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can rib cartilage poke out?
What are some good foods to eat if you have eczema?
getting some teeth out.?
how badly do braces cut you ?
25 year old getting out of breath easier than normal and nomal heart rate and blood pressure?
would like to chat with other people that have dilated cardiomyopathy.?
Heart disease symptoms? do i really have it ....?
My Cholesterol is 6.9 is this high ??what should i do?
Anybody ever been diagnosed with a Thoracic Anneuryism?
can plaque buildup in arteries be removed?
which colour of braces suit blondes ?
does it hurt to get braces pulledd off?
My adult tooth fell out?
My blood sugar is staying low for close to two hours.?
could anyone tell me what are normal levels for haemogloben etc?
I have a lot of type 1 diabetes symptoms. What else could I have?
my ear is blobked!!!!!!??? annoying...?
what do i do about this situation?
If I keep picking the skin at the side of my nails will I give myself skin cancer?
Can varicose veins be reduced without surgery or injections?
I'm getting a MRI done on my knee. Will I go all the way into the machine or what?
In Childhood obesity, why are there more obese girls than boys?
How to get my voice back?
Why do I find sneezes funny?
How many hours of sleep do you get a night and how old are you?
how did person get unconscious from medicine?
how to gain 2kg within 1 week pls give me a diet chart?
What are some good soap(moisturizing soaps) available in India.?
Is it alright to wear coloured toric lenses that doesn't fit your axis?
Can I wear reading glasses all the time?
Does chewing gum make your face appear fatter ?
my blood went down to a reading of 5.7 and then i had to have an emergency blood transfusion?
is this diabetes....??
My 6 month old has one lower tooth but upper bleeding gums. normal?
Are my teeth white enough ? Photo updated;?
should i be worried about having a adenomatous colon polyp?
do halogen ovens cause cancer?
How to control on Diabetes?
help with my ear PLEASE!!?
dandruff problem plz help me out?
best way to get rid of blackheads?
my filling came out of my back tooth on friday night what can I do?
Why isnt crest whitestrips and other crest products sold in england?
Can anyone tell me what this could be?
what juces are good for a sore throat?
If you take a Xanax, will it make you very drowsy, or will you still be able to function socially?
How can I not fall asleep as soon as I jump into bed?
every year i get this sinus infection?
Which Cigarette Smells too Bad?
how can heart failure cause high blood pressure?
wearing hearing aids?
Is it normal to see white flickering spots in the center of your vision after allot of physical activity?
I have a weird question...?
some one i know has a bad breath despite brushing after every meal, how do i tell him that he has a bad breath?
My brain artery fluctuates severely oftenly.plz what to do to avoid posibleBrain hemorrage.MRI report normal ?
what are some symptoms of diabetes?
Type 1 Diabetes, maybe me?
why is my body asking for sugar?
Ive fractured my ankle, and the hospital wont do anything to it, how can i break it?
i have had pains in my chest, right where my heart is located. what does this mean?
dad has to have heart surgery?
How much can teeth be shaved down?
Diabetes in the armed forces...?
What becomes of a persons amputated limb(s)?
questions about ACCU-CHEK?
Can you live a long life with type 2 diabetes?
if I am taking something to lower my blood sugar does it affect thoughts and attitudes?
I didn't put ice on my jammed finger till 15 minutes after?
Can any doctors or medical people help me with story research?
my tooth is just beginning to rot. Can i stop it from rotting by brusing really well in that area from now?
Man flu or is it serious?
How can i get rid of a cold?
Do i need to make an appointment with Lloyds pharmacy to get my cholesterol taken?
4 year old with strong eye prescription?
Im worried about my eyesight?
Can you be nearsighted in only one eye (and fine in the other)?
STD .......(going crazy)?
What brand of latex exam gloves are the best for anal play? Also what is the best lube?
Is it bad for your health to have ONE cigarette every two weeks?
How to fall asleep when there is a LOT me noise and you find it hard to fall asleep normally?
what is the radiation of rays of cinema (theatre/talkies ) rays/focus which is coming from back of the wall'?
I am so thirsty but I can't drink anything...?
Why do i wake up in the night?
Do I have diabetes? Please help?
what is the blood urea level in the age of 20?
Ways to help heal a cut, swollen lip?
pain relief for stitches?
What are heart defects that include the aorta arising from the right ventricle?
what is better for skin, showering with cold water or hot water?
my teeth hurt when i eat please help?
can any one suggest a good residential ashram where detoxification meditation classes are held?
question about fluu??????
Is alcoholism an illness , lack of control, or anything else you can think of ?
Could I really have Leukemia!? please help.?
Can Osteosarcoma be Mistaken for Scar Tissue?
Is it strange that once I got to about the 13 age, I became obsessed with dark things?
foot ulcer won;t go away..?
Can i join the British army with a moderate color defect to green?
I need help with contacts?
ive had a zit on my nose for 5 months should i be worried?
Does wisdom teeth extraction change face shape?
I'm getting braces taken out tomorrow? Things i should be and should not be looking forward to?
Will I have to pay for braces? (second set)?
Why haven't I lost my baby teeth?
Do I have angina or am I having gastric problems?
treatments for sore gums in braces?
dental infection despite taking antibiotics?
reactive hypoglycemia anybody have it?
Sinus issues. Need some information?
respiratory infection?
Is ibuprofen a replacement for Paracetamol?
bad breath and bleeding gums?
Does cleaning your teeth with baking soda really whiten them?
Is flouride bad for u?
do you need a referral from ur doc. to see a cardiologist (canada)?
Medical condition leads to over-heating?
Fell asleep with contact lens in!?
amazing eye sight or terrible airguns?
Is it that bad of a cavity?
I want to know more about Breast Cancer?
I need a topic to write about to do with cancer?
anyone know of any natural headlice treatment that can be used on a 2 yr old?
why does my boyfriend talk weird things just as he is nodding off to sleep?
♠☺♦☻• BRAIN Exercises for Brain Workout? Neurobics? MEMORY Exercises •☻♦☺♠?
