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will this hurt my diet?
Will using sleeping pills every night to sleep have bad effects?! Please help I'm properly dependant.?
Am I bulimic ????????? ?
How to get rid of pinworms?
what foods or fruits are good for the skin?
I think I have Hidradenitis suppurativa?
i have an injury resulting from a former job. it has been almost 6 months since I worked there can i still get?
I got punched in the nose 2 days ago, can i still get a black eye since i havent yet?
How does eye colour change ?
Can surgery restore your sight, after loosing it(sight) to to glaucoma ?
I constantly feel sick...?
I'm allergic to avocado? Is it still okay if I eat it?
what would cause vomiting all the time? all day every day? and its not acid reflux.?
Can you die from swallowing a hair grip/clip?
(Strange question) What is happening to my nose?
Can you sit outside in -7*c for an hour and a half?
If you fell asleep in the bath...?
Constantly losing weight....?
Is there a drug for lowering for lowering down cholesterol without damaging side effects for a diabetic?
How do you come off of anti-psychotics?
recently got braces fitted..?
what is going on with me?
Is it possible to ask the doctor for one more recovery day and include it in the MC ?
what is the most painful disease a human can get?
Any doctor in Orange County that will prescribe xanax?
how come i dont get high when i smoke?
What to do for a pulled muscle between my ribs?
Im scared in case i get swine flu!!!?
Chicken pox!!!! help please.?
aids/std through open cut?
knee pain in older person?
Sleep pattern I go to sleep at 7 in the morning I take clonozepam 1 mg before going to sleep ?
If you have no energy is it better to get active to wake yourself up or to get more rest?
Are there any sites where I can get advice on how to stop self harming?
have i broken the top of my leg?
Anal Glands possibly full?
has any1 suffered from mild hulucinations or vision distort after an extremely prolonged time on the computer?
i have elastic bands on my brace?
What's the most reliable and relative low cost dental insurance?
Will braces really hurt?
How much does gum grafting with your own gum tissue cost and gum grafting with alloderm cost?
PARTIAL ROOT CANAL DONE HAD TO GO BACK FOR THE CAPPING. TOOTH continued to hurt, dentist advised that tooth wa?
How do I fade acne scars?
How Do I Get Rid Of A Sty?
Is Cancer really a forbidden topic and people rather not hear it or understand it?
What can this be? Any doctors or nurses?
Do you believe that there are cures for certain diseases, but MONEY keeps them from being released to public?
my anxiety symptoms make me think i have a brain tumor!?
Why's my ear suddenly hurting?
How frequently can i consult eye specialist for avoiding eye problems/ infections?
Do I have depression?
Where can I find a dentist who take Medicare and Medicade for an adult ?
my tooth hurts after a filling?
Does bluetooth cause cancer?
My mom is getting a CT scan on her lungs?
My father was diagnosed with melanoma last summer. questions?
why is my 4 year old arm swollen red & hot after she had her shots yesterday?
what is good to strenghthen my muscles?
Please help ? New on medicatons...?
Have i broken my knee?
insect bite... help!!?
How does the dogs immune system fight of rabies?
can brain clot lead to deaths?
Is there any natural remedy that can make me grow?
Sickness and Diarrhoea?
does the oreck air purifier cover up weed smoke?
I am confused about which pen should I take?
How can I un-Plain Jane myself?
how to get rid of belly fats?
need to check [fat + double chin ppl only]?
if alcoholic mouthwash can cause cancer ,what happens when you drink alcohol?
Should I throw a contact lense away if I stepped on it? (READ INFO)?
how long does it take for nicotine to completely leave your system?
Is there a cure for a malignant Brain Tumor?
how long will my toe nail take to grow back?
Burning throat whenever I wake up..?
Is it normal to get cold sores more often or frequently when you first catch it from someone?
why does it take me 1.5-2 hours a night to fall asleep, when im just in bed staring at the ceiling?
long term goals as a dentist?
Question about meth mouth?
Im depressed and I deal with it by making myself throw up. Can I talk to my teacher?
Working as a cleaner in a school where i come into contact with teachers, they make me feel quite isolated.?
Is self-harm one of the symptoms of Dysthymia?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
What happens if you get bitten by a bed bug?
Swine flu vaccine...?
symptoms of ALCOHOL abuse on the internal organs?
hi i had my floaters for about 2 years and nothing has changed. is it serious?
how enlarged the pinus?
i blacked out why help me.?
I lost 9 kgs of weight due to Diabetes, can I get previous weight?
where can i get dry fish blood?its urgent.. plz help...?
i got stabbed and now i feel weird?
If the ceiling is too low to hang yourself, by balancing ur neck in the noose could u just hold your feet up?
Whenever I drink something, I end up having to pee about 10-15 minutes later. What can be causing this?
My uncle gave me a cigarette when I was 3?
1 year old with chest infection advise please?
in my chest x-ray report saya 1-left lung field ids clear,2-cardic size is within normal limits,3-costophrenic?
I went on holiday about 6 months ago and my tan hasn't faded yet; can anybody explain why?
what could these rash/spots on my 1 yr old nephew be?
Can autism be missed in childhood and then be discovered in adulthood?
I have a Chest Infection and no medicine to treat it what else would help?
How to avoid getting a cold?
Do knee cap (Patella) fractures always show up on x-rays?
Is it more dangerous to get punched in the chest or in the spine?
What injuries could you get if you fell down the stairs?
I hurt my ankle months ago its still swollen is that bad?
why does the blood sugar level fall after exercising?
I'm officialy Diabetic now, but...?
is a fasting blood sugar at 80 normaL? why do i get these feelings?
why you cannot take TYLENAL with coffee what is the risk?
how can i heal my ear piercing?
what are the chances of me having colon cancer?
Any Tips On How To Make Me Sleepy?
my dad with Alzheimer's?
Blood work came back and they say I have an elevated thyroid?
FLute sound is airy! Braces?
