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trouble swallowing pills?
My 10 year old having sharp pain near her heart for 3 days. What could it be? She was diagnosed with Mono b4.?
I've been told that I have a memoir( some kind of heart condition) does anyone know how common this are?
Will I get sick if I swallowed gum?
what are the side effect for laughing gas?
To all ex-smokers - what's the best thing about having given up?
I'm so tiered all the time!?
Do I have sleep apnea?
Is an inhaler the only way to deal with an asthma attack?
how can we smoke to decrease it's harmful effects?
have you ever been raped or abused...? or are you like really scared of being raped or abused....?
If somebody does something that I don't like - but I don't worry about it - is it really a problem?
what is the name of the phobia of the fear of having your photograph taken?
Today is my birthday but instead of feeling happy i feel sad?
If Im 14 and go to a psychiatrist for anxiety and major depression can he recommend something to help me sleep
Is my earlobe piercing infected? Allergic reaction? What do I do?
allergic reaction to facewash?
do braces hurt when you get them on and off?
I have poison oak! Help me!?
I have a bad headache and I can't remember if I just took two extra strength tylenols. Can I take two more?
how has your day been for you?
Why can't i breathe whenever i think about you?
There is an old man (I think he has lost his mind,poor thing),who wanders the streets asking Do you hate me?
thoughts of suicide mean depression?
I took 1 pill of ecstacy is was MDA and been feeling weird for 5 days now?
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you think President Bush suffered lasting and permanent brain damage because he was an alcoholic,?
Are you a morning, mid-day or night person?
Bloody corn in stool!!!?
Can I drink alcohol tonight?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
How safe are alternative medicine supplements?
Why do boys sweat more than girls?
removing stitches?
Am I digusting?
I think im depressed, So what do i do?
what is the beats per minute of a 'normal' human pulse?
gallstone treatment?
How come they put cotton in medicine bottles?
Can drinking a gallon of cranberry juice help you pass a drug test?
Is it safe to give colloidal silver to babies?
What is your best hangover remedy?
what is the pill form of heroin?
does nick jonas have diabetes?
how high is too high for blood sugar?
I think I may have diabetes or hypoglycemia?
Do you ever really get over verbal/emotional abuse suffered in childhood?
thus right to privacy & confidentiality include not to reveal that they are diagnosed w/ AIDS?
what to do about my nasal spray's side effects?
Hayfever question?
How is this possible?(10pts)?
I can't stop sneezing!?
am i depressed?? help please!?
What is the difference between Bulimic and Anorexic?
My friend wants to smoke pot this weekend?
does anyone know?
My mom-in-law has diabetes and she cannot afford her insulin, test strips, or needles, where can she get help?
My mom has diabeties. Is there any herbal treatmet & what shoud the diet content?
Where were you when?
Why do they say drink lots of liquids when you have a cold?
Is it normal to get diarrhea just from being nervous/anxious?
Braces! look!?
doz it hurt?!?
how would i know if i have asthma?
is this cool to smoke?
How do I go about asking my dad for a hit of his pot, I know he's smoking because I can smell it.?
Would you get your daughter hiv tested if she shared a drink from a bottle with a man who probably has hiv?
A hobo bit my finger today should I be worried?
Who invented the artificial heart?
what do you mean by heart stroke?
Could I have had a heart attack at 23?
lightheadedness..cause.serious ans pls?
Does Red Bull contribute to high blood pressure?
How do you slow down your metabolism?
Am I just being paranoid because of past abuse?
I am bipolar and I am afraid to be put on medication for it?
i've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
is it wrong or agaist god to sleep with no close on?
i want to die...?
How do i get a REALLY gross memory out of my head?
What is the best medication for Bi-Polar Manic Depression?
I've had hicups for the last half hour, anyone got any cures they use????
How can I minimize the dark circles under my eyes?
when u have your blood drawn does it hurt?
Can you get diabetes from a hairy toilet seat?
Could I be diabetic??????
what are those two dots on the back?
Werid thing inside nose! PLEASE HELP!?
What's a weggie.?
Is crying really good for you?
Did you smoke weed in high school?
How to cure a sore throat and bad cough?
does this sound like a hangover?
Why do I feel better after drinking grapefruit juice?
What's the best natural remedy for severe anxiety and stress?
What is the chance of me getting diabetes?
my 12 yr old son's blood sugar was 41. he ate some sweets and then it shot to 145. should he see a dr. normal?
OK, I know I'm Ignorant to this, but is it true you get Type B diabetes by eating too much sugar?
what's wrong with this 52 yr old male?
im using fluoxetine anti depressents tablets,what do you do if you want to stop taking them?
Is it normal dislike a lot of people?
My sister wrote a suicide note.?
What kind of person does this guy sound like?
what should i do im very sad and depressed over this help 10 pointer?
I Don't Know how to...?
How do you run away from home.?
is this legal to give random drug tests?
Should There Be Age Limits On Body Piercings & Tattoos?
Does anyone know whats wrong with me.?
If you smoke weed do you lose memorys?
Something safe for constipation?
Can you take Valerian with Xanax?
What are some natural remedies that work for mild depression?
Do you tan outside in the sun or in a tanning bed?
What is the worst thing that can happen from smoking weed?
can you get a stroke at 17?
How do you get a pighead person to go to the doctors?
I get constant headaches at the back of head & all joints in my body hurt. My gp just gives me pain killers?
How can I get to sleep faster? D:?
what is your definition?
QUICK i need to cure a headache 10pts immediatley4 best answer!!
What are your thoughts on homeopathy? does it work or not?
I need help with my allergies, please?
Mosquito bites- allergic? Helpppppp?
What age could get diabetes at?
could i have diabetes?