Braces colours????????????
my name is rethu am 27 years old still i dint mechure now i have diabetics also my question is if i will mechu?
what is a good way to bring down foot swelling except ice?
why might a broken rib injury lead to breathing problems ?
How can I whiten my teeth?
I have a bone sticking out of my wrist?
How to get rid of a wobbly baby tooth?
Im 10 and I want to know how old you have to be to get contact lenses?
Are there colored contacts that aren't too bright in color?
am i addicted to gum?
I have lots of hangnails on my fingers, how do I get rid of them?
What can I do to pop my ear without using the Valsalva maneuver?
35.8 celsius, normal temperature?
Is fresh air good for you - truth or false? Why?
For three days I have been plagued by an uncontrollable cough that has kept me awake all night & every night.?
So scared to get my wisdom teeth extracted!?
can HIV AIDS be transmitted through blood drinking?
Dry scalp: does olive oil help?
what should i expect when i wake up from anestesia after i get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled?
Is this astigmatism slight enough to wear a regular soft lens.?
I want to get contacts but idk the price or how to go about?
Laser surgery on my eyes?
How can I convince my mom that I am old enough to get contacts?
Colored contacts??Help please?
Will I need glasses in the future?
Can hypnosis cure cancer?
what is the cause cancer?
What's an interesting way to crack a rib?
Is poking yourself with nails until you bleed safer than cutting your wrists?
Should I get my neck checked out?
Chinchilla supplies list?
TMJ problem.Painless clicking jaw.Are teeth related to it?
Has anyone had a hole in the outer side of a back tooth?
so I'm on the Waiting list for...?
Self harm help..? Please Help!?
Can you figure out what doctors can't?
I got injured at work and lost my health insurance, what's the cheapest way to get my child health insurance?
What can I do about my vomiting?
what would happen if someone took a whole bottle of blood pressure pills?
It Takes Me Atleast An Hour To Fall Asleep And It Only Takes My Mom Or Dad 15 or 20 Min Why?
I constantly feel like I need to pee can anyone help?
My mom was stinged by a bee, help...?
tips on getting to sleep 10 points?
How serious is Raynaud's Phenomenon?
Can you remove a wisdom teeth if it is not all the way grown in?
how to get rid of snoring?
Can not exercising enough cause diabetes?
i got tested positive for diabestes yesterday my doc told me to test 3 times a day for two weeks?
Are emergency rooms equipped to test for diabetes in non-emergency patients?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I am dizzy?
horrible pain on my two front teeth.. help pleasee?
how to heel a blister?
Im 17, 5'9 and i weigh a little more then 200lbs, am i fat?
how long does the numbness last at the dentist?
i think i may have a milk intolerance, does any1 know wot sort of tests the doc will do 2 see if its true?
Twitching in the face, tongue and lips swollen?
to become a nurse, do you have to be ready to do anything?
my eyesight is getting bad is it from computer?
weird blood sugar? please help?
What are some foods that I can eat as a diabetic..?
Is this an early sign of Diabetes?
I think my boyfriend might have diabetes but he won't listen?
If i'm chaning insulin but not the site, I don't have to prime it right?
Do people with diabetes have high blood sugar or low blood sugar?
How many diabetes symptoms should be noted before a test is taken?
Will sleeping with my insulin pump while camping attract bears?
Questions about Multiple Personality Disorder?
I have Sciatica, with a lump on my lower back?
Why does a stroke patient needs NGT (Nasogastric Tube)?
My wisdom teeth is growing in, pain for 2 days, swollen gum, is this normal?
teeth whitening help?
I'm thinking about Colonic Irrigation?
What's the best & least painful way to quit smoking?
my jaw keeps popping and i don't know how to tell my mom?
My orthodontist put one of my brackets above the wire. Does this do anything?
my nose is stuffy(it runs )and my head hurts and my eyes are itchy and wet with tears?
I feel weak, dizzy and heavy?
How can I go into deep sleep?
is it bad to take nyquil to sleep?
How much blood is generally held in an I.V. bag or transfusion pack?
Please help me!! )): i dont know whats wrong.?
how do you treat psorias?
how old do you have to be to have a birthmark removed?
if i lost 3 stone would i lower my borderline hypertension?
am i normal? has any one else had this problem?
Who is the first human to contact HIV/AIDS?
hpv v. herpes?????? Doc told me i have hpv and its herpes?
Is it possible to have a 'strong stomach'?
ok what is wrong with me?
i suffer from a lot of depression but i dont know how?
how to get my 2 year old to brush he's teeth?
What braces am i getting?
T2 Diabetes and hunger problems even on medication?
please answer to this?
What does an ocularist make?
Do I have an ear infection?
Can you mix berocca and milk thistle tablets in the same drink?
Whats the best way to get rid of a hangover?
How much does an NHS optical voucher pay towards contact lenses?
Am I getting too much fluoride from my tap water?
Drilled hole in fingernail..now what..?
Is this safe for a diabetic?
What type of food can give vitamin E?
what should I do all day while I'm off work with a broken ankle?
i have very dry skin, can i apply vitamin e oil on my face every night?
Reducing mosquito menace...?
gap toothed solutions ?. :)?
Do i have thrush? please help?
Is surgical intervention necessary for arachnoid hemorrhage?
I have white spots in my throat, could it be tonsillitus?
Should I force my retainer in?
What are dental fillings and why do people need them? 10 points!?
i think i have diabetes because i am always thirsty and urinating but?
i have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).. what helps with it? i'm just 20! :(?
Help me please...need answers?
Am I damadged forever?
Cant go to sleep.. help?
How many pints of saliva does it take for someone to catch AIDS?
is it the nicotine that's bad for you or all the other things in cigarettes?
Am I allergic to my asthma inhaler?
How long should a teenager be on the computer at the maximum?
It feels like someone is lightly chocking me. Why is this happening?
my friend just got braces !!!!?
What sort of things can you do for two hours when giving a relaxation massage?
can a complete blood count or CBC detect diabetes?
smoking is a cancer that affects poor and uneducated only. comment plss!?
