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How do you replenish yourself if you don't have time to sleep?
How to slip out of a plaster cast?
Why do we sleep at night and not during the day?
Please help why does my toe keep going numb?
is vegetable glycol safer than propylene glycol, is the real cigarette safer than the electric cigarette?
my leg feels dead, very very cold feet, and numbing in whole leg which hurts?
Will i need medical attention ar am i fine?
I took 6 extra strength advil All at once?
Prescription drugg effects on fetus?
I have taken 5dif antibotics in 3 months will this hurt me?
Is 9 stone a good weight for a 13-14 year old boy?
apple cider vinegar and gout?
Can conscience exist with absolutely NO empathy?
i can't sleep can any one give me any tips?
Heart Transplant Expenses?
have i took to much paracetomol?
Getting rid of spots?
i shaved my pubes and now i have many little red dots ?
My grandma and mum both have arthiritis, will i have it?
How to health my weak mom?
long term complications of diabetes Mellitus?
What carbs can I eat with high blood pressure?
Loosing Weight-Is it harmful for a diabetic peasant ?
why dengue mosquito bite in day time?
why do my new glasses give me a headache?
My mom had glaucoma and an optometrist didn't refer us to an ophthalmologist and now she is blind. Can I sue?
Chest pain please help?
How do you cure a blocked nose?
how can i stop it now?
After I wake up from sleeping? I have numbs hands or arms? why?
My frickin cough won't go away!!!?
Can My Grandfather Receive Medical Treatment Help Quick (NHS)?
How can I get rid of a scar from a spot?
stepped in mop water, now my foot burns?
why dont large arteries need similar valves?
what are triglycerides?
How to get rid of mice?
What injections do u av in yr 10 v?
How To Stop Yourself From Cracking Your Knuckles?
why do i allways feel dizzy!!?
Most Effective Way To Kill A Zombie?
I M feeling like cold will catch me?
can i still take my antibiotics for UTI infection if i have the flu?
Why are my knees always cracking and popping?
Could this be hypothermia?
social anxiety confiders?
How can you tell if you have Insomnia?
Is it okay to use disposable contact lens for more than one day?
If the Opticians break my glasses, do they have to replace them?
How long will i have to wear glasses?
is 3d tv is bad for eyes?
If we blinked often, would that help the muscles in our eyes to stay even, and save us from wearing glasses?
Can fasting get rid of cancer? Tumours are made up of flesh, so surely they dissolve by autolysis when fasting?
Tight chest/chestycough/strained blocked throat and blocked nose for 6 weeks now?
Is dairy linked to producing acne in people?
I have a dull tight pain coming and going on the right side of my stomach which then radiates across it?
Dear Anorexics, What's Your Story?
Should I See A Doctor ?
whats the worst that can happen to someone if the accidentally got burned with boiling water on their hand?
What would happen to someone if they were to tart taking beta blockers with normal blood pressure?
what keeps you alive during heart operations?
what do I do if I think I have heart palpitations?
What is this lump on my babies neck?
Do you think i have ovarian cancer... lower right side pain that goes to my left lower side?
Is Klinefelter's Syndrome considered a genetic disorder?
I went off of anti-psychotic risperdal and have horrible insomnia?
If my younger brothers have asthma, is it possible for me to get my driver's license early?
Does anyone know of a good Laproscopy Gastric Bypass Doctor in or around Chicago?
How many hours of sleep should I get per night?
I can't get much sleep lately. Help!?
How effective is Buccastem?
Could somebody please summarise the American health care system?
Are the pupils responsive to light in an unconsciousness state?
What does blue tint in the white of your eye mean?
Please interpret these eyesight details?
why does my eye twitch ?
Can you wear "special effects" contact lenses with glasses?
how to get out a splinter deep in the skin?
i wanna to know about uterine tuberculosis?
Do I fit the criteria for having Bulimia Nervosa?
Where I get the best Diabetic socks?
What does it mean if while I'm breathing I (without reason) skip a breath and gasp, but feel fine?
Cold sinus symptoms worried?
which is the best method to empty the bladder standing or sitting?
Home made remedy for a Bruised leg?
I've been diagnosed with excema/dermatitis - can any sufferers please give me some advice?
what makes a stomach gurgle loudly?
how to recover quickly from a groin injury?
Getting up in the morning.. help!?
I'm having trouble breathing sometimes?
Does anyone know how much a throat endoscopy would cost if I went private?
cow urine benefit what?
I am an 80 year old in a 14 year olds body?
Is it true that stretching excersise helps to grow taller?
Can burning poison ivy give you a lung infection?
How do I cough up and spit out?
My behavior is very different in public.and In loneliness I feel okay. In public I just forget myself my style?
What can I do about acne breakout during the winter?
I think i have Parkinsons disease =(?
my mam has cancer :'(?
Can you give me some sample wording for congratulating a friend on being cancer free?
are painful lumps in breast be indicative of breast cancer?
subconjunctival hemorrhage?
Does anyone have a breakdown of when diabetics are diagnosed as diabetic? eg 0 to 10 year olds = 1%,?
In the dark all I can see are little flashy lights?
Do I need Glasses, or just reading ones?
Where can I purchase armour thyroid?
is it unhealthy to not throw up ?
Swollen lymphnodes in neck!?!?!?
Couldnt sleep at all last night?!?
Does it really matter what hand I put a ring on or what hand I smoke a cigarette with? If so what's the differ?
Diagnosing Coeliac Disease?
What can i do about my sunburn?
There's protein in my urine. Is that caused by Accutane or Tetralysal?
What do my symptoms mean?
It takes me 5 hours to get to sleep?
Sudden weight loss, lightheaded, swollen belly...?
Smoked last night - Still got tobacco taste in my mouth?
Very pale lips and face.... dehydration? HELP PLEASE!?
please help my daughter really ill?
