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I had an accident 1 week ago. I've superficial wound on my right foot. I am using hydrogen peroxide and betadi?
Can I sue for a sprained ankle?
117/21? Good blood pressure for someone for 21?
High blood sugar readings?
how many teaspoons is 5ml?
do i have diabetes or am i just paranoid?
if you had blood work done to test for being a diabetic..is it possible the results are wrong?
glocose 6.2 is consider high?
till when does a patient need to be given glucose?
effexor question medication?
what would be a good protein milkshake for someone in late teens to gain quick body mass?
I get headaches almost everyday?
will i get DOTS in private hospital or pharmacy?
what did the new zealand government do when the outbreak of swine flu came?
im looking for the sociology aspect of diabetes?
i cant get to sleep and have school tomorrow?
Is a psychotherapist qualified to diagnose a mental illness?
My nose is bleeding!?
what is D.R. test/exam in eye treatment?
What does my eyes mean?
Making prescription glasses out of diesel chemostat sunglasses?
How long do you have to lay still after a cardiac catherization done through your arm?
i have a pain when i swallow - what could it be?
Amylase is used to break down starch, why is it produced in both the pancreas and the salivary glands.?
what is the cause for increasing weight and palpitation?
I injured the top of my foot while climbing.... Help?
tendon ankle injury should i get the surgery?
Scared I will get a concussion?
why i feels so much of cold ?
Crest 3D White Whitestrips Stain Sheild?!?
Why are my hands, feet, knees, and elbows always cold?
cardiac stress test how to perform?
Ive measured my blood pressure each half hour at home and these are the results?
I'm depressed and I don't know why?
What are the chances of finding e coli 0157 deadly strain on a carrot? or through a dog?
Does this sound like the blood pressure of someone who is experiencing angina?
What is the difference between a heart attack and a Myocardial infarction?
How can I lose weight quickly?
History and background of massage therapy ?
other than kemotheraphy for cancer treatment what are the other treatments available there is a secration?
How early can a woman get breast cancer.. Age?
Ovarian Cancer info plz?
I stepped on my glasses and the lense came out what can i do ?
How long will it take to heal?
Contacts are making my eye bleed?
My new optician has reduced the strength of my contact lenses?
How much are disposable contact lenses and how can I buy them?
what blood pressure should a 62 year old man have?
Have you heard of reports that whole milk, beef fat, and chocolate actually lower blood cholesterol?
Are restrictions on TV ads advertising junk food really helping the obesity problem in Australia?
no protein in the urine?
pls help! Could the deadly e coli 0157 be on a raw carrot?
help? coldsores? herpes? ahhhhh?
Foot hurts please answer!?
Could i have some sort of heart problem im only 19?
Which Health and/or Alternative Medicine magazines do you think are the best?
what time do 13 year olds go to bed?
What are some things in life that should be delayed for as long as possible?
low iron level could not give blood.?
how long does it take to get backto normal after taking metformin for type 2?
Can i continue to take this much diabetic meds?
What is this scab inside my nose?
my pulse is visable in my stomach?
What's wrong with my heart?
which subject is most suitable to take in A-level course for medical lines?
throwing up and black stool?
Molar removal tomorrow. What to expect. Scared help!?
is it depression or just a stage in my life?
I think i might have seasonal affective disorder will vitamin D help?
If you're a diabetic, is it safe to have a plastic surgery?
Is your heart rate random, -or can it be worked out?
Please tell me how can I lose weight fast in a month!!!!!!!!!!!?
Knee ligament damage?
Red face, pale skin!?
How to get a fever or sick?
I am getting braces tomorrow, what colour is best? <3?
Question about my braces...?
Weight loss plan, Is this any good?
what is the best way of relaxing while you are on the job.?
What helps quick against fever?
why cant i wear contact lenses?
contact lens good or bad?
Pain in heart... what could this be?
ear piercing is swlling,& producing white pass?
The Black Death compared to AIDS?
How can you cut a needle?
which hospital is best, M.V.hospital for diabetes or dr.Mohan's,Chennai?
study of diabetes comes under?
Would mixing Fish Oil (Liquid) With Orange Juice remove all the nutrients?
Helppp! I'm soo scared!?
how does nutrition relate to heart disease, diabetes, allergies, and cancer?
Im diabectic type 1 and i cant get up at night?
Describe diabetes mellitus?
Should i consider getting tested for diabetes?
A question about diabetic food choices?
Chest pain; my heart has been feeling heavy for the past 3 months?
My son has a full body rash that seems to be itching him and one ear lobe really swollen and red any ideas?
what are the symptoms of deppression?
I've done something I thought I would ever do?
Can I give blood as a Type 2 diabetic? I was recently diagnosed and blood sugars still a bit wobbly.?
I need to tone my tummy, what is the best way of doing this?
Why does the use of Crisco and Cottonseed oils in history coincide with the rise in heart disease in the USA?
What should i do if i have right bundle branch block?
What is ment by the term '*******'?
Food stuck in tooth how do I get it out?
Which cast cover is good,i have to buy one to protect my son cast while his showering?
Accidential Injury question?
Why burn injury is always mentioned in percentage?
My bruises wont go away!!!?
My eye hurts now, is it alright?
Cardiomyopathy??? Can it be picked up on an ECG?
Help anyone , after colonoscopy , constipation , tried all , but nn works ?
I can't see the words clearly from far away. . .how to tell my mom about it?
In Coral Springs, FL, how to get contact lenses?
halloween colored contacts in prescription form.......?
My prescription is for -4.25 -4.75 lenses. Would 1.67 lenses, or polycarbonate lenses be better for me?
Are there any colored contacts for dark eyes that can be worn day and night?
Is there any way to make HPPD go away permanently?
Colored Contacts...Question?
Is it okay to take laxatives with Crohn's?
Painful, swollen sore throat for 6 days?
should a patient be injected with Regadenoson after 7 minutes on treadmill?
Is there a generic version of Lipitor available anywhere?
