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lenses help in increasing eye power?
Am I long-sighted? Do I need glasses?
I cant seem to find any good websites about Teenagers going through cancer. Does anyone know a good site?
What is a health professional signature?
Does smoking 3-4 papers of charas everyday kill you?
Could she have breast cancer?
Whats a Psychedelic Phenethylamine,Psychedelic Tryptamine and a Psychedelic Amphetamine?
how long can a person live after their last 3 pints of blood when they have leukaemia?
Am i more likely to end up with cancer than everyone else in my family?
Lung cancer survival expectations?
Is snoring a health problem? How can I get rid of it?
why is mrsa so common in hospitals?
If you break your ankle, how likely are you to vomit?
Bruised Or Broken Finger?
I have snapped my Anterior Cructiate Ligament (ACL) and still cannot straigten my knee and leg?
Brain tumor clinics overseas?
ok but is there a descrete way to find out? about a gonorhea test?
how much is a gonorrhea test?
how long can it take to detect hpv?
I have a throat infection, and now my left ear is throbbing and I can barely hear anything from it?
I cannot get rid of the cold! Help! It's been 2/3 months now!?
What is wrong with my eye?
i want color contacts. i've already picked these four. i just need to know which one looks best on me. thanks.?
what is this? the pain is so bad!?
Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
Problem with my contact lenses?
How to prevent nausea from deep emotion?
what can be used to inhibit bacterial growth on a humidifier wick?
I have no insurance and need a biopsy does anyone know of anything?
Is Homeopathy treatment good for health or the allopathic treatment?
Is vics vapour rub the best cure for fungle nail infection?
worried about hospital trip....?
what doctor do i go to?
eye problems? please help.?
Are monthly contacts easy to put on and take out of your eye?
poll: can you have the flu with out a runny nose?
what can i do to grow taller?
why does the BCG vacine not work for people who already have TB?
Could the flu jab I had 3 weeks ago make me feel so unwell?
what are the requirements to be a nurse for children with cancer?
Best way to treat a chesty cough?
What are best remedies for flu and sore throat?
Is it possible to get ear infections from headphones?
I have tonsil stones...will i need to have my tonsils removed?
I have hepatitis C,whats the chance of me having cancer?
31 freckles on 1 finger, and still more coming, possible cancer?
Where are the Patients Bill of Rights posted in a hospital?
today when i passed a stool it had blood on the sides it only happens every 6 months or so should i be worried?
I went to my first party and still feel bad 3 days later.?
I got my eyes hurt (crack) with the nail of my son's finger?
is bruising your hands bad?
Have I got flu, pneumonia or just a bug?
Do I have Cystitus? Again?
Hi I have painful swollen glands and sore throat have been prescribed penecilan 250 4td Could I be contagious?
Anyone know anything about Osteoma's?
Why is a booster effective ONLY if the patient has previously been vaccinated?
how serious is hpv do i need to worry?
What are some cool eyeglasses for a 13 year old?
A question to those who have had Lazer eye surgery..?
Hi guys. I want to choose a name for a device that is going to be used for skin cancer monitoring.?
is color blue right for a "CANCER"?
Can a doctor tell me if I have any damage on my lungs from smoking?
Any tips for getting over a cold quicker?
If you are stoned off of pot, would it hurt you to go to your therapeutic phlebotomy?
ACNE: Antibiotics or homeopathy? (pictures included!)?
herbs to stop bleeding. 10pts best answer?
how do i get rid of a cold??? :(?
What are my child's odds of havig cancer?
if a person wanted to get cancer without smoking or chewing tobbaco how can they get it?
What are the types of terminal brain cancer?
why do we lose our appetite when having a cold or recovering from one?
why do abcesses keep returning?
my mam has a basal cell carcinoma and will not have it treated is this dangerous?
I have a 'friend' who claims he has skin cancer?
Could ice make a tumour grow slower?
Is it possible to have cancer for months without noticing?
What are treatments for cystic fibrosis?
food in my lung what should i do ?
MMR vaccine, more than two doses?
need help on a dilemma about my life?
Whats the difference between a high grade squamous lesion on your cervix and the CIN1,2 & 3?
How do you get oral cancer?
Will you join with me tonightin praying for my friend,Gene,from Oklahoma, who has brain cancer?
what is cervical cancer?
I am paranoid that i have herpies cuz something at school.....?
Do ear infections go away naturally?
can you buy hrt over the counter?
Why is my vision suddenly poor?
Astigmatism only eyeglasses?
How much do colored contacts cost (NOT prescription) ?
Taking St johns wort every night?
Any alternative options?
My eyes are constantly watering. What could be the matter?
crainotomy ? survival rate?
i want to convince my friend that hookah is less dangerous than cigarettes so please help me and give me a?
Lung cancer-NSCLC treatment option?
lung cancer treatement cost?
any help because im allergic to my dog?
how to get rid of redness in my eye.?
when does allergies pollen season end? Grass Pollen , I Live In Alexandria, Virginia?
Are e cigs harmful to your body?
Cervical Cancer Jab Information?
can i give herpes to my kids?
STD Testing Kits to do at HOME?
Setting a bone in place?
How do I know if it broken or sprained?
Can any 1 plz suggest me Ayurveda medicine for increasing height ? ? ?
If I take 500 mg of Ginseng root at dinner is it going to affect my sleep?
cancer treatment disease?
Pregnant after cancer treatments?
should dying cancer patient be left alone?
Fathers terminal cancer ...?
Prostate Cancer: How bad can is get if unnoticed for almost 2 years?
How do you clear nasal congestion without using any nasal sprays?
I am sweating but my nose is cold.?
my frend has testicular cancer?
has anyone ever taken LSD?
Side effects with eye drops?
Which race is less likely to get cancer?
I recently had a mri on my neck my neurologist told me my lymph nodes where swollen.?
How long are you on crutches for with a broken ankle?
what happens when you get a cervical cancer jab?
Does anyone know if vitaminB17 is okay for a cancer patient?
