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Not sleeping cause of this cold. 10 pointss!xxxxx?
please help me to get information about breast cancer...?
is a tumor over the heart harmful?
what should I do for my ankle injury?
I am a eight years old child i want to be a doctor in eight years only i whant people to get medicines?
Needing to urinate a lot- UTI or something worse?
swine flu...why did i have to pay?
Can you get a chest infection from someone else?
can SITTING too much make you SHORTER??? Help!?
I have been told to consider cochlear implants as my hearing is deteriorating (worse), what should I do?
should you go to sleep as soon as you feel tired?
Why is my resting heart rate 80-90? Im 23.?
heart beating ridiculously fast, hard to breathe?
Would a blood pressure of 80/55 cause dizziness and light headed?
what different ranges of blood pressure indicate why people should have their blood pressure checked?
How can I raise my blood presure but at the same time lower my heart rate?
My friend is really making me feel sad and dumb about having OCD?
Which professional would be best at helping me?
My mouth and tongue have turn real red and feel like it's burnt. But I have not ate or dranked any thing hot.?
attatchment to doctor - personally and romantically?
Financial compensation for contracting an STD?
What exactly is a cavity?
pain after tooth extraction ?
what are the consequences of my habit of biting my teeth?
What happens if stung by a bee and stinger is not removed?
kidney disorder (KD), i need the correct answer and explaining!?
Underactive thyroid.. Does this sound like it to you?
Why do I always have mucus in my throat?
if i take cough syrup with codeine in t make me fail a drug test?
I'm allergic to penicillin, do I need a allergy braclet?
What causes our excements to smell?
iv noticed iv had trouble breathing?
Does vodka help with a cold sore ?
Is anyone else worried about their children catching swine flu?
Is this anorexia or is she just too weak to eat?
Has anybody ever switched back to shots after being on an insulin pump?
how would diabetes affect you at home?
blood presure help pleaase?????
Is it possible that I have diabetes?
Medical Question about Low Blood Pressure?
Medication to prevent aneurysm rupture?
How can the nervous system and the hormonal system system influence the beating of the heart?
What would had happened if I didn't throw a marijuana that was given to me?
Please help me. What did I do to my ankle?
How to treat dandruff?
A question about the eustachian tube?!?
Iam take my medical,that time doctor said to me 'my bottem's up a small hole 'what i do?
My dad has just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Does that mean I have it?
5am & my tooth is causing so much pain please read?
a question for smokers?
How bad is stage 3 breast cancer?
How to stop my astigmatism from getting worse?
how long before you can fly after a tonsillectomy?
What do do when being sick?
if you take methadrone and feel extremly sick half hour afterwards what should you do?
Certain drinks make me produce phlegm! Allergy or something!?!?
can i ring the police on someone who slept with someone knowing they had an sti?
actimel for thrush instead of natural yoghurt?
Why do you produce 'mucus' when you have a cold?
What is more lethal in terms of overdosing ?
depolarization of heart?
Large lump around Heart area?
itchy spots on my 8 year old that just keep coming back?
Red burning lips, Please help?!?
can you take a soft cast off when having a bath?
Acai Berries... Am I too young?
is 18 too young for breast cancer?
I don't want braces!?
In Britain, is there a law preventing health trusts refusing people treatment just because they're old?
Do optometrists still do that one test where they puff air into your eye?
Help!! Putting in Color Contacts 1st Time?
Poked myself in the eye with tweezer, NEED HELP?
How can i see fast moving hand in during fighting?
How come i keep coughing up loads of blood?
anyone ever take steriods for hives? prednisone?
please answer asap!!!?
How do you no if your allergic to something?
How much are allergy shots? What is the shot "regimen" like?
Runny nose, sore throat, sneezing?
compo for cracked ribs caused by police?
Pain in my throat and ear when swallowing?
I'm feeling super depressed and lonely right now:(?
Dry skin/eczema on body and face?
can i traninig for botox and dermo filar if i am beautyshan?
What is OCD? And could I have it?
how can i stop my sniffing (sniffline habit ) i dont have a cold.?
hypnosis for ADD?!?!?!?!?!?
Effects of smoking Febreze?
Need a decent doctor! Help!?
nausea and dizziness advice?
Can 13 year olds get breast cancer?
is you get a ct scan and it found a tumor, would the nurse or DOCTOR himself call you with the results?
Where to find lactose free WHOLE milk?
I'm allergic to sunflower seeds, is it likely that I'm also allergic to pumpkin seeds?
Method for possibly killing HIV?
i have to wear glasses but i hate them can someone help me wear them!!!?
In laymans terms, what is Root Canal treatment?
an alternative to potassium permanganate for use on feet?
I am going to Australia for a holiday I am diabetic do I have to declare my medication if so how do I do this?
Can You kill your self with laxatives?
What causes throbbing eyelids?
How can i get rid of a cough?
Trouble breathing at night?
My father just began taking Omeprazole capsules for acid reflux?
Will my drug test come out positive...?
Cytology test with urine sample?
18 need help stop laxitives?
I'm currently in the process of stretching my ears, and one is swollen... please help?
what are the symptoms of breathing mold?
What exactly does Cyclimycine 50 Minocycline HCI do?
How to get rid of spots and fast?
When some one has osteoarthritis what impact does it have on there well-being?
What is the purpose for liver to detox?
He is four weeks old , 13lbs ear temp is 99.03 ??? What does this mean?
How come I feel like throwing up in the mornings?
how to cure asthma for a while?
After how long can I take multivitamins if I take thyroxine in the morning?
What factors go into your purchase consideration when shopping for allergy medication?
Using Kleenex makes me sneeze alot! and i randomly get really itchy?
what could happen if you start....?
how to get rid of a scab on my leg?
I have a tiny splinter in the finger next to my thumb I can't get it out What shall I do?
Is eating Bombay mix actually a heathy benefit to me ?
Does anyone know any funny jokes about Schizophrenia?