Should I let my diabetic mother in law care for my 4 year old?
can you lose weight if you don't take your insulin right?
what's a normal color of braces for a high school student.?
I'm super nervous about getting braces!?
How many surgical operations have you had?
How to stop tha hiccups?
I never smoke pot and than a few weeks ago I took a few hits with my b/f will it show in a urine test?
what is infective endocarditis?
are people with heart failure problems liklely to live a full life if they take all their pills?
why is 420 related with weed?
Is there a vitamin or supplement I can take to help me stop being so exhausted!?
Pills!!! MY ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it okay to take in calcium supplements even without the doctor's prescription?
My child is 12 is it OK to give him Centrum multivitamin ?
Natural ant killer remedy?
would you donate your body to science... for mummification?
what do i do if i don't want to live anymore?
do you have any cures for the hiccups?
I have no feelings for anything anymore...?
Who Knows that recently diabetes cure by translating stem cell. is it true. My baby age-15 has diabetes-1?
What can and can't Diabetics Eat?
Besides type 2 diabetes why does a woman of 40 sweat excessively when she's not hot?
what type of test do you take to see if you are a diabetic?
Is it safe to remove stitches on my own?
ummm, I'm scared of turning 16. HELP????????
Does masterbutation becomes an addiction?
how would your life change if you had a massive stroke affecting your left hemisphere?
what is your favorite way to relax?
What's making you happy today?
I get SO very depressed before my period; WHY?
what causes sinus pain?
Oppinions Please , Keep Getting Mixed Responses From Those Who Know Me ?
for some reason i keep needing to hurl, like the motion u do before vomiting, but im not actually vomitting.?
People always say that a woman's pain thresh hold is beyond that of a mans, is this true?
what's your toothpaste flavor???
Does Injection In The Mouth Hurt ?
What is considered Normal?
my boyfriend has type 1 diabetes when he drops low he sometimes gets kinda mean what causes this?
please help me... im begging you?
How do you want to die?
Rolleys or normal Cigerettes?
I'm curious about meditation how can I start?
are there any side effect to acupuncture? also how deep does the needle go in?
In Pain with premature Arthritis. Any herbal remedies please.?
What is best technique for swallowing pills?
where can i buy a sleeping pills without prescription??? i really need this badly!!!?
My mom is going through metapause and she wants to do it with no hormones, any suggestions?
What are the possible dangers of sauna or steam bath?
How do you get some one the help they so greatly need?
i think i have depression..how can i get help without my parents knowing?
My Fianc'e tried to commit suicide last night....What Do I Do?
Can ADHD be treated with beating him/her?
Why do homphobics hate gay people? Innocent, harmless gay people?
Does exercise improve mental health?
Help, I'm in pain?
I am almost 14 and I love being nude. How can I do this with my older bro and parents around?
My Eyes itch like Crazy?
My snot is REALLY REALLY yellow! Please help!?
What is a good allergy medication or treatment for allergies to mold spores?
Help! My 6 year old Jack Russel Terrier is allergic to EVERYTHING!?
I've got the munchies...man.?
Has anyone got type 2 diabetes?
Diabetes question?
what colors should i get for ma braces?
What is an effective daily oral care routine?
(got a pic) What can i do to get rid of these two teeth ? *,if you'rea dentist, PLZ click?
Do doctors or dental hygienists put on people's braces?
how do you treat/ get rid of scars?
Chest Pain/Heart Flutters/Difficulty Breathing?
Did he hear us after his heart stopped beating?
whats a good medicine for high blood pressure with no side effects?
Is my heart rate too fast?
Since cigarettes are in no way healthy for anyone, do you think they should be made illegal?
how do u brighten up someone's day?
symptoms of stomach pain in new born baby's?
Is it actually true that the cold causes you to become sick? My father always blames cold weather for..?
there is a lump in my lip?
Remove splinter from my 3 year olds hand.?
what's the best remedy for toothache?
natural way to treat mouth yeast infection?
If immunization is so safe, and all of the other children are immunized, my kids are of no threat to them?
is this normal ??
I got drunk lastweek, now the thought gets me sick?
out of body experience?
Usual sleep for a person per night???
dude... i cant sleep at night without sleepin pills?
What will u do?
Is suicide ever justified?
I feel like killing myself?
i have a phobia of travelling by air.plzz suggest what should i do????
how do i get someone i care about to stop smoking?
My nose is rather large. Someone told me it disgusting. How to not feel so awful?
Should i be smoking at the age of 13???
How many of you truly believe that weed is a harmful drug?
sharp chest pains- what could it be?
Ever wonder why people are still smoking?
What could be wrong with me?
How can i leave smoking?
Do I have diabetes..?
Is there a chance I could be diabetic?
Can you get diabetis for eating too much chocolate?
how to manage type 1 diabetes in children?
how much cocaine is toxic?
My throat hurts really bad? What do I do?
I Have A Swollen Lymph Node?
im always getting sick... ?
I Swear Ive got OCD?
Does staying awake for 87 hour straight have any adverse health consequences?
half ton son?????????
Why is it that people do not believe in family values anymore?
Whats wrong with me? I think I can read minds somehow.................................…
Your worst fear.?
i've been feeling severely sad lately..what should i do?
what is homeopathy ? may anyone tell me about that?
home or natural remedies for sinus infection?
I heard something about medicines not really curing you, can you help me out?
What herb is the best for use as a sedative/tranquilizer?
I cannot go to sleep any remedies?
can i use kitchen bleach to bleach my teeth?
does anyone wet the toothbrush before brushing but after putting the paste?
What causes me to grind my teeth whilst sleeping?
My 3 yr kid upper front four teeth has cavity dentist suggested to remove all!should i take second opinion?
There's yellow stuff coming out from my nose?
can i go to the hospital for hives?