What's the classification of stomach cancer?
why does my bellend sting?
Is it possible to develop allergies?
Can a girl get chlamydia from a guy, or is it only passed from girl to guy?
I had an HIV test at Planned Parenthood 1 year ago, and they never called me am I negative?
What does "having cutting down there." mean?
Is my ear infected or am i just allergic to the earring and how long will it take to heal?
nickel allergy question. PLEASE HELP !?
Has anyone done allergy test by Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER)?
is my mum allergic to chlorine?
Question about donating blood?
How do you get counted in statistics for cancer?
going for a routine colonoscopy, what should i expect as far as discomfort...does it hurt?
Had a MRI Scan for my shoulder 3 weeks ago, how long will this take to come back?
Nicotine survey. Need as many answers as possible.?
saccharin and cancer?
banging headache after 2nd cervical cancer jab?
Please help me! I am scared of having my cervical cancer jab!?
What does a air purifiers do and how do they help?
Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?
Confusion with my Cherry Allergy?
Will my gluten allergy get better?
cant smoke without getting Very blocked up throat? Please Help?
Is the neti-pot safe for daily use?
Is there an emotional cause for bladder cancer?
Can you check someone else's HIV/STD status?
what kind of hiv test is given for permanent us visa applicants is it a PCR test?
Is smoking 5 cigarettes a day dangerous?
Hard lump/knot at base of skull on right side?
Could I have breast cancer?
what does pre cancer mean?
is there a connection between vitamin b-17 and the cure for cancer?
Does anyone know where I can get a "F*ck Cancer" bracelet?
What kinds of nurses are there?
What kind of wax is used to treat any kind of pains or aches?
Remote Reiki healing - what's it all about?
how much does the NHS spend on drug abuse?
Why am I having difficulty focusing?
Is sankara eye hospital is the best for LASIK eye surgery in bangalore?
Benefits and risks of therapeutic hypothermia?
hemangioma Removel yes? or No?
trying to find a great donation name for cancer?
Biopsy results...some come sooner than others..why?
what is antibody therapy in cancer treatment?
Found a very hard lump in my breast .. im only 13 ?
Is it safe to take Champarix to give up smoking?
bowel cancer or just being paranoid?
pills that destroy bad thoughts?
safest treatment for early signs of prostate cancer?
Money is something we invented, why can't cancer research be done for free?
to all taking MSM Supplements, PLEASE ANSWER!? :)?
How can i explain a deep cut on my arm?
Friend had Whiplash two months ago - could he be faking it?
how long does it take lymphoma cancer to spread?
HIV or Hepatitis trough cut?
Question about Trich?
can i take midol with acyclovir?
side effects of pause 500?
What's going on with my right eye?
Products Similar to KALMS?!?
hep!! found lump in breast only 15 years old!!?
Multi myeloma life expectancy/survival?
Can pointy breast lead to breast cancer?
What are some signs of breast cancer?
Is this a Blood Clot Help?
Is it a blood Clot help?
In an eye test why does the optician measure your eye?
Glasses Prescription query?
Do acupuncture and reflexology clash?
I am allergic to Nickel/Metal... I want to wear earrings!?
apple cider reaction?! red skin!!!?
What is the benefit of using Blueair 402 Air Purifiers?
I'm certain I have leukaemia but my family don't believe me.?
What percentage of people who break their backs are confined to a wheelchair?
Contacts irritate me!?
would wearing glasses for a period of time actually improve your vision?
would wearing glasses improve my eyesight?
I hav HIV due to a dirty needle. Can I bareback and have *** in my hole?
Can you be terminally ill and not know it?
Is Fish oil good for you?
how to know if you have pneumonia without a mri or ct scan?
What is the most common type of cancer for a teenage girl to get?
Tongue cancer treatment?
can testicular cancer form like a tube that can come of the testical?
My mom has an extremely low white blood cell count. What can she eat to boost it up?
slight yellow lines in whites of your eyes?
Boyfriend has cancer and he left me.?
do you know of any blogs or websites from people who have or had cancer?
How is asbestos now used, or is it?
is it ok to use muscle rub to relief a stuffy nose please answers (best answer givin)?
Is coffee good against spring allergy?
Do Cervical Cancer Jabs Hurt?
Are EMF sensistive people at greater risk of cancer?
Is it the end of the world to be diagnosed as having pancreas cancer?
Is the E-Cigarette really harmless?
What are some types of terminal cancers?
How to get relief from urinary tract infection? I am vacationing away from home?
How did scientists figure out that smoking is linked to lung cancer? Is my answer to this right or wrong?
do i have 3 types of warts?and am going to die of cervical cancer?
Can PLX4032 be given to stage 4 malignant melanoma patients whose cancer has spread to the brain?
What could I be dying of?
Basal Cell Carcinoma?
cant one colored contacts box have more than one color?
do eye doctors need good vision?
Can you get paralysed from the waist up?
Exercise - Is this allergies, being out of shape, or something else?
How do you disguise an eye with a very swollen lid?
Why don't allergy pills work every time I take one?
HELP!!! I'm STILL sick after two plus months of allergies, what can I do now?
I'm allergic to wheat so does that mean i cannot have wheatgrass?
if i mix sugar in hot tea will it still work with my cough?
what is eye condition gloucoma?
Im scared i might have thyroid cancer?
do aluminum pots have an impact on the brain or memory?
can i get dried sage herb frm gurgaon?
Is there something wrong with me?
does arrid products cause cancer?
What is the hodgkin's itch?
pls i need good explanation of carcinoma in situ? pls help?
Can a bruise lead to cancer?
18 Year old Male diagnosed with a Meningioma (Brain Tumor)?
what is cervical cancer?
Is it legal to sell products for human consumption that emit ionizing radiation?
How does oncology affect us?
In my right eye the pupil has become much more dilated, what is it?
Pain receptors on Eye or Eye lid?
Glasses, Contacts or Both?
Please help. Oral herpes?