Can you take a blood pressure by watching the meter jump instead of listening to korotkoff sounds?
high blood pressure and a low pulse?
Normal Blood Pressure?
On what level i should be with a gestational diabetes?
I think i may have ripped my gums?
Whats wrong with me? Fequent temporary deafness in one ear?
Where can I buy an insulin pump?
Are there symptoms of high cholesterol?
which insect or animal bite can cause symptoms like anaesthesia,blindness.choking,cardiac arrest n at last dea?
Heart problems and exercise?
Why does the risk of high cholesterol levels increase with age?
what is angiograph? Is it painful? Is it risky ?
heart attack?????????????????????
Could I have given him Chlamydia?
will I lose stomach fat by running up and down stairs?
What needs to be done to my teeth? (Pictures included)?
So i got punched in the throat... should i worry?
Ankle hurt.... Did I sprain it?
is there anything you can take from being thirsty all the time, i am a diabectic?
Diabetics Can You Help?
How do you reduce your chances of getting arthritis and strengthen your joints?
what is the best alternative medicine to treat ED?
can apple cider vinegar help with diarrea?
portable handheld ecg monitor?
Why is my resting heart rate so high?
Is It safe to jog after finding out you have high blood pressure?
How to remove the adhesive from heart monitor from chest?
What does it mean that I have a heart murmur?
Help! Any home made remedies for a cold/flu?
What are the chances of a real zombie outbreak?
Should I go back to the doctors?
how do you calibrate a accu-check-avava?
What are some environmental triggers for diabetes?
Based on my OGTT results: fasting:89; 1st hour:174; 2nd hr: 130. ;glucose in urine 100mg/dl- am I diabetic?
Is it hard to get a job with lots of scars?
Quick Cure For Sore Throat/Congestion?
get rid of a sore throat and runny nose IMMEDIATELY?
Wisdom teeth- is it okay to let it come in a pull it later?
Help me, I don't think I can deal with this any more? Help?
how may controll Diabates ?
How can I accurately track how much blood my heart is pumping out during exercise?
Been to the doctors :/?
How come i don't gain weight when i hardly move?
tell me about anal fissure and best treatments(allopathi,ayurvedh,homeopathy…
Are there any natural remedies to cure nervous conditions?
Why do my teeth feel wobbly all the time?
what is a haematinics/reticulocyte count blood test?
What is Bacterial Vaginosis or Vagintis and how does someone get it?
is it possible to be immune to coldsores?
vitamin D level whats the number?
what to do if we fall on road and get a wound?
I have a very watery discharge from my nose that has not stopped for 24 hours.?
My eyes water like crazy when its windy and cold?
What would cause a sudden excruciating tooth ache?
I have a lot of stress at the moment, And i want to get rid of it as it is so annoying.?
i am 5 foot 6 and 7 stone 12 am i overweight?
Healthy foods to eat for type 1 diabetic?
Why people suffering from ADD (attention deficit disorder) manage so badly their lives?
why do people want to become dentists?
Structural and functional difference between a normal heart and one with a murmur.?
does anyone own/wear an insulin pump?
i live in north qld,oz, and think i have "swiss brown mushrooms" growing in my new garden bed. is it possible?
What would you likeI only have a suringe with ml and tsp calculations. So I would like to know the con to ask?
Depression anxiety cant take it anymore what do i do???????
Sinus/nose problems?!?!?
do i have a food allergy?
What happens if you fall asleep with a tight rubber band around your wrist?
disc compression on my lower spine and what is Lombard spondilysis?
What is the purpose of MX injection?
What is the smallest kit holder for diabetic supplies?
which glucometer is best and give accurate result?
How many tums am i suppose to take for heart burn,acid reflux?
what is the definition of health?
why does the hertiability of heart disease decrease between twins with age?
what is heart failer?
Do you have a grateful heart?
My doctor told me that every patient with high blood pressure should own a blood pressure monitor?
Tummyaches and Headaches?
Why am I tired all the time?
when you're nervous how high can your blood pressure go up?
Why does the Ukraine have the highest incidence of heart disease with average cholesterol levels of 186 - 201?
would i still get rabies even though i already had an anti-rabies vaccine few months ago?
What are my chances of passing on e-coli?
why do i feel like this, i should be happy but im not. why am i reacting this way?
Why is it all Women at ChildLine!?!?!?
two types of cholesterol?
is it possible to have coronary artery disease at a young age?
can coronary arteries be unblocked by diet?
what are the chances of regaining normal speech after a stroke?
Excellent Cholesterol Results? Im lost :)?
I am 21 years old .6'2 hignt,57kg .how to make strong boady?
what colour of braces should i get im tall skinny green eyes blonde hair and sorta yellow teeth?
Do I need/What color braces would be best for me?
i need help with something.?
Do I have herpes now?
My ear feels blocked, but im not in any pain. Help?
How to get rid of "train track" marks after braces?
Eyeball feels bruised?
why people are getting angry?
Can relatives discharge patient from hospital?
is chicken pox infectious?
Creatine Capsules...?
High blood sugar. 600 plus?
do you all know if there are complications from going cold turkey from taking metformin for diabetes?
Could my blood sugar gone up from 88 mg/dL?
Treadmill Walking for diabetic?
What are some of the difficulties of diagnosing diabetes?
why date sugur dadies?
blood pressure 132/82 and sitting pulse rate of 111?
when is really high blood pressure a hypertensive crisis?
normal to feel heart beat?
I have 3 blood clots-left leg?
My total cholesterol is 260 with high triglycerides and wonder I need to go on medication?
I want my braces to come off?
What would you like to ask?I can see a blob of blood hanging off the spot were my tooth was just pulled!!?
Glucose monitoring - UK only!?
lamictal and topomax for weight loss?
Why is my mum doing this?
what's so important about sleeping 7-8 hrs every night?
I think im depressed. How do i get happy?
Why do ankles swell? Is it just poor circulation?
