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Why does Olanzapine cause diabetes?
should i take vicodin?
Does anyone have an opinion on the 3 exercises to lower high blood pressure?
How to reduce high blood cholesterol? PLEASE HELP!!! ?
how to walk in snow with crutches?
does hayfever go away after time? or am i stuck with it for life?
info about pills for acne.?
When I rotate my shoulder backwards, it makes a popping noise and feeling, should I be worried?
How bad can smoking marijuana affect you in the future?
What's the average height of a 14 yr. old girl?
What is in the "night time" cold meds that helps people sleep?
Can the doctor tell my parents if i smoke?
Fracture healing time in diabetics?
do red wine have sugar in it, does red wine harms dibetic s?
which homeopathy shop in kolkata where I can find electrohomeopathic medicine?
Who here meditates? opening the chakras...?
If my doctor finds out I cut...?
I want to stretch my ear?
I cut my lip (accidentally) what do i do?
Is it true that only 20% of the revenue $usan Komen recieves goes to breast cancer research?
What is the ingredient in diet sodas that may cause cancer?
If i smoke and drink orange juice will reduce chances of cancer?
Mild Caliectasis of the Kidney?
What do I have? just allergies or something more?
Pink eye and bacteria?
Is this a form of eating disorder or am I just weird?
Best way to work out body fat %?
Is Lasik treatment to correct eye vision ok to go with at my age 62yrs or any other treatment for normalistaio?
do i wear my contacts for contact eye exam?
can you be infected with vitiligo?
is mold dangerous urgent?
Is it a cold or not? Sore throat, coughing but no runny nose?
sprained my ankle a while ago and now it snaps?
Flashes of pain across forhead?
My ESR level has gone to 118 with temperature rising 1 degree above normal. The whole body is suffering pain?
Faulty insulin injecting method?
What is the cause of bruise?
How can I feel better?
i just ate white and blue moldy bread by accident. what do i do? please help?
does anyone know about relora? alternative medicine for stress?
any close evidence to possible cures of cancer?
Is this weird for someone of my age?
How do I clear a blocked nose?
cant stop coughing!!!!!! HELP!!?
what is the difference between cluster headaches and migraines?
would i die if i inhaled car exhaust air outside, how long would it take?
sometimes when i turn my head .......?
Why can't anybody diagnose my Heart Palpitations?
Sleeping shirtless any real health benifits to be gained?
Is anyone else left-footed and right-handed?
how come alchohol stings?
I am looking for drug Free solution from treatment of nasal allergies (allergic rhinitis)?
Twinings tea - Benefits of green tea?
Have i bored my shrink to tears, I'm so UPSETTTT. she told me not to come to her offic?
If your lips are tingling and itchy, is that an early sign of herpes?
why is hookah/sheesha considered harmful?
Do guys care if girls have a little bit of acne?
How can my man give me oral without his jaw cramping up?
After i took out my contact my eye started to hurt?
I have a fast metabolism and don't feel hungry?
whats better? swimming or an areobics or spin class?
is there any effect on the health of the people working at the petrol pump?
do we shiver so we can raise our temperature to kill the virus or to warm our body?
y is my daughter always sick with the cold, flu or other worse semtems?
Suspected wheat allergy and short of breath. How?
help . due to cold since wednesday !! . ive had swollen glands and now i have blocked nose and tickly cough !?
Can you blow smoke through your nose if you don't inhale it into your lungs?
So depressed, please help, parents will abandon me if i move away to find a ajob?
Help. Parents say they will disinherit me and abandon me if i emigrate?
What can we do in liver cancer?
how to remove the hair from everything?
Is it possible to be allergic to red gatorade.?
is it possible too have chlamydia for 4 years?
I've been having these really bad chess pains who knows what soothes it and how do I get rid of it?
Weight problems in the over 60s?
Its good for your blood to be cold? For short periods of time or?
Feeling tired, weak, dizzy....?
Low carbohydrate diets linked to heart disease. Diabetic patients are told to take less carbohydrate. Why?
light hurting eyes with low blood suger down to about 1.8, was this just down to the low blood suger?
is diabetes or medicines leads for impotency ?
My wife has got Shingles, is it ok for me to go to work in a food factory ?
My temperature is 38 C, is that normal?
I think i am allegic to a type of food.... advice?
can pot help with allergies?
Why do my eyes turn blood red every time i smoke?
chronic nosebleeds out of nowhere?
am scared of using my bipolar creativity to earn a living. HELP!!!!?
How can I control the panick attacks after I faint.?
What are some ways to cure second degree burns?
Nose bleeding?? help! please!!?
what the best way to get rid of dust?
is there any thing supplements , types of food that combat bloating in stomach ?
if you eat take away but less than 2000 calories would u lose weight?
Does anyone suffer from a pectus carinatum?
what is the usual time after flu like symptoms that you get the chickenpox rash?
can i get a dismissal due to a mistake at work caused by stress and flu?
Any ideas what might be wrong with my throat?
Easy way to get rid of wart?
Lump on my inner thigh by the bikini line?
i have an kindov ongoing pain in my abdomin under my sternam, there is a small lump, should i be worried?
Is it skin cancer or can it be normal?
Do I have type 2 diabetes?
What does this sound like from these symptoms?
What could cause my Dad's facial paralysis?
Is this still an eating disorder to be worried about?
i was washing the dishes when suddenly i noticed that my arms were completly red.for second i thought it must?
why can't i get/feel drunk anymore? I have been a depressive insomniac for 7 years.?
can stomach pain that comes from anxiety cause dizziness? 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!?
why are gay men at more risk of getting aids?
Will wearing sunglasses whilst on the computer protect your eyes from radiation?
I keep getting these pains, what are they?
25 years ago a friend of mine had hepatitis A,now will it be an issue to work as paramedic for him?
Getting over a cold, but really bad dizziness and headache, why is this?
can reading trigger epilepsy?
This is about..erm deodrant..:( PLEASEE!!?
