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Have you ever had a throat endoscopy? (putting a small camera down your throat)?
i am worried my husband is headed for a heart attack?
New glasses prescription....?
i just got olbas oil in my eye what do i do?
when will i start loosing weight?
Why don't obese people gain muscle mass from carrying around all that extra weight?
How is a general anaesthetic administered? Does it hurt?
whats the least painful way to die?
Need help gaining weight?
Can anyone help me with glucagon, glycogen and glucose?
Wat is the Best time to sleep?
Which burns more fat?
Whats Wrong With My Leg ?
Can you get kicked out of school for being in the ICU?
What do you think about doctors, and other NHS based health employees?
Hurts whenever i do running or something?
Antacid tablets to be used by Heart patients?
Toddler Chest X-Ray showed?
Do i have a breathing problem?
After scoliosis surgery how long does the pain last?
How do you get rid of water weight?
how can i lose weight hastily?
I want to learn all yogasanas?
I think i'm getting Manflu,what is the best way of pulling through this terrible illness?
does iron supplents cause black tarry stools?
Pain in my lower back, pelvis and legs?
Should you consume alcohol if you are knowen to develope kidney stones?
Camomile Tea: drink lots to help sleep?
i had my left hand pale painful and cold,it remained like this for 30 min,but i still feel cold my fourth fing?
Where can I buy this?
Will it affect my health? - Marmite?
How to orthodontics take moulds?
what is favorite excersize?
which poison kills man almost, i.e hardest poison?
Do I have a concussion?
If 20 cigarettes were smoked per day for a year, how much tar would be collected in the lungs?
I get randomly short of breath?
electronic cigarettes?
Skin rash that has puzzled 4 doctors so far. help.?
Has anybody ever mixed Nytol with Alcohol?
I keep feeling dizzy when i stand up?
there is any alternative for insulin?
When do your bones stop getting thicker?
eyes blurring, focusing in and out when staring at computer screen all day. what can i do?
can we take homeopathic and ayurvadic medicine together?
Deep papercut. Stop bleed?
Would I lose a lot of weight if I only ate every other day?
Where can I buy a rubber ring for someone with piles?
What product is good for chapped lips?
how come some people claim they don't get colds sometimes for years?
I really need help! Racing heart.. need immediate relief!?
Can a lump in the left breast cause heart palpitations?
Why are my eyelids swollen?
Can a black person pearl if get sunburnt?
Do you know the number of the "out of hours" doctor service in your area?
What is the max amount of Vitamin E in mg that the body can absorb for a day by having it in(swallow capsule)?
i can take my fiber glass cast off..?
Tips on getting a better body?
how much fluids are needed to flush ketones?
what have i done to the zit?
Why do i sweat so much?
pain left side of abdomen?
Apple or carrot?.....?
Top Layer of nail peeled off?
I have a injury on my knee?
help - last night i woke up - tied my hair back up and my nose started bleeding(dripping out!? why?? i did hav?
Can HBsAg be cleared by treatment with interferon or anyhow so as to bring lab report negative for HBsAg ? ?
Positive result for Rheumatoid Factor but what are the chances?
will smoking marijuana once damage my lungs or brain in any way?
Itchy and uncomfortable down there :(?
If im crying all the time am i clinically depressed?
what is wrong with my bladder!!!?
glycolic acid does nothing for my face but make it red and i am breaking out?
Does anyone know about negative calorie foods?..?
Suggest me please about Heart Disease? Advice of the Doctor will getting the first priority.?
What is going on with my ankle?
are there any injections that you have to get by law?
how do you know you have diabetes.?
Myson has just been diagnosed with thalassaemia minor (genetic)?
Can diabetes cause stomach pain?
Best way to lose weight in 2 months?
How do i get rid of the flab on the tops of my legs!! help?
Is blindness in one eye/lazy eye hereditary?
Abdominal pain. if you know medical advice please look at this.?
How do I get a mosquito bite to go away?
why dont fat people just lose the weight?
Can u catch E.coli from just handling food?
what happens if you have a panic attack?
How can I improve my lung's condition by exercising?
If you are trying to stay in weight or lose slowly..?
Worry About Calories or Fat?
Can you peel your skin after sunburn?
3 year old girl with one kidney.. slightly high temperature.?
How do you cope with stress or worries?
How do I know If I need Medication for depression/stress?
Weird thing in my arm!?
Feel like i can't tell anybody how i feel?
please help.read and answer please!?
Showering with stitches...?
my moms blood sugar came 11.6 now she is not feeling well what should she do?
What is the quickest way to lose weight without excersising?
will my eyesight increase if i wear glasses which has power more than i do?
I'm so sick of people calling me skinny! Why don't they understand that it hurts being called that?
My left knee started to ache when bent and can not be fully straightened for the 2 years.?
how do you tell a urinary infection from Gonorrhea in men? They have very similiar symtoms.?
Atkins Diet Question?
Can You Tell if I'm Overweight?
what happens if you have diarrhea during a Colonoscopy? I have a really sensitive stomach/bowel and i react...?
Question about neck x-rays?
i had miscarriage in 8th month then doc. told me go for torch panel test in that got rubella,cvm, infections?
SGPT 4007 and Bilirubin 3.11.... strange?
My depression got worse?
Who should i talk to about my scar?
Is this normal when taking a nap?
Bad taste seeping from my tonsils? Constantly clearing throat?
sliced fingers with a knife, HELP PLEASE!?
Herbal remedies for hypermobility syndrome?
How can I over come excessive alcohol consumption without joining Aa?
Why do I shake, punch, kick and cry in my sleep?
What muscles does a cross trainer tone?
How much should a 15 year old bench press ?
I have very intense finger pain! What's wrong.?
kidney failure what are the symtoms?
Diabetes type 2 and omega fish oil...?
Think I might have Diabetes....?