What is Carcinogen? Is It is one of the factor for cancer?
im having a hair fall and there are two areas in my head that are now lost of hair,whats this kind of illness?
Why are my eyes so sensitive and i have to squint all the time!?
Blood Pressure Question?
On a Lipid Profile what does risk mean?
Ectopic beats every 2-3 beats - need an explanation in layman's terms?
swollen glands for 12 days. Is this a concern?
is it necessary that girls around 18 should take rubella injection?
I have just recieved a head injury......?
I had a finger partially amputated recently, how much functionality should I get out of the rest of the finger?
does Gluco-Sure work for Diabetes?
2 Questions: Did metformin help your sugars?
drinking after giving blood?
I have been watching alot of health tv...? Type 2 diabetes question?
I burnt my neck with hot water...help!?
I feel like a poof getting a nosejob but i can;t breath through my nose so does that make me a poof really.?
i am getting my braces off monday but my tooth has moved slightly will they still take them off ?
is it normal for a swollen cheek after root canal?
help needed for my thin teeth?
i have been stressed out lately. I know that being stressed out for prolonged periods is bad for your health.?
can a diabetic take hydrocodones or smoke marijuana?
What foods should i start eating if my blood sugar drops a lot?
Could I die from to much insulin?
lose weight hypoglycemia?
what is the best type on long term contreception?
I am having sugar (Diabetic) i want to know is tomatoes are good for me?
why is my blood sugar level different when i eat exactly the same meal?
How to whiten teeth at home?
I need to be tested for HIV and other STDs after my ex boyfriend cheated on me, question about when?
HELP!!! Question about an STD infection?
Massage parlor can give me STD's Aids Herps?
Can you get an STD from swallowing?
do i have a poor eyesight ?
New prescription wrong?
a special optical glare coating on my $650 eyeglass became cloudy/smeary;no deep scratches, Any ideas,gang?
I am in middle school and their a eye test and I have only been to the eye doctors once what should i expect?
Which is the better first aid CPR face shield?
i have a cold . whats the best way to help it.?
How to heal a broken heart? </3?
Any substitute for braces?
What causes my blood sugars to be dangerously high in the mornings?
my grandma ,has diabet and she said?
Will my ear heal over completely if i pierce through a scab?
I like to chew gum but i worry about choking? Is there any way to reduce the chances?like a small piece of gu?
When i smoke my throut hurts?
Dislocated TMJ after wisdom teeth extraction, is my oral surgeon responsible for fixing this?
how would you describe someoone's face after they have been kicked in the groin?
HELP! I was playing around with hard paper then stabbed my eye on accident. what do i do its bleeding?!??!?
i think i have a second degree burn?
Do peoples hands become cold if they are nervous(10 points)?
If I eat 500 grams of cookies, what'll happen?
Which program is best PX90 or Insanity?
Beeping and pulsing in ear?
any advice on how my elderly mother could deal with an emergency if my father suddenly had a heart attack?
Can high blood pressure cause blurred vision?
will my contacts fall out when running in the rain?
getting contacts for the first time after wearing glasses for 5 year what brand is the best?
I had two small fillings in my front teeth and it feels weird?
Costco - eye exams for contact lenses?
How much do you pay for contacts every year?
does carrots really help your eyes?
Will I get a retainer?
Question for Optometry?
Where do I go to learn how to treat injurys beyond just first aid?
My Mother got her sugar level tested on a meter and it reached 605?
If I keep chewing the inside of my cheek, will I get cancer?
Coumadin and bruising?
do u go on tablets if you have borderline high blood pressure?
what is ecg evidence of ischemia?
i am 5'11" (1.78m); 65 kgs; 45 years; levels of Blood pr. & Cholostrol are normal. I do smoke?
is dental "NURSING" for men and women?
What do i do now in the Orthodontist?
Getting braces off tommorrow, worried about tooth scaring?
drinking while eating?
Could I avert diabetes?
Do you say goodnight to your teeth when you put them in a glass of water alongside your bed?
what is the quickest way to whiten teeth?
My friend dislocated her finger and it still hurts to the slightest touch after 3 months. Help?
Why do men grow larger breasts and women grow whiskers later in life?
can anybody answer, An Example of an Unsuccessful Health Promotions, preferably from the uk?
Someone scared my mother, will she be okay?
how can i stop her telling someone?
Has anyone else ever experienced 'nothingness'?
l have a PSYCHOSIS as time GENITURE becasue her NURSE DABBER?
I think I have a ulcer?
Does anybody know the cost of Teeth Straightening in one day in India?
My tooth is killing me what can I do ?
Is it good to brush my teeth for 15 minutes 5 times a day?
Is Micardis a beta blocker or an ace inhibitor?
Cardio electricity Problems?
my white cell count is .6 what should it be?
Was my diet ok today?
what are my chances of having diabetes?
Is there anything wrong with my blood glucose monitor?
I am a type 2 diabetic on a no carb diet?
Heart Murmur at 19, Please Read!?
Is there any kind of lip treatment that can help very chapped lips?
What to do about acne?
I'm 14 and my wisdom teeth are coming in and its swollen?
have i broken my arm?? should i go to the hospital?
Is it safe to handle my contact lens?
Could flashing a light in one's eye damage them?
what is liquid medical oxygen?
why am extremely tired throughout the day and at night im completely wide awake?
Is it okay to take aspirin while I'm on a bunch of medication?
i heard that sleeping late at night i bad for your liver but is it still bad if you sleep late but get 8 hours?
I only got 3 hours sleep and I'm going to fall asleep in class, what shall i tell my dad to let me off?
Does wearing an underwire bra at night, increase the chance of cancer?
If something goes in my ear can in come in contact with my brain?
I have a question about strep throat?
does a virus want me to sneeze and cough to help it spread?
How can I improve my push-ups?
How can you tell if someone has had braces?
I am taking Atenol 50 mg + Stamlo + Alprox + other medicine daily but my BP continue to 140/100?
I wear an insulin pump and have trouble with the tape coming off while swimming.?
Do my blood glucose readings indicate diabetes?