What chances of cancer from 1 head ct scan, radiation effective dose 4.1 mSv (which turned out to be twice hig?
really bad throat, painful to swallow anything?
I eat pritty good and drink green tea most every day..but im still realy tyerd alot of the time.?
tiredness in diabetic patient?
what foods should avoid?
i have to pee a whole lot lately , with more water and taking acv, is it the cause?
Good treatment for a really bad sunburn?
Ear is bleeding and idk why?
Please help should i go to the ER?
How do you get out of laziness and gain motivation and confidence?
HELP!! my mom And Sister Brother and grandma Are sick And i dont want to catch it!?
cheapest laser eye surgery in manchester?
how can i stop swollowing every minute?
I Need help my upper lip is swollen for 3 yrs now!!?
My dog died in march or so. The last thing i did was yell at her before she died and i feel so bad. Guilt help?
How to stop hiccups??????¿?
A tight chest, chesty cough and strained throat for nearly 6 weeks now?
Has anyone been able to achieve pain relief without opiate meds?
Really sore throat, had tonsilitus in September, What can i do so it doesn't come back again?
Can't eat my meals properly, niggling pains daily ,,,gallstones, help!?
If you've had an on going medical problem...?
Do I Have Insomnia? Advice?
how to cure diabetes without tablets?
Blood in feaces need help please?
Not Diabetes! It's something else unknown!?
why is it i get such sharp pains?
I have a dislocated and fractured ankle. will the orthopedic have to do surgery or will I just be casted?
the creases of my legs are like cracked or something they hurt!?
splints/plaster casts?
How long should I wait to drink beer after taking Klonopin?
What happens if your heart is on the Right side of your body?
what is stent for heart?
Has anyone had lasik surgery to correct -7 in one hit?
i keep sniffing (sniffling ) but i..?
Is this a good bench press?
can i still use my unused prescription slip?
Where do I start if I want to be an EMT over the summer?
how to get rid of stuffy ears?
Severe period pains - what can i do!!! urgent?
Does ocd ever go away?
what is parkinson's disease?
how much cost for treatment blood cancer?
I am on an insulin pump, I don't have any insurance or income,?
Does having 3 paracetamol in one go and having type 1 diabetes do anything?
Why do I have so many skin problems?
Over Salivating what is causing it?
Crohns disease and how to lose weight?
I keep getting the feeling of being hungry even one hour after a meal.I am worried it might be something?
The corner of my eye stings badly?
Ouch|??!!!! Girls only?!?
"If you only had 24 hours left to live......?
i have a pain in my left shoulder when lift something up is this serious?
Here's the problem.. I'm really health conscious, but..?
I keep swallowing my tongue bar all the time.?
What is a good activity I can do to teach my Biology class Parkinson's disease?
I ate vegetarian ''meat'' 10days over date?!?
i flew today with a cold and one of my ears is now blocked?
i have been having dizzy spells for 4 weeks now i also feel shaky an sick most days please help?
how can you get a fever/ diarehha/ vomit to miss school?
How to cure insomnia?
I often get pains in my heart but im young whats the difference between normal pain and heart attack pain?
"microwave safe" products?
Is there a usefull sleeping tablets, one that can actually put you to sleep?
How to get rid of a cold and a blocked nose? (10 points?)?
I dropped a block of chedder cheese yesterday on my big toe!!!!!?
is there a alternative pill i can take instead of umphillin?
how can acid reflux be triggered?
Does this sound like Celiac Disease?
Does a chromium deficiency in the diet mimic type 2 diabetes?
high temp, shaking and very fast breathing?any ideas?
Help! help!! help!!! what is best medicine of PE?
Can kissing transmit HIV?
What can I do about swollen feet?
What is the longest ever ulcerative colitis relapse?
Can someone develop acne after a breakup?
Is sleeping from 3 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon everyday unhealthy?
Help! Do I have crohn's disease?
weird tingling going up and down my back?
can excess of any mineral lead to disease or disorder?
Would my mom or I get cancer?
Can nitro (the kind they give to reduce blood pressure) aggravate dementia, or even make it worse?
I hardly cry? Why is this?
My CPR card expires 11/2010. Does that apply for the whole month of November or the beginning of the month?
I Can't Stop Thinking About Death and... Cancer?
Do i have insomnia? What should i do?
Is this a symptom of fibromyalgia?
what causes bloating?
The NHS covers these interventions and what I need to do to schedulle the intervention?
Why is my eye so watery?
I dont ever throw up, is that bad?
brown phlem needle pains in chest night sweats coughing?
I feel like i have been punched in the back.?
Loosing weight will bra size go down?
what foods to avoid to help improve skin?
What are the natural steps and food to be consumed to increase the insulin secretion by beta cells in our body?
How can i know i have high blood presure?
Dizziness and head pressure ruining my life...Someone help?
My dog bit me and now my thigh hurts :(?
I'm going to be working without a dinner break tonight? How can I go about this?
why am i ALWAYS sooooo tired?
I have Flu . Can I take flu injection drug?
Does donating a kidney significantly shorten your lifespan?
What are the symptoms of Malaria?
who can get free treatments on the NHS in the UK?
is this related to low iron?
anybody else always needs chapstick?
I am 14 and frightened, why are my veins showing?
how do i get my sleep pattern back to normal?
Difficulty sleeping at night,..?
Jaw problem please help!!!!?
should i see a doctor?
I have a soar throat (worried)?
lately, I'm feeling always thirsty. For now, It's my only symptoms. Do you think I have diabetes?
getting permanent rid of eye sight.?
Wrong prescription or just adjusting to new glasses?
Does reaper exist and can you see him?
do i have border line personality disorder atall ?
Hypothyroidism, I have the symptoms but what do you think?
i have pulled tendants in my foot and cant walk should i go to a&e?
Juice and certain drinks make me produce loads of phlegm!?
Does aspirin help angina?
My heart has been beating fast all day. What could this be?