Secretary at Dr's office is very rude, I have had enough?
what might my problem be? i have been feeling some aches in my heart area. when i lie on my side in bid, i?
Egg White Protein Powder or Whey Protein?
Sara is a 25-year-old female. Her typical resting heart rate is 70 beats per minute. What is her target heart?
I had my blood pressure taken last night and it was 138 over 88?
Scab on scrotum, can you help?
What I can do to have height 5'5"?
Is a dose of 450mg of chlorpromazine at once a normal dose?
how to control migraines?
I know I'm not overweight...?
Why does my wrist always hurt?
How many hours of sleep does a adult need at night?
How do you put on weight ?
how do you lose weight? and how do you find the will power to stick to a healthy lifestyle?
Vitamin K supplements: Who is it unsuitable for?
Best Contacts lenses for Astigmatism ?
correct shoulder posture?
can i claim any extra benefits for my diabetic daughter?
share your anorexia recovery plan ?
I'm so scared to spend money even though I know i'll get more... Advice?
Do you think I have heart problem?
need help reach goal plz!!!!?
hi i have a 14year old nephew who is 5ft 7 & has slim build,?
Can I get sick from a toddler?
What is the catch with Vicks nasal inhaler?
St john abulance? UK?
I want to become small but i;'m big boned is it possible.?
Question about weight loss?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
who thinks kim kardashian is fat?
What are the side-effects of anxiety medication?
How can i get a flat stomach? Please help:)?
Does exercising and eating right open up a whole new world?
weird pains in my knees.. something wrong ?
i am 31 year's old, ESR is 28 mm/hr, is that any problem?
correlate clinically?
What do the health warnings on cigarettes mean and is it affective ?
how is hair transplant done?
Im 13 With Lisp and Stammer what jobs?
is it safe to take lansoprazole for 10 years?
Phlegmy cough! Will it go away by itself or do I need antibios?
What is a good name for this?
Burnt over 700cals in an hour at gym...?
my slave keeps trying to bite through the cable?
Does walking up and down in your room burn as much energy as walking outside/in the park?
best way to loose those extra crimbo pounds?
Is this a good workout? Is it an even workout.I do it at home, as i have no access to a gym. Is it good enough?
how to protect eyes and face from computer radiations while working on a computer and avoid black circles?
how to do control my emotions?
Does effexor stop paronia?
Can depression be self diagnosed?
why are cramps so painful before your due?
how can i stop migraines caused by stress and tension?
I want to lose 5lb, will I lose it by eating three meals a day?
What's best diet plan?
What are the best foods to loose weight?
swine flu jab symptoms?
my daughter eye is swollen?
How can I lose wieght or do I even?
is there an easy way to loose fat?
Fainted after cutting my ankle?
Do you think I broke my foot?
What type or restriction are to be followed by the patient suffering from Hart Disease?
Why does my left wrist always hurt?
Ear Stretching Problem?
help! i need a healthy meal plan to go with my exercise to loose weight?
What are the symptoms of being allergic to alcohol?
What are the signs of wheat intolerance?
For those of you that have tried weed and enjoyed it?
How much does it cost to get an NVQ level 2 in Health care?
Diabetes or Angina or...?
Dark Blue Or Violet Eyes?
i am 17 but still have 8 baby teeth?
good weight for people who are 4'9?
Am I going crazy? :?
General feelings of unease. Can Homeopathy help?
ive got a pain in my chest?
how do i ease my asthma ?
banged head on table corner?
Recently diagnosed with cancer?
Biceps paining after workout?
can you fully recover from reflux?
Allens Pine & Honey Balsam, or Covonia? Which one is best?
how to get a flat stomach? (LEGITIMATE ways please) Maybe some flat abs ;P?
What do you call the mechanism . . .?
Does this ECG look ok??????
If I put superglue on my fibreglass ankle cast will they still be able to cut it off ok?
Should the operation be done immediately after consulting the doctor for appendicitis?
i am suffering from tuberculosis and sometimes i drink (alchol) and i smoke regularly will it effect me please?
Why there are lots of guys taller than me at age 17. 5ft3?
I think my boyfriend might have nicotine poisoning! Please help?!?
how long should you leave surgical dressing on for?
i want fresh my mind. how can i do it? my mind is overflow with lots of questions :'(?
Help me plz!! not slept in 24 hours!!! pannick attacks i am scared to sleep!?
I'm diabetic, does that mean that I'm lactose intolerant?
Diabetes? i am 13 years old, ive read about diabetes and i think i have DIABETES?
Shaking and Thirst please help?!?
Diet tricks that actually work?
Allergic to antideppresents?
Has anyone ever forgot to breath and died?
Perfume and cologne causing my asthma attacks, even though I am on symbicourt and venotolin?
Why do I have Blood in my Stool?
Feels like something in my eye... for 3 days?!?
Extremely painful aching all the way down my legs for weeks, please help me out :)?
what to do about pain meds, and where i can go for help?
How do people live through heart attacks?
does all flu viruses have to have aches and pains?
i am affected by cold once a week.how can i stop it?
how do i make myself run a fever?
am i at greater risk of having HIV?
when you have got a fixed brace on the bottom or top does it make your teeth wobbley?
Does this sound like I have a mental health issue?
I have trouble sleeping the night especially the days that i am working?
Why won't my ear piercing heal? 6 months...?
Why is it bad to lose 5 lbs in like 2 days as opposed to in 1 week?
My ears won't pop! Help?
is this sleep apnea or something?
I can hear a ringing tone in my ear when its quiet?
how to lose 10 pounds without exercise in a month?
Flying with Type 1 diabetes?
Is it normal to not feel pain after your braces get tightened?
How does this ecg look????
Bad tickly cough? Any advice?
Best nasal anti inflammatories?
How to lose weight in my legs?
does effexor cure overthinking and worry?
what is parkinsons desease?
should i be getting pain from the bone i broke even tho its in a plaster cast?
i am not well and im not tired how do i get to sleep?
help should i see a doctor right now or wait?