Are allergies hereditary?
Ugh, I have allergies bad but we recently got a cat and all I do is sneeze, cough and wheeze now..?
I have hair on the top of my...?
does the thailand breast slap work?
Easy 2 pts. Your thoughts on smoking?
I'm 16 and have high cholesterol, its genetics. what are the chances of having a heart attack later in life?
BP 120 / 60, High Pulse Pressure a Problem?
My dad has blood clot in his heart, help?
I have a 33 year old friend who runs and her heart rate is between 187 and 204, is this to high and why?
Unusual heart patterns?
my blood pressure is 123/85 i am 59 is that ok?
What are good brething excerises if your inhaler is not working?
i need help my dad cant breathe?
my friend smoked a whole blunt 3 days ago for the first time, how long till it leave his system?
what can i do to throw up?
have you had your appendix out ?
Any idea how to treat Acute Strep Throat?
Colon Cleanse?
Cotton packing in vitamin and herb bottles?
why do teens need to know about alternative/complimentary medicine?
what are other ways to get rid of stress and/or depression without consulting a doctor for a prescription?
is there any difference between drinking fresh mountain h20 & city water?
WHy do people that cut themselves do so? For the feeling?
Which is Better ? Being a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist ?
Is it abnormal to hide in the bathroom when someone comes over your house?
Do psychopaths have a sense of humor?
Alzheimer's or dementia?
should i kill myself?
What will happen if I dont wear my retainer for a day?
Is 15 too late for getting Braces?
How do you remove stretch marks?
what could be the cause of my chest pain?
claritin 24-hour allergy help with this symtom....?
I smoke pot, and drink all time time. Almost every weekend. Is that really bad for my health?
does anyone hate smoking as much as i do?
What is the best way to prevent mosquitoes from biting you?
Do bee's bite or poke?
Why is diabetes classified as a chronic illness?
I'm not eating, why could this be?
Type 2 diabetic - Can anyone help?
Should i follow doctors orders?
I have 3 kids and 2 of them have type 1 diabetes, HELP?
lose weight without no carb diets as I am a diabetic?
I'm a bit Suicidal?
What do you think? please help, I'm veryy freaked out!?
If you had depression, would you tell anyone?
I've obviously got some sort of personality disorder, can someone give me some advice please?
I've just had my tongue cut out of my head by what I can only term as terrorists.?
Who thinks that depression should be classed as an illness on it's?
Should I commit suicide?
How do I find out who gave me a thumbs up to an answer I gave on this site?
i want to die... no i NEED to die. help?
Got a full day in the office and am suffering from quite severe depression. Any tips to help me thru the day?
Does urine get rid of athlete's foot?
I'm looking for a list of foods that start with the letter Y for my daughter homework. Foods, Herbs, drinks.
If you're stoned, will you act differently toward the person you like?
why should'nt you smoke pcp?
Any cures for asthma?I am asking because I have it and i've been in the hospital because of it.?
Help on Diabeties levels please.?
Do all overweight people have diabetes?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
How much alcohol can a diabetic have?
If your lips are tingling after you eat sometimes (just started happening), could that be a sign of diabetes?
I just electrocuted my finger?
how did i get this bug bite?
What's the worst place you've ever had a spot/boil?
Anyone know the cure to mosquito bites?
I have a blocked nose, blocked ears, a funny sounding voice and sometimes cough? Should I go to work tomorrow?
Why can't u keep ur eyes closed when u sneeze?
when getting a filling, does it hurt when you get the freezing needle?????????????????????????
I would like to grow taller. But how?
why do I always feel so groggy in the morning?
I slept walked last night for the first time?
does anyone know???
Do you think it's better to be in deep depression or to be hardened to the point of not feeling anything?
How often to visit mom's grave site?
What is the fear of homework called?
Do carers catch Dementia from their patients?
Do you ever get tired of taking your medicine?
i thnk i have depression?
help me to avoid my bad habit?
If bitten by a zombie on the arm, would amputation save me from being infected?
do you think it feels good to clean your ears?
How is this fair...(hospital bill/no insurance)?
Why are my eyes red? Is this normal?
I'm confused... am I lactose intolerant?
would weed effect me?
Homeopathy; trick or treatment?
can chiropractors prescribe meds?
Are natural health remedies a cure?
Is Exercise Good For Your Heart?
How do I get cigarette smoke out of clothing?
can you hypnotize someone with a clock?
I have a stomache ache.. What can I eat/drink? What SHOULDN't i eat/drink?
would you date a guy with type 1 diabetes?
smelly feet caused by diabetes?
When your feet look purple what does that mean? And you're diabetic.?
what is the best way to lower fasting blood sugar for none diabitic?
Are people with bipolar proud of their disorder?
anyone have Obsessive Compulsion Disorder?
Does anyone know if I have OCD???
Why I am I so weird?
Can anyone introduce me to a man of God who can help me solve all my problems online?
do you think i have ocd?
How would you talk someone out of suicidal thoughts?
Can Someone Tell Me...If Im Psycho?
I want to quit smoking?
throwing up?
Am i weird?
Am I going to get really sick and die?
why do people yawn when they see someone else yawns?
How do I get over my fear of death?
Can cocaine really make you lose weight, and if so how much do you have to do?
I have a severe case of crabs, can I just go to the beach and let them go?
Herpes! Married 18 yrs monogamous marriage...HOW?
is mdma the same as ecstasy?
Do you personally know of anyone who has gotten sick as a result of Marijuana use?
is marijuana really addictive and how would you go about curing that addiction?
I am tired all the time, So I take diet pills for the energy and then I can't sleep. I take benedryl?
My husband has diabetic episodes periodically. How can I trust him with our newborn child when I'm not around?