What is the recovery period after a heart bypass?
I was brushing my teethes then i felt something in my heart then I fainted in the flour why I'm 16 ? ?
Can someone help me relax.... please?
Can anyone recommend any tips for making breasts bigger naturally?
Is cereal actually good for you?
How well does ECA stack work?
Blocked left ear, and now when I hear loud noise my ear beeps. Is this ear wax?
How bad are my eyes? Prescription?
can contacts stay in your eye?
When I yawn, my jaw locks?
how does the solid thyroid mass treated?
small pea size lump found near ear / jawline?
Do I need to take the glucose tolerance test?
Is honey a more choice sweetener than sugar?
Does the One Touch Ultra Mini use the same test strips as the One Touch Ultra 2?
How to pay for diabetes medicine with no insurance?
anxiety love and feelings , many answers please.?
Are prions implicated in any human illnesses other than BSE?
Why Cant I Sleep, I Find It Impossible To Sleep Any Help ?
Im a guy and i want a HPV vaacine, the NHS don't give it 2 men even tho we are at risk!!!?
What are the effects and treatment for asphyxiation pneumonia?
Respiratory & Circulatory System Question!?
I will Die??? I hav Abnormal LFT? Please help me?
I want to know about Minocyclin medicine. Is it for skin?
my feet are very rough and dry, what can i do to improve this?
My ear just randomly started hurting. It hurts soo much, and it feels abit like its poped. HELP?
I have Swollen eyes, help!?
Does zoloft make you feel emotionally numb?
What is the vitamin that helps you heal faster/better?
Has anyone heard of the red eye effect on humans in nature? Not on a photograph?
did i mess up my contacts?
what happens if a woman does not wash her hair for 3 months?
how would a licensed group home become medicaid/medicare approved?
What it called the "Anti-cigarette body stickers" that helps people to quit smoking?
I can't sleep! Should I just get up and watch tv?
Ear problems :( cracking?
Is depression genetic?
anxiety , depression and partners ?
Vibrating leg problem?
does my voice sound annoying?
When I chew, digital numbers move around.?
Can anyone provide phone numbers/address of doctors who visits patients at home in Delhi/MayaPuri Area?
When to see the doctor for a sore throat?
antibiotic and Itching?
What kind of moisturizer would you reccomend for dry skin on my face?
whats wrong with my daughter, could she have cancer?
How can you contract Parkinson's Disease?
Do i have marfans syndrome?
how would i be able to cure OCD?
extra weight watchers points at 166 pounds?
what is the difference between codeine and hydrocodone?
If Placebo is everpresent as one of the reasons for positive treatment results, why is there not more research?
What colors can you get for your cast on your leg?
tamiflu?? has any1 who has had swine flu taken tamiflu recently?
when i shave my pubes it it starts to bleed a lot ! ?? ! ?
is lean red meat (ie fillet steak) bad for your heart health?
What to do if I think my piercing is infected?
What's the best way to talk to your doctor about the possibility of having MS?
How long is Labrynthitis meant to last. Im going on 3 months with re-occurring vertigo?
can aml cancer be cured after bone marrow transplant?
Bubble like thing in my earlobe?? help please?
What is this lump on my finger?
i have to go to the skin doctor tomorrow?
Just wondering if anyone knows a cure for cellulitious or homeopathic remedy for it?
I need help!!! Badly!!!?
herpies out break and aids?
what foods to avoid when having a cold?
Should one come off minocycline antibiotics for acne if they suspect they have swine flu?
Please help? Could I have mono..?
how can i get my eyes white i do have a cholesterol problem?
How can I lower my blood pressure? How can I lower my sodium intake?
what is disadvantage of smoking cigarette?
Feeling ill in the morning when I don't eat anything the minute I wake up?
How can we reduce the tiredness of brain?
Is there a way to get rid of a blocked nose?
HELP! My cousin is a diabetic and she refuses to acknowedge it, what can I do?
Blood type diet, any reviews?
Having Problems with eyesight.?
How can I work out my triceps without getting big trapezius muscles around my neck?
I am scared of my dark asdfghjkl;?
I have this massive stomach ache please its really intense!?
i m in bad habit of spying my parents late night and often i watch them (secertly ) doing...what should i do?
The tips of my fingers are numb?
my hands and feet are sooo itchy!x?
Hi, i'm abhilasha,32 yrs of age working in MNC in bangalore.But due to maximum work load i don't have a sound?
How long can viruses survive if shed by humans who have taken a live-virus vaccine?
Whats the worst bone break you ever had ?
i need some information on laproscopic surgery for gall bladder removal?
is your drinking water safe?
How long does it take to get rid of chlamydia?
How to cure my eyesight whose powers are -3.0 each?
Has anyone here had an adbominal hernia and have to have surgery to repair it?
Ever had sleep paralysis?
sleep deprivation,how do get to sleep without taking tablets?
What will happen if i skip my sleep?
What does a body temperature of 97.9 mean?
I am in so much pain I cant sleep?
how do you gain a non tolerance to beer?
Is 109 high after eating 2 hours ago?
does aleve (naproxen sodium) cause weight gain?
if your blood results come back bloated what does this mean?
Diabetes type one and two!!?
how long do tramadol side effects last?
What to do if someone swallows bleach?
What causes all the dead skin to build up on peoples heels?
Is there a cure for anal seepage?
Is it possible for a limb to die if you sleep on it?
Really Sore throat (bulimic)?
can someone help me with a diagnosis?
Snoring, Sleeping with mouth opne, Breathing with Mouth Open, Do I have Sleep Apnoea?
Brain surgery for anxiety?
Electroshock therapy for anxiety?
Should I go to a doctor for a strained muscle?
Is there anyone I can talk to online about all my unknown health problems?
why is health and safety important in health and social care?
What is a heart trace?
Can a physical therapist write a gym excuse?
It appears on internet that Biotin and cromium are useful in sugar control in typeII diabetese.?