Does anyone know any natural methods to reduce acne?
blackheads?! arghhh,...?
What do I have to show The licensing department to prove I checked my sight so i can drive?!?
Are eggs healthy or fattening?
is a size 9 fat for a 13 year old?
Felt dizzy today in my Boxing class?
Why do my ears hang low?
Do I have diabetes? Please help!?
do you know where i can buy a free diabetes needle?
Need help controlling my anger?
my 11 year has an ear infection & she using antibiotics. its day 6 and she still experiencing headache & pain?
Should I tell my doctor about the bitter taste in my mouth from Clarithromycin?
I am having a problem with whiteheads on my face pls help me to remove in a quick solution?
why do i keep getting cysts?
What age is it appropriate to ask...?
does anyone else have aids and big feet?
I am so sick of being sick! Does anybody know what could be causing this?!?
I have a dry cough that wont go away,and at times, I have yellow mucus(gross, I know). I?
Ambi Pur causing headaches?
What is a dental implant?
How bad does the tragus piercing hurt out of ten?
over the counter sleep aids?
blood pressure limits?
I haven't washed in like 2 days. Would it be alright if i washed in a bath or would that be disgusting -?
how to avoid mosquitoes at home.................?
omggggg my cold? help :(?
Teens: How to Lose Weight on vegetarian diet?
Foods with very little calories?
my frnd's dad's liver is dammaged around 60% due 2 increase in afp level is thr ne way to decrease afp level?
How to soothe the burning feeling after burning your hand with cookin oil?
Ear stretching Help ?
Woke up with a lot of blood on pillow case, no scratches or anything on me though? no lead to where it came ..?
Cure for coldsores anyone?
Do acne scars look a bit better or blend in as you get oilder.?
Do you agree with this diagnosis, or am I making a big deal about nothing?
Keeping a conversation going?!?!?
Whats the differance in grumbling appendicitis and appendicitis?
Why are patients who are admitted to hospital with chest pains given morphine?
How many calories are in ***?
Am I suffering from Insomnia?
I'm a lightweight, what the quickest way to pass urine test? other than waiting the 30 days?
i need a homeopathic remedy for my 9 month old girl?
Am I a healthy weight?
decanoate /consentrated depixol injection?
Have been ill for about two weeks now and have had a lack of appetite, can anyone help?
I went to go take a #2 and it was really dry and it got stuck. What should I do?
Would a (previousley fat now thin) person, Be stronger than someone who is the same weight and height?
How to figure out my body shape?
What is the best exercise to loose weight?
Chest Pain whilst trying to jog? Help!?
Why does my heart beat fast then slow? Happens all day.?
Vasoconstriction causes increase in blood pressure....?
What will happen if I eat just these?
What is the medical term for a horseshoe kidney?
How many calories a day for losing weight?
What should i eat before weight/resistance training?
Why do my feet burn after I take insulin shot...they don't burn before..?
is it possible to get warts as an adult if you didn't have them as a child?
Scared to quit smoking unless i get fat?
if i didnt go sleep for 3 days what health problems would come?
Night sweats? I'm only 22!!!!?
I am doing a project on Anorexia websites?
I want to stop being anorexic?
Am I allergic to my guinea pigs?
Can heart ultrasound detect heart damage?
Sudden breathing attack, please help?
what exercise is the best option for chubby face?
How daibetics can be avoided still i do not suffer but family tendency is ?
to much black strap molasses iron overdose?
I need a bed time table coz I am always sleepy so people please help?
i need medical advice?
How could I remove my skull from my head ?
What is the pain I am getting in my hip?
Tooth problems. Please PLEASE HELP!!!?
What p90x workout routine will i do?
Friend has hepatitis b! advice for me and him?
Severely Blocked Ear Please Help!! :(?
i have son 4 years with autism?
i really want to lose weight but dont know how?
what to do to be taller?
i have and 11 year old daughter, she had a really good memory before, but now she forgets a lot of things now.?
Am I smoking wrong? ? ? ? ? ?
can i catch ezcema from a towel?
i have 2 lumps on my leg?
I keep getting light headed after squatting down, what should i do?
Im taking 5mgs oxycodone capsules?
Which workout DVD is best for me to get?
i need help toning a tummy up?
We won't have a fridge for 2 weeks. What healthy foods can we buy that don't need a fridge or freezer?
pain in back of leg muscle area?
if you have concussion do the doctors mean to sleep rest or just rest?
can you still function after having a toe amputated?
How can I lose 5 pounds in a week?
What is this white powder on my burn?
I have an itchy rash on my right elbow that looks like nettle stings but deffinitely isnt. Any Ideas?
Will there ever be a cure for colon cancer?
Is it bad to sleep in a bra?
Im worried My partner has started smoking weed again, Would the doctors do a blood test?
I know it's not normal the way I feel, anyone got any suggestions?
How to stop nose bleeds?
My period ended on the 4th of jan...then it started again on the 10th...WHAT?
My contacts and solution froze? ?
will swollen lymph node cause you to have head aches?
What is a good way to be cheered up?
My dad had a anurysm in june and has had 2 mri scans, now the consultant wants another done with dye..?
Please help me! What is this... ?
Leg was put in a full cast, but my small toe is being covered by the cast and hurts, what should I do?
what is the difference between deep sleep and coma?
Is it appropriate to go to A&E if...?
Constantly urinating?
Is there a home remedy to lower a high pulse rate?
About getting a doctors note?
How can I keep myself awake after a sleepless night?
why is my lower body fatter then my upper body?
Why do i look about 4 months pregnant?!?!?!?
my son has chicken pox how long untill my daughter gets the spots?
is obagi better than a chemical peel?
What did you major in to get into dental school?
Teeth bleaching after removal of braces?
tooth extraction - cant stop spitting?
I have stomach problems causing excess gas and chest paims any idear?