Do I need to go to the doctors?
ive been off food for the last week, when i eat i get pain in back?
How can I get rid of the morphine effects?
I'm 16 and have really loose skin. I have never been fat, will I have really wrinkled skin when i'm older?
How do I force myself to get better?
i m a drug addict. how can i stop it?
What is wrong with me?
should your top front teeth rest on your front bottom teeth?
a good bulking and cutting cycle?
Weight loss plan - tomorrow?
Malaria - am I at risk, will I get it?
Swine Flu - Are they still offering the vaccine to Under Fives?
so i've decided to do an allnighter?
I really cant sleep :(?
How to raise hdl level?
i am a border line diebetic. my sugar level is 6.6. i do gym, specially triceps, biceps, chest, shoulder, sto?
which yoga helps to reduce diabetic?
Hard Lump Behind ear?
Could I be suffering from a Nervous problem?
if i have a fast metabolismm, does it mean i wont get cancer as easy?
What kind of nurse should I be?
Feel so ill.. Fed up of having no diagnosis.. and the internet scares me looking what i may have?
My pinky toe is VERY purple?
how much time will it take before you feel that you are hiv infected?
What do these symptoms mean?
I think I am allergic to dairy?
what is the other name for pediculosis capitis?
how much does this typically cost at the dentist?
Do I need glasses for this?
i have a cut on my vag lip?
I have a migraine, i took a pandadol about 1 hr again, when is it possible to take a stronger migraine tablet?
I'm scared about my breast ultrasound?
what does one expierience when smoking Dro?
I have a lump on my arm its round and moves but seems to be growing. Could it be cancer?
How to repair damage of smoking on voice?
strong smell of ashtray and headache?
if someone punches you really hard in the abdomen, will it damage your stomach, liver, intestines etc.?
What is wrong inside my head?
I just put in new tapers and are wondering about cleaning.?
What do these symptoms mean?
Why is my cats nose dry?
Is there such a thing as a natural remedy for a Brown Recluse Spider bite or for snake bites?
what should i take for A levels if i want to become a mental health nurse?
My mother suffering with cold to last few years? But its not cure.?
Is it possible to do DIY acupuncture on your own face?
Can I use a dried up contact lens after putting it back in the contact lens solution?
I had a strange visual experience an hour ago!?
lump disappear.fine or not?
is there any thing wrong with using a mouthwash with alcohol in it ?
how can i get a job in pharma company, although i am a M.Pharm fresher?
what does a blood pressure reading of 120/20 mean?
When i breathe in deeply i get a pain in my heart?
Allergic to every fruit and vegetable ever?!?
Am i sick Or allergic to my HATERS?
For people that are REALLY allergic to pet dander...is there any dog to get and i would groom it all the time?
.how to relive pain and fevire after i have cold and flu?
How would you know if you have asthma?
Are these signs of a concussion? I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP?
stomach cramps and pains 7 months after giving birth?
Do diabetic symptoms come and go?
Bleach and ammonia when cleaning toilet?
what does it mean to have low antibodies to the thyroid?
What are the best things I can do for early stages of COPD I have stopped smoking, I dont need an inhaler,?
My mother has alzheimer's should I be worried?
whether applying lime juice over skin helps to reduce darkness due to sun burn?
Do you worry about Toilet flush spray getting on your toothbrush?
I just got diagnosed with sever OCD and...?
Oral problem related to gum.?
tiny transparent bubble on my tongue?
Needing to lose weight! help?
Is thinking about something in the past healthy n what can one do if is not healthy?
my weight is 60 kgs and i want to reduce it to 55kgs ,my height is 5'5 plz help?
What is yoga? Is it a scientifically proved technique for getting good health?
What is the most potent single dose multivitamin supplement available in USA?
i am allergic to yeast does any one know of yeast free breads? where to look for them ?
What to do if you have an allergy to fragrances, besides avoid them?
my sister has eaten poison from her brand new school bag? how dangerous can it be?
should i get surgery?
Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?
is it normal to catch a cold every month?
I smoked weed for the first time yesterday, how long will it take to get out of my system?
I keep seeing black spots and get dizzy a lot?
Can you bleed to death from ear lobe tear?
knee pain, help needed?
my ear popped, and now i cant hear with my left ear?
Can you drink alcohol whilst taking prozac?
Anybody else suffer with insomnia?
I'm freaking out because there is a cold spot in my leg?
Hurts to pee in the morning? Not a uti?
What's wrong with my eyes?
My son had pink eye, today i woke up with itchy eyes but no discharge or redness like him! Pink eye?
Contacts/Glasses ups and downs?
Purchasing glasses from an optician...?
blood pressure question help PLEASE?
can my mum have an operation if she is on warfarin? and has a weak heart due?
Has anyone had or got Chiari Malformation?
Does lsd stop periods?
Need help can anyone tell me what's up with me?
Do I have the flu or is my appendix about to burst?
Acid reflux is stinking up my room, how do i prevent that?
Can i take Xanax and hour after i take my Synthroid?
how long does pain last after bang to back of head?
What's wrong with me?
OCD ? Or another illness !?
how do you get rid Ringworm?
nausea, and stomach ache ?
pain in back and ribs?
how do i make the swelling go down on my hand?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Nut allergy statistics?
how does it feel to have cancer.?
Is the adrenal gland an organ?
Cancer Questions Please help?
What are my chances of having breast cancer?
what are my blackouts due to?
I have a full bottle of Amoxicillin (prescribed for me) from Sept. 2009, is it still safe to take it now?
hi there i have just been told i have ibs!! help needed?
Wha should i do the pain isnt that bad yet but is when i touch were my appendix ?
Y isnt anybody helpin with my pain problem?
I am terrified of Blood, it is a phobia I cannot overcome. What can I do to feel more at ease?
Hyperthyroidism possible?
What is the bone disease thing you get when having a menopause...........cystic fibrosis?
Are my stitches infected?
