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what do i do if my ear is bleeding?
How to get better from a cold fast!?
can you get hpv if you've had the hpv shots?
Does it hurt to get ur teeth grinded by the dentist?
I wanna get braces but ......?
Why is my front tooth all suddenly sensitive to cold/hot?
Some of my upper teeth feel a little loose? Could it be my retainer?
My gum hurts really bad after i did this???!!!?
Question about changing dentists?
Don't feel WELL at all? Help?
Can drinking phenol(toilet cleaner)+paint thinner causes death?
Child is father of the man.?
Varifocals with transitions coating failing.?
many says chewing gum causes mouth cancer is it true?
Whats wrong with me i dont know what im feeling?
I can't hold my fingers straight?
I have the most horrendous acid reflux problem, what would you do?
Is my body fat percentage to high for my height and age? (PLEASE READ/ HELP)?
possible to squeeze a mole out? what just happened?
Broken my wrist but no cast ?
Why have I suddenly got acne at 18?
Anyone tried Walmart's version of Splenda?
why am i addicted to sugar?
Why do our bodies jump when something unexpecting shows up?
Advice on Clove Oil, toothache?
private methadone prescription?
Name the rare genetic disorder that causes premature aging and early death?
Why am i always cold and shaking?
Should i get lower premolars and uppers canines extracted?
When will I be able to eat chips again?
Tooth pain hot and cold sensitivity?
Iam 37 weeks pregnant and am having serious problems with my teeth, please help me dentists...?
Eye floater or detached retina?
Eye lid has been twitching for the past week?
how many people have herpes?
How to get rid of bad acid ?
Tuberculosis help pleaseee?
My crown broke off leaving the metal post embedded in the remaining tooth.?
How long will a jarred finger or jammed finger take to get healed and what can l do to speed it up?
Do braces cause ones gums to bleed?
How likely is it that my aneurysm will never burst in my lifetime?
What are some reasons for numbness in the left pinky toe?
i wont a safe tablet to take for osteoarthiritis to help my pain?
does my friend have an eating disorder? What type?
Is electromagnetic field (EMF) produced by high tension power transmission lines causes cancer?
how should i treat my 2nd degree sunburn?
Whats wrong with me?? Is it just IBS?
HELP, could someone give me an answer my bowel problems?!!?
sleep paralysis story?
Wanting to get contacts online?
Why 2 to 4AM is considered as the best time for meditation.?
blood pressure reading?
my bottom lips are always chapped?
dry skin..... help me..../.?
How to get sleeping pills from medical store without subscription?
Is there any cure / treatment for polio since childhood?
Will doctor give me a sick line to hand into university because of kidney stones?
what is autism? 1 out of 1 in every 110 people have it. What is it exactly?
Can off milk give you diarrhoea?
I skinned my finger really badly?
suggest best natural penice enlargement exercize for 50 yr old diabetic man?
Do I have type one diabetes?
can damp in my house cause asthma?
Is it possible that biopsy/ colonoscopy reports don't match?
What does Osteocarcoma feel like?
Bladder cancer in 13 year old?
Pain in the back when i start running?
What is the difference between acrylic plates and plastic ones?
Do I have Insomnia? PLEASE HELP!?
How can he sell his kidney?
my daughter is 5 she been having headaches for 6 months, went to optitians and she struggled.?
Fever, chesty cough, feeling rough?
Do you take power naps?
Apple Cider Vinegar and the benefits?
My uncle is an Orthopedic Surgeon and has told me that I have a high ankle sprain, help?
Random Hypoglycemic Attacks?
why is type 2 diabetes becoming so prevalent?
Question about my blood sugar levels?
How do doctors tell the difference between type and type 2 diabetes?
Do blood tests hurt? Please Help!!!!?
can some one explain how they remove a cyst on the pancreas called insulinoma?
How much will it hurt when I pierce my tongue?
How can I motivate myself to go to the gym?
Pros and Cons on Fad Diets and Diet Centres?
I only sleep a few hours a night. HELP me if you can. This has been going on for ten years.?
I keep feeling like I'm falling and things go black...?
Will the dental treatment be completed under nhs if I start work.?
What is the cheapest way to straighten my teeth?
what does it look like when you cut yourself shaving badly enough to need stitches?
What are the black spots I see in front of my eyes sometimes?
what is it called to have 2 different eye colors?
i need help with my retainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do i Feel Tired and Sick?
Has anybody had a cyst removed from there eyelid?
Weird Stomach flu symptoms?
How to get cancer and How to spot cancer (please read below)?
What percentage of people live through a brain tumor that cannot be operated on?
Do breast cancer lumps grow rapidly?
Is there any way I can stop smelling of curry the day after I've eaten it?
Is Bio Oil very good for clearing up scars? Would you recommend it?
Shall I give homeopathy to my kids?
Do you think l should go and get a second opinion?
Is this a bad thing to do to quicken up braces process?
Is it possible to get braces in another country ?
Do I qualify to get invisalign?
How can you tell if there's a bug in your ear?
How many millions of UK residents have had their teeth ruined by the NHS?
just got braces off, teeth moved?
If I move to Spain, what will they do about my braces?
I just got braces and i forgot everything the Dentist told me?!?
Braces Problem???????/?
can you talk to you're school nurse if you think you have an STD?
What is happening to me? What is this?
If the pancreas is inflammed does it stop doing its functions?
Is there a cure for Cholera?
How to stop severe diarrhea ? Urgent help needed :(?
What is a medical induced coma?
My heart starts beating really....?
she has had a pain in her leg for about 3 months that is constant. could this be a blood clot?
Why is it that I have such a high heart rate?
Do you ever massage your own feet ?
i have smoked about 5 or 6 ciggarettes in my life, but i have quit, how badly will it affect my body?
When can i get normal after getting wisdom teeth pulled?
Why British don't care about their teeth?
my dentist gave me weird colour fillings in my teeth ?