Teeth Whitening? Rapid White One Week?
Gum infection? Help!?
Does the Super-growth height enhancer really work?
What's your favourite essential oil?
Can you use surgical spirits on cuts?
What's the right term for non-lean meat and is it true that too much consumption of it can cause heart disease?
Aware of heart beat all the time?
Swollen muscle or lump?
My boyfriend had an abcess in a tooth and when he was in the hospital they found abcesses had went into his?
How do you get rid of throat mucus?
Is carrot bad for diabetic?
E Coli 0157 strain would you know if you have it?
afraid to get my braces off ?
root canal or extraction?
can I pass a 6mm stone?
Why do diabetics sometimes end up losing their toes/legs?
Will I be able to be put back on the waiting list to see the orthodontist for braces?
Braces!!!!! Help!!!!!?
Doe's having a tooth out hurt?
ive have knee ligament injury, but can it cause pain in your hip?
Injury that does not immediately cause pain or soreness?
I got the cervical cancer jab at school today it really hurts- whats the best thing I can do to make it stop?
Should you tell your class if you get head lice?
Am I going to get herpes?
muscle gain confusion?
why has my throat swollen up with a tooth abscess?
Can Stress Cause Illness?
i jux smoke after a wisdom teeth got pulled off?
so...IV sedation or laughing gas for wisdom tooth extraction?
How do you get your blood pressure to go back up ?
One of my family members had a heart attack. Does that mean I'll have one too?
do i have a flu or cold?
How to keep my hands from being sweaty?
I have a big bruise on my calf. It is purple/red and kinda spotty. Today it has spreading downward.?
can you die or get seriously hurt from snorting gravol?
Clicking and pain in knee?
Why do I feel so weak and dizzy?
Why is my grandma's whole body swelling up in the hospital bed?
How do you sleep?? On your back, sides, or belly?
What immediate action to take to lower Diastolic PR; that is constantly at 100 mmhg?
Should I even consider exercising atm with torn cartilage in the knee?
im 14 and i have really skinny legs i hate them! what exersizes or what should i eat to build them up?
Anyone know what i mean about these feelings and any answers?
How can I talk to my doctor?
Dr Frank Can you get Pediculosis pubis from a toilet seat?
I injured my right shoulder and now it hurts to move it.?
Homeopathy a danger to us and our children? should it be banned?
How to cure a toothache?
Should I go to the Doctor?
I'm pretty sure i chipped the bone in my elbow. i can feel it and it doesn't feel the same as my other elbow.?
What do you do if an ankle sprain/snap-back injury pain doesn't go away after 6 months?
what foods should you eat to get a six pack?
Fitness and muscle building.?
what percent of oral cancer is tobacco related?
My dad has a bladder tumour !?
Can someone who has cancer be treated completely?
Will smoking black amd milds hurt u? ?
what could ache be in lungs?
Will a bone scan reveal a bone spur?
is ramipril can be given along with oats?
I have had this cough for a week now..?
something weird happen to me while i was trying to sleep.?
Has anyone else got or had this problem?
Is smoking cigarettes for 3 years down to the filter really bad?
why does heart rate increase from hypovolemic shock?
Would taking these tablets improve my skin?
I've been waaaaay to over-emotional latley, any ideas what it could be?
Why do they give Narcotics for pain relief in people who have?
would putting your mouth close to a car exhaust kill you?
What causes stone bruises?
Pain in lower left side of chest shortness of breathwhat is it?
What is the life expectancy of a smoker?
I think I'm diabetic I'm not so sure.?
What can I do about my nieghbour who is going a bit deaf?
Question about Palpitations?
Extreme chest/heart problems?
Please help me with this doctors or any medical experts :)?
do i have to wait to sleep on my memory foam mattress topper?
URGENT Intramuscular injection possible mistake?
My stomach feels tender when I press it?
What to eat for breakfast when you have the stomach flu?
why do I allways go pee allot??
Could you feel sick from low blood sugar and not have diabetes?
Home remedies for increasing complexion?
I have intensely sensitive skin, and am desperately dry. can i combat the drynes WITHOUT the 'big name brands?
What is Wrong with my Bladder?
Can anyone explain why I have cramps in my lower tummy every morning?
Exercises to strengthen knees?
Free foot massage, studying foot therapy in uni and need volunteers?
Do you bite the inside of your cheeks?
Ok when I was about 12 I remember the Doc telling my social worker that he found sugar in my urine,?
any skin tightening measures due to rapid weight loss?
how long can a brain tumor patient stay alive in her forth stage?
My breast feels weird breast cancer?
Do the majority of injuries heal by themselves?
Norvasc causing broad QRS?
Why am I peeing Blood?
Does alcohol or illicit smoking adversely affect a person who is taking an unusual high dosage of Lithium?
I desperately need glasses but can't afford?
Can you tell me what is hepa b?
i have been diagnosed with av nodal re entry tachycardia?
why is fluid restricted in heart failure?
Son had ct scan 9 days ago. still waiting? what can we do? call doctors everyday!?
is the heart under much stress when its beating between 150 to 200 bpm?
Piercings after Transplant.?
I burnt my arm n i need it to go away soon any tips?
Is it bad is my blood sugar averages 43?
Is it okay to sleep in my car after an exam which would put me in anesthesia?
How to fix the health care problem?
Nervous for no reason, shaky and "heavy-headed". Just the common cold or something else?
Will my voice change as I get older?
Losing weight after giving birth?
what good exercises to do to lose wieght?
Blood sugar readings of over 20mmoh/L during night in 7year old?
Why does Yahoo Answers bring up the spell check when ever I type NHS?
After-effects of a stroke?
what are the causes of heart attacks?
chest pain after eating?
Weird thumping in left chest?
I think i have an STD. Ive made an appointmwnt with my GP but the soonest appoinment is in 10 days?
how can i lose weight really fast?
I can see/count my ribs through my skin, is that unhealthy?
what care taking after diagnosis of pre diabetes?
what is best normal rang of sugar level which should be maintained?
what are the treatments for the kidneys infection?
