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Can high blood pressure make your eye red?
Body pulsing, deep breathing. ? what could the problem be?
i'm worried there may be damage to my heart!!?
Tips For Quiting Smoking?
7 year old having cough always?
How can your risk for a heart attack increase by prolonged loud noise?
Why does it feel like a "heart failure" when I'm really hungry?
I had a positive d-dimer test with no clots found in legs?
The insides of my cheeks are all chewed on, how do I fix them?
Am I getting the flu?
If you get tonsillitis, do you have to get your tonsils removed?
How long does it take for SAM-e to work?
Has anyone ever bought from "my canadian pharmacy" online? is it safe?? I'm really worried now?
Does all blood travel through the heart?
is this worthy of going to the hospital for?
My boyfriend had an allergic reaction? Help!?
Is their something wrong with my heart? (Read below!)?
what are these unusual spots on my tongue?
Chlamydia, how long can u have it?
Mumps Virus Project HELP!?
what r the cures of bradycardia?
Is it really normal to have different blood pressure in left and right arms?
Is this normal?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
126/66 blood pressure?
Trouble breathing, Help?
Is this a sign of high blood pressure?
Why does my blood pressure differ in both arms?
What types of food can I eat to maintain my intestinal flora?
How can I prevent wind/flatulence?
some advice about cholesterol?
Am i having some heart problem?
what does ?LUH mean when having your blood pressure measured?
24 Hour Holter's Monitor?
Bad bruise. Bruise still spreading around leg 7 days later.?
Humerus Fracture sling and swelling problems?
The fastest home way to get rid of acne (without going to the store or anything?)?
bladder wit pus how this can be prevented?
do i have a cold or is it something else?
what care to be taken for male 55 after bypass surgery of triple vessel disease?
Serious health question?
What does the phrase "Hyper inflation" mean in conjunction with the lungs?
Becoming a cardiologist?
Question for contact lens wearers/technicians?
littlewhitespotsoneyes and face?
can men get uti infections?
Constantly itchy, sore ear canal...?
Really bad hayfever!?
can black mold makes children's restfull?
my heart skips when I drink alcohol, What could be causing this?
Possible heart problems but can't do anything about it?
what is the conclusion from Fluid intake vs output chart in patient file?
How can I lower my blood pressure by 5 points for a checkup?
signs and symptoms of an irregular heartbeat?
How do I build up leg muscle while I'm still in a cast after a broken ankle?
how to get rid of acne?
Is there any stereotypes for eye doctors?
New glasses make me dizzy?
how much is a boots eye test?
on an average how many people die from heart attack in a year in india?
Blood pressure question? I'm confused.?
Help with fast heart?
Why are there different blood pressure medicines for white and black people?
what is auscultation.com?
What does one go through after they had a major heart attack?
Colonic Irrigation - what does it achieve?
can you tell when you are breathing in carbon monoxide gas?
High Blood Pressure Question-Confused?
I'm 15 and i have high blood pressure?
Having anxiety....bad!?
Do all cardiologists operate on the heart or are their special cardiac surgeons that do that?
Are there any negative effects on the heart by shaking the legs during you are siting?
So, children can die of sudden cardiac arrest without having shown symptoms before their death? How?
Is this something with my heart?
at what point is low blood pressure low enough to be a cause for concern/dangerous?
What does it feels like when a part of your body flesh is cut out?
I suffer from tinnitus?
Do I have a stomach ulcer?
i'm really unwell but don't know what is wrong with me?
allergic reaction!!!!!!!!?
how can i check out my policy is true or fake?
what causes coronary heart disease?
Help with a story? Heart Problems?
My pulse is 48 . Is this normal or a bit too low . I am not an athlete only gyming twice a week.?
what causes low blood pressure?
Any atrial fibrillation recovery stories out there?
knee injury from soccer?...?
how do i get a ring off my swollen finger?
whats good to do before entering a ice bath?
personal injury claim?
I am having sever adominal pain from a car accident 4 days ago. very tender to the touch. feel like vomiting.?
worst place to get shot that takes some time to die and is painfull?
toxoplasmosis, can i catch it?
What are symthoms you get when you get a panic attack!?!? ?
i have some problem with heart disease?
At what level does a cholesterol result become dangerous?
Sick + New years = need help !?
I was having a discussion with a girl I know about std's and she said you "can tell" if someone has one?
How to become infertile? (Men)?
what to do withthis depression?
My husband has been hospitalized for cellulitis. What can I expect now?
Could there be something wrong with my daughter's heart?
I'm Pregnant with constant PVC's! Does anyone else have this problem?
Clear fluid watery like fluid dripping from nose?
Putting on my friend's glasses and seeing perfectly...?
what could be wrong with me?
My cholesterol is 219 and im fifteen!? =[?
why does my heart beat so fast suddenly?
Coldsores, what do you use to get rid of them?
Is this Strep Throat?!?
will i get any taller?
Is there any proof that having a cat in the house can help a childs immune system against fighting illnesses?
My mother said that I got a cold sore (otherwise known as herpes) HELPP?
Can the heart rate increase by pressing on the vagus nerve or carotid artery?
If my wife is taking antibiotics that I am allergic to will I suffer a reaction?
as soon as i am in bed ready to sleep my nose gets stuffed up. WHY?
Why are so many people allergic to pollen?
There is black mold in my house please help!?
I am still having adominal pain a car acident 4 days ago tests showed nothing. What could be wrong?
I have elbow tendonitis and have iced it for a week, when should I start playing softball again?
Broken or fractured finger?help! ?
what exactly happens to the foot when it is broken?
Currently on 5mg a day of Diazepam, can I drink at all?
Ipecac Syrup to induce vomiting?
My dad having joint paint and Dr. prescript ASPIRIN Tablet 100mg and TRAMADOL HCL 50mg, I'm doubt of the?
Lazy eye...what to do?