Is this a cold or flu?
Shower being dizzy and sick? Help!?
Pinworms...PLEASE HELP ME!?
what is the least amount of hyperopia that should be corrected? and the least amount of astigmatism? And why?
I have a loose front bottom tooth, HELP!!?
What products can I use for dry skin?
I hurt my nose a few weeks ago.?
I can taste blood - related to GERD. HELP advice please?
My eyes water NON-STOP???to the point it blurrs my vision??anyone know what could be causing this?
Does my Scoliosis sound serious?
What are the problems with high blood pressure?
why do people who smoke get so breathless?
had pieces of bone removed from an upper tooth hole now lower jaw is aching?
ive been ill and have a lot of saliva how can i stop my body making me so snotty?
How common is it for front teeth to go over the bottom teeth?
free dental implants?
what is high blood pressure?
if i had muscle weakness , what would it feel like, i am in statins and i have heard some people suffer muscle?
Alcohol problem - will I get withdrawal?
I accidentaly eat a caterpillar in my fruit?
why do i keep needing to pee?
Does anybody get really bad ibs?
can you get herpes off a toilet seat?
Could I possibly have Lupus?
If you saw 2 colours the wrong way round (eg. red as blue), how would you ever know?
How to evaluate the extent of damage of cirrhosis in the affected liver?
Injury, any help from any one please?
Whats the name of the hip bone?
My dog just bit off my finger and its bleeding and i'm about to pass out?
I got my A1c done, is it normal?
im a 28 y.o female just found out that i have a 117 blood sugar.?
i am 40 year old with diabetic. my bloop pressure is 150/95. should I start taking drug for blood pressure?
What happens if you have loads of cavities?
what is the success rate for living throuh lymphoma?
Some questions about braces ?...?
If you drink honey water will you get enough oxygen?
Why does this happen to me sometimes, breathing really fast and cant control it?
Is it possible your vision could get better if you stop wearing your contacts or glasses for a while?
I have sudden blackouts in vision every once in a while?
Can you store contacts in saline solution?
why can't I fall asleep?
do tonsillectomies still happen in the uk?
Could my teeth be the cause of hair loss?
False teeth at a young age ?
would the dentist give me percocets after getting fillings?
How long dose novicane last after dentist visit?
skin conditions, acne, psoriasis, dermatologist, what is the best treatments available?
how can i raise money for cancer research?
If one eat instant noodles 3 times,every week, will he/she get cancer? What kind of cancer will he/she get?
broken arm? help me please!?
I just got my monore done on the 8th and ive had yellow pus in it for the past couple days. ?
I'm pretty sure i've just broken my little toe.?
Upper back pains.!? ({Plzz answer!})?
I fell from the motorcycle. had my X-ray but no fracture found yet still felt the hurt. what it could be?
im dylan, i run competitivley 5 days ago i suffered concussion, now my legs feel weakis this from not runing?
a new inject able medicine for diabetes but not insulin?
Alternative remedies for painful dry throay?
Ear Wax cleaning debate?
my son is 9 weeks old and cutting a tooth please help?
Is it ok to drink pop with a retainer, or do you have to take it out?
Suggest me. . . .? Teeth problem . . . .?
The dentist said i need a soft food diet, any ideas?
What is probably causing my digestive system problems?
Why don't my teeth whiten?
Is burning 150 calories a day good?
whats wrong with me ?
what is fenugreek powder?
How to cure hypnthyroidism completely ?
How easy is it to overdose?
Why r breats situated at the upper part of a woman body?
young patient with raised iop?
has anybody ever been treated for colon cancer?
What's a good way to whiten my teeth at home?
I put some drops of eucalyptus oil in my ear and am now worried that was not a wise thing to do. Will there be?
Rubber band on braces poking my lip?
What is the purpose of triangle rubber bands on braces?
Is alum safe to use on mouth ulcers?
Besides cavities, what can happen if you don't keep up with your regular dental cleaning?
I'm congested and scheduled for a wisdom teeth extraction?
Retainer question: Is this a big problem for me?
how do i make my gums stronger and close a gap in my teeth?
What do i do!? Its starting to get bad!!?
What is the difference between allopathy and ayurveda...............?
I fractured my nose in basketball i was elbowed. Will it be crooked?
Can type 2 diabetes cause arthritis or similar symptoms?
can severe copd cause sudden and extreme confusion?
Have you ever had your ears pinned back?
I have an underbite will i need braces?
Help!!! k so n e one who has had braces plz help?!?!?!?!?!?
Can my teeth still recover from tooth decaying ? and how ?
I am looking for a list of antibiotics that are prescribed both for sinusites and skin infection.?
Do i still have my first set of teeth ?
The side of my head and teeth hurts?
Are mercury-based dental fillings safe?
argh. think my braces have to be taken off! :@?
I have been told my eyes are partly open when I sleep! Is that Okay?
I have strasbisumus/amblyopia, can I straighten my eyes with contacts?
I just pulled out my tooth and there is abit of meat?
i am recieving dla at the moment i feel my stability is still very poor can i carry on recieving help?
What can i do on my own to stop or to reduce it?
sir, plz help me....?
Do I have an ear infection?
my teeth n face has gonr num?
Painful sore after root canal on molar..?
how can i stop myself from feeling sick and throwing up?
Who did derrick burts contract hiv from?
I feel great when i smoke why?
What type of Air Purifier should i buy?
Whats worse 10 cigarettes spreded out the day or 10 in a row?
i have recently found a tiny lump on my knee which moves around when a touch it,could it be anything dangerous?
Does this SMOKING timetable apply to me?
Do I need glasses? What should I do?
Where can i get good quality of Bench glasses for my eye wear?
How much can the price of contacts vary depending on your prescription?
About how much do contacts cost?
Need help putting contacts in?
which is best tooth paste for bad breath?
Which auto insurance co. in AZ. is the most affordable?