If i already had cancer , do i still have a risk of getting it when i am older?
What are the negative effects of Aspartame?
I had a meal of carrot and coriander soup and immediate became very ill with a drop in blood pressure.?
Why does leukemia cause night sweats? How do you help someone to sleep when they keep waking from it?
What color is the lung cancer ribbon?
what web sites do doctors use to do research?
How Many Bones Have You Broken?
i have this idea to cure cancer please read?
Does a Radiologist preform an operation or he just take x rays and take it to the doctor who does operation?
Can you dye your hair when you have cancer?
who is the surgeon in charge in the operarting room of a cancer patient?
how much does a gram of weed cost?
Which contact lenses should I get?
where can I get colored contacts?
Where should a eye Donner contact?
Does breast cancer mass size matter in staging cancer?
i think i might have colorectal cancer?
big lungs now small why?
does estrogen cause breast cancer?
what does adjuvant mean?
what side effects does the cervical cancer vaccination have?
Is it worth it to get glasses?
is it safe to ingest melaleuca oil as an aid for fighting bowel cancer.?
ultrasound question? serious?
My girlfriend was just diagnosed with leukaemia. What are the treatments, and how long will she survive?
Is smoking cigarettes the same as smoking weed?
anyone with personal experience of seeing a relative die of cancer?
Are 15 year old guys likely to get lung cancer?
I am VERRY nervous! Do I have a brain tumor?
What do you think is wrong with my eye?
why does my knee grind when i bend it?
how do i know if i broke the tip of my toe?
Should I be concerned if I've had a baseball-sized bruise on my leg since June and it's now October?
Can anyone help to tell me if this is possible?
Why does my ankle hurt? And How can I make it stop?
can i do lsd once more if i am on a trip already? if yes then when should i?
Is cancer genetic because if so, i'm f**ked?
how is mr douglas oing with the cancer?
Antiperspirant/deoderant aluminium free one?
Eye Doctors: How do i keep my eyes from degenerating after lasik?
can i be sacked for been of work on sick leave for 6weeks for a foot operation?
alternative sugar --saccarine is harmful to humanbody or not?
Is it true you can't drink alcohol 24 hours after the cervical cancer jab?
A mass screening program to detect Bowel Cancer was undertaken for people ages 50 to 65 years. Of the 25,000 p?
Can i get physio free on the NHS?
When someone has Cancer, what do the Stages mean?
What are my chances of getting cancer in all my situations?
A Cancer person has water retantion on the right arms.is there any solution to get the water out?
you have started an IV lactated ringers on an elderly patient who is suffering from volume depletion.After 30?
Has anyone with MEN 1 had any malignant tumors? I have had three parathyroidectomies, and a pancreatic tumor.?
are color contacts expensive & are they bad for your eyes?
tips on putting contacts in ?
When I wear my contacts my eyes are blurry and they irritate?
What do you think of the service at the optician?
why do my eyes keep going red and sore with the lens brand i have worn for over a year?
what color is my eye?
Im Getting Laser Eye Surgery and Im scared. Help?
my mother has 4 cervical cancer and she has a lot of bed sores very bad?
Should I relocate to Ohio permanently to care for my mother who has cancer?
I just had a biopsy and the results are taking a long time?
Dose leukemia run in the family?
Could it be appendicitis or ovarian rupture?
Is it normal to feel you need glasses for everything?
am i over reacting about this?
Pancreatic Cancer or not?
Large dark mole appeared from nowhere. Is it a sign of cancer?
I need a type of cancer.?
Wouldn't Noah have developed skin cancer while living for 900 years without using sunscreen in the desert?
Is there a reason to have Big Pharma adds on our Alt/Med site?
is it illegal to give someone herpes?
Is colon cancer a likely diagnosis?
Breast Cancer Treatment Help ?!?!?
can one get stomach cancer at 22 years old?
does anyone know of any free cancer treatment centers?
my dad has cancer in the bowel then in the liver it was found, he has now been tested and found positive in hi?
Could it be cancer? :/?
chance of relapse in leukemia patients?
what is the life expectancy for stage 1 class 2 breast cancer people?
I've hurt myself really bad and dont have a bruise?
growth near optic nerve what could it be?
I am scared of getting contacts?
How likely am I to get breast cancer if my mom has it?
breast cancer treatments?
Does Vitamin D deficiency cause cancer? If so what type of cancers?
How does it feel to be high?
Ideas for Nutrition final year uni project?
Could someone please explain my daughters eye test results?
Is this bad for my eyes sight?
I've had two peasized lumps in my right eye for around a year, can I get them removed?
does it give tou breast cancer sleeping in a bra?
does anyone know what a white round tablet with the letter c on one half and d a on the Other half is for?
Where can I purchase aspargaus in Lucknow, India?
how to reduce the no. of spectacles ?
Do i have cancer, Please answer?
what happens in stage 4 brain cancer?
have i got bowel cancer?
final ours of cancer , what to expect?
I am 30yrs old female n hiv patient and my husband is not having hiv. We r planning for a baby is possible?
i have hidratinitis. will guys think i have an std?
Do you know of any home remedies that you know work from first or second hand experience, for any ailment?
Which U.S. states that require a radiation therapist license?
I recently had a cone biopsy....?
Smiley lighter burn. Will it be a scar?
what is risperdone is it available over the counter?
weirddd eyes symptomsss?
snap by a elastic band in the eye, worried?
my left color bone sticks out a lot more then my right?
Symptoms of bowl cancer?
Do you think I need an eye test?
Do any of you have a child with Lymphoma?
auntie death, how to get over?
how do you know if you have testicular cancer?
When people die of skin cancer, exactly what is it that kills them?
Questions needing answered about breast cancer and mammograms?
Question about contact lenses?
will celery tablets help reflux]?
I need to tape my shin but I have no athletic tape?
why are you in a wheelchair for th rest of your life if you break Your back?
my dad died of lukiemia my uncle has cancer could i also get ill in the future?
