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My fiance' started having head aches that felt like "brain freezes"?
What auto immune disease is this?
Can you name... 5 genetic diseases?
How to get rip of flu?
I've got a fever and feeling very sick when i'm not doing anything, what can i do to get rid of it?
Can a 19month old take tamiflu for swine flu?
Is it possible to fight off cancer? Has anyone done it without ANY treatment whatsoever?
is lymphoblastic l;ymphoma curable in stage 4?
Did your child get cancer after being vaccinated?
Breast redness/irritation?
type 1 diabetes and over active thyroid.?
It's been 19hrs and counting, but I can't fall asleep?
**does bone get bigger?**?
i cannot sleep on my back iam a side sleeper?
My blood clots in Citrate - which is an anticoagulant. Why?
can a young person's heart take more stress then the heart of a older person?
How can I help reduce the risk of a heart attack via coronary artery blockage?
How to control cholesterol?
My earring is stuck inside my ear!! Help!?
How do i get rid of the dead skin on my arms??? Helpp Please.?
What are some good ways to get rid of the smell on an Invisiline/Clear Retainer?
Why do people have their wisdom teeth removed ?
Have to snap jaw to open mouth fully/without pain?
how to make teeth whiter?
I have wisdom tooth for 5 year now and it never hurt me.?
When your wearing night vision glasses does it hurt to turn on the lights ?
why use a light therapy box?
Nasonex spray is a steroid?
myths on bone cancer?
HHHeeellllpp :/ (Lice?)?
Is there any possibility of affecting internal organs of diabetic patient?
Is changing ones mind about every good thought, swapping for negative thoughts, a symptom of bipolar?
why do guys always say their stomach hurts?
Is it a bad thing when headaches never truly go away?
i get headaches atleast once or twice a year?
what happens if you accidentaly eat the inside of a pencil?
if you hold your breath for so long can you pass out?
can i get sick from jogging outdoors in the winter without any kind of sweater?
Why does my face first dry when I wash and then become oily with passage of time within 30 to 40 minutes?
Does anyone else like the thought of having a cigarette ...but ?
Teeth problem and other problem help ?
is it normal if your front adult teeth are wobbley?
asthma trouble??!!!! Please help?
sulfa allergy? sensitivity?
What's wrong with me?
why does it feel like if i want to pee more even when i am done.?
a question to any doctors out there about some symptoms I have!?
Is it too early to detect MS?
Whats the best doctor to see for bulging eyes ?
Can indigestion cause a swollen feeling in throat?
I tripped and fell at work - need some advice please?
Can i hope that i will grow taller.?
can you get swine flu a second time if you have already had tamiflu?
Does anyone know if it safe to take colloidal silver with the pill (femodine)?
When I take paracetamol I start to feel really nauseous and sick?
is wearing glasses classed as a visual impairment ?
How do you cope with stress?
Does corn gluten dissolve in vinegar?
In 1 short paragraph, what's the difference between type 1 type 2 diabetes?
Who carries Pina Linaza?
How do I treat this burn?
is it best to burst a blister or leave it?
My brother is type one diabetic and?
Why do doctors generally advise against consuming "saturated" fat when they know it raises the good HDL?
how to smile properly my smile is wierd?
How to make your teeth whiter?
how to avoid breast cancer..?
How long does flu shot takes effect?
what is the average a person has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
How do i know IF I HAVE ASTHMA?
German Personal Lubricants?
How to heal small deep cut on toe?
I touched a little house dust?
hidden food allergies? What's the best way to find them?
what are is ulcerative colitis? and what are the main symtoms?
Pure cocaine is described as odorless, yet drug dogs have no trouble detecting it....?
Could I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome?
Are herbal life products safe to use?
I have recently began taking sea kelp tablets.?
Starting to get the flu.. what to take?
I had the swine flu jab in April - does this include the seasonal flu jab too?
do guys like girls who apologise or do they come across as needy?
Depression/ anxiety sufferers; what can you do if despite therapy you still have a horrible feeling of fear,?
Should i tell him i have warts?
How long doss constipation last?
Does this cause breast cancer?
starting to brush teeth at night, will it whiten them more slightly?
People who have had a full set of false teeth in their 20's, 30's or 40's?
i am worried bout gingivitis on my gums i have no loose teeth and my gums are not receding... when you have gi?
My mother has told the doctor she is stressed because I have cancer,will doctor break confidentiality?
will i get brain damage if being hit on the head too much?
Why do so many American's say they have allergies?
Rash,chicken pox, allergies?? Whats going on with my 5 year old?
Does anyone else with cat allergies ever have a problem with library books?
i have had a lazy eye since grade 8 and i want it to go away? anyone else had this before?
What does it mean when a teenager has a bright white eye in a photo?
My ankle hurts all the time...?
Possible knee replacement?
How to make an arm sling out of a cloth or pillow case?
Osteochondral defects and Dancing...?
what can i do to add some few inches?
Guys: What do you think of...?
How do I go about shopping for an electric wheelchair on a budget?
What causes the fall in concentration of glucose in the blood plasma of a normal(non diabetic) person?
i sleep for about 12 hours a night, but still feel tired why?
What is the motive of parents for having a child? Do they prefer a gender over the other? Why?
Are rules regarding IB and permitted work changing?
What are the common symptoms/results of insomnia?
i want ask tthe set to grow chest]?
Is their a way "you" can "cause" breast cancer?
Could having undiagnosed cancer have caused or affected losing my daughter to SIDS?
Raisins placed in water swell up due to - Choose the correct option.?
my eyes wont stop itching!!!!!?
Can somebody advise me on a natural remedy for a cold sore?
how can you have white teeth?
How serious is this ?????
what is fatty liver?how to cure?
Pains around my heart?
My dad has had a stroke and now he has become addicted to the illegal drug speed?
Can I do pushups while I'm sore?