Could this be anxiety?
I cracked my Toe Nail some time ago and now a new nail is growing under the old one. What should I do?
How to Make bruise go away?
Can i take tetrecycline for a chest infection, as cant get dr till tue?
I have been having severe headaches could it be a brain tumour?
What are some good LEGAL highs?
what causes excessive sebum on the head?
How long till Augmentin anti-biotic helps with sinusitis?
Low platelet count and high hemoglobin?
is Dimethicone an antihistamine?
New to this lactose and tolerant thing..?
whats the best way to clear phlegm from 9 week old boy?
Is it bad for you if you lie in youre bed till the afternoon ?
i never get enough sleep- addicted to computer?
how much does a dialysis training costs?
Am I hypoglycemic? 15 year old girl!?
I hurt him a lot but I still cannot feel any pain or guilt..whats wrong with me?
what is a fast way to heal a little scar/burn?
Is it likely that I have Multiple Sclerosis?
Kidney Cramps in Transplant Patients?
why was is it not ok to eat candy before ear surgery?
Twice I've had a blood clot related to surgeries. First time 4 years ago when my?
If someone has a mass in their lung, what could it be OTHER than Cancer?
How Can I Get ride of yeast infection Faster?
Less himoglobin is it symptom of cancer and what are the symptoms of blood cancer?
Need to get on ice soon!?
Laser Eye Surgery Question?
Why would i have black watery diorrhea?
Headache, dizziness, nausea, neck ache and tiredness?
How do you stop a stomach ache?
Do air purifiers work?
can I get a doctor's note for this?
How to completely flush out my system within the next 24 hours?
Is it depression?....?
I'm 12 years old and feels nothing, I am depressed and my mind is shattering, help me, anyone please...?
The carbon dioxide that you exhale is a product of?
apparently i have irritable bowel syndrome, what does that mean?
Is it better to have a gastroscopy with or without the anaesthetic?!?
can not wearing glasses make you feel sick?
Can you see, even remotely, after being hit in the face with boiling water?
How bad is it to be wearing the wrong glasses prescription?
I have a proble of high BP....regular checkup shows its 135/100 or 120/100. My colestrol repor is normal.what?
Is it safe to take my ear piercing out?
help needed!!! (under active thyroid)?
I want to loose some fat but not my feminine figure...?
My eyes are always itchy, I always sneeze, have stuffy nose and I always feel terrible when i wake up HELP!?
Why does rice aggravate why acid reflux?
Could this be Onset Of Diabetes?
is there something wrong with me?
is this my Aura (Epilepsy) or Anxiety attack?
What Happens If You Take Too Many Beechams Throat Lozenges?
Can you take goodys powders and imodium at the same time?
I have never had diarrhea, but I have a big fear of having it, why?
My voice is acting strange?
whats the high on extacy like?
I have growing stretchmarks, what's the best way to get rid of them or fade them?
What's Wrong With Me?
Why are my streched ears all swollen, sore and bloody?
Scaring myself with disorders I don't even have?
I am having difficulty breathing, what's going on?
Can you have laser eye surgery at 15 or 16 years old?
Gas Permeable contact lense question?
How can I help my lower back injury?
How quickly would a person bleed out if they were...say...impaled on multiple spikes?
why am i still awake at 3:58am ?
anyone who knows about cancer please answer?
why does my kidney hurt and i have to urinate frequent?
Help my grandpa has a tumor:(?
Can I take Cetirizine and Loratadine together?
why is my spine hurting?
I'm feeling sick , help me ?
I lost my job last year and im feeling so depressed?
If you have aspergers syndrome were you understood?
Is Glyciphage SR advised for Diabetes?
If we continue to eat sugary foods and drink tea when sugar is in it , does that mean we are diabetics ?
Why when i drink do my cheecks and ears get really rosey and hot?
Unknown illness.... any ideas?
My bf got stabbed last nt?
I put ice cube in a tissue and onto my chin - there is a red mark where i did it?
Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg?
Really nervous about lumbar puncture?!?
How do I faint on purpose?
suddenly dizzy and fast heartbeat?? any ideas?
Have any adults here been caught away from a bathroom too long, and peed your pants?
Can i breath on own during laparoscopy?
5 year old with 4-5 nosebleeds per week?
My roomate is showing signs of sirrosis.?
What can i take for nausea related to anxiety?
My friend was bitten on the ear by a mouse while he was sleeping. Should he be worried about rabies?
Does my girlfriend have HIV?
Can one get AIDS from kissing?
Anyone with personal experience or info about night blindness or nyctalopia?
How can a service dog help a heart patient?
What are the medicines to bring down the systolic pressure, the medicines to bring down diastolic pressureand?
Are you a WORSE smoker since the ban ?
cough that wont go, please help?
Breathlessness of taking in air?
Woke up in the middle of the night with two paralysed big toes?
I get 8 hours sleep a night, yet still have bags under my eye, why?
Do you think this is healthy so far?
Why do I have fluid in my ear?
A woman of 54yr is having 35mm ESR. Which disease she might be suffering from?
I got Phlebitis after the doctor did a blood test.should I complain for Mal-practice?
how long will i feel like this?
I always have dry chapped lips?
whats the best thing for an upset stomach?
stinging pain my my throat, help!?
Is it possible not to catch a cold or have the flu for 14 years?
is the swine flus comeing back?
advice to ease flu symptoms for child please....?
If you are allergic to Casein should you avoid gluten too?
is dove volume therapy available in india?
Quesiton about melanoma that has spread to other parts of the body?
Can you get skin cancer if you've never been sunburnt?
Am I fainting or just blacking out?
Why is prevention of a disease better than cure?
I have hurt my knee, dunno how. it hurts when i get up from crouching down and when i walk down the stairs?
Something happened to my knee when I fell during basketball?
Does sinus affect vision?
How many times night fall is normal.?
what could be causing white thread like things in childs stools?
My heart rate is at a 110 bpm, am i gonna die of?
how do you bleach your skin what do i need and stuff?