Dentist appointment tomorrow...?
Is the only way to straighter teeth braces?
what is a root canal and why do people get them?
How can I wighten my teeth?
Braces??? Can someone answer for 10pts?
When you get your braces off can you keep them?
Can anyone tell me why I don't really feel emotions?
Can cystitis stop a period?
Does homeopathy affect Orange juice?
front tooth slightly wobbly?
Possibilty of gallstones?
Diabetic child having lower abdominal pain and little urine output today?
pasta salad for diet for dieting?
It occurs once in a minute; twice in a week and once in a year! what is it?
how to overcome cold?
Why do I feel like this?
Dizzy spells and occasional pins and needles?
Can someone tell me a good whitening toothpaste that i can find in tescos that i can use with my braces?
Does using mobile causes any side effects?
How many grams of sugar a day would it take the average person to get diabetes?
What nutrition advice will you give to a diabetic person?
Best ways to quit smoking ?
Is there really a cure for common cancers?
I Have A Spotty Stomach And NO IDEA What It Is "/?
gums in braces question?
these questions is for dentist?
will it safe to allow a shaking tooth to fall as it when falls?
Is a filling metal or clear?
How can I help my mate?
Scared to leave home?
Left Sided Sharp Chest Pain?
which foods reduce blood pressure?
How to stay awake for 8 hours after not sleeping all night?
throbbing head pain after unsuccessful tooth extraction?
Toddler and Eye Doctor?
Would Lithium 8.4g, seqoul xl 4.6g and loraezpam 90mg be dangerous in an overdose or just make you throw up?
WHY Allopathic medicines help temporarily but harm in long run?
I am swollen around my eyes? What is causing this?
am taking iron pills while drinking pepsi is that bad?
im 19 and im losing my teeth what do i do! im so scared and sad =(?
How long after losing a clot do you know if you have dry socket?
a female conceive is not valid please give me the name of homeo medicine?
why is "Green Tea" said to be healthy? and what are "anti toxins" or how it is suppose to elimintate these?
How bad do your teeth have to be to get braces?
I lost my top retainer HELP?
When you get your wisdom teeth removed?
Could I have Ovarian Cancer?
Would an "I wear teal for my mom" shirt imply that she still HAS ovarian cancer?
Help Scar Redness and Itchness?
What is this hard lump at the back of my throat?
is hepatitis a curable?
What kind of medical treatments are available for correcting a lisp?
Im not really good at Maths. I suffer a lot of prolems in solving it.?
What is invisible braces???? will it give less pain compared to normal braces?
how does somebody with diabetes feel?
iam very lean,i want to be fat so that can i drink beer? is it may give health problems ?
how many 200mg painkillers would it take to end your life?
where do you buy sports bras ?
Does it matter if I shave before I visit the dentist?
I'm 16 and i have 28 teeth...................?
Does it sound like I have strep throat?
How clearly should I be seeing?
advice regarding prescription frames and glasses in uk?
why does my right eye hurt?
which is best ultrasonic cleaners or autoclaves?
Is it true that your lungs dont recover 100% from smoking?
phlegm in my throat won't go after a bad cold + cough?
is it ok to drink alcohol whilst taking amoxicillin 50mg?
COLONIC...what does it entail?
Do i have type 1 Diabetes?
i think i have diabetes?
Could I have diabetes?
Why have i been feeling very tired lately?
Lol, odd toe question?
whats happening to me.?!?
Im so depressed...can someone help?
So confused about a friends eating problem?
I think my bronchitis has got worse ?
Broken knuckle from punching a punchbag with no gloves.?
Looking for first aid event medic cover ambulance services?
What would by uncorrected vision be if my contacts are pwr -4.75?
Ease the pain of bottom braces?
how much do traditional braces cost and how long would i have to wear them for?
what would happen if a tooth abscess popped and the poison was swallowed?
Annoying blocked ear?
how long does it take to get the result of a CT scan?
need a thesis statement for breast cancer for my research i really need help.?
Is it illegal to fake cancer?
What are the chances of me having leukemia?
Who was the first brain surgeon?
I need advice please!!?
is polysporin available in New Zealand?
Can I get my braces taken off early?
I'm getting braces and an expander tomorrow-do braces hurt?
What to expect when getting braces?
What are the side effects of Dental treatments like scaling or crown cap or flap surgery?
What is it like to have braces?
Why is the injection CEFORIN 500mg prescribed?
is rbc Polycythemia or is that some thing eles?
Do all cigarettes contain the same tobacco?
Why is laughing good for us?
a question about pink eye?
What is metabolism?????????
What is the device with a light that my orthodontist used inside my mouth on my tooth? Is it harmful in anyway?
My ear is swollen after i got hurt?
why do i have a sharp pain in left eye?
home remedies for healing a cold and sore throat?
Wisdom teeth - I have seen one or 2 questions about having all these pulled...why?
Will the dentist be able to clean my teeth if I have braces on?
Do you take insulin before or after a meal?
How and why did this diabetes occur?
two holes on the inside of my cheeks.?
Nervous for my wisdom teeth extraction?
What does a cavity feel like?
I don't know if I have Herpes?
what do they do to test you for stds?
Is it possible to pee green ?
What is tested for in arterial blood gases?
part of my tooth broke and it grow back?
I think my filling cracked, but I've got no insurance atm?
Is my baby allergic to raisins and grapes?
are there any better tablets than metformin?
is this bad? wisdom teeth...?
What does a power chain(for braces do)?
ZOMG my retainer HURTS, IT'S sooo tight!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's a good rechargeable toothbrush?
How long does swelling on the face take to go away?
what is the best solution or medicine for arthritis ? i am a sufferer.?
Why are my teeth like this?
any dentists out there ?
My hands are cold almost all the time. Why?
YAY! My brother does crystal meth!?
What is good for nat bites?