Yesterday i fell think i broke something help please?
how to get abs faster?
Wanting to vent to someone?
Desserts for children with allergies [email protected] 10 PNTTSS?
Was my drink spiked or am i over-exhagurating?
Is it possible to develop a gluten allergy later in life?
should a 10 year old get there nose precided?
Symptoms of Constipation?
Do you find it irritating when people claim to be on deaths door with flu when they clearly don't have flu?
What is a substitute to probiotic yoghurt, because I am lactose intolerant?
my son is 3 years old but the stomach is big what do i do for him to get a flat Tommy?
What anesthesia is used for wisdom teeth removal?
Can the dentist do this?
Sometimes the tv goes blurry could that mean i need glasses ?
optic neuritis help?!?
putting in contacts?? 10 points best answer!?
my left eye constantly twitches all the time i was told that its a sign of bad luck, what do you think?
how to make things feel like there going slower?
i've hurt my left wrist?
Take my mind of smoking at night?
Constant Colds now sinusitis; is there something else wrong?
What happened to me when I smoked weed?
what causes finger swelling?
Can gay men donate bone marrow?
Just found out I have rhabdomyosarcoma? What happens next?
What household pills will make you drowsy?
anti biotics taken properly?
Should being ignored in a family increase loneliness?
Why is there black in my spit and snot?
Does Prednisone get rid of hives ?
How do you get rid of a bloody nose?
home royal jelly allergy test?
i am 13 and go to bed at 2.am on school nights too. Is that enough sleep?
i am nauseous all the time?
Do warts come from frogs pee?
I want to stretch my septum from a 14g to a 10g...?
Blood sugar readings normal Without my diabetic tablets?
Flu, Cold or something more serious?
I just fell down on ice while i was walking back home from school?
How long do you have to wear your retainer?
Can I skip wearing my retainer for 1 night?
How to get rid of the marks acne leaves?
i have a big mole on my face?
Please suggest me what to do next? and where best treatment will give for cancer?
Is cancer best described as an abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells?
Radioactive materials that are implanted into the tissues to be treated ?
does anyone fail in physical exam because of hemorrhoids?
Is it possible to get tested to see what i am allergic to?
I'm really dissy and light headed alot and feel sick after eating alot why's wrong with me anyone know?
My skin is so sore, its cracking?
my eyelid has been twitching daily, for over a month?
Which of the following can you do to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease?
Good diet for sinus arrythmia and heart palpitations?
why all of a sudden do I have high B/P?
when a person gets some kind of heart sugery, do you die when they stop your heart?
best blood pressure medication?
blood pressurei am 77 years old wath should my blood pressure reading be?
What foods contain vitamin d ?
Is the flu jab safe for pregnant women?
Mouth problems...help please..?
Can you answer this question about cavities?
what is the day after you get your wisdom teeth out like?
How do I keep my breath smelling fresh all day with gum or mints ?
best product/thing to use for really clear skin for sensitive skin UK?
High blood glucose stimulates exocytois of insulin by beta cells of the pancreas?
weird diabetes question?
i have been on incapacity benefit since 2002 will i be effected?
could i have diabetes?
Why does insulin cost so much in the United States?
how many hours before a fasting blood test must you fast for?
Why do cashews make my tongue itch?
anyone know anything about nose jobs?
vomitting and throwing up?
Why am I afraid to look at pictures of people?
What are they going to do for my foot?
Brain Injury Issues. Please some advice?
Does my arm sound broken?
To Quit smoking cold turkey or not?
having MRI concerns ?
Blood type donations question?
I first smoked crack in 04 and quiclky became addicted.?
i have been told i have sclerosis of the hips and ostecytes also does any one know if this is like ms?
I went through thyroid cancer, removed them, ?
If blacklights have UV rays in them, and UV rays "cause cancer", then why don't i have cancer?
submucous uterine leiomyoma?
Can I get cancer??????????
What are the odds of living after going through chemo and radiation?
I have 2 questions about dust?
how safe is lasik surj for eyes?
How to make braces stop hurting?! help?! ten points.?
How to Get Whiter Teeth? (without baking soda)?
Grinding my teeth in my sleep? ?
Do braces make people unattractive?
Is it possible to feel better without vitamins?
My teeth hurts, what can i do to make the pain go away faster please help?
After having a filling at the dentist,should my mouth be still sore?
shall i get my braces rainbow or purple and blue?
does it hurt when they fix your braces?and what is the procedure?
How can you tell if your wisdom teeth are coming in? And, how long can you wait before calling the dentist?
I need help with my weight =[?
I have type 1 diabetes (well controlled), can i apply for canadian immigration as a skilled worker?
How do you know if u broke your arm?
Is this a muscle strain?
I sprained my finger?
I heard that if you have a sprained ankle youre supposed to put rice on it?
Did I break my toe or what?
Hi. i have a question about my back??? opinions PLEASE!!?
Can fleas/flea bites make you ill?
Can pollen allergies cause someone to break out in hives?
how long does pepto bismol stay in your body?
how can I cure my eyes?
What does lactose intollerance feel like?
Does it sound like I have pancreatitis?
how to cure blocked nose?
does osteoporosis always lead to cancer?
how can i stop getting allergic to every new pet i get?
Allergies or a cold or an infection?
fly went up my nose what do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
could a prolpsed bladder and prolapsedbowel cause my skin to go yellow?
Help I got growin pains anyideas?
What is it like to quit smoking?
had to take special leave for appointment?
What color(s) should i get my braces?
Urgent help with braces!!! ?
do i need to get my wisdom tooth removed?
I can see my wisdom tooth coming out what does this mean?
i am 21 years old and need braces do i qualify for free nhs ones as i am on the dole?
what causes palpitations?
how can i heal a sprained foot?
Cheerleading ankle brace? Yes or no?
I hit the shin bone hard... should I go see the doctor?
lately when I drink beer my face turns red, why?