Am I allergic to eggs and cheese?
What cause your hands and feet to be relatively cold at all times?
Is there a relationship between Gray Hair and Lack of Sleep ?
what does a thickened valve leaflet with no evidence of leakage mean?
what metabolic activities take place during coronary artery blockage?
Do you receommed me using Nutrogena?
enlarged lymph node in neck?
Can't get a comfortable prescription! Where should I look next?
how can i stay a good health at the age of 49?
skipped heart beat or could it be something else? Ihave no pain and still working?
the hemoglobin of my wife aged 59 is not increasing despite regular treatment?
is it tablet aspirin or ecosprin150 is ok ?
after a major heart attack he's in a grave condition..?
how would you explain the cardiac cycle?
Is The Swine Flu (H1N1) Still A Threat?
Sonographer or Ultrasound Tech?
I suffer from heart problem and a manager argues to the point i go to the hospital can I legally do something?
My dad recently had a heart-attack 2 months ago. nd has diabetis, all of a sudden his left leg has been numb.?
Is it possible to have high levels of Potassium just through food?
iron tablets and blood clots?
I didn't sleep for 3 days and I don't feel sleepy nor tired at all, why ?
Why doesn't my body produce enough heat?
i am having a sever pain in the heel of my left leg. i?
what could be wrong? I'm 20 and my left leg often begins to tingle then goes numb...why is this and what can?
when my thumb bents, i could feel the bone moving away from where it is normal, does that mean i am d-jointed?
Pure Caffeine Powder?
What are some ways to treat the common cold?
Are there any supplements that can improve circulation?
can you get cancer on your neck?
Are varicose veins a sure sign of ovarian cancer?
How old do I need to be to donate bone marrow, blood, kidney?
infected insect bite.?
How can I do Push ups?? pleaseeee!!?
Does coffee really stunt your growth?
I have the starting symptoms to the flu, what can I do to avoid it?
Facts and pictures on Heart Disease?
Very expensive medicin: HERCEPTIN - how get it with a lower price?
What's wrong with my foot?!?
I HAVE A LAZY EYE.. its not a cross eye , its like if my right eye looks forward my left eye will look left.?
How would a doctor react to telling them about intrusive thoughts of death?
Blood pressure 142 over 89 pulse rate 119 what you think i can do 2 lower it..?
Why does my heart pound weird?
how long does it take to do a stress test i am going to have one today?
how to reduce triglycerides ,how to reduce cholestrol,?
Fasting blood glucose of 106 but very healthy?
Cold sore cure - bleach?
how many calories are they in a ripe mango?
How to give complaint against dr.mayilvahanan natarajan & following doctors Dr.Karthic kailash. Dr.Radhakrisha?
What is normal for a cholesterol reading?
Can Sorbitrate (isosorbide dinitrate) be used sublingualy in any cardiac related chest problems?
Has anyone had a cat whose creatin levels were elevated in its kidneys?
how do you get rid of low cholesterol?
I really need some advice please?
How can I get back in the Habit of eating healthy (and less)?
What is wrong with me?
whats the difference between Vit.D & Vit.D-3?
what are high blood pressure readings that might make you have a stroke?
why the heck do we need to wear hospital gowns for the simplest procedures?
My potassium level is 3.2, should I be worried?
Question for diabetics?
What can acupuncture do?
I've been bleeding when I've been the toilet?
What should a person with heart problems do after waking up from fainting when they're home alone?
My Heart Hurts! Literally?
i am size 10-12, and i have been exercising every day, and eating healthily, how long will it be before i lose?
Does being overweight stunts your growth?
cabbage soup diet: when did u start losing weight?
How much would it cost to get a copy of my doctors note and is it the same price for the lot or less for ,say?
Is it true: You only have 2-5 years to live if they have Stage 4 melanoma(nose) (It has traveled to the liver)?
What is Pericardial Mesothelioma?
5yr old child with swollen lymph nodes all over his body?
My sister needs an artificial eye due to Diabetes, does anyone know about this procedure? how I can help her?
green toenail!!!!???how to heal it?
How to get rid of pink eye?
plz help me..plz ..health question rite here?
Why i keep shaking and other problems?
It feels like there's a bruise over my ribs on the lower/middle right front side, what could this be?
How dangerous is breaking Compact fluorescent lamp?
Which STIs can you get rid of?
calories in crispy duck pancakes?
is getting baked really that bad?
Mom has cancer and she is stopping chemo?
How to cheer up my grandad who has cancer?
In the last five years, I have buckled down at the LEFT-KNEE (every time), in a fraction of a second , without?
what is trochrolon heart medication?
This cold sore is itching & slightly burning, what can i do?
can taking Tenormin/atenolol for two weeks cause diabetes?
Was this A-fib or something else?
High blood pressure ?
How is this even possible? I'm obese but my blood pressure is REALLY low.?
Is blood pressure of 216/110 very high?
How often should I wear my new glasses?
Are my headaches normal?
children under the age of 13 who are diabetic type 1 have it for life or can it go after puberty?
What are the symptoms of being in love?
do people require more sleep as they age?
I'm always tired! help?
How much sleep do you usually have? Please indicate age.?
why did my doctor give me this medications?
how are measles and heart disease similar ?( its a question in health and im stuck comparing my work)?
What are some foods that lower your blood pressure?
what jobs can diabetic's have?
Can type 2 diabetes cause server swelling in your feet & lower legs?
How fat must you be before diabetes becomes a risk?
What is the average reading of a Blood Glucose test (fasting) ?
How much does a diabeteologist make in a year?
Tips for putting on weight?
I need some help getting a six pack?
I had a bad cramp in the top of my leg and now there is a long horizontal dent across it?
what is decongestant?like a tablet,solvin?
Why we scare from Cancer ?
Could i have leukemia?
What are some of the nutritional problems imposed by cancer treatments?
My girlfriend's mother diagnosed with cancer, how can I help?
WEED: I have 0.3 grams left, Bong or joint?? ?
How do diabetics with needle phobias cope?