Help with quiting smoking..?
Im thirsty all the time?
Which of these measurements for blood sugar Plasma or whole blood is correct?
Serious health question ?
My Heart Rate Is 42 In 20 seconds, I've done nothing but take a shower, I'm 24. Should I go see a doctor?
My heart beats really fast and i dont know why?
Germaphobic freakout?
how do i heal my infected ears?
How do you get abs in 1 month?
Please prescribe me a ketogenic diet for a boy of 7 years old?
Who are the best opticians in the UK?
why is it that.............contacts?
name of shoulder muscle?
How can I lose some weight ? Permanently?
Howw Do i Lose weight FAST! Its really important...?
Is iodine the best natural antibiotic?
does lemon get rid of spots?
I just got my tonsils out.!!?
How can I gain muscle and lose body fat(Please just read my question!)?
How to get fatter in a heathy way?
Mental Health Survey.. Please will you answer these 12 questions? :)?
Me and my gf usually touch each other genetials(wearing clothes)is there any risk of pregnency or STD.?
i think i have anaemia ? read more.?
Employment Support Allowance?
Is this a good Exercise routine to hit my goals?
Can i build decent muscle with higher body fat then 12%?
how do i get a six pack?
My stomach bloats up when im eating?
Should you feel sore after doing sit ups?
how can i get rid of spots before may? xxx?
can nicotine patches cause spots?
I Have Acne on my back, how can i get rid of it?
I'm scared. Im 16 years old, I just went downstairs and brought 2 boxes of 16 paracetamol up stairs with me?
Cannot Sleep... GotSchool Tmw This SUX, PLZ Help!?
I can't stop eating honey.. I've gone through two pots of NZ Manuka in a few days ?
Everytime i go to speak..?
Anyone here who's been to 'zumba' classes?
Do I need an MMR Booster jab?
How can I prevent a cold?
Whats the preferred weight of a 15 year old at 5ft 1?
What is a good brand of adult pull-ups?
I'm 15 and due to go back to school on wednesday but have been ill from Friday and done seem to be improving?
Am I done growing...?
weight watchers pro point plan?
I'm Tired All The Time and Have NO Energy To Exercise?
What should i eat for lunch to lose weight?
should I seriously worry about fats everytime I ate?
how does one reduce one's chlesterol level ?
Type one 7 year old going through honeymoon period, how long could this last?
How to get rid of mosquito bites?
Does getting a cavity filling hurt?
Can I use cortisone on face? (acne)?
Have i got the right idea and plan to reach my weight loss goal?
Extreme coffee and apple diet?
Am i too short w/ my height?
Why does ones hair fall out when stressed?
my fingers and toes lock up and i cant move them sometimes and my arms get numb and they feel like they have f?
advice on coeliac disease please?
I'm 5'3 age 17 would i reach 6 ft.?
What does my eyeglasses prescription mean?
Throbbing finger, warm to the touch?
Can I buy Viagra in Czech republic without any prescription?
Bulking up, and loosing weight at the same time losing weight?
What get's rid of blackhead asap?!?
i was sectioned for 48 hours 13 days ago yet my social worker still hasn't been in touch what should i do?
Can you be depressed if you don't feel bad for a short while...?
health problem?????????????????????????????????…
I've been wide awake every night for like a week. How do I get to sleep?
palate pus, is it ok to crush it.?
I got kicked in the leg-really bad pain!? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
What happens if the pain is appendicitis?
Why do my eyes roll up and down when I am about to faint.?
can a cut on top of head cause a headache?
I have severe pain when swallowing in my throat?
what is the life span of HIV infected person averagely ?
What is cystic fibrosis, how is it caused, and what treatments are available?
Is PCOS a Mutation???
I hope you can understamd my english please help?my eyes burn me when I am reading too much?
Cost of mobile ecg scan?
Heart beating really fast out of nowhere...why?
I've been getting stabbing chest pains and my hands sometimes turn blue, should I go to my doctor?
Have any other anxiety, or panic attack sufferers who have wanted to exit, lay there and felt annoyed with?
Overdosing on diazepam (Valium) is it dangerous? And can it be fatal?
what sleep pattern do you have ?
Type 2 diabetic, on treatment (tablets) a yr. now, is it unusual that its only my gp who deals with it?
Does anesthesia make you sick?
no sleep all night , really afraid of being sick help!!?
Can I take probiotics and anti-fungals at the same time, for candida treatment?
anybody know about stem cells or broken bones?
can u bite ur toe?????
cold and chest remedies?
Do I have pneumonia...?
what is the best treatment for post traumatic chronic migraine?
How do I improve my posture?
What would happen if i breathed in car exhaust air for 2-3 minutes?
Stronger pain relief please?
tooth extraction - wont stop bleeding?
can flossing start to form gaps in your teeth?
i have point 1.5 of both eye how to decrease the long sight please help me"?
i am 38 with a bp of 149/86?
anxiety sabotaging a relationship ?
Should I make an appointment with the Doctor?
Why do I fall over and vomit?
My doctor told me to drink a glass of fruit juice at 630AM before surgery at 8AM.?
Can you get snails on your lungs from eating unwashed lettuce?
I Smoked weed 17 days ago, will i test positive?
Blister that's not healing well?
I keep almost fainting what could be wrong?
will crying bring on chest pain?
i have a problem breathing normally please help me!?
Prayer Request, Cancer Patient?
could i have lung cancer at age 17 from smoking? serious answers.?
Is texting in the dark bad for your eyes? Is squinting bad for your eyes?
does chicken pox happen to everyone?
Do you smoke(teens)??
I took a lot of pain killers...?
is there any exercise which will help me to gain wait?
What should be my reaction for this situation?
Can having tonisilitis make you vomit?
Constipation then diarrhea?
can falling onto your back cause scoliosis?
do i have to completely cut carbs out of my diet to lose weight?
I have been coughing for about 2 and a half weeks!?