Has anybody taken the wonder cancer drug Avastin that is banned in the UK?
my collar bone hurts badly and i cant move my shoulder at all any tips (besides hospital)?
How can I avoid bruising?
treatment for a broken ankle?
I am really confused can someone please explain chemotherapy to me and what exactly the docters do ?
do cancer patients that do kimo therapy and lose their hair also lose their eyebrows?
Some tips on putting in and taking out contacts?
I've had my night and day contacts in for 4+ years and have never taken them out. They do not ever bother me.?
Can you wear toric contact lenses if you don't have astigmatism?
Does sea water helps restore your vision?
How would you feel about someone who faked cancer to get cash and go to Disney World?
Do you think I have skin cancer?
Can you get cancer from using a laptop for a couple of hours everynight?
Stage 4 Bowel cancer....?
Can I catch stds or is from a swimming pool?
What does my contact lens prescription mean?
I just got colored contacts and i dont have solution so can i soak them in "little ones nose drops"?
Acuvue Clear for astigmatism?
Can Custom(non-prescription) contact lens be worn over prescription contacts?
What u say about contact lens?
i hurt my knee a mounth agow and my knee swelled up but went down but still hurts should i go get it checked?
I have herpes. How do I tell my girlfriend?
What is intravenous Hartmann's solution used for in acute asthma?
what is a 2020 vision??
I badly sprained my ankle, and its still swollen?
do i have a broken arm/wrist?
how do you know if your finger is broken?
have you ever stepped on a balloon by accident and popped it?
Can I wear colored contacts when I am athlete at school?
What are the odds of getting 20/15 vision after eye laser surgery for a person with low myopia?
I have 20/60 vision. Would that be low, mild or moderate myopia?
Is it possible for a person susceptible to congestion, etc. during the winter months?
Have you ever knocked yourself out on purpose or got a friend to do it?
REALLy bad pain in quads day after squats?
Ive fallen and i cant get up!!!?
how to fix a pulled tendon in my girlfriend foot?
Why many people smoking cigarettes at the beach?
how to get rid of the red veins on the white part of the eye?
What was your first contact lens test appointment like? Help?
What does the bar chart on the Optical Express website mean?
Am I getting bronchitis?
I want to buy a different brand of contact lenses online. Base curve and diameter question..?
what is my eye sight in terms of 20/20 vision?
BLACK EYE?? please answer x?
Contact lens problem?
Why is my eyesight always getting worse?
eyes blurry after wearing lens?
IF I HAVE ASTIGMATISM ,CAN my eyes be normal again ?
Do colour blinds make good snipers?
I left my contact in when i fell asleep?
READ THIS QUESTION!!! I need to get rid of this horrible cold i have before my audition tomorrow! HELP!?
Sinus problem. Anyone help please? Thanks....?
How can I improve the performance of my eyes.?
Stopping Breathing In Sleep?
My dog has been coughing(dry) from yesterday morning..please help?
what should one do while having flu?
what happens if i buy contacts from 1800contacts and the doctor responds with a no or no records?
my thumb is swollen and i cant move it what might be wrong with it?
Is this my new glasses, should I be worried and when will it go?
What does an STI (STD) test consist of?
What is the best way to stop a TV screen from affecting your eyes (negatively)?
How to make eye glasses anti-reflective?
Green liquid on nose piece of glasses?
whats this thing that keeps following my eye wherever i look?
Sinus pressure?????????????
Rattle in chest at end of inhale?
A stone hit me in the eye?
Should I Pop My Blister?
How do I get rid of Mucus in my throat?
what is mean hyaline(few) in casts shows in urine?
Has anyone tried" The one minute cure for all medical problems"?
Ouch, my eye kind of hurts?
Perception colored contacts burn very badly and eyes become red..why? I watched my hands very well..and dried?
How can you tell (by recovery time) if you have cracked a rib?
can worrying makes you pee more?
My eyes are burning when I put in my contacts?
how is quit smoking pease give me information?
how to tell someone to stop smoking ?
I had a sinus infection 2 months ago...it is gone but now I cough and weeze..whats causing this?
My Contacts Lens.......?
How do you know if you broke your pinky finger?
Can you work in a hospital if you have herpes?
question herpes blood test?
do blood tests hurt with a baby needle and emla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i ripped my gooch what should i do im scared how am i sposed to have rough anal?
Should I get a doctor to look at my foot?
how do i geta reallybad head injury?
How to know if my foot is broken?
how to stop hypertension?
any opticians in the house??i have a major doubt?
What do hpv 6 and 11 look like?
I need corrective laser eye surgery?
My back is killing me, what can i do? This happened while working out...?
Fell hard in the bathtub?
How can I break my arm?
can i put makeup over stitches?
how do you make a sling?
My eyes get REALLY red when I take off my glasses?
Why are my eyes burning REALLY badly?
Considerable increase in myopia in 2 years?
breathlessness problems?
how to tell if your finger is broken?
I need some help with my eye sight?
Why is my left eye not adjusting to darkness normally?
What glasses shall i buy for Reading and going on the PC?
if your fat..what surgery would you get?
does Contacts have expiration dates on them?
why does my nose keep bleeding for no reason?
My vision without glasses is 20/200 my vision with glasses is 20/100 do i need updates on my glasses?
how old r u supposed to have contacts?
How can I improve my eye sight?
My vision became sharp all of a sudden..... was it the vitamins?
short-sighted with astigmatism contact wearers: have you [ever] ...?
having flashes of light in the corner of left eye?
how come i can only see out of my left eye, every thing was fine until today, but now im half blind?
I'm having an occasional burning pain in my lower back, on the left side...?
My Pupillary distance was measured at 26./26 instead of 28/28 for progessive. How much should it matter?
Fix Crossed Eye Problem..?
this is probably a dumb question but?
My vision is 20/15 at 12 feet. What is it at 100 feet?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what to do in cold and cough and weakness?
What is the difference between the differently priced monthly contact lenses at Specsavers different?
HELP very URGENT urine test?