How is glucose oxidized in the body?
I have PCOS what is a good diet?
Do people with type 2 diabetes need/use glucagon injections?
Why am I peeing blood?
why does right-sided heart failure causes peripheral oedema (swollen feet and ankles)?
What home exercises can I do to wake myself up....?
what is the meaning of mistletoe?
What type of food can you eat with antibiotics that you can't take with dairy?
What is cynotynovisis and what are cause and effects?
Do gemstones lose their power/potency with time?
is surgery only the solution of acl ligament tear grade III?
headache after exercise, that hasnt gone away all night?
im having coughing fits that make it impossible to fall asleep! What do i do?
What happens if someone doesn't get enough REM sleep?
cancerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr test?
what would be some symptoms of a tumour at the end of my gut?
Is dental care free if your diabetic?
is there a suger count 31 or 50?
if i poured vodka on a cut, would it kill any germs?
I think I may have a ringworm?
What is wrong with me?
how many bones are in a hand?
so full of stress, nervous stomach, anxiety sky high :( help please?
lumbar puncture, don't sugar coat it how much does it hurt?
Can diet coke stop your heart beating if you are malnutritioned?
What is merca (sp) And please don't give me a link~ just tell me if it's contagious and what it does?
Different shades of vision?
Does the ipod touch effect eyes?
is this pink eye or just irritation? help please?
Any ideas as to how to wake up and get out of bed early in the morning?
my eyes have the sensation of burning all the time, why?
Infected streched ears?
how to remove deeply embedded splinter from heel of foot?
Okay, So... If I Don't Have Leukemia, Then What Would Cause Random Bruises And All Over Body Pain?
tubligaion incision healing?
for diabetes a single dose medidicine in chattisgarh?is it true?
What harm will effects us when we kiss or smooch ashtamic patient?
has he got cancer or not???
Can you please name three infectious biological agents?
have i got swine flu?
I got bit by a super spider!?
My heart seems to suddenly hurt?
How can I cure fluid retention in the knees and ankles, that cause a clicking sound when I move them?
What are some health risks of food dyes?
ive been getting really bad headaches, whats wrong?
having a panic attack?
Please please help, I am so so scared?
What's in UK's tap water?
Fungal after using Rock/CRYSTAL Salt Deoderant?
what kind of vegetables or food will help to cleaning my stool?
I cant hear out of my right ear?
where can i buy an asthma nebuliser?
Is it sore getting a wax..?
cortisone injection frozen shoulder?
i picked up my phone from a pit toilet in africa with plastic bags on my hand.. could i catch hiv from this?
Lost feeling in the left arm?
Is it true that about 1 in 3 people with a pulmonary embolism die from it?
Is it wierd to stay on computer for 7-12 hours and not get tired?
Is my hunched back caused by bad posture?
Why am I so tired but can't sleep?
my eyes keep doubling things up close... annoying when trying to read?
will lens crafters give me just the lenses because i have a frame already?
I have horrible eye vision?
How can i get rid of alcohol smell on my breath?
Besides a Speech Therapist are there any way to cure Stammer,since Medical science has no cure for it?
I don't believe in sisterhoods?!!!?
How do i get my self out of a mental hospital?
sciatica and weak knee?
Somethibg growing on my foot?!?
How do I approach my GP ...?
Have you ever been knocked out cold before? Or knocked someone out?
has anyone here encountered ear infection?
Is it dangerous take a benzo everday. I have terrible pain and it helps me sleep?
Does what time you sleep affect your growth?
Emergency first aid at work certificate?
I just got salad dressing in my eye it burned then I washed it with water will it be ok?
What is the cause of Insomnia? Do i have insomia?
I have lost my sense of smell and taste for 6 days now?
If I take honey in enough amount can I be diabetic?
Train track braces.......help needed?
What can cause angina for people under 40?
strain on heart,left arm is numb and tiredness?
what is wrong with me? please please help I am so scared?
why am i getting such bad stomch pains/cramps?
What are the chances of me having a brain tumor? I'm 19 years old?
any have problems comes to drink a RO systems water?
i am very itchy and i dont know why i have no marks but whips from me scratching i also have ectzema?
What are the cause of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Should we remove gallbladder?
Weird thoughts before sleeping?
i have a mental heve prombles dont no what to do?
Is relighting cigarette and smoking the short worse for you than just smoking a new one?
What is the best time to sleep?
Am i having indigestion, vomitting sensation now due to the effect of eclipse?
What are 10 diseases that can be caused by smoking?
how come every time i wake up my whole face is swollen?
Is it safe to take a multivitamin and a B-Complex vit?
What do you make of this Retinal Image? (experts)?
How to heal a pulled neck muscle?
What is wrong with my ears?
What ward in a hospital would someone receive stitches to a cut hand?
What will happen if a mosquito flys into your nose? Seriously.. I'm worried.. Thx?
Questions about Braces?
I'm VERY scared. I don't know what to do!?
Pain from getting my braces on?
Why do I vomit everything I eat?
What is the average lifespan of an adult, after being diagnosed with diabetes?
Lipid profile / fasting blood glucose test report , am i diabetic?
please discontinue pulse?
what is cholesterol? how is it caused?
I want to kill myself. I don't know what to live for?
When would you feel it would be acceptable to discontinue treatment for breast cancer?
Please help me im going deaf:( im only 14!!?
Tips on falling asleep quickly?
Why babies are put in cradles and swinged?
Help I have torn calf muscle?
My left eye hurts when looking around! Please help!?
Do you think I will have to were eyeglasses?
what should i do about my eye?
Can an Ophthalmologist tell you if you're a good or bad candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?
Parents to children whos had pneumonia?
10 week old in hospital and not getting better?
How do you get your voice back?
What is the best thing to use to heal an ulcer?
Spot on hip- a bit gross?
Are heart burns serious?
Early signs of heart problems?