How to treat mycotic vaginitis?
what is the effect of uric acid at 7.3 to a person with spinal disease and hypertension?
is this feeling in my heart from my leg numbness?
I really DO NOT want to go to school tomorrow-- serious!?
could raw rib eye steak give a dog e coli?
were did i come from?
What the heck am I allergic to?
My mom's bf is coming over and is allergic to cat's....?
when administering epinephrine during a cardiac arrest, what is the expected outcome?
Is it OK for my Mum to take Kalms? She takes Warfarin daily.?
Why has quitting smoking made my Asthma worse, is it because my body is purging it's self of all the evil?
Is a CT Scan necessary to spot nasal polyps in a patient?
have you ever had helicobacter infection?
symptoms of UTI but n infection.. help?
low blood pressure? is it dangerous?
Diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse...?
i want to know the best cardiologists in Mumbai.....?
Heart Palpitations or something else?
Why these conditions for heart attack patients in a CCU?
drinking 3 cups of green tea when ttc?
Can certain smells give you negative feelings?
i just found out today that i have herpes ,can my girl get herpes if i kiss her w/out a breakout?
what disease is caused when someone takes mercury in his mouth?
Do i still need an inhaler? (Ashma)?
secretion of excess of saliva during sleep...even during sleeping upright..is it reflex or nt?
what is left ventricular hypertrophy by voltage?
Blood Clots Fears Help!?
is it my heart?/? Heavy Breathing ?
my grandpa only has 37% of his heart?
My mom says im mentally unstable?
Interested in hearing from other teenagers who have an anxiety disorder?
Just pulled an all-nighter and in dire help of staying awake!!?
heart tightens and i think it has sumthing to do with my depression?
what is difference between pvc's & pac's & a-fib?
Life expectancy of 16 y/o with enlarged heart?
I found a maggot on me today should i be scared?
Best way to get over a cold/sore throat?
what's the cause of tonsillitis?
Where can i go to get free hepatitis and TB shots in california?
some questions on chlamydia treatment?
should I be worried about heart palpitations?
sample of erroneous prescription?
i'd like to quit smoking and was wondering if honey rose cigarettes are sold everywhere?
Is there a possibility I might grow taller?
Can I take vitamin A only for acne?
what does my blood pressure mean 115/90?
What does lime disease look like?
Ripped contact, eye irritation? Do I need to go to my eye doctor or would it be okay to wait?
Wearing contacts while having hair covering eyes?
where to buy eye glasses online?
Can normal sunglasses offer any protection from a 50mW laser?
Where can I get trial packs of contacts? Online or in store etc? It doesnt have to be free.?
how long does an allergic reaction to amoxicillin last?
How to deal with temperature allergies?
can a full blood test pick up if you have a blood clot?
Does anyone know if its beneficial for childrens immune system to grow up with animals around them?
No food=feeling sick?
How can you get an STD without having relation?
Why am i getting these pains in my chest?
why do elderly people often develop pneumonia after a fall?
How long does it take for the inner thigh muscle to heal once severely strained?
how do you get rid of dic k mold?
Diagnosed with UTI yesterday, fever goes up and down.?
why do I keep taking paracetamol's?
what other foods have just as much potassium in them as a banana?
i think i'm depressed, but i'm confused?
do doctors have to tell your parents about self harm even if your 16?
Is the superbug MRSA fatal?
i have shingles how long can i expect it to last?
Did HIV come from monkey kidneys used in the polio vaccine?
I have a very small trace of sickle cell?
question about Mirtazapine?
What are the early symptoms of Hiv Aids?
if I kiss someone who smoked marijuana and then kissed them can I have an allergic reaction?
tests for wheat intolerance?
What do sadists do when they don't hurt anyone for a long time?
Help. Panic attacks. Reassurance please?
Have a stethoscope - is there a technique?
cold soars the best treatment for them?
What are some of the early/minor symptoms of flu?
how long is the waiting list in Ireland for a heart transplant?
How much do contacts cost that just color your eyes?
7 yr old getin hit below the belt?
What color should area around a cut turn?
can i have a miscarriage if i dont get my urine tract infection treated?
Is there any possibility of getting immune to morning-after-pills when a person consume once or twice a month?
Can you have blood clots in your feet?
Sharp chest pains that last 10-30 seconds than go away?
Is something wrong with my heart?
stop smoking advice needed?
What is this carbon monoxide poisoning?
cold lasting three weeks?
Does zyrtec make you drowsy?
Can you feel your heart skipping a beat?
Did I have a TIA IM SO SCARED?
herbal remedies used in ancient rome?
Do I have food poisoning?
Do I have a phobia of needles?
Does this sounds like herpes?
Dad's STD infects his child?
Is it normal to feel very nervous moving house?
Whats wrong with me? Please, I need help, someone?
Why do I often see black, white or stars when I stand up if I don't have a low blood pressure?
what is the relationship between tuberclosis and smoking?
I found a stray cat and its eye is damage and he has a flu what do i do to help?
How long does Glandular fever last?
my daughter was diagnosed with step throat yesterday & now has a rash on her private area. what is it?
should i go to urgent care for my horrible allergies?
are cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar the same ?
Oxicoton pills. Need help!?
what is wrong with my uncle's heart?
list the four different manifestation of dementia?
My girlfriend got into a car accident and I had a question about concussions.?
what athletes had tendonitis?
how long should a puncture wound bleed for?
Is it possible to bruise your skull?
Meniscus tear or cartilage tear?
When can I kiss him - he had mono about a year and a half ago?
How can i speak word 'T' softly?
Help. My therapy is now a problem - have feelings for therapist?
how can i rid off by acute(jukam in hindi). i have taken medicine but it is not working.?
can almond reduce triglyceride?
What problems from ASD?
Can You be allergic to Silver?
They say Thiomersal is safe for children in vaccines then how come it causes damage?
Is this chicken pox or not?
sypmtoms of chicken gunia?
Has Anyone out there got crutches after infected ingrown toenail surgery?
HIV risk or not possible?