Rheumatoid arthirities is cureable diesease?
What's diet to be given to a paitent suffering from kidney failure ?
can your eyeball be removed from its socket?
any tips on dealing with nerves?
shisha and crohn's disease?
where can I buy swine flu vaccine?
is it bad if your earbuds shock you when you take them out?
HELP. any experience of XANAX or Prozac or what do you consider best med for ANXIETY?
I have recently been going to bed at 1.00 in the morning and wake up and 7!!!?
What can i do to keep my temper under control?
Could this have been a mini heart attack?
whats the best way for a 14 year old to lose weight?
Need two teeth extracted, and 2 catvities filled..How to stop the mindnumbing pain now??!!!!?
What is the best treatment for people who always wet the bed during sleep?
Dizzy and light headed?
What are the most common causes of peripheral edema?
Everytime i speak...?
fruits safe for diabetics?
Is it bad that when I blow my nose...?
I am feeling very suicidal.. What should I do?
how do i loose weight in my face?
Pain in left arm on and off?
What is a pus-filled spot called?
any had a tca/chemical peel to treat acne scars and did it work?
How to lose 10-15 pounds in 2-3 months?
How do you get a cold sore?
side effects of zomarist tablets?
Resting heart rate: 95 bpm. Too high?
How can i win the heart of any one?
How do you heal a cut very quickly?
Should I Get a Nose Job?
I constantly clear my throat and i've been told to try allergy medication but which is best?
When in pain, why do we grasp the place in pain?
my son is 7yrs old and has low vitamin d levels of 26 is this bad ?
lump under my armpit?
how do i lose weight?
I just can't continue with life at this point - What is the point?
How can I prevent depression?
How to Control Diabetes Without Medication?
i'm so fidgety and cant sleep?
what are causes of a 3 month caugh?
Symptoms of Brain tumour?
What happens without chemo?
Can my father's cancer been caused by asbestos in our house?
weird reaction to alcohol?
How well do mattress toppers work?
Swine flu, my 5yr old daughter had the jab last yr, does she ever need one again?
If I go to the doctor?
my daughter has come out in chicken pox today.How long will she have to be off school?
how can i make my hips smaller and my legs skinnier? :(?
Do i have a fast metabolism?
Scarsdale Diet or Atkins Diet?
Can i eat sugar free candy to calm down the sugar cravings (my diet)?
Is it bad to just have coffee for breakfast?
i have oily skin and my face has spot of acne from 4 month what i should do?
whats does mean Lifting to failure.?
i'm 13, i'm a girl and i weigh about 13 stone. All my friends weight a lot less than me and i want to be about?
Scared about dental operation tomorrow! :(?
back injury, and now having problems... please help?
do you find braces unnatractive?
is there a home treatment for kennel cough in a dog?
What are these symptoms.....chest infection ?
Can you reverse eye cataracts?
Can you give me a detailed veg indian diet for gestational diabetes without milk?
this isnt IBS? help!!?
Fastest way to stop feeling stoned (Weed) ?
help i'm 5"2 and 158 pounds!?
Are you or have you ever been underweight?
i just want the pain to go away?
Can any future employers see my medical record?
My eyes are getting me worried?
When an opticians looks inti your eyes? ....?
Whats my uk size? i think am a size 8?
If i had weatabix for breakfast & dinner,& for lunch i had toast with a different filling everyday?
Why do you have to have a flu vaccination every year?
vomiting after food... please read!?
how can a man smell bad,there is anything that he can do to smell good?
why is myocardial infarction more in males than in females.?
How to get rid of wart on the finger? Should i use garlic or tea tree oil?
can being in a pool help a sore stomach?
Horrible headache, should I take painkiller before bed?
Where can I buy ipecac syrup in the UK?
At the height of 5'7" and with an hourglass figure do you think I would look better if I lost this weight?
A force keeping me from breathing or moving in the night?
Scar on my knee from a year ago?
My girlfriends is so depressed i do not know what to do please help :(?
Ive been bulimic for one year, but I have no health problems at all.?
Everytime I take a dump, a trickle of blood runs out of my nose, even if I'm not even straining?
how reliable are the glucometer readings?
What's a good balanced diet for a 14 year old boy?
What is the cure of a toothache, Help!?
how can you tell the difference between dry skin and skin cancer?
Drying of Lips ?!???!!?
i'm 13 years..my height is 4"8....my parents are tall and my family member are atleast 5 ft......will i grow?
Best ways to overcome shyness?
Is it possible that one explanation for auditory halucinations?
My husband had triple bypass surgery, and wounds aren't healing well?
my left eye went back to red after wearing contact lens and dunno what is wrong?
I haven't slept for 31 hours, what's up with me?
I bought some Fish oil concentrate capsules from......?
persistant cough and bad?
What is my Ideal Weight?
Is this Xanax withdrawal. Pls help !!?
why is my eyebrow piercing not healing?
Women: Do you wear an everyday bra when excercising?
How can i lose weight?
fbs is 98 n ppbs is 89mg/dl what this mean ?as 70-110 for fbs n 110-140 for ppbs are limits?
Spots and Blackheads?
Do you no why I cant sleep?!?
Can stress cause Cancer?!?
does upper left abdominal pain mean I have pancreatitis?
Suffering with sinusitis?
how can i lose weight from my thighs/ legs in 5 months?
what is your eyes color and what do you want your eye color to be?
Would it be easy to go for an eye test on my own without my parents finding out?
can pupil dilation hurt my eyes?
I have three year old Tylenol 3 with codeine?
Can you transfer eyeglass prescription to a different glasses store?
After i drink mcdonalds drinks my face feels like it is burning?
Can You Have Laser Eye Surgery Under The Age Of 18 Depending On How Bad Your Eye Sight Is?
Can honey build up the immune system against viral infection?
Is it possable i could have one of the 4 types of appendicitis?