What is particularly special about geriatric diabetes, is it particularly dangerous?
what are the foods that i should eat to lower blood sugar? What should i take to prevent liver problem?
I keep asking and no one can help...unexplained nerve damage, pain, numbness?
question about crohns disease...?
Any actual and useful remedies for a young snorer?
septoplasty surgery questions!?
How do I say in french "I am allergic to soy milk, but soyalecithin is OK."?
Lump on my armpit, need advise?
Someone in hospital pneumonia?
is it very cold there tell me?
Do cellphones harm the body?
Questions about Leukemia? Please help.?
i had a total thyroidectomy a few years back...?
I have swollen lymph node under my left jaw area. This has been off and on for about 8 months.?
I had laproscopic (sp?) knee surgery to repair my ACL and Miniscus thursday, 12/2?
How hard would you have to hit?
I sleep for about 10 hours every night and im still tired.. whats wrong with me?
how to make eyelashes grow?
How to preserve your teeth?
root of of tooth is sensitive?
how to make ingrown toenails stop hurting?
allergic to one dog , but not the other?
What is the cheapest way to treat a at with flea allergies?
What to do in case of a nose bleed?
What foods are high in gluten?
Can you mix apple cider vinegar and Valium?
blew my nose and blue goo came out. Why?
Why am I feeling so sick lately?
any natural dandruff remedies?
What is the reason for a headache when I don't wear my glasses?
Why are my eyes suddenly so sensitive to sunlight?
Can u get a STD from fingering?
Why does this happen to my mouth?
Which diseases can cause swelling of the joints?
Normaderm 7-Day Challenge?
Do you get cancer from washing your hair?
Cancer vs aquarius who would in a fight?
How many oncologists coordinate all care & call their patients to schedule appointments instead of vice versa?
I have Lung Cancer and I Don't know what to do?
I have hypoechoic mass on left lobe thryoid and already had total parathyroidectomy, can this be cancer?
Is this a cancerous mole?? (pictures included)?
I am 27 years old.Now it is found that 185 mg sugar in 1 dl of my blood.Can I permanently relive from diabates?
swollen hands why...?
what causes an eye sty?
what should be the staple diet for the people suffering from wheat allergy?
Help! about contact lens.!!!!!!!!!!?
What is pulmonary edema?
my mom has got rheumatoid arthritis.Am i prone to get it.?
I Have Epilepsy But Want To Be In The Raf ?
can you request a blood test to search for something particular? nhs?
Any ideas as what this could be...?
How come i can quit smoking whenever i want without withdrawls?
after eat meal heart beats harder??
I just bit through the tip of my tongue..?
Ate Pink Chicken, Feeling Sick?
why is my nose so stuffy?????
what should i do for my dry cough?
Is it normal for a 15year old to be scared of the dentist? ?
does prozac make you feel calmer?
Can you get hiv from sharing a nasal spray?
do blood tests hurt????????????????????????????/?
is asafoetida and fenugreek is same?
18 years old Male with Type 1 Diabetes.?
is it normal to have frequent flues?
Symptoms - do I need to go to a doctor?
If you get laser eyesight, does it last forever?
Why won't my eye stop twitching?
Is it ok if I put crushed antibiotics on a wound ?
16 with major headaches?
do doctors have or use some kind of test that tells them if u have the flu?
Would it be okay to cover my clothes in glow stick liquid for a party or are the chemicals too toxic?
shadows on the lungs?
what asbestos dust causes?
Itchy throat and inner ears..?
Bleeding tooth? Please help!?
I've just accidentally drunk living yeast. What's likely to happen?
What do these symptoms indicate?
can Cornea be repaired without transplant?
Is there something wrong with my health?
i've got lumps in my ear, is it cancer?
What are the chances this is cancer?
Prostate cancer at age 13?
Could IBS cause inflammed colon?
Has anyone had a Mohs Procedure? What was it like?
afraid i might have tonsil cancer (lymphoma of tonsils)?
High blood sugar levels?
Hey i have a question about dieting?
what does the hospital patient admission abbreviation BIBA mean?
Crohns Disease, am I allowed a lap-band?
How to get rid of nerves ?!?!?!?
Why does warm milk help you sleep?
I'm so tired all the time..?
what do i do for a burn blister on my 7th month old finger?
Could I be allergic to milk or is this normal?
i am sleeping a lot...why?
Lump on the right side of my neck.?
why do so many people confuse osteopetrosis (witch i have ) with osteoporosis (witch is different)?
what happens if you dont treat anxiety?
Low thyroid-poor concentration?
When and How to Take a Vitamin?
how can i get rid of some acne for when i go back to school.?*10pts*?
How do you treat paintballing welts/bruises?
I threw up and then checked my blood sugar would that affect the level?
what is meant by aspartame?
is it normal to have almost black blood?
Could this be a concussion?
Will I need surgery for my knee?
How to keep a scar on my hand?
I have a scar thats numb but then extremely painful...?
a lump that went away and turned into a bruise..?
Help on this injury?!?! please!!!?
Why does my knee hurt when i walk up the stairs (after running) ?
What colour braces shall I get?
Just found out I have hypothyroidism, what do I do?
What is the survival rate of a 90+ year old woman undergoing a hip replacement?
What to do when I'm hungry but can't eat?
Prozac on an empty stomache or after breakfast?
Can I take Amoxilin and Serratiopeptidase without food?
My wife aged 55 years decreased weight of 17kg within span of 7 months.No abnormality seen.Possible reasons?
how blood pressure is rising when playing?
Can I get my lip pierced with a metal allergy?
Extremely itchy red toes after shower help?
are there any illnesses,where your second toe grows!!!!!!!?
what kind of medicine can i give to may son his 10 months old and had cold and cough and a little fever?
what are the causes, symptoms and treatments of Huntington's disease?
how do i stop my eyes feeling dry when i wake up?
will my nails ever grow back?