Retainer cleaning without tablets?
Can counselling Help someone that is Lost and does not know which way to Turn?
Piercing question: I'm allergic to metal.....?
Is Poison ivy an allergy?
Im 14 Burning Pain In The Top Of My Chest?
What can you do you stop "floaters" in my eyes?
How to stop my eyes from getting sore and dry when wearing contacts?
Fashion contacts are growing something on the middle...?
What the F is wrong with my vision ????? please help?
i want my eye report?
How to smoke Marijuana?
Does everyone who has had a head injury get left with hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear?
could it be Achilles tendonitis?
Is my keilod scar healing?
I came home and my mom eye is swollen, Why?
does benadryl make you excessively hungry?
Can bees be allergic to pollen?
Positive on nut allergy skin test but bloodwork showed negative so the doctor said I had no...?
Is a swollen Spleen Visible?
Why do I keep fainting?
Worried about diabetes?
Question about spots on forehead?
whats wrong with someone if you cant get much out of them ?
What are some signs of lung cancer?
What is the condition Herpes Zoster commonly called?
Is it necessary to take TT after sepsis,during antibiotic therapy?
dry throat feels like cold air?
How to get rid of TMJ Temporomandibular Joint Disease/Disorders?
i licked nail polish by accident help?
Help with ingrown toenail...?
how long will a cut take to heal?
Has anyone tried the following stomach soothers, for nausea and sore stomach every morning for no reason;?
Does apple cider vinegar work well as a laxative?
MEDICINE/Injection for increasing height?
When i walking my both knee are clicking why ? ( no pain )can any one heip me please?
what's the clinical difference between fever, Hyperthermia and hyperpyrexia?
Does it sound like I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?
I've never slept well, my whole life. Ambien tolerance? Now what?
Why is my ankle permanently swollen? (edema)?
How do i quickly get rid of cold symptoms?
Sudden darkening of urine,, taking metronidazole at present help!!?
Am at home and am ill but i am so BORED :( x?
Feeling drawn toward a person?
How should I explain gap in employment due to mental illness?
Really sore lower legs! Havent done anything today to make them sore and cant get rid of it through stretches?
What wrong with my eyes?
Blood test help please, urgently!?
What do these symptoms mean?
is this some kind of seizure?
Can you get 'high' of asthma inhalers? Also can you get asthma from using inhalers when you don't have it?
What happens if you breathe lemonade into your lungs?
asthma sufferers, when your asthma is playing up quite badly, what do you find eases it, other than inhalers a?
Best multi vitamine tablet?
Tell me how to start Export business from India?
I have been diagnosed as schizotypal?
I feel so tired that I can't keep my eyes open.?
How to best treat cat allergies?
help me out with my body structure?
Why is it when i have adrenaline i can't run, but feel shaky and sick instead?
continued discomfort after food poisoning?
I have red and white spots and patches on the top of my mouth and tonsils and throat, please help?
Are invisalign braces worth it?
How to stop obsessing?
Does the Prince Charles Hospital perform the new approach to hip replacement?
Do I need a blood test before having an MRI scan?
What's the mindf*ck in this picture? Too afraid to tried?
Reiki and Spiritual healing?
Isn't there a cure for Social Anxiety the natural way ?
Why do I get really bad hay fever symptoms in my bedroom?
my sebaceous cyst has burst what should a do?
Why can I see and feel my heartbeat in my stomach?
high white blood cell count?
Do you think everyone has something medically wrong with them?
DO the clear retainers show on your teeth?
How deep does a cut have to be to need stitches?
where can i find an N H S dentist?
I think I'm allergic to chocolate.?
Can you get fungus on your lungs?
DIABETES homework...........?
how do i warm my bed before getting in it? i know the British use something but i dont know what it is?
Had a LEEP almost 3yrs ago and now I am having another LEEP?
Is my awful memory due to a sub-total thyroidectomy I had at 18?
is there any proper treatment for gullien barrie syndrome?
My next door neigbour broke up his shed yesturday in his back garden, my son at the time was in his bedroom.?
what can i do about this Phlegm situation?
How do you get rid of a strained throat that's been on going for 5 weeks?
it feels like i cant breathe an i spit up blood the other day im worried an dont know whats wrong with me?
Whats the life span on someone with hiv?
How is HIV rashes looks like? I have rashes from 3 months ago?
Do i need to call 999?
My finger recenttly got jammed 2 days ago and i was wondering what i should do..it is swelling like crazy.?
Why Does my skin go from very healthy looking to breakout and awful looking!?
how do you get rid of mouth ulcers?
Elastics on Braces-Ouch!?
What do they use to numb your tooth at the dentist?
Do you get dentures after a tooth extraction?
Can you help me with some advice about my illness?
Is there something wrong with me?
British Army eyesight Requirements?
Any wonderful cures for a sore throat and a bit of a sore ear starting?
Alcohol and untreated Diabetes Type II?
what is wrong with me?
Can I become a veterinarian if I'm allergic to cats?
Excess liquid in nose and back of throat?
Preventing the spread of MRSA after staying in hospital?
Is this normal flu, or does it sound like something else?
Getting the flu jab? have a chest infection at moment, can i get it when?
Why my feet get cold in every winter season?
Why am i getting constant headaches..?
Are herbal cigarettes safe?
I have a scar on my face (about 2cm) I am scared it will turn girls away. Will it?
does salicylic acid help fight milia?
What would happen if I told my guidance counsellor about my eating disorder?
i have really cold hands?
Does this mean she has breast cancer?
a nephrectomy is the surgical removal of which part of the body?
could this be cancer?or am i just overreacting?
does white poeple get cancer more than blacks?
What is neurofibromatosis?
i have 7 cavitities, some questions please?
I'm 17 and I want my teeth whitened, would you recommend it?
why does my teeth pain after eating chocolates ?
Getting braces tomorrow, lots of complications please help?
Is my foot broken or sprained? Doctor?