Diabetes? or something else?
What's the goriest thing you've seen in real life?
how to cure red eyes due to allergy?
does cracking your knuckles really give you arthritis?
how often do you masticate? I can't live with out it.?
Why can't I sleep tonight?
what else can i use to help me stop smoking i've used the patches which haven't helped?
I cant breathe..Help PLEASE!?
chest x-ray!?
My docter said i'm at risk for diebetes, what test would they have to do?
Which quit smoking aid works the best?
Some altmed"skeptics"state they support conventional therapy as alt med failed them, is that likely scenario?
Do You go to the heath food store to get herbs to doctor yourself?
How can I build up my immune system so I stop getting sick!!?
How many times a day do you feel hungry?
how much is too much weed?
What are the benefits of a bath with epsom salts?
Help sinus infection?
anyone know any treatments for the flu?
seroxat success stories?
help i have a stalker!!!?
How often do you think of death?
What's the cheapest way to get rid of a mental illness?
Is there a connection between ADHD and bipolar disease?
i really need ur help guy see am 20 since i was 16 i never feelpreety becouse of my strich mark i can't wear
Please help.........what's wrong with me?
im so angry with life in general i hate evrything how can i get rid of all this anger and hatred?
My nose fell off? Help please?
is it safe to consume alcohol when youre on depression medicine?
i lost my voice from being sick :O?
Kinda,Gross personal question?
what if u have an STD but dont know about it and havent gotten check out in a few months, what could happen?
What do you like to add in your bath?
What is a Natural Remedy for Sinusitis?Allergies?
what does it mean when your ancles are red and ichy?
Does this sound like a food allergy?
Why are people so ignorant about Diabetes?
how can you tell if you have diabeties..without the help of a doctor..???
Should i be concerned if my blood sugar is 59 after i have eaten and i am not diabetic?
Who's had acupunture ? does it work ?
What is the best way to soothe a soar throat?
Any alternative medicine for Diabetes?
i tried smoking weed for the first time, it didn't go well at all?
I am having difficult time coping with personal life?
whats the biggest thing youve swollowed?
head lice how to get rid of them?
when you sneeze your eyes close why?
Can a human have more then ten toes on each foot?, this question has plagued me into early adult hood?
is there any way to get rid of eyebags?!?
I sweat a lot more than others?
Have alcoholism pretty severe. dont know day from night. any help out there?
What would you do if your boyfriend's son commits suicide?
im 12 years old and i think i'm depressed.?
What is your favourite song about mental illness?
i'm 13 and i have depression. i just need someone to talk to .. can you help?
18 and no drivers licesense?
What happens when you swallow chewing gum?
who enjoys breaking wind?
cant get a puff from my rollups?
don't you love sneezing?
What is the longest you've gone without sleep?
what is the flap of tissue that closes when you swallow to protect you from choking?
Plavix is a blood thinner. Any Natural Herb Known to take it's place?
What's the best cure for constipation ?
Moderate Brain Injury / Is smoking weed ok?
Does benadryl has pennicillin?
which side is your appendix on?
Issues with getting to sleep at night?
What's the ideal age to have your first baby ?
Do anti depressants really work?
I have been working 7 days a week pretty much for 2.5 years now, I have lost all energy to work out, any ideas
My blood pressure is 166/100 any advice ?
help, i wanna stop cutting myself, but i dont know how?
my mom thinks im depressed a lot?
what's so bad about wanting attention sometimes?
Everyone hates me?
What are ways to exercise my mind to relieve stress before it causes an emotional and physical break down?
I wish I didnt worry so much?
could my b,friend be showing traits of autism? everything has to be in order and run to a routine, very regimm
Can my anger affect my health?
Cold sores. how to get rid of. ?
how come when i smoke marijuana sometimes, i get a bad high!? like anxiety/panic attacks....?
how can i get rid of hiccups?
Is anyone scared of dying? why?
Sinus Problem?
whats an orgasam?
I blew my load at work. Will my boss find out eventually?
what are the effects of alot blood loss?
Diabetes? Or what's going on with me?
What's it like to be Type 1 Diabetic?
What's the best over-the-counter medication for allergies?
are multivitamins safe to have?
I snap and get irritated at every little thing, is there a medication I could take that could help stop that?
sleeping pills do they work?
I am a 16 year old girl, can I still grow taller? What things will help?
Do blood tests hurt? I am really scared of needles&have one tommrow?
do you ever sniff your fingers after going to the toilet?
Do dogs really have cleaner mouths then humans???
is it true it is impossible to sneeze with you eyes open?
How do you stop smoking?
how do i get rid of scars?
Do You Think Anyone On Yahoo Answers Takes The Answers Given To There Qustions Serious???
why do i feel angry when i read on here that people are wanting to commit suicide?
Self mutilation?
Help me i really want to kill myself :'(!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
does stress can kill?
how to get rid of stage fear?
Does anybody know why i'm starting to feel light headed and dizzy recently?
If your doctor smokes, does that have an effect on your opinion of him/her?
Vomiting Yellow and Green On and Of For A Week?
I got THREE hours of sleep last night?!?! HELP with teenage insomnia?
how can i fall asleep quicker?
When you are blind is it true that your senses are stronger?
How many cigaretts does an addicted smoker smoke a day?
Have you ever broken a bone in your body?
should i start smoking weed again?
Allergy - Citrus Fruits?
what is white swollen cheeks with bright red under the eye's ?
is this pink eye?
Why is my pee suddenly more yellow than usual?
Re Smoking, Do you want to hear the truth?
can watching too much television damage your brain?
I can't sleep!?
what helps stomach aches?
Do i have OCD?
Anyone Depressed?
Is there a connection between alcohol and depression?