Could I have mono?!?!?!?!?
What is the antidot paracetamol?
I think I have hayfever?
what are the side effects of niacin?
I had an angioplasty done?
relief from tinnitus - anybody has any experience with it?
why might an ex-alcoholic have their gall bladder out?
i have poor blood circulation. My legs go numb within 30 mins of sitting. what can i do?
How can i burn 500 calories by using an exercise bike?
Health-related question?
what is type 2 diabetes?
If saturated fat is the real cause of Coronary Artery Disease, why is it that almost three quarters of the fat?
Another way to get rid of this mole ):?
How do i make sure i get enough vitamin d.?
Brace elastic ligature come off?
hot chololate and colds?
My friend said she has to get drainage and its gross and painful?
How can you casually scratch your nose?
mixing vitamin tablets?
what worse weed or cigarettes?
Familial hypocholesterolemia?
Serious Chest Pains...Any Doctor Help?
My retainer broke about a week ago, and my appointment is in a month?
Are you eating/Drinking anything right now?
What's wrong with me ?
What can i buy to get rid of acne and scarring of acne?
how can i get rid of my verrucas?
Swollen eyelid HELP!!!!?
Doctor wants to take off my HTN meds?
I'm having a heart attack!!!!!?
How do you stop Mucus build up in your chest.....? *PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!*?
Co Codamol? Is it addictive? And can you only get it with prescription? (UK)?
Girl has a urinary track infection?
my reasons to die is overtaking my reasons to not die?
Can spec saver force me to have an eye test?
i take metformin and levemire at bed time but i like to stop metformin because i was told both work same?
why i have yellow thing around my eyes?
What can I eat on a wheat free diet?
Runny nose and sneezing?
Is there any way to get fatter for someone with Marfan's Syndrome?
skipping heart beats?
My B12 level was 300 and my endocrinologist put me on B12 shots im also type 1 diabetic and hypothyroidism?
I want to dye my hair but I have psoriasis. Would it flare up?
a rash has appeared over the last 24 hrs all along my hairline and across my eyebrows, not itchy but raised?
early diagnosis of std?
having problems breathing! :(?
how long does it take for scars to go away?
how to tell someone they have really bad body odour!?
Penicillin and can I still kiss my girlfriend?
are 20-30ml syringes available in physical shops (UK), or just the net?
I started getting an eye twitch in the eyelid of my right eye just over 3 weeks ago. It was happening about 4-?
having stents placed?
Can you get your 2 bottom and 2 top wisdom teeth removed at once?
Obesity and skin problems...?
what does high prolactol mean (hormone levels )?
Is there any way i can get emergency rootcanal treatment?
Has Focalin damaged your child's heart?
Husband's blood pressure?
What foods contribute to high blood pressure?
How can I widen my arteries/veins?
Why do more heart attacks occur in the Northern part of the USA than the South?
I need help my grandpa might die and i'm worried about my mom?
Are wedge boots good for people with scoliosis?
Swollen glands, joint aches, sick stomach, headaches and burning/ irritable skin, tiredness?
how do i get rid of an ulcer quickly and painlessly?
Whats that white stuff on your teeth?
how long does paracetamol last 500mg tablets?
How can i get rid of a cold?
Is this an infection ( girls only please!)?
How to get rid of dry throat?
I'v been haveing a lot of nose bleeds laty what should i do?
where can i find beef gelatine free odourless garlic pills?
lipirex 10 mg whats its usage, effects, side effects and duration of therapy?
How do you know if you have a fractured wrist?
After fracture in foot what happens ?
Do i have HIV? pls answer?
What do dentists do for a chipped tooth?
Do dental fillings hurt?
Does prescription eyewear make your vision worse?
Why does squinting your eyes make it easier for you to see when you have bad eyesight?
Is there a natural way to bring your blood pressure down?
I have been having extreme body pains and weakness for one month, tiredness, sour-sweet mouth;diagnose?
Have I got a Chest Infection?
temporary filling between dentist appointment?
Should i go back to the Dentist right away or when my next appointment is?
How can coronary heart disease be prevented?
Is it harder to loose weight when you become a vegetarian? Haven't ate meat in 3 weeks and havent lost a pound?
Just ate and I feel fat!?
what are the complications for a patient with femur fracture who was infected by mycobacterium?
i have a monocyte count=0..what does that mean?
MRSA type bug....is it contagious?
is phemonier contagious?
cigarette brands suggestions?
do you think i have type 1 diabetes?
PLEASE I beg you all! Someone answer my question!!!?
Motrin pm is okay when teeth hurt?
do doctors know the difference between cat scratches and self injury?
Have been using contact lens for years, now I'm having problems?
Regarding safety glasses, are they eventually harmful to vision?
i really want contacts..... but i cant get them in. and i hate wearing glasses. so what should i do?
Astigmatism in one eye:(?
What needle gauge and syringes are commonly used to draw blood?
How can I check the level of plaque in my arteries?
My blood pressure is 130/75 and pulse count 105. I am worried of the pulse which is normal 80.?
I have a pilonidal cyst that isn't very big. Do I have to get it drained?
My jaw has been locked for 10 months, could this be my wisdom teeth?
going blind because of diabetes?
what is the maximam and minium calories shoud i be eatting everyday?
weird feeling in my heart?
Im 13 Healthy and My heart is skipping & feels as if its Popping ! :( Should i Be Worried? :(:(?
does random blood sugar decides the diabetes?
i need some advise, please read?
who is the more qualified when it comes to back injuries?
Dental work under anaesthetic?
I'm having my front tooth pulled has anyone been through this?
why is this happening??!!help!?
Why do i have this neck pain?
What excercise makes you lose weight in ur hips?
i'm working out intensively every other day, and nothings happening?
Need to lose Weight and Muscle.?
If you are having a psychotic period, where would you usually go to?
Aneurysm - FULLY TRAINED DOCTOR OR anesthetist PLEASE answer?
can gonnerhea be given to someone who share a spoon?