I taste Bitter water?
Does Facebook Know something about my boyfriend I don't?
im 45 years old,have insulin resist ? PCOS how long for metformin to work?
I'm going to the lab to get tested for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) tomorrow, what exactly will they do?
Hi i was told last year i was pre diabetic this year my fasting blood sugar was 7.1 by hospital test?
My blood sugar level was 148 this morning is that bad?
what caused me to have the runs?
what precaution to be taken after 96 fasting?
where does glucose come from?
what would happen if I put visine in someone's food or drink ?
I believe I have a mold problem in my house and my family is getting sick. What should I do? Where to start?
I had have allergy with milk and milk products. Doctor says me to avoid all diary products?
How long before braces start to show a difference?
any advice on braces?
I want to build a very big and strong body in 5 months. Please help me with tips?
How to train for the army ?
Is this hearing loss?
Do i have An Eating Disorder?
How to stop Diarrhea?
What does it mean to have glassy eyes?
For removal of ear wax why does olive oil have to be heated?
Are allergies ever curable?Please help some one?
After a couple of salons visits, feeling wrong...?
How do Legumes lower the ph level in your body and help prevent obesity and cancer?
Homemade acne recipe?
Have you ever been knocked out cold before?
Pleurisy - What is the best antibiotic to treat this?
jaw bone,,,cheek bone?
Fluid Leaking From Ear?
How to prevent from snoring?
What is your morning and night time routine?
what are these symptoms of ?
what are some of the long term symptoms that alcoholics experience years after having quit drinking?
Having a baby while I have herpes...?
can herpes be dormant in blood results?
anyone know any good places that offers this service? : retina replacement?
mass inoculation is not worth the risk of few who die?
third cervical cancer needle, please read?
Can chewing on the inside of your cheeks cause cancer?
Help I have a hard lump on my right breast?
Mangosteen Juice??? is it really a cancer fighter?
Why do I suddenly have a hard time eating chocolate?
Aching arms and legs when drinking alcohol?
I want to be average size, but I like being fat too. Help?
does anyone know if your GP is paid by the government for any patient they get on Statins (for cholestrol)?
PLEAES HELP. 'prozac' for depression with anxiety?
HELP PLEEEASE do you think my shrink has dumped me in the middle of my severe depression?
I'm terrified of loud noises?
Does chewing gum reduces the enamel on teeth?
I am on Job Seeker's Allowance - Will I have to pay for a check-up at the dentist?
If smone hate u and really hate u so much . . I think its hard for u to get the best answer for dis . . Help m?
How powerful is our Brain ? how far can our brain reach in making impossible things possible?
What have i done to my toe is it broken or dislocated?
Bee Sting help!?? :( Please!?
why do i sweat so easily?
Has anyone bought Marcus Bloom "Fibromyalgia cured forever" book?
Can I ask for a copy of my mammogram report?
What Will Put Me Straight To Sleep?
is it bad to eat FROZEN foods?
Ear Infection that won't go away?
Piles! Any advice please?
telling potential employer of mental health issues??? HELP!!!?
Depressed and college is making things worse?
Was I knocked out or just concussion?
I'm worried. I start to starve myself and i count calories?
Can I eat crawfish if I am allergic to shrimp?
I dont know if im allergic to dogs or not?
Women: Have you been pregnant with renal disease?
They say colds arnt caused by the cold but by lots of people in close proximity! But Im a loner and I still..?
My cats eye is full of puss and white stuff!!!?
How was I sick when I hadnt had anything to eat that evening?
why i am catching cold ?
Hi i have a rash all over my left arm and at the back of both my hands i also have it on my rite arm but not a?
what skin product is good for Dry skin?
my husband died from hypoxic shock following an operation from tounge cancer?
how do u know if you got a broken nose?
why cant i sleep properly?
Will my infected fingernail eventually fall off? and if it does, will it grow back?
I feel soo tired. What should I do?
do i have tinnitus? what do you think?
any1 else got a hedache right now :(?
Is there away to clear your blood from smoking?
is my blood pressure kit wrong ?
Constant Heart Palpitations?
Can u hear mitral valve prolapse by yourself?
when you lose your temper does it put stress on the heart?
What causes hypertension in teens?
My vision without glasses is 20/200 and 20/100 does that sound right for lenses of -2.50 and -2?
arc welding and arc eye?
whenever i drink orange juice i get ulcers on my tongue and an itchy throat?
Hives and hungry all the time?
Can shoe glue cause dermatitis?
Head Lice In The Winter?
Why do people stretch?
Does Ulcerative Colitis cause mouth ulcers?
Help me lose weight!?
I wanna buy a bong but what could i?
How long does it take to get cancer diagnosed????
My inhaler is empty and my asthma has been bugging me all morning, when should i call an ambulance?
Hi im type 2 diabetes my tablets are not bring my blood sugar down. help?
Help me about CONTACT LENS !!!!!!!!! Need help !!!!?
Can you get specialty contact lenses in perscription?
I was cutting meat and blood splashed in my eye?
what is the process of gettin an alcoholic "sectioned" into treatment/? Against their will for their own safet?
Do i have an ear infection?
Question about braces. How long do I have to wear them?
Problem with hearing/hearing aid?
Cat allergies: are they common?
Should someone with a poppy seed allergy get a medical alert bracelet?
Whenever i eat this i have struggles breathing...............?
Is there a cure for liver cancer?
What happens in our body when we get sleepy?
Is there anything money can do to help arthritis beyond traditional affordable remedies?
Do you think I have Asthma?
I keep coughing up these...things...?
What is the best cure for a tickly cough?
What is a diabetic coma?
How can i go to the doctors in the UK when im 16?
I have problems sleeping?
had my flu jab but i need advice?
is a Durabrand leather sofa as good for if you have allergies?