Can certain heart problems cause muscular weakness?
What could cause Swollen lower right leg and foot?
Is there any candy or gum that has no sugar AND NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS?
Is sleeping on a fumigated mattress safe?
Why is my dad like this with me?
my 3 month old has redish cheeks is that normal?
can any one help me please. sometimes when i swallow i got choked like ashma. there is any surgery for this?
What sleeping pills are good ?? uk?
what happens if you drink a gallon of antifreeze?
What is Flukalyptol and what is it used for?
What was this person trying to tell me?
is this a good way to slowly help a person quit smoking?
is fish oil (pills) a good way to lower your blood pressure?
Whats nursing school like?
Will my vision improve (cornea inflammation)?
Why is my left eye twitching excessively ?
Knee Injury - How Bad is This?
Any cure for chronic sinusitis?
Does sugar which is not dissolved cause salmonella?
does raw egg cause malaria?
What happened to my finger?
Burn on my hand...infection? Freaking out here :O?
is smoking hay bad for you?
How to get rid of Blocked Sinuses?
What is the percentage of people that get cancer in the united kingdom?
should i give my dog with cancer a booster this year?
Would it be bad to take an antidepressant every other day?
what are some head injuries that could cause short term memory loss?
should i talk to my doctor if?
Is it safe to take a few of xanax if not perscribed to it?.?
teenage depression! need help please.?
How to quit mobile, need serious help ?
Insullin Resistance...?
have high blood pressure and type 1 diabetes and am thinking of changing my medicine?
Why does my stomach make weird noises after I eat bread?
how long before co codomol start to kick in x?
Why is it when I look in my mums mirror..?
What are symptoms of attention deficit disorder.?
i have a runny nose, headache and i feel so dizzy?
Is there a cat allergy cure?
what are the issues that concern the spead of HIV?
How can a man be an aids patient?
what is the purpose of contact fittings?
Help me with my face please???????/?
how do i get rid of dry flaky skin on my forehead?
SCARS!?!?!?!?!?!??! Helpp me?
How long would you take to crack?
Chest pain. What could it be?
I think i might have toxic shock syndrome?
Are you happy with the way your doctor treated your thyroid problem?
Why do people with Mental Health problems not seem to be aware that they can get a Mobility Bus Pass?
Is the Rh factor on blood an antibody or antigen?
symptoms include.......?
I have diabetes and inject myself with insulin every day. My mum says I should be very careful when doing P.E?
Question about diabetes..?
Can you reverse osteoporosis?
What is a bears gall bladder used for?
why is my big toe crooked?
If I want to buy an anesthetic, can I purchase it from a local chemist shop in India?
Why does honey and lemon with hot water work as a cure for sore throats?
My husband just took one dose of my expired amoxocilin and I am worried this will hurt him.?
Sneezing a lot? What am i allergic at?
Acne, brought on by exercise?
Red, raw, peeling skin on nose for months?
Why do I feel like my bed is shaking?
Do i have insomnia or something?
what happens if someone lost pencil led in there mary jane?
I fell on ice now my side hurts when I cough and bend down ?
in my pregnancy i was tested for hiv, heard nothing from them about my results after that?
I think I have gingivitis?
I have taken off the nail in the left foot. What ointment can be used to put in that injury place?
I have a ganglion Cyst on my right wrist.?
Why does my knee ache?
When i take my pulmicort turbuhaler can you taste it?
Help! Any good tips on lice prevention?
Is it bad to shower in the morning before going to school?
Can increased tinnitus be caused by mild illness?
my head,throat,and stomach hurt and i feel like puking?
PLZ Help! Do I Have Pink Eye Or Allergies To My New Cat?
what are signs of diabetes?
Hubby borderline diabetic?
How do you get diabetic sores to clear up?
Symptoms after not wearing glasses for a while?
I would love to have blue colored contacts but i would not need prescription how much would that cost?
question about blood pressure?
ive got ear ache and i cant hear?
really bad cramps?:(:(?
How do you differentiate between gallbladder and liver pain?
What would you diagnose my symptoms as? 10 points?
Stomach Problems, what can it be?
why is my big toe numb?
Mouth facial numbness help please ?
my foot is still hurting!!!!?
sping put on my braces!?!?
Will she be ok when she gets home?
Will I be tall? Please answer this!?
How to ease wheezing?! quick please?:/?
What is this pain Im getting when I breathe in?
If I don't get hip replaced, what will happen?
why am i lightheaded when i move my body?
I Had MyThyroid removed in November 2008, this was followed by 2 courses of RAI treatment for thyroid cancer?
what do you think, brain cancer or...?
im going to be honest?
i am a heart patient.I am getting swelling in my right leg,for a long time.can any one advise?
Is it normal to get a tiny bit of blood in the pump line/tubing?
How can i help someone who has Diabetes in another country?
I am Diabetic since 2 years and on regular dose of Glycomet 1GM twice daily.?
My Girlfriend Has Type 1 Diabetes?
floaters in eye..any chance of retinal detachment?
How bad would it be if I drank coffee while I have a urinary tract infection?
Stomach and back pain?
Do I need to take antibiotic to cure helicobacter pylori?
Do you get to have colours on your braces the first time you get them?
How can i stop watering in my eyes...?
Would a One Hour hypnotherapy session cost over £100 - and could you expect it to?
Do you think my testosterone levels are low or high?
Why do I put off so much body heat at night in bed?
Do you think i have ocd?
Is it possible that I have appendicitis?
what color would you consider my eye?
Can you tell if someone smoked weed through the eyes a day after it's done?
Which of these eye prescriptions to trust?
How would you know if someone is faking fainting?
Can you give me a list of diseases?
i burnt my thumb on the oven plate, how long will the blister last for?
Tested negative for Celiac but still have painful symptoms?
What does 'minor bilateral calcification' mean in globus pallidus?
does anyone knows Dr. Vivek's address for cancer treatment?
vomiting yellow/green liquid?