What does it mean when you cant feel your hand?
Shoulder Injury, Cortisone made worse even after 10 days?
What is the best way to get rid of blisters on my heels?
Punched in nose - looks realigned?
if someone says your surgeon wants to 'review' you next time, is this bad...?
What is a good remedy for sunburn apart from 'aftersun'?
Vinsine eye help :( PLEASE HELP ME :((( !?
does xanax get you high?
can a high amount of caffeine negatively affect my immune system?
I have trouble urinating in school bathrooms?
Does anyone know where I can get in touch with some people with autism?
Can chewing gum help to ease braces pain?
Parkinson's / when someone gets it do they all go through the different stages?
are my symptoms of a bipolar person?!?
what do i have if i have a really runny nose and sneezing, and also a headache, but no fever?
Allergies can cause all of this?
how can i get prescription cough syrup?
Anybody got any tips/advice to stop smoking?
I need serious help with an infection after wisdom teeth removal?
What can you and cant you eat with tooth crown?
what is a home remedy for tooth ache?
Question about getting a crown on root canal.?
How do you brush your teeth?
Is this dentist trying to rip me off?
Am i going to get a black eye?
Do I have a possible concussion?
Thumb Injury. How can I heal it?
is it not possible to change a whole digestive system from one person to another ? like a blood relative ?
My grandmother had Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, should i be tested?
Toes cramp every time I stretch for the splits?
Gnc garlic 500 supplement ?? Is it okay to take it without asking to doc ?
Whats the best hangover cure?
how is jaundice caused?
Umm, I changed my ear rings for the first time..?
weird bite on my arm.....?
what type of food can help stop a runny nose?
My nose was bleeding really badly, what does that mean?
Its time to go into rehab how do I tell my mum?
Why are my fingers and toes always so cold? and slightly blue?
whho do you complain to when you want to complain about the whole of the NHS?
i am a diabetic and it seems like i am always getting sick such as stomach flu is your imunesystem weak being?
Rubber bands for braces?
What is involved in a gestational diabetes diet?
i have herpes 1 & 2 but never had out-brake on the mouth how did this happened?
Are pregnancy tests accurate 7 days before my missed period?
I currently have mono...?
I Hurt My Knee Cap Real Bad?
Lump in lower arm? :( help please! ?
Why I start feeling uncomfortable/Swelling on face and eye as I take any medicine.?
why have my lips started itching?
I think I need time off work with depression?
Alcohol Medical Advice Please...?
Does Bach Rescue Remedy Spray work for public speaking?
sugar level of 9.9mmol or 178 mg/dl high? serious answers only?
My blood urea value is 23 .is it normal?
Is it normal too be like EXTREMELY COLD?!?
Does Parvo create a fowl smelling vomit?
My throat hurts when I try to swallow..? It's been going on for two days now, please help?
i have a habit of squinting my eyes?
Hay fever in late August?
drank milk my entire life now i cant?
how to tell if my finger is broken?
My knee keeps clicking what do i do about it ?
got lots of little spots on my chest?
Wut the heck is this in my chin?
my glands are tender under my jaw, why?
Why am I getting these headaches? ?
Why am I getting these headaches?
Pain in lower back. ?
how much is it to get tested for STDS help asap!?
Whats different between Gastritis and Gastroenteritis?
Mom has pain in back and burps to relieve it?
Trichotillomania: Problem?
Alcohol excess and liver function tests - they likely be normal?
do i have cancer ?? lump hard and tender near tonsils?
Can I get disability if I refuse chemo radiation or even the surgery?
why is someone with pancreatic cancer told that they don"t have to have radiation?
I Am Scared To Death I Have Cervical Cancer. I Think I May Have HPV .?
skin irritation but no rash?
errg, i might be alergic to bunnys :( ?
what do i avoid if im allergic to gluten?
help me come up with interesting topics on health?
If someone is getting a blood test for their allergies, would marijuana show up in the testing?
How pranayama helps gasand indigetion?
What doctors are those who check if you are really injured or just lying?
Question about teeth, dentist?
Has anyone ever got dental insurance through dentalplans.com?
What's wrong with me?
Can a type 2 diabetic be a Veterinary Tech/Assistant?
Do sugar gliders like yogurt drops?
Can you get diabetes from eating too many sugary foods?
Does too much sugar consumption cause Type 2 Diabetes?
Is a blood glucose level of 125,127 2 hrs after eating normal?
What is a good diet to lower your blood sugar?
If FDA isn't approving all of this medicine - why is it on the shelves? Should all be FDA Approved?
6 year old with bad asthma?
Is it possible to develop an eating disorder ?
Flucloxacillin tablets makeing me feel worse?
How to release trapped air in a blocked ear?
what type of cancer does she have?
Should I get a root canal or not?
would it be wierd to ask the dentist to fill my wisdom teeth instead of pull them?
What are the names of some health promotion work that is being done currently/recently regarding tooth decay?
How to avoid carpal tunnel?
My son got hit in the head with a cone and is now complaining of a headache.?
medical question about constipation?
Will this cause damage?
How to cure an ingrown toenail?
I will be changing insulin due to mixtard 30 no longer being produced, is it better?
what should not be taken for type 2 diabeties patient?
Could we serve a normal food to a diabetic taking insulin injection twice a day?
can you eat sunflower seeds if you have diabetes type 2?
what organs in the human body depend on insulin?
Nothing works for my dad's allergies?
Is it o.k. to take a Sudafed now when I just took a Claritin at 3:15p.m. today?
any ideas how to make period pains not so bad?
I need a non-medical cure for a sore painful throat and bad cough?
help me do some thing about my nose?
Can someone please tell me what is going on ?
I'm getting enough sleep each night, so why am I so tired?
My Girlfriend Has Really Bad B.O.?
It is very difficult for me to wake up in the morning is this sort of depression?
Can you get hepatitis B from someone else?