If you get cold sores does that mean you have herpes type 1?
Why do teenagers visit the dentist more than senior people do?
Diabetic type 1 since I was 15 now 18, Advice please!?
Should I ask for a referral/epipen?
Do I have to be 18+ to buy cough syrup?
Can bee stings cause fever?
Benadryl-D will this make me sleepy?
can somebody suggest food that reduces excess weight ,my age is 62 ,weight 88 kg .There is pain in knees ankle?
Does blood pressure go up when someone experiences angina pectoris?
what are the chances of me getting an ECG if I go to the doc's today?
Looking for help from anyone for undiagnosed toddler?
why do we get small red spots that are temperary when we are ill?
is IELTS required for hpc registration in uk?
Super natural power??!! Is it true?
IVing hydromorphone first time?
Mouthwashes damaging teeth more than protecting?
Healthwise, is a carton of orange juice that is not made from concentrate any better for you than one that is?
taking honey in hot water really help to reduce weight ..it ll cause any side effect?
7 day belly blast diet?
Is a pulse rate of 98 normal for a 19 year old female?
Are hot tubs okay for people with high blood pressure?
do i have shingles?????????
what is the name of the sleep in the eye ?
Weird question and kinda too much information but i just kinda had diarhhea but it wasn't :/-?
My boyfriend has mono, why does his eye hurt?
how long does diverticulitis accumulate in the body?
Can Arachnoid Cysts Kill You?
Will the same cold or flu strain manifest itself the same or different from person to person?
Can diabetes be cured?
My bodyfat is increasing!?
How many calories and how many grams of fat are in a regular sized bowl of bran flakes with semi-skinned milk?
will simple oil balancing exfoliating wash work ?
I have red rashy arms with things that look like little spots/goosebumps?
My mother is having a lot of problems and is wasting the glucose meter test strips wich are costly .?
retinopathy question please?
Type 1 Diabetes....advice on insulin taking?
I have terrible allergies, and an important meeting tomorrow....?
Cinnamon Jelly Belly is in my nostril and it burns! What should I do?
What is the best allergy medicine for nasal congestion and all other allergies?
Is it possible to randomly develop an allergy to my cat?
Anyone allergic to bananas?
does eye strain makes your eyes worse?
what is the difference between gastric band operation and gastric bypass?
waa im ill could you help?
Lump in back of my neck ?!!?
Why do otherwise clean people get bad breath?
Why is breathing hard sometimes?
i need help with a work out?
how the 23 old girl be come a height?
Braces? Help please.....?
How can I start a new JDRF team?
do you HAVE to wait an hour after taking an insulin shot to take a shower?
iam having a lottttt of dandruff . How to overcome this problem.help me??
If it hurts for me to pee, should i see a doctor?
Stroke in 18 year old?
what is the type of reviving someone?
How long does vomiting bug last for! Help!?
why does the top o my right arm vibrate?
Muscels hurt after workout!?
What's up with my eye?
Could bad/ decayed teeth cause migrains?
Only sleeping 3 hours a night , is this bad?
Heard that an asprin a day can help lower the risk of a stroke but what is e recommended strength?
my face has a problem.?
Co-codamol 30/500mg help?
which website provide support for dieting diabetics?
My Insulin levels are really high but i do not have biabetes. What does this mean?
Can one get syphilis if he gets infected blood in an open cut on his body or in a mucous membrane like the eye?
Diabetic products in Singapore?
2 week long chest pain which gets worse as the day goes on?
For cholesterol what is the doseage to be taken of Garlic Pearls?
What is Helicobacter pyloin?
continous fever and head ace for past 10 days i am a female of 30 yrs old?
Can stress and worry cause chest pains? i have good blood pressure, no breathing problems?
Is ok? dr. gave me roxithromycin & acetylcysteine since my xray showed a small clouded part of my left lung?
is my ankle seriously injured?
When I see blood, I get weak and nauseous. How do I prevent getting nauseous?
Shall I see a doctor with my shoulder injury?
what level is a safe blood sugar level?
f insulin is not available to asist in the tranport of glucose to cells wat 2 problems r creatd?
how to medically remove insect bites scars?
Type 2 diabetes and a cholesterol that is a 'little high'?
what are some good do's and dont's of watching what you eat, especially if you are a diabetic?
how to know when your blood sugar it too low what are some of the symptoms and how?
what kind of eye drops help get rid of small red blood vessels?
Are there any ways to get rid of hay fever?
Does Flonase or Flixonase nasal spray come in a plastic bottle?
Could this be hay fever?
Can I put neosporin on a stye?
help me pls pain in my heart?
Why do I get peripheral vision distortion?
Quick ways to cure flu?
Why is it bad if your blood glucose levels are to high?
Why I get bitter taste in my mouth shortly after eating sweets?
is there any potassium vitamins available in the philippines? thank you.?
blood work drawn after a meal is called?
how do you know if u have herpes and never had symptoms and your blood test is negative?
How to take azithromycin to treat chlamydia?
How easy/hard is it to catch HIV?
I have been told by the doctor I have herpes but have never had an outbreak..?
I Burned My Tounge From Hot Tea&Now i Have Red Dots Around My Tounge&It Hurts So Bad?
im not a diabetic and i took my blood sugar this am with my husbands meter, it was fasting is that normal?
I have allergic reaction if I do exercise after eating shrimps?
what would happen if you took 9 benadryl?
what are the symptoms of hiv?
symptons of aids in fifteen years old boy?
Cholesterol Number Information?
Help! Broken toe or not?
my fiance suffers from rapid dehydration what can cause this?
Can people get Alzheimer's in their 30's?
Could I have diabetes?
Does having had Gestational Diabetes put you at a higher risk...?
how did diabetes get its name?
Cancer survivor question? EASY?
Question, breast cancer?