Can I drink alcohol whilst taking buserelin?
Is this 'cause of pink eye?
question about worms in children?
Tonsil Stones, Is it safe?
red dots in my throught?
whats the worst STD out there?
how can i make my asthma better?
What is a "superbug"?
Was in a car crash, had head injurys now I have misplaced feeling?
doc thinks i have a pinched nerve?
Muscle weakness fatigue and twitches?
i think i fractured my finger?
Should i go against the doctors orders?
depersonlization please help me!!?
I'm a pretty girl, but have a low self esteem?
I have school anxiety and want to take online courses?
What possible motive would a medical student have for pushing vaccine?
how can we contact such hospitals?
What is the cause of irritable bowel syndrome?
Do the health department come to your house if you have aids?
Every time I bend down I get this really bad maigraine?
my daughter(7 months old) had a sprain in her elbow. This happened when my wife pulled her with her one hand.?
WTF is on my pinky?!?
Has anyone else's hayfever started already? (April 2010)?
HBsAG/hepatitis b/army ...?
Palpitations and dizziness?
How to increase blood pressure and circulation?
can you regain use of extremities 1 year post stroke?
Anxiety/Hypochondriac/15/Heart feeling?
My heart goes into high speed off and on. Why?
spondulitis sufferer?
Do eyes grow as you become older?
where did AIDs come from?
Allergy help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Are ducks...ever.....incestual? Spiritually speaking?
Is the heart ever mended after a broken heart due to a first love?
is 8.8 cholesterol high?
What is the best thing to eat when you have the stomach flu?
Help on throat infection pleaase?
Is it normal to have a few white hairs?
What's a Good Cough Medicine?!?
p.e class basket ball to the head 2ce help?
not going to the doctor for a sprained ankle?
my heart beats are high and irregular?
If I catch a pneumonia because of a faulty equipment in my workplace what are my rights?
hay fever...if someone could please help?
How can I get a fever overnight?
Does having any blood test screen you for hiv?
what should my blood presser be?
Serious question: Why is incest actually wrong?
how do people stay awake on the train?
whats the best way to smoke weed?
I feel light headed and have pains, tingling plus hard to breathe ... whats wrong?
i need some help :(:(?
how can we save a life of a patient having heametoma in all the ventricals of brain ?
please help me understand why my chest feels so wierd for days non stop?
I am scared to talk to my teacher ?
Ladies, if "size" matters then which of the following is the most important?
Calculus...will give BA?
Can the 'spiritual' or 'immaterial' plane of existence be researched using physical scientific tools?
What piece of technology that you're using today, was a product of religion and/or spirituality?
Are they going to televise Manny and Damon being introduced?
is cayenne good for you?blood pressure and general health?
How would you explain the significance of HIV/AIDS in forming current social understandings of illness?
what STD is worse? chlamydia or herpes?
why wont they work??
How many people lose limbs/need prosthetics every year?
Theres a problem with my feathers. Is there is homeopathic cure?
is there a way i can make my eyesight up without surgery?
Should i smoke weed or not?
please help my brother, may have eye infection?
is a standing blood pressure of 75/45 dangerously low?
Why do I keep waking up sweating?
Is it possible to be allergic to brown but not white bread?
Jammed Finger or worse?
How to tell if i have sprained my ankle?
How can i tell if my toe is broken???? :0((?
how does negative ion cure diseases?
does smoking weed from a pop can give you cancer?
I feel like my lungs aren't getting enough oxygen? I can't breathe in all the way?
help when the urine come out after coughing?
I think I had a bad reaction to an antidepressant, what should I do?
overweight, smoke and chest pains?
can someone survive on life support after the heart stops beating for an hour?
Is it possible for someone to fall asleep with a raised blood pressure?
Do Tennis & Golf Elbow Really Have Cure ?
how likely is a heart attack going to kill someone?
Causes of irregular heartbeat?
What are people doing to prevent making better choices and changing behaviour to prevent heart disease?
Teenager scared of having a heart attack(HELP!!!)?
Should I tell my doctor about heart spasm?
Do you think the Saints losing to the Seahawks in the playoffs was the worst playoff loss of all time?
Why do i have such a big chin?
i need to have anagram inject dye into the heart i am very scared has anyone had this done?
Is it possible to get high from blood pressure medication?
list of diseases spread by air?
Does the flu vaccine make you ill?
Is there any phosphorous supplement available in India in tablet or any other form ?
Has anyone tried those legal party pills?
Do skeptics in this section ever take herbs?
how can you tell if you have allergies or a cold? can you have both?
I am deathly allergic to Milk products and Milk Derivatives. Can I still Join?
Ive discovered that im allergic to either brown bread or an ingredient in it - How do i go about finding out ?
I woke up with a 7 inch bruise on my arm, how?
Where do you bleed more?
My birth date is 14 nov 1993 what is my age and till what age my height will grow?
I get this pain in my chest when I jog?
What is the best way to lower my "bad" cholesterol. My triglycerides are good and so is my "good" cholesterol.?
I got bit by a mosquito?
How do you treat Colitis?
Would dilating your pupils before ingesting a drug affect anything?
Can you feel your heartbeat with your fingers or hands?
can you make yourself have a heart attack?
I had an INR of 4.1 I was taken off warafin for a week and I am now at 1.06 What are my risks?
Very high heart beat?
Teenage Girl with Short Sharp Chest Pains?
Itchy ears and throat !!! Only at night though, I is irriated.?
Am i really allergic to Red Meat?
What is the condition called due to elevated LDH, and reduced RBC's, W.B.C's, Hb and Platelets?
Feels like i Go From From Sick to Sicker?
Could a virus cause dierhea and blood for more than a week?
Is something wrong with my body?
My Birthdate is14 nov 1993. My ht is 5.can my height grow now?
Can anyone suggest a company from whom i can outsource medical transcripts from?
Are medical transcripts outsourced from India safe?
what is the reason for strong heart beats?
do people have a real need for love and attention?