How to get rid of chest acne?
Could I take "TUMS" as a calcium supplement?
Just curious: If someone threatens suicide on Yahoo Answers and people report it...?
I have a tablet capsule thing stuck in my throat how can i get it to go down?
how can you catch flu-like symptoms?
In humans why disease Rabies is called Hydrophobia?
Are there any medical professionals that have their doubts on the validity of ME as a physical condition?
How do i whiten my teeth naturally?
Wisdom teeth extraction?
what color braces should i get?
i want clear-colored braces.. but my friend says that they will turn yellow. is this true?
What is the correct bandaging technique used for a broken limb?
What will happen if i touch a little dust and then touch my eye with the same finger?
How do I know if my nose is broken?
how can i do things even though im on crutches?
what is an example of a perfect meal plan for one day? (nutrional + calorie wise)?
Why I get Diarrhea now after drinking milk?
How does STD / HIV spread?
resting heart rate fluctuates?
chest pain at age 13?
pregnany after gastric bypass?
i have Cad, my long term prognosis is 8-9 years. what does that mean?
Should I see a doctor?
11months and has a bad caugh ?
Strep Throat and Coughing up Phlegm Blood?
Sugest sum gud n cheap remedy 4 hairfall..n drynes of hairs..?
My anxiety is bad, please help?
Horrible cough with no other symptoms.....could it be bronchitis/asthma? HELP ME.?
what is the drug rhypnol use for legitimately?
I'm in a really grumpy mood today.......?
Can a dentist use same tool to remove someone's tooth, tools that had repaired someone's elses tooth ?
Is there any wa to avoid getting a filling?!?!? Ten pts?
i want braces but do i have to..?
are there ways to ease the pain of braces?
what's a good teeth whitener?
How often should I switch out my toothbrush for a new one?
urinary tract infection?
Is it possible to diagnose a brain tumour just by looking at the eyes?
What are the average costs of breast removal ? or mastectomy?
is TB a transferable disease ,if yes how that transfer i work with couple of people and they suffered from?
Is my piercing Infected?
can someone please help me understand the blood result?
How long do you normally wait for test results?
Has anyone had a cortisone injection , and gotten worse after it?- my daughter had an injection for back pain?
if i think i have broken my foot, should i go to A & E?
Why did I cough up some blood in my mucus?
Why do i get nightmares everynight?
am i allergic to my dog?
are hives basically blocked pores?
does yogurt eat mold?
Fear of chainsaws.....?
Natural Remedies for Diabetes?
Could I be a diabetic?
Ladies with insulin pumps, where/how do you hide them when wearing a dress?
is beetroot good for diabetics ?
Checked my sons blood sugar levels as he is always thirsty, 4 hours after lunch and it's 7.5. Diabetes?
seriously ill since wednesday last week, help?
Birmingham housing waiting list?
Will marijuana show up in a ketone test.?
Question about some back pain problems?
Accuracy of eye exam?
am i on the right track?
Are there any ways of preparing myself for having my braces fixed? PLEASE HELP ASAP?
i am getting my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at once and they are all erupted. should i be put under or is it ok?
I need negative names to call cigarettes?
How does alzheimer's affect the brain?
What is a coma like?? What happens?
How can I acquire stitches?
How long does weed take to get out your system?
sick two days before my wedding!!!?
I smoked from when I was 15-18..?
How can I make my veins more visible on my forehead I'm fifteen help please?
is there anyways to make yourself fall asleep?
Side effects of little sleep?
I can't go to sleep... what do i do?
I have a red and puffy thing on my eyelid! HELP!!!!?
Am i allergic to bananas.....?
How I prevent from the ear problem called (Tinnitus)?
I told my parents about my depression but they're acting weird?
Does Neutrogena's Skin ID really work?
Crazy, Stabbing pains in stomach?
Having terrible back pain ?
any one ,who got benefit from Art of living and sudarshan kriya?
Can TMJ be considered Medical instead of Dental? I just found out i need 6250.00 for mouth splints that insur?
what is the best electric toothbrush: Sonicare or Oral B?
I'm having a ingrowing toe nail surgery in a few weeks, does it hurt?
Did I broken or Bruised My knuckle?
How do you get rid of bad breath? serious problem, help!?
my bones are always click and have friving pains on and off ? can anyone tell me whats wrong ?
Uk Dentistry fee's: help!?
Braces pain - not a lot.?
About the hydrogen peroxide?
Allergy towards marijuanna?
Can cheetos cause long-term damage to your cardiovascular system?
White coat BP fear possible?
Cardiac arrest than coma?
Heart Doctors are lying to my mother,because they messed up her OPEN HEART surgery!?
what is a shunt in the heart?
i have a really bad cough?
Why do I have pain in my shoulder?
can a pulled pectoral muscle cause headache?
My ears are making a crackling noise for 2 months now, what could be causing it?
My ankle has been hurting since Thursday and i don't know what to do, please help?
Tension knots on the back of my head?
Im a smoker and its hard to breathe?
what are the symptoms of a kidney infection ?
Think i have a muscular problem similar to when I get a stiff neck, really hurts my shoulder, a bit of my?
is tummy tuck' s scar removable? how?
Can you get high off Tetley tea?
Itchy Nose, Home Remedies? Please!?
what happens if you chew food right down?.........?
Why Are My Hands Always Cold?
diabetic and eating disordered cant deal with either ?
What tablets do I need for my periods?
How can I help my girlfriend with cramps?
Are the Church's really dealing with the issues of mental illness?
A question for all self-harmers?
If I continue to train with a hurt wrist, what is the worst that could happen?
can you catch an std from someone getting head in a car the night before then you sat in it?
is smoking sheesha bad for you ?
How does a person pass away in their sleep?
I can't sleep at night? Please give me advice !?
what is this pain in my neck?
doctor after giving his piece of solution about a minor problem, alerted not to go for oldies.Is he Right?
my legs are in pain and my neck?