Is it possible to have cancer even though the blood test results all came back normal?
why wont health insurance pay for cancer treatments?
how is breast cancer treated?
my 18 year old daughter has been getting heart flutters and a feeling of indigestion even when she doesnt eat,?
is 120 over 62 ok for blood pressure?
deppression advice neede ?
17 y.o. high cholesterol, how to change?
Am i having a heart attack?
someone just called me and said her blood pressure is 200/110. What does this mean?
Why do we say 'Take it to heart'?
Does whey protein shakes really work will it help me build more muscle?
i have herpes is my whole life ruined now?
Are doctors and nurses at risk of HIV?
WEED: would one hit of a joint. . .?
What is nuclear medicine?
What is considered a mild temperature and a high temperature in a 5 year old?
Dried blood in nose.?
how do i get rid of a stuffed nose in 30 minutes?
I'm way too dependent on cannabis?
How would I go about admitting myself to a psych ward?
Blood pressure fine, blood test results fine, stethoscope reading fine but week long chest pain?
Continuous Heart Pain?
How do you lower your cholesterol and hoe do you know if it's high?
describe the cause of obesity.?
High blood pressure and Im still young?
Can I take my cast off my ankle yet?
My Dad has a very low heart rate PLEASE I need help?
I just had a stomach hernia operation?
My grandfather has a disease called "model"?
my hair is falling out in large patches, i am 51 and had open heart surgery in December and spleen out in june?
Is my blood pressure normal?
i have shingles will my dog catch anything from me?
I woke up with a fever or something - what can I do?
Can OCD symptoms suddenly 'disappear'? If so, how and why?
Test results back for chlamydia?
How Come my acne goes away after Ive been on holiday? but comes back when i come home.?
if i just eat special k cerial for morning lunch and dinner will i lose weight?
questions about weight loss and stuff?
To anyone on heart medicine (cholesterol lowering drug), did it make you dizzy?
im having surgery on my heart, what should i expect afterwards?
fluttering heart? skipping beats? feels really weird? am i dying?
If got very itchy lips after eating kiwi fruit?
Are bananas from the group of GDO?
How do you know if someone has empathy?
why do people breath?
To fix a broken nose?
My hand has become really bruised and sore when i try to move it but my pain is in my wrist, continued..?
What is a hairline fracture?
How can I lose some weight?
how do i get rid of cold sores overnight?
Coping with anorexia struggles?
Any home remedies for these:?
a kinesiology question?
Is there some kind of antidepressant that you can take with an inhaler?
Anorexic/Bulimia buddy?
How long does it take for a stye to develop?
Is being 11 years old, 5'5 hight, 132 pounds fat? (6th Grade)?
can music change your pulse?
i m so confuse about mediclaim?
Wart/Mole removal post-surgery?
What are the reactions you had after your first allergy shots? If you had how long it lasted?
why do i get severe headache when i wake up, even when i do not close all windows & doors?
how can i get taller?
how good are steroids?
Cough and Chest pain etc?
Osteogenesis Imperfecta is chronic disease?
what does it mean when i keep hurting/spraining my ankle?
PLEASE HELP. In therapy and almost puking with worry over this, please please help?
How to get rid of colds ?
How does one know if they might have a tape worm inside them. What are the symptons?
why do we catch a cold?
If your eye power is -10.25 is it okay to wear contacts?
how to get super glue off eye glasses?
how can i get color contacts without a perscription?
Why do I sleep with my eyes open?
Ihave just ben told i have left bundle branch will i die?
Are there any self help remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
what's causing my hand to go numb and then pins and needles when i wake up?
Non medicinal cures for restless leg syndrome?
I had diarhhea once yesterday morning and i felt kinda ill so i didn't eat anything all day so i pretty much -?
how cancer can be avoided cause of smoking cigar?
16 year old with heart pain?
Heart beat fast for no reason?
What are some ways I can purposefully increase my blood pressure?
Can pets get infected by someone with chickenpox?
help! its my eye! this is an emergency!?
my contacts eye vision is -2.25 what is my vision is terms of 20/20?
My left eye's vision is blurry...Do I need to get glasses?
what is the best way to get rid of spots?
Could it be dvt, worried about it so much?
does anyone know what it's like to be so alone in this life?
Can you still have heart problems if your blood pressure is normal?
How can we get a free heart surgeon in the Philippines for a 4 year old?
Since the obesity rate is getting higher will there be a shortage of heart surgeons?
my heart beats really fast and i begin to shake?
Was I high when i smoked weed, not sure?
Diagnose me? (Dizziness)?
what happens to the heel when it breaks?
swollowing noises are they normal?
how to get rid of a sore throat and get my voice back?
How can I ease the pain in my neck?
I am a bipolar but very stable mentally now I want to stop medicine and switch on to some supplements /remedy?
Can or should I wear contacts? ...?
Tiny scratches on a polycarb lens with antireflective: affecting my vision?
How bad are my eye test results?
Had Stent Placements?
When taking your blood pressure, what does it mean when the monitor just give you and E?
Is it normal to have a really strong heart beat?
arrhythmia and heart rate?
can you live a long, healthy, normal life after a massive heart attack?
is there a treatment for Cystic Fibrosis ?
Why is ok to be clinically obese and happy but not anorexically skinny and happy?
Why do i feel sick everytime i finish eatting?
what really works to clean arteries?
heart feels like its skipping beats?
Is there any treatment for aortic stenosis other than surgery or percutaneous aortic valve replacement?
Help with HDL cholesterol please?
What could this be? Please see below.?
Exercising with a black eye?
Have you had laser eye surgery? How effective was it?
what is treatment of VATA DOSHA?
prunes for laxatives?
ive had a runny nose now for 3 months, can i cure it?
Two abnormal pap smears?
Which of the following statements regarding cancer risk factors is false?
are you more likely to get lung cancer from smoking tobacco or smoking marijuana?
is it a problem to talk to your self?
Soooo I got another question heree.?
Plantar warts and HPV?
how do i try to not show of my hearing aids in school?
What illness does My friend have?