Scoliosis surgery this monday?
Pain in my left side of the stomach?
my husband is diabetic but he does not control his diet and neither listens to me?
How long does it take to recover from arthroscopy surgery?
Will you be having milk with your asprin tonight?
Why would i puke out my nose?
What is causing the bleeding?
What toothpaste do you recommend for yellow teeth?
my girl is 5 and her front teeth all fell out when will her new teeth be back?
Pain under arm around to back, gallstones or not? (also have bad cough)?
What mental disorder does this sound like?
How can i stop Sleep Paralysis?
Is it a sinus infection or something else?
Is it noraml for my bee sting to be all red?
[Please Help!] My Dad Has Cancer (13 Year Old Girl)?
How long would it take to die if you stabbed yourself in the stomach with a kitchen knife?
HELP ????????????????????????????????????????…
I have rotten/fishy smelling mucus like discharge in my stool?
How come swine flu seems to be such a killer even to those who are healthy?
Is it ok to take St John's Wort?
Have you ever experienced a dizzy,surreal feeling ?
really bad pains.....?
my center of heart hurts, when i take deep breaths, >? :(?
18 and high blood pressure! Why could it be?
what if you lose weight rapidly and have stomach pain what does that mean?
Hi..I am suffering from an anal fistula..It has puss and blood and its somewhat big!How can it be cured?
Constipation, plss help !?
Is there a lightweight vaccuum cleaner suitable for an Arthritus sufferer?
Why does beer not affect my gluten allergy?
i had a black henna allergic reaction can i stil dye my hair ?
im frightened i just got a cold sore? please help so upset.?
why do Adults wear diapers when they don't need them?
Can you go to the doctor for two reasons?
How to get fresh, clear, bright skin?
When Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Venlafaxine/Effexor?
A question for paramedics or anybody who who can help (in Ireland preferably)?
Why is my mosquito bites turning into a bruise.....?
I have a cold and now my ears feel plugged?
I feel bad please help?
What thyroid conditions is the drug Armour prescribed for?
What are complication of ventilator when patient on it ?
Winter virus... can anyone help?
Off sick without a sick note?
Why do l worry about having a heart attack when l am only 18?
is tea ok for a stroke patient?
can anyone tells me my heart?
Is this study real? It says that flu shots double the risk of cancer?
myths about leukemia?
What are the 5 the most common types of cancer?
How life will move with secondary cancer now onwards.Please help?
Health Insurance for Australia?
Nose bleeds when you blow it?
Do you use accusure insulin syringes? Recall on them------?
I am hypothyroidism Is there anyway for me to become hyperthyroidism?
what could be the problem with my knee?
Could I have an underactive thyroid?
Advice needed on dropping Vitamin D levels?
help identifying this skin condition/rash?
Why do i have these constant headaches?
Am I allergic to bandaids?
Fixing yourself after crying, stress, and college?!?
Extremely fatigued....what is causing this?
my ears are blocked help?
How to keep your muscles relaxed when your about to get a needle?
do i have appendicitis?
lost sense of smell due to surgery?
Went to ER Friday night with severe chest pain and was diagnosed with pneumonia. The lab work showed I had i.?
im havin trouble breathing plzz HELP !!!!?
diet for lowering colestrol?
How long is life expectancy after heart bypass surgery?
Food intolerance question ?
stopping calcus to build up on teeth!! Help?
should i even go to bed?
When white water comes out of thy tap. Is it dirty?
Do you think I might have diabetes?
i do a lot of cycling and my creatine levels and soduim levels are low.?
What does the Pancreas do when the glucose concentration in the blood is too low?
whats best for diabetics with colds?
Does green tea help acne? What else does it do for your body?
Skin pigmentation question?
Is there a cure for eczema especially for babies and toddlers?
Could I have celiac disease?
Are my back muscles out of place in this image? doctors help!?
If a bee is allergic to pollen would it get the hives?
Am 25 I have a problem of stomach pain while pasing the urine ending?
Yellow bloody mucus coming from nose?
Can caffeine reduce the effects of codeine?
i dnt know if i have herpes plz help?
why does a person have G.I.D(gender identity disorder)Is there a cure?
Thyroxine stopped suddenly.Might it be a problem?
What would help for dust allergies?
how to get rid of heartburn?
My jaw slightly hurts whenever I open it?
what are the very first sign of shingles?
Is it ok to use mouthwash while i have an abcess in my mouth?
How to improve circulation in my legs and feet?
do u have to go to uni to be a paramedic or can you study along side paramedics?
How long does it take for a hole in your fingernail to heal?
Why does my ear sound like a squeaky bed?
3 year old with runny nose?
Can you drink alcohol the night before you get The Cervical Cancer Jab?
Resting Heart Rate Of 122?
what is the name of the condition that causes skidmarks?
Waiting For A Stent Procedure To Open My Renal Arteries But?
I feel heart Broken but I'm not why is this ?
Helpful tips and advice desperately needed ....please?
My friends don't believe the fact that I was raped.?
How do i go about changing psychiatrists?
Does a foot massage mean something?
I have knee pain at night in both knees, can anyone help?
Why are her eyes always red in pictures?
i am 13 years old girl, 5ft 7inch and i weigh 7 stones and 45kg? is this good or bad?
Will i be too skinny if i lose 10lbs?
If i eat only 1.5grams or less a day?
Does patients with Diabetes mellitus produce less ATP than normal persons?
When to worry about being Anemic?
I have an egg allergy but eat chicken are they both the same?
reaction to penicillin testing?
can a person be allergic to water?
how to get rid of blackheads on face?
Is Vitiligo genetic or hereditary?
Dental abscess & antibiotics haven't helped & app isn't for a week and a half?
Does a dentist have to know if someone is autistic?
Do you really grow out of asthma or does it just get less severe?
is there steroids in ventolin inhalers?
can i use deep heat instead of vicks vapor rub?