If someone has a std is it 100% sure you can have it too?
What are the chances of getting aid by a thumbtack?
i have no idea what to do help!!!!!?
Do people in the U.K. do this?
Could I have a concussion?
is it possible to become deaf from a car accident?
what to do? Chest hurts really bad?
What are the risks of contracting a STD?
Do you think it its Asthma or not?
what illness could you get that you are unable to do anything for about 3 weeks?
Could one of our bedroom toys have caused my boyfriend to get an anal fissure?
My Shoulder hurts. Any ideas?
Please help me with my ankle!?
I have asthma, emphsema, copd and i have had 7 pnewmathorax. will i have a normal life as im 35?
Tonsillitis help Please?
Can a teacher with tonsillitis goes to school?
HPV vaccine? after bells palsy ?
i really want my dad to stop smoking?
I feel like I have a throbing headache in my wrist!?
Can you see that lungs are not collapsed on an xray?
Want to know the reason for Chest pain & burning sensation?
Did I bruise my knee? Can i still play?
What does the law say regarding after having surgery on my hand I now have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.?
lung damage is permanent?
Why does my leg hurt?
Should I get my knee checked by a doctor?
I got jumped by alot of people.?
How long does it take for a toenail that has fully fallen off to regrow back? Will it ever look the same?
can yo donate to save peope with Cysitic Fibrosis?
Today is the last day im on prednisolone, i took it this morning, can i drink alcohol tonight?
How do i know if my knee is broken?
If you get punch in the eye will it turn purple and black?
my asthma was resolved as a child but...?
What can cause a person to have difficulty breathing?
Meniscus tear of left knee?
how do you know if you have broken foot?
How To Stop Shortness Of breath?
What Would You Do If You Had AIDS?
can room heaters be used? my mom is suffering from asthma.pl advice.?
Can a Tens machine help jump start temporarily paralysed limbs?
Who do I see about a biceps tendon tear?
twisted/sprained ankle?
whats wrong with my leg?
How do i reduce swelling ASAP?
My abs are hurting after the gym?
Will Epididymitis antibiotics cure Chlamydia too?
Do I have an STD???????
pregnancy and STD's please help :(?
f i have chlamydia then start take'n meds and tell the guy to get tested and he dont what will happen to him?
can i sue for contracting hiv?
how much it cost to d na swab dna test on two people in two different states?
how long does it take for the pain of the herpes sores to go away?
what is difference between Epidemics and pandemics?
can smoking and drinking affect you while being treated for chlamydia?
my pee burns sometimes and my mum isnt naking me an opointment? :(((?
if ur dad had herpes ..do you get herpes..?
Is Planned Parenthood trustworthy?
HPV explanation in Arabic?
iv got a smelly discharge and theres quite alot! i know i am going to the clinic but i would prefer a heads up?
can u get sent overseas if u have an std?
HIV test - questions about validity of the test?
Can you get STI......?
Who is my Dad allowed to disclose my HIV status to?
What are some cancer signs on women?
does having blood group ab postive or negative confer on the person any advantage of protection against infe?
Donating Blood - do they test for HIV/AIDS and such?
hpv is transperable disease?
Is it possible to have a sore down there without it being an std?
Bumps inside right labia?
am i freaking out for no reason?
Has anyone gotten only two red pills to treat Chlamydia I did and im pregnant?
HIV antibodies and symptoms. please help.?
What do i do if i kissed somone with a cold sore outbreak?
what is incubation period ?
HIV test after 4 months and 10 days,should i wait more?
Do uti's go away, get worse, or keep coming back if not treated?
What is herpes?????????
Can someone contract AIDS and other diseases from a mosquito bite?
Does HIV Antibodies Test Detect AIDS too?
If you have handshake with bunch of people at a party and then go take a pee, can you get herpes?
how long can u use ur urine 4 a test?
Can you get an STD through your mouth?
Did my co-workers hook up?
Does the skin rash from secondary stage syphilis only affect the palms of the hands and feet?
My girlfriend has P.I.D has she cheated on me?
I need help with my AIDS?
im only young, and i have thrush, help me please!?
pretty sure husband cheating again. lips swollen & dark & peeling could it be std?
Did I get herpes?!?! Cold sore!?!?!? help!?
Had orale performed on my privates at age 5?
Does having HPV drastically change your life?
My friend has crabs!?
if u have kids and u have herpes can u infect them by touch?
my gauge is infected????
How did the HIV and AIDs virus begin?
My Gf Has Gastric Ulcer Is It Contagious?
I am beging, Please help me.?
When you have a kidney infection, will the doctors know you have an std too? or they won't check for that?
Can you get warts from other people?
If you invented a cure for HIV and AIDS, would you sell it. How much?
is it normal for a person to have both private parts?
Is it ok to get tested for Std's how many times you want like in the same month or year?
How do I know if I have herpes?
Would masterb*ting feel great cuz of my trich?
HIV + back in 2002 but no symptoms of AIDS still.. totally healthy and its been 8 yrs!!!?
Can i get hiv or something?
24HIV test ALL Negative:?
what stds are fatal? aids anyway ya? is that easily spread?
My girlfriend is pregnant and found out she has chlamydia. She did NOT get it from me. What risks do I have?
long question short... can chlamydia kill unborn babies?
If you have had two vaccines of Gardasil, but not the 3rd yet, are you protected at all?
Deaths Linked to HPV Gardasil?
does the vaccine prevent you from getting Hpv?
if i am HIV +ve, wat is the chance of?
where can i go for a free std test in houston,tx?
can you get HIV or AIDS by kissing?
I just kissed a girl and i think she had herpes so if she did whats the best thing i should do ?
how to stds etc. start? can you catch them if both of your are virgins?
It makes me really mad when someone know's they have an STI but still sleep around, its so wrong!!!!?
Can an abnormal pap test be a result of me having a pap on one of the last days of my period?
Chlamydia - haven't got my period?
If you eat a girl out while having a cold sore, will she get herpes?