I shoveled several peoples driveways on Monday, and now I have this bad pain in my left shoulder?
swollen knee but it doesnt hurt?
My Foot Is Black and Blue After I Fell Down, What Does This Mean?
Should I drink even if I have an open wound?
Is it possible to be allergic to dogs but not cats?
Broken Train Track Braces?
Son with Cancer prefers to get treatment close to home rather than at St.Jude's, what should we do?
how long does it take to feel normal after low blood sugar?
How long does it take til ammonia starts if someone falls into ice water?
Why am i always cold?
how to get rid of scars or cover them?
I embarrassed myself?
Can a liver be transplanted to another human?
I was accidentally wounded from a needle used for anti rabies vaccine, what should i do?
______ is a fatal brain disorder caused by a prion, an abnormal form of protein. (three word answer)?
Does my mom have breast cancer ? =[?
Mesothelioma; Specific Defect Responsible?
I just smoked a cigarette?Has it damaged me?
Can withdrawal from heroin by going "Cold Turkey" cause death via delirium tremens?
Been getting really bad toothache?
why am i getting my wisdom teeth at such a young age?
what should i do about my tooth gap?
HELP? What's happening to me..!? D:?
Am I sick? What do I have?
i need to interview a diabetic for school..?
How to reduce fasting sugar levels?
I would like to contact C.Sri Vidya Rajagopalan who has answered some question on Ayurveda and has a rare book?
HPV jab question please look?
Acai Max Cleanse is it good product?
How can you get free counselling in England?
Is this classed as hemophobia?
Will I need to have Radipactive Iodine Treatment?
I had an excision of a full thickness rectal tumor. Any chance this is benign?
Is it possible that I have lymphoma?
Surgery and Factor V Leiden?
why does my nose run so much?
smoking is it to blame?
NHS Question: How do you get a 2nd opinion?
What colour should my braces be this time?
How long do you have to wear braces?
how can i get rust out of my toe without having it cut open?
i need help quitting self-harm?
What causes fatigue - Advice?
what is the cause of fever in pleural effusion patients?
If I take medication for my acne, will my skin become reliant on the medication?
Why, when we get out of the bath are our fingers all dried and wrinkly?
for diabetic patient whic is best natural sugar or sugar free tablet?
does my blood sugar drop every morning ?
Am I normal? Is this a normal thing to do?
Is the water from a dehumidifier safe enough to drink?
what does milk contain?
I don't smoke..my boyfriend smokes a pack a day and a cigar, what to do?
Braces coming OFF :) <3 ?
How bad do braces hurt?
I need to get rid of the gap between my teeth by tomorrow morning?
Please rate my smile.?
Question about braces?
How is sleeping during the day bad?
what can lack of sleep do to you?
What r the best suppliments for energy?
what is it like to be high?
what is the best way to get rid of black heads?
My bee sting is really itchy?
Have I Broke My Knuckle Cause I Cnt Go To The Doctors And I Need To Know?
Strained/stretched/torn ligament or muscle?
I've sprained my ankle where do I go from here?
what is the acl rehab before surgery?
How to break you fingers or hand?
Help on groin injury?
Do I need to go back to the doctor for an ankle injury?
Diabetic and 20 or something else?
Just ran out of insulin, what will happen using metformin?
How will you know if you have diabetes or not w/o going to the doctors?
why do a three hour glucose test on someone not pregnant?
Is it possible to have a normal, healthy and easy pregnancy when you have type 1 insulin dependent diabetes?
What would be the effects of fasting on a person with type 1 Diabetes.?
Bad relationship with food! Everything! Help please?
coming off 20 mg citalopram?
How effective is nitric oxide supplement and weigh gainer supplement?
Can you do some damage to yourself by blowing your nose too hard?
how to get rid of ocd ?
I have a Lisp, Any way of making it less obious or getting rid of it?
I think I'm going to be sick tomorrow, how to prevent?
please help me i want normal skin?
Hangover questions??????? plz help?
Is it normal to still have pain 4 days after tooth extraction?
where can i buy lucozade sugar tablets?
How do I deal with his HPV?
it takes for how long does symptoms of rabies appear?
Why is my toe joint grey and sore?
I was wearing a ring today, and it caused me a bruise on the inner side of my hand, why?
Question about a broken arm?
I feel so guilty today..?
How do you get rid of the flu fast?
Can I eat cheese if my tempurture in my right ear is 99.7 and in the left 99.4?
Should i consult a doctor?
How do i self medicate my cough which lasts for about 1 month already?
What do I do if my eyes are red?
is skin itching a symptom of some internal organ cancers?
Can Air Conditioner mold cause brain damage?
is amoxicillin like penicillin?
how to cure an allergic reaction?
Is a lack of sun bad?
Did I have a Seizure, Stroke or Vertigo Attack?
How to exercise with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Answers please im reaallyy worried !!!!?
Feeling quite weak, what is wrong with me?
Pain in lower, lower abdomen; what does that mean?
swelling insect stings?
i"ve been ill for 7 days any help.?
do i have a infection?
My dentist gave me antibiotics for my abscess.?
which trusted website can I buy viagra without a prescription ?
I take adderall now, is it appropriate?
Am I at risk if I smoke cigarettes on weekends?
What should I do if my family doesn't know I smoke cigarettes?
Am I alcohol intolerant?
Mum smoking? Please help?
How good r urine testing kits in diagnosing diabetes?
small red spots on my belly? please read xx?
Are people with schizoaffective disorder dangerous?
Been prescribed Prozac but no diagnosis?
whats the steps of becoming anorexic?
I left my contacts in over night by mistake help?
My Daughter has a eye disorder, What is it called?
What is wrong with my eye?
Have any treatmen for more thickness of eye cornea?
I am smoking for 3 years, 2 cigars per day! do i hav chance for cancer?
Is it possible to have Tinnitus at age 23?
can drinking coffee help get rid of intestinal parasites?
Why do I have no wisdom teeth?