I have a question about the gardasil shot.?
what is the smpthoms of ceroses of the liver.?
I want to outsource my medical transcript; can anyone suggest a good one?
What Is Wrong With My Body? I Need Help Please!?
HELP!! Should i go back to the psych ward?
when does hay fever start?
How do i know if i'ii need eyeglasses?
Always cold all the time ?
can i have a drink if i got a gonorrhea shot?
my heart flutters and i carnt breath?
Why has my B.P. (blood pressure) increased?
want to find best cardiologists in bangalore?
I soak my contacts in water for 2 weeks?
Beta Blockers Without Prescription?
Benefits to reflexology, any?
Why does my heart beats really fast randomly even when i am in a calm mood?
what is a spirometer and how does the procedure go?
i had a mild cold when i got my flu shot ,should i get another flu shot?
Sharp heart pain worse on deep breath?
should i make my brother go back to the hospital?
MMR Vaccine and an untrue link to Autism?
rabies vaccine help on overdose?
Food Poisoning...please help me!?
Does anyone know about Unani medicine and how it works?
Dried Contact Lenses?
A question about eye sight and laptops together?
can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?
I used to cut all the time. im so tempted to go back. ?
can someone please help! my chest hurts and i have difficulty breathing. Im 17 and smoke!?
What tissues and organs do cystic fibrosis affect?
Can Ciprofloxacinn cure chlamydia?
how can you ask a gf if she has an std?
What illness could this be? Help?
does hay fever ever go away?
I just got contacts what is the best way to put them in and take them out?
Is the a reason i dont like to be touched?
Metronidazole off dentist asthma pneumonia?
A question for GP Doctors?
I have been ill for almost 3 days now & my sick is green.?
Do you wash your hands as soon as you get home?
What is the best solution to hayfever eyes?
caffine + anxiety + paranoia + emotional disorder. how bad?
How does a leg muscle obtain energy it needs?
I am Having motion problem, everyday i go morning for motion, Its not coming properly, Please Help me ?
Fast and quick way to get out of being sick?
what is clostridium difficile?
What are the risks of having a vaccine?
My friend had white discharge everyday then it all of a sudden just went away why is this?
Constantly clearing my throat?
Do people who live in high altitudes suffer from low altitude sickness and, if so, what would the symptoms be?
I've had very bad headaches for the past two days, and I don't know why. I've had...?
question about thumb nail damage?
Should I go To The Doctor? Or use My Inhaler?
What would you say this illness is?
What are the effects of Cushing's Syndrome?
Has anyone been suffering from a Gasteroentiritis virus recently?
What are flared nostrils?
I have chest pain, what is it?
Best medicines for spring time allergies?
how to get a cold Please help me?
solutions to my back problems?
I could really use some help with this cold[?
Please Help!! why am i in so much pain Doctor told me it was because i was fat and lazy?
Can tight bracelets that leave rather deep skin indents, leave scars?
A year ago, I prolapsed 3 discs in my lower back, since, I have been in alot of pain and taking morphine and o?
Sharp horrible wrist pain?
Does this sound like bipolar?
when you mood swings due to trivial reasons,are you bipolar?
is chocolate a depressant?
Helpful Bacteria names?
Is it normal to be coughing up phlegm every morning?
Breathing in burned plastic?
can i smoke an expired cigar?
Ayurvedic or homeopathic cure for myopia.?
Am I a normal person?
Do you ever get mad at yourself, for the self destructive behaviors that you do?
stomach hurts everytime i cough?
i think i have a thin white worm at the corner of my eye?
Knee pain, want to figure out what is wrong without doctor unless necessary?
What could sticky and thick saliva be a symptom of?
Eye Stye, is it self contagious?
Can you choke on melted cheese?
Do I have a God-given gift or something?
What is paranoia and what are the symptoms?
How do I cope on crutches?
What will happen to my sister if she continues doing this (please answer if you have any medical knowledge)?
Addicted to lipbalm. Help would be much appreciated!!?
Has aluminum in deodorant been scientifically proven to cause cancer?
I have been diagnosed with cancer, I have very good health insurance but its still going to leave me owing AOL?
do you know the warning signs of the brain cancer?
I want to have hope and faith again in my life after 1 1/2 years of chemo treatments. So very lost!?
Cancer has gone up by 15%, smoking has gone down by 40%. Is this going according to plan?
i ve pnemonia n the gp gave me amoxicilin i ve had it for 3days but my fever is still high. i smoke .help me?
Except Other body parts why bio degradation of hair takes a long time?
how long has my mum got left she has terminal cancer :(?
Is Self Harming selfish?
Please help me!!!!! I have Derealization disorder?
my vision is -3.25 would that be a 20/40?
I Cant Touch my Toes anymore im 18 Years Old!!!!!?
Is it normal for a sprained ankle to bruise a day or 2 later?
Where can I find Crutches?
would an MRI show nerve damage if I had any?
what in this wonderful world we live in can i do with a broken ankle?
Oops! accidentally used too much Nasonex!?
What are these Symptoms for?
What kind of Doritos are gluten free?
Lots of water coming out of eyes before sneezing (repeatedly)?
Seasonal affective disorder?
can you be diagnosed with asthma under the age of 5?
Chest pain... anyone has an idea of what it could be?
in the same room or car with people smoking ice?
what are the symptoms of breast cancer?
Is there an operation that can cure an?
free 10 points to how ever answers,,,,,,,,?
what can stop making my eyes itch?
Best way to get rid of allergies from cats?
If I had a normal smear test 18 months ago, and I'm only 22.. Are the odds in my favour that...?
what is wrong with my thumb?
can someone help me please!?
Severe fatigue and muscle weakness?
help with laser dangers?
How serious is this diagnosis?
What is it like to be on heroin the drug?
Is it normal to get canker sore if you don't have hiv?
how to stop smoking immediately?
what is the worst cancer?
e liquid or e juice for electronic cigarette?