Can I get HIV like this?
Can mosquito repellent (like gudnite, mortein liquidators) b consumed 2 commit suicide?
Best food to eat when feeling sick and dizzy ?
I am a type 2 diabetic. Which is best time to consume amla juice?
I want to eventually shave my head for cancer?
Acetone poision? Help Quick?
Ulcer question please help?
Stinging when i swallow?
Swine flu or common cold?!!!!!?
best thing to put on sunburn?
i am 13 and i was raped in December and the police are now involved and i am realy scared n dont know wat 2 do?
what is 2 nursing action for vital signs with patient suffering from hypracalcimia?
how often is to often?
why does my right eye keep twitching?
After taking tranquilizer and Antidepressant my weight gain around 12KG, what can i do about it?
Can breasts cancer be cure?
Why am i not losing any weight?
does going to the gym make you look younger?
how to reduce weight and look slim and get six pack?
faceboook severe help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Husbands alcohol detox and Librium prescription?
How do I cure a trapped nerve?
What is causing my vertigo?
how many nyquill pills does it take to trip?
have i got hay fever?
recently after i drink i throw up. why?
If im really tired and take 2 benadryls can i start to hallucinate?
Why is it when I have a tickle in my throat, it doesn't make me laugh?
What is the most effective way to remove ear wax from your ears?
What can happen with insulin overdose?
Can insulin overdose cause brain damage or something similar?
Is feeling weak and tired after eating a big meal a sign of diabetes?
will drinking 1-2 litres of coke a day give me diabeties 2?
should i get the swine flu jab?
How could Malaria spread to the Uk in the future?
question about swine flu?
Has wearing the red ribbon for AIDS accomplished anything?
Why do you think i felt like this?
should I get 1.57 Mid-Index lenses glasses if I have -1.00 in both eyes?
I have a small lump under the skin on my finger at the sight of the joint,should I worry, it hurts on and off?
Did I mess my head up?
how long will it take to get into the orthopedic doctor?
My finger hurts when bending?
I cut myself on my ankle and now it won't stop itching...?
brain damage information?
if the bone tumor is detected as cancerous then what is the probability that she will recover with medicine?
is giant cell tumor cancerous?
my girl is only 6 and she has lumps on the both sided of her neck could they be cacerous?
Why won't this stomach virus go away?
What is the best way to get rid of an ulcer?
What is hypoglycemia?
Friedreich Ataxia Gene?
can you take lortab and tylenol with codeine together?
why do we need sleep?
Is it wrong to leave the oven on for a short while for heat?
Why am I always tired and exhausted?
Can radio waves from the television penetrate walls?
How to remove dark circles under eyes - broken blood veins?
I just got stung by a honey bee am i allergic?
professional doctors advice URGENTLY needed.?
why do people stare at my nose an the itch theres.an sniffle?
can you cure a food allergy by eating more of the food you are allergic to?
how come i didnt get super powers after getting bitten by a spider? i put on a latex mask and everything! :/?
is chemical peel effective?
i am 70 i am diabetic & heart patient is spinal neck surgary is possible for me ? or is there any alternative?
Can Type II Diabetics take honey as it has a lot of health benefits?
I have a fear of getting diabetes?
Why am I suddenly always thirsty?
why i feel cold so fast?
what does this sound like to you.. cold sore...?
symptoms of thyroid , treatment?
which hospital is the best for throat cancer(carcinoma larynx)treatment in delhi(ncr)region?
How has hypothyroidism treatment been for you?
my skull is separating on the top, it also is indented and i dont know why?
is there any supplement i can take which will help with fat burning and muscle gaining?
eating a pack of glucose biscuit everyday will i become fat?
why did i faint when i did my cartilage?
Why are my eyes unaligned?
if i is wearing 3d glasses..?
Red, sore eye.........?
my sister was bitten by mosquito, after a day it swolled up what should i do to treat it?
Over the counter allergy meds for kids?
Im 17 and cnt get wet plzzzz help?
My feet and hands are freezing but my torso is hot, is that strange?
What cracks when you crack your fingers?
Is alcoholism a disease or no?
I have just found a marble sized lump, it is under my jaw bone on my right hand side, should i be concerned?
Any Idea what this could be?
Do High Blood Pressure Run In The Family?
Does spironolactone make you pee a lot?
please help me-- throat closing sensation?
how would i know if wheat being making me ill?
i have watery and sticky eyes?
What percent of cancer patents die?
Why does my upper body randomly shake?
Am I to late to change my health?
Chest pain for a while now?
I take 10 different pills every morning is this bad for my liver ?
how to heal tinnitus?
It feels like i have a ear bubble but it hurts?
how long can a person survive with only food but no water?
What are my stomach and swallowing problems about?
any latest medicine for bleeding and itching painful piles?
Thirsty all the time?
If a person suspects that he has allergies, but is on a strict budget, how can be be tested and treated?
Can using antihistamine on kids for allergy lead to lifetime dependency?
in need of advice on palpitations?
Can I put castor oil in my eyes for my dry eye condition?
why do i keep coughing up green phlegm?
Where can i get colored contacts non prescripted?
how do you stick your eyeball back in after taking it out?
does vertigo go away completly?
am i allergic to juice and Coffee?
I have brown discharge under my pot where i broke my leg?
i blacked out at school?
Cold but only on one side of my nose?
How do you clean yourself after using the toilet?
how to get a good night sleep and not be tired in morning to?
I'm having horrible pains in my stomach after having gall bladder disease and only between 12PM and 6PM.?
What's up with my knee? How can I cure it?
Is hearing loss caused by diabetes curable?
would anyone medical be so kind as to analyse these blood test readings for me please?
How do i prevent coughing up mucus?
I had Allergies in the beginning of spring..do you know what causes allergies?.. because I am wondering!?
Am i alergic to bees?
Will an air purifier help with my summer allergies?