Do i have a cold or the flu?
is there any medicine for P.N.H (Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria) ?
Is it normal to get a runny nose when nervous?
I've breathed in some aerosol fumes... I don't feel well.?
It is true Brown sugar is good than white sugar for whom had diabetes?
Diabetics, do you prefer the pen needles; or the syringes?
what skincare to use while on zineryt?
17 y.o girl mystery illness?
What should i do after i cracked my toenail. ?
I always have cold feet and hands?
How can you tell if you have a bad stent?
I need an URGENT psychiatric help?
why do i love to bite people?
Elbow injury - I fell and landed on my elbow?
If you coughed up blood (doesn't have to be a lot) what would your reaction be, and your first thoughts?
What do you call these types of shivers? Is there a name?
Womens struggle vs Mens...?
What is a low grade fever range from?
would you spend £300 to get your teeth whitened?
Is it rare to have two different colored eyes?
HELP Bad eye pain Sooooorrree?
Someone who has never smoked weed and has anxiety?
I burnt my finger: WHAT DO I DO?
why do i have a rash on my legs?
Could coming off of olanzapine (zyprexa) be causing these illnesses?
Will smoking on the pill affect me?
Why do you have to wait 48 hours when doing a hair dye allergy test?
Who else sleeps walk?
I went to bed at 12 night and woke up at 4-30AM.Only 4 and half hours sleep. Now I am in front of my Laptop.?
is the kerala based ayurveda treatment good enough to cure cancer patients?
My toenail fell off what shall I do?
Purging is ruining my teeeeth ?!?!?
How soon can dentures be fitted?
What could be causing my son's tooth to hurt so badly?
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Tomorrow?
my 4year old girl fell n knocked out her one front teeth..when will it come ?
How to reduce the sugar level of fasting 125 and pp is 250.How it can be reduced?
I need a doctors help worried about my mom?
Diabetes---- Has anyone used Cinnamon to bring there Diabetes numbers down?
does cmp blood test check for diabetes & cholesterol? Difference in cmp & cbc?
Could I have avoided getting diabetes?
¤*¤ strange tingling in legs and buzzing sound in ears ? ¤*¤?
Anyone taking Prednisone for Myasthenia gravis?
what is it like going out with a smoker when you don't smoke?
i want to know how can i grow taller?
Smoking cravings are back..?
Depression at school?
Home alone scared for 7 hours?
Toe infection ... Emergency doctors appointment or not!?
My sister is ill ! What could be wrong?
I contracted cystitis 3 weeks ago.?
What is the cause of cervical cancer?
does GLa and omega 3 oils with Aspirin prove to be a cure for cancer?
My wife and I went to a Clinic for pregnancy check up.And the result shows "Epithelial Cell: Rare".?
is there any treatment of cancer?
caring for mum with lung cancer?
Does this sound healthy?
Help About ATM Disease!?
Can a female with O+ blood group be married to a male with AB- blood group? Will it affect their next generati?
What would happen to a cut if bleach got in it?
i just took 12 benadryl and 9mg of lunesta?
Will they pull out my tooth for a bad cavity?
Is there a natural legal painkiller for strength training?
Do you leave the foil in your cigarette pack?
Are most patients in an intensive care naked and if so, why and is it embaressing?
What could be causing my panic attacks?
Why does my bladder feel like there's lots of pressure in it after I take a pee. ?
I'm worried for my flatmate?
What are some symptoms of lactose intolerance?
education welfare officer about my attendance?
HELP! Is my Urinary Tract Infection gone or Not ??? (Urgent)?
I was Born with Hypoglycemia....?
will a doctor know if I haven't got the medicine I was prescribed?
so i have bad breathe?
omg, what's wrong with this kids eyes?
Does drinking alot of water cure a yeast infection?
I keep getting deaf in both ears?
BFF has a serious problem!??! Health??!?!?
how does the role of diet affect cancer?
how to avoid smoking?
how do i prevent my boxer from getting cancer or at least lower the chance of getting one?
is this a sing or warning off a heart attack or is it something else?
I have narrowing of the arteries, will smoking make it worse?
whats wrong,? illness or something else?
how does nail fungus affect your social life?
Why am I always cold?
Pain and soreness?I cant drain myself anymore its to sore? Please help?
Is there something bad with me, and how is that condition called?
How has Hawking lived so long with motor neuron disease?
The whole left side of my body hurts, especially my left wrist?
EXTREMELY bad blocked ears for no apparent reason?!?
does proactive really work as well as the commercials say?
How often should I smoke weed to stay used to it?
what do you "dama ki bimari" in english, it has to with lungs? and Is bronchitis related to it?
Allergy on Rocephin means I have HIV?
Roof of mouth itches?
My dog has recently started to scratch frequently everywhere. I think it might be an allergy. what can you do?
if there is 259 calories in 100grams?
My best friend wants me to commit suicide with her...?
is there any form of help for procrastination?
help i think im losing my hearing?
Citalopram 10mg. Does it work and how?
what can i do to cure bleeding haemorroids?
I have lost 3 stone over the past few months without trying, now feeling very tired any ideas why?
Can you eat food thats been dropped on the floor?
Falling down a flight of steel stairs?
my dad recntly got operated at cooper we spent45000 as he is theonly earning(painter) can u all plz sgst donor?
Is there only one color for a filling?
Ingrown Toenail - Please Help!?
Possible fractured elbow?
what washing powder does not cause an astma sufferer breathing problems?
Is there a way I can tell if I'm allergic to bees?
I Keep Bloowing My Nose Even On Hot Days?
my grandmothers panic attack symptoms.?
When getting allergy tests do you get to pick where they do it or do the doctors?
Do eczema and asthma go together like peas and carrots?
Is it ok to leave out exersize for one day when you are feeling very ill?
Gap between teeth, help please!?
I've had my braces for four weeks is this normal ?
Can you eat mentos wit braces?
How to keep good care of your teeth while you have an eating disorder ?!?!?
feeling rough today? what's your best hangover cure?