In 2 weeks time I am going to work naked for a day to raise money for breast cancer would anyone else do that?
Do i Have BiPolar disorder or what?
Bipolar meds affecting vision?
Can someone explain everything I need to know about bands for braces? :)?
Is wearing earrings while undergoing scan at the orthodontist harmful ?
Tired when I sleep more?
Need hernia surgery, no insurance, help ?
is there any natural herbs i can take to help me with going off my anti-depressants cold turkey?
I've had a plastic sequin stuck in my ear for a year but now it's starting to hurt what do I do?
is it bad to use 1-month contact lenses for two months if cleansed properly?
how come when i wear contacts, after a while my eyes get red?
My eyes turn red when I wear contacts?
i have recently had a very bad blog of flu,yesterday i went a wee and it was like Coffee,to nearly dark?
my dad has just recovered from cancer which has left his fingers and toes completley numb , hes also just had?
Why is it so hard to find a cure for cancer?
after being diagnosed with breast cancer how long do i have to wait?
stage 3 cancer cells detected after pap?
If I have thyroid cancer, what are my chances of survival? I am so scared to have this biopsy.?
Can laptops cause cancer?
Why were some people got cured with cancer by drinking their own urine?
Root Canal Today, Grey gums?
HELP! stung my a bee on the lip! what to do?! its swelling!?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Monday....?
Is there such thing as a salt intolerance?
Could I have a Marijuana Allergy?
Is there such thing as too much vitamin C?
I have amputated legs and my left arm, how am I suppose to work?
I was cleaning my ears with Q-Tips?
Tired all day then can't sleep when I get into bed?
Cold sore in the back of my throat?
wart/ canker sore on lip?
Does getting your braces off hurt a lot?
I am prone to oral thrush after a meal. How can I remedy or alleviate this?
can aids spread by kissing ?
Do I have an STD? Am I pregnant?
UK: How Do I Know If A Private Dentist Is Any Good?
how much do i have to pay a month for braces?
what are those things called that you put in your mouth when sleeping so you dont grind your teeth?
My dentist has given me penicillin for a suspected abscess,can I still take paracetamol?
Hodgkins lymphoma or lupus?
I have a blocked nose, and a cough and nothing else?
when a child is sick it is vital that it's kept in a clean environment but why?
can i bond my tooth myself?
Is it bad that its hard to brush my teeth properly because my braces hurt?
what causes toothache in my 5 year old daughter?
Are there any shops or places in Manchester where can still buy Colloidal silver?
can I wear my contacts at work in front of a pizza oven?
Does wearing glasses or contacts full time make your eyes worse?
Extreme near-sightedness help?
If you wear contacts are you suppose to wear them into the office when you go for an eye exam?
Does Bipolar Disorder Include Paranoia?
Do I Have The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder?
Why would one grit their teeth?
Please help. I'm really scared.?
What are these things in my mouth?
How to quickly fall asleep at night?
i dont have a regular cleaning out like i should 2 times a day. I have a cleaning out every 4 to 5 days?
Is there oman ministry of health exam centre in mumbai?
How do you stop braces from poking your mouth?
can pioz be taken by a patient who is male, more than 68 years and have mild RF?
what kind of medicin good for tall 17 age?
I have the flu and i cant enjoy my weed what can i do?
I have dry skin how do i make it better?
How many symptoms should concern me?
do you think i have diabetes?
Is smoking marajuana bad?
Scleral Buckle and Vitrectomy and PVR surgery Question?
My eye has been twitching for the past month or so what could this be?
How long does it take a person to get addicted to dip?
Home remedies on How stop blushing?
Braces tightening intervals?
how can i make my tooth stop hurting?
is it possible to remove deep teeth stains?
Do I need to see the dentist?
My sister-in-law has type 2 Diabetes, now she's saying " I dont have it anymore' Is this true?
what does it mean when your told your blood sugars sky high, does it mean your diabetic?
a casualty is bleeding profusely with no signs of breathing. should you start CPR or stop the bleeding first?
stung by wasp, painful and swollen, been 2 days ,what should i do?
How can I prepare for wisdom teeth extraction?
my wisdom teeth is hurting bad and is starting to keep me up at night and i am haveing trouble eating now?
does anyone know what this could be?
Is it possible to have your file at the doctors removed and destroyed upon request?
Need help with Stairlifts!?
What happens when someone dies of Leukemia?
What is a diagnostic doctor?
unbearable tooth pain.. please help! 10 points!?
wat are the symptons of asburghes?
had thryoid gland removed , no change?
Ear wax in my left ear has caused temporary deafness. Please help me!?
Can someone fail for the first thirty years of there life at everything and then turn it around?
how do i handle my ocd?
Can you wear your mouth plates (after bracers) for too long?
My hands go bright red?
how much are circle lenses if they're prescribed?
are there any drinks, foods or supplements that can increase my libido?
Anyone help me pleaseeee....?
How can I fall asleep on Ritalin?
Why am I coughing so much? I never coughed so much in my life?
I'm afraid to cough! Please help!?
How much are Damon braces in Australia?
prevent spots especially when on period?
How To Whiten My Teeth?
When will I get my braces off!!!! UUUGGGGHHHH!?
Does everybody have a labial frenulum?
Small hole at the top of my canine tooth. What is it?
Should I get my tonsils removed or not?
Do I have a severe cavity?
Could I have diabetes?
Do I have hope to drop further my blood glucose level?
Blood Alcohol Level Help?
What is this white crystal like substance?
Scar treatment (acne) help please?
What is the homemade treatment for contsipation?
what are the results of 1g of metformin hcl to a t2 diabetic after 3 to 5 years of use and switching to insuli?
what is the prompt solution of stress in diabetic patient?
Without letting your personal opinion come to mind how safe are sun-beds?
Offered Flu Jab But Not At Risk?
hey tommorow i dont wanna go to school plz tell me to get fever in one night...plz plz. help?