I've quit smoking marijuana for a few months and have smoked the last three days.?
am i not able to sleep because im stressed???? HELP PLEASE!!!?
What is the treatment for hypersomnia?
what roles do genetics play in cancer?
what med can cure in my *** because there is blood come out too?
Im extremely nervous about my dentist appointment on the 14th?
Why have i got red swollen gums and what can i do to get rid of them?
medical advice regarding my condition...please help?
Completely Hypothetical Urinary Tract Infection?
Would you get pain in the elbows and writs if you slept on your back with arms resting on your middle?
I dont know what to do about my arm ....?
Is corn ok for a gluten free diet (corn chips)?
Yesterday i got hit very hard in the front of my thigh, there is no bruise and i can barely move it?
Is it sprained ankle like the doctor said? PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!?
how to get rid of spots overnight?
anoos or vlcc which offers best skin treatment for my dark spots,scars,little pits on my cheeks due to acne?
Should I see a doctor about this? I haven't slept in 2 days...?
is it possible to get my braces off early?
why do i hear a flash bomb like sound at my left ear?
Cigna or UHC health insurance?
I Can't fall asleep? need help ?
If you don't get a hangover after the first couple times you go out to drink, will you never get one?
Sometimes i feel my body is boiling especially in the night and i cant sleep?
What does 20/20-1 mean?
does anyone with borderline personality ?
Can i eat before a cholesterol check?
What would your doctor do if you told them you think suicidal thoughts every day?
How do you take the Itch out of bug bites? HELP!?
strange sensation on a mole, could it be it cancer?
Can you get lung cancer from blacks ?
What does breast cancer feel like?
how to stop a finger shaking?
my sister made me smoke weed what should i do?
HAPPY DAYS tablets (Health Span) do they work?
How Many Calories Does 20mins Sit ups BURN?
how quickly can someone lose two stone?
what ingreidients are in svelte strips?
behind my ear is sore?
will i need to have surgery? 10 points?
How do I stop my eyes watering & ruining my make-up? (UK)?
after i eat eggs i feel sick and my stomach aches?
list the effects of smoking: longterm, short term and any others?
Sore throat swollen glands body aches?
Crohns disease and puberty?
Slightly enlarged uterus in autopsy report?
Why do I have stomach pain after drinking sugary-drinks?
Has anyone got Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) and can help in any way .?
what are other names for scabies?
How do you put someone in semi-prone position?
can i get prostate cancer?
am i having a panic attack or something else?
Is it possible to have a migraine headache before you get the flashing eye thing?
Pain medication after tonsillectomy?
how to prevent ear pain in flights ?
Question about the eye?
iam having probles of miaopia and eyeside is too much weak. plz suggest me the treatment?
My left eye problem has become?
Just one of those weird little things that I've always wondered?
can spinning mess up your eyes or brain?
do i have pink eye? PLEASE I'M FREAKIN OUT HERE!?
What is the best way to recover from throat infection?
can any1 help with Trimethoprim?
Is there any fact that urinary bladder grows bigger on long use of undies?
how to stop braces pain?
can brown bread with fungi or mold cause stomach upset if eaten ?
Does wearing tight panties or some tight jeans or pants flex or bent the part below the hips.Please suggest?
I can't bite down all the way?
Wisdom teeth? Jaw? Help!?
Which is harder to quit cold turkey?
Why do bananas cause so much pain...?
What happens when you don't sleep?
Ativan/ lorazepam didnt work for my anxiety?
Cigarette Smoking With A Cold?
How to get rid of blackheads on the nose and face? PLEASE!?
does ct dye change the color of your urine?
I found a lump on my breast...?
I have actue lymphoblastic leukemia and ?
Why did god create cancer?
How many times does it take to do chewing tobacco before you develop cancer?
whats the greatest match for the cancer? details please?
If i don't get the use of my finger back will they amputate ( cut it off )?
occasionnally i get a sharp stabbing pain in my both my breasts like a needle is been stuck in me?
diabetes, cholestral, blood pressure and hiatus hernia HELP!?
please let me know the best ointment to cure ulcers or gangrene of diabetic foot?
What is the weight of the 1k.g.?
doctor told me a have pre- diabetes?
How much does it cost to get rid of stretch marks?
Have you anything stiff that needs a rub ...?
which is the best ayurvedic oil used for weight loss?
are herbal sleep aids safe?
Coughing up mucus with blood in it?
Do canned goods cause skin allergies?
what are some symptoms of cat allergies?
What do you think to my youtube channel (self harm, eating disorders, depression)?
Why did god make me a pretty man then give me acne scars.>?
blurred looking eyes, my eyes, also have had a few floaters?
Can't See Out my eye !!!!?
Blurry vision up close from contacts?
May be getting braces, got a few questions? Help would be much appreciated?
Is there another name for Juvenile Diabetes?
Been really fatigued the past two days? what could be wrong?
Not feeling to good and constant diarrhea??? help (10 pts)?
Head lice keeps coming back!?
Health advice please ! :) ?
im getting tummy aches and trapped wind, HELP?
I can't sleep at all! Please help!?
Corners of my eyes are dry and itchy. How do I make it stop?
My hayfever is unbelievable?
Can arthritis like described below can take life and what it is?
i have back pain whenever i do dishwashing and when i bend down for a long time or when i sit with my legs?
Have you had this problem with Sensodyne toothpaste?
Non malignant head tumours?
Why isn't my cold sore going?
Why do i see a white blur when i where my contacts?
Is this a good way to get rid of a cold?!!!!!!?
is it normal to have a course of antibiotics for 5 days?
Are my doctors wrong, I've been sick for a month?
HOOKAH HELP????????!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
do dogs have allergies?
What would you recommend for dog allergies?
How Bad Are Clay Aiken's Allergies?
Allergy bloodwork how many tubes?