Every night i wake up in the hour of 3-4 am. And I have to get out of bed . Why is this?
has anyone had experience with bowel surgery/biopsy and colostomy?
One of my BEST friends is 13 years old and has breast cancer?!?
I am in great deals of pain as I am suffering from incurable disease (read cancer ) I want to die please?
Hodgkins lymphoma ABVD chemo question?
Is apple juice good for a sore throat?
i just got my lip pierced on wed my lip is swollen and it just started gushing with blood why is this?
What happened if we get stung by a bee?
what happens when my kidneys fail?
Anyone have any tips on how to control Arthritis.?
Help. I Have Green Veins. Don't Know What To Do.?
After a TONSILLECTOMY will i gain back the 10 pounds i lost when i start eating?
Any miracle remedies for lack of energy and motivation?
Can somebody help me?
Stuffy nose only when I lay down (to seep at night)?
my face is swollen from an allergic reaction how can i make it go away?
I have a question about Cellcept and Predizone, please help? 10pts?
Since im allergic to cats am I allergic to tigers?
My friend"s son is labelled as alcoholic, but he works sincerely and only after work hours he consumes liquor.?
Food Poisoning from chicken?
is sodium bad for you?
Sharp pain under back of left shoulder blade when inhaling?
I think I'm allergic to soap - help me please?
preventricular contractions or PVC's?
When i bend my head so my chin touches my chest it hurts my lower back?
any great ideas on passing kidney stones!!!!?
Why do I very rarely feel tired?
my bowel movements are never in one peice, should i be concered?
Easiest and less painful way to burn skin?
I woke up this morning and...?
How to be strong for him?
Does pus comes out of cancer lumps?
My friend has a shadow on her bowel !!!!?
I burned myself with coffee!! What should I do?
i have no idea whats going on?
Can i use Codeine Linctus Paediatric on a 18 month old baby? more details - please read?
Food Poisioning... Can I eat digestive biscuits?
It must be so congested that I can't access the site.?
how do you get clear skin?
Can you catch worms from other people?
Hot and Cold Spells All Day and Weakness but not a fever?
Does my arm look broken?
how to keep diabetes under control ?
What is a good everyday diet cookbook for a person with type 2 diabetes?
Why can you get electrolytes from salt?
should i go to the dr if my ganglion hurts?
Medical Exemption Certificate for Ulcerative Colitis (Inflammatory bowel disease)?
*Gross Q* I feel extremely sick. Should I just go and force it?
Can you recover from cigarette damage?
why Am i so tired all the time?
How to stop feeling sick?
Why do I think everything wrong with me all the time?
im not sure whats wrong with me :(?
HPV jab, help please..?
Doctor's excuse question...?
From diagnosis to death, how long can a person live with Huntington's disease?
do my eyes meet the satandard ???????????
metal in eye?????????????
How do you get rid of a gap in your front teeth?
Is 12000 iu vitamin e oil to strong for your face?
how can you get cancer?
How can I stop worrying about cancer?
How do I talk my boyfriend into quiting cigarettes?
In India where I will get best treatment for blood generating process in human body?
My friend is in a coma. I'm told he has a high percentage of making it. Is this true?
Why do some people think petechiae is harmless?
I had laparascopic surgery last week and now have a big hard lump behind my naval?
Pepto Bismol = Black Stool?
Getting 3 Crowns tomorrow will they hurt? freaking out here?
Do you think out of body experience is brought on by lack of oxegen to the brain or a stoppage of breathing?
can you only catch a sickness bug by being in the same room as someone as they are vomiting?
how to cure a runny nose?
Dr.Tea - Is it worthy?
Does lemon lighten skin? 10 points!?
what is the best thing to do after being sick so my teeth will not rot?
Im 16 years old and i have all symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. I can't remember anything from my childhood.?
Do you get a painkiller during the application of orthodontic braces?
Its been 12 hours since I have had my wisdom teeth removed...?
What does my blood pressure say about my health?
When you are in a coma, do they test you for HIV ?
herpes question/??! please help!?
do i have a abscess in my mouth ?
really confused about what my orthodontist told me about eating with a retainer?
Wisdom teeth removal?
Did my dentist unnecessarily extract a tooth?
I need advice on braces!?
braces - cracking noise from a tooth stops suddenly?
Does getting teeth pulled hurt ?
does it hurt getting braces?
Can you get tinnitus at your first time in a night club?
My back is sore from dead lifts.do I call a chiropractor or a massage therapist?
I have had a leg plastered?
I see millions of tiny black and white spots everywhere I look?
What's the matter with my eye, or cornea?
could i need glasses? what to do? please help!?
need a tips for reducing bad smell fro mouth?
i have a retainer and eat with it in somtimes. good or bad?
is banana&strawberry a good thing to eat for breast cancer?
how to fall in sleep paralysis?
What is wrong with me?
what happens when u get a TB test done and are their any side effects to it?
Why do I feel this way?
I am feeling fatigued, palms sweaty sometimes I'm only 18?
what are the odds of passing a urine test under these conditions?
My son has all the symptoms of tonsillitis, yet he had them removed 5 yrs ago.?
Why aren't my chicken pox itchy?
Lump under my skin and swollen eye?
Wisdom tooth removal, get a second opinion?
Nearly 20 need braces?
How to prevent myself from getting diabetes?
Does diabetes make your eyes hurt & your legs feel as if they are dying?
my dad has diabetes and just cut his leg very badly but refuses to go to the hospital. what do we do?
I drink 4 liters a day, and I'm really thirsty and my mouth is ALWAYS dry?
Thin Blood....... Good or Bad?
how can faulty or incomplete testing of a product become a threat to health?
Diabetic child, first time having a flu since diagnosed? help!?
I have two toes that are red, swollen and both hurt when touched?
can taking cold baths give you frost bite?
OCD sufferers, how do you cope?
is it possible to die by constricting your ability to breathe through your nostrils and mouth?
i have a bad cough that keeps changing so i don't know what to take. help?