How long should I stay on the candida diet if I've had a yeast infection for ten months?
what is ketosis in diabeties?
How BP and diabetice related?
Why do you see a green light when someone punches you in the eye?
My arm falls asleep a lot when I'm sleeping, so much that I can't feel or move it at all, is this bad?
What is the bet way to fall asleep?
do you know anyone with hiv?
What causes green poo? Help!?
Left ear is making a crackling noise?
What are some good diet foods that actually fill you up?
Is there bad effect when someone taking vitamin C and then he eat shrimp?
Anyone a doctor? please help?
Am a 1st yr medical stdnt. Bt nw i feel lyk quitting as i cnt get thru xams and its realy hard 4 me. I wud lyk?
how can i stop worrying the natural way without meds?
is it true people who are allergic to pollen are more likely to be allergic to dust/mites?? 10 points!?
I am very sensitive and life is tough for me please help?
How do I get this thing out of my eye?
can you amputate a finger with a strimmer?
Getting braces next week?
what is the problem with my teeth?
anyone knows of any famous asian person who is diabetic?
So she blushes when my friend told her "She LIKES Me" but then she stops talking to me and ignores me? *READ*?
I took 30 puffs from my inhaler in an hour. I've been shaking for the last 4 hours. Is it possible to OD?
what happens if you inhale permenent marker fumes?
what would happen if i would delay my 2nd anti-rabies shot?
is 10 day observation of a dog valid in india? can a dogshed rabies virus for 2 yrs or more than 10 days?
How can you boost your immune system?
6 month old with a chest infection, help!?
few questions about rabies?
Any option to cure my budgie through home treatment?
i have cyst which will be removed today?
Can you survive without a thyroid gland and without taking thyroxine replacement?
i'm worried about my head?
has any one with pearly penile papules tried this PPP removal ? link in descrption?
how can a 13 year old look 16?
protein supplements role in body building?
Can I sue for medical malpractice?
Does Bicarbonate Soda whiten teeth?
ever think your too sane to go insane?
How can i deal with my OCD?
How to overcome anxiety in a teen ?
How to wrap a sprain ankle ( Inversion ankle sprain ) ?
my foot has been hurting for a month now?
2 months of runners knee, go away!?
Low platelet count and high haemoglobin?
If the temporal lobe of the brain helps the person decide to express a thought or remain silent does this mean?
I'm 22 years old and fairly active and my blood pressure is really low it's 103 over 62 but...?
Is coronary heart disease the same as atherosclerosis disease ?!?
Cousin was just diagnosed with Type 1 and the parents want me to visit her?
I have cardio myopathy and have been taking crestor and now I can hardly walk without almost passing out is cr?
My 18mth old daughter has had a cough for 3 weeks now?
My urine test shows pus cells 10-16 HPF.what does this mean?What should I do?
i have dark circles under my eyes and they is even like two cracks under each eye?
getting my braces tomorrow, need to know what they do, how long it takes?!?
How many calories are in an OptiSlim shake,bar,soup?
If i eat organic for 1 week can i lose weight?
Is "Nitric Oxide" good for our health without any side effect?
Is Patanjali Drishti safe to use?
I fell on my right ribs on the toilet and I couldn't breathe. What's wrong, now?
knee pain advice? pleasee help?
volleyball hip pains?
i sprained my ankle, is this normal?
I hate that I have nobody to turn to...I need some encouraging words please?
Whats wrong with my knee?
My cold gave me a bad back... What can I do to relieve it? (Without using any painkillers)?
blisters on feet military help...........................?
can i get any infection while working in a stallone where animail are being kept?
i have asthma please help!?
Why are people with chronic bronchitis more prone to infections?
concerned I may have lymphoma are some sort?
Swollen eyes after crying...Help?
What is a good way to get over allergies fast?
Why am I only allergic to everything at the age of 21?
Do I have an eating disorder?
if someone has a blood clot on their head area.....?
Do I have type 1 diabetes? Help?
what is catarac eye surgery?
My eye twitches how do i get rid of it:(?
If I don't wear my long distance glasses..?
can I get herpes from drinking from a soda can ?
Why are my hands and feet always so cold?
Mouth ulcer pain, help?
My mom has lupus and I'm scared.?
If I have an Appendicitis and I'm having antibiotics?
How can i tell if i am lactose intolerant?
I have had petechiae for 6 months NONE GOING AWAY!?
Should I allow my children to see their father in a drug treatment center?!?
Do i have a double chin?
will they be always alone?
Is it possible to regain energy without going on anti-depressants?
my eye lids fall on their own,somebody said it is tosses, is there a cure of it?
What is wrong with my leg?
Fell over and now knee has lump on it?
I got my lip pierced and its very swollen. The pierceing needle is in it. How can I make the swelling go down?
fast but weak pulse when nervous?
Is a 83 blood pressure for a 17 year old okay?
1st time using colored contacts please help?
Do you think my contact fell out?
I have one or two questions about Clear Care for contacts....?
Should I wear my contacts tomorrow...?
Can i become a dentist with these grades?
Can tooth decay between top front teeth be stopped once it begins or can it be fixed by the dentist?
red swollen eyes after swimming?
My toes turn purple......circulation problem?
Im 19 and have hairy ears but theyre not black theyre blonde and i hate it how can i get rid of?
I was recently given MEBASPA for severe indigestion which i had for more than 3yrs.?
How to tell my parents that I think I have ADHD?
What would cause a two-second blackout?
Earring Infection! Lost the front part of it and it hurts!?
What if my blood sugar level is 289 ?
Do i have diabetes!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Recently, ive been experiencing severe headaches?
How to get rid of really bad dandruff!?
bathing with too hot water?
How can i get rid of a baby face?
What happens if i don't dry my hair?
my legs has gone dead and really hurts?
What are my chances of suffering a heart attack and how can I find out?
Im recovering from flu?
I had a spot under my arm, that has now turned into a lump...?
what are the strongest anti depression tablets i can take considering i have epilepsy?