What is the best remedy to get rid of flu and dry cough?
i'm 14, can i buy laxatives?
What will the doctor say?
What is the ideal weight for a 17 year old female at 5'3 and a half?
How can I get muscular arms ?
do i have internal bleeding?
How to break your......?
What is the easiest way to get rid of lovehandles, stomach fat and fat on your thighs ?
why are carbohydrates useful for our diet?
Is it weird that I start sneezing when i walk into the sunlight?
Sunburn on face peeling, will it scar?
I am very thin how to become muscular?
What are some healthy lunch and meal ideas?
Should I see a doctor about constant back pain?
Can I eat chips after 6 if im doing the after 6 diet?
Any ideas on what I can do to get a dancer's body?
can you help? Losing Weight?
can you get a slow heart attack that lasts for days? i have had a dull ache / gnawing pain in the centre of my?
i don't know how to be happy, does anyone know how?
Contact Lenses in the UK - Law to have an eye test?
a question about eye color...?
What are the qualifications for laser eye surgery?
Please help, I want abs or atleast a flat stomach?
Should I go get x-rays?
how long does tonsilitius last!!!!???? please?
Was i bitten by a spider?
Hand cramps while writing?
feel sick,dizzy headaches for 3 days?
does plastic surgery hurt how do you feel pain or its just normale?
what should i do my front tooth cap fell off and its kinda loose?
Four pumpkins weigh 7 1/8 lb, 11 3/4 lb, 6 7/8 lb, and 9 1/4 lb. What is the total weight of the pumpkins?
Any personal trainers or fitness experts can answer a few questions?
d normal range of pp B.Sugar..?
where can i get emergency hearing aid batteries on new year's day?
Heart skips beats! wtf is wrong?
so depressed i feel sick. i mean actually sick?
im buying a treadmill tomorrow need tip for losing Weight?
What causes my leg pain? (severe growing pains)?
Shortness of Breath!!!?
What is the connection between asthma and your diet?
What's the acupressure? its really will cure the disease?
What's the best treatment for lungs disease? Ayurveda,homeopathy,acupuncture....?
Side effects or Reactions to B12 Shots.?
Bad wrist pain in both wrists! :/?
Ankle Sprain ligaments HELP?
hey ppl... i hav been having cold and fever constantly... is t jus common cold or somethin els.?
Does everyone vomit with the flu?
pins and neeedles in tips off my fingers?
how to get rid of dark patches over my face?
The top of my index finger goes completely white and unfeeling!?
I burned 1800 calories to day is that safe?
any thoughts on this please??
Do I have a mental disorder or am I just being paranoid?
It's 12.30am and I cannot sleep?!?
why did i faint and what do i do?
my medical results in nationwide health system?
best insulin pumps for kids?
Would a blood test with normal results rule out brain cancer or a tumor?
I slept6 hours in the past 48 hours and i have work after 2 hours and I can't call in sick what i should do?
How can i get rid of scaley skin?
I ate of date chocolates? (roses) and now i have horrible tummy aches?
I have a chest infection. Help me?
My 4 year olds nose is bleeding quite a bit....?
Whats the pain i have?
What causes migraines and tension headaches?
my neck has swollen. help?
Can I get the flu jab privately for my kids?
Tuberculosis in Medieval Times?
Mukta Vati i have been taking it for a month now and it has brought my blood pressure?
how bad do braces hurt when their being put on?
eyesight somehow back, How did this happen?
what type of diabetes will i get if ive had gestational diabetes?
what can you do to remove a dark spot that came from diabetes?
Sudden giddiness and limb weakness?
Any suggestions for curing inaudible speaking ?
I have osteoarthritis in my knee's and live in a flat 3rd Floor?
weird sensation in my hand?
Best way to lose weight?
what are the symstoms for bowel cancer?
why does my outer ear weep?
MASSIVE horse stood on my foot!?
how can you live if you have HIV/AIDS?
what are three cause of infectious diseases?
Which Is Most Dangerous ? Smoking Or Drinking ?
Same condition for over 7 weeks now and the doctor still hasn't given me anything that works?
How can I loose weight?
right side chest pains?
i have stroke due to high blood pressure?
I have quit smoking tobacco but on occasion, not often i am offered pot by my old?
A day past it's use by date?
Where can I find cheap doctors?
Should I loos weight?
The mole on my foot came off..?
How much weight would you have to gain to go up a bra size?
oh, not another diet question?
Sudden blindness does it mean anything?
Help!!! Sickness question, kind of urgent...?
My heart keeps hurting, ive been haveing this problem for about 3 days now?
really bad cold and blocked nose, any help?
Why can't I get the motivation to do anything with my day?
i get scared of EVERYTHING!?
Does anyone have any good weight loss tips/ secrets?
i have a lump on my gums it is not sore but red and pus and blood comes out what is it?
Doctor diagonosed paraparesis?
How many kilograms can a girl at 16 lose within a week?
anyone know where i can get a pullup bar?
diabetes, eye styes and other symptoms?
Does this sound like i have diabetes?
Is it possible for some people to be more sensitive to blood sugar changes then others?
what is wrong with me?
How many pints of water do i need to drink a day? And how do i know if im drinking too much?
Is the cold air from air conditioner harmful when it directly falls on human body?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on the top of the foot on a scale from 1 to 10; 10 being the worst pain?
Can bacon grease actually be good for you?
Will Weight Loss Get Rid Of My Hanging Stomach?? Please Advise..?
what to do for food pipe cancer?
How quickly were you diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
Whats the best way to quit smoking for the new year, any good advice from ex-smokers?
My father was given a breath test which had a reading of 43 then taken station where the breath tes?
2mm st depression seen v4-v6 while peak treadmill excercise - what is the treatment ?
When people say their heart skipped a beat, does your heart actually skip a beat?
brother has massive splinter in his finger?