Ok i have a friend who got hit in the mouth by someone who Has aids Can he get it from this person?
Can I be an HPV carrier?
how to know early stages of herpes?
Can you spread herpes by?
what is masterbating?
What should i take for a possible std?
if 2 pple dont have aids and have $ex can they get infected?
why my blood test in 3 different labs are totally different from each other?how can i get a true test?
Aids isnt an std.....?
I know I have a yeast infection?
i f**** like 9 girls whit no protection and idk if i have anything help....?
Can you get a STD if you share food?
If I have had blood tests recently,that all came back within normall ranges(not being tested for an std)wouldn?
hi my name is Linda please help me?
I think my herpes got me pregnant?
cold sore and herpes transmission?
can you get herpes from sitting on on a toilet seat?
Do i have H.I.V./ Aids?
what std are there and how can you tell of someone has one. also what are they?
Can two people who are both 'untouched' to pass STD's to each other?
What is Herpes???????
What test do you get done to test for HPV?
can herpes stop you from getting a job?
Does an abcess in your armpit mean you have hiv?
how to find if a guy has been affected with AIDS?
Loosing my virginity to night:) with the man i love.. need tips?
I recieved oral from a guy. I just got over my period and also think i scratched with a tampon. I got a yeast?
I am bruised & scratched with nails in an altercation with several restrau boys,can i get infected with AIDS?
why do so many people get HIV?
can a man have a STD for over 1 year and steel have babys?
are vaccines as healthy as they say?
Herpes and relationships?
can herpes lie dorment in your body and symtoms will show up years later?
Why doesnt the government stop the spread of aids by making everyone get tested and the ones who come up?
Passing Intercept brand mouth swab test for marijuana?
What is the best treatment for HPV ?
I just recently lost my virginity, but I am worried that I might have aids/HIV.?
Is it possible that i have monoo?
Is there a STD that is not crabs but causes redness, rashes and itchyness all over your body?
Can disease be transferred through blood?
What is the maximum window period for HIV by PCR test?
What if you are 12 years old and weigh about 198 lbs?
How do you relieve stress?
How do you get rid of a migraine?
I just got braces and I'm wonder if this pain is normal...?
What is the cause of my kid's bad teeth?
what is the world no.1 toothpaste?
Bad Breath....=(....?
Wisdom Teeth!!!! Scared!!!?
What could be the cause of having bad head aches, that blur vision, making you almost pass out & sometimes cry
how long would it take...braces?
Can you 'feel' when your blood sugar is too high?
Questions About Braces?
Do I have diabetes, hypoglycemia, or am I just excessively freaking out? I'm 15 yrs old btw?
i'm 14 and the other day i checked my sugar and it said 77 is that bad? could i go into a coma?
Having braces tightened today what is it like?
i have serious problems with my jaw,?
Dentist is gonna pull my tooth out!!Does it hurt?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
im suspected to have diabetes. if the tests come back positive how will it change my lifestyle?
What can i eat and what can't i eat with braces?
My husband just checked his blood sugar and it's 418. Should he go to the ER?
Is it normal for a child to loose his first tooth at 5 years old? Isn't he a little young?
braces color?
Does it hurt to have your wisdom teeth removed?
Why don't they make 1 toothpaste that does everything?
Do you think I might have diabetes?
My breath always smells...?
Small hole on one of my teeth? sooo scared of dentist!!!! :(?
How can i make it look like ive been crying?
what are some behavioral factors that cause African American Women to have diabetes?
What should you be eating when you first get your braces on?
Do i have a over bite? photo ;D?
I'm getting my braces pretty soon?
My one-year-old won't let me brush her teeth. Any suggestions?
why am i losing so many teeth?
whats ur best hangover cure?
What would happen if you smoke poisin ivy?
Am i considered fat?????
i think i have diabetes!?
11 year old daughter, is having 2 teeth out tomorrow.(for braces) She's scared, and refusing to go.! PLZ HELP
what can i eat if i'm dieabetic?
Whats the longest time you not eaten for?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt A LOT?
Can two people kiss even if one of them has braces?
Teeth no longer white?
I think I'm showing some signs of Diabetes, However I don't have health insurance!?
I had blood work and my sugar tested 5.7, why is my Dr. saying that I'm pre-diabetic when under 7 is the goal?
I think i'm dying of diabetes?
Is 93 high low or average for blood sugar?
how to whiten teeth with braces?
i can't stop gaining weight!?
I'm tired and lethargic all the time, what can i do?
please help quick?
Braces in ONE hour !?
How to Grow Taller Fast?
how long would i need braces? (PIC!)?
What are the chances of diabetes?
How much is brushing your teeth 'too much'?
what food should i avoid when i get braces?
My teeth hurts when I bite on a piece of aluminum foil! Why is this happening to me?
do braces hurt???????
My daughter almost fainted at school today. What do I do?
what kind of food will help your blood sugar jump back up quickly?
Peanut Allergies: Is this a new problem, or has it always been there, and we just didn't know about it?
What Are Braces Like?
Why do people think us british have really bad teeth?
I have a sort of white-pale cut or indent on the gum in a side of my mouth. Do I have cancer?
Is It True That You Can Get Wisdom Teeth When Your 17?
how many hours should people need to sleep for?
I have a really soar tooth and it is starting to get some brown and yellow stuff im it slightly is it bad? ?
Could he be diabetic?
My gums turn white after I brush with hydrogen peroxide?
Do we need to clean our tongue?
TEETH! i need help!!!?
Im Addicted to smoking. at a young age...?
I got braces yesterday and I'm in so much pain, any suggestions?
Does it hurt to have your teeth filed?
Hi i have crooked teeth will they straighten as I get older?
pain from braces!!!!!?
Do braces make your face fuller at the mouth?
i am haveing braces tommorrow what color should i go for?
geeting rid of toothache?
what part of the body they do surgery if you have kidney stones ?
So i think i'm fat... should i still get a bikini?
Help, anyone!?
