue eyes, I have green eyes, aren't you supposed to inherit eye color from your parents?
Does green tea help lose weight?
could i have had a heart attack?
diabetic question need quick answers?
am i in trouble if i used a needle 5 times?
please dont say im on my own?
What are some ways you can advoid getting sick?
Should I Sleep in my room just after it has been painted?
i am 16 and i recently noticed that i'm getting facial hair.how can i reduce facial hair, plz help.?
Why do doctors ask about calf pain when I have a heart condition?
What exactly is meant when a doctor asks you "Does heart disease run in your family?"?
What are my husband's chances of having a heart attack?
Blood preasure?
Does anyone know how to pronounce the slash in blood pressure values? What do I SAY when I read 112/90 ?
Why not insulin after the meal?
Is it too late to start a new career?
Does eating food make you fat?
see i have this friend that has head lice i dont know the best way to tell her so i need some advice.?
A depression question...please help?
how can you help someone cope with rape?
I am allergic to my kitten? Help?
Do you sleep 8- 11 hours?
i havent showered since..?
Does anyone know the side effects of a hepatitus b shot? I have to get one for school.?
I was in Fla for a week and came back with numerous mosquito bites. What's the best way to relieve the itching
Every now and then i feel really dizzy for two seconds and then i'm fine. what is wrong with me?
Is it true that if you get the common cold sore you are immune to Herpes (the STD)?
im worried about the swine flu....?
What do you think of the Swine Flu Vaccine ? Do you think kids should take it ? Would you?
What are the dangers and effects of smoking marijuana?
I am 23 years old. What should be my average heart rate?
is clymidia curable? please help!!?
Haven't eaten for 3 days due to sickness......?
What to do if you have low blood pressure?
How to change to a healthier lifestyle?
Can someone please explain how Metformin will help me?
Don't you think that the Poison lead singer Bret Michaels is a bad role model for diabetics? He has type 1
My dad had triple by-pass and they gave us alot of info but we can't seem 2 find anything on what he can't eat
How do I make my sun burn stop hurting?
My daughter has been itching a lot lately. We think it's Eczema. What helps this condition?
Do you know If I have swine flu? Help Please!?
How can I convince my grandparents that the swine flu isn't a big deal?
is there a cure for the swine flu?!??!?
Have been invited to get the swine flu vaccine for my youngest 2 children?
is a heart rate of 65 low for a l6 year old ?
Is this true that you are less likely to get diabetes from your father's side of the family?
i feel like i'm going to collapse what should i do?
are these the symtoms of swine flu seriously!?
Swine Flu, Are you worried?
I was sick for a bit, is it possible the cold caused weight loss?
what is the positive and negative aspects of using regular telephone ?
How can I get rid of a sore throat?
Hives from first time smoking weed?
why are some of us more prone to suffering from excessive gas than others?
Insulin and low blood sugar?
Do i have diabetes?????
don't know whats wrong?
could this kill you?????????????????????????????????????…
Chicken pox urgen question please help!!
Do you think the H1N1 hype is overblown?
What is the difference between the swine flu and regular flu?
Should I be afraid of swine flu?
PLEASE READ!!>>>I'm So hungry all the time, I've took a pregnancy test and it was negative?
why do people use cell phones, even when they know it's radiating their brain?
symptoms of swine flu?
What causes my eyes to change colors?
How much do contacts cost for a whole years' supply?
So help me out here. Diabetes?
i am 21 male..what is the minimum number of hours i should sleep in the night when i take no nap in the day?
Can you swallow pills without water?
Ingrown toenail?
Why do I now feel sick for three days after drinking wine?
i discovered a lump somewhere personal an someone said it might be something nasty so i shaved an pierced it?
How to get rid of dead skin on your feet?
Should I exersize when i'm sick?
It is true that if you chew your food properly (right down), it digests better?
Is smoking worse than drinking?
please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are good ways to prevent a hang over?
how catchy is conjunctivitis? ?
I'm constantly tired and lethargic - what's wrong with me?
I have major depression well treating it the natural way help?
Can laser pointers really blind people?
Should I go to hospital?
Do you think people should be payed for donating blood? Or should it remain voluntary?
Is it normal to go to bathrom on averge at least 4 times day??
7 year old who vomits after a bout of coughing?
Laser Eye Treatment yes or no?
If you have a STD, could you still work for a career?
Do you always look brilliant in the morning?
how to get cool?
how many times a day should some1 eat?
Why do some girls starve themselves because they think being extremely thin is beautiful ?
I went for an HIV test and i was told to come back after 2weeks, why is this?
Can you die from HIV if you are born with it?
PARACETAMOL. Can this help me get a good nights sleep?
help my daughter is having severe growing pains in both legs shes 13 and nothing is helping ?
what can happen when u stay up all night?
Change in personality after having a stroke?!!?
Itchy throat,runny nose, Itchy eyes!!!!?
After I drink alcohol, the next day, I itch like crazy!!!?