Hot and cold with sore throat and fatigue and loss of appetite, what's wrong with me?
my hamster bit my finger :( ?
I had my tonsils removed when I was very young. But I now seem to be getting "tonsil stones" frequently?
Lubricants ? ?????????
Lower right molar extraction?
Which is better a dental bridge or dental implant, for a single molar tooth? State your reasons. Thanks.?
A dental work question?
Elastic bands for braces?
Everyone says my teeth became worse when i got braces,is it possible?
Which braces would affect my flute playing the most?
Diabetic child now cealiac disease???? help.?
Best way for dealing with neck pain?
woke up with a concerning looking bruise any ideas?
Indentifying a cavity in my teeth?
Will a metal tooth filling last longer than the white one?
how much does getting your teeth straightened cost?
I've had the root canal done, what's next?
Has crest 3D white worked for u?
Is it possible for Botulism in a milk?
What are the side effects of energy drinks?
Injury to hand?? Swollen area, sharp pains?? What have i done?
just went over on my ankle- pain when i rest it?
Do women participate in raising awareness for prostate cancer?
Looking for people who have experience with and knowledge of Methenamine Hippurate 1 GM Tablets.?
I am in need of diabetic supplies?
Could these symptoms mean I'm diabetic?
do you get contacts when you go in for an eye exam?
How long does a chest infection last without antibiotics?
Good and inexpensive online classes for phlebotomy?
How to get over a past traumatic event?
Sometimes I feel like I just want to die...?
Out of control Chinese medicine - enough is enough!?
why do i keep getting ulcers?
What is this white gunk in my mouth?
Why is it that after several hours where you have been on a computer, you seem to go a bit fuzzy after wards?
how to tell if your tail bone is bruised or broken?
my son's temperature?
hi i burned my finger and there is a big huge bubble , i left it for 2 days but it wont get smaller , help?
How can I get my teeth whiter?
Does a tumor lead to cancer ?
What companies support the fight for cancer in men, women, AND children?
chemotherapy for breast cancer?
how to cure really bad breath?
im so scared getting two teeth out, does it hurt?
Do those who self harm enjoy the pain or dislike it?
How should I tell my friends that I want to be left alone?
I need some tips for getting out of bed in the morning?
sleep itches disturbance?
Braces Off, Bite Help?!?
My tounge has "bald" patches?
teeth removal 4 wisdom teeth and a broken tooth?
What shouldn't you do when you have a concussion?
what to with a broken toe?
Sore area after bruise?
What can I do to get pretty much instant relief of a panic attack?
Why is my finger so swollen after a bite?
What is max window period in HIV?
Why do my contacts get blurry?
what are the chances of getting hepatitis b in the Caribbean if not vaccinated?
How long do antibiotics take to work?
Do i need an extraction?
Why do peopLe buy whItening products ?
What are normal blood sugar levels when checking on an Accu-Check Machine?
Painful Wisdom Teeth: How long does the pain last?
how long does it take a tooth infection to spread to your brain?
is it good to be fifteen and not smoking your face off every other day?
hamster bit my finger :( ?
Ive been having shy. quiet depressing days recently...day after day:( is it cause i take my prozac at 12:00?
total blindness,yes or no?
ive had a cold for weeks and now my nose started to bleed?
Left side chest pain?
I need some medical advice!?
What would you like to ask?How long does it take to heal a muscle?
I cut my hand off?????!?#[email protected]?$#[email protected]?
Is one of the bones in my foot broken?
Too old for implants?
Getting braces in 5 Dayszzz Wat 2 Expect?
what can you REALLY eat when you have braces ?! READ .?
Does TMJ cause facial disfiguration or changes in jaw alignment and structure?
i live in the uk but want my braces done in the philippines cause its cheaper?
do i have to take my tongue ring out at the dentist?
can you get sunburn threw glass?
When did people find out about the health risks of smoking?
My mom hit her knee on the side of the bed and had a seizure?
Help Please! What could be causing the pain in my foot!?
I am bulimic??????? ?
Is my retainer supposed to hurt?
how can i pull my tooth out? it's stuck on my gum?
Can you bleach your teeth with actual bleach?
How long do I have to wait after having fillings done before I can brush my teeth?
What is a dental implant?? How does it work?
Pain in teeth and below gumline?
A lump/ball under my cheek close to the jaw?
How long do colds last?
Where can i get "One Touch Ultra test strips"?
My sugar level this morning was 7.2 is that normal?
i smashed my finger into a basketball pole, I have a dark red dot at my fingertips and it hurts a lot, what do?
If you have Herpes, your on your way to HIV/STD?
What is this soreness and irritation on my labia?
What is the correct way to brush your teeth and how long do you bruth each tooth for?
I just got 8 spacers and its really sore what can i do to make it feel better?
Wisdom teeth uses, help.?
Can I exercise with stitches on my lip?
Correction for my teeth?
How long does it take to became a dentist ???? after high school?
What exercise should i do for clicking jaw.?
How has social Anxiety affected your life?
Blood in stool 15 year old?
I want whiter teeth help :(?
What is better? Contactsor transitions?
help fast Clorox in eye?
Are contact prescriptions the same as glasses prescriptions?
do you have to pay for new trial pair contact lenses?
My eye wont stop twitching?
Got cavities filled now it stings when I bite!?
Is it bad if my rubberband came off?
How often should someone visit the dentist?
how much does the vaccine cost for kennel cough?
Can individuals be effected at adulthood after having pneumonia at infancy?
When will the pain of my cartilage piercing go away?
what are the symptoms for hay fever?
child with allergy cough?
what is this behind my front teeth? it's really sore?
need dental implants and alot of them and i can't afford to get them replaced at once. Im 25 help?
dont understand what was seen on x-ray?
what is wrong with my knee?