Any medical advice anyone?
I cannot Eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
feet smelling like socks plz help!!?
risks of using laxatives for weight control with crohn's disease?
i have a bad cold but i dont think this is normal please help?
my dad is in dialysis im 15 and hes 53 can i give a kidney to him?
Is a heart attack 100% preventable?
What happened to me ? Was that okay for my heart and health?
Medicial Question...HELP!!!!!?
Heart problem? Or not?
Are Statin pharmaceutical companies teaching doctors what levels of cholesterol are cardio-protective?
How can I get rid of this constipation?
Is it bad if I can see my intestines outside of my body?
Always have pins and needles in my right heel?
Leg/Thigh pain when walking?
I have a realy bad stomoch ache but it hurts less when i eat help?
Can my eyesight improve (I'm only 15)?
do coloured contact lenses damage your eyes in anyway or make them hurt ?
Reading a book in a moving vehicle leads you to vision problem. True or False?
Do you wish you had a different eye colour?
i was supposed to sit in front of system so i wet my eyes regularly does it effect my eyes?
Are there any opticians that are open on boxing day?
does homeopathy treatment really works for piles?
morphine syringe drivers, what are they used for?
What is side effect for excess dose of corex/cough syrup?
What accident causes sharp cuts all over the body?
Is it possible that I have diabetes ?
Winter sun problem...........................?
What's wrong with me?
how can i stay awake during the day with 5 hours of sleep?
i eat toilet paper and I have been eating it for years since I was 5 it this bad for you?
Why ain't my fingers straight ?
is it normal to be a little bit nervous?
Have I got food poisoning?
I have suffered severe anxiety for over 30 years since I was old enough to walk, and I am only calmed by 3?
My mother an aged and ailing has been restless fearing her death all the times. What could be remedial action?
why is there a white foam in my mouth after i puke?
what is the better treatment for dental cavities in children?
what are the symptons of no blood or oxygen going to your brain?
Brittle nails, fatigue, feeling ill, and irritated?
Will my parents find out about my STD?
Do I need to go to the hospital?
I want to stop my night fall? ?
What's the likelihood that a woman will get cancer at some point in her life?
sharp abdominal pains for the past 3 days?
Are any type of a dog's allergies contagious to humans?
I'm generally ill all the time?
What causes Kidney infections in men?
Do I have Glaucoma? I made a field of vision test.?
Apple Cider is good... what about Balsamic Vinegar?
I am 5ft,5. 8st. my measure 32, 23, 33. what would bmi be is it health or could i lose a few more pounds?
10 Points ))) Insanity (P90X) Question ?
the nurse said what if she would told me i had cancer?
if i have a gigantic elbow. good or bad?
Why body randomly twitches?
Why is there yellow on my tongue?
Why am I so missed up ?
What causes stomach pain?
bruising easily what does it mean?
My friend's appendix exploded.. why?!?
Whats ASD ???????????
Should I wait 2 days for a doctor or go to A&E?
I haven't showered for three months....?
why do I keep having panic attacks every night?
Does depression have an effect on schoolwork?
How come when we sleep, it feels like 2 seconds but it's actually 12 hours?
What does it mean when ears are burning?
newly diagnosed diabetes type 1 thyroid blood test was borderline. What does this mean?
Thyroid problem symptoms?
What could be wrong with me?
I have every symptom of icp & i am 34 week pregnant with high enzyme levels in my liver?
is my nose broken or what?
What does a myocardial biopsy detect?
Does taking less salt lead to iodine deficiency?
What medicine makes you dizzy?
Where to buy nice bra's but nothing too revealing or sluhty?
has there ever been someone born with gold colored eyes?
Lump in lymph nodes in groin?
Do you think I have a brain tumour?
is there a connection between autism and alzheimers disease?
do you think that i am anaemic?
Splinter in my finger D:?
if i drink 2 bottles of red wine a night could there be a problem with that?
Can someone explain the difference between schizophrenia and psychosis?
I've been sleeping long enough but I'm still really tired?
Should i take her to hospital ?
how to improve blood circulation to the legs?
Have I broken my ankle or sprained it?
how long to recover from hip repair?
high blood pressure; is lo sodium salt safer to use than table salt?
Can you help me with some advice on my condition?
Can someone who is having a mild heart attack or stroke keep a normal heart rate and pulse at the same time?
a question about diabetes????????????????????????????????…
My friend has blood in her urine? Possible kidney stones?
Does Medical Science know what causes a Person to be born with Spina Bifida?
Patacetamol still stuck after 5 days?
What do I do to stop puking bile?
Dairy products and prostate and breast cancer?
I sleep loads but still always feel tired why?
blood pressure is measured from what?
I am 16 years old and I weigh 111 pounds and my stomach is 26in is that normal? I'm 5'4?
Help I have a lump behind my ear?
has anyone been on mirtazepine and not put on weight?
Can feel a lump just below left rib cage?
Is there a cure for Rosacea?
My 5 and half month old daughter has been suffering with lactose intolerance since a few weeks old. and she?
has anyone ever had a sudden seizure?
Why cant i go to sleep early?
What are some ways to fall asleep?
ways to fall asleep when your not that tired ?
do i need a prescription for an epi pen?
Can allergies cause a fever for a 3 year old boy? I heard allergies couldnt cause a fever from a pediatrician.?
When you have a cold, how do you hold in the mucus if you dont have tissue paper? Help pls!?
where can I get authentic medical prescriptions or medical reports of patient's of various diseases ?
can i get flu jab if i have sore throat?
did i have a panic attack?
How do i cope with losing my fiance to brain damage? I feel lost, empty and really need advice?
How do you demonstrate "4play" when....?
Help! I'm unsocial! improvements needed badly?
Question about self injury?
Do you feel pets can cure depression..................?
I went to a concert on Saturday, and my right ear is STILL ringing... Am I going deaf?
help with acne medication reviews?