Question about getting my braces off VVV. PLEASE ANSWER!!?
how bad does getting out your wisdom teeth hurt?
Why would my gums bleed so much?
Are you scared of the dentist?
Can you brush your teeth if you have braces?
would piercing your tongue be a bad thing to do?In the long run would it affect me at all?
do i have diabetes????????
I think i may be diabetic?
help me I'm new at being a diabetic?
Is it okay if I don't eat?
Help, my husband is hypoglycemic, and has the flu, can't keep anything down.?
I suffer with constipation!?
Why do people smoke cigarettes ?
braces pain... can't eat... starving... HELP!!!!!!!?
My Breath is really bad!?
I have Braces and am worried when they come off.?
What's the best whitening toothpaste?
Can insulin injections have side effects on diabetic patients?
If I'm hypoglycemic will I need one of those blood sugar testing things?
does food taste diffrent when you have braces on?
Do i need braces (pic included)?
what really happens if you dont wear your retainer?
Do spacers hurt your teeth?
Braces..just a few questions about them.?
Is there any cure to food allergy. I don't know which food is causing it but it starts itching and swelling.
What's the best way you know to get rid of bad morning breath?
if you switch to menthol cigarettes can you stop brushing your teeth?
shocking - bloog sugar fasting test results ?
I've been taking Metformin ,sugar slowly going down but how long will it take 2 get were I need it?
Anyone here can suggest me right serial with not too much sugar in it?
is this diabetes? i cant figure out what i have?
How can you make teeth whiter?
How can I gag less when I brush my teeth?
Do you need to put water and tooth past on your brush to make your teeth clean?
How can I make my teeth white WITHOUT any whitener stuff from the store?
Is it necessary to put sealants on a child's 6-year-old molars / baby teeth?
Do Braces Hurt?????????
what is a t bag and does it hurt?
is addition of soda in whisky is good or bad?
low blood sugars and OJ......?
when i get my braces off.. what should i expect?
What is the correct time to check one's blood glucose readings?
Y am I getting Diarrehea everytime I eat?
Do i have a heart problem??
Do u perfer coffe,tea,water,juice?
Poll: How many times do you HONESTLY brush your teeth each day?
Who here brushes their teeth for 2 mins twice a day?
I am 39 & a vegetarian. My hemoglobin is 11.8. Is it ok?
what can we do about america's diabetes epedimic besides treating it?
I want to become stronger. I'm 12 (dont report please) and I want to become tough.?
low potassium levels?
How to find out if I have Diabetes Type 2, I think I am at high risk, not sure?
my girlfriend is a diabetic she hasnt been taken her insulin cause she wants t lose weight now she is sick wit?
help!!!! i work evenings 6-9pm?
I have been working out to get a 6pak,which picture looks better, before the workout or after?
How old were you when you got braces?
How much sugar does one have to consume through the years to end up with Diabetes?
i think i have diabetes help?
i am type diabetic, if i eat sweet corns in breakfast does it increases my sugar level?
How can I hide bulimia from my dentist?
why do we have to pay for dental work?
What color should I get for my braces?
ive woken from a coma?
does anyone else get bad {SWEATS ] hair & head soaked . im taking 3 metformin daily?
Can Diabetes Cause Double Vision ?
will eating a whole large plain pizza help get me fat?
How fat doesa girl have to be to be considered not datable?
is it possible to lose 40bls in 5 days if so please tell me how and i don't care about it being unhealthy
What is the healthiest kind of chocolate?
What's the best thing to use to treat insect bites?
can you get drunk off of mouthwash????????????????????
How can type 2 diabetes affect your eyesight?
yesterday I had swelling on the upper eye lids of both the eyes, & on the nose bridge , why?and what are the?
What are your experiences with Braces and retainers?
does filling in a cavity hurt a lot ?
What are some whitening toothpaste that actually work?
Are YOU odd? Do you sit / lie down in the shower. Everyone thinks I'm potty but I find it relaxing.?
Every morning I feel really sick and IM NOT PREGNANT?
if you have a teeth overbite can braces pull the teeth backwards?
I have like 6 blisters inside my mouth, how do I get rid of them, it really hurts?
Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?
Does it hurt when you get braces off?
Braces Problem?
Desperate case of Hayfever madness?
Could A Dentist Do Anything About This?
jUST GOT BRACES!! How to releave pain?
How to pull out a loose tooth fast?!?
What is the ideal level of Sugar in blood of a man of 55 years?
What career or job involves preventing illnesses and preventing diease?
Is it possible to suddenly develop an allergy to a certain food/foods in your early 20's?
home remedies sour throat?
I am having alot of problems with my sinus's?
What are your favourite fruits that will make any cereal taste wonderful?
What can I give a 5 month baby when there teeth are coming out? ?
any suggestions for a toothache?
Wiggling My Tooth?
It's been 16 days since cavity filled and still hurts, should I call the dentist?
How come I only get a runny nose when im indoors..?! =S?
I did 10 push ups and i feel like my arms are going to burn... will i become a handicap?
Is it true that dentists can see if you've make yourself throw up? ?
anyone know the best way to get rid of an ulcer?
do u use mouthwash every morning?
I've got thread worms,herpes & piles can anyone offer any relief please?
Extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth...What will I expect after the surgery?
How to keep your teeth clean without brushing?
Please help, I have a wisdom tooth that hasn't broken through the skin..........?
How much do you think I weigh? (pic)?
I'm sixteen, and my gums are starting to deteriorate. What do I do?
Help! I'm so scared, I might have to get braces! Please tell me how much it hurts 1-10, ten being the worse!
i want to call in sick at work tomorrow but need a good excuse?
Why don't severed limbs grow back?
could i have diabetes!! im scared please read?
Is it possible to have diabetes and not know it?
Can you get diabetes if nobody in your family has it?
Does Diabetes or the medication Metformin cause hair to thin?
My mother is dying (only a couple of weeks left) who should get the house?
heeeelp!!! sore throat and no time to waste!!?