Always feel sad/anxious?
Can someone interpret my radiology report?
How long does a bone heal?
Brusies STILL wont heal!?
what foods lower serotonin level?
Which is best pain killer i can use for headache with minimal side effects & without caffein contains in it?
Where can I buy encapsulating paint for asbestos?
extremily exhausted and have no energy for no reason?
Does eating chocolate during a Low Sugar level spell put on weight?
parts of my eyebrows arent growing back!!!!?
why are he bottom of my teeth turning bown?
Does Braces Hurt Real Bad?
My knees hurt when I'm sleeping?
hi i have been diagnosed as having an svt with aberrent rbbb pattern and am awaiting an angiagram do you hav?
how do i stop a runny nose?
Can anyone help me to get rid off white hairs?
The skin on my foot is pelling?!?
did i break my knee because im not sure?
Do I have a complete ACL tear?
about ny sprained ankle?
if somone punched your abs would it ...........?
What are some injuries that wont let you do p.e?
Lower back pain, bloated stomach and frequent urinating?
Where can I download some binaural beats for various things like help to sleep or meditation?
what are some tricks to staying awake when I am tired?
cigarette expert advice please?
Can I move to Oregon to take advantage of their euthanasia law?
Doesn't deodorant gross you out?
What could be causing my pain?
What to do? Ok I just found out today that I'm allergic to my dogs?
what makes an ear get hot and turn bright red?
Am I allergic to bread?
Is it true that going gluten free (without an intolerance/allergy)for too long GIVES you a gluten intollerance?
Is it Asthma or something else?
Can I take nyquil cough and benadryl?
Ways to loose weight in a week?
How long could a person have leukaemia and put off going to the doctors?
What types of cancer can be caused by second hand smoke and how likely is it for a 16 year old girl to get?
Mental Health Question? Very Important, Please Read?
What's this illness? Please help!!?
Pains in the stomach area?
is their any websites that you can check you eyesight with?
Polycarbonate or High Index Lenses?
i need to know what is 20/20 Vision and 20/25 vision etc?
Toric Colored Contacts?
let me know the best treatment for tendon tear about 3 cm in left shoulder?
What do doctors do when you break/sprain your foot?
Painful ankle , need to know what i can do or what is wrong?
Major swelling of stretched lobes, help!?
burning face & feelin cold?
What is the quality of having braces fitted at NHS?
Do you get an itch in a coma?
why sleep important for health.?
How many hours can the body take with no sleep?
Is Heart Palpitations Normal?
what is heart rate for a 60 year old man?
why a heart beats to fast?
several heart problems?
is this normal heart function?
my life's getting out of hand..i wanna die...need help plz?
What food can eat during smallpox?
addicted to smoking.how to get out?
help what is wrong with me?
I dont knw why my eyes feel burning sensation when i enter into my office?
Hissing noise in left ear for 6 days?
can lactose intolerant people drink goats milk?
Could I be allergic to alcohol?
Will Apple Cider Vinegar cure a yeast infection for my Wife?
My eye itches, what do i do?
Was i in a coma.........?
what could be wrong with me?
Is de-icer safe or is it toxic and dangerous for your health?
Why Don't Some People Have A Gag Reflex?
Feel like I'm going to stop breathing?
contact lens questions?
would it be kinder to let him go, rather than make him care for me?
how can i loose weight in just 2 weeks?
can you give a good food plan for a 65 years old person who is weak?
Cure for ear pain and blocked nose?
Im in agony with my knee cap!!!?
Do Marshmallows Cure Heartburn?
pregnant with herpes?
STD and/or just a bladder infection?
i'm so depressed now, and no one is here for me?
Do bipolar people repeat what they say a lot?
why does my head scratches me so much?
Any advice or tips for muscle pain?
please how do I rectify anemea as iron tablets causes constipation?
Is Laughter the best medicine for sadness?
Air blows out of my eye when i blow my nose?
I have been prescribed doxycycline anti-biotic. Is there anyway I can hav allrgy test of the same b4 having it?
Apples make my mouth itchy?
Hives from allergy or stress?
Half of my nose ring stuck in nose HELP!?
♦♦♦♦♦ good idea to go for a WALK in winter mornings ? ♦♦♦♦♦?
Is "food poisoning" a serious illness?
How to reduce triglycerides cholesterol?
Which "type" of Heart-bypass surgery is MOST-SEVERE?
Can anyone answer my question about Blood Pressure?
How could i get heart of woman ?
is there any justifications for engaging in physical activity that is not aerobic?
I have been taking the pink fruta planta. I have not lost any weight. I have a rash on my neck and a burning?
how to stop a bleeding finger?
I'm scared about going to the doctors on my own?
i have a rash on my chest which is itchy?
Does anyone have any useful eczema remedies?
Don't nonprescription glasses still do something to your eyes?
Black spots filling my vision?
In inflammation of the iris of the eye (Iritis) how long does the blurred Vision last or does it ever go away?
Should I worry that I still feel pain in my chest after intense exercise?
I have gluten, wheat & onion intolerance. This narrows down what I can eat....?
how low is this blood sugar level?
How does an ADHD diagnostic test work?
4 weeks without pooing?
Shaking my head cause brain damage!?
Why are his eyes so red?
If I'm allergic to penicillan can I get hives from eating moldy bread?
Sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy eyes... Meds aren't working! Help!?
Constant coughing and swollen throat...?
Feeling very faint?? What could be causing this?
Do u wear a sleep mask at bed time?
Does the NHS have an email address so you can contact them directly?
2 year has runny nose cough and 100 degree fever?
How would you know if you had HIV or A STD?
It's been reported that the Finnish eat the most saturated fat... AND have the highest "protective" HDL levels?
what is the different between Atenolol 50mg & Amlodipine besilate 5mg?
lump on roof of mouth?
When out and about, we may be exposed to situations where allergies may be triggered, how would you prepare?