I have a neck ache back ache,have fatigue, slight stomach upset (with stabbing,dagger pains)and feel tired?
How powerful is the most powerful pain killer?
Cardiologist & Hypertension?
long term effect of pot?
is herpes easy to cure?
Will get HIV frm this?
ECG help!! 10 POINTS!!?
always depressed sick of life?
Can i get my mother sectioned?
I have no drive anymore and i'm suicidal. Can you see why.?
can you catch a bug after this amount of time?
What is the least dangerous drug or "high" experience ?
Why do both of my eyes flicker several times a day?
help with eye contacts?
wat is the fisrt aid given to high blood pleasure and low blood preassure?
i have a feeling of something stuck in my throat, but nothing is there, its there constantly?
Is ecstasy a drug, or a stimulant?
Could my sore throat be an STD?
is lipbalm good for coldsore scabs?
knee pain on right leg?
How do you let go things?
How do you die in sleep?
Is it just a cold ? help me out !?
Any supplements that increase your metabolism?
My mum died of ischemic heart disease and her sister had to have a quadruple bypass?
What's more dangerous, high blood pressure or high pulse pressure?
my ferret has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and needs an ecg the problem is neither me or the vet can?
please answer no one is answering? why is this person behaving like this? link inside?
can prozac be just as effective, if only taken on alternate days?
Is my Daughter Dying?
Has anyone had success with pancreatic cancer? The EDR says nothing specific on it.?
hospital stay for colon rectal surgery?
do i have an ear infection?
Can you take herbal medication with Citalopram?
Trying to find the right antidepressent?
Can I contract HIV from eating eggs from an HIV-positive hen?
What can I use if my body becomes tolerant to Isordil 5mg?
what is the good medication if you have a rheumatic heart?
Help swallowed razor blade?
lose weight by excecise bike?
can slip disc be recoverd in its initial stages?
How can I stop Augmentin from hurting my stomach?
is it possible for a stomach ulcer to heal up in a week or 2?
itchy hands after exposed to cold?
Advice On Getting Rid Of Spots......?
I always feel depressed and lonely......?
Ensure or ensure plus (5'10, 90 lbs)?
i only get hungry at night time.?
heart palpatations advice please?
Does acidity raises heartbeat?
Breathing problem during meditation?
Can some medications edventually kill you?
What are the benefits of drinking green tea? Does it affect your memory in anyway?
what is the chances of full recovery from encephalitis?
I don't wash my face in the morning because it makes my acne redder.?
is 9.7 stone fat for someone who's 5"2?
why does my boyfriend have so many nose bleeds?
How do i unclog my ear without putting stuff in it or closeing my mouth and nose then blowing?
Any good ideas for dealing with seasonal allergies?
Are STAINLESS STEEL EARRINGS okay to wear for someone that is allergic to cheap earrings?
I've been feeling under the weather for a few weeks now...?
past feelings coming back?
Is this an alright blood pressure?
Is it okay to use someone else's coloured eye contacts?
Chemical Peel..... and scars?
i feel like im getting a uti what should i do?
I've had headaches for the past few days.?
How to help Cure Carpel Tunel?
sleeping pills hallucinations ?
I am heart patient and had under gone a CABG?
I suffer from ulcerative colitis, need some advice!?
how do i get rid of my congestion in a few hours?
My cancer jab tomorrow please help!?
is it possible that i have the beginings of mouth cancer?
Does red eyes ever go away?
what slimming tablets work the best over the counter only?
How does laser treatment work on broken capillaries?
Can high blood pressure be permanently cured?
How come my heart starts pounding very hard, without doing much work at all?
I've had two mouth ulcer for two months?
who suffers from irratible bowel?
Can You Still Die By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Even With A Catalytic Converter?
Is it safe to take Citalopram, Tramodol & Trazodone all together?
HIV..Question about HIV test regarding ?
Plz guide me what should I do?CARDIOVASCULAR?
i'm having dental work done with MVP?
if you drink a cap of bleach and seek medical attention straight away will you be ok.?
knee pain in a older person?
PLEEEEASE PLEEEEASE HELP!! How much would you lose in a week if you eat 800 calories per day?
is ear bleeding are signs of dengue?
how can i stop turning red?
My nose is stuffed and i need your help!?
Am I allergic to watermelon and oranges?
What's the difference between phenylephrine and pseudo-ephedrine?
Nose bleeds in desert regions?
Getting rid of mucus... Okay I just took some Mucinex and I can taste the mucus come up after a cough?
I've lost 5lbs from vomiting since last night...?
i fainted today after waking up...why?
Baaad sinus pain - 11 weeks pregnant, so cant take anything - any ideas for relief?
Does putting salt etc. in a room cleanses its negative energy?
any special magic cure for arthitic pain?
How likely is it that I'll have a bad heart like my Dad?
For people with Rosacea; Which treatment, medical and/or herbal worked best for you?
why are some of my toenails dark?
how long does it take gonoreah to go away after getting cured?
7mnths prego found like a sore inbetween labial had it check out by gyno said she was gunna treat it like herp?
I am suffering fromacne.can any one suggestme a medicine?
Yallow discharge from nose and no other symptoms?
My heart rate is 96 when im anxious sitting at work , when i distract myself it falls to 88 ? What do u think?
Minadex tonic dosage?
does anyone know if nose jobs safe?
Very odd situation;advice?
Another thyroid question have any body out there?
How deadly is Multiple Myeloma?
Small blood cells Experts opinions please.?
i have a lump in my ductal gland is it cancer?
Glioblastoma is hereditary in my family, should I get a check-up?
I have cancer and have been given the chance to wish for anything I want, what should I wish for?
activities for injured/crippled boyfriend?
Something wrong with ankle?
my son and his elbow?
I was gardening with a chainsaw and accidentally whizzed the tip of my finger off, what should I do?
I have scars on my arm that are showing up tons in the cold?
What kind of illness do i have?