What is the name for the medical condition , when a persons heart stops, then jolts itsself to start again?
I smoked some weed yesterday and I'm going to get drug tested at work next week. What should I do?
I don't understand why STIs have become so prevalent in the world in modern times?
Can't Sleep I Need Help?
I want to buy Zig Zag rolling paper is that what you call it?
How can I make my eyesight better?
im 14 and weight 130 and i wanna lose weight. help?
what's the best way to losse weight ?
Whats for lunch?
what causes anerexia?
How to Remove Dibetes?
what is the best way to wake up early without feeling tired in the morning.?
I am have booked a holiday to florida for august this year! with swine flu going around, not sure if i can?
How can i burn 7495 calories a day?
how can i gain weight ? as i'm weighing only 35 kgs.. i need atleast to put on ten kgs more?
i feel fat.. how do i lose it ... ?
How did you quit smoking?
Am i fat or not? Am i overall proportional?
Is my foot too big????????????????????????
How soon after quitting smoking does the shortness of breath go away?
If you put potatoes on your wrist overnight, will it break, if you tap it after?
Is drinking hand sanitizer bad?
what is called stuff come out from eyes after waking up ?
does continous slashing of wrist can kill a person??
Stopped smoking but?
After lovemaking, is it normal for the woman to leak?
Am I gonna die or should I be worried at all?
how do i force myself to like to drink water?
blackhead redness, help?!?
I think my daughter has swine flu should i take her to the er?
if i have a cold sore...?
Should I avoid leaving the house because of Swine flu?
What is the full form of AIDS?
I've just been to a concert and my voice is really bad. Does anyone know any good ways to clear up my throat?
How Pretty Am I on a 1-10 scale?
Why doesn't everyone just lighten up?
OK how do you get over someone you love, i haven't saw this person in 4months but still think about them
What's the point of steaming your skin?
can't stay awake at work!! help!!?
Is it bad for a 15 year old boy to drink MONSTER energy drink?
Does yoghurt and some cheeses contain lactose?
Can one get two STD's at the same time? Basically, get them at the same time, same mode of transmission....
Don't you hate it when you need to sneeze, and it doesn't come out?
What's the bodies largest organ?
My daughter cut her hand with glass does she need Xray?
I'm 5'2'' and 105 lbs, is that skinny enough or is it still unnatractive and fat?
How do you get rid of sties off your eyelids?
My fiance drinks 6beers/nite & wipes himself out every weekend. Stressing me out. Should I stop worrying?
should insulin dependent diabetics get swine flu injection?
what's the quickest way to get rid of a sore throat?
What exactly is high blood pressure?
Why Does my lip or cheek itch real bad and swells up in a spot?
how long do you have to be in contact with herpes to catch it?
I'm absolutely terrified?
my boyfriend is diabetes and he is 24 years old, do you think he'll have health problems sooner than expected?
what happens when you need glasses?10 points best answer x?
I am suffering from gas and passing smelly wind from both ends and tummy ache?
Are contacts expensive? URGENT, 10 points?
Is there that big of a difference between 3.5 and 4.5 for prescription glasses?
Cure for earache?
I slept funny last night and now my neck is really painful. How can I pop it into place before work?
Why do I sleep for so long?
Does an allergic reaction stay with you forever?
my eyes are blood shot red and have swelling in them how do I get rid of it?
I have adult acne. Does anybody know of any home remedies that I can try, medication for acne is $45.00 Help!?
Forgetting to take blood pressure and cholesterol tablet?
How to make this sore throat better?
Do you know how to get rid of itchy eyes due to pollen ?
Can a person have an allergic reaction to tons of mosquito bites?
My 10 year old neice is not taking her Diabetes seriously....?
I have quit smoking! But why is it,that you put a few pounds on.?
Why am I always so tired?
Weight?,12 years old? HELPP!?
I've Damaged my knee ligaments playing football any advice you could give me???
Was this a heart attack?
what is cardiovascular fitness and are there is any exercises for that?
What can I give to my 7yr old to relieve the pain of his ears "popping" while plane is taking off & landing?
Should I call 911 right now?
Im 16 and i am 5ft 6 i want to loose some weight can anybody give me the fastest and most effective way?
Am I Underweight, overweight, or average?
Please help me to solve my husbands problem!?
I'm thirsty i drink water and I'm even more thirsty?
who belives this is a true story why?
What will clear up my nasal airways?
my 10 year old daughter has been having nose bleeds with clots in an she haslumps back my tongue?
Do i need to lose weight?
Does hula dancing helps you lose weight?
how do i get rid of my nightmares?
Why is my husband suffering from irregular heartbeats..?
Sleep problems?
wheat intolerance.............................…
What Causes Us To Talk In Our Sleep?
I'm fat??????????????????????
I always find myself trying to clear my throat. It is driving me crazy. Please help me.?
I have a cold so bad i'm coughing up blood and my ribs and chest hurt when i cough, how can i ease the pain..?