Would it be gross or good if i lost 5 lbs?
Just Wondering: What does your floss smell like after you floss the junk out of your back teeth?
i'm 15 years old and i have to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and they wont put me under! Will it hurt?
Wisdom tooth removal under general anaesthetic - anyone know what its like?
I have pretty decent teeth, however my dentist wants to do about $5000 worth of work?
My jaw clicks when i open it. Could braces fix it?
My gums bleed?
Whi isn't the diabetic told of long term complications being caused by insulin injections?
what would happen if you have too much paracetamol?
what is this 16 virginty rule?
how to improve eye sight?
What do you think of braces????????
Whats the best soulotion to whiter teeth?
name a good way to cure or prevent a hangover after a night out?
I have a sore on my tonsil. I'm sure its just a little infection. What's the best things to do for it?
I have been wearing aluminum foil on my teeth like retainers for almost an hour, is this bad?
POLL: People who have braces or who has had them?
how does it feel to get your toungue pierced does it hurt?
Whats it like getting a filling?
Hi, I have to get my braces removed on the 19th and am really worried, can anyone try to help?
why doesn't women get bald?
Be honest, does anyone actually brush their teeth twice a day?
other than brushing teeth and mouthwash, how can you get rid of smokers breath quickly?
I'm 25 yrs old. is it too late for me to brace my teeth to improve my smile?
What is it?
have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
how can i convince my mom to let me get my ear periced?
do braces hurt? I'm geting them soon and I'm scared?
What are the effects of using antihistamines long term?
how do you stop bleeding gums?
How do I know if I need to have my wisdom teeth out?
how to make my teeth whiter?
should i take the day off school when i have my braces on or not?
Why do the English have bad teeth?
what is a root canal?
wisdom teeth??
What does general anaesthetic feel like, I'm terrified of being put to sleep and having it soon? xx?
growth thing in mouth? any ideas?
As I've heard at school, how much do getting on braces hurt?Please give a rating on how much they hurt(10 high
What's the best way to clean my tounge? (toothbrush tickles my tounge bad)?
Are metal braces really noticeable?
Is it possible to get another cavity on a tooth that already has a filling?
Why do people have different pain thresholds?
If I starve my self wil I loose my love handels?? I weigh 108 im 5ft tall and in 16. ?
Is 14 years old to young to use white trips for your teeth?
Just got braces 9 hours ago.PAIN!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How do i whiten my teeth?
Will braces effect my track and field preformance?
do you think its bad for a 16 year old to have braces?
Anyways to get rid of toothache?
What cant i eat when i have braces?
What Happened to Me!?
I can't really chew due to dental work. I'm starving! Anyone got some suggestions on what I can eat?
How long does it take your teeth to get ussed to having braces?
do contact lenses work any better or worse than glasses?
whats it called when you have an accident, and end up in a hospital who cant talk or move forever?
what pancake syrup would you recommend for a diabetic person?
Is it okay to cut yourself?
my son was playing outside a steped on a medical needle which went though his shoe into his foot?
im getting braces soon, do they hurt?
Truthfully, how awful do my braces look? (Pictures included)?
Getting Braces What Colors Should I get?
What age do you think I am?
can I get some encouragement before I get my braces?
anyone with braces out there??!?or ortho's?
I have a rotten tooth and bad breath because of it?
what COLOR SHOULD MY CAST be????!!!?
How do I keep my kids from getting head lice?
Am I TOO OLD to get "braces?"?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled........ how do i make it heal faster???
Ouhhh ! I have a really bad toothache and can't get into see the dentist until next week. What can I do?
I'm having gum pain, do you know any temporary tricks to releave this?
bump today caused huge egg on daughter's head - any advice?
Don't you just hate people who make noises when they are chewing gum? grrr?
I am getting my braces off. Will it hurt?
I Need To Know What It's Like To Get Braces?
Question about crest whitestrips?
i really like this boy named Brad?
I am 12 years old and I just got braces... what is the worst part about this?
How can I get Bright White Teeth?
Where can I purchase baking-soda from?
Do fat people have a right to criticise the eating habits of others?
Can you die from an abcess?
my wisdom tooth is coming out .......???
dental payment plans,quick question please?
Can someone die from falling out there bedroom window?
What is your opinion on smoking marijuana?
Do you think I could be Diabetic?
How many cavities do you have?
anyone only brush there teeth once a day?
Can i bleach my teeth with normal household bleach?
how to smile good... for the camera?
what can cause stains on teeth?
Can my glasses be fixed or do i need new one?
Can parkinson's suffers drive a car?
Are type 1 diabetics ALWAYS diabetic?
Any advice for someone scared of the dentist?
HELP!!!! scared of injections PLEASE?
How to breathe through my nose naturally?
do people with diabetes have to carry their stuff everywhere they go?
Do braces hurt? Open Pleasee?
what to do about my hubby who won't brush his teeth?
What makes the swelling of gums go down?
I Am A 14year Old And I Might Be Pregnant And Tomorrow I Have A Dentist App. ?
What are some non-medicinal remedies for migraine headaches?
What to expect during my wisdom teeth removal?
I just moved to a new area and need to find a new dentist. I don't know anyone to ask, so how can I find a..
is it normal for wisdom teeth to start growing at 17?
What should'nt i eat with braces on?
Can't sleep...what's the best way without s*x!?
everything i touch, i felt electricuted, what causes this?
What colour our my eyes ? -pic-
which toothpaste gives you the whitest teeth?
can you us bleach to bleach your teeth?
syptoms of low blood sugar levels?
Can you get whiplash from dancing?
how do you get rid of earwax?
I can't feel the top of my toe, it's been numb for 3 days now.?
How do i stop slurring my speach?
It is OK for my wife to re-use my dental floss?
On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the pain of getting your....?
what happens if i brush my teeth for an hour?
I recently bought +5.00 reading glasses. Idont wear glasses but want to full time. Kind hardto seewiththem?
What can I do to help keep my braces clean?