Is it bad to be circumcised will girls mind?
i suffer from acid reflux and take 20mg of oprazamol for the last 15 months but need your advice?
i have had blood in my stools and a lot of wind lately is it something to be worried about?
how many grains of rice are there in one gram of rice?
When I am weight lifting?
Are dwarf broad beans more productive?
i get bloodshot eyes :/!?
how many people who catch swine flu will die?
Swine-flu etc conspiracy. Your take?
Why is my cheek so red and itchy?
how to get rid of a cough with phlem?
My blue inhaler (pump) is not working?
Causes of coughs and sickness?
How come I don't put on any weight?
Which one is better for my health ...?
I woke up blind in my left eye?
I just read that people who take antidepressants rarely ever experience falling in love. Why is this?
Can you take Citalopram and Propranolol together?
Feeling quite down, what to do?
How to get rid of smoking?
resting heart rate between 68-75??? Is that normal?
Where is blood pressure measured from?
Worried about my dad and surgery?
why can't I do over 20 pushups?
Is western medicine just applied statistics? What then is alternative medicine?
Ways to ease a really sore throat, a list of things i could do?
My girlfriend acted&looked like a child, not an illness. Is it normal to be this tiny?
I've waited 3 months for my First Aid Certificate, and still not heard anything, what do I do next?
my mums suffering badly :( ? any help?
If you hold in diarrhea does it become solid?
what disease has killed the most people in the uk?
how long does a swine flu vaccanation last for?
How do I get rid of blackheads on my nose?
Any recommendations for severe boredom?
Help me lose weight ?
I had a small panic attack after watching the 127 hours guy describe his amputation, I am only 17?
How do I know if I will get aspiration pneumonia from food that I choaked on?
Ouch??!!! Pains?? Girls only?!?
Click noise in my neck?
I hit my toe......????????
was on 200mgs of levothyroxine for 3yrs now on 25mgs wat are the effects of this prolonged overdose?
im 24 yrs...i have a serious problem..its urgent?
What are your views on mental illness?
How can i gain weight?
Can you eat larger portions if the food is very healthy?
Can acid reflux give u?
Electric kettles unhealthy?
How are my measurements? Do I need a breast enlargement and to diet?
I have a lump in my neck?
Is it possible to prevent arthritis?
my daughter has bad posture due to studying?
is there a natural antidepressant?
how to help heal a bruised hand / achiing ?
my earlobe seems to hurt and havent done anything to ear?
Am I fat? ( pics included )?
is there something wrong with my brain?
how to clean your teeth after eating curry? cuz i no it stains?
What is wrong with my thumb?
When we close our eyes, we can see black color with red color. Why is it?
what is happening to my eyes?
how to loose weight?plz suggest me a healthy diet!!!?
what should one do during Precordial Carry Syndrome(PCS)?
stevia and it's usage in Diabetics?
Any adults who have ADHD and taking Concerta XL?
[urgent] I dont knw wat is wrong with me?All the time when i am eating my food is not getting digest properly?
Is it worth me going to sleep?
stillness meditation vs mindfulness meditation?
How much caffeine should a small person drink?
Weird question- how to pretend to faint?
MY FRIEND IS HAVING HEART IN RIGHT SIDE IS HE FULLY HEALTHY ? He is working nearly 12 hours a day and having m?
i think i have me/cfs what should i do?
How common is breast cancer at age 25?
Little boy can't breathe?
Gym workout 6 times a week?
Do pedometers really work and where abouts is it best to put it to get the best results?
Throbbing pain in my throat? cant speak? what do i have? please help!?
is smoking the lightest cigarette any healthier?
Are there any pills to help my fall asleep?
What causes Autism? I was born autistic 58 years ago, got an education in psych, and want to compare notes.?
I dislocated my patella 6 weeks ago, but it still gets sore at times. How long does it take to heal usually?
Where can I attend a course in acupressure?
what herbs can one use for fibroid?
Can someone please explain?
what kind of excercises should i do to strengthen my arms tone my muscles and shape my body?
what does a dipsomaniac crave?
Why are you meant to take tablets (medicine) with water and not any other drink?
how herbal plants save the human life?
Why would a person's toe nail turn purple?
How bad is pot? is it ok to take it once?
Do I have insomnia????????
HELP! Stabbing back pain?
Will low blood pressure make you die sooner?
Does breast size increase if pressed again and again?
could i have swine flu (H1N1 Virus)?
how safe is swine vaccine on children?
this belly of mine is getting bigger! HELP?
whens the best time to eat with exercise.... and is it ok to exercise when recovering from flu?
why would m&ms cause acid indigestion when on a gluten free diet?
How can I fake an illness?
how you know it's heartburn?
Am I in risk of Water Intoxication?
Is this irritable bowel syndrome or something else?
can you feel the effects of weed the first time?
Whats The Chance Of A Baby Of 2 Weeks Surving Pneumonia In A Percentage?
How to get rid of blackheads?
What is the max amout of blood that doctors will take from a donor?
How to get rid of a nasty cold even 'tho I had a flu jab?
What are good ways to lose weight?
In Rengram test it is confirmed that the right kidney works only 13%. Pls suggest any alternate treatment?
Are stomach ulcers contagious? I heard theyre caused by H. pylori bacteria?
Third Ear Piercing Pain?
Is Suicide the only way?
what can be the reason of laziness?
fat - obese - obesity - overweight - anorexia - bulimic - eating disorders?
whether fruits cause acidity or alkalinity?should b taken in breakfast or not?
Wearing glasses for astigmatism when you don't have astigmatism?
Am I at risk for diabetes?
I think Im addicted to sugar what should I do?
what is wrong with me?? please?
does Hep C virus ever go away?
Is Atrial Fibrillation (or any other cardiac arrhythmia) detectable by feeling someone's pulse?
Flucloxacillin making me worse?
Does working out the triceps make you shorter and can I still grow?
Fear of having tourettes?
how does milk allergy affect adults?