Asthma check up..... ?
ok so i had my tooth pulled out nearly 2 weeks ago?
At what age should your wisdom teeth come in?
Can i use Invisalign?
I think i have an ulcer down my throat but my ear is also giving a burning sensation?
Pale yellow coating o top of mouth and middle of tongue?
What is the healthiest alternative to brushing your teeth with toothpaste?
Where can I get a Mercury test done? HELP!?
Will the dentist remove my braces without parental permision?!?
Got a filling between two teeth, can't floss?
i got my braces off and now its really hard to chew my food. shoud i get braces again?
brush teeth with toothpaste or water when using whitestrips?
A friend in UK has Alzheimer's disease but no medication. her sister in Canada has medication for same. Why?
How do you get rid of Cavivites without going to the dentist?
Any fixed brace colour ideas?
Lots of pain and generally feeling unwell after tooth extraction?
Can i be a dentist with these GCSE Grades?
advice on memory foam pillows?
Is it possible that a person may be suffering from DIABETES but it is not shown in tests ?
is the feeling of bloated abdomen(gases) is side effects of taking anti diabetic regimen?
How can you make fixed braces as less obvious as possible?
A few questions on braces - anyone who has any experience?
Question about when I'll get braces?
what should I do if I have blood in the urine caused by bleeding ulcers?
How to cure tinnitus naturally ?
What Drug Causes These Symptoms?
one hand warm, one hand stone cold?
Smokers and Ex smokers, a question for you ?
Poll: Is it exfoliating or self-harm?
What will help you take out razor burn?
What happens if you epi-pen someone without allergies?
How do you know if your infected?
What can cause quick, random throat swelling?
will my gaps close any time soon?
What's wrong with me?
What sort of medication should I take if I have allergies?
how do I get carbs without Gluten?
Food for people with celiac disease?
Question about getting braces?
Does picking your lips give you lip cancer?
Naproxen 500mg review?
How does a homeopath treat someone suffering from water intoxication?
Is grapefruit seed extract and/or Elderberry safe during pregnancy? I am in the 1st trimester?
Constant nausea and abdominal pain, is it gallbladder?
how do you turn of hearing aids?
What can i feed my son if he has a corn allergy?
Do I have dermographism?
I ate a strawberry and my tongue hurts?
Do you think I have cataract, I'm 13.?
NHS optical voucher - extremely short sighted?
Would you need braces just to push one tooth into place?
Doctor question?! Help?!?
What is the most effective way of dieting?
How long will wisdom teeth surgery take to heal?
Need a dentist but too embarrassed to go :(?
Is it ever too late to seek help for a broken finger?
Thumb Injury Question please help!?
Should I go to the doctor about this?
what have i done to my knee?!?
Badly bruised arm after blood test?
i sprang my finger and now its crooked what should i do?
Anorexia...? (About the "voice inside your head")?
anyone help? mouth ulcers?
whats the best thing for tooth ache without going to the dentist?
Sick for a month! Help!?
Where I live I find it difficult to breath, I have to open the window to breath but that makes the house cold?
How long does it take to die from mouth / oral cancer?
what percentage of smokers get lung cancer?
should i do DNC sergery?
can you get a ECG test done at nhs walk in centres?
lymph node at a 9 cm by 7 cm?
has having cancer or seeing someone u love go through it changed u?
Do I Have Diabetes... I'm scared....?
Are there any generic angiotensin receptor blockers available?
is it normal for my gums to bleed and hurt randomly?
I want to ask my doctor a question, but i don't want him to think i'm waisting his time. Should i still go?
How can i get to sleep easier?
how to get rid of acne and acne scars within 1 month ?
what will the dentist do when i have no front teeth?
how do get ride of swoling glands? answer me fast here till 10:25?
sleeping pills, do they work?
my littal 6 youres old girl had flu jab a monthe ago and has come down whit flu in the last 24 owers?
Does the family doctor in Canada have an obligation to inform the patients of their Positive HIV test results?
Random stomach pains and light spotting?
Topical Flea medication will not work!?
What to do in an asthma attack?
What Are The Oddest Allergies?
care after the taking off the cast of my right ankle?
I think I'm going blind. Please help I have anxiety.?
Getting braces, what should i bring to the procedure?
My tooth is really sensitive after having a filling done. Any ideas?
When would it be safe to play flute after getting wisdom teeth removed?
my teeth are horrible and my dentist hasnt aked me if i want braces!?
What is getting braces like?
Hypothermia clinical death vs brain death?
If my grandmother has celiacs disease will I?
a friend has dizziness fatigue yellowish eyes head ache n so on?
anyone who can answer my question...?
How to get rid of pain? FAST ANSWERS PLEASE?
I'm tired all of the time, is this normal?
Is it worth paying for a course at a Buddhist centre to learn how to relax?
when we eat Sugar we get hyper.What should we do to in order to reduce being hyper?
can you get medicare if you are new to the USA?
surgical procedure to remove blebs ?
When can I start eating carbs?
Can heart patients eat jaggery?
Please answer this question ASAP, this is very important :(?
Becomiinq a Medical Doctor?!?
Is this food poisoning or worse?
Microgynon 30 pills, stop periods?
Do you know if Marijuana cause black lung cancer?
I think I may have a problem with picking skin?
best way too get rid of a boil?
NHS Paramedic / Ambulance Tecnician?
xshould you go to school if you have a cold?
Seems like a silly question i know but is it possible to be allergic to a smell?
Advise on Crohn's Disease / colonoscopy?
I think I may have mono, should I tell my boyfriend if I'm not sure yet?
Why do I whistle words with s in it?
Thy muscle pulled on my leg?
what happens if you cut a vein?
help with slipped disks treatment?
Why does my lower back and kidneys hurt?
dizziness all day long?
Rubber band hook fell off? Braces....?
Gap in teeth that wasn't there before?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled three days ago. Can I drink soda now?
Is it possible to get any kind of cancer from smoking just 2 cigarettes?
my friend had cancer from age 10-13 and is now 14 and healthy, what are the chances it will come back?