Okay, So... I Seriously Believe That I Am Dying From Leukemia And No One Will Talk Me Seriously - Help?
Skin rash on new years? :(?
I don't feel good what would this disease be?
What do you think is best for MS?
Do you suffer from restless legs syndrome?
My BP is 160/108 is it really a high and need madicine ?
How long will these Smoking Symptoms carry on?
Temperature hot or cold?
Can you stunt your growth..?
I'm 17, 4'9 and weigh 97 lbs...can I donate blood?
What is wrong with me?
i am a diabetic an over weight will medicaid pay for lap band surgery?
is hypoglycemia diabetes?
Poll: I got tested to see if I have Diabetes, is 70 good or bad?
Why don't those who go into Diabetic Shock ALWAYS carry some source of sugar with them?
mild or moderate cfs/me?.......?
What is the average 'Free thyroxine level' for a 15 year old?
what pecent of us has aids/hiv?
lack of sleep problems need help?
my nose burns when I breathe through it?
my head is itching like crazy, no lice but it is unbearable help!!!!?
Braces??? ouch!!!Experience with braces ?? help me?
Do Dentists really through Nitrous parties?
braces + eating chocolate = not good?
are automatic toothbrushes worth the money?
are adcal-d3 tablets gluten free?
Do I need to clean my house every day? I feel stressed out!?
can sprey fumes affect me?
If you have to get a wound stitched up do the hostpitals keep on record how deep and wide the wound is?
How would you deal with a persistent trapped nerve in the back which won't snap back?
Do you still lose weight if......?
is this considered a bad prescription?
why does my eye twitch so bad?
is a bath good for a cold?
got questions againstsuing bp?
do allergy tests hurt?
Home remedies for dogs with allergies?
i need help with my doctor and his students?
height grow ayurvedic capsule side effects?
How long will it take to get two normal wisdom teeth pulled?
I have to get my cavities filled today, advice?
How do i get salt water ?
Hepatitis B infection is there a cure.? what is the drug?
I have accidently taken one expired cold and flu tablet is this ok?
Mther started smoking again. How should I handle the situation?
has anyone had acl surgery with torn meniscus?
Do I have seasonal allergy?
Is it possible to be allergic to a person ?
Kirsty wark has aids how long to live?
can i get std or sti off drinking *** me and my mate playing dares ?
Can a person die from a 7 story fall?
my shin really hurts?
what is a good laundry detergent for people with allergies?
how do you know you have a wheat intolerance?
How do I get rid of my spots?
is there any vegetable which contains good antioxident?
breast tenderness and stabbing pains for 2 or 3 months, swelling under armpit?
Can you make a syringe for insulin with these things?
Why can't I get high?
what will happen if a healthy person took regular niacin?
My mother's Hemoglobin level is 5.3, today i have donated 1 pint of blood today?
Possibility of low blood sugar?
Do you know a good drink recipe that doesn't have any sugar/artificial sweetener?
LASIK eye surgery before Military?
Moving spots in my vision?
How long should I wear my contact lenses for?
The eye doctor says you have 20/20 eye sight. But what does it mean when you have 20/30 eye sight?
Is there any other way to put contact lenses in,?
Why is my vision deteriorating?
just advice!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do they numb stitches too get them out?
Should you stop smoking 24 hours before a operation?
Clogged ears and ear drops?
Did we catch some sort of virus?
can I catch a viral infection if someone coughs over my food?
I've been really sick now for about a week. No fever but I have a sick feeling.?
How to get rid of a birth mark which is kind of faint?
what are the effects of smoking?
I am coughing until I wretch and can't sleep because of it. Is there anything I can do to help?
Armpit sweating problem?
will my teeth move back?
How long does dental numbing last?
How much do dental bridges cost?
is it ok to water down mouthwash so it don't burn my tongue?
When do you think i will get my braces off? Pictures included.?
Would braces push my teeth back making it look less ape-like?
I hate my dental crown.?
What should I do please help me I don't know what to do ?
Brain tumor symptoms?
diet for fatty liver disease?
How do doctors give bd news to patients and/or their families?
is a blood surgar reading of 312 an emergency?
Why does your tummy make noises when it's hungry?
What are the initial symptoms of hiv+?
What is this disease called...?
Why is it that I always sneeze after I shower?
got drops for the constant mucus that comes out my eyes, sorry sounds gross, what is it doc says eye allergies?
Sneezing more than usual, any ideas why?
can a dog have an allergic reaction to a bee sting?
Fastest way to get that acne-free skin?
Severely dry skin on my face, help ?
How to get rid of puffy eyes?
I'm trying to find medicine for an allergy...?
Negatives for Lactose Intolerance?
had surgery 5 days ago had a Laparoscopic Appendectomy and now the wound area is stinging and has a burning?
Does Walgreens sell syringes?
Can anyone help me unerstand Thyroid?
What is the best remedy for nasal swelling/inflammation?
My grandma died of a heart attack on thursday?
I have to go in for a Heart Thallium Scan soon and would like to know if?
Can scoliosis affect your ribs?
Thyroid Removal Very Scare !!!!!!?
Is there a way to tell what stage cancer someone is?
why is cancer treatment dangerous for non cancerous cells?
What does it mean when you suddenly get increased Saliva?
I have a ear infection and the antibiotics they gave me haven't been working. what do i do?
why do drug abusers have lots of needle marks all over their body why cant they just use one hole?
Should I stop taking antibiotics? Allergic reaction?
Are allergic reactions to dogs usually immediate or does it take time to show up?
Gluten free breads that don't taste like cardboard?
Is kidney transplant a treatment option for kidney stones?
what do i do if melted wax fell on my finger?
How long will my chicken pox last?
do I have stomach cancer?
What exactly happens with ovarian cancer?
Is it true that "CHEWS FOR HEALTH" vitamens clear canine cancer?