How to reduce the allergy due to sun and dust ?? Only natural !!!?
how long should it remain swollen?
Could I have damaged my ears?
"Fainting" every 2 months or so?
having teeth out when takin asprin?
tight chest ... not anxiety! every so often wheezy?
Sleep apnea vs. Catathrenia?
*Do any of you guys have good therapist recommendations?
Why do I tolerate my friends moodiness...?
Can you check 24 hour blood pressure monitoring data?
What's the difference between Coronary Heart Disease and Chronic Heart Disease?
Red eyes, sensitive to light, it hurts to have contacts in after a while, and a light pain in my eyes?
Problem with eyes when sleeping?
Can I wear my contacts while tanning in a tanning bed?
Wake up SUPER thirsty, and stay thirsty for a while, why?
My blood sugar report states the levels are 181 and 387 in fasting & P.P.is it too dangerous?Pl tell remedy.?
How to get rid of a cold in 2 days?
I want to cure my eyes!HELP!!?
anyone had chlamydia in pregnancy please help me?
Can absorbable sutures be used in a hemi-thyroidectomy?
how does shiitake improve immunity? details please.?
Does this look like leukemia?
i use tar filter when i smoke .does this reduce the harm of the cigarette?
how to stop nausea quickly and effectively?
What is wrong with my body? Cramps and pains..?
How does gene therapy help a cystic fibrosis sufferer?
I keep coughing up greeny/brown mucus?
CANNOT BE STROPPY please read!?
where can I find a website about rare diseases?
4 years of working out, and not a lot of results?
Please tell me is black people skin thicker and harder..?
Sharp stabbing pain in my heart?
Confused Diagnosis ??????
i got sulfur soap in my eye! what should i do?
Do i have Lazy Eye? how do i fix?
Post transplant and orange juice?
I have a UTI and now i have a severe back pain from my lower back to my left side?
How long do you have to wait to take a pain killer ?
How long does it take for food to reach the stomach?
Rolled my ankle bad two months ago, still hurts?
Why is my nose blocked, but I'm sick or anything?
coughing and pregnant?
Is eating a fruit having a tinge of blood of an AIDs patient infect the one who ate the fruit?
could this be a virus?
Will I get a growth spurt this year?
how to lose weight in a 7 months,?
i have very pale skin and would like to get a tan this summer, anytips?
Out of control...Help me please?
what is gluten, is it in bread?
Anxious heart????????
does inflamed tonsils become cancer overtime?
Is it likely that I'll have Alzheimer's if it's prominent in my family?
Is OCD for mentally weak people?
I've been seeing floaters frequently since I was young, should I be worried?
can you move your ears!!!?
Why am I finding it so hard to sleep?
Sick, but can't sleep?
Abdominal pain especially after meals diabetic child, possible ceoliac disease too!!?
Being a natural healer having fantastic medicinal value I and many persons known to me got mirracle results.So?
what could i have chest pains and short loss of breath?
What happens if a stomach ulser spreads ?
Feeling very dizzy and light headed 2 days now?
what is flu and how does work inside the human body?
How much more for daily disposable contact lenses?
Why are my eyes so tired? PLEASE READ?
My mom is getting me a tutor because I have sever OCD?
When will my anti-depressants kick in and what should i expect?
Home solutions for acne scarring!?
I use a pair of sandals in the house which has a plastic tube at the toe. While walking the tube is clutched?
How often do you experience hiccups?
I suffer from stammer,so i wonder are there any cure for stammer?
Shouldn't we all walk out of the toilet with our pants down?
lung cancer: any advic or info please?
My Dad smokes. A lot.?
when you boil milk does the fat rise to the top?
Advice for a vegetarian healthy eating diet?
Should I go to the doctor?
diagnose my abdominal pain!?
i have insomnia real bad..anybody have any home remedys besides warm miilk?..?
Is it appropriate to go to A&E if..?
Is lupus a possibility?
Would you please check my routine urinalysis? I'm not satisfied with my doctors consultation.?
idk what im sick with.. my symptoms are:?
Is this insomnia????
How do hiccups go away? Lol =)?
Pain help please .?....?????.....?...?
Mouth ulcer in diabetic child?
At 63, I am suffering from constipation. Diabetic (type II) too.?
Are eggs causing my high LDL-C levels?
Where are the Sinuses?
ways to help get rid of or tame eczema ?
I go to the beach everyday, what are the chances of getting skin cancer?
is severecircumferential wall thickening of nondisended loop of sigmond colon deadly?
a hard lump has suddenly appeared on my son's wrist,?
fatty liver and fatty spleen?
Whenever i bend my leg, my knee will have a faint little crack sound, is my knee oK? i am only 15?
What can cause a slow moving jaw, mouth, and tongue, that results in slurred speech and a clutter?
how bad for you is being sleep deprived?
i weigh 10 stone im 10 yrs of age im 5ft 4 is this bad?
How can I ensure that I do not worsen my eyesight?
Am I allergic to marijuana?
do oat meal baths really work?
Back pain or something more?
Is this still classed as bulumia...?
What do you guys think the flaws and benefits are of your health care system?
itchy skin under bandage where he sticky is?
can a person breathe after his or her heart has stopped?
Why do 50% of heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels?
High blood pressure med for palpitations?
how do i no if i go t liver problems can sum 1 tell me there symthoms?
What is Hanson's disease commonly known as?
Sore throat. Need home remedy.I already tried drinking hot milk.symptoms still persisting.?
what is the temperature scale for adults? Normal & high etc?
Why am I more Injury Prone?
What if I have schizophrenia?
How to make youself stronger aganist shock?
Is cannabis an effective treatment for a neurological condition?
Is it normal to have a cold for 9 weeks? The doctor said i have to sit it out.?
urinating very very often?
Is it advisable to operate throat cancer at 2nd stage for a patient of 80 years?
rohypnol drug purchase in India?
Question about medical insurance! HELP?