For vision my left eye is 50 and my right eye is 70, how bad is that?
Blurry vision with toric contact lenses?
small flashing light in my eye? what is it? help!?
can a 4 year old have calpol and benadryl together - has hives and a high temp?
Honeycomb for allergies?
Allergies? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my feet get red and hot can you tell me what is causing this symptom?
What are some good websites that can help me answer this question?
Teenage Boy Exhausted...?
Does health insurance have to cover you up until your drop date?
What in the world is wrong with me?
When do they turn the life support machine off?
i cant get much sleep?
is it bad yo keep your wisdom teeth?
Throwing up in mouth?
CAVITY!!! What does the dentist do to fix it?
i always wake up with a dry mouth, how can i make it stop being dry?
Should I be able to feel my stitches after wisdom teeth removal?
Lowering Blood Glucose levels?
is kiwi good for diabetes people?
Is it normal for my injections to bleed quite a bit?
can walking exrcise control diabetic and heart diease ?
Why I might have this elevated blood uric acid level?
What causes exstreme fatigue?
Why am i getting these headaches?
Name of profession that makes medicine or "cures"?
Do i have toe nail fungus? Im only 14!?
I have a mouth ulcer, does warm salt water really work?
Dental implant enquiries [PLEASE HELP]?
measles mumps and rubella (mmr) vaccinations issues?
How to unblock a blocked nose?
What's the best/strongest over-the-counter outdoor allergy medicine?
Im a woman but just been diagnosed with high levels of male testorone? what does it mean?
How does tinnitus affect people?
Why am i deaf in my left ear?
Is there any way to put ankylosing spondylitis into remission?
i fell on my ankle and now its aching-what could i have done to it?
I just had all four wisdom teeth removed four days ago and while I expected the pain, I feel so weak! Why?
Braces help please! Wire popped out..?
what is best remedies for cough in ayourvada?
Underactive thyroid - will I ever lose weight?
why does my mom get headache after taking bath?
Can spending too much time indoors affect your physical health?
dizzy with pins and needles in my hands and pain in back of neck?
wat could this be????????????
Can i drink and smoke after wisdom teeth removal?
what do i do if i need to see a dentist but don't have any money?
my tooth has a weird pain?
Do fillings hurt? does the injection hurt?
Is it weird to brush your teeth during showering?
The Inside of My Cheeks are Ripped up?
Oral Surgery - The Day After?
Too much caffeine or something more?
Doctors or pharmacists or nurses (or other in the medical field): Can you diagnose this ----->?
Few quick questions about sleep?
Skipping insulin? answer please...?
what can I do if I dont know how much NPH insulin my son got in his body tonight?
Do you think I have diabetes or some other illness?
Do i have diabetes.....?
Can diabetics get drunk?
What happens during diabetic coma?
Symptoms of 10 year old - HELP?
Swollen, bleeding gum after filling?
I feel really sick please help!?
Bulimia Nervosa... Do you have it?
Flu related question?
I have worms and i am pregnant and can't take medicine, what should i do, I'm scared!?
Permethrin - good or bad?
Question about cocaine?
Can someone please explain Crohn's disease to me?
How can I tell if my spleen ruptures?
disease with stomach pains that could kill you?
I feel exhausted now that I have the common cold?
Can I teach aerobics if I suffer from a frozen shoulder?
pain in the left side of the groin?
Getting braces in less then a week >>> HELP?
why do people pick their nose?
HELP! I have Cold sweats?
What could be the cause of green urine?
Is this conjunctivitis or something else?
are contact rewetting drops bad for contacts?
painful shocking sensation in neck?
is diabetes a multifactorial disease?
I have a tendency to get very panicy and i was wondering what best form of medicine or remedy can help?
What illness did I have after eating food?
how long does it take for a toe nail to grow back?
What condition do I have if my left shoulder and left arm are hurting a lot - burning and numb feeling?
How much will it cost forr...?
how can i find out what this illness is?
Could this mean I'm a celiac?
Drinking milk when you are lactose intolerant?
Where to find diet pills weight loss slimming capsules work the best UltraSlim INC?
i have a 6 year old,when he has allergies , and when he get a cold he has nose bleeds sometimes ?
I am allergic to Mondays....?
How to make my teeth white?
why is my stool black?
Random dizzy spells, and constantly tired or exhausted?
Twitching in forehead?
What you do to get a good sleep? Like drinking warm milk ....?
I find that before I go to bed,saying something like "I want to wake up at 5am"while looking at the clock ...?
I have had the worse chapped lips?
Do you know anyone who has had polio?
i have had swollen lymph nodes for over a year..?
significant of mitosis?
which causes more damage to your teeth soft sweets or potato chips (crisps) or peppermints?
My braces wire keeps getting stuck to the back off my mouth what do i do?
Can you hear when in a coma?
What is multiple sclerosis?
are there any natural treatments for eczma that work?
any exercise i can do to heal blebs on the lung ?
How can you beat the start of a headcold/sinusitis?
Stuck-up eyelid, does anyone have any solutions?
Why I feel like to pee whenever I was hiding from someone?
My stomach swelled up within a month of having a mastectomy for BC in 2002.?
what are common and early symptoms of stomach ulsers?
Please help. My grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's?
I have this massive spot on my forehead?
What would cause cheeks to ache other than toothache?!?
feeling dizzy and nauseaus and my cheeks are aching/in pain! What could be wrong with me?
Getting braces very soon, a few questions? :)?
questions about braces :/?
how have you broken you ankle in the past?
ok, so after my foot corn was bleeding,im still able to put medicine on it?
Constipated - what will make me pass stools?
Found lump in my breast?
What is leukemia? I'm scared.?
I need sponsor to develop a investigation from cancer now the results have 95% successful and is 100% natural.?
What is the recovery for thyroid removal surgery like?
What is the chance that the bowel cancer will be bad?
Do I have colon cancer?