Random Bloody Noses In the Fall?
my dogs eyes are puffy and colse on one side?
Arm and neck problem please need some answers help?
Good way to get rid of blackheads.?
what is treatment for yeast infection ?
What is this lump in my 9 month old daughter's leg?
can thyroid imbalance lead to serious hair lost?
Is switching between two pairs of glasses with two dif. perscriptions bad for my eyes?
What is cobadex forte nd i want to know in which situations these capsules r used and benefits?
What is the fastest way to get cancer?
a rare case of papillary cancer.,,,.and want to know about my disease?
What would be the best protein shake / supplement for me?
been working out but don't seem to be losing weight? help please!?
How to lose that extra fat around waist and hips?
does allergy to dairy cause sinusitus?
Why does pepper make you sneeze?
why do i constantly get chest infections and a cnstant runny nose?
I am scared ! What is wrong with my throat?
Ciprofloxacn 500mg help please!?
How does thyroxin affect blood sugar?
Tests for Type 2 Diabetes?
How is MS (multiple sclirosis) spread?
what is oosgoodschlattery disease?
How much is does the equipment cost for Radiation Therapy?
Are my sleeping patterns normal?
anybody had a bat in their house?
what cause of the heart attack?
my boyfriend recently started having heart problems?
Why is my blood pressure so low?
Spider veins, headaches, dizziness, facial flushing, leg cramps, very tired...?
How can I make the colours on my braces less bright?
How to cure throat burn?
Can I be Allergic to the heat?!?!?
Teeth Still Not Straight After Braces?!?
My cat has been vomiting for 2 days. She has had this problem before and it usually clears up.?
i need a camera down my throat?
i am suffering dry cough in the alst eight months,can you able to suggest me good a doctor in chennai .?
My finger is all swalloon what do i do ?? :'(?
What is the treatment for an abdominal hernia?
Will Clonazepam Help With Panic Attacks?
how can I stop my ears from ringing?
Girls: What does it mean to feel pinches 'Down below'?
How to get rid of 'nervous pains'?
on getting out of bed, lower back ache with pins and needles pain going down the backs of both legs.?
My back and arms are really sore?
leg pain can hardly walk with the pain it is all around the knee?
is there a cure for hpv? I am 56 yrs and my girlfriend is 53. we are worried?
my girlfriend had her pat smear, she was told,she have hpv. who transports it infects the partner, female or m?
the cost of surgery if a dog has a pinched nerve?
how long lobster allergy last?
My knee gets really tight and it hurts like inside of my knee... Whats wrong with it?
Jaggery , Sugar which one does more harm to a diabetic ?
Why is there an increase in urine output in diabetes mellitis?
Blood glucose 3.9....?
am 33 ,5ft 2and im i have an esr score of 22 but the doctors not telling me what could possibly be?
Getting white teeth again?
Dentist making up cavities?
Braces and Teeth Gringing?
ive had menigioma brain tumor behind my optical nerves?
tight stomach feeling, Acid Burning?
What does smoking cause..?
my ear is blocked full of catar help!!!?
Could my sister have stomach cancer?
Am I wheat intolerant or something? :|?
Why is my big toe aching?
What's the difference between aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen?
what is the sideeffect of norvasc?
what is high blood pressure?
Can anyone help me stop the bleeding?
Can depression be untreatable?
what would make my eyelid not open up properly?
i'm having black spots on my face..those are due to acne....how to reduce?
Do you think i have swine flu?
Is it alright to be short?
HIV serious help Needed WBC count, Difficult to understand medical term?
What's the amount of braces?
Anyone know a good Dentist where i can ask about implants or a new plate?
I keep on urinating sweet-smelling urine...?
Constant ring in ears?
i want to get a nose job?
Allergies and Allergy Induced Asthma after Quitting Smoking?
Does a girl get her period when they have leukemia?
i woke up in the middle of the night feeling like vomiting really bad but then it went away...is it my anxiety?
I'm addicted to scars?
Sore throat help?? Homeremedies?
Nhs counselling help ?
do you enjoy sneezing?
Can you be allergic to weed?
Can natural sleeping aids kill you?
I got all four wisdom teeth extracted monday it is now sunday i rinse salt alot am i ok?
theres something wrong with my left ring ringer ? :(?
Why am I not ticklish?
how should i press and bite my girlfriend's breast in a safe and comfortable manner?
need a quick remedy for cold sore please?
Whats the best cure for a blocked nose?
Am i allergic to Petes Fish and Chips?
I think i have head lice?
Will anxiety medication?
Is there anybody out there who's kind?
Good ways of going to sleep?
problem with eye after dog scratch?
I had a random nose bleed! Im scared!?
swine flu..............?
I am 7 weeks pregnant and u had the flu jab yesterday since last night I have been really I'll?
What is the cause of chronic hives?
Could i have kidney disease/failure?
My feet are always so itchy and dry?
I Don't Know What To Do!?
My throat has hurt for over a week after an allergy attack, should I see a physician?
Help! Popped blister on pinky toe and flesh exposed.?
can having quite a few minor injuries to a knee over a short period of time damage it badly when i get older?
How long does my gran have? Plz be honest im ready for the worst?
What is the difference between kidney dysfunction and kidney impairment ?
What causes headaches for more than a month?
Pain in stomach and blood?
tsh level of 0.23 in July 2010 along with goiter and nodules is this hypo/hyperthyroidism?
What to do for Gastritis?
I have a lump under my armpit?
What is this eye condition called?
I am a 52 year old guy (with myopia and increasing presbyopia), considering monovision Lasik surgery.?
What are the effective home remedies to keep under control the blood sugar?
YO YO are there anyone home remedies for allergies?
What are the benefits of having Vitamin-C chewable tablets?
valerian root - tablets or powder?
Sores on inner lower lip?
What can I use to heal the inside of my nose?
How long did it take you to recover from knee surgery?
iHave a mole on my chest any way to cover it?
What can i do to help my insomnia without the help of sleeping pills or things like that?