GTTest in Fasting ,102 and after half,1 hour ,1 & half hour,2 hrs.. 148,182,138 and 192 respectively.is diab?
My friend's extraocular melanoma has started to subside within 2 days - does this mean it's not cancer ?
what are the early signs of diabetics in a toddler?
Anyone know about Diabetes?
I have a question about my doctors methods.?
Can a tooth decay under the gums?
Can someone help please chest x ray results?
Help. I feel like I'm dying.?
Hives everywhere! Allergic reaction question...?
I'm 14 need help with a medication Ive been out on?
how do i prevent a greasy nose?
Is there a possibility I have lost some hearing in my right ear?
what is the virus that causes H1N1?
Raynauds Syndrome there is no cure?
Is it severe if one of my pupils is bigger than the other?
This is really embarrassing, but I need help...?
how long does swine flu last?
Allergic reaction to Gardasil shot?
Can you be allergic to Marijuana?
Weird Reaction when eating Oranges?
How do Doctors detect to what I'm allergic to?
M goin thrugh continous vomite.. Is there any solution to stop them?
Can NOT breathe at night. Very bad allergies ESPECIALLY to dust which is ALWAYS present where I'm sleeping.?
Do I have an allergy to the soap I'm using?
I need to lose weight fast?
if a chlamydia test comes back positive, can the clinic call your previous partners confidentially?
What are the benefits of smoking crack?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
How can I learn to sleep with my mouth closed?
If you haven't had health insurance for awhile, does every insurance company make you get blood work/ physical?
Shortness of Breath, Pain, help..?
I burnt my finger, what do i do?
railings injury help.......?
I have to go to the dentist but im scared so badly?
I got a weird hole in the roof of my mouth, what is it?
any way to speed up braces process? 10 points?
rubber bands only on one side?
A question about braces and Medicare???????????
How do you control over eating?
What are the symptoms of Diabetes?
Can i use pectin powder with sugar supplement maltitol to make sweets?
Just found out she has Breast Cancer? :(?
Have I Damaged My Liver?
How do you know you have oily skin?
Am I allergic to uncooked apples?
Do I look like I have down syndrome?
Why is my body always so tired?
What is going on with my digestive system?
How long does it take to recover a pint of blood after donation?
Could riboflavin deficiency be the cause for the white coating on my tongue?
Constipation or Diarrhea?
Have you been formally diagnosed with an allergy?
Allergic to natural flavors?
Scald to the fingers?
Swollen ear?Is red I was at a club yesterday?
Describe the proccess of a kidney transplant.?
Ive just found out that ive got Helicolbacter Pylori is this serious?
What is causing this constant yawning?
lump in armpit what do i do?
Passive smoking, do you find cigarettes smokes "nice"?
will my allergies go away once i move to Texas?
allergic to eye makeup? please help!!!?
is anyone in the world allergic to dirt or clay?
Can sitting in front of the computer, starring at the monitor for a long time gives me migrane?
I'm having stomach problems and throw up a lot, any ideas what could be the problem?
Repeating headaches for a couple days?
i like black out for a couple seconds then get my vision back and almost fall over?
I really need a copy of my immunization records which i had in st.lukes med.cntr.how can i get a copy?
Why does my nose smell funny?
I've got a lot of wind, i think too much bacteria in the stomach. What's the best way to get rid of this?
slipped on ice hurt wrist?
Ew... When I had surgery......?
had a bang to my head last night, worried i could die?
Is it possible that arthritis of the knee could be mistaken as tendonitis in an mri?
Getting My Braces Off On Wednesday... What To Expect?
Teeth whitening routine? Will this work?
Is it a disease or something ?
is this normal for people who suffer IBS?
Does having diabetes tend to cause weight gain or weight loss in adults?
which disease is this?symptoms low sugar,chest pain,headache,weight loss swelling in heart?
Are there any diseases that cause sunken in purplish dark circles under the eyes?
When I eat any kind of fruit, my lips sting?
Have I broken my finger?
Soft Tissue Shoulder Injuries... Please Help?
I got my cast off from my left arm, can i start snowboarding in about 3 weeks?
waking up with hands hurting and fingers numb and tightness. I can not make a strong fist. What is it?
How long does it take for a scar in my MOUTH to heal?
Pica eating disorder?
is this normal hearing voices wisper havent slept for like 35 hours and havent ate only rockstar?
Best friend died from anorexia?
how can i get rid of scar on face from flaky dehydrated skin and how do i stop dehydrated skin?
How do you get healthier skin?
WHAT'S THIS ????????????????????????????????????????…
I want to get into health care - what should I take? LPN, Health unit clerk?
What is causing my headaches?
How do you get rid of a strained throat/constant chesty cough you've had for 5 weeks?
Why does my vision seem to flicker when I have flu or a fever?
Pains in the liver area.... Doctors say it's a pulled muscle. Your thoughts/experiences?
Why Is Yawning Contagious?
why do we eat every day? and not stop for atleast aweek??????
what is normal blood sugar level for non diabetic?
why do diabetic athletes need to monitor their glucose levels accurately?
I'm a 17 year old with high blood sugar?
I wear glasses now and think I want contacts. What should I do to prepare of an eye exam?
blocked ears equalise?
Silent Migrains need I worry?
What happens if i'm allergic to strawberries and i eat strawberries?
Can eczema be caused by a food allergy?
If you are allergic to cats are sphinx's better?
Wouldn't it be bad if u were allergic to dairy?
I have got anal fissure since past one week. Will eating curd help me in any way or will it only aggravate it?
if chlamydia remains untreated for a year?
Herbal antidepressants? Anyone had experience with these?
Is it postnatal depression or not?
do i have bronchitis or pneumonia?
about mouth breathing?mouth breathing is not good to do.?
lumps in neck, size of an olive. anything to worry about?
Does this sound like labyrinthitis?
a 23 eye pressure number something to worry about?
What is astigmatism, has it anything to do with glaucoma?