Can overeating cause diabetes?
does medicare cover preexisting conditions?
boyfriend is prediabetic?
Two ways in which the pulmonary artery differs from the vena cava.?
Is a resting heart rate of 68bmp ok?
Would anyone care to help me with my bowel problem?
How did you feel before and after having general anaesthetic? ?
how do i get rid of my aids?
If a child is breastfed for 10 months does that guarantee a healthier childhood?
What can doctors tell from your urine?
Best Hand Sanitizer (esp against virus's)?
i want to die, is there a legal way to do this:/?
diabetes type 1???????????????????????
what is the difference between symptoms of Low & high Blood Sugar?
Blocked Artery in the heart?
What are the signs that a person has high blood pressure?
Bananas are these fattening & can they be part of the 5 a day healthy diet?
Can u give me some tips too hve a pretty good skin.?
Been feeling like I have the flu for weeks!?
Can someone help me! I need help :(?
Can gradually decreasing my contact lenses power improve my eyesight?
every time i fall asleep i have a nightmare D: please help:[ ?
Tricks to fall asleep?
What helps with constipation? Thanks.?
how do you no if you have chlamydia?
can I use my dogs tick and flea shampoo to get rid of crabs?
I had a cigarette after a long time and i didnt well with it?
New job, new shoes - numb toe?!?!?
Can doctors detect heart attcks, strokes, anueryms at a normal doctors office.?
One eye blurry when i woke up?
Why have my eye colour become lighter?
Is it a good idea for 16 Year old male to start body building?
Blood glucose levels?
how to be 1 inch higher in 2 weeks?
I'm a diabetic but I want to go on a diet ,does any one know any good diets?
hi m 23 nd i suffer from pcod and i hav been diagnosed with diabetes 1 yr back .....?
Why do I not like sleeping?
Itchy cut on my foot help?
Is it healthy to sleep for 12 hours everyday?
Having a bad headache for 3 days straight now?
Is 6 hours of sleep bad?
Can Lack of Sleep Shunt Brain Growth?
How to sleep. It takes me about an hour!?
Should I use 5 hour energy?
Nauseous After Eating?
I cant taste a thing now help me please?
How long do you have to wait to take your plaster off after having the cancer jab?
Blood pressure help...?
my father had a heart problem whats the probability that i would have it when i go old?
What sti could you get if you give your boyfriend oral?? what r the symptoms?
Are you tested for ketamine when doing an offshore medical?
How's this method to cure AIDS?
Can you be diabetic even though you have given two urine samples which tell the doctor that you are not?
If you are a diabetic?
why do you have to wait 6 months to donate blood after getting a tattoo?
how to die, now i stop taking my medicine... that the 1st step ..?
what are the sins to have if u have strep throat dose it make your gums swell?
What is the difference between a stab wound and a cut ?
please help - wife had triple bypass and valve replacement?
deflon 500 in DVT treatment?
My 14 yo son was diognosed with an enlarged heart he has a history of wpw with svt that was treated and cured?
how many times a day does our heart beat?
How to get rid of a cold sore or canker sore? not sure which one it is?
menopause and diabetes?
What are my chances of developing Type 1 Diabetes?
if im at high risk to get diabetes, can i just cut sugar out of my diet completely?
How accurate are diabetic monitors?
Does this sound like diabetes?
I think I have depression?
my heart hurts at random times when i breath in?
what does it mean if your rose quartz breaks into 2 halves?
Where can I buy a Rectal Probe?
Which system is the vena cava in?
should i tell my friends about my disease?
With testicular cancer, is it safe to delay a round of chemotherapy due to low white blood cell counts?
I have a really constipation and I need help?
Has my optical prescription been filled out wrong?
Doctor wants me to DIET / EXERCISE...What are some small steps or changes I can do..I am cutting l sugar/carbs?
Diabetes Test at Home?
How to best treat low blood sugar?
Please help me interpret these Holter Monitor Result?
Could my kidneys be in trouble?
which test indicates significant hearing loss? air conduction or bone conduction?
just cut my chest accidentally with my necklace and i bled for a few minutes?
Did the World Health Organization engineer the HIV virus?
My ex boyfriend raped me and I contracted Chlamydia..Now I just got a phone call from the hospital?
i have been diagnosed with hsv 2. my life is over. can anyone help?
Non Hoskins lymphoma in a 79 y.o. female, worth treating?
diagnosed with cancer at fourteen (how do i cope?)?
I am losing my mind here, how do i keep the trust going?
NHS compensation for distress and wasted time?
I've recently been coughing up phlegm and I have a fever of 99.0?
im 13 almost 14 nd smoke and need advise from other teen smokers?
gene therapy to cure diabetes 1 help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111?
my sugar count is over 177 and my lower legs are swollen, any ideas?
can coricidin day/night get you high?
Heart/chest pain?????
asking my doctor for heart exam?
Question about pulse and blood pressure?
can being scared make your heart stop if you have asystole?
What might cause someone's liver to become enlarged?
What's wrong with me?
Can anyone help in lowering my cholesterol and uric acid and Blood sugar level ?
Is there anything i can use to get a plaster to come off easily?
whats the best thing to with a burn blister?
can vitamin deficiency can affect mood and mental functioning depression lethargy etc? if so, which supplement?
Flu Shot Myths...Someone please solve!?
Has anyone ever thrown up red?
My chest aches when I breathe deeply?
my tongue started bleeding!!! what do i do?!?
Question about multivitamins?
Is it true that as you age your body needs less food or you will get fat, or just for some people?
Are Slim Fast shakes unhealthy?
what is the different between adenoids and nose cancer in shape?
What are some signs of cancer?
I'm scared I may have Ovarian Cancer?
Does it sound like I have skin cancer?
Tramadol, Worry or Not?
laser treatment smear test...?
What is macrocytosis?
Is it possibly breast cancer please helpp meee!!?
my 15 month old son is lactose intolerant what food can i give him as everything has milk in it!!!?
why dos my blood pressure drop when my pulse rises?