Help please? {details inside!} Lower right abdominal Pain?? ?
Fear of babies and young children?
I'm a 16 year old girl. I been feeling a little pain in my left breast. It is a hard oval lump. Is it ?
Do you have to go through something before you get braces...?
How long does it take for food poisoning to take effect?
How do you know if you're lactose intolerant?
why do i feel sick when i eat?
codition of a patient with gcs 8?
Is Wal Mart the best place to get Eye Glasses?
Is it possible for people to have natural red eyes?
Can I admit myself to a Psychiatric hospital?
How can I get rid of my depression without pills or therapy?
Does Adrenal fatigue really exist?
Terrible rash, thats smells when itched?
how to get rid of sore lips?
Injured my arm, not sure what problem is?
Will I have to get a boot after I get the cast off for my broken ankle?
Why is it I always laugh when I twist my ankle?
about 3 years ago i fell out of a tree n sprained my ankle, can i still drink apple juice?
Facial numbness please help.?
i think i have a sleeping problem? HELP?
Can you're brain make you think that you need to urinate all the time? I'm a Hypochondriac!?
Have i got anxiety cos of IBS?
what drink can i take for acid reflux?
how do you make your teeth whiter?
How can I clear my nose up quick?
Am i allergic to myself?
my 7 years old son suffering allergic bronchitis,?
how can i give up smoking without eating everything in sight?
Is this a tension headache?
Kidney Failure Questions?
Help on losing weight?
what is a normal blood sugar reading for fasting?
Normal A1C level for non-diabetic?
would the drug lisinopril stop you from getting pregnant?
I have such terribile acne. I've tried Biore, Clearasil, Oxy & a few others. What do I do?
Spider Bite, Appears to be infected , What to do?
small hard lumps in ear piercings?
Getting a soft spot on my tooth fixed. What do they do?
Whats a good way to cut down on dust?
I am suffering mental problems for last six years. I am 23 years old now. These phobias have ruined my life.?
Help with an eating disorder question!?
causes of "ketone breath"?
Fake Disease Names? Help?
i got stitches in my index finger yesterday, the bandage is loose, can i change it an what should i put on it?
Sparkling water vs tap water?
Bad Flu, Could It Lead To Death?
sometimes I feel too tall..?
Is it a good idea to induce vomiting when you have diarrhea?
im sick and my nose is really dry i cant even touch it and my throat hurts?
Is my toddler allergic to marinara sauce and ketchup?? Tomatoes?
Is it safe to split the Tylenol muscle & body pills in half?
Is it okay to get headaches every day?is that normal? ?
Is sleeping with your phone under your pillow while charging bad? ?
best kidney doctor in punjab?
Is my ear piercing infected?
what is exactly being proactive?
medical condition in which a ring of cartilidge norrows the oesophagus?
Does adderral make you pee more than usual?
why does my neck hurt?
i feel and landed on my knee. now my knee cap dont adjust back when i stand up. do i need to see a doctor?
Can i get a tattoo if i have diabetes?
What is the normal blood glucose range for a finger needle stick (capillary blood) vs. vein blood?
A deficiency in the release of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone) by the posterior pituitary gland causes?
What would happen if a non diabetic person injects insulin?
what connection between glaucoma cataracts and diabetes as they have similar symptoms?
Who knows does Walgreens sell the batteries I need for my diabetes meter?
diabetic testng and insulin delivery?
Can herpes simplex 2 show up on your face without contact from an infected person?
a rash reaction to antibiotics?
Is there something wrong with me? *Serious*?
Bruised rib injury, rib cage poking out!?
Is it okay to drink tea when I have a canker sore?
i need help with my reasearch for health? poison related?
What is this lump under my right ear?
I have a baddd cold! :(?
what's wrong with my eyes?
Why is it important to do fitness test before doing a personal exercise program?
i went to the pharmacy AND ...?
I barley eat vegetables?
is it possible my cat has allergies?? he sounds congested all the time! and makes noises when he's breathing..?
Are these cold symptoms?
how can i tell if i have a gluten allergy?
My eyes get itchy from all animals that are furry. How can I stop this?
what could be wrong with my shower it was working last night then this morning the water comes out cold?
Fast cold sore home remedy?
Do I have OCD? I need some help!?
Seeing things that arn't real and having mood swings what could this be?
I can't pop one of my ears. help anyone?
Why do I feel dizzy and have headaches after eating candy and sugary things? Is this a sign of diabetes?
Is there any snacks that are lactose intolerant ?
ear pain after flying?
Braces are cutting my gums?
is it possible to use the white stuff they use for fillings to make your teeth white?
What doctor do I go to, to fix under my top lip?
Sprained ankle, pain getting better but....?
How do I hide a wart on my knee?
whats good to get rid of anxiety?
When a Mattress claimes to be Anti-dusk mites..?
im allergic to my kitten?
When school knows about my self harm?
I ingested a liiiiittle bit of bleach powder. Am I going to be okay?
How can i not have a sore throat?
does alcohol affect the recovery of the wounds?
I've got a reallly bad cold, almost like flu?
What effect would a stroke have on blood pressure (ie. While the stroke is happening)?
liver problems (sorry for my bad english)?
The percentage of glucose present in the normal urine is?
Do I need to test my blood sugar again?
I tend to have kidney infection often and had a small kidney stone problem in the past?
I peed like 9 times today??!?
What's the best cure for a sore throat? I have one now, and gargling with salt water flat out makes me gag!!?
is it safe to brush your teeth with baking soda?
I want my jaw.............?
Root of tooth left after extraction?
How old do u have to be to use crest 3d whitening toothpaste and mouth wash?
Is this a canker sore?
tooth infection not being cleared up by antibiotics?
i accidently shaved a small part of my eyebrows to the edge, will they grow back?
is it cancer?!bad smoker,please help?
13 years old, mum died of lung cancer. it was 6 months behind now and i still think about it all day, help plz?