Lemon.Is this fruit is harmful for kidney stone patient or useful?
Is 8 cans of lager a day too much?
What is a good natural medicine good for every symptom I have in meno pause please help?
I become more thirsty, Since its Become Winter ?
I think I sprained my ankle, what will the doctor do?
i hate when people touch my feet why?
whats the best fabric softener for allergies?
Taking seasonal allergy pills to remedy certain food allergies?
Please anyone?.......?
herpes and skin contact?
How long do chlamydia test results take to get back?
What does it mean when a guy looks at you in the eye then closes his eyes?
10 year old boy? Losing an eye from cancer. Help in school?
Why d0 i have a painfull eye?
Skeptics: What are the worst/best Arguments you come across day to day?
Easy way to develop my chest?
I had protein in my urine in one sample, and none the week later, could this be kidney disease?
Why do I get so thirsty at night?
What exactly is a CT scan ?
I have headaches every day all day?
how does one pop their ears?
every morning my nose is completely blocked/congested whats wrong with me?
How do I know if I'm allergic to MSG?
My eyes have been swollen since last night?
Needs a second opinion! (Doctor preferably)?
i have a lump on my neck what can it be?
ive found a lump in my arm pit?
Why do i feel like i have to vomit after i eat?
What are the long-term complications of Labyrinthitis?
I don't like people all that much. If they know me too well I usually avoid them.?
hair loss due to itchy scalp?
What is the point of minus lenses for correcting near sightedness if it makes you blind?
Sometimes I see flashes of light in my eye, and I also have a black fuzzy thing floating in my vision?
will they use general or local anesthetic?
can i take erythromycin if im allergic to penicillin?
will cat poo in grass and mud become germ free & safe for my toddler to go out & play on grass or do i need to?
Trapped aching pain in my whole stomach ?
Tummy cramps..what causes them?
I have a small lump behind my ear..?
What is the result of chemical peel after first sitting?
i want to shave my head but my parantes don't allow me what shold i tell after become bald?
my three year old has acute lymphoblastic leukemia.... what is the survival rate for him? PLEASE HELP?
Can I inherit leukemia?
Why do some noises send a shiver up your spine?
Any advice to have a good and quick sleep?
Trouble with sleeping, please help?
After how many years HIV sign & symptom will be appeared? ?
Should I get a nose job..?
just finished a 7 day course of antbiotics AND?
Cat paw swollen, will he die? :(?
How to keep motivated on a diet??!?
Things to do to keep busy whilst on a diet?!?
After exercise why do I crave a Mars Bar when I don't even like them?
If my glasses prescription is -10, what is my vision in terms of 20/20, 20/50, 20/600, etc.?
eye color???????????
I suffer halitosis and am feeling suicidal can anyone help me?
what type of health insurance should i get?
My eye is red, itchy, and swollen, HELP!?
My Mother want's me to find out what gluten is.?
How do you get rid of a stuffed up nose?
Does this sound like an allergic reaction?
Milk came out of my nose.....?
What Should i do ?? i have a fear of vomit !!?
Why does my finger look like this?
I took tylenol & it hurt my liver?
I've been told to give ibuprofen to child (aged 9) until pain goes away...is this safe?
Is it possible that my left hand is broken?
Is it normal to have eyes like mine?
Can I still take my glasses so they can thinner the lenses?
my heart is racing, im out of breath and feel sick and only bent down to pick something up from the floor?
What does it mean when someones blood pressure is 163-63?
Pregnant and my resting heart rate is 122... normal or concerning?
Is it normal to have 99/58 blood pressure?
If a patient is in SICU after heart surgery, and has afib, what is method should?
Headlice or Shampoo Allergy ?
How to deal with a good Fly bite?
Ways to minimise the symptoms of a cold?
Will my tinnitus go away?
I'm wondering; is it just a cold?
How soon will I know if Bell's Palsy has affected my speech?
i was diagnose with burkitt's tumor. what causes this tumor. now its growing what is the best remedy for it.?
IBS & Crohn's Diseases Experiences?
How do I act around my friend who is diagnosed with Leukemia?
I need ideas to helpp me fall asleep !?
Why am I still tired!!?
I sleep for 12 hours a day....for 3 days now, whats wrong with me?
Long term cough? What does it mean?
does passive smoking cause insomnia?
Can someone help please re. child's knee pain?
Help me with foot/ankle pain please?
what is the perfect Ayurvedic treatment for varicose veins?
Aspirin affects my hearing, does Paracetamol have the same effect?
anemia do you have to have blood trafusion?
What is it like to have a tracheotomy?
can a doctor from another town deal with a patient registered elsewhere?
How to clear stuffy nose?
My sister just got stiches in her foot.?
Badly clicking left ankle when i rotate it?
Will my toenail fall off? (PIC)?
How Long Does It Take For A Black Eye Or Bruise To Appear After A Fight?
I hit my head and now I have a headache?
Weird hiccups on a daily basis?
Is chelation therapy dangerous?
Faint heart-beat? Need answers ASAP?
where can I buy pravastatin ot fluvastatin in India?
What does alcohol do to your heartbeat?
I have abnormal LFTs?
Help please i think i am in denial with my ilness !!?
Can a diabetic give blood ?????? answers please !!!?
how does glucose effect hunger in the body?
Insomnia? What Do i Do?
Can a fatty liver from drinking too much alcohol cause some slight pain?
Feet have been numb for 3 days now?
my 3 yr old daughter has a hole in her back tooth what can i do to help her.?
Is forcing the Medical profession to up its game and ensure all its physicians were literate why A. T. Still?
am i allergic to cats?
Am I going def??????
Small lump recently formed?
Medical Suffixes for Organs?
Can my husband put me on his health insurance ?
what are the benefits to having a cochlear implant?
Will my 3 underage consumption charges show up on a criminal background check if they were expunged?