Could i have fractured my foot. I dropped my laptop on it and it is swollen and pain when moving toes up/down?
do you know what type of drug this is?
Is it O.K. for a 14 year old boy to sleep with a stuffed pikachu?
Needing 4 insulin shot's a day from husband -he is a Police Officer (Boss Won't Let Him).?
What does having O positive blood type mean?
feel shaky and faint.?
Could I possibly be developing diabetes..?
how does diabetes mellitus relate to glucose?
Breast Cancer metastatis to liver and bone. Stage IV. What is her life expectancy now ?
I'm scared of HIV/ AIDS and i keep getting cuts, scratches n other accidents :(?
how long can you live with an std?
Correcting shortsightedness?
How to get rid of a spot, using home remedies ?
Chest pains... please help!!!!?
why do i have allergy to cold water or when i sweat or when its cold in the night it begins itching?
How long do you have to be exposed to house mold for it to be harmful on you?
My shih tzu ate 15 of my mom's pills for her thyroid?
My foot hurts when i stretch it?
My legs keep twitching at night when I want to sleep-why?
Does tetralysal lymecycline 300 effective for you?
If my dogue has had an allergic reaction to something which has brought her out in lumps can humans catch it?
What is an easy way to get rid of allergies?
How can i get rid of a cold?
POLL~Has anyone vomitted because of germs like cleaning toilet,gardening,changing nappies,cleaning mould?
how do you take away a lump inside lip when you have a lip piercing?
Who was the guy is die from an heart attack?
what is the longest time you had to wait at an emergency room?
weak heart feeling ????
How to kill time when working on checkouts?
could this be serious? PLEASE HELP!!!?
im allergic to oats does that mean i cant have whole wheat grain?
how can i stop my face going red?
fasting blood test for diabetes?
Is Aspartame potentially lethal to people?
my blood sugar level reads 99mg/dl, am i diabetic?
How many silly bands does it take to hurt your blood circulation?
Does Homeopathy work?
What does 'Lactose intolerance' mean, please?
is it ok to take a shower with pneumonia?
Can a blow heater drain all the Oxygen out of the air?
What should I do? If shes serious then she needs to go to hospital now?
How long does it take for a muscle strain to heal?
What diets have work for you all?
If someones eye is bleeding from the inside what can you do to help make it stop?
can u get hiv or aids?
Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea?
I'm tired, yet can't get to sleep.?
Is chapstick addicting?
is drawing on your hand bad?
how to get rid of a black eye fast?
I Don't Feel Like I am All There Anymore?? Really Worried Please Advise?
Do you think that children in pushchairs suffer more from car fumes because they are low down?
how to make my nose stop whistling?
What is the rationale behind checking a diabetic persons BGL 4 times a day in a hospital by nurses.?
Being sick after eating?
Where can I buy insulin online and how do I know what type I need?
Do I have diabetes..?
Diabetes and test help?
Would you recomment sunbeds?
I keep going very cold after I've eaten a meal - any idea why?
if i wear a patch and exercises will it help my lazy eye?
do you think i need glasses?
bruised my foot last week,all of a sudden it's started hurting really badly,why?
Head injury, does he need to see a doctor?
Muscle damage always permanent?
Does anyone else out there have ULCERATIVE COLITIS?
how to remove blackheads?
Supposedly everybody hurts or gets rejected even ms perfect Why dontg you fess up and tell me?
been sprayed for roaches twice, now child is sick?
Why are my silly bands giving me a rash?
Am I Allergic To Eggs!?
What works BEST for hives? HELP!?
24 hours after getting an IV my arm is still sore? HELP?
how can i quit smoking?
Hot forhead, aching neck, but the rest of my body is normal, whats wrong with me?
earwax stuck in my ear i cant hear anything?
my wifes thyroid test report?
what is the life expectancy of one who has colon cancer with mets to liver, lungs who develops jaundice?
I am to scared to sleep! Help please!?
I have a bad case of the coughs...?
How long does the herpes virus live outside of the body?
Can Chlamydia develop from Bacterial Vaginosis?
How many calories should I aim for at each meal?
what is fastest way to flatten your abs?
What type of eyeglasses are "in" for males?
Fasting blood sugar is higher than after eating?
ive heard that...........?
So apparently I might have diabetes, what happens if that is the case?
is there a certain blood test that shows you took diabetes pills or what type of diabetes medicine you took?
If we eat polished rice will it surely cause diabetes mellitus?
Does anyone know how to get rid of hayfever naturally?
Please answer i need help!!?
Is it okay to take two Reactine allergy pills (It says to take 1 every 12 hrs) But one NEVER helps?
How much cough syrup does it take to die?
My eye has been red for several hours, should I be worried?
Is roaccutaine isotretinoin dangerous?
is it normal or deppresion?!?
i need to take some time out of work, due to stress and anxiety, will i need to put in a self cert sick note?
How can I get rid of my period back pain?
Can someone please explain this to me?
if you had testicular cancer and had radiation treatment could you still have babies after?
Red spot above my left breast.?
Skin cancer and super glue?
could i have a deviated septum?
taking more then ONE vitamin and mineral Supplement?
can I take sivastatina efg20mg instead of FibrazateXL 400mg?
Am I allergic to frangance?
I'm allergic to wheat. Is it OK to eat white bread?
Toddler with milk allergy, advice?
What can I eat/drink to keep my energy up during a bad cold/flu?
Should there be white blood cells in urine and what could be the cause?
Do you know what this is? is it just a cold or is it worse?
what dose PMS stand for?
How old do you have to be to have laser hair removal? ?
How to get rid of acne in 3 months?
when you see a counsellor why Do they watch your Body Language and facial expressions?
How can I support a relative who has cancer?
belly ache? what is it?
my eye number is +2 is it high number?
I have been seeing transparent circles that follow me when I look into natural daylight. Know what it is?