Don't understand what was seen on x-ray?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Teeth pain is a good reason to arrive 10 minutes late and miss jobseekers allowance interview?
advice for a person wanting to wear contacts for the 1st time?
why do my eyes keep watering is it because i have cold ?
can everyone have cataract surgery?
what should be applied on a post op eye trauma, warm or cold compress?
what is Angioplasty Side effects?
Do i need to go to the hospital - too much Potassium Citrate?
Dizziness for two days straight, any ideas on what this might mean?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
im tired all the time and get enought sleep?
When I breath, I can feel a 'click' in my lungs?
What does a quality dental bridge cost in India? I lost a tooth recently. Thanks ahead.?
can smelling your breath alot kill you?
my teeth are so bad.?
dry skin nose and forhead?
I have a insect bite on my arm!?
can the sun give you a swallon eye with sunburn ?
My contact lens' broke,And I have no glasses, I need help?
Are semi rimless frames still in style?
Is it time for me to get a new glasses/contacts prescription?
How much reliable is the eye test for babies ?
Is there any possible surgery for my eyes?!?
My vision in right eye is 20/50 Left eye 20/83. what does these numbers mean? ?
how to cut off a cast?
how can you tell the difference of a finger being broken or just sprained without seeing a doctor?
Is it bad to run with your cell phone and keys in your hand?
How long after using nexcare with a cold sore go away?
Mangosteen Juice??? Is it worth it?
desperate to lose weight?
Do I have an Anxiety Problem? Or Social Phobia?
My boyfriend has a disease................omg plz help:'( ?
How Diabetes type-II, can be reversed by improving life style and going for diabetes healing super-foods?
what am i allergic to ?
Does my mom have Lymph Node Cancer?
If my mom had breast cancer, what are the odds I will?
Can a broken ankle cause someone to lose their foot?
How do I know if I broke my toe?
In cpr do you do this....?
Do I have a rare condition? I can grow new teeth in as an adult?
How much will a tooth chip cost to repair?
When you get braces does it hurt?
How Much Are Braces??????????????????????
my teeth hurt because i still have my baby teeth and the adult ones are pushing them out?
Can you catch Chlamydia?
how legit are at home std testing kits?
What do you know about MMS(Miracle Mineral Suplement) in Killing hiv/aids and cancer by jim humble?
is it normal to feel exhausted after reiki, EFT and other healing techniques like this?
These symptoms could be.....?
Can monkeys pass AIDS onto humans?
Can Diabetics give blood?
AIC test results for diabetic check up?
Why do we get plaque on our teeth?
My joints and muscles are always sore! what to do?
Is there actually a cure for athlete's foot?
Bored, hungry, tired, no food and a several hours of work due 9:00 advice?
What is a way/ways to lower blood sugar?
Did you eat anything before your glucose test?
What can I cook for guest with Type I diabetes?
Can a person's glucose lever get over 900?
Is this to much Vitamin E to be taken daily?
Does anyone have any insulin pump tips?
How do you get Glucagon?
Large lymph nodes Need 2nd opinion?
Powerpoint about smoking ?
Two spots on my chin..? o.o?
I would like to ask about giving blood?
I was detected HBsAG +VE on 25/10/10 & confirmed on 28/10/10?
Had to get a tooth removed?
Had a filling and it doesn't feel right?
Does it hurt getting your braces off?
I'm going to the dentist today, but I have this huge nasty cold sore on my lip. /:?
Does flossing your teeth..?
Help, any tips on how to get on with work when you stand?
What does it mean if your blood is black?
I have a sore throat, bad cough, sore chest, am disorientated when I walk around and have a temperature. Flu?
so what the name of this disease?
How do you know if you were raped the night before?
had thyorid gland removed - told to come back in 6 weeks, is this standard?
how long does the numb feeling last after 2 teeth out ?
I chipped my tooth just now?
how long should you wait to eat after having a filling?
I need braces but everyone is saying they hurt like crazy! Do they?
does root canal hurt (need answer asap)?
i have really bad cricked teeth especially on the top my front teeth over lap i have gone to two different ort?
Can people with Diabetes Mellitus never have concentrated sweets (ie: candy bars, sodas, etc.) ?
Hi,wow ! I've been diagnosed w type 2 diabetes not on insulin yet, but , that's next if my BS don't come down?
will i need my tooth pulled eventually?
My Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer...?
Possable chance of something wrong with brain?
What do you say to someone whose mom just found out she has breast cancer?
what is the normal size of lymph nodes ?
Can deodorant burns cause cancer?
breast cancer so early?
my son has neurofibromatosis type 1 and hi is only 2years old what can i expect ?
I need white teeth pls help?
If a front tooth is chipped can that be fixed? N how?
Is there any way I can treat a bad cut on my gums?
I have thick yellow snot and need to blow my nose all the time, is this hay fever?
I woke up this morning coughing, and i have some drainage in the back of my throat?
Why are the White bits in my eyes slightly red?
I have a non-specific cough; do you think it is allergy related?
Do i have tinnitus???????
What are the best Malaria pills?
How long should you avoid drinking straws after a back molar or wisdom tooth extraction?
Burning headaches.. why ?
Is 73 a normal number for a diabetic 4 hours after a meal?
If you have type 2 diabetes do you still need a blood glucose meter ?
Friendship bracelets keep twisting!?!?!??!?
do you have sugar or your family members?
How to clean the inside of your nose?
I can't talk clearly?
i think my teeth have moved with braces, but haven't had them on for long:S ?
Do you have to be a Dentist before becomming a Orthodontist?
What kind of injury is this?
What is a Scale and Clean? Does it hurt?
what is more important?
My mother has a swelling in the posterior cervical region of neck.What can it be?
does it mean you have cancer if your stool floats?
Songs about being scared of dying?
My knees keep cracking when I walk sometimes? How I stop them to stop cracking?
What can make you cry or emotional?
Polytar Shampoo for psoriasis?
how do anti depressants make you feel?