How can I deal with my being over-sensitive?
Anyone know of a hot-line you can call just to vent??
Why I am still on here when I should be asleep?
i just freaking give up?
My 6 year old brother is very afraid of the dark. What is the best solution? Please help.?
How do I get Pencil led out of my face?
acne ways to get rid of it?
My ears have been ringing really bad. Am I going crazy?
I'm running out of blood?
can future scientists find medicine for 'ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME(AIDS)'?
Help with sleep!?
How can i cure a sore throat that also has pain in it too?
Is herbal medicine better than the medication tablets given by the doctor?
whats your opinion cannabis or alcohol?
My 2yr. old has frequent nosebleeds. Dr. says not to worry. What causes them?
How many of you all are effected by public smoking?
Has anyone heard about a cure for diabetes used with...?
What were the Psychological effects after finding out you had diabetes?
can you get ready of diabetes?
Anybodys child been diagnosed type 1 diabetes. How did you cope?
do EKG technician's know a lot about what they are seeing?
I have a fat lip. How do I get a skinny lip?
Do you believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine?
i want to what herbs are calming?
Is it true that Magic Johnson doesn't have aids anymore?
my eye constantly watering for about 4 months driving me crazy what can help?
stuffy nose cure any1 helps?
If you had to be allergic to a specific food or animal, which would it be?
is this diabetes? or what?
Can consuming vast amounts of chocolate increase your risk of developing diabetes?
how do you know when u have to get your tonsils out?
why do i cut myself?
I can't sleep,what can I do?
Do people like being crazy and sanctified in the restroom?
Can smoking marijuana (weed) cure asthma.. if so what kind regular or dro?
How do you get rid of head lice?
What is treatment for high BP?
Does anyone know anything about Heart Palpitations?
What Happens When I Get Off Of Weed For A Week?
how does a chiropractor treat a slipped disc?
whatt are some symptoms of phenmonia?
why was i sick?
Does crying benefit your health?
If you sneeze does your heart stop?
after i go to the bathroom i pull up my pants an pee leaks out why?
What makes you special?
does hair protects our brain?
Why does it feel like I have ten thousand needles in my foot???
Is my water, from my private source (well), safe to drink?
Should I get allergy shots?
Can someone die of Heart DIsease at age 16?
Did anyone have the procedure called Ablation for an arrythmia in the heart? If so can you tell me did it work?
Natural Cold Remedies?
Get weed out of system..?
What does it take to quit smoking for good?
I just stapled my finger!?
my father is a sugar patient.i need a medicine?
I have an older brother with Type-1 diabetes. Should I get a diabetic screening?
ive been couging up alot of blood. is this serious?
Cant wake up!?
Does injection of steroid that can make you become buff have side effect?
10 points! When you cry, do you eyes puff up when you wake up, after you sleep? AND WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT!?
why is love so insanely difficult?
what can I use to clean my urine for a drug test?
last night i had an attack and couldn't breath and my heart was raising what kind of attack could it have been
my mom has a clogged artery. What will happen?
i am 17 years old and i am 78 pounds how do gain weight?
I need a diet plan lactose and gluten free?
What are you allergic to?
How do you expect to have fresh breath if you're allergic to mint?
How tall are you? (Tell your age, and whether you're a boy or girl)?
have you broken a bone?
How do you stop throwing up?
.what is tuberculosis?
Best way to cure headaches?
Does any1 find the Pepto - Bismol Jingle ADDICTING?
I'm diabetic and i see double.?
139 mg/dl (7.7 mmol) I am a non-diabetic is this normal?
Any Suggestions for a new person to diabetes?
Can you make liquid glucose?
can i eat two spoons of vanila cake in gestational diabetes?
I have a feeling I've got mild sunstroke and definitely sunburned through my hair yesterday. Any advice?
I'm addicted to red wine, I need a bottle a night, help - this is serious?
Does anyone know how to get exstacy out of your system?
What would you like to do with your body parts after you die ?
is there any way to know how large busted i will get to be when im older ?
What happens at a 12 year old check up?
nervous all of the time?
Who's about to go home and spark up a fat boy as soon as you get off of work?
How can I detox quickly and get all the toxins out of my body?
New guidance for homeopathy in the NHS proposed...what do you think?
Q for Type 2 Diabetics...?
What are signs of diabetes?
how to manage type 1 diabetes with out medication?
i am 26 with type 2, is this rare?
Should you give your asthma action plan to supervisor?
My friend smoked pot only once for the first time in her life?
Finding it hard to breathe.?
I'm 17 with high blood pressure.?
i have a pain in my chest near my heart?
what kind of rash is this PLEASE ANSWER FOR MY GRANDMA (pics)?
Is home-made juice good for health?
If you die and you can take one thing with you what would it be?
What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
Can a person with cerebral palsy start to walk on their own if they pratice alot?
What is your worst or most embarrasing doctor encounter?
Sugar-free candy that doesn't...cause embarrassing problems?
Nervous about sleeping with an insulin pump on?
whats the worst thing to be allergic to???
How to get rid of bee sting swelling?
What is the best way to get rid of the commom cold?
Can you get asthma if you didn't have it before?
How many ppl on here smoke cigarettes?
scented hand sanitizer?
My ear wont unclog....?
when i smoke weed i seem to have these weird attcks, whats wrong?
is it healthier to sleep in the cold?
How to cure a massive hangover?
What is the high from AK-47 weed like?
Why does my blood taste so good? Why doesn't other people's blood taste as good?
i was cleaning my ear when suddenly i could not listen that well?
blood pressure 102/66?
Do i have diabetes??!!?
what percentage of people diagnosed with diabetes had frequent?
Why does it hurt to inject water into yourself?
Alarm clocks & waking up in the mornings?