What are some ways I could correct or make my vision better?
how bad is it to start smoking in ur 30s?
dizziness and shaking! what could it be I'm really worried?
my pollen allergi makes me want to stab myself!?
I took 14 painkillers all at once, now i'm in a tremendous amount of pain. What does this mean???
What's the treatment of Irregular Pulse Rate?
Please help figure out what is wrong with my daughter? Neurology? Migraine? Ophthalmology?
will fluid pills help me pass a drug test?
Can a person die of a broken heart?
What will happen to your heart if you only ate chips?
What's the quickest way to relieve anger?
What is this dreadful pain in my right arm, it's been nagging at me all day?
help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease??
Smokers, do you regret starting smoking, and if so when did you start to regret it?
unable to breath without oxygen?
The best condem to wear?
Been on Q&A all Night Drinking Forgot Time. Excuse For Work?
I fell on ice 2 days ago... a real heavy fall, but no damage.... so why am I hurting everywhere?
Can i get fired for having a doctor's excuse?
What does it mean when you see your eyes turn red in the mirror?
can eyesight b improved by doing eye exercises?
Need advice?
I can't help but slam my finger on the mouse and I also hit the keys on the keyboard really hard, whats wrong?
Will a person be hospitalised if?
Have you had a bowel movement today?
is this impressive????????????/?
How can i lose 40 pounds in 21 days?
Does your personality change permanently if you smoke weed?
What happens if you smoke weed at the age of 13?
I can never get to sleep at 'bed time' no matter how early I go up to bed?
I shower once a week or shower every other week? ANSWER A.S.A.P?
I just got my first glasses....I have two questions?
would you rather be anorexic or fat?
i have just found out i have AIDs is there a way to cure it? :(?
Does warm milk really help you fall asleep?
Do you think doctors should help people suicide themselves?P.S. deatils on bottom?
how can you lower your blood pressure ?
I do not want to live anymore, what are some painless ways of dying?
How do you remove a bullet without going to the hospital?
food allergies, is there a link? ?
Is it normal to develop a burning sensation in your mouth after eating carrots?
I awaken mornings to severe cramp in lower leg muscle. Does anyone know what causes this, I'm seventy and male
Is there a cure for IBS? (or) What is the mot effective medication?
Fresh look 1 day colour contact lenses?
can i use vinegar or anything else in the home to help remove stubborn protein deposits on soft color contacts?
GIRLS ONLY. this seems weird.. but when I sneeze...?
coughing and wheezing?
When I don't eat my heart beat goes really fast and I get really short of breath - is this normal?
Could thawed shrimp like you have at get togethers cause food poisoning?
How do the symptoms for lactose intolerance progress?
Has anyone ever considered trying to get themselves admitted into a psychiatric unit intentionally?
A Daddy Long Legs has just stung my son!!! What next?
Is this truly possible?
what can I do to get rid of my allergies to cats???????? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What is wrong with me?
I have a spot inside my earlobe, it doesnt bleed or burst just painfully hurts, any ideas what it could be?
Can you help me to stop bleeding?
If I starve myself would I start digesting my own heart - the biggest muscle in my body?
my hamster's been dead for two months i sleep in the same room as it my throat and my head hurts will i die?
How often should I have my eyes checked?
I'm depressed, what can I do to cheer up?
I want to commit suicide. Please help.?
Im always BORED and have nothing to do.........HELP ME!!?
3.5 year old with soft yellow stools?
How come my friend reacts to cow's milk here but not in Costa Rica?
Am i allergic to my dog?
Why are lips red??? iv been thinking about it......?
How to improve low blood pressure?
Can you spread herpes by....?
Does sleeplessness increase blood pressure?
What should you do if you have a headache, but don't like to take pills?
cat allergies...?
My heart kept skipping beats today!!! WHY??!!?
i gave a guy a BJ, how would i knw if he was clean, he seemed clean, i didnt swallow, HELP me plz!!!!!?
I think I'm allergic to fruits?
Omg !!!! I have a pill stuck in my throat !!! Dont Know what To Do ! I had bread milk yogurt rice everything..?
Will Benadryl knock me out and affect my sleeping?
Ate medicine and felt nauseous. (Read Details) Am I allergic?
Dear Friends, I am suffering from Sinus, I always feel problem while breathing..My nose is always blocked:(?
How do you cope with a suicide with no answers?
How can I go sleep quickly?
I'm feeling really, really down today. Anyone got any suggestions what I can do about this?
how do i know if im depressed?
Why was I told I have to wear my glasses fulltime?
I'm getting a piercing soon,but my allergies are an issue?
My mother had a stroke today. She seems fine now. Is everything OK?
can you lose weight if you have diarrhoea ?
how can i gain more stamina?
is a blood pressure reading of 137-79 within a normal range?
is sinusitis caused when the middle bone of nose bends to one side?is sinusitis curable?
If someone you knew committed suicide, would you hate them for it?
which foods increase cholesterol?