My parents have forcefully transferred all my money to their account and i have no proof. help?
What can I expect as compensation after my son found a dead ear wig and hair in his pre packaged food?
My friend is snoring while sleeping ?
i have now got a cough of Catar i want to get rid of it help!?
what could cause you throat to swell shut?
Penicillin okay to take if you're mildly allergic to it?
Do tablets work for colds?
is it normal to develop a lump afte having stitches out?
Can sleeping with a heating pad on "cook" your insides? Can it cause internal injuries?
How can I prepare myself for braces?
What color braces should i get if my teeth are yellowish?
What is the nature of energy involved with aromatherapy?
is there a cure when you forgot some thing whats the cure for it?
How long does it take to have an allergic reaction to food?
Could I have an intolerance to wheat or yeast?
What bone hurts the least to break, what hurts the most?
Canker Sores Help Please!?
how to make my new swollen cartilage piercing go down ?
What to do after b.pharm. shal i go for m.pharm or pharm d. if m.pharm y only m.pharm y not pharm d. if pharm ?
Advice on biting my nails?
fluctuations in blood sugar levels?
How was insulin different years ago compared to today?
How much will my Avandia settlement be?
Do i have a blood disease?
how can i improve fibromyalgia sleep?
I being a doctor think that people dont give money to respectable professionals without nagging. What's wrong?
I feel extremely depressed and lonely and I just talked to my mum but still don't feel better...?
Color contact lens question.?
Does a lot of exposure to sunlight lighten or darken your eyes?
What's wrong with my eye!?
I can't get rid of my headache?
I got pea sized lump under my arm ..is it breast cancer ?
Does anybody here throw up when brushing their teeth?
What should you do if you see someone get run over?
I got a really bad cut the other day...?
how do i use my crutches in the snow?
how to get rid of a swollen bruised knee?
toothache, what medicine can relief me from this nasty pain?
Could this be allergic reaction?
i hyperventilate when im drunk wots wrong with me ?
How long does Pneumonia last?
Having AIDS:Is it a painful thing to go through?
I am in serious trouble. I need advice.....?
Any ideas on depression stress and anxiety coping techniques?
I came off fluoxetine 4 months ago...?
domestic or ayuvedic treatment for allergic rhinitis..?
Please please help! I always get allergic reactions when I shower?
Accutane and depression - Dermatologist wouldn't prescribe it?
Plz suggest over the counter(without prescription) Psyllium supplements that are available in chennai,?
Calf feels weird, cant describe feeling?
how to clean a dental mouth guard?
can your gums grow back?!?!?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?
Can you walk heel to toe in a straight line with your eyes closed?
I get headaches alot on one temple and last night had a really bad headache. What is wrong?
do we require 5 once infection after dog bites?
I want to get a memorial tatto for my dad who had throat cancer?
Question about swollen occipital lymph nodes?
Can tumor grow in a private area of a teenage boy?
Fainting, amnesia, migraines = normal?
Can a blood test show cancer?
Why is my finger inflamed and hurts to bend , after i got a thorn in it ?
how my fracture recover?
what is lateral degeneration?
Had just over half bottle of wine around 3 hours ago, but I am wide awake. Will a sleeping pill do any harm?
Could my daughter be allergic to hot dogs and deli meat?
Developed allergies to my ferrets?
keep getting a bloody nose..any ideas why?
How to get unsick IMMEDIATELY?
does peptic ulcer and stomach cancer is same?
Can you get lung cancer without smoking?
unexplainable teeth pain, what could it be?
what is it like to be under conscious anesthesia?
What products have you tried to remedy bruxism (teethgrinding) in the UK?
what is amitriptyline used for primarily?
what will happen if bowel not emptied daily?
Are there any medications for a recoverying alcholic which will make them appear drunk?
Can I have an appendix operation under spinal anesthesia? How does it feel?
it has been 5 months and my tiny kidney stone is not coming down, why it doesnt move, doc said drink enough wa?
What can help with intestinal bloating?
ow do you know if you have an underactive thyroid?
what causes a temporary food intolerance or allergy?
Feeling dizzy and sick when I stand upright?
Question about a co dydramol overdose?
Is there any hope to get better after a weird unexplained Chest injury?
Will lazer treatment get rid of my severe acne scars?
Are OCD & Anxiety related diseases?
How does brain injuries affect schizophrenia?
how long does it take until you dont feel the need for a cigarette?
Do I need to see a doctor?
Unchanged lymph node question?
My eyes are filled with red veins what do i do?
What could help curing a lazy eye?
Why does the tip of my penius hurt?
i had my knee drained from fluid but not enough was fluid was taken out and now i have to go back to hospital?
what does allergy testing involve?
Inner eye is red and itches.?
am i allergic to ants :O? omg?
Question about baking soda to whiten teeth?
does tea contain flouride?
Tired all day, can't sleep at night. - Any tips?
How can i get clear skin?
OPiate tolerance.. why???
what is the full form of RT feeding?
What does the medical term erythematosus mean?
I have to take medicine for a condition that I have that sometimes makes me sleepy, what do I do about it?
Oh God Am I dying?I have Head Pressure,swollen left eye,pain in eyebrows,burning eyes,dizziness when moving?
Why is being obese a sad serious tragically morbid disease which should be treated with love and compassion!?
Should I go to school if I feel dizzy?
What are they? Do they cause to develope HIV?
Please name a few effective Vitamin E capsules that can be used for external application on the face?
fasting in one morning or evening or afternoon is better r not for weekly?
Is leukemia hereditary?
I get really bad tummy ache after i eat and my poo is very dark.?
does it matter when you drink water?
I cannot sleep at night. I feel really agitated and cannot relax enough to switch off. What can I do about it?
Alcoholic dad and pot head mom?
What is liver failure? PLEASE HELP?
Has anybody in your family ever had a stroke?
Is it posible to have marmite overdose?
i have work at 6am, sleep or Y answer?