What are common symptoms of Cat allergies?
what would happen if i breathed from a car exhaust for 3-4 minutes?
how to stop my wrists for hurting when doing exercises(10points)?
Herpes while drinking but not direct contact with the bottle?
Does the radius in contact lenses matter?
If you are nearsighted with astigmatism should you wear glasses all the time?
Rubber bands with braces.?
Do you think my dentist will give me braces?
What can I do to get cheap braces? My crooked teeth give me a headache and I need to get them fixed.?
How to make braces hurt less?
There is a problem with my tooth?
1 month into braces metal band broke. ortho said it is a setback of 2 months?
Will braces permanently close a gap between two front teeth?
if someone had a catheter in there arm and ....?
what would happen if i pulled my mouth ulcer of?
feeling faint even after meals?
Why some women get breast cancer even when they live in good atmosphere.?
Breast cancer patients and underwire bras?
Nosebleed while sick with a cold?
Is it a coldsore or chapped lips?
is going to uni life or death?
i have a molar broken several places and sharp bits damaging my tongue and cant heal as always touch tooth?
What could be wrong with me?
what do you think would be easier to live by deaf or blind?
What happened to me last night?
Is this normal after tooth extraction ?
Getting my wisdom teeth removed..nervous?
Where to buy a good affordable teeth whitener that actually does work?
Could tooth abscess be linked to being a bit run down?
Do X-rays show tooth infections (early stages) or not?
Should I have a root canal before a crown is put on? ?
DO i need teeth braces(pictures included)?
Can your insurance cover for high speed braces?
Slightly sore gum above one tooth, only when brushing? ?
my friend got raped and got an hiv test?
You think i could get an std?
Has anyone had chlamydia and gotten rid of it?
Implanted contact lenses?
My eye feels like it's pulsing?
Is your eyesight worse when you are tired?
I got lotion in my eye the other day and I think my eye is scratched now?
i want to have schizohprenia?
Why do I have 36 teeth?
Root canal retreatments, I'm having some and I'm scared?
retainer help? i take it of in my sleep!?
impaired fasting glucosetolerence?
My Maltese is very allergic to fleas. One flea on her causes terrible scratching. What can I do for her?
What is the best medicine to take for balanitis infection?
how are stitches caused when you run?
What happens if i don't wear my elastics ALL the time (braces)?
Whats wrong with this One Touch Mini?
how to gain weight easyer ?
What is my Diabetic prognosis?
whats wrong with my clumbers spanails eyes they will not stop shaking?
Are there any eyeglasses retailers that will give me glasses with a three year old prescription?
Contact Lenses Solution?
Blood Pressure and Pulse in a 22 year old Female?
What are the symptoms of HEART ATTACK ?
what do i do if i have to pull an all nighter but can't?
why hyperpigmentation occurs in addison's disease? plz elaborate it..?
Chronic nausea caused by anxiety?
What is causing my back and leg(right) pain?
how to change my shirt without it hurting?
Just got elastics on my brace. Help please =D?
open hearts surgery hospitals?
When your a diabetic whats worse...?
How much will an Aetna HMO plan cover an insulin pump?
i dislocated my shoulder on vacation?
What happened to my leg ?
painless migraine symptoms in diabetes?
What Is It Like Living With HIV/AIDS?
How to get out of the fever?I am suffering for fever with cold for few days.Previously,a week before i was wit?
What is the purpose of Chemotherapy?
How is chemotherapy carried out?
Which cancer can be consider to be the most dangerous?
Cancer and weight loss without chemo?
Can anyone tell me anything about this sort of cancer?
4 mm lung nodule lower right lobe?
is there any brain transplant experiment out there?
Following loop excision diathermy the results still show cin. 3 yet they do not want to see me for 6 months?
i m skinny.how do i put on some weight? i go gym regularly sinc 6 months but there is no any kind of effect on?
How safe to take L-argenine for diabetic person.?
What is the proper age to take your child to the dentist?
Bracket Loose on brace, but teeth are straight and brace is due to come off should i do something?
i cant afford to go the the dentist my teeth are very yellow, Whats the best way to whiten teeth?
Why i feel light heded after i quit smoking and its been 3 weeks it will over go away?
How do you know when you are done growing?
why can't i taste anything?
Help! Need hemorrhoid advice :(?
Just how bad is smoking for you?
How to Quickly Regain Feeling after Numbness?
Homework Pulse Rate Question?
What should be considered when a vaccine is released to the public?
i want to fix my teeth within short time. Pl advice me how?
I smoke 6 to 9 cigarate in a day?
A few questions about contacts?
Are skeppies just some wierd cult that wants to deny that holistic medicine works better than the usual?
Why isn't homeopathy more popular?
What is osteopathy medicine?
Which products helped u to get white teeth?
Is there any ayurved clinic which treats for diabetes around Pune?
does anyone know of a neurologist who has had experience with crps/rsdin queensland?
Which of these statements are false?
what is the best way to get white teeth?
Getting braces in 3 days :D?
please help me what could this be?
Can you catch anything from smoking off another's cigarette?
To all the night owls what are some of the things you stay up all night doing?
my Nan is soon to have her leg amputated i need some advice on what physical aids she can use to help her?
Can one night of smoking get you addicted?
what are the side affects from piriton?
are you sick no mean answers?
How to get braces out :)?
a weight reduction diet suitable for a diabetic?
Why is there still no cure for the common cold?
Bad side effects from antidepressants?
My mom has high blood pressure and thyroid her neck is going dark.?
who responds to a medical emegency in chicago?
Can i sue my previous dentist?
natural remedies tinnitus - does it really work?
therapy tinnitus - does it really work?
ginkgo biloba tinnitus - Is it possible?
have u used any (baba ramdev)patanjali's products?name them n tell me r they beneficial to u?
Can diabetes cause kidney failure and what are the symptoms of kidney failure?
Is Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans hereditary ?