What is wrong? Colon cancer?
I need some Leukemia info...help me please?
i am suffering from sinus problem so please give me the advise for yoga & medicine.?
i have diabetes and i binge on lollies what will happen, i never check my blood sugar?
diabetes question! what do i need to know and do?
How much longer will my braces be on for?
My thyroid's 'normal' but I am cold, exhausted, have dry skin and overweight. Would I benefit from thyroxine?
What could cause a hard lump to grow on my rib?
how to be awake at night?
take a drag of a cigarette?
What happens when you don't sleep enough?
is it weird for me to have 7 wisdom teeth at 16?
Is loss of hearing hereditary?
I need to fight this myself? Help?:(?
Got braces for 6 months, and now feel my one tooth is gonna drop, what should i do?
Any home remedies for acute toothache?
swollen lymph node on neck?
right breast very sore for over 3 weeks now, now leaks when squeezed, left breast fine?
My partner leaves our house in a complete mess?
is this athletes foot? think it is but wanna make sure?
7 year old sprained ankle 5 weeks later, walking with ankle turned?
Can people with astigmatism wear non-toric contact lenses?
WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???????? (question to dentists!)?
terrible belching since barium meal?
can a doctor tell you have been smoking by looking at your throat for tonsilitis?
Smoking Questioooooooooonnss! :D?
Why do people smoke??????????
if i cant tolerate a denture what alternatives do i have on nhs?
My left eye feels bruised and seems to be a little discolored?
Help with ear drops please?
Will smocking keep the donators away?
my mam has breast cancer....?
Someone help me please? Because I'm scared!?
Worried about how wide i can open my mouth?
is my wrist sprained or broken?
ive got this running compition coming up in a couple of days and i think i pulled my hamstring?
what are the chances that I will need surgery on my knee?
if i have a small fracture in one of my ribs should i sit out of a game for basketball friday?
i have a sore ankle, what would u suggest?
i've been finding it hard sleeping at night, any tips?
Which is the best medical insurance for my complete family?
How to do eye exercises for myopia.?
I have a really bad pain in my stomach...?
Can someone give me any ideas what this could be?
if i take an HIV test and have celiac disease, will this be mistaken for hiv?
What is this painful lump behind my piercing?
Camera down the nose to look at the throat?
Why I am so late and irregular with my beard..?? I am 19. Do I need any SKIN specialist..?
Cold which brought on an ear infection?
i hove low platelets 111, low tcl 3.65 and high monocytes 11.8?
Worried I may have scoliosis?
I need help - extreme toothache, unbearable ?
Is this an okay snack?
Are these measurements good for a 15 year old?
Do I have OCD?...........?
I got head lice for 4 years i tried mayo and medicine it hasn't worked. Is there any other way?
what happens if you need an emergency liver transplant ?
Hi im 16 and have problems urinating HELP pleasee ?
In a room with someone smoking pot will it affect my drug test?
due to constipation (was having)?
How can I increase my pain tolerance?
why did my orthodontist put a different, new wire for my braces?
Wisdom Teeth - Just a simple question :)?
How much do brackets cost?
Weird tooth feeling? help.?
HEEELP? i need to know!?
What is the chance I have diabetes?
Should a Diabetic on oral medication be taking metoprolol for hypertension?
What are the last stages of diabetes? I have a good friend with Type 2 diabetes along with an IV drug?
what are some good things for hypoglycemic people to eat?
What happens when you take 5 Excedrin?
thyroid disorder symptoms..........?
Does anyone else with acid reflux get little tiny bits of food come out when you burp?
why you feel dizzy while having anxiety disorder? PLEASE HELP!?
i have a lump in my eye?? :/?
I have pains all over the body especially in the bones and joints, My age is 59. Female.What should I do?Do yo?
how many sleeping tablets can you take before it becomes fatal, and what do you do if you have taken too many?
what the survival rate of a patient of brain cancer after having a major brain surgery ?
should i have my wisdom teeth removed? eventhough they dont bother me?
Wsdom Teeth: How to form a blood clot?
My partner is suffering really bad toothache his whole mouth is throbbing what will ease the pain ?
Where do adult teeth come from?? I mean.. are they there as an infant and then they grow bigger?
Do you think I need to get my teeth straightened?
Wisdom Teeth. just got them pulled.?
How did you eat after wisdom tooth extraction?
Please help : Does getting braces hurt?
What would happen if someone fell 285 feet?
Dysphagia? I'm pretty sure I have it...?
what could be the cause of persistent bloodshot eyes?
Is this Anorexia and should I seek help?
What meal i can take while suffering piles?
Does anyone know something about spinal fusion?
passing on a cleft lip and palate?
Colored contact lenses lenses for men?
favorite brand of gum?
What toothpaste brand do you use?
Do my teeth look buck in this picture?
How long is the average recovery time after having your wisdom teeth removed?
Is it normal for my teeth to be sore the day after i get my braces off?
Is it alright to us crest strips that expired 5 years ago?
this is a question to people who are pharmacists?
What could this swelling be?
When will he wake up?
Is there some sort of disorder for this?
Is diarhea bad to have?
If you have stomach pain after each meal, what is wrong?
if im on coumadin and i have blood in my stool, what does that mean?
sometimes i feel like i'm not in my body?
What are the consequences when a young 16 year boy has an enlarged heart?
what are the reasons of isolated blood pressure/hypertension?
i am getting very tired during the day. what should i do? Any supplements recommended?
How does diabetes affect kidney function?
Low thyroid and high blood sugar?
Can sleep deprivation increase blood sugar?
Can you think of any problems of using twins to determine whether genetic factors cause the onset of psycholog?
how common is pain with cancer?
How do I become friends cancer patients?
I have a lump on the back of my neck...?
Braces.. Ugh!! [20 characters]?
Is It Even Possible To Straighten Teeth Without Braces?
are my wisdon teeth coming in?
My teeth started to hurt me, Help me pleasee?
Wheezing cough... more than just a cough?