Am I paranoid? 20 characters?
multiple myeloma in the brain?
nose pierce what to think...?
Chance of breast cancer if your under 18?
A special system helps your body fight diseases. Is it called lymphatic system or respiratory system?
does the hpv injections hurt im so scared cos im getting it at skl and every boy said they are goin to hit mee?
Question about my biweekly contacts?
Found a lump in armpit?
Cancer is a fungus, do you agree? My hamster has a tumour like me, change diet and he's improved. How's that?
Will the scar under my nose heal?
Help! My stomach hurts so bad! (really severe pain)?
What are the symptoms of liver cancer?
lung cancer spread to stomach?
Are animals ever allergic to people?
mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and i want to know more about what shes dealing with ?
after an ovarian cancer tumor is removed....?
How long is the life expectancy with someone with a brain tumour?
Am I in danger from this?!?
Pancreatic Cancer a possibility?
What does the high feel like when taking LSD?
I took 32 pills help me what should i do?
I am having some life issues, male menopause, depression ?
does any one know about STD's quick test?
with herp's do you die? doesn't it turn into aids within 5 yrs and you die or no?
my father die in prostate cancer 10 yrs ago, and i under go ovary removal left side. my i candidate of cancer?
Why do my legs calves feel tight when I run?
please help! painful shoulder after fall off horse?
Should my foot still hurt from this?
Bruised eyeball please help?
do i have a cold or do i just have hay fever?
Can an allergic reaction surface after more than 5 hours?
What should i eat/drink and not when I am having a cold, slight sore throat, body aches, mild headache? I am h?
Really need help: Where can you go and sleep if you cant sleep at your own home cozof so much noise?
Do any of the Himalaya Healthcare products actually work or are they snake oil?
Are new prescription glasses suuposed to give you a headache?
has anyone had laser eye treatment, and can you tell me if it went ok?
What happens if you need glasses and don't Wear them?
Everything points to cancer?
Advices please? My uncle has cancer, but we do not want to tell my grandmother. What should we do?
how many people have survived liver cancer?
Help please, anorexic and just went on a huge binge?
Always depressed despite working out and being healthy? Is there a happy pill I can buy?
is it possible to have shoulder tendonitis on and off for 11 months?
is there a way to get ride of phlegm of my chest ?
Is this an allergic reaction?
First time contact lenses wearer. Help.?
please help me answer my question about hiv please help?
Passing out on rollercoaster rides?
What are the chances of surviving breast cancer?
How can i stop smoking cigarettes?
I feel depressed, help me out ?
if you have breast cancer, do you develop lumps on the nippile and/or the rest of the boosum?
Thyroid cancer and heart palpitations?
Smoking Weed Being Undetected?
Can anyone recommend an aromatherapy company I can become a distributor for?
how can I get asthma (just wanna know)?
Breast Cancer Awareness month (HISTORY)?
A guy from my hotel keeps teasing me and saying i have an eating disorder like a girl?
Is my dad going to die?
Throat and mouth cancer, any possibility it might be viral/fungal in origen and related to fellatio?
Is it Mild Schizophrenia?
What is worse cocaine or methadone?
should i go for allergy testing?
Whats wrong with my left eye?
what are the chances of getting cancer?
My wife might have breast cancer?
How to cure cough cold post nasal drip. I tried septiline by www.Himalayahealthcare.com it works slowly takes?
Does depression get worse with age?
Is insomnia hereditary?
Personally, I think ADD symptoms are outrageous?
Bad sprain or fracture?
What should I do for this injury?
How do I heal from a groin injury?
My girlfriend hit me in the head with a bottle and now I keep being sick and feel really dizzy and sweaty?
where can you get crutches from?
Has anyone ever heard of encytous saphenous vein?
my ankle during running is killing me what is this?
how to get rid of aches in muscles?
OMG Cervial Cancer Jab Side Effects!?
why do people donate to find cure for cancer?
Is it healthy for someone to have 6 imaginary friends?
What's the point of staying positive.?
why do only your fingers & toes go wrinkly in water?
does the cervical cancer jab hurt?
Post operative help needed?
how much people does cancer kill a day?
my tongue is discoled, do i have tongue cancer ????????????????????????????????????????…
My friend has colon cancer surgery. Stage 3. She just started her first dose of CHEMO.?
Reverse effect of cancer, ???, profit?
Do you think accupuncture is a good thing?
where to buy colloidal silver in philipines?
My little toe hurts whenever i move it :'(?
Sore rib area but no bruise?
How do I pop my ankle?
what is the profession name of someone that is a physician of sports medicine?
Is there a possibility that my big toe is broken?
I smashed my toe should I go to the er?
Where is the best place to keep a "Do Not Resuscitate Order"?
what does acute cancer mean?
How to speed up my natural healing abilty?
what is the best medicine available for cancer around ribs taking now kemotheraphy treatment. What?
how cancer be cured in metasis?
Brain tumor question?
does "huffing" cause brain loss?
My best friend has brainCancer!!!!!!!?
Is Shisha addicted? Can you get it without tobacco/nicotine?
Question for plantar fasciitis?
my legs are acting weird its like my muscles tighten up and release but when i walk it hurts badly?
had my ears pierced yesterday afternoon and now they are really sore?
Why do we sneeze more when we have a head cold? What's the science behind the sneezing?
if think im having an allergic reaction to an eyeshadow?
After effects of radiotherapy. HELP!!!!?
Where can i buy pink ribbons for the breast cancer campaign?
my daughter broke her arm but her cast has a crack?
Knee pain Advice Please?
Do I have something wrong with me?
Is Cannabis Sativa. the cure for cancer?
what is the Prognosis of bone, stomach, blood, bowel cancer?
I was diagnosed with a pulled muscle, I found out that it was cancer.Do I have a lawsuit?
what is the best sleeping pill for chemo pateints?
Does watching tv give you cancer?
how long does it take for a human body to decompose?
soothing musiccccccccccccccc?