I have had mono for weeks and really want a tattoo?
my fasting blood sugaris 64 (mgm % )& post lunch blood sugar 105 mgm%?
what is stemcell and how it is usefull?
im 13 my dad died of cancer back in march..?
when your fingertips peel, is it a sign of strep?
Can i bring vicodin to school?
Question about health insurance from work?
Cant seem to be fully awake in the mornings for school?
How do I know?!?!?!?!?????
Why is my epiglottis seen?
pleassee help me!!!!!!!!!!?
Finger partially amputated in hospital this morning, how long will I be out of action for whilst I recover?
I got my tongue pierced last Saturday and it is now Thursday. The swelling hasn't gone down. Should I worry?
how can you become REALLY flexible really fast?
If I cut the palm of my hand...?
which has more sugar. small wine or a pint of beer?
What causes pale nails?
Red dry skin around mouth from to much acne wash?
Unusually fast Heartbeat?
When does heart becomes numb .............?
Can a pre-diabetic drink a lot of alcohol?
Gestational Diabetes... Symptoms?? Please answer ...?
Doctors that accept medicaid?
Reset Bayer Contour Meter?
Is it Better to Exercise in the Morning or in the Afternoon?
Abnormal cell division of cancer cells?
Prostate Cancer Question ?
HEART QUESTION: Do heart problems run in families? PLEASEHELP x?
symptoms of high blood pressure?
Does anybody know a reliable inexpensive anti-fungi(nails) solution?
I have glass inside of my foot?
Is there a cure for COPD in any system of medicine?
dual wave square wave bolus for diabetics?
Why do I go to the bathroom a lot?
I took about..Around 40? Probably less Multivitamins + iron tablets in around 5 minutes, should I be feeling?
Young women and cervical cancer?
im fourteen and think i may have cancer?
a question about lung cancer?
I'm 17, could it be possible that I have Ovarian Cysts?
How long after heart cancer surgery do you have to wait until you can get drunk?
what is bone cancer and what are the symptoms?
My ex-boyfriend has cancer, I need some serious help?
Contact lenses, axis, round up or round down?
my toddler ingested hydrocortisone should I worry?
I run 20 mins a day will i lose weight?
I have conjunctivitis, would I be okay to work tomorrow?
How to remove band aid gunk?
Please clarify my doubt regarding Heart Disease?
can night time dyspnea be caused by increase in blood pressure?
what do doctors check for in a check-up blood test?
I have eaten 250gms of mutton yesterday and 250 gms of sweets today,i am scared of my health right now,?
How do you live your life with HPV? And how do you tell someone you love?
do i have low blood pressure?
why do we breath in the day?
How come no matter how hard you pinch the skin on your elbow it doesnt hurt?
at what height is deadly for a fall?
In case of burn, should one pour water or wrap the injury with a thick cloth?
My Friend Has Been Stabbed, He's In Hospital How Long For?
How to survive falling down the stairs?
What is the cause of my knee hurting?
what can i do for cracked ribs without going to a docter?
If I was having heart related breathing issues when I took my Stress ECG...?
Is it possible for someone to have 1 or 2 atheroscletoric blockages in their arteries BUT...?
I am a low BP person . Should I go for low sodium?
I need help with my infected lip....(Please read all)?
How to treat a painful bruise?
Sleep or stay awake!?.. Helppp?
my upper lip just swell a bit while eating today?
do i have diabetes...........?
how can i get over my fear of eyes?
lose 20 pounds in 5 months?
How much will it cost to get an MRI and CT scan?
Is Ovarian Cancer common in your thirties? I am asking for my wife and what are the signs?
17 year old - living with dad that has cancer?
What are the Black Spots on Brain CT's?
Does this mole sound like it could be cancerous?
I had a Complete Blood Count test done. Can this test detect any Cancer in the body?
how do i remove a holter monitor?
what's going on with this wart?
What is Monavie Active?
Gallstones? im very unsure of what to do?
paracetomol.. where can it be sold?
What is your opinion on the NHS?
what does green vomit mean?
why chewing tablets before swallowing help give it a fast releif?
What do you think guys is the problem?
Is there any proof that magnets heal?
Get the invalidity sufferers back into work. What about the fully fit?
How to get rid from itching occurs during obstructive jaundice?
My husbad says some sweet smell is comming from my mouth,he says my lungs were infected?
blood sugar control for type 1 diabetic?
Diabetic with high blood sugar level yet healthy?
can you get chicken pox twice?
Will my other eye be okay?
Can one eye affect the other eye?
Wearing two pairs of glasses?
droopy eyelid?????Eye docters only please?
How to get in contact lenses?
Snake bite piercing advice and info?
Can smelling your breath harm you in anyway?
I have splitting headache, nausea and I am shaking, what's wrong?
What can I do to help the pain?
How do I go about getting something to help with my anxiety/depression?
My Brother has Autism and i get angry help?
What can a brain tumour be caused by?
what's a high level of cholesterol?
why do I have these palpitations?
lump in neck,referred for a scan?
why does tears comes out of eyes whenevr there's some pain,feeling etc.?
I can't fall asleep please help?
homeo medicine for retina bledding?
i think i broke my nose?
Need an air purifier to eliminate cat dander for asthmatic guests. 500 sq ft & cheap?
how do they test urine for bacterial vaginosis and can they?
Where is your natural waistline?
Why does you hand ache when writing lots?
Muscle twitching.......what causes it?
What's wrong with me??? Is it my brain?
Is it a good idea to own a defibrillator in your home?
I have a skin tag at my bikini line. How do I get rid of it with no pain or bleeding?
Am i worrying unnecessarily about my swollen tonsils?
What is the longest length of time it can take a sprained back to heal?
Is there a way to determine what kind of injury I have?
How many grams of sugar can i eat a day? How many before i get diabetes? thanks!!?
blood sugar levels in the lower 70's?
How do you get better circulation to your feet when you have an open wound that wont heal(diabetes)?
When getting a different brand of contact lenses, base curve and diameter...?
Question about laser eye surgery?
how to counteract the drugged feeling you get when taking codeine?
i get cramps really bad?
what does it mean when QRS reading is .08/sec?