How many cigarettes a month is a gealthy amount to smoke for a 15 year old? ?
I had about 14 paracetamols before..?
Does anyone get anxious/excited about going on trips to the point that your stomach gets upset?
How long of smoking does it take to get hooked?
iIf you're unconscious does your heart still beat...?
will it kill you if you're shot in the head with a 22 cal. long rifle?
How many hours of sleep do you need in order to feel fully energized?
my grandma just slipped and hit her head in the tub. what to do?? shes 90 yrs old?
Moliscum contagiosum?
How many treatments a week by a chiropractor is acceptible.?
Why is medical marijuana so controversial...?
Unhealthy sleeping pattern?
im 22 and my mom took my bong.....lol?
Headache Help?
what time do u go to bed?
reading about oxycodone on here, in an od, what would the milligrams be for it to be fatal, or how many?
I have nasty stuff coming up in my throat and it SMELLS??
How can I keep my room warmer?
If a person got twisted wrist, cracked jaw, broken skull, dislocated shoulder......>>>?
Why is not girls much stronger then boys?
i had a scan yesterday they said i am 6 weeks no heart beat.but when they where measured 2 squares?
symptoms of heart deseases?
I need a doctor to answer this!!?
10 atenolol (beta blocker) pills won't kill you, will they?
I've had nut allergies for about five years now. How do I know if I'm still allergic?
I've just been stung and am allergic to wasps!?
I'll be okay, won't I? Help?
do orgasms feel different to different people?
My knee is hurting me really bad plz answer. this is urgent?
Any home remedies for sore throat and stuffy nose?
whats naproxen?
I'd like to find a Homeopathic Doctor in the South Texas (Valley) Area. How can I find one?
Head lice...........................?
how many times in a day should i take anibiotics?
is weed really that bad of a thing to smoke? its a natural thing i was wonderoin bc if i smoke it?
Diabetics/Doctors - Is it bad for me to let my blood sugar get low intentionally so I can eat junk food?
How do you get type 2 diabetes?
I have just found a splinter in my index finger?
when we laugh, do we burn calories?
skinny helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp…
how much should i weigh???
how do u get a 6 pack?
Do you think it's possible to lose 7 pounds in under a week?
how often and for how long should 'I' exercise..?
Have you every ""accidentally"" tasted your ear wax?
If you accidentally swallowed baking soda...?
natural ways to relieve depression?
what can i do to have money in order for me to undergo heart surgery?
I've already gotten vicks vaoprub, a humidifier, and saline nose spray. What else can I do for this cold?!?
how to get rid of the hiccups.. ?
how can i get rid of my daughters headlice without chemicals?
i'm sick. i need help badly. quick too. please im desperate.?
If you cut your eyelashes, do they grow back?
How is babby formed ?
Why do most people overdose in the bathroom?
Are sibling blood types always the same?
Why do people pick their nose?
What does the phrase "Do not induce vomiting" mean?
Do I have an eating Disorder?
my doctor called me and told me my blood sugar levels after a fasting draw was 117 what should i do?
Any one have any good hangover advice???
would smoking marijuana help with a come down from ecstacy (MDMA)?
I don't think I'm an alchoalic, but what do you think?
I am removing my mole on my own?
Is there any good home remedy for naseousness???
Why is it that we ALWAYS can remember that we have forgotten something but never remember what we have forgot
Is there any good natural remedy for a child with a bad cough?
Whats a good brain supplement?
What is it bug bites or something else?
What are some treatments for feet that are swollen from sunburn?
Has anyone ever had a..?
Ahhhh! I'm about to fall asleep in school. I'm doing the head bob thing!! What should i do to stay awake??
Do smokers have a death wish,do they WANT cancer?
How do i make myself feel sick?
please help diabetes symptoms?
How should I treat my hamster if it has diabetes?
Should I mention this at my glucose tolerance test?
help only Dr's?
Can anyone recommend natural treatments for headache?
what is the remedy that grandmothers used for constipation?
If I smoked pot in the shower?
If you knew you would be diagnosed with cancer in 10 years?
Can it be a Possible HIV exposure?
What should I do about my legs?
Please i know i asked this question but i am scared and nervous.?
Medicine or syrup for cough!?
What are you allergic to ... ?
If laughter is the best medicine why don't they have comedians work in the hospitals instead of doctors?
Is waking up with thirst a sign of diabetes?
Why won't God heal amputees?
how can you tell you are a diabetic without goin to the hospital?
I feel sick...should I stay home from work today?
what would cause a person's urine to be very cloudy and have a very strong odor?
How good is St Johns Wart?
Former Potheads of the world....how did you stop?? Advice please??
Effect of Marihuana?
ADD Problems???? Help???
Do chiropracors really help you?
How do I cure a boil on my groin?
Anyone know any good hangover remedies?
I"m scared of the doctor...read details, plz...?
Do males have emotional periods?
what are the advantages of eating chocolate?
I poured listerine on my crotch to disinfect it but now it's burning. What should I do?
how can i get back to a normal sleep schedule?
anorexic and obesity? ?
Is All Kind of Bacteria Harmful?
Is it right that people who smoke can donate blood?
If someone was diabetic and didnt know it what would they feel like...?
diabetes type 2 help my wife has this and don't do what doctors tell her?
What would you do if a police stopped you and you had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)?
When will this person get diabetes?
What should I do about anxiety?
any tattoo experts plz help?
Does cracking your knuckles give you arthritis?
How can you?
Does a tetnus shot hurt??? Doctors plz help! Wat can i do 2 get ova my fear while they give me da shot?
I have this friend....?
is it ok for girls to pass wind?
My father suffering from arrhythmia... Plz help?
what's a better way to lose weight?