How do I fix the unevenness of my eyes?
what are ways to 'unstuff' nose with no medication?
1 Swollen Eye Lid what to I do?
Diabetes Clinic Nurse?
What can a test for white blood cell count tell you?
I have been adding to my weight training and eating lots of prtien and am gaining weight.?
Symptoms: very sore throat and lightheadedness! Help!?
Problem starting urination.?
what is going on in my 17yr old brain?
Allergic or not?????????
i believe i have Cystitis, what natural cures are there?
does weed help you to become more focused?
is it normal to pop a boil?
Why am I producing so much spit and why is it making me feel sick?
does this sound like insomnia? and i know there are different types, what type do u recon?
How can I donate a kidney to my mom?
Cerebral Aneurysm: Causes?
Hurts when i press on my stomach? i will be picking best answer?
Are there and medical problems that cause a big stomach?
Is Type 2 giving Type 1 a bad name?
what are nasal polyps?
do you think im alergic to water?
Jaw clicking when you eat?
Do Tyrozets contain penicillin?
doctors or people who know anything about asthma or allergies...?
Dust allergies in Office?
how to get swollen glands down?
Does anyone find that eggs smell extremely bad?
What causes Bloody stools in dogs?
the nature of this diseases?
Is there any drug that makes you sad,depressed?
Is arthritis a calcification on the joints and, if so, would less calcium in the diet reduce the chance?
Can I get a GP without attending a consultation?
My boyfriend has been bitten?
Would a de-humidifier help my asthmatic son?
If my nan has a smoking problem, and she has to loose her left lung, What will the effects be?
Can a female who have history of asthma but presently is not having any problem donate blood?
How often should you get your vision checked?
I need some encouragement?
What do people feel like when they have cancer?
Why are so many domestic animal are being diagnosed with cancer?
when polyps are removed from the colon?
how can i tell i am having a diabetic attack?
physical precautions and diet control for osteoarthritis of knee ?
Why do I feel like this?
If someone has an Addiction, do you feel that?
Grass pollen levels dropped now but my little girl seems to have same symptoms?
My child is wheezing solutions to help?
was this an allergic reaction?
my mouth has rough spots i think its from salt and vinager chips?
Is there a difference between HIV + and HIV -?
Is it normal to have blood in the ears after a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy?
Can doctors see Skin Cancer in routine blood tests?
if ur boyfriend gave u trich (std) what would u do?
Your dr tells you, you have herpes but past blood tests show negative?
What would happen with this scenario in American healthcare?
Am I being a hyperchondriac or should I be worried about my heart?
Cardiovascular Physiology?
What could broken blood vessels on your chest area mean?
troubles with my heart?
How can I get involved?
Can i drink pepsi when i feel better from illness?
Could allergies cause my headaches?
What is the natural drug selenium ?
Dandruff:the shampoo manufacturing co's are taking advantage with no result. Any alternative home remedy?
In serious problem.please help.?
My doctor told me that i have an apendix problem, what shold i do?
Questions about wisdom teeth?
I feel weird.... am I overreacting?
How do you get rid of a sinus infection/strained throat that you've had for 5 weeks?
I have a nail scratch below my eye?
anyone know a lot about teeth?
Multiple Myeloma????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
70% of Susan Komen's chairty goes to awareness, what defines awareness?
If you had diabetes symptoms would you have alot of them?
what is diabetes millitus?
Whats right and wrong about my current diet ?
any suggestions for a diabetic thanksgiving?
Does it matter if i EAT slow,as long as i'm eating?
What is a self-induced diabetic coma?
metal taste in mouth and metformin?
how long before the steroids work to make my ears better?
Allergy or something question? Getting frustrated!?
why are my eyes always red?
How to cut down on smoking (a limit of cigarettes to do per week)?
I want to pull a sicky tomorrow, help please!?
I really need some help?
im losing weight because of flu?
How can I get rid of Blackheads?
HELP! How can i get rid of spots?
I want to raise awareness about testicular cancer? how do i contact someone to do so? or to show them my ideas?
What's a hemroid and how do?
Going through treatment for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma...?
Small intestine cancer?
Mom was dx w colon cancer then found on liver now in a lymph node. All this from stomach pain 1 month ago. ?
what if you had xray vision?!?!?
What does the heart attack chest pain feel like?
heart beat is abnormal like one is heavy and next is weak like. but doctor said its ok. what i do sir?
My Mom's blood pressure has been high lately can anything helper lower it?
In your opinion please... For Ex smokers.?
School Trip, but I have Diarrhea?
How Good Is KY Lubricant? Is It Safe To Put It Dwn There? As Far As Irritation...?
i have worms i dont wanna tell my mum?
ive been told i need to see a doctor about some issues ive been having but how can i tell my mum !?
asthma alternative to inhalers ?
I have a question about smoking?
Will a swollen lymph node in the neck caused by cancer always stay there and keep growing?
How can I get clear skin in two days?
i have a very sensitive and anxious nature and suffer from ocd and anxiety?
What is drug addiction?
Yellow eyes and pain in her side?
how can i prevent getting head lice?
Throat problem. Plz help?
How can I get rid of a sore throat in one day and stay alive?
What can I do with the 2hrs spare I have first thing every morning....?
does having bad teeth turn people off?
help my underactive thyroid is making my hair fall out?
Hey... So i want to know more about diabetes?
what is amlokind at tablet?
Pregnant with diabetes and I am confused about my readings?
how to quickly take down the swelling of mosquito bites?
How to get rid of candida/yeast infection?
Ex boyfriend recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
What can cause my middle aged relative to have really saggy skin, loads of wrinkles, and a really bad frown?
going red really bothers me? what can i do?
what are the side effects of citalopram?
What color braces should I get?
I have two canine teeth above my other teeth, help!!?
Can blow heaters cause breathing problems if not what can cause them?
<<<<<<<<PLEASE ANSWER>>>>>>>> healthy kidneys, blood test?