Bruise on Palm of my Hand - Is this Normal?
Im 13 and I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
Can you take Lantus before your normal time?
Random Weight Loss???????????
I had a starbucks an hr before a bloodtest, and my glucose was 230. Should i be worried?
Feeling light headed, shallow breath, do I need more or less sugar?
is sleeping alot normal with stage 4 cancer?
my son just diagnosed with throat cancer?
HIV from hair salon after the stylist cut himself with the pair of scissors?
sore throat after giving husband oral?
What have i got? My symptoms.?
Will my toenail grow back?
I had blood drawn a week ago. I still have a bruise & swelling on majority of my arm, should I be concerned?
i have one swollen ankle?
Why am I getting chest pains when walking up 20 steps, but I can go 10 minutes on a treadmill with no pains?
were did the hpv come from?
Why are so many young people dying from cancer?
besides corn syrup, is simple syrup an apropriate substitution for glucose?
What is Obesity Statistics?
I can't stop eating and I have diabetes.?
anything you need to vent about?:) do it here?
Why does it hurt underneath my foot during dancing on pointe shoes?
what's the best way to remove a metal splinter?
Do you still feel gooey inside ...?
Is there a limit in strength for glases/contact lenses?
I just got one of my wisdom teeth pulled out...?
Pain killers or sleeping pills in kerala/india that are easily available..?
i am 13 and i am 55 lbs and i am 4' 7 am i under weight?
Someone said this might be diabetes? I just want to ask a couple questions?
Type 1 Diabetics and swimming...how to avoid low blood sugar?
Any insulin pumpers? Help!?
How can a diabetic deal with a "food pushing" family?
can you ask your ex if they had STDs?
can you get chlaymidia from a toilet or someone using your soap?
My Undiagnosed Heart Problem. Read On If You Have A Minute. I Feel So Alone?
My husband has 100 % blockage of one of the major artieries to his heart.?
Can you pop a knuckle back into place?
Please help me to my problem stated below?
what do i do with my life, i feel depression everyday, I have no friends?
Help with sever lower back pain in the hip area.?
What are good ways to get in some physical activity in the winter without spending money?
I need 5 questions answered about braces!?
Diabetes is cured by special regimen?
Is Pumpkin vegetable safe for diabetics?
Does anyone know any medication that actually stops coughing?
Phlegm, chesty cough for a two months now?
whats the word for when you get a cut and you bleed like super heavy and it doesnt stop for hours?
How to calm someone down if suffers from constant stress?
constantly thirsty but diabete test clear?
Can boozing too much bring on type 2 diabetes over time? Or does that have nothing to do with it?
My new boyfriend has type 1 Diabetes?
Sore Throat? *this is a space filler... please ignore*?
I'm 15 years old, 5"9, and weigh 172. Am I overweight?
constantly thirsty high pulse rate?
Does high cholesterol cause side effects like...?
Does Life Cereal Lower Cholesterol?
Dentist in training....?
Do I have depression?
Have you ever broken a bone? What are?
i just suffered a head injury, could my anxiety disorder be worse now?
Broken leg and arm? Crutches?
can you cure cervicle cancer??
Is alcoholism really a disease ?
How risky for lever , kidney, eyes & heart if blood sugar level in fasting is 145 & pp is 170 pl suggest?
Tachycardia in pregnancy?
chest pain?!?!?!?! help?
I have a social anxiety problem and whenever i try to speak in a group my heart beat goes up. what should i do?
What's the connection of Urea Breath test to H.pylori?
Is it a missed beat or something?
has anyone or is anyone on the drug lipitor [statins] if so what is your opinoin?
When can i take a bath without getting a infection?
How to quickly heal a gash/cut fast?!?
lower blood sugar now?
which and what dose of ginseng to use to normalize blood sugar?
why is bella's blood pure?
information on 3rd heart beat! PLEASE HELP?
how many times does your heart beat in your lifetime?
has anyone used resperate for high blood pressure?
how to be cardiac surgeon online?
Am I going to have a heart attack?
What is a normal heart rythem?
How long will it take for my gap to close up?
Some strange blob came out my mouth?
can a hip joint infection be a sign of cancer?
How to keep skin oil free?
How bad is "major depression"?
is this just flu or something more serious?
Does the size of heart change with Age? plz explian?
Can you have heart disease with normal blood pressure?
My blood pressure is always high?
Blood presser 220/90 how bad is that?
What are the signs of diabetes?
How lethal would 2mg morphine & 6mg Zofran be to an elder person with high pco2 levels with diabetes?
diet for a diabetes patient?
My right leg is in a cast, what should I wear on the other foot?
I have tennis elbow apart from drink lots of water what can i do about it?
where can u get tested free for stds?
Is it possible I contracted herpes?
How to use protein powder?
My gums have swollen and is sore. What could this be?
Is left over curry a health risk?
Any contraindications with Glucosamine+Chondroitin for heart attack patients?
Am I checking my blood pressure the wrong way? Why is it fluctuating so much?
When was the last time you went for a walk?
should you use pipe tobacco in cigarette tubes?
Anybody have problems with memory after chemo? Chemo brain?
Likelihood of getting lung cancer at 16?
Can you get cancer from one cigarette if you're prone to lung cancer?
Do I Have A Brain Tumor?
Can spots be caused by stress?
what are some home remedies that work for acne?
I had a lot of diarrhea this year, what will happen?
I’m looking for a rough diagnosis on depression, hopefully from an expert?
180 by 98 blood pressure?
Abdominal crunches - How long before I should see results?
Question for diabetics?
can heat effect people with diabetes?
possible diabetes? Waht do you think?
If you get dizzy when you get too hungry, does that mean you are a diabetic?
diabetes type 1 and going to the gym?
I am not diabetic but would like to start following the diabetic diet?
Im getting braces today, should i still go to school?
can penile thrush have the same symptoms as chlamydia?
is there a website that tells me who has aids/hiv in the town i live in?
I have an "indent" in my shin where i was hit with a bat?
sports injuries, is my nose broken?