Would a urine test show up any signs of protate cancer?
What is the effect of liquor on a heart patients ?
i get palpitations what can it be?
I keep getting heart palpitations,what could it be?
i need a filling but dont want one?
What places do you bang that make you pass out?
Im soo excited about something at the moment that I havent slep for 2 days does anyone have any tips?
Should I go to the hospital?
I am 15 years old.. and still getting ear infections!?
ok so i have flu but the doctor said i had a virus?
Trouble breathing after exercise?
Does a heart muscle repair after a heart attack and at what rate?
Help My Teeth Keep Breaking :-(?
I have extensive back pain/aches and I don't know why. What could be wrong?
Continuous high hba1c results?
Why are the abbreviations ‘Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus’ and ‘Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus’?
What can I make for my uncle with diabetes?
Can a low carb diet help prevent diabetes?
what are signs of autism/aspergers?
how can i cure my eye nerve problem?
Will a small cup of French Vanilla coffee every morning stain your teeth?
I have blood in my right eye after i drank a glass of wine why?
Heard name and saw white flash when tryin to sleep?
Any tips for hyperventilation?
I keep on smelling smoke what should I do?
been breathless for three or four months?
Physio has made it worse..??!?!?!?!?
::::My Face Muscles Twitch When I Play The Guitar:::::?
What does salt and ice do to your skin?
why does smoking a cigarette make you feel really lightheaded?
What does breathing in deep a few times (1-3) and then blowing on your thumb hard do?
Will living in a cold house (avg. 16C) affect my health?
Anyone heard of Varicose Veins?
Questions about soft bone?
what can I take to make me sleep?
why did I lose weight when I quit smoking instead of gaining it?
Sore throat and stuffy nose and feeling weak and tired.?
is it normal to feel ill after the flu jab?
If HIV is destroyed when it gets cold, Could the virus be destroyed by cooling the patient and warming him up?
my mother age is 46. she is using transamin (tranexamic acid) tablet is there is any side effect using this t?
My brother is allergic to gluten, but it seems to have no effect on him?
How Do I Get Rid of the Light Brown Dot on one of my teeth?
Braces and underbite questionss?
Any dentists out there, please answer this!?
What would have been an Alternative Decision to Operation Barbarossa?
New freckles... should I worry?
I want to stab myself!? help!?
Does my guidance counsellor think I'm depressed and cutting?!?!?
I think I've broken my brace?
I'm getting Braces on 5 days, what do you think?
HELP (preferrably from someone in the dental industry)?
What is the normal duration of a cefalexin course for chest infection? Health professionals?
i feel something in my left side of chest,inside rib,when i talk or deep breath?
What is wrong with my tooth?
Why do people bring grapes for the patients?
Which of the one is right, she had been suffering from disease or she was suffering from disease ?
Its 2 in the morning, how can I get to sleep!?
Can't sleep? It's only 3 in the morning!?
Why would universal healthcare be bad for the country?
is it normal to faint alot, and for about 15 minutes each time?
I faint then wake up twitching?
Heart Problems and Solution?
How to cure trapped wind without the use of andrew's liver salts/bi-carbinate of soda?
Does the susan komen fund pay for breast augmentations?
What role does an oncologist, radiologist, or patholgist play with a patient who has breast cancer?
If I smoke 3 cigarettes a year what are my chances of getting lung cancer?
cin 3 problem after loop?
Hodgkin's Lymphoma or Reactive Lymphoid hyperplasia?
How long untill my eating becomes dangerous?
Why do i feel that im going to die young? not emo, or depressed.?
bp and pulse is this ok?
I cut myself.... What do I do?
is arthritis life threatening?
should i get braces, PLEASEE PLEASEE PLEASEE ANSWER.!?
Really dry face!?Help!?
ECG result was diagnosed with regular sinus rhythm?
What should i do about my hand?
Pains in the Center of my Chest?
Cut my finger deeply cant feel it help?!?
Did i fracture my cheekbone?
Why is there blood coming out off my urinal tract? :-( Im scared. is it a std?
Im getting braces and i have to get 4 teeth taken ou!?
i have bought a mcdonalds and i have suspected diabetis, should i eat it lol?
How Much do dentists earn in the UK?
Are these cancerous lumps?
I have been asked to have a cholesterol test will they test for anything else at the same time?
ive just worn a 24 hour blood pressure monitor?
12 week post abdominal surgery and I keep getting pain at night?
what is the solution of joint pain?
What can happen if you don't take Tylenol or Advil when you have a fever?
What is the best dental health care insurance here in the UK?
What will 2 job affect my health?
After receiving my lab workup back, I just sat down and looked at them, aside from pages 3 and 4 belonging to?
ok so i have been having increasing problems in the last 3 months?
In need of list of foods with low-no sugar and low-no carbs.?
my close friend has type 1 diabetes?? HELP!?
Is Low Blood pressure of 45/120 very serious with very low cholestrol levels. HDL is 22. LDL 92.?
Should I get surgery for my facial scarring?
my driclor is starting to stop working?
Anyone got some ingrown toenail help?
I think i ran into some Poison ivy how do i know its posin ivy(it just happend!) PLEASE HELP!?
i have jaundice and muscles pain i want to cure immediately. pls help me?
Really bad toothache answers ASAP!?
What kind of toothpaste is good for sensitive teeth?
My venom bites are bleeding?
How do you avoid catching a sickness bug if others in your family have it?
My thumb has been numb for over 10 hours now?
Did I have alcohol poisoning?
do i need to see the doctors?
Bad sore throat and ear pain, already took meds?
What is wrong with my mums lungs?
Should dental treatment be free on the NHS?
My teeth tips are starting to go transparent?
How do you get the baby pterodactyls in your head to stop screeching ?
How bad is my eyesight?
Why does everyone keep telling me i will regret cutting my baby out of my life?
what happens if you are really drunk, but want to commit suicide (UK)?