What are some good ideas to help me and my friend stop itching our eyes?
When I blow my nose my kleenex comes back bloody. Should I worry?
allergy shots? (11 years)?
what's the best body growing tabs?
How to refill First Aid Kit efficiently?
my eye has really been hurting?
Ears wont pop and Throat feels funny?
Why I have I just given up?
Bladder Feels Like Its Going To Fall Out During Urination.?
My platelet counts are 178,000, and i am taking METPURE AM 5 tablets once in a day, does platelets are Ok?
can diabetic take sugarcane or honey?
What do I do for my severe congestion thats causeing me severe anxiety?
which type of cats is hypo allergique?
Am I allergic to fruits?
Too much cough syrup?
Question about human lungs ?
does lack of sleep make your immune system weak?
What is cancer scare?
should i go and see a doctor about my stomach pains?
Why do i get headaches?
L shaped nose stud and skin has grown around the part inside my nose, help?
Do I Have A Chlorine Allergy?
Is this an allergy by any chance?
my doctor prescribe me medicine that gave me angioedema in my throat that almost caused dealth can i sue?
I got stung by a bee 3 days ago, it is still swollen and itchy, should I use my EpiPen?
The initial encounter with an allergen is called the ______.?
hunch my back at 15 what is up?
how do i stop hunching my back?
Should blood pressure be taken sitting up or laying down?
Where in the UK are the most cases of heart disease?
Pain in left side of chest when breathing?
i cut a chunk of skin off my finger?
My brother is 18 and slipped on the snow and slipped a disc(s)?
Yo i can't sleep anymore and teas don't work and i don't want to take sleepers !?
what happens if i sleep wearing contact lens?
Does exercise help you if you have diabetes?
I have a question about potassium suppliments...?
Medical history in diabetes - risk?
i think i have bulimia - what do i do?
Boyfriend Allergic to cake?!?
Is toothpaste a cure for a lovebite?
Chances of Swine Flu Mutating?
Will an ultrasound always show cancer or no?
How can I raise a lot of money in a short amount of time for a friend of mine that has cancer?
If you're visually impaired (blind) can you still "witness" a crime?
If you are paralyzed from the waist down and you sit on your leg can you still feel the tingly asleep feeling?
Best/quickest way to heal a sprained ankle?
ALCOHOL with predinsolone? Please help?
does eating lots of sugar cause you to become diabetic later in life?
Trick or Treating with Diabetic Child?
I have lumps on the right side of my THROAT?
I want to diagnose myself?
What's wrong with me?!?
I have a black eye and I have to go to school?
Why does my last toe have a weird toenail?
what can you do when you have ovarian cancer and no insurance?
For Doctors, nurses, anyone who works in a large hospital?
i had 3 hiv antibody test done one in 1997 2004 2006 they were all neg?
Best way to relieve jaw pain, without painkillers?
What ingredient in this insect repellent wipes I'm I allergic to?
How may i get my girl friend to wear a surgical mask?
Swollen mosquito bite, really painful...?
Does smoking cigarettes cause your throught to constrict?
My friend has tb could i have it?
maximum fine if you are caught smoking in a non smoking area?
Please dont laugh at this question...?
help! i'm feeling ill :(?
is most medication available for 16 year olds to buy?
My sodium level on last blood test was 129.ls this a problem and if so what would you recommend?
ive been told that i can claim free road tax because im diabetic?
i forgot my before dinner insulin shot. what should I do?
i am a diabetic.taking insulin two times in a day.i am in diet,so i loose my weight too much.?
Which of the following hayfever tablets are the strongest?
Could somebody lose their hair because they have a dog allergy?
can tizanidine work for cancer patient in managing pain?
treatment of fleabitus?
Can cancer be caused by the fancy toys we buy for our children?
Can cigarette odor cause cancer?
What is wrong with my bowels?
If you go to a doctor and say you have bladder problems what will they do?
If you're an organ donor, will hospitals let you die quicker?
How to stay up all night?
what in gods name is this twitching, and why hasnt it gone yet?
I cant fall asleep fast. do i have insomnia?
how deep do scratches have to be to scar?
how much Diphenhydramine...?
am I allergic to dial bar soap?
will I grow out of Asthma?
why am i finding it hard to breathe?
Constant dizziness, spaced out, headache, tiredness, rash on chest when walking, shortness of breath?
considering acupuncture?
do i have swine flu ?????
Just diagnosed with folicular thyroid cancer. I am going to die. So scared. Doctor is so mean because I am?
my mom might have breast cancer....?
Is it normal for patients with liver cancer?
Medical question. Possibility my dad has cancer?
how do metal stents feel?
How are bone marrow transplants done?
My left toe hurts, i dont know why?
why is my nostril blocked 2 weeks after septoplasty?
What is the difference between the two anti depressants Lovan and Cymbalta?
Help! Am I depressed?!?
quick question, are sessional allergies deadly? 10 points?
Eyes are sometimes Red?
What allergy do i have based on this symptoms?
my nose bleeds a lot is it because my body is hot my mom says it because of the heat in the air in the summer?
Can you tear your ACL, Meniscus or ligement without knowing it?
what could be wrong with my knee?
what type of ear ache is this?
I have wierd marks on my leg?
About Internal Bleeding and Trauma...?
does smoking weed in a vaporiser affect you more?
Extreme heart burn for several hours?
problems with fingers?
cant sleep cant sleep help?
I am 13, do you think I have cataracts.?
wearing glasses after Lasik?
I am 13, do you think I have cataracts?
Alternative medicine supporters, which of these words is the plural of anecdote?
Acuvue Oasys contact lenses?
Electrohomeopathic medicine.?
Which allergy pills will work best for my kids?
How long does flu last for?
how much should a 14 year old boy weigh in stone?
Carbon Monoxide?? Should I sue?
why is that sometime i feel like i dont even know myself?