Can you have blocked arteries in your early 20's if your diets never been good?
Getting high off of concerta?
How much does laser eye surgery cost?
I have to get allergy testing done....?
Everytime I take pills, they get stuck in my throat. Why?
wants my nose to stop running.?
will rhinoplasty correct my shape of the nose and dns?
do i have gonorrhea or just chlamydia?
What are the possible causes of Bells Palsy?
what can help me to stay up all night?
With blood pressure, what's the difference between systolic, and diastolic?
What is causing my chest pains?
is it safe to exercise if i am being diagnosed for a heart condition?
Heart hurts after only 5 hours (or less) of sleep?
help think ive got nits :(?
How does someone who feels they have under-achieved express themselves?
taking triphala - ayurvedic preparation regularly is it harmful?
Toe infection treatment?
What would you like to ask?Can u give me names of sicknesses/Diseases that ryhme with Serena?
What are the pros and cons of getting tested for Huntington's disease?
coronary heart diesease?
Ive been told today that i have low blood pressure and im only 13 :S?
Should i go to the ER??? (READ THIS)?
Im 22 and have a enlarged heart?
Is 130/90 Blood Pressure considered to be High blood pressure?
Can allergies cause this?
Question about allergies?
how come after I eat eggs I get noxious? I come very close to throwing up?
What can I do to be less self conscious?
Is it normal to have quite a bit of hair on your bacside when your 16 years old?
is my blood pressure bad?
got my cholesterol labs back read below..?
HELP! My heart skipped 4 beats in 2 minutes?
Should I go to school tomorrow? Slight concussion?
Why was I given a walking boot and told not to walk in it?
Does nerve damage go away on its own?
Anyone care to explain my ankle problem please? :(?
It's been 5 years, will she ever get over her ex-fiancé?
Can't sleep <<<<<<<<<Please help?
week long vomiting. could it be salmonella?
Are tampons safe or can they give you a disease?
I've burnt my face.. can anyone help me?
I'm trying to cough out phlegm, but can't get it out of my throat. How can I get it up so I can spit it out?
i have ulc er on my tounge how do i get rid of it ?
Is there a cure for smallpox after someone has caught it?
How does typhoid cause disease?
Should we sympathies for people who smoke and get cancer?
Do I have a cancer lump?
my body hurts all over in the morning and at night, why?
♦•♦•♦ what do BULGE on FOREHEAD mean? ♦•♦•♦?
Does having high blood pressure make you bleed faster?
question about tonsilitus?
When breathing, why dont we breathe back in the co2 we breated out?
Will picking at scabs really cause wounds to take longer to heal?
Losing memory and/or intelligence?
Do you need surgery in the future after being diagnosed with a cataract?
Eyes are a mess! Please help me out!?
Is the HPV vaccine good?
Can anyone tell me their symptoms?
whats the point of organic ear plugs?
i'm worried about my liver count re alcohol. anyone know what it means?
Do I have a illness mentally? ?
Where in the human body would you find the thinnest skin?
What are the benefits of moisturising your face?
has anyone used NEUROAID tablets to help stroke victims?
Could this be an allergic reaction?
How harmfull smoking?
Do I have a bad cold or something else?
what are the branches of mental nerve?
Is this a healthy blood pressure rating?
Is it going to harm me to drink 3 liters of water a day?
Do you think Michael Douglas will survive his cancer?
I measure my pulse 150 times a day , how do u stop ?
what happens to the body if you drink antifreeze?
how to sprain an ankle easy and least painful if possible?
I am very scared I have a lump on my wrist?
Why does my pinkie toe hurt?
How bad is my elbow? Was drunk, fell over some steps&now it's huge!!is it broken?
is my ankle sprained?
Popping under ribcage...?
Contacts lens in the wrong eye ? inside-out? help ):?
Is Viagra an Ayurvedic medicine or Allopathic?
I am 28 years old I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and I am currently taking 160mg of diovan and?
When do the symptoms appear in a person who is affected of cystic Fibrosis?
how do you get rid of sinus?
Chocolate for lactose intolerance?
If an ecg taken shows up signs of previous heart attack poss 1yr ago, how serious is this?
Infected toungue piercing help!?
how does evion capsules helps in beauty treatment?
Ex-Smokers: Stopping smoking - I've read Allan Carr, watched his dvd...?
dizzy,vomiting nausea and faintness? HELPPPP!?
Identifying what my condition may be. Had a name, but can't find anything on it.?
i drink too much and i admit in hospital on that time my bp is high and after that day doctor took master?
I have a Rate dependent left bundle block. Is there anything that can be done to repair this?
ecg report..............!!?
Condition that makes your arteries harden and you heart stop beating?
Laxative in water bottle prank?
my son is 14 heart bpm is 95 up to 125bpm is that ok?
Why does my heart beat faster after eating?
Broken toe(s) question?
Lower back injury? I picked something heavy up, now i cant bend down .?
Can I wear contacts to my friend's pool?
what does it mean if your pupils in your eyes are big?
can too much exposure to computer cause astigmatism?
my black pupil is bigger than the green part?
Are eye floaters dangerous?
Is it normal to concider suicide?
How dangerous is to go to Kenya without the vaccination?
i picked a mole.......?
Brown spots on legs what are they?
what happens if you don't get treated for hepatitis A?
how do you get treated for hepatitis A?
worried about oral herpes? scenario, is it possible? please answer?
Possible symptoms of a heart attack?
Can I join the Marine Corps with a Heart Murmur?
How to get rid of a hangover?
how to tell if you have a weak heart?
I need someones help, anything would be appreciated?
"Allergic" to cigarette smoke--what remedies?
Can sertaline tablets help you sleep? PLEASE HELP!!?
bed bug problem !!! help please !?
Do paramedics wash their own uniforms?
when one gets lung cancer about how much time do you have left to survive or live or overcome it?
i'm 23 years old and have blood clots in my lungs, what are the chances i die?
Healthy Marijuana Pipe?