Can anyone help with my anxiety?
i have Irregular teeth and dentist says for major operation but i don't want please tell me any other sol?
I am allergic to hay and it is being thrown around.?
What is better for your allergies Claritin or Zertex?
My eyes are extremely itchy! HELP.?
*What do I have? What are these symptoms of?*?
what can you give a dog for allergies?
How to take Away a Problem zit fast?!?
My husband's back hurts?
I just tried to stab myself in the stomach?!?
i just don't feel like myself anymore?
Thinking about bleach to get rid of poison ivy?
Is there an apple juice allergy?
Can standing under a waterfall at a hillstation cause baldness?
loss of circulation in finger, turn white?
Diabetics did you feel ill when your blood sugars started to return to there normal range?
I have a tickle in my throat, how do I get rid of it?
What two bones protect the heart and lungs?
Have you ever had an out- of -body experience?
teeth whitening before dental implants?
My wrist hurts when I put pressure on it?
What is the most common age range that most teenagers get braces?
Really embarraing question.?
How can I "Stop" smoking? Please Help!!!!?
Fentanyl and advice,please.?
Had a mammogram and was called back because of "dense breast" should I be worried?
Toddler with Leukemia?
would a brain tumor show up with a blood test?
Marijuana causing me to hallucinate?
What difficulties are involved in making a diagnosis of diabetes from an individuals signs and symptoms?
Does anybody use Novomix 30 insulin?
omega3 and spirulina capsules?
What are the solutions to the inherent loneliness and pain of life?
Can anyone name shows in England about addiction or drug use?
Can I take Trimethoprim for a chest infection?
is this a gluten allergy, ibs or something else?
how do i fix a broken vessel in my nose?
can you move your fingers if your elbow is fractured?
I cut my arm and I need to find a reasonable lie...?
Doctors costs in Australia?
What is causing change in eyesight?
Problems in my hips after excercise...?
Pain in my lower right back and abdomen? Please help?
Long term advil effects? Advil addiction?
Should i go to the doctor or not? (overdose)?
How can you take bad smell and fungus off your toes?
Chronic constipation problems?
causes of bloating stomach?
I have this rash all over my body and every part in my body is itching what do i do?
I think am allergic to white of the egg. Whenever I take it I feel sever heart burn, why.?
Gum problems?! Not smoking.?
Icing Wisdom Teeth Once Extracted?
I have a spot on the side of my tongue which is sore to touch. what is it?
My Esr blood test result is 70 what is wrong with me?
Does this sound like I have a food intolerance, what should i do?
My dad sufferd an paralasis attack on right side and his voice lost .any 1help me for the past4years he is bed?
Hard Time Breathing, Due to smoking, anxiety, and slight asthma?
I have blood in my left eye after i drank a glass of wine why?
Thigh pain!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
fell on ice but still in pain, is it normal?
Pain in my foot.....?
Am so sad, having a bad life?
overdose paracetamol?
How much would exam for rigid gas permeable contact lenses cost?
I got nail polish remover in my eye!?
Blurred vision with soft contact lenses?
Could you list all of the names of visual impairments that you know?
Why Do i Keep Getting Hives?
Am I allergic to this facial cleanser?
What to do to improve ones eyesight?
How can I sharpen my teeth into fang shape?
At what age do your teeth start to grow?
whats the cost for braces?
What's a pretty color of braces?
bipolar? what is it really like to suffer from this and is it possible to be wrongly diagnosed with depression?
What are some signs of lung cancer?
I inhaled the mold that had turned to powder form a loaf of bread Am I going to get sick?
What is worse for you, soy or high fructose corn syrup?
Is it possible to be allergic to steroids?
Can tattoos cause bad eczema reactions?
Query regarding footwear in snowy conditions?
if ceratinine is 8.4 and urea 150mg wat is the solution.?
My chest hurts when I inhale.?
I have these blister bites on my legs?
Do think this is diabetes?
How do those bloodless blood sugar meter's work?
what should i do about my nosebleeds?
Am I having an allergic reaction to hair dye?
Sore throat, ear ache, headache, eyes burn?
Going to have a teeth exposure and I'm pretty nervous. How bad will it hurt and what should I do afterwards?
Who knows about braces --->?
Is bloody drool normal after getting your wisdom teeth removed?
Eating after wisdom teeth extraction?
Whats some good things to eat after getting wisdom teeth taken out?
hey how do i change my new habit asap?
How can I eat with an expander?
Back pain due to pulled muscle in neck?
WiFi radiation? Is it dangerous for health?
I Dont want to go to school if I make myself throwup with my finger is that bad or can someone tell me a trick?
What is this? Please read?
I keep being overly aware about my swallowing, help?
Where to get oxycoton?
Can I wear contact lenses at 13?
If you got stabbed in the neck but didn't hit anything?
Red rashes on my face in winter?
Vitiligo sufferers information?
can any tell me the immediate cure 4 acne?
What should i do if i got some bleach on a open cut that was bleeding a little? Should i go to the hospital?
I Think i have bed bugs.I have blister bites everywhere over my legs. I need to get rd ofthem asap!?
I feel really sick? what's wong?
Risks of getting pregnant with graves disease that is treated with medication?
I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for 6 years and need to find a way to soften my firm mattress.?
How do i get medical attention if my mother won't take me?
Is there anything that you can put in dogs ears to keep them from getting ear infections?
Cold Sore after giving oral?
If i have a Blood Glucose Test for Diabetes At 3pm- from what Time onwards can i Not eat or drink anything?
In an older woman, where does endometrial cancer spread in the body (during advanced stages)?
If a non-diabetic were to take insulin regularly, could they end up developing diabetes themselves?
Really runny nose problem! Please can you help?
need help finding foods im not allergic to?
How to stay healthy with life-threatening allergies to almost all fruit?
my child has a red throat not sore, what may be the cause?
Does anyone know of a vegemite that has no yeast my 3yr old is allergic to yeast but loves vegemite?