Squelching bowel and bowel phlegm?
I hear voices before i drift off to sleep?
Is there any way I can stop being allergic to rabbits?
skin cancer and smoking?
What does this mean for a growth on the kidney?
Is it possible for a 13 year old to get colon cancer?
Is it possible to get transition lenses re-coated?
Do I have bronchitis or something serious?
What is the scope of homeopathy in Dubai?
is there a middle path between scientific herbalism and witchcraft herbalism?
Why am I constantly jealous of people around me?
I think my nose is broken?
Quinsy is an inflammation of which part of the body?
Please, anyone, I need help.?
Do you treat cancer differently in a child than an adult?
anyone used ayurveda panchakarma for chronic fatigue?
Can you really "smoke" methamphetamine?
help? the older i get the worse my allergic reactions to onion and garlic get?
Allergic Reaction Please help?
Flushed cheeks in the evening and tiredness?
Just quite smoking, what will Happen?
i dont no who i am??????????
What contact lenses do i need?
Colored contacts for my prescription?
Question about contacts?
How to improve my eye vision....?
Anaemia? Help please?
does anybody know what it means when you have sickness, dizziness and stomach tightening?
Do i have emetophobia??? :[?
can humans have heartworms? If so, how do I get rid of it naturally?
Can you get free cancer screenings for men in England or not?
how do i make myself feel good?
How to increase my brain power ?
Allergic to Cheerios?
how do i know if i have broken my nose?
I'm having problems getting to sleep?
How can l gain confidence?
In acu puncture, which acu point is called as Heaven's door?
I got Tinnitus,how to cure My Tinnitus?
i am having cataract op next week somebody told me they take your eye out is this true?
Can someone help with this...eye issues?
I have cough, headache in every morning and every evening any medicine?
My throat is dry and it is bugging the heck out of me. What do i do?
my allergies are kicking in...?
Can I ask my Dr to check for cancer?
Why does time go faster when you are asleep?
Am I autistic? yes or no?
best ways to cover up slef harm?
I've tried so much to get rid of my depression, running out of ideas and patience?
i broke my nose and i didnt get anything done about it and now it looks weird what should i do?
what is the name of the gangrenous condition of the mouth caused by exposure to phosphorous vapour?
How can changing the clocks produce extra hours of daylight?
how would i know if i had cervical cancer?
How many hours sleep a night is best?
Donating hair to cancer society?
Does the cervical Cancer jab hurt?
Two questions about tonsilitis?
theres voices in my head?
How do you know if the ecstasy pill you've taken contains speed?
does bipolar run a cyclical course ?
Is it healthy for a 15 year old to be in the house for 2 weeks in a row?
I've Never Been So Freaked Out In My Life!?
how to sharp your mind?
how long will someone live with lung liver and bone cancer when they have had lung cancer for over a year?
does sleeping with your bra cause breast cancer?
granulomas neoplasm specifically metastasis cannot be excluded?
What does disseminated mean in disseminated metastatic osteosarcoma?
what helps a sore throat?
What happens if i inhaled a little bit of water?
Are any of you close with someone who has cancer?
Why do people sleeptalk?
Possible reasons why my friend is unable to feel the effects of alcohol?
I can't help over thinking things, what can i do?
I can't stand people making jokes about terminal illnesses?
coughing up blood in flem?
Besides therapy and detox, are there other ways to STOP drinking alcohol ?
When opticians correct vision with glasses do they usually correct to 20/20 per eye or do they go to 20/15?
seeing geometric yellow dots please read?
What's wrong with my eye?
brown spots in eyes is it a issue or common ?
1 a day contacts for astigmatism?
What have I done to my arm?
Are you aloud to go to shcool if you have the flu?
Why do I love eating?
after being sick what's the best thing to do so my teeth will not rot?
chest x-ray question....?
How do you know whether to continue the antibiotic or stop the suffering?
for the past three days i can barly catch my breath i have to hold my lung in help!?!?!?!?!?
i went to the eye doctor and they prescribed me readung classes and they cave me this numbers?
I put my contacts in water overnight because I'm new to them but their just colored contacts..?
Acuvue Oasys w/Hydraclear?
i am 13 and am in 8th grade. i am extremely nearsighted but am to scared for my parents or friends to know.?
Large lump in breast found in ultrasound...?
any chatrooms about depression/self harm that actually work because....?
what is brontophobia a fear of?
Is thinking you can read other peoples minds a symptom of schizophrenia psychosis?
What can you do when you can't live with yourself?
where can i get seperate mmr vaccinations for my children?
A mole on neck and top left breast?
what makes the cancer cells to grow fast?
Do people with 'loss of depth perception' get driving license?
Can anyone give me a little advise about my Glasses?
Do you really cry blood if you damage a certain part of your eye?
Are there any risks in swallowing the chest phlegm that i cough up?
How much hours of sleep does a 12 year old need?
Lump under my armpit?
my husband had kidney removed 1 year ago they said the cancer was gone becauce off pain still in that area the?
i am forever feeling like i have some sort of cancer why?
How old do you have to be to be an organ donor?
why do you get bags under eyes,and whats the best natural cure for it?
i have taken 12 solpadeine and 4 parcetmal , whats going to happen?
Is it okay to just use AZO to treat my UTI?
best place for evaluating nasopheringeal cancer?
After being diagnosed with bronchitis on Aug 16th given antibiotics and inhalers, when the antibiotics finishe?
Are there any good treatments to help heal a canker sore faster?
I think I have depression and I'm 15?
curious to find out if i have leukemia?
Is donating to breast cancer sort of like just donating to the 'girls' of the boys and girls club?
asap need help with my sleeping problems?
does anybody know of any legit (safe) online drug store?
Leukemia maybe ? feedback please?
Plz help me I'm scared if i might have cancer?
can you live after donating a lung?
What parts of the body, if any, never become cancerous?