I've swallowed glass.... What should I do?
What are milk thistle tablets for, is it cleansing your liver?
I think I have a sinus infection, but I don't have the money to see a doctor...?
are there benefits to drinking apple cider vineger?
how true is it that hot sauce helps colds?
What are good remedies for a cough and a REALLY sore throat?
What to do about mild constipation? HELP!?
What's wrong with me?
Drinking or Smoking ?
will I grow???
my son temperature is 39.2 is this high?
How do I achieve immortality?
what is the best kind of shoes to were if you stand on your feet about 8 hours a day on concrete?
how can i stop biting my nails?
I need help, what should i do?
How do you cure hiccups? (i want an answer which actually works please!)?
Could I have gotten HIV by..?
what can you get from bj's?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Would a couple of teaspoons of warm water with a pinch of salt wash irritants out of the nose?
should you drink lotsa water before or after a massage?
What should I do about my nose?
Can allergies affect my singing?
could being sick alot be a symptom of diabetes?
Can my blood sugar raise if I don't eat?
What is your opinion on homeopathy for diabetes?
how can i get rid of the hiccups?
What are some mood enhancing foods?
I have a sore throat and a fever and a cough, and there seems to be a lot of junk in my throat?
"you are what you eat". What does this saying mean to you? How true is this in today's world?
How did you, or some one you know,stop smoking?
I worry about EVERYTHING?
do you think that smoking w**d is bad?
Where do I start to get help for an addiction?
What's the best way to quit smoking?
what's your oppinion on abortion? TWO part question, please read the WHOLE question?
Bi-Racial Children & Organs?
Is that a new perfume, you smell wonderful?
unusual question. who absolutely loves diamonds?
I feel ill?
Blood pressure what is the normal base line?
If I take big breasts (sorry,I mean breaths) Will my heart beat faster?
whats the effects of coke?
What are the symptoms of a ruptured appendix?
Which anti depression pills work the best for you..?
is weed good for the heart?
is cannabis worse for you than tobacco?
do the herbal medicines have illfull side effects ?
Should I take antidepressants? Do they work?
i'm in 5th grade and i have zit's what do i do?
5 Foot Teenager? :) >.0?
hai i got my nose beleeding yesterday 4 times i went to the docter done blood test its ok what happend pls inf?
Is there any way to get my sinuses cleared up in 5 days or less? I'm from the UK?
Can you blow your nose after using Nasonex?
Have you ever used a neti pot?
how to get wax out of your ears?
giving up habits?
how much do you spend on cigarettes? do you smoke a pack a day?
Is it okay for Juvenile Diabetics to eat candy?
Is it true that the back of your tongue is green after smoking pot?
My autistic & develpmentally disabled son takes Celexa.A friend recommended St. John Wort as alt.Any thoughts?
What are the best hangover cures???
Ahh some one I need a way to fix a hangover!?!?!?!?
Does anyone know where I can find good noni juice?
how old is old, please answer?
Would u consider getting a surgery to chance ur eye color?
is smoking just one cigarette really that bad for you?
Is it better to tilt the head back or forward when you have a nosebleed?
How to tell if a cut is infected?
what should i do if i got bitten by a dog?
Can inhaling cigarette smoke cause cancer?
What is this yellow liquid, thats draining out of my face, & How can I stop it?
Is soda really bad for you?
What causes diabetes? It's not from consuming too much sugar so how do you get it?
Have you ever drank blood? just wondering.?
Diabetes question?
Blood Pressure question?
Is low ejection fraction hereditary?
I think i am really high right now and think i am dying..?
If you have an STD, do you tell your partner?
AM i Healthy...or kinda fat or normal??
What is a good way to reduce symptoms of pollen allergies?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
Sh**!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am i Allergic??? i think i am, will i get sick???? PLZ ANSWER FAST!!!! 10 POINTS?
is there a food that won't raise your blood sugar?
Worried About Neice!Help!?
A Diabetes Question?
I just cut open my knee and foot...?
heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat?
Why is the UK getting the Swine Flu Vaccine?
Does this cure acne?
Is High blood sugar is normal for some people according to their body?
Before you are diagnosed, how do you know you have diabetes?
I'm about to get diabetes!??!?!!??!?
How do you know if the wound is infected........?
how to treat a yellow jacket sting?
Bee or wasp sting or what?
how does the smoking effect the respiratory System?
What Is Diabetes I Need It Explained in the simplest Terms?
I live in MA and my mom is taking me out of School because of the Swine Flu?
I've got a stye in my eye?
Can i sue my apartment complex for getting bitten by a spider?
is hair on your head alive?
Burn on 3 1/2 yrs old Hand- 48 hours Later What should I do?
Does peroxide on ear wax help clean it out?
My tongue is stuck in my bellybutton? What should I do?
my thighs dont touch? everybody else's do!!?
With a blood sugar value of 10.5 how long has one to live and why?
can type 1 diabetes be cured ?
Do you think I'm getting the symptoms of diabetes?
What kind of doctor deals with STD? oncologist?
How can you stop a cold in its tracks?
Whenever you ask a health question on here, why does everyone always refer you to the doctor?
i have had several episodes of rapid heartbeat with shortness of breath but echocardiogram was normal what now?
How to reduce blood pressure without medicines?
Why are there these bubble like knots growing in my nippes? I'm 13 years/o?
Possibly drugged at a party?
I accidentally a whole coca-cola bottle, what should I do?
Is DR. Scholl of DR. Scholl's foot products a real doctor ?
I, 45 years , I recently blood tests for sugar levels and fast 154 and port lunch 171. what does this means ?
Is it healthy to lick your wound with your own tongue?
What causes black eyes and how do I get rid of them (I'm talkin about ones caused by tiredness not a punch)?
swollen eye bcuz of stye...HELP?