3 ways to bring up the subject of STDs with a new partner?
do you have to have your blood checked before donating?
Looking after your skin?
how long after taking antibiotics can i drink alcohol?
Good exercises with torn knee ligaments?
How to prevent intestinal gas?
What are the Symptoms of Scorpion Poisoning?
im 21 rs. old, female, my BP plays between 100/60 90/60. one nurse told me that it is normal, is it?
What other natural alternatives are there to Simvastatin to lower cholesterol, e.g. Coenzyme Q10 supplement?
What are the important consequences of atrial fibrillation?
Whats that thing that mimics a heart attack?
was it a heart attack?
Best Scar Removal Treatment?
What illness do i have. PLEASE HELP!!!?
i'm 24,what is the best full medical insurance i can get,covering diagnostics,surgery,treatment,medication…
my heart started to beat fast and i couldnt breath well?
How to lower blood pressure?
everytime i try to laugh my breathing converts into cough immediately?
If alcahol is legal, then how come weed isn't?
symptons of a stroke?
I have really shiny skin?
im bored & cant sleep any?
I Feel Car sick all of a sudden?
Where would you find your deltoid muscle?
is my blood pressure normal for a teenager?
how much statin is too much?
Why there is no vaccine for HIV!?
is kidney bacterial infection mean that the source is UTI or what causes it?
blood clot in lung, is this serious?
Does hypnosis to quit smoking work?
can any one die by licking diamond?
I find it so difficult to get to sleep?
am i the only one who likes to count sheep?
How long does it take to get STD test results back?
How many days did you resist without ejaculate? question only for men?
very very very faint positive.! help?
4 year old with high blood pressure?
How do I know if its a cold or seasonal allergies?
if i buy a flesh light?
I don't have any talents?
my daughter is 14 days old. she got first vaccine .but she didnot get any fever.is it normal.?
The best way to get rid of blackheads?
My heart rate is 25 bpm is that normal?
how to get rid of skin hives naturally?
Bruising and swelling after one year on my upper thigh.?
Constant chest and left arm pain.?
"Huge waist = Heart diseas" says a recent report. But how?
To the doctors out there! :)?
Would the scab on eyebrow leave a scar?
heart attack question??? In February of this year I was sitting on the couch?
Where can I buy a blood plaque(atheromatous plaque) here in the Philippines?
Im really confused and irritated?
How long until Sertraline makes me feel better?
Basilar Artery Migraine?
If your dad smoked when you where a baby and you slept in the same room with your parents, will the passive?
water based moisturisers for dry skin?
Nerve Damage in neck?
if somebody hits you in the arm muscles would the muscles get smaller?
Do you think i strain a muscle in my back?
My dad recently had a stroke.?
I've had hypertension 3 years undiagnosed and my heart was recently in pain (frequently). How serious is this?
Question on an EKG wave of mine?
Severe chest pains, need HELP!?
Does having low white cells cause fast heart rate?
Can your resting heart beat change pace within one minute?
What is the best hospital in the Pittsburgh area for heart valve replacement?
I have mono? Spleens very enlarged ...?
Tonsils.. have a look (2 pics posted)?
Heart murmur, is this serious?again?
Please help me with my HIV question?
dog has severe itchy skin?
I need the name of a skin condition.?
new year's resolution?
extremely sick, please read.?
Can i kiss my boyfriend while i'm having chickenpox?
Would you advise a individual to get married to another individual who has Hiv Aids.?
what does it mean when your nail has white spots ?
how to cure lower lip vitiligo? is it treatable or not?
what is wrong i have a itch on my v jj?
what foods clog up your arteries?
List the Functions of Lipids?
I have had knee pain for months now and it hurts when i do active things, can someone help me out?
Do I need to see a doctor?
I seem to have hurt my foot/ankle?
Poor health since childhood? If one was an obese child who ran out of breath and got tired easily, could not?
what about my carrier?
do i need to get a repeat hpv vaccine?
My sister has hepatitis c and I am worried for her?
What could deafness in ear be caused by?
Do my symptoms seem like I have allergies?
Teenager has heart attack...?
Flashing in the corner of my eye!! Help!?
contact lenses and swimming?
WITHOUT THE INTENT OF BUYING - How much is an ounce of normal weed in London?
I have just completed 2nd level REIKI ............?
Whats occupational medicine/physical medicine and rehabilitation? 10 points for first helpful answer?
Why do bulimics have puffy cheeks?
psychotropic medicene are used for which disease ?
Can someone please help me get better?
Should I be sure that i'm suffering of Panic or Anxiety attacks?
Irregular Heartbeat Worries?
Why is heartbeat that important?
Help, I have a BLACK EYE?
quick answer required - how do i treat an exposed nail bed?
Bruising after injection?
Why does scratching eczema feel so good?
why do my legs itch in winter?
what store can you find the cheapest price for allergy medicine and whats the price?
is this an allergy to coffee or caffeine , is there a difference ?
Anything i can do for self help?
i have gallstones and i am constiption can i take womens laxatives?
Are her eyes gold?????
Could my heart still be abnormal even if my pulse is 75?
fast heart rate and deep breaths?
What kind of disability can I get? I've had lyme disease 3 times...?
why is it that when i drank water i got a pain in my chest?
I have a question about pain in my lungs?
my father has to have open heart surgery what are the risks? i also want to mention he is 78 .?
Is there an expected correlation between heart rate and blood pressure?
Is speech delay in children born without thyroid gland common?
Fakers falacy. 10 easy points here?
Can you make your ankle swell without hurting it?
how do i feel better really soon?
My knee keeps on cracking every time I crouch or bend my knee and it really hurts?
Is a sugar high a myth or a reality..?
how do you get rid of a sore throat?
Is anyone an expert on Dry Eye Syndrome?
Eyesight problem? please help!?
Has any of you ever used poppy tea , or even heard of it ,?
food to lower triglycerides.?
what are the signs of cardiac arrest?