If Obama care goes through and you were on the board to decide who gets what treatment....?
what happens when someone dies of cystic fibrosis?
is there any overlap with bipolar?
sgot 42 sgpt 81.does i am having jaundice.my health status?
will the chance of getting breast cancer increases if........?
One year ago today I was diagnosed with CLL Leukemia, so I am now officially a one year cancer survivor today!?
Is cancer hereditary and if so, will i get it?
what percentage of leukemia victims survive?
Why do i always feel ill/sick?
I'm looking for a way to get help from a psychologist at little or no cost!?
HELP I think I've been suffering from depression for a while now. HELP?
Regarding umbilical hernia?
what is the name of the pharma co. makeing the combination of glucosamine chondrotin?
Is it ok to take another nytol?
I had my legs on the table and when i took them of i was left with a dark red line, why was this?
Why do some people snore & some don't?
Is fainting when trying to put in contacts a concern?
Is it true that TV dinners can cause cancer?
dark mass on ct of bowels. cancer?
I had thyroid cancer, just changed meds to Synthroid and Cytomel. Had blood work done and results are:?
When you get really depressed, do you also get a physical sensation of heavyness?
the damaging effects of radiation on the body are the result of?
This tingly feeling in my chest.?
I still feel breathless help?
My partner has just spent £40 having his daughter tested for allergies...?
I'm extremely, extremely depressed... life has literally no meaning to me anymore? Please, help me?
Monovision toric contact lenses on trial - wrong way round?
Any story that relates to frequent use of mariuana or cigaratte?
So, what can I expect from chemotherapy?
What is the starting age you can get kidney failure at?
How do smokers find time to smoke 20 ciggarettes a day in between work?
I'm really worried I have cancer?
Cold sore and the corner of my mouth? help!?
Do I have any chance of growing taller?
i plucked my eyelashes out help do they grow back?
How unusual is it to get breast cancer at 25 years of age?
Why has life expectancy increased around the world?
How long does the Cervical Cancer Jab last for?
My father is having cancer his age is 63.he is having Adeno carcinoma?
What is the name of the clear cold thing they put over an area that is going to have radiation.?
large intestine transplant...ileostomy....?
How do I fulfill the role of emotionally supportive girlfriend while my man's mother undergoes chemo?
how much damage does 20 years of smoking cause?
For people who are short sighted, how do you feel after your lasik?
What can I do at church for breast cancer month?
what are the financial costs to not helping leukemia causes?
Hi my husband (43) has lymphoma and has been in the hospital a lot?
What part of the brain & body does brain cancer affect?
Is it fair to judge someone on what they knew before they learning their profession or post qualification?
how to cure migraines?
What would spitting up blood with no cough mean?
my boy friend is depressed how can i help him?
I start coughing badly when I have Sprite could I be allergic to sprite?
Is lettuce, tomatoes, celery, and cucumber alright to eat when you suffer with IBS?(irritable bowl syndrome)?
How fast does lung cancer kill?
What's wrong with my knees?
my middle finger is swollen and hard and hurts me what is wrong?
Is there a hyperthermia treatment in Singapore?
is lymphoma 100% cureable?
Do you smoke???????????????????????????
I am still coughing up clear/yellow mucus after finishing antibiotics.?
Is this an asthma attack/acid reflux or post nasal drip?
How long does it take to beat a BenzoDiazepam addiction?
suggest how to get cure psoriasisis.?
if i drink 8 glasses of water a day & do half hour excersize everyday will that stop health problems?
Is it weird that I don't care if I have bulimia?
Enzymes in blood work?
What different sorts of Mental Disorders qualify for Disability Living Allowance?
i have a dry cough and its getting worse where now my chest hurts and when im asleep i wake up choking where i?
How can I become immortal?
I can't breath right?
side effects of drinking too much baking soda?
breast lumps has anyone experience?
What are the odds of someone surviving squamous cell cancer?
is cancer hereditary?
How does dipping snuff (Skoal,Kodiak) cause mouth cancer?
What is this? Depression? Brain-related dissease?
cat allergies? does anyone know the best thing to take?
Has anyone used air purifiers, how do they work?
im 13, getting cervical cancer jab in 2 days. really nervous.?
Is there anything I can do to breathe better?
Could i be at risk for breast cancer?
Can snorting cocaine cause growths on the lungs?
How do parents know when toddlers need glasses?
Why can I only see through one side of the binoculars?
just got contacts for the first time?
can you condition yourself to be more social?
I've been losing blood in my urine for a month, been told its not cancer, What could it be?
Is dayquil and nyquil the best in cold remedies?
Why do my eyes itch?? It's like a itch that I can't scratch or reach!?
what could be the cure about my beer allergy?
Is it possible to be lactose intolerant to only some types of milk?
Can smoking al capones cause cancer?
Is this Leucemia............?
will i need eye glasses?
How can release stress. ?
How do I get rid of ADHD?
pain in lower right side?
Can you tell me contact details of good Acupuncture Clinic in Bangalore which can treat chronic Kidney Failure?
Homeopathic Remedies for Contact Dermatitis?
Anybody allergic to bananas?
Stressing and not sleeping well, is there something that could help calm me down?
Will all the people in the world be diagnosed with cancer?
Why are my lymph nodes swollen?
Does Pantene Cause Cancer, I Herd In The News I Did, But I Don't Know If It Really Does?
how early do you have to stop mouth cancer?
Foods to avoid after cancer?
Is this considered to be mouth cancer?
I want to write a story about beating cancer and this is my intro.What do you think?
How long does it take to recover from hypothermia?
A friend has 4ng/ml in Carcinoma Embryonic Antigen test. PSA test shows 0.9 ng/ml . What does it indicate?
I have a lump in my right breast. How can I get help quickly and not wait in a long line for a mammogram?
what would you call a long-lasting cancer or something that you'd have for a while before being killed by it?
how do you know if you have breast cancer?
info about recovering eyesight faster?
I need a medicine or a drug to help me to focus on my studies?