How can I make my arms and legs skinnier?
getting headache's all the time......?
Is toking on the weed really that bad?
My spacers.................???????????
What is the best dental insurance in Florida?
i am schedule to have my wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow, but I have a cold, I'm coughing, and have a stuffy nose?
Is there a way to keep your teeth clean without brushing your teeth?
Really bad mosquito bites?
My kids seem to catch colds very fast. Can someone tell me what the most likely cause is?
I know she's bulimic but what can I do?
I have by accident had two doses of this years Flu Vaccine two weeks apart.Am i in any danger?
What is the best teeth whitening product?
DENTIST please read!?
can i ever dance again after having a knee dislocation?.................?
I think I might be hypochondriac, what are the symptoms?
celiac disease symptons ?
If I get my wisdom teeth taken out, how long does the swelling stay?
i got a neck sprain this morning?
Do type 2 diabetics have to inject themselves?
How do skin cancer treatments work?
can you heal cancer in the lungs after it has matastisides?
how do i no if i have a skin cancer?
I am 17 years old 5'6'' height how do I increase my height. I have a mild scoliosis?
Small amount of blood in stool?
What happens if you don't sleep for one day, this is your first time doing this?
my preiods or really bad and i have bad champs what can i do to make them go away adrian?
How many calories do I need to burn in order to lose 1 pound each week?
How infected could your ear get if you pierced it your self?
PLEASE help.what could be causing this Giddiness?
i have a cold and have a blocked ear. it now sounds like it has fluid in ?
white eye in a photo?
I can't see completely clearly with my contacts?
Depression - Can I appeal to get accutane, dermatologist said no because of my depression?
Got an abscess on my tooth 2 weeks before xmas and had 2 lots of antibiotics?
How many days its take to produce enough antibody in HIV test?
Why does this make me feel sick?
Different Colored braces to get?!?
Tell me your great experience using olive oil for many things?
Do you have to pay for a uniform when you join the adult branch of Saint Johns Ambulance?
Will Lysterine Mouthwash harm your teeth?
After your done with your braces?
What are the chances of a 80-90 year old man living with a broken hip and in ICU?
has anyone passed a drug test for weed in less than 4 days without a store bought detox?
How do you fight addiction?
I have a short attention span.?
What makes you sleepy?
whats wrong with me i never felt this way before ?
giving up smoking!!!?
is it okay to take a shower even if you didn't went to sleep?
Is it bad that I bite my nails?
where can i find how to learn meditation? Any site on net?
Could I possibly have Multiple Sclerosis?
Please help me im crying!Any doctors out there?
do you have to have a U.T.I to have a kidney infection?
What is the cost of treatment with Humira for residents in the UK?
Can i study in your university ?? I am from Syria ?
What does 'Sub-optimal' diabetes control mean?
Is my foot broken? And if it is how bad is it?
Duac & Differen DO THEY WORK?
Can IBS be diagnosed if so how?
Can my teeth be corrected?
Does the flame of a candle burn the back of your eyes?
Is it safe if I use my friends old colored non prescription contacts?
Will heat from my oven mess up my eyes?
Please urgent question.I am a hypochondriac.Do the whites of your eyes appear slight blue in dull light?
Do i need an eye test?
Where can i find an optometrist, who woudl prescribe me what i want?
What is your normal bedtime?
What is the best way to whiten your teeth and it last?
boil on gum where wisdom teeth are coming out?
Looking after someone with dementia?
my thumb nail is bruised and flat?
I have candida, what should I do?
Is Swine flu really back?
i work a 8 hour shift and then on call from home at night sometimes getting called out all night and driving g?
can valves be effected in an MI ?
Is it possible for me to get a retainer?
I think I might have mild frostbite?
How can i get to sleep faster?
what is your opinion of having a bench press?
I take ages for fall asleep, help?
no health insurance where to turn?
really bad chapped/ripped up lips?
how much does it cost to go to a gym?
what's the best herbal medicine for liver problems?
Tooth problems, please help?
What are the side affects of the pill and what age do you have to be to get it?
What Is Liver Ulcer And Can You Die From It?
Ocean Spray cranberry juice..100%..is it good for UTI?
Have I Got Tonsillitis or worse :/ ?
Do i need to remove my wisdom teeth? Does everyone?
I just Wanted To Let You All KNow That I Quit Smoking 2 Days Ago, Cold Turkey Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
tb HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Just a quicky question regarding diabetes.?
what is involved in a LFT , Kidney and bld sugar test plus full blood count and ESR would you expect an answer?
by which thing do cancer spread ? And why do people eat something wrong?
do small tumors show up on x rays?
knee pain need help please?
when i sit in a position for a while i get a terrible pain in my left shoulder blade it actually freezes up?
does an under active thyroid ever go back to normal?
Can physicians prescribe medications (e.g. painkillers) in this situation?
I have a rlly big toothache?
Bad Tooth Ache... How do I get rid of it? Advice?!?
I just had my wisdom teeth removed and?
if i have strong nails does that mean i have strong teeth and hair?
Has anyone given up on Metformin (Glocophase) because of the digestive side effects?
What should i know about having a lip ring done?
If I'm getting braces on Tuesday, will I be able to eat normally when I return to school next Monday?
What causes persistent shortness of breath, fatigue and occasional lightheadedness?
what would cause red spots to appear on the lower half of a mddle aged woman,spots are not "angry" but red als?
SMOKERS!! When did you start smoking?
What is the process for discharging patient from hospital?
In ireland does anxiety count as a disability?
the left side of my face is very swollen and has a lump just below my ear?
How much do you know cough a signal of disease?
How can i increase my brain power?
Can you get cancer from second hand weed smoke?
Is der any remdy 4 yellowns of teeth? ?
i think my wisdom teeth are growing?
does it hurt when the dentist is putting anaesthesia in your mouth?
when dentist are going to pull out a teeth,does it hurt?
Headaches sore throat earaches, feel really ill!?
What are the causes for vertigo?