Sliced finger! Help...?
Is 8 weeks off work too long when had pleurisy and pneumonia?
i'm 17 and i've suffered with acid reflux since i was only 10! is there anything left to help me?
b/f wont stop snoring?
What really causes people to get acne?
Is showering too much bad for you?
Does every person who has a massive heart attack die?
cholesterol question?
high blood pressure and high cholesterol what foods can you eat?
Is this heart rate too high?
Whats the best remedy for a sore throat and achy body?
Should I go to school tomorrow?
hi im thinking of becoming a nurse,does ne1 no ow long it takes 2qualify?and how 2go about getting started?
Do u think I have Juvenile Diabetes?
Urgent..diabetes related moral question.?
Is this a symptom of diabetes?
Diabetic's and Maple Syrup?!?!?
if diabetes runs in on my mothers side does that mean I'll most likely get it?
Are you Horney?
i take sleeping pills to sleep so i dont have to deal with anything?
Do antihistamines help with all allergies or just hayfever and why?
Help! What are some good cures for severe leg cramps?
My tongue has turned green what is the problem?
Is it true the world is going to end on December 21st 2012 at exactly 11:11am GMT?
how is a ten year olds foot suposed to look like?
Is it bad to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol if you have general anxiety disorder?
Why am I cold all the time?
how do you get rid of herpes????????
What snacks are good to eat when trying to lose weight?
I haven't smoked in 6 days, any tips on NOT going totally crazy?
How can I be more motivated to eat better and exercise more frequently. I'm so fat and I hate myself for it.
rigor mortis? i don't even know what that is!?
What is the best way to stop smoking ?
Am i having an allergic reation?
what are buggers why do they form in my nose?
I need constipation advice!?
How tall are you? 20 characters?
How can I get the water out of my ears?
what happens when you blackout while cycling?
I gave up smoking three days ago?
Is it infected?
Bringing someone in to doc appt?
i have a severly clogged ear with wax and water from getting kicked in the ear i need your solutions?
How old do you have to be to donate blood?
Im about to take ambien for a dentist apt. any tips on how I'll feel?
I'm always cold?
Is it ok to drink StarBucks coffee as a 12 year old going through purberty?
I dont want to live anymore?
how many hrs of sleep does a 14 yr old need?
Numb little finger?
stop smoking is a load old cobblers?
What do you do when you can't fall asleep? How do you make yourself go to sleep?
my wife has a terrible gas problem?
Why are my hands and feet ALWAYS cold?
whats a good number for a glucose blood?
how to increase hdl and how to reduce ldl without medication dislipidemea can be because of what reasons and a?
ewww! There's white cottage cheese in my sinuses?
Can someone please tell me what can be the cause of UTI's that occur every couple of months or so?
Can smoking cigarettes that had been wet but dried be worse than smoking normal ones?
name of disease where blood does not clot?
what are the chances of me getting diabetes?
What's your secret to a good nights sleep?
does anyone else have this sleeping problem?
Do I have a Serious Problem?
How can I stop my lips from turning blue in the cold?
how does alcohol effect ur brain and body?
What to eat for a snack when I have Gestational Diabetes?
Does insulin cause a diabetic to gain weight?
Flatulence attack in line at the post office?
What would make a person tired all the time?
How can I un-block my left ear?
What would you do to stop obesity?
If you are a diabetic, can you have caffeine?
do twinkies shorten your life?
What's your shoe size?
How to get RDA for calcium when allergic to milk/milk products?
chronic hives?
does having high blood sugar means that high blood pressure?
I thought marijuana wasn't addictive?
My love has dropped me because he's depressed... I need to get over him but I can't....?
Is eating scabs bad for you?
Kissing a smoker... ?
is using electronic cigarette helpful to prevent smoking tobacco or is it useful to stop smoking slowly?
I am 13 and i HATE needles so would i be able to get the nasal spray or is that weird?
Iv'e gained 3 lbs because I have been sitting around all day doing nothing what could I do with NO friends?
Anyone know good ways to lose weight.?
I weigh 90 pounds and 5'6"...is this good? fat?
Any easy making cure to make mosquito bites stop itching?
I'm afraid to get tested for Diabetes. Are there signs?
insulin or medicine......................?
I know someone who is starting to be anorexic, what should i do?
When might you use DRABC (danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation) ?
My nephew is highly allergic to any animals with fur....help me!?
can a doctor tell if someone had a heart attack years ago?
Is smoking weed 2 times a week bad?
If I want to surgically remove my little finger because I don't like it anymore, is that wrong?
It's late, I'm tired, and I can't sleep... what can I do?
I think i'm getting a sore throat, are there any ways to prevent this?
Anyone taking Metformin have bad stomach cramps and severe diarrhea?
what happens if you stop taking medications for your diabetes?
Has anyone every tripped going UP the stairs?
What household hting can I put on a nettle sting to neutralise it so it stops hurting?
What kind of insect bite is this???
Do you think girls like lindsay lohan etc in the media are too thin or attractive??
hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash?
What marijuana is better?
Is there anything that can be done to reduce my breasts size other than surgery?
Why is he experiencing dizziness and sweating, but says he feels better?
Since im a diabetic i use insulin, does that make me stronger and more bulky than most people?
How do i get rid of head lice? Rid and nix do NOT work they keep coming back!! help?
Cat bite/scratch infection, can't take antibiotics?, what now?
Hydrogen Peroxide shouldn't be used for burns and it prevents a burn from healing, is this true?
i just cut my finger off?
What Causes Bad Breath?
Very lightning sharp pains and red splotches on my lower legs,feet & unexplainable sores on my feet?
how long does a person live after they have been diagnosed with diabetes?