Can allergies TURN INTO a cold?
What plant is this--I have a rash?
I have such a stuffy nose ALWAYS.?
How much nicotine is in roll your own tobacco?
How do I strengthen my weak immune system?
Can I eat Vanilla cake while sick? And sore throat?
How will I ever get a job now?
What are the side effects of Effexor(antidepressant)?
How do I stop my pathetic internet addiction?
How can I find a cure for my stepmom's lymphoma without resorting to violence?
Loss of appetite due to cancer?
Breast cyst ruptured can it be cancer?
Why do my lips swell and my throat itch when i eat carrots?
Acid reflux hurts very bad....?
Painful lump on the back of my knee?
What would happen on a table salt overdose?
Do you have bipolar and using lithium?
If you loose muscles in your face how do you grow it back?
coughing up phlem with dark red blood in it?
Does a block in one of the nasal track affect the functioning of the respective hemisphere of the brain?
Will wearing contacts damage your vision after a while?
Are osteopaths germ theory deniers?
Is Nicki Minaj going to die from cancer?
what do you reckon this lump is?
Lump in armpit, very painful...What could it be?
Can 14 year olds get breast cancer?
what are the signs of a brain tumor?
why does drinking red wine give me a rash?
Prader-Willi is there different versions of it?
I have quite a deep cut... what should I do?
83 male chest pain at night?
what is the actual cost of chemotherapy?
What are these flases of silver/light i see?
Eye surgery advice! Lasik?
How can one feel like they're on exstacy without actully taking it?
Mother with stage III cancer - my boss gives me just 1 week off.?
Are these foods ok for peanut allergy?
I think I'm allergic to chicken!!?
E-Cigarettes usage causes allergic reaction...?
could someone become allergic to something they always had or did?
Ciggerate is harm to body but why people smoke and get diseases and spoiling there health?
my parents don't notice my depression !!?
Can't sleep, HELPPPP!!!!!?
EMABARASSING coughing fits during class!! how to prevent them, plz?
Is leukemia and lymphoma common in teens?
Chemotherapy HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
homeopath treatment for sever sinuses?
my lymphoma was not picked up wiv core biopsy why?
what does bone cancer look like on a xray?
i have a tickly cough and cant breath at times, please help.?
why did i get sick from smoking a cigar?
I just had a large abcess on my leg lanced and packed two days ago. I go back in tomorrow to get it unpacked.?
Will this have any major effects?
How to break a bone while walking to class?
What happens if you choke on a little milk while drinking it?
how do you cure red eye?
Does having an allergy to tree pollen, and so apples and other fruits, mean you are allergic to citric acid?
I am 27 year male i am suffering from cronical sinus can any body help me to get a normal life actually?
Breast cancer???????????? :'(?
Is there a place in the UK where anxiety/depression suffers can go to live out their life in safety, like a?
PLEASE HELP!,hypnotherapy in the uk,nhs,pay if needed!?
cancer jabs tommaror help please!!!?
Can a person receive a double chemotherapy?
Lump on forehead? Do I believe doctor or ct scan?
Contact lense use while in rural thailand - PRECAUTIONS?
Childhood Leukemia? When to worry?
Cannabis Cures Cancer.?
Can one hit of weed give you cancer in the future?
cancer always in your system?
What are the chances of a 14 year old surviving a tumor in her neck?
(CANER HELP!) Friend with cancer, going thru Chemo and needs advice (throwing up)?
Can you donate plasma?
Is it true that it's not dangerous to get hit in the upper spine because the ribs protect it?
i was wonder if this cud b a sinus infection?
help me with this chat addiction......?
Home remedy for a cold-sore?
I am concerned about a small red speck of discolouration has appeared on my ring finger?
How long can someone go with Leukemia without treatment?
Rectal bleeding which was suddenly worse?
Another question but to do with smoking?
Could this be colon cancer?
if you found out someone had cancer, would it change your feelings towards them?
PLEASE HELP...No endocervical cells after LEEP, repeated paps?
i was recently diagnosed with stage 1 ductal carcinoma and the dr wants to do chemo. radiation and a?
3 y/o with concussion?
I slammed my spine into a concrete post skateboarding, 15 MPH, very painful! What should I do?
Help with Wheat free please?
I guess I am allergic to bandaid adhesive?
Can someone be allergic to Ranch Dressing?
i'm sneezing and my nose is dripping. i took an alavert. it seems to not be working. any quick remedies?
Allergic reaction to makeup?
How can I boost my immune system?
is it bad if i cant sleep without...?
Think about food all the time, but never enjoy it?
I FEEL SO DEPRESSED after 18 mths?
Eczema n rashes?????????????????????
Why does it feel like close contacts cant be bothered?
Do you already have cancer?
i sprained my ankle and.....?
What's wrong with my dad?
Does anyone who go through chemotherapy lose their hair? How about radiotherapy?
A Cancer patient has water in her lungs ,so the docter put a tube inside.Is it a necessary to put powders?
what is the best herb for uric acid problem?
Mantoux test +ve , chest x-ray normal study..But patient suffering with shivering fever coming upto 102-104.?
What can I eat or drink to help my wheezing?
i quit smoking 9/10/10, haven't had one puff and plan to never smoke again. period. but i miss my cigs so much?
aloe vera juice can some one please tell me what it is and what is the benefit of taking it?
water therapy in emptystomach?
Is there any way you could have a complete ACL tear and still walk around?
Should I go to the ER?
How to remove lenses from Ray Ban Wayfarer?
Will watching a lot in the distance make me become longsighted ?
Is the medication Singulair vegan?
Every now and then, I have a pain in the left side of my chest, and I can't move or breath till it passes.?
i have Windows 7 and after half hour or so my eyes get blurry and red?
feel like throwing up../?
where will L-arginine available in india?
Skin CANCER question?
how aids begin,where is the origin of aids......?
if u had cancer for a year would u have any symptoms?
how to